The Kennedy Incident (2021) Movie Script

We don't need to change trains yet, do we?
What a goose you are, Linda!
We're barely out of the city!
We change at Lelle,
Monika and Renate will ride on.
We should be together on New Year's Eve!
My dad has prepared a feast for us and my
brothers will have made beer and wine...
Can't! Got a date!
And we live in such a distant place
that there are no Russian soldiers!
Stop cadging,
we've got plans of our own!
Attention! Customer alert!
Edgar, get over here!
Who was that? I haven't seen this one!
It was before your time!
Who was he with? Vivian, with you?
Indeed - Vivian's suitor!
Well? And how was he?
We'll have no gossiping about the customers!
It's all right between ourselves!
I'm sure you're dying to know too!
It's not all right! And there's
nothing I don't already know.
Well perhaps you don't know
quite everything.
What is it I don't know? What?
He's a fine geezer for sure,
but his 'love whistle'...
Let's say it whistles a very shortlived tune.
Some news. We all knew about that.
But do you know that one night
I caught the good sir
admiring himself in the mirror -
wearing my stockings?
He was trying on my garter but this
was several sizes too small.
Somehow he had managed
to clasp my bra, though.
Really? That's rather unexpected...
Wait for it, wait for it...
Is this seat free?
Sure, a gentleman just left.
Aah, good!
Gosh! Look! I don't believe that!
How cute can you get? Koochie koochie!
What might his name be?
Can I pet him?
Why not, he's used to that.
Maali, you?
Monika! Me.
And this... Your baby?
Yes, my little...
So what is his name?
Jaak. But we call him Jack.
How old is he?
Ten months last week...
"Visitors in Tallinn"
Thank God, it's still here!
A work of art!
So, what do you reckon?
Willing to buy a share?
It's pretty, of course...
But it's a considerable expense!
It's the best investment of your life!
It will earn it's value back in no time!
Well... All right then!
Good afternoon, ladies!
One moment. Mademoiselle Claudette, please!
Yes, madam! Welcome...
Goodness! Monika!
Maali! What are you doing here?
Have you become a modiste?
Hush! It's Claudette nowadays!
I'm just helping out here.
On evenings I'm a waitress at Gloria restaurant
and model at fashion shows there.
I thought you were abroad - in England?
Au pair work?
A grant from the English College
only lasts one year.
So I'm back, living at mother's again.
But ladies! This is not a tearoom!
Did you come to shop or to chitchat?
We're here to shop.
And not for any old stove pipe -
the Schiaparelli hat!
The ladies are aware of its cost?
We are.
It's priced twenty-five crowns!
Let's not dilly-dally then.
And what did it cost?
- Only twenty-five crowns!
Like a roasted pigeon on a plate.
It's all the rage in Paris!
And in Hollywood!
And which one of you can pull it off
like a Hollywood film star?
We were all indoctrinated!
I think Madame should have a first try.
I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this!
Yes, give it a try!
- You'll look gorgeous!
No, girls! Leave me alone!
Oh, girls...!
Well then...
Like a movie star!
Oh, girls..!
And who will get to be the first one
to wear it in public?
We'll draw lots and then
draw up a schedule.
Fair enough.
Except when one of us has a very,
very good reason!
Like you do, tomorrow, right?
Of course, as Mister Lauritz will
take me on a joyride tomorrow!
Mister Lauritz is taking you
to the beach.
And what's the point in rolling
in the sand with it?
Linda is claiming priority.
I can't tomorrow... I'm entertaining
Mister Tamm here.
There you are!
And Stassi will entertain that actor
from the Russian Drama Company.
You shan't be wearing it indoors!
However, I have a day off.
I might want to advertise our establishment!
Then let's draw lots!
You have time to brawl
about it tomorrow.
Look at the time!
We have customers
arriving in half an hour!
Monika, have you taken care
of the snacks?
The gents promised to treat us
to some crayfish.
No wonder, Mister Braun
owns a delicatessen.
Uhh, despicable cockroaches.
So don't have any, leaves more for us!
They're here!
Mister Braun with two gents.
Girls, get changed in a flash!
Oh my! What drove them here so early?
This hat has messed up my hair!
I'll put the kettle on.
Yes, do!
I get it now:
they have to leave for Berlin
on the midnight express,
so the cheapskates expect
to get their pennies worth!
