The Journey (2014) Movie Script

Let's hope the bride
is not pregnant.
Here I come, my dear!
Come on!
Finish the banana then
you can bring the bride.
Come on.
Bite it!
Bite it!
Getting married on a Chinese New
Year's Eve, I've never seen this before.
What's the rush?
Stop asking the obvious question,
Bite it!
Pass it!
Come on, open up!
Ninety eight...
Two more, two more.
Ninety nine...
One more, one more,
one hundred, one hundred!
The last round,
squeeze the milk.
Burst it, burst it,
harder, harder.
Hey! Where are you going?
Come on, squeeze it.
Dong, what is all this nonsense?
Your daughter's wedding
is embarrassing.
It's just like
making a porn movie.
And your
son-in-law's hair... just so inappropriate.
I feel sorry for you
being a host.
Chuan, don't get angry so easily.
It's easy to get a stroke
at our age.
These are typical youngsters.
We are getting old.
Be more open-minded,
don't get angry.
Sweet heart, if you are
truly a highland girl,...
...then you should be used to
these winding roads.
I wasn't born here.
Stand still.
I'm going to puke on you.
No, You're not!
Come here.
Please welcome
the bride and groom.
- Thank you.
- Fetch the bride with the umbrella.
Blessed by sky, blessed by earth, blessed
to be taken care by your new family.
Wish the couple with
blessings and good fortune.
Dong, you love
your daughter so much.
Why didn't you throw a banquet?
These youngsters
have their own thinking.
I'm fine as long as
they are happy with it.
The youngsters nowadays
don't know the ways of the world.
Don't you know too at this age?
Getting married
is a matter of prime.
You should invite
all our old classmates.
She thinks it's too troublesome
to send out invitations.
Anyway, as long as
everyone is happy.
Sending out invitations
is troublesome?
If it's my daughter's wedding,...
...I'll send the invitation
to any places I can reach.
Is it for real, Uncle Chuan?
Yes, and I will honor my word.
If I fail to do so,
I shall be struck by thunder.
I need the toilet really bad!
I have to go. Let's go!
Not that way, this way.
Which way?
This way.
Can you go a little bit faster?
Please, can you just
hurry a little bit?
Ok, nearly there.
Benji you dropped my drawing!
Or I'm gonna shit my pants.
- Hello, Uncle?
- Can u please open the door?
Hello, is there anybody home?
Uncle, please open the door.
He is probably out.
Just hang on for a while.
What you mean he's out?
What are the bloody chances. Shit!
I told you he is out.
Oh yes!
Go go go!
What are you doing?
I've got no time to explain.
No. If he finds out,...
...he's gonna be pissed off.
Well, he is not going
to find out, is he?
Come on. Just work for me.
Ghost! Ghost!
Uncle Chuan,
there's a ghost at your place!
A ghost?
What ghost?
There's someone
prying your door.
You'll be left with nothing
if you don't go back now.
I don't know
what you are driveling about.
Come on!
I'll pry it.
It going to happen.
White man!
Don't move!
White man, don't you move!
Catch him!
Stop him from running away!
Uncle Chuan is here.
Eating too much potatoes
must have made you crazy!
You come back all the way from UK
with a motorbike?
Who wants potatoes?
I didn't buy it.
Bee, you haven't been back
for so long.
I heard that you are back.
Hi, my name is Benji.
Ah Gao.
Uncle, it's early that you pay me.
I don't want to owe money
during Chinese New Year.
Oh no, round 2.
Bee, I know you like the scallops.
I've added a lot in it.
Don't act like your father.
He's too stingy to add
more even if he likes it.
Smells good.
Bee, what does your boy
friend do for a living?
He is a singer in the band.
Stage singer?
He must have earned a lot.
You have to throw a big banquet
for your wedding.
Your dad has to save his face.
You have to make it great.
At least 88 tables,
am I smart or what?
We are engaged. We didn't plan
to throw a banquet actually.
That's a worry!
Your dad told everyone...
...if he doesn't throw a banquet
for his daughter's wedding,...
...he will take the punishment
of a thunderstrike.
Ah Gao, are you nuts?
You used-up my scallops.
They're not cheap, you know?
I'll pay you back, ok?
You've not been back
for so many years,...
...Yet you humiliated me
the moment you got back.
You kidding me?
You offering me the chicken head?
Benji, the chicken head
is not for eating.
Oh, buggar, sorry, I didn't realize.
Cut the crap!
Giving me the chicken head
on New Year's Eve?
Trying to bring me
bad luck this year?
He didn't mean it.
Can you be more reasonable?
Look at you, you can't even
speak Chinese properly.
You don't even
sound like a Chinese.
Had all the men died out?
Out of all men,
you fall in love with a westerner!
You expect me
to speak in English?
I wanted to learn Chinese.
It was you who forced me
to go to England.
So now I've become English.
Isn't that what you wanted?
I've asked you to come back,
but you refused.
And you even continued
to study painting!
Guess who brought me
to learn that at the first place?
