The Kashmir Files (2022) Movie Script

Come on, what can Sachin do?
He's not a good player.
He can't play a single good shot.
- Hey, Shiva!
- Hey, Abdul!
Sachin, Sachin!
Sachin, Sachin!
- Sachin, Sachin!
- Stop screaming Sachin's name.
- But why Abdul?
- Look over there.
The big guys are watching.
They will have a problem.
I'll chop that Sachin's legs
off and hand them over to him.
You bloody Sachin Tendulkar fan!
Indian Dog! He'll hit a six against us?
Let's teach him a lesson.
You bastard. You Indian dog.
Say Long Live Pakistan,
Death to Hindustan!
Come on, say it.
Say it!
Say it!
- Say Long Live Pakistan!
- Abdul!
- Abdul!
- Say Long Live Pakistan!
Come on, say it!
- Say it.
- Abdul!
Say it, you bastard!
- Abdul! Abdul!
- Let him go!
Come on, say it.
Run, Shiva! Come on, run!
Stop! Where are you running?
You bloody dog.
You know how bad the
Why did you step outside your house?
She has a very high fever.
Go tell your husband to run away
from Kashmir and leave you here.
And this Hindu girl...
I'll marry her to my younger brother.
Don't touch her!
Convert! Run! Or Die!
Convert! Run! Or Die!
Convert! Run! Or Die!
Muslims wake up, infidels run away!
Muslims wake up, infidels run away!
If you want to live in Kashmir,
you will have to say Allah is the greatest!
If you want to live in Kashmir,
you will have to say Allah is the greatest!
Allah is the greatest!
Allah is the greatest!
Run, Shiva!
I rock your cradle which swings
like my long earring.
I rock your cradle which swings
like my long earrings.
Krishna... Krishna.
I shall give my life for you.
O' my dear,
Your cradle swings
like my long earrings.
I shall give my life for you.
O' my dear,
Your cradle swings
like my long earrings.
Why hasn't Father come back yet?
Shiva was supposed to come back with him.
They must be stuck
because of the procession.
God knows when their
processions will end.
Find out if Abdul is back.
He had left with Shiva.
Is Abdul back?
He had gone to play cricket with Shiva.
I thought they are supposed
to return with your father.
I have called him.
What's going on, Brother?
I think the situation
is going to get worse.
You should leave for a few days.
How can we just leave our home and go?
Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of your house.
When you come back...
This won't last for long.
Just a couple of days at the most.
Let me know when Abdul comes back.
Run, Shiva!
The great slogan is Allah is the greatest!
The great slogan is Allah is the greatest!
Kashmir will become Pakistan!
Kashmir will become Pakistan!
Kashmir will become Pakistan!
Kashmir will become Pakistan!
Kashmir will become Pakistan!
Kashmir will become Pakistan!
Kashmir will become Pakistan!
Master, I think we'll
have to stop the rehearsal.
The situation is quite tense.
Maha Shivratri takes place in March.
I have seen many such
processions come and go.
Nobody will disturb us.
They have that much sense!
Mr. Pushkar Nath?
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
Allah is the greatest!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
This country is ours!
If this is our country,
Then tell me, who will rule over it?
We will! We will! We will!
Who will fight in its war for freedom?
We will! We will! We will!
If we want to fight the war for freedom,
our people should
know who our enemy is!
India! India! India!
Who has enslaved us?
India! India! India!
There is only one way
to teach India a lesson.
There is only one solution
to the Kashmir problem.
Holy Jihad!
Holy Jihad!
- Grandpa!
- Shiva!
Where were you?
I was so scared.
The sacrifice of martyrs
won't go in vain!
The sacrifice of martyrs
won't go in vain!
We will unfurl the flag
of our religious reign!
We will unfurl
the flag of our religious reign.
Wake up! Wake up! It is already dawn:
Wake up! Wake up! It is already dawn:
Russia has already been defeated!
Russia has already been defeated!
India is under attack!
India is under attack!
Now Kashmir will rise!
Now Kashmir will rise!
Now freedom will soon be ours!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Where are you going? Habba Kadal?
Follow us.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva.
They're here. Terrorists.
- I'll go see.
- No, no, no.
You won't.
You go hide in the rice-drum.
You want me to hide like a coward?
Like a clever man.
No! He's not upstairs!
I am telling you the truth!
He's gone to Jammu!
I am telling you the truth!
I swear, I told you the truth!
He has gone to Jammu!
He is not there! I told you the truth!
He is not there! I told you the truth!
He is not there! I told you the truth!
Let go! You Hindu woman!
Have mercy on us please.
Please spare us.
Please show us mercy.
Have mercy on us please.
Have mercy on us please.
Have mercy on us please.
Have mercy on us please.
Have mercy on us please.
Have mercy on us please.
Oh mother!
Have mercy...
don't kill us please!
Bloody Indian spy.
Indian Dog!
Forgive us, mercy...
don't kill us please!
Forgive us, mercy...
Oh mother!
I am devastated.
Oh mother, I am devastated!
Father... I am devastated!
What have you done?
Let her go, kill me instead!
Let my daughter-in-law go,
kill me instead!
We won't kill you, Pandit.
Someone needs to be left
behind to cry..
Hail Lord Shiva!
If you want to stay in Kashmir,
you have to say Allah is the Greatest.
I bear witness that
there is no deity but Allah,
and I bear witness that Muhammad
is the messenger of Allah.
Aren't you Farooq Malik Bitta,
my student?
I was your teacher. I've taught you,
what the hell are you doing to me?
Hey Pandit.
Bitta is no longer your student.
Call me Area
Commander Farooq Janab!
Farooq Janab.
Address him as Area
Commander Farooq Janab, you Hindu!
Please leave father, kill me instead.
Let him go.
Please leave father, kill me instead.
But what is our fault?
Why are you doing this to us?
What's wrong with you guys?
I'll spare all your lives.
If you eat this rice.
(Baby Krishna crying)
Take this.
Yes, wait there.
He will come.
What's wrong?
The flight didn't land?
It has landed.
So, he wasn't on it?
He will come.
His baggage must have been delayed.
Are you sure he boarded from Delhi?
Yes, he did.
He had messaged me.
Why haven't the others come?
They should have reached by now.
How long does it take from Jammu?
They will come as well.
They are coming by road.
It can get late sometimes.
Everything will be fine.
You should get ready.
Hari Narain. Hello.
How are you?
- Hello, Laxmi!
- Hello, Vishnu.
You still look the same.
People who work for the
media do not change on the outside.
And where do policemen change from?
I think the doctor will know.
Hello, Laxmi.
Hello. Dr. Mahesh.
You look fine.
Thank you.
Has he come?
His flight has landed.
Our driver's waiting at the airport.
Where's Brahma?
Listen guys, let's make a rule.
We won't talk about
our past in front of him.
No politics either.
And no Kashmir.
I understand politics...
but why no Kashmir?
What's the difference?
So, no mention of exodus?
Not exodus...
Look who's here.
Look who's here.
Please sit down.
Why are you guys standing?
Not for you.
For Pushkar.
We will have to leave early tomorrow.
There's curfew in Habba Kadal
after 7 o'clock.
We'll leave for Jammu from there itself.
Thank you.
You plan to stay here
for a couple of days, right?
Actually, I have to meet
a couple of people tomorrow.
And I'm going back day after tomorrow.
So soon?
I have some important work in Delhi,
day after tomorrow.
You could have stayed and seen Kashmir.
Maybe next time.
But I'd like to visit the place
of my parents' accident.
Why? What happened?
This is your first time in Kashmir?
He was born here.
I know.
How will he remember anything?
He was just a baby back then.
I remember most of my childhood.
Honestly, I don't remember anything.
I am sure Pushkar must
have told you something.
I mean what all happened and--
We decided no politics.
This isn't politics.
I just want to know
what you know about Kashmir.
That's all.
Kashmir has never been
an integral part of India
and this is a historical fact.
In fact, there was condition laid
down for Kashmir's accession with India,
That a plebiscite was supposed take
place as soon as the situation normalizes.
It means a people's vote.
Did the plebiscite ever take place?
- No!
- Never!
- Free Kashmir!
- Free Kashmir!
- Free Kashmir!
- Free Kashmir!
If political parties have
a right to have their own flags,
then why don't Kashmiris?
If India can fight with
Britain for its independence
then why can't Kashmir?
If Bhagat Singh is celebrated
then why isn't Burhan Wani?
Long live, Burhan Wani!
Long live, Burhan Wani!
Today the world believes that we
have illegally occupied Kashmir.
If you pick any leading international
newspapers like Newsweek, New York Times,
Washington Post...
or pick any important document
of any powerful country for that matter.
Kashmir isn't included
in their map of India
Because the world believes
that Kashmir is not a part of India.
