The Keeping Hours (2017) Movie Script

[soft piano music]
[indistinct chatter]
You nervous?
Jacob, are you hiding?
[footsteps thumping]
- Jacob?
- [rattling]
I wonder where Jacob could be.
- [shouts]
- Hey!
- [laughs] I got you.
- Yeah, you got me.
What are you doing up in the attic? You
know you're not supposed to be up here.
I, um, was hiding.
Yeah. Well, why don't
we get your best-man clothes on
- so we can get this show on the road.
- No thank you.
- Whoa!
- [grunts]
Hey, hey, hey. The sooner
we get this over with,
the sooner we can
all have cake.
I don't wanna wear the tie.
You're gonna look
really good with the tie on.
You're gonna look like me.
Then I want two...
- pieces of cake.
- Deal.
And I want a real train set,
with lights, bridges and houses.
You drive a hard bargain.
Let's go get married.
And now, Mark and Elizabeth
will recite their vows.
No pressure, just pretend
like we're not here.
I, uh...
Uh, summer before law school
I spent half my financial-aid
money on a really expensive bike,
and then I crashed it
in some middle-of-nowhere trail,
but was lucky,
because there was this beautiful
girl out hiking that day.
- Me.
- And she gave me her whole pack of Life Savers.
And kissed me...
to take my mind
off the pain.
Thank you
for saving my life.
I vow to make it up
to you every day.
I was kinda hoping you'd vow
to fix up this house.
- [laughter]
- Yeah, all right. I'll do that, too.
- And Elizabeth.
- Oh.
Hold that.
We had, um,
eight years,
one child,
one unrealized dream house,
your law school, and my MFA to think
about this whole marriage thing,
and now I don't know
why it took us so long,
because there is no me
without you.
Is that it?
Are we married? [chuckles]
- OK.
- [Mark] All right?
Thank you.
- [man] And now, by the power vested in me
- It fits.
- by the Church of Universal Life and the Internet,
- Come here.
I finally pronounce you
husband and wife,
- and you're already kissing the bride,
- [cheers and applause]
So my work here is done.
Time for cake!
[both] Cake!
[chatter and laughter]
[dance music playing]
[slow music playing]
Time for the honeymoon?
Yeah, it's time
for the honeymoon.
Are you sleeping?
Are you sleeping?
Brother John,
Brother John
Morning bells are ringing,
Morning bells are ringing
Ding, dang, dong
Ding, dang, dong
Are you sleeping?
Are you sleeping?
Brother John,
Brother John
Morning bells are ringing,
Morning bells are ringing
Ding, dang, dong
Ding, dang, dong
[cell phone vibrating
and chiming]
[chiming stops]
[treadmill beeps]
New interns?
I am so sorry.
It's parent-teacher
conference day
and I-I totally
missed the memo.
But my sister's on
her way in to get them.
Guys. [snaps fingers]
[cymbals clinking]
Is that my monkey?
Um, Riley, we don't take
things that are not ours, OK?
That-that belongs to Mr. Bennett,
so let's please bring it inside.
Go on.
Thank you.
Sorry about that.
That's good, thank you.
[elevator dings]
[PA chatter]
- [door opens, shuts]
- [Mark] Hi, Dad.
It's me. It's Mark.
I know. I know
my own son when I see him.
Why you eating this crap?
It's all sugar.
I thought you moved away.
I did, Chicago.
But I'm back.
Been back a year.
- How you doin'?
- I'm up for a promotion. Head of the department.
Not sure I'm gonna take it,
I don't know if I wanna
manage a whole department.
You're retired, Dad.
- You don't have to manage anything.
- [TV chatter]
That woman looks
just like Elizabeth.
[woman on TV] Up next,
author Elizabeth Wells
celebrating a remarkable year
- on the bestseller list...
- [Mark] It is Elizabeth.
A Year By The Sea.
Now, Elizabeth,
are you surprised...
What's she doin' on TV?
- She wrote a book.
- Well, that's wonderful.
How is she?
We're divorced, Dad.
We've been divorced
for six years.
I hope you're not letting her
raise that boy all alone,
because a boy
needs his father.
Jacob's dead.
Seven years.
Seven years ago today.
[cell phone vibrating]
Hey, Gary, what's up?
