The Jungle Bunch (2017) Movie Script

Come on, let's get
some fresh air.
All right, everyone squeeze in.
Hmm? Mmm.
Thank you.
- Wait, wait for me!
- Watch out!
- Huh?
- It's the final shot.
- Strike!
- Yeah! Strike!
- Something fishy is going on.
- You think so?
Well, I saw them
out walking the other day,
- seemed exceptionally cozy.
- What are you wearing?
But, Dad!
You are not going out
like that.
- Boring!
- Hmph.
Hmph! Mmm.
What's with you,
going to a funeral?
No, it's my father again.
Here, here, I'm open!
- Pedro?
- That's gotta hurt.
Dream on, Champs. I have more
than one trick up my sleeve.
Go find shelter!
Whoa! Whoooa!
Somebody, help!
Somebody, please help!
You're safe, kids.
- Natacha, everyone's OK.
- Well done, Tony!
Mom, Dad!
Watch your back!
Yeah, go catch that bad guy!
Yeah, you go, Champs! Catch him!
You're the best!
Uh, the sloth smelled
a little rank, you know?
Well, that's because he's
a hero, no time to shower.
Wow, cool!
Champs, you'll never catch me!
The one who's going to stop me
isn't born yet!
We've got him.
Hey, hey. Whoa!
Don't move, Champs.
Step back, or you'll have
an omelet on your conscience.
Ehh, ehh?
Ooh, ahh.
I got this!
Good job!
At least out here, you
won't be able to hurt anyone.
You haven't seen anything yet,
I haven't told you
about my research
on time-release mushrooms,
have I?
I planted
a bunch of these
all over the jungle recently.
Anyway, thanks for taking me
to a safe place, Natacha.
Ahh! My feet are burning!
Thank you, Champs.
What would we do without you?
- It's our job.
- Tony, Goliath!
Are you OK? Where's Ricky?
He's coming,
he's right behind us.
Ha! Huh? Huh? Uh?
Oh, yes, it looks
like I will need a raft.
Hm? You see this seed,
my companion in misery?
It's my ticket
back to the jungle.
You seem skeptical, my friend.
But I'm very patient.
And I mean very patient.
I will come back
and take revenge.
Mmm. So are you really sure
about this?
Yes, the Champs are no more.
Natacha, I'm sure Ricky
would have wanted us
to continue...
Ricky would still be with us,
if I hadn't created
this justice team.
We all knew the risks, Natacha.
You don't have to feel guilty.
The jungle still needs us.
The jungle?
Look around, Goliath!
There is no more jungle.
No, I've made up my mind.
Oh... Mm, mm.
Farewell, Natacha.
Farewell, Tony.
Mmm. Ugh! Ah!
- Oh, look!
- Mm, ah!
You're a future great
tiger warrior, aren't you?
A warrior? Certainly not.
I won't risk
anyone's life anymore.
Don't worry, I'll take good care
of you, my little tiger.
And what will you name
your little one?
What? Still talking
about being a hero?
- Out of the question, Maurice!
- But, Mama...
You're staying home!
No, Mama.
I've made my decision.
I'm going to create
and train a justice team.
You'll see.
One day you'll be proud of me.
I said it was out
of the question, Maurice.
You'll be risking your life,
don't you see?
I know what I'm talking about.
It's too dangerous,
and that's that.
Goodbye, Mama.
Goodbye, Uncle Tony.
Now, listen, Junior. Rule number
one, when starting a mission,
is to be observant, OK, son?
Mmm, ahh. A little higher.
You gotta get between the toes.
At least you could try smiling
once in a while.
Is that a complaint I hear?
Do as your told or say goodbye
to your sacred totem.
Now then, go and fetch us
some more bananas.
You see, Junior,
you can't just threaten
the elephants' sacred totem
whenever you like,
just to get what you want.
You ready to teach them
a thing or two?
OK, my friends,
it's time for some action.
- All right, Mr. Maurice!
- Gilbert, tell us the plan.
So, Batricia and I...
Uh, we finished painting
the peppers yellow
and wrapping them
in banana peels.
Miguel, you wait down there
in the water.
Here, breathe through this,
so you can be invisible.
Miguel invisible?
Miguel happy.
Meanwhile, Maurice and Junior
protect the totem.
Very good.
Come on, guys, let's go!
Hm? Ah.
Whoa. Hm.
Mm. Mm.
Oh, right, it's about time.
Hey, dummy,
who told you to stop?
