The Joneses (2009) Movie Script

Man, this thing rides smooth.
lt's very nice.
lt's like riding
on the ass of an angel.
l mean, l wish
l could have sold
a crossover like this.
l wouldn't have been able
to keep them in stock.
[ Engine Revs ]
I'm gonna
race you to
the other side
he win embrace
I'm on a brand-new ride
Did you know that there are
5,000 teenagers here...
between 1 5 and 1 8?
There's four high schools.
Three private schools.
- Nice. he average income's
over $1 00,000.
- [ Whistles ]
I'm gonna bet you
that there's more to this
More than will reach
the human eye
- ow many courses?
- Three private. One public.
Looks like l'll be
getting my swing back.
I promise you'll
remain anonymous
An honest lover
under an evening sky
Then I let you go
We are gonna do some damage
in this town.
[ Continues ]
What do you think, kids?
Slip of the tongue
and I'll just walk in here
And all the melodies
that disappear
I'm gonna put you
on a righteous path
I'm gonna get you clean
and I'll be back
And l let you go
And I let you go
And I let you go
And I let you go
And we're home.
I think this looks good.
I got it.
This is it, huh?
Wow. lt's huge.
Yeah, this is
pretty nice.
Quick, quick.
Okay, l'll get a video.
[ Woman ]
Let"s get in.
Oh. ey, sir, um,
do you mind helping us out?
Just wanna get
a quick video.
No problem.
It"s real simple.
Here"s the viewfinder.
Hit the button.
Then l can send the video
to my grandma.
No kiddin'.
ls this new?
What is this?
Yeah, it"s the new HTC.
This is great.
All right.
everybody smile.
- Hi, Grandma.
- Hi, Grandma!
[ Man's Voice On Tape ]
I am an incredibly powerful
constantly climbing
the ladder of success.
l'm an incredibly
powerful salesperson,
constantly climbing
the ladder of success.
I am an incredibly powerful
Put your shoes on, Larry.
We've gotta go welcome
those new neighbors right now.
Don't you think
we should at least
let the people settle in?
I will never become
an Omega Strata Robustion...
Cosmetic Associate waiting
for people to settle in.
Please, boo-boo.
[ Man On Tape ]
I am an incredibly powerful
salesperson, constantly-
[ Quietly ]
...climbing the ladder
of success.
[ Doorbell Rings ]
[ Footsteps ]
[ Whistles ]
[ ogether ]
[ All Laugh ]
Well, hi.
Um, we're the Symondses
from next door.
l'm Summer, and this
is my husband Larry.
[ Larry ] Hey, neighbors.
I just wanted to bring you
this welcome gift...
of various samples from
the new Robustion Aphrodite
line of beauty products.
But l'm sure you're
in no mood for guests.
Don't-Don't be silly.
Come in. Come in.
- l'm Steve Jones.
- Hi.
Aw. Nice to meet you.
Uh, Larry Symonds.
Pleased to meet you.
his is Jenn and Mick,
and l'm Kate.
i, Mick.
Nice to meet you.
[ Kate ]
So nice to meet you.
You too.
Do you have kids?
Because they should come over
and meet Mick and Jenn.
Actually, we don't.
I was, uh-
I wasn't able-
Oh. What?
[ Murmurs ]
I know that with a big move
in "conduction"...
with a woman's naturally
fluctuating hormones,
it can leave
your skin a wreck,
but you'll find
that the Aphrodite line...
of beauty products
can really give you a glow.
l bet. Look at you.
You're a vision of beauty.
Well, thank you.
You're welcome.
Larry, wanna grab
a cold one?
Come on.
Yeah, sure. Okay.
[ Kate ]
Come on in.
Well, would you
like a tour?
[ Summer ]
These rooms are divine.
Thank you.
You should come over
to our house,
and we can talk decor.
Oh, l would love that.
Boy. l'm very "impassionate"'
about interiors myself.
So what line of work
is your husband in?
Well, you know,
he does a little of this
and a little of that,
and mostly he works
on keeping me happy.
Oh, you're right.
This is really a good beer.
l told you
that would hit the spot.
Hey, that was a, uh,
nice visit...
with the Symondses today,
wasn't it?
Yeah. It was.
l think that
you may have
overdone it a little.
What do you mean?
Uh, "a vision of beauty"'?
Aw, come on.
I was just having fun.
And she loved it.
Made her day.
Well, l love
your enthusiasm.
Thank you.
l just think
you need to go slow.
Oh, this is a soft,
soft bed.
l could really get used
to being in it.
Mm-hmm. lt's nice.
Sweet dreams.
Good night.
All right.
This is a very big day.
Your first day
of your new school.
lmportant you make
a good impression.
I have my sweater right there.
- [ Steve ]
Good morning.
- Good morning.
So what are you
doing today, Daddy?
l am, uh-
l'm gonna try
to scare up a golf game.
What are you gonna do?
Oh, you know,
a little mani-pedi,
maybe a facial,
get my hair done.
l think we're gonna do
really, really well here.
But you guys
are gonna be late.
Oh! We are.
Let's get going.
Here you go.
Thank you.
See you later.
[ Mid-tempo Rock ]
lt's not just created.
He pulls it from the air
around him, from the-
May l help you?
[ Door Closes ]
[ Chattering ]
We have a new student
joining us today.
This is Jennifer Jones.
lt's Jenn.
All right, Jenn.
Choose any available seat.
l love your shoes.
The biatch
borrowed 'em from me.
[ Laughs ]
Let's all meet up
It"s after midnight
[ Larry ]
Hey, Jones!
Hey, Larry.
You, uh-
You playin" today?
Uh, no. You know,
l haven't really
met anybody. So-
Well, you can play with me.
l'm paired up
with a couple of guys,
but there's room for a fourth.
l wouldn't want
to impose on you.
Don't be siIly.
- You can ride with me.
- Really? Thanks, Larry.
No problem.
Thank you.
You've got
glistening teeth.
See you later.
Bye, sweetie.
Thank you.
[ Softly ]
New client.
Are you Kate?
So sorry about the wait.
You know how it is.
When the mouth starts going,
there goes the whole day.
[ Chuckles ]
I'm "Billay."
Welcome to my salon.
You're not from
around here, are you?
l just saw
that YSL bag...
come down the runway
and I know you didn't
get that around here.
We just moved here
So how on earth
did you find me?
Well, l...
do my research,
and anyone who's anyone
knows you're the best.
Isn't that the truth.
And there isn't anyone
who's anyone that I don't know.
So. What are we
going to do today?
l'm a mess
from the move.
I think I need an overhaul.
Sugar, if this is a mess,
then l want whatever
you're taking.
- [ Man ]
- That'll play.
[ Man #2 ]
Nothin' wrong with that.
Clean livin'.
[ Larry ]
Nice shot.
Thank you.
ave you seen
these new MP-52 irons?
