The Jack in the Box Rises (2024) Movie Script

What the
hell is this place?
Let's just get this
thing and get out of here
Yeah. Screw this!
One less share, right?
Do you
think this contains
the heart Harvey wants?
All right, what are you
waiting for? Take it already!
Don't, don't. No,
don't this, no!
Please help me. Someone
help me, please!
No, no, please. Don't!
No, please!
Please, no! No!
Please, help me!
I did everything I
could to get it for you.
And the other two?
They're dead, Harvey.
Two boys died trying to
get that heart for you.
Doesn't that mean
anything to you?
Well, it means
I'm left empty handed.
That's a problem for us both.
failed to deliver.
Harvey, please!
Please, don't do this.
I tried!
Stop. Please.
I'm begging you. Stop, please,
Don't make me
kill you too.
I'll get you
that goddamn money, just--
Please gimme one more
chance to pay off his debt.
He's all I have.
Stop. That's enough.
For now.
I'll go back to that place.
I will not fail you again.
No, I'm thinking
something bigger.
And there's nothing
bigger in the world
of paranormal collections
than the Jackestemara.
The Jackestemara?
A demon so powerful,
it had to be contained
centuries ago.
This diary, the diary of the
man who captured it,
chronicles how he
enslaved the Jackestemara
in this box forever.
You want me to go and steal it?
First, Raven, I
need you to find it.
This book was found
in the very place
I believe the box remains.
How can you be so sure?
When six people went
missing from Rosewoode Manor
a few years ago, every
corridor in that building
was laden with blood.
The lady of the manor
knew the eyes of the world
would soon be hunting her.
As an old family friend,
she came to me for help.
A new identity, a fresh start.
What does some old lady
have to do with the box?
When Olga fled the country,
she told me she left
the box in a secret room
buried behind the manor walls.
It's proven harder to
find than I expected.
A test that I failed
to figure out
so far.
Rosewoode Manor is now an
all girls boarding school.
A generous donation
from your father,
a little spring
cleaning of your record
should get you through the
door, no questions asked.
Bring me the box and you can
consider your debts repaid.
You'll both be free.
Oh, and Raven!
Whatever you do,
don't open the box.
Things here are a
little different
to what you are used to
in America, I'm sure.
A boarding school of this
standard ensures all students
take great care with
their appearance.
The term hasn't
even started yet.
We can't ever afford standards
to slip. Now, can we?
And the same applies to uniform.
You're allowed to phone in jail.
Don't think of this
as prison, Raven.
You are allowed visitors there.
You see, your father and the
parents of all the girls here
are putting their faith in me,
not just to provide the
highest quality education,
but also to keep a
very close eye on you.
Should you wish to leave
the grounds at any point,
you are to report to me,
armed with a watertight
reason, of course.
Until then, the
gates remain locked.
You are earlier than I expected.
However, there are a few
girls who stay all year round,
who, I'm sure, will give you
a warm Rosewoode welcome.
Hi, I'm Kara.
Welcome, Raven. I'm Crow.
That one over there is Pigeon,
and that one in the
corner goes by Seagull.
Ignore her.
That's Olivia, that's
Victoria, Erin,
and that's Willow.
What did you do to piss
your parents off so bad
they sent you here?
It's a long story,
but I don't think
I'll be here too long.
That's what we all said.
And then four years
go by and you realize
that your family's
actually much happier
when you're not home at all.
It's like an all girl Neverland.
Most of the time.
That's Dean; Olivia's boyfriend.
It's a bit weird at first.
I've only been here two months
and I'm already
getting used to it.
Today we're
issuing a red weather warning
for heavy fog.
This will strike overnight
and will likely keep
many of you housebound
unable to get to work
for the next few days.
This is only the third
time in almost 30 years,
this red fog warning
has been issued.
Do please plan accordingly.
"The demon inside the box
cannot kill the person
who releases it for a deal
with the demon is entered.
It'll claim six victims
before being trapped again.
It is believed that the souls
of its victims keeps it alive.
Each soul increases
its strength."
God, Harvey, this
is such bullshit.
"The key to what you seek
lies between these covers."
Olga Marsdale.
"The key lies between
these covers."
Planning your escape
already, I see.
Crystal Creek.
Ever heard of it?
You won't find any
creeks down here.
Why not?
"Creek" is a bit, I dunno,
American ?
Crystal Lake, or river maybe.
That's not it.
What is it anyway?
My dad said something
about finding Crystal Creek
when I got here.
I assumed he thought it
was a place I should visit.
But I guess not.
Well, whatever it is,
one thing's for sure,
you won't find it on this map.
This thing could grant a wish.
Studying before
the term | s even started?
I knew I'd like you.
It must be
weird, staying here
when everyone else goes
home for the holidays.
This is the first year
I've not gone home.
Really? How come?
When my mom died of cancer,
my stepdad made it pretty
clear I was no longer welcome.
Seriously? What do you think--?
Speak of the devil.
Get out my chair.
What do you think you're doing?
You know, just
admiring the view.
No, I'm good. Thanks.
You know, maybe
you didn't hear me.
I said,
And I said, "no".
