The Jessica Cabin (2022) Movie Script

[leaves rustling]
[wind whistling softly]
[suspenseful music playing]
[music continues]
[electronic music
playing on radio]
[Nicky] Is it coming up?
-[Preston] What?
-The driveway.
-[Preston] Oh.
-Babe, you're my eyes.
[Preston] Uh, um...
[ominous music playing]
Cute! It's a cabin.
[keys jangling]
[door creaking]
Okay, I'm gonna die
if there's no WiFi.
[Nicky scoffs]
[music continues]
Ooh. Which one?
Oh, whatever.
[Nicky] Yeah.
[crickets chirping]
And, like, I saw her.
Like, she was caught.
And it's like, bitch,
if you're gonna try to pretend
that you didn't just take those
right off my front porch...
It's like, she should know.
Oh, my God. Like, these days,
someone's always watching.
Just can't trust anybody.
She was, like,
my favorite neighbor, too.
Like, I moved in
and I fucking loved her.
It's like...
you can't trust anybody.
It's like, people are
gonna just say one thing
and then they just
completely do another.
I'm never gonna order
lemons online again.
It's like... she could just
get them from a tree! [chuckles]
-Do you want help?
-No, no, no, no.
I can get it.
I want everything to be perfect.
Aw, babe.
[Nicky] I'm really glad
we decided to do this.
-Excuse me, pervert.
-[both chuckle]
Bon apptit.
[low, eerie music playing]
[wind whistling softly]
[Nancy Grace]
Good evening, I'm Nancy Grace.
Bombshell tonight: Clara
went missing in 1987,
and after that, not a word.
Nada, zilch, nothing.
[music continues]
[Nicky sighs]
[water trickling]
[music continues]
-[switch clicks]
-[electric buzzing]
[foreboding music playing]
[bird chirping]
[Nicky groans softly]
-Fuck me.
-After my iced coffee.
[urine trickling]
[water trickling]
[camera shutter clicks]
I kind of hate this guy.
The other guy
kinda reminds me of Greg.
everybody reminds you of Greg.
[wind blowing]
[Jackson] He seemed scared
for a second last night.
[Taylor] Like what?
Like he saw a ghost?
[wind chimes jingling]
[Jackson] I wish.
[Taylor] He would've screamed.
-How's the book?
[bed squeaking]
-I'm gonna cum.
-Oh, wait. Wait for me.
-Wait for me.
-[both moan]
I told you about the time
at the water park, right?
-The water park?
Do you remember water parks?
The--the lady's top
that came off?
On Red Beard's Revenge,
the big slide?
I thought I told you.
There was this lady
that was in front of me,
and she was waiting for
the lifeguard to, like...
give the signal or whatever,
and I guess the water
was really strong,
and it ripped her top off.
And she turned bright red
and looked me
dead in the eyes...
and said, "My titties is out."
-[both] "My titties is out."
-"My titties is out."
-And she screamed that
the whole way down.
-I do remember.
I thought I told you that one.
Yeah. I--I remember.
Okay, your turn.
Oh, um...
I actually...
can't think of anything.
[wind rustling]
[somber music playing]
[stove burner clicking]
["Always" by
Lia Farrington playing]
Did I find a new love
Is it all that I dreamed of
Will it be enough for me
You've got to believe, oh
Now I'm thinking of you
Hands touching
I can't help myself
I'm falling for you
I open up my heart
You've got
Your own little part
For you I've always
Got nothin' but love
Come take me away
I'll go wherever you say
For you I've always
Got nothin' but love
Can we kiss all night
Till the morning
Shows its face
Will you always be mine
Can we please run away
-[vinyl scratches]
-What are you doing?
I think I'm in love
What are you doing?
I was just--
[crickets chirping]
I hope they stay another night.
I really hate it
when they leave.
No offense.
That's a lot of books.
I love books.
[phone ringing]
Yo, what's up? How you doing?
Mmm, no, no. Not yet.