I don't believe I have.
They have a lower,
deeper center of gravity,
so they're more forgiving.
Yeah, so if they'll
forgive me-
[ Chuckles ]
they'll forgive anyone.
Very nice.
[ Buzzing ]
Excuse me.
ey, baby.
Hi, baby.
How's your game?
My game's great.
How's your game?
- Fantastic.
l was just missing you.
- Bye-bye, Kate.
lt was great
meeting you.
You too, Sylvia.
And l'll see you tomorrow
for that hot yoga class.
Right. Bye, sweetie.
l see you're making
some new friends.
Well, I'm trying.
- That's hot.
- Oh, I love this.
- The phone's great, but l was
talking about the husband.
- He's pretty yummy too.
- Hello?
- Don't come home too tired.
- Oh.
- Bye. Love you.
l love you.
[ Kissing ]
[ Beeps ]
- You lucky bitch.
- I know.
You know what
I'm gonna do for you?
l'm gonna have
a special lunch
to introduce you to my ladies.
l would love that.
You got it.
[ Kate ]
How'd it go today?
Very well.
Did you make friends?
l did.
I made friends.
Oh. Did you get their,
uh, contact info?
Of course l did.
Great. Well, your dinner's
in the fridge.
[ Sniffs ]
[ Clock Ticking ]
[ Whispering ]
You like that?
[ Kate ]
Come on. Let's go.
Let go of me!
[ Steve ]
[ Kate ]
Get your clothes on.
- [ Steve ] Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- I'll handle this.
No. Nothing happened.
Ladies, come on.
Goddamn it, Jenn.
We told them that this
was not going to happen again.
What, are you jealous?
Oh, that's ridiculous.
Now, hold on!
lf you're not gonna do him,
why can't I?
[ Kate ]
Do you want me to call KC?
Freak's back in action, huh?
Fuck you!
Mick, stay out of this.
Go get in your room now .
[ Door Closes ]
Night, Dad.
[ Door Slams ]
- Why did you let her
in your room?
- Come on. I was sleeping.
You're not blaming me?
She's got a problem.
What am l supposed to do?
Well, we're not gonna
solve this tonight,
so we're gonna discuss it
in the morning.
[ Door Closes ]
Good morning.
You have a nice glow about you.
Did you sleep well?
hat's very funny.
[ Jenn ]
- l really think
we should talk-
- Good morning.
Good morning.
We should talk about-
Good morning.
What happened-
Good morning.
What happened last night.
Jenn, do you have
something to say?
Oh, yeah.
I'm so sorry.
You know, you're new
and I totally took advantage
of the situation.
l shouldn't do that.
I'm so sorry.
his really wasn't covered
in my orientation.
- Well, we may not be
a normal family-
- You think?
but we do have to operate
as a team.
We have a huge
opportunity here.
l'd like to see us
keep our focus.
- Our first review
is in 30 days.
- Gotta sell, sell, sell.
[ Jenn ] All right.
Can I get a ride with you?
Bite me.
Kate, this is why
l need a car.
I don't wanna hear it.
Mick, wait.
l'm gonna be late
for my hot yoga class.
- Oh, you know, sure.
hat's really-
- Have a nice day.
You have a nice day too.
[ Door Closes ]
Hi. l'm Steve Jones.
You can call me Steve.
[ Mid-tempo Rock ]
[ Man ]
I don't know
My right from wrong
Or Mr. Jones.
Steve's fine.
I won't sing
No broken song
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Now some say love
Is a splendid thing
But ain't nobody
Gonna clip my wing
I'm singin'
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Till I turn you around
I'll set your blood
on fire
I'm gonna break it all down
Gonna break it all down
[ Continues ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
I don't know
Up from down
Ain't nobody
Gonna push me around
Gonna push me around
[ Continues ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- I'll set the world on fire
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- I'll set the world
Set the world
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- I'll set the world on fire
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- I'll set the world
Set the world
Come on
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Ends ]
[ Chattering ]
See ya, Jenn.
Bye, Jenn.
[ Dog Barking In Distance ]
All right, then.
l'm sure you're all eager
to hear your results...
from our first month
of sales.
Let's start with Steve.
Total sales
in this first month...
up three and a half percent.
- All right.
- Here are a few highlights.
Sporting goods,
four percent increase.
Watches, up two percent.
Golf-related merchandise,
three percent.
- Nice.
- Okay, Mick-
Overall sales up 16%.
[ Mick ]
Video games, up 1 3.
- Sportswear is up 21 .
- Cool.
Way to open up
the market, Mick.
[ KC ]
Good work.
And Jenn-
Up 14% overall.
- Solid work, my dear.
- [ Kate ] You did good.
[ Mick ]
Hey, you're still two down.
- Congratulations
on being our top producer.
- Thank you.
Up 20%.
[ Jenn ]
Wow. Okay.
[ Kate ]
Wow. Thank you. Thank you.
[ KC ]
Cosmetics, up 24.
[ Golf Balls Clattering ]
[ KC ]
Great form.
[ Recorded Applause ]
Thank you.
Are you focused?
Am I focused?
Yeah, I'm focused.
You know, you were
a great car salesman.
People trusted you
and they liked you,
so they bought
what you were selling.
But you're not
selling things anymore.
To succeed here,
you can't just sell things.
You're here to sell a lifestyle,
an attitude.
If people want you,
they'll want
what you've got.
Um, do the clients know
how this works?
Of course not.
hat's why it's called
"stealth marketing."
The fact is,
we get results.
How we go about that
is our business.
he question you have
to ask yourself is-
ow far are you willing
to go to get what you want?
lt's called killer instinct.
lf you can find it,
you could have
anything you want.
l don't think he's got it.
I think we may have to bag him.
No, no. l-
l know he's green.
He just needs some time.
And-And l-l can deal
with this.
l warned you
not to pick a rookie...
in your first
"head of household."
You've known me
a long time.
I can handle this.
l'll give you 60 days.
But this is your ass
on the line, not mine.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You won't regret it.
We'll see, won't we?
[ Exhales ]
[ Man On Radio ]
We're in a terrible
situation right now.
Why are you talking
about spending?
[ Man #2 ]
Have you read
my new book?
I have, and I
disagree with you completely.
Oh, okay.
[ Man #3 ] Looks like
sales for luxury items have
been up for the last two months.
You think we're
in a bulI market?
That's what l said.
Spend, spend, spend.
Bull market's
around the corner.
[ Man #1 ]
I understand
that bulls are bad.
Anyone can see
how upside-down
the entire market is.
at an all-time high-
[ Man #3 ] hat's true.
About four million
foreclosed homes this year.
The dollar is
on its way up.
I'm telling you.
[ Man #1 ]
If you want
to spend your way out,
the dollar will end up
the same way as the peso.
So we need to step it up,
so l've decided that
we're gonna throw a party.
