The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania! (2017) Movie Script

Roman, Roman, right here!
-Sign mine.
-Sign mine, Roman.
Right here.
Whoo, whoo... Wow!
Hear me.
I am the Big Show.
I'm the future champion.
He's big in person.
Gotta get to see...
Big Show, oh, oh,
can I have your autograph?
You want my autograph?
Um... Yes.
You want my autograph?
I wouldn't have asked
if I didn't.
You just got the signature of
the future WWE World
Heavyweight Champion.
SETH ROLLINS: Wrong, Big Show.
Everyone knows that I am the
undisputed future of WWE.
And I will be the champ.
Well, neither one of you
fellows are gonna
be the champ.
While I hold the title.
It's Sheamus.
-What... What?
-It's Sheamus.
He's my favorite.
Hello, my friends in Denver.
In case you haven't heard,
Big Show here has earned
himself a match with me
tomorrow at SmackDown.
And he thinks he'll be taking
my title away from me.
I mean... Well, you're okay,
but Sheamus is better.
Tomorrow night,
you're going down.
You better find something else
to hold your pants up.
Because you can kiss that
championship belt goodbye.
I'm just waiting for you
in Albuquerque, Big man.
Bring it on!
Nobody is bringing anything,
anywhere tonight.
Mr. McMahon.
Oh, it's Mr. McMahon.
Can you believe it?
Big show, Sheamus,
as Chairman and CEO of WWE,
and your boss,
I must postpone tomorrow
night's match on SmackDown.
ALL: What?
A massive snowstorm is just
about to hit the Denver area.
The highway patrol
is closing down all roads.
Big Show, I'm afraid your
title match will have to wait.
Not again, McMahon.
I've waited a long time for
my chance to get the title.
I'm not letting a little
frozen water get in my way.
But the bus can't drive
in this weather.
Who said anything
about driving?
MCMAHON: Big Show, please.
-You gotta turn back.
-Forget it, McMahon.
I'm going to be
World Heavyweight Champion
tomorrow night.
And nothing will stop me.
-Dumb technology.
-Big Show.
Turn back.
You want
a piece of me, gravity?
You think you can
take me down?
Let's get it on.
Meet George Jetson
His boy, Elroy
Daughter, Judy
Jane, his wife
Oh, this is grueling labor.
I work my finger to
the bone for this company
and yet I'm completely
The next time I see that
old miser Mr. Spacely
I'm gonna demand a raise.
-Oh, no, please, Mr. Spacely,
-I... I'm sorry...
Oh, I understand completely,
Mr. Spacely.
I'll clean out
my office immediately.
Office, let's pack up.
No, Jetson,
I said you're hired.
Hired? Haven't I been
hired this whole time?
Okay, maybe that was
a confusing way of
phrasing this.
Point is, I need you,
George Jetson,
to take on a new project.
Oh, boy! Are you talking
about a promotion?
Well, if doing more work
for the same money
sounds like
a promotion to you.
Then let's call it
a promotion. (LAUGHS)
That's exactly what
I'm gonna call it.
I won't let you down,
Mr. Spacely.
You better not.
-Or you're fired!
Report to the shuttle bay
in five minutes.
And, Jetson. No surprises!
Oh, boy!
"Report to the shuttle bay."
That means a business trip.
I hope the old space
suit still fits.
Last time I wore this,
I was on the moon.
Guess I weighed
a little less there.
Ah... There we go.
Pardon me. Coming through.
Hey, what's
the big idea, George?
That guy is
a galactic goofball.
More like a pain
in the plutoids.
Heya, George.
Here to hide out
from Spacely again?
Not today. Mr. Spacely
promoted me for an extra
special project.
Wow! Spacely Sprockets
X-9000 robots.
My new project must
be hugely important.
George Jetson?
This new project is doomed.
Careful there, Benedict.
Extremely crucial project
going on here.
No room for mistakes today.
No room for mistakes, huh?
Then how did they make room
for you on the project?
Just gonna squeeze in here.
Okay! I'm ready to go.
Oh, I can't wait to get
the details on this project.
WOMAN: Launch in five,
Three, two...
Whoa! Hold the launch.
Hold the launch.
I better take this.
Hello, Mr. Jetson.
Your lovely beautiful
wife is on line one.
I can't talk right now.
Take a message, please.
But, Mr. Jetson,
it's your wife.
Are you sure you don't
want to take this?
(LAUGHS) Big project.
Gotta go now. Bye.
So, where we headed?
WOMAN: One...
Your husband isn't available,
Mrs. Jetson.
Not available like he's on his
way to his son's science fair,
where he's supposed to be?
Or not available like
he's putting work before
his family again?
He didn't specify.
But if I were a betting woman,
I know where I'd put my money
if you catch my drift.
May I take a message?
No. I'll either to talk to him
when he gets here
or yell at him
when he gets home.
Uh-oh. Someone's in trouble.
Look at this place.
Three cold fusion experiments
and a vinegar
and baking soda volcano?
No one else has anything
as sophisticated as my time
travel equation.
Where's Dad?
He promised
he'd be here, Elroy.
He's probably just trying
to find a parking spot.
Or at least he'd better be.
Wow. The surface of the earth.
So natural. So primitive.
So disgusting.
Unit one,
what on Earth are we
doing on the earth?
We have been ordered to
drill a hole for a new piling.
And what am I supposed to do?
You are in charge.
In charge, huh?
I like the sound of that.
Well, then.
You boys get to drilling,
I'll stay here and...
-Be in charge.
ALL: Commence re-calculated
drill procedure.
Ah, yes.
A lot of responsibility.
Lot of responsibility.
Mr. Jetson.
Huh? What? Who?
I wasn't sleeping.
You were sleeping.
Mr. Jetson,
we found something.
Well, what do you know.
There was already
a hole in your hole.
