The Jihadis Next Door (2016) Movie Script

Stop worshiping this false god,
democracy, and come back
to worshiping Allah.
Radical Islam is spreading.
- Shariah for UK!
Shariah for UK!
The government
is cracking down.
Together we will defeat you.
They've made
supporting ISIS a crime.
- Takbir!
Allah hu Akbar!
Get back! Get back!
As control tightens
I spent two years with
one of the most extreme groups
in Britain.
He said, "Is it okay
to behead someone?"
This is a front to recruiting
people for ISIS.
the YouTube sensation...
if people watch my videos
and get radicalized
then I'm not responsible
for that.
You're lying! You're lying!
...The extreme provocateur...
This black flag you see here,
one day is gonna be
on 10 Downing Street!
...and most shockingly,
a hate preacher...
British government, go to hell!
...who had become one
of the world's most wanted men.
The new Jihadi John
may well be this father of four
from East London.
Can you just say your name?
- Yeah, my name's Abu Rumaysah.
It's January, 2014,
and I'm spending the day
in Walthamstow,
Northeast London,
with one of Britain's
most vocal hate preachers,
thirty-year-old Abu Rumaysah.
- Did you grow up round here?
- No, I grew up
in North London, actually.
I grew up in Palmers Green.
My background is,
I actually grew up
as a non-Muslim,
from like the Hindu background,
and I became Muslim
when I was about 19
and I just moved here
when I got married.
Now a father of four,
he runs his own business
renting out bouncy castles
for children's parties.
Does your family ever worry
for your safety
or their safety?
Yeah, of course. I mean,
I think it's natural
that there is this kind of
tension and caution as well.
You see what far right groups
are capable of
so there is this kind of...
you know, worry and concern.
But that's part
of the struggle,
that's part of the package.
We believe, you know,
if you follow
the paths of the prophets,
we're gonna inevitably face
these consequences.
It's a bit of a mess,
but I'll show you.
These are the black flags
of Islam.
This one is actually the flag
of the Islamic State,
One day when the shariah comes,
you will see
this black flag everywhere.
One famous scholar of Islam,
Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed,
he said that the black flag
of Islam will one day fly high
over 10 Downing Street
and that was about
10, 15 years ago.
And, you know, that seemed
ludicrous back then,
but if you look at the way
society is moving on now
you can see that it's a very,
very real possibility
with the way Muslims
are coming forward
in this country.
Abu Rumaysah
has been a radical Muslim
for ten years.
I contacted him via a website
for a group advocating
strict shariah law in the UK.
Yeah, so basically translation
of this Arabic is,
"There is no one worthy
of worship to follow
or obey in truth, except Allah"
and that "Mohammed
is the final messenger."
And so we don't believe
in sovereignty for the Queen,
we don't believe that authority
should be in the hands
of the non-Muslims.
We want to see
this flag in every single
country in the world.
The Muslims are gathered
outside Paddington Green
Police Station!
We will never give up
calling for Islam,
whether you arrest us,
whether you imprison us...
Abu Rumaysah is the PR man
for a group of radical Muslims
who frequently organize
provocative protests
against the British government.
Theresa May,
you are a tyrant!
David Cameron,
you are a tyrant!
The public in this country,
they are living in ignorance.
Their country
is involved in war
and if they continue
to remain silent
and have this kind of like
an indifferent approach, then
it is not going to help them.
Look, one man died in Woolwich,
Lee Rigby,
and the whole country
went up in uproar.
There are many Lee Rigbys
in Muslim countries
and if these issues
aren't addressed,
then we can only expect
more carnage in this country
and more cycle of violence.
BBC news at ten o'clock.
Nine men have been arrested
in London as part
of an investigation...
A radical Islamist preacher
and political activist
is among nine men who've been
arrested by counter-terrorism
police in London.
Abu Rumaysah is one
of the nine men arrested.
After three days of questioning
by counter-terror police,
he's released on bail.
Two days later he disappears,
last seen
at Victoria Coach Station
with his heavily pregnant wife
and four children.
Months later it's assumed
that he's gone to Syria,
and he's openly revered
as a hero by his friends
and colleagues,
including one of the men
who was arrested with him,
extremist preacher,
Abu Haleema.
When was the last time
you saw him?
The day when we got arrested,
in September.
I saw him at the police station
and after that
I never saw him again.
The whole time
he was in the cell
he was just reciting Koran,
just loud reciting Koran.
So when I saw him
it brought a bit
of tranquility to my heart.
His legacy still lives on
till now, you know.
His material is still
the best material you can get,
we can't compare to it.
The guy was like a machine,
he was just turbo charged,
always on the go.
With Abu Rumaysah
gone I've tracked down
the rest of the radical group
outside Boots
on a North London high street.
Find out how Islam
can liberate you
from the shackles of freedom
and democracy.
