The Journey is the Destination (2016) Movie Script

Dan: Mission statement
for safari as a way of life.
I want to see and do
so many things.
I want this road to end
so that I can start.
The only problem is,
where do I start?
Where... Do... I... Start?
Where do I start?
Where do I start?
Where do I start?
What's so funny?
Okay. All right.
There we go.
One, two, three.
Mission statement
for safari as a way of life.
To explore the unknown
and the familiar,
the distant and near,
and to record in detail
with the eyes of a child
any evidence of beauty...
Of the flesh or...
Or otherwise,
uh, horror, irony,
traces of utopia or hell.
Look for solutions,
not problems,
and search for clean water
in a swamp.
Select your team with care,
but when in doubt,
take on some new crew
and give them a chance.
Avoid at all costs
fluctuations of sincerity
with your best people.
The hitchhiker's guide
to Southern Africa.
Up to town, down for local.
Diepsloot, Orange grove, Jersey,
or just moving on.
Doing good.
How you doing?
That's my sister.
That's my sister.
No, no, no.
Ah, you park in the back
with my daughter.
Thank you.
Come on.
I'll tell you
what the answer is.
Purely mathematical.
Every white man has got
to kill nine black guys.
That's the solution.
The mathematical solution?
Yeah. Go into Soweto,
level it.
Don't stop halfway.
I mean, America
killed the Indians.
Australia killed the aborigines.
It's a point of national pride.
Anyone who tells you different
is a bloody hypocrite.
Dan: My first real Nazi.
Erik, there's a joker
who wants to know
if we can accommodate him
for the night.
Come, bud.
Curiosity killed the cat.
Dan: What were you
charged with, sir?
The usual: 3,000 volts.
Would you like the light
left on or off?
On, please.
I'll do some reading.
Dan: Do unto others
before they do unto you.
That statement will be
beaten into some of you.
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Yes for peace!
Hey, mum.
Oh, my sweetheart!
It's so wonderful, so wonderful.
I am so sorry
I can't stay tonight.
Oh, no.
What about the dinner?
You know that's more
your father's crowd than mine.
But I will make it up to you.
I promise, okay?
Love you very much.
She's living in the guest house.
At least until
she leaves for good.
Where will she go?
London. Far.
She'll miss
the special brownies.
How special?
Special enough
to make you forget
about her leaving for tonight.
This is up north near Turkana.
Yeah, these are some
of my Samburu friends,
and they had actually told me
that they'd let me come back
for their circumcision
and shoot that.
I thought maybe I could
do that for the service.
Um, that's my sister Amy
and a cheetah.
Oh, sorry. Some of the guys
who work carving statues.
Do you pose them?
Just a bit, just for the light.
Reporter on TV;
Continues unabated.
Earlier predictions
of a disaster
are now a grim reality
unless humanitarian relief
efforts are stepped up.
There are some very nice
images. Personal.
Maybe more personal
than journalistic.
Well, what about these?
So this is Kipinget.
She used to live in a Boma,
and the government moved them
to this settlement
and outlawed their
traditional cattle raids...
There's never a boring story.
Only a boring correspondent.
You came here looking
for the dream job.
I'm afraid
I can't give it to you.
I'll tell you
what you want to do.
You want to get out there
in the real world
where there's warm beer
and smelly pussy.
Then bring me back
some real stories.
What'd he say?
He says we need smelly
beer and warm pussy.
Or was it the other way around?
Food and medicine
are in short supply.
With great need for refugee
support contributions...
Now, something should
be done about that.
So far,
the response has been slow.
Eiji. It's Dan.
I've been thinking
about your talent
for fleecing the defenseless
and the gullible.
Do you own a suit?
For lunch, I brought...
To support
the Mozambique refugees.
It's for a good cause, people.
Amy? How do you say
hello in Swedish?
Marte's Norwegian, Dan.
Hi, Marte. It's Dan.
We're planning a trip
taking money
to the refugees in Mozambique.
Elly, it's Dan Eldon.
Yeah, well, there
are cheap flights,
so New York, London,
Kenyan airways to Nairobi,
then three weeks of terrible
roads through three countries.
My lady, big smile
for Mozambique!
All right.
Thanks, ma'am.
$100 for one tee-shirt.
Thank you very much.
Right. Who's next?
Guys, it's 100 shillings
for the plain
and two for the custom,
including artist's signature.
It's all for
a good cause. 80.
Hey, thanks, Dan.
How do we know this isn't going
straight into the
Eldon Tusker beer fund
instead of the refugees?
Because we'll be
taking it personally.
- In that?
- That is a she.
It's Deziree.
So how you gonna
get to the camps?
Uh, we're just gonna aim
in their general direction.
Explore or get lost?
Getting lost would mean we
knew where we were heading
in the first place.
Which we don't.
I've convinced Marte
to be navigator.
So you have, Lengai.
Elly is our cook.
Eiji's the
and Amy's our driver.
