The Karma Killings (2016) Movie Script

- Since the day she vanished,
I searched everywhere
until I was exhausted.
I never ignored any leads.
I heard in the news about
where kids had disappeared,
and I went there.
Someone would say beggars
had kidnapped them
or something else.
Whenever I got
any information, I went there.
Every 15 to 20 days,
a child would vanish.
The significant thing is
this happened
at one specific location.
Rumors were that the children
Went to the water tower and disappeared.
No one knew
what happened to them.
All of these children
were from
lower-class families.
One's father
was a rickshaw driver.
Another was a peddler.
These children
would go out to play
and suddenly disappear.
- I wondered,
"What happened? Where is she?"
Such nasty thoughts.
Horrible ideas in my head
about the possibilities.
She is a girl,
so how can a father
imagine anything good?
When we were kids,
she told me,
"Ask for some money
from Dad,
so we can
eat something nice."
She would save her
half for Dad, while I
would eat the rest.
Mom said,
"You both are so different.
She shares her food,
but you eat yours all up."
Mom told her to take
the clothes to the tailor.
Jyoti said, "I will go."
She bought a banana
and asked Mom
to give me half of it.
She gave me
half of the banana
before leaving.
After that, I never saw her.
Dad searched for her.
We waited on the street,
hoping she would turn up.
At the house where she went,
Mom even asked him
if he had seen her.
She was right there
in his house. She
was still alive.
These children
had been disappearing
since January 2005.
That was when the first case
was reported.
Some minor investigations
were done.
But they were not taken
too seriously.
If you look
at the demographics,
Sector 31 is a posh area,
but it's adjacent
to Nithari.
Nithari has a lot of
small huts
occupied by
low-wage laborers.
While I was posted there,
Vinod Pandey was the chief
investigative officer
on this case.
When 20 to 25 cases
had piled up,
we noticed how many
children were missing.
Strange. All of them
from the same area.
There were no clues.
We were pulling
our hair out.
How could
we solve these cases?
-We discovered
many children had vanished
in the same manner.
After that, I had the team
map out the areas
where the children
were disappearing from.
We concluded
the children were
disappearing from a
100-meter stretch
near Nithari.
We viewed the area where
the children vanished
as a black hole.
We put a police patrol
in the area, so we could
stop future incidents.
As soon as the patrol was taken away,
The next day,
two girls vanished.
And when we heard this,
we got very angry.
How was this possible?
We saw there was
no patrol there.
We were sure something
was happening there.
We believed that
there was a gang
kidnapping girls
for prostitution
or kids for begging.
-In for four months,
we went to
all the red-light districts.
We went to every
red-light area within 500
kilometers of this area.
- Many girls
were rescued because
of the raids.
Twenty-one girls were found.
But none of our
Nithari girls.
We were always anxious.
"Maybe she'll be
found today or tomorrow."
That was the
only thought I had.
If she's not alive,
how can I find her?
Please tell me
about my daughter, Jyoti.
What will happen
to her enemies?
Please stay calm.
He has captured
your daughter.
Her mind has been numbed.
So she's oblivious
to her parents' names.
About Jyoti, please.
How is she?
Will there be justice for her?
You didn't make a decision.
Why don't you? The decision
is stuck because of you.
Where is the water?
She told us
Jyoti isn't here.
She has been murdered.
There is no point
in looking for her.
She won't be found.
- The people
of Nithari were convinced
something was happening
to the girls there.
- In the beginning,
the cops harassed me a lot.
"Kick him out. His daughter
ran away with someone,
and he is
wasting our time."
She left at four o'clock.
I opened the gate
and put her in a rickshaw.
Sector 31. Nithari.
What could've happened?
Her mobile phone
was switched off.
I felt uneasy.
-Somehow, through someone's
recommendation, I met Nand Lal.
His 22-year-old daughter,
Payal, had vanished. And
she had a mobile phone.
At that time, I was in charge
Of electronic surveillance
in Noida.
We asked him about
the last time he spoke with her.
Did she fight with someone?
Was she suicidal?
We looked at it from these angles.
He said,
"No, she was very happy."
He said, "My daughter
was going to Pandher's
house for work."
- There were no clues.
No one was able to give me
any substantial leads.
Suddenly, one day
a local from
the village told me
about the mysterious
happenings at the D5 house.
This house belonged
to a businessman
from Chandigarh,
Moninder Singh Pandher.
He was a well-respected
His family
was in Chandigarh.
He owned a big company.
One more person lived
in the D5 house. His
name was Surinder Koli.
He was the servant
of the house.
He came from Uttarakhand.
He looked like a very quiet
and calm person.
There were a lot of
rumors about Pandher.
That he was an alcoholic.
Whenever he was present
in the house,
call girls
used to come over.
I said to Pandher, "My girl,
Payal, came here the
day before yesterday."
He said, "I do not know
any Payal."
We stood there
for a long time,
questioning him.
I was suspicious that
she was either
locked up inside
or had been kidnapped.
We tracked the location
of Pandher's mobile phone
on the date
when she went to his house.
He was in Chandigarh.