Protocol states, we cannot
continue drilling until
our supervisor
has inspected the site
and declared it safe.
Ah... Me?
Any chance I can
do that from right here?
No? Oh... Okay.
I'm going in.
Boy, what a scaredy-cat.
You're gonna be fine, George.
Everything is okay, George.
You're gonna be fine, George.
Everything... (SCREAMS)
(LAUGHS) Hey, guys, I made it.
It looks pretty safe to me.
Keep going, sir.
Oh, darn it!
Dumb drill bot.
Who tells who what to do
around here anyway?
(GASPS) Oh...
Who killed the lights?
Spacesuit lights to maximum.
Huh, much better.
I can't just leave him here.
Boys, I think I'm gonna need
some help down here!
Oh... Look at this poor
old-fashioned fella.
Frozen in ice.
This is some surprise.
Right, guys?
(GASPS) Mr. Spacely
said no surprises.
Come on. Come on.
Melt faster. Melt faster.
Shh... Be quiet.
Mr. Spacely said no surprises.
And you are one
big seven-foot surprise!
-Would you be quiet?
You're gonna get me fired.
Oh, my bad.
Where am I?
Spacely Sprockets.
My office. Which won't be
my office much longer
-if you'd don't...
-SPACELY: Jetson!
It's Mr. Spacely.
You gotta hide.
Chair! (BEEPS)
What are you doing back?
Oh, job's done.
So soon?
Any surprises?
Nope. No surprises.
No surprises?
Wow, Jetson.
I should have given you a fake
promotion months ago.
What's that noise?
Oh, that's just Pickenpock
in accounting.
Little game we play.
-Well, tell him to stop it.
It's annoying.
You got it, Mr. Spacely. Phew.
You better tell me
what's going on
before I snap you in half!
No snapping necessary.
Last thing I remember,
I was on an airplane...
If you could just set me down.
Flying out of Denver
in a snow storm.
Over there would be great.
On the ground.
And then I was standing
in a puddle of water.
With your hand over my mouth.
So I'm gonna ask you
one last time...
Where am I?
(GULPS) Orbit City.
Am I in the future?
-Hiya, George!
But to me it's just now.
But to you, probably, yes.
SPACELY: Jetson!
We got to get you out of here.
Pickenpock in accounting
said you're the one banging
on the wall.
He's not even here.
Ooh. I am so mad
at your father.
Mom, I'm sure Dad has
a good reason for missing
the science fair.
He'd better.
-Better cool
your jets, Mrs. J.
-Your heart rate
and blood pressure
are both elevated
to dangerous levels.
Rosie, it's only going to
get more dangerous in here
when George arrives.
I'm home!
Uh... Happy anniversary?
I'll prepare the couch
for you tonight, Mr. J.
Valentine's day?
I'll pack your bags
for you, Mr. J.
Please don't let
it be your birthday.
How many handles would you
like on your casket, Mr. J?
George, your son won second
place for his project today
at the science fair.
Would have been first.
Except that I've never
actually made anything
time travel.
Although, Bobby Booster
never made a volcano erupt.
So I'm not sure why
he got the blue ribbon.
Ah, the whole thing's
a popularity contest anyway.
The science fair!
Jane, Elroy, I'm so sorry.
But I got a new assignment
at work.
And something big happened.
Huge actually.
Flying cars!
Moving sidewalks.
And jet packs!
Wow! He's huge!
Everybody, this is Big Show.
Big Show, this is my wife Jane
and my boy Elroy.
Where's daughter Judy?
Where else?
Cheerleading practice.
Welcome home, George.
Is that a talking dog?
(YELPS) George.
Get this thing off me.
Get your filthy hands
off of Astro, you brute.
Is that a talking robot?
Take it easy, Astro.
George, do something.
You can let him go now,
Big Show.
George, see what happens when
you bring your work home.
I can't believe
Mr. Saturnson giving us
a history test
the day before
the big space ball game.
Super un-cosmic.
My head's so gonna
be full of history
there won't be room
for the cheers.
Oh. When are we ever gonna
need to know 21st century
history in real life, anyway?
That does it! Rosie,
stop with the robot kung fu.
Big Show,
please put my dog down.
Everybody listen. Big Show's
been frozen in ice for
100 years.
100 years?
I found him. Thawed him.
And brought him
home for dinner
because he's a little freaked
out about being in the future.
How much dinner does it eat?
Gee, Dad.
That does explain everything.
Come on, Big Show. You can
sit next to me at the table.
You have a lovely home.
If that thing makes
a mess on the carpet,
I am not cleaning it up.
Janey, I'm sorry I missed
the science fair.
You don't have to
apologize to me.
Really? Because the look
you're giving me
makes me think I do.
George, if you want to put
your work before the family,
that's your decision.
Oh, thanks, sweetie.
(CHUCKLES) That's a load off.
So listen. I couldn't just
leave Big Show at the office.
But I promise,
he'll stay just for one night.
Tomorrow I'll figure out
what to do with him.
Really thought he's read
between the lines on that one.
I got the subtext, Mrs. J.
And I'm a robot.
ROSIE: Nighty-night.
Sleep tight.
And just remember...
I got my eye on you.
Get out of here.
RADIO ANNOUNCER: Good morning,
Orbit City.
-It's another beautiful day
in the troposphere.
It's time to get up
and get moving.
Shake away those sleepy z's.
Seriously, buddy.
You're gonna be late. (BEEPS)
Get out of bed!
I'm up! I'm up!
-Oh, Judy, sweetheart.
You look exhausted.
Let me make you breakfast.
I was up all night cramming
for my 21st century history
It's gonna be a disaster.
I just know it.
Maybe you should spend
a little more time studying
and a little less time
What? So I can fail
at cheerleading too?
So uncosmic.
Great advice, Mom.
Well, that's what
I'm here for.
Good morning,
to my two best girls.
No time for breakfast.
