The Jurassic Games (2018) Movie Script

[moody electronic music]
A startling verdict
in what many are calling
the most controversial
murder trial in years.
Anthony Tucker found guilty
of first degree murder.
My client maintains
his innocence.
We have no comment at this time.
[Reporter] How could you
do that to your wife?
Anthony Tucker, I am
honored to formally invite you
to participate as a
contestant on this year's
Jurassic Games.
Do you accept?
In entertainment news,
this year's contestants
for the Jurassic Games
have been chosen.
I don't even care
about the contestants,
I wanna see the hot host and
what he's gonna be wearing
and saying, that's
what I wanna watch.
Ooh, I can't wait!
[computer sounds]
It feels real, doesn't it?
The sand on your skin.
The sun on your face,
the taste in your mouth.
Well to all of you this
world is absolutely real.
The danger is real
and the pain is real.
But so is the reward.
Oh, oh, be careful with that.
I'll need you to do
as I say or boom.
You all know that
when you die in here,
you die for real.
All of you are in
here for one reason.
To win your freedom.
To go home.
You can avoid the death you
justly deserve by surviving,
by fighting, by
confronting your fears
and proving your worthiness.
Your goal is to be
the sole survivor.
Find yourself the last
man or woman standing
and you will win a full
pardon, you will go home,
free, alive, exonerated.
Now it will be tempting
to kill each other,
there's no rules against that,
but please if you
would be so kind,
try to leave at least
some of you alive
for the main attraction.
Oh, did you feel that?
A few miles beyond the tree-line
your first objective awaits.
A temporary safe zone.
Now your collars will
alert you when you arrive.
Red, you're too far
away, yellow means
you're getting closer, and
green means you have reached
the safe zone and completed
your first challenge.
Reach the safe zone in
one hour or you die.
Die here in the
game and as you know
you will die in real
life by lethal injection
as been assigned by the state.
The pain you feel in this
world will be real pain.
Like the real pain you inflicted
on those that you have killed.
Everyone understand?
Congratulations to you all.
As of right now, you are no
longer death row inmates.
You are contestants on the
greatest game show in the world,
the Jurassic Games!
Oh shit.
Did I mess up my hair?
No, it's good?
Alright guys, you ready?
How long until we're live?
[Woman] Live in 10.
[The Host] Okay.
[Woman] Alright everyone,
we're going live in three, two...
[clears throat]
They have less than 59
minutes to reach the safe zone.
So sit back, try to relax and
enjoy, ladies and gentlemen.
Because today is going
to be a hell of a day
for our brave contestants.
So far so good.
I mean that lineup
is gorgeous on camera.
I'm telling you right
now we are hitting
all the key demographics.
It's a great cast.
It's the best one yet.
Stay on the cannibal.
[kids laughing]
Stay outta my way,
you piece of shit!
I'm sorry!
Please don't hurt me, please!
This is real!
I can taste you!
Our contestants
are frantically
trying to find the safe zone.
Don't worry, I'm sure
most of them will.
But in the end, nine will
die and one will win.
And this year's four stages
are by far the best ever.
Stage one.
The contestants must survive
being hunted by hungry dinosaurs
long enough to find the
temporary safe zone.
Stage two.
The maze.
A deadly labyrinth filled with
some of our fan favorites.
That's right, the raptors
are back this year.
Stage three, the minefield.
Tread lightly and you
might walk out of this game
with all your limbs.
And our final stage this year?
You don't actually think I'm
gonna give that away, do you?
Let's just say you
won't be disappointed.
So stay tuned, fans!
Because the Jurassic
Games start right now!
[Announcer] In the
ultimate reality game show,
[dramatic music]
10 death row inmates must
survive a virtual world
filled with the deadliest
predators to ever roam the earth.
William Davis, guilty on 23
counts of drug-related homicide.
Ren Saizo, contract killer.
Guilty of the murder of
a United States senator.
Victor Gonzalez, The Wasp.
Leader of the Hive drug cartel.
Guilty of 35 counts of murder.
Stephanie Rogers...
Brian, status report.
Games on alpha online,
raptor AI online,
prepping game zone beta,
prepping to disengage rex one.