Uh... yeah, I'm really nervous.
I'll let you know
how it goes, but--
-Yeah, I know.
-[Preston] Babe,
who are you talking to?
Uh, it's my little brother,
Just stop.
Okay, anyway, how was your exam?
Oh, please. They'd be lucky
to have you, you little goober.
I know, yeah. Okay, I will.
Anyway, okay, leave me alone.
Love you. Bye.
[Nicky sighs]
[water running]
[dishes clinking]
[toothbrush whirring]
You dirty little bitch.
[Preston chuckles, gasps]
I think I'm gonna
have to kill this guy.
So do you think it just...
Like, once you go past
a certain point...
you just disappear?
[Jackson] I really don't know.
What I do know
is that we're here,
and I don't know
what's out there,
and I'll take what I know
over what I don't know.
But I'm pretty sure once you
go there, you can't come back.
That's it.
-[Taylor] I was thinking--
-[Jackson] Oh, don't do that.
[Taylor] Yeah.
[Preston sneezes]
How do we get them to break up
before they leave?
[birds chirping]
Will you please marry me?
Oh, no!
[coffee machine whirring]
Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Shit!
Oh, no. Oh, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, no.
[labored breathing]
Pres--[coughs] Preston.
[Preston] Oh, my God, babe!
What's going on?
-What's going on?
-[inhaler puffs]
-What's going on?
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Babe, is it a choke attack?
He could've died.
-[Preston] Babe!
-He could've.
It's like, if they can come up
like that just out of nowhere,
like, maybe you need
to have your inhaler
on you all the time.
-No, I'm fine. Okay?
I am. I'll be fine.
-Are you?
-Last time you said that,
we had to interrupt
that M. Night Shyamalan movie
halfway in the middle
so you wouldn't have
a choke attack to death.
[Nicky] I'm okay. It's just
a fluke. It won't happen again.
Okay. Don't let it happen again.
-I won't.
-Scared me half to death.
Interrupted this really
dope dream, too. [chuckles]
-I was at this rooftop party...
-You don't care about him,
you little waste of space.
-...all these hot cabana boys...
-You don't deserve him.
-...RiRi was there...
-He does everything for you,
-and all you do is
cheat, cheat, cheat,
-...we were best friends...
...and send pictures
of your wobbly dick to
God knows who, you little shit!
I think I'm gonna take a shower.
He didn't have his phone on him.
-[shower running]
-[Nicky sighs]
[phone chimes]
[tense music playing]
[Nicky grunting]
[breathing heavily]
[music continues]
[women talking distantly
over phone speaker]
[woman 1] I literally
don't know my ABCs.
-[woman 2] Oh, my God, dead.
-[woman 1] I don't, I swear.
-How does it start? E? B? D?
-[woman 2] You're crazy.
-[woman 1] The point is,
we don't have the answers.
Like, if we said it once,
we've said it a million times.
You guys are smarter,
and we're fucking idiots,
so email us at
hit us up on Instagram, and,
like, give us all the answers.
[woman 2]
We literally need your help.
[woman 1] We're seriously
wildly dumb.
[woman 1]
We are cartoonishly dumb.
Anyway, today, we're diving
into the case on Clara Pockets.
She's this woman who
went disappeared, and I--
-[Preston] Why are you
freaking out?
[Nicky] Because he's horned
thinking about your wet dick!
-[Preston] What the fuck
does that mean?
-We did the right thing.
-[Nicky] ...booked this place
because I thought...
-He had to know.
-He had to know.
-He had to know.
-[Preston] I am having
a nice time.
[Nicky sighs]
Okay, honestly?
This hasn't been that easy
for me either, okay?
Like... I've had to
come to terms with, like,
you're sometimes
attracted to women.
-I mean--[scoffs]
Like, I've had to
come to terms with that, so--
What--what are you
talking about, Preston?
I haven't dated a woman
in, like, four years.
That's not--I--
Are you bi-shaming me right now?
