The Jingle Bell Jubilee (2023) Movie Script

Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is
to ride
In a one-horse
open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is
to ride
In a one-horse
open sleigh
Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse
open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
to ride and sing
In a sleighing
song tonight
Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is
to ride
In a one-horse
open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
(phone line ringing)
Hey, Hope. Is that you?
Yep. It's the first day
of December,
and that means
it's time.
Thank you for helping me
get it to school.
You know how much
this means to me.
- On my way.
- Great. I'll see you soon.
So glad you're here.
- So very, very glad.
- Likewise.
- Please have a seat.
- Thank you.
I have to say,
it's so great
to be back in Larchmont Falls.
Oh, that's right.
You grew up here.
Yeah. It's always been my dream
to move back here.
As you know, we haven't had
a city manager
for a several months now,
which is why we brought you in
so fast.
I mean, the Jingle Bell Jubilee
is racing towards us
like a runaway train.
Ah. The annual
Jingle Bell Jubilee.
That was the highlight
of my childhood every Christmas.
- Ah.
- Uh, but it's December now.
You must have everything
Well, um...
That's only
a few weeks away.
Well, like I said, we haven't
had someone in the position
for some time.
Oh. I get it.
Which is why we need you to hit
the ground running on this.
There are plenty
of jubilee planning documents
from past years
on our computer network.
You're a smart
young man, Nate.
You accomplished
a lot back in Arbor City.
I'm sure you can
handle this.
Of course.
Ah, the first sign
of Christmas.
Hope Wilson decorates
her cedar chest.
Well, Allison, it's the official
kickoff day of Regiftmas.
Did you know that there are
four other teachers here
who are doing it
this year?
And I even heard that there are
a couple of teachers
from the elementary school
who are doing it.
Wouldn't it be great
if everyone did it?
You are
the eternal optimist.
Hey. You never know.
(both laughing)
- See you later.
- Sounds good.
Oh, hey, Brandon.
Hold up.
We need to get
your school records,
which are in
one of these moving boxes.
Oh, boy.
Hey, no worries.
We'll find it.
- So, Dad?
- Yeah?
I was just wondering,
'cause it's almost
Christmas break already.
I can always just
start school after New Year's.
Oh, hey.
Nice try.
But you can't miss
too much school.
That's not good.
This is a new city.
You're going to make
a lot of new friends,
get to know your teachers,
and get to experience
the Jingle Bell Jubilee
for the first time.
Jingle Bell Jubilee?
Oh. The Larchmont Falls
Jingle Bell Jubilee
is only the greatest
Christmas celebration
on the entire planet.
So, every year, on the week
leading up to Christmas,
City Hall opens up
for this big festival.
Music, food,
events and games,
and then,
the Jingle Bell Jubilee dance
on Christmas Eve
for the big finale.
That sounds like fun.
Oh, oh.
It's super fun.
(phone ringing distantly)
Just bear with me,
Mr. Albertson.
I'm entering Brandon's
information into our system.
You can call me Nate.
Okay, Nate.
I think you and your son
are going to love it here.
Oh. Uh, my dad
actually grew up here.
Yeah. My father got transferred
out west
right when I was about to start
my senior year of high school.
So, I guess
I never got over leaving.
Well, I'm happy
you made your way back.
What do you do for work,
if I may ask?
He's the new city manager.
Yeah. I have a lot of experience
in government,
so when I saw there was
an open position... grabbed it.
Smart move.
We'll see.
There is a lot to do.
Well, I'm sure you'll be up
for the challenge.
I am.
Oh. I will need Brandon's
previous school records.
Oh. I think I left them
on the back seat.
I will go get them.
No problem, Nate.
How about I give you
a little tour of the school
while your dad gets us
what we need?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
- I'll be right back.
Uh, you almost have it.
This is much better.
You just--
You need to clean up
the opening.
Give me one more example
in the middle, and...
It's really solid.
Your thesis
is really strong.
But the description
in the last paragraph
needs to be
a little more detailed.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, thank you.
I thought
I recognized you.
Can I help you
with something?
You're Hope Wilson, right?
That's me.
I'm Nate.
Nate Albertson.
We were
in calculus together.
Right in this very school,
as a matter of fact.
Oh, yeah. Nate.
Now I do recognize you.
Actually, you look exactly
the same.
Well, if you don't count
a few minor wrinkles.
Come in.
So, what brings you
to my classroom?
Looking to brush up on
your Shakespeare?
(both laughing)
No. My son's starting school
here tomorrow.
I was signing him up, and
I saw you from the doorway.
So close to Christmas?
Yeah. We just came over
from Arbor City.
I'm the new city manager,
so they wanted me
to get started right away,
with the Jingle Bell Jubilee
coming up.
Well, it's nice to meet you,
Mr. City Manager.
Nice to meet you, too.
So, that's the big tour.
I think you're really going
to like it here.
Yeah. Seems like
a great school.
I love
all the Christmas decorations.
Me, too.
Yeah. I loved it here.
Been waiting to come back
ever since.
- I think I hear my dad.
- Let's go check it out.
You moved away senior year,
Yep. My dad got transferred,
and that was it.
I remember.
You were like a mystery man.
Here one minute,
gone the next.
But I never forgot this place.
You mean this room?
Yeah. I keep feeling like maybe
my English class was in here.
Oh, maybe.
I remember Mrs. Fitzsimmons
was in here at one point.
Ah, Mr. Albertson. I see you've
already met Ms. Wilson.
Sort of.
We actually know each other.
We went
to school here together.
Oh, wow.
Small world.
And now, Ms. Wilson will be
Brandon's homeroom teacher.
- Hi.
- Really? That's great.
Uh, we should get you
back home so I can get to work.
Huh. "Regiftmas"?
Uh, yeah.
It's just a little thing I do.
It's not little.
Oh. Is this cedar?
I love that smell.
It's my Grandmother Helen's.
She was a teacher, too.
She started it, right?
Started what?
I'm confused.
Well, when I was a little girl,
my grandmother used to say
that Christmas had become
too much about shopping,
about getting things,
when most of us had been given
so much already
and had so many things
we just didn't use.
She just--
She thought there should be
more gratitude involved.
I like that.
Yeah. Well,
it wasn't just talk.
There was a needy family
in her neighborhood,
and she was worried
what they would have
for Christmas.
So, she started putting things
in this cedar chest,
things that she owned
and loved,
but didn't use
for whatever reason.
And then,
at Christmastime,
she surprised the family
with all of these presents.
They were so touched that
she decided to do it
for a needy family every year.
All year long, my grandma
would put things
in this chest.
And eventually,
other family members
started re-gifting
and contributing,
and, well, she was able to help
a bunch of families
every Christmas.
This is not helpful.
Hey, Dad. Do you know where
the box with my books is?
I thought maybe I should
donate some to Regiftmas.
- Dad?
- Huh?
- My books?
- Uh, oh, no.
I don't know, buddy.
But they've got to be somewhere
over there.
What are you doing?
I am going through
the old jubilee plans
on the city's database.
Where I also found the menu
for the Chamber of Commerce's
spring get-together.
Fruit cup appetizer.
Yeah? Wow.
That's, uh... healthy.
Just not very helpful.
This looks so good.
Just wait
until you try it.
- Right?
- Dark hot chocolate.
Greatest thing about winter.
- Besides Christmas, of course.
- Obviously.
Oh. So, what
should we go see?
Mmm... Oh. How about
"Christmas at the Drive-In?"
It just came out.
I heard it's really good.
Got it.
It's playing at 9:00.
But first, there's something
I want to talk to you about.
What's that?
How well
do you know Nate?
Nate Albertson?
The new dad who came into
your class after school.
Oh, right. That Nate.
A little bit.
We had some classes together.
I heard that he's a widower,
and it's been
a few months already
since Adam and I broke up,
and Nate is really,
really handsome.
And, well,
I wanted to first see if--
I mean, you're not interested
in him or anything?
Of course not.
It's just, I know you.
And if you
want something,
and you think someone else
wants the same thing,
you always
just let them have it.
You never go after
what you want.
I am not interested
in Nate.
I promise.
But I take it you are?
Well, uh, maybe.
Are you sure?
Yes. I'm sure.
I am so sure that
if I see him again,
I'll try to set
you two up.
How are you going
to do that?
You said the two of you
hardly know each other.
I know.
But he just got here,
so he probably doesn't know
a lot of people.
Wait. Do you remember
my friend Andy?
- The hockey player?
- Yeah. That's the one.
Oh, yeah. You guys went out
a few times, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, we're still friends,
and he called me
and wanted to know
if I wanted to go
pick out a Christmas tree
with him.
He says I have some sort of
expert eye.
we're going Wednesday night.
What if you came with,
and then maybe
I can invite Nate
to come along, too?
It'll be fun and Christmassy,
and who knows?
Maybe there'll be
some sparks between you two.
Are you sure you feel okay
about doing this for me?
Of course.
You're the best.
(school bell ringing)
- Hey.
- Coming to second period?
I wish.
Brandon forgot his gym stuff.
Oh, and you get a break
from the office.
Yeah, except I don't really
have time for one
until December 26th.
'Tis the season.
Uh, here.
I can bring it for you,
and make sure that
he gets it.
Oh, thanks.
That would be great.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Wait. Uh, the vice-principal,
my friend Allison?
Well, we're going to help
my friend Andy
pick out a Christmas tree
You should come with us.
It'll be fun.
We can all do dinner first.
Thanks for the offer,
but I'm building
this annual Jingle Bell Jubilee
brick by brick.
So, I will be
burning the midnight oil.
Well, don't burn yourself out.
It's almost Christmas.
I'll do my best.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But seriously,
it might be nice for you
to get out
and start reconnecting
with people here, right?
After all,
you are a public servant.
You kind of got to meet
the public.
Okay, okay.
Uh, yeah. I could use a break.
Brain overload.
How about...
Here's my number,
and you just text me the deets.
Nate: Okay. So, the Christmas
charity drive is over there.
