The Jesus Rolls (2019) Movie Script

You are free!
Another mistake, Quintana, and we slam
your ass in the cell always.
You have precedents.
Most recent: burglary,
car theft,
disturbance of public peace
outrage to modesty.
Wow, you have it very big
I have to make custom-made underpants.
Dimensions are not everything '
They don't make a man say.
You need balls for that
Crap. Six months in Chino
for pissing.
Sometimes people go overboard.
In any case, haven't you done it anymore?
Kids? I'm not a sex maniac!
You served your sentence.
And let's not forget
What you have done.
You helped the Black Sheep to win
the Penitentiary Bowling Championship.
We don't forget.
That last strike of yours did. "
I made him a great ass!
I have never seen anyone
lick the ball
before difarestrike.
It's my style '
Keep playing bowling '
See you, Castro '
We will miss you, Quintana.
You look fine.
I look wonderful.
Cabbage, yes! We raise heels!
Nine are we going?
I hate dating. If you like me,
we are busy.
But don't force yourself to feed first '
How is h going? Well?
I once had blonde hair.
'I take it for a ride!
I hate when Puerto Ricans say
"I once had blonde hair."
As if it were true!
Let's go there?
What splendor, huh?
Orange, brand new cock
It's been a while
that I don't get behind the wheel.
- We are on probation!
- I know you have a screwdriver.
A real muscle car. The guide
it's fluid, huh? Feel that engine.
It's pure poetry!
You no longer told me where we are going.
I should go find my old woman.
You mean your mother? Now?
Maybe one of these days, yes.
how's his personality?
- Marni?
It's me, mom.
I want to introduce you to my mother.
Good evening, lady
Is he a friend of yours?
Yes, Petey '
Okay, mom. Here we go'
In piedimonnetto.
Get up, handsome.
Still in the loop, huh?
At your age, mom?
Corio, mom, you should be ashamed.
H0 said standing. Fast! Move.
- I'm coming!
- Come on, give him his money back '
What's your name?
Are you from around here, Frank?
Comes from the north
Don't worry, Frank ..
To sleep with my mother?
Sorry, I didn't know.
Didn't you know?
Have sex with a man's mother
in the family bed?
Yes, so now you would be. "
My old man, huh?
Do you know anything about prison, Frank?
No. Not directly.
You know what can help you
to sleep at night?
Tell her, Petey.
Hand blade
With cabbage ...
that you have fun with your mother
of someone who is in trouble!
- My glasses!
- Here.
I'm sorry,
I didn't know you had a daughter
You didn't know, but now you know.
ninety two
00: 07: 18.789 - 00: 07: 20.075
That woman has a son '
Make coffee. Mom.
And wear something decent.
The thing that my friend
appreciate more is modesty '
is always better
than not having it at all.
It's a low blow.
And be polite, it's a lady.
It doesn't seem much bigger you say.
I am.
Wash your face.
Take off that warrior mask '
I wanna see your real eyes
Real leather blade.
Who knows?
maybe it's the last time I see you
Here's a little more
to make ends meet '
Thank you.
So you went out
That's right, mom 'How do I look like you? Different?
No. I don't know. You look ... like a kid.
My little boy.
He always drank that way.
Always raising the little finger
Have you ever seen him play bowling?
A couple of times.
This man plays great.
He doesn't skeleton with Jesus.
This shit smells like ravioli, man.
Well done, you two are
two real dickheads'
Are you not a pdvecchi to steal cars?
Not bad,
but you can't keep it
Do you see that sign?
It's my name, baby!
Now hands up.
You have chosen the wrong man.
It is the third classic car
who steal me in less than a year.
We didn't steal it.
We borrowed it
and we brought it back '
Why don't you tell
these stories to your friends'
Do not mess with the car of others,
or with hair.
- Marie, call the police.
- Call it, it's your car!
You want me to get rid of your bones
French butts?
Qu chula, you're a crash, girl!
How's it going with Liam?
Oh, it's over.
What happened?
Sorry, we're doing a kind
of fucking family reunion?
Dawero do you know this clown?
- Who did you call clown?
Weren't you in trouble?