I am saying, can I trust you?
Fuck you.
Do you think I'm thinking about
a woman when you're inside me?
I don't know.
Preston, the whole point
of this trip was...
[sighs] Never mind.
I am completely blind.
What should we do?
Just, like, now, I mean.
-Like, should I go?
-Go--Uh, yeah, where?
We're in the middle of nowhere.
-I can get a ride.
-[Nicky] That's crazy.
From who?
[Nicky scoffs]
[Nicky groans]
[haunting music playing]
[music swells]
[crickets chirping]
[Jackson] I understand
what you're going through.
I really do.
Greg was a--
Well... he had some major flaws.
[Nicky grunts, sobs]
It's--it's tough, because...
you think you--
you know somebody,
-and then...
-[Nicky sobs] turns out
at the end of the day,
you only know maybe 5%.
[Nicky sobbing]
You don't know what they're
doing when you're not there.
-What they're thinking.
-[Nicky weeping]
I remember in middle school, I
a crush on this boy, and...
I had this stupid journal,
and every day after school...
I would write out every thought
I had had that day.
Everything that I had done,
big things, little things,
tiny opinions on teachers.
Everything. It took forever.
I cataloged when I peed,
what I ate... [chuckles]
...and while
I was doing it, I...
imagined that this boy was
doing the exact same thing,
and that...
one day we'd swap journals,
and read each other's thoughts,
and we'd be a perfect match,
we knew everything
about each other
but liked each other anyway.
And that is what love was.
[Nicky sobbing]
Looking back on--
and we spent practically
every minute together--
I don't think I knew
a single one of Greg's thoughts.
[Nicky exhales]
You don't know him either,
He's crushed.
He's done.
I know how he feels.
And it's crazy, 'cause
he's, like, my exact type.
How do you even know
he would like you?
[Jackson] Please.
I'm likable.
You'd be buddies.
He makes you smile.
-You light up around him.
I've seen it.
I don't make you smile.
That's not true.
It is.
I think I'm in love with him.
No, you're not.
You're in love with
the idea of there being
literally anyone else.
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
[sobbing] Oh, God.
No, I love him.
He doesn't even know we exist.
We don't.
I don't want him to leave.
He has to leave, eventually.
What if...
he doesn't wanna leave?
You don't know that.
I wish I were dead!
[sniffs, sobs]
[Nicky wailing]
[crickets chirping]
[unnerving music playing]
[door creaking]
[inhales shakily]
-[doors slamming]
-[Nicky exclaims]
[breathing heavily]
-[books thudding]
[gasping, wheezing]
-Is--is he gonna make it?
-I don't know.
I don't think so.
[Nicky wheezing, coughing]
Oh, this is actually
kinda awful, huh?
-[Taylor] Oh, no...
-[Jackson] I didn't think
it would take this long.
[Nicky gasping, choking]
[Taylor] Oh, God.
Oh, God, Jackson, I hate it.
-We have to--
-[choking stops]
-[Taylor gasps]
We're terrible people.
We're terrible people.
What happens now?
[Jackson] It's hard to remember.
[door latch clicking]
[door creaking]
-[bag thuds]
[wind whistling softly]
["Love Forever"
by Lia Farrington playing]
Somebody make me
Somebody make me complete
Complete, complete
All my purposes untethered
Make me complete
Complete, complete
Ooh, ooh
[water splashes]
Ooh, ooh
[water bubbling]
Sometimes days
They last forever
When it's dark in here
Then it's only clear
All my purposes untethered
Guess he'll never know
[music continues]
[music continues]
[Jackson sighs]
Love, it doesn't work
[Jessica sniffs]
[Jessica sighs]
[slow, somber music playing]
I'm here.
I could feel you.
[glass shatters]
[car approaching]
[Taylor] People are trash.
They're trash.
You deserve so much better.
[Jackson] They're trash.
-Thank you so much for coming.
-Of course. Are you kidding me?