That's that area,
right near the entrance.
And then, instead of having
a Santa booth,
I put Santa
in the middle of it all.
They're just mocking it up
to give us a feel for it.
Well, it's a new arrangement,
but you know what?
I think might work better than
what we had before.
I've been reconnecting
with the vendors,
and they're going to tell me
what's what.
Help me piece
the rest together.
Then I'll be, uh--
Oh, oh. About
the Christmas charity drive.
Um, the donated gifts,
where are they being stored?
I haven't been able
to find them.
Uh, well, um--
Okay. Please don't tell me that
there's no donations.
No. There are some.
From what I've heard, a lot of
people depend on the drive
to have a good Christmas.
Well, of course.
There are some.
Just, you know,
not nearly enough.
Again, nobody
has really had the time
to publicize this.
- Okay.
- But you know what?
You're a capable
and a creative individual.
We just need to jump-start
the donations,
and you're just the man
to do it.
But how am I possibly
going to get
that many donations
in time?
Where there's a will,
there's a way.
Hope springs eternal.
- (phone buzzing)
- (sighing)
Ah. Hope.
(indistinct chattering)
Oh, Hope.
Oh, hey.
You're here early.
Thank goodness you are, too.
Well, what's going on?
Is everything okay?
I need to talk to you
about something,
it's really,
really important.
(button clicking,
Christmas music playing)
So, if the whole school loves
your annual Regiftmas tradition,
then why not the whole city?
I mean,
that could be the spark
that the Christmas gift
drive needs.
Wow, Nate.
Uh, I'm speechless.
So, you like the idea?
I love the idea.
Then we got to go fast.
Um, can you make it
to City Hall tomorrow?
We can pitch it
to the mayor.
And me.
What do you say?
Uh... I say
I'll come on my lunch hour.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Hey, Allison. Andy.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
Yeah. I spotted him in
the parking lot on the way in.
Oh, I watch a lot
of the games.
Oh. The games?
Uh, yeah.
This is my friend Andy.
- He's a semi-pro hockey player.
- Oh.
He's really good.
Andy, this is Nate.
- Good to meet you, Nate.
- Likewise.
Hi, Nate.
Hi, Allison.
Good to see you again.
So, hockey, huh?
That can get a little rough.
I haven't lost a tooth yet.
Ah. Well, that's good for you
and your dentist.
Uh, yeah.
Nate just had
the greatest idea.
Well, I hope it is.
We are going to try to do
for the Jingle Bell Jubilee
Christmas charity drive.
Wow. That'd be awesome.
That's the thing with your
grandmother's cedar chest.
- Right?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Nice.
- Where did this come from?
Well, it's kind of
a Hail Mary.
Sorry to pivot sports there,
I'll allow it.
But the thing is, I've been so
focused on the nuts and bolts
of getting the jubilee going
that I didn't even realize
the gift drive was in trouble.
Basically, we have next to
nothing in terms of donations.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
So, I got to find a way
to generate all the donations
in the next couple of weeks,
or else there's going to be
a lot of families missing out
on Christmas this year.
So, maybe Regiftmas
is the answer.
I hope so.
I feel your pain.
It's really hard to pull off
these big events.
And people have no idea
how much work goes into it.
But in the end,
it's really fun being able
to put all the pieces together,
isn't it?
You know what? It is.
Hey. I like her.
Well, what's not to like?
(everyone laughing)
Allison: Yeah. I've been coming
to this tree lot for years now.
- This is really fun.
- It is. Yeah.
I don't normally get a tree
until a little later,
but I don't know.
Maybe I should get one
tonight, too.
I mean, what's the point
in wasting time
coming back here, right?
Hey. Efficiency.
That's another point
in your favor.
Hmm. Looks like your setup
is working out.
Well, it's not a setup.
It's not even
a date, really.
Oh, come on, Hope.
It's totally a date now.
And first dates
are usually disasters.
Remember ours?
You didn't even know
what the biscuit was.
Come on.
Hope, you don't remember?
That's what we call the puck.
The puck.
To be fair,
it's been a while, Andy.
Okay. Let's put that expert eye
of yours to work.
You overestimate my gifts.
Uh, not at all.
You are a tree-whisperer.
All right.
All right.
Not too tall.
Not too small.
- Good branch distribution.
- Mm-hmm?
And not dried out.
This is the one.
And I left my wallet
in the truck.
As you always do.
Well, everybody's got a skill.
I'm reliable.
So, I've decided I'm going to
get my tree tonight.
Oh, great.
And I have decided
that I'm going to get
some cookies
for me and Brandon to split.
But I was wondering,
Hope, could I talk to you
about something?
I have an idea about
pitching Regiftmas to the mayor.
I think
if you explain it
the same way you did to me,
he'll jump right on it.
I don't know.
He's the mayor.
Yeah, but at this point,
he'll jump on anything.
Oh, it's not just anything.
I know, no, it's a...
it's an incredible idea.
And that's why
I want to convince him
to let me run with it.
So, um...
...are you having fun tonight?
Yeah. Actually, I am.
Yeah. You were right.
It's nice to get out
and not think about work
for a few hours.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
And, um...
what do you think
of Allison?
- Allison?
- Yeah.
Wait. This-- This isn't a--
Oh, come on.
Really? Oh.
I'm sorry.
I should have asked.
Are you dating anyone
in Arbor City?
Oh, no, no.
It's nothing to do with that.
Oh. Well,
are you open to dating anyone?
Honestly? Um...
...I don't know.
This is none of
my business.
No, it's fine.
It's, uh--
Even Brandon tells me
the same thing,
that I need to get out more,
and I know he's right.
It's been three years
since my wife Shelly passed,
and I just haven't seen anyone
at all.
I can't believe
I'm telling you this. Uh...
Oh, it's okay, Nate.
When you're ready,
you're ready.
You'll know.
You know, I suppose
it wouldn't hurt to try.
It doesn't have
to be serious.
Hey, Nate?
Would you come look at
this tree?
I could use a second opinion.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
I don't have the expert eye
of Hope, but sure.
So, I kind of had my eye
on this one.
- Yeah?
- What do you think?
- Andy: All right.
- Oh.
- Ready to pay.
- Okay.
Now, you're sure this tree
you picked me out is the one?
Are you questioning
the tree-whisperer?
Of course not.
- I would never.
- (laughing)
I miss you.
We should do something
after this.
Oh. Um...
Well, I'm kind of
tired, Andy.
I have more grading to do.
I should probably just get home.
No problem.
They... make
a pretty good couple.
- This is why asked you to come.
- Well, thank you.
- Allison: Yeah.
- Uh, yeah.
Yeah. They do.
but that's around double
what you charged us last time.
Yes, I know Santa suits
don't grow on trees,
not even Christmas trees.
You know what?
There's a great place
in Arbor City
that can send me one
for a much lower price, so--
Okay. Yeah.
That works much better.
Let's consider it a done deal
and thank you
for serving our city.
Wow. I'm happy I at least have
the line budget
for last year's jubilee.
Some of these vendors
are getting pretty tricky.
Such a busy time
of year.
Well, I can imagine.
Uh, have a seat.
I've got so much
work to do
they gave me
the conference room.
Actually, my lunch hour
is really only 45 minutes,
so I only have about
10 minutes to do this with you.
Okay. Uh, well, let's go
see the mayor now, then.
I assure you
the Jingle Bell Jubilee
will take place
as it has every year.
We've got Nate Albertson,
our new city manager,
working hard on it.
And he's just here
for a meeting, so I have to go.
We may have a problem.
What's that?
That was a reporter
from the Larchmont Gazette.
She's been hearing rumors
that the Jingle Bell Jubilee
isn't going to happen.
Well, we will just have to
prove her wrong, sir.
That's just
what I like to hear.
I'm sorry.
Who are you?
Uh, Hope.
Hope Wilson.
I teach at the high school.
Well, it's a pleasure
to meet you.
The children are our future,
you know.
That's what I've heard.
Uh, we are here
on some urgent business, sir.
Well, talk to me.
Sir, seriously, you don't have
to worry about the jubilee.
Everything's under control
except one thing.
What's that?
The Christmas charity
gift drive.
But Hope here
has an amazing idea
that I believe
will turn things around.
Okay. Let's hear it.
Well, it all started with
my grandmother's cedar chest.
She found that Christmas
had become
too much about shopping,
and thought that we all have
lost the real meaning of it.
That's what people love
about Regiftmas.
It's the idea of gratitude.
That because
they've been given so much,
they're able to pay it forward
to people who really need it.
It's just such
a huge win-win.
(mayor chuckling)
And to think it all started with
your grandmother's cedar chest.
It is an amazing idea.
And people won't have to spend
all that time shopping.
With our time frame,
that's a huge advantage.
That's what
I was thinking, sir.
Regiftmas it is.
- Run with it.
- Okay.
We'll have to promote this
with everything we have.
I have to say,
you've impressed me, Hope.
You have
a wonderful heart.
Indeed she does, sir.
Well, you're lucky
to have her.
- No.
- Oh, no. We're not, uh--
Well, just keep me apprised
of your progress, Nate.
Hope, it was nice
to meet you.
Thank you, sir.
And, uh, let's get you
back to the school.
Regiftmas. Hmm.
Well, I finally got
all the vendors lined up
for the jubilee,
which is a minor miracle.
So, everything seems to be
coming together.
Well, thanks for letting
Regiftmas be a part of it.
Oh, thank you for introducing it
to me in the first place.
You really were great
in there.
I was?
Yeah. You didn't only explain it
to the mayor;
you made him feel
what it's all about,
and not everyone
can do that.
It's just 'cause I know
what Regiftmas is.
I think there's more to it
than that.
So, how are we going to get
the message out about Regiftmas?
I mean, we have to communicate
a whole new idea to people,
and we have, like, no time.
Well, that's mission one
this afternoon.
Awareness campaign.
- Awareness campaign?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. Double up the signage
around town.
Double up social media.
Talk to the community leaders.
Sounds like a lot of work.
I wish I could stay and help,
but fifth period is calling.
Well, if you're around
maybe I could come by, and we
could talk about the campaign.
Your input
would be valuable.
Uh, sure.
Oh, Allison will be there.
She's coming over
to help me finish
decorating my Christmas tree.
But she's really good
at community relations stuff.
It'll be nice to see her again.