Miguel's invisible.
Miguel really trick you, huh?
You nasty red-bottomed monkeys!
What's that?
That's Miguel
beating up your friends.
If I were you,
I'd surrender now.
Otherwise, you'll have
to face the Jungle Bunch.
You're a clown, right?
I don't like clowns. When I
laugh, it makes my abs hurt.
I don't like it much
when my abs hurt.
Looks like I'll have
to use force after all.
- Where do I start?
- Start by dodging this!
Even if it's tempting,
a great tiger warrior
never kicks his enemy's butt
when they're on the ground.
- It's not fair. Huh?
- Hey, you!
Don't you think we should
go and help them, Gilbert?
Uh, no, let's stick
to the plan, Batricia.
I'm sure they're doing
just fine on your own.
Oh, if you say so, Gilbert.
Would you mind if I squeezed
in there with you?
Can't you see it's already
cramped in here, Batricia?
You're not exactly fighting
fairly, you know that?
Wait for me here, son.
Here we go, problem solved.
Ahh! Oops.
Well done, Junior.
That was close.
And you'd better not drag
your ugly red butts
around here again!
Mission accomplished, guys.
Here's to the Jungle Bunch.
Hip, hip!
Well, it grew back, Surimi?
I can't believe it.
We'll have to be a little
more diligent this time.
I'm proud of you, son.
You're getting better
with every mission.
Once I retire,
I know you'll be ready
to maintain justice
in the jungle.
Yes, sort of like
I took over for Granny.
Of course, you'll
absolutely meet her one day.
I just don't know
which day that will be.
- Hello, guys!
- Was the mission good?
Awesome, guys, everyone
was great as usual.
Glad to be back though.
This has been quite a hike.
No problem, we've made you a
delicious snack to perk you up.
And voil! Special lukewarm
freshly-squeezed cockroach juice
for everyone!
It looks really delicious,
Oh, my stripes are
a little washed out.
I have to paint them on again.
- Hmm?
- Oh!
Oh, thank you!
A beautiful ficus flower
as a garnish.
And the floating things are...?
Those are marinated slugs. They
help balance out the sourness.
OK, let's toast!
Oh, shoot, I forgot. Miguel
is allergic to ficus flowers.
The signal! What a shame!
We can't even try
your taste treats.
But duty calls.
The Jungle Bunch... the rescue!
- Hmmph!
- Good mission!
I never really understood
why they all have to go
in different directions,
only to meet up again
once they're down there.
Uh, I think it's
some sort of ritual.
It's kind of a bonding thing.
And open!
Hello, my friend.
What brings you to these parts?
Oh, the Jungle Bunch, help me!
I've got a big problem.
Tell me, my friend,
that's why we're here.
It started with this. Look!
Hm? Hm.
Inflammation of the epidermis,
some small red spots.
Nothing too serious, just
a bit of eczema. Be right back.
Apply this three times a day for
a week, it'll clear right up.
Oh, thank you, Jungle Bunch!
What would we do without you?
Now that I think of it,
I may need some...
My arms aren't long enough, so
if you could give me a hand...
All right, let's draw straws to
pick the one who's going to...
Ahhh! Ohhh!
Thank you,
I feel better already.
- Eww.
- Oh, if only everyone
could be as kind
as you guys are.
Unlike those meanies who
build barbecues in the forest,
not even realizing
how dangerous it is.
This is our opportunity to
try out Gilbert's new invention.
It shouldn't take too long
for the Champs to get here.
We're just in time. The fire
hasn't spread too far yet.
Who the heck is that?
Brace yourselves!
Do it, Gilbert!
Wow, that's quite a show!
- Let me see!
- Hold on a minute, Bob.
You could have made
your own telescope
instead of frying slugs.
Hmm? Mm-hmm.
- Here.
- Mm.
Well done, Gilbert,
great invention!
Uh, Maurice, it's still
a prototype, you know?
I didn't think
we'd be using it so soon.
It still needs
a few adjustments.
Like, uh...
the landing gear, for example.
See you guys down there!
Oops, I don't see them anymore.
Oh, my, there might be injuries.
Fine, I'll get
the first-aid kit.
Hey, Maurice!
You OK, son?
What are you doing? Hurry up!
There's something fishy
going on over here.
What did you find, Gilbert?
Don't mind us, my friends.
Arriving without notice,
like the Champs.
Putting out the fire,
like the Champs.
Basically, doing everything
like the Champs,
but you are not the...