[Gary] Hey, buddy,
how's it goin'?
Uh, look, I got
some bad news for you.
Your tenants moved out
in the middle of the night
and managed to trash the place
before they went.
They just moved in.
Gary, what is so hard
about finding a nice,
long-term tenant?
What can I say? People are pigs.
Do you want me to list it again?
I can get a crew
in there to clean up.
- Sell it.
- You sure?
Let me stop by, pick up
some stuff out of the attic.
I'll call you when I'm done.
- [reel buzzing]
- [grunts]
- Ow.
- [boy] Shoot!
Hey! Hey.
- [woman] What? What is going on?
- Oh!
Huh? [gasps]
Oh, my God! Are you OK?
I'm so sorry.
I promised to take him fishing.
- It's totally my fault...
- That's not a toy.
Can I get you a Band-Aid?
Have you had a tetanus shot
in the last ten years?
You might wanna get
a tetanus shot.
[rock music playing]
[dog barking]
[music shuts off]
[electronic humming]
[crackling, humming stops]
- [door slams]
- [footsteps pattering]
[electricity crackling]
[footsteps running]
[pounding on door]
[woman] Peggy!
- Peg?
- What?
Hey. Uh, is Peggy around?
No. Peggy is not around.
Who are you?
I'm Janice.
I come in peace.
You know when she'll be back?
- Never, by the look of things.
- [dog barks]
She and her boyfriend, Steve,
trashed the place and
skipped out on the rent.
- Are you the landlord?
- Owner.
You know where I can find
Peggy and Steve?
No. I had their number
in my phone
but it bricked when I tried
to upgrade my operating system,
that is why I stopped by.
All right.
Good night.
Well, is everything, um...
OK? You know, with the house?
Well, you said it was trashed, and
I noticed the broken windows.
What can I say?
People are pigs.
Yeah, well, just in case
you need to reach me,
here's my card.
I'm a medium.
I was doing some consulting
for Peggy and Steve, you know.
So if you feel like
you need some consulting,
- then you know where to reach me.
- Great.
I also walk dogs.
You got dogs?
No dogs.
Good night.
- Hey...
- [door shuts]
Good night.
[line ringing]
[recording] You've reached
Elizabeth Wells,
please leave a message
and I'll return your call.
- [beeps]
- Uh, hi.
Um, Elizabeth, Mark here.
I wanted to let you know that
I'm finally selling the house.
Uh, there's a lot of stuff
up in the attic.
Uh, figured you might
want some of it.
So why don't you call me back
on this number, and...
- [loud boom]
- [gasping]
[breathing heavily]
["The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
by Roberta Flack playing on radio]
The first time
- Ever I saw your face
- [clattering]
I thought the sun
Rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars
Were the gifts you gave
To the dark
And the endless skies,
my love
To the dark
- Daddy.
- [yells]
[breathing shakily]
Mark, I've been trying
to call you.
- What...
- My phone is dead.
- And there are some pictures on here that I need.
- All right.
I will take care of it.
I'm sure it won't be a problem.
Listen... No, no, no.
Don't go in there yet.
Kate's in the conference room
with everyone already, OK?
They've been waiting for you.
Mark, are you all right?
OK. Um...
Eat these.
I'll tell 'em
you'll be right in, OK?
[woman] We know your project
is on an accelerated schedule
with extensive
environmental issues.
Our firm is prepared to
represent your interests
at every level of local
and state government.
Mark actually has a lot of
expertise in the area,
he used to counsel
the other side.
[clears throat]
[exhales sharply]
Hey, new phone.
They couldn't bring
your old one back to life,
but they recovered
all your data.
Thank you.
Y-you're welcome
Thanks for those Goldfish,
and the Band-Aids.
How is your shoulder?
Are you OK?
Listen, I would appreciate it
if you asked your kid not
to play in my house anymore.
- Dash? In your house?
- Yeah.
No, no.
He... he stays here.
Sometimes he plays
out in the yard, but...
Well, someone was running around
in my attic last night.
Um, maybe you have rats.
[clears throat]
[Jacob whooshing]
- [whoosh]
- [grunts]
Where's Mommy?
Where's Mommy?
[children chattering]
- [woman speaking Spanish]
- [child giggling]
- Elizabeth.