Security holding up?
46 attempts to
breach our firewall
but so far none successful.
And none will be.
Stay vigilant.
Back live in the studio in 10.
We never know who,
we never know when.
But sadly we had to say
goodbye to Dr. Eli Franklin.
The first contestant
to be eliminated
in this year's Jurassic Games.
Of course, we can't
feel too sorry for him.
That guy liked to
blow people up.
A lot.
[Girl] What's going
on with Dr. Franklin?
Dr. Franklin?
You okay?
God, he's so weird.
Hey wait, doc,
you forgot your bag!
I don't know about
you, but honestly
he wasn't one of my
favorites anyway.
Only nine contestants remain.
Do you know where
the safe zone is?
I'm lost.
[dramatic music]
You're next, bitch!
You're kind of a
pussy, aren't you?
I'm not here to kill anybody.
I'm here to kill everybody.
Well, not you.
Not yet.
Lighten up.
Come on, I think the safe
zone's this way and I'm scared.
[Crowd] No more games!
No more games!
No more...
[tense music]
Live in three, two.
Thank you.
I'm here with Bailey
and Andrew Tucker.
Thank you for taking the
time to meet with me.
Bailey, let's start
with you, sweetheart.
How do you feel
about your father
being a contestant on
the Jurassic Games?
Um, this was his only
chance to get out, so.
That's right.
If he wins, he will be
pardoned of all of his crimes.
He didn't commit any crimes.
And he didn't kill my mom!
Andrew stop, we're not
supposed to talk about it.
It's alright.
Your mother's death was tragic.
I'm very sorry she can't
be with you here today.
Thank you.
Is there anything you'd
like to say to your father?
Look into this camera.
You can send him a message.
Survive, Dad, please.
We know you're innocent.
Get him out of the games!
- Stop the games!
- Andy.
[Crowd] No more games!
No more games!
No more games!
No more games!
No more games!
No more games!
No more games!
No more games!
No more games!
I can't believe they
made me talk to his kids.
They think he's innocent.
What difference does it make?
Well, what if
they found proof?
You think they'd let him go?
If they find proof,
we'll never hear about it.
Trust me.
Let's go!
Move, move, move!
So how close are they?
The audience is
getting restless.
A few minutes most,
but they're good hunters.
I thought we could
build tension.
Build tension?
Our viewers don't care
about tension, Brian.
They just wanna see the
contestants die horribly.
Spawn them closer next time.
And stay on Tucker.
The audience already is
sympathetic with him.
Let's watch him die live.
You got it.
So your wife.
She was tortured.
Leave it alone.
I wonder what she was
thinking when she died.
Some people can
just turn it off.
The pain.
I've always admired that.
I read your cast bio.
Loving daddy, good man.
It's clear why the world
thinks you're innocent.
If it makes you feel any
better, I believe you.
Get up!
I'll see you in the next round.
Go you little bitch.
Hey, you know what?
Can we get some wind,
just to make him sway
a little bit?
Roll her package.
Words used to describe
Sarah Laforte.
The youngest death row inmate
to ever enter the
Jurassic Games.
I had the opportunity
to sit down with her
and try to get inside the head
of this cold-blooded killer.
I just want to ask
you a few questions.
My friends call me Joy.
Why do you prefer
to be called Joy?
Because I'm such
a happy person.
Okay Joy.
What happened in your
life that brought you here
at such a young age?
It's a secret.
Any more questions?
Ah, well well well.
You are still hanging
in there, aren't ya?
Oh come on man, come on!
What do you got inside ya, huh?
Are you gonna let
this little girl
take you out of the
game this early?
What about your kids?
You can't die now.
[speaking foreign language]
We must work together
as long as we can.
There are things more
terrible than us in this game.
As individuals, we
don't stand a chance!
There may still
be a way to escape
if we work together.
We must get to the safe zone.
We are being hunted.
There are three of them.
We must go, now!
[speaking foreign language]
[dramatic music]
[Savannah] You're not
planning on using that, are you?
We wouldn't want an uprising.
It almost sounds like you do.
His children, Savannah?
You made me interview
Tucker's children?
Well he's trending high.
People want him to win.