Gotta get to work and figure
out this whole Big Show
Where is our sleepy ice man?
Have you seen Elroy?
Hey, Big Show. Rise and shine.
-He's gone!
-Elroy's not in his room.
Where could they be?
ELROY: My Dad found him
in a block of ice.
He's from the 21st century.
Ooh... Ooh...
Is he a superhero?
No. He's a... Uh...
What exactly are you?
You wanna know what I am?
I'm the meanest,
baddest warrior ever to
enter the squared circle.
-Well, I mean, I was.
Till I got frozen in ice.
That championship
belt was so close.
I could taste it.
You're going to taste
a championship belt?
Oh, I wasn't just
going to taste it.
I was gonna hold it over
my head and scream,
"I am the WWE
"World Heavyweight Champion!"
BOY: You're not
the Heavyweight Champion.
Reactor Rollins is.
You telling me you got
WWE in the future?
-Of course.
-ELROY: In fact,
there's a championship match
this afternoon
at Orbit City arena.
That title belt is supposed
to be mine!
Reactor Rollins...
You're going down!
But Big Show, wait...
BIG SHOW: Hey, taxi!
To Orbit City arena.
And step on it.
I am only authorized to drive
the designated speed limit.
Just go!
Big Show, stop!
Elroy, is Big Show with you?
Not anymore.
That will be five billion
star bucks.
Not including tip.
Here's your tip.
Dumb robot.
Attention! Our Superstars
are very busy warming up.
Information. Our event
does not start for another
two hours.
I'm not here to watch it.
I'm here to win it.
Observation. You are human.
Humans are not allowed
in the ring.
What? I thought this
was the WWE.
World Wrobot Entertainment.
The W is silent.
One, two, three.
You are victorious once again,
Reactor Rollins.
It has been a pleasure
grappling with you.
Champ, the pleasure
was all mine.
You Reactor Rollins?
You're wearing
my championship belt.
But not for long.
I just wanted to show him
off to all my friends.
It's not every day your Dad
brings home an ice man.
It's okay, son.
I mean, how much trouble
could one fellow get into?
Projection. The boss is
not going to like this.
One, two, three.
I am the champion!
Actually, this battle
was unsanctioned.
Actually, lick my boot.
You're an embarrassment
to sports entertainment.
Where I come from
Superstars are made of blood,
guts, and glory.
They're warriors.
Forged in the fire of battle.
Not tin cans
bashing each other
like bumper cars.
MAN: Hey, you're not supposed
to be in there.
This is robots only.
Boss, I tried to stop him.
Mr. McMahon?
What are you doing
in the future?
McMoon's the name.
Mr. McMoon.
McMahon was my great,
great, great, great...
Well, you get the idea.
Get that human out of my ring.
Tick tock. Cosmic clock.
Time's run out for you.
Agreed. It is too bad for you
that I am too good.
Step aside, please.
I will escort this large human
from the ring.
Come with me, please.
Are you supposed to be me?
And did you just
say please, twice?
You asked for It, large human.
I'm not just large,
I'm a giant!
-Jumping Jupiter!
The human defeated
our largest Superstar bot.
Such moves do not
exist in our database.
FEMALE ROBOT: We must update
our combat program.
No matter.
When Superstars align,
no human can stop us.
This human's gonna teach
you something new.
You think Big Show is
okay, Dad?
Oh, I'm sure
a fellow that size
could take care of himself.
It's a bolt bath in there.
Tribulation. Indignation.
This is an outrage.
You can't just barge in here
and take over my robots.
I just did.
Verification. He did.
Oh. Hey, Big Show.
What's going on here?
He thinks he's
a WWE Superstar, Dad.
But only robots
can be Superstars.
Wrong, kid.
Superstars are supposed
to be human.
Not radio-controlled
hunks of junk.
Ah... Big Show.
Now remember.
This is the future.
Robots do everything here.
Right. What he said.
Information. The police
are on their way.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
No reason to involve
the authorities.
I'm sure we could
work this out.
You with all the muscles.
Come quietly.
Or we'll be forced to ask you
to come quietly again.
Great moons of Jupiter!
Look at the size of it.
Big Show,
old buddy, old pal...
Please, let's just settle down
and talk this through.
All right. Enough of
this funny business.
You're coming with me.
Oh, you just made the biggest
mistake of your life.
Get him, boys!
I am the WWE World
Heavyweight Champion.
You don't get me.
I get you.
Oh, boy.
-Way ahead of you, son.
This is Rolf Rodriguez.
Reporting live from
Orbit City arena,
where a riot has broken out
between Orbit City security
and a...
A very, really,
very big person.
That's Big Show!
(SIGHS) Here's to another day
of no surprises.
I am here with the ring leader
of this hullabaloo.
Goes by the name, Big Show.
Mr. Big Show,
I have one question.
You future people
make me sick.
You allow robots to
be your champions?
Maybe you need a reminder
of what a real champ can do.
Starting right now.
I'm not just gonna be
the champion of the ring.
I'm gonna be the champion
of the world.
And I'm gonna use your own
robots to help me do it.
You've heard it
here first, folks.
Big Show is planning
to take over the world.
For immediate reaction,
we turn to Big Show's
old buddy and old pal.
What do you have to
say about this, sir?
What have I done?
Dad, shouldn't we help
stop Big Show?
I mean, this is
kind of our fault.
I think the authorities
have it under control.
Meanwhile, I think it's time
for a Jetson family vacation.
On Mars!
Jetson, I expressly
said, "No surprises."
I'm sorry. George Jetson
isn't here right now.
I can see you!
Please leave a message and
he will return your call at
his earliest convenience.
Jetson, you're...
Oops... Lost the connection.
No telling where he was
going with that sentence.
Hey, Janey. Great news!
I decided you were right.
I'm done putting work
before our family.
So we're going on vacation.
-Right now.