- Mm-hmm?
- Someone's here.
- Hmm?
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Mark.
- I, uh... I called you.
- Wow. Um...
Did you get my messages?
I'm not sure.
I've just... I've been, um...
Who is he?
Oh, um...
Emma, Isabelle,
this is my friend, Mark.
- OK... OK.
- [Mark] Just five minutes.
I'm gonna go over there.
Will you stay with Marta?
[Marta] Come, nias.
If it's about the house,
you don't need my permission.
I need to talk to you.
Look, I don't really
have time to chat.
It's your house now,
you bought me out.
I need you to
come out there with me.
I-I'm busy, Mark.
I-I'm working.
I have a deadline.
- I have the girls.
- It's important.
Elizabeth, it's about Jacob.
- [giggling]
- I don't need things to remind me of my son.
It's been six years.
- I don't ask you for anything.
- OK.
Um, obviously there's something
going on with you.
Whatever it is,
I-I hope it works out.
Sell the house or
don't sell the house,
you do whatever
you need to do, OK?
Goodbye, Mark.
Girls, are you almost
ready for lunch?
I tried.
But your Mommy's...
on a trip.
So she can't see you right now,
but... she told me
to bring you a present.
You wanna see it?
Army men.
You always wanted army men,
we never let you have them
because they're violent,
and barbaric, and
probably toxic, but...
all that seems
pretty stupid now, so...
[can opens]
Army men.
[mimics gunfire]
All right, Mr. Bananas...
it's me or you.
[mimics gunshot]
[mimics horn fanfare]
Early-onset dementia.
Accidental mescaline ingestion.
Drunk. You're drunk.
I lied.
I want the stuff.
Cool. Good.
Come in.
Um... you want a drink?
Nice army men.
Thank you.
I thought
you stopped drinking.
I did, mostly.
I did.
I just want the stuff,
Is this it? Did you already
take what you wanted?
- [rumble]
- [clattering]
- I gotta show you something.
- What are you doing?
- I gotta show you this.
- Mark.
Mark, stop it!
Boo, Mommy!
Wait! That was him!
That-that was Jacob.
Hey, he was there!
You didn't see him?
You're sick, Mark.
You get yourself some help.
- [car door shuts]
- [engine revs]
- [footsteps]
- [door shuts]
[ball bouncing]
[boy] Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I know I'm not supposed
to be in your house,
but the door
was wide open.
And I wanted to see
if you were dead.
- [sighs]
- [liquid pouring]
She hit you really hard.
I'll live.
Keep your hands up in front
of your face, like this,
if she wants to fight again.
Who taught you that?
My taekwondo teacher.
It's a good tip.
Is she your girlfriend?
My wife.
We're divorced.
My parents are divorced.
I don't see my dad.
He doesn't like kids.
I'm sure that's not true.
I don't think
you like kids either.
I like kids.
Why don't you have any?
I did.
I had a son.
He died when he was five.
My cat died last year.
He had eye cancer.
What happened to your son?
[siren wailing in the distance]
Car crash.
It was raining,
I swerved,
he was thrown from his booster
seat and his head hit the glass.
It happened fast.
I always wear my seatbelt.
Even on the school bus. All the
other kids make fun of me.
Fuck 'em.
[Amy] Dash!
Time for school.
OK, don't-don't tell
my mom I'm here!
So, uh, you're a dog walker
slash medium, huh?
I walk dogs on the side.
It's good money,
it's steady work.
Plus, dogs are awesome,
unlike people.
So what's goin' on?
I saw my dead son
in the house.
You saw him?
- You didn't conjure him, did you?
- No.
You have a brain tumor or some
other terminal condition?
Not that I'm aware of,
Family history
of mental illness?
My father has dementia.
Technically that's a cognitive
disorder, not a mental illness, so...
What did he want?
Wh-what did you talk about?
It wasn't exactly a
conversation, but, uh...
He wants his mother.
Well, bring her to him.
I tried, and, um...
she didn't believe it was him.
Then I guess it's up to you.
What is up to me?
Your son is dead.
So what is he doing here,
in the land of the living?
Maybe he's lost, maybe
he has some unfinished business.
What kind of unfinished business
could a five-year-old have?
How should I know?