There you go. You're not
the Champs. I just knew it.
Excuse me,
but the Champs,
they retired a good number
of years ago.
Where have you been,
on a desert island?
Be careful, Surimi,
the tiger is very perceptive.
You see, now, it's us,
the Jungle Bunch,
who are in charge
of maintaining the peace.
By the way,
if you ever have a problem,
feel free to ask for help.
Well, truth is I do have
a little favor I'd like to ask.
Could you please scoot over to
your right just a little bit?
That would help a lot.
Very good, thank you. Surimi.
Oh, great, and how would
you like us to help you?
Uh, it's a trap, Maurice.
You bandit!
Wait till we get out of here.
You'll see what the Jungle
Bunch is truly capable of!
Go ahead, try.
But there's no way you can
free yourself out of this foam.
I created it
to catch the Champs.
To catch the Champs?
Don't you dare
get near my mother!
Your mother? Is that so?
Oh, so you're
Natacha's son? Mmmm.
Well, that's perfect. Surimi.
These mushrooms are, let's say,
more deadly.
Don't take it personally,
but when Natacha finds out
I reduced her son to ashes,
she'll bring her team
back together,
and that's when I
will capture them.
And then, finally, I'll be
able to destroy the jungle.
And I'll put the Champs
in the front row,
so they can watch
the catastrophe that I create!
Farewell, Jungle Bunch.
And thanks!
Uh, this one
might hurt a little.
Al, Bob! You're just in time.
Thank you.
Well, no thanks to you, Maurice.
Yeah, going on a mission
so far away
without taking
the first-aid kit with you.
Guys, could we talk about this
later? Because we're about to...
To what?! We've been
worried sick about you,
and you're about to have
a foam party!
Not cool. We're allowed
to have fun too, you know.
Gilbert, any ideas?
We'd have to throw a rock in
that small branch right here.
- Uh, Gilbert?
- Wait, Maurice. Patience.
Hmph, ahh, that was close.
OK, Junior,
if this koala has something
against the Champs,
Granny's in danger.
Let's hurry. Come on, everyone!
If any of you could unglue us,
we're coming with you.
Yeah, and we want
to meet your mother too.
- Uh, OK, but...
- I can't believe you waited
until she's in deadly danger
to introduce us.
Yes, she's in danger,
so we need to get...
I've also been dying
to meet her for years now too.
Miguel go to meet
mommy of Mr. Maurice!
- Miguel happy!
- OK, but she's in danger.
Shall we go now?
Yeah, enough is enough.
I'm tired of always getting
beat up by the Jungle Bunch.
It's really annoying.
We can't even work
without being bothered anymore.
We won't get anywhere as long
as the Jungle Bunch are here.
Too bad 'cause I feel like we
could become famous bandits too.
That's true.
Everyone would know us.
It's just not fair.
There you go, Surimi.
We just found our army.
Are you comfortable, Gilbert?
You can hold me tighter
if you want.
No, I'm fine.
Can you believe it?
The great tiger
warrior's mother!
She must be super proud of you,
isn't she, Maurice?
Yes, Junior,
we'll be there soon.
I hope everything goes well.
No. No, no, no, don't wait
for us. We'll make you late.
Uh, I am not sure they
intend to wait for us.
Hmm, hmm, hmm!
I hope we made it
before Mr. Psycho Koala.
Hmmm. Hm!
What are you doing here?
Uncle Tony, are you all right?
And where is Mom?
Maurice, you finally brought
my grandson for a visit?
Wait, Mom! We have to make sure
the perimeter is secured.
Batricia, aerial reconnaissance!
But, Maurice, why are you...?
- Shh. Wait.
- Yes, but...
- Yes, but...
- Shh.
- But why...?
- Shh.
- I just... Huh?
- Shh.
Maurice, really,
what is this about?
- Just tell... I...
- Shh.
- M...
- Shh, shh, shh, shhh.
But, Mom!
What's with all this
sneaking around?
Will you tell us
what's going on?
Oh, well, there's
just a crazy angry koala,
throwing exploding mushrooms,
who's trying to catch you
and destroy the jungle.
Igor has returned!
- What's that? Igor?
- Shh.
- Sorry, but...
- Shh.
Ooh, uh, sorry. Hey, Mom.
- Mom?
- Shh.
- Come on, Mom!
- No.
- Mom!
- Not right now.
- Ma... Ma...
- Shh. Shh.