Whoa, no.
I'm not driving.
And Amy's come up
with a name, right, Mutz?
"Deziree sex safaris"?
I think it'll work.
We're gonna need a mechanic.
Right. Guys, dig deep
for Mozambique.
All right, next.
Thank you very much.
Next. Let's go.
White men can't dance.
Who's that?
Oh, the Princess.
She was in
the international school
with the rest of us in my class.
You know, Saba,
with the glasses.
Didn't recognize you without
the coke-bottle glasses.
I can wear them for you
if it helps.
It would actually, yeah.
How'd you learn to do that?
Do what?
The speed.
The speed is not human.
Hold on.
Guys? Guys?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Okay, okay, okay.
Can you start slowly -
like dragging out of bed -
then speed up fast? Okay?
Ah, Swahili?
Little bit, yeah.
The floor is yours.
Well, all right!
Where shall we go?
I have to go home.
I'll take you home.
No. I have a driver.
You should come with us.
Come with you where?
On safari...
To the camps.
Not a chance.
How can you say that?
It's for a good cause.
You don't know my father.
Yeah, well, exactly.
She never sits down.
Dan, why don't you tell
my father about your travels?
Well, every school break,
I try and go somewhere.
So Moscow, New York, Tokyo.
Father: Hmm.
And, uh, your parents,
do they fund your adventures?
No, no. I earn my own way.
I spend nothing.
I don't eat much.
Mm, last year, I was in India
selling jewelry
and taking photographs.
Dan has been to 46 countries.
Yes, but India.
Who in god's name would
want to go to India?
Terribly poor.
A little bit like the slums
here in Nairobi.
You've been there,
haven't you, sir?
Tell me, young man,
what you plan to do when
you finish taking photos?
I'm not planning to finish, sir.
Actually, perhaps
we could have a meeting.
Discuss my ideas.
Like I was saying, I do
believe Robert Mugabe
is an exceptional politician.
Dan: You are so beautiful.
You are so beautiful.
I love the way you look,
the way you talk,
the way you are.
Your eyes, your shoes,
your funny earring, your nose.
Your knees, your teeth.
Saba, what is it?
Saba, have you?
You made a decision yet,
Decision about university.
Oh, yes.
Cambridge law, I think,
same as daddy, come September.
That's my girl.
That's my girl.
Woman: Impressive.
Just like daddy.
Benefits of an
English education.
Now, there are seven of you.
Small-to average-sized
African family.
Now you've just been forced
to flee your homeland
because of a disaster.
Not a natural disaster,
but a manmade one
which has seen your country
go down the tubes.
You are a family of refugees,
and this is all
you're going to eat...
On a good day.
I've got this one.
Pass me that sleeping bag, yeah?
Wait. Here.
Hey, guys!
We raised 75,800
Kenyan shillings.
So that's about $12,000.
Good job, everybody.
What, your dad's
big wet corporate kiss?
Yeah! Whoo!
Thanks for the lift, Dan.
Have a good one.
Take care, VJ.
I'll see you soon. Yeah.
It's Mozambique or bust!
Mozambique or bust.
I'm going to be sick.
I'm going to be sick.
- Oh, no, not again!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why did you invite her, Dan?
She can't hack the bush.
She's all right.
She'll be fine.
Oh, we're overheating again.
Get some water ready.
Right. In the back.
You know, how many times
can a human being puke
in a single day?
I mean, honestly, we should
just leave her out here.
You know, make
a sacrifice of her.
This is Africa.
Rich, it's not that bad.
Really, it could be worse.
One, two, three.
Oh, god. Make sure
he's steering.
It's all right, Saba.
Don't worry about it.
Here we go!
She had sugar sweet lips.
And magical hips.
Just like I fantasized.
No. Stop!
I said okay!
Sorry. I thought
you were liking it.
You want to be screwed, huh?
No, no, no! Wait!
Now you're screwed.
Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Dan: This rhythm
is more common
than any drumbeat in Africa.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
In Swahili, Pata Potea
means "find one, lose one"
because flip-flops
vanish just as frequently
as the socks
eaten by washing machines
in western culture.
Oh, shit.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Pata Potea. Pata Potea.
Don't move.
He won't see you.
Don't move!
Dan? Dan, are you okay?
Dan, are you all right?
That was the best!
Did you see? Did you see?
Did you see?
I could smell his breath!
Your legs are bleeding.
My camera!
Where's my camera?
Let's find the camera!
Take a photo!
Take a photo quick!
No, I want to see
what I'm thinking.
He's a little bit crazy.
Yeah, he is.
Man: Just do it!
You are so good at this.
Any luck?
That was beautiful, Marte.
Have you brushed your teeth?
No, mother.
I'm not your mother.
Hello. The natives
are friendly.
It's customary.
For some lucky dog maybe.
I'm going to go
wash my mouth out.
Come on, Amy!
Try second gear.
Give it clutch.
That's it. Faster.
- Safari!