Jesus. Look at Larry.
He is a miserable bastard.
[ Kate ]
My guess is they sleep
in separate bedrooms.
Yeah, l know
how that feels.
This is serious,
and l'd really like you
to focus.
l mean, we really need
to pull out all the stops.
l'd like to put
our contact list to good use...
and start to showcase
all we've got.
lt's a good time
for me to wear the YSL dress.
l'd really like to roll out
the Van Cleef earrings.
l think you have some
of those Costume National that-
Oh, ho, ho, ho.
have a chance to-
Thank you.
l really have some things
that I'd like...
to-to talk to you-
S-So l- here's some things
that I want-
[ Door Opens, Closes ]
ey, Larry.
Come on. Come on.
I'm on poop patrol here.
Nice. Mind if I ask you
a question?
Think Kate'll like these?
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Cha-cha, bling.
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah. Yeah, I think so.
What's the occasion?
No occasion.
Oh, geez.
Summer would love those.
Well, business is good,
isn't it?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
errific. Absolutely.
This is what it's all about.
[ Laughing ]
Yeah. Yeah, l guess so.
You, uh- Are you
gonna play today?
Oh, uh, no.
You know, l pulled-
I kinda pulled a muscle.
Oh, yeah?
Kate and l are into
this new tantric sex thing.
[ Chuckling ]
l don't know
how I got in the-
But it, you know-
lt went too far.
Well, l, uh-
l sure haven't pulled
any muscles lately.
You know how l keep it fresh
between Kate and me?
Uh, good listening?
No. No, no.
lt's about me
never really believing
that I have her.
Being full of surprises...
and a steady stream of gifts.
[ Hot Latin Jazz ]
[ Chattering ]
It's great to see you.
Hi. How are you?
ave you
tried this yet?
Yes, and-
I think
you're gonna love it.
How are you ladies?
Are you enjoying
that Pomtini?
lt's good, yeah?
Well, we'll just, uh,
make sure we'll keep 'em coming.
This vodka is either-
lt's either from Mexico
or Antarctica.
How are you guys doing?
Oh, those earrings
are gorgeous.
hank you.
Steve surprised me.
What was
the occasion?
It was a Tuesday gift.
What's a Tuesday gift?
Just for being Tuesday.
Oh, my.
That's so romantic.
Makes me want
a cannelloni.
[ Laughs ]
- These are delicious.
- You like 'em?
Who does your catering?
Chef Robert.
[ Gasps ]
Excuse me.
[ Quietly ]
Will you show that?
l didn't know
he was doing frozen food.
Can you believe it?
You know, we had the most
incredible chicken "fricazini,"
at the Robustion spring gala-
Oh, l've got to try
the sushi.
Ohh! Now, this is one thing
you won't find
in your freezer.
[ Kate ]
Oh, yes, it is.
[ Gasps ]
flash-frozen sushi.
[ Steve ]
This is the view
from base camp.
l can't believe
you actually
climbed Everest.
he Sherpas
are the key, you know.
You don't wanna do it
without the Sherpas.
Man, this system's great.
Yeah, with the bundle
of services,
you get the clearest
HD picture.
All your personal media
is just a click away.
You can see it-
What are you boys up to? HD picture.
Are you showing off
your new toy?
[ Steve ]
Guilty. Yeah.
And... who's
your favorite toy?
You are.
All right,
can I get you guys another-
No, no. l'm good.
It's a little hot in here.
[ Man ]
Thank you.
Maybe a big boy drink?
No, I'm good, thank you.
- Do you want something?
- [ Steve ] Um, I'm-I'm-
[ Man ]
Where were we?
[ Laughs ]
[ Mick ]
Watch for the guy
on the top right now.
All right.
Shoot him.
Shoot him now.
Oh, awesome!
[ Mick ]
Told you this was easy.
[ Chattering ]
What kind of shit
did your parents do
to get you that thing?
- What are you talking about?
- Oh, l know a guilt gift
when I see one,
and that one's got
"l'm sorry for being
a fucked-up parent"...
written all over it.
Yeah, l guess so.
I'm Naomi.
I know.
You have this whole
cult following
at school.
l do?
Yeah. You've been there,
what, two months?
Everyone's drinking
your Kool-Aid.
[ Both Chuckle ]
So, why are you here?
You a friend of Jenn's?
Yeah, right. Yeah.
Can't you see me
with that crowd?
No, not really.
l'm here with my parents.
Wanna get high?
Sure. Yeah.
[ Both Laughing ]
Oh, yeah.
Well, it must be really big
to be called "the hammer."
Well, yeah.
I'd love to show it to you.
Yeah. You'll have to stop by
the marina one day-
I would love to.
hat'd be great.
Yeah. You know what?
I'm gonna have to go.
Well, it was nice
meeting you, Mr. Bayner.
You too. Bye, now.
Oh, there you are, sweetheart.
ow's it going?
You have a good time?
And her hair
was not-
[ Chuckling ]
What are you doing?
Maybe you might wanna
go and show the girls
your room.
[ Kate ]
How are you guys doing?
[ lndistinct ]
his sushi
is incredible.
You guys are so wonderful.
Nobody throws
a party like you do.
we'll have to do it again.
[ lndistinct ]
- [ Kate ] Troublemaker.
- Hey, look who's here.
You know who this is.
The lady of the evening.
Hey, Naomi?
Do you wanna know
why all those people
are in my house right now?
[ Chuckles ]
lt's a party. Duh.
No, it's so my
so-called "family"...
can show off
all their shit.
[ Chuckles ]
And you know
all those people...
are fucking
blown away by it all.
That sounds like something
my parents would do.
[ Both Chuckling ]
Aren't you two
the sexy couple?
Don't forget
about lunch next week.
Good night.
l, uh-
l think it went-went
great... tonight.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
l mean, l personally
didn't feel like l, uh,
connected with Melanie.
l don't know if you-
Did you speak with
her husband, Alex?
Slow down. Slow down.
It was fine. It was perfect.
You were perfect. You-
You know, you don't realize
the effect you have on people.
Thank you.
Um, just, uh,
doing my job.
You might want
to lay off the Robert
hors d'oeuvres though.
Why? What do you mean?
Oh, God.
Loaded in garlic.
Are you kidding? Really?
No, not kidding.
No, no, no.
Oh, my God.
Good night.
[ Exhales ]
Some party tonight, huh?
Oh, my God.
hat house. l could die
for that dining set.
hink she'll buy
any of your products?
They seem to buy
everything else.
l think l can make her
if l... concentrate
on it hard enough.
You look really
beautiful tonight.
you know that my inspirations
need to be my last thoughts
before I go to sleep.
This is how
I get what I want.
You should really
try it sometime.
l think it could
really help you, Larry.
Shh, sh, sh, sh,
sh, sh, sh.
[ Sprinkler Swishing ]
[ Beeping ]
Mind if I join you?