They're carrying out
da'wah, which means to
recruit non-Muslims to Islam.
Can I interest you
in a leaflet?
Find out about Islam?
Abu Rumysah's role
as senior spokesman
has been taken over
by Mohammed Shamsuddin,
a divorcee with five children,
and he's quick to justify
their radical message.
The British government
doesn't wanna look
at its own foreign policy.
All it wants to do
is look at Muslims,
condemn Muslims,
target Muslims.
You're stigmatizing
our whole community.
What's gonna happen?
You're gonna face a backlash
in this country.
Do you think
a backlash is coming?
Of course it is!
If you're gonna suppress
a people for so long,
if you're gonna suppress
and suppress, I mean,
it's like a tinder box,
it's gonna explode.
Come, come.
The atmosphere
changes when members
of the group
move to confront
a passing Kurdish procession.
Kurds are also Muslims.
In the Middle East
the Kurdish Army
is currently fighting ISIS.
All disbelievers.
Allah hu Akbar! Allah hu Akbar!
Allah hu Akbar. Allah hu Akbar!
And he's going past shouting,
"ISIS terrorists."
Get back! Get back!
Get back! Get back!
Do you think we are scared
of death? Do you think
we are scared of death?
Get back! Order of the emir!
It's the order of the emir!
Order of the emir!
Now! Get out of here now!
Oh, yeah, let's go.
they retreat to the safety
of Wood Green Shopping Centre
and disperse.
I'm nervous about providing
this small group with
the media platform they crave.
But with ISIS on the rise,
and the terror
alert level severe,
it seems essential
to understand the motives
and activities
of this secretive network.
Why do you like this location
so much?
It shows
the other side of the UK,
the working class
the dirt and just how it looks,
you know, it looks
like a ghetto sort of.
Four days later
I'm meeting an old friend
of Abu Rumaysah,
fellow preacher, Abu Haleema,
who, I'm surprised to learn,
sometimes works
as a London bus driver.
Well, today I'm thinking,
you know, over there
where they got that nice light.
I'm thinking we film there.
There's a lot of noise
from the traffic,
but there's a nice bit
of light. What do you think?
Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, a nice bit
of light there.
See how it looks on the camera.
He's becoming
a social media sensation,
regularly making videos
for YouTube and Twitter
to recruit young Muslims
to radical Islam.
They're doing this
carrot and stick approach.
The carrot is where they say
to you, "Okay, yeah,
if you embrace democracy,
we'll fund your masjid.
We'll give you a knighthood,
we'll look after you,
but if you reject our systems,
we will oppress you,
we will arrest you,
we'll hassle your whole family.
We'll take away your money,
we'll try
and take away your house,
and we'll try and take
your children from you."
Stop worshiping this false god,
democracy, and come back
to worshiping Allah.
- What do you think?
- That's good.
One take.
Obviously, when
I started out first...
You know, I was speaking
too loosely
and I kept saying things
like "innit"
I've been trying to remove
that "innit."
It's not a good look.
It's a criminal offense
to support
a terrorist organization
like ISIS,
but it's clear to me
that Abu Haleema
is sympathetic.
However, when challenged
he refuses to admit this.
For the record, I don't support
the Islamic State.
Just for the record,
I'm not looking to get nicked.
Abu Haleema
wants to live
under Islamic law
but his passport
has been canceled
by the Home Secretary.
Theresa May can solve
this problem of extremism
very quick.
Give all of us back
our passports, let us leave,
and there won't be
a single extremist left
in this country.
But would you
take your family with you?
If I could, yes.
And if not,
would you go anyway?
- Yeah.
What do you think
you'd do when you get there?
Live under the shariah.
And what would that involve?
That would involve me
sitting there,
practicing Islam
the way I wanna practice
and getting paid,
getting my JSA
without having to sign on.
Whilst he's stuck
in the UK,
Abu Haleema is trying
to convert Britain
to strict Islamic law
where full covering of women,
outlawing alcohol,
gambling and homosexuality
would be enforced
by extreme punishments.
All the punishments
that are legislated by Allah.
The act that the homosexuals
do, that act is something
that Allah curses.
Allah curses that act,
so that is forbidden.
That is forbidden.
Anyone that gets caught doing
that act will be punished.
And what's the punishment?
Well, one of them
is obviously chucking them
off high buildings
and that's the one
that the Islamic State
seem to be implementing.
Where would
the punishments happen?
Would it be out in the square?
Of course, of course
because this is a deterrent.
People will see
and they'll know, "Okay,
we're gonna get named
and shamed like this as well.
We're gonna get
publicly humiliated like this
as well,
everyone is gonna know
what we've done."
So it works, it works.
Whereabouts in Ealing
do you think that would happen?
In Ealing... Uh...
Well, it could happen
in Haven Green,
they could make a little spot
in the middle over there
or something.