I went out today '
And did you celebrate by stealing my car?
Is that the first thing you did, asshole?
Oh, I'll fix it, baby, okay?
We are on probation!
close that fucking mouth!
be careful how you talk to a lady!
- Bitch!
- Shut that fucking mouth!
- You're a piece of shit.
- Get it over with
Oh, sorry, who's the hairdresser here?
Who is Paul Dominique?
- I'm not afraid of that gun '
- Jesus'
Cartoon gangster.
You got the balls
to pull the trigger against Jesus?
I would not resist in isolation!
'Fuck this shit!
Povevi think about it first!
Straight in the ass!
Ouch, what harm, what harm!
'F I screwed my ass, Hermano! Twice!
"(chulol me!
Nice, I'm a hairdresser!
Don't mess with Jesus, man!
Fuck Puerto Ricans!
Thanks babe'
Hey, what is it?
Come on, Peteyi. Get your ass here!
Oh shit!
Oh, I'm covered in blood!
We have to find a doctor!
Where did it hit you?
He shouldn't have shot him
What an asshole!
Jesus! Jesus!
Blood flows from my balls!
Hold on, Petey, hold on!
Is dead!
- Are you okay, Petey?
- Yes I'm fine.
You made me shit on you, Petey!
I'm losing too much blood from my balls!
It's fucking worrying.
Let's drop this car
Let's take one of a different color.
You stay down.
Can not stand the sight of blood.
How's Hermano going? Yup!
What the fuck is going on?
I thought you were in prison.
I went out for good conduct.
00h, they forgave you
on the right path!
I am a new man, friend
And I need a new car '
Do you have the money?
I have something better. Marie, come down,
please. Do you have scissors?
Fuck, yes I have scissors.
My friend will make you a haircut
that will freak you out.
You will be super sexy.
I'm already a son of a bitch
super sexy!
Yes. But you will become even more '
No. impossible!
Do a nice job.
Yes, okay.
Tome immediately. Oh (avola
Endo ... endocrinologist,
what the fuck does that mean?
How do I know?
Am I a fucking vocabulary?
Oh, I need someone to heal the balls!
Jesus Christ!
A hairdresser shot my friend '
Take care of it or put this iron on you
in the ass and I pull the trigger.
I'm going out. To Paul Dominique
I don't make it through the door.
No hairdresser
sets foot in my house.
I don't allow. Behind the bushes,
in the closets, on his wife's bed
when Ieivaa skiing '
I lie down without problems.
Needs a transfusion '
I have to take blood.
Your wife can do it
Her apartment is fantastic.
And the bathroom!
They also have vaginal showers'
It's like a car wash.
The wife's pussy will shine
It will never happen to you that you stink!
Does he have hot towels?
Cleaning your ass will be an experience!
Thanks so much.
How are your balls?
The bullet pierced part of the thigh.
A little further to the left and the testicle would have exploded.
We are lucky, friend '
how much cash do you have here at home?
In this you are unfortunate '
Dawero, huh?
Hward, give him the money!
It's a stupid move, Howie.
Who did you get me for, for Juan Bobo?
Your wife is a good woman, friend.
You should treat it well.
You will need antibiotics.
For your friend.
I could have fava beans the doctor.
That frog
does not stop babbling.
It reduced me like a turnip leaf.
You see it? Look at my fucking hair
What are you killing?
Now I have to wear a hat
to cover my bald head!
What is this shit?
You are fine.
A super sexy motherfucker
Fuck. I'd fuck myself too Yes.
Guess what we'll do to that ...
Tell me '
He's stuck with his car, right?
Well'. we leave it
by the roadside. Do you follow me?
Yes, s.Certa
The police find her,
and the playboy takes it back '
Completely intact!
But that asshole doesn't know ..
that we fucked his fucking car.
We saw one of the arms
of the front axle, almost entirely.
A wheel will be hanging by a thread,
waiting to fly off at the first corner.
At 150 km / h on the highway
with the radio blaring,
hair in the wind, super relaxed,
when suddenly, oops!
That wheel will fly away!
Is not it beautiful?
I think so'
Get me some tires, and some panties,
and shorts and cigarettes.