It's been a while since we had
one that might be innocent.
His children
believe that he is,
and they're about to see him
get ripped to shreds on live TV.
Nobody's forcing
you to be here.
There are a number of
people behind you that would
love your job.
Younger, smarter, prettier.
They would put their
first born in the game
to get a shot at your position.
I know.
I want to be here.
If you ever question
an assignment again,
you can go ahead and
clean out your desk.
Oh he should be easy.
You want him?
Don't be stupid.
Hi friend.
Do you happen to know which
way it is to the safe zone?
We don't have much
time to find it.
No, I have no idea.
We're lost.
We could die on the
first challenge.
Wrong answer, pal!
Wait, stop!
The raptors have
entered the canyon area.
No, no no no.
How long until they get to them?
Any second now.
Do you know who I am?
I am El Avispa, The Wasp!
You know who I am?
I'm The Wasp!
I got a big stinger on my butt
and when I sting
you I'm gonna die.
I think that's a bee, man.
Shut up!
I have very powerful friends.
Friends who can help us.
Help me.
Help me get to the
end, help me win.
Why would we do that?
Because I can
save your mother.
What do you know
about my mama, huh?
I know all about you.
Trust me.
I can get us all out of here.
You will be able to
see your mother again.
Alive and well.
You sack of shit!
[dramatic music]
Wait wait wait wait wait!
What are you waiting for?
Wait wait wait.
Not yet.
Come on!
What the?
What is happening in here?
Our ratings have dipped 4%.
Why did you stop the raptors?
Listen, it's called
foreplay, Savannah.
You might wanna try it sometime.
[Woman] Alright we're back
in five, four, three, two.
That just happened.
Could this be an unholy alliance
between the Mason
brothers and The Wasp?
That would be a
match made in hell.
And ladies and gentlemen,
I would hate to see
what that means for
our other contestants.
Let's head back to the canyon.
What just happened?
Let's go.
Join me.
Help me get to the end.
I can save your
mother, I promise.
Come on.
You really think he's gonna
save anybody else but himself?
How stupid could you be?
She's dying of cancer, no?
No one dies of cancer anymore.
Poor people do,
you piece of shit!
I can pay for the treatment!
Okay, okay, okay!
We'll help you.
Have you lost your mind?
Haven't you seen
this show before?
If he wins, we die, you idiot!
No he said he could
get us out too, huh?
He knows people, right?
If there's even a chance
that we can save Mom.
This is all bullshit!
If he knows anyone outside,
then what's he doing
in here in the first place?
I want you to use your
tiny little brain.
Think about that, ya moron.
God damnit!
God damnit, what?
You touch him, and
I'll kill you myself.
Okay, fine!
For now.
We'll help.
[clears throat]
None of them know.
Unfortunately, their mother,
Rosetta Mason, passed yesterday.
[tense music]
Such tragedy.
But I promise that you are
gonna see the raptors soon
because stage two,
the maze, is up next
right here on the
Jurassic Games.
[Woman] And we're clear.
That was a good
transition, right?
That was good.
Nice work.
I at first felt that the brothers
angle was a little forced
but it was good drama.
Well, alright.
Hey, by the way, we gotta
make sure we keep them alive
as long as possible.
Okay, can you imagine a
Cane and Abel type of ending
for the finale?
I'm sorry to interrupt,
the contestants
are approaching the
safe zone right now.
We are close!
Keep going!
[Woman] Objective complete.
Safe zone activated.
Go ahead.
Taste some.
I don't think they'd let
you die of poison berry.
That's not very exciting.
Seems like everything in here
tastes a little bit better.
I don't know how they do it.
Do you?
How would you taste?
[Woman] Objective complete.
Safe zone activated.
Objective complete.
Safe zone activated.
What a surprise.
[dramatic music]
[alarm blares]
I'm Tucker, I'm innocent.
I'm Albert and
I'm gonna eat you.
[Announcer] Jurassic
Games action figures.
Available wherever
fine toys are sold.
Dr. Franklin.
Big Brother.
Little Brother.
Collect all 10
contestants today.
And if you collect
all 10 action figures
of this year's contestants,
we will throw in
the brand new version
of yours truly.