I guess we're even now.
All clear, Maurice,
there isn't any sign
of the psycho koala
around anywhere.
Pleased to meet you, missus.
Okay, so who's
this Igor exactly?
You never mentioned him.
Igor is the worst enemy
that we've ever faced.
A long time ago,
he looked up to us.
He even wanted
to join the Champs.
Hi, Champs.
I won't beat around the bush.
I want to join your group.
I'll be your new leader.
Oh, it's ugly here.
Maybe we should redecorate.
- Mmm.
- Hm?
- No...
- Hmm.
You, tigress,
go make me some banana juice.
We made him understand
that he didn't have
what it takes to be a hero.
But he was stubborn.
He spent months
his explosive mushrooms.
And he came back, telling us
how useful they would be to us.
I can give you
as many as you want
only if you make me
your new leader.
Of course,
we rejected his offer.
And don't
ever come back here!
He never forgave us
for rejecting him.
And ever since, he's been
wanting to use his invention
to destroy the jungle.
Hmm. Fine, here's the plan.
Considering what Igor said about
wanting to catch the Champs,
let's head back to Goliath,
we'll put the three of you
in our den, where you'll be
safe and sound, and then...
Uh... Oh.
Let me tell you the plan,
Tony and I, we go get Goliath,
while you wait for us here.
Come on, Mom, not again!
We're the Jungle Bunch.
We'll take care of this!
You know very well I never
wanted you to become a hero.
And now, look, you're dragging
my grandson into this as well!
Here we go once again.
She never changes.
Always so stubborn.
My friends,
let's go to the savannah.
Let's go get Goliath!
Yeah, OK, go on ahead.
We'll meet you there.
I can't believe it.
He hasn't changed at all.
Always so stubborn.
Natacha, don't you think you
were a little tough on Maurice?
Do you want him
to end up like Ricky?
Of course not, Natacha.
I love him like you do.
Don't underestimate them.
They may be older,
but it will be a tricky move.
A very dangerous mission.
And once we've caught
the Champs, no one will stand
in our way
to destroy the jungle!
Any questions?
- Yes?
- How is it
that you're planning
to destroy the jungle, boss?
Ah, a very intelligent question.
I like people
who take an interest.
- Hmm.
- So I realized
that burning the jungle to the
ground, as you see in exhibit A,
is completely useless.
It'll just grow back.
So I imagined
a much more effective plan.
This cave is, in fact, the
entrance to an underground rift
that stretches
under the entire jungle.
My mushrooms are going
to explode at the heart
of said rift, causing the jungle
to collapse and very soon
be totally swallowed up by
the ocean once and for all.
I actually worked quite hard
on these drawings.
Notice the detail
on the terror in the faces.
Looks great.
The boss is, like,
super good at drawing.
Anyway, any other questions?
- Yes?
- Isn't it kinda dangerous
- to destroy the jungle?
- Well, I suppose, a little.
But sometimes,
life's about taking risks.
You need to know
how to commit to things
and have a vision for the future
of the jungle. You scared, huh?
Don't want
to destroy your little jungle?
Other questions? Hmm?
No? Good, perfect.
Then let's get to work!
Come on, hurry, shake a leg!
Mm? Mm?
- Mmm.
- Mm! Mmm.
- Hmm!
- Oh!
Hm? Ohh. Hmmm.
You look awful.
I like it. You're in.
You, you look suspicious.
You're in.
You're good too.
Look at how adorable you are.
Get out of here!
On the other hand,
you're one ugly bird.
Go ahead, you're a VIP.
Hmm. Hmph.
Ooph! This has been
quite a hike.
You look kinda slithery.
Go on in.
I like the masks.
Love the old-school
gangsta look. You're in!
I heard there's
some illegal fighting in there.
Just so you know,
the guys behind us
are in the Jungle Bunch.
You know the Jungle Bunch.
I heard they're coming here
to put an end to those fights.
Underground fights make that
tiger go crazy. Just saying.
- Drinks are on me, buddy.
- Mmm.
- Huh? You can't go in!
- Uh, why not?
- I don't like you.
- Oh, uh, but we're together.
Hmm. We're all full.
Dang, what tough luck!
Well, thank you, sir.
Well, it's all full up.
Thankfully, there was room
for Mom and Uncle Tony.
We'll wait here until they
come back with Goliath.
Oh, that seems a little fishy.
Yeah, let's go, let's go!
Come on, you go this!
- Hmm?
- Ohh!