No rest for the weary...
Through painful toil
will you earn your livelihood!
Through painful toil, I say!
We were expecting you, gentlemen!
What's going on?
What's going on, what's going on.
The girls have food poisoning!
That's what's going on!
Who asked them to stuff themselves
with those cockroaches!
Does it say anything about
crayfish poisoning?
Doesn't seem to mention it separately...
You've taken ill as well?
Don't even mention...
I feel like hell.
Have you tried to throw up?
What do you think I've been
doing the whole night?
That's the gents we deal with.
Faded roses, second hand
perfume, and now carrion!
Let's hope this will pass by tomorrow;
we have the bankers visiting....
What's that then?
The short one wins!
I knew it! The hat is calling for me!
I declare the draw invalid!
But by what right?
Force majeure!
This is a cablegram from Riga,
from the wife of the US ambassador, Irena.
How do you know her?
We go way back.
She's Polish.
This was sent a week ago,
but to our old address!
And it was delivered only now.
Oh, what to do, what to do...
What's wrong?
She requires two girls,
and it's for today!
Girls for the American ambassador...?
No-no, don't be daft!
She's arriving today
on an airplane from Riga,
with a guest who needs
to be entertained.
Who's the guest, a Latvian?
She writes it's a son of
an important American,
and she asks,
could I organize a 'chance meeting'
with a couple of
English speaking girls this noon.
Girls with a fashionable hat.
I want to come too!
You don't even speak English.
I say! Not worse than you!
You've got your picnic today!
Monika, put on the hat, and double march
to negotiate with the Americans!
So who's the other then?
Monika! Who do you have in mind?
Well... She wouldn't work at the Gloria,
were she not!
That's it then!
Chop yourself up.
Irena wants us to be on the terrace
of the Cafe Kultas at noon.
I'll be the old friend,
and the guest will
be served a couple of girls
who can be nice and
hold their tongues afterwords...
Wait ... this... Closet?
Can she hold her tongue?
She'll be working at the cafe and I'll
be making love to the American!
I renounce my right to the hat.
Cheerio, Monika!
What are you scouting for?
What took you so long? I've been
biting my nails here for fifteen minutes!
Looks like a handsome chap.
So what are we supposed to do?
Whatever, but in English!
Let's find out what he wants.
Perhaps he doesn't fancy girls.
Neither do I.
Good afternoon, auntie!
Stop staring at the guest!
(in German) Tell him it's too hot and we'll go inside.
Hey, that's a good idea!
I've got a couple of hours -
why don't we go to the beach?
Darling, would you mind...?
Your turn, Monika!
Fancy if he drowned. We'd have an
international incident on our hands.
At what time do you need
to be at work?
Oh yes, eager to get rid of me,
are you?
Don't worry, I'll be along soon.
You can toast yourselves all you want -
unless he decides to watch the sunset
in the city with me.
And how is Einar doing?
What has this to do with it?
With what? I'm merely inquiring
about your fianc.
He wants to get married in the summer.
Supposed to get a raise then.
Well I'm not sure.
What do you mean? Weren't you two
head over heels in love?
Love, love.
Fine love, me sharing a
room with mother
and him bunking with
his brother in some slums.
In the evenings he's dead on his feet -
the sorry thing needs to get up at six
for the shift at the power plant.
As if it's my fault
I can afford to sleep late.
You'd need to find someone
from the restaurant then,
sharing your night shift.
Whom, I'd like to know?
The kitchen staff's all
ancient Russians, all 'imperials' -
used to cook for the Tsar
and for the grand dukes.
The waiters are all double-gaited,
most don't even fancy dames.
One wouldn't
play around with a minstrel -
these are no better than crickets,
what would they have to offer me?
And the patrons are all coupled up.
Damn, I should get going.
I told you I could recognize
this laugh, eyes closed!
Lo, Maali it is!
Oh, Hanno, cheerio!
What are you doing in Tallinn?
That's where I live now.
Max and Lauri, we're
test driving my new Lincoln.
You bought a car? Really?
That's Monika, and that's Jack.
Well hello Monika, and hello Jaak!
Jack is a legitimate American!
The second American in one day.
The first being the Lincoln.
You're off to the city?
Yea, we parked behind the Summer Garden.
Wanna join us?
I don't think I can fit you all in...
I'll be coming, they'll stay here.
