The Journey (2016) Movie Script

Something in life,
you're always worried
about car bombs, shootings.
This is the most resilient
community in the world.
People survive.
People don't break down.
People are exposed
to awful things here.
You walk around the corner
and possibly a bomb will go off
or a shooting.
It's just part of life, really.
There's no point
in being bitter.
All it does in the end
is intensify the situation,
and it widens the whole wound
in Northern Ireland.
We actually are surviving.
That's the whole story
of Belfast.
It's really only
a tit-for-tat thing.
Kill a Catholic,
kill a Protestant,
and it's returned.
- Harry.
- Prime Minister.
What am I doing about Ian's
golden wedding anniversary?
You got him
a leather photo album.
Couldn't we do better
than that?
What are the Irish getting him?
Well, Bertie's got him a bowl
carved from a tree
recovered from the site of
the Battle of the Boyne, 1690.
Bloody hell.
Can't we steal it?
Well, we do have form.
So how are you doing?
Do you feel the hand of history
on your shoulder?
Around my throat, more like.
It's like looking
at the Promised Land
through the wrong end
of a telescope.
Prime Minister,
I've been at this since 1972.
I've retired three times.
I have more comebacks
than Sinatra.
Every time there is a chink
of light, they drag me back
simply because I know them
better than anyone.
But this time is
the first time I really felt...
Yes, there's a chance.
We can do this.
Do you say this
to all the prime ministers?
Of course.
Only this time, I mean it.
Why now?
Well, because...
young men fight
for the hell of it,
but old men
care about their legacy.
Now, I think
this is the right time.
Well, I hope you're right.
Speaking of old men,
Ian disappearing like this
isn't gonna help matters.
It'll keep him sweet.
50 years of marriage.
It's rumored it's the last time
he said yes to anything.
Mrs. Thatcher tells us
that that republic
must have some say
in our province.
We say never!
Never! Never!
Bernie, Bernie, you need
to go easy on the garlic.
Even though the pressure is on
to make a deal...
I'm telling-I'm serious.
The last-
the last time I cooked,
the girls said
I nearly poisoned them.
In the north,
over civil' rights.
In brief,
because the Catholics wanted...
Well, don't blame me.
Blame Delia.
And the Protestants
Wanted to remain
part of the United Kingdom,
and they've been at it
ever since.
The main players
on the Republican side...
All right, all right.
Meatballs it is, then.
Well, it's not luck we need.
It's divine intervention.
The long history
of acrimony and distrust
that comes
with Northern Ireland.
Such an outcome is very much
par for the course.
But if We're talking about
public perception,
we can go back even further:
the Remembrance Day
bombing in 1987
and that moving
and memorable interview
given by Gordon Wilson
whose daughter, Marie,
died in the explosion.
I asked her
three or four times...
She assured me
she was all right.
She screamed every time.
The fifth time I asked her,
she said,
"Daddy, I love you very much."
That's what her last words were.
What is your reaction now
10-10 the bombers,
the people who did this?
I prayed for the bombers
fast nigh t.
That God would forgive them.
- Bertie.
- Tony.
Come through.
Did you have a good journey?
I did, yes. We came up...
Divide and conquer.
Divide and rule.
To trust them, to acknowledge
their political mandate?
I mean, how can you have
a discussion with someone
who might murder you
if you don't agree with them?
then we're nearly there,
but with the marching,
we're gonna have to fudge that.
Make a new body.
Buy us some time.
Yes? Oh, right.
Just wait a minute.
I'll be back.
If we're going
with your police,
and that's revolutionary,
and you don't give ground
on parades?
Is there a problem?
You know
it's his big night tonight.
They've guests coming in from all
over the world for the celebrations.
Well, we agreed
it would be fine.
The storm has closed
Glasgow Airport.
He'll be devastated.
Is there anything you can do?
We need a clear
commitment from...
Hi. Hello.
Gerry, Martin,
bit of a situation.
As you know,
Dr. Paisley is due to attend
his golden wedding
anniversary celebration
in Belfast this evening.
Unfortunately, the weather
has shut Glasgow Airport.
Now, obviously,
this is very important to him.
Tony and I both agree
that it'd be a nice gesture
and beneficial to the talks
if we could find a way
to get Dr. Paisley
to his celebrations.
Now, as it happens,
we may be able
to fly him out
of Edinburgh Airport.
Private business jet, bankers.
We've been able
to pull a few strings
and we can get him on board.
And there's a very small
window of opportunity
before the storm shifts.
Before we propose this,
we need to clear it with you.
You know,
favoritism and all that.
That's absolutely
not a problem.
Great. Marvelous.
Thank you.
As long as I fly with him.
I'm sorry?
Well, as you well know...
Our protocols dictate
that senior figures
in opposing parties
must fly together.
It lessens the chance
of either side
firing a ground-to-air
missile or...
Well, surely,
we're beyond the point of...
It would also
give me the opportunity
to consult
with the Army Council.
Couldn't you just phone them?
Bertie, we need to talk.
What are you doing?
Look, he's going home
into his heartland,
but this time...
