The Jungle (2013) Movie Script

Hey! It's the leopard man!
- How you going, Larry?
- Hey, this is my brother, Ben.
He's the camera expert.
You taking over the filmmaking,
are you, mate?
That's right.
Well, hopefully not!
Ben's going to make a documentary
about the ah,
the trip, the ups and downs, everything.
If we can get a show
on the Javan leopard on TV,
that would really help the cause.
Absolutely, mate.
We're gonna get everything.
You've got a lot of stuff there.
I think you're bringing everything.
Yeah! You're carrying it for me,
aren't you?
Yeah, absolutely!
Card one, day one.
It's fantastic to be going on this trip.
It's great to be helping my little brother.
Larry's been working really hard
for a long time to get this happening,
and now it's all coming together.
We're going to Indonesia.
What's the line?
To prove, okay.
You're just talking to me, remember?
Okay, you're on.
So we're going to Indonesia to prove
there's a viable breeding population
of Javan leopards
in this remote area of West Java.
If we can do that,
the Indonesian government is prepared
to provide funding
to help protect them.
Now this land i-is being cleared
at an alarming rate for agriculture.
So the pressure is really on to find
and document these beautiful creatures
before it's too late.
Yeah, that was great, perfect.
Yeah, well he might be Mr. Big Cat expert,
but can he pull off a good piece to camera?
Yeah, you're on, mate.
This is the remote camera
we're taking to Indonesia.
I put some bread and
jam out last night to see
if we could get the
local possum to visit.
See if we got something.
Cut, yeah!
Well, no possum, but we got Frankie!
Frankie the terror dog!
Loves bread and jam!
Hey! Well, this is where
we watch for the leopards.
You know, we get the tranquilizer gun,
keep it ready here.
If we see one, we might take a few shots
with the camera
and take out the tranqs,
put the leopard down, hopefully get over
there and tag it before it wakes up.
That's all we have here.
It's where we see them from.
- Cup of tea time!
- That was good!
- Shall we do the cup of tea time line?
- No, don't worry about it.
As well as my field camera
and the remote camera,
we're also taking a tranquiliser gun,
some tracking gear and the radio collar
for the leopards once we tag them.
And this is my system
of animal management;
It's called the Look Analysis Detect System
of Fauna Management.
We've had these translated
into Indonesian for the boys.
Translated, fuck!
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Good to go?
- Yes.
- Give me a sec, give me a sec.
Okay, and you're on.
- What do you want me to actually say?
- Well you know, ah tell us about yourself.
Um... hi.
I'm I'm Jane Black, ah Larry's wife.
Sorry, gonna have to get that.
Larry's been working with wild animals now
for a long time really,
ever since he was a kid
growing up on the farm.
But now since he started working
with big cats,
things have just gone crazy.
He gets to work
with these amazing animals and...
he's travelling all around the world.
It's okay. In your own time.
I know it's what he loves,
and I try to be supportive.
I want to be supportive.
It's just he's away so often,
and that makes it hard.
The markings on a leopard's coat are
unique, a bit like our fingerprints.
And ah we can use them
to identify individuals.
This one is Martine from Tanzania.
This is the first leopard I saw
in the wild.
Long time ago now.
You see an animal like that with nothing
between you and it, it's amazing.
I knew then and there
I wanted to help save these animals.
It changed my life.
- What's that?
- This is the jungles of West Java,
where I was six months ago.
It's as close as we got to a leopard.
We found the remains of a kill,
but there was no paw prints,
no solid evidence.
Um... alright, dial him up,
and as soon as you've got him
I'll I'll just come out.
- Hey, Bootie. It's Larry.
- Hey, Larry.
How you doing?
- Good, Larry, how about you?
- Yeah, good, good.
Ben and I are really excited
about seeing you guys tomorrow.
- Yeah?
- Any, ah any leopard sightings lately?
Some cattle have been killed
near the jungle up north.
Do you think it could be a leopard?
Could be.
Wow, that is really exciting.