We called Pandher.
"Where were you
when this girl called you?"
He said his father
had passed away, so
he was in Chandigarh.
Pandher was a very
respected person.
But we still verified
everything to be true.
We had no clues,
leads, or suspects. We
couldn't do anything.
Then we began to question
Pandher more aggressively.
When we pushed him more,
he broke.
"Payal was a call girl,"
he said.
"I used to pay her
25,000 rupees per night,"
or something like that.
"Whenever I returned home,
I called her.
She stayed the night
and left the next day."
He told us something
very strange.
Payal's father
used to pimp her
for 40,000 rupees a month.
We called Nand Lal back.
He shamelessly admitted,
"Despite what I make
my daughter do,
you still have to find her."
I had completely
given up on my life.
If I have to live,
I have to find her.
If not, I'll die.
I won't go home like this.
Both my wife and I had
given up on life.
I was in no state
to go back home.
We went mad.
But God was with us.
On December 21st,
I got an email
saying Payal's phone
has been tracked.
I was pleased.
The last one said
he got the phone from
a rickshaw puller.
We asked him if the phone
was ringing when he got it.
"Yes," he said,
"it was ringing."
So, if it was ringing,
it had a SIM card.
Where is it now?
SIM cards have unique
15-digit numbers.
He showed me the number,
and I sent it to all the
mobile phone companies.
I worked rapidly.
They responded quickly.
The owner's name was
Surinder Koli, Village
Nithari, Noida.
Within five to ten minutes,
I was there, in
front of the house.
We asked Koli,
"Where did you find this phone?"
He said, "The neighbor's
driver gave it to me."
He was very shrewd,
clever and thick-skinned.
We asked the driver,
but he denied it.
The driver said that Koli
had called him before leaving
Almora and asked him
to tell the cops that
he found the phone
and gave it to Koli.
We caught Koli's lie.
I made
a statue of her.
In my heart, I felt she died
but saved many souls.
If she hadn't been killed,
then so many others
would have died.
I felt that our family
should worship her for
the rest of our lives.
She was a blessed girl.
She paid with her life
to save many others.
We were about
five to six people.
We always thought
we were good interrogators.
We could deal with different
people's psychology.
But you would not believe
how he dealt with us.
The answers he gave us
were hard to believe.
"I was here, I was there."
We got tired.
When one of us got tired,
the next took over.
It was
non-stop interrogation.
We were getting frustrated.
But he refused to budge.
We were puzzled.
We locked him back up and
played some cricket.
We decided to return fresh.
Again, he kept lying
that he didn't know anything
and he had nothing
to do with it.
- He was a very tough criminal.
I've only faced
one or two like him.
As cops,
we can deal with a lot.
We're always
patient and calm.
But he made our blood boil.
He shook everything up.
He made our temperatures rise.
We told him
there was no way out.
You won't get out.
It's either life in
prison or death.
Only two choices.
No third option.
When we mentally
terrorized him,
he felt death
was the only way out.
With no way out,
he accepted Payal's murder.
"Since you do not
believe me, fine. I killed her."
He was nonchalant.
After all that torture,
he was still so calm.
Any normal human being
would've died.
If you killed her,
where is the body?
He said,
"I got rid of the body."
There has to be some
evidence of the murder.
You have to
provide the evidence.
"Since you don't believe me,
I threw her purse
and clothes
in the yard
behind the house."
We sent a team to the area.
They retrieved the purse
and other items.
We called Nand Lal.
Nand Lal verified
that it was Payal's purse.
We asked Koli
why he had killed her.
His response made us believe
that something wasn't quite
right with him.
He said Payal
was a call girl
who often stayed with
his master for the night.
He wished he could
have the same, because
she was very pretty.
"I called her.
I asked her to come by
and promised to introduce
he to some new clients.
"The clients
will be here soon.
But in the meantime,
let's have sex.
I offered her 500 rupees."
She said, "For that much,
I won't even let my
brother touch me."
"While she was
drinking the tea,
I strangled her
with her scarf.
And then I tried.
I tried having sex with her
after she was dead."
And then we thought
if he treated
a 22-year-old girl
like this,
then children
would be easy targets
with zero resistance.
If he had this mentality,
maybe he could
do this to children.
In the black hole, he was
the only person who could
do something like this.
You won't believe
what I'm about to tell you.
- I'm getting chills right now.
As soon as I showed him
the paper with the missing
children's photos,
you won't believe
what he started saying.
A girl was walking
from Sector 30 to Nithari.
Later on, looking
at her photo,
the police told me
her name was Jhumpa.
I called her in
for some work.
I told her that Madame
was coming and would talk
to her about the wages.
As she looked away,
I strangled her from behind
with her own scarf.
She became unconscious,
and I tried having sex with her.
When I couldn't
have sex with her,
I strangled and killed her.
He said,
"I don't know where I
got this energy from.
I went crazy.
I strangled and killed them.
I tried to have sex
with the bodies, but could not."
I took her upstairs
to the bathroom.
I went down to the kitchen,
took a knife and went back up.
And I cut her up.