And chocolate 'And gauze.
Take me a lot of gauze.
Anything else, honey?
Oh, you're sure not you
did not have the wrong place?
And why?
People come to buy here
And they pay.
Oh ...
I bet you just came out
from prison.
Oh, you're a fortune teller, huh?
Your first salary
No "I am
with a rich woman, friend.
Oh yes, he can't help me.
You don't need the badge
Just your perfume.
- You are lucky'
- Dawero?
YES, I'm in a good mood today.
You have a nice hairstyle.
'F enhances the ears.
- Seriously?
- Yes. Are you going to the barbeque every Saturday?
No, no, I work on Saturdays.
Shoplifting is the ideal day.
I discover dozens of slackers like you.
But how good, friend If everyone
were so scrupulous' Shit.
How do you know it?
'F I know how my pockets.
Are you looking for trouble?
No, just a pair of jeans.
You're beautiful 'I'd almost touch you'
If you touch me, I touch.
And you will notice it.
Over there to the right. After I pevquisisco.
Clear the corridors.
Let the customer pass!
Where are you from?
So are you French?
Quite right.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Bastard! Come back here'.
Shabby bastard!
They would steal anything.
It is fantastic here. Under these trees
We are fine together.
The simple pleasures of life '
Nobody that disturbs us.
I go to the toilette,
to try on my new panties'
I hope they don't itch.
Get away. Slowly.
Let's pretend to walk.
Are you hungry?
Like flies! Always buzzing
around our balls.
Not so fast, Jesus.
They can't live without us!
How do we do with Marie?
We are two stupid dickheads!
Yes, but how will you find us?
He will find us, and if he does not find us,
she was never in prison so fuck it!
Miss! Miss,
did not pay the bill! Miss!
Come back here, fucking Mexicans!
Go fuck yourself, bifolchi balls!
W I take!
My balls hurt!
Fuck your balls!
Get that ass up!
The winner! W000!
Jesus Quintanaaaa!
What a son of a bitch!
What the fuck are you doing in there?
It was open.
Nobody told me
Come on, come on
Let's go, friend!
Let's get out! What are you waiting for?
Hey! It's my car!
Get out of my car!
Oh yes, baby, yes! 'Fuck, baby!
Stop! Hey!
Hey. wait for me!
I want to see his name,
Paul Dominique, in the obituary column.
You shouldn't be doing this.
Never wish anyone death.
What are you talking about, my wishes
they never rise!
Where do we go?
What do you want?
Yes, cabbage.
It is as if he had had a beer.
What's more beautiful in the world
of a wonderful brunette woman
Do blondes have more fun?
I lost my virginity with a "cocola",
in a synagogue.
It was the home of my uncle Pedro.
In the shower.
Here are the bastards!
You dared download me '
Marie! I told him not to do it!
I went out of the bathroom
and you were gone!
You ditched me
like a pale bitch!
Hey, it was a move by Juan Bobo,
admit it friend.
And I also had to pay the bill!
I gave up everything, I lost my job
and you run away like cacasotto.
- Ballless bitches!
- Hey, I'm not a bitch!
Calm down, miss! We couldn't get caught!
You have never been to prison.
And if something happened to me,
eh? Coglioni!
But if you think about it
it is a nuisance to be famous.
Do you know who was underestimated?
Vanessa Del Ria
I don't like porn.
He entered the role 'Like Pacino, in short'
There are good actresses
and bad actresses, even in cougars
"Low season" what makes you think?
As a kid, I never left
Home sweet home, friend.
Yes. Oh, fuck!
Wow '
We're good together, aren't we?
- Jesus?
- Yes?
I have the soft pea.
So? Me too.
I always wake up with an erection.
Come here, friend! Is fantastic.
I can't, I'll start bleeding again '
Your feet won't bleed
Look at that stuff!
Enjoy it, friend! W000!
You are shit.
But how much do you stink? You are really messy
You really needed it, you know? Eh?
'F you will feel much better.
It all depends on the head.
Stop worrying.
'F feel better?
'F feel lighter?
You want me to wash you
also the armpits?
- You really are a handsome man.
- Stay away from me.
Do not be shy.