After the week I've had,
we could stay here
forever for all I care.
That would be fine with me.
[foreboding music playing]
[indie music playing on stereo]
[Taylor] And, like, I refuse
to speak to my brother if
he's gonna say shit like that,
so he's basically dead to me.
tell me how you really feel.
-Sorry to hear that.
-[Taylor] Me too.
All the windows
are painted shut.
Okay, so our choices
are whiskey, um,
another type of whiskey,
or I brought these
little sour weed gummies.
-All of the above.
-That is the spirit.
I'll take care of everything.
We're gonna have some drinks.
We're gonna have
some more drinks.
Oh. There's glass on the floor
over there, be careful.
Oh, sorry,
I thought I got it all.
-Did you drop something?
-A picture fell.
On its own?
Um, I put the gummy
in the drink,
so it'll be our little sweet
treat when we get to the bottom.
It's a double weed whiskey sour.
[both] Clink.
-Is that it?
This bitch is
everywhere in this house.
-She's gorgeous.
-[Jessica gasps]
Who is she?
I'm pretty sure it's Jessica.
-[woman gasps]
It's the name of the cabin
on the listing.
It's called "The Jessica."
"The Jessica"?
The renter woman has
a lot of properties in the area
and they all have a name,
and this one's "The Jessica."
I think another one
is "The Benny."
[chuckles] Oh, okay.
Um, what made you choose
"The Jessica?"
It was the most secluded,
and I didn't feel like
seeing another living person
this weekend.
Aww. Thanks.
-You know what I mean.
-[Taylor chuckles]
So what do you think
Jessica's up to now?
She's probably
married with kids.
-Or she's dead.
-Yeah, good for her.
No, I mean,
Jessica's literally dead.
And it's Jessica all right.
[Jackson] Oh, my God.
How did I not see that?
Wow. Rest in peace, girl.
You're in a better place.
To my sweet Jessica.
To my sweet Jessica.
[music continues]
You don't think...
she died here, do you?
[eerie music playing]
-[faint knocking]
Are you here--here with us?
-Jessica, my sweet Jessica?
-[Jessica] I'm here!
Oh, I wish I'd brought
my Ouija board.
If you're here with us, Jessica,
give us a sign.
I'm here!
I'm here!
[screaming] I'm right here!
Did you hear something?
[Jessica breathing heavily]
Thank you for being here.
Oh, my God, of course.
I owe you, remember?
Remember the time
you drove all day
to pick me up from Thanksgiving
when my mom refused
to call me Taylor?
Yeah, I do.
Fuck Thanksgiving.
I never liked turkey.
Or maybe turkey never liked me.
How could turkey not like you?
Probably not its type.
Turkey's literally a dead bird.
You're a really good friend.
What did--what did you say?
I didn't say anything.
I said
you're a really good friend...
You know, if this were it...
I'd be good.
Don't you--
don't you dare wake me.
Oh, I would never do that.
[ominous music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[gas hissing]
[burner clicking]
[hissing continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[wind chimes jingling]
-[gasps] Oh, my God!
-It's--it's you.
-Yes, it's me.
[Jackson] How--
how did-- how did--
how did--uh, what--
what's going on?
Shh, it's okay. I'm here.
I--I don't understand.
I--I woke up, and--
and Taylor--
I was watching you.
You were?
And I heard you.
Everything you said.
And I--I felt you.
And now--now we can--
we can be together. [laughs]
Be--be together? What are you--
what are you talking about?
You said I was gorgeous.
-You were sad.
You said you wanted to stay,
and I thought we could be...
I mean, you're such a good guy,
and a wonderful friend to--
-It--it's Taylor, right?
You did this?
I thought that's
what you wanted.
What? Are you crazy?
Well, you tried to
reach out to me.
You asked me for a sign, and
I thought--I--I felt you--
I'm gay.
You--you couldn't tell?
Look at my hair. I'm gay.
Like, very, very gay.