I'm not a child psychiatrist.
The point is he needs you
to help him move on.
What if I don't want him
to move on?
Your son does not
belong here.
He's lost, and
he needs something from you.
You need to ask him
what he wants, be direct,
and then give it to him.
Good luck.
- Hey.
- [gasps]
My room's all back.
My fort!
You made this train.
I remember.
I stayed up all night sanding it
so I could give it to you
on your birthday.
Can I ask you something?
Do you know why you're here?
I lived here.
Do you need
something from me?
You promised me
you would get me
a real train set,
that runs by itself, with bridges,
lights, and little houses.
- I did?
- At the wedding.
That rings a bell.
When's Mommy coming back?
[whispers] Hey.
It might just be
you and me for a while, buddy.
Mommy can't see you
like I can.
Yes, she can.
She's just afraid.
[children chatter]
- I just wanna talk.
- Talk to a shrink.
Please come back
to the house with me.
You don't believe in God,
now you believe in ghosts?
He says you knew
it was him.
You were drunk.
But you weren't.
I can't explain it.
I don't know why he's here.
But he is.
And he's asking for you.
You can't touch him.
["Are You Sleeping?" chiming]
I knew you'd come.
you can't touch him.
- [whoosh]
- [gasps, grunts]
How is this possible?
- What?
- Again?
- Yeah.
- OK.
[continues playing]
I don't understand.
I mean, what?
I know.
He's got his little tooth,
he never...
He never lost his tooth.
Yeah, he's got
that sweet tooth.
Oh, my God.
He's so funny,
isn't he?
He is. Yeah, he is.
[Mark chuckles]
I guess I'll, um...
get some stuff and
come back in the morning.
I'm, uh, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna tell Smith that I need
an office outside the house,
and I'm-I'm working on
a follow-up to my book, so...
um, so maybe we can switch off.
I can-I can take the days, since
you have to go to the office,
and you can have the nights
and the weekends, OK?
What else should we make?
- Rocket ship.
- Rocket ship?
- Yep, rocket ship.
- Rocket ship it is.
OK, here it comes.
[mimics rocket ship]
OK, there's the-that part.
The jets.
Now we need some fire
at the bottom.
- OK.
- And some boosters.
Some boosters.
What do you think?
It looks more like
a popsicle.
- [Mark] I was gone for a few days.
- Five days.
120 billable hours.
So what's going on?
You've been with us
for how long, six years now?
Three different cities.
You're a machine.
I love that.
But I have to be able
to depend on you.
- [Mark] How did it go today?
- [Elizabeth] Good.
- He was really good.
- [humming]
So you taking off?
I'll see you tomorrow.
You used to make monsters
on the wall with your hands.
Like this?
Woof, woof!
- [howls]
- [giggles]
- [laughter]
- Here's my two-mouthed bull dog.
[Elizabeth and Jacob
chattering indistinctly]
You're supposed
to be at work.
- I quit.
- You quit?
So, what, you're just
planning to...
Spend some time here.
As long as he's here,
I'm gonna be with him.
What's, uh,
what's goin' on up there?
What's he up to today?
What's the problem? Can't stand
to be in the same house with me?
I need time.
That's the problem.
You don't get to take him
away from me again.
I'm not taking him away.
What are you talking about?
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
You took him away from me.
You wouldn't talk about him.
You put away his pictures. You
wouldn't celebrate his birthday.
- Because he was gone.
- You put everything
into a little box and
you wouldn't let me in.
You forgot him.
You just sat in your chair
and drank your whiskey
and you forgot everything.
I didn't forget.
- You left me all alone.
- No. That was you.
You're the one who left.
You walked out that door
and never came back.
Because I didn't wanna watch you
drown yourself in denial.
But I didn't drown, did I?
Maybe it wasn't pretty
and spiritual and poetic,
but I got through just fine.
You wanted to punish me,
you still do.
- What are you talking about?
- It wasn't my fault!
- So it was my fault?
- Yes!
- Because I swerved for a dog.
- You were driving too fast!
- It was raining!
- Well, you should've hit the goddamn dog!
How hard is it to buckle
a goddamn seatbelt?
- [boom]
- [both gasping]
[footsteps approaching]
I want it to be like before.
- OK.
- OK.
