The Jigsaw Murders (1989) Movie Script

Oh there's got to
be something in here.
I need perishables.
Yes, here.
Oh, there's a shoe, I knew it.
Open up, it's the police!
Jeez, he went out the window!
Stay on him, I'll cut him off.
Halt, police!
You're under arrest.
Okay man, relax.
Jesus, where'd you come from?
Joe, you okay?
I lost track of you, partner.
I wasn't sure I
had a clear shot.
Hey, it's okay.
I'll get out an APB.
Hey pard, we avoided the use
of unnecessary
violence, didn't we?
Let's go.
Here all day.
Leave me the fuck alone.
Book them.
Need some help?
No, I got it, Paul.
Morning, Captain.
Oh, this is a great lens.
Elliot, I can even
make you look good.
So what do you think?
George, it's a
wonderful camera
and I'm sure you're
a great photographer.
I will take beautiful
pictures at your wedding.
Look, I appreciate the offer.
But the thing is,
Vivian and I agreed
we'd have a simple ceremony.
And it's just gonna be me
and her and Joe and Deb.
Debbie's maid of honor.
You know I won
an award... sorry.
George, it wouldn't be fair.
Elliot, please.
A wedding is a joyous event.
It is something to be shared.
You want my
advice, Greenfield?
Call it off.
Bail it now while you can
still take your balls with you.
Don't listen to him,
he's never even been married.
Fuck, I know better.
I've seen the casualties.
Like your partner.
Shit, he's been through
the nutcracker twice.
Look at him.
Do you believe this
guy's only 35 years old?
Lay off the kid,
will you Bauman?
He's nervous enough as it is.
Hey, I was just joking around.
I didn't mean nothing.
Do us all a favor
and say what you mean.
DaVonzo, Greenfield,
in my office.
Nice tie.
Big man.
If he weren't soaked
with Jack Daniels,
I might even be scared.
Yes sir?
One of our black
and whites picked up
Mamoulian stalled on La Brea.
The DA says he can get 10
years on a parking ticket.
You did good work, both of you.
Thank you sir.
In the meantime, this
just fell into our laps.
It was pulled out of a
storm drain last night
near the river.
Oh god.
Some bag lady found
its twin in a trash bin
behind a shoe store on Welden.
Jane Doe?
So far.
No ID, no witnesses.
This is really sick.
Exactly, which means
the media will eat it up.
Now obviously, a timely arrest
would be greatly appreciated
by all concerned.
Where are the legs now?
Talk to Dr. Fillmore.
I'm on the case, sir.
Ah, Joseph.
How you feeling?
In the pink.
I was told that you left
the alcoholics rehab program.
Now that concerns me.
Well enough's enough,
they did their job.
Yeah, I've been
reviewing your record.
Seems you've been passed
over for promotion
twice in the past five years,
both times for the same reason.
Impaired performance due
to the use of alcohol
while on duty.
Well, that's in the past.
I'm off the booze now.
See it stays that way, huh?
I could use another Lieutenant.
Thank you.
Can I help you?
I'm Kathy Vincent
from Famous Actors,
I'm here to read for
the part of Luanne
in Red September.
Could you please take a seat?
Somebody will be with
you in a few minutes.
Ah jeez.
Not a whole lot
to go on, is it?
Oh no, there's plenty.
If you know what to look for.
A femur structure
and calcium deposits
indicate she was between
20 and 25 years of age.
She stood about five foot four,
weighed 110 to 120 pounds.
She also exercised.
Good muscle tone.
Oh jeez.
Any fingerprints?
No, just cotton fiber.
The killer probably
handled the shanks
with cotton gloves.
Cause of death?
Well it was a chainsaw.
You got sand in the
leg hairs indicating
that she was killed in the
beach or at the desert.
Rigor mortis prolonged
behind the calf and the thigh
will suggest that she was
brought back into the city
where the killer
dismembered the remains
leaving behind
telltale tooth marks
and lubricant residue.
Am I good at this or what?
Excuse me.
What's with him?
Yeah, it really
stretches the imagination.
Why murder someone
out in the boonies
and go to all the trouble
of dragging them back
into the city just
to cut them up,
spread them around town?
Maybe it's your typical
pathetic cry for attention.
Sort of makes you
wonder why they just
don't rent a billboard.
Thanks Doc, you've
been a big help.
I've got
something else for your notes.
It's not exactly medical.
The lady appreciated fine art.
Now, remember.
You're a well bred
girl from the suburbs.
Suddenly thrust into a
situation where you must survive
by your own wits.
Your father abandoned
the family when you were
three years old.
Leaving you with deep,
latent insecurities.
At 14, you had your
first sexual encounter
with your parish priest.
It was physically pleasant
but left you morally confused.
You like Chinese food,
hate mathematics,
and never return your
library books on time.
You got it?
I think so.
Okay, good.
Whenever you're ready.
Make me feel her.
Mr. Quigley!
What are you doing
with that knife?!
Let her try that
one more time.
That was good, Kathy.
Can you try the
scream one more time?
Make it more Guidard
and less De Palma.
Less De Palma.
O for six with five to go.
Geez, you think at
least one tattoo parlor
would keep records
of what designs
they do for which customers.
What for?
Make our job easier?
We're not gonna
find this bastard
in the yellow pages, you know.
You okay, pard?
No, not really.
I hate this kind of case.
Young girl, mutilation.
I tell you partner, I
want this wacko's ass.
Well, I got a sawbuck
that says we get
this wacko's butt by Thursday.
Why Thursday?
My wedding!
Oh yeah.
Oh ho.
Besides, I can't
go on a honeymoon
and leave you with an open file.
Oh, no, this check.
I gotta take this check
to my travel agency.
It was supposed to be
there three days ago.
Grab some lunch.
I'll pick you up
in about an hour.