Complete with 10
new catchphrases.
[Doll] That's right, the
raptors are back this year.
Get yours now
while supplies last.
Every single network
is covering the games.
This is even bigger
than last year.
Looks like a riot in Midtown.
Eh, nothing new.
They've been
protesting for years.
We should put some of
those Cavemen in the games.
Yeah no shit.
Come on.
We're starting the maze.
[Crowd] No more games, no
more games, no more games!
[suspenseful music]
Only eight remain.
What a cast though, huh?
The Mason brothers.
Would you take out
one of your own
if it really came down to it?
We'll see.
We got Joy.
Ah, Joy, Joy, Joy.
I'm telling you, there
is something special
about sweet little Joy.
Then we got Albert,
the cannibal.
Albert, you make me sick.
In a good way, of course,
because people tune in
just to see you die.
I like you.
Keep you around for our
international viewers.
And then we have
poor Anthony Tucker.
Doesn't really seem like
he's cut out for this,
but you know what, America
loves a tragic hero so I do too.
Hang in there, buddy.
Oh Stephanie.
I'd really hate for
someone or something
to ruin that pretty face.
Guess we'll have
to wait for that.
And El Avispa, The Wasp.
I like you.
You're naughty.
Alright, wake 'em
up, I wanna play.
Welcome, contestants.
I hope you are ready for
your first challenge.
We like to call it the maze.
A favorite segment of the games
and our longest-running
The rules are simple.
Be the first to
escape your chains
and you will be awarded this.
Use it to protect yourself,
use it to obliterate
your enemies.
The choice is yours.
I think in the right hands,
the hands of a fighter,
the hands of a winner,
this fine piece of hardware
could wind up ending
the game early.
Anything can happen
in the Jurassic Games.
That's what makes
it so much fun!
So here we go!
Ready in three two one go!
[suspenseful music]
I got it!
You're all dead!
I win!
Game over!
Albert, Albert!
You have no honor if you
use that now against us.
Shut up!
[gun fires]
Anybody else, any last words?
Please, please don't
shoot, I was kidding.
- I won't kill anybody.
- Stay still!
Shoot him, what
are you waiting for?
He's not gonna shoot him.
He's the perfect
person for the gun.
The one that won't use it.
[alarm blares]
[exciting music]
Move away.
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
Go, go!
[gun firing]
- There's not an exit.
- What?
There's not a way out,
they're all dead ends.
That way!
Where's Ren?
- Who?
- The grate.
Get back!
[gun fires]
Go, hurry, go!
[gun firing]
Watch out!
We're right back
where we started.
[gun fizzles]
Congratulations, contestants.
Well done.
Because you were the
first to exit the maze
I am gonna reward you with this.
And not far from here
you will find a crate
containing a few potentially
game-changing supplies.
This map will help
you get there safely.
Stephanie, you may
choose to share it
or keep it to yourself.
The clock is
ticking, contestants.
Give it to me!
Hey back off!
I want that.
Hey, let her go!
Get off me, boy.
I got it.
Come on.
I got it.
Let's go.
Like that?
How does that feel?
First thought to
have been a hoax,
Stephanie Rogers
brutally murdered 16 men
and broadcast her kills
live on the internet.
She spent the last three years
at the Starkweather
Federal Penitentiary
prior to her acceptance in
this year's Jurassic Games.
She'll use her charms to
seduce the men in the game,
just like a black widow
luring them into her trap,
killing them in cold blood.
Gimme a break.
Come with me.
I have to do some
fluff piece interview.
I'm joined now
by Savannah Black.
She is the director of the
controversial sensation
known around the globe
as the Jurassic Games.
Savannah, thank you for
joining us this afternoon.
Oh, my pleasure Jack,
thank you for having me.
Let's begin right off the bat
with the morality issue here.
Uh, excuse me?
Well you know
as well as anybody
the show is
controversial, even still.
Are we still discussing this?
The contestants on our show
are going to die anyway.
Now what we're doing, with
the support of the government,
I might add, is giving
them a chance at freedom.
But some say this is too much.
Isn't this really nothing
more than exploitation
of these contestants
for money, for ratings?
And you are essentially torturing
them on live television.