[Mark] We'll clean it up.
No. I want you
to be like before.
Hold hands.
Now you could
read me a story.
"No sooner had Pinocchio
got into bed,
then he fell asleep at once
and began to dream.
And he dreamt that he was
in the middle of a field,
and the field was full of vines
covered with clusters of gold coins.
And as they swung in the wind,
they went, 'zin, zin, zin, '
almost as if they would say, 'Let
who will come and take us.'"
- OK.
- OK?
That's enough.
- How'd you get cut?
- Hmm?
Your neck is cut.
God, I loved this house.
Me too.
Oh, come on.
No, you didn't.
You hated this house.
You're wrong.
I just felt bad
that I never fixed it up.
I'm sorry.
I didn't wanna leave.
I just felt like
I didn't have a choice.
No more sleeping
Time to get up,
Time to get up
Oh, hey.
Monkey, no jumping.
Why not?
You're right.
Why not jump on the bed?
Maybe we should both
jump on the bed.
Why don't we both
jump on the bed?
- [grunting]
- No, you're too big!
- You're gonna break it.
- Yeah, you're right.
Good call.
- Hey, buddy.
- What?
did you do that?
Did you break the glass
and throw the toys?
You can't do that
It's dangerous.
Someone could get hurt.
You shouldn't fight.
We're working on it.
I'm serious, Jacob.
No more wigouts, OK?
I pushed the button.
It's OK.
Just don't do it again.
- Rematch!
- Whoa! Whoa!
- Whoa, whoa!
- [giggles]
[Mark] Rematch!
- Oh, my God!
- What's up?
I started this list
before he was born.
All the things
I wanted to do with him.
- I thought I lost it.
- Hmm.
"Ride a cable car.
Watch shooting stars
from the desert.
Hike to Yosemite Falls. Teach
him to make sun catchers.
Watch the sun go down over the
ocean and see the green flash,"
which somebody told me was blue
because he's colorblind.
- Wow.
- [chuckles] It's long.
I thought we had more time.
Where do you want it,
Uh, how 'bout the top?
You know, my mom and I
used to make sun catchers
when I was your age. You probably
don't remember your grandma.
You were so little
when she died.
- I know, when I was just a baby.
- You were.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
I think that's good,
- except for one finishing touch.
- OK.
All right.
What do you think? Good?
- It's perfect.
- Perfect.
- I pushed the button.
- Yes, you did.
Yeah. Bake.
Should we set the timer?
OK. Where is the timer?
[train whistle blows]
We don't have everything in stock,
but I can order anything you see.
I'll take the whole set.
Daddy went to buy me
a real train set
with lights and houses.
I don't know anything
about real trains,
that's between you and Daddy.
Hey, which blue do you like?
Do you like Pale Winter Dreams
or Arctic Adventure?
Maybe Blueberry Crush.
What do you think?
You OK?
Stay right here, OK?
There was someone
or something in the house.
Did you see anything?
- No.
- Whoa, Elizabeth.
- What?
- You-you blew a gasket.
- What?
- Your nose.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
Oh, shit.
Was I supposed to buy the
kind of paint without the lead?
- [chuckles]
- You're not supposed to eat it.
[sobs] I just want
to hold him, you know?
[thunder rumbling]
His skin was so soft
and he was always so warm,
even in the winter.
- [sobbing]
- Like a little furnace.
I need him to stay.
- [thunder rumbling]
- How come she doesn't sleep here at night?
What am I,
chopped liver?
You're chopped
monkey guts.
You're chopped
mealy worms.
You're chopped
orc brains.
She has the other kids now.
Yeah, she does.
But she loves you.
Very much.
She loves you, too.
She just forgot.
[thunder rumbling]
[Emma] Elizabeth?
I can't sleep.
Let's get you in here.
Is Daddy home?
He'll be home soon.
You wanna see
what I was looking at?
Here it is.
[Emma] Is this from
your other wedding?
Mm-hmm. There's me.
That's the decoration.
- Is that the man who came to the house?
- Mm-hmm.
He was my husband.
I know.
- [Emma] Is that your son?
- Yeah, that's Jacob.
- He's cute.
- [chuckles] Yeah, he is cute.
- He looks like you.
- He does, doesn't he?
- Yeah.