If they get a hold of him
before he's said yes,
they will change his mind.
But if Big Ian
doesn't say yes now,
we are just pissing in the wind.
He has to be convinced.
He hasn't ever spoken
a single word to any of us.
He hates us.
And what if
it's a wild-goose chase?
What if he doesn't speak?
Or what if he does speak
and it all goes to hell?
Martin, we can't take
the risk of-
- We have always
taken the risk, Gerry.
I'd rather it was me and him
going 12 rounds
than that shower of sycophants
that follows him around.
He's 81.
If we don't get to him now,
we will never get to him.
Don't do this.
Don't cut a deal
with that old bastard.
I'm not cutting anything,
We're just bringing it home.
It's no time for cold feet.
We announce a ceasefire.
We give up our guns.
We negotiate with the Unionists.
We recognize we're part
of the United Kingdom,
so the Queen is our queen.
We put all
of those things together
and we call it a victory.
Hows that a victory?
We were fighting for 30 years.
It didn't work.
They could never have beaten us,
but we could never
have beaten them either.
You should be ashamed
of yourself.
We're soldiers.
There's no shame in losing,
but stand up and admit it.
Don't dress it up
like somehow we've triumphed.
Politics is a long game, Rory.
You have to stay the course.
Everything we want, we will get.
Maybe not today or tomorrow.
It may take another 30 years.
I invite you to be with us,
watching over us
and keeping us safe.
But believe you me,
I would not be talking
to that auld bastard...
If I didn't think
we were gonna get there.
I pray for an alert mind
whilst traveling.
I pray you keep
this vehicle we're in safe
from mechanical failure.
Thank you for the commitment
you made to me at the cross.
well, there's good news
and there's bad news.
Yes, son?
Well, the good news is,
they'll get you
to the airport on time.
The bad news...
I'm sorry, Daddy.
We'd no choice.
It's no skin off my nose.
You'll be at the airport
in 60 minutes; just say nothing.
I haven't spoken to him
in 30 years.
Another hour
isn't gonna be any trouble.
Just enjoy your night.
I wish I could be there.
Don't worry,
I'll hold the fort here.
. Okay
The jet touches down at 7:00;
the weather's closing in,
so if you're not there,
they won't hang around.
You'll be cleared straight onto
the tarmac, but 7:00, okay?
That's your end game.
I'll be there by 6:00.
So far, so good.
Do I recognize you
from somewhere?
I do, don't I?
Are you on TV?
We're politicians.
Guess who I had
in the back of the car once.
Samuel L. Jackson.
Oh, I know.
He was playing golf.
Well, not right there
in the back.
At St. Andrews.
Do you follow the golf?
I'm more of a cricket man
myself, so I am.
You and me both, pal.
But aren't you, like, Irish
or something?
I just didn't think
the Irish liked cricket.
There's a lot
would surprise you
about the Irish, so there is.
And what about you, sir?
I do not have time
for cricket.
Okay, I do know your face.
Who are you really?
This is Dr. Ian Paisley,
leader of
the Democratic Unionist Party,
founder and moderator
of the Free Presbyterian Church.
And you, sir?
This is Martin McGuinness,
former chief of staff
of the Irish Republican Army.
It's Wild?
The rain.
"I establish my covenant
with you,
"and all flesh shall
never again be cut off
by the waters of the flood."
You must have a verse
for every occasion?
How about one
for two auld enemies
in the back of a car,
neither one knowing
how to make the first move?
I have no interest in moves,
Mr. McGuinness.
Looks like
the rain's stopping.
You know, I...
I didn't mean to be
or anything,
not recognizing you.
I just always thought
the IRA was led by that guy
with the beard and the pipe,
you know?
So where do you fit in?
You might call me
the acceptable public face.
Forecast is not good.
There will be
a lot of unhappy golfers.
Oh, but then
you're into the old cricket.
Nicely played.
They should feel free
to speak in front of you.
There's an opportunity here
to see how
they really get on
when no one is watching.
You see, we're hoping
that what they have in common
will be enough
to break down the barriers.
That just the two of them
stripped of all this
bureaucracy and scrutiny
will work this out.
Bring a real and lasting peace.
You're young, aren't you?
25? 26?
Still, old enough that you
should know who these men are.
They are The Troubles.
They are civil war.
They are anarchy.
I prayed for the bombers
last night.
That God would forgive them.
Shut his eyes
as soon as he got in.
Been like that
for the last ten minutes.
Oh, bloody hell.
He's 81,
and he hasn't been well.
Thatcher operated
on four hours' sleep
and a pact with the devil.
Paisley has the energy of
ten men half his age.
This is just his way
of not engaging.
- Wake him up.
- Hold on.
You know what they say
about sleeping dogs.
It still needs to be done.
At the end of this,
either we hold the peace
or we go back to war.
You do have a flair
for the dramatic.
God, sorry!
Oh. I am sorry. Sorry.
So 50 years married?
You'd get less time for murder.
I shouldn't have said that.
There's only one possible
That I would know
all about murder.
I walked right into it.
Like stepping on a land mine.