Ealing Common,
it could happen on.
- Do you think a lot of people
would come and watch it?
- Of course.
Is it not quite gruesome?
No, people like
that kind of stuff.
So this area here,
you think this could be good
for public punishments?
Of course.
So for instance if someone
has committed adultery
and it's been witnessed
then he'll be punished
according to his crime.
And what will happen
if he'd committed adultery,
what would be the punishment?
If he's committed adultery
then obviously
he'll be stoned to death.
And do you not
find that barbaric?
- This is perfect.
So we're not gonna condemn it,
we're not gonna say
it's barbaric,
we are not gonna say
it's not good.
Do you think Ealing
will ever be under the rule
of the Islamic State?
Of course, the whole world
will be under the shariah soon.
Why are you
such a troublemaker?
I'm not
necessarily a troublemaker...
- Yeah, you are, yeah, you are.
You are a shocking example
of your faith.
You are a very bad man,
Mohammed, and you should
hang your head in shame.
Go away!
Seven twenty nine.
Mohammed Shamsuddin
is the senior spokesman
for a group of radical Muslims.
He's suffered
with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
since he was 18
and lives on benefits.
He's been hard to pin down
for filming.
He finally agrees
but is even more careful
when I start asking him
about ISIS.
You could get ten years
just for saying something
which is reckless or careless.
You see what I'm saying to you?
Even though you didn't possibly
mean it like that,
you know what I mean?
You could've possibly
meant it innocently,
but that innocent word
could land you in prison
ten years.
My dear Muslim brothers,
there is a war taking place!
Mohammed's self-censorship
doesn't prevent him
from promoting views
sympathetic to ISIS
outside Regents Park Mosque,
a place opposed
to these demonstrations and
keen to distance themselves.
If you don't like
what I am saying,
then you disagree with Allah
and his messenger.
As Muslims worship
inside the mosque
Mohammed is outside
denouncing democracy
and the UK government.
The shariah is coming
to the UK.
This black flag you see here
one day is gonna be
on 10 Downing Street.
As Muslims leave the mosque
it's clear
he's not getting much support.
Instead they strongly disagree.
We're going to arrest
David Cameron.
We're going to arrest
George Osborne.
We're gonna arrest
every single member
of the Conservative Party
and put him on trial
for the crimes against Muslims!
Roberts] Mohammed won't worship
in the mosque today.
Instead he leads his group
for a prayer session
in Regent's Park.
Everyone got carpets? Guys,
just tell me the Qibla please.
Come on,
somebody tell me the Qibla.
- Anyone got a smart phone?
- Sort out the Qibla.
He's just gonna find out
the direction for prayer.
This way. lads, lads, lads!
Come here a bit, come here.
The group display
the black flag of Islam,
a symbol associated
with Islamic armies
for the past 1,200 years,
but one that's regularly
adopted by extremists,
including ISIS.
I can't help but think
that he's being
actively provocative.
Allah hu Akbar.
The real life is the life
of the akhirah,
not this life.
This is not the real life,
my dear brothers.
This is a passing time for us
so this is a type of Jihad
for you
that you came out to do da'wah
in joining good
and forbidding evil
and don't be deterred.
As the prayer session
ends, the police arrive.
We just want to speak to you.
- We've had a call
from a member of the public...
- Saying what?
That you may have had...
Someone had
an ISIS-looking flag on them.
What's an ISIS flag?
Unless someone's hiding it
in their trousers,
we don't have it.
Okay. Have any of you got
personal details on you?
We'd like to speak to you
and just get
your personal details.
No, I don't think so.
There's no personal details
being given.
- Behave, don't touch me,
don't touch me.
Just stop for a minute.
- Am I under arrest?
- You're detained.
Film this!
Detained for what?
Are you insane?
For the purposes
of a search.
- What search?
- You're not searching me.
Are you insane?
- What for? What for?
- Get out of my face.
- Search for what?
- Why are you touching him for?
- What offense is he committing?
- You're detained
for the purpose of a search.
- Why?
- We've received information...
- Why? Why?
I'm talking to you, listen,
don't talk over me, listen.
- Who gave you the information?
- A member of public
has called the police...
- You're lying! You're lying!
- No, I'm not.
- You're all detained
for the purposes of a search...
- Okay.
- ...under section 44
of the Terrorism Act because...
- For a flag. You're lying now!
- Which section
of the Terrorism Act?
- Section 44.
Which is what? Glorification?
Instigation? Preparation?
We're not stupid,
we know the law!
- I'm gonna now start
searching you.
- Don't touch me, man!
You are detained
for the purpose of a search.
If you resist
I will use reasonable force.
Let him search me!
- Yes? Okay. I'll be making
a record of this...
- Search me, please.
The group is searched
and detained for an hour
without finding the flag.
They're released
without any charges.
Where you seek
to spread hate
we will disrupt you.