-JUDY: Daddy!
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Your friend Big Show
is so cosmic.
My friend? Judy...
Why aren't you at school?
(SING SONG) My history class
is canceled.
My history test delayed.
The whole school was sent
home today 'cause Big Show's
gone crazy,
and is running wild
in the city.
Only my sister
could find a reason
to cheer for the apocalypse.
ANNOUNCER: Orbit City News
Network brings you an update
on the Big Show Rampage.
-George Rodriguez,
live from city hall,
where Big Show and his gang
of wrestling robots
have taken over Orbit City.
-What did you do?
For further comment,
we go to Mayor Mercury.
(GRUNTS) You'll never
get away with this!
Someone will stop you!
No one can stop me.
The future's full of wimps.
You make an excellent point.
Just as Orbit City fell to me,
so too will the rest
of the earth.
From this point on,
you will all do
whatever I say,
-or you will face my robots!
All hail, Big Show!
All hail, Big Show.
Hail hard, hail often!
Kneel, for the new
World Heavyweight Champion
of the world!
That's redundant.
-I said kneel!
That makes
one little falling star.
Who will fall next?
I am the greatest giant
of all time!
I hear Mars is beautiful
this time of year.
-Shall we?
What? How was
I supposed to know
he was an evil, power-hungry
madman when I thawed him out?
This is not my fault.
Dad's right.
This isn't his fault.
BOTH: It's not?
If I hadn't taken
Big Show to school,
he never would have found out
about Reactor Rollins,
and none of this
would have ever happened.
Elroy, I am shocked!
(STAMMERS) Shocked
that you would think
this is your fault.
None of us knew that Big Show
would turn out to be
a future-hating,
robot-smashing monster
determined to conquer
the world as we know it.
The point is, Elroy,
you tried to befriend him,
when it was clear he was lost.
That makes you
a bigger man than him.
Attention citizens
of Orbit City.
Oh, my.
He's a handsome
bucket of bolts. (BEEPING)
By order of world champion
Big Show,
everyone is to report
to Time Warp Square
for commencement
of manual labor.
Manual labor?
Like a man? Doing the labor?
At least there's no such thing
as "Womanual labor."
Right? (LAUGHS) Huh?
You're not gonna last a day
in the post-apocalypse.
-(BEEPS) Hmm.
Humans working for robots.
I've always wondered
what that would be like.
Just kiddin',
you know I love ya.
Ah, don't worry, everybody.
We've worked too hard
to have to work hard.
-Move it.
Or you will lose it.
Believe that.
I think the coast is clear.
Exit the apartment,
and come with me.
On my way, gorgeous.
Uh, yeah, sure,
be right there.
Just have to use the bathroom.
Might take a while.
Had a big lunch.
Follow me. I know exactly
how to handle this.
Exit the apartment,
and come with me.
Alas, my prince.
'Twas not meant to be.
What now, Pops?
If there's one thing
I know, Elroy,
it's when to flee
for our lives!
Mars, here we come!
George Jetson, you turn
this car around right now.
You have to go talk Big Show
out of conquering the world.
-You thawed him out.
You're the only one
he might possibly listen to.
Janey, I'm telling you,
there's no one
who can stop this guy.
Wait, there is. Or there was.
What are you
talking about, Judy?
Don't waste your time, Mom.
Even she doesn't know
what she's talking about. Hey!
We've been studying
the early 21st century
in history class.
Back then, humans
like Big Show battled
each other all the time.
Are you saying WWE was people?
Huge people, look, Big Show.
And it says
this man called Sheamus
was his greatest rival.
Too bad we don't have him
to help bail your father
out of this mess.
What would you
have me do, dear?
Go back in time
and ask for his help?
-Actually, Dad...
-I mean, you're talking
It's impossible.
Dad, if you'd seen
my science project...
Yes, Elroy, I missed
the science fair
and I'm sorry.
Why? Did you want to be bored
out of your mind?
My project hypothesized
that utilizing
the gravity well
of a massive
astronomical object
could accelerate
a spacecraft fast enough
to breach the tachyon barrier
of the space-time continuum.
Flying around the moon will
slingshot us back in time.
-ALL: Oh.
Unauthorized space-car.
You are ordered
to land immediately.
My prince.
Couldn't keep away from me,
could ya, handsome?
Hold on, Jetsons!
-JANE: George!
According to my calculations,
just a little faster, Dad.
I don't need a calculator
to tell me that!
If only I had a timeframe
destination for my equation.
Wow, it says here
that Big Show was scheduled
to battle Sheamus
in Albuquerque, New Mexico,
but he never appeared.
He vanished from WWE
exactly 100 years ago today.
-What are the chances?
-Elroy, what are you...
-I'm jacking the universal
precisional system into
the space-time de-modulator,
reversing polarity,
and setting it for exactly
100 years ago.
Will that work, sweetie?
-In theory.
-We're dead.
We're all dead.
-Floor it, Dad.
We're alive!
Welcome to Greenzone Parking,
that'll be 40 bucks.
Welcome to where?
The timestamp on local
internet channels confirms it.
We just traveled 100 years
into the past.
-Into the when?
-It worked! It worked!
Eat that, Bobby Booster!
My time travel theory worked.
(STAMMERS) But how?
-Are we on the surface...
Of the earth?
Of the parking lot.
40 bucks, please.
(GASPS) Look, that sign!
We're at some kind
of WWE event!
Then this is where
we'll find more big people.
People who can stop Big Show.
Well, all right, Jetsons.
Maybe we have a shot at saving
Orbit City, after all.
Thanks to my boy, Elroy,
and daughter, Judy.
I'm very proud of you kids.
-BOTH: Thanks, Dad.
-40 bucks!
Rosie, you stay here
with the car
and give this man
what he needs.
Oh, sure, Mr. J.
I traveled back 100 years
just so I could watch the car.