Yeah, Goliath,
come on, wake up!
- It doesn't hurt.
- It doesn't hurt.
It doesn't hurt.
It doesn't hurt.
- It doesn't hurt.
- It doesn't hurt.
- It doesn't hurt.
- It doesn't hurt.
Come on, Brandon, you got him!
The old man's done for.
You just gotta finish him, OK?
It doesn't hurt.
Actually, it's starting
to sting a little bit.
Here we go.
You're done, old man.
Old man!
Nobody... calls...
Goliath... an old man!
Go on back and play
in your little sandbox!
Goliath! Goliath!
Goliath! Goliath! Goliath!
And the winner is... Goliath!
Let's give him a round
of appl... Oh! Oh?
They're taking their time,
aren't they?
Surimi, let me sleep.
I almost forgot.
We've been preparing a little
surprise for the Champs.
Come on, Surimi, let's go.
Hurry it up!
This is our home.
What exactly is going on?
Some lunatic is blowing up
the death canyons.
We need the Jungle Bunch.
The Jungle Bunch are
on vacation. We're replacing...
Hup-hup, no, no, no!
Heroes don't have time to rest.
So you were really going to try
to kick Igor's butt without us?
- But that's our job.
- No, Maurice.
This is between Igor
and the Champs.
But, Mom, it's pure madness.
You can tell it's a trap.
- That should be us going there!
- And then what?
You want us to stay put
and not do anything?
It's out of the question.
Am I right, guys?
Come on,
let's be reasonable here.
You're a little too old
for that.
Too old for that.
Now why don't you enjoy
retirement, do some gardening
and let us deal with...
I don't think you realize
who you're talking to,
little shrimp.
And nobody calls me old!
Um, uh, yes. But no, I mean...
Senior citizen?
Calm down, Mr. Goliath.
What Gilbert is trying to say is
that maybe you should practice
for a week or two before
reenlisting. What do you think?
One of my friends is dead
because of Igor.
And I won't let anyone
take care of him for me!
We don't need a group of
youngsters with no experience.
No experience?
Now we've heard it all!
The Jungle Bunch go on extremely
dangerous missions every day.
- It's true.
- Mm-hm.
You can ask anyone.
The Jungle Bunch rules.
They really do.
Yeah. For instance, evil baboons
were threatening
our sacred statue...
Yeah, they're the best.
I'll prove it. Look at this!
See? Not a single pimple.
No more itching.
So the Jungle Bunch are heroes,
aren't they?
And it was the great
tiger warrior himself
who put the lotion on my butt.
Oh, yeah? I guess
that's what real heroes do.
Look, we can't stand
around all day.
There's a real problem
out there.
Come on, let's go!
You go take shelter.
Come on, let's follow them.
What are they doing?
Mom, wait!
Gilbert, find us a way
to get to the other side.
It took you Champs long enough.
Do you think it was fun
waiting for you for hours?
You sound mad. At me?
But I'm right here.
Come and get me.
Ahhh, I get it. You're scared.
Hmm, I'm so disappointed.
You've become soft.
Let's admit it,
you've all gotten quite old.
Old, old, old, old.
- Ahhh!
- Wait, Goliath!
Surimi, ignition.
So simple, almost too easy.
All right,
you can close the trap.
Looks like trouble over there.
Come on, guys, faster!
Hold still for a moment. You're
slowing this process down.
Goliath, you clear the way.
Tony, you take care
of those baboons.
I'm taking care of Igor.
Come on, guys, let's go!
Surimi, think of something!
I think they really need us now.
Gilbert, you ready?
What do you think?
Fine, let's do it. Miguel!
I'm going to help.
It's over, Igor. You lost.
It's over, Igor. You've lost!
- Maurice?
- Ooh. Ah.
- Goliath, stop!
- Huh?
Help us! I won't be able
to hold on very much longer!
Surimi, this may be
our only chance. Go for it!
It's fine, Surimi.
Let's go. Really?
Junior? Mom?
Hey, is everyone all right?
Igor, you coward!
Let my son go!
I'm sorry, Maurice.
I can't release Junior.
He's actually
the perfect hostage.
But thank you
for getting involved
because, without you,
I surely would have been caught.
Miguel help Mr. Maurice!
Let me deal with this, kid.
Bravo, Jungle Bunch.
We had it all under control.
Igor was at our mercy. Without
you, everything would be over.
Uh, don't look at us.
It's Maurice who...
- You ruined everything.