Where are you going?
Got a heavy date.
Sorry I'm late.
Just got handed a
major case, homicide.
Well, let it never be
said you put your daughter
before the good
citizens of Los Angeles.
Oh, come on baby,
I was hoping we could
spend some time
together for once
without having a fight.
Daddy, it's just
I've been waiting here
since one o'clock.
You know, my time's
valuable too.
I appreciate that,
and I apologize.
No, I'll have Beneshda
with iced tea, please.
Make mine a
cheeseburger, medium rare,
some fried onion rings
and a nice cold Heineken.
Okay, thank you.
You're drinking again?
Hell, I knew you couldn't
stay on the wagon.
My dear, do you have any
idea how much beer it takes
to get a man of my
physical stature drunk?
No, but I'm sure you do.
Dammit Kathy, do you find
it absolutely necessary
to fight me on everything?
You always fought me.
My boyfriends, my career.
The day I see your name
on a motion picture,
that'd be the happiest,
proudest day of my life.
But as long as you insist
on demeaning yourself
by doing this modeling,
hell, I'll say it, pornography.
Erotica is not pornography.
Besides, I'm not
doing that anymore.
I'm a real actress now.
You got work?
Paying work?
I'm in a showcase
tomorrow night.
Hell, I, where?
At the Burbank Actors
Theater at eight o'clock.
I'll be there.
You will?
Yeah, it'll be fun to see
my little girl in action.
Did you catch the
five o'clock news?
We were still
on the road, sir.
Well, our Jane Doe killing
made the number three spot.
We hit damn near every
tattoo parlor in town.
Combed the missing persons files
but without a name
or even a face,
hell, we're just stripped.
Already the Chief's getting
heat from the mayor's office.
Now I need progress
and I need it quickly.
We're doing our best, Captain.
Yeah well I appreciate
that, Detective Greenfield.
Honey, don't worry.
I have the plane
tickets right here.
Yes, and the travel
agent confirmed.
We have an ocean view room.
Sergeant Davonzo.
I'm nervous too, I know.
I tell you what,
when I get home,
we can give each other a
nice, relaxing massage.
You'll take a rain check
on that, detective.
Looks like we got a lead
on the Jane Doe case.
Honey, something just came up.
Police work.
Yeah, I know, okay, I gotta go.
Be careful.
Yes, I'm your kitty cakes.
Kitty cakes, huh?
Hey, teen wolf, put
a lid on it, will you?
So what did the guy see?
What did he say?
He said he'd only
talk face to face.
Well, it should be coming
up in the next block.
Wait a minute, he's at a hotel?
They don't step in there, wait.
Oh, shh, shh.
Well, it's about time.
Bauman, what are
you doing here?
Try to keep your
witness entertained.
What is he, royalty?
You guys, jeez!
It was your partner's idea.
Well, maybe a
condemned man deserves
a proper sendoff, huh?
Hey, what does
a man have to do
to get a drink around here?
I got your drink right here!
Put this on.
As you all know, partners
spend a lot of time together
and they talk.
In fact, they tell each
other certain secrets
they probably wouldn't
tell their own wives.
Having been Elliot's partner
for the past six months,
I've fallen privy to
certain intimate details
regarding his romantic life.
Yeah, you or anybody who sits
within 300 feet of his phone.
As I was saying.
Having been made painfully
aware of the magnitude
of the depth and breadth of
Elliot's sexual experiences,
I could think of no
greater gift to serve him
on his wedding night than this.
Right, open it up.
Well go ahead, open it!
Okay, come on.
What do we got,
what do we got?
You can have a baby.
Thanks pard.
Hey, Martinez, what
about your true gift?
Elliot, here's
a little something
to keep you entertained
whenever she gets
one of those headaches.
I can imagine, George.
Martinez, didn't
know you had it in you.
Hey, hey, I'm
married, not dead.
Actually, Bauman picked it out.
Ooh, look it
dude, check it out.
Meet a new member of the team.
Hey Joe, I thought
you were off the sauce.
Hey, lighten up, com padre.
It's not every day a man's
partner gets married, huh?
Congratulations, Greenfield.
Take him, honey, take him.
Woo, yeah who ah!
Let's see it, let's see!
All right.
Thank you very much.
Here's 20.
Thank you.
If you get any more, you
wouldn't be able to take it.
You've got a great future!
All right, Davonzo,
just what the fuck
do you think you're doing?
Look at this.
Sorry man, it ain't the same.
The snake tattoo
on the right side
of the model's body
is the same tattoo
we found on the right
leg of our Jane Doe.
Let me see that.
It's a two sided puzzle,
it can give us her face.
Hold it, Davonzo.
You're saying you
threw that broad out
just so we could put together
a fucking jigsaw puzzle?
Filla, we're still cops.
We got a psycho out
there making kindling
out of young girls and this
is our first solid lead.
Any volunteers?
Hey, I think I got
another piece of her ass.
No way, Bauman.
Wait, wait wait.
Come on, Bauman, I
think it was there.
Let me see that.
Yep, I think I got another one.
Let's see, yep.
All right.
I think I'm going blind.
Okay, we're home here.
You do the honors.
Okay, that's it.
Get the camera.
Ready, alley oop.
All right just hold it real
so I can open all the way up.
One more.
My god.
What's that
address again, Elliot?
13772 Superior.
Bad hangover, huh?
Industrial strength, partner.
No, no, no, no.
What you wanna do,
you want to take
half a cup of
Worcestershire sauce,
drop a raw egg in it, and
a teaspoon of tabasco sauce
and my dad's secret
ingredient, a pinch of oregano,
not that thing.
That'll make me throw up.
Of course, that's
the whole idea.
Then the hangover feels
so good by comparison,
you think you feel better.
This is where we
stamp the puzzles.
