The Journalist (2019) Movie Script

What do you think from the market level?
What is the most important task for the Japanese media right now?
This is an era of decisive battle.
Chiyoda Ward, Yoshioka
People question the meaning of the media itself
Not just because of political changes.
Also related to technical changes.
The spread of digital media, etc.
Can the media survive these difficulties?
Whether to survive.
I think this is a huge crisis for paper media.
Is the media aware of the crisis?
Now I feel that the crisis awareness of paper media is not enough.
We are still unable to surpass the previous practice
Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Room (internal adjustment)
Journalist profession
On one hand, we have explain to the reader what the government is doing
On the one hand,
This kind of work is a tradition and continues to this day.
Chuo Ward, Ginza
Not that the government is too restrictive,
But judging from the status quo.
Fabricated and tampered with 44 papers.
WestU final report "mainly due to guidance under strong pressure".
Corruption search, political pressure.
45 years of misrepresentation.
The media are not ready to fight in proper manner.
Corruption by the Ministry of Finance.
Undersecretary and director resigned.
What is being pursued is if the power of the state is checked?
No matter what era it is ...
I'm Sugihara.
The police sent me a photo of that incident.
I send it to you now.
People read newspapers less and less after internet spreads.
But I think what journalists are pursuing has not changed.
And it feels like they are still pursuing these.
This is also a message that inspires us.
So reporters must always ask themselves.
What is the core value of the media and journalists?
Use of internal adjustments to investigate the election situation
If the official residence is really used for private investigation, then it is normal to be criticised.
Former University Director Shiraiwa Satoshi
Had an improper relationship with an opposition party member while in office.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-Did you watch this report?
Newspapers from all regions have the same layout.
Newspapers in all regions have the same layout.
Newspapers in all regions have the same layout.
Let's all gather.
-Yes Yes
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, West Hokkaido
This is something abnormal.
It should be the instructions from above.
Otherwise, it is impossible to publish the same news in national newspapers.
He was exposed because he helped the minister's son go through the back door.
So the one who resigned, right?
Yes, and he said that admission through the back door was an official residence instruction
Yes, yes ...
Don't you find it strange that this kind of report appears in the newspaper?
Did the internal leak?
It might be more appropriate to think like this.
Expose the betrayer
And cover it with news.
That may be like this.
How to say?
Should we let this happen?
Then go back to work.
We have some questions about that news.
Shiraiwa-san, when did you and Representative Konno meet?
I met at a seminar cooperating with opposition parties 2 years ago.
Did the two meet frequently after that?
We will meet if we both have time.
This excuse doesn't work.
But then Shiraiwa would have no social credit at all.
This kind of work has increased.
What does this kind of work mean?
Nothing, that ...
Obviously not a criminal but being followed by police.
We recreated the work about his scandal.
I didn't mention that.
Tada-san cannot let us do the job without considering anything.
I know.
To put it plainly, we are only responsible for processing media information.
Sugihara thinks so too, right?
Can I leave this to you?
What is that?
The fax we received last night.
Probably a prank.
Construction plan for new university.
Construction address.
Objectives: Virus research and specialization at a high-tech medical university.
To train top talent.
Very suspicious.
This is approved by the cabinet.
-The only institution in Japan that has the right to set up universities is the Ministry of Education.
Is it like the black box operation of the official residence as before?
But also the Faculty of Medicine.
I can understand if it is the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
It is written here.
Seems to be true.
-I don't know who paid for it.
-Of course, it will be the country.
Is the management right given to the Prime Minister's company?
I felt like they wanted to expose them.
But this is like a prank.
To think that we will go after this kind of news.
Where did it come from?
I don't know.
Maybe it will shake up the cabinet.
You did a good job in Shiraiwa's case.
This is my business.
By the way, are you from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
Have you contacted recently?
Contacted ... no
If there is anything, please report it to me personally.
I am great expectations about you.
Please leave carefully.
We will meet if we both have time.
It is said that there is an improper relationship between you.
I am with Representative Konno from the beginning.
It is not as everyone thinks.
-I'm back.
-Welcome back.