Oh, God. There I go again.
Do you think any of this
is a laughing matter,
Mr. McGuinness?
No, no, no, absolutely not.
I'm just trying
to break the ice.
I'm just trying to get home.
We're all just trying
to get home.
Isn't that profound?
Do you have a signal?
Dr. Paisley, do you have
a mobile phone signal?
I've absolutely no idea.
Well, would you check?
Do you think I'm gonna lend you
my phone, Mr. McGuinness?
No, no, of course not.
No, I...
It's just the signal.
So this party of yours
Pints of Guinness
and a bit of boogie?
Sorry, I forgot.
Alcohol is the devil's
buttermilk, that right?
And what was it
you said about dancing?
Oh, no, no, no,
not just dancing.
Line dancing.
Poor, inoffensive line dancing.
Mr. McGuinness,
my party is not your affair.
But for your information,
line dancing is as sinful
as any other type of dancing.
With its sexual gestures
and touching,
it's an incitement to lust.
Not the way I do it, it isn't.
I'm only winding you up.
No, Mr. McGuinness,
you're not.
So what's your position on
the great Samuel L. Jackson,
Would you shake his hand
if we stopped to pick him up?
Andrew Jackson was the seventh
president of the United States.
He was a Presbyterian
of good Ulster stock.
I'd shake his hand.
I've absolutely no idea
who Samuel L. Jackson is.
Oh. He's a movie star.
Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown.
Snakes on a Plane.
That's still playing
in the pictures,
if you wanted to go.
Mr. McGuinness,
I haven't been to the pictures
since 1973.
Well, what did you go to see?
I didn't go to see anything.
I was protesting outside.
What would have got your goat
in 1973'?
Was it The Sting?
All that gambling
offended your sensibilities?
What about you? 1973.
Hold on.
I'll just phone my granddad.
Enter the Dragon.
That-that would have been 1973.
Well, too much violence?
No, it wasn't that.
I know what it was. Of course.
The Exorcist.
"Your mother sucks"...
We protested peacefully
Your lot set incendiary bombs
and burned them down.
Hello, dear.
No, no, everything is fine.
Have our guests
started arriving?
Oh, no, I'll be there on time.
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
Yes, I have company.
No, no, nobody important.
All right, dear, yes.
Yes, all right, yes.
So you have a signal.
Could I borrow
your phone, please?
Just-just for
a couple of minutes to-
- No, you may not.
My phone is not
for the likes of you.
All right, okay.
It's your phone. Absolutely.
Look, if I could
just even send a text to-
- No.
A text is not gonna kill you.
Oh, unless, of course,
it's a-it's an order.
Oh, come on.
Jesus Christ, how are we
supposed to get anything done-
- You watch your language
with me, boy!
Don't "boy" me!
Well, do not take
the Lord's name in vain.
Oh, all right, all right,
okay, okay.
That's always been the problem
with you.
- You have no give in you.
- Really?
That's why we're all
sitting up the road then, is it?
Just give me the phone,
will you?
Extend the olive branch.
Well, I'd imagine
you'd be more familiar
with Special Branch.
That's good.
That's funny.
You've been like this
your whole life, haven't you?
My way or the highway.
It isn't a question of it
being my way, Mr. McGuinness.
It's a question of it being
the right way, of God's way.
Oh, because God is always
whispering in your ear.
Well, perhaps if you
listened a little bit harder,
you might hear him
whispering in your ear too.
I hear him whispering, okay?
Oh, yeah.
Jesus we pt.
Are you a married man,
Mr. McGuinness?
Yes, I am.
So what does she make
of your...
Your career choices?
Of the blood on your hands?
She's in my corner,
good times and bad.
As I'm sure yours accepts-
- There's no blood on my hands,
Mr. McGuinness.
Please, stop.
We were at war, never at peace.
Yes, a peace
that allows your lot
to rob and kill and use that-
- It's not perfect.
But that's why we're here,
isn't it'?
To sort it out.
The final solution.
L-I don't mean
the "final solution."
I mean-
I mean, a final solution.
One way or the other...
I just want to say,
I hope you have a good night.
And a good party.
50 years.
If you don't mind me asking,
you don't dance,
and you don't drink,
so how did you meet her?
It was the Titanic.
How old are you?
Her father owned
a grocery shop,
bottom of the Nevvtownards Road
right near the shipyard
where the Titanic was built.
I was, I was preaching
on some waste ground opposite.
It was a big crowd.
I could see her standin'
in the shop doorway, apron on,
listening, and my eye
kept coming back to her.
I said, "How proud
we should be of the Titanic.
It's such an immense
And someone shouted,
"The bloody thing sank!"
And I Said, "Well, it...
it was all right
when it left here."
She was the only one
who laughed.
So when I'd done, I followed her
into the-into the shop.
To chat her up?
I'd like to have seen that.
Ian Paisley chatting someone up?
Oh, believe it or not, I was
quiet and shy in those days.
Dr. Paisley,
you were never quiet.
She was up a ladder
stocking shelves.
She glanced around at me,
and her cheeks went all pink.