It was you!
So now everything I do is just
not right in your eyes!
And, getting married
is a matter of prime.
Have I been informed?
The reason why I'm back this time.
Is to tell you about my marriage.
Isn't it too late?
Why don't you tell me when I'm dead?
Stop it, I object!
Mr chicken head.
Hey, come on.
Don't let this get you down.
You said yourself
your dad was a difficult man.
Just look ahead, sweetheart.
Look to the sparkling sea
and the white sand.
We'll find some sweet little
secluded beach somewhere.
You can relax.
And finish off your thesis painting.
This here is just a detour.
You come out! Men and women are
not allowed to be in one room.
What did he say?
He wants us to sleep apart.
And you are not allowed
to enter my room.
Ok, well that is
really old fashion.
Chinese rules.
His rules.
You sleep here.
Don't go upstairs.
I am Low Boon Cheng.
I wish all my classmates
of year 1961...
...from Seng Yok Primary School,...
...have a prosperous year and may
all your dreams come true! Ulala!
Low Boon Cheng?
This Mr Goat Low Cheng Boon.
Is now known as Low Boon Cheng?
You, stop starring at me.
What the hell?
Oh, shit!
Thank you, very much.
Uncle Chuan, Happy New Year.
Uncle Chuan, I heard you let off
firecrackers last night.
And it was loud.
Having a westerner
as your son-in-law.
Is a blessing.
Shut up!
Wake up.
It's the first day of Chinese
New Year, you better get up now.
This is for you.
Uncle, Happy New Year!
Bee, Happy New Year.
Auntie Gao, Happy New Year.
Just be frank.
I'm concern about you not being busybody.
I heard that there was a
loud arguement last night.
You had a fight with your dad?
Because of your wedding?
You shouldn't fight with him,
especially at the reunion dinner
You only have one father in your life.
In fact, uncle dotes on you so much.
If he really loves me.
He wouldn't have left me in England.
You wouldn't know.
Easier said than done.
Your mum died when you're so young.
Your dad just started the farm.
How could a man..
...take care of a
8-year-old kid.
I can take care of myself.
I don't need him to look after me.
Easier said than done.
Do you have any idea how
hard it is for your dad?
As our Chinese saying...
...even if you're not filial enough,
at least you obey to your parents.
It shouldn't take you so
long to wash those veggies.
Don't you wash-off
the peel of my veggies.
It's tastier that way, Uncle.
Hey, Benji.
Wake up, Benji.
Time for breakfast.
I don't want to eat, I just want to sleep!
No, wake up!
Just let me sleep in alright!
Today is the first day of Chinese New year.
If you don't get up soon,
he is going to be angry again.
I'm sorry, did you just
say that he will be angry?
Are you having a laugh?
Look, it's been an uphill battle
for me, from the minute I arrived.
And you cannot say I haven't tried.
He wouldn't let me sleep
in the room with my fiance.
But instead he puts me in here
surrounded by photos of dead people.
Hey, dead people.
Hey, I told you he is a very difficult man.
Just try to please him.
No, because I don't think that's fair.
Why do I have to be the one to compromise?
This man has not even so
much as cracked a smile.
I'm done, Bee.
I just want to leave this
archaic, god forsaken place!
You're behaving like a child.
No, actually Bee, the only
child here is your father.
Like I said, I am done.
Your father is a closed minded bigot!
And I don't know how to tolerate
his conservative backward thinking.
How could you say that about my father.
Since you hate us
traditional people so much.
Just don't get married!
Come on, really?
I mean, getting married to you
and dealing with the old man.
They are two completely different things!
One feels like a no brainer and
the other like pushing shit uphill!
So everything is just a joke to you?
I'm a joke, my father is a joke.
Marry is a joke.
And the baby in my stomachache... a joke?
Bee, are you pregnant?
Does it look like I'm joking?
But, how's that possible?
No, look, don't misunderstand me.
I'm just enjoying
being a couple right now.
I don't know if I'm ready
to be a father just yet.
He was fine yesterday,
how did this happen?
Life is so fragile.
He normally keeps his
own saving's passbook.
Somehow he wanted me to
take care of it yesterday.
And wanted to take me to travel in China.
He said that we should
travel when we could.
Or else we might regret
when we can no longer move.
He even said that we can't predict
the future, especially at this age.
Now Zhu is married.
As a father, he should be
able to leave with no regrets.
Where's your son?
He's on his way back from Kuala Lumpur.
Almost here.
I have to take the call.
I want a banquet of at least 50 tables.
Not even one less.
Bee, what did he say?
Low Cheng Boon.
Make sure you got them
right, don't leave anyone out.
Got it.
Choo Chong Meng.
Cheong Dong Kin.
Lim Kee Huat.
I've told you.
No, because I've compromised
with this banquet dinner.
And now are you seriously asking me
to handle the wedding invitations?
Father has already sent the invitations
to his friends and relatives nearby.
We just need to deliver to
those who living futher away.
Can't you just help?
How far away are we talking?