-You haven't slept yet?
-I slept for a while during the day.
Look at this.
What is it?
Here is the face.
Here is the hand.
She is growing up.
Well, the doctor said it might be born earlier than the expected date of birth.
-That's it.
I am really looking forward.
The day of the birth check next week is in the morning. Can't you take leave?
It's hard to tell.
It may not be good for leave on weekdays.
It's okay, I guess you can't take leave.
It's okay, I'll ask mom to go with me.
Taku-chan, you just focus on your work.
Thank you.
Is the new scandal derailed or are they not related?
Shiraiwa's association with opposition members ...
Full-time reporter for the Prime Minister
is a rrested for rape.
It is said that the official residence intends to bury the truth.
Are you covering the rape this time, really one after another?
Isn't it pressure from the official residence again?
It's exactly what you think.
Tsujikawa is a famous writer for the prime minister
So-called friends.
Come in.
Excuse me.
Did you read this report?
The victim, Goto Seri, seems unsatisfied with the lawsuit.
Prepare for a press conference
-She will show up at the press conference.
Use this to make Goto Seri's lawyer related to opposition party charts
What do you mean?
Tsujikawa was framed.
Seri used her body.
Prepare a character diagram and relationship chain that fits this.
She was
Is this woman an ordinary person?
You just have to make it seems like she is related to the opposition party.
Others are busy with other cases. Of course you have your own job.
But this is also important work to protect the country.
I understand.
The investigating police spoke clearly on the phone.
The arrest warrant was filed but cancelled due to the instructions above.
He was also removed the investigation team and that sorry for not being able to help.
I also wanted to be a journalist.
So I don't think I can be so silent anymore.
I want everyone to know.
Rape hurts a woman's life.
Hello, I'm a reporter from weekly magazine.
But I understand a little bit why she was raped.
I think so too.
-The neckline is oversized.
-Yes, yes, yes.
That kind of appearance usually makes people feel like asking for it.
-She definitely invited him.
-Excuse me -Excuse me
I'm Yoshioka from Toto Shimbun.
What you just said is sexual harassment.
What is she saying?
-Do you know anyone in Toto Shimbun?
-I don't know.
Long time no see
-It's been a while. How are you?
-How are you?
You're in Japan?
Yes, from this year, working at the Tokyo office of New York Times. How about you?
This is my fourth year in local news section.
Really? You've grown so much.
Were you just in the press conference?
Yes, it's hard to believe, but it is true.
-We must tell it as a big news.
-Yes, I agree, but ...
Erika, it's not that I don't know the situation of Japanese news.
But you should try.
Of course, I know, and I think...
Erika, you are Yoshioka's daughter.
Of course, you can do it.
He was a freelance journalist worked in both the US and Japan, wasn't he?
It's a pity what happened to your father.
I believe the Japanese media caused his death.
Has anything come about since then?
Nothing at all.
No evidence. Nothing.
Tada-san told you to leak all this.
Summary of the rape case
As a lobby of the opposition, she set up with her body.
I know.
You should reject it more strongly.
Of course, I have strongly rejected.
But because I was too shocked.
Hello there.
Long time no see.
Kanzaki-san, Long time no see.
You seem to be working hard.
I heard good reviews about you.
No no nothing.
Is there a problem?
I haven't seen you for a long time. Would you like to have a drink together?
Of course, we can.
I'll contact you after I set the place and time.
Ok, I am looking forward.
Then, I will hang up first.
You are back.
Sorry to wake you up.
-What happened?
It's so rare that you are so happy talking on the phone.
-Just now.
Kanzaki-san called me.
Is Kanzaki-san your boss at the Japanese Embassy in Beijing?
I told him it's been a long time since I met.
Because we haven't seen each other recently.
Isn't it good?
Ah, thank you.
Don't you think this news is bad?
Outraged by doubting that the official residence wants to cover up the truth.
Goto Seri.
Exceptional Faceless Reporter Meeting.
It's weird that he raped someone and not get arrested.
I can't be reconciled if the law can't sanction him.
What is the truth?
I do not know either.