Every party puzzle
uses the same die cut.
78 pieces.
We figure people ain't
exactly buying the product
for the intellectual challenge,
if you catch my drift.
You do your own photography?
No, I wish.
No, we buy from freelancers.
Mostly Hollywood types,
if you get my meaning.
I get it.
Mr. Murch, would you happen
to know who took this photo?
All right, let me see.
This issue is about
six months old.
I'll have to check my records.
Hold on, hold on.
I know it's here somewhere.
Can I use your
phone, Mr. Murch?
Yeah, go ahead.
I was afraid of that.
We changed our filing system
about three months ago
and ever since then I haven't
been able to find squat,
if you'll pardon my French.
Davonzo here.
There's really a market
for these puzzles, Mr. Murch?
Son, there's a
market for everything.
Prefaded blue jeans,
strawberry douches.
It's what makes America great.
We'll be right there.
I'm afraid we're gonna have
to be moving along, Mr. Murch.
Here's my card.
If you find that name,
give me a call, will you?
Will do, Sarge.
What's up, Joe?
It's the same girl all right.
The skin matches to a T.
Plus we have the same
deposits of sand on the pores.
She must have put up one hell
of a struggle on the ground
before they finally snuffed her.
Oh, jeez.
You're assuming it was a guy?
Dr. Tyrone Fillmore
assumes nothing.
This hand's got skin
under the fingernails.
Blood is male, type B negative.
Belongs to only about 10
percent of the US population.
Could you narrow
that down a bit?
Just look for a man with
three long scratches
somewhere on his body.
I suspect we are
in fact dealing with
a classic sociopath.
You mean psychopath.
No, there is an
important difference.
Psychopaths, Newark's
Son of Sam, for example,
are violent schizophrenics.
Their thinking is
highly disordered
and they tend to
kill in response
to their own emotionally
charged delusions.
Sociopaths on the other hand
tend to lack a key emotional
component, empathy.
They cannot feel
for other people.
As a result, they see themselves
as outside of society.
Above it really.
Ultimately they develop
contempt for the rest of us.
Any questions?
Sergeant Davonzo.
Dr. Lester, what sets
this kind of person off?
What's the trigger?
Sergeant, it's me, Leon Murch.
I finally found that photographer
you were looking for.
You still want the name?
It's Mosley, M-O-S-L-E-Y.
Calls himself Ace if
you can believe it.
Yeah I can believe it.
You got an address?
Or it could be some
perceived slight.
Or perhaps an
accumulation of personal
and professional frustrations.
Thank you, Mr. Murch.
You've been a big help.
Dr. Lester, I'm afraid
you'll have to excuse us.
Elliot, we're on a roll.
Let's get them!
No, no, forget it, forget it.
We've got more
important things to do.
Ah, it's a great neighborhood.
I feel like I should be
wearing rubber gloves.
Mr. Mosley?
It's about time.
Top of the stairs, second floor.
Oh, Nancy, looking good.
Tongue action, Nance.
Eve, I want you to
take your finger,
run it over your
tongue, nice and slow.
Index, yep, beautiful.
Softer, softer.
Okay, now run it down
on your nipples, baby.
All right, nice and soft.
Bring those nipples up, baby.
Hey, come on Nance, tongue
action while she's doing that.
Do it again, tongue action!
All right come on,
tongue, kiss, kiss, kiss.
Let's get a kiss shot, come on.
All right, oh I
love it, I love it.
Nipples up, here we go.
Come on, one more.
One more beauty, come on girls.
That's it, all right.
Let's try it again.
Bring that leg up now.
Bring that leg up, Eve.
Eve, bring it up,
just bring it up.
Miles, let's go with it.
Come on, that's nice
Nance, come on Eve.
A little action, tongue action.
Mr. Mosley?
Yeah, put it right there
on the table, will you?
Hope you didn't
forget the mustard.
Come on girls.
We're police
officers, Mr. Mosley.
I'm Sergeant Davonzo.
This is Detective Greenfield.
Come on, guys.
This is strictly
by the book, okay?
First amendment.
We'd like to ask you a few
questions about a murder.
A murder?
Excuse me.
Uh, girls, it's wonderful, okay.
Let's call it a day, okay?
Nice work.
Look, I'm sorry, officers.
It's just I've had a lot
of harassment problems
in the past.
What's this you tell
me about a murder?
We're trying to get
a name on this girl.
People at Party Puzzles said
you sold them the photograph.
This is the
girl that was murdered?
We think so.
Somebody chopped
her into pieces.
Jesus, who'd do a
thing like that?
Well if you can
help us with her name,
maybe we can find out.
You know, I remember.
I think I took pictures
of her last year.
You guys wanna wait
around a couple minutes,
I'll go check my logbook.
All right, make
yourselves at home, huh?
Enjoy the scenery.
Guy's into karate.
These black and
whites, you took these?
The nature shots?
They're beautiful.
A lot of work went into those.
You sell them?
I'm trying.
As a matter of fact,
I just started talks
with a major gallery.
With any luck I sell enough,
I can finally get out of this
skin game once and for all.
Some people think shooting
skin is a dream job.
But it ain't.
It's dull, boring and demeaning.
Sure, it pays well.
But as soon as I can quit,
I'm out of here.
She called herself
Cynthia James.
Probably a pseudonym.
Most models don't
use their real names.
Kinda goes with the territory.
She was really
something, wasn't she?
You got an address?
Probably not any good.
They move around a lot.
Well, we appreciate your help.
Good luck.
Hope you catch this killer.
Between you and me, I
hope the bastard fries.
They use the gas
chamber in California.
What do you think, Sarge?
About what?
About Mosley.
You see that look in his eyes?
The man is weird.
Oh fuck, they're back!
I'm a police officer,
you're under arrest!
Breaking into a police car.