I mean seriously Bee.
You don't find this
troublesome or excessive?
I mean what about post? What about email?
Or what about SMS?
I mean, you are afraid to
disagree with him, are you?
It's not about fear.
It is Chinese culture.
But it seems to me, you
are just giving in to him.
Ok, let's say, I'm giving in.
I just want his blessing.
You want me to deliver the
wedding invitations by hand.
Ok, I will do this for you.
So likewise, you respect my decision.
We take the bike.
Stop joking, alright?
I'm dead serious.
We take the bike.
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
What a bad luck! The tyre was
punctured when we just hit the road.
It's very common to get a puncture.
How could we get business if
you don't ever get puncture.
All tyres go flat.
Those who are lucky got
one after the tread worn out.
The unlucky ones might even
get one when the tyres still new.
Just like human, we might
"puncture" (die) at anytime too.
Mr Rabbit Heng, I got a flat tyre here.
I'll be late.
Turn, turn there.
What? I don't know what are you saying.
Hey, what's going on here?
Some kind of street performance?
Mr Ox (Chuan).
Mr Rabbit Heng.
Where did you get the flat
tyre? What took you so long?
Just around Simpang Pulai.
I'm busy now. Wait a moment.
I've invited all our 12 old classmates.
Remember to be there earlier.
Of course. I haven't met them for decades.
Sure, sure.
Old man, you should go.
Otherwise you'll be
having gathering in heaven.
Evil Fatty.
Can't you say something nice?
Stop talking something
inauspicious during Chinese New Year.
Go and bring some cookies for the guests.
Why don't you get it yourself?
There's pork jerky, kuih kapit.
And drinks at the back.
Don't you have feet?
Uncle, have some cookies.
Hey dear...'re pregnant, let me do the work
It's just pregnant, it's
not like I can't walk.
Thank you.
Are you having a boy or a girl?
Yes, got bird bird one (willy).
Come out next month.
Mr Ox, does your
son-in-law speak Chinese?
Of course not.
He only speaks English.
I can never understand.
It's even better that
he can't speak Chinese.
So that you won't fight.
Dad, I've added the water.
Good, unlike that Fatty of mine.
Always annoyed me, I'm speechless.
Oh yea, how did you teach your children.
He has totally no manners.
And I heard he called you old man.
It's not so much about manners.
Sometimes I'm respected as a senior,
but sometimes he has his points too.
He's not like what he seems.
He's actually quite filial.
He said...
...he will bring me to China
on my coming birthday
I told him.
We can wait till my 70th birthday.
But he said that...
...time waits for no one
Are you getting 70 so soon?
I remember you are 6 years younger than me.
Nah. That was Mr Doggie.
I'm only 3 years younger than you.
Fatty, it's almost time.
Go bring out the roasted pig.
Got it. Got it.
Let's get a good spot first.
Come, this is a good spot.
Here dad, this is a good spot.
Hubby, come on, come here.
Praying to the God of Heaven.
Any spot is fine, come on.
Please bless us!
I wonder why it rains this year.
It's the year of water snake.
Water snake, it'll bring us fortune.
Look how happy your husband is.
So happy
Prosper! Prosper!
We have a westerner joining us this year.
Hot water.
Excuse me, give way please.
Hey honey, don't simply move around.
Come here.
Oh yea, you haven't met our
old classmates for so long.
How are you going to
send them the invitations?
That's why I'm meeting
the class monitor tomorrow.
He surely has all their contacts.
Penang is well-known for its prayers
to God of Heaven on the 8th day of CNY.
A lot of visitors during
this period of time.
Come again after Chinese New Year.
I'll show you around.
So whipping the car just now.
Are you like a street performer?
No no no, I "working god".
You work for god.
Yes, yes, yes.
So stamp on my back what does it do?
Oh chop ya.
This one chop.
Good you know?
Chinese people said for safe.
Tomorrow I make you one, for you.
I "pin" your motor for you.
"Pin" is whip.
What does it do?
God give power.
Very very good luck.
Chinese god have very big power.
Your boss.
Ya, number one number one.
I married many years but no baby you know.
Last year I pray the "sky gong kau kau"
(pray hard to the God of Heaven).
Wah, my wife "dua bat doh" (pregnant).
Today I buy...
...The Pig
Yes, say for thank you.
It's very expensive.
But for my baby, for my wife...'s all ok.
So, what makes you want to be a father?
Baby good.
Chinese people said, people
feed me, me feed people.
One day your son call you "papa".
You'll feel very "syiok"
(awesome). You know?
Come, for "papas".
This is the blessing
thread from Rambo (Fatty).
He gave it to me when he whipped the bike.
It's for safety and for good luck.
So I want you to keep it.
Take it.
It's for good luck. It's good.
All rise, bow.
Thank you teacher.
Fatimah, you would be the snake.
Snake, snake!
I don't want to be a snake!
I want to be a cat!
Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake,
horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig.
I'm better, I can read
it out in backwards order.