Where you break the law
we will prosecute you.
Where you seek to divide us
we will stand united
and together
we will defeat you.
The British government
are ramping up efforts
to prevent young people
from being drawn
towards terrorism.
Now they're targeting
individuals like Mohammed
and Abu Haleema
and their extremist propaganda.
The pair have been told
that soon they'll have to
appear in court
to see if they face charges
for terrorism.
Abu Haleema
has been arrested again
and questioned over
encouraging terrorism
and a threat against
the Birmingham-based Imam
in one of his videos,
charges he denies.
Where were you, bruv?
We came to your end
and you were nowhere
to be seen,
you were nowhere to be seen,
none of you.
All of you
have become cowards, innit?
Allah hu Akbar! Allah hu Akbar!
Having been locked up
for three days,
he's allowed home to his wife
and family.
The charges are dropped,
but the police have imposed
restrictions on his activities.
When they released me
they gave me
the bail conditions.
They were to sign daily
over there,
Wembley Police Station,
between 8:00 p.m.
and 10:00 p.m. daily,
every day, sign there.
I can't use Twitter
or WhatsApp, YouTube.
I feel disabled to be honest.
Oh, yeah, and another thing.
You know,
when they raided my house,
apart from taking
all the electronics
in the house,
they took my daughter's
Nintendo Wii U.
And apart from taking her
Nintendo Wii U they took
her Mario Karts CD.
What is there about Mario Kart
that they want? I don't know.
As Abu Haleema is banned
from posting videos online,
he's been forced back
on the streets.
Have you heard about Islam,
sir? Have a read.
It's Saturday night
on Edgware Road,
a Middle Eastern melting pot
in the heart of Central London
where different faiths
and nationalities
rub shoulders.
But Abu Haleema's
message is still connecting
with young Muslims.
- Does that make you feel good?
- Yeah.
Now a YouTube star,
his fame means he's constantly
being recognized.
We come to give da'wah,
you know,
to invite people to Islam
and to command good above evil.
You know.
not all Muslims
who recognize Abu Haleema
agree with his radical views.
Yeah, I told him
to suck his mum,
the fucking lot of you.
- I'm Muslim but fuck you.
you're not, you're a Kaffir.
Fuck you, who is Kaffir?
Who are you calling a Kaffir?
- Well, why do you insult
Muslims, man?
- Who are you calling a Kaffir?
Hey, bruv, bruv...
- You want to fucking
have it off?
Abdullah Deen,
white convert
and ex-drum and base MC,
is quick to respond.
You're insulting Muslims.
Brother, I hate getting into
beefs with a long kamis on,
gotta go like this.
The confrontation
attracts a large crowd
to the da'wah stand.
I doubt you're even
a Muslim. You're probably
a Shiite, innit?
You're probably
a Shiite, innit?
They all kuffar,
they're all kuffar.
Go on, who can do anything
about it? What? What?
Shiite are kuffar. What?
Do something about it.
You can shout whatever you want
because you're trying all shit.
Radicals like Abu Haleema
believe that millions
of Muslims are Kaffirs,
disbelievers who don't practice
real Islam.
Calm down.
- No, bruv, I've got no time
for a Shiite, bruv.
I've got no time for them.
Listen, this is ISIS, ISIS.
ISIS, this is what
you're seeing
on your television right now.
ISIS, all of these lot,
man, ISIS, daesh.
Why am I daesh?
You make an assumption,
I'm living in the UK.
Daesh, as you wanna call them,
are in Iraq,
I'm living in the UK.
I don't know, ISIS.
You don't know nothing
about the story of Afghanistan
and you're here standing,
talking rubbish.
So if you love Afghanistan
why did you come to my country?
You fool! Shut up.
If you love your country
and your religion
why did you convert to my deen?
Why did you convert to my deen?
I was born as a Muslim,
why did you convert?
I would love to leave
this country. You've got
a one ticket to go, bruv, go!
Go! Go!
Let's go off here.
This guy is not a Muslim,
he's giving Islam a bad name.
Does it quite often
come back to ISIS now?
He didn't even mention ISIS.
Have they got completely
the wrong end of the stick,
you don't support ISIS?
I'm not saying
I don't support them, I believe
there's goodness in them.
But you know I have never once
come out on a platform
and said I've supported ISIS.
The fact is I support
what the creed
of Islam teaches.
If ISIS say it,
if Al Qaeda say it,
if the Imam in the local mosque
says it
and it's the haqq,
I have to accept it
no matter who says it.
You okay, yeah?
What's happening, bruv?
It's been over a year
since I'd seen Abu Rumaysah
and he'd skipped bail.
New photos
have appeared on Twitter
of him with his children,
living in the Islamic State.
I want to show them to Mohammed
and his friend, Zack,
to see what they think
of where their friend is now.
I feel like crying, brother.