- What happened?
What happened? Igor ran away,
and Junior was kidnapped.
- Not the little tiger!
- Maurice, is that true?
Junior was kidnapped
because of you, Maurice.
And now, do you
still think becoming a hero
was a good idea?
Well, we can't
just stay here and do nothing.
Let's go and free Junior!
We need to free him.
Stay out of this, Jungle Bunch.
Is that totally clear, Maurice?
You've caused
enough trouble already.
Wow, Maurice, you're really
good at pretending to be down.
- You almost got me.
- Oh, yeah, me too.
You look completely crushed
by what just happened.
No, really, you're
quite the actor, bravo!
So, what's the plan?
We take a shortcut and go
free Junior before the Champs?
No. It's best to let the Champs
deal with this one alone.
But Mr. Maurice not go.
Mr. Maurice must save
little tiger.
What if I make
another mistake, Miguel?
What if I put Junior
in danger again? No.
My mother is right,
I've caused enough trouble.
They'll do better without me.
- But they need our help!
- Maurice!
But you're never supposed
to give up, Mr. Maurice.
Mr. Maurice great tiger warrior!
There is no great tiger warrior.
There never was.
Maybe there's a reason
I was born without stripes.
But the whole jungle
needs you, Maurice.
I'm not even able
to protect my own family,
let alone the jungle.
Come back, Maurice!
Mr. Maurice...
You really picked a great time
to break your wing, Batricia.
I wasn't trying
to be mean or anything.
I was just mentioning it...
- in passing.
- Hmm!
Don't be so worried,
my little Surimi.
They're not in the same shape
as they used to be.
Let's go!
You Champs are so predictable.
No, but really...
it's almost depressing.
On the count of three,
open your mouths and say "ahhh."
One, two and three!
Are you OK, sweetheart?
You're so adorable.
You remind me of your father
at the same age.
Oh, such a touching moment,
wouldn't you say?
You just wait till I
get out of here, Igor.
I'll squash you like a bug!
No, Goliath. Let me make this
clear, you're not getting out.
You see these little mushrooms
around the door?
- Mmm.
- Well, they're not decorations.
Though they are quite pretty.
They're explosives!
Yes, the door is booby-trapped.
Only this key can open it.
Now, I know it's rather rude
to leave your guests
right after they got here,
but I still have some work to do
so I can destroy the jungle.
OK, cage the Champs and keep
them prisoners in my den. Check.
What was next? Oh, yes, slaves.
Lots of slaves.
You'll see, Mom,
one day, you'll be proud of me.
Oh, ooh!
Hm? Hmm. Ah!
Mmm, mmm...
Hey, you're a real
little tiger, aren't you?
Don't worry,
I will take care of you.
Hoo-ahh! Choo! Yoo!
I'll teach how to do that
and many other things,
you'll see, son.
Come on, let's go! The great
warrior tiger and his son
will bring justice
back to this jungle. Grrr!
Everything will be OK, Junior.
Granny will save you.
Hey, can we get
some water please?
Hey, you two, you think it's
funny slowing everyone down?
Get back to work
before I get mad!
That's better.
Some of you clearly
didn't get it the first time.
Therefore, I'm going
to have to say it once again.
You are all just slaves.
So would you please
stop asking for water?
It just slows you down.
I mean, really, some people
think the world
owes them something.
Oh, by the way,
when I say "go faster,"
that means faster than faster.
I told you before.
You know, like, faster?
Or else the watering
won't be done by tonight.
Hey, you,
what are you doing here?
It's for the prisoners.
These are for me.
Sorry, we still haven't found
a way to get you out of here.
I really want to be a believer
like you are, Junior.
Right. It's all his fault we're
in here in the first place.
What do you mean,
it's our fault too?
He's not entirely wrong,
Natacha. We might not be here
if we had listened to Maurice
from the start.
News from outside isn't good,
I'm afraid.
Maurice disappeared.
The Jungle Bunch have been
looking everywhere for days.
But nothing as of yet.
The great tiger warrior has
always been there to protect us.
Who's going to set us free now?
Hmm? Hmm!
This kid is so brave.
He's your grandson after all.
Thattaboy, Grandson.
Go find your dad.
Still nothing, guys.
We can't waste more time looking
for him. We have no choice.
We have to go,
and we'll free Junior,
the Champs, the slaves,
and stop Igor!
- Without Maurice.
- Mmm.
Miguel not go!