It's not that I'm ashamed.
It's just that I don't want to.
How do you know you don't want it,
if you have never tried it?
- Try to do it with me and then decide.
- Hey, hey!
By the way, Paul Dominique
did you get your car back?
Sure! he sold it to a mechanic!
Oh, no, fuck!
I don't!
Come on. friend'. What will it be "!?
We don't talk about it! Forget it!
It is something that is done among friends!
I said no!
But don't take it that way!
Keep calm, come on!
I would have done it. Petey '
What happens? Lite between love me?
I tried to do the right thing.
Hey, Petey.
Do you know how I see it?
If men knew more
about getting fucked
maybe they would be better at fucking.
If you want to fuck, okay.
I give it to you for free.
We didn't come here
for your ass, ok?
Really! Mora two thing Mete !?
I want news.
News about your pimp hairdresser.
- Paul is not my pimp.
- Did you get your car back?
Have you talked to a friendly lama?
The one who does the manicure?
- Monique? Yup.
- And how are you?
Eh? How's Paul Dominique doing?
Are you happy?
About what?
That he got his car back?
He sold it.
Did he sell it?
To who?
To a car salesman? A chick
There are innocents
in that deadly trap?
Ok What do we do now?
Jesus! I have it hard!
Yes, I know, friend!
It is monstrous. Good for you!
Go easy,
seasickness is coming to me '
Don't get too excited.
Take your time. You have to negotiate.
Bravo, friend.
Excellent performance. Three and a half minutes.
- Jesus, do you want to try?
- You're done so early
that she remained
at the starting line '
Yes, yes, yes, come on
Watch and learn, young man '
- Sorry'
- You have to admire professionalism.
Flexibility, friend.
It's all about delicacy.
So much we have all night,
right, Maria?
Now I'm going to send you a bit of rev!
YES, woolwoo!
Hey, am I hurting you?
Yes, yes.
generally I hear
a sob of moans
choked in the throat '
No, I'm fine.
You know what you're dealing with
with a stallion, huh?
Macaracachimba 'Eh?
Everything good?
Yes I'm fine.
Are you always like that, Marie?
As well as?
I don't know.
She doesn't like your bullshit.
You like me more, right, Marie?
Jesus does not enjoy himself if he does not give pleasure '
Collegiate stuff
I like serious fucking
I'm sorry, Marie, but you never come?
I don't know, I don't care.
How, you never came? Never?
Serious stuff '
Well maybe I have a problem.
How are the other girls? What are they doing?
They are alive!
Here, they have a lot of fun
They moan, thank you with your eyes'
The eyes change backwards,
you see white
Maybe you can teach them
How about?
All right.
You go, friend.
I have to recover a little, do you understand?
You don't have to say anything.
The silence does not make me uncomfortable.
I'm a lonely girl.
And I'm not going to change.
No husband, kids.
I don't betray anyone.
I go to bed with whoever I want
and no one is jealous 'But never at my house'
aim it away from home.
And I always keep in mind.
Not like those bitches
who pretend to forget it.
You remember them all right
all those horny faces,
tastatine, filthiness
that whisper in your ear.
Why always the left ear?
I have an elephant memory
for that kind of thing.
I had 374 guys, you know?
I slept with.
Oh, don't make those faces.
It's not even one a week.
Have you calculated us too?
Of course not.
Bravafili you will remember
that we fucked '
No, I don't call "fucking".
What do you call it?
Make some love 4
And did we do it?
Here I am sorry, no.
But you tried it!
10 and praise for the effort!
Oh, fuck.
Okay, guys, if I whistle,
it means go ahead.
We are in pieces, broke.
And she proposes this' Incredible!
He's a genius.
A masterpiece.
Oh, you like the puff pastry, huh?
It is exquisite.
Remember how much fun we had
in those orgies?
Oh, so much, come here.
Walk. Come on'
Son of a bitch!
There is no time for bullshit.
Hey kiss me
Where is the cash desk?
Hey, kiss me. You heard me?
I want you to kiss me
Not now.
You promised you would teach me!
I'm ready now! I want to know
what am i missing!
How do you turn off the alarm?
Come on!