It was just yesterday
I was on the da'wah stall
with this brother, you know.
It was just yesterday, bruv,
I was eating
with this brother, man.
How does it make you feel
to see that picture?
Envious, envious and...
Envious of what?
- He's at the best place
you can be.
In the land where
they implement
the law of Allah.
What better place is there?
Does it shock you that
his son's got a gun there?
- No, not at all.
It's probably a toy gun.
- What's the big deal?
It looks
like a real one to me.
How we gonna determine that?
What about the AK-47
that he's got
over his shoulder?
That looks pretty real.
- It's beautiful.
That's pretty real.
How does it feel
to know someone that's now
an enemy of the state?
It's an honor.
It's an honor to feel
that he is my Muslim brother.
At the end of the day he knows
and I know very well
that life and death
is in the hands of Allah.
When he is about to die
no one can bring it forward
and no one can delay it.
When Allah has decreed for him
to die, it was written
for him the day he was born,
or even maybe before.
It's already written for him
when he's gonna die.
He's not gonna die
any minute sooner
or a minute later.
And this brother now,
we're not even the sand
underneath his feet.
As the Hadith says,
the Mujahideen,
they are the friends of Allah,
they are the most beloved
to Allah.
And the believer,
the average believer
are not even the grain of sand
underneath their feet,
the one who fights for Allah.
That's the status of him now
so that's what I meant,
why I'm envious.
How many people
do you know that have gone?
I know of a fair amount,
a fair amount, yeah.
I know a fair amount.
"On 29th September, 2014,
you were arrested
and interviewed
regarding your involvement
in the following offenses.
Following a detailed
investigation..." I wonder
how detailed that was, yeah.
"...a decision has been made
that this matter
will not be proceeded with.
Yours sincerely, the moron of
Counter-Terrorism Command."
Abu Haleema, and the other
members of their radical group
are attending court
this morning
to find out about
their terrorism charges.
They'd all been arrested
in anti-terrorism raids
ten months ago
and bailed until today.
Allah hu Akbar.
No further action, yeah.
No further action.
N to the F to the A.
N to the F to the A!
Mohammed has been released
but some of the others
have been charged
and face trial
for inviting support
for the Islamic State.
Mohammed and others
from the group
rush to court in solidarity.
Abu Haleema
was also due
to face terror charges today.
What's happened to you?
I got re-bailed
until the 15th of September.
Me and Abu Wallah, both of us.
- So why is that?
- I haven't got a clue.
Always happens, bruv.
The national press
eagerly await a statement
from the group.
After five hours
those in custody
are denied bail.
So I'm thinking
I'm gonna actually
make a statement
in the capacity
as a personal friend.
Shall I? What do you think?
- What are you gonna say?
- So I'll just say as a friend,
you know.
Guys, I want to make
a quick statement in relation
to what's happening upstairs.
Theresa May has made it
quite clear that she's now
dealing with those people
who are not necessarily
breaking the law,
but under margins of law.
And my message
to the Muslim community
of the UK is this...
This is a war against Islam
and Muslims,
the da'wah must continue,
the struggle must continue.
The call must continue
and one day
Islam will be dominant
and the black flag of Islam
will be over Downing Street.
Allah hu Akbar.
No, I'm not at all.
It's gut-wrenching
but I'm not going to
express that to the media,
you know what I'm saying?
I'm not going to show them
any weakness.
For the past 20 years
Mohammed has been
a vocal member
of a radical Islamist group.
He joined at university
after meeting hate preacher,
Omar Bakri,
also known as
The Tottenham Ayatollah.
By the second year
of university, he dropped out.
I couldn't continue
my academic "career,"
if you want to call it that,
because of the religious
beliefs that I adopted
at the time.
Who made you
make that decision?
I made the decision for myself.
How did your family react?
Obviously, they weren't
too happy, you know
what I mean, I didn't do it,
but at the end of the day
they had to accept my decision.
In his twenties
he became an active member
of the group
and a close student
of Omar Bakri,
the radical hate preacher
who fled the UK in 2005
and is currently
in a Lebanese jail
for supporting terrorism.
I would consider him as,
not necessarily
a spiritual mentor,
somebody as a close figure
in my life.
He's the person that had
the most effect on my life.
No doubt about it.
- In terms of molding my views
about things.
- More than your father?
Oh, yeah, definitely.
Without a doubt.
Yes, Abu Haleema,
the man of enraging
disbelievers is here.
He is the one
who enrages the disbelievers
just by his beard.
After five months
of filming with Mohammed
and Abu Haleema,
it's become clear
that they're careful
about what they'll admit.
They told me
that they'd watched
ISIS execution videos
so I play them
what I found online
to see if I could get
an honest reaction from them.
All right, here's a guy
with an RPG now
and he's fired it into a car
with the guys inside it.
Yeah, well, obviously,
they're dying.