Talk about nerve.
Brass ones all right.
Let's check out that address.
Evan Stone agency.
See, she lived here.
Moved out two months ago.
Only her name was
not Cynthia James.
It was Cindy Jakulski.
Said she was an actress.
Actress, hah.
You know what that means.
Probably got killed
by one of her Johns.
You know where she went?
Did she leave a
forwarding address?
I wish she did.
She still owes me
two months rent!
Do you happen to
remember anybody
came by to see her,
anybody in particular?
Like Ace Mosley?
About 40, medium
height, brown toupee?
Listen kid, all cucarachas
look alike, you know.
Well, thanks for your help.
If you happen to think
of anything else,
would you give us a call please?
Scum of the earth.
They should all choke
on their own vomit!
- Yes Ma'am.
- Yes Ma'am.
Is it that this
Cindy was a model,
is that what's eating you, Joe?
You worried about Kathy?
Hey, give it a rest, okay?
Who ah cowboys, party's over.
We put out a
bulletin on your girl
to all the TV stations
and newspapers.
Any feedback?
The usual.
Mostly creeps wanting
to know if the dame's
got a sister.
Well, some people
are sick, bow wow.
Sergeant Davonzo, some
guy's holding on two,
says he'll only talk to you.
You want to know
who killed Cynthia James?
What's your name, please?
Meet me at 202 Hogan
Avenue at eight o'clock.
Come alone.
How do I recognize you?
Who was that?
Our friend, the Greek
one, Mr. Anonymous.
Wants to meet me at eight,
says he knows who
killed Cynthia.
Oh no, no, no no.
No more bachelor parties.
I'm serious.
No, it's okay.
I'll handle this
one on the way home.
What, alone?
That's the way he wants it.
You think that's
such a good idea?
It's probably just a crank
call, wild goose chase.
Believe me, your
time is better spent
with your bride to be now.
Go on, get out of here.
All right.
You be careful.
The lady doctor was right.
This nutcase is
playing games with us.
Mosley wanted me
to find that torso.
You said the man wore a mask.
He also knew karate.
So Mosley's a black
belt and I need a warrant
to search his studio.
Okay Joe, I'll
see what I can do.
I cannot hate, my dear lord.
Therefore far unfit
for me to love.
How can I love him
that has dealt so hardly
with my father?
Bless you, my children.
Hey Kat, what do you think?
Were we great or what?
He wasn't there.
Who do you think, my
father, LA's finest.
Well I'm sure he had a reason.
Well he always has a reason.
All I've done all my life
is listen to his reasons.
Should have known
better than to expect
anything from him.
I was just setting myself up
for another slap in the face.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I heard the applause, you
must have been wonderful.
Well, it was an
ensemble effort of course.
Would you excuse us please?
I'd like to talk to
my daughter alone.
I'll be outside.
I see you dressed
for the occasion.
You don't talk
to me like that.
I had a reason for being late.
I was chasing a killer.
Well did you catch him?
No, actually he got away.
But I know who he is and
I think you know him too.
His name's Ace Mosley.
He's a photographer.
Hmm, Mosley, doesn't
ring any bells.
Maybe this'll ring
a couple for you.
When I first saw
this, I felt sick.
Then I got scared, very scared.
Now I'm telling you
right now, young lady.
You stay away from
him, from all of them.
And that's a direct
order, understood?
Daddy, that picture was
taken almost two years ago.
That doesn't change
what I just told you.
I don't want you
parading your body
in front of them
damn cameras anymore!
Oh I see.
This doesn't have to
do with the killer.
This has to do with you
trying to control my life
just like you've
always tried to do.
Well daddy, it never worked then
and it sure as hell
won't work now.
Will you listen to what
I'm trying to tell you?
You never listen to me.
You're always too
busy chasing killers
to ever care what
happened to me.
And before you start telling
me how to run my life,
why don't you try getting
your own act together?
You know what you are, daddy?
You're a damn hypocrite.
It's too damn stuffy in here!
Hollywood detectives
report they still have
no solid leads in
the brutal murder
of an unidentified female
whose dismembered remains
were discovered
earlier this week.
So far three limbs and a
torso has been recovered.
Although without the head,
detectives say they cannot get
a positive ID on the victim.
In a possibly related
story, LAPD is asking anyone
with knowledge of the
missing whereabouts
of Hollywood model
Cindy Jakulski.
Two boys were in critical
after a school bus
veered out of control
jumping the sidewalk between
the boat and the concrete wall.
Police encountered five
murder charges against
a 17 year old girl
who allegedly laughed
at her poor daughter
in a plastic bag
left in the dying street.
Hmm, impressive.
Very impressive.
Good use of light and contrast.
You've managed to
capture excellent detail.
Thank you.
I use very long exposures.
Brings out the highlights.
Do you have any more?
Yes, but I consider
these my best.
I see.
So what do you
say, Mr. Saint John,
care to choose three or four
of these for your gallery,
see how they sell?
Can I have a print of each?
I'd like to show
them to your partner.
I thought you
made the decisions.
Well I like to get Jeff's
opinion whenever I can.
So you don't
make the decisions.
God, I hate this.
You guys, you just love to
jerk people around, don't you?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean anything personal.
I just had some bad news.
My mother, she's very ill.
I've been trying to
buy this condo for her.
And the bank, for six
weeks in and out of escrow.
They finally turned down
my mortgage application.
Of course, I understand.
Here, let me go get
the prints for you.
Well you know what they say.
You are what you eat.
You're also where you eat.
At this girls system is full
of garam masala,
turmeric, cardamom.
Translation please, doctor?
Used heavily in Indian cooking.
So you're saying
that her last meal
was at an Indian restaurant?
No, not just her last.
That stuff is everywhere,
from her esophagus
to her bowels.
I say she was a regular.