Well I'm not concerned
with a vocal minority.
A lot more people
love the games.
300 million the
last time I looked.
It's what the people want.
You didn't answer my question.
Well they are still
dying by lethal injection.
- Yes, but...
- Listen.
We didn't invent this.
As much as I'd like
to take credit for it,
public execution is nothing new.
Think back to the days
of the Roman Empire.
The gladiators fought
tigers and there was
a Coliseum filled with people
wanting the tiger to win
and most often it did.
Now at least on our show
one of our contestants
is guaranteed to live.
What about Anthony Tucker?
There are a lot of folks
out there who believe
he was wrongly convicted
of killing his wife.
Well he was convicted
in a court of law
and sentenced to death.
And that is the only
qualification required
to enter the games.
Oh, that and they
look good on camera.
But wouldn't you agree
having an innocent contestant
killed on your show does
nothing more than fuel the fire
for groups like The Cavemen?
I'm not familiar with them.
You're trying to tell
me you've never heard
of The Cavemen?
I am aware of a very few
and extremely disorganized...
Come on, it's well-known
they have promised
to disrupt the ending
of this year's games.
Surely you're aware.
Well groups like
that have tried before.
But our security is
tight, and I am confident
that the games will go
on as they always do.
Now we are approaching
our next challenge
and your audience
won't wanna miss that.
Savannah Black, thank
you for joining us.
Oh, thank you Jack.
Volunteering for the games
is an admission of guilt!
These aren't people,
they're murderers.
God, I've had it up to
here with The Cavemen.
People have a
right to protest.
Okay, protesting is one thing
but threatening to
disrupt the show's ending,
whatever the hell that's supposed
to mean, is unacceptable.
You don't like the show?
Well neither do I,
and do you know why?
Because there's a winner.
One of these lunatics
gets to walk away free.
And it makes me sick.
If it were up to me they'd
all be dead already.
[tense music]
That thing is huge.
So why did you
enter the lottery?
Same reason as everybody.
You really didn't
do it, did you?
That's what I heard.
Doesn't matter
much now, does it?
Why do you think
they picked dinosaurs
to be the things we're
running away from?
It tested better than robots.
[chuckles mirthlessly]
Look I dunno
man, gimme the map.
You don't even know
how to operate it.
I don't give a
damn, gimme the map!
Kiss my ass!
[dramatic music]
[distant screaming]
Help me!
He's gonna die
anyway, leave his ass.
No, he's gonna finish,
he's gonna make it.
This is it for me.
I was never gonna help you
anyway, you piece of shit.
Your mom's gonna
follow me to hell.
It's nothing.
Calm down!
I'm not playing
this game anymore.
I'm done!
You hear me?
I quit!
- Put me back in my cell...
- Hey!
I quit!
I'm not playing
this game anymore!
It's you and me!
It's you and me!
We gotta stay together, focus!
You focus.
Well you didn't see
that coming, did ya?
Our contestants are
tired, they're hungry.
The Wasp is gone, but I have
a feeling it's about to get
a whole lot tougher
for our remaining six.
[Woman] And we're clear.
How close are they
to the supplies?
They're approaching right now.
The buzzards are circling.
[pterodactyls squawking]
Welcome, contestants, and
congratulations on your success
and survival.
We're down to the final six
but we seem to be missing one.
Ah, there she is.
The odds-on favorite to win.
I'm gonna kill you.
I sincerely doubt it.
Beyond the red barrier
you will find two items
that may be of some use to you.
A knife, and, more importantly,
some more ammunition
for your laser gun there.
All you have to do is just
walk from here to there.
[snorting and roaring]
There are 17 mines...
Uh, well, maybe 20,
I can't remember.
Between you and your reward.
Don't worry.
Stephanie's map will
guide you through.
Use it to survive.
Stop the game, I'm
not going through!
Stop it!
Come on!
What are you doing?
Come on brother, come
on through, come on.
No, no, come on!
Come on, no, no!
No, god damnit!
My brother's dead!
[alarm blares]
[exciting music]
Back off, bitch.
Who's the odds-on favorite now?
Well there goes Cain and Abel.
I'm not gonna do another
interview like that,
not during the games.