You're a... A talking robot?
Yeah, I came from the future
to conquer your world.
(SCOFFS) Primitive.
Now let's find some Superstars
that can help us.
And keep an eye out
for more like Big Show
that can hurt us.
All, right, Jetsons. Let's go.
Why aren't we moving?
I think
the sllidewalk's broken.
Now, hold on.
Maybe it's just turned off.
We just need
to find the button.
Slidewalks on, please.
Hello? Are you there?
I'm not sure what's wrong.
I don't think
they have slidewalks yet.
Hey, get a load
of those sci-fi costumes.
(LAUGHS) That convention
was last week, nerds.
Well, I think you know
what that means. (GULPS)
We're walking.
How much longer before
they invent slidewalks?
All this walking
is killing my feet.
Such an archaic society.
How far have we gone?
Car's okay!
George, how will we get
into this show
if we don't have any tickets?
Oh, not to worry, Janey,
we'll sneak in the back door.
Just like that theater I took
you to on our first date.
Oh, like you had to remind me.
Hey, look over there.
Oh, that's Alicia Fox.
She's a Superstar. (GASPS)
That must be where
all the Superstars
enter the building.
Ooh, chilly out here.
Don't catch a cold, big guy.
No, ma'am.
Thank you, Miss Fox.
Wow, they make Superstars
that look like her?
(SCOFFS) George!
What I mean to say is,
we just need to look like her.
And then we can get
in that door.
Becky Lynch,
Charlotte, Reigns,
Kane. Hey, hey, hey.
You're no Superstar.
Who are you?
I'm... Future Guy?
Uh, yeah.
We're escorting this hot
new Superstar to the ring.
By order of Mr. McMahon.
Mr. McMahon?
Oh, yes, ma'am, Miss Lynch.
(STAMMERS) Come right in.
Thanks, big guy.
Oh, anytime, Miss Charlotte.
(SIGHS) She has always been
my favorite Superstar.
-Are we backstage?
Well, it's so dark in here,
I can't tell.
Didn't they have interior
lighting 100 years ago?
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to WWE.
-Yeah, awesome! Yeah.
-BOTH: Ooh!
-ALL: Ooh!
Fight the fight
Give it all you got
With a hero's heart
Don't give up
Give it all you got
With a hero's heart
Oh, oh, oh
Got a hero's heart
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Fight the fight
Give it all you got
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Got to admit,
Big Show was right.
Robots just don't do
WWE justice.
I had no idea humans
could be so... So physical.
This is the most awesome thing
I've ever seen!
Mercury, Venus,
Earth and Mars,
WWE's got Superstars.
BOTH: Yay!
Faugh a ballagh!
There he is, Dad!
It's Sheamus!
Wow, he sure looks
like a champion.
A little on the pale side,
but yeah.
ANNOUNCER: Oh, we are lined up
for an exciting match
here tonight, folks.
With the number one contender,
Big Show,
still missing in action,
we have a new contender
for the WWE World
Heavyweight Championship.
Seth Rollins,
the self-proclaimed future
of WWE,
has stepped up
to prove he's just that.
Still white as a ghost,
huh, Sheamus? Good.
'Cause a ghost
is all you're gonna be
after I take that title
away from you.
(LAUGHS) Am I right,
Uh-oh, that Seth guy
looks dangerous.
If he manages to hurt Sheamus,
we'll lose our champ.
(GRUNTS) Oh, my arm.
It looks like the champ
is getting the upper hand
-early in this match.
-(LAUGHS) Sucker!
ANNOUNCER: Oh, but it was all
a devious plan by Rollins
to lure Sheamus in
for a suckerpunch.
That's why they call him
The Architect, folks.
We have to get him
out of there.
Is there a button
to stop the wrestling?
No, Janey, no buttons.
I'm just gonna have to go
talk to Sheamus.
Fine, I'm fine.
Talking to Sheamus now.
-CROWD: Let's go, Sheamus!
Uh, excuse me, Mr. Sheamus.
Can I have a word with you?
Hey, you, get away
from my title belt!
This is unbelievable.
A costumed fan
jumped the barrier
and is distracting Sheamus
at ringside.
He must be working
for Seth Rollins.
No, no, no, no,
I'm trying to save the future.
I need the champ.
This guy's lost it.
He's actually stealing the WWE
World Heavyweight title.
-Boo! That's not yours!
-Hands off!
You're gonna need
two caskets, fella.
'Cause I'm gonna
break you in half.
Oh, thank heavens.
The Uso Brothers
and Alicia Fox
are all headed to ringside,
to take down
this Superstar impostor.
(GULPS) Uh-oh.
It's absolute pandemonium
here tonight.
Mayhem inside the ring,
chaos outside.
I've never seen
anything like it.
Did Sheamus say
he'd help us, dear?
I think Dad's recruiting
more help for us.
Way to go, Pops!
The trouble just doubled.
Roman Reigns is here!
Mr. Sheamus! Mr. Sheamus!
Let's cut him off.
Nobody escapes
my lucky Cloverleaf hold.
Mr. Sheamus, sorry.
We kinda need your help
to save the future.
-Get him!
ANNOUNCER: Unbelievable.
The ring has erupted
in absolute chaos!
The ref has been tossed
out of the ring.
It's total anarchy!
It's a schmuz!
And it's about
to get schmuzzier!
WWE security is here.
But what can he do
to contain this madness?
-Oh, no.
-ANNOUNCER: Oh, yes.
Just when you thought
it couldn't get crazier...
-It got crazier!
One, two, three!
-Way to go!
-You did it, Pops!
By me sainted mother.
Who is that guy?
-JANE: Oh, George!
-We love you!
Way to go!
And the winner is, uh,
what's your name, buddy?
Future Guy!
-Future Guy!
MAN: Future Guy?
Future Guy?
Hey, he can't have that name.
I'm the undisputed
future of WWE.