Okay, so here's
my slogan for Regiftmas.
"Give again,
and enjoy Christmas again."
Oh, wow,
you even made charts.
Uh, what does
this all mean?
Well, this shows where we're
placing the signs and the ads
and the number of people
we could potentially reach.
This, with our internet ads,
we will be able to
reach a lot of people.
You certainly
know your stuff.
But is it going
to reach people?
Oh, absolutely.
I used to build
campaigns just like this one
when I worked in Arbor City,
and they were very effective.
All right, what's wrong?
When I said "reach people"
I meant is it gonna touch them,
so they feel
motivated to give?
Regiftmas is
kind of a new concept.
I just don't think a simple ad
is going to do the trick.
But, hey, you know what
you're doing, and I don't, so.
(chuckling) Just tell me
what you're thinking,
because if I'm missing something
I want to know.
(sighing) Okay, well, take our
high school for instance.
People really connected
with the Regiftmas idea
and ran with it, but that's
because they understood
what it meant to
the families that it helped,
and how that--
how that felt.
If that makes any sense.
Nate, the thing that gets
people excited about Regiftmas
is the way Hope
explains it.
Oh, it doesn't have
to be me.
Just someone to put some...
some heart into it.
But that is you.
The way you talk about it,
it's like...
I don't know.
You're just so full of love.
Like something's
lighting you up from within.
Okay, that's a little much.
(laughing bashfully)
No, I'm serious.
When you lead with your heart,
it's really powerful.
You move people.
Okay, okay,
I get it,
but it's not like we can ask
Hope to go door-to-door
just telling people about her
grandma's cedar chest, right?
No, obviously not,
but we still need to get them
to feel what this is all about.
Why it's so in
the spirit of Christmas.
She makes a good point, Nate.
Not that you don't.
If we deliver the right message
people will get it.
The most important thing is
just getting the message out
to as many people
as possible.
Of course,
you're the professional, so.
Very professional.
Ah, well,
it's getting pretty late.
I've got more work to do
and I gotta make sure
Brandon gets
his homework done.
Oh, I wouldn't worry about him.
He's a really good kid.
He said that you were
a really great teacher, too.
Oh, that's really
kind of him.
But, yeah,
we should wrap this up,
because I have
more grading to do,
and Christmas break is
only a couple days away.
- All right.
- (chuckling)
Hey, do you want to go see
the ice sculptures in the park?
They do them every year,
and they're gorgeous.
Uh, sure,
if we can be pretty quick.
Sure. Wonderful.
Have fun, you two.
Yes, Ms. Wilson.
So, you at least have,
like, 20 minutes, right?
Well, that depends if
there's a hot chocolate bar.
There definitely will be.

