The Kid (1921) Movie Script

The Kid
Charles Chaplin
A picture with a smile -
and perhaps, a tear.
"Charity Hospital"
The Woman -
whose sin was motherhood.
The man.
His morning promenade.
"Awkward ass."
"Pardon me, you dropped something."
"Is that yours?"
"What its name?"
Five years later...
"Put the quater in the gas meter."
"You know what streets we worked today?"
All's well...Job number 13.
Off duty.
The woman -
now a star of great prominence.
Professor Guido, impressario.
"Read what the critics say... wonderful!"
Charity -
to some a duty, to others a joy.
Enter - his brother.
" You wicked boy."
"Go lick'im."
"If your kid beats my brother,
then i'm going to beat you."
"And you wouldn't strike this man,
would you?"
"Remember - if he smites you
on one cheek,...
...offer him the other."
A successful retreat.
"Oh, well, I guess he's not in.".
"This child is ill. Get a doctor at once!"
"I must go now, but I'll return."
The country doctor.
"Say 'ah'."
"Are you the father of this child?"
"Well - prctically."
"Explain yourself."
"This child needs proper care and attention."
"I'll attend to the matter."
The proper care and attention.
Country Orfan Asylum
"Ask him where the kid is."
"Ask him if he's got any belongings."
" Tell him it's none of his business."
"You don't charge for a baby in arms?"
$1000 Reward
Lost child wanted...
Off for a spin.
Sin creeps in.
Welcome to our city.
The trouble begins.
"Vamp him."
Getting flighty.
Her sweetheart arrives.
The End