You actually think
I'm scared of you?
Hm. Fine.
Come on, Olivia.
Leave her alone!
What the hell is this?
Wow. You're even
weirder than I thought.
You are gonna regret that.
Oh my God!
"If the box
is what you seek,
your search will end
at Crystal Creek.
What are you doing, Rav--
What is this place?
Come back here, now!
Where's Hinch today?
I have no idea.
Perhaps she got called away?
Family emergency?
Has her car gone?
All the stuff still here.
She wouldn't abandon us over-
night without saying anything.
And there's the fog.
Who cares
about that old bag Hitch?
Which one of you
followed me last night?
Who took it?
Calm down.
No, I won't "calm down"!
What happened?
It was one of you, it had to be.
Great work, Detective.
Was it you?!
Jesus, Raven!
Do you have the box?!
You're crazy. What box?!
Whatever it is, I
don't have it. Okay?
Well, who does?
Who took it?!
Are you alright?
No, Kara.
I know one of you
stole it from me.
Was it you ?
Me ?
Why would I steal from you?
Maybe you want the
box for yourself.
Maybe you're the one
who got into my room
and found out exactly
what it can do.
You're not making any sense.
Who has it?
Another psycho? Just
what this place needed.
I was beginning to get bored.
What are you doing?
Olivia will kill you
if she sees you going
through her stuff!
What's going on, Raven?
Let me help you.
Something happened last night.
Something bad.
I'm really scared!
You can tell me.
No, I can't.
Oh, great.
Dad? Dad, are you all right?
Please tell you
got the money for Harvey.
I'm close. Dad,
I'm really close.
I'm running out of time.
I know.
I'm not sure I'll
be alive next time.
There won't be a next time.
I'm gonna get Harvey what
he wants. I promise you.
I | m so- I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
I love you, sweetheart.
Sorry, Hinch.
I can't say
I'm missing you right now.
This isn't funny, Olivia.
Have you seen Mom?
I haven't seen
her since yesterday.
Oh, Hinch. She's Dean's mother.
Her car's still here.
There must be a logical
explanation. There always is.
When was the last time you
saw Hinch leave the grounds?
Any sign of her?
She's not here.
I've looked everywhere.
It just doesn't make any sense.
She'll turn up. I know it.
How do you know that?
What if something's
wrong? What if--
She's gonna be fine, I promise.
Oh, I can't do this right now!
Fine. Just trying to
take your mind off it.
Sorry. I'm just
really worried about--
I get it.
Get what?
Is this about her?
Ah, just stop, okay?
I'm not stupid!
Not this again, Olivia!
Heard you talking
to Vicky about you and her.
We can't keep
going through this!
There is nothing going on
between me and Willow, aight?
You are the one I
want to be with.
You know you are the only one.
Do I?
Why would I even look
at her when I have you?
It's just you and me.
Against the world.
There's something down there.
I don't know, just--
I am sorry.
He tried to kill me too.
Sorry, but the
person you've tried to reach,
can't take your call.
Sorry, but the person
you've tried to reach,
can't take your call.
Sorry, but the person
you've tried to reach--
Don't even think
about going out there!
You won't make it
to the gates alive.
And what? Your plan is
to just sit here and wait
for that thing to
find us again, yeah?
I don't have a plan!
Not yet.
What's down there?
I don't know how to describe it.
It came from a box.
A box?
Guys, listen. We
have to stick together.
We have to all work together
to find a way to get--
The box from
Raven | s little spell book?
You brought that thing here?
No, I didn't.
Tell us the truth, Raven!
The truth is--
I didn't mean for any of this.
What is that thing, Raven?
A demon.
You are insane!
Do you think it got mom, too?
It wants six victims.
Four more.
You expect us to believe
this hocus pocus shit?
Killing keeps it alive.
It lives off of
its victim's souls.
I'm no student and I wasn't
sent here by my wealthy father.
I was sent here to find that
box and take it back with me.
But I promise you, I wasn't
the one who opened it.
I didn't unleash that creature.
And who did?
Well, who opened it then?
Fine. Stay silent.
But whoever did this,
blood is on your hands too.
Fuck this, I'm not
staying here any longer
just waiting to die, all right?
Hinch had the only
key to the gates.
The walls are too tall to climb.
How we can get out of here?
Well, I'm finding a way out now.
No, no. Erin, don't!
Look, you not can talk
all night if you want to.
Me, I'm doing what I should
have done a long time ago.
I'm getting out of
here and going home!
You won't find the
gate through the fog!
Wanna bet?
Either you come with me,
show us all how
sorry you really are
and find a way to get
us all out of here,
or you go back in
there and hide.
Just like the rest of them.
It's your choice.
Even your bravery is fake.
Do you think she's
gonna be okay?
I don't know.
Willow, I don't know.
Oh God.
Come on! Ugh!
Come on!
We can't just let her die.
She chose
to go out there.
We need to protect ourselves.
I'm not gonna kill
shit with this, am I?
What about you?
Don't worry about me.
We need to send
a message out somehow.
But there's no phone signal
here. How can we get help?
We're not gonna get help.
What then?