- Safari!
Leaving Tanzania now.
Get your passports out.
Amy, can you grab my passport?
Move it on, move it on.
Make sure you got them all.
Do you want me to
take care of it?
All right. So...
Okay, cool.
I have this one.
Welcome to Malawi, guys.
Here we go.
And now with
a breaking news story,
we go to African correspondent
Dr. Lengai Croze.
This just in!
Africa's new and horrific
social health crisis.
A more venomous, more dangerous
and more addictive drug
known as Mbewa
is rearing its ratty head.
Children are given small
rats to begin with,
and as the addiction grows,
so does the price.
Those who are selling the vermin
are becoming
millionaires overnight.
A shocking story,
Dr. Croze.
It nearly made me choke
on my shrimp salad.
Our hopes and prayers
are with you.
We hope to see you back
on English soil soon, sir.
Thank you so much.
Start at the head
and work your way up.
Come on, Eiji.
Ah, ah, ah.
What's happening?
Look, Dan, is it safe or what?
Let's just go back to Nairobi.
No. Let's see
what's going on.
What are you, man,
like a disaster tourist?
We're in a war zone.
That's impossible.
We're still in Malawi.
Mozambique's another 50k.
Hey, hey, white boy,
what are you doing?
Hey, man, what
are you doing here?
What are you doing?
I haven't done anything.
I didn't do anything!
Hey, easy, man!
Let that go!
Easy, mate.
Can you close the door please?
Daniel. Dan!
Take it! Take it!
Take it! Take it!
Take the film!
Take the film!
Close the door!
Thank you.
All right, all right!
Dan, what were you thinking?
It was just a photo!
Get out of the way!
Okay, the camp's
beyond the checkpoints.
Follow the escort
in the morning,
make the donation,
paperwork, and that's it.
Uh, Dan?
We want to leave now.
We've talked about it,
and we all agree.
Who agrees?
Rich, you wanna come, right?
I don't think that you
can decide for them...
Or me.
Okay. Question one:
Hands up all those who
were expecting a vacation.
Okay, question two:
If your hand's not up,
please tell me why you came
in the first place!
Dan, we all came
for the right reasons,
but there is a limit
to what we can do here.
If we all came
for the right reasons
and we've accomplished
absolutely nothing,
then question three:
How can you quit?
Don't be such an asshole! She's
too young for you, rich!
It's not like that!
That's enough.
We're only telling you this
because we care about you.
Let's just calm down
and listen...
What are we doing
if we're not safe?
We can lose you.
And four: Who thinks
they can leave now
when there's a curfew
on the road?
Or would you rather risk
getting arrested
and locked up
eating barbecue rats?
Dan: Week three,
waiting for the army escort
through the tete corridor.
Sniper fire, bing, bing, bing.
Rebel rocket, boom, boom.
En route to the refugees
of a Marxist utopia.
Why would the south
African government
fund the Mozambique rebels?
Don't they have
their own problems?
That is the point, see.
A war next door
creates a diversion
from their own problems
over apartheid.
Keeps it out of the headlines.
Now we have one million
people in Malawi
with nothing to live on.
Oh, wow.
Hello. Hello.
All right, so you fill it
all the way to the top?
Yeah? All right, good.
Now this goes on my head?
- Yeah.
- Oh, okay.
All right, all right.
Stay right there.
All right?
Think that might be it,
man. Fire it up.
Give it a try.
Give it a try.
And you can zoom in and mark it.
Yeah, yeah, there.
There. Yeah, yeah.
All right.
He's so impressed.
Did you draw this?
They told me the rebels set
fire to his parents' house
and they were burned to death.
More coming every day.
Getting reports
of mass killings.
Rape is common, women and girls,
especially with the distances
they have to walk
to get water and firewood.
How much is a well?
About $1,500
to supply 5,000 people.
That's it? Wow.
Look, just make sure
it's all here, Eiji.
- Yep.
- This is fifties.
- Yeah, 50.
- 50.
And here's tens.
All of it.
Make it look good.
There you go. Food,
medicine, blankets.
Short term, at least.
It's beautiful, man.
Nice one, man!
It's cool, right?
Ben: What if it
didn't end here?
What if what?
Safari, man.
Safari as a way of life.
I'd love to come with you.
So do it.
Lengs, we'll go
to the end of Africa
till there's no more
Africa to conquer.
I'd love to, but I can't.
I'll get the school
thing over with first.
And then?
And then...
The sky's the limit.
It's weird. I feel like
this trip has just started.
So what are you saying?
No, I was looking at
the line on the map.
It just kind of stops short.
And what am I
going to tell them, huh?
What about mom's
going away party?
I'll try and make it.
What about money?
What are you gonna live on,
good looks and charm?
Oh, no.
You're totally right.
I'm gonna die of hunger.
I am.
Amy, I'm gonna die...
I need you
to help me! Amy!
So what's next?
A job, maybe.
The Princess...
At work.