Sure, come on.
Want some burrito?
Chef Robert.
No, thank you. I-
l ate something earlier.
- Yeah?
What did you have?
- A protein bar.
A protein bar?
Mmm, tasty.
So l was just
looking at the numbers
since the party.
- And you're-you're
really improving.
- Great.
l thought maybe
we could talk about ways
that you could do even better.
Mmm. Kate, come on.
It's our day off.
l thought maybe
we wouldn't talk shop.
But this is
really important.
l mean, you're still
selling to individuals
and what you want to create...
is a ripple effect where you get
other people selling for you.
You should maybe relax.
ls there anything
you like to do to relax?
Like go shopping or watch
some football or get a massage?
There's always people...
who others look to
for advice-
You like massages, don't you?
or the inside scoop.
And then they become
the connectors that reach
the consumer on your behalf.
Do you know what l mean?
[ Mutters ]
l just thought we'd have
a normal conversation
like normal people today.
l don't know if you
understand the pressure.
l mean, you know,
this isn't about me
selling my products.
l have to ensure that
my unit is selling
their products.
You have a unit?
[ Exhales ]
That explains why we're
in separate bedrooms perhaps.
[ Chuckles ]
You're not a great salesman.
You're a charismatic guy
and that's great.
But if you don't apply
yourself, then that's all
you're gonna be.
So this is just business, huh?
Yeah, this is business.
And l'm your boss. l don't-
I don't need to be friends.
Oh. Okay. Boss.
Ripple effect.
Connectors. Unit. l got it.
Glad we could talk.
[ Door Closes ]
Yeah, Bill Johnson said
you turned him on to these.
Can't stop talking about how
great the polarized lenses are.
Yeah, those are sweet.
I know you'll love 'em.
Thanks. Put them on my account.
No problem, gentlemen.
[ Golfer ] I think
I'm gonna get some too.
- Anything l can help
you with, Mr. Jones?
- I'd like to book a lesson.
Sure. No problem.
Let's see. I can get you in
on Thursday with Bob Senior.
No, no, no. l would like
to book a lesson with you, Will.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm. You teach, don't you?
Well, yeah,
mostly to kids.
l saw you out there
the other day.
You got a sweet swing.
Oh, hey.
How was your day today?
ow was yours?
You know,
l wanted to talk to you,
uh, about our conversation.
Oh, forget about it.
Business is business.
Okay, nice.
A little more weight
on your back foot there.
Back foot?
[ Club Swings ]
Will, I do believe you just
added 40 yards to my drive.
You're a magician.
Let me see that driver.
Will, thanks for pairing me up
with those guys today.
ey, no problem, Mr. Jones.
Who am I playing
with tomorrow?
Don't worry. l got a great
threesome lined up for you.
You the man.
Cool shirt, by the way.
Oh, thank you.
Under Armour.
lf you're looking for drivers,
these are the best.
l was on the course today,
and Mr. Jones drove a 320.
It was awesome.
Whoa, nice shot, Charlie.
I wish I could take credit.
The kid in the clubhouse
turned me on to those
new Mizunos.
hat kid's got the scoop
on everything.
[ Beeping ]
- ennis, huh?
- Yeah, doubles with
Melanie and the girls.
- Cute outfit.
- Your numbers are looking good.
Thanks, boss.
Great, Steve.
Don't mention it.
Hand rolled
from Cuban seeds.
ey, you want to join us
for drinks later?
Uh, what, are you kidding?
First round's on me, boys.
[ Man ]
Nice watch.
[ Steve ]
Hey, whoever dies
with the most toys wins.
[ All Chuckling ]
No, don't be silly. Let me-
Let me help you with this.
Well, l'll invite
some friends over,
and then you can bring
whatever mask over
that you'd like to try.
We're gonna absolutely
help you get some new customers,
and we'll have a nice time.
All right, Summer.
No problem.
[ Phone Beeps ]
[ Summer ]
Doesn't it feel wonderful?
It's the Robustion
"Replenishingister" Mask,
and it's got ginkgo
and wasabi extract.
his house is gorgeous.
Can you get over the furniture?
[ Kate ] More champagne, ladies?
It's all the latest
Ethan Allen.
He's got fabulous things.
I know because l was just
at the design center myself
yesterday Iooking at new things.
Ladies, l just came
from the washroom,
and the toilet seat raised up
and waved to me.
[ Kate, Chuckling ]
Well, l hope that
you introduced yourself.
- o oto, my okyo toilet.
- Toto?
Well, if that's oto,
then just call me the Wizard.
'Cause it gave me a power wash
to my undercarriage,
and a happy-ending blow-dry.
- [ Laughing ]
- Whoo-hoo!
And let me just say,
with a friend like Toto,
that you are never lonely.
Where is that fabulous
husband of yours?
Ah, golfing, where else?
A man's work
is never done, huh?
Honey, l am home.
Speak of the devil.
I missed you today.
[ Billy ]
Well, hello.
- Oh.
- [ Billy ] Hmm.
[ Summer Clears Throat ]
Good afternoon, ladies.
My, my.
[ BilIy ]
That's what I'm talking about.
[ Door Closes ]
So, what was that?
Just applying myself.
Don't tell me the ladies
weren't impressed.
[ Lounge ]
[ Toilet Whirring ]
[ Splashing ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Bell Ringing ]
ey, Jones.
erry was totally
checking you out.
im? Please.
What's wrong with him?
Yeah, he's hot.
l date men.
Excuse me?
[ Cell Phone Chimes ]
Who's "the Hammer"?
You guys are gonna
have to go on without me.
No way.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna go see a friend.
ls he cute?
[ Scoffs ]
Don't get kidnapped.
ey, do you have any more
of those diet pills?
Yes, oh, yes
That's the best
Do you wanna go
on ilt-O-Whirl
Come on, girl
ave you seen these guys before?
They're pretty good.
Yep. My brother's
really into them.
You'll meet him
when he comes home.
l gotta go.
l can't be late for
my therapist appointment.
Oh, shrinks, no.
No, shrinks suck.
Yeah, well,
it keeps my parents
off my back so-
Yeah, l guess that's important.
- I like it when you say
you've got a gun
- Hey, can I ask you something?
Sure, what?
How come you've never
tried anything with me?
l don't know.
l like you, Mick.
You're not like the rest of
those lame posers around here.
Well, l like you too.
Do you like my ponytail
My sideways ponytail
It's true, it's true
- What are you doing?
- [ Gasps ]
[ Chuckles ]
Um, l thought you guys
had already-
Yeah, we're just
about to leave.
Well, um, then can l
borrow some L'Artisan?
Why do you want it?
I'm going to a party.
Well, l mean,
there are gonna be kids
from other schools there,
so l thought
I'd work every angle.
ls that a brand
you really think
they'd be interested in?
Oh, God, yeah, Kate.
l mean, kids these days are
totally wearing upscale brands.