Is it like this?
Jino san.
Jino san, can I disturb you ?
Why is this news so inconspicuous? Why is it not main article?
Don't you just know? You can publish main article with just this.
Girl is showing up for a press conference.
The TV stations will do the rest.
I cannot accept.
I said that the prosecutor's office in this case has decided not to prosecute.
-I know.
-Compared to this sheep fax check, how is it going?
-Jino san, wait.
This is long.
What did I say to be compact?
30 lines 30 lines.
No, I said it's not necessary.
The five lines in the middle can be deleted.
I've already made it clear, that's it, please.
Don't mind.
Occasionally this happens.
This is too much.
Don't rely on men to find a job.
Do you bite after the plan using your body fails?
Social trash please disappear.
Goto Seri is a real rape victim
and an enemy of sexually molested women.
Rumors of internal transfer hire Internet cafe refugees.
Is that urban legend?
What happened?
This is Yoshioka's Twitter
There is a word called "Second Rape".
Meaning women who have been raped were rumored when they filed a complaint.
They were "Rape" again with words.
This fear has made women afraid to accuse the criminals.
We can't let Seri-san's efforts to speak up despite the fear be wasted.
We should really have this courage to speak up.
She wrote it out.
Yoshioka is a strange person.
What do you mean?
She grew up in the United States but came to Japan as a reporter.
I can't do it.
And language barriers.
This shows that what she wants to do is enough for her to overcome these obstacles.
Jino san definitely understand this, so he took care of her.
That's right.
the Cabinet Medical University
the Cabinet
Believe and doubt more than others
Shiraiwa Satoshi
Shiraiwa Satoshi was caught by internal remarks for his statement that "admission through the back door is an instruction under the official residence"?
Why did you leak the relationship chart to the weekly magazine?
Didn't I let you leak to paper media?
I did as you requested.
Why is there such a news that we did according to our instructions?
This will be in the newspapers tomorrow.
To protect the Prime Minister.
Internal adjustment tampered public opinion.
The chart of proliferation of victim women.
If you don't handle the information leak, I will have a hard time.
I just gave the relationship chart to the partner you named.
I did not send it by mail.
News of the relationship between Goto Seri and the opposition party was broadcasted on the opposition party support website.
Please wait.
You want to fabricate rumors?
Whether it is the truth or the gossip.
It is the Japanese people who decide it.
-Seto, can you do it?
Actually, my child will be born soon.
Is it?
Are you finally going to be a dad?
Yes it's a girl.
What about your children?
She's already in high school.
Take the college entrance examination next year.
-She has grown up.
How is your work?
How to say.
It's too different from the work in Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Do you know Tada-san?
There is no one who whould not know him.
Internal adjustment is not easy either.
Work was every enjoying while working with you.
You are too exaggerated.
You once said.
The job of officials is to serve the people wholeheartedly.
Did i say that?
I have learned many things from you.
So uncomfortable.
I was very strict to you that time.
Five years ago.
You have all the responsibilities alone.
I have always been guilty.
At that time, you followed the instructions above, right?
In fact
They said to me if you are willing to take responsibility.
The government will take care of you in the future.
Even for the country and family.
This is how I persuade myself.
I really miss my days in Beijing.
Always drink with you who just came in.
Don't be like me.
Kanzaki-san, are you okay?
-Come on.
Sorry ,it's so late.
It's my apology that he troubles you.
Wait, sit down.
I haven't seen him in a long time.
Really, dad.
-Long time no see.
I am really sorry.
No we are bothering you.
-Chika-chan, help your dad get a cover.
It happened the same in Beijing, right?
I have also given him trouble.
Really nostagic.
Then, I will leave.
What's up?
All right.
Come back when you have time.
For sure.
Someone sent us a copy.
The above mentioned a university led by the Cabinet.
I don't know what a sheep means.
But I know the university you said.
Medical university right?
But I refused.
Why is that?
It is not clear the purpose of running the school.
Not necessary from the perspective of the liberal arts province.
I have nothing else to say.
That's why you decided to take the lead in the Cabinet of government, right?