You go ahead, slowly,
I'll join in a jiffy!
Deal. A pleasure.
OK, mister.
Hanno is kinda cute, ain't he?
And an American car?!
Maybe he's got a business of his own.
Or perhaps won a lottery?
I didn't notice a ring on his finger.
Seems to be eligible.
I'm coming!
To the Liberty Square,
Hotel Palace.
But Jack... Tomorrow?
We heard music from the records.
It's midnight and Estonian Broadcasting
Service signs off.
Good night.
Shall I take you somewhere?
Yes. Veerenni Street.
From riches to rags.
Did everything go well?
The American was satisfied?
He was.
How are the girls?
Stassi and Renate are with clients.
They're not quite well, but they'll
grin and bear it.
Vivian won't be back
until the morning.
My experience says it's either
infatuation or intoxication.
But since I can't smell
anything on you...
I guess it must be the worst option.
Why should love be wrong?
There are two threats in our
occupation: love and syphilis.
One must take precautions
against both,
or treat these with urgency.
How can you even put these words in
the same sentence?
Why must things be so dirty?
We operate a sausage factory.
No-one wants to see what goes
into the tender, pink sausages.
As I saw this kid today,
I was thinking -
how nice that Monika can
spend time with such a cute boy.
But then I realized:
this could end badly.
This could end with Monika
fancying herself an ordinary girl,
who has long yearned for love and
who now believes this love will purge her.
Well, love is not forbidden to us.
But we can only play
with open cards.
Yet, you are attempting to bluff.
The stakes are high, your bluff
is called and you'll be punished.
Step out of the game
while you still can!
It's Jack's decision.
I left him our number.
If he chooses to, he'll call me.
If not - there's nothing I can do.
Insisting everything is possible
won't make things easier.
Because nothing is possible!
The kid leaves Estonia in a day
and will never think of you again.
All right. You know...
Go to bed.
Should he call for you tomorrow,
you must be fresh and graceful.
Take care that you have your best lingerie
and a new dress,
And... your new hat?
God, God...
What? You didn't lose the hat?!
Where did you go?
Did you leave it at a restaurant or...?
I... I have to go...
It's past midnight!
Where do you think you would go?
The restaurants will be closed.
Where would you go, dear child?
If you lost anything tonight,
the hat is the least of your troubles.
Need me!
Hear me!
Miss me!
Love me!
I would need to get to the city, but
I've forgotten my wallet.
Ee... The young lady would need to buy
a ticket, like everyone else.
I can promise to bring the fare
to the office of the Motor Company.
That's not how these things work...
Take the lass to the city,
how long are we supposed to wait?
I've got my regulations.
I'll give you these fifteen cents myself.
My butter is going to melt.
All right, all right.
Thank you, madam.
Come on, take your seat!
How could you --- You shouldn't have ---
Didn't I tell --- I had this feeling---
I'll buy a new one.
By God, I'll fornicate for a month
without a fee and buy a new one.
We were saving up for a year ---
Such carelessness ---
That's enough, girls.
Monika, we've
got customers tonight.
You look as if you have
escaped from a prison camp.
Why don't you lie down.
Vivian isn't home yet,
so you can sleep in peace.
It would have been my turn...
Why did she have to ---
You're of no use looking like this.
Get some shut-eye.
Sleep until late, for all I care.
Madame Kukk... Should anyone call me...
Should Jack call...
I'll be sure to wake you up.
He will call, I know he will...
I know.
Learn to see
the bright side of things.
What do you mean..?
Be grateful for the moments of
happiness we're permitted to have.
Never say to yourself: I'm worth it.
These words are not for us.
We don't come free,
but we must pay a high price
for things that come free to others.
Ooh, Miss Monika has hardly
touched the liquor!
Is something the matter?
Misss Monika is waiting for her beau!
Her beau?
What one would give to be
Miss Monika's beau tonight...
Let's dance rather!
Monika, get a hold of yourself!
You're insulting the customers!
Mister Veidenbaum is here
only for you!
I don't give a damn.
Behave yourself! Real life takes
precedence over a fantasy world!
Are you sure he didn't call
while I was asleep?
No-one has called!
And won't call!
It's half past eleven! I'm really
angry with you right now!
He didn't call...
Monika, I feel sorry for you,
but now shoot down that booze
and go dance with Mister Veidenbaum!
Right then!