- Huh. Okay.
- Thank you.
Good luck.
[ Chattering ]
And where are the Joneses
taking the kids for break?
Oh, well, we're so excited.
We're going on safari in Kenya.
Yeah, yeah.
It's this amazing outfit.
Spaulding and Kent Tours.
They do everything for you.
They've done
all of our family trips.
They're the best.
- Really?
- [ Steve ]
Oh, yes. I mean, every time.
You should give them
the contact.
Oh, I will.
- l'm going to the ladies' room.
- Okay.
[ Man ]
Steve? Steve CerrilIa.
lt is you.
l couldn't believe it.
I just saw you from over there.
How are you doing?
Where you been, man?
I'm an old friend of Steve's.
My name is Henry.
Where you been?
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Excuse me,
but I-I think you're
sitting in my wife's seat.
Wife? his guy
was the biggest stud
in Scottsdale, Arizona.
- Excuse me, this is my seat.
- Oh, you're serious?
Oh, my goodness.
I-I- This is-
You finally tamed
the savage beast, huh?
Unbelievable. Come here.
- l'm sorry.
- I am so happy for you.
You know, l, uh-
I'm Henry. I'm an old
friend of Steve's.
l wish that I knew you,
but I think you've got me
mistaken with somebody else.
l think you've made a mistake.
I don't think-
Are you-
- l'm not that guy.
- [ Henry ] What?
Could you please
come with me, sir?
A breath of fresh air.
- l don't need air.
- [ Steve ] Walk this way.
What are you talking about?
I don't get it.
That's not cool, dude.
l am terribly, terribly sorry.
- Please enjoy your dinner.
- Whoa.
That was odd.
That was weird.
That is like the third time
since we've been here...
that somebody's mistaken you
for this Steve Cer-
as it been three times?
- l get mistaken
for someone a lot, but-
- Really?
- it's usually iger Woods.
- [ Laughing ]
[ Kate ] Do you have some kind
of secret life going on?
Baby, you bet l do.
[ Laughing ]
- To secret lives.
- To secret lives.
[ Man ]
[ Mouths Words ]
You look like
you could use a drink.
Thank you.
l think the kids
must be working late.
You know, Jenn,
l- l don't know
if she's taking my advice,
but I- l actually think that
she's starting to get it.
[ Jenn And Alex Moaning ]
[ Alex ]
Oh, you smell great.
It's L'Artisan.
Oh, yes.
You Iike that, baby?
Here you go,
super-stud of Scottsdale.
Well, it's not as big
of an achievement as it sounds.
lt was more of
a retirement community.
You know the great thing
about this job?
You get to be
whoever you want to be.
Yeah? But l'm not
Steve Jones, you know.
l'm a single, 45-year-old,
failed golf pro,
car salesman,
to be someone I'm not.
l know who you are.
[ Chuckles ]
We can't.
Why not?
This part is pretend.
ls it?
lt has to be.
Good night.
What? Larry, what?
Hey, hey, Steve.
Look at you.
[ Chuckles ]
You're kidding.
That is awesome.
I thought I'd go with the red.
Just a little bit
hotter than the gray,
what do you think?
I'm jealous.
[ Chuckling ]
You look different.
[ Sighs ]
You dog.
Oh, yes.
Holler at a player, yo.
Steady stream of gifts.
I'm taking care
of the luxuries.
Okay, that's great.
I got something for you too.
You didn't have to do that.
It's top of the line.
Laser guide.
No, l can't- l can't take that.
No, seriously, Steve.
l insist. l really want to
thank you for helping me out.
What are friends for, right?
Enjoy it.
Well, thank you.
You bet. ake care.
Say hi to that
wife of yours.
All right.
[ Kate On Video ] Do you mind
just looking into the camera
and stating your name?
[ Steve On Video ]
Steve Cerrilla.
So let me ask you.
TelI me about yourself.
I- You really came very,
uh, highly recommended,
and your resume
is very impressive.
Thank you.
So you would be the-
the one who was, uh,
playing the role with me.
[ Kate ]
Um, yes, I would.
Have you ever
worked for a woman?
Well, it's something
I've thought about
a lot recentIy.
Because I have never
been married-
[ Kate On Video ] I saw that.
[ Steve ]
Either real or imaginary.
In all seriousness,
I've-I've thought...
what it might be like
to meet a woman...
who l would be
a better person for.
hat just hasn't happened, so-
Hey, you know,
I got an idea.
Why don't we
see a movie today?
l don't get it.
What would we sell there?
Nothing, it's just,
you know, for fun.
Movie. Fun.
Yeah, well, l'm busy.
Sorry, dude.
lt's their day off.
Can l ask you a question?
What were your other
1 2 husbands like?
There weren't 1 2.
Okay, 1 0. Whatever.
Please, there were six.
Six? Okay, Henry VIll.
What were they like?
- l don't know.
- You don't know?
You spend a year with a guy,
pretending to be husband
and wife and you don't
get to know him at all?
Well, you know,
you've seen one Mr. Jones,
you've seen 'em all.
[ Chuckles ]
All right.
You can laugh.
All right, well,
l'm gonna... take my coffee
down to the basement, all right?
See you later.
Have a nice day off, okay?
[ Chuckling ]
[ KC ]
Merry Christmas, everybody.
[ Steve ] Merry Christmas.
As you can see, these are
the products our clients
are pushing for the holidays.
And it's up to you
to make sure...
they're under
every tree in town-
Well, l can't, uh-
l can't say that
I'm hating this.
- l'm glad that you like it.
- You have excellent taste.
- hank you.
- Is this for me?
- [ Steve Whistles ]
- [ KC ] No. They're for
your girlfriend, Naomi.
She'll be selling
to her little counter-culture
friends without even knowing it.
If she's gonna be with you,
she's gonna need some styIe.
Do l look like Elton John?
Kate tells me you don't
have a boyfriend yet,
which is unusual for you, no?
[ Sighs ]
It would be nice
if you could have...
a romantic interest
by Christmas, huh?
Working on it.
his has been
in the stores 1 0 days.
"Rudy's Rum Punch."
Mmm, 1 7% alcohol. Ow!
Not for you.
- A bit lowbrow,
don't you think?
- It's up to you to change that.
Uh, there's one other
thing I almost forgot.
Steve, wanna come outside?
[ Mick ]
[ Engine Starts ]
[ KC ]
The all new Audi R8.
[ Steve ] Yeah?
lt's for you. I thought
you deserve a little bonus.
Your numbers have shown
tremendous improvement.
Keep it up
and this cell
could make icon status.
Go on. l'll bet
you look great in it.
[ Sniffs, Sighs ]
Hey, Mick. Check it out.
- [ Scoffs ]
- Get in.
ls something
bothering you?
l don't know.