The Cabinet is composed of many government departments.
There is almost no specific person.
So if things at that, the university news are true.
Should be jointly organized by the departments.
Who would it be if someone leaked the news?
Maybe it was someone who was temporarily transferred to the Cabinet House.
It's a weak government department.
But the Cabinet suddenly took over power.
The center of power is the prime minister's residence.
Below is the Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Room.
Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Office is an organization directly responsible to the Prime Minister.
What are they doing?
Cabinet Intelligence Officer visits Prime Minister's office every day.
What exactly to report?
I know none of these.
The Public Security Investigation Department has few objects to investigate.
Note:The Public Security Investigation Office is one of Japan's major intelligence agencies.
The above policy is to reduce staff in this department.
Since there are layoffs, there is one.
What to do with the extra staff?
The people who came out of the intelligence agency.
From here we can see.
The Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Office is actually one with the police.
The officers from the Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Office are actually police officers.
So what exactly is the internal adjustment doing?
Internal adjustments are not an investigation based on the Prevention of Sabotage.
To put it nicely, they are defending the state system.
So what is the so-called national system?
Are they actually protecting those in power?
The horror of those in power is now.
Staff members who should be loyal to government agencies are being private.
Become a Private Soldier.
This personalization is very dangerous.
Isn't there a case recently? A reporter has committed sexual violence against women.
Why wasn't he arrested?
Really incredible.
People have to wonder whether the police or prosecutors.
Is it all controlled by that political force?
At that time, the woman was on the day of the press conference.
A chart on the Internet was suddenly circulated.
Note:2ch, a well-known Japanese internet forum.
I also watched it on 2ch and Twitter.
I remember thinking that the power behind this woman was not small.
Later the weekly magazine reported that
That relationship chart was made by internal adjustment.
On the day she held a press conference against the outcome of the case.
Reporter to the Ministry of Political Affairs.
I haven't seen you for a long time.
Long time no see.
I thought you were back at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
They don't let me go back.
I feel like you can go back.
Where are you going?
Didn't that happen?
The university case.
Kanzaki san's seat is empty.
I have to hand in my application this month, but I'm too busy
The seats are empty ... Sorry, what are you talking about?
Hey Hey hey.
It's you who keeps an eye on Kanzaki san.
Take as you haven't heard anything I said just now.
See you.
I'm Yoshioka from Toto Shimbun.
Can i talk to you for a while?
Is there a problem?
Have you seen this painting before?
There is news that the Cabinet wants to run a medical university.
Is it?
Don't you know?
You are the person in charge of the SAR.
I'm the person currently in charge of the SAR.
I am slowly trying to figure out the situation.
Go ask the former person in charge.
I'm Yoshioka from Toto Shimbun.
I have a few questions to ask Kanzaki san.
It is good.
Got it, that's it.
Kanzaki san.
Hello, Kanzaki san, where are you.
I wonder what are we protecting?
Kanzaki san.
Kanzaki san.
Please wait a moment, Kanzaki san.
Just a moment, Kanzaki san.
Kanzaki san.
Hello, is this Kimura san?
Turn on the TV.
-I'm Yoshioka from Toto Shimbun.
This is from Chiyoda.
A man fell from the top of a building and died.
The deceased was confirmed to be Kanzaki Toshio, 50 years old.
Sorry I will call you later.
Do you know this person?
The deceased was being survived by the family.
On the roof of the building at the scene.
There is the suspiscion of Kanzaki jumping from the roof.
The Metropolitan Police Department identified the case as Kanzaki committing suicide.
The next step will be to carried out by colleagues and family members of the deceased.
Did he suffer from some of the problems that forced him to commit suicide during his lifetime?
It's me, Sugihara.
Come in.
Excuse me.
You know about Kanzaki san, right?
I heard he was your former boss.
Please tell me everything you know.
All I know is that his last call was with you.
He was our mark before, right?
I do not know.
What did you do to Kanzaki san?
I didn't know.
Is that an organizational action?
What do you mean?
That person wouldn't go to death so easily.
Sorry, I'm busy.
Isn't your child about to be born?