She asked me if she could
help me, and I said...
"Do you have
any aeroplane biscuits?"
And she said, "What are those?
I've never heard of them."
And I said, "You know,
they're the wee plain ones."
She started giggling.
And that was that.
Ian Paisley,
the stand-up comic?
Tell me somethin'.
After all these years,
does she still enjoy
all the grandstanding?
- The grand...
- Yeah, like she never says,
"Ian, would you
wind your neck in?"
I mean, you stood in the middle
of the European Parliament
and called the Pope
the Antichrist.
I mean, did she not tell you
to catch yourself on?
She-she thought
that was a good idea?
She did,
and it had to be said.
You mugged the Pope.
Mr. McGuinness,
I am not a man of violence-
- Do you or do you not believe
that the European Union
is part of a conspiracy
to create
a Roman Catholic super state
controlled by the Vatican?
- I do and it is.
- Brilliant.
And did you or did you not
write that seat number 666
in the European Parliament
is reserved for the Antichrist?
Oh, fabulous.
Do you really, really,
really believe all this?
You know, I'm not mocking you.
You're entitled
to your opinions.
I'm mocking the poor blind fools
that swallow it all
hook, line and sinker.
They elect you
again and again and again.
The most popular politician
in Europe and the most extreme.
All I do is follow
the teachings of the scriptures.
And I challenge any man
to find different.
And scriptures told you
to burn Catholics
out of their homes?
- I didn't.
- You incited people to do it.
I preach the Lord's words.
You said priests and nuns were
handing out sub machine guns.
- And they were.
- Oh, for God's sake.
Do you know why,
in nearly 30 years,
the IRA has never,
never once tried to kill you?
Because you,
with all your bigotry,
all your "Save Ulster
from Sodomy" campaigning,
seein' Antichrists
around every corner,
you have done more damage
to your own lot
than the IRA could have ever
done with a thousand bombs.
That's a matter of opinion,
and you're wrong!
Your lot have made at least
three attempts at my life.
At least our side hasn't.
You can almost taste it,
can't you?
The hatred. Thick as blood.
It congeals in the same way too.
Forms a scab
that keeps the poison in.
But every once in a while,
a little just leaks out.
Just enough to pollute
everything it touches.
Imagine the Twin Towers falling.
Falling twice.
That's the kind of violence
we're talking about.
And all caused
by children bickering.
And yet these are our bright
and shining beacons of hope.
You see, a beating...
Or a murder or a bomb
that kills two or three people
isn't enough anymore.
Not since 9/11.
It means nothing.
For terror to be effective,
it now has to be massive.
Has to be
a Hollywood spectacular.
And these men
haven't the stomach for it.
Not anymore.
there's always
a new generation coming up
more ambitious, more outrageous.
These men and these women,
they need
to be nipped in the bud.
And your passengers can do that
if they can just get over
their own poisonous past.
How are we doing for time?
We're on schedule.
In fact, we're a little ahead.
Let's lose the security car.
Where is the security car?
The security car?
It was there a minute ago
and then-
- To tell you the truth,
I wasn't even aware
there was a security car.
Of course, there was.
It was right behind us.
Oh, the irony.
The great Republican
Martin McGuinness
getting nervous
because the Queen's men
aren't here to protect him.
It's not that. It's...
Do you think
someone's gonna take you out?
This might be Scotland,
but it-it is Calvin country.
There's no love lost
for the likes of you,
so you might have a point.
Or is it your own side
you're worried about?
Don't be ridiculous.
Well, we should have protection.
We're... politicians.
Oh, really? Oh!
Oh, yeah,
that's what you are, is it?
Well, you've come a long way
from the wee guttersnipe
hurling rocks
at British soldiers.
Or did the, the balaclava
get a bit too scratchy?
Now you've a nice suit
and shiny shoes.
You're quite the respectable
little democrat.
At least I aspire to it.
Can I please borrow
your bloody phone?
You're 35 miles
from Edinburgh Airport,
and that is not very far.
We've diverted you to
the Lomond Hills Regional Park
to give them a bit more time.
So just drive around
for as long as you can.
Try not to be obvious.
By the time you leave that park,
we want them singing off
the same hymn sheet.
Hey, where are we goin'?
there's a diversion ahead.
The roads flooded
with all the rain.
It's just a wee bit of a detour.
Shouldn't slow us down at all.
Hey, what are we doing
in the middle of a forest?
Shortcut, sir.
We'll be joining the M90
on the other side.
What's going on?
Sir, they-they appear
to have crashed.
I told you to buy time,
not bloody-
- Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Look, can you hear me?
What the hell is going on?
Are you all right, sir?
Are you okay?
Yes, I am. I'm grand.
- Yes, what was that?
- Sorry, a deer.
A deer, it just ran
right out in front.
I did hit the brakes,
but we slid.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Okay, so just stay inside
while I check on the damage,
and we'll be back on the road
in no time.
They're getting out.
For God's sake,
don't let them get out.
We need to keep them in the car.
What are they saying? I can't
hear what they're saying.
- There goes your party.
- No, don't even say that.