Very impressed, Nate.
You have done a lot,
quickly and well.
I've seen online ads
all over the place.
Oh, and the wife and I
went out last night.
Guess what? Lo and behold,
in the restaurant window
was a Regiftmas sign.
I bet those donations
are just pouring in.
Well, it always takes a little
while to get these things going.
So, they're not
pouring in?
Oh, it's still
very early.
Not according to the calendar,
there are only 10 days left.
No worries.
I got it covered.
Counting on ya, Nate.

Thanks for helping me
with those donation boxes.
Yeah, no sweat. Happy to help.
So, is my dad in here?
Oh, well, remember,
he moved away after junior year.
Yearbook pictures are
mostly from senior year.
No, there he is.
Let me see.
Oh, yeah, that is him.
That's probably from homecoming,
the year before.
There's me,
right behind him.
What a weird haircut.
Him or me?
Um... Definitely him.
- (doorbell ringing)
- Oh!
(door opening)
- Hey!
- Hey.
Whoa, is that
one of our old yearbooks?
Yeah, Dad, out of all
the weird haircuts in here,
I'm going to say
you're the clear champion.
Oh, wait.
I'm actually in there?
I'd call it more of a cameo.
Oh, wow. Nice.
So, you kidnapped my son.
He volunteered to
help me bring some boxes
of regifts
home for wrapping,
and then he found
our yearbook on my shelf.
Oh, and here we are.
You could have called.
I would have brought him home.
I know how busy you are.
Oh, no, I needed the break.
I've been sampling food
for the Jubilee.
Too much funnel cake.
No such thing as
too much funnel cake.
See before today,
I would have agreed.
Um, actually,
there's something else
- I wanted to talk to you about.
- Yeah, what is it?
Well, we've been
running our Regiftmas ads
for the last two days,
posted up all the extra signs
- around town.
- And?
But hardly anything's coming in.
Barely even a trickle.
Well, Dad,
that doesn't sound good.
Well, maybe we just
need to leave them up
for a couple more days.
Unfortunately, I don't have
another couple of days though.
We're running out of time.
I think you
and Allison were right.
Right about what?
I need you.
I need you to
tell people your story.
It's true.
I've seen you talk about it
a couple times at school,
and you know
exactly what to say.
(chuckling) But I thought
we all agreed
that there's no practical
way to do that.
Actually, there is.
What are you doing

(inhaling deeply)