Sugihara san, please.
Confidentiality 2 Information
The investigation has not yet identified the cause and purpose of illegal misappropriation.
In addition, 5 years ago, there was a falsification of official documents.
It may be one of the reasons for his suicide.
Failure to fulfil the responsibilities to explain.
Cause of suicide.
Rejected on grounds of poor health.
Illegal misappropriation of secret fees of the National Strategic Special Zone in February 2019.
After being transferred to the Cabinet.
New Graduate University Opening Plan for Niigata Special Administrative Region.
What happened?
I always think something's wrong, although it's not murder.
Kanzaki Toshio is said to be evading responsibility and is difficult to distinguish.
If you have a clear conscience, you don't need to die.
But wasn't it deliberately arranged to commit suicide?
Vote for Murder Seal.
Is Kanzaki misappropriating public funds?
What if the police can solve the problem if they die?
Elementary school students.
Suicide? Is it caseless? It's impossible to think about it (trembling).
If I say two more words, I'm afraid I will be killed.
Today is the day of wake for the dead Kanzaki san.
This time really ...
Thank you for coming.
No, sorry.
My condolences.
Let's go.
Could you please say a few words?
Is it true that Kanzaki san misappropriated public funds?
Is there any sign of suicide?
Sorry, please let us go.
Please don't take pictures.
Just say a few words, please.
Sorry sorry.
Was there anything unnatural before the suicide?
There is nothing to say.
Did your father behave strangely before he committed suicide?
There is nothing to say.
What are you doing?
It's not time to ask these questions.
What do you think if it is you?
Get in the car.
Wait, Kanzaki san, please say a few words.
Please answer.
Hurry up.
Are you a journalist?
I'm Yoshioka from Toto Shimbun.
What why?
Aren't you from their side?
I want to know the real reason why Kanzaki san committed suicide.
Why do you think Kanzaki san committed suicide?
Leaving the family behind.
Is it because the burden on the back is too heavy?
This matter has nothing to do with you.
I will take the leave.
Excuse me.
That one
She's stable now.
Your wife doesn't seem to realize that the amniotic fluid has broken.
We checked the condition in the belly with a B-ultrasound.
Turbid amniotic fluid was found.
Your wife also initiated a burn, both adults and children are in danger.
So, we urgently decided to have a cesarean section.
Now, both mother and daughter are out of danger.
Your wife needs some rest.
I will go out first.
Thank you.
The lower body is a little sticky.
I'm going to the hospital now.
I don't feel well.
Natsumi Missed call.
My belly hurts.
I heard that the family of Toshio Kanzaki was besieged by reporters on the night of the wake.
Shocked me.
How those people's brains work?
I wish the reporters kept asking questions when their family died.
Die. Oh, he's dead.
Maybe a person with a strong sense of responsibility is too real.
It's OK to treat people as stupid.
Isn't this man, Kanzaki Toshio, murdered?
I hope he can stare.
Suicide after guilty of embezzlement?
Suicide after corruption ...
Good morning.
Good morning.
Is this about Kanzaki san?
Like you said.
Inner adjustment has action.
But I was excluded from the action.
Are you here to say this?
-Forgive me. I don't have time to chat with you.
Do you remember? 5 years ago.
We tampered with the undocumented document.
Kanzaki san just tampered with the document in accordance with the order above.
The responsibility was all on him.
Kanzaki san has been threatened with the career of a diplomat.
He was in dilemma, so he had to take over work that was contrary to his intentions.
Is what I said wrong?
Please tell me.
Why Kanzaki san must die?
Aren't you the person from inside?
Check it yourself.
Suspected of tampering with documents.
Preempted by others.
Don't just give it to the Political Department and do what you can do?
Kurachi, let me go out.
-I beg you.
-Hello, Yoshioka.
Proofread of this weekly magazine for sale tomorrow.
New university plan is stalled.
Frustration means stop us from checking.
How is this going?
It's too risky to investigate this matter again.
Also consider the time to get out, okay?
Please wait.
I haven't figured it out yet.
I know, but you also understand what I said.
I don't understand.