That was an ambush.
Hey, look at these
ratings though.
Look at 'em.
And nice work, by the way,
Brian, with the pterodactyl.
I gotta say, I am really
happy with our final four.
You know Jack mentioned a
direct threat from The Cavemen.
He said they're
threatening to disrupt
the ending of the show.
Oh, The Cavemen.
What are they going to
do Savannah, huh?
What are they gonna do?
Every year they
say the same shit.
Every year nothing
happens except for what?
More controversy.
Controversy leads to excitement,
more excitement leads to
more viewers.
Hell, I love The Cavemen.
Status report.
Four remaining contestants
are relatively close
to each other.
Shut down most
of the main systems
while I load the traps
and weather simulation.
You what, hey, hey.
Why don't you let 'em
breathe for a minute?
Never know.
Maybe one of the
girls'll get naked.
[birds calling]
[tense music]
She's watching us, you know.
Maybe you oughta
give me that clip.
Come and get it.
I'd go look for her but I
don't wanna leave you alone.
With him.
Smart man.
You move one inch closer
to me and I'll gut you.
It's fine.
You're not much
older than my daughter.
I was asleep.
And I heard a noise
and I went downstairs.
And the door had
been pried open.
And I went to the kids'
rooms and I made sure
they were okay,
they were sleeping.
And then I went back to my room.
And I found my wife
with her throat slit.
She was covered in blood
and her eyes were wide open.
The murder weapon was
a knife from my kitchen
and they said that I had
pried the door open myself
to make it seem like
a home invasion.
And I was convicted
and I was sentenced.
You're just a kid.
I'm gonna take
you to the final two
and I'm gonna kill you.
[intense music]
[gun firing]
I know you're close!
[branch snaps]
[gun firing]
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's come to my attention
that one of our witnesses
would like to share something
with us.
He killed someone close
to you, didn't he?
My husband.
And now you feel like you
finally have some closure.
Yes, yes I do.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
That is a natural feeling.
And we all understand.
We're very close to finding out
who will win this year's games.
Don't go away.
Holy shit, who is this?
Whoa, the best
actress award goes to,
what was your name, sweetie?
- Alison.
- Alison.
Give it up for Alison.
She almost had me crying.
Can you believe that?
We need more of her, seriously.
Find out whoever her
acting class was.
I'm gonna go get a drink,
I'm a little emotional.
[dramatic music]
[breathing heavily]
My kids.
If you can hear me.
I love you.
I'm coming home.
Do you hear that?
I'm coming home!
[Joy] You're not
looking so good.
You're the one
that's gonna kill me?
Oh honey, you're already dead.
We're getting immense
pressure from the press
to comment on
Tucker's innocence.
Okay, well here's my
comment to the press.
He was sentenced to death.
Okay we have run the numbers
and it could be a ratings
disaster if he dies in the game.
Are you out of your mind?
What do you want?
You know what?
Come to me live as soon
as the tiger's finished.
Only two remain.
Joy, the heartless teenage
killer, ruthless and crazy.
Who knows why, who cares?
And Tucker, a family man who
callously murdered his wife
in cold blood.
Presumed innocent
by some of you.
Listen to me.
I am not the judge.
We are not the jury.
But the game.
The game is the executioner.
And the game decides
who lives and who dies.
Uh oh, we've got a problem.
We just received an
encrypted message.
From The Cavemen?
No, from here,
inside the premises.
Open the final doorway.
The last challenge begins now.
[dramatic music]
I told you!
I told you I'd bring you
to the final two with me!
Excuse me, I need to
get to master control.
Sit down.
We've intercepted an encoded
transmission coming from
- the premises.
- Really?
What did it say?
We don't know.
I was hoping you could tell me.
We traced the transmission
back to your edit bay, Laura.
Have you been sending
encoded messages?
I'm going to kill The Host.
On live TV.
[gun fires]
No matter what you do,
the show will continue.
It's bigger than me,
than you, than anyone!
You'll never...
[gun fires]
Let's do this.
Patience, Tucker.
Joy, you are the favorite
to win this thing, you know.
Eat shit!
That's the spirit.