No chance
So that's what you all
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's the boss!
Mr. McMahon is here!
What's this all about?
I've never even heard
of this Future Guy.
You got style, though,
I'll give you that.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to ruin your show.
(LAUGHS) I was
as surprised as you were.
I don't like surprises,
Future Guy.
You're fired!
Boy, that sounds familiar.
-No, no, please.
It's Big Show.
He's going crazy.
He came to our city
and took it over,
and proclaimed himself to be
the World Heavyweight Champion
of the world!
WOMAN: That's redundant.
Wait, take him to my office.
Now let me get this straight.
You found Big Show
frozen in ice, in the future?
-You thawed him out,
-and he took over your city.
And you've come back in time
to take my Superstars
to the future
to save... What was it?
Onion Town?
Orbit City, and yes.
This is the craziest thing
I've ever heard.
I believe that.
We found Future Guy's friends
hiding out
by the souvenir stand.
Get your hands off me.
Uh, did that dog just talk?
I take it back.
That is the craziest thing
I've ever heard.
Would you believe this isn't
the first time I've met
a talking dog?
Okay, Future Guy.
First, stop using "Future Guy"
because everyone knows
I'm the future of WWE,
not you.
Second, if you're really
from the future,
why don't you show us
your flying car?
Or your pet robot? (LAUGHS)
Oh, great idea.
They're both
in the parking lot right now.
They'll prove
I'm telling the truth.
But don't call Rosie a pet.
She might be a robot,
but she hates
being called names.
And she knows robot kung fu.
Boss, you're not really
considering this, are you?
Hmm. I think I need to see
this robot and spaceship
you speak of.
So, here they are.
A spaceship.
A pet robot. Ah!
Watch your mouth.
And the rest of you
can shut your pie-holes
before you start
catching flies.
Mr. J? I repaired the car
while you were away.
She's ready to fly.
Well, Mr. McMahon?
Do you believe us now?
If Big Show really
has taken over the future,
and the Superstars of WWE
are the only ones
who can stop him,
then, by gosh,
we have to stop him.
And I really wanna go
for a ride in that spaceship.
(LAUGHS) To the future! Yes!
Bring me to Big Show,
and I'll bring the fight.
-BOTH: Shotgun!
As the undisputed
future of WWE,
it's only fitting
that I see my future,
that I...
Thank you, Rollins. Sheamus?
Me versus Big Show in a match
to decide
the future of the earth.
You can count me in, fella.
George, you did it!
You got them all
to come with us.
Yeah, but we aren't all
gonna fit in your UFO.
You got another spaceship
parked around here?
(LAUGHS) I've got something
you're gonna like better.
Meet George Jetson
Mr. McMahon and Sheamus
Seth Rollins and the Usos
Alicia Fox
and Roman Reigns
Superstars in outer space.
Oh, man.
I cannot believe
we are in space.
I can't believe
we're in the future.
I can't believe you're all
going to finally
witness the future
of my glorious WWE legacy.
Nobody believes that.
And you can believe that.
-Why I... Ow!
Maybe try not standing up
in the space-car.
Everyone, welcome to...
The future?
Oh, George.
He's brutalized our city!
But how did he
brutify it so fast?
Looks like I miscalculated.
We're back in the future,
but about one month
after we left.
(GASPS) Look what he did
to my school!
Big Show did all this?
This is what happens
when you let Big Show
do the decorating.
First, we take down Big Show.
Then we take down
the decorations.
Oh, can I take down
his little statues?
Sure, but who's gonna
take down the big statue?
Golly, Dad.
I didn't think Big Show
could get any bigger.
-Oh, no.
Big Show's Superstar bots.
Is that supposed to be me?
'Cause uh-uh, that tin can
ain't got nothing
on Miss Foxy.
(LAUGHS) An Alicia bot?
Uso bots? (LAUGHS)
And I thought
the originals looked lame.
In your case,
the bot is an improvement.
Prepare to be processed
for manual labor.
(GASPS) Manual labor?
I got your process right here,
you trash can.
Prepare to be scanned.
Oh, me first, handsome.
Sorry to disturb
your meditation,
your world championess,
but there's something
you should see.
BIG SHOW: The Jetsons.
Correct, the only humans
to escape your supreme rule,
thereby undermining
your dominance,
and making you look
like a space clown.
Catch them and put them
in the Big Show City jail
with the other troublemakers.
Prepare for transport
to Big Show City jail.
Oh, boy. Hold on, gang.
Why doesn't this thing
have a button
for escaping deadly robots?
Deploy Big Show upgrades.
-Fire at will.
-I'm on it.
-All under control.
I drive a lot better when
people aren't yelling at me!
Dad, we can't
outrun them forever.
This is getting
out of control.
How are we gonna
get you guys to Big Show
so you can defeat him?
We're never going to get
close to him
with all those Superstar bots
out there.
We don't need to get
close to him.
I just need a way
of calling him out.
-Calling him out?
-Challenging him.
Big Show never backs down
from a challenge.
The bigger and louder
you make it...
The more it'll drive
Big Show crazy.
And then Big Show
will come to us.
What if we can get you
on television?
The Orbit City News Network
station is nearby.
Great idea, Mom.
Yeah, that network reaches
every TV screen on the planet.
-Uh, wonderful plan
that will never happen,
if we're already blasted
out of existence
by killer robots.
Seth's right.
Jane, if your plan
is gonna work,
I'm gonna need to get
these bots off our tail.
What are you going to do,
-I'm switching to manual.
Everybody get ready
to follow my lead!
Way to go, Pops!
Eat dust, you rust buckets!
-(LAUGHS) Do it again, George!
I've got him. I've got him.
-You missed him.
-You missed him.
-SHEAMUS: Faugh a ballagh!
-ALICIA: Get me out of here.
MAN: Move, move, move!