- Oh excuse me, Larry.
- Yeah, sure, no problem.
Larry, sorry, I have to call?
Okay, no, no worries.
I'll see you soon.
For card two.
Feeling good.
All prepared now.
Can't wait to get over to Indonesia
and get it all happening.
We better get going soon
or we're gonna miss our plane.
Can't carry you.
Can't take a sausage dog on the plane!
Babe. Love you.
Bye, honey!
- See you, Jane.
- Bye bye.
All good, mate?
- Here you go.
- Yeah, thanks mate.
Oh it's really smoky out there.
Beautiful morning!
Environmental awareness.
Oh yeah, yeah. Cool.
What a mess.
So we missed our connecting flight.
We were grounded for a couple of hours.
Here we are.
Keep rolling.
Just make sure we c-catch everything.
- Watch out, watch out!
- Thanks, mate.
Yeah, all good.
- Hey, Bootie!
- Hey, Larry!
- Great to see you again!
- How are you?
Yeah, you too.
Look at you, you haven't aged a day!
Thank you, yes.
- This is my brother, Ben.
- Oh hi, Ben. / Hey, how are you, Bootie?
Yes, thank you.
Yes, and this is Adi(?), our new tracker.
- I thought I was the tracker on this one.
- Hello.
Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
But Adi has been appointed
by government...
...for new tracker.
- Oh, you speak Bahasa?
- Oh yeah, a little.
And this is Putri(?).
Oh Putri, nice to meet you.
Thank you so much for all your hard work.
It's been amazing.
So tell me, ah any, any more news
on those cattle attacks?
Yes, I just got phone call from the farmer
up north in the mountain region.
Alright, alright, look.
Enough of this.
Now you're here,
we should get going, right?
Okay, let's go, let's get going.
Let's go, let's...
What's she so worried about, mate?
Nothing. She's from the area.
They're superstitious.
They believe in Satan Hutan.
What's that?
- That's a forest demon.
- Forest demon?
- What like a, like a werewolf or something?
- Yeah, yeah, something like that.
We almost there?
Yeah, won't be long now.
I just see the village up ahead.
We're gonna spend the night in there.
What do you think of this area
we're going to, Adi?
I think it's dangerous.
People and animal,
they just disappear there.
You think it's the ah the forest demon,
the Satan Hutan?
Many people believe this.
The head village, the Dukan,
they all believe this.
The Dukan, what's that?
The ah, like the local witch doctor?
Yeah, the Dukan is the um...
You know, they're special people
who can travel
the other world and spirit.
That kind of people.
They're special people.
- Yeah, this is my first time in Indonesia.
- Really, what do you think?
Yeah, yeah, it's great.
Have to work hard.
- Have eight children to feed.
- Eight?
- Yeah, lot of mouth to feed.
- Yeah.
Is it on?
Adi's found us a Dukan,
so we thought we'd check it out.
It's a very superstitious part
on Indonesia,
which is a problem
for the leopard program, because...
if people think the thing killing
their animals is a forest demon or...
...werewolf or whatever,
people just want it dead,
even if they end up killing a leopard.
This should be interesting.
Okay, ah...
I think, I think I've heard enough.
So Adi, what did
the what did the Dukan say?
He said the mountains round here
are very dangerous.
There's a forest demon,
ah just up in the mountain.
He uses black magic,
and when he catch you,
- chop of your head, take your heart out.
- Cuts off your head?
He keep you alive by black magic
- and make your head eat your hat.
- Wow!
And then he tell you when to die.
That's what he say.
What do you make of that, Bootie?
I'm Muslim.
I don't believe these thing.
What about you, Adi?
You believe it, don't you?
Not really.
You sure about that?
Well maybe. I'm not sure.
What about you?
- Me?
- Yeah.
- No, I don't believe any of it!
- Oh that's okay.
So there you go.
The tracker the government's
given to us,
the man who's supposed
to be leading us into the jungle,
believes there's a forest demon,
a sorcerer, up in the mountains.
And he cuts off your head.