I cut off
a piece of her chest
and her shoulder and ate it.
I cooked her in the kitchen.
Cooked her in the kitchen?
Yes. I do not remember
how much I ate.
- What about
- the other children?
I simply didn't have
the courage to ask.
Because he would have done
the same thing to all of them.
The same story.
I left the room.
This was tragic.
- The children who we thought were alive
Were now all dead.
This incident shook up
my entire life.
I never thought I'd find
so many dead children.
He said, "I cut off
their heads and put
them in the backyard."
I asked him where.
He said, "The same area
you found Payal's purse."
There is only garbage there.
He said, "It's underneath
all the garbage.
I wrapped the heads
in plastic bags
and threw garbage
on top of them to
hide the smell.
Yes, all the
children's heads."
After I asked Nand Lal
to identify the purse,
he went and told
others about it.
He told everyone
that Koli confessed
and we found Payal's stuff
in the backyard.
Everyone knew.
All the families of the
missing children
started to gather.
Lots of people.
House D5
was the crime scene.
All the evidence
was inside the house,
in the backyard,
or in the drain.
So, we immediately
sealed the area.
He's a servant
for a business man.
He confessed.
They are questioning him and
searching for evidence.
Sir, how many bodies
have been recovered so far?
What's the plan?
So far, he's confessed
to five to six
children's bodies.
We are looking for them.
We're not sure of the
exact number. The
search is still on.
We'll keep updating you.
Noida is India's media hub.
The headquarters of
all the TV channels are there.
Even a small incident
receives a lot of publicity.
And this was a big incident.
Can a human stoop
to such depths of animalism
just for a few pennies,
or to satisfy his lust?
These are not the actions
of a civilized person.
Koli and Pandher's perverse
actions have proven that
the animal inside us
still lives.
Who doesn't even
think once before killing
innocent children?
By profession,
Koli was a caretaker.
- But he turned out to be a
murderer of the innocent.
The police claim that
he has confessed to
killing five children,
which includes
boys and girls.
Koli has also confessed
that after killing them, he
indulged in necrophilia.
Satish, aka Koli,
is a native of Almora
in Uttaranchal.
For the last five
to six years,
he was the caretaker
of D5 house in Noida.
This house belongs to
a businessman named Pandher.
It is difficult to
exclude Pandher's involvement
in these crimes,
so obviously the police
have also arrested him.
I was a new journalist.
Everyone was thinking,
"How could someone do
something like this?"
Cannibalism, necrophilia...
We had never heard
of these things in India.
Any country's media
could sensationalize
a case like this.
First of all, so many kids.
Then, all the details
of the killings.
Police involvement.
Every day,
something new was revealed.
There were many things
to investigate in this case.
You can call this
or that people
were demanding to
know more and more.
Every channel was saying,
"We have something new for you."
But then what happened?
Even the cops were worried.
They never thought
this crime would be this huge.
-Maybe one or two girls,
or just Payal.
They never thought
there would be so many.
- They were pretty scared, too,
As the entire press corps
was over there,
and if the cops messed up,
it would be noticed.
In the minds of the
victims' families who had
lost their children,
they lost their
four-year-old, and how?
This wasn't just a normal
kidnapping or murder.
When someone learns
their child was raped
and had limbs severed,
anger is a natural reaction.
And they believed this
went on because of Pandher.
My kid has died!
I want revenge!
Burn the house down!
I want revenge!
He ate up my kid!
I want to beat him,
I want revenge!
We have more information.
The criminals are in jail.
They will be
brought to justice.
Whatever important
information we need, we
will gather from them.
We don't want anything
to go amiss in this
important investigation.
It will be done
with 100% perfection.
Sir, how many
murders has he confessed to?
How many bodies
have been found?
Out of the 17 skulls
that were found,
ten have been identified.
We have more news
coming in,
therefore identification
is increasing.
- [Karan Singh - speaking English]
- When the media
- Went ballistic
- over everything,
That day we knew things
are not going to be the same.
That is the way the media
would like to manipulate
things, you know.
They want to create story.
And that is, I think,
the best way for them
to create story.
Otherwise, without
Moninder Singh Pandher,
is there a story?
It's just
another crime then.
When you have a rich man
stuck in something,
then it's a story.
There was a crowd outside our house.
You should have seen
the rage in their eyes.
You should have seen the rage,
What a common man
held for us.
The very next day, I think,
I was told by my uncle
to, you know,
get ready to get yourself
a general
power of attorney ready.
Because as he is behind bars,
You will need to enact on things.
You will need to make
decisions on his behalf.
I cannot plan things ahead.
I cannot give
any commitments to
people around time.
I have to manipulate
everything around
my father's cases.
Because my priority
is my father's cases, now.
Dad has been arrested.
What happened?
Just find out.
Mom, I am going to Delhi."
I said, "You're not going to Delhi.
You just wait there,
I am coming right now."
When I came inside,
he was literally crying.
Saying, "Mama, I don't
understand what is this."
Through the news only
we came to know,
these killings
were happening in the house.
And we weren't aware of it.
We were really shocked.