The Indian army makes an entire village
stand outside on a cold winter night,
in the name of cordon-and-search.
Children, old people, pregnant women,
no one is spared.
Terrorists like Abu Salem and
Kasab get special treatment for years
And Afzal Guru wasn't
even allowed to meet his family.
Afzal, we apologise!
For your killers are still alive!
Afzal, we apologise!
For your killers are still alive!
Kids of Kashmir grow up without fathers.
They still survive with the hope
that their father will return one day.
And when this kid raises a
question they call him a terrorist!
Now if this kid won't throw stones,
will he shower you with flowers?
And when you start talking
against this fascism,
The so-called "Nationalists"
will troll you on social media.
They will call you a traitor.
They will say things like,
"go to Pakistan".
But don't worry,
I'm not going to Pakistan.
In fact, I'm not going anywhere.
Exactly like this country.
Our team has researched
at these five places:
Kupwara, Baramula,
Bandipora, Poonch and Rajouri.
And we found even more than
7000 mass graves here.
Professor Menon?
You can call me Radhika.
What about Batta Mazar?
What is Batta Mazar?
The place where 100,000 Kashmiri
Hindus were drowned in Dal Lake.
There were seven piles of the just the
sacred thread gathered from the dead.
The place where they were
cremated is known as Batta Mazar.
Sit down, man.
- You know...
- Saying the truth--
You'll make a
very good politician someday,
Oh, thank you ma'am.
No one knows who these
7000 graves belong to.
But we know that if today's students
don't raise their voice for Kashmir
Then one day Kashmir too
will become a big unmarked grave.
We will get Kashmir out of this darkness.
We will get our Freedom from them!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- In one voice!
- Freedom!
- Louder!
- Freedom!
- We want Freedom from federalism!
- Freedom!
- We want Freedom from Hindu ideologies!
- Freedom!
- We will get our Freedom from them!
- Freedom!
- It is our right!
- Freedom!
- We'll snatch it away!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- India, you will break into pieces!
- Inshallah! Inshallah!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- Ma'am.
- Oh, it's you again.
Sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect.
You spoke about Kashmir.
But you forgot to mention
that 4,000 Kashmiri Pandits had died there.
Not 4,000, 219 was the official figure.
That's because no one reported the truth.
No one?
Administration, historians,
intellectuals, media, professors.
- You mean they are all against you?
- Right.
- Since the past 30 years?
- Absolutely.
- Is that true?
- Yes, it is.
Tell me who was the
greatest Kashmiri leader?
Sheikh Abdullah.
It was Lalitaditya.
A Hindu King.
He ruled most of India.
We all think that we know the truth.
But we don't.
What if what you have believed
to be the truth since
The past 30 years is not true at all?
What's your name?
Krishna Pandit.
Ah, Pandit.
Now I understand.
Upper caste privilege!
Pandit, huh?
That's not fair, ma'am.
I don't believe in the caste system.
I believe in equality and justice.
Then I want you to scream
"Freedom" out loud.
Is the Pandit coming in your way?
Come on, scream.
Come on, don't be inhibited.
I said, scream.
There you are.
Tomorrow's headline will state
that this was Krishna Pandit's scream.
Now think about that child in Kashmir,
his voice doesn't have a name.
He'll always be known
as an Islamic terrorist.
Try listening to the scream of someone
Who doesn't have an identity.
Try being his voice.
And you will know what
Kashmir and its truth is all about.
Sochzal Waangan,
Muj Chetin, Nadru Yakhni, Dum Aloo,
and Monj Haakh
Oh lovely, I'm getting to enjoy
Kashmiri food after a long time.
I've also cooked Kashmiri food
after a long time.
It looks delicious.
Please help yourselves.
Smells good.
But sorry,
I have never heard of these dishes before.
Your mother Sharda used
to make the best Kashmiri food.
It was a ritual.
Every Sunday we used
to have dinner at your place.
You know we perhaps wouldn't
have been such good friends with Pushkar,
if not for your mother's cooking.
Right, Brahma?
That's why no one spoke to him
in the past 30 years.
Here you go.
Looking interesting.
What is this?
How can you not know Nadru being a Kashmiri?
It is believed that the
one who doesn't know about Nadru,
Doesn't truly know about Kashmir.
Home Minister Mufti Mohammad
Sayyed's daughter Rubaiyya Sayeed...
...was kidnapped by JKLF.
Prime Minister has called
for a high-level meeting.
It is believed that the Indian Government
might give in to the terrorist's demands.
Ask the Home Minister if Rubaiyya's security
is Central Government's responsibility
Then isn't it also their duty to protect the
people of Kashmir from terrorists and corruption?
Till when will they keep
having such double standards?
What brings you here?
I heard rumours that they've
included my son's name in the hit list.
He has been declared as an Indian spy.
I went to the police station.
They said they cannot
provide security to everyone.
It seems more than half
of us are on their hit list.
Can you provide the security?
Come on, man.
It's my duty.
I'll arrange for your
security at the earliest.
Thank you.
It's good to have IAS officers as friends.
Come, let me drop you home.
Driver, can you please pull over here?
- Let me buy some Nadru for Laxmi.
- Hey, come on! Let it be.
Just get down.
How much for Nadru?
28 rupees per kilo.
Have you gone crazy?
Lessen the price.
The price is set.
- He won't bring the price down.
- Wait, let me pay.
You can pay the day
you start speaking Kashmiri.
Take these.
100 rupees
What are you doing? You're giving me a
Jinnah instead of Gandhi.
He's giving me a Pakistani note.
Janab, you'll get the currency
of the country you stay in.
What did you say?
Which country?
There is only one country.
Don't you feel ashamed betraying your nation?
Come here.
Take him away.
Arrest me if you want.
But from tomorrow, you'll only get
vegetables if you pay in our currency.
And from 26th January, the market
will be held in Islamabad!
Al Safa says get out Pandits!
- Al Safa says get out Pandits!
- What is he saying?
Sir, it means Kashmiri Pandits run away.
Don't throw it away.
Sir! Sir!
What are you doing?
Why are you throwing the food?
We won't let these
infidels eat our grains.
We won't! We won't! We won't!
Then what will we eat!
Sir, you had come to my college,
you had given me a certificate too.
I am a Gold Medalist, sir.
They have stopped selling
groceries to us, sir.
Pandits are being killed
if they open their shops.
We are out of food, sir!
The grocery that's meant for
us is taken away by these women, sir.
Our people are dying, sir.
They refuse us treatment in the hospitals.
And now they are stopping our food supply.
Please do something, sir.
Who will help us if not you, sir?
Al Safa says run away Kashmiri Pandits!
We have received an intelligence report
that something is about to go very wrong.
Tika Lal Taploo was
shot dead in the market.
Taploo was the most popular
leader after Shyama Prasad Mukherjee.
Both Razdan and Bhan
were intelligence officers.
JKLF's commander Bitta
killed them in broad daylight.
What can be worse than that?
Their goal is to end
all Kashmiri Hindu leadership.
I interviewed some people, Downtown.
They believe...
they will soon have Freedom.
Uncle, you seem to know everything.
Why don't you telecast it?
My job is to record the
interviews and forward them.
It's not my job to telecast it.
Then why do you call
yourself a journalist?
Call yourself a postman.
Showing fake news is not as
harmful as hiding the truth.
Why don't you just say
you don't have the courage?
We are all just trying
to stay alive in Kashmir.
And there is nothing more courageous
than staying alive, Pushkar Nath.
- Do you get that?
- Father?
- Yes?
- Here, take the Nadru-Monj
- What about the tea?
- It's coming too.
Bring tea for all of them
Why don't you talk to the Chief Minister?
You are a Divisional Commissioner.
It is a big post.
The Chief Minister?
If he gets a break from playing golf and
Giving bike rides to Bollywood heroines.
Why don't you talk to the Prime Minister?
He is a youth leader.
You think I haven't tried?
What did he say?
He said, "I know that the
situation in Kashmir is quite tense."
"But I cannot interfere. The
CM is my friend. He will get offended."
So, the country can burn down
but the friendship should stay intact.
It's been going on since 1947.
This Friendship-Before-Nation policy.
Who sowed these seeds?
Mr. Sheikh.
There is a saying about him.
He is a Nationalist in Delhi,
A Communist in Jammu
and Communalist in Kashmir.
That's the definition of a Secularist.
The Indian Government is ignoring Kashmir
like it was never a part of the country.
They just killed a judge!
Which judge?
- Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
- Srinagar High Court Judge, Neelkanth Ganjoo
has been shot dead in broad daylight at
Hari Singh Market by terrorists.
The JKLF has claimed responsibility for it.
JKLF was formed by Maqbool Bhat.