Miguel wait for Mr. Maurice!
Gilbert is right, Miguel,
as always.
We can't wait any longer.
We need to do something.
Miguel not move!
You know, Miguel, I heard
there's a lot of bananas
- in Igor's den.
- A mountain of bananas.
Mmm. Miguel not move!
And there'll be a lot
of other friends to pounce.
Thumpy, thumpy, thumpy
Mmm, eeeh!
Miguel not move!
I knew Granny would find
a way to save you!
- What? They're prisoners?
- Mm-hm.
With hundreds of slaves?
Risin' up
back on the street
Did my time
took my chances
Went the distance
now I'm back on my feet
Just a man
and his will to survive
So many times
it happens too fast
You trade your passion
for glory
Don't lose your grip on
the dreams of the past
You must fight
just to keep them alive
It's the
eye of the tiger
It's the thrill
of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge
Of our rival
And the last
known survivor
Stalks his prey
in the night
And he's watchin' us all
With the eye
Of the tiger
Hey, son, how about we
go kick some koala butt?
Miguel not move!
Miguel wait Mr. Maurice!
Miguel sad.
And open.
Come on, guys, pull it together.
We've got work to do.
Miguel so sad.
Miguel hear Mr. Maurice's
voice everywhere.
Dear slaves,
I'm pleased to announce
that the harvest
of explosive mushrooms is over.
Congratulations to you all!
You will now be taken back
to your cells.
So I think I deserve
a little nap
before I go and destroy
the jungle.
You understand, Miguel?
We're baboons,
and we're bringing fruit
and vegetables to Igor.
Miguel understand, Mr. Maurice.
- What is that for?
- We are bringing...
Miguel, not Miguel from
the Jungle Bunch...
Miguel bad monkey,
bring fruit and vegetables
for Igor, bad koala.
Hmm. Hm?
OK, you can go.
Huh? Uh...
Come on, everyone inside!
Faster, come on!
Okay, let's go!
You're gonna have
to walk, Maurice.
Oh, right, sorry.
Let me sleep, Surimi.
It's not time yet.
That thing must be defective.
OK, when it cools,
we'll have a spare key.
Perfect. Batricia, Gilbert,
it's your turn.
We attract the guards by
talking into this, right?
Exactly, but I think you need
to pull this lever down first.
See? Working, not working.
Working, not working.
- Working, not working.
- Huh?
Working, not working.
Working, not working.
Hey, that's Gilbert's voice.
...not working.
Working, not working.
OK, Gilbert, like this?
The Jungle Bunch talking!
We're at the top
of the tower.
We just set all
the slaves free.
We're going to put an end
to the mean koala's plan.
- It's them!
- They made it!
The Jungle Bunch...
Junior did it!
- Can you hear us?
- Wait!
You don't have to listen
to that wicked Igor any longer.
- Hm?
- Hm?
I can't believe it. Are you
going to stand here all day
and let them do whatever
they want?
You want some popcorn perhaps?
Oh, yeah,
popcorn would be great.
That's very nice, thank you.
You're going to move
your butt as fast as you can,
do you hear me?
And go capture them!
Look, Batricia, it's working!
Looks like a diversion.
Yeah, you're right.
Too bad these two
didn't take the bait.
Hey, guys, shouldn't you be
out there, helping your friends?
I'd say they're too
scared to face the Jungle Bunch.
Uh, no. Miguel
not scared of Miguel.
Jungle Bunch, is that you?
Careful, Maurice, the railings
are booby-trapped.
Ha-ha! We're the Jungle Bunch.
We plan for everything.
Don't worry, Maurice!
We got this.
Oh, great, looks like
there's some problem.
We'll have to buy
some time, Batricia.
Then let's get
to work, Gilbert!
Over there!
Take this! Huh-yah!
Wow, it's getting heated.
Let him go right now,
you brute!
Are you OK, Gilbert?
Phew, I really got scared.
You got scared? How about me?
Don't you think I got scared?
In this kind of situation,
I'd rather you keep
your cool, Batricia.
But, Gilbert, I wasn't worried
for me. I was worried for you.
Well, stop worrying
for me then, Batricia.
It's completely absurd.
You know better than anyone,
I can't help it, Gilbert.
You can't? Why not?
You really have
no idea why, Gilbert?
It's because I love you! Oh, my!
Wasn't it obvious?
For heaven sakes, Gilbert,
I've been in love with you
since the first day I met you!
Can anyone be
more blind than you?