Just for the rest of the year.
Not sure I know,
to tell the truth.
Listen, I didn't mean to, um...
If I crossed a line...
It's okay.
I'll see you very soon.
Good on, man.
Very soon.
Yeah, man, very soon.
I'm thinking of trying to
pull off a new well for them.
That's brilliant.
Bye. Bye. Ciao.
No, no, no.
Never goodbye.
Goodbye until I see you again.
Goodbye until I see you again.
How will you get
to where you're going?
Children: Bye!
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
"Yes for peace."
What's it about?
The whites are voting
to end apartheid or not.
Who are you with,
associated press?
Ladies and gentlemen,
today will be written up
in our history
as one of the most fundamental
turning point days
in the history of South Africa.
Today we have closed
the book on apartheid,
and that chapter
is finally closed.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
No! No! Shit!
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
Yes for peace.
I'm calling from South Africa.
Yeah, just put me
through to Marty.
How long have you
been in Joburg?
This time?
A couple of days.
I'm with Reuters.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Peterson's with
Christian science monitor.
You a photographer, man?
He's more free than
freelance is my impression.
Hey, hey, Marty?
You're gonna get us
thrown out again, man.
Dan! That's Dan!
How did you get started?
- Over and out.
- O'Reilly!
A friend of mine was with
the Philadelphia enquirer.
I went with him to El
Salvador as a bag carrier.
A bag carrier?
Yeah. It's called learning
on the job, interning...
Oh, a low ceiling here.
White slavery.
I had no idea what
I was getting into.
Completely stupid.
I got shot at, almost arrested,
and nearly passed out with fear.
Took hundreds of photos
and managed to sell two
for 50 bucks.
Never published.
Definitely a mistake.
O'Reilly, you're sleeping
with me tonight, man.
You can be the big spoon.
Come on, let's go.
We're flying out from the
airport tomorrow at dawn.
O'Reilly says he heard about
a situation in Mogadishu.
See you around, Dan.
Good to meet you, Dan.
I could be your bag carrier.
Sorry. No tourists allowed.
Hey, Duffy,
grease a little palm.
Stack our odds there'll
be a return flight.
Holy shit.
What you got there, Dan?
A thesaurus.
Hey, Scott.
Hey, Dan.
How's it going?
Good. How you doing?
Steve O'Reilly.
Yeah. Dan.
The Somalis were nomads
in a country that
has no water, no soil.
It's hot enough to fry
an egg on a camel's ass.
Their clans have been fighting
since the beginning of time,
first with Spears,
then with Russian guns,
and now with guns
from the Americans,
depending on who was friends
with who in cold war times.
The Somalis weren't fussy so
long as the guns kept coming
and they could turn them
on their ancient enemies.
Tough buggers.
That's what I love about them.
It's outrageous.
Men in skirts
killing each other over
clan differences, huh?
Add bagpipes and a golf course,
Shaffi, it's Scotland.
Ha! Shut up!
Dan, Dan, no.
Don't show your camera,
and don't show fear.
You listen to me like I was
your father, understand?
Yes, Babuji.
I said like I was your father.
Hey. Hey!
Welcome to Somalia.
Bloody trouble
with the aid business
is it gives them
something to loot.
Got a cigarette?
Take bag. The bag.
You said don't show fear.
There are limits.
Save your film.
No one will print it.
Tough to ignore,
though, if they did.
He's Rahanwein.
A farmer clan.
These guards are Habre Gedir.
They won't touch him.
Are you ready for this, Dan?
Dan? Here.
Chew enough and it'll numb
your nuts if nothing else.
Duff: Coming through.
Coming through.
Another nice, easy day
at the office, eh?
Yesterday I tried
to get a supply vehicle
to a feed center across town.
The driver was shot dead
and it was looted,
lock, stock, and bloody barrel.
The clans are holding
everyone to ransom.
What's your estimate, sue?
Two, three million.
They're arriving
in thousands every day,
and they're all going to die.
Relax, Dan.
It's crowd control.
The belly of the beast.
War, famine,
the black heart.
Once you've seen into
the belly of the beast,
you can't help
going back for more.
What do you mean?
Wars are funny like that.
I've been to five or six now.
Each time I come, I
swear it'll be the last.
But there's always something
that forces you deeper,
further in search
of whatever it is
you believe will be the truth,
an unspeakable act
of evil or horror
that you can take back
to the real world...
And say, there it is.
I found it.
But then you realize there's
always something else...
And it always brings you back.
Perhaps let's put them up
a bit higher.
Oi. Okay.
Got it?
My boy! Hello!
Somalia. For how long?
Two days.
Oh, you have no idea.
I mean, nobody does.
The place, it's in chaos.
There's people starving
to death, and nobody knows.
I'm sorry. I'm still...
Still absorbing it, you know.
I'm still just not sure
what to do with
these things in my head.
Well, there's a civil war
there, darling.
You don't want to just
go and throw yourself
into something like that.