I just thought you were sad.
I was listening to Lana Del Rey.
I don't know who that is.
And where's Taylor?
-Is she not back yet?
-Oh, my God.
Are they not back yet?
Where are they?
I don't know.
I don't know how this all works.
I'm alone.
I've been alone.
But--but not anymore.
You--you killed me.
I can't believe this.
How did you do it?
You're--you're dead.
It--it wasn't easy.
I don't know.
Sometimes if I try really,
really hard, I can move things.
It just...
takes me a while
to come back after I do.
I bet if the two of us
were to try together,
we could do anything.
No, don't you touch me,
you crazy ghost bitch.
This isn't like you at all.
You don't know me!
[wind chime jingling]
No, I guess you're right.
-No! You can't.
Taylor is not out there.
There's nothing out there.
[Jessica sighs]
There's nothing out there.
[ominous music]
You're not
who I thought you were.
I don't even know who you are.
[music continues]
Who, me?
I'm nobody.
[music continues]
[Taylor gasping]
-[police radio chatter]
-[siren wailing]
[solemn music playing]
[music continues]
[siren blaring]
[Jackson] Well...
you didn't make it.
We were watching you.
We didn't have a choice, really.
And, um...
you did not deserve
to be treated like that
by what's-his-name.
-Oh, yeah. What a piece of shit.
-The worst.
You were so sad, and, uh...
-It was an accident.
-Uh, no.
No, it wasn't.
Taylor's right.
It was--it was a mistake.
It was a terrible mistake.
It really was.
And we--we tried to fix it.
No. No, we didn't.
Look, if you wanna tell us
to go fuck ourselves,
I get it, I really do.
But the thing is
that we're stuck here.
And as much as I wish we could
change that, we can't. So...
[footsteps departing]
He is so cute when he's mad.
We should have no expectations.
You didn't speak for weeks.
He may never speak to us,
-Don't say that.
-Should I also not say
the word "murder"?
It's not like we've gone serial.
It was just the once!
I did try one other time,
On myself.
-You never told me that.
Seventh grade.
It took me out
for most of the year, and...
my brother went around
telling everybody
how selfish I was,
and how I just did it
for attention.
It was just--
But, like,
even if that had been true...
why is it wrong to want
someone to pay attention to you?
Is it selfish to want someone
to literally just acknowledge
that you exist?
[somber music]
I just thought this part
would be easier.
Or like, maybe,
I'd get to start over,
come back as just,
like, a regular person.
Just a regular person.
But instead,
I'm just a selfish murderer.
You are not selfish.
[scoffs] I mean,
we're no better than Jessica.
We are Jessica.
I'm not Jessica.
You are Jessica.
-I'm not at all Jessica.
you're completely Jessica.
[wind whooshing softly]
Jackson and I were gonna try and
remember some of our favorite
meals, in a little bit...
if you wanna join.
It could be kinda fun.
[Nicky exhales]
I guess just let me know
if you change your mind.
I could just leave, you know?
Oh, um, you can't, actually.
What do you mean? You tried?
-No, but--
-So how do you know?
You don't know until you try.
Yeah, I think
I've tried enough in my life.
But life is over.
Are you okay?
Am I okay?
I mean...
not really.
I've been having
a really tough time lately,
and I honestly
feel pretty terrible.
Why? Because you killed me?
[Nicky exhales]
[Jackson] Macaroni and cheese...
with, like,
a little pepper on it.
Maybe a crust, even.
Your turn.
I think I'm good.
Um... what else can we do?
How about, like, scents?
No, I mean...
I'm good.
All right.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go.
What do you--what do you mean?
I love you, Jackson.
But we need to move on.
We should've moved on
a long time ago.
[sighs] I think if I stay...
I don't like me here.
[gentle music playing]
Come with me.
I'm scared.
I know.
I really hope
it works out for you guys.
He seems like a really good guy.
No, Taylor, come on.
And I'll come back for you
if I can, but...