In love?
With me?
But... but...
Ahhh, okaaay!
Well, then, your weird
and inappropriate behavior
was merely your way
of telling me that.
Those disturbing smiles,
the way you stare at me,
making me feel uncomfortable,
the useless presents
you always give me...
OK! We get it!
If you don't like me,
just say so once and for all.
You're not gonna
make a list of...
Batricia, for now, I'd like
to keep this between us.
A relationship at work
is always tricky.
OK, it'll be our little secret.
Anyway, your plan
is going smoothly, Gilbert.
That's what I call
a successful diversion.
OK, now I get it.
The Jungle Bunch
are trying to stab me
in the back.
Hey, you! Get down here,
you worthless monkeys!
Can't you see the prisoners
are getting away?
Up, down, make up your mind.
- Hmm?
- Ahh!
The key!
The key!
The key! Oh!
Not too bad for a young tiger.
Yeah, excellent job.
- Maurice.
- Mama.
Huh? Friends not wait
Miguel ta-du-bee.
Du-bee-du-bee-du-bee! Du-bee!
Mom, I'm sorry I ruined
everything... Whoo! the death canyons.
I thought I was helping.
Don't apologize, Maurice.
I should have realized
how important your work is
for the inhabitants
of this jungle.
Everyone here believes
in you, Maurice.
In you and in your Jungle Bunch.
And we do too.
Oops. Uh, Bob, you OK?
Yeah, just fine.
- We need to help them!
- Hold on real tight, Gilbert!
It would be
my pleasure, Batricia.
Let's go!
Banzai! Yahh!
- I'm so proud of you, pussy-cat!
- Thanks, Mama.
Uh, could you not call me
in front of the others?
I'm so sorry. I'm too sensitive,
and it's so touching.
To see a family reunited again
after all this time.
And to think, it's thanks to me.
Well, that's all done with,
I have a jungle to destroy.
I hope you enjoy the show!
Let's get out of here!
- What's going on?
- Run away!
I think the earth's
cracking in two!
If the explosions reach
the center of the rift,
the whole jungle will collapse!
I think it's time
the Jungle Bunch
and the Champs work together.
Uh... let's split.
You get everyone out of here.
- We'll stop this.
- Mmm.
Come on, this way!
Follow me!
Hurry up!
Follow me, guys!
Al, Bob, the lever!
- That's a problem.
- We won't be able to avoid
that one! There's no lever!
Miguel fix bridge!
What now, Gilbert, how do
we stop the chain reaction?
That's easy. All we have to do
is take a few mushrooms
off the line,
before the explosions reach
the center of the rift.
- Okay, and how close are we?
- We're real close.
One thing's for sure, Igor
doesn't exactly cut corners.
Over there, Maurice!
Miguel, you're going
to catapult me. Take this!
Junior, block the wagon!
Hmm? Phew!
- Great job, Maurice!
- Bravo, Maurice!
You did it! Yes!
There you go, problem solved.
We'll need a bit
of tidying up though.
Hey, Maurice!
What? Sorry, I can't
really hear you from here.
Phew, nicely done, Junior.
That would
have been quite a boom.
- Hmm.
- The shaking has come to a stop.
They did it.
Look right over there!
- Uh, who are they?
- No idea.
Excuse me, everyone. Sorry
to interrupt the celebration,
but I'd like to remind you
that I won't be fully satisfied
till I've had my revenge.
So I will be back.
I'll avenge myself on the Champs
and the Jungle Bunch!
And I'll destroy this jungle!
Maybe it's time
this koala learned
- you never pick a fight...
- Hmm!
...with tigers! Yah!
Well done, son!
Long live the Jungle Bunch!
Long live the Champs!
Thank you!
You guys were great!
You're right, Maurice. The
jungle will always need heroes.
- Thanks, Mama.
- And it's in safe hands.
You senior citizens
weren't too bad after all.
What did you say,
you little shrimp?
I got you,
you little shrimp!
And you have
an excellent sense of humor.
It's time for the Champs
to retire for good.
And I think we deserve
a little break now, don't we?
- Are you ready, Gilbert?
- Oh, well, why not?
But please keep your distance
from me, Batricia!
- It's embarrassing, right?
- A little, yes.
I think our break
will have to wait.
The Jungle Bunch...
To the rescue!
Be careful, my pussy-cat!
Ah! Mm-hm.
Now, do you see
this little seed here, Surimi?
This is our return ticket
to the jungle.