I was with other journalists.
Journalists who are probably
a lot more experienced than you.
Mom, I'm 21, okay?
Some them are 28, 29.
They all started somewhere.
It's still too crazy, Dan.
Exactly. And, look,
you've already been there.
You've done it.
You've had the adventure.
I'm so glad you're home.
Take a shower.
I'm gonna feed you.
It won't be a real home
for much longer, will it?
Open this one.
Okay, you're going to love this.
Karibu, Habari.
Everyone, this is Abdul.
Abdul, this is everybody.
Make way for the band, please.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
Hey, I met him at the Maasai
market yesterday, okay?
I think he brought some friends.
What was I gonna do?
He's living out of his car.
I couldn't do nothing.
He brought how many
friends exactly?
Yes, well, I love that
charitable side of you, Mike.
We need music, he needs
a place to play music,
and so...
I said all right.
It's perfect. Perfect,
perfect, perfect!
Yes! Abdul and the gang!
Cheers, Kathy,
to new beginnings.
To London.
To London!
To London!
Oh, thank you, Judy.
Thank you all so much!
Kathy has always been
one for an adventure.
Well, Dan's just been on
an adventure, right, Dan?
Just a little jaunt
to the famine?
He went with the press
corps actually.
The first ones in.
I was talking to your grandpa.
He's so excited about
your coming to London.
He's gonna take you around
to see all the schools.
He'll help you to choose one.
That's actually not really
my plan for the moment, mom.
You've changed your mind
just like that?
Well, a lot of things
have changed.
Oh, you want to take a year off.
I totally get that.
No, no, no.
I want to take a year on,
or two or three.
I don't know.
A year on doing what?
Doing what I've been doing.
Okay, the good news is,
you don't have to make
this decision right now.
You're not listening to me.
There are other ways
to get an education.
Yeah, but you can't live
your life on safari.
Well, it's my life, mom.
I mean, it's my life.
No, tell me, tell me.
What could I possibly learn
that I'm not learning now?
I've walked around places
these professors have only
read about in geography books.
So what? Business?
Economic theory?
Try and negotiate
your way around a souk.
Social studies?
Give me a break.
Well, you have to consider
the cost of missing out.
Well, you should have
thought about that
before you planned to leave us.
Dan, don't go!
I'm so sorry.
Cheers, cheers.
Does it tickle?
Do you like it?
Very much.
You can't do it that way.
You can't do it that way.
What's wrong, Saba?
When I was five,
a neighbor came by our house.
He touched me.
I told my grandmother,
and she was so angry.
She yelled at me
for the shame of it.
I think she was ashamed.
And then one day
she took me to a fancy house.
People came by
and brought me flowers.
I thought it was
some kind of party.
Then they laid me down.
I was crying for my mother.
They held me...
And they cut me down there.
There was blood and pain,
burning hot.
I still feel it sometimes.
Is that possible?
I was stitched up.
No, not totally.
Do you think I am
some kind of freak?
You're not a freak.
So, well...
Are there things that,
you know, feel good?
Who cares what I like?
I do.
All right.
Zone number one.
Um, you missed a bit.
Where are you going?
They sent us on our way.
So why do you want
to go to Somalia?
I think I can sell some photos.
No. Why do you
want to go?
It's hard to think
about going back
to just scratching and doodling
on pictures of my friends.
Dan: And you?
Is it decided?
I have the chance
to go to the Sudan
with people I've been
working for, an ngo.
I'd be part of the start-up
of the program up there.
Or I go to Cambridge
because that's what's expected
of me, demanded of me.
That's an easy one.
I can hear it in your voice.
But then I start wondering
if school might do more
good in the long run.
Right, but you have the chance
to do something direct,
now, firsthand, like I'm doing.
Maybe I could make
some kind of change
that won't change back
once we're not around.
Right, but how can you
possibly be good at something
that you're not
passionate about?
That's crap.
That's compromise.
I'd be disowned.
They're not joking.
That's bullshit.
Not everyone is like you.
You see, I can't
send a staffer out
on full pay for more
than a few days.
I need all the help
I can get in the office.
All hands on deck.
But you.
I need a beach bum,
a backpacker like you, lad.
You're young and hungry
and won't bleat
about working too hard.
You're a man who actually likes
the shit holes of Africa.
Nobody'd miss you,
except perhaps your mother.
I'm gonna give you a chance.
50 bucks every shot we run.
Just run everything past
a second set of eyes.
Make me look good.
Warm beer and smelly pussy.
Keep feeding the beast.
"The United States government
is set to announce
"a non-aggressive
military operation
"to establish
a secure environment
for humanitarian relief
to Somalia."
The Americans are coming.
Well, because of our stories.
Bush says they're coming
for one reason only.
"Once the corridors of famine
relief have been established,
we will depart."
Operation restore hope.
President bush:
I have given the order
to secretary Cheney whoo!
To move a substantial
American force into Somalia.