Pig, dog, rooster, monkey, goat, horse,
snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox, rat.
Am I smart?
Mr Black Rooster, since you're so smart.
Tell me what's the gender of this tree.
Can you tell?
Mr Ox, it's definitely a male.
How did you know that?
It's definitely a male, if it's a female.
It would have bloomed.
Maybe it's a shemale tree.
Shemale tree wouldn't bloom as well.
I think it's a shemale tree as well.
Shemale tree.
Mr Doggie. Look at this photo.
You look so dumb.
Do you remember before we took this photo?
You climbed the shemale tree.
The photo has permanently recorded
your look with an injured arm.
Speaking of which, who can be
dumber than the class monitor?
Don't you remember?
During the class, he always shouted.
"Rise, bow".
"Thank you teacher".
What are you laughing at?
Talking about my past again?
It's all your fault Mr Ox.
Kicking my chair for no reason.
Serves you right to sleep in class.
Here, this is Uncle Ox.
Uncle Ox.
Uncle Black Rooster.
Uncle Doggie.
Granpa, why are your friends all animals?
You shouldn't be laughing,
if not your Fatimah.
We could have completed the 12 zodiac.
What Fatimah?
Are you crazy?
I'm Chinese, she is Malay.
How would I like her?
Crazy? You two were crazier.
Trying to make a hot air balloon.
Stop talking nonsense, I'm not mad.
I've been trying, I'm almost there.
You are already this old.
Yet you're still doing such useless thing.
It's not useless.
Although we are not young anymore.
But we should realise our dream from young.
Let's forget about the unhappy stuff.
Now let's stop chatting,
just go home with me.
I have something special to show you.
Mr Choo.
Thank you.
Can these plastic bags
turned into a hot air balloon?
You'll know when it takes off.
You made it all by yourself.
If one day you fly away alone.
We would not have known.
Do you know how much effort I've put in?
You would understand when I show it to you.
Headmaster Choo.
Why are you here?
How could you leave our home
empty during Chinese New Year?
Aren't you the one who asked me to come?
It doesn't matter who's order was that
Let's have a meal together during
Chinese New Year, just enjoy it.
Come on, everyone follow me.
Gong Xi Fa Cai.
Auntie Choo, Gong Xi Fa Cai.
Long time no see.
This is the hot air balloon.
It looks just like a garbage.
Congratulations on
your daughter's wedding.
Ah Choo, come and take a look.
Bee paints really well.
Mr Ox, your daughter is a talented artist.
See how young Auntie
Choo looks in the painting.
Really, draw one for me as well.
After me.
What? My turn first.
She hasn't even painted her dad yet.
What are you fighting for?
Mr Ox gets to be painted first.
Ah Chuan, come here.
Mr Ox, come.
Look here.
Mr Ox, stop moving around.
How can she paint your
portrait if you keep moving?
Yea, smile.
You look constipated.
Mr Ox, here is the contact
details of all our old classmates.
Don't lose it.
I quit.
Sit still, why stop?
Look, Bee Yong painted my portrait so well.
What's the point?
Is this making money?
It's just like a coffin portrait.
Bah! Touch wood.
Don't say such words
during Chinese New Year.
Let the youngsters be.
Let them be? Come back
only when they feel like.
Leave whenever they want.
Married to a white man as they like.
Ah Chuan, Benji is a nice guy.
So everyone knew about him...
...except me.
I'm your dad!
Did you even treat me as your daughter?
Send me away as you like and not
letting me to bring any of my belongings.
Have you ever thought about my feelings?
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Filling up petrol
shouldn't take you this long.
I'm leaving.
Mr Ox, your contact book.
Don't worry.
I'll give it to him.
Always going your own way.
Still going out in this situation.
You alright?
I'm waiting no more, let's go.
If you insist on going, you
gonna have to wear the jacket.
Decision made.
Are you feeling any warmer?
It's almost full house,
only left with one room.
Take it if you want, room 20.
Go up and go straight to the end.
The room is on your left hand side.
There are soap and towels in the room.
Thank you.
Great, it's done, thank you.
Hey handsome.
Do you want a full body massage?
No, I'm actually pretty sorted.
Because I actually just came from Thailand.
Let's go. Where they
called me "The Swedish Elbow"
Have a good night.
The check out time is tomorrow 12 noon.
Be punctual.
I'll charge 10 bucks
for every hour after that.
I'm not kidding.
Handsome, we will be here all night.
Alright, I'll keep it in mind.
Move faster. Let's go.
Isn't there a better place? Why did
you have to find a place like this.
Number 20.
What are you doing?
Good night then.
Where did he go in the
middle of the night?
If I found out that
you're do something bad,...
...I will neuter you.
If you're doing something
that will hurt my daughter.
I would not let you go.
Turn? No, just go straight.
You looking for level 13?
Please wear the visitor pass.
Oh god.
My wallet.
Mr Goat.
Mr Goat.
May I know if Low Boon Cheng lives here?
Does he live here?
You're looking for the
singer Low Boon Cheng?