Who robbed a bank and killed its manager,
hijacked and blew up an
Indian Airlines Plane,
and killed CID officer Amar Chand.
Justice Ganjoo had found him guilty
and had sentenced him to death.
Good morning, Mr. Dutt.
- Good morning, Mr.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, officers.
- Bye.
Let's go.
Bye, darling.
- How are you?
- I am fine.
Want a plane?
I've got something for you.
This is for you. Want to fly?
Take this.
Thank you.
Oh, that's for me?
- Yes.
- Thank you so much.
So beautiful.
God bless you.
What are you waiting for?
Get them!
From every city only
one slogan will rise!
From every village only
one slogan will rise!
From every mosque only
one slogan will rise!
From every school only
one slogan will rise!
Every other kid will scream,
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Hello, Mr. Brahma Dutt.
Tell me.
Sir, the situation is really bad.
The DGP is aware of this.
An attack on our Air Force
Officers is an attack on our Government.
Kashmiri Pandits are
being identified and targeted.
JKLF has issued an open threat.
"Kashmir Pandits leave Kashmir."
It's just a drama.
I know their game plan.
This isn't a drama, sir.
It's a fact.
They are burning Indian flags.
They have put Pakistani
flags on Lal Chowk.
Why don't you do something about it?
What should we do, sir?
The Central Government refuses
to respond to any of my requests.
Your office overrules all my decisions.
JKLF openly gets help
from your Party Office.
Are you here lobbying for them?
Sir, you want to run a government
by dividing the population?
This is a war on our civilisation.
A Jihad against India's ancient heritage.
Pakistani sympathisers are
orchestrating this war against India
both from Indian and Pakistani grounds.
And our Government
is helping them succeed.
This is Kashmir.
We are Independent.
We have our constitution here.
Our culture. Our flags.
We will do what we want to do.
And Mr. Brahma Dutt, I think
you have come here as an Indian spy.
That's why I am snatching
all your powers.
are suspended.
Speak out! Your words are free.
Raise your voice!
Speak up! Your tongue is still your own.
Raise your voice!
Your body remains yours ramrod, erect.
Raise your voice!
Speak out! Your life is still your own.
Raise your voice!
Your body remains yours ramrod, erect.
Raise your voice!
Speak out! Your life is still your own.
Raise your voice!
The short time left to you is enough.
Raise your voice!
Speak out! Your life is still your own.
Raise your voice!
Come, I need to talk to you.
Krishna, I hope you understand
That you are contesting for
Student Council President's post?
- Hmm?
- Yep.
It's not some junior post.
It is a matter of prestige.
The media will be following
this election closely.
And you have to win.
We don't have a choice.
Yes, ma'am.
- I'm trying my level best.
- No, you're not.
You are not giving your best.
You are unable to connect
with our students.
Don't be impressed by this sloganeering.
Most of the students are
still suspicious about you.
Suspicious about me? But why?
Because most of our
voters are Kashmiri Muslims.
And you are a Pandit.
It's not like I like
to quote this again and again,
But this an electoral reality.
But ma'am,
we cannot stay divided forever.
Isn't there a solution for this?
There is.
There is a solution.
But you will have to make a choice,
whether you want to stand
with the problem or the solution.
The solution.
People believe in God?
They don't believe in him
because he comes down helps them.
People believe in God
because they have this hope
That one day God
will do something for them.
And this hope, is God!
You have to become their God.
You have to become their Messiah.
I'm nobody's God, ma'am.
For God's sake, please.
I don't have any solution either.
That's the best part, Krishna.
You don't need to provide a solution.
You just need to give them
the hope that there is some solution.
But there isn't one.
You're so naive, Krishna.
Just treat politics like it's a story.
If there is a hero in it
then it also needs a villain.
Who is the villain of your story?
- Terrorism.
- Why does terrorism exist?
Because of oppression.
Who is the oppressor?
Which is Government of India.
Blaming terrorism won't help.
Pin it on the Government.
You will get the power only
if you make Government your villain.
The power to negotiate better.
That's extortion ma'am, not negotiation.
That's politics.
You can change the fate of this
country only if you have this power.
Political power.
Everything else is rubbish.
Now go and try harder.
You must win.
I told you to stop doing charity.
Why don't you listen to me?
I won't die until
they remove Article 370.
You can't even see properly.
What if you meet with an accident?
What will we do?
Enough about me.
Now let's talk about you.
You have started hiding
everything from me.
What did I hide?
I met Mr. Kaul.
He said you made the headlines.
You are running for
Student's President at ANU.
You were shouting slogans of Freedom.
You are being prosecuted for sedition.
Is it true?
So now you'll fight for our enemies, huh?
How long do you plan
on carrying forward this hate?
Can't you forgive them?
Say sorry to each other and move on.
Say sorry and move on?
Say sorry to those
responsible for our genocide?
Come on grandpa, it was not a genocide.
I just don't understand till when
you guys plan to carry this fake label?
You guys?
Who are you?
I don't believe in any identities.
But you believe in the identity
responsible for killing Kashmiri Pandits!
They died because of their own mistake.
This is bound to happen
if you oppress the minorities.
They aren't a minority, we are.
2% minority.
Minority amongst minorities.
We are being treated as refugees in
our own country since the past 30 years.
We are not refugees!
We are not minorities!
We are Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir!
This land belongs to us!
We have a right over it!
Grandpa, at least let
me finish cutting your nails.
We were 100% before they came.
They converted us.
We can proudly list our ancestors
all the way back to 25 generations.
Can they do that?
Even their surnames belong to us!
Kaul, Pandit, Bhatt, Mattoo.
Our Kashmir is the
land of Gods and Saints.
Our Kashmir is the land
where Shankaracharya meditated.
Our Kashmir is the land where
the Panchtantra was penned down.
What do you even know about Kashmir?
I know enough.
You have been telling me stories
of Kashmir ever since I was a kid.
Have you ever given this a thought?
If Kashmiri Pandits had
such a glorious history...
Then why did they convert?
Because they were terrorised!
Through the swords of the Sufis.
You will only concentrate on your studies.
No politics.
Politics has only one end...
So you want the fear of death
to make me a coward?
I feel very cold.
I feel very cold.
Bring me a kangri, please.
It's freezing cold.
Sorry, grandpa.
It has snowed in Habba Kadal. See.
Oh snow fall please,
Oh brother come please.
Oh snow... bring me a blanket,
I am shivering.
Oh snow...
See it has snowed in Baramulla too.
Also, in Shankaracharya.
I am shivering.
I am feeling cold.
You won't get into politics.
Oh snow fall please...
Oh brother come please.
Oh snow fall please.
It's quite cold.
I'm impressed.
It's been 30 years and you
still remember my favourite whiskey?
I appreciate it.
Tell me when.
That's it.
My Rum.
I thought you wouldn't remember.
No, I must avoid.
We are getting together after 30 years.
We should have at least one token drink.
I'll have one.
With soda and--
Anything for you, young man?
No sir, thanks. I'm good.
It's Durga.
Calling from US.
- She wants to say hello.
- Oh.
Remember him?
Oh my God, she's grown up.
Hi, Mahesh uncle.
Where are you now?
I'm in DC. Where are you now?
I'm in Houston.
We must meet up.
I am sure you'll recognise him.
Hi, kiddo.
Hi, Hari uncle.
Hello! Remember me?
- Toffee uncle!
- Right!
Good, good.
Hey! Cheers, Dad.
Thank you.
And that's Krishna.
- Who?
- Thank you.
Remember Pushkar uncle's grandson Shiva?
He's his younger brother.
- Hi, Krishna. How are you?
- Hello.
I am sorry to hear about Pushkar uncle.
That's okay.
And I have so many fond memories of Shiva.
We used to play a lot in the snow.
I miss him a lot.
- Life was unfair to him.
- Cheers.
Can you believe this?
One accident took my
entire family away from me.
Yeah, why?
Can I talk to Mom?
Mom? What?
Durga, I am sorry I didn't inform you.
I didn't get a chance.
Let's talk tomorrow, okay?
Okay. See you.
Why was your daughter so
shocked to hear about the accident?
Well, she doesn't know what
happened here after January 1990.
Do you have any pictures of my parents?
Yes, I do.
Pushkar used to dress up as Lord
Shiva for Maha Shivratri.
Which one of them are my parents?
Your Dad.
And Shiva.
Pushkar never told you?
He had said he left this place
empty-handed during the exodus.
He couldn't take anything along.
Almost everyone left empty-handed
during the exodus.
Some had to run with just one shoe on.
Stop, Doctor!
When 500,000 Pandits were killed and
made to run away,
That is not an exodus, it's a genocide.
Sorry sir, it was not a genocide, please.
Oh really?
What was it then?
Tell me.