- For five minutes
they made us meet my father.
But they said
not more than that.
Just to show you he is all right.
There is nothing wrong with him.
He is being well taken care of.
-That time I met him
for the first time.
- And i think we started crying
when we met him.
He just couldn't believe
what blunder had happened.
Even he did not expect
the thing to go so
much out of hand.
And he just kept on saying
"I have not done it.
I don't know what's happened.
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
I didn't want to put
you guys through this."
-That is all he kept saying.
He just couldn't believe
what had happened.
He may be in jail,
but we are equally in jail also.
We are also confined
by everything.
We cannot expand our work.
We cannot progress in life
unless this gets over.
Because this is something
that will take, consume
our entire time.
This is the road going...
This is the road.
This goes...
And this is our house.
There is the water tower.
Yeah, water tank.
got involved in the case 15
days after it was opened.
By the time
we reached the house,
the crime scene
was quite disturbed.
The exterior
had been ransacked.
But the interior,
the main scene of the
crime, was fine.
After talking to them,
it was clear
that the incidents
had to do only with
these two guys.
There was no gang
or third party involved.
Therefore, the plan of
action was confined
to these two
and the crime scene.
There was no need
to collect any evidence
from anywhere else.
"To my dear
respected father,
from your daughter, Simran."
Make him
uncover his face.
"We have no tears.
We are helpless.
Drops of blood fall.
Have you thought about us?"
Make him
turn this way, that way.
That way.
- For me as a behavioral scientist,
- It was more to understand
the psychopathology,
The psychodynamics
of the mind.
Why does a mind thinks
and decides to do
what it has done?
He was definitely
not psychotic.
For that we did a whole lot
of psychological assessment.
He had either a problem
of erection or either a
problem of ejaculation.
So that made him
go more and more,
choose to fantasy life.
Even before he came
to Pandher's house,
he was working
with another person,
for almost a year and half.
- He said when he was
living in their houses,
There also
he had all those fantasies.
- But there
- the home atmosphere
Did not give him
those kind of opportunities,
wherein he could give way
to his fantasies.
- But when he came to Pandher's house,
He says he used to
tell Pandher very frequently
he never liked
call girls coming home.
- He used to tell him to not get them home.
He is not comfortable
with them.
But very soon he realized
that he would ignore that,
take it lightly, or say you don't worry.
You don't interact with
them, kind of thing.
It started getting
precipitated by the dream.
He says he used to dream
when probably a lady
in a white sari would come,
and he says it would be
in one place only.
Come and stand
near the fridge and
just laugh at him.
When those fantasies
became haunting,
with the visual imageries,
that is where it became
so very pathological for him.
And so very lonely.
He was very good with me.
I don't feel
my husband was like that,
because he never
behaved that way with me.
He was very good with me.
He treated me very well.
He took care of me
like you care
for a child, that's a fact.
I swear on my own child.
As long as he was with me,
he took very good care of me.
Then he returned
after six months.
He stayed for a few days,
and then went back.
We would go together
to pick grass or gather wood.
Wherever we went,
we went together. He
never left me alone.
When we were together, there was
love and affection between us.
There was only one phone
in our village at that time.
Every morning, he used to
call me on that phone.
We would talk,
and he would say,
"I am missing home.
I miss you."
He said there were
some problems then.
"I can't come home
because there are
some problems here,
but I will come soon."
From the time the visual
imagery would appear,
till the time he would
dispose the body
and what I call
a totally calm period,
which would come
the subsequent day.
In that kind of 48 hours,
I can say almost he lived
in a different state
of consciousness.
If you see the whole list
of people he has picked up,
he starts with children
from the age range of
five to seven
and then gradually it increases.
Then it goes to adolescents,
and then it comes to adults,
- and then it goes to married women also.
In all of these places,
he was trying to experiment
his own competence.
To get his urge satisfied.
Now, after that will come to
the relevant question.
At Pandher's request,
did you feed him
human flesh?
That is
the relevant question.
The police thought Koli,
upon Pandher's request,
cooked and fed him
human flesh.
But it is not like that.
He has said,
"No." It's negative.
There is a little variation,
but not enough
to consider it a lie.
Two opposite natures.
One was a totally extrovert,
who was fond of...
Who belonged
to an elite society.
Well educated,
fond of getting girls.
Having fun, enjoying life.
The other one
is a totally introvert.
And that is where
he clarified in the end, okay?
But it was the extreme anger
towards the owner,
which made him feel
that he...
See, he couldn't have
inner control.
Then the external environment
Became so very congenial.
It did not help him
in regaining his control.
On the contrary,
it helped him in giving vent
to his inner urge.
- I cry so much,
that I pray to God
that all these tears
should go to his children.
To his grandchildren.
To the person
who has done all this.
If it has to be my husband,
then let it be so.
If Pandher did it,
or got it done, then
let that be so.
But whoever is responsible,
may that person
be destroyed. That's it.
After the case was opened,
I didn't eat for a month.
Then I had my son.
I had my son.
I felt hopeful,
as I raised him. Maybe then?
My own milk
wasn't there for him.