Come on.
Hey, come on, satay!
Oh! Yum.
- Come.
- Food!
This is card three.
We're off to the village today,
so hopefully it's gonna be a good day.
Don't know who this guy is,
but there's a bit of talking going on.
Larry, tell us what's happening.
This man, Soovoo,
heard we were in town.
He came down
from the mountains to see us.
He said he's he's seen
what looks like a leopard
in a cage in the
jungle near his village.
We need to stop them.
We can go to the cattle kill area later,
- but if it's poachers we should go now.
- Yeah, okay.
Poachers, mate, they're scum.
They take the head, they take the fur,
...the organs. They take everything,
they sell it to the highest bidder.
Very beautiful jungle.
None of the local people want
to live up there.
Just make it easier for the poachers.
Been driving for a while now;
Apparently it's not too far from here.
Larry! Larry!
Possibly the gun?
The gun's just for the leopards,
in case anything goes wrong.
- Is that cool?
- Well, hopefully won't need it.
Not very far, he says.
They may be still around, so I think...
we keep quiet and...
Okay, let's go.
Oh yeah, it's just animal.
Wow man.
They'll take anything.
- Oh yeah.
- What's this?
It's like a python.
Looks pretty young.
They can get up to about 20 feet
long out here.
This, look at this cage.
We could easily fit a leopard in it.
Look at this little guy.
- He could be still around.
- Just keep it.
There you go boy.
- You're free now.
- There you go.
Go home.
- Go home.
- Get that, Benny?
Yeah, I'm getting these.
Gotta be careful;
They're probably still about.
Soovoo just ah won't go any further.
He doesn't like the area.
He thinks it's bad
and he's told us not to stay here.
We should keep going.
That's fresh blood.
Very fresh.
Very fresh, just now.
Okay. I'll go ahead.
I'll go first.
Looks like it's heading this way.
Look at this.
That looks like there's been...
- Something happened?
- Yeah. Some kind of skirmish.
This, lots of blood.
There's no ah, no paw prints though.
Look at this, this could be.
Oh it's gotta be a leopard.
- A big one.
- Yeah, look they're deep, aren't they?
- That a trail?
- Lots more blood down here.
- Look, more blood up there.
- Yeah, and the blood goes all the way up.
Yeah, could be a big leopard.
Look at that.
This is a... this is a fresh site. We should
stay here tonight instead of going on.
This is the hide. It's blending
in really well, which is what you want.
We bought a chicken off Soovoo.
Bait, we got scent baits, but live bait
is much more appealing to wild animals.
And um Bootie's got the remote.
We'll stick it on this tree here.
It'll pick up anything that we miss.
Strong man, medicine.
Okay, so Adi's found some
which is ah it's a herb the local people
sometimes chew for stamina and energy.
- So I'm gonna give it a go.
- Yeah, go.
Good for you.
That's disgusting.
Give us some water!
It's not that bad!
My mum used to chew that!
That's disgusting.
Why would you do that to me?
- That's awful!
- Adi idea. / That's serious,
that's medicine.
Medicine is taste like that.
Hey, Ben.
How you doing?
Leopards are a night creature,
so to see them we've got night vision.
Ben's camera, the tranquiliser gun
and the binocular all have night vision.
So when we turn off our torch...
this is what we see.
For me that's pitch black,
can't see a thing.
Now can see everything.
There's ah, there's a chicken,
not long for this earth, I reckon.
Look up the tree, mate.
Thought I heard something.
No, I can't see anything, no.
Swear I heard something.
That's the thing that strikes you
about being out here at night.
Night really is the time
when all these animals go about.
Especially leopards.
What's that?
Something's out there,
something's out there!
Look at that!
There's something
definitely moving out there.
Come on!
Doesn't sound good!
Alright, into card four.
Um rough nut, not used to sleeping
in the jungle in a tent.
But ah yeah, hopefully
we get some good footage today.
- Hello, chicken.
- Still here.
Let's go and see what we got.