You know, if, uh-
if you want to talk
about something,
anything, you know,
you can always just,
you know, talk
to your fake mother,
or you can talk to me.
his whole act,
it just- it gets to me.
Who's acting?
l love this car.
[ Chuckles ]
That's not what l meant.
Just think of it this way.
We're making a match...
between great products
and the people that want them.
[ Car Approaching ]
It's a service.
Hey, Larry.
[ Hip-hop On Car Stereo ]
We at it again
Everybody on the dance floor
We at it again
Lookin' good, Steve.
You too, player.
We at it again
on the dance floor
l think you just
ruined his day.
Oh, sweet.
[ Recorded Applause ]
Sweet, indeed.
l just wanted to remind you
that we have dinner
reservations at 8:00.
Oh, good.
That sounds good.
Want to hit a few?
Golf? No.
Yeah, come on.
I'll teach you.
hat's what l did before
the job at the dealership-
I taught golf.
ang on to that.
You're gonna hit some
golf balls. Have you
ever done it before?
No. Uh-
Okay. Perfect.
Your knees bend in
a little bit. Weight on
the inside of your feet.
Straight back with the butt
out a little bit.
Butt out?
Very nice.
Well, the hair. I'm just-
Okay, go ahead.
l-l got it.
What does icon mean?
Oh! Whoa!
[ Thunk ]
[ Recorded Groan ]
That's a no-no.
I spoke on your backswing.
- Where did you hear that?
- KC said something about it.
Exactly what did she say?
She said something
about making icon status
or something like that.
Do you know
what that means?
lt's the top tier
of the family cells.
l mean, we'll be bringing
high-end goods to market first.
Lifelmage is gonna be
looking for our input...
before proceeding
with any products.
You and me. Do you know
how long that l have been
working towards this?
Oh, my God.
Oh, wow. That's-
Oh. l'm sorry.
That's okay.
[ Club Falls To Ground ]
Geez. I should say
"icon" more often.
[ Jenn ]
I love boats.
I just wanna...
go away
with you forever.
We could sail
the Mediterranean.
You wouldn't believe
how beautiful it is.
l can imagine.
Where are the Bayners?
Are they... habitually late?
l have a confession
to make.
l don't think they're
gonna make it tonight.
Alex is actually
working late and-
- So it's just me and you?
- Yep.
l mean, l was
thinking that, uh,
l really wanted to treat you
and just say thank you...
for all your hard work
and your improvement and-
But l am okay if you want to-
No, no.
l will suffer through it.
l appreciate that.
ls-ls this technically a date?
Well, you could say that.
l mean, we are out in public,
and people can see us.
So would it be inappropriate
if I were to reach over...
and tuck your hair
behind your ear like that?
Would that be something
that was acceptable
on a night like this?
l suppose
that would be okay.
And what about
if I told you...
that you look beautiful
this evening?
Would that be-
Would that be-
No. I-I would be, um-
l'd be okay
with that tonight.
And l might even...
go so far as
to tell you that...
when you want to,
you can be quite handsome...
and extremely charming.
- Well, l want to.
- Okay.
[ Hip-hop ]
[ All Chanting ]
[ Cheering ]
[ Boy ]
Something to drink!
- Nice. Hey, hey!
- Hey!
Another round?
Another round.
Oh, my goodness.
We are out of control.
This shit is good.
lt's delicious.
I told you.
l gotta pee.
You go pee.
You'll be all right.
Okay, l'll be back.
We'll save your place.
We'll save your spot.
Hey, you want one?
No, I'm good, man.
I don't drink.
You sure?
Yeah, yeah.
Thanks though.
ey, is that-
is that your TT outside?
lt is.
[ Exhales ] Man, I gotta
check that thing out, dude.
Let's go.
Let's go.
[ Engine Starts ]
Open her up.
Let's go.
Go, go, go!
[ Revving Engine ]
Are you serious?
[ Engine Starts ]
You ever get tired
of the imaginary stuff?
You want a real...
house and kids
and... husband?
I'll have that someday.
Well, I think when l'm-
when I'm ready.
As a matter of fact,
I actually think that
I am a lot like you.
How's that?
l think there's a life l was living
that I didn't want.
And until I can figure out
exactly what I want,
l think this substitute life is,
um, is not so bad.
l get it.
o icon.
l just like saying it.
Icon. Icon.
lcon, icon, icon.
Does it have an effect
on you in any way?
Yeah! Whoo!
That's it. Open it up.
Here we go.
[ Laughs ]
What'd I tell you-
This thing's awesome!
Go, go, go.
Make this light.
Make this light.
My baby.
I could get used to this, man.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, no problem.
That was great.
You're pretty cool, Mick.
So, uh, anyone home?
- No, my parents
are out of town.
- Yeah.
What a night, man.
- What the hell, man?
- I'm sorry. I just thought-
Get the fuck away from me!
You son of a fucking bitch!
Listen, man. l didn't-
Fuck you!
Shut the fuck up,
you faggot!
I thought you
were down for it.
Maybe we should
stay in tonight.
This doesn't make sense.
lt just keeps saying that all
of our cards are unbalanced.
You did make the payments,
didn't you?
l'm sure it's just a mistake.
I'll straighten it out.
These cards
are my foundation, Larry.
I need them for the gala.
l've got stuff to pay for.
How am I supposed to do that?
The linens,
the bartenders, the gazebo.
All right. l'll take care of it.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
Don't worry?
Larry, you did not make
the house payment last month.
Why would you tell me
that I don't need to worry?
you gotta fix this today.
Do you understand me?
- Mr. Jones?
- Yes.
l'm Detective Gardner,
Third Precinct.
I'd like to have
a word with you.
Oh. Well, okay.
lt seems like
there was a party
near here last night...
where some alcohol
was being served to minors.
Now, some of the kids said
that your son Mick
brought the alcohol.
Oh, no, no. That's-
That's impossible.
ls everything all right?
You know a young lady
by the name of Naomi Madsen?
Yeah, she's a friend
of our son's.
She left the party drunk
and got in a car accident.
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
ls she okay?
She'll be all right.
Could have been worse.
Right now,
l'm concerned about where
that alcohol came from.
ls your son home?
Uh, no. He left
about half an hour ago.
But l-l could try him
on his cell.
- [ Gardner ] Please.
- Thank you, honey.
ls that a cop?
Yes, it is.
What happened
to your face?
It's nothing.
What's going on out there?
We're trying
to save your ass.
So why don't you
just get upstairs
and stay out of sight?
[ Gardner ]
From father to father,
I trust you're gonna
deal with your son
appropriately, right?
Ooh, l'm gonna deal
with him appropriately.
[ Chuckling ] Okay.
I just got his voice mail.
But, um, he's very good about
checking in, so I'm sure
we'll hear from him.
Just to let you know,
these cases often result...
in some sort
of civil liability.
You may want
to be prepared.
Thank you for the tip.