I don't expect anything else.
I mean, these people now
are in a cage...
from what I can see,
being drowned.
It's a deterrent alone,
isn't it?
If a spy knows
he's gonna die like that,
the worst way
you can imagine dying,
they're not gonna want
to do it, innit?
The guy is foaming
at his mouth, you know what
I mean? Wow.
And I'm eating.
See, I read the reports
about this yesterday,
about how these guys
had detonation belts
wrapped around their necks.
Oh! Wow.
That's HD quality, bruv.
That's like 4k or something.
Actually, it's just horrific.
It is horrific. I mean,
there's no doubt about it,
you know what I mean.
It's a horrible way to die.
You know what I mean,
I mean,
there's no disputing that.
The video is shocking
- but possibly more shocking
is their reaction.
I wondered if they'd laugh
so casually if I was being
executed by ISIS.
I don't think I'd be able
to watch it, bruv,
to be honest.
No, of course I'd be upset,
it would upset me, innit?
Obviously, if it's someone
I know...
I would say, "Jamie,
why didn't you become Muslim?
Because now you're gonna be
in the hell fire."
your intentions, inshallah.
We're not gonna get
any hate here.
It's a week
since the court hearing
and Mohammed is formulating
ever more provocative plans.
Death to Pakistan!
What did Pakistan do
for the Muslims? What did
Pakistan do for the Muslims?
now the most senior member
of the group,
organizes a deliberately
provocative demo
outside Southall Mosque.
on Pakistan Independence Day.
the locals vocally oppose
Mohammed's group.
Even the Mosque elders come out
to denounce their actions.
Eighty percent of you guys
are taking benefits
from this country.
With the police
presence growing,
the group slip away
having filmed
the confrontation,
sharing it on social media.
The video later goes viral
in Pakistan.
No, it's not to make
a celebrity
out of the brothers.
It's as a form of
encouragement, "Now look,
the brothers in London
are doing it,
you need do it as well,"
you know what I mean?
The British government are
becoming increasingly concerned
about young Muslims
being radicalized online.
In 2015 alone, they stated
that they'd foiled
seven terror plots,
many of which were planned
using social media.
Britain's youngest
convicted terrorist
is beginning a life sentence
tonight after masterminding
a plot
to behead police officers
at Australia's
Anzac Day parade.
Sentencing the boy,
who was just 14
when he was arrested,
the judge said it was chilling
that someone so young
could've intended
to carry out a massacre.
Abu Haleema
has been linked
to this major terrorism plot
in Britain's highest court.
The evening news
are interviewing him
about his alleged involvement
in radicalizing
the 14-year-old boy,
who plotted
to murder police officers.
The prosecution are saying
today that you played a role
in radicalizing this boy.
Okay, I don't believe
that's true.
If that were the case,
then the police
would've charged me, basically.
From the evidence they had,
they had all the evidence,
all the WhatsApp conversations,
all the Twitter conversations,
and they didn't see anything
to charge me with, so...
And the thing
I was hoping he didn't ask,
and he didn't ask me, was...
That would've been a disaster.
How would you have
got round that?
I would've got round that
by saying I don't support
that group,
but I support the shariah
and the establishment
of the shariah.
How many messages
did the boy send you?
I speak to him regularly.
I speak to him
about once a day at least.
Did he ever mention violence?
"Is it okay to behead people?
I'm gonna do this,
I'm gonna do that"?
- He did ask that once, yeah.
- What did he say?
He said, "Is it okay
to behead someone?"
And I was like, "No."
I clearly said no.
And so obviously
he must've gone
and spoke to someone else
because it wasn't me,
I didn't tell him to do it,
you know what I mean?
He basically got arrested
and he made a quick
Twitter account and he's like,
"Everyone on Twitter
that knows me,
if you've got my number
or anything like that,
delete it
because I got raided
and arrested,
I've just been released, so...
And I won't be around anymore."
So, I straightaway, at the end
of the sentence, "Is everything
all right, bruv?
Do you need anything?"
And he's like, "Listen, bruv,
you're gonna get in trouble,
don't associate yourself with
me." I said, "Right, I'm in
enough troubles anyways."
It's easy to forget
that Abu Haleema hasn't always
been a hate preacher.
As his infamy grows, I'm keen
to know more about his journey
towards radical Islam.
The place where
I grew up originally
was Northwest London,
South Kilburn, and obviously,
growing up,
it was a bit racist as well.
- Really?
- Yeah, I saw a fair bit
of racism as well.
Like what kind of stuff?
Being called Pakis, you know,
seeing my parents get spat at,
all that kind of stuff.
You know what I mean?
How did that make you feel,
seeing your parents
getting spat at?
Well, it's not
a nice experience, innit?
And it builds up hatred
inside of you, innit?
Know what I mean?
how old were your parents
when they moved over here?