There's three clips,
so we'll see what's going on here.
That's probably just the,
yeah, it's just the chicken
flapping its wings,
setting off the camera.
- Oh, did you see that!
- Back back back back!
We'll go back.
Oh wow.
Look at that right there.
That's some. Yeah, I mean could be a boar,
a wild boar or a deer or something.
How far is that from the camera?
That's close.
Would've come in down here,
was nice and low.
Alright, okay, there's,
there's an old trail here, something.
- I can't see anything.
- You know, something's definitely
been through here because...
you can see some broken twigs,
kind of...
- There's no prints.
- Yeah, we've got to follow this one today.
We're gonna today we're going
to have to follow down here.
There's no prints this way.
- What?
- I can't see any prints.
What does it matter?
I can't see any prints.
- Do we have a problem here, Bootie, or...
- Look, Larry, no problem.
Look, I can understand if you're um,
if you're a bit scared, okay.
It's fine, but...
if you want to stay, you can stay.
Don't come with us,
you're just gonna slow us down, alright?
I'm not scared, mate.
This is interesting jungle.
This is my jungle.
These are my animals.
I love leopard as much as you do, Larry.
That's great,
and I totally respect that.
The way I work is I'm very proactive.
I don't sit and wait
for the animals to come to me.
I go after them. That's what I want to do.
Are you gonna come with us?
Or are you gonna stay here? That's all
I want to ask-that's all I want to know.
Fine. Okay.
- Okay, Larry.
- If that's what you want to do, do it.
- Okay.
- We good?
- This no problem. Let's go.
- Yeah?
Okay, great, great.
Want to save the leopards mate.
Good, we'll get our packs,
we'll get going.
Come here.
Don't worry about Larry, mate, just...
- I'm the tracker, Ben.
- Yeah, yeah, just...
He doesn't mean what he says.
Larry's drawn up a grid which we'll use
to work our way through the jungle.
And today we're gonna head north first.
Hot in here.
Yeah, I'm thinking this way is probably.
Also Larry,
- find any track, man?
- Yeah, mate.
My bearings here.
- Find it, the track?
- Yeah, yeah, still looking anyway.
This way is north, so this is the way
we were heading before.
This way Adi, we were heading north before,
let's keep going this way, okay?
- Head north?
- Yeah.
- We'll keep going north and see
what we find. - You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure. - That is that way,
I think we're going this way.
We all good?
Any track yet, Larry?
- Adi?
- Found any track yet?
We're going to keep going north, mate.
- How many times have I got to tell you?
- Okay.
- Right?
- Okay.
We're in the right place.
You sure we're not lost?
- Ah yeah, I don't get lost.
- Hey, hey, smell that?
Smell that?
- That smells bad.
- Yeah.
- Where do you think it's coming from?
- I think it's coming from round here.
Let's have a look.
Smells disgusting.
Well, wonder what that is.
Looks like it could be...
...a wild boar or a monkey or something.
Something placed...
Hey! Hey you!
- Come on, go!
- Oh fuck!
Hey turn back.
Hey, come on.
Oh fuck.
What do you reckon?
Bit of a poacher?
Yeah, I dunno.
I didn't see any tracks.
No trail.
Could be anywhere in there.
It's gone.
Let's keep going.
- Just be careful.
- Yeah, let's go.
Let's go this way.
Keep an eye out.
So... you reckon it's poachers?
What do we do if we find them?
Something's just raced off
into the jungle.
They're out there!
What's that?
That's black magic stuff.
Sorcerer's stuff.
What's it for?
It's to bring the evil spirit down
to this place.
No, don't touch it.
Come on.
They're everywhere!
Let's hope they know where they are,
I have no idea.
Fantastic. Fantastic.
Hey Bennie, looks like we've got,
we've got a stool here,
it's got hair in it.
Looks like it's a big cat.
Looks pretty fresh.
I think it's more likely going that way.
Larry's decided that we should split up,
so I'm going with Adi;
That way we can cover more ground.
See anything, Adi?