Although god knows how
she stomached the stuff.
You know, breakfast is the
most important meal of the day.
Evan Stone Agency.
Yes, this is Peter
Gable, photographer.
I believe you have me on file.
Yes, Mr. Gable,
how can I help you?
I'm interested in
hiring one of your models.
Oh my god.
Of course I know Cindy.
But not this way.
She has been working in my
restaurant as a waitress
from the past three
to four months.
When was the last time
you saw her, Mr. Shandar?
Oh maybe about
three to four days?
I'm very very worried about her.
Has something happened to her?
You haven't seen the papers?
I'm sorry.
I have so very little time.
Do you have an address on her
or do you know anybody
she hung out with?
Uh, Megan.
Yes, Mr. Shandar.
Officer, this
is Megan McDonald.
How do you do?
She and Miss Jakulski
are, how do you say,
roommates, right?
Excuse me, I'll take this.
Thank you, table number three.
Sure, excuse me.
I knew it.
Cindy's in trouble, isn't she?
Well we have reason to believe
she may be a victim
of foul play.
It's all right, we're not
really sure if she's dead.
I mean we haven't
made a positive ID.
I'm sorry, here.
Here's a chair.
I'm sorry.
You all right?
I hate to ask you questions
at a time like this but
when's the last time
you saw your friend?
I don't know.
Last week sometime.
She hadn't been home since?
Didn't that worry you?
Cindy's gone lots.
And lately she's been
spending some time
with some photographer.
What was his name?
God, I can't remember.
Ace something.
You're kidding.
We can't get a warrant?
Look, I know it
sounds crazy, Joseph.
But without a definitive link
between Mosley
and the dead girl,
we've got nothing to
base a warrant on!
Links, I'll give you a link.
Link one, Mosley lied to
us about the last time
he saw Cindy Jakulski.
Link two, her roommate
now places Mosley
with Cindy right around
the time of the murder.
Yes, but we still don't
know that Cindy Jakulski
and our Jane Doe are in
fact one and the same.
Now all we've got
is a missing model,
a questionable tattoo,
and a set of fingerprints
from a dismembered hand that
matched nothing in the files.
It is frustrating.
But the law is the law.
Well what can we do, Joe?
I mean I know Cindy
is our Jane Doe
and I got another
10 bucks that says
Mosley killed her.
Well fortunately
there's no law that says
we can't go talk to
the man again, right?
I don't think he's in.
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
A woman screaming.
No, that was a car screeching.
Sounded like a woman
screaming to me, right?
Check the bedroom for anything
Cindy might have left there.
I hope this is kosher.
I'm Italian, go on.
Oh my.
My my.
What have we here?
All right, how's this?
Cindy and Mosley
are shacking up.
Mosley gets jealous
because Cindy is posing
for other photographers.
Hold, he's back!
You're under
arrest, I mean it!
Hey, wait up.
That's nice, that's great.
Okay, come on.
Break my heart baby, come on.
Turn me on.
Sex, come on, sex.
Here we go, we're looking good.
I wanna fall in love with you.
Make my limbs melt.
That's better, that's better.
Okay, beautiful.
Did we work together before?
You had a mustache?
Okay, raise your
leg up for me, okay?
That's it, nice.
Give me some buns, baby.
Buns, I love buns, okay.
How'd you hear about me?
Oh, through a mutual friend.
Really, who?
Joe Dafonzo.
Never heard of him.
Well he knows you.
In fact, he likes you a lot.
Ah, oops, that's
the end of the roll.
Okay Kathy, let's take five.
And this girl's dead?
God, mmm-mmm.
What a waste.
Hey, out of my way,
you're blocking my view.
Excuse me.
Hey, behave yourselves.
Police evidence,
not a peep show.
You don't know what
you've got here, Davonzo.
If I were you I'd make
duplicates and charge admission.
If you were me I'd eat my gun.
Joe, look at these
rock formations.
These are the same ones Mosley
shot in black and white.
I think you're right.
So we know he's a
creature of habit.
This whole group
is dated April six.
Just three days ago.
Take a look at what I just
pulled off the computer.
Mosley's been arrested half
a dozen times for assault.
Served three months in Arizona
for beating up a prostitute.
He's a real prince, this guy.
This is beautiful.
Blood type, B negative.
Now if we just knew
where these were taken.
Joe, I know this place.
It's out near Joshua Tree.
I've taken some nice
shots out there myself.
I like it.
You're good, Kathy.
You like the camera
and it likes you back.
Thanks, Mr. Gable.
Why don't you call me Pete?
I got one or two
projects coming up
I thought you could
handle very well.
You interested?
Uh, talk to my
agent about that.
I'd rather deal directly.
Yeah, save yourself
the 10 percent.
Ah, I don't work like that.
If you want to get
in touch with me,
call Evan Stone, okay?
Integrity, I like that.
And I like you.
I'll be in touch.
Hi, Evan, it's Kathy.
Hi, listen, I really appreciate
the work and everything
but if this guy Peter
Gables calls again,
could you just tell him
I took a four week gig
in Hawaii or something?
This could be theirs.
You got anything, Joe?
Hold on.
I may have something.
Some things you
never get used to.
Don't worry, I'll be there.
My appointment isn't
for another hour.
Besides, they say that
it's bad luck for the groom
to see his bride on
the day of the wedding.
No, I don't think
this morning counts.
Look, I gotta go.
So I'll see you at three?
I love you right back.
Look you guys,
you had me here for an hour.
Coffee, sir?
May I call my lawyer?
We haven't charged you with
anything yet, Mr. Mosley.
You're just here
for questioning.
Fine, question.
What more can I tell you?
Well, you could
start by telling us
why you lied to us
about the last time
you saw Cindy Jakulski.
I told you.
You said she was
murdered, I got scared.