I can't believe we're
going to be on the news.
This way you'll be
able to explain Regiftmas
in your own way.
Well, it sure beats
having to go door-to-door.
I think you'd lose your voice
by the time you
finished the first block.
I think
this is going to work.
Allison is right,
you're the secret.
The secret?
The secret to Regiftmas.
If people hear you
explain what it's all about,
that will
motivate them to donate.
Well, I will give it my all,
trust me.
You always do.
I think this is going
to turn things around.
Oh, and I wrote up
a bit of a script.
I know
it's last minute, but...
- Oh. Oh.
- He's just micing you up.
Sorry. I've never done
anything like this before.
Oh, wow, this is
a lot to memorize.
Oh, I know. Sorry.
I wrote it last minute,
but it doesn't need
to be word-for-word.
"Regiftmas is
just like Christmas,
only with regifting."
Yeah, um, I don't know...
Again, this isn't
the kind of language
I would use
to explain it.
I know, but this is
going on TV,
so it's gotta be
polished and professional.
Of course, and I so appreciate
your doing this, it--
it doesn't sound like me.
Maybe I--
It's a clear
and direct message.
Trust me, I've done it before.
You'll be great.
Well, hello, everybody.
Oh, uh, sir,
I didn't know you were coming.
Well, I couldn't help myself.
I'm so excited about this idea,
I thought that I'd come watch.
Oh, is that a script?
May I?
Is everything all right?
Well, uh,
it reads like a...
a commercial.
Well, it is in a sense,
so that's a good thing, right?
Nate, uh,
you're a great communicator,
but, uh, this is
a different kind of marketing.
You need to explain it
like you explained it to me.
It doesn't matter if
the wording is imperfect.
It's better if it's, uh,
uh, what's the word? Um...
Are you ready?
Definitely. I've been
telling the story a lot.
I just need to stay focused.
That's why I thought
a script might be good,
but maybe
we could rehearse?
No, no, no.
Let's just do it.
The less time I have to
think about it, the better.
Let's get rolling, everyone.
Just smile at the camera.
And here we go.
Hello, everyone,
in Larchmont Falls.
We've got some exciting
news about this year's
Jingle Bell Jubilee.
I'm Nate Albertson,
the new city manager,
and over here is Hope Wilson,
an English teacher
over at Larchmont High.
Hello, and don't worry,
I won't be grading anyone today.
(chuckling) We would like
to tell you all about Regiftmas.
It has a very
special meaning to me,
and I'd like to
tell you all why.
My grandmother found
that Christmas had become
too much about shopping,
and worried that we had all lost
the real meaning of Christmas.
So, she decided to do
something about it.
First, she led by example,
then all her
neighbors joined in.
And when my grandmother
brought over the presents
on Christmas Eve,
the families were so grateful.
They couldn't believe
that someone cared enough
to make sure that they had
a real merry Christmas.
I just-- I loved the tradition
so much that I started doing it
in my own classroom,
uh, with my grandmother's
very own cedar chest.
My students bring their presents
a month before Christmas,
and then we donate them all
to the Jingle Bell Jubilee
charity drive.
So, we're asking you
to do the same thing.
I want to be honest, we
desperately need donations
this year, otherwise--
Though I have faith that
there won't be an otherwise.
Yeah, I have faith that
everyone watching right now
has that special present
just waiting to be
regifted to
the right person.
This is an opportunity
to show our gratitude
for everything
that we've been given,
and pay it forward to
people who really need it.
So, please,
open your hearts and donate.
Please bring your
regifts down to City Hall,
where we already have a special
kiosk set up for Regiftmas.
And, by participating,
you'll show these families
that they are loved.
'Cause after all, isn't that
what Christmas is all about?
Just spreading the love
from one heart to another?
And letting the love
in from a higher place.
A love that warms
and lights up the world.
Merry Christmas, everyone,
and please remember
to bring your donation down
to the regift kiosk
inside the City Hall ballroom
by December 20th.
And please give.
(laughing, applauding)
(crew applauding)
Good job.
Great work, really.
Hey, thanks, everyone.
Many thanks to you
and to Hope.
You knocked it out of the park
and you spoke from the heart,
which makes
all the difference.
Thank you, sir.
I'm so happy to have
the opportunity to do this.
Well, I'm glad you did it.
See you back
at the office, Nate,
and great job as always.
Thank you, sir.
You know what? I think
we make a pretty good team.
We do.
Uh, I'm going to go
help with the pack up.