Adi! Adi!
No, nothing.
- Over here!
- Coming, coming!
What you got?
We've got one.
Leopard prints!
Right here.
Look how big they are.
- Man, that's big.
- Quite deep.
This is fantastic. This is exactly...
what we've been looking for.
This is a fully grown leopard.
It's fantastic.
- Larry, Larry! Over here!
- Did you get it all?
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,
down here? Down here.
Look how far apart they are.
They're really.
Obviously wherever
he's going, he's in a rush.
See this squashed foliage,
looks like there's been...
...a skirmish or something.
Keep heading this way.
Get this, this is a trail,
a drag, drag mark.
Probably find a tree with a carcass in it.
It'll be nearby.
- Is that something?
- Hang on, hang on, what's this?
- There's blood.
- Yeah.
Dead leopard.
Look at that!
- Where's the head?
- Fuck!
- Just a waste.
- Not even a live leopard, dead one.
Nothing left.
Just... and look at it!
Get in there, have a look at that.
Yeah, I've got it, mate, I've got it.
What, Bootie?
- Larry, this is no good.
- What?
- We don't think we should stay here.
- What do you mean?
Whatever did this
has killed fully grown leopard.
- Yeah, yeah, it's a serious...
- It's a serious kill.
- Very serious kill.
- Absolutely serious, mate. It means...
...the only two things
that can kill leopards,
they're poachers and other leopards.
This does not look like poachers to me.
So that means there's a bigger,
more dangerous,
more violent leopard out there somewhere.
So what we need to do,
we need to catch it and tag it.
That's our job, mate.
We've gotta catch and tag these things,
so we can save them.
That's what you want to do?
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Adi.
- You can't tag this.
- What?
- You're not gonna tag...
Why's that, Adi?
Because it's a fucking werewolf?
Because it's not leopard, Larry.
Oh come on, Adi. This is ridiculous.
It's superstitious crap,
- it's absolutely...
- It's true! It's not superstitious!
It's not It's superstition!
- You you're...
- Hey, you don't know nothing.
Your ancestors told
you this shit to keep...
Don't blame my ancestors...
- You're talking like the best stupid man!
- Adi, Adi!
It's all bullshit. It's a fucking.
You're a, that's what...
You you are...
You're a fucking coward, mate.
It's not a fucking werewolf, alright?
How would you know?
- Great, Larry!
- Turn that thing off, Ben.
This is serious, alright.
- Want to stay here, you stay here.
- You said you wanted to come Mate,
stop fucking filming this, alright?
Calm down, mate.
You stay here.
I will.
I'm going.
Something has just killed a leopard,
a Javan leopard.
It's an animal that's almost extinct.
And you know, there's a good chance
it'll come back here.
I reckon it'll probably come back here.
It's probably still in the area.
It's getting dark, so I think
we should stay here tonight.
What do you think, Ben?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
We have a deal.
Yes, okay.
That was no good.
I think Adi's got a point.
I don't like it here.
What is that?
Oh, it's nothing.
Can I have a look?
What does it do? Protect you
from evil spirits or something?
Bad spirit.
Can I have it back, please?
What's it made out of?
Just some stuff.
What's that?
Could be leopard.
It's getting closer.
Where's my torch? Where's my torch?
Did you hear that?
I think it's this way.
Come on.
Bootie, Bootie!
Wake up, wake up, Bootie!
- What?
- Where's Ben?
- Where's Ben?
- I don't know.
There's something out there.
I saw it, some...
Look, look at that.
Oh did you see that?
Quick, quick, get the gun.
Come on!
- Where the fuck have you been?
- What do you mean?
I was getting a different
angle on the bait.
You fucking crazy? These animals are
really dangerous, especially at night.
- Do you want to get yourself killed?
- Sorry, sorry.
- You take the collar, I'll take the gun.
- Okay.
The bait's gone!
It's gone!
Hear that?
Let's check the remote.
Let's have a look at this.
What is that?
Interference or something, isn't it?
What happened?