Not very brave.
I never said I was a hero.
How is it that the
date on your slides
places you and the victim
at the scene of the crime
right around the
time our ME said
the murder was committed?
I took those shots weeks ago.
Just took me a while
to have them developed.
Or that your blood
type matches that
found under the
fingernails of the victim?
Me and a million other people.
Do you have any other questions?
What's hydroquinine?
It's a photo developer, why?
Traces of it were found
on the girl's throat.
So she was killed by
a photographer, maybe.
Check the phone books.
I have a lot of competition.
Can you account
for your whereabouts
on the afternoon of
Saturday, April six?
I was in my dark room all day.
Can you prove it?
No, I don't have to.
You have to prove I wasn't.
That's the beauty
of this American
Criminal Justice system.
You're very cool
about this, Mr. Mosley.
That's because I didn't do it.
But I can tell you something
about the guy who did.
Like what?
Like he's enjoying all this.
Like I figure, he's
leaving all these parts
around town so you
guys run around
like a bunch of keystone cops
which I exactly
what you're doing.
Now I don't know
much about the law
but I do know that all
the evidence you have
right now is circumstantial.
And that's all you're
ever gonna have.
This guy must be pretty smart.
He's already shown
he's smarter than you.
Before this entire city,
he's proven that his mind,
his talent, is far superior.
This man is an artist.
You speaking from
experience, Mr. Mosley?
I didn't murder Cindy.
Try this one on for size.
You come home one night, you
find her with another guy,
you have a fight.
I loved her.
You take her out to the
desert and you kill her!
Come on Dafonzo, gimme
a break, will you?
Do I look like the kind of a man
who would go out and murder
a woman that he loved?
And then chop her
up with a chainsaw
and scatter her
around like meat?
I am not that kind of man!
Nobody ever said anything
about a chainsaw.
Don't play that old trick on me.
We reported the
body was dismembered.
We never said how.
What do you say, Ace?
Could be our killer isn't
the artist you think he is?
I wanna see my lawyer.
And I wanna see him now.
Punch nine to get out.
All right, Davonzo!
I hear you guys
really nailed the slime.
Well, you gonna
tell us about it Joe?
Details to follow in
the 11 o'clock news.
Just now my partner has
what might be referred to
as a rather pressing engagement.
Last chance.
The ring, please.
The ring.
Place and hold the
ring on her finger
and repeat after me.
I give you this ring.
I give you this ring.
In token and pledge of
my constant faith and love.
In token and pledge of
my constant faith and love.
By virtue of the
authority vested in me
by the City and
County of Los Angeles,
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Well Joe, you've
been married before.
Any advice for me?
Well, for openers make
sure she knows her place.
I mean you're a cop.
Demand a hot meal on the
table no matter what time
you get home.
Make her account for
every red cent she spends.
If she ever weighs
more than three pounds
than she does right now,
threaten her with
physical violence.
And spend at least,
and I repeat,
at least four nights a
week out going around
with your old pals.
You stick to that formula,
and I guarantee you'll
be a two time loser
just like me.
I got you.
Elliot, limousine's waiting.
Right, gotta go.
See you in a week?
You will.
And about Mosley,
you owe me a sawbuck.
I was kind of hoping
you forgot about that.
Uh huh, uh huh, sure.
You behave yourself?
Oh yeah.
Come on babe.
Captain's been calling for you
and he doesn't sound happy.
Yeah, you looking
to see me, Captain?
Yeah, close the door.
Sergeant Davonzo, you know
Assistant District
Attorney Alvin Durkee?
Yeah, yeah, how you doing?
Frankly, I could be better.
Mr. Durkee has
been assigned the Mosley case.
Well I don't want any
plea bargain on this one.
If there was ever a candidate
for the gas chamber,
this wacko's it.
And I'd love to
send him there.
Only we have a problem.
No way.
I got him nailed to the cross.
Are you familiar with the term
fruit of the poisoned tree?
It means that if a
piece of evidence
is obtained illegally then
any subsequent evidence
obtained as a result
of the initial search
is also inadmissible?
We don't have
that problem here.
Your break-in at Mosley's
studio this morning
where you found the slides?
It was a righteous
entry, we heard a scream.
From where?
A deserted studio?
So maybe we heard
something else.
It was an honest mistake.
One that any defense
council will easily expose
as a cheap trick we
all know it to be.
Hey, wait a minute here.
Who the hell signed
you on anyway?
Our side.
I wanna win this.
Only we lack probable cause.
That means we lose the break-in.
That means we lose the slides.
That means we lose
the girl's head
and Mosley's interrogation.
Couple all that with your
documented predilection
for drinking on duty!
Now hold on, Turkey.
We all know Mosley's
guilty as sin.
Are you sure?
Then what about the scratches?
The scratches?
The ME said the
killer should bear three
long scratch marks.
This guy is jerking us around.
You can't just let him walk.
Frankly Sergeant, you
leave me no other choice.
You blew it.
And believe me, no one
is more pissed than me.
I would have killed
for this conviction.
Good day, gentlemen.
You're not gonna
let him do that.
We have no case.
Give me a break.
A break?
I handed you a major case
when everybody else
said Joe Davonzo
couldn't cut it anymore.
I stuck my neck out because
you used to be a good cop.
So I figured you
deserve a second chance.
Something's wrong.
Your judgement's a
little out of whack.
Too much booze,
too much mileage.
I don't know, but
whatever it is,
you have seriously compromised
this investigation.
I'm sorry, Joseph.
I'm afraid there isn't
anything more I can give you.
All right you
butt fuckers, I'm out of here.
It's about time.
Got here as soon as I could.
Thank you, bye boys.
How are you?
Well tell me about it.
I gotta be in court
in 20 minutes.
I wanna tell you something.
I don't know what they're up to
but I didn't do it.