(BURPS) False alarm,
everybody. Woo.
I feel much better now
that I'm out of that
space capsule.
Huh... I hope Dad
is going to be okay.
Don't you worry, lad.
Your pa looks to be
a very brave warrior.
And if there's one thing
your father knows
about getting into trouble,
it's how to sneak
his way out of it.
Well, that may be true,
but since you all
have Big Show covered,
I want to make sure
our friend George is covered.
Then you're going to need
a guide for the future
so you don't get lost or dead.
Come on, Mr. M.
Robot motorcycle.
Now we're talking!
Hang in there, Roy boy.
We'll bring your dad back.
Let's save George.
You said it, Astro.
Can't catch me, lame bots.
We are not lame.
It is you who is lame.
Miss Foxy bot
is going to get you.
Foxy bot! Foxy bot!
The path to your surrender
is written in the stars.
You cannot.
You will not escape.
Give up or you will face
the wrath of Big Show.
Trust me,
you don't want none of that.
Okay, I surrender.
Nighty nightmares.
Ha ha ha ha.
Another puny human
falls to Big Show
world champion of the world.
Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha.
Boy, I hope this works.
Okay, everybody. Let's go.
And on the lighter side,
look at this puppy!
It almost makes you forget
that we're all enslaved
by a madman.
Hey! You cannot be in here.
Excuse us, Rolf.
We've got breaking news.
-But you can't...
-Emphasis on the breaking.
Well, when you
put it that way.
We interrupt this puppy
to bring you a special report.
Ready for your close up,
Time to call out Big Show.
Big Show!
I've come a long way
to find you, fella.
Sheamus? He's here?
Imagine my surprise when I
found out you've been hiding
in a glacier for 100 years
all because
you were too chicken
to step in the ring with me.
So, now you've taken over
the future with no Sheamus
and declared yourself
the world champ.
Well, surprise, Big Show!
The real champ is here.
And in front of the
millions of people
watching this
all over the world.
I'm calling you out.
Anytime, anyplace, I will
run you into the ground.
-He can't hear you, sir.
That's a TV screen,
not a video phone.
Looks like we have a caller.
Time Warp Square,
10 minutes!
I'll be there.
-My turn to be on TV.
It is a Rolf Rodriguez's
exclusive, a grudge match.
100 years in the making.
Two humans, battling it out
for total supremacy.
And I will be there,
bringing you every
heart-pounding second
or my name isn't
Rolf Rodriguez!
Feels like I've been
in here forever.
-Mr. Spacely?
Oh, this is just great.
Stuck in a cell with Jetson.
You know,
this is all your fault!
Yes sir, I'm well aware.
But don't worry.
I've got a plan
to take Big Show down.
-You see my family was...
-You sent your family
to deal with that madman?
Huh, classic Jetson.
Big Show will destroy them.
If I was your family,
I'd fire you so hard
right now.
But they have help.
Went back in time and
found real WWE Superstars
that know how
to stop Big Show.
It doesn't matter.
Big Show is too powerful.
He has all my Superstar bots
under control.
As well as his new
destruction bots.
If anyone tries to stop him,
they'll fail.
Time for a cosmic awakening.
It is written in the stars.
We will hit hard.
And hit often.
Oh, what's going on?
Everyone is going to
Time Warp square.
World champion Big Show
and his destruction bots
are about to spring a trap
on some puny humans
from the past. (LAUGHS)
A trap! Oh, no!
My family is heading into
a trap and they
don't even know it.
We need to get out of here.
We need to help them.
What can we do?
We're just people.
-People can't do anything.
-That's right.
The robots took our
buttons away.
You're wrong. Our ancestors
used to do everything.
They cooked for themselves.
They cleaned for themselves.
They even walked everywhere.
We live in a future so great,
we don't have to do anything.
And if we want to get back
to doing nothing,
today we have to do something.
What can we do?
We're stuck in this cell.
Another stinker of an idea
from Jetson.
Trust me.
I work with this guy.
He's got a million of them.
Wow! For a second there
I thought he was gonna do it.
(GROANS) Classic Jetson!
Huh! I did it!
Don't worry, Mr. J,
it'll be our secret.
Let's get you out of here,
Thanks, Rosie.
Thank, Mr. McMahon.
Hey, fellas!
Who wants to help me
save the future?
Well, technically,
it's the present.
Who wants to help me
save the present?
Guess Big Show is right.
The future really is full
of wimps.
You think he's going to show?
If he doesn't, he'll have to
rename himself No Show.
-No Show!
What the devil?
It's a trap!
-Let go.
I just need to call him out.
He'll come right to us.
We wouldn't be in this mess
if The Architect had done
the planning.
The Architect better start
planning for a full body cast
if he keeps mouthing off.
I can...
I will break you, robot.
You cannot. You will not.
Will, and
you can believe that.
I will not believe that.
Sheamus! You came a long way
to taste my boot.
The only thing I'm gonna
be tasting is victory.
Big talk from a little man.
But to earn your match with me
you must first survive
my Undertaker bot.
My Kane bot.
I call them my
Bots of Destruction.
Excellent plan,
Your Excellency.
(SCOFFS) The Architect could
have done better.
(SCOFFS) I'm warning you.
Two on one. You can't beat
me alone, huh, fella?
I'm in charge.
I make the rules.
Well, I'm here to break
your rules
and your bots.
Destruction Bots,
destroy Sheamus!
Let's go, Sheamus!
-Way to go, Sheamus!
-Go Sheamus, woo-hoo!
You are supposed to be
in your cell.
Well, so are we.
We may be wimps,
but there's a lot of us.
Yeah, you're in for it now,
sprocket head.
Time to lead a revolution,
Future Guy.
Uh-oh! This is so wrong.
Uh-oh, uh-oh.
Whoa, there!
This futuristic billboard
bucks like a bull.
You bots should
come to Ireland
and try our famous potatoes.