The people of Somalia,
especially the children
of Somalia, need our help.
We must give them hope.
America must act.
Let's go through here.
If there's shooting,
find out where the shots
are coming from,
what kind of weapons.
Don't trust the locals.
is their favorite weapon.
And, Dan, don't think
for a second
that looking through that camera
is any kind of protection.
Little overdressed for the
weather, aren't you, soldier?
Regulation brain bucket.
What's your name, soldier?
Master corporal Charles Marazzo.
Female soldier:
Aka Chuck.
Who's the enemy, corporal Chuck?
Hunger, sickness, starvation.
What are you gonna do
about it, corporal Chuck?
Just here to do my duty, sir.
Feed the people.
Are you gonna quote him
in the papers?
Nah, just taking pictures.
Long time, long time.
Good to see you, man.
You got a dead body
here. Nice shot.
Where's the metaphor?
What you need is
a living juxtaposition.
Someone grieving.
I took thousands of shots
before I got my first play.
Don't worry.
It'll happen.
Why do you say
don't trust the locals
if theirs is the story
we're trying to tell?
That's not what I meant.
Are you gonna eat
the rest of this?
Yeah, but it's what you said.
I meant in purely
practical terms.
Don't get too close.
The idea that the press
is neutral,
is immune somehow,
is a thing of the past.
Get to one of us as an example,
as a hostage even,
you get attention
if someone is desperate
to be heard,
and the Somalis are desperate.
So you can't trust them.
All of them?
Are you listening to me?
Ah, man, this sucks.
Get off the street now!
Go! Go! Go!
Hey! Stop! Get down!
Who were you gonna
use this on, huh?
Who were you gonna use this on?
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Are you all right,
you little twit?
Is he okay? Look out.
Look out. Let me see.
Yeah, you're all right.
Come on, up you get.
Come on. Hey,
you know where he lives?
Where's your home?
Is it straight or is this...
This way, yeah?
Abdi, what are you doing?
My dear son.
Who beat you, my brother?
The same guys who
beat me yesterday.
Go and find your father.
Go! White man
waiting for him.
Come inside, please.
Come. Come. Let's go.
Wait for me one minute.
I'm coming, guys.
Does he work with them?
He helps them
only in the afternoon
after his lesson.
Don't you worry?
I fear for his safety.
I wonder if he will come
back or whether he will die.
We let him go
because he's useful.
He can protect us
from the other clans.
Come, Issa.
You must go to work,
but you must also think
about going to study.
Let's go, Waraya.
Ah, Benvenuto.
Journalist. Do you
speak Italian? French?
No. Swahili and English.
Well, welcome then.
I see you have met my family.
Yeah. You know, your
English is very good.
Two years studying in Boston,
three in Germany.
Please take a seat.
Oh, you are welcome.
Dan: Thanks.
Geeri waa oggolnahay.
It means "I accept death."
All Somalians accept death.
My uncles all die in clan war.
Father no longer accepts death.
He meets with other men
in different clans
to try for peace.
And what about you?
Geeri waa oggolnahay.
Go! Get inside.
Go! Stay down!
Dan, you okay?
All right. Hang on.
Okay, I got you.
You go, John Wayne.
You ready? All right.
There's a new sheriff in town.
Come to clean up these streets.
You're the wrong kind of Indian
for this movie, kemosabe.
I need someone else.
Did you get it?
Hey, crew.
I would like to propose a toast
to baby Dan Eldon,
who lost his virginity today
with his first European play.
Applause, applause, applause.
I, William Jefferson Clinton,
do solemnly swear...
Dan: Dear Saba,
Somalia is a crazy place.
Though they call it
operation restore hope,
it seems not even a superpower
can bring it fast enough.
These are beautiful,
you talented little shit.
Defend the constitution
of the United States...
So help me, god.
So help me, god.
What's going on?
The new man Clinton
has it in for Aidid!
He's trying to show up
old man bush.
I can't believe
you could be so stupid.
Oh, come on, duff.
This is a great shot.
Fuck you, Dan.
I'm not jealous.
I didn't mean that.
I'm just not gonna
compliment you
on something that could
have gotten you killed,
'cause I don't want
to feel responsible.
Does this look like
a humanitarian mission to you?
Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!
Pow! Pow! Pow!
Pow! Pow! Pow!
Why do you want to shoot at me?
I shoot the enemy.
Have you ever met a boy
from the Darod clan, Abdi?
Dan the man! Dan the man!
Dan the man! Dan the man!
Dan the man! Dan the man!
Dan the man! Dan the man!
Dan the man! Dan the man!
Dan the man! Dan the man!
Dan the man! Dan the man!
Where are all the kids, Chuck?
Who is firing?
It's one of Aidid's!
Treat a warlord
like a statesman,
and he will behave
like a statesman.
Treat him like a warlord,
and he will behave as one.
I saw Aidid's men
shoot at his own people.
Who could be that ruthless?