Now I'm in the right mood!
Hey, this is the perfect place.
Is that an allanne?
Come on, kiss me.
It will be a trap 'Turn the alarm off'
How long will it take, huh?
How much?
Is it an alarm?
What the fuck do you care about the alarm!
I'm not just a sex machine!
I'm sick of anyone who thinks my ass
is a bowling alley!
That's enough!
I want to hear something here!
You had to teach it,
But you are'.
Oh! What the fuck!
- I did nothing.
- I want to hope
- Paul will eventually find me.
-'I love you '
I will go to prison 'I am your accomplice!
You tell him we kidnapped you!
It won't bother you! Jesus! Petey!
We have to do like Houdini.
Hide the mattresses.
Mmm, so
like a bowling ball.
Mmm, so
like a bowling ball.
You didn't even take off the label,
I'm not that easy.
He thought I would give it to him.
He thought I would give it to him.
You have exaggerated'
It was an old-fashioned power move.
We could fuck. ' I could fuck!
Enough shampise, friend.
I liked Marie. She was a good girl '
Do you know what you need my friend?
One night with a real woman.
A tiger!
Yes, of course 'Maybe'
A warrior.
One that doesn't make you understand anything anymore.
A warrior.
One that doesn't make you understand anything anymore.
You think it's over,
and here she swoops.
-'L'Ieni you my ball.
- Where do we go?
At a source, a private estate '
At a source, a private estate '
300 women. You touch them and they explode!
They die of desire
Have you grasped the concept?
300 women?
A loser '
For me it is beautiful.
Incredibly beautiful.
For me it is beautiful.
Incredibly beautiful.
Go get the car.
Do not fear. You can't stay here
all alone 'Where are you going?
I don't know.
Do you have some money?
Someone to call?
Do you have some money?
Someone to call?
Do you have any clothes in that bag?
So you have no cash,
Neither clothes nor a place to go
What do you have to offer?
Anything 'We are at your service'
Jesus Quintana '
With a car and cash.
Problems? Everything is alright?
Problems? Everything is alright?
Yes, we only have a few hitches
to the engine.
But where's the car?
You ..- the workshop. Thanks so much.
YES, but I was talking to the lady ...
gone! Before you stick it
this iron in the ass.
Shit. When they are needed
Shit. When they are needed
the bastards never stop, huh?
'Ieni. It's yours' Come on.
Take it. And come with us.
- Is it loaded?
- Indeed it is.
- What the fuck?
- Hey, watch out!
You have ... you have a gun in your hand.
No, asshole, it's ours.
No, asshole, it's ours.
I gave it to her
so he can trust us'
And now he trusts, right?
- Yes, I'm quiet '
- Are you crazy?
I've already been screwed once,
Bitch, moderate the language,
there is a lady in the car '
Bitch, moderate the language,
there is a lady in the car '
It's all bitches'
What's your name?
Okay, 76-7. What do you like beans?
- We can't keep wandering.
- It is not my problem.
I didn't ask you for anything.
Don't ask me to decide though.
Do you feel comfortable?
My feet hurt.
Let's take shoes and new clothes'
Thanks' I'm going alone.
Leave the gun '
The alarm could go off
I want to keep it i0.
I don't like that woman.
It gives me chills. I don't trust you.
You don't have to stay
How much do you want?
You don't have to stay
How much do you want?
Stop it!
They will go to an orgy.
Do you think they are jealous?
It's all yours'
Thank you'
You should eat slowly
Quite right. Thank you.
Can I bring you something else? Mrs?
Oh no. I'm full.
There are few people in this period, are there?
Yes indeed
But there is always someone who comes to us.
We have an excellent reputation '
But there is always someone who comes to us.
We have an excellent reputation '
- Are you on a tour guide?
- No. Actually, we prefer to avoid.
- Really?
- No.
- Why?
- It would be a disaster with too many customers'
- Why?
- It would be a disaster with too many customers'
The chef would have difficulty
and where would we end up with only three stars?
You can't keep an eye on everyone '
N0. You can't keep an eye on everyone '
How about a bitter? Offers the house
Enjoy your meal
He thought we were leaving
without paying.