He couldn't get
his own mother's milk.
I felt very sad.
Because I was not eating,
my son couldn't get any milk.
Because he wasn't getting
any milk, I started eating
to give him my milk.
- Slowly, he started getting my milk.
When he got my milk,
I felt happy
- that he is getting some nutrients.
Then, I breast-fed him
for five years.
I've found happiness in him,
since he was born.
She said, "I do not want
to write this letter."
I told her, "You have to."
Because you are his blood.
You have to write
to your father in your
own hand at least once."
"What were you thinking?
You destroyed our lives.
And what did you get
from that?
Please tell us.
What went through your head?
Thank you, Dad.
Your daughter, Simran."
This Pandher,
who was constantly
being shown on TV,
we used to think
he was a monster,
not a human being.
When I saw them
for the first time,
I felt no pity for them.
Their faces told me
that they had no regrets
for their crimes.
I would think about
the parents and put
myself in their shoes.
Then I realized
how deep I needed to go
and how much justice
these parents deserved.
There was so much
sensation around this case.
You would have gotten
Whether you are innocent,
whether you did it or not,
you will be sentenced.
As a criminal lawyer, I felt
how awful the crime was.
No lawyer in Ghaziabad
wanted to take up our case.
- They just didn't want
to take up our case.
They had branded my father
as a murderer and as a molester.
Pandher's son
came to us.
He said,
"My father is innocent.
And I need your help."
I told him, "Going by what
I have read and seen,
I don't think
your father is innocent."
Then I looked at all
the evidence and realized,
"Wow, this man is
actually innocent."
The truth seemed so far
from what was reported.
If I can't help
an innocent man,
then why am I
practicing law?
- Rimpa Haldar case
was one of those cases
where we were summoned by the court.
We were not charge sheeted by the CBI.
- Previously,
our family was fine.
Even if we were poor,
we were at peace.
After my girl vanished,
our peace disappeared.
As long as we live,
we'll be tense.
This is not good.
The world is a very bad place.
The cops said she could
be anywhere.
Who cares?
No one helps the poor.
That's the fact.
We went crazy looking for her.
Whenever I go out,
I think of her.
When I go to a wedding,
I remember her.
If our daughter was alive,
she'd be married by now.
She is always on my mind.
His charges
as per the CBI charge sheet were
minute charges.
Immoral Traffic Act.
Corruption Act.
Uh, harboring.
That's about it.
- When everyone learned that
he had been charged
for only two minor crimes,
there was
a bit of an uproar.
- How can nothing be found against him?
No evidence?
This is impossible.
They build all
these buildings, empires,
rooms with A/C.
What's the use?
Throw it all away.
Law and order does not exist.
I want
to tell the media that,
whenever he comes to our court,
He will be beaten up.
This is how we will give
an answer.
We are human beings
as well as lawyers.
Every citizen of India
should do the same.
This is the first time
something so disgusting
has occurred in India.
All this cannibalism
of children. Selling
their parts.
The law is for humans.
This guy is a monster.
When he comes to our court,
this is how we will greet him.
This time,
he got off.
- My heart will only rest
when he is hanged
for his awful crimes.
It will give me
some peace of mind.
- The victims'
families told me
that when those two
were confessing,
they were also
present there.
Pandher confessed
in front of them.
Koli also gave a statement
saying he did it.
Pandher himself said
he had killed.
- So, Tehelka
found some documents
containing the case diary
from Payal's case.
Every case has a diary,
which is maintained by
the investigating officer.
That's the case diary.
But the CBI mentioned
the case diary
only where Koli took
responsibility for the murders.
They omitted completely
Pandher's confession,
where he admitted
to the murders.
- Pandher said,
"When I could not
sleep at night,
I asked Koli
to get me a girl.
Koli would go
in front of the gate
and find me a girl
and bring her to me.
First I would rape the child
and then give her to Koli.
'Do whatever you want.'
When he was finished,
I would tell him to kill,
cut up,
and dispose of the body."
- There is
no confession in
the police custody
made by my father.
He was made to sign
two blank documents
by Noida police,
which I was told by
my father the day I met him,
"I have signed two documents
which are blank
and submitted to
the Noida police."
Those documents
have not been relied
upon by the CBI,
because any evidence given
to the police,
or any, uh, confession given
to the police
is not admissible in the
Indian Judicial System.
Add to that also,
to take my father's custody...
To take any person's custody,
You need a confession
or you need evidence
to take a person's, uh,
police custody.
And I think these things
were concocted just to
take my father's custody.
- Let's assume
that Pandher was innocent.
The cops had no idea
how big this case was.
And when they realized
how big it was,
they probably
got overwhelmed.
- So, the confession.
We spoke to the cops,
and they told us he
hadn't confessed.
This confession
had no evidentiary value.
The officers presumed
he was guilty
and wrote the confession.
No officer has said that he
confessed in front of him.
Even Pandher denies it.
At that time, the perception
was, "How could he
have not known?"
So they made it up
to show his involvement.
That wasn't correct.
- We have
no investigations here.
If there's
a murder committed,
cops ask the family,
"Who could have done it?"