He would consider that
a small sacrifice.
There is a Somalia
saying, which is,
"a millipede doesn't limp
from a broken leg."
Aidid needs his people
to turn against America
if he is to remain
the man in power,
and the only way
for him to do that
is to draw Americans in,
force them
to do something terrible
to prove his propaganda right.
But the worst possible thing,
the day you must dread,
is if it works.
If Americans are led to attack
innocent Somali people,
then it will be a war of all
Somalians against all others,
and no one will be safe.
How do you see it?
The future?
I'm an engineer.
In all this,
I see possibilities.
Allahu akbar.
Allahu akbar.
Dan: Saba, the wonder girl.
Saba, the magnificent.
Allahu akbar.
The last sunset
before my first new breath.
Allahu akbar.
Hey, you. Is that
why you're back?
To show me how clever you are?
I think that might be proof
of the opposite.
You look 100 years older.
I know you're angry.
I was trying to apologize.
You didn't answer my letters.
My father doesn't
want me with you.
You're still letting him
tell you what to do?
You're not Somali.
You do not understand.
People can change.
Not my father.
Not my people.
If that's what you think,
why did you go there?
Why not?
Why not think that?
Because you'll turn your backs,
and it will zoom
right back into chaos.
They don't want it to end.
They don't want a government.
And the warlords,
they make their fortune
from the disorder.
I'm not planning
to turn my back.
Saba, there are possibilities.
I see them every day.
I know this kid.
He's never even met the enemy.
He doesn't hate anybody.
Not yet, not till
somebody teaches him.
There's no hope for that kid.
Until they do, he is the hope.
And what do you think
you can do about it?
I don't think that an
entire race is born cruel.
Survival forces them into it.
Ignorance keeps them
from seeing the way out,
but starvation, violence...
Saba, so many
of the people I've met,
they've never known it
any other way.
And somehow if there's
anything I can do
to open people's eyes,
to force the subject
to the top of the heap,
then that's what I'm gonna do.
That's the only thing
I can think of to do.
I miss you when you're away.
We should make a plan.
A safari.
Yeah, I'll go back
one more time,
and then we can meet
in the bush, you and me.
Where to?
Oh, the buzzer's broken.
Hold on. We'll come down.
Oh, Dan, I made a scrapbook
of everything
you've ever published.
I have to find it for you.
It's tremendous. I can't
wait for you to see it.
She's something, isn't she?
You all right?
Yeah. Good.
But you first.
Tell me everything.
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, really.
No, it's just
so crazy over there.
Well, we miss you.
Can't you stay longer,
just a little longer?
I know, I know. Actually,
I'm hoping to be staff now.
The real thing, yeah.
I'm getting closer.
It's just, yeah,
now's not the time.
What's going on?
What, are you writing?
Oh, yes, I'm writing.
I have a book proposal in,
and I think they're
gonna go for it.
All right.
Well, next time out,
I'm sending you
a ticket to Nairobi.
We're gonna plan the house
I'll build you when you're old
so you can tend to your goats
and look after my 10 children.
No goats!
I am so proud of you.
I get really scared,
but I'm really proud
that you're living
the life you love.
And I'm sorry
that I wasn't there.
You know, I think
I get it now, mom,
just why you had
to go your own way.
I hated it, but, um...
I get it.
Where do you think I got
this gypsy spirit from, anyway?
I love you, mom.
I love you too, bud.
There it is.
This is it.
See you in a bit.
Do we leave when
the job gets tough...
Or when the job is well done?
Jesus! Since when
are we the targets?
Come on, Shaffi.
Let's go, let's go!
White people dying
sells more papers
than black people.
That's all they care about.
No one gives a shit.
There's nothing!
We're page 20!
We may as well not be here!
Leave, then,
if no one gives a shit.
That's not what I'm saying.
What are you saying?
It's obvious, isn't it?
Regular Somali folk
are getting shot by soldiers.
That should be news.
And if nobody's listening?
It's what I'm saying, duff!
Man: Oh. Whoa.
We do not throw food!
I'm being transferred.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
I'm being transferred.
What? Where?
Who's replacing you?
That's childish.
You wanna give me...
Sorry, man.
Scott... Scott!
Dan Eldon just wants the facts.
Let me see.
No one's replacing you.
I'm it.
Staff assignment, baby.
Danny! Danny! Danny!
Are you all right, Babu?
I knew some of them.
Jesus. What have they
done to the bodies?
There's no skin.
I'll shoot it, mo.
Go home.
No. No, you can't
shoot that.
Think about it.
If that gets out, then he's won.
If the world sees that,
then the U.S. will have to
do something to answer it.
They will have to attack,
which is exactly
what Aidid wants.
Terror is his weapon.
You have to believe that
this is the end of it,
that what we do
will turn it around.
You have to, but
you don't always know.
How can you?
Because it's not
black and white, huh?
It never is.
It's... it's...
It's gray.
The whole fucking thing is gray.