- Mm.
- I look like my mom, too.
- Yes, you do.
Is that good?
[door opens]
It won't happen again,
cross my heart,
'cause I'm gonna
set two alarms now.
Stop worrying about it, Smith.
It's not a big deal.
OK, I'll talk to you later.
I love you, too. Bye.
- [drill whirs]
- Where've you been?
The paint store.
Oh, first, I slept
through the alarm
and then I took the girls to
get doughnuts and then school.
Obviously, they were late,
but, like, by a half an hour,
- so what's the big deal?
- You usually come earlier.
I got stuff, Mark,
Not everybody's
blissfully unattached.
I'm sorry,
that was unnecessary.
I get it.
You have a life.
Sometimes I think you had
the right idea...
to just forget everything.
Seems like you got everything
you wanted, Elizabeth.
Reliable husband, two cute kids,
house that doesn't need fixing up.
You let all the cold,
hard grief pass through you
and leave space for
the happiness to grow.
So you read my book?
I read it.
I used to read
everything you wrote.
I remember. I just didn't think
you'd wanna read it.
Yeah, I wanted to know.
Know what?
How you got through it.
Well... [chuckles]
Don't believe
everything you read.
Any part in particular?
I don't know.
All of it, maybe.
I thought I had
gotten through it, but...
[laughs awkwardly]
That book is just a lie
that I told myself,
and I wrote it down,
and I told it to everybody else.
That's disappointing.
Here I thought
you had everything figured out.
[laughs] Well...
No. [laughs]
You deserve to be happy.
- [thud]
- [Jacob] Mom!
He hit his head on the window.
He's broken.
Do you think it hurt?
No. I think it happened
really fast.
What do you think?
It didn't hurt.
We have to have
a funeral.
God bless this bird.
She was so good
at flying...
except for today.
- [both chuckle softly]
- She'll miss migrating south
and laying eggs.
We're really sad to see her go.
Thanks for everything.
God bless you.
[Amy] Mark?
- Hey.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm Amy.
We haven't officially met.
- Hi.
- Um, I know this is a total imposition,
but is there any way
you can watch Dash?
My sitter just called and
she's got food poisoning,
and I tried to find somebody at
the hospital to cover my shift,
but I couldn't.
Um... I promise,
I will make it up to you.
- Yeah, sure.
- Thank you!
- [Dash] I'm coming over.
- [Amy] Thank you so much.
- [Mark] What's up, buddy?
- Well, my pole broke
when I was trying to
use it as a catapult.
- Yeah, I see that.
- [Amy] You got him?
- Come here, chief. Hey.
- Yeah.
Fixed it pretty good with super
glue and duct tape, though.
Yeah, it's all right.
[Elizabeth] Do you think
he's a crust or a no-crust guy?
- No crust.
- Yeah.
I want-I want to play.
I'll play with you.
Do you wanna go upstairs
and play in your fort?
I wanna play outside
with Daddy... and Dash.
[Mark] When you're fishing
you just gotta go like this.
- Kind of shoot it like that.
- [reel buzzing]
[exhales] Jacob.
- [Jacob, muffled] I don't wanna go yet.
- Jacob?
I wanna play with Daddy, too.
- [buzzes]
- Ow.
Jacob, what's happening?
who are you talking to?
- [Elizabeth screams]
- [Jacob] Daddy!
Jake, what happened?
- Mommy fell.
- Hey.
Hey, are you OK?
Are you all right?
- Someone was here.
- What?
Someone was here.
- I don't see anything.
- She was right...
It was...
It was right there.
You all right?
Liz, look at me.
- Hmm.
- Are you OK?
- [mellow music playing]
- [dishes clinking]
- [sighs]
- Beat it.
- Let me do the rest.
- I can do it.
No. Go sit down.
I'll dry.
[radio station changes]
["The First Time Ever I Saw Your
Face" by Roberta Flack playing]
I thought the sun
Rose in your eyes
- And the moon
- [laughs]
And the stars
What? I'm so good.
I'm good.
Yeah, you still got it.
[song continues]
And the endless skies
And the first time
Ever I kissed
your mouth
I felt the earth
Move in my hands
- [door opens]
- [Amy] Knock, knock.
- Hi, sorry, I, um...