Okay. This is...
This is no problem.
Okay. This is no problem at all.
Just, I'm gonna just go
and fix the...
Fucking hell.
Just wait.
About bloody time.
Did you deliberately prang it?
No. Okay, no.
What am I supposed to do now?
There was no blood or fur...
On the headlight or the tire.
We have a puncture, yes.
I haven't changed a tire in...
I've never changed a tire.
We don't even know
if it's fixable.
Well, first...
We lose the security car.
Then we make
a mysterious detour
that nobody else
seems to be makin'.
Then we-we crash
for no obvious reason.
You need to get the spare tire
out of the boot.
You need to get the jack,
and above all, you need to hear
what they're saying.
You'd nearly think
they want us marooned out here.
You might think that.
I suppose, in your line of work,
you have to live with
a certain amount of paranoia.
It was an accident.
It will be fixed.
We will make our flight.
Yeah, you sure about that,
You get a wee Whisper
from up above?
Maybe he doesn't want us
to leave the talks.
Maybe he thinks
your golden wedding party
is an extravagance
we can't afford.
the good news is that
the engine is fine.
So if you just want
to get back in the car,
I'll change the tire, and we'll
soon be back on our way.
Have you ever changed
a tire before, young man?
You have to jack it up, boy.
That means we can't
be in the back, no!
I'm with Bertie now.
We're going round in circles.
I, hope you don't mind.
I thought it only right
to invite Bertie to...
- What's-what's going on?
- We had an incident.
Our driver
managed to crash the car.
Are they...
No, no, no. No injuries
that we're aware of.
Nothing too serious
with the vehicle.
Where are they?
In a forest.
What are they doing
in a forest?
They should be near
the airport by now.
I'm afraid our grand plan
to get them talking
was, rather misfiring,
so the situation
had to be managed.
Where's their security?
It was withdrawn.
On whose authority?
Well, they needed time
and a little pressure.
So you withdrew their security
and allowed a child
to crash the car.
- And now they're...
- Yes, Prime Minister.
Do you think
that's satisfactory?
The two men upon whom this
entire peace agreement depends
wandering by themselves
in a fucking wood!
And your children?
What do you tell them
about the murders
and the bombs and the...
You don't understand us
at all, do you?
You insist on seeing it
in terms of murder...
And genocide.
Instead of people
fighting for their rights,
for their country,
for their freedom-
- I only judge it by
the amount of funerals I go to
of ordinary, decent people.
American independence?
French resistance, terrorists?
Horses for courses.
Do you have nothing
on your conscience at all?
Sir. Sir, sir, please.
Look, I...
- Tony.
- Not now.
Prime Minister.
Oh, God! Gerry!
Gerry, I can explain.
it was a shock to me too.
But he's very good at making
something categorically wrong
sound categorically right.
Bertie, that is not fair.
Where are they?
They're wandering in a forest.
But they're fine.
They're fine.
Gerry, this isn't about you.
It's not about Martin
or these-these images.
You know that.
Bigger picture.
If Bloody Sunday
hadn't happened,
then we would have
just faded away.
13 people
on a civil rights march
shot dead by your Brits.
Oh, people in glass houses
shouldn't throw stones,
as I believe you did
on that day.
Oh, piss off, you smug...
13 innocent people
shot in the back, most of 'em.
The next day, we'd so many
volunteers, we couldn't cope.
They were-they were queuing
round the block to join us.
And you had
your license to kill.
We were fighting a civil war.
And you lost.
Isn't-isn't that
what this is all about?
Your precious army
is so riddled with informers,
you can barely
mount an operation.
I have a political mandate,
just like you.
You are nothing like me.
I grew up working on farms.
They're vermin.
It's dying-
- You need to put it
out of its misery.
It shouldn't be a problem
to a soldier like you.
Just do it.
I'd say the car's
back that way.
And I'm telling you,
I don't see them.
Okay, okay,
about 300 meters on your right,
there's a church.
I don't recognize them.
They must be your lot.
These are all
illustrations from the...
From the Book of Martyrs.
Oh, if it's not
by John Grisham,
I probably haven't read it.
Back then, the common people
had almost
no other reading matter
except the Bible
and Foxe's Book of Martyrs.
Those who could read
could learn of the full horror
of the atrocities performed
on the Protestant reformers.
The illiterate
could see for themselves
these illustrations.
The book is more
than a record of persecution.
It's a living force
and my inspiration.
We Know a thing or two
about martyrs as we".
I'm talking about
men of faith.
So am I.
Ten men
starved themselves to death
for what they believed in.
Murderers and bombers.
Bobby Sands was a member of
your blessed British Parliament.
He was a terrorist.
100,000 people
attended his funeral.
You think
they were all terrorists?
Your hunger strikers
chose to take their own lives.
That was a choice
their many victims didn't have.
And you could have stopped it.
- I could have?
- Yes.
You, Adams...
All you lot with
your ballot paper in one hand
and your Armalite in the other.
The government was willing
to make a deal with you,
but you thought
that the publicity was worth
its weight in gold,
so you wouldn't let them stop.