Guess we'll see, hmm?
But where are you gonna go?
I don't know.
[eerie echo]
[somber music playing]
[music continues]
[crickets chirping]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[exhales] Cheesecake.
-I liked cheesecake.
[tender music playing]
Pie was good.
Pumpkin pie.
Pumpkin pie.
[Jackson] This cabin's
gotta be cursed or something.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
I didn't want you to leave.
I'm really sorry about that.
So you would kill
to spend more time with me?
Yeah, I guess I did.
That's fucking crazy.
Did you watch me
in the shower one time?
-Oh, yeah.
-You're a fucking creep.
Yeah, well...
[Nicky chuckles]
Can't even read 'em.
-You okay?
-[sighs] Yeah.
I think you can actually
do this on your own.
It just takes
a lot of concentration.
But it's easier with two.
[both grunting, groaning]
-[record player starts]
-We did it! [laughs]
-We did it.
-["Only You" playing]
-[Nicky sighs]
[both sigh, chuckle]
These days aren't slow, no
And our hearts are moths
To the flame of our love
-Hope you like this song.
-We don't have a choice.
[both chuckle]
Only you and heaven
Are where I want to be
Only you
And only me
The story of us
Is one that's yet to be told

I watched you dance once.
-[laughs] No!
-I'm not good.
-It doesn't matter.
Only you
Only you and heaven
Are where I wanna be
Only you and only me
[door latch clicking]
[record player crackling]
Okay, let's get started--
[crackling continues]
-[crackling stops]
I guess someone's coming.
Does she have to tell them
that people died here?
I don't know.
[both] She didn't tell me.
[crickets chirping faintly]
[distant owl hooting]
This guy... is so boring.
[TV announcer]
Around 9:20 a.m. Eastern time,
the two-year note
rose 1.75 points...
...ninety-nine and a quarter,
yielding 2.17%.
The five-year note...
Good night, Joe.
-Is that his name?
Good night, Joe.
literally do anything tomorrow.
[sighs] God, are they
all gonna be like this?
You weren't.
[switch clicks]
[Nicky sighs]
So what do you wanna do now?
Are you asking me
to do something?
I don't know.
Do you wanna do something?
-So you're asking me on a date?
I'm not asking you on a date.
-We can't really go anywhere.
-Right, but--but still.
[Nicky] Yes. Yes.
Um... I would've cooked for you,
but, you know.
What would you have cooked?
Um... I don't know. Like, um...
some chicken, or... steak.
Like, a little ball of steak.
filet mignon or something.
-That sounds good.
-Yeah, with, like, a salad and--
-I don't know.
Would you want a drink?
I could get--
Can I get you some wine?
-Yes. That'd be great.
I, um, would've picked out
a movie, probably.
-Something... scary?
Mmm, no. I can't.
I scare much too easily.
Plus, I feel like
there might be some,
um... triggering content.
-Funny, then.
I wanna cry.
I wanna cry hard.
I want deep, deep,
dark, heavy, heavy drama.
Oh, okay. What about, like,
a long... heavy...
period piece drama?
-I love that.
-I thought you might.
And are we at--
We're at my place?
No, we're your place.
-Because you're cooking.
Oh. Okay.
My roommate will be there.
-Oh, that's okay. I don't mind.
-No, he--he was kind of a bust.
-Oh, that's not good.
-Better go to my place, then.
-Yeah. I guess.
I don't have a roommate.
Just me.
Just me here.
-Nice place.
You can cook here if you want.
I don't--
Only one of my burners works.
-That's okay.
Only use one, so.
-I love that.
One-pot kinda guy.
Chili and soups
and stews and stuff.
-That's hot.
Well, I know the food--
the food was really great.
Aw, thank you.
-The movie was...
it was really boring.
-But I know it's gonna
sweep awards season.
-Probably, yeah.
-And, oh, I--I've definitely
had too much wine.
-Oh, no!
-Yeah. Whoops!