He normally travels to
overseas during Chinese New Year.
He won't be back until
the Lantern Festival.
How could somebody not stay home during
Chinese New Year? This is ridiculous.
Can you please pass
this invitation to him?
How troublesome!
You can just place it at his doorstep,
he will collect it when he gets back.
Please hand over to him.
Oh dear, so troublesome.
Fine, ok.
Thank you.
I have lost my wallet.
Therefore I have no driver's license.
That means I cannot ride the motorbike.
Do you understand?
What now?
Are you sure you can
handle a bike this big?
Hey, you coming?
Hey is your back any better?
Khor Soon Choy, you still recognize me?
I am Goh Chee Chuan, the one
sitting behind the class monitor.
Hey, Mr Ox.
Aren't you dead? I thought you were dead?
Where did you hear it from?
I heard from someone,
it's good to see you alive.
Many people passed away, my
wife died long time ago too.
So did Ah Lim, the one
who likes to play accordion.
I heard that he suffered from
breast cancer and passed away.
Ah Lim suffered from breast cancer?
He passed away so soon?
I was thinking to travel to
Perlis to pass him the invitation.
Who knows.
It's too late.
Who's that?
That's my
My name is Benji.
I can speak English you know?
I was top in class.
I was given an honorary
degree in Engineering.
I am an Engineer, and so is my son.
This is your invitation.
This is my only daughter.
You have to come.
Everything is going to be ok.
What happened?
Uncle Khor, it's alright, just calm down.
Excuse me, it's now his rest time.
What happened to him?
I heard that he is over demanding
with his son's school performance.
And caused his son to commit suicide.
Every time he thinks about his son.
Not being able to build
his own family and career.
He would behave like this.
His son took his own life.
Khor Soon Choy.
Don't forget to attend the dinner.
Please open the door!
Where the hell has he
been, not answering the door.
I'm Inspector Rashidi.
I'm CID Law Shiau Pyng.
We got information that there
is prostitution going on here.
Please cooperate.
I'm just sleeping here.
What have I done wrong?
Sir, please show me your IC.
Sir, I have not committed any crime.
I'm just sleeping here, what did I do?
It's ok, just follow the line.
Those are bad guys, just arrest them.
Please let me go, I'm old.
How am I capable of such thing?
Capable or not, please follow
us to the police station.
Get in, sir.
Please let me go, sir.
Shut up.
No, I don't want to go!
She seems very reluctant to leave.
Why don't you let her stay.
It's for her own good, just go.
I don't want to go.
Where were you last night?
It was you who offered me the
chicken head, giving me the bad luck.
It's embarassing being locked
up for the whole night at my age.
I don't understand.
Cut the crap.
Bring me to get some new clothes.
I'm going to shower with pomelo
leaves, wash away my bad luck.
Where's you motorbike?
No mate, we've upgraded, you see.
Did you steal someone's car?
No, no, no. It's ours,
I've got the key right here.
Where's your motorbike?
No, no, no, motorbike is gone.
So this is going to be more comfortable.
Better for your back, not sore.
I don't have a car license though.
No license, that's fine.
Because I've got my license back.
I've got my wallet. Come.
Old car is hard to handle.
Drive it slowly.
Uncle, 15 bucks well-spent,
look how handsome you are now.
What a bad luck.
How could you meet Fatimah
wearing this? Let's go.
Uncle, one for him?
Let me show you.
This is the trendiest, green colour.
I want this.
This is even trendier, blue colour.
The Hollywood stars wear it too.
This is the one.
Mr sofa.
These kids.
Are eavesdropping.
Go on, go play at other places!
Sorry about the sofa.
It's fine, I mean clearly
you both have a very good taste.
Chee Chuan.
Time flies, it's been 50 years.
We're both getting old.
You speak Chinese?
Oh yeah.
We were classmates,
your father-in-law and I.
He taught me Chinese.
And the classmates always make
fun and jokes out of two of us.
And they said we are a couple.
What are you two giggling about?
Alright buddy, Sofaman
is coming to get you.
I got 6, I win!
I win! Yes!
I haven't spoken in
Chinese for a long time.
Can't remember a lot of words.
Please attend the dinner.
Of course, I'll be there.
Time flies, we all aged.
Now your child is getting
married. You're blessed.
You have no idea.
Adam, Aman, your dad's calling.
Daddy, daddy.
What's make them so happy?
Their father's call.
Ah, I see.
Dad, there's a sofaman
at grandma's place today.
Dad, when are you coming back?
Dad, the sofaman wears the
same pattern as our sofa.
No matter how they fight,
they're still a family.
Try to persuade him to celebrate
his birthday with the daughter.
Because today is their birthday.
No, Bee's birthday was ages ago.
I know, but according to the
traditional Chinese calendar.
Today is their birthday.
Oh I see. Ok.
What are you talking about?
You have to attend, don't forget it.
Sure, I sure will.
I'll see you at the wedding.
Yup, lovely to meet you.