Until one after the other,
one after the other,
ten men lay dead.
You know nothing about it.
I know enough.
If it wasn't for them,
we wouldn't be
sittin' round a table now.
There's no deal done yet.
Bloody hell.
Whose idea was this?
It was my idea,
and I take
full responsibility for it.
No, no, no, no.
Well, actually, yes,
but the buck stops with me.
Or does it?
Look, we're-we're all at it.
We're in each other's
pockets on this.
I mean, it goes with
the territory, doesn't it?
Gerry, Martin didn't need
to make that flight.
He volunteered.
- The IRA Army Council ordered-
- Gerry, Gerry, come on.
We know.
Look, I'm on your side.
Long term,
I fully support your objectives.
Absolutely, a united Ireland.
And, Ian Kyle Jr.,
in the short term, which,
yeah, might actually
turn out to be quite long,
I fully support yours too.
You remain
part of the United Kingdom.
I mean, my grandfather
was an Orangeman in Donegal,
for goodness sake.
And the moment
that you agreed to your father
traveling with Martin,
you knew what this was about.
So, gentlemen,
I have a foot
in both graves-camps.
But I favor neither.
I favor... peace.
Now I know
it will take a miracle
for these two
to work things out.
And if listening in
can make that happen,
if, as a result,
we can divert traffic
or switch a signal
to improve their chances,
then I fully support
what Harry has done
completely of his own accord.
So I'm asking you, gentlemen,
who may be rightly aggrieved,
to stand with me in this moment
where we are perched
so precariously
on the razor's edge
to see this through
and walk out of this hotel
and straight
into the history books.
Come on, big man.
We've a plane to catch.
I've never been one for
talking in public, so I haven't.
Well, no problem
with a small paramilitary unit.
Not like you.
Tens of thousands
roaring you on.
It was your finest hour.
Can we hear a bit of it?
I don't have the power
I used to have.
I haven't been well.
Go on, you can do it.
Knock it out of the park?
"Never, never, never!"
Some say in our province!
We say never!
Never! Never! Never!
I'm not here
for your entertainment.
Then what are you here for?
I don't know.
I'll tell you why we're here
in this godforsaken church.
And it's nothing
you don't already know.
We're here because
we are on the verge of something
the wider world will applaud
but our own people will hate.
You are being asked
to betray your tribe.
And I'm being asked
to betray mine.
That's all.
How can we even contemplate
doing this?
That's the first time
you've said "we."
You are so defensive.
We've spent too much time
in graveyards.
You know, it's not that...
I don't have any regrets.
Walking on the dead there.
Use the path.
Show some respect.
Do you remember Enniskillen?
Do I remember it?
No, I... I don't mean that.
Of course, you remember it.
It's just-
- The IRA planted a bomb
at a Remembrance Day parade,
a parade to remember
Protestant and Catholic soldiers
who fought on the same side
against great evil
in two World Wars
and murdered 11-
no, 12 innocent people.
I know what happened.
But what I'm trying to say is-
- Wesley and Bertha Armstrong.
Kitchener and Jessie Johnston.
William and Agnes Mullan.
John Megaw, Georgina Quinton,
Marie Wilson, Samuel Gault,
and Edward Armstrong.
Ronnie Hill died after being
in a coma for 13 years.
Yes, I remember Enniskillen.
Will you listen to me?
It was a mistake, okay?
It did irreparable damage
to our cause.
When it was on the news...
They were showing the video.
They were showing...
Gordon Wilson talking
about his... his poor daughter
under the rubble.
And he was saying...
That he bore us no ill will.
He forgave us.
My daughter...
she was only a wee tot.
She came to me and asked
why people
had to kill each other.
And I said...
"It's not good to kill anyone,
but sometimes, if you believe
something so strongly"...
And I heard myself sayin' it.
And I could see in her eyes,
she was just...
That I was trying to justify it.
And I realized...
I was talking to her
as a freedom fighter, not as...
Not as a father.
And I started to think,
how would I feel
if she was under that rubble?
If she was the one I had to hold
while her life ebbed away?
And that's when
I finally understood...
That things had to change.
that the killing had to stop.
Save me your crocodile tears.
12 people were murdered.
63 injured, including
13 of your precious children,
yet you've managed
to turn it into a tragedy
about your daughter's
loss of innocence?
Really? Really?
Why don't you go
to those 12 grim houses
and tell them your sob story?
Tell them that you suffered too.
That it caused your side
irreparable damage.
All right, you walk away.
That's what you do.
You're like
the Grand Old Duke of York.
You march 'em up
to the top of the hill
and you march 'em down again.
That's what you do with hope,
you big-headed auld bigot!
We need to get to the airport.
You need to get there.
I'll be all right here.
Sometimes my bark
is worse than my bite.
Somebody once said that
the past is a foreign country.
That they-they do things
differently there.
Maybe we have to learn
to do things differently.
What are you saying?
Is he sulking?
It looks like he's sulking.
He feels cornered.
We're still okay
for the flight, so we are.
- Aren't we?
- Oh, yes, sir.