- Hi.
I tried the front door,
no one answered, so I just...
That's OK.
That's good.
I'm really sorry.
You know, oh, Dash is, he's
sleeping on the couch in here.
Oh, OK. Thanks.
Sorry. I owe you one.
It's fine.
At my command
Hey, buddy,
can I ask you something?
Your mom saw someone
in the house today.
Did you see it, too?
Monkey, was someone
in the house today?
Not just today.
I don't know what
you want from me.
I told you
to send him back.
But did you do that?
you're playing house with him.
No, I did what
you told me to do.
I asked him why he was here,
I asked him what he wanted.
- He won't answer me.
- I don't wanna hand out parenting tips,
but even I know you gotta ask
a five-year-old, like, 15 times
before you get an answer. How hard are you
really trying to send him on his way?
What if he wants to stay?
You want him to stay.
Is it possible to close
whatever door he's opened?
Let him go.
Send him back.
That's how you
close the door.
Mark, why are there two dogs
tied up on the porch?
- You must be the ex. I'm Janice.
- Hi.
She lives in the neighborhood.
She's a dog walker.
- [Elizabeth] Oh.
- I'm more of a medium, actually.
Spiritual advisement and such, the
dog walking thing is on the side.
Mark told me about your visitor.
No offense, but that's really
none of your business.
I'm so sorry about
your little boy.
And I know it must feel like a miracle
just to lay eyes on him again,
but just so you know,
you can't keep him here.
- Please leave.
- This world is for the living...
Get out of my house now!
Uh, you know
where to find me.
- You wanna send him away?
- No, I don't.
- I'm just...
- Where is he?
Jacob! Answer me!
Look, Mommy.
I have my sand castle bucket.
I see that.
Can we go to the beach?
I don't know if you can.
Last one to the car
is a rotten egg!
What are we waiting for?
Let's go.
Yay! We're at the beach!
I wanna build
a giant sand castle,
as tall as the sky!
[Elizabeth laughs]
[indistinct chatter]
I don't understand
any of this.
Maybe he'll stay forever.
Maybe he's an angel.
- [Elizabeth] So you're bunking with Dad now?
- [Jacob] Right.
[Elizabeth] Where's Mr. Bananas?
Here he is. There you go.
- Good night.
- You could stay.
- Please, stay.
- Um...
Please, please, please,
with extra cheese.
[Elizabeth] OK, but just
for a little while.
Can you read me
a story?
Well, um,
I just so happen to have
Pinocchio right here.
[door opens]
Oh. [exhales]
- You OK?
- Oh.
Just dying of thirst.
I fell asleep.
I did, too.
I should go.
Don't go.
[moans softly]
[softly] Oh, God. Oh, God.
Are you sorry?
- [whispering] See you later.
- Yeah. Be back soon, OK?
How's the book coming?
- What are you doing here?
- Uh...
You told me he destroyed
your life, so...
This is what you want now?
- Someone who...
- No...
abandons you, who's selfish,
who destroys things?
- It's more complicated than that.
- Yeah?
What's complicated about it?
Can we talk
about this at home?
No. Tell me right now.
[sobs] I... I can't.
Fine. You know what?
Just stay.
I'll figure out something
to tell the girls.
My girls.
- [car door shuts]
- Smith, wait!
Let me...
- Wait... wait.
- [tires screech]
[sobs] Oh, God.
[engine starts]
[tires screech]
[mimics train noise]
When's the real train coming?
How soon do you need it?
When's Mommy coming back?
I don't know.
- Daddy?
- Yeah.
I pushed the button.
What button?
Don't be mad.
I'm not mad.
What button?
The red button
on the strap.
I wanted to touch the rain
but I couldn't reach.
You took off your seatbelt?
You're not mad?
Is that why you're here?
It wasn't her fault.
I know that.
But she doesn't know that.
[door opens]
I told him that I was
going through some stuff
and that I needed some time
to sort things out.
What did he say?
It doesn't matter.
I'm here.
I wanna be here.
Can I ask you something?
Did you come back
for Jacob or for me?
I just wanna be happy,
Mark, OK?
Let's try and be happy.
Happy birthday, Dad.
Come on, make a wish.
I know about the surprise.
- What surprise?