We'll talk about it.
One second.
No no no no no.
Sergeant Davonzo.
I just wanted to say
no hard feelings.
I realize you're just
trying to do your job.
You better keep looking
over your shoulder, Ace.
You so much as let a
parking meter expire
I'll be on you
like ugly on leap.
That sounds like threatened
harassment to me, Sergeant.
You call it what you like.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, what's this?
Do I know this chick?
I worked with her,
as a matter of fact.
Is this your girlfriend?
That's my daughter.
No kidding.
Well you should be proud.
Very proud.
Lady's got a great set of tits.
I want this on record!
You come near my
kid, I'll kill you!
I want her name right there!
Sergeant Davonzo!
I know.
All right, now turn
your head like,
just a little bit
more to the right.
All right, that's
good, that's good.
Now think of say,
100,000 in small bills.
Ooh, that's something a girl
can make sacrifices for.
That's good.
That's good, I love
it, that's great.
Oh that must be our roommate.
Just a minute.
Little miss efficient is always
forgetting her keys, hang on.
Come a little early, aren't you?
Oh daddy.
What the hell is
this, you open the door
without even checking
to see who it is first?
Why are you dressed like that?
What's going on here?
Get the fuck out of here.
Hey look man, it's no problem.
I was just leaving, okay?
Hey come on, I
said I was leaving!
How dare you!
This morning we arrested
Ace Mosley for murder.
Only we couldn't hold him.
He's free.
And he says he's been
working with you.
Oh Christ, your breath's
like a distillery.
Why won't you listen to me?!
Let me go!
Okay, I worked with Ace Mosley,
only he was calling
himself Peter Gable.
When I figured out
who the creep was,
I told him to bug off.
It's no big deal.
Big deal, the man's
a stone cold killer!
Oh stop it!
You can't scare me
into liking you.
You're trying to run my
life and I'm sick of it.
Mother was right for
walking out on you.
You're nothing but a bully.
She couldn't take it any
more and neither can I
you stupid old drunk!
Look what I have for you.
Mm, thank you.
No, no you don't.
What's that?
I don't know.
Debbie, wait a
minute, wait a minute.
Let me go check it out.
Hang on, hang on.
I'll be right back.
Try not to lose the mood.
Oh, dammit.
Who is it?
It's the manager.
I have it on account from
a reputable pedophile
that you have a
little girl in there.
Do you realize you
left this out in the hall
hanging on your door for
somebody to walk off with it?
And you wouldn't
have it anymore.
Joe, what are you doing here?
Oh, I just wish to
see the inner sanctum
of the honeymoon suite.
They give you a heart
shaped bidet or something?
American Standard,
made in the USA.
Does that matter to me?
You bet it does.
Joe, it's after
11 o'clock at night
and you're drunk.
It's just powers of
observation, boggle the mind.
You have the makings of
a very fine detective.
God I'm parched.
Where'd they hide
the overpriced booze?
Elliot, what's going on?
Debbie, you remember
Joe Davonzo, my best man.
Yes, I remember Joe.
What's he doing here?
Official business.
Mosley walked.
You're kidding.
It appeared that your
old Sarge is fucked up.
That's technical talk.
Don't feel bad if you
don't understand it.
Mosley's on the loose.
He's fooling around
with my daughter.
She called me stupid old drunk.
Elliot, I'm scared.
Everything's coming unglued.
And I just don't wanna
spend the night alone, okay?
It's all right.
It's all right, Joe.
No, Elliot, it's
not all right.
Debbie, Debbie,
he's my partner.
I can't send him back
on the street like this.
It's all right Joe, you
can sleep on the couch.
Mrs. Greenfield.
I know it appears as
though I'm lousing up
what should be a very special
evening for the two of you.
But in reality, I'm doing
you a phenomenal favor.
'Cause you know what
happens in nine months
after the human gestation
period is completed?
No, what?
And you don't want kids, ever.
Know why?
'Cause you give them everything.
Then they break your heart.
Good night.
Elliot, stop him!
Joe, Joe!
Oh god.
Somebody shot me
through the head
and my brains are leaking.
Good morning, Joe.
You sleep well?
What time is it?
It's almost 9:30.
Oh shit, partner.
I'm sorry.
I'm a real class asshole.
Where's Debbie?
She's downstairs.
I owe her an apology.
She's not speaking to you.
In fact, she's barely
speaking to me.
Well you can hardly blame her.
Why do you do it, Joe,
why do you drink, huh?
Does it really matter?
It matters because
I'm your partner.
Because I care about you.
Come on Joe, you owe me.
You know Elliot,
you really are a
good human being.
I think what I
like most about you
is you still have
your illusions.
When really, I had
them once myself.
Over the years I,
guess I just saw one
too many junkies.
One too many 13
year old hookers.
One too many bad guys
let go by a system
that seems to have forgotten
all about the victim.
Some guys learn to
turn their feelings off
and they get hard.
Or cynical, like
our friend Bauman.
I could never manage to do that.
So I drank a bit.
But it's a cheat, Joe.
You don't need it.
You do not need it.
You're a hell of a cop.
You can make the system work.
Maybe you can, pard.
It's getting a
little late for me.
Well, if you believe that
then you really are an asshole.
That's probably your breakfast.
Hope you don't mind
I took the liberty.
Oh great, come on in.
Right there's fine.
Thank you.
Joe, my plane leaves in
an hour so I'm gonna go
but the place is yours.
Take a shower, freshen up.
Checkout time is 12 noon.
Hey really, I appreciate.
Hey, hey, are we partners?
You bet.
Bon appetit.
I'll send Debbie on without me.
Mr. Mosley.
Oh, Mr. Saint
John, please come in.
Thank you.
I wanted to return these
prints to you personally.
You'll show my
work at your gallery?