- Quick as you can, all right?
- Yes.
Invalid card.
Just give me one minute.
I think I...
You'd be First Minister.
I'd be Deputy.
First Minister.
- What now?
- They won't take my card.
You know, the wallet
in my back pocket got bent
while I was changing
the tire, so...
I'm sure if you explained
the situation-
- No, he says he's not allowed.
I do hate to ask,
but could I borrow your...
Do you really think
any bank would trust me
with a credit card?
I get so far
with the application,
and then it all goes bad
when they see
"international terrorist."
How about you, big man?
You step up?
I don't use credit cards.
Oh, right, I forgot.
Well, I've no cash on me.
I have a plane to catch.
This should be interesting.
Do you know who I am?
Hey, Donald!
There's a gentleman here
who doesn't know who he is.
I'm sorry, I've been waiting
my whole life to...
Today, I have been married
for exactly 50 years
to the most wonderful woman.
Tonight, I'm celebrating
with her in Belfast.
There's a plane waitin' for me
at Edinburgh Airport.
To get that plane,
my car requires petrol.
This driver's credit card
is perfectly good and valid,
yet has been rejected
by your machine.
You have the power
to overrule that machine
and process his payment.
I would like you to do that.
I-I'm-I'm afraid I can't
without authorization from-
- "And Jesus went
into the temple of God
"and cast out them that sold
"and bought in the temple.
"He overthrew the tables
of the money changers
"and the seats of them
who sold doves
"and said unto them,
'It is written
"'my house shall be called
the house of prayer,
"yet ye have made it
a den of thieves.'
"And the blind and lame
came to him in the temple
"and he healed them.
"And when the chief priests
and scribes
"saw the wonderful things
that he did
"and the children crying
in the temple,
"Hosanna to the son of David, '
they were sore displeased!"
Maybe if I try
keyin' in the number,
it might go through this time.
That would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Sir, do you mind
if I ask you a question?
Did you ever actually
ever kill anyone yourself?
You know, pull the trigger?
It was a war.
People die in wars,
on both sides.
I just wondered how it felt
to have people's deaths
on your conscience.
Do you mean,
can I sleep at night?
Yes, I sleep at night.
I'm sure you do too.
Yes, I do.
My conscience is clear.
Is it really?
Never even touched a gun.
Well, that may be.
But the fact of the matter is,
you actually started it all
in the first place.
I mean, if you had joined
the civil rights marchers
instead of attacking them-
- It wasn't about civil rights.
Catholics were denied jobs,
houses, votes.
And I would have supported
every man jack of them
if that was all it was about.
Do you not think I,
I looked across the Atlantic
and saw Martin Luther King
preaching about civil rights,
fearless and brave
and determined?
You, sir, are no Doctor-
- But they shot that great man.
And I'd have been happy for them
to shoot me in that cause.
Well, that's bollocks.
And what about Mandela?
He was another terrorist!
Who embraced the peace
having been a bomber.
Would you refuse
to shake his hand as well?
Didn't he make a giant leap?
Didn't everyone say
it was impossible?
And look at him now.
The world loves him.
The difference is, he had
his people behind him.
If you're the leader
I think you are...
Your people will follow you too.
And if you don't give a damn
what I think...
Let me put it another way.
If you're the leader
you think you are...
Your people will follow you,
no matter what.
Oh, sorry. Mandela?
He was the man.
Or maybe
you're more Che Guevara.
Jesus Christ.
I can explain, okay?
What the fuck is this?
Nothing, nothing.
I swear, sir.
Are you supposed to-
are you supposed to kill us?
- Is that it, '?
- No, no, no, no. God, no.
Is that what this
bloody pantomime is all about?
No, no!
It's the opposite, okay?
- Look, look.
- Easy.
I'm here to protect you.
Then why are you
- There is nothing sinister,
They just thought
that you might talk more freely
if I wasn't a government driver.
But they just put me
in this bloody Scottish patter.
You think
I want to be wearing this?
You Brits,
you are so fucking useless.
Do you see this, big man?
Honest to God,
we-we should just get on
with this peace deal ourselves
and-and cut these jokers
out of it altogether!
Dr. Paisley?
Jesus Christ.
Hey, come on, come on.
Are you okay?
What happened?
Are you all right?
Ian, can you hear me?
Can you hear me, Ian?
Pills, I forgot...
- Pills?
- Pills.
Where-where are they?
Is that them?
- Yeah?
- That's it.
Okay, okay,
I got it, I got it.
Come on.
How many do you need?
- Just one.
- Just one?
One tablet.
Get some water, will you?
Quick, water.
He'll be okay.
What if he dies?
Sorry, but what if he-
- He won't.
. Okay
You all right now?
All right. All right.
We'll get you to a hospital.
No, no. No.
I'm going home.
Listen, will you wise up?
- I-I'm going home.
- No, look, look!
You keeled over.
What-what if it happens again,
or-or somethin' worse?
Who do you think will get
the blame for that?
I'll be lynched.
Chance would be a fine thing.
I'm grand.
Okay, let's see.
- How far out are they?
- Just over 10 miles.