I'm sorry, I...
Is a Mister Kennedy staying here,
from the United States?
Yes, miss...
I need to see him!
What's his room number?
I'm afraid that
won't be possible, miss.
You don't get it... I need to!
He's expecting me!
Miss! Mister Kennedy
is not alone.
Is... Not alone...?
Mister Kennedy is... with a lady.
You do realize it's
out of the question to disturb him.
Who is it?
Is it a blond girl,
about my age?
I think it would be wiser
to leave, miss.
This is a respectable establishment.
You drove us
to the city last night!
The young lady
must be mistaken...
I'm not!
And you... You are
one of Maali's friends!
What's going on?
Who are you?
While you're still uninvolved, it's
better you should forget this meeting.
You're spying on Jack!
For who?
The Germans? The Russians?
Are you aware there are spies in your hotel,
snooping on the son of the US ambassador?
Paul, why don't you pour
the young lady a strong drink.
If she's lucky, she won't have any memory
of her stupid questions in the morning.
I'll remember everything!
If you stop me from seeing Jack,
I'll go straight to the police!
Perhaps mister receptionist here
should call the police?
A drunken whore makes a scene
at a prominent hotel
and harrasses foreign embassy staff?
Whose word will they take?
I'll... I'll find a way,
I'll remember everything.
Perhaps you also remember your
one-time colleague, Miss Nora?
Nora... used to work with us...
She was killed in a car crash,
two years ago...
Good. You do remember.
She had an admirer
from the German embassy...
We were hoping she'd get married,
but then the accident...
Let's hope an accident like that
doesn't have to be repeated.
If you value your life,
and the lives of your friends,
go back to your establishment,
sober up and move on.
That's fine.
Let's drink to that.
May I?
I'm very sorry you hate me now.
I know I lied to you.
Last year, when you called me
if I knew anything about the American.
Of course my first reaction
was to say No...
I didn't want to hurt you,
as I actually did know.
No need. All is forgotten.
Be grateful you don't have a 'souvenir'
to remind you to forget.
God! Not you too...?
And what happened..?
Did you terminate it..?
What were my options?
I hated Jack back then...
Madame Kukk arranged everything.
Are you... at all sorry?
No. We were nothing
but toys for Jack.
Yes. He pulled us out like cigarettes
and threw the stubs away.
He's a spitting image of Jack...
Indeed, little Jack, as it were of no
importance who's his mother.
We could've had him
between ourselves.
Let's go back.
They'll start wondering, whether
I have kicked you off the train.
Ladies, I'm sorry about the halt.
Oh dear! We have stopped!
Where are we?
What? For how long?
Never can tell. A disgrace -
on New Year's Eve...
It could take hours.
Well you took your time, Monika!
I did some thinking.
What about?
This and that.
Isn't the baby cold?
Oh no, he's a tough little chap.
Just like his dad.
I'm coming!
You really came as a heaven's-send.
If not for you, I must've
suffered a bus ride.
Glad to be of service!
So, tell me, Hanno!
How did you get a car like that?
Bought it today?
Incredible! How can you have
that kind of dough?
In what line of business
are you these days?
Let's put it that way:
I didn't spend a nickle!
Who did then?
The German embassy!
German embassy paid for your car..?
Look here, are you a German spy?
Well, Lauri, am I or am I not?
You're not really on our payroll
as a spy.
You too, Lauri?
Or... I mean, Mister...
No need for formalities, I hope!
But yes, we're all
on the Fhrer's pay.
And Hanno, how did you get
in Fhrer's favour?
So that he buys you a car?
I'm the embassy's driver!
So that's how it is.
I thought you're a millionaire.
I might soon be one.
The Fhrer must be a generous guy.
Can't complain, he takes
good care of his own.
I wouldn't mind being 'his own',
if it pays so well.
Perhaps an opportunity
will present itself.
Why do I get the feeling, our meeting
wasn't quite by chance?
Or am I being stupid?
Perhaps not quite.
Would you gentlemen be spying on John?
I wouldn't call it spying.
It's our work to observe
and prevent delicate situations.
We live in complex times.
Am I terribly mistaken to say
I caught a glimpse of you
at the Kultas Cafe this morning?
Lauri, you're not such a smooth operator
you think you are!
We have no need to hide;
we're no assassins.