Lovely to meet you too, bye.
Bye sofaman.
Have a safe trip.
So today is your birthday?
Happy birthday to you!
Stop, make a u-turn, let's go home.
What? You want to go home?
He is heading home to
celebrate our birthday?
Well, we are on our way
to the Highlands right now.
I will try to delay
him as much as possible.
But you know, you need to get
home before he knows about it.
Where can I buy dried scallop?
Marine products.
We don't have it here, you
have to go back to the town.
Why is the door locked? Where is Bee?
Bee, Bee is... she has gone to the valley.
She just gone to pick up something
and she should be right here.
Cut the crap, ask her
to come back right away.
I'll cook her some rice noodle.
Oh yeah.
May I have your attention please.
Ms Goh Bee Yong, Ms Goh Bee Yong.
Passenger to Kuala Lumpur, please
proceed to boarding gate no.3, thank you.
The street light is not working again.
What if it causes somebody to fall?
Let's not wait any longer, the noodles
have gone soggy, we'll eat first.
Aren't you changing your
clothes? You think it's nice?
My Shirt?
Yea, I left it on.
Look uncle, Bee is not here.
She didn't go to the valley at all.
She is in Sabah.
Waiting to board the plane.
The plane... in Sabah.
Hey sweetheart.
I was worried about you. What happened?
I missed the flight.
It's ok.
It's ok.
You hungry?
Your dad prepared a very
special birthday dinner for you.
You slept so late, why
did you wake up so early?
Trying to be an early bird?
Why did you buy so much? It's not cheap!
I want to go with you guys. Wait for me.
Have your breakfast before you change.
The cassette player doesn't work.
Hey look out. Someone
acquired the midas touch.
Ah Huat, this is Goh Chee Chuan.
Where are you?
Ah Chuan, I'm here, here!
Ah Huat!
Prosper! Prosper! (Huat! Huat!)
Ah Chuan, I'm walking in the parade.
You can meet Lian Pak Cik at
the end of the street first.
I'll look for you later.
Ah Huat!
At the end of the street!
Come on, this is Uncle Ox.
Uncle Ox.
Well done. What are your names?
My name is Lian Yong. They call me Ah Lian.
This is my brother, Durian Head.
Your doing well, your
grandchildren are all grown up.
Your're not bad too,
you have a Westerner son-in-law.
It's over 10 o'clock.
Our class monitor that
has always been punctual.
Is late today, how strange!
Choo Chong Meng is coming?
Then I better leave.
Mr Ox, did you have a fight
with the class monitor again?
The two of you always
fought with each other.
Yet you are still the closest among all.
Still behaving like
that even at your age now.
Class monitor's call.
I'm not taking the call.
Don't be a child, take it.
I'm not Lian Pak Cik, I'm Ox.
Coming or not, it's up to you.
Ah Choo passed away this afternoon.
Passed away?
Ah Choo, being late with this excuse.
This is just not right.
You asked me out for coffee the other day.
But I missed the appointment.
If I knew it was our last meeting.
I would have gone.
Choo, it was me who took
your English textbook.
I always wanted to tell you.
Now I don't have the chance anymore.
Ah Huat, what are you doing?
He used to nodded-off in the class.
I always kicked him to wake him up.
Then he'll get up and
call for rise and bow.
This is a forever recess
for our class monitor.
You sure you're not going in?
Just because there's
conflict with the wedding?
At this moment, is there
any need for superstitions?
You don't get it. It's for your sake.
I don't get it? It's just a selfish act.
Don't pretend to care.
If you're not going in, I am going in.
Ok, just try to get
my head around this one.
He was your best mate for 50 years.
And you are finding it difficult
to go in and say goodbye to him?
Grandma said these sweets are for you.
Ok, now this, this is perfect timing, mate.
You can translate for me?
Spending time with you.
I always try my best to follow the
Chinese tradition of respecting my elders.
But today I cannot keep quiet.
Today, I cannot tolerate anymore!
Today I have to speak what is in my heart.
I have to speak from my head.
You've come this far.
But you refuse to go in and
farewell your friend one last time.
I mean I don't understand
why you're being so stubborn.
You are just a step away yet you
refuse to pay your last respect.
It seems to me...
It seems to me that your ego is getting
in the way of a single and final gesture.
Of kindness of honoring
the memory of your friend.
Now if you don't follow
through and say goodbye to him.
I can guarantee that you'll regret
this for the rest of your life.
I mean we are talking about 50
years of friendship, mate, 50 years!
50 years of friendship, 50 years!
That cannot compare to an inflated
ego or an archaic sense of pride?
Now if you can accept a
life filled with regret.
Then just continue standing here.
If you like to stand, just
stand here as long as you like.
So, what did you call me for?
I want to make a hot air balloon.
Hot air balloon.
Hot air balloon?
The balloon?
Aim your target, fix your goal.
Make every bit of effort purposeful.
Make every bit of effort purposeful.
Both of you, come out.
So according to the late
class monitor's research,...