They take a person's name.
Even if he isn't involved,
he is made the culprit.
There's a trial against him.
Then the court needs
to decide his verdict.
But no one will collect
evidence here.
It's enough to say
we "feel" he is guilty.
Anyone can rig fake witnesses
Who say they've seen him
commit murder.
That's the basic concept
of this country.
- The question
that arises here is that,
if the cops wrote
that wrong statement,
then the police have done
something wrong.
Assuming the statement
is wrong,
then Pandher could go
to the gallows based on it.
- I will tell you
the most important thing.
Everybody will be shocked
when they hear this.
There are 13 cases.
The CBI has done all
the investigations.
Case number one.
On the day
of the murder,
Pandher was in Australia
and not in Noida.
Second case.
Pandher was in Chandigarh.
Third case. Pandher was
over here, over there.
In all 13 cases,
there was an alibi.
- So, they asked us, how do we not...
How do we corroborate the entire thing?
How do we know
whether he was there or not?
So my first answer was,
"Sir, uh,
when you leave the country,
your passport is stamped.
When you enter
another country, your
passport is stamped.
Then he used to carry
his cell phone with him.
There are international calls
To him in Canada
on his cell phone.
He is making calls
to his customers in India.
So obviously the outgoing
will also be explained
in his bill.
Through the slips they tracked him down,
That he was traveling
from here to here.
He stayed here.
If he stayed in a hotel,
the bills were already
produced on record
in the company.
They took up those bills,
they went to the hotel.
They took up evidences
from the waiters,
The receptionist, everyone.
They confirmed
whether my father
stayed there or not.
- When the incidents happened,
we verified his
mobile phone's locations.
Where he went, his schedule.
We verified everything.
There were some incidents
where he was in Australia,
so we checked his passports
and visas.
Most of the time,
Pandher wasn't in town when
the crimes took place.
Most of the time.
- The biggest
thing is that the CBI
made a foolish mistake.
They verified
the phone's location,
not the man's location.
They can be different.
The phone's location
won't always be the
same as the man's.
It's possible that,
at the time of the murders,
he kept his phone
somewhere else.
The CBI has given alibis
for all 13 cases
saying that Pandher was
not here when the
crimes were committed.
But no scientific evidence
was used to ascertain the
exact dates of the murders.
Only the dates
of the kidnappings.
We know
when the kids vanished.
They could have taken
a girl, but killed her
two or three days later.
That's unclear.
- But when the confessions
and the case diary
were presented,
the saw was deposited
and his statement was taken
and he was cross-examined.
At that point, based on the
evidence, the judge thought
that Pandher was guilty.
She felt
Pandher was equally guilty
and summoned him
for a trial.
- My father was summoned under
Section 302, that is murder,
then, uh, read with 120B,
that's conspiracy to murder.
Then, uh, rape,
conspiracy to rape,
So, after my father's 313,
he very
blatantly told me, "Listen,
I know I'm going
to get convicted.
And I have
this very bad feeling,
I don't know, like,
I think we are stuck now."
- Pandher and his servant Koli
have been found guilty
in the Nithari case.
The special CBI court has
found them guilty in the
Rimpa Haldar murder case.
Their sentences
will be announced tomorrow.
Pandher and Koli are
the Nithari serial killers.
The special CBI court judge,
Rama Jain,
has judged Koli guilty
of murdering and raping
14-year-old Rimpa Haldar,
while Pandher has been found
guilty of conspiracy to murder.
- At that time,
both the accused started crying.
Pandher was really shocked
and fainted.
Pandher's wife and his son
told the media
that they do not trust
the courts anymore.
- They don't want justice,
they only want Pandher.
They just want a scapegoat
who can be hanged.
If this
is what justice is, fine.
But this is an injustice
for us. As family,
this is injustice.
We are hurting for it
because as an Indian,
I expect my country
to do justice to me.
I expect my judicial system
to do justice to me.
This is wrong!
- When we were held guilty
by the court,
my lawyer came up to me.
That is Devraj.
He was very blunt to me.
He's like, "Listen,
I fear it's going to be
a death penalty.
But they have asked me
to argue what...
What kind of penalty
would you want?"
- I said, "This is India.
If you give us
lifetime imprisonment,
no one will hear our appeal.
Give us the death sentence,
then maybe we can have an
appeal in a year or two."
- You are my lawyer,
and you are asking me to,
you know, basically sell my father out,
And ask him to...
Asking me to take
the death penalty against him.
- Only the High Court
can challenge this verdict.
If you give us life,
then the High Court will
never listen to us.
Because the High Court has
a huge backlog of appeals.
Lifetime convictions
are still pending today.
It would have been the same
for us, waiting 20 years.
This seemed like a way out.
So by asking for the death
penalty, they might listen
to us in a year or two.
- I thought for it
for two to three minutes.
I said, "Listen, I know
it's a very hard
decision for me.
Go in for the death penalty.
Let's... Let's see."
- Today,
the decision is that,
under Act 302,
Koli has been sentenced to death.