The chicken's gone but the camera's
playing up, so I can't see...
What's that? Go back.
Go back, that side.
- What is that?
- The corner, the corner.
There, there you go, there.
- You see that?
- Yeah.
What's that?
What is it, Adi?
Very strange.
It's just gone really quiet.
Strange things.
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah, yeah.
Could be leopard.
Got your torch?
- Yeah, mate.
- All set?
Got night vision?
Can you see it?
No. But it sound like leopard.
That's what I thought.
A real live leopard out here!
What's that sound?
Is it another leopard?
That's leopard.
Give me the gun!
Follow me.
Stay close.
Okay, stay behind me.
We should split up.
Ben and Adi, you're going that way.
Bootie, we'll go this way.
- You sure about this?
- Yes, yes, yes.
Make sure you can see our torches.
Ben, this way.
- Yeah?
- I don't like this.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
Where they go?
I don't know.
There they are, just there.
Ben, this is bad!
Gonna go back,
we're gonna get lost if we go this way.
No, no, it's okay.
You're leaving a trail.
Adi, are you leaving a trail?
Yeah, yeah, I did,
but we still need to go back, Ben.
No, just a bit further, mate,
come on, come on.
What was that?
Over here!
- Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
Calm down.
- Let's get out of here!
- Oh shit!
Larry, come on.
Calm down, mate.
What is it?
- What was it?
- I don't know, I was, I was holding on.
- I think I got it.
- Let's take a look at the card.
Take a breath.
- You okay? Are you hurt?
- Adi's gotta get out of here, mate.
- Gotta get out.
- Let's just, give us a look at the tape.
We've gotta go check it out, guys.
You just saw the footage.
What is it?
It's just an animal.
We don't know what it is, but...
- No, no, I don't think we should.
- There's four of us, we've got a gun,
- and we'll be fine. Let's...
- Not a good idea.
Larry, let's go.
We've gotta go check this out.
Okay, be quiet.
We need to go back.
We're gonna need to go back now,
before we get lost.
Come on!
Be quiet.
You be quiet.
I'm going.
I'm leaving now,
with or without you.
- Larry, maybe it's just an animal.
- Come on.
Adi's right,
we don't want to get lost.
We should just,
right now, we're going.
Come on.
Come on, Larry.
Come on.
Let's go back
and check the remote camera.
See if we've got anything.
Come on, mate.
We've gotta go.
So close.
Alright, here we go.
Yeah, look at that!
See, Bootie, we did it, we did it!
- Bloody hell, Bennie!
- Hey, look at that!
Look at that!
The real live Javan leopard.
Yeah, oh wow.
Look at that.
Ben, come to me, come to me.
So we've been, we've been very lucky,
very lucky tonight.
This, this is the evidence
we've been looking for.
This is,
this is the... this is what we want.
We did it.
We did it boys, well done!
- You happy, Larry, yeah?
- I can't believe it.
Right then, for card six,
it's ah, it's a beautiful morning.
So good to have Larry back.
You know, he's up, he's positive.
He's really back on board. It's great.
I think today's gonna go well.
Sun's just up.
Sightings last night were very exciting,
so we're going to stay in the area today
and see what we can find.
The remote camera has packed it in.
It's not um, it's not taking video,
but it's taking photos still.
Adi? You alright?
No, Ben, I'm not.
We shouldn't be going this way.
It's bad.
He's seen a leopard.
He's not gonna turn back now.
I'm not going on, unless I can leave.
Why should I let him leave?
It's what he's here for.
This way.
Should still be in the area.
Got anything, Adi?
- Adi, what's going on, mate?
- Keep going this way.
You sure?
Dead end.
- Yeah.
- We should be heading north.
I'm telling you,
it's back this way, mate.
This way.
Yeah, this way.
North in other words.
- Fuck!
- Oh guy.
Just hold on.
Hold on.
I reckon he's trying to get us
lost on purpose.
Feels like he's just taking us
round in circles.
Mate, you're the one
who told me to let him lead.