-Oh, no.
Well, guess that means you won't
be able to drive me home now.
-Oh, no.
-Guess I have to stay here.
-You have to stay over. Okay?
-I mean, if that's okay.
-Right, yeah.
-I don't want to impose.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'll stay.
Why not?
-This is you staying.
-Guess I'm staying, then.
-You're here to stay.
[gentle guitar music playing]
When we kiss
Do you feel it
Can we, uh--
can we try that again?
It's electric, I'm so happy
I can't--Um, I can't feel you.
I can't feel you either.
I know that I am not the one

To play the fool
Every time that I
-I don't feel that.
I can't feel any of that.
-I don't understand.
-Do you feel this?
-No, no.
-Do you feel this?
-Do you feel that?
-Feel this?
-No. No. Mm-mm.
-Do you feel that?
-Here? Here? Here? Here?
-No. Mm-mm. No. Mm-mm.
-[groans] Nothing at all.
-I actually don't feel anything.
-Can't even feel what I'm doing.
No, this is my spot. Like, this
would be working if--It's not.
[both grunt]
-Did you do it?
-I think so.
-Try again, try again.
-Did you--did you go?
I can't--I can't tell.
-[both gasp]
-Okay, yes? Yes, I--
'Cause I heard that. -No.
-[Nicky grunts]
-[Nicky grunts]
-Mmm, no.
-Can you feel that?
-No, I can't feel anything.
Can you feel this?
[Nicky sighs]
Still not the worst date
I've ever been on.
[wind whooshing gently]
-[Jackson] Hey.
Are you free?
You have a second to talk?
Um, I was thinking, and...
...I think we should
probably just be friends.
-Okay. Yeah.
I--I feel like I was trying
to force something last night
'cause I'm really lonely.
No offense.
I mean, you're great to
have around, it's just--
I mean--
You-- you know what I mean.
Yes. Yeah. For sure.
[Nicky] Think I got
a little carried away.
I mean, you're a great guy.
I just don't know if
we're destined to be together.
-Like that, you know?
But I would really love
to stay friends.
Okay, great.
I'm sure I'll see you around.
[car departing]
In some ways I'm gonna miss Joe.
You'll probably forget
all about him.
Do you remember
what he looks like?
No, I don't.
[eerie music playing]
[music continues]
She seems okay.
I think she's kind of a nutbag.
But sweet.
is--is that you, honey?
I think it was literally
just the wind, ma'am.
I know you're here.
I can feel it every time
I step into this cabin.
-No. It's just us.
It would...
give me such peace, honey...
to know you're okay.
[birds chirping]
[tearful] I know I wasn't
a very good mother.
I never listened.
And after Benny died,
I should've been there for ya.
[sniffles] I was--
I was too caught up.
And now...
and now I've lost you both.
[gentle piano music playing]
Is that you?
Oh, baby, I know it's you.
My sweetheart.
I feel ya, Jessica.
[music continues]
[wind chimes jingling]
[car door slams]
New people.
[woman 1]
How many years ago was that?
-I guess so.
-[woman 2] Last year?
-[woman 1] No. When was it?
[woman 2] Which one?
Hey, listen, um...
[car door slams]
I'll see you later.
[man] It's beautiful.
It's tiny, but beautiful.
[guests continue chattering]
[melancholy music playing]
[door creaking]
[woman 2] This is kinda cute...
I guess.
[soft, tense music playing]
[music continues]
Hey, babe?
Someone left the back door open.
[music crescendos]
["Only You" playing]
If time could slow
Like a river
Rolling along all alone
Only you
Only you and heaven
Are where I wanna be
Only you and only me
These days
Not slow, no
And our hearts are moths
To the flame of our love
Only you
Only you and heaven
Are where I want to be
Only you and only me
The story of us
Is one that's yet to be told
Don't say goodbye
Don't you dare let go
Only you
Only you and heaven
Are where I wanna be
Only you and only me