Pandher also gets
the death sentence and a
fine of 50,000 rupees.
- I can never forget the day
when the verdict was given.
- I'm very happy
that both have been
sentenced to death.
All the poor kids
of this country will be safe.
All kids,
whether rich or poor,
will be safe.
- The lower court
is the greatest court!
The best thing is that
the criminal who was
being protected
by the CBI
and not even charged
has now been sentenced
to death by the court.
- It was a great time,
and whenever
I think of it,
I remember it fondly.
It was a very
exhilarating moment.
- And when he heard
that he was going to be
held guilty anyways,
he in fact told me,
"Don't appeal it. It's...
It's just useless."
- He had actually given up hope. He's like,
"You know what?
I've just been branded.
Just let it be."
He was like, "It's no use
fighting for my life.
Why don't you actually
break away from everything?
Sell off a few of the things
that you possess.
Start a new life.
Live your life the way,
you know, you want to.
Let these cases be."
- Do you feel the judgment
has been influenced?
- Thanks to the media.
Thank you.
- Will you appeal?
- -Of course.
- What is
your father saying?
- He doesn't
want me to appeal. He
says, "I want to die."
"I don't want
to live with the shame."
He's told me
not to appeal. But I
am going to appeal.
I am.
Thank you.
- And I refused.
And I still remember,
I was crying. I was standing
with him, I was crying.
I said, it's not
going to happen. As
much as you want
to try to explain - things to
me, It's not going to happen.
It's the end of the story with me.
I am fighting it.
I am fighting it.
I'll not lose heart for it.
I'll not give up on you,
because it's not in me.
I don't give up on things.
I don't give up on family,
And especially my father,
never ever will I.
- It was ten o'clock
when she vanished.
I'd heard
about other children
missing in the area.
I started feeling nervous.
I took some boys to
start looking around.
We had some bikes
and started looking for her.
- I ran to the tailor's shop
and asked if my
daughter had come by.
He said his machine wasn't
working, so she left.
She had a scarf in her hand.
I went to the cigarette shop
and asked there.
He said he hadn't seen her.
There was a fruit seller.
"You have been sitting
here for a while.
Did you see her?"
He said, "No."
Pandher was standing there.
I asked him, "Sir, have
you seen my daughter?"
"No," he said. He denied it.
"You've been here
for a while. Did you see her?"
He said,
"No. I haven't seen her."
He had been standing here,
he denied seeing my daughter.
He was right here,
holding onto his gate.
He saw me crying, but still
didn't say a word about
where my daughter was.
All this time,
my daughter was kidnapped
inside his house.
- Nobody is willing to believe
That Pandher had no idea
what was going on in his house.
No one has given them
answers to their questions.
No one can say exactly
why Pandher wasn't involved,
or why Pandher
isn't a criminal.
- Everything has happened in your house.
How come you don't know?
That is the simple most
question people ask.
My question to them
has always been a very
standard question.
You are sitting right now
in front of me.
What is happening
in your house? Please explain it.
And they don't have
an answer to it
because they can't.
- You wanted to see
the servants' quarters?
Oh, they're not here right now.
A master and a servant
is actually
a very, uh, white term for
an employer and an employee.
We just retain the colonial
term "Servants",
otherwise they are as good
as our employees these days.
We cannot, uh...
It's not any kind of slavery.
They get their monthly dues.
They, uh, do their work
according to what they
are prescribed to do.
And that's about it.
It's a very clean, uh...
You may say it is an
sort of a thing.
And, uh, like,
she is our maid at the house,
as well as, uh,
she is the gardener's wife.
They take care
of the entire garden
as well as she mops inside.
- It was
a normal house.
There was nothing
weird about it.
Most of Koli's activities
were in the upstairs bathroom.
Koli strangled people
downstairs and chopped their
bodies in the bathroom.
It was a normal house
The only difference was that
there was no family
living there.
Sometimes, Pandher would come and stay.
Otherwise, it was just Koli.
- So, Koli's relation
to the house was very clear.
He used to take care of the house
When my father or we people
were not around there.
in a very simple term,
when we were not there,
he was the master of the house.
Like, they have a unit
to themselves.
Koli had on the first floor,
he had a room to himself.
And he had a washroom attached to it.
He had an independent entry
as well as an entry
from inside the house.
- They think it's us who have done it,
It's my father who's done it.
How much ever we explain it,
how much ever we tried to
simplify things for them,
they just don't want to...
They have...
A story has been, you know,
made in their head, and
they are following that.
They are not looking towards the evidence.
I, in fact, sat down with
a single victim's
family for once.
I explained them
the evidence, "Listen,
this is how it is."
And he didn't pursue a case
against my father.
I was... My father was not
summoned in his son's case.
And that case has reached High Court.
And only Surinder Koli
was convicted in that case.
My father was not made
a party in that case also.
- This is the main thing
that's working against us.
Here you go.
Read this to satisfy yourself.
- Give me that portion as well.
- That's what I was looking for.
-The one about
the washerman's daughter? -Yes.
- Give me a smoke. This is what
you were looking for,
the entire discussion.
Everything is discussed here.