Come on, tell me.
I would call it dirty politics.
And the fact is that only 200,000
Kashmiri Pandits left Kashmir.
And the unfortunate ones who died
were killed by Pakistani
militants and not Kashmiris.
Why should Kashmiris suffer for it?
So, Farooq Malik Bitta
is a Pakistani terrorist?
He was your grandfather
Pushkar's student.
Right. So just imagine...
Who turned these students into terrorists?
What else do you expect when innocent
boys are dragged behind cars
and blamed for rape, huh? What do you
expect these tortured people to do?
You expect them to worship us instead of
picking up guns?
No, sir. This is what will happen.
Tortured people, huh?
Kashmiri Pandits never
Picked up a gun.
So, what happened on the
night of 19th January?
My father died in a scooter accident.
He wasn't murdered!
If what you are saying is true,
then why didn't my grandpa tell me about it?
They were my parents!
Broken souls don't speak.
They must be heard.
Was my mother murdered as well?
If, yes, then where is my brother Shiva?
Why didn't he try to contact me?
Hmm? Either me or grandpa?
All of you know everything.
Except me.
What is the truth?
Please tell me the truth.
Was my mother killed and
thrown into the Jhelum River?
Or did they kidnap her
and take her to Pakistan?
What's the truth?
Indian agents!
Indian spies!
If you don't leave,
we'll set your houses on fire.
This is your last warning.
Only Islamic Law will be
followed in Kashmir henceforth!
Kashmir needs to be repopulated as
Pakistan with Hindu women, without their men.
Leave your wives behind, infidels!
Kashmir will be made Pakistan. Without
Hindu men, with Hindu women.
The great slogan is Allah is the greatest!
Convert, leave or die!
Convert, leave or die!
Convert, leave or die!
Convert, leave or die!
Convert, leave or die!
- The great slogan is Allah is the greatest!
- He's not upstairs.
The great slogan is Allah is the greatest!
The great slogan is Allah is the greatest!
The great slogan is Allah is the greatest!
The great slogan is Allah is the greatest!
Oh mother!
Pandit, if you hadn't been my teacher.
And if she wouldn't
have been your daughter-in-law...
Then I would have married her.
At least one infidel would have been converted.
(Baby Krishna crying)
Save my child, Doctor!
Save my child, Doctor!
- Hello?
- Terrorists have shot my son.
Come here with an ambulance right away.
Save my son.
Bandage his bullet wound
with a piece of cloth.
How many bullet wounds should I bandage?
I'll fall short of clothes
trying to bandage them all.
Come here with an ambulance immediately.
Yes, yes, Pushkar.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Wrap him with clothes.
He is still breathing.
He needs blood.
O Negative.
We haven't received a supply
of blood in a few days.
Then get it from someplace else.
O Negative is a rare blood group.
- With the curfew going on--
- Then use a patient's blood.
How can he use a patient's blood?
I am O Negative.
My blood group is O Negative.
I have started the blood transfusion.
Your brother will survive.
Listen carefully.
India's illegal occupation
over Kashmir ends today.
Only Allah's followers will
live on this holy land here henceforth.
Who will get to live here?
Allah's followers!
Who will get to live here?
Allah's followers!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I have given him enough blood.
I will decide when
he has had enough blood.
What are you doing?
He will die.
Your Army has shot at my brother.
They should know:
We will kill two for
every bullet they shoot at us.
Allah's decree:
No doctors or nurses will treat infidels.
Who will they not treat?
- Whose decree is this?
- Allah's!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
We have just learnt that Jammu and Kashmir's
Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah has resigned.
As you all know the situation
in Kashmir is very tense.
On one hand there is religious
tension and on the other hand...
This is so ironic.
Kashmir is believed to be heaven on Earth.
But the people who are turning it into hell
are doing so to ensure
their place in heaven.
It's all going to end, Laxmi.
India is slowly losing Kashmir.
My son has died, Brahma Dutt.
They have asked us
to leave Kashmir overnight.
Not just us, there are
500,000 more Kashmir Pandits.
Don't worry.
I'll do something.
You won't do anything, Brahma Dutt.
Even you are one of them.
When India will burn like Kashmir someday
Remember that you too had a hand in it.
I promise you. You will get justice.
What is...
Hello, Mr. Krishnan?
What's wrong?
No officer or minister is taking my calls.
Are they on leave or are they scared?
Kashmir is on fire!
Kashmiri Pandits are being
massacred in the streets!
Ask the Home Minister to send the planes,
otherwise by tomorrow--
I had personally given you
orders to protect Pushkar's family.
Then how did this happen?
Sir, we had orders from
you and from Commander Bitta.
You tell us,
whose order should we have followed?
You are fired!
Sir, they have left.
Kashmir will become Pakistan,
without Hindu Men, with Hindu Women!
Kashmir will become Pakistan,
without Hindu Men, with Hindu Women!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
I am taking you to
Anand Kaul Premi's place.
He's a poet.
He's friends with the Muslims.
He has often helped them.
A lot of families have
sought refuge at his place.
Look at how my Kashmir is burning.
You are reporting all this, aren't you?
You are reporting all this, aren't you?
Everyone in India should
know what we are going through.
Everyone will join in to support
us once they learnt about it.
They all left me.
You are the only one I can trust.
You will report all this, won't you?
It's a matter of a few days only,
Therefore, don't carry all of your stuff.
Our first priority must be to
protect the honour of our womenfolk.
We will come back.
All these murderers will
be punished for their crimes.
The Pakistani flag at Lal Chowk...
This child will remove
it and hoist India's flag there.
Our flag, your flag, my flag.
Once again Kashmir will
resound with the echoes of...
Hail... India!
Hail India!
Hail India!
Hail India!
Stay silent.
Don't make any sound,
let me see who that is.
Don't worry.
I have written many poems on them.
They consider me their own, don't worry.
They consider me as one of their own.
All girls come with me to the attic.
Let's hide there.
Hurry up.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
Farooq Bitta?
Hello, Mr. Kaul.
The situation outside is very bad.
I'd advise you to come with us.
We'll take you to a safe place.
But where?
You don't worry.
We'll bring you back as
soon as it's safe.
Father, you can't see properly at night.
Let me come with you.
With pleasure.
Two is better than one.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go, Mr. Kaul.
Come on, let's go.
- Militants! Militants! Militants!
- Shruti! Shruti! Shruti!
Having snatched my heart
you have gone far off,
Come, my love, my flowery Cupid.
Let us go, my friend, to gather Basil.
Wounding my heart with an axe,
He disdains to even inquire of me.
- Come, my love, my flowery Cupid.
- Mom, I am hungry.
Mom, I am hungry.
Having snatched my heart
you have gone far off,
Come, my love, my flowery Cupid!
Mom, I need to pee.
Stop the truck, please.
Driver, stop the truck please!
Driver, stop the truck.
I need to pee.
Come with me.
Come here.
Come with me, dear.
Come, be careful.
Give me the box.
- Do you have the Shawl?
- Yes, here.
Don't worry.
Remove your pajama and sit.
No one look.
Having snatched my heart
you have gone far off,
Come, my love, my flowery Cupid!
Let us go my friend to gather herbs.
Heartless people make fun of me.
That's Mr. Koul and his son!
The ones who are being called victims
were actually the privileged Pandits of Kashmir.
While Pandits were a
minority in Kashmir,
They had the sole right over government
jobs, financial aids and social benefits.
As a result, Kashmiri Muslims, the
majority, faced atrocities and oppression.
And it is because of
the monopoly of the Pandits...
The gap between rich Pandits
and poor Muslims widened.
When the educated youth of
Kashmir protested about it...
The Pandit's monopoly crumpled
and they decided to leave Kashmir.
This is Vishnu Ram
reporting live, from Kashmir.
Back to the Studio.
Pushkar was right.
Reporting fake news is not
as dangerous as hiding the truth.
I agree.
If the news can be faked,
you can only imagine what they
have done with our history.
Why didn't you report the truth?
Ask him.
Sir, I am asking you a question.
Why didn't you show the world
what was actually happening in Kashmir?
I didn't have the means.
We didn't have these
TV Channels that you have now.
There was no social media either.
Then how does everyone
know about Babri Masjid?
Delhi Sikh Massacre?
Bhopal Gas Tragedy?
How do people know about that?
These things happened back in 1984.
Six years before 1990!
The market is always open for
those who are ready to be sold.
What do you mean?
What are you trying to say?
Just come out with it.
I should know what you are talking about.
Krishna, you know, when we police officers
want to arrest a hard-core criminal
we first find out who his mistress is.
Do you know who goes
in bed with the terrorists?
It's them, the media.
You are crossing your limits, okay?
You wanted me to come out with it, right?
So here you go.