Tucker, I'm not sure anyone
expected you to get this far
but there are millions of people
rooting for you out there.
In fact, we have a very
special message from your kids.
Survive, Dad, please.
We know you're innocent.
Get him out of the games.
- Stop the games!
- Andy.
Bring 'em back.
Bring 'em back, bring 'em back!
Bring 'em back to me!
Why so upset?
We are giving you a
chance to see them again.
I mean really if it wasn't
for our little show here,
you'd already be dead.
And let the final
challenge begin.
Well, this is an easy game.
Now you will notice that
you are each chained
to those locks.
There are padlocks at
the end of your chains
that need to be unlocked
for you to cross the outer
finish line.
Be the first to do so, and your
opponent will be eliminated.
You win!
The keys.
Excuse me?
I don't think I
quite caught that.
Where are the keys
to unlock the padlocks?
There are two.
One for each of you.
Buried in the sand
somewhere between
where you stand and the locks.
Are you ready in
three, two, one, go!
[intense music]
Do you know why I threw
in my name for the games?
I don't care about my freedom.
Hell, being in here is as
close as I could ever hope
to being free.
A girl that does things that
I do won't last very long
in the real world
anyway, you know?
I wanted to meet you!
[cries out]
Convicted killer that
the whole world loves.
The man that wanted
to join the games
so he could see his
precious kids again.
The man that everyone cried over
when his sentence was given.
I mean what the hell?
You talk too much.
She cried for you.
She missed you.
She said that you were
gonna come save her
and I really wish you
would have because I was
so tired of waiting.
I'm here to finish
what I started!
I can't let the whole
world see you go free!
I'm gonna cause one more
moment of chaos and heartbreak
before I leave this
disgusting world!
I killed your bitch of a
wife and I would do it again
and again and again
if I could!
Yes, this is perfect,
this is perfect.
This is awesome!
You knew?
Well, I mean,
you know, we hoped.
See you in hell,
you piece of shit!
What did you say to me?
I said I killed your wife.
What did you say to me?
Uh, give me a rex.
Bring in a rex.
I said I killed her, ah!
I'm gonna kill you.
Where, Savannah!
We need a rex.
Will you just, where is she?
Do I have to do
everything myself?
Just bring it out.
Come on.
Oh God, get out of the way!
Let's have some fun, shall we?
What are they doing, why
aren't they attacking them?
We programmed them
to behave the same way
that they would in nature
and they're very territorial.
We've never had
this many at once
so I don't know what
they're gonna do.
Well then fix it!
Oh shit!
[eerie music]
- Pull him out now.
- What?
[gun cocks]
Whoa, whoa, Laura,
what are you doing?
Wake him up, slowly.
Brian, go to
commercial, right now.
No Brian, bring it here, now.
Laura, look at me, look at me.
This has to be some kind
of a misunderstanding.
The game is over for good.
Where's Savannah?
This has gone on long enough!
Tonight this is over.
There will be no
more Jurassic Games.
Okay, Laura, what are you,
stop, what are you doing?
This is crazy.
Are you serious?
I've known you 10 years.
Are you kidding me?
What is happening right
now, are you crazy?
[Laura] You're going in.
Stop it right now!
Stop it!
If I don't call off that
T-Rex, it will kill him.
You're not gonna shoot me.
Bring it to me live, now.
It's over, everyone.
It's over.
Now watch this evil piece
of shit learn his lesson.
Back to the desert.
Do it!
[dramatic music]
Come on baby, make it good.
Let's fucking go!
[emotional music]
[guns firing]
[Reporter] We all know by now
the terrible events
that occurred
during the finale of this past
season of the Jurassic Games.
People all over the
world are still mourning
the death of the beloved host.
It was tragic for sure.
But, you know what they say.
The show must go on!
Wait, what are you saying?
Do you know something
we don't know?
We've got the exclusive on
the all new Jurassic Games.
Back and better than
ever for next season.
This is so exciting!
All new contestants, a new
host, and we've got something
very special to show you.
An exclusive clip of a few
of the stars of the show
sporting some
amazing new upgrades.
Ooh, I can't wait!
Roll the clip.
[dramatic music]
[guns firing]
[moody electronic music]