- Then, I saw a girl walking.
Her name was Jyoti.
She used to deliver
clothes to the house.
Her father was a washerman.
And she had come
a couple of times to
take our clothes.
I asked her to come inside
and pick up some
clothes for ironing.
She followed me inside.
I asked her where she was coming from.
She said,
"From the tailor's."
I said, "Count the clothes
I give you." She kept
her scarf on the side.
I took her scarf
and suffocated her.
She was 10 or 12 years old.
She was unconscious.
I tried to have sex
with her body.
I strangled her more
with her own scarf. I
kept her in the bathroom.
Then I came downstairs
and picked up a sack.
I put the body in the sack
and kept it in the bathroom
until the evening.
That day, Pandher was at home.
But I don't know if he knew
about the body.
"Her name was Jyoti."
- Is there something
about Jyoti? - Yes, here.
"Her name was Jyoti, she was
the washerman's daughter."
- Here it is.
"She was dead.
Pandher was at home that day.
But I'm not sure
if he knew about the body."
- Even we kept
hammering him about this.
This has been going on
for so long.
How can you not know?
Pandher had so much
confidence in Koli.
He was so simple
that no one could think
he could commit
such a heinous crime.
Koli never had any bad habits.
He never smoked,
never went out,
had no visitors.
So how can you doubt
someone so simple?
- Another question is,
Pandher being an educated guy,
even though he was sick,
he was pretty smart.
He would have the means
to move the bodies
somewhere else.
Why would he throw them behind the house?
No smart person would do that.
Whenever the murders
took place, he says
he was not at home.
What does this mean?
If I steal and hide it at
someone else's house,
that person is the thief.
No matter how much he shouts,
"He did this.
He kept it here."
All the remains
are at Pandher's house.
How can Koli be guilty?
Pandher is the guilty one.
What will they do?
Why did my case get
the last date?
In my case,
there's only one hearing,
and then they stopped.
It's all the CBI's doing.
I was betrayed
by Sonia Gandhi.
- There are six cases
against them.
Many of the families
got bought off or withdrew.
Still, six cases against
Pandher are still there.
For the Rimpa Haldar case,
both face the death penalty.
And death in Payal's case?
No, not in Payal yet.
No, it hasn't?
Not yet, only one
death penalty.
The Pinky Sarkar case is in
court now. They should get
death for that as well.
Then there is our Jyoti
and some more pending.
Strong testimony in all.
Both will get death
in those cases.
All this will take some time.
Until then,
we won't let Pandher get out.
This is a long legal process,
but we have to go on.
- In this case,
many people have given
and taken payoffs.
People have moved up.
The ones who had huts
now have houses.
People who never had
bicycles now have cars.
The weak person
will always come to harm,
no matter where he goes.
Your beautiful cheeks...
- Oh, my, oh, my.
- What a song!
Your beautiful cheeks
Oranges on your chest
- What are you saying?
-Someone told us
that the cops came
to Pandher's house
at night
and took some stuff.
So, I had some doubts.
That's when I started
suspecting Pandher,
because everything happened
around his house.
At ten o'clock,
I asked the boys
to climb the wall.
And look inside the dump.
And in one plastic bag, we found a head.
A completely decomposed head.
Then I found another head,
and another.
We found three heads.
All decomposing.
Then I started
looking through the
garbage again.
And I found a whole sack
with just body parts.
There were these
limbs over here. All
these bones and joints.
Hands and limbs
were over there.
- The prime suspect
in the sensational Nithari
serial murders, Pandher,
has just received
a big reprieve from
the High Court.
The High Court
has let him out on
bail in five cases.
- There was so much concoction
added by the Indian media
that no one could understand
what this man had done.
Everyone thought
he murdered children.
He first sexually abused them,
then murdered children, then ate them.
Like, all in all,
you were portraying a
man to be completely
a complete monster,
to the extent
that it is just not doable.
Like, no person would
ever in his darkest dream
Think there is a human being
like this who exists.
I always feared, like,
"What if my father wasn't
there with me ever?
What would I do?"
And I think my worst fears
were answered here.
I had to walk
with my head held high. I
had to face the world.
I even thought
to the extent,
"What if something
happens to him while
he's in custody?
What am I gonna do?"
And the only thing
that came to my head was like,
in Indian Judicial System,
if a person passes away
and the trial
is still underway,
and if it's
a criminal trial, it
automatically finishes.
But I would still fight it
for my family's reputation,
for my family's image.
I would still fight it.
I would not give up on it.
- It's the same kind
of battle.
Ravana had ten heads.
Similarly, Pandher thought
he had lots of money.
"I can buy the law.
What can these
poor people do?"
Also, Ravana thought,
"Just small people.
I can squish them
whenever I want to."
I'm going to fight Pandher
just the way Rama fought Ravana.
Because he is rich,
and we are poor.
People tell me,
"He is an elephant, and you are an ant."
But Lord Rama was an ant.
And Ravana was very strong.
But time will decide
In the end, Ravana lost.
I will win.
It'll really happen.
Justice might be delayed,
but it won't be denied.