Let me give you a sample.
One potato, two potato,
three potato, four.
Bring it on, fellas.
There's a whole lot more!
-Oh, my!
-Yay, you got him.
Oh, please! All the four-leaf
clover in the world
won't bring him the luck
he needs to win.
Ugh! That does it.
When I get out of this,
you're so gonna get it.
They call this guy
the Celtic warrior? (SCOFFS)
More like Celtic Bore-ior.
Seriously! This guy is boring
me to death.
Come on, Sheamus! Tag me in.
Let me show you how
a real champion does it.
I'll tag you in, you runt!
Ha! The Architect outsmarts
everyone again.
Kane bot,
destroy Seth Rollins.
Whoa! Hey!
Oh, I like these odds.
Bring it on.
You're a strong one,
but you got no soul.
You got no heart.
So, let me show you
a proper heartbeat.
Now it's my turn to party.
Whoa! Hey!
There can be only one
Roman Reigns.
-Time to get...
-Uso crazy.
Bots, get Seth Rollins.
-As you command,
your world championess.
Rest in pieces.
Doesn't matter
what century it is.
I've always been
better than you.
I'm not gonna pin you.
I want you to kneel
before your champion.
ELROY: Don't do it, Sheamus!
-Don't give in.
-You can take him.
JUDY: Give him the what for!
Prepare to silence
the Jetsons.
Sheamus bot.
Don't surrender, Sheamus.
He's nothing but
a great big bully.
You wouldn't.
And that, as they say,
-is how you layeth
the smacketh down.
-ELROY: Dad!
-JUDY: Daddy.
Thank Jupiter you're all okay.
Okay, everybody.
Time to take back our city.
You're not going anywhere,
Big Show.
We want our city back.
Yeah, this is our home
and don't you forget it.
-Now you're the one
in a cage.
-You stink!
At last, just you and me,
Saw that coming a mile away.
But did you see this coming,
little bug?
Windshield bug.
I see what you did there.
Now you got me Irish up.
-Get him.
-Go Sheamus!
Help! Anybody.
Ow! Ow!
Miss Foxy is on fire today.
Yay Alicia! Woo-hoo!
So, you want to see me fly,
I'll show you some flying.
Superman Punch!
Never fails.
Ooh, waa!
That's what you get
for picking on a kid.
I should have taken that job
as a toaster.
BOTH: Uso!
I saved all of you guys.
And that's why
I am the future of WWE.
-You may all thank me...
Told you I'd get you.
And thank you, Seth.
You're welcome.
SHEAMUS: Ballagh!
The Celtic warrior
falls to no man.
No beast.
Nor Big Show.
Looks like you fall to me
after all.
Hang on, Sheamus!
-Going up.
-Here they come.
-Dad's bringing them back.
But it's not over yet.
Looks like Big Show
is winning.
You will fall.
Everyone falls to me.
I am Big Show.
I am the champion.
-What's that, fella?
I can't hear you over
my white noise.
-Yay, Sheamus!
-Go! Go!
-Let's go, Sheamus!
ALL: Let's go, Sheamus!
Let's go, Sheamus!
Still can't hear you, friend.
Try talking into
my throw kick.
ALL: One, two!
But you had the three count.
You had me beat.
Let's go back to our time,
Let's battle like true
Superstars in a proper ring.
Then we'll see once and
for all who deserves to be
WWE World Heavyweight Champ.
But we all know
it's gonna be me, right?
Did you see that?
Humans in action.
It was amazing!
You look ridiculous.
You know that?
That should do it.
I programmed the car to take
you guys back
to the night you left.
I figured that would cause
the least number
of temporal paradoxes.
Ah, listen guys.
Thanks so much
for helping us out.
We really appreciate it.
Big Show! Don't you have
something you want to say?
George, I owe you and
your family an apology.
Especially you, Elroy.
You also owe me
a new teddy bear.
Settle for my Bots
of Destruction?
Hmm. Deal.
I owe the rest of you
an apology too.
I don't know if
it was being frozen
in ice for 100 years or...
Beating a robot for
the championship title.
But I crossed a line
and I'm sorry.
I hope you can forgive me.
But you enslaved us!
And made us build a
giant statue.
Yeah. What about that?
Who's gonna fix our city?
We should probably get going.
Right behind you.
Farewell, Jetsons.
-Mr. Spacely. I know.
I should have told you about
Big Show the second
I found him.
I understand if you never want
me to work for you again.
(CHUCKLES) Are you kidding?
I just got the contract to
rebuild Orbit City.
I'm gonna need to promote
somebody to
supervise the robots
while they do all the work.
You think you can handle it?
A promotion?
Yes, sir. Mr. Spacely, sir.
I'm your man but first
I'm gonna need a week off
to spend with my family.
-I'll give you one day...
-I'll take it.
Oh, George!
I'm so proud of you.
-Me too!
Oh, stop.
Okay boy, that's enough.
Seriously, this is getting
kinda gross.
I sure hope those guys
made it back okay.
I love these classic matches.
I could watch them
a thousand times.
And you have.
Good news!
I aced my history test.
My teacher said I knew more
about the 21st century
than he did.
Guys, we gotta get going.
We're gonna be late
for WrestleMania.
Oh, you're right!
And the World Champion is...
Everybody in the car.
Hey, wait for me!
Salutations, Jetsons.
Oh! Short but cute.
Notification. Ha!
We have your space box
all ready for you.
A space box?
It is the least we can do.
After all, tonight is all
because of the Jetsons.
Ladies and gentlemen,
to honor the brave
human Superstars
who saved Orbit City.
To inspire a new generation
to get off their buttons and
reach for the stars,
WWE will now
and forever more
be for humans only.
Better them then us.
Totally agree.
Please welcome to the ring
your new WWE Superstars!
I got my Superstars
right here.
-Thanks, Dad.