Thank you'
For what?
For all. For lunch.
I can only thank you. "
To bed.
You can turn off the lights if you want.
I don't say you have to 'Only if you want'
It doesn't matter, it's been so long.
I don't know if I remember how.
You should teach me.
In short, the way it is done today,
you understand?
We can do everything '
Oh, my dear, it was ... excellent.
Thank you very much!
It was a pleasure.
I just got out of jail
so special summer for me
I just got out of jail
so special summer for me
For many years I have been in a cell
dark and damp. Without seeing the sky. '
This is why my cycle has stopped.
For the darkness.
This is why my cycle has stopped.
For the darkness.
Before, he was a week late,
then two '
After a while, you forget about it.
Of course, I ... It's not my fault.
No. first name. no. m.
I want you to appreciate menstruation
I know they make us feel swollen,
irritable, but that's not the important thing.
The important thing is that we have them '
The important thing is that we have them '
Why are you telling me this?
So he is aware of it,
and can tell her friends.
Because we don't talk about it enough.
Because we don't talk about it enough.
No, it's true. We don't talk about it.
- Do you have a mint?
- Yes sure.
Here it is.
- Thank you'
- You are welcome.
- Thank you.
- Imagine
My name is Jean 'Etu?
Oh, there won't be much of me left
when I'm done.
Pater '. no break for 76-7.
I have my period.
Everything is alright?
No not at all.
Sta'tranquill0. Everything will be fine.
We are fine together.
Jean Breeson '7-6-7'
Couldn't stand freedom '
What's up?
He had a son. He's in prison.
It's called Jack '
These are Jack's letters.
How old is he?
He is a boy.
If you need, you know where to find me '
And he.
Jack Breeson?
It's me'
- Your mother sends us.
- 7-6-7.
And why didn't she come?
It came out two months ago.
Here, she ... she went abroad.
Where is it?
In Portugal.
Where's Portugal?
I haven't heard from him for two months.
Couldn't he write?
What the fuck are you doing in Portugal?
He melted it with a friend of ours,
one in the leg.
He is an engineer.
He told us to take care you say.
He is very happy.
Will come back soon '
Who is this agronomist guy?
Do not worry. He is a good man.
If he's so good why isn't he here?
- It has precedents.
- How many sentences?
One served it
and two of them suspended them.
Not bad'
Is that car yours?
Plymouth Fury.
Third generation '
Swedish police used it
And they never die
It's a classic car '
This is Marie. She is our girlfriend.
And now I'm yours too.
The only difficulty
is that I don't reach orgasm.
Certainly only a drop
Aren't you hungry?
I do not know'
We share everything.
Go ahead. We want you to do it.
We are pleased '
Your mother was ... she is very special.
Jack .. It's really cool '
Come on.
Thanks to us,
a good deed has been done.
Yes. We don't always do
the wrong thing. I'm proud of us'
I understand that chica
it was never tracked.
YES, conquered. That's what you need.
He has a physical problem
She said it herself '
It's like she misses a chromosome.
His chest drives me crazy
You can see the heart beat.
It's like a small reindeer.
It's a matter of honor '
We have entered into the heart
Deep inside.
Yes, but it's not always about
of the pea 0 of the cunt.
What do you mean?
It is the brain that says to the body
to let go '
It's disconcerting stuff.
What's this?
Oh shit, what's going on?
With him it has succeeded.
Econ us not.
Petey! Jesus! It happened!
It happened! I've done it!
I reached orgasm!
Suddenly everything turned purple!
My hair, my nails
they were on fire!
I felt like a volcano
in explosion!
So cool your hot spirits!
But I did it! Long last
I received my Christmas present!
If I think back on how we tormented ourselves
to help you!
Fucking night and day!
- What does he have that we don't have?
- Does his vibrate, perhaps?
In short, we put our heart into it!
This man fucks hard.
Real friend! He is a samurai!
- What did he do to you?
- Some things'
What kind of things?
Nothing special. However,
I was the one doing it all '
You do nothing.
He didn't have the courage to touch
and I had to take the initiative '
And suddenly he is like exploded.
And was this enough for you?
No! I held it close to me.