But yes - we did have the
hotel under observation
and when Mrs Wiley met with
the young gentleman at noon,
we sort of floated along.
Good afternoon, auntie!
I know the blond one. She's a waitress at the Gloria.
I think she had a fling with Hanno once.
Missis Kukk is a brothel madame.
I don't think this meeting is quite coincidental.
You better call Hanno.
Let him round up a couple of guys and park nearby.
We might go for a drive.
Tell him to take the best car.
The American car!
So. The Gloria girl is looking at her watch.
I think she sets off.
And the others?
They seem to linger on.
So: Hanno, Max and Lauri, go.
I'll be observing the American.
If necessary, I'll put the top sign on
and provide a taxi service.
I told you I could recognize this
laughter eyes closed!
Lo, Maali it is!
I feel I'm in a crime movie!
So, what are your plans?
Nothing - our duties are merely to
report his actions and meetings.
And then it turns out we have a common
Is the American keen to have another
meeting with you, before he leaves?
But why do you inquire?
Well... It would be
our pleasure to cooperate.
With me?
If we could learn more about the
purpose of Mister Kennedy's little trip,
everyone would profit!
And what's in it for me?
It depends.
As noted, the embassy
isn't stingy
and the Fhrer's
gratitude is very generous.
But John will hardly want
to meet me at all.
I presume he'll call Monika
and spend the day with her.
But would you want to? If we could
encourage your meeting?
We could make sure that
Mister Kennedy's phone calls
to a certain establishment
wouldn't be connected?
And that you would have
a nice private residence
where to entertain the guest?
That kind of private where you
could also be 'entertained'?
Oh, miss.
No need to feel coy -
we've seen much worse.
And finally: evening gowns
for this coming summer of 1939
For our lovely ladies!
You are the loveliest of ladies.
You are the prettiest of babies.
Yours is the perfect face
of charm and grace
an undisputed case of gorgeous!
You are the loveliest of ladies.
Your smile disarms the gods of Hades!
Your youthful air will bring
eternal spring,
You're loveliest of all the ladies!
Thank you.
The gentleman wishes
to uncork the bottle himself.
But of course.
Pardon. I'm sorry, sir...
Miss Claudette!
The patrons are upset
you're not showing the dress!
They want to feel the material.
We might have a
potential buyer there!
Did the gentleman just say...
...he will pay for this dress.
(mouthes in Estonian)
I love you!
Nothing interesting so far.
You wouldn't find another man
to say that in these circumstances!
'This is my first time...!'
Then learn.
Politics are discussed post coitus.
At least in this apartment.
Good girl!
Lunacy. England hasn't got it in it.
Ask about the United States, ask...
That's it!
Go to your prescious Monika then...
But sir, I'm naked!
Aren't we all..?
Anyhow, you will be
handsomely rewarded.
And feel free to keep
the place until tomorrow.
However, bear in mind
that the Fhrer's
generosity to the loyal
is only matched by his
ruthlessness to the traitors.
What was that supposed to mean?
You'll have the whole night
to figure that out.
Oh - and should the services
of the ladies' doctor be required,
Dr Werner of the embassy has stopped
many unwanted babies from entering this world.
No need to worry.
I won't get pregnant.
I've been living with
my fiance for a year.
Should it turn out that the fault lies
in your suitor...
You know where to turn to.
Is it all right to play with him?
Yes, of course!
It was about time!
Thank heaven, I thought we'd be
camping here for ever!
Do you suppose we'll get home
before midnight?
Ladies and... ee...
Comrades and... comrades!
We're finally moving along.
I hope you'll make it on time,
and if you don't...
Keep in mind our
actual Estonian new year
arrives one hour later than
currently decreed by the Kremlin..!
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
Oh! How did you get that?
We grabbed a couple of bottles
from the club,
but since it appears we'll be
welcoming nineteen forty one in the train,
let's pop one open!
All right then, lets have it!
Let's drink to... to...
Say it. To John.
Yes, I was kind of thinking about him,
just now...
It seems we'll never be free from him.
He's like a curse upon our hearts...
I wonder, where he is
right this moment.
In America, where else.
What's the time over there?
Must be five or six...
John is at a bar,
having a drink...
...pondering, where to go tonight...
...and what to wear...
And then he'll be dancing on the
ceiling of a sky scraper
the whole night,
like Fred Astaire!
To Jack!
To Jack!