My dad was over here
very young, in the '50s.
My dad moved over in the '50s,
he was here from the '50s,
and then my mum came over
in the '70s.
- Did he like Britain?
- Yeah.
He liked it.
He liked it a lot.
Do you think
he would agree
with your outlook on Islam now?
Would he follow
a similar path to you?
Probably not, probably not.
But obviously, he passed away
a long time ago,
but probably not.
How old were you
when you kind of found Islam?
I started practicing properly
in my twenties.
but I never understood Islam
until a lot more recently,
when I started to understand
to hate.
Anything that's worshiped,
followed or obeyed other than
Allah, you have to reject it,
even if it's your own family,
you know?
And sometimes that can be hard
because you start
losing people.
You know, and people start
becoming distant from you
because obviously,
what we are calling for,
it opposes them.
It opposes their way of life,
but in order for you
to be a Muslim,
you have to do this.
If your dad didn't agree
with your views,
- do you think he's not allowed
into paradise then?
- Of course.
- So he's gone to the hell fire?
- Of course.
Obviously, I wish good
for my dad but, you know...
Basically, if you see a train
come past here
that means they're gonna
come out and walk this way.
It's a nice shot you got.
- Is it a nice shot?
Take a picture and let me see.
See, Jamie,
I oiled my beard today, innit?
That's why it's nice and shiny
and it's got
that little curl to it.
I've poured a lot of oil in it.
I usually use olive oil
but I got this olive oil cream,
it's like a cream,
like a moisturizing cream
for the hair, innit?
It's nice, man,
it's very nice.
It's got a nice smell to it
as well, smells like
vanilla ice-cream.
Learn about Islam, sir,
have a read.
- Learn about Islam, sir,
have a read.
- No, thanks, mate.
Learn about Islam.
Tonight Abu Haleema
is preaching his radical
message on Oxford Street.
It seems he's treated
as a celebrity,
even by those
who don't necessarily agree
with him.
Thanks, man.
How do you know Abu Haleema?
Oh, I've seen him on Facebook,
I've seen one of his videos.
What do you think
of his videos?
I don't remember
what he exactly said.
It was kind of funny though.
How often are you
getting recognized, Abu?
All the time, man,
all the time, everywhere I go.
Whilst shoppers pass
unaware of the radical group
yet again it is a Muslim
who speaks out to oppose them.
This is a front
to recruiting people for ISIS,
who are terrorists,
who are killing people
in their hundreds and thousands
in Syria and Iraq.
You've been following me around
for months. Have you seen me
recruiting for ISIS?
They're brainwashed!
The draw
of Abu Haleema's message has
attracted another young man,
Abu Mattasim from Birmingham,
who's recently been raided
by the police.
Well, they took
my passport off me
for traveling.
They believed I was going
somewhere else other than
where I was going.
So they took my passport off,
I'm not allowed to apply
for another passport ever
or I'm not allowed to travel
outside of the UK ever.
- Ever.
And how does it make you feel?
It makes me feel very good.
Really? Why?
Because it makes me
feel important.
The thing is
at the end of the day,
if they keep pressuring people
like this,
and they keep taking away
people's passports,
some people
will end up lashing out.
It's natural, innit?
It's natural.
People, when they get
frustrated, they're going to
end up doing things
- they don't want to do.
How do you think
that might look?
It could happen any day.
Someone could just lose it
any day now,
you know what I mean?
A few weeks later,
Abu Haleema's words
prove chillingly prophetic.
Some breaking news, reports
are coming in of an attack,
or quite possibly
several attacks, in Paris.
More than 120 people
have been killed in Paris
and more than 200 are injured
in a series of attacks
across the city.
Last night
it was incredibly busy.
There were vigils here,
there were vigils
at the Eiffel Tower.
The Eiffel Tower was lit up
in red, white and blue,
which I think
is a sign of hope.
Sorry, so sorry.
- And I will leave it there.
There is certainly hope here
in Paris. With that,
it's back to you.
The ayes to the right, 397,
the nos to the left, 223.
So the ayes have it,
the ayes have it.
What are your
thoughts on Paris,
the attacks?
The Paris attacks?
Well, to be honest, it's like
Malcolm X said, innit?
The chickens have come home
to roost, innit?
It's something
they brought upon themselves.
This is what happens
in war, innit?
Obviously, we don't condone
the killing of innocents,
but this is what happens
in war.
You know, if you're gonna kill
other people's innocents,
then obviously,
people are gonna be upset.
It's like me.
If someone ran into my house
when I weren't at home
and they killed my wife
and kids,
what am I gonna do?
I'm gonna find out
where he lives,
I'm gonna find out
where he lives,
Because it's simple.
It's the way the world works.
That's the way the world's
always worked.
You can't see what happened
in Paris was an awful atrocity?
Yeah, obviously, these things
are always awful, innit?