I'm very sorry.
I discussed the shots with Jeff.
He feels your technique
is well above average,
however your choice of
subject matter is cliche.
It's nature, the planet earth.
How can that be cliche?
It's just one opinion.
Perhaps another dealer will
see things differently.
You people are all alike.
Jealous parasites!
Who are you anyway to judge me?!
What have you ever done?
Nothing but take money
from the talent of others.
You wouldn't know real
art if it crawled up
and bit you in the ass!
Jeff told me I should
just mail these back.
But I want to give you the
courtesy of a personal reply.
Seems I was wrong!
Damn right you were,
you slimy little faggot!
Bet you couldn't believe it.
Bust the bastard
for murder, he walks
and he's still
playing games with us.
We're gonna get
him this time, Joe
and this time he's
not gonna get away.
When you try to sell the
movie rights to this case,
I want it in my contract,
I get to play myself.
You got something.
Also on my contract,
I want script approval
of all my lines.
Must be good.
Try fibers.
Nylon, brown, under
the fingernails.
Meaning you
match these to say,
the rug in Mosley's car,
then you might have
yourself a new case.
Dafonzo, Dafonzo.
K, Kathy.
2217 Lamasium.
Our ME found
brown nylon fibers
underneath the
victim's fingernails.
Now Mosely wears a toupe,
brown, probably nylon.
What this warrant
will allow us to do
is search his
apartment and verify
that the fibers are in fact his.
You have personally
seen this toupee?
I have, your honor.
So have I, sir.
It's embarrassing.
All right.
You've got your warrant.
And this time, I hope you
crucify this son of a bitch.
Thank you sir.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry Kathy, I
didn't mean to scare you.
I tried the bell.
Heard the music, door was open.
What do you want?
I got a job for you.
I told you to call my agent.
Its swimwear.
Job pays a thousand dollars.
But we got to leave right away.
Look, I'm a little busy,
you're just gonna have to leave.
Oh well I'm afraid I'm
gonna have to insist.
All right.
What am I supposed to bring?
I have a bathing
suit for you ready.
Is it all right if
I change in there?
Whatever makes
you comfortable.
You shall need this too.
Hurry up, we don't
wanna lose light.
With any luck at
all, you'll make
that four o'clock to Maui.
Looks like he
changed the lock.
Bad investment.
Oh God.
This one's on Durkee's hands.
Los Angeles Police Department.
Dafonzo here, yeah.
Put me through to homicide.
Please hold.
Oh sweet Jesus.
Kathy, hi!
Hey, got another job?
Yeah, this is,
Peter Gable,
pleased to meet you.
Now if you excuse us,
we don't want to be late
for our appointment.
You make one more sound,
it'll be the last one
you'll ever hear.
Okay, okay.
No, this is Lori.
Lori, this is Kathy's father.
Is my daughter there?
Uh, no I'm sorry.
She just left on a job.
You know where?
No I'm sorry I don't.
Look, Lori, I know
Kathy probably told you
to stonewall me if I called
but this is an emergency,
a police emergency.
Now I want you to level
with me, where is she?
Look, Mr. Davonzo,
I really don't know.
I'm telling you the truth.
She left with this
photographer, something Gable.
Right, now think carefully.
Did she have anything with
her that might indicate
where she was going?
Well, yeah she was
wearing a swimsuit
and she had a beach towel.
They were probably
going to the beach
but I couldn't tell you.
Time to go to work.
I know this guy's
a creature of habit.
The question is where.
Well there's his only
beach shot, Corona del Mar.
No, too public.
He needs some place
far out of the way.
Here's water.
What is it,
White Cliffs Preserve.
Yeah that's only
three minutes from here.
Well let's do it.
All right.
Drop it!
That's police property,
you're under arrest!
They got our damn radio.
Find a phone and
give me a backup.
Covered, get out of here!
Excuse me sir, I need
to use your phone.
This is a police emergency.
Hey, you guys don't quit.
You're under arrest.
Is that so?
That's right.
There, that's better isn't it?
Please don't kill me.
Kathy, don't beg.
It demeans you.
All right, pull your hair back.
Lift it back.
Come on Kathy, smile.
Come on, enjoy it!
Oh god.
Please, I can't.
You don't feel sexy, huh?
Wow, we're gonna have to
do something about that.
Get you in the mood.
Take your top off.
Come on, don't be shy.
You've done this before.
I've seen you, remember?
You want me to do it?
Lose it.
Your hair is too
symmetrical to make
the political statement I want.
Okay, take 27 up.
Hey watch, it!
Dammit, I didn't even
get that on film!
Any word on Greenfield?
He just went into surgery.
Was he able to say
where Davonzo went?
Kid's still unconscious.
That's it, beautiful.
You're doing a
wonderful job, whore.
Damn you, if
you're gonna kill me,
why don't you just do it?!
Murder is an art, darling.
And I'm an artist.
All of Los Angeles
knows that by now.
Including your father.
How can you just kill people?
You're not a person.
Look at yourself.
You're an animal.
A piece of meat like
all the other whores.
Oh, you want your Daddy, huh?
But he's not coming?
You know why?
Oh ho, he asked me to kill you!
Oh Kathy, he hates you.
You are a whore,
he wants you dead!
Drop the gun!
In the water!
I'm so scared.
Thank you, baby.
Hey Elliot.
Hmm, Joe.
Easy, easy.
Doc says you need to rest.
Oh, he's history.
The double sawbuck I owe you.
All right.
Call it even, we're a day late.
Elliot, there's
somebody very special
I'd like you to meet.
Elliot Greenfield,
my daughter Kathy.
Hi, Elliot.
Hi, you're okay.
I'm okay.
You did good, Joe.
Back on your feet now.
Basically a slam dunk.
So you all right, Daddy?
I am now, darling.