Maybe Kanzaki san
No matter what.
Do you mean that the reason why Kanzaki san committed suicide is not just this?
Hear me out.
I gave you advice.
I know.
I'm leaving.
I was late to save him. I am so sorry.
It's all right.
Thank you.
It's only Sugihara who is standing by my husband's side.
Did nothing.
Me too.
5 years ago.
After that happened.
He kept swallowing guilt.
Waited for time to pass.
I did not expect this to happen.
I never noticed.
Stop tampering.
Take responsibility.
Take responsibility.
Tell the truth.
Tell the truth.
Stop tampering.
Stop tampering.
Take responsibility.
Send this to the police.
To check their identities.
But these people are ordinary people.
These people are potential criminals.
Is that your personal opinion?
So what?
Bureaucrat's suicide.
What do you think about current politics?
I hope these hypocrites in the cabinet
Step down.
That's why we are here to work hard.
Could you please help us communicate this to them?
Ok I understand.
Thank you.
Hello, excuse me.
You work in the cabinet, right?
Please wait.
This one.
I received the documents related to the new university.
I think maybe.
It is from Kanzaki san.
Please contact me.
Here is my card.
Thank you.
No need to.
How is your health?
All right.
Feel slightly better.
I am in rehabilitation training.
I have never been with you.
You didn't know.
It is because you have a job.
About Kanzaki san,
Has it subsided?
It's fine.
What happened?
It's written on your face.
It's all right.
Don't worry about me.
I always think that
The childbirth is easy.
Morning sickness wasn't that serious.
To be honest, I thought it very lightly.
After all, no one knows what will happen.
If I see the mail earlier....
It's all right.
I really want to hug her, my little baby.
This suicide is indeed a sad thing.
He still works for this organization.
The current regime wants to "separate" its citizens and isolate them, ready to break them one by one.
People who gather here to fight against them are individuals who are separated from schools and companies.
They unite their courage and prepare to compete with the great forces through individual unity.
Can we remain indifferent when we see this situation?
With a strong sense of mission.
Career destiny to work in this organization.
They should have a strong sense of mission and responsibility.
But this organization
Will do the opposite of self-justice.
Will make you do things that can't be done in principle.
Because they feel they must be absolutely loyal to the organization.
When doing things contrary to the wishes of the organization.
You feel unworthy.
May be caught in this situation.
Ideas for fathers who end their lives with suicide.
She's on a private TV station in Japan.
It is a long story.
It received great response.
and sparked a national debate.
But this father's heart is because of trust in the organization.
Can only choose to end life.
Now that regret no longer knows whom.
Maybe she realized it very clearly.
We can't judge her too much now.
This will cause
the own sense of justice to be suppressed.
Maybe actually after that
They have accumulated a considerable pressure.
But if you have the courage,
Through everyone's courage and sense of justice.
Even if the Japanese government is not transparent,
If we have links through everyone's beliefs.
We still have the courage to stand up.
Scramble to say that I will also report.
Although this may be the pressure of the group,
Others say it is pressured by the sympathy.
But there are still strong beliefs.
We also have the female voices.
People die in various ways.
Believe and doubt more than others
Yoshioka Erika.
We have to cheer ourselves up.
Do what you need to do.
So that we can rise up.
Not one person can do it.
So if you try your best to strengthen your faith.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Yoshioka, the sheep...
It really won't be built in Niigata, right?
There are preparations for construction.
It became an unclaimed vacant lot.
Actually, I have news here.
Other newspapers are also investigating this.
Eh? Does this mean it's not over yet?
That's what I mean.
So I also
Worked on something.
This is
If the project is not suspended
Maybe it will be left to the National Strategic Special Zone.
I picked some.
I see.
It changed place.
It's totally possible, right?
Thanks, I will check again.
Hello there.
Make sure no one is around.
You and I are both likely to be spotted too.
Because we are investigating Kanzaki san.
No problem.
That one
Kanzaki san is my superior who was kind to me when I was a diplomat.
Before he died.
He is involved in the new university project.
Why did he choose to commit suicide?
I do not know.
It is impossible.