Me and you need to
find a way out of here,
while the demon goes
after the others.
-Sacrifice the others?
-You've got a better idea?
It is too dangerous.
You said it yourself. We
can't just sit here in fear.
You and me versus the world.
Just like we always
talked about.
You and me.
I say we burn the box,
burn it, smash it to pieces.
Do whatever it takes before
that thing gets out of it again.
I don't think we can.
How hard is it to destroy a box?
This one, impossible.
We've gotta do something.
I am going nowhere
near that thing.
Hah! What's a surprise?
Once a pussy, always a pussy.
Look, that thing is gonna burn.
What it did to them, to Mom!
I'm gonna make sure of it.
It's gone. It's not here!
What the hell is this thing?
Come on.
Not sure about this.
Follow me.
This is a bad idea.
We're too late.
What are you doing?
This is our chance!
Are you coming with me?
You won't leave her, will you?
You won't leave Willow.
What are you talking about?
Don't lie to me!
I can't do this.
I'm not waiting any longer.
Hey, go, go,
go, go! Come on!
What is wrong with you?
It got to Dean!
Is he gone?
For now.
What happened?
The light seems to burn it.
Sorry, but the
person you've tried to reach-
Shut your mouth!
Do you think that you
can talk to me like that
after what you just did?
After you trapped us with
it and left us to die?
Did you break into
my room, Olivia?
You read that that thing
could grant a wish.
You set it on Hinch,
then Victoria,
then it got to Erin.
Then trapped us all
with it. That's six.
Leaving you and Dean
alive and your wish,
whatever it is, granted.
You opened the box, didn't you?
Do you think who
you're talking to?
They died because of you!
Are you outta your mind?!
I didn't open it.
I don't believe you.
Who's Rose?
What does that name mean to you?
Nothing. Why should it?
Believe what you want,
but if you're accusing me,
you're wasting your time.
Could be any of you.
What about you, Kara?
What about me?
You're always saying
how you wished your life
had been different.
And I'm thinking maybe you
wished for your parents back.
I never even knew them.
And from what I've been told,
they're better off dead.
Wherever you want then.
Oh, you've only been
her a couple of months.
Maybe that wish of yours
means more to you than we do.
For the first time in my life,
I actually felt
part of something.
Yeah, I know, I said I wish
my life had been different.
And guess what?
Thanks to you guys, it
actually was different.
Before all of this, I was happy.
I'm not the one
that did this to us.
Yeah, well, we're
running outta suspects.
I think that we can kill it.
And your Dummies Guidebook
to Demons is the answer?
Although it is almost impossible
to kill a Jackestemara,
there is one known
exception to this rule.
When the earth, the sun, and
the moon align in such a way
to produce a sanguis lunae--
A blood moon.
This rare form of light
is deadly to the demon.
You want the demon to chase
us into the moonlight?
No. Too risky.
But we could use
pieces of broken mirror
to direct the light.
Like a weapon?
You'll need to collimate
the light first.
Make all the rays travel
parallel to each other
in the same direction.
Shock, horror, I learned
something in Physics.
And how do we do that, Einstein ?
We're gonna need some lenses.
There's a telescope
in the library.
Let's end this thing.
I can bring Dean back.
You know what?
This might just work.
Anima ab inferno.
Anima ab inferno.
Anima ab inferno.
Anima ab inferno.
Anima ab inferno.
Anima ab inferno .
Anima ab inferno !
- What are you doing?
- It's not him.
Come on!
Olivia now!
Help me! Please help!
Help me, please help!
Help! Help!
I know you thought I was dead.
But I was there.
Hiding from my life,
watching on helplessly
while my friends die.
I want you to know how
it feels to feel trapped,
to feel hopeless.
Erin, please! I'm begging you.
Look at this; Olivia
Brown begging for mercy!
You made our lives a
misery. Day in, day out.
I was your friend.
They are my friends.
You still don't see it, do you?
I kept you close, 'cause I was
afraid you'd torment me too.
I was scared of you!
But not anymore.
You didn't care about them!
You only care about yourself!
And now there's only
three of us left.
And when that demon
takes your life,
that's six victims.
And then this will all be over.
Me and Raven, we will be free.
You will pay the price.
I'm sorry! Please!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Erin! I'm sorry!
Raven! Help me!
Help me!
Please! Stop!
No! That's impossible.
He's killed six!
Please! Help!
I watched you die!
Are you sure about that?
Kara !
You see, because I open
the box and release the demon,
it can't kill me.
I'm immune.
Now, let me guess.
Harvey sent you too?
I was beginning to give up.
Started to think
maybe Olga had lied,
that it wasn't here at all.
And then you arrived!
And not only did
you lead me here,
but I realized this
box offered a lot more
than I ever could have imagined.
This box offers the impossible.
Harvey promised me the money
to save my sister's life
in return for
finding him that box.
But I took too long.
I was too late.
She passed away.
But when I discovered
the box's true power,
I knew if I could be brave,
I could get the one thing his
money could no longer offer.
Nothing was gonna get in my way,
and nothing is gonna stop
me taking this chance
to bring back my--
my dear sister,