- Hey.
- Hey.
I guess a few people
saw us on the news.
I just came down to see
if anyone would show up,
but I can't believe this.
How is this even possible?
Well, because we didn't
use my script.
Oh, no.
Nate, don't do that.
There was nothing
wrong with your script.
I disagree.
You were right.
And there was one
big thing wrong with it.
It didn't have heart.
And that's just something
I couldn't get down on paper.
Well, you have it in there.
I know you do.
Well, speaking of
having a heart,
do you think you could
apologize to Allison for me?
What for?
Well, I feel like I didn't
really connect with her,
and I don't want her
to think that I was
avoiding her or something.
I just didn't have the time.
Well... you've
been a little busy.
Oh, yeah,
with the Jingle Bell Jubilee
less than a week away,
and then doing all this,
you can tell that
my hands are full.
Is that what
I think it is? Oh!
The Mr. and Mrs. Santa
photo board!
Yeah, I found it in storage.
Honestly, I don't know why
we ever stopped using it.
My family used to
love that when I was a kid.
We have all these
photos lined up
of us poking
our heads through.
Yeah, so did we,
except Dad always managed
to have his eyes closed in,
like, every photo.
Oh, yeah.
Well, should we do it?
Oh, well,
there's no one to work it.
Oh, we don't need that.
We updated the tech,
so now people
can take
the photos themselves.
Yes, please.
I'm assuming you
know how it works?
Uh, well, I'm not sure
if I remember...
(music playing)
Step right up, lovely lady,
and celebrate
the Christmas spirit
with a magical
Yuletide photo.
All you need is
a handsome gentleman
to be in the photo
with you.
Oh, goodness,
but wherever shall I find
this handsome gentleman?
Well, confidentially, now,
I'm not supposed
to be doing this,
but I might be
willing to help you.
Oh, well, that's nice.
But are you
handsome enough?
I suppose you'll do.
She's in.
Let me take your coat.
Thank you.
Okay, I'm ready
for my close-up!
Hurry up,
this offer doesn't last long!
Okay, how does my hair look?
Don't look at me,
look at the camera.
(camera clicking)
What was that?
That means
our photo's ready.
Oh, wow. Like father like
daughter with the eyes closed.
- (Hope laughing)
- It's a good look.
You know, uh,
you really managed to bring back
the spirit of the Jubilee.
Well, thank you.
It's honestly been
really nice to rebuild it,
make it special, the same way
it was for me when I was a kid,
and now for everyone
in town.
And you.
Mayor Barson:
Oh, there you are!
Nate, oh, you two
really did it.
Our Regiftmas chest
runneth over.
That's the Mr. and Mrs. Clause
photo board.
That was my favorite.
Hey, ours too!
Whoa, you two need
a retake.
Oh, we'll get
right on that, sir.
('50s music playing)
This is great. Yeah.
Yeah, well,
I'm glad we did a retake.
Yeah, this is cool.
But I'm sorry, no matter
how well we fit these roles,
I am not moving to
the North Pole with you.
Hey, I'm just impressed I got
you out of the office for lunch.
Oh, yeah, I have definitely been
living off of energy bars
lately, so not the healthiest
time, but this is on me.
My way of saying
thanks again for everything.
Thank you.
Hey, how's Brandon doing?
Is he enjoying
Christmas break?
Oh, yeah, he's made
a bunch of new friends already
he's hanging out with.
I'm surprised at
how well he's adjusted.
It's tough switching towns
during high school, you know?
Yeah, well,
he's a great kid,
which means that
you must be a great dad.
Oh, I do what I can.
It's a lot easier now
that he's older.
I'm, uh, I'm not
hanging on for dear life.
- Yeah.
- (phone vibrating)
Oh, this is my assistant.
Can I take--
- Yeah. Of course.
- Thanks.
Yeah, AJ?
Oh, no. Um...
I don't know why
I didn't think about that.
Yeah, you know what?
Okay, okay.
Uh, let me figure that out.
Okay, thanks.
Is everything okay?
Uh, yes,
but the plan was
to wrap the donations
after we inspected them,
make them look like gifts.
Of course,
it's Christmas.
Um, yeah, but we never
imagined we would receive
so many donations so quickly.
So, now my staff can't possibly
wrap them all in time.
Uh, yeah, I don't know why
I didn't think that through.
Well, how could you
possibly have known?
Besides, this is
a good problem to have.
I-- Yeah, that's true.
What about a wrap party?
A wrap party?
Yeah, a gift wrap party.
Okay, my mom used to
hold one for all the parents
in the neighborhood,
and they would all come over
and wrap their presents at this
big long table that we'd set up,
and there would be eggnog
and then Christmas carols
and, um, when I was
old enough I got to help,
and it was a lot of fun.
Um, that could
definitely work.
How about this weekend?
We would just have
to get started ASAP,
especially since
donations keep coming in.
Yeah, uh, Saturday night.
I'll host.
I can even invite Allison.
Oh, and Andy.
That guy's got a ton of energy.
We could put it to use.
Yeah, yeah.
Good idea.
And now we sprinkle.
(Allison laughing)
I am going to eat way
too many of these.
Discipline! There's a lot
more Christmas eating to come.
Hey, thanks for
coming early to help.
Thank you for getting me
together with Nate again.
I didn't think I'd see him
'til after the new year.
So, you really like him.
Yeah! Actually...
I haven't spent enough
time with him, to be honest.
I mean, he's certainly
everything I want,
at least on paper.
Ticks all the boxes,
as they say.
In about 20 minutes
we'll have more
Christmas deliciousness.
Now, onto the eggnog.
I will say, though,
Nate seems like a bit of
a tough nut to crack.
He's a little distant.
Yeah, well,
don't give up on him.
He told me that
he hasn't dated anyone
since his wife passed away,
and he just isn't sure
if he's ready to be
serious about someone yet.
I didn't know
it was like that.
Well, it doesn't have
to be a bad thing.
Just look at it like
he's taking baby steps.
But he'll get there.
It's good advice.
Thanks, Hope.
(doorbell ringing)
Oh, I guess the eggnog
will have to wait.
They're here.
Come on.
Come in,
it's open.
Okay. Gift wrap,
scotch tape,
ribbons, extra scissors,
we've got it covered.
Yeah, we bought out
the store down the street,
and this is just
the first round of donations.
- Wow.
- Wow, good for you,
my overgrown elves.
(all laughing)
Hey, Andy. Hi, Nate.
It's good to see you again.
You, too.
Uh, so, why don't
you guys get started,
and eggnog and cookies
in just a few minutes.
Great, I'm starving.
Okay, where should
we get set up?
Oh, uh-- Oh!
(all laughing)
Thank you so much.
Uh, gift wrapping central will
be right over there.
- Okay.
- Allison: This way, come on.
I'm going to grab the rest of
the donations out of the car.
Nate and I had to caravan.
- Hope: Okay.
- Nate: Thanks, Andy! Okay.
Allison: Wow, you really do
have it covered.
Oh, yeah,
we got a lot of stuff.
Ribbon, tape.
It's so cute.
Nate: It is so cute.
This is going to be great.
This one's my favorite.
(Hope laughing)
Come on, Andy.
There's one snowman left.
It's your favorite.
Yeah, I'm having some
trouble with this one.
Oh, Andy...
(all laughing)
Yeah, I'm not really
a crafts person.
Yeah, maybe I should
just redo this one.
Yeah. Thanks.
I'm a better skater than
I am wrapper, I promise.
Hey, don't sweat it,
we're getting a lot done.
There is no way we could have
done this all at the office.
Thank you so much
for all your help.
Yeah, it's been really amazing
seeing Regiftmas come to life
for the whole city.
My hands are tired.
(All laughing)
But I'm glad we weren't playing
tonight so I could help out.
Well, we are so close
to done.
Why don't I start clearing some
of this stuff out of the way?
Oh, let me help you.
I'll grab some paper towel.
Do you need some help?
Oh, it's okay.
I got this.
You still watching
our games?
Oh, I wouldn't miss 'em.
You guys are on
a real winning streak.
Yeah, we've been lucky.
I gotta tell you, I don't meet
a lot of women who watch hockey.
Neither do I,
but, honestly, I would go
to every single game in person
if I could afford it.
You know, you don't
have to worry about that.
What do you mean?
I could leave a pass
for you at the box office.
We get free tickets
to every game.
You know, why should
they go to waste?
You would do that for me?
Well, it's honestly
not that big of a deal.
I would love that.
Thanks, Andy.
Yeah. Cool.
Okay, we are going to
make this place spotl--
- Oh!
- Oh!
I will get some
more paper towel.
It's okay.
(water running)
Nate knocked over
some nog.
Oh, I got it. You're in
the middle of all that.
It's just, um...
You're really nice,
and so, um, understanding
about everything.
I just wanted you to know
that I really appreciate you.
Oh, um...
Thanks, Andy.
I appreciate you, too.
Why don't I help you
with that mess?
What's going on
with you?
Sorry, I'm just, uh...
I'm lost
in my own head.
You know how it is.
Yeah, sure I do.
Um... uh...
Let's go mop up that nog,
why don't we?
- Yes, after you.
- Okay.
Sorry, my bad.
Nate, it's Christmas.
All is forgiven.
Hey, Andy's going
to be playing
in a special
Christmas tournament.
He can get us free passes.
Would you want to go?
You'll be done with
the Jingle Bell Jubilee by then.
Oh, sure.
Andy: I can probably get
a ticket for Brandon, too,
if he was interested.
He'd probably love that.
I'll let him know.
Oh, it's very
sweet of you, Andy,
but hockey's not
really my thing.
I remember.
Here, why don't
I finish this off?
- Allison: Oh.
- Nate: Oh, nice.
That'll do it.
That's about it.
Now we just have to load
the presents into the vehicles.
Yeah, we got
a lot done tonight.
We sure did.
We are a lean, mean
gift-wrapping machine.
I'll go throw these
out for you.
No, no. I'll help.
(both chuckling)
Thanks again
for hosting this.
My staff was dreading
trying to put all this together
on their own.
You're going to make me
look like a hero at work.
Well, I feel like
you already do
with everything you did with
the Jubilee and Regiftmas.
Nate, it really
means a lot to me.
It means a lot to me, too.
You really saved
the charity drive.

I-- I should go
help with the gifts.
(phone ringing)
Knock, knock.
Oh. Hey, Andy.
Come on in.
I, uh, unloaded the presents
where you told me to,
so you're good to go, bro.
Good to go!
Thank you.
Is-- Is everything
else okay?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know, just Christmas.
It's right around the corner.
Yeah, right around the corner.
So, Hope's really awesome.
I love having her around.
Yeah, yeah. It's great getting
to catch up with her again
after all these years.
Oh, I bet.
How are, uh,
you and Allison getting along?
Oh, uh, we're good.
I mean...
We're just getting
to know each other.
So, like, no big deal, or...
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I guess.
Hey, Andy is something
else on your mind or?
I, uh...
I need to talk to Hope
about something important,
and I, uh...
I don't know how to do it,
I don't know what
she's going to say.
Okay, about what?
Uh, I don't want to say.
Is that cool? I just need
to talk to Hope first.
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Well, uh...
Gotta get to practice.
Well, if you do want to
talk about whatever, you--
Yeah, I know where to come.
City Hall.
Um, well, thanks again
for bringing the gifts,
not to mention all
the wrapping you've done.
It's been a big help.
It's no problem.
Have a good day, boss.
Yeah, you too.