I am telling the truth.
Kanzaki san is suspected of leaking news.
Maybe someone leaked the information to you.
It seems that he was being followed by the internal regulator.
But I was excluded from that task.
Because you have a personal relationship with Kanzaki san.
I don't know why.
Maybe Kanzaki san is trying to stop the university plan.
Otherwise, the documents will not be sent to you.
I think so.
He is not a person who will commit suicide because of such things.
My father was also a journalist.
Because of false reports
Hold him fully responsible,
He committed suicide.
But my father is not that vulnerable.
Although I think so,
I can't know the truth anymore.
So anyway,
I still want to know anyway.
As a reporter,
I want to tell you the truth.
Nothing more.
The plans for a new university are not over.
Most likely to continue construction elsewhere.
Maybe Kanzaki san also left other information.
If there are no accidents, it will apply next month.
Before that, we have to find a way to do something.
Otherwise, Kanzaki san died for nothing.
I will take my leave.
Excuse me.
The new university should be true.
I also have a topic.
It was pressured on.
I have to say that the event you are tracking is false.
The reporting is also wrong.
But other newspapers are investigating.
I will definitely find out the insider.
Do you know Yoshioka reporter of Toto Shimbun?
I know her, what's wrong?
I heard she was investigating Kanzaki.
Her father
was to expose the big companies in the capital.
A reporter who illegally loaned the then-Prime Minister's secretary.
Yoshioka Erika, Toto Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Social Affairs Reporter
Born and raised in New York.
When her father was a freelance reporter in New York.
Meet and marry Yoshioka's mother, a Korean woman.
After his wife died,
His false report says
Government's actual bank loan funds.
Dozens of times the amount of public funds.
False reporting is fatal to reporters.
And commit suicide.
The government is also state-owned because it bought a bank.
Totally forced.
This is a warning for you. We have all your details.
See if you want to follow in your father's footsteps.
Is it really suicide?
No one has guts to clean up the mess.
But this is our task.
Maintain a stable regime.
This is concerned with peace and stability in this country.
Isn't it?
This is different from my father's case.
Anyway, if you report this,
The future is difficult for you.
By the way,
Cherish you family .
So don't check.
Do you want to say this?
Is it?
Thank you.
Hello there.
I am from Toto Shimbun, my name is Yoshioka.
About your husband,
Can i talk to you?
I have nothing to say.
Ah wait a minute ...
Do you have any impressions about this painting?
-Please have tea.
-Thank you.
This one.
That painting was painted by my husband.
To cheer her daughter up.
In fact
He sent us some information with this picture.
He entrusted the information to us.
We also want to respond to his wishes.
Actually, I have a clue.
Hold on.
I think he doesn't want his family to see.
Dugway Sheep Incident
This one.
This one.
Maybe this is why Kanzaki san committed suicide.
There is a famous U.S. biochemical weapon experimental field.
Yeah, I know.
Written here on the experimental field in 1968.
The mass death of sheep is true, right?
It seems that the cause is a leak of nerve gas on the experimental field.
In other words,
Government wants to build Japan's Dugway.
Founded by Kanzaki san ... No.
The university founded by Kanzaki san.
A university set up to research and manufacture biochemical weapons.
Kanzaki san does not want to see this happen.
So he leaked the plan to us.
It's impossible to write a report based on these alone.
We need solid evidence.
To prove that the true purpose of the university was not medical reasons.
But for military.
Is that right?
Will you help me?
I am working for the country.
For this reason,
Shouldn't you make your conscience passable?
Can we just sit and ignore?
Can we just sit and ignore?
Kaho, this is dad.
It's dad, right?
I will be discharged next week.
Dad is trying to protect Japan.
He is too busy.
Sometimes can't be with us.
Let's look at the house together.
In the future, we want a family of three to live together.
Why are you apologize?
It's nothing.
Is it because you didn't come when I gave birth? I am not angry at you.
No no.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It will be okay.
I have an appointment with Suzuki-san
He should be there soon.
Can i wait in the room?
Come in.
Suzuki-san Suzuki-san
I'm Yoshioka from Toto Shimbun.