...a balloon can actually
be made from plastic bags.
But some of those plastic
bags need to be black.
So as attract the sun
which create a solar effect.
Mr Ox, you're doing
some useless stuff again?
How can you do these useless stuff.
Without the help of the
useless old people like us.
Yea, how could you not involving us.
We need to stick the
sheets of plastic together.
Now bear in mind, this
is not a hot air ballon.
It is a solar balloon.
We fill the balloon with cold air.
Which is then heated by the
black plastic enabling lift off.
Now we have to trigger a
release of cold air mid-flight.
To bring it back down to earth again.
We have safety precautions in place.
In the event that the
balloon loses control.
For example, a safety rope can be released.
And secured by people on the ground.
In order for the balloon
to carry two people,... needs to be 80ft high and 50ft wide.
So we will be using more
than ten thousand plastic bags.
Which is why we need all
the help that we can get.
Ok, so before take off, I will call...
...release the weights.
Throw the emergency rope.
Great job.
Well done!
It's already late,
what are you still doing?
Just doing the final checks.
What are you checking?
One check after another?
It would be fine.
It this can be flown,...'s worth it even if I'm dead.
I don't understand.
The person I worry the most is Bee.
You have to take good care of her.
Yes, I will be good to Bee.
I'm old, and I will
"puncture" (die) one day.
If anything happens, I count
on you to take care of Bee.
"Pongcek" (Puncture).
That's the first word I learnt here.
I'm sorry, I cannot give you
my permission to fly your balloon.
Headmaster, we are alumni
of this school for 50 years.
Can't you cut us some slack?
Ya, it's 50 years, can't you let us in?
Headmaster Chan, do you remember me?
Of course. You are the wife
of the previous headmaster.
Your husband was a headmaster as well.
You should understand our situation.
You have to write a letter
to the Ministry of Education.
I will call for a meeting
once approved by the minister.
To discuss about this.
Thank you.
Is this necessary?
It's just to fly a hot air balloon.
We can't bring out the cinerary urn
once we place it in the columbarium.
Don't worry guys, I have a way to go in.
There's a hole at the back, I'm
the only one who knows it. Let's go.
Stop bragging.
Where's the hole? It's missing.
It's even locked.
Looks like we have to do it somewhere else.
No way.
Our class monitor's wish
is to rise it at the school.
Hey, I've got an idea.
Hey, no!
I cannot see anything.
The weather is beautiful today.
Stop making nonsense.
Stand up.
Let me give you an example.
Malaysia... a beautiful country.
Got it?
Teacher, look over there.
Over the basketball court.
What's so interesting?
Look at the basketball court.
Ok, guys, be really careful.
Because it tears off easily.
We've got to hurry because
the sun is already up.
Ok, open it up now.
Mr Rooster, we need to
find the power source.
If you spot a hole, call me!
Is there any hole?
Malaysia is a beautiful country.
Don't ruin it you two!
It's is safer this way.
Chuan, please take good care of Ah Choo.
Ready to go?
Ah Choo, I'm flying with you.
You ready?
All set.
Rise, bow, let's go.
Mr Ox, I dare you to go a bit higher.
Why not? Go ahead.
Here we go.
What has happened?
Don't move.
Be careful.
How did this happen?
Throw the rope down!
Throw down the rope!
Where's the rope?
Stop moving!
Where's the rope?
Where did you put it?
Throw down the rope!
What's wrong with you.
Where the hell is the rope?
Class monitor!
You alright?
Fine, I'm fine.
I'm fine too.
It's all your fault, why took us so high?
You wanted it as well right?
Mr Doggie, Mr Ox!
You alright, Mr Doggie?
You OK? Have you been hurt?
Fine, I'm fine.
Are you alright?
Try to stay calm, and stay really still.
We're fine, right?
Luckily we're OK.
Mr Ox, you're stuck time time.
Uncle, your daughter is
really good at painting.
It looks so real.
It's hot, dad.
Still laughing at us?
It's all your fault.
Thrown down the whole roll of rope.
Luckily that safety belt saved us.
If not we'll be dead by now.
Your white son-in-law
bought us fruits too.
With all those bought
by Auntie Choo yesterday.
We can start a fruit stall business.
What's better than buying fruit,
they can't be buying nasi lemak right?
There are many choices other than fruit.
- Grandpa.
- Grandpa.
I've told you not to keep coming here.
Both of you too, you've
been here for so many days.
There are many things to
prepare for the wedding ceremony.
Go home first.
How long since you last saw them?
For years, actually.
I did write them a letter recently.
Asking if the three of us can make amends.
Are they doing well?
They're OK.
Each of them is busy with their own lives.
I think I would like
to invite them to the wedding.
I thought you didn't want to see them.
It's true.
I didn't want to see them.
But people change.
I mean.
Hey, look at me.
I can use chopsticks now better
than I can use a knife and fork.
I don't know, Something has shifted
from me in the past few weeks.
I feel like I can
appreciate new perspectives.
Than I previously understand.