The media always addresses IS
and Al-Qaeda as 'Islamist Terrorists'.
But the Kashmiri terrorists of
Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba,
Hizbul Mujahideen and JKLF
are addressed as Rebels not Terrorists.
Even though IS, Al-Qaeda and
all the other terrorist organisations...
Have the same modus operandi,
crime and source of finance.
They all have the same aim.
They want to break
Kashmir away from India...
And have it declared
as The Islamic Republic of Kashmir.
And in this war their
invisible army is our media.
The day we Indians realise that,
people will drag the media out on
the street and beat the hell out of them.
Before you go pointing fingers at me,
tell me something,
You too were in a position
power back then, weren't you?
In fact, you were
more powerful than me.
Why didn't you do anything?
Because you too were in the market
to be sold.
Where was your courage back then?
How dare you!
How dare you question
my integrity and courage?
I fought with the terrorists, alone!
They threw a bomb at me! Not you!
I am the one who barely escaped death.
I didn't get the Padma Shri for no reason.
The Government gave you the
Padma Shri to buy your silence!
It is very easy to blame the media.
You can say whatever you want.
19 reporters have died in Kashmir so far.
Did anyone protect us?
Did anyone?
Who would protect a traitor?
Who are you calling a traitor, huh?
Who are you calling a traitor, huh?
- How dare you!
- You bastard!
- You...
- You're a bloody snake in the grass.
How dare you call me a traitor!
- You're a snake in the grass.
- How dare you call me a traitor!
How dare you call me a traitor!
Stop them, sir.
- Why aren't you stopping them?
- I'll strangle you.
They have been holding
it back for 30 years. Let it be.
I'll strangle you.
How dare you call me a traitor!
Vishnu! Control yourself.
- Why don't you stop them?
- Stop it!
Don't you dare!
This is an Info war, an advanced war,
a very dangerous war.
It's a war of narratives.
You know when the foreign
press comes to Kashmir,
they first contact the Pakistan
sponsored separatist network.
They are taken to a separatist location.
Where people are paid 500 rupees
to tell them stories of victimhood.
And you know who they use as their shield?
Women and children.
After that, they create
horrific images using Photoshop.
Clickbait headlines.
They make an Anti-India, Fascist India,
Oppressive India's narrative.
A narrative which has nothing
to do with history or politics.
It requires no home-work.
I had come here when Burhan Wani died.
You know where they
mourned for Burhan Wani?
The places where the international
press used to be.
Camera on, mourning begins.
Camera off, mourning stops.
The kids who threw stones
when the cameras rolled,
disappeared as soon
as the cameras switched off.
The lie travels the world by
the time the truth decides to step out.
That's why
The world doesn't know
the true story of Kashmiri Hindus.
You know what they did?
They didn't let the world forget what
they went through during the holocaust.
Why didn't Kashmir Pandits do the same?
Why didn't they tell the
world what they went through?
No one was ready to listen.
Mr. Pushkar Nath, you have cataract.
We will have to operate.
We'll change the lens as well.
Which lens would you prefer?
What do you mean?
We offer free consultation,
but you will have to pay for the lens.
It will be a discounted rate, of course.
There's a cheap one and an expensive one--
I'll take the cheap one.
Hear me out.
I told you, I want the cheapest one.
I can either use my pension to educate
my grandson or to buy the expensive lens.
You have diabetes.
There are high chances of
blindness or partial blindness.
What if you lose your eyesight?
I'll manage.
Education is more important.
I want more rice, Mom.
No, you shouldn't eat
too much rice at night.
Your stomach will start aching.
- Father?
- Yes
Have your dinner.
I am not hungry.
I've noticed you are
having only one meal a day.
I told you I don't feel
hungry in the evenings.
Where are you going?
I'll sleep outside.
Otherwise, he will be disturbed.
No, I won't be disturbed.
I snore a lot.
There are scorpions outside.
Scorpions are scared of your grandpa.
If I see one then
I'll hit it with my slipper like this.
Grandpa, you can't even
see clearly during the day.
How will you spot the
scorpions at night?
I'll see better than
you once I have the operation.
Then soon we'll go back to Kashmir.
All of us.
Me too.
Yes, you too.
I will travel the whole world,
But nothing will be as special to me
as you, my dear home.
My dear home, how I wish to
never step out of your doors.
I will travel a thousand miles,
But nothing will be as special to me
as you, my dear home.
We ran away to save our lives.
What constellation dawned on us
that we had to leave our home.
My dear home,
I will sacrifice everything for you.
How I wish to never
step out of your doors.
I will travel a thousand miles,
Nothing is as special to me as you.
My dear home,
I will sacrifice everything for you.
How I wish to never
step out of your doors.
I will travel a thousand miles,
Nothing is as special to me as you.
I will travel a thousand miles,
Nothing is as special to me as you.
My dear home,
I will sacrifice everything for you.
How I wish to never
step out of your doors.
I will travel a thousand miles,
Nothing is as special to me as you.
Nothing is as special to me as you.
Mother! Mother!
Mother! Mother!
Mother! Mother!
Mother! Mother!
Did any of you meet him after that?
It's quite late. I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
See you tomorrow.
I think I've had too much too.
We'll call it a day.
Goodnight, Laxmi.
You never met him again as well?
I did, once... in Jammu.
The Chief Minister
resigned on 18th January.
The new Governor joined
office on 20th January.
There was no government
in Kashmir for two days.
I was made the new
Advisor to the Governor.
Whether anyone believes it or not...
My priority was to bring
Kashmiri Pandits back to Kashmir.
No one from the Centre
ever visited the Jammu Camps.
After a lot of requests,
Home Minister agreed for a visit.
Move aside.
Go and wait at where I came from.
Good day, sir.
The situation is very bad.
People are dying from
scorpion and snake bites.
People are dying from diabetes,
sunstroke and hyper-tension.
Maximum people suffer from PTSD.
early menopause, abnormal menstrual cycle.
All in all,
5,000-6,000 people have died so far.
25-26 people live in a single tent, sir.
No one has money for medical treatment.
How will they go on like this?
And for how long, sir?
It looks like they
have been left here to die.
It's natural.
It's so hot out here, anyone will die.
This is the first time in 100 generations they
have stepped outside of Kashmir's cold climate.
Not stepped out, sir.
They were thrown out.
Now you can come one by one and
submit your requests to the Home Minister.
Sir, government gives 2 lakh rupees
to each terrorist for surrendering.
They in turn use that money to buy Kalashnikovs
at cheap rates to further kill innocent people
Then they again surrender and
treat themselves with two lakhs.
What does the government give us?
600 rupees. Is that even just?
Will our families survive
in mere 600 rupees. What is this?
We are scattered people.
Look at our condition in camps.
We live amidst snakes,
scorpions, stones.
In the cruel heat,
we languish in these tents.
We don't have any food, any education...
In Maharashtra Balasaheb
has allotted special quota...
For our kids in all the
engineering colleges.
Why can't the Central Government
do this all across India?
Any other requests?
I am used to applying
They don't have any in this camp.
Get him some immediately.
Okay, sir.
One more thing.
I have sent more than 100 letters to your
Office requesting removal of Article 370
but your office didn't
reply to a single letter of mine.
Look that is a different issue.
I am here to help you.
This is the only help I want from you.
Remove Article 370 and
rehabilitate Kashmiri Pandits.
Remove Article 370!
Remove Article 370!
Remove Article 370!
Remove Article 370!
Remove Article 370!
Remove Article 370!
Pushkar, it's me, Brahma.
Remove Article 370 and
rehabilitate Kashmiri Hindus.
Remove Article 370 and
rehabilitate Kashmiri Hindus.
Remove Article 370!
Remove Article 370!
Remove Article 370 and
rehabilitate Kashmiri Hindus.
Remove Article 370 and
rehabilitate Kashmiri Hindus.
I have made all the arrangements.
You will get a government
job at Nadimarg's Council Office.
There are a lot of Kashmiri
Hindu families residing there.
It is absolutely safe.
I have had a word with
the Council President.
You will be staying in his house.
You know how stubborn Father is.
He will only go back
to his own house in Kashmir.
When you have to climb Mt. Everest,
you have to take one step at a time.
I'll try to get him to agree with it.
No, you will have to convince him.
You have two kids.
You cannot ruin their future.
You want to go back to Kashmir, right?
Right, Shiva?
Hurry! Come on, fast.
What do you mean
the Prime Minister is busy?
No, I don't understand.
I want his direct number.
I'll call again tomorrow.
I told the man at the
Prime Minister's office.
If he doesn't call me tomorrow, I
will go to Delhi myself and talk to him.
Hey, you forgot to touch grandpa's feet.
We worship Goddess Saraswati,
Goddess of Knowledge, Sharda.