Is it convenient to talk?
Why are you again? Forgive me.
About starting a school,
Do you plan to continue construction in the strategic zones of other countries?
Please sit down and wait.
Thank you.
This matter is over.
Is this matter military related?
Can you assert that it will not be used in the military?
It is nonsense.
Are you telling the truth?
Don't ask me about such things?
It went well.
You've work hard.
Jino san.
I have something to tell you.
Do you have time?
-Come in.
-Excuse me.
This is Sugihara, Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Office.
I am Jino of Toto Shimbun.
Please sit.
This is the data.
This document says the university plan I talked about before.
And in this university,
They set up the Level 4 research equipment of the biosafety laboratory.
What is the purpose?
Apparently doing research for peace.
Look here.
Pharmacy G is a general term for neurotoxic gases used in Germany before and after World War II.
This study can be used to combat terrorist acts and foreign aggression.
Military-level research.
In other words,
They will research the most advanced technologies such as chromosomes.
All could be used in war.
Wait first.
All in all.
It might be rude to say that
Government is...
To study pathogenic bacteria that could be biochemical weapons.
Under the name of a university.
Actually they want to build this kind of research base.
We can publish this, right?
Hello there
Ok, I see.
I will think about it.
What happened?
If you post this news, it will become a false report.
The evidence is ready.
It is verified.
Is it internal adjustment?
Of course, they don't call themselves as that.
But who knows what we have here?
Are you giving up like this?
They should also be driven to despair by us.
Once this message is published.
The other party will claim that this is a false report.
We have no way to fight back.
By then,
Just announce my real name.
That doesn't work.
-Your family ...
-If it's you
How would you like your father to choose?
I understand.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I won't let it all go to waste. Definitely.
To:Sugihara Takumi "Subject:Main Content of the Report"
Mr. Sugihara, Thanks for your help. I have written the report.
You've worked hard.
Yoshioka This section you have to explain what level 4 laboratory is like
Explain Level 4
Relevant opinions
The opinions of relevant people must be mentioned here.
And what will happen after it is put into use?
What will happen?
I understand.
First is this.
It ended up like this.
Let's use this version.
Biochemical weapons research at new university.
I'm sorry to worry you.
We will cope.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
It is published.
She slept so well.
She falls asleep.
-Get in the car.
-Thank you.
We reached home.
-I forgot to take it.
-It's been a few days.
It's about two weeks.
-You are so reliable, it's all dad.
Kanzaki Toshio.
Look outside.
To Sugihara
Sorry for causing you troubles.
But at least I want to tell you the truth.
There is a private company operating new university.
A company run by an old friend of the Prime Minister.
Huge funds are injected into it.
This is the Ministry of Defense.
And the people's money.
And there is my financial stamp printed on it.
I bear all the guilt again.
Can I only live like this?
As a nation's man, as a father,
I can't take it anymore.
Please forgive me.
It is because of such ignorant journalists.
Japanese media will never be on the stage.
This is bad news.
Here comes the proof.
It is reported that officials lost control due to death of the boss.
And the newspaper was cheated.
Former subordinate of suicide officer gets out of control, forges confidential documents and provides them to Toto journalists.
In short, our report is wrong.
Of course he wrote about your father.
I know.
Good news.
Yomiuri Asahi and Daily news.
Newspapers are following our newspaper one after another.
How to do?
No matter how you choose, it is difficult.
It is good.
Hit the iron while it is hot and announce the name of Mr. Sugihara.
Is it okay?
I will go out for a while.
I'm leaving.
Did you write the report?
Who are you?
It is well written.
You are exactly like your father.
I want to tell you something.
Your father's report
is nothing wrong.
Who are you?
But he died.
What a pity.
and somemore
Thank you for calling.
Didn't you do it?
How could it be you?
Do you want to go back to the foreign ministry?
What do you mean?
I can help you transfer.
Not bad, right?
If you go back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Everyone will forget what you did.
But there is a condition,
You must forget all the news you know now.
Withdrawal is not shameful.
This country only needs a facade of democracy.