- The party your mother's throwing for me tonight.
I've told her a thousand times
I hate a fuss,
- but you know how she is.
- She loves a party.
- Mm-hmm.
- Huh?
- [chuckles]
- Oh, you want your present?
Mm-hmm. [chuckles]
It looks like the real thing.
I know there's no party.
Your mother's
been gone for years.
Heart attack.
That's OK, Pop.
We're having a party
right now.
Maybe next week
Jacob will come by.
Jacob's gone, too.
You're a good son.
- [Jacob] We were camping.
- [Elizabeth] I can't believe you remember that.
- That's me.
- Right.
- What's Upwelling?
- What?
That's your book.
What's it mean?
Oh. Well,
it's when the current
pushes the dark, cold water
from the bottom of the ocean
all the way up
to the surface
and it wipes out all
the worn-out water
and it feeds it nutrients
and food.
- Even though it's cold and dark.
- That's right. Mm-hmm.
You shouldn't be afraid.
I'm not.
Oh, my God.
What's going on?
Look, it's my mom.
It was my mom
in the house all along.
She's trying to say
something to me.
Elizabeth, come on.
It's just us.
No, she's right there.
She's right by the door.
- She's trying to say... [gasps]
- Elizabeth!
- Hey! Elizabeth, what's going on?
- No. I'm OK.
Oh, no, no.
You're not OK.
Elizabeth, what's wrong?
OK, Liz, stay with me.
Help! I need some help.
[PA chatter]
[Amy] Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi. I heard your wife was brought in.
Come on.
I'll take you to see her.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
What's going on?
I stopped taking my
antidepressants cold turkey.
Stupid, I know.
Apparently I'm in withdrawal.
Have you ever heard
of a brain shiver?
It's like this tiny jolt
of electricity
zapping through your brain
and then, boom, lights out.
- And that's it?
- That's it.
Just need a little R and R
and I'll be good as new.
Ready to beam me
outta here?
- Yeah. I'll get the car.
- OK.
My trains came.
I'm gonna go take a rest,
Wow. You've been busy.
I went on a train...
by myself.
You did?
It was a long ride.
Where was it going?
Mommy's coming with me
next time.
What do you mean?
She's coming with me.
[door shuts]
Are you sick?
Don't bullshit me.
Tell me what
the doctor said.
T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia.
What? What does that...
what does that mean?
- It doesn't mean anything good.
- Elizabeth!
Very aggressive
and very advanced.
- I was sick before.
- What?
- When?
- Right after Smith and I got married.
Why didn't you call me?
What was I supposed to say?
"Hi, I married someone else,
I might be dying."
I thought I beat it, so...
OK. So...
What happens now?
I mean...
When do you start treatment?
I don't.
What are you talking about?
I'm not gonna get better
this time.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
There has to be something!
I don't want what
they're offering me.
It's not gonna save me,
it's just gonna make the time
I have left a living hell.
Please understand that.
No. Oh...
Jacob told me something.
He said...
he took off his seatbelt.
- He took off his seatbelt before the crash.
- [gasps]
It wasn't your fault.
It was nobody's fault.
[door opens]
[footsteps approaching]
Seed bombs.
I wanted wildflowers
at the wedding
so I threw a bunch
of seed bombs,
because I suck at gardening.
And they worked.
They're still working.
Remember, you had to get
Jacob out of the attic.
He wouldn't put his tie on.
And that dog barked
the whole time.
- [dog barking]
- That dog barks through the whole wedding.
I was scared
I'd mess it all up.
Well, we did.
But we got it back.
Thank you for picking me.
I promise to always
tell you the truth.
I vow to love you.
And I vow to forgive you.
I vow to be a good father
to our boy.
I vow to make you laugh.
To tell the bike trail story,
and don't forget
the Life Savers.
At least I got that part right.
We are so lucky.
Please don't forget that.
Don't forget.
[train whirring,
whistle blows]
- Guess what? I caught two rainbow trout yesterday.
- Oh, yeah?
Mom took me fishing
for my birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.
Having a party on Saturday.
Cake, clowns, balloons...
Kinda baby-ish, but...
makes my mom happy.
You can come
if you want to.
Yeah. I like cake.
Do you still have
the train?
Do you wanna go inside
and look at it?