Appreciate that.
Nice meeting you.
Thank you.
[ Car Door Opens ]
[ Door Closes ]
What are we supposed to do now?
as anything like this
ever happened before?
So what's going on?
Naomi Madsen's
in the hospital.
She got drunk and got
into an accident.
Is she okay?
lt sounds like
she's gonna be okay.
- l want all of that punch
out of here immediately.
- Don't worry. It's gone.
l can't believe
you gave it to minors.
- lt's my job. Who do you
think drinks that stuff?
- That's not the point.
Weren't you with her
at the party?
You must have seen
she couldn't drive.
Why didn't you take her home?
- l didn't know
she was that drunk.
- Some friend you are.
Shut up, Jenn.
I wasn't even there.
Then where were you?
I took a ride.
Oh, so you were
driving drunk as well.
- No. Tim drove.
- Who's Tim?
- Tim.
- Isn't that Naomi's brother?
So you both left her?
Why would you do
something like that?
[ Jenn ]
No, no, no.
l got it.
You were hitting
on the wrong guy-
Fuck you!
Oh, my God.
I knew it.
[ Chuckles ]
Thank you for that.
You know what? Screw it.
l shouldn't have to hide
this shit anymore.
l'm gay.
[ Murmurs ]
At least l'm not a slut.
[ Exhales ]
- So-So, what?
- [ Clears Throat ]
l'm sorry to spoil
the coming-out party
here, guys.
- l've got
someplace to be.
- Where are you going?
No, no, no.
We all need to get
on the same page here.
l don't care what page
you guys are on.
I'm gonna go see
my boyfriend.
And while we're
alI sharing here,
it's Alex Bayner.
- Melanie's husband?
- Yeah.
[ Door Closes ]
Alex Bayner.
This family's fucked up.
- Where did we go wrong?
- We're finished.
lt's gonna get around
that Jenn's out of control.
We've got the police
asking about Mick.
But there's-
The company
doesn't tolerate
this kind of thing.
ey, come on.
And I am responsible
for this unit.
No, we will figure
this out together.
here is no "we," Steve.
l have to go now
and file a report.
lt's natural
that a family has problems.
We're not a family.
A unit?
[ Door Slams ]
[ Typing ]
[ Exhales ]
[ Singsong ]
Knock, knock.
Hey, sexy.
You hiding from me
down there?
l'm waiting.
Looking for someone?
What are you doing here?
lt is my boat.
[ Chuckles ]
He doesn't love you.
[ Chuckles ]
Well, aren't you something?
You poor girl.
You actually think
you're special.
He's met dozens
of girls like you.
You're a plaything.
e's had his fun,
and now it's over.
Stay away from my husband.
e doesn't want anything
to do with you.
You wish.
[ Door Opens ]
l couldn't do it.
[ Man ]
There must be somethin'
in the water tonight
Little girl
you just don't look right
Stand and deliver
Get rid of that shiver
[ Line Rings ]
[ Alex ]
Hey, baby.
Look, you can't
ever call me again.
[ Line Clicks ]
Hey, hey
[ Line Rings ]
This is Alex. Please
leave your name and number
even if you think I know it.
[ Sniffling ]
[ Line Rings ]
This is Alex. Please
leave your name and number
even if you think I know it.
Play in the grass
In the field
[ Doorbell Rings ]
l got it.
Must be somethin'
in the water tonight
You can write me a letter
If it makes you feel
any better
[ Cell Phone Rings ]
Run along now
Why don't you
go do it tonight
Hey, hey
Hey, don't be so hard
on yourself
Play in the grass
In the field
All right.
Let's get you home.
Come on.
Must be somethin'
in the water tonight
Little girl
you just don't
Feel right
i, Steve.
KC. hat's a surprise.
Kate didn't mention
you coming by today.
l'm here to see you.
I've got good news.
Your numbers have
gone through the roof.
We're aware of some of
the issues in this cell,
and we think
you could do better
in a different cell-
an icon cell.
Well, uh, look,
I appreciate the offer,
but I think this family
can make icon status together.
They're holding you back.
You need a better team
around you.
l know you like her.
lt's her job
to make you like her.
She's a businesswoman,
and she's ambitious.
Don't think for a minute...
she wouldn't leap at this
opportunity and leave you.
What do you think happened
to the last husband...
when she got offered
this job?
l appreciate it. l do.
But l think I've got
a good team around me,
and l'd like to try
to make it work with them.
So where are you gonna go
for vacation? Really.
l haven't decided yet. You?
[ Chuckles ]
No. l'm gonna go to Arizona,
visit my old man.
That's nice.
l'd like you
to come with me.
What do you say?
l say
let me think about it.
You know what's
really crazy?
l don't even know
your real last name.
Well, a girl's gotta have
her secrets, doesn't she?
Can l buy a vowel?
Hi. Hi, everyone.
hank you so much
for coming.
Ripple effect.
hank you.
Hello. Hi.
Well, come on
in here.
[ Steve ] Oh.
Look at that.
Martini ripple at 3:00.
Thank you for coming
to my Robustion gala.
Really. Come in
and sit down.
Relax, 'cause I just
want you all-
[ Woman ] Shh.
to enjoy the show.
- [ Easy Listening ]
- Now, is this you?
Robustion lndustries
is proud to present
their new product-
Robustion Trois.
[ Continues, Indistinct ]
[ Steve ]
I'd love to really
give this my full attention,
but I'm gonna go see Larry
and tell him I'm gay.
...contains all
the "must haves"-
[ Steve ] Larry.
What up, yo?
Steve. Steve.
Have a drink with me.
Bottoms up. Go ahead.
No, thank you.
...for all skin types
that are concerned about
the signs of aging.
She's furious at me.
his moisturizing formula
is proven-
She is beautiful,
though, isn't she?
[ Chattering ]
l just, uh-
l just wanted her
to be happy.
Well, she is happy.
Just look at her.
You two have a great life.
You don't know
about my life.
You have everything.
...proven to retard
the signs of photo-aging.
Wait till she finds out
they're gonna take the house.
I have samples for everyone.
Don't be shy.
That's right.
Can you say "foreclosure"?
Yeah, but, Larry,
you're doing so well.
[ Coughs ]
You're buying
all this stuff.
Yeah. lt's bigger
than yours, isn't it?
ls that why you
can't pay your bills?
Are you jealous?
ls there any way that you can
return some of this stuff
to pay down your mortgage?
That's it.
You're jealous of me. Huh?
You, uh- You can't handle
not being the center
of attention for one night.
ls that it?
[ Summer ]
[ Exhales ]
Um, now what I'd
like you all to do-
Look, you don't understand.
All my stuff-
I don't pay for it.
- I don't pay for that stuff.
- Me neither.
Not for six months, right?
-"Zero payments for six months."
- No, that's not it.
- Zero payments-
- That's not what I mean.
You don't get it.