You're right, Dan.
You're right not to shoot that.
Dan: I don't know how these
experiences are changing me,
but I feel different.
Sugar, Kadogo...
Gisa, Somalia...
These are the things I now know.
It is therapeutic
to apply a well-toned,
beautiful naked body
to one's own flesh
at least twice a day.
It is foolish and hazardous
not to dance in Africa.
The more music you like,
the happier you will be.
Connection is the solution
to the problem.
Thank you so much.
This is the difference
between exploring
and being lost.
Hos, when did you get in?
Just now.
I'm replacing you.
You're going on leave.
There's a car waiting to
take you to the airstrip.
Guess I'll go pack.
Arrivederci, Roma.
I'm on leave.
Where will you go?
On safari with Saba.
Saba who?
Saba, the wonder girl.
Saba, the magnificent.
What's happening?
Another peacekeeping mission.
Where's Babu?
Breakfast with the Pakistanis.
Go and get his camera gear.
Go on, Anthony.
This could be your big chance.
Hey, Anthony.
Where'd you fly in from, hos?
Rwanda. There's
a multi-party democracy
threatening to break out there.
Anybody got a 300?
he's setting up your gear.
Good boy, Anthony.
What could possibly be left?
That's who they're after.
And this is exactly
what he wants.
Gonna get you help inside.
You all right?
Jesus, this is heavy.
Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.
You okay, yeah?
Bring him this way.
Inside, yeah?
We got steps, okay?
Just set him down here.
Sit down here.
There was this silence,
this god-awful emptiness
like I've never
experienced before.
Yeah, we saw the shelling.
I thought they'd never stop.
It wasn't just shells, man.
There's this guy inside,
His arm was shredded,
but he was playing dead
to save himself.
He said the ground troops
came in
after the shelling like a sweep.
If they saw anyone shouting,
they shot them.
What the fuck?
He saw maybe 15 go that way,
like grandfathers,
fathers, sons.
I got there just as
they were clearing out,
so I didn't see it go down.
Qaybdiid house is rubble.
- Qaybdiid? The villa?
- Yeah.
Scott, come on, let's get this.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Wipe his face there.
Wipe his face.
Anthony, get in closer.
Do you need someone
to hold you up?
No, I'm good,
I'm good, I'm good.
Leave the blood, guys,
all right?
All right, frame you up.
All right.
The gunship attack
was in response to...
Okay, stay with me.
The gunship attack
was in response
to U.S. intelligence
that Somali warlord
general Aidid
was conducting a council of war.
But it seems
intelligence was misled.
Aidid was not present.
It was instead
a meeting of elders
and respected members
of the Somali community
who were there
to discuss peace initiatives.
When the U.S. ground forces
I realized
I was in the wrong place.
Somalis came
from all directions,
and they saw me
as European being there,
and they set upon me.
We come after.
Come now, Shaffi.
Show what America
has done now. Come.
It's not worth the risk, Shaffi.
Please come.
Take picture.
There are many, many
dead women and children.
You must come.
Show what America has done.
And show how America,
a world nation,
make war against
innocent people.
Please come.
Dan, the driver's
waiting for you.
Hey, will you
guarantee our safety?
Forget it, Dan.
It's fucking dangerous.
Yeah, we guarantee.
Come on now.
Come, please.
If you don't want to,
you don't have to.
I want to.
I'll come, too.
Come now.
Okay. All right,
we come, we come!
Please now!
Now, now, now.
Babu, let's go.
Come on, guys.
What the hell
are we doing up front?
Hey, Wariah.
Tell him to get in front!
Are you afraid, Babuji?
If I'm shot, it will be
with an American bullet,
not a Somali one.
Get out! Abdi?
Do what he say.
Do what he say.
Do what he say.
Do what he say.
Do what he say.
What the hell is he doing?
Is it safe?
It's all right.
Are we all right?
Let's go.
I count 70, maybe 80 dead.
We must be quick.
Let's go over there.
Shaffi: No. No.
No. I'm not American.
Go, Anthony! Go!
Dan! Dan!
Dan, get out!
Aah! No, please!
Pilot: Caucasian male
being pursued.
Request crowd dispersal tactics.
Base: All ground troops
accounted for, little bird.
Return to base.
Returning to base.
TV reporter:
In Mogadishu today,
an enraged crowd
attacked journalists
following an assault
by American cobra gunships
on the home of general Aidid's
interior secretary.
No! Aah! Aah!
Thank you for coming here
to celebrate Dan's life.
I think that if Dan were here,
he would say...
That you only have a short time
to dance on this earth,
and I think he would say,
you choose the music.
You sing it loudly.
You dance it proudly.
And the most important thing
is that you dance with love.
Our four brothers
were doing their best
to show the world
what was happening
in one corner of Africa.
We thought
that we had a lifetime
to tell you I love you
and I'm proud of you,
but we didn't.
I love you, Dan.
Goodbye until I see you again.