Like Chinese culture is
not just about tradition.
It's something that is
inherently born from love.
The bond between a children
and the parent,... something that can never be broken.
When did you learn how to compromise?
Ok fine, I admit it.
I'm willing to compromise,
but just this once.
Hey wait.
Look, see there's a different pair
for every stage of the baby's life.
When did you buy them?
I bought them when I
realized that I was ready.
You know, I told you before that I
didn't think I was ready to be a father.
Now I can't think of
anything that I was rather be.
Alright, I'm not supposed to be in here.
I'm off to bed.
Good night.
Dad, it looks like you've won.
I'm fine, really, I am.
Bee, do you want to eat something first?
You won't have time to eat later.
I won't look good if I eat too much.
You have good appetite lately.
Look at your big tummy.
It's all right, I'll tighten it.
You will surely look good.
Auntie Gao, can you tighten
it a bit more please?
- Tighter?
- A bit more.
You'll feel hard to breath.
Uncle Chuan, congratulations!
You look handsome today.
I have to dress myself up too.
Let it protrude.
Your health is more important.
You know all about it, dad?
Talking about English.
I can understand a little too
You're still wearing heels?
Change it please.
I feel like a China Doll.
China Doll?
You look like a Raggedy Ann!
At least I'm not looking
like a Chinese vampire.
Who do you think looks better
dressed for a Chinese wedding?
Both of you look good.
But it'll be even better
if you can speak Chinese.
Ok, what is "how are you"?
"Ni Hao Ma".
No! It's "Ni Hao Ma".
"Ni Hao Ma".
Hey old man, you have to say it this way.
The marriage of persons...
...will be blessed with good
fortune and many grandchildren.
Thank you, fatty.
Dong, are you feeling better?
Way better, just not
able to move around freely.
Good, look at our Mr Doggie.
His hand has been
plaster casted for months.
You're Uncle Doggie?
If you sought for my
blessing before you took off.
You'll be perfectly fine
even if you fly to Holland.
Here comes the wife of class monitor.
Why is she here?
It's strictly taboo
for Uncle Chuan.
I invited them.
Isn't this violating
the taboo you believed in?
Sometimes it does,
but at times it doesn't.
No taboo.
All right then.
Uncle Ox.
Good boy.
Ah Chuan, congratulations!
Are you feeling better?
I'm recovered.
Goh Ghee Chuan.
Khor Soon Choy.
All our classmates are waiting for you.
Hello, welcome.
I speak English, you know?
Yes, I remember.
Thank you, welcome.
Skinny monkey, it's been
decades we haven't met.
Long time no see.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Mr Ox, here comes your Fatimah.
You idiot!
Hello, Fatimah.
You look handsome today.
You look pretty too.
Come on.
Jenny, today is not about our past.
Is about our son.
Can't we get along, just for his sake?
But only just for today.
Look at you two.
This was your idea, wasn't it?
My darling, I'm so so happy to see you.
It's been such a long time.
I know.
Benjamin, good to see you.
I hope you haven't
got a bun in the oven.
Well, yes, we'll talk later.
This is my
Mother and father.
"Ni Ma Hao" (Your mum's ok?)
"Ma Ni Hao" (Hi mum).
No, just "Ni Hao Ma"?
I know.
How are you?
How are you?
Very pleased to meet you.
Come, we've got years to learn Chinese.
Come on, bring the bowl.
What's taking Mr Goat so long?
Mr Goat?
He's dead...
- Since when?
- It was a long time ago.
- Hello, everebody! I'm here.
- Mr Goat?
Skinny Monkey, you just like to fib.
All the old classmates are here.
Please come up to the
stage and take a group photo.
Ok, I'll call the roll.
I'm here.
Ah Lim?
I thought you said he's dead?
You again? You skinny monkey.
I don't want to be a
snake, I want to be a cat.
Where's the pig?
The pig is your grandpa.
You look just like him when he was young.
Come on, you sit here.
Take your grandpa's seat.
Who's gonna take the
class teacher's seat?
Ben, come.
He's born on snake year.
Finally we've completed
the 12 zodiac.
Alright boys and girls.
Your daughter... getting married today...
...I thought we may not get a chance... share any joyful moments anymore...
...I missed the good old days.
These memories were the
happiest time of my life.
But you never tell us.. much you love me.
I still remember,...
...when mum passed away,... held me so tightly but said nothing.
Only now...
...I realized it was you who sent the
tuition fee to me when I was in England.
Our lives have been lived apart.
But the time shared with
you, I hold close to my head.
Watching you to age every day...
...your hair getting greyer day by day.
I feel really sad...
...thank you for accepting Benji.
And thank you for the love and
care you've shown me over the years.
So I would like to tell you...
...I love you.
I guess now is my turn.
And so without further ado
to mark this special occasion.
I have a surprise for you all.
Proper planning, no time wasting.
All rise!
Choo Chee Hin!
Come out!
Oh yea, Dad.
I forgot to tell you.
The shemale tree in our school.
Bloomed last week.