Your mother's also named Sharda.
You should worship her.
- When you will have no one
- Tell me as well.
Yes, son.
When you will have no one with you
And the darkness will surround you
She is the one who will guide you.
Krishna, you should take
your grandfather's blessings too.
Oh, my darling child!
I want to play too.
Shiva, why have you jumped in?
Come out, you dirty child.
You will spoil all your clothes.
Why did you jump?
Greetings, sir.
School was off so I thought
I'd go and inspect the surroundings.
With God's grace everything is
running smoothly.
Maulvi sir, I wanted to discuss
something important with you.
I am at your service.
Our kids need to learn science.
Why don't they teach
science in our school?
Let's not talk about the school.
Let's talk about you instead.
Nowadays, the situation is bad.
You should marry me.
Both you and your children
will get protection.
This is Vishnu Ram
Our special guest for
tonight is Farooq Malik Bitta.
This is a very bad man.
People have a lot to say about you.
After all who is Farooq Malik Bitta?
Freedom fighter.
You have been accused of
killing many Kashmiri Pandits.
How many have you killed?
I don't remember. 20, maybe 25.
Who was the first person you murdered?
Satish who?
Satish Kumar Tickoo.
Who was he?
A Pandit boy.
So, you killed him
because he was a Pandit?
He worked for the RSS.
So, it is a crime to work for the RSS?
The people you killed included
your neighbours, friends and teachers.
What about the Air Force killings?
Two innocent women died in that incident.
We are talking about a war here.
And everything's fair
when it comes to war.
He has managed to reach Delhi.
He will soon make his way
to the Prime Minister as well.
What if they'd asked
you to kill your brother?
I would have killed him.
And if they'd asked
you to kill your mother?
You would have killed her as well?
I would have.
Repeat after me, kids.
- This is Kashmir.
- This is Kashmir.
- We are Kashmiris.
- We are Kashmiris.
Kashmir's neighbouring countries are...
China and Pakistan.
China and Pakistan.
The council President will
be paying us a visit today.
What will you say if he asks
you what you want in this village?
What will you say?
Say it.
What do we want?
What do we want?
- Masjid!
- What do we want?
Your mom told me you didn't
eat your food today! Why?
I don't want to go to school.
Why don't you want to go to school?
I'm scared.
What is my boy scared of?
Of what's written on
the wall of our school.
What's written on the wall of your school?
Raliv, Galiv, Chaliv.
What do you think Raliv,
Galiv, Chaliv means?
Either convert to Islam,
or die or flee.
You are wrong.
Raliv, Galiv, Chaliv means:
Oh fear!
Either become my strength.
Or die. Or flee.
What does it mean?
Oh fear!
Either become my strength.
Or die. Or flee.
Repeat after me.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave.
Convert, die or leave!
Convert, die or leave!
Convert, die or leave!
Convert, die or leave!
Convert, die or leave!
Convert, die or leave!
Convert, die or leave!
Convert, die or leave!
Convert, die or leave!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
What they do can't be called
Kashmiriyat is what our
children are doing.
Freedom from hatred.
Freedom is no longer just a slogan.
It's a mantra.
- We want Freedom from federalism!
- Freedom!
- We want Freedom from Hindu ideologies!
- Freedom!
They want Freedom from India.
Freedom is a song of terrorism.
Afzal, we apologise!
Just like chanting Om
creates vibrations inside you,
The word 'Freedom' awakens
the revolutionary inside you.
Freedom is our right!
They kept chanting "Freedom"
when they were shooting at our children.
Do anything you want...
But never support the
ones who shout slogans of Freedom.
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
Freedom is a symbol.
It's an anthem of Free Kashmir...
Exactly like the Jana
Gana Mana of India.
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
It's happening.
You might not see it,
but it's happening.
The Prime Minister will write to me
when they remove Article 370.
He'll write:
"Mr. Pushkar Nath Pandit,
grandfather of Mr. Krishna Pandit."
"We have noted all your 6000 letters."
"We declare that you
are no longer a migrant."
"You can go back to Kashmir."
Dreams don't just come true.
You have to chase them.
We won't fly there.
We'll drive there.
I'll show you the Martand Temple,
Kheer Bhavani...
Habba Kadal, Rainawari, Shankaracharya...
Karan Nagar.
My maternal home was at 84, Karan Nagar.
Listen, I want you to fulfil my last wish.
Please Grandpa.
I want you to scatter my ashes
in my ancestral home in Kashmir.
I had 4 friends. You will find
their numbers in my phone.
Take them along with you.
The window of my room rots
from all the heavy snowing.
You should get it repaired.
My scooter,
Get that painted.
Its engine is new but get it painted.
Only 8,000 kilometers old.
And... oh yes, your school certificates.
Don't doubt.
Don't doubt. All will be fine.
Oh snow, fall please.
Oh brother, come to greet us
Impossible... impossible takes time...
But you must...
you must always keep hope.
The nightingale sings praises
of the Indian flora.
We will see.
We will see.
It is inevitable that we will see.
We will see.
That day that has been promised.
We will see.
What is written in the book of destiny.
We will see.
It is inevitable that we will see.
We will see.
And when the mountains of
oppression and cruelty.
Will blow away like carded wool.
Beneath our enslaved feet
The ground will echo like a thumping heartbeat.
And the sky over the heads of our rulers,
Will echo with the sound of thunder.
We will see.
Come join us Krishna.
We will see.
It is inevitable that we will see.
We will see.
What's wrong?
Krishna, any problem?
My grandfather passed away last night.
I have to go to Kashmir with his ashes.
- So sorry.
- So sorry, Krishna.
Sorry for your loss, Krishna.
I'm very sorry, Krishna.
I never got a chance to meet him.
But I am sure he was a good man.
He had dementia, ma'am.
All his life he kept fighting
for the removal of Article 370.
And he didn't even realise
when it was abrogated.
What about your speech?
But his grandfather just died.
Professor, I don't mean to sound rude but all
the preparations have been made for his speech.
And all the media has been informed.
What about that?
I'll be back by Saturday.
Krishna, we are fighting this election
based on the Kashmir issue.
So, it is a tough competition.
But we will not lose.
We have spent all our lives
keeping the Kashmir issue alive.
We cannot lose now.
In fact, this is the time
to demonstrate something.
Like what?
Go to Kashmir and record on your phone...
How Kashmir is under
attack by the state of India.
For 18 months there has
been no internet in Kashmir.
Record all this... everything.
Ma'am, people already know everything.
No, Krishna.
People only look at the newspaper,
they don't read it.
And they only hear the television news,
they don't understand it.
When people will see Kashmir's tragedy
through your eyes, they will believe it.
Ma'am, this is just
a small college election.
No, Krishna!
This is an election of
our existence and our narrative!
And we'll never allow Kashmir
to be an integral part of this country.
Even if we have to set a fire for it!
This is the time for justice, Krishna!
Hang on, ma'am. Hang on.
Hang on, please.
Actually, I am quite confused.
I don't know what is
right and what is wrong.
I don't know whether I should
fulfil my grandfather's dream...
Or fight for Kashmir along with you.
I don't know who is the
persecutor and who is the victim.
I don't know what justice is, ma'am.
- I don't know anything.
- I... I am sorry.
I am sorry, just sit.
Look, every system has a hierarchy.
Like in the college we
have Vice-chancellor, Dean...
Assistant Professors, Clerical Staff...
Similarly, there is a
hierarchy in oppression as well.
Everyone in this world
has faced some kind of oppression.
Some have a voice and have followers.
The ones who don't
have a voice have support.
Those who don't have support, have money.
Some have the Government supporting them.
Like the current government
is supporting the Pandits.
But there are some who don't
have any of these things.
They are just a number.
Like the Kashmiri Youth.
Hear their voice.
Be their voice.
This isn't just justice, Krishna.
This is real humanism.
In fact, I'll share a contact with you.
It is difficult to reach him,
but you can.
Meet him once and you'll have
the support of the entire ecosystem.
Ma'am, I had no idea that you
had such deep contacts in Kashmir.
They might run the Government, Krishna.
But we run system.
Wait, let me open it.
Look at that!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
I am sorry for everything, my friend.
We have failed you.
What do I say?
Hey Kashmiri Pandit,
look, you have finally come back home.
I told you,
you will make it back home one day.
You want to know about Kashmir,
make a video.
Do you know which animal all
scavengers love to feast on together?
This place... Our Kashmir.
Everyone wants a piece of it.
What's the difference between me and you?
There isn't any.
There is.
There is a vast difference.
Of an atom Bomb.
You have one.
Your media.
Your media has managed
to brainwash everyone
that we are terrorists. We are rapists.
Do I look like a terrorist to you?
Do I look like a rapist to you?
Look into his innocent eyes.