Shh, guys.
She's doing her thing.
You're supposed to be
paying attention.
You guys are so loud.
Why don't you
come over and-
You know what?
Just a minute, sweetie.
One minute.
One- Okay.
Oh, I get it.
lt's her money?
Your secret
is safe with me, buddy.
[ Sighs ]
Nice work.
l want you to socialize
and have a wonderful time...
and just have wonderful
memories of Robustion.
[ Mouthing Words ]
[ Light Applause ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Steve ] It's terrible.
You know, he's a great guy.
[ Kate ] I know. I feel bad.
l actually think that...
Summer did well tonight.
And I broke down.
l even bought
some of her stuff.
That's nice of you.
Thank you.
This needs something.
Hold that.
[ Drawer Closes ]
[ Objects Clattering ]
Let me put some in
for you.
Oh, no, no.
No, that's not right.
hat's just-
hat's just all wrong.
It's so good.
Mm-mmm. Wait.
Just the perfect bite.
[ Clears Throat ]
What about Arizona?
What about it?
You gonna come?
Wouldn't it be a little weird?
l mean, how are you gonna
introduce me?
"his is my pretend wife
that I"-
"My coworker. My"-
As my boss.
he job comes
with great benefits.
hat mean you'll come?
I'll come.
What the-
- [ Man Singing, Indistinct ]
- Larry! Larry!
elp! elp!
I had a perfect world
I can't remember it now
[ Continues, Indistinct ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
The world that I wanted
Don't want me no more
Summer! Call 91 1 !
Call 91 1 !
It's finally clear
All that I needed
Was sitting right here
A fool and his money
How quickly we part
Oh, how I'm missing you
I should've listened
to my heart
[ Siren Wails ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Engine Starts ]
Hey. You did
everything you could.
No, I didn't.
I lied to him.
Here's your coat.
l lied to him.
l lied to all of you.
I'm not Steve Jones.
That is not my name.
Holy shit.
[ Man ]
- This is not my wife.
- Don't. Don't do this.
- hese are not my kids.
- Steve, please.
hat is not my house.
[ Man ]
Settle down, Steve.
No, listen to me, goddamn it.
You all have to listen.
I get paid to show off
the cars and the clothes.
l get paid lots of money
to lie and pretend
that I'm your friend.
We have to leave.
So that people
like all of you-
people like Larry-
will go out and want to buy
the stuff that I have.
Me and my perfect family.
[ Murmuring ]
[ Whimpers ]
l'm sorry.
[ Crowd Gasps ]
- [ Murmuring ]
- [ Summer Crying ]
[ Man ]
Come on. Let's go.
Not so fast, sir.
I need to get some
information from you.
[ KC On Phone ]
That was
crazy of him.
lt's gonna be okay.
l promise.
I'll take care of you.
- [ Cop ] Is this accurate?
- [ Steve ] Yes, it's accurate.
We might need to ask you
a few more questions later on.
l think that's all.
Thank you, Mr. Cerrilla.
[ KC ]
It's time to go, Steve.
Where'd you take them?
They've been reassigned.
She took the deal,
like I told you she would.
lf you want a fresh start,
my offer's still on the table.
[ Doorbell Rings ]
[ In Unison ]
Hey, Mary Beth.
Come in.
his is great.
This is great
to do this.
hank you so much.
Come on in.
[ Mick ]
Here, let me
grab your coats.
Ken, how about a beer?
Sure, sure.
lmported okay?
[ Mick ]
Welcome to the house.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
oney, by the way,
super job tonight.
hank you.
Dinner was excellent.
ls everyone ready
for coffee...
and perhaps some,
uh, dessert?
Sounds great.
elp yourself
to some more wine.
- Kate.
- [ Loud Crash ]
ls- ls everything okay
in there, sweetheart?
What are you
doing here?
Well, l wanted to see you.
[ Chuckles ]
Kate? You all right?
[ Dish Clatters ]
l've got, uh,
guests here.
We belong together.
You should have
thought of that before
you opened your mouth.
That's why
l opened my mouth.
[ Man ] Honey-
Well, uh,
who's this?
lt's, uh, a friend.
Oh. Well, hey,
I'm Bob, Bob Jones.
Drop the act, Bob.
I'm her last husband.
- What? What's going on?
- Nothing.
Am l getting fired?
You don't have
to do this anymore.
- But my numbers are good.
- I think you should leave.
Right now? No.
Just calm down and go
back to our guests.
Go on, Bob.
Everything's fine.
[ Chuckles ]
You certain?
Yeah. Wine.
Oh, sure.
l'm sorry.
You were saying?
l want you to come join me
in the real world.
his is my real world.
What are you gonna do
when you're too old to be
a mother to these teenagers?
Are they gonna find
a grandparent cell for you?
What kind of life is that?
What kind ofjoy
are you gonna have?
Whose photos are you
gonna hang on your wall?
Who's gonna be there
at the end for you?
We had something, Kate.
lt was just a beginning,
but it-
lt was real.
l felt that.
l'm hoping
you felt it too.
l think you did.
You deserve
to be happy, Kate.
You deserve to be loved.
l'm sorry.
[ Mick ]
Hey, Steve.
Hold up.
Hey, Mick.
How are things?
hings are good.
l get to be
a college student now.
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah. And l'm out,
Well, it makes life
a lot easier.
That's great.
l don't have to lie
l'm happy for you.
hanks, Steve.
It's been real.
Hey, uh, they've been
looking for that.
l'm gonna miss that car.
[ Sighs ]
[ Footsteps ]
e came back
for you.
[ Exhales ]
[ Steve ]
Where to?
[ Kate ] Arizona.
Is that all right?
You're the boss.
[ Kate Laughing ]
No, you can't keep lettin' it
get you down
And you can't keep draggin'
that dead weight around
Ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh
If there ain't all that much
to lug around
Better run like hell
when you hit the ground
Ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh
When the morning comes
You can't stop these kids
from dancin'
Why would you want to
Especially when you're
already gettin' yours
'Cause if your mind don't move
and your knees don't bend
Well, don't go blamin'
the kids again
When the morning comes
Ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh
When the morning comes
Ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh
When the morning comes
Ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh
When the morning comes
When the morning comes
Let it go
This, too, shall pass
You know, you can't keep
lettin' it get you down
No, you can't keep lettin' it
get you down
Let it go
This, too, shall pass
You know, you can't keep
lettin' it get you down
No, you can't keep lettin' it
get you down
Let it go
This, too, shall pass
When the morning comes
You can't keep lettin' it
get you down
You can't keep lettin' it
get you down
When the morning comes
You can't keep lettin' it
get you down
No, you can't keep lettin' it
get you down
When the morning comes
You can't keep lettin' it
get you down
You can't keep lettin' it
get you down
When the morning comes
You can't keep lettin' it
get you down
No, you can't keep lettin' it
get you down
When the morning comes