I thought some
hot tea might be nice.
Well, you thought right.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, that is
the least I could do
after you helped fix the great
gift wrapping catastrophe.
Andy tried his best.
Yes, but his unique approach to
gift wrapping didn't go over
too well with my staff,
which is why I asked you quietly
to come over and fix his more...
challenging attempts.
I didn't want to
hurt his feelings.
Could have asked Allison.
No one wraps like you do,
and I didn't want
to take any chances.
Well, you're right. All our
regifts need to look beautiful
for everyone
who's getting them.
And basically, never let Andy
near a roll of gift wrap again.
Oh, don't be so hard on him.
Maybe it was meant to be.
With great regifting
comes great rewrapping. Hm?
You might be on
to something.
So, what's the deal
with you two?
With who two?
You and Andy.
Me and Andy? Uh...
Nothing, we're
just friends.
Oh, so you two
never dated?
Yeah, well, we went out
a couple of times,
but it never went anywhere.
You know, he's a hockey player,
always on the road and...
- (chuckling) What?
- Nothing.
It's just, we had a very strange
conversation earlier.
First, he asked how things were
going with me and Allison.
Mm-hm. At which I said
things were going fine.
Yeah, she does
really like you,
and you guys seem to have
a lot of fun together.
Honestly, it's just fun getting
to go out with adults again
after being
a single dad for so long.
Yeah, I bet.
I know this is
new territory for you.
So, good for you
for taking it on.
So, um,
what was the other thing?
Uh, what other thing?
What else
did Andy say?
Nothing. He just started
talking about how great you are.
Oh, okay.
That's odd.
In what way?
Well, when we were in
the kitchen yesterday,
he told me
he appreciated me,
and then he just kind of
stared at me for a few seconds.
Yeah. I feel like he was
trying to get at something.
I shouldn't have
said anything.
Never mind.
Never mind what?
- I shouldn't--
- Shouldn't what?
He said he wanted
to ask you something.
Something, and I quote,
Well, did he say
anything else?
No, he just seemed serious.
No. No.
Andy is never that serious.
I know, but he was
definitely serious.
I mean, he's been spending
a lot of time with you,
helping out for Regiftmas.
Maybe he realized something.
Could you possibly be
a little bit more vague?
Oh, maybe Mister Hockey Star
wants another shot.
With you.

Ding, dong,
merrily on high
In Heaven
the bells are ringing
Ding dong,
merrily on high
Come hear
the people singing
Nate really did a great job
putting this
whole thing together.
Yeah, he sure did.
Shows what hard work can do.
Or, correction,
hard work and heart.
Your heart.
Thanks for coming
with me today.
Oh, yeah.
Sure, Andy.
That's what friends are for.
Oh, look!
That's the coolest hat.
Great hat.
Oh, hi, Ms. Wilson.
Hey, Brandon.
Hi, Brandon's dad.
Hey. Can you believe it?
People are still donating.
We're going to have to
have another wrapping party.
It's beyond
my wildest dreams.
How are you guys doing?
Doing good?
Having fun?
Yes. Yeah.
We're-- We're good.
Nate, you did
an amazing job.
Thank you.
Hey, uh, we'll pop back
by in a little bit.
Come with me.
I want to buy you
a Santa cupcake
at the hot chocolate kiosk.
His hat... all icing.
Oh, okay. Well, that's a sugar
high waiting to happen.
Andy, uh,
is something going on?
Did Nate tell you?
Tell me what?
That I wanted to
ask you something.
He was looking at us
like something was going on.
He did tell me that you had
something important to ask me.
I wish he hadn't.
I know.
I'm sorry, but look,
I'm good to just
let the whole thing go.
But there is something
that I want to ask you.
Okay. Just ask it.
I'm just hoping that
you're going to be okay
with what I'm about to say.
Andy, just ask it.

It's just it's really hard.
Well, you and I went out
a couple of times,
and I don't know how
you feel about me, but--
I feel that--
that you are
a really great...
Yes, exactly,
and it's good to
keep it that way.
Uh, yeah?
(both chuckling)
Okay, this is maybe going to
be easier than I thought.
I wanted to
ask you about Allison.
I kinda
have a crush on her.
You do!?
I've been wondering
for a little while.
I think that she may
have a crush on you, too.
She does?
Well, what about Nate?
I mean, I would ask her myself,
but if they're getting along
then I don't want
to interfere.
I'm not really sure.
Could you find out?
Andy, that's kind of
a big ask,
but Allison and I do
tell each other everything,
and she's supposed
to drop by here soon.
So, I can't make
any promises--
Yes, thank you!
Thank you, Hope!
Easy, big guy.

I wish my house
was this delicious.
Yeah, but then it would slowly
disappear piece by piece.
Oh, well, not slowly,
and then I'd just
bake another one.
You know, Nate insisted on
bringing this booth back, too.
He remembered it
from when we were kids.
Well, he is
one smart cookie.
He sure is.
I just wish that, uh...
I thought you two
had a lot in common.
No, we do, but...
I just think
that's the problem.
The other night, when we
were out for hot chocolate--
--we ended up talking about
management theories for an hour.
Not very romantic.
Yeah, and to be honest
it didn't really feel
like we had much else
to talk about.
Our get-togethers are
starting to feel more like...
staff meetings.
- Ouch.
- Mm-hm.
So, we talked it out,
and we decided no more dates.
I-- I'm sorry.
I thought you two
would really hit it off.
Well, it's okay.
You tried.
I tried and even
Nate tried.
So, no harm no foul.
Well, then, I guess
I should tell you, um...
Well, I found out what
Andy wanted to ask me about.
Turns out the person he wanted
to ask about was...
- Me?
- He likes you.
- What?
- Like, a lot.
- Really?
- Really. (chuckling)
Oh, this is
the best Christmas present
a girl could ever ask for.
(both laughing)
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
Who's watching
the Regiftmas booth?
Oh, Brandon
and some of his buddies.
Uh, but listen, the mayor
is making his speech soon,
and he wants us to
stand on stage with him.
Us, like me and you?
Yeah, like me and you.
Hey, um, can you two
give us a minute?
Uh, yeah.
Sure. Yeah.
We'll catch up
with you guys later.
Don't they make
such a great couple?
Wait, what?
I thought Andy was
going to ask you out again.
Uh, no. Turns out Andy just
wanted to know if it was okay
if he could ask Allison out.
That's a twist.
So, you and Nate,
that's more of
a friendship thing?
So, would it be okay,
if we went out sometime?
Like, you and me?
Andy, I would love that.
Me, too.
Hey, do you want to go
get some hot chocolate?
I would love that.
Plus, I heard they have
those Santa cupcakes.
Even better.
(both laughing)
Woman: Hey, it's them.
There they are!
I saw them on TV.
What, are we
celebrities now?
Yeah, exactly.
I think
it's the news report.
You wouldn't believe
how many people came up to me
in the booth and thought
we were, like, um...
Like, um, what?
Uh, a couple
or something.
Well, hey, maybe we should
hold hands once in a while.
Give the people
what they want.
(both laughing)