Does he look like a terrorist to you?
You have internet, we don't.
You have 4G network, we don't.
What is our fault?
They say that we have killed Pandits.
Utter nonsense.
A lie.
Our neighbour was a Pandit.
His son was my friend.
I have lost my friend.
You know my father helped
them when they were leaving.
But what did he get in exchange?
The army killed my father.
But I hold no grudges.
I have no regrets.
Because I still miss my friend.
His name was Shiva Pandit.
And what's your name?
Has the future President of ANU arrived?
Yes, sir.
Who lives here?
And why am I here?
How do you do, Mr. President?
Professor Radhika Menon mentioned
that your name is Krishna?
But you look like Arjun.
Say hello to Krishna.
Say hello to Krishna.
Hello Krishna.
Go to your mother
Don't worry.
You are safe here.
Whatever you have heard
or read about me is a lie.
In reality,
this is a conspiracy of the RAW.
Ours was a non-violent movement,
just like Gandhi's.
Convert, die or leave.
You shouted these slogans.
Kashmir will become Pakistan,
without Kashmiri men, with Kashmiri women.
Who had put these notices outside
the homes of Kashmiri Pandits?
It is a lie, brother.
More than 1,000 families were killed.
Who had ordered those killings?
You had.
And one of those families was mine.
You have heard their side of the story.
Now it's time you hear
our side of the story.
No one made the Pandits leave.
They left on their own.
Under the guidance of the
Governor and your host Brahma Dutt.
Some say that they ran away out of fear.
If the Kashmiri Pandits left on their own,
then they want to
come back on their own.
Why are you stopping them?
There are more than 10,000
Pandits still staying in Kashmir.
10,000 or 800?
Not just Pandits,
we also have Sikhs in Kashmir.
We all live in love and harmony.
This is what I am trying to say.
I won't allow colonies of
hatred to exist here.
If that is the case, why don't you
contest the election like the others?
Because I am freedom fighter,
not a tool of state like the others.
Let me tell you something
interesting, Krishna.
When the British Empire ruled this land,
they had a policy.
They called Congress a Pressure Cooker.
A Pressure Cooker.
You know why?
Because Rajguru,
Ashfaqullah, Azad, Bhagat Singh
Wanted to get India its independence
through an armed struggle.
Congress was known as Pressure Cooker.
So that political activities
also gets a political space.
That's why Gandhi's non-violent
democratic movement became successful.
You know who is playing
the role of a Pressure Cooker now?
We are.
But your Government is suppressing
this non-violent democratic movement.
Your Government
cannot tolerate this new-age Gandhi.
There is just one solution,
for everything.
You had two Prime Ministers,
Nehru and Atal Bihari.
The only wanted people to love them.
But what does your current
Prime Minister want?
He wants people to be scared of him.
Forget Kashmir and look
at your own country, India.
All the artists,
thinkers, students, political activists,
Muslims, Christians, Dalits... are scared.
They are petrified.
They live in fear.
And your master is
happy that people are scared of him.
You are also facing a case of sedition,
aren't you?
Do you deserve such a big punishment
for speaking the truth, Krishna?
Are you truly an enemy of the state?
Think Krishna.
If you will think about it, you will know,
whether I am terrorist,
or a freedom fighter.
You and I are the same, Krishna.
We have the same aim.
Freedom from oppression.
Here, have some Kahwa.
Krishna, I am pleased that despite being a
Pandit you have decided to support Allah.
Thank you.
By the way, I know who killed
your mother and your brother.
People must have said that I killed them.
But that is a lie.
He was my teacher.
I was his student.
Sharda was like a sister to me.
This is what their policy is.
Their war policy.
Do all the damage.
Do all the murders and
rapes and blame us for it.
So that they can continue with
their illegal reign over Kashmir.
Who's 'They'?
The ones who killed your
mother and your brother.
Indian Army.
Let's go!
Who did you go to meet?
Some friends.
Whose friends?
Friends of the enemies of India,
or the friends of those
who murdered your parents?
I know the truth.
Like who killed my parents and my brother.
I know why my grandfather always
hid the truth from me
And why all
of you lied to me.
Lied to you?
You all have spun a web of
lies in order to avoid the plebiscite.
In order to illegally rule Kashmir.
You and your system have not only illegally
and unconstitutionally killed my parents
But you have also killed
Kashmir's past, present and future.
You guys are murderers, sir.
Is this what they told you?
And you believed it?
You know why?
Because you have been brainwashed.
You are misguided.
You are a coward.
A coward.
And cowards cannot distinguish
between the truth and the lies.
- Please don't decide for me.
- Stop!
Have you ever seen a
bullet pierce through a chest?
One doesn't scream like
they show it in the movies.
He stops breathing.
Have you seen anyone getting burned?
What oozes out from their
body is not blood but pus, white pus.
There is spine-chilling
silence everywhere.
And then piercing through
that silence you hear slogans:
Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom!
The ones shouting these slogans
and celebrating are your executioners.
Have you witnessed
such a horrific experience?
You haven't.
We have seen it.
That's why you cannot differentiate
between the truth and the lies.
That's why you don't feel disgusted
while raising the 'Freedom' slogan.
That's why Kashmiri Pandits have
still not got the justice they deserve.
All because of traitors like you.
You want to know the truth?
Do you have the courage?
Look at this!
Look at this!
Look at this!
This contains the truth of your mother,
your father and your brother.
That you and your
friends hid from the world!
What is justice?
This entire game is one of hope.
That's why they want you to be hopeless.
They achieve that by misleading you,
killing you.
As long as even one Kashmiri
Pandit's heart beats for India,
As long as it yearns
to go back to Kashmir,
They cannot win.
And that's why you need
to win this game of hope.
And that victory will be
True Justice.
We will see.
We will see.
It is inevitable that we will see.
We will see.
That day that has been promised.
That is written in the book of destiny.
We will see.
It is inevitable that we will see.
We will see.
And only Allah's name will remain.
And only Allah's name will remain.
Who is both elusive and present.
Who is the spectacle and the beholder,
'I am the truth' will be the acclamation.
'I am the truth' will be the acclamation.
Which I am and so are you.
And then God's own people will rule.
Which I am and so are you.
We will see.
We will see.
We will see.
We will see.
My young friends of India,
There is no internet in Kashmir!
Children are being put in jails!
Kashmir is under attack!
Now we will see.
The way minorities
are being persecuted there.
The constitution is being murdered.
And here is a Government that's saying,
"Everything is fine".
But we won't tolerate this lie anymore.
We won't!
Now we shall see.
And we shall see it tonight itself.
But the true story of Kashmir.
And the promised truth.
Will be shown to us by
So, let's give it up for
our Presidential candidate...
Krishna Pandit!
Vote for Krishna!
Vote for Krishna!
Vote for Krishna!
Vote for Krishna!
My God, what an applause!
Krishna, the world is waiting
witness the truth about Kashmir.
And now the stage is all yours.
Tell us what you saw in Kashmir.
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
I saw an open sky.
Under the sky,
There is a paradise surrounded
by the beautiful Himalayan ranges.
And in that paradise a sage visits
and meditates in the mountains for years.
Meditates meaning research.
He researches so that he can
Spread this knowledge across the world.
That Sage was none
other than Rishi Kashyapa.
And it was him after whom this
paradise was named...
Good opening.
Very inclusive.
Then I saw Shankaracharya
walk there all the way from Kerala.
Kerala to Kashmir.
He didn't own a Pushpak Viman,
a flying chariot, so he literally walked.
He too researched in
the Himalayas for years
Because the philosophy he was doing his
research on was only possible in a paradise.
Just like our best researchers, scientists,
students go abroad for higher education
The best of the minds across
India went to Kashmir
And became Pandits of their fields.
Pandits like PhD holders.
I saw that Abhinav Gupta and
Utpaladeva were researching on philosophy.
Laugakshi was researching on Astronomy.
He was the first astronomer in the world.
Charaka and Vagbhata
were researching on Ayurveda.
Sushruta - Medical science,
Panini - Grammar,
Vateshwara - Trigonometry,
Suyya - Hydraulic Engineering,
Jayanta Bhatta - Law,
Kalidasa and Rudrata - Sanskrit Literature,
Bhama - Aesthetics,
Sharngadeva - Musicology,
Vasugupta and Somananda - Advaita,
Kalhana - History,
Vishnu Sharma - Moral Science,
Yes, he wrote the Panchatantra.
I witnessed King Lalitaditya's
bravery and courage.
I heard Lalleshwari's poems.
The movies, TV, theatre, web series,
Basically everything
we watch on Netflix, drama.
The science behind this drama,
also known as the Fifth Veda,
Was penned by Bharat Muni in Kashmir.
I saw these millions of scholars
turning Kashmir into a true paradise.