About 15 minutes
in current traffic.
And what about the plane?
Well, it's been on the ground
for 40 minutes
and getting to the end
of its window.
The weather's closing in again.
Can I ask you something?
What is all this...
"so you do,"
"so it is," "so I did"?
What do you mean?
Well, you know,
the-the words.
"So you do, so it is."
You add them at the end
of a sentence.
It's just the way we talk
at home, so it is.
It-it's an involuntary
thing, so it is.
It's almost like we don't
expect to be believed?
I had lunch today, so I did.
I have lunch every day.
It's not unusual, so it isn't.
Well, nothing, I was...
I was-
I-was just thinking
about if, you imagine
some of the most famous men
in history
had been from Northern Ireland.
Neil Armstrong.
"That's one small step
for a man, so it is."
"We will fight them
on the beaches, so we will."
"I had a dream, so I had."
First Minister.
We say never!
Never! Never!
Pull off the road.
- Pull off the road.
- Stop the car.
Cutting it pretty fine
as it is, but...
Are you okay?
Just stop the car when you can
as soon as you can, please!
If you can.
What are they-what are
they doing? What are they-
- I'd better go with him.
Stained glass martyrs.
I saw them when I passed out.
They've shaped my life.
They've guided me in everything.
I stood in defense of Ulster
and against the papish plots.
I put myself in the firing line,
and I thought that
that was my sacrifice,
that that would be my martyrdom.
And yet, I was never touched,
never harmed.
No hand was laid upon me.
No assassin's bullet
sought me out.
I've lain in a hospital bed
at death's door
and yet he would not let me go.
And now, now...
history contrives
to put me here with you!
My mortal enemy!
And I have to ask myself
if-if he has a reason.
Why here?
Why you'? Why now?
Why would he ask me
to shake hands
with a man like you
when there has been
such incredible violence?
Because that man has changed.
How could I ever know
that it's not an act?
A Charade?
- A bluff? A ploy? A...
- Listen to me!
You've no reason to trust me,
and I've no reason to trust you,
but we need a leap of faith,
and you are all about faith.
If you follow your logic,
if-if God has
put you here with me,
then he either means you
to kiss me or kill me,
and, "Thou shalt not kill."
Don't quote scriptures at me!
What's to say
you're not his final test?
You're Satan
in the Judean desert
tempting me with power!
Well, I am tempting you
with power.
Ian, you like to be the big man
in the big picture,
and don't deny it.
And you will be that man
and for the right reasons.
It is all about your martyrs,
but you-you just
have 'em all wrong.
What do you know about...
You have been all about
protecting your past,
your-your precious culture.
That's not what they were doing.
They weren't interested
in the past.
They were interested
in the future.
They were going
against the grain, not with it.
Ian, the true sacrifice
is in doing exactly the opposite
of what you have promised
your people.
that you may burn for it.
That's your blessed martyrdom.
You are the devil.
Would you like me
to give you a minute?
Thank you.
When did you realize
what he was?
From the moment
he opened his mouth.
How did you know?
Because I'm not naive.
And also because he claimed
never to have heard of me.
Everyone's heard of me.
Aye, that's a fact.
Here we are.
You are right...
About the martyrs.
I'm an old man now.
Old men can afford to be bold.
Oh, what a joy it would be
to walk up those steps,
to see a true man of God
sworn in as First Minister.
But the caveat is,
I have to do it
with you at my side.
And we could do this now.
I could offer my hand
and we could seal the peace.
But first, I have to ask you
to do something.
I know that you would
never do this in public.
But here, in private...
I would like you to apologize.
' Apologize?
I would like you
to apologize...
for all the deaths
your people have caused,
for the ethnic cleansing
you've inspired,
for the innocents
your people have murdered,
for the bombs
that have devastated families,
for the bullets that have killed
sons and daughters,
fathers and mothers.
I want you to say sorry.
For that, we get peace.
Just... say it.
Ian Paisley, you have
run me round in circles today.
And maybe that's what
this is all about.
You always intended to go
one way or the other.
But you just wanted your moment.
The moment where
you had me in a corner,
knowing that if I went down
on bended knee,
I would always be
on bended knee.
You just wanted
the satisfaction of that.
And I could do it.
But what would it really mean?
Because you know
I play a long game.
And no matter
what we agree here today...
It will change.
It will have to change,
because we are Ireland.
We are inevitable.
So it should be
no skin off my nose
if here, in private, I say sorry
for all that's gone before,
and then I get
exactly what I came for.
But I will not do it.
It would be a betrayal
of everything I stand for.
We had a civil war.
And this is our only opportunity
for both sides
to walk away
with heads held high,
to build something
that will last
at least for our lifetimes.
I apologize for nothing.
That's a true politician.
Never apologize.
I despise everything
you have done, so I do.
I despise everything
you stand for, so I do.
Bloody hell.
They've done it.
They've bloody done it!
Well done, sir.
Oh, that...
That deer.
That was an accident, right?
We have highly trained wildlife.
Sir, would you care
for a biscuit?
Do you have
any wee plain ones?