I think my experience with
Allison has taught me something.
That is...
I'm definitely not ready.
Uh, how do you know that?
Oh, well,
while Allison and I
were hanging out...
...I just kept avoiding
anything that would make it
more of a real relationship,
and I think that is a red flag.
Maybe I'll never
be ready.
Doesn't happen twice and that's
just how it's supposed to be.
But it's your life, Nate.
It can be whatever
you want it to be.
Yeah, I know, I just...
But it has been nice
spending time with you.
You make it sound like we'll
never see each other again.
Oh. Oh, no.
Like, it's just...
Regiftmas, Christmas,
the whole
Jingle Bell Jubilee.
I mean, it'll all be done,
and soon the Christmas
glow will all be gone,
and we just gotta
get back to reality.
Yeah, yeah. We will...
You, uh,
ready to take the stage?
Yes, sir.
You know,
maybe it should just be Nate,
'cause I wasn't
that involved.
Hope, your Regiftmas idea
has made this a Christmas
to remember for
a lot of needy families.
I'm not getting up on
that stage without you.
Come on.

And I hope you've all enjoyed
this year's Jingle Bell Jubilee.
Personally, I think it may
be the best we've ever had.
(all applauding, cheering)
Now, on that note,
I'd like to introduce you
to two people
that you may already
be acquainted with.
Our new City Manager
Nate Albertson
and one brilliant
school teacher, Hope Wilson.
(crowd cheering)
What you all may not know is
just a little while ago
our annual Christmas Charity
Drive was in deep,
deep trouble.
Then these two young people
found a way
to turn it around
by introducing all of us
to the concept of Regiftmas.
A record number
of donations this year,
far surpassing past efforts!
- (crowd cheering)
- Oh, wow! Wow!
Which is why Nate and Hope
will each be receiving
special recognition medals
from the City
of Larchmont Falls
to honor everything they've
accomplished for our town!
Take a bow, you two!
(crowd cheering)
Mayor Barson:
Oh! Oh! One more thing!
Don't forget about our annual
Christmas Eve Jingle Bell Dance
tonight at seven right here
in City Hall
and I want to wish each and
every one of you
a Merry Christmas.
(crowd cheering)
Merry Christmas!
Thanks again, you two.
I'll see that you get those
medals as soon as possible.
Nate, who looks after
the medals?
I do, sir.
Well, we're
in good hands.
Now, I expect to see
both of you back here
at the Jingle Bell Dance
- Oh, I really don't think...
- I don't...
Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
This is one of the high points
of the Jubilee
and I will not take "no"
for an answer.
You two represent the best this
city has to offer.
Ergo, you will both be there.
I'll see you later.
Well, he is the boss,
or my boss at least.
Are you gonna come?
No, I don't think so.
I'm pretty wiped out.
I get it.
But still, it might be
nice to...
I don't know.
I, yeah, you should, um,
you should go home and rest.
You did your part.
Are you sure?
I could--
I could come.
Uh, no.
No, that's okay.
You have done
more than enough.
Well, if that's
how you look at it...
Have a good
Christmas, Hope.
Yeah, you too, Nate.

See you guys tomorrow.
Hey! Aren't you coming
to the dance?
Yeah, 'cause...
guess what?
We're going together!
Oh! That's-- That's so great,
you guys.
But no. I'm gonna sit
this one out.
But you guys have fun.
I-- I don't know.
We just thought since the two of
us are going together.
Yeah, you and Nate would
come with and...
I don't think so, Andy.
It's not what he wants.
You don't that.
No, I-- I do.
Yeah, he told me that after
everything that happened
with you, it just kind of proved
to him that he's not ready.
Okay, but, and this is
just a theory.
What if the reason Nate didn't
want to be with me
is because he actually
wants to be with you,
but he just can't see it?
Maybe, but...
- No, I.
- Hope!
When we're out on the ice and
things are getting hairy,
sometimes we need
to push one of the guys
to do the thing that
he needs to do.
Maybe that's what Nate needs.
A little push.
Maybe you could
use one, too.
I really appreciate
the advice, you guys,
but I need to respect
Nate's wishes.
Regiftmas is behind us now and--
and it was amazing
and I am so lucky,
but I just, I need to move on
with my life.
But you guys
have fun, okay?
(band playing Christmas music)

- Ha. Look at you two.
- Yeah!
It all kind of worked out,
I guess.
Thanks to you and Hope.
Great party, by the way.
Uh, well, you'll have
to give the credit
to the Chamber of Commerce.
They handle the
Jingle Bell Dance.
Which was good for me, because
I had enough on my plate.
So, Hope didn't show?
Uh, no, no.
Yeah, she said
she wasn't going to,
but we were kind
of hoping that maybe...
Yeah, yeah,
I sort of was too,
but I can't blame her.
Well, you look like you could
use a dance partner.
Ah, no, no. That's okay.
You two go ahead.
After all,
you just got together.
Oh, come on.
It's just one dance, Nate.
- Do you mind?
- No!
He's gonna be better at not
stepping on your toes anyways.
- (laughing)
- I'm gonna go get some punch.
Come on.

I've wanted to tell you,
I'm sorry you
and I didn't click.
I just don't think
I was ready.
Did you ever think that maybe
you weren't ready,
because I'm not
the right person for you?
And maybe if you were with
the right person...
You're not talking about
a specific person, are you?
I'm talking hypothetically.
Okay, not hypothetically.
I'm talking about Hope.
Yeah, I mean, I just...
I think I pushed her away one
too many times
and now I can't stop
thinking about her.
What do you mean?
I mean, Regiftmas
is over.
This whole time I was able
to be with Hope
without admitting to myself
how much it meant to me
and, uh, I could just tell
myself I was doing my job.
Nate, everybody knew you weren't
just doing your job.
Yeah, except the one person
that mattered the most.

Sorry, Allison,
I think I need to cut in.
Yeah, you do.

You showed up.
Yeah, I did.
What changed your mind?
I went home and I saw my
grandmother's cedar chest
right back in my living room
and I just thought about how she
was so unselfish.
She always cared so much about
other people.
Not about herself and I always
tried to be like that.
What makes me happy is making
other people happy.
That's why I love
Regiftmas so much.
- I know.
- But I realized that...
I was making myself pretend that
I didn't have feelings for you.
First, because Allison
wanted to date you
and then because you told me you
weren't ready
and I wanted
to respect that,
but then, I couldn't help but
think about how sad you looked
when I left the ceremony and
I just started to wonder...
...what if what I want
is really what you want.
What if those two things,
they just, they line up?
I started thinking
a lot after you left.
And I think, Ms. Wilson,
you might be on
to something.

I guess it's not just
what we want.
What they want.
So, you know what they say.
Let's... let's give the people
what they want.

Happy Christmas,
Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas, everyone
Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas, everyone