Kashmir became the seal of quality.
That's why the Greeks said,
Kashmir is the cradle of civilization.
Kashmir was the Silicon
Valley of the first millennium.
It's just mythology!
It's all a lie!
Don't worry,
I think this is all a build-up.
It is a lie.
That's what I think as well.
Because we were never taught
about it in a school or a college.
It was never a part of
our mainstream history books.
It's a lie, right?
That's why it wasn't taught to us.
If this is a lie then why
did the Buddhists come to Kashmir?
Why did Nagasena and Ravigupta go there?
They went there because Kashmir
was the Centre of Knowledge.
This Info War,
war of knowledge isn't something new.
It has been going on for centuries.
If it had been a lie, Islamic Tyrants would
have never invaded Kashmir in the 1300s.
They invaded Kashmir because they knew that
Kashmir was the world's centre for knowledge.
And the one who can control
the knowledge can rule the world.
But there was a problem.
You can seize the land,
But how do you seize the free minds
of the evolved Pandits, I mean Scholars.
That resulted in a new game plan.
The tyrants sent armed soldiers
to convert these Pandits.
They forced them to convert.
And the ones who wouldn't
agree to convert were butchered.
These are the same people
who were persecuted.
And Kashmiris gave them refuge.
Hey! What kind of rubbish is this?
This isn't rubbish!
This is the exact description in Shamsu'd-Din
Muhammad Araqi's biography Tohfatu'l Ahbab.
Do you know who Araqi was?
You are studying in India's topmost
university but you don't know who Araqi is?
How would you know about him?
No one taught you anything about him.
We all know about Hitler.
Araqi was an Islamic Tyrant who was
A lot more dreadful than Hitler.
His sole intention was to destroy
the temples and shrines of infidels.
To put an end to their
traditions and rituals.
To destroy innovations
made by the Pandits.
Someone just told me,
"Come on dude,
Nazis killed 1000 Jews every day."
"I have never heard any
such thing happening in Kashmir."
Well, hear this.
Under Araqi and his
PM Musa Raina's order
1,500-2,000 infidels
were captured every day.
They would cut their
sacred Hindu thread,
They were made to read the Kalma,
the declaration of faith,
They were circumcised
and forced to eat beef.
All this was done by their soldiers.
The ones we know as Sufis and Dervishes.
Hitler used concentration camps
and Araqi used Qahran and Zabran.
It means Force and Compulsion.
You know who described this?
Araqi's own son.
And if you want the original manuscript,
it is available in Research and Publications
Department of Jammu and Kashmir State,
Under Accession Number 551.
Must read.
This is all a lie!
Kashmir's truth is so true
that we always think that it's a lie.
In this "Independent" India...
In this "Democratic" India...
In this "Secular" India,
They were once again
ousted with swords and guns.
Convert! Die! Leave!
Convert! Die! Leave!
Do you know what this means?
Raliv means Convert!
Chaliv means leave!
Galiv means Die!
Convert! Leave! Or die!
This was their seventh exodus.
And this wasn't an ordinary exodus.
This time it was a genocide.
And the story doesn't end here.
They faced yet another genocide.
And neither Araqi nor the Terrorists
nor the State were responsible for it.
But you and I were responsible for it.
You! You! You!.
All of you!
When we decided to remove them
from our hearts and our minds.
And this was the real genocide!
This is a lie! There was no real genocide.
We don't want your fake propaganda!
Listen Krishna,
don't preach, tell us what you saw.
If we haven't read about it,
it's not a part of our history.
If we haven't seen it, it hasn't happened.
So, there was no real genocide in Kashmir.
If anyone tries to tell the truth,
you say, "Don't Preach!"
Now he will prove
his own hypothesis wrong.
I don't bet on ordinary horses.
The knowledge because of which Kashmir
was known as the Cradle of Civilisation
was never treated
as a National Heritage by us.
Now this Knowledge Centre of India
is on the verge of extinction.
And we aren't even aware of it.
Say "Shame! Shame! Shame!"
Why did we divide the dead?
Why were the ones who died
known as Kashmiris and not Indians?
They didn't just kill Kashmiri
Pandits in the year 1990.
They killed all moderate Muslims as well.
And not just them,
Sikh, Buddhist, Christian,
Dogra, Gujjar, Dalit
Whoever raised a voice
against terrorism was killed.
They even killed the soul of Kashmir.
Theatre. Art. Music. Literature...
Everything was banned.
In 1996, one cinema hall dared to open
its shutters, and they opened fired in it.
People died.
So many Temples were destroyed,
set on fire.
Were they just Temples?
Were they just Shrines?
Weren't they pieces of
India's finest architecture?
Weren't they a symbol
of Indian history?
Weren't they India's Spiritual Centers?
Isn't destroying Indian Architecture,
Indian Heritage Centers,
Indian Spiritual
Centers a cultural genocide?
Stop this rhetoric, talk facts or shut up.
Shut up!
Let him talk.
- I want to listen.
- Me too!
Speak up, Krishna!
Speak up, Krishna!
Speak up!
In a television interview,
Bitta had openly accepted
That he had killed 20 innocent people.
Yet someone who has killed
Air Force Officers in broad daylight
Gets invited to India's topmost office.
Won't you call that
an Administrative Genocide?
Where will you go after
this function is over?
Your home?
No one can dare stop us
from going back to our own homes.
But will Kashmiri Pandits ever get an
opportunity to go back to their homes in Kashmir?
Is this Justice?
I am just a student.
The so-called Youth of India.
The Future.
I don't know much about the world.
But I certainly know that a nation
where they there is no Right to Justice.
Can never be the Universal Guru.
Professor Radhika Menon.
You once told me that
every story has a villain.
Yes, it is true.
And there is no villain worse than the one
Who takes a mother away from her child.
The country where you are
born is known as your motherland.
So yes, Kashmir is my mother.
My mother's name was Sharda.
This is her story.
My brother's name was Shiva.
This is his story.
But this is not just
the story of my mother.
It is the story of your mother as well.
Now let's watch something
I have never seen before.
Then you can decide who the culprit is.
Who should be punished?
And in the end,
Place a hand on your heart and decide,
How do you plan to repent for this,
And what is your definition of humanism?
What is that An-Al-Haq?
What is that Lauh-e-azal?
"This day that was promised to us!"
"We will see,"
Now we will all see.
Indian Army.
We have received news that there is going
to be a terrorist attack on the Pandits.
We need the names and address
of all the Pandits in this area.
Now listen carefully.
- You will all leave this village.
- Yes, Sir.
Now this station is under our command.
Take all the weapons.
Indian Army!
All the Pandits, please step outside.
We are the Indian Army.
We are the Indian Army.
- Father, it's the security force.
- Please step out.
I think Brahma uncle has sent them.
- I'll go and check.
- Please step outside.
We are here for your protection.
We are here to protect you.
- Come on, hurry up.
- Please, please.
We are the Indian Army.
Come on out.
We are here to protect you.
- Come with me.
- All the Pandits, please step outside.
This way please.
Keep moving.
Everyone, please step outside.
Everyone, please step outside.
We are here to protect you.
Look after him, I'm coming.
You don't need to be scared.
Keep moving.
Go on.
We are the Indian Army.
We are here to protect you.
Keep moving.
Please stand in a circle.
All the Pandits,
please stand in a circle.
All the Pandits,
please stand in a circle.
Listen carefully.
Only Kashmiri Pandits will stay here.
Others will step back.
Only Kashmiri Pandits will stay here.
Others will step back.
What are you doing?
They are not the Indian Army.
- They are...
- Father!
Father! Father!
Father please get up.
No. Father please get up.
Let's escape.
What do you want?
There should be someone to tell the
world of what conspired here today.
Mr. Pandit, I want you to go and tell everyone
in India what you witnessed here today.
Oh mother!
No Father!
Bloody Hindu!
Krishna stay here. I'm coming.
Stay here.
Play with this rice.
I'm coming.
Stay here.
Shiva escape!
- Shiva escape!
- Mom!
Shiva escape!
Shiva, run away!
Shiva, run away!
Shiva! Shiva!
That day I made you eat the rice
drenched in your husband's blood.
Want to have some drenched
in your son's blood?
Oh, infidel witch, may your
beautiful hair burn, you broke my heart.
Today, we shall make them
witness such terror
That no infidel would dare to
step on the sacred land of Kashmir again!
Maulvi sir.
Tell us, how should we treat an infidel?
Tell us!
Unbearable, is it?
Shiva, run away...
Shiva, run away...
Shiva, run away...
Now you will witness something
Like never before.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
My mother...
Keep moving!
Keep moving!
Keep moving!
Keep moving!
Keep moving, you bastards!
Keep moving!
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7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24.