"Cry if you like."
And he cried,
while making love.
And it exploded again.
Two shots? So lucky'
I asked him if he was a virgin.
He said "yes",
and started again
to make love to me, slowly.
And to kiss me. To kiss me.
to kiss me..
- And at that point.
- Okay, we understand
No! And at that point!
Oh! I have to go! He needs me!
This is too much.
We are of another generation '
There is no respect '
Do you want some?
We don't want to disturb
You can also give us leftovers!
There is no dessert
because we ran out of money.
Oh, bad story.
We will have to steal 'So you don't go on.
Do you have a gun?
Who told you that?
One hundred thousand. It's easy.
No risk. You know?
They are old men '
We prefer to decide for ourselves
when it comes to risks.
are you interested? That is,
i can do it alone,
but I need a gun.
Is essential.
- Then?
- I don't give a damn, you decide!
All right. Do you know it IS?
-'Feni.Good luck.
- Thank you.
They back off. I knew it.
Hey. Who said
that we back off?
But what. what the fuck is going on?
Do you know him?
Ugly rascal '.
-'F do you remember me?
- What a surprise!
How are you?
- What are you up to?
- Same stuff as before.
Oh yes? And would it be?
Jack? You fucking shot me!
- Where's Jack?
- \ fia! \ Fia! Go!
He remained impaled like a statue.
Do not Cry'
I'm not crying.
Only the balls are excited.
Hey. Didn't you love him?
I don't know, I haven't had the time.
He could do it, okay?
But you're an idiot
if you shoot a cop. "
He was not a policeman!
A prison guard.
The poor guy had nothing.
He never smiled.
"Yes, no, thank you, again,
get up, sit down, lie down! "
I fucked with a teacher
of gymnastics!
Maybe he hadn't made it
that was free
Do you want me to keep you?
That is outrage to modesty.
I know something.
Life is a bitch '
But you have to look on the bright side.
Our woman is still with us'
Are you asleep?
Have a look around,
there is an entire galaxy out there.
In front of us.
Make love to me, sweet Petey.
Ah! Ah, it's beautiful!
Jesus, hurry up!
- Come on'
- Here I am.
Oh, Marie!
- You have to leave
- What happens?
You can hitchhike from here.
What did I do?
Nothing! We are accomplices
of an attempted murder.
sui giomali '
You didn't hurt anyone.
But I'm in it with you.
No way! You have to go'
Now that finally
do I know what an orgasm is? Absolutely not!
Hey! Hey!
Don't be mad, woman!
I can't imagine you in a cell
with a number on the back.
Open your wings and fly.
Listen to my female instinct!
Sometimes I have visions, I am never wrong
We won't go to jail!
So stop it and make love to me
I don't know who chose this car,
but it is worse than a cell.
But it doesn't pollute the environment '
'Fuck the environment!
I don't breathe 'I have to get out of here'
Oh, he doesn't breathe. And the others?
There are other people in the car.
I know but...
It's always all around him,
right, Marie?
Yes, always.
It seems that only you exist.
You are amazing friend '
A classic family picnic.
What are you doing?
I have to pee'
I have to pee'
Holy bitch.
How's it going friends?
Another joy for a thief.
Have fun!
My uncle Reinaldo had
a red and white convertible from 1968.
Thank you'
It's a great deal!
Our smart for a muscle car. Yup!
Yes. Congratulations, friend '
What a gem! True?
Starsky and Hutch!
- Daddy stop them!
- Treasure..
My fucking car!
Fa'qualcosa! That's our car!
Hey, come back here! Stop!
You have been good 'You must be proud of it.
Of course you really had it
two excellent teachers, Marie '
Where do we go?
I don't know. What are we risking?
A hole in the ass?
We already have one! Yup.
We go around
until we run out of gas?
Why not?
Why not.
You are happy?
We are fine together.
All quiet
in complete relaxation
So go 'Come on, Petey, wave'
Dance, baby.
Do as I do.
What happens?
Shit. The brakes don't go!
That bastard hairdresser!
The car seemed familiar to me '
Why didn't you say anything?
- It was orange. I remember.
- Ah, my poor balls!
It was your idea!