- Adi? Come here.
- Let's move.
No, come here.
- This is crazy.
- Come on, Adi.
- Come on Larry. Gotta go.
- What now, it's getting late.
Can we just move?
No, look, we've tried going this way.
There's nothing down here, mate. Let's...
A little, little bit more, mate,
- This is north, this way is north,
there's a creek up ahead.
It's not far. If we find it,
- get through it.
- A creek is up that way.
Mate, says here on the map
it's due north, directly that way.
- We get to the creek.
- Sun is that way, then north is that way.
Fuck's sake, Adi!
Adi, we're going.
Come on!
Gonna be a [inaudible], Larry.
Well, we found the creek.
The water.
What are they?
Birds of prey.
Wonder what they're circling.
Gotta fix, I reckon. Let's go.
Bird circling, suggested kill.
If it's fresh the predator
might still be around.
Had a bit of rain, so it's a bit muddy.
Watch your step.
Can you see anything?
Adi's found something.
Drag marks.
Something big and very heavy.
Very wide.
It's fresh.
Could be still around, guys.
Watch your step.
Something in the tree up ahead.
It's fresh.
Big bone.
What is it?
What's that?
You see anything else?
What is that?
What is it?
Can you see that?
It's a hand!
- God! That's, that's disgusting!
- What happened?
It's a hand!
It's a fucking hand!
We've gotta go back.
Probably a poacher.
Well, doesn't matter who it is!
We've gotta go back and report it.
That's right.
- Yes, come on.
- So listen,
- right now...
- It's a fucking hand!
...a lot of the time it'll take to go back.
- But right now.
- We've gotta go back, Larry!
There are two leopards,
very rare leopards somewhere out there.
- But it's a human hand; Yt means there's...
- We have to find them.
- We have to tag them.
- Somewhere out there is a fucking body!
We've gotta go back and report it!
No, no, no, I'm not
saying we don't report it.
- Yeah, we report that, but...
- Well I'm saying that we've gotta go back
- and tell the police.
- We just stay a little, little bit longer.
No! No! No!
We turn back now, Larry.
- This is bullshit, okay, this is...
- Come on, mate.
You remember that shit we went through
to get this thing together? How much,
how much we had to...
- How much work we've had to do.
- No!
- To get this thing happening!
- I know what it means to you, okay.
But we have to go back.
We have to go back.
This is serious.
Larry, we've got to go back.
Ben's right.
There's not going
to be anything left of that
- by the time we get back.
- Come on, Larry.
- Fuck!
- I'm going.
Fucking hell!
Fucking poacher!
Turn the fucking camera off, mate!
The fucking...
Just calm down, will you?
We have to go and we have to report it.
- That's all.
- Yeah, yeah.
You're going back again.
Yeah, we're that close though.
- I know, but stay here...
- We're that fucking close.
Adi's just fucking scared,
that's what it is.
Look, we just try to do
the right thing, right?
What is it?
Something watching us.
Come on.
Now we've turned back.
Ah it's sad, but we have to.
It's two days back.
Gonna be a long walk, I reckon.
Mate, bugger off, would you?
Crap day, such a crap day.
Um I've convinced everyone that
we should set up scent baits. So...
we might get lucky,
get something on the way back.
Something's out front.
What is that?
It's moving closer.
Listen to that!
I think it's moving away.
Yes, it is,
it is definitely moving away.
You guys coming?
No, Larry.
- Alright, fine, stay here.
- Give me the caller, give me the collar.
I don't want to lose them.
Come on, let's go.
- Look, look over there.
- Yeah, yeah, could be a leopard.
Oh shit.
Come on!
Sorry, let's get closer.
Come on!
It's up ahead.
Let's keep going.
Turn on the torch.
Fuck, what is that!
- What happened? Bootie?
- I was near the front,
what do we do? Adi!
Guard the pack.
Put some stuff(?) in the pack,
we've got to go after him,
we've got to try and...
Okay, Adi.
Bootie, get the pack.
Which way?