They're always awful
but obviously,
they know why it happened
and for them to go round
and for kuffar to go round
expecting everyone Muslim
or who they believe is
a spokesman to apologize for it
or to condemn it,
then that's not gonna happen.
That's not gonna happen.
What I'm saying in my videos,
this is the basic message
of Islam
and the aim of these videos
is to "radicalize" people.
It's to brain wash people,
it's to clean their brain
of the filth of the kuffar
and obviously, if ISIS
is calling to the same thing,
then that's just a coincidence.
Is it just a coincidence?
Uh, yeah.
- Do you radicalize for ISIS?
- No.
- Do you recruit for ISIS?
- No.
- Do you condone ISIS?
- No.
- Do you support ISIS?
- No comment.
- Why no comment?
- Huh?
Why no comment?
Because it's something
that I can't answer.
If I answer any way,
it could...
You know what I mean, so.
Because I do honestly believe
that over the last 12 months
what I've seen, I'd say
you do all of those things.
Yeah, obviously,
we don't, innit?
That's the truth, we don't.
We don't, anyone that says
that they do is gonna
get themselves in trouble
and get nicked,
it's as simple as that.
The truth is you just don't
want to get arrested.
Of course.
Who does? Who wants
to get arrested, bruv?
Even after filming for a year,
Abu Haleema won't admit
that his group
are directly linked to ISIS,
but on
the 3rd of January, 2016,
breaking news headlines
would seem to contradict him.
Tonight at 10:00
we name the British man
said to be the main suspect
in the latest propaganda video
released by so-called
Islamic State.
Analysis suggests
that there are similarities
to this man, Abu Rumaysah,
who jumped bail in 2014
and fled to Syria with his wife
and four children.
On the 3rd of January, 2016,
I receive a text from Mohammed
with a link
to the execution video.
Underneath it read simply,
"You may know the voice."
This is a message
to David Cameron.
It seems that you,
just like your predecessors,
Blair and Brown,
are just as arrogant
and foolish.
When you texted me the link
I instantly recognized it
- as being Abu Rumaysah.
- Okay.
So from my perspective,
95 percent because you could
always be wrong.
But you've known him
for 16 years.
I've known him for a long time,
and what I am willing
to say on camera...
Is there a likeness?
Definitely, you can say
there's a resemblance.
Is it him?
I can't make that 100
percent positive identification
without seeing the face.
has been repeatedly arrested
but never jailed.
And it's clear that
he's learned to avoid
incriminating himself.
I have no problem
in saying that Abu Rumaysah
is a friend of mine.
He's more than my friend,
he's my Muslim brother, yeah?
That's beyond any type
of friendship, yeah,
because we are linked
by the bond of Islam.
Is Abu Rumaysah
a hero of yours?
Abu Rumaysah
for me is a very good Muslim.
I think
he's a murderer.
I think
he's from the best of Muslims.
Best of Muslims,
even putting a bullet in the
back of an unarmed man's head?
That's you saying that but
I'm saying h's from the best
of the best of the best.
I can't say more
than what I've said,
and there's a reason for that.
There's no free speech
in the UK,
there's consequences
for what you say.
Allah told me
to take my precautions, yeah.
And Allah obliged me
not to put myself in the hands
of the kuffar.
- But he also told you
to tell the truth?
- And I am speaking the truth.
No, you're not.
You're evading the questions
each time.
- I'm not evading
the questions...
- I'd rather you just tell me
you're evading them
because you don't want
the police here.
I am giving you answer
in my capacity...
You're not giving me
any answers.
I'm giving you answer
in my capacity, yeah,
as a person who studies
Islamic law and is commenting
on world events.
I've been filming
with Mohammed
for a long time now,
but there is still one question
that I have to ask him.
You say that your message
can be deadly.
Our message is deadly,
of course it is, we are calling
for world domination,
we want shariah for the UK.
So for that alone,
that message
is quite deadly, yeah.
So if that's the case
are the government not right
to be raiding,
arresting, coming down on you
like a ton of bricks?
At the end of the day
it is a war between truth
and falsehood.
Our message is the truth
and the message of the British
government is falsehood. So...
Is it not between extremists
and the government?
No, it's between truth
and falsehood
and what we carry is the truth
and what the British carry
is falsehood
and that's the battle
that's gonna rage
until the day of judgment.
The ultimate goal for us
is paradise.
What happens
if there is no paradise?
Oh, there is, 100 percent,
and, Jamie, I'd advise you
to embrace Islam and inshallah
you'll be eligible for paradise
as well one day.
Otherwise hellfire awaits
those who disbelieve.
For all the caution
that Mohammed
and Abu Haleema employ
it's clear in the journey
of Abu Rumaysah
that the connection
between non-violent extremism
and terrorism is absolute.
It seems to me that
it's the vital link required
to create
a terrorist executioner.