Did you hear that?
No, this way.
No, it's this way.
Definitely over here.
Come on, let's go.
Larry, look over there.
Come on.
He's turning his head towards you.
What's that?
What's that?
What the fuck was that!
- Oh shit!
- Larry, come on.
Where's the torch?
Oh fuck! Oh fuck!
- Fuck! Where is he, Larry?
- I don't know.
Fuck! This way.
- Come on! Bootie!
- Bootie!
- Come on, man, get up!
- Come on!
- Get up, Larry!
- Come on!
Let's go!
- Bootie!
- Bootie!
You see anything, mate?
Come on!
This way, this way.
Come on, man! Bootie!
- Bootie!
- Bootie!
- Bootie! Bootie!
- What the fuck!
Bootie! Okay?
What was it?
- Larry, we've gotta help him!
- I'll look around. Keep an eye on him.
Yeah, okay.
- Bootie, what was it?
- I don't know.
Shit, shit!
I think it's still here!
Give me a hand.
- Larry, we need to get out of here!
- Yeah, just give me a moment.
- What was it, Bootie?
- I don't know.
You alright?
You okay? Can you walk?
It's still here!
Come on, let's go!
- Larry, we've gotta move!
- Yeah, just a minute.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, help me,
help me give him a hand.
Think there's a creek up ahead.
Come on.
Shit, I don't know
if we're going the right way.
- Come on.
- Which way?
Hide, hide, hide!
Bootie, we've gotta go!
- No, we've gotta go now!
- Not fucking going anywhere.
- Gonna stay here.
- The creek, there's a creek,
I think we're near the creek.
We should get to it if we keep going.
But we've gotta go now.
Yes, come on.
We should keep going, come on!
Get down!
I can't see it.
There! I can see it. I can see it.
Shoot it!
Larry, shoot it!
Quick, before it sees us.
- I've got it.
- Shoot it! Shoot!
- Come on!
- We've got it! We've got it!
- Come on, Bootie!
- It's not there. It's not there.
- What? What do you mean?
- Going this way.
- We can't lose it. Come on.
- Larry, Larry, where are you going?
Come back!
- Where is it?
- It must be in there.
What? In there?
Yeah, I think I hit it.
It's probably out by now.
How do you know that?
I didn't kill it, it's gonna kill us.
We have to go in there and get it.
How you going to fucking kill it?
Get up!
Ben! Ben, you alright?
Ben, are you alright?
Gotta find him!
Gotta find him!
Where is he now?
Bootie! Where are you, Ben?
Drag marks.
Oh shit!
I can't leave without them.
- Please, Larry!
- I got them into this.
- They wanted to go. I can't leave them.
- Larry,
- you got me into this too, okay?
- Bootie!
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Bennie.
I didn't...
I don't want Fuck!
Let's stick together, mate!
Come on, man.
What's that?
It's a drag mark, a drag mark.
We'll go this way.
This way.
Oh fuck!
This way, this way!
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
We've gotta stop this.
We've gotta stop this.
We have to leave.
- Larry, [inaudible], okay?
- Where's it gone?
Larry, they have gone
and Adi's gone, Bootie's gone.
And we have to go!
- We have to go, man!
- Bootie!
- Bootie! - Larry, Larry, they've gone,
let it go, okay.
- Bootie!
- We have to leave!
This is all my fault.
- I want to go now, okay?
- I've gotta find them,
we've gotta find them.
- This is all my fault.
- It's not your fault, okay! It's not.
It's not! But we have got to go
or we are not going to get out.
- Okay, okay, alright. Okay.
- Alright.
This way.
I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know.
You said there was a creek?
You hear that?
This way.
- Bootie!
- Fuck!
- Bootie!
- Oh shit!
Oh fuck.
You hear that?
Turn off the light.
Looks like a,
like a hide or something.
I think they're...
Yeah, they're...
You going to go in?
Yeah, we've got to.
What is this place?
What are they?
What the fuck is it?
Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry!
Something's here.
In the trees.