The Kid (2010) Movie Script

The Kid
Fucking idiot.
My name is Kevin. I was born
Croydon, South London.
It was in March 1993
a Wednesday, I think ...
when I decided to
As a quick-thinking
entrepreneur I used my initiative.
And I gave myself a head start.
Based on a true story.
The Kid
Not even try to ask.
Allowed Kevin to come out to play?
Get out and go get him.
Kevin, I am.
She said you can out
come to play.
Come on.
Loser, loser, loser ...
Is all right, Kevin?
Come on.
Hey you, it's not a fucking firm.
Go away. Go away.
Get out! Get out!
I let a fall.
Bum, bum!
Home sweet home.
Where the hell are you been?
I sat here all day in my uppie ...
while you all our money back
wasted in the pub.
I cannot fucking bear!
Are you listening to me?
- Shut up!
Asshole! You're wasting all our money
in the fucking pub.
You leave your family in this house are
and is rather small with pus.
Keep your cat! You
no, do you?
Why you with that little crazy.
Yes, old pervert.
What is wrong with you.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Is there anything apart from you?
Wake up, little lazy sucker!
What is that?
What is that?
Have you peed in your bed again?
- Sorry.
Weather? Who should clean?
- It was an accident.
I'm going to fucking do not clean up.
You go clean up?
- You'll be sorry damn!
Listen to me.
- You will not tell me to stop!
It hurts. Get off me!
Why cannot you fucking him
not alone?
He wet the bed again.
You want to go clean?
Have you seen how his face looks like?
Why do you always have?
You damn sensitive son.
Someone has him raising ...
Is everything OK?
- Yes.
Go on, get the hell out,
like you always do.
Fucking mess.
Kevin, come here.
Let me see.
It looks good.
Fresh yourself up and fuck off from school.
Do you have pain anywhere else?
I want a look, just to have
Do only your sweater and your shirt,
Good boy.
You know what? You can have him!
I want him anyway.
Is there something to see or something?
Are you the first time in a car?
- Yes.
I cannot send back home.
He is among the most experienced foster parents
been with him but no one can handle.
He is a bit shy.
Good God, he stabbed him!
Well, he has some problems.
This is my helmet.
Can we meet at least as
meet and talk?
Yarborough Orphanage
He is not at all to send.
If someone had too much affection show,
person he is.
Fuck off! Fuck off!
How old is he?
- Ten years.
They say he is like a wild animal.
- This is not surprising, right?
- Hello.
Come on.
I do not think Kevin ...
Because he is uncontrollable.
I think nobody has ever bothered
taken him to tell ...
how to behave.
Let's go inside.
Watch out for the Yucca Palm.
It is only
taught to school ...
and then locked up again
to be in his room.
Here we eat.
Here, we have a separate room.
This young man did nothing with
than hatred or violence.
Fuck off! Fuck off!
- How dare you say that to me.
He behaves as in
these new families ...
that because he never
level of freedom known ...
that a child of that age
normally has.
Does that mean that you accept him?
We are full of.
I have no bed for him.
You must be Kevin.
Can you call me Uncle David?
Will you do that?
Okay, come let me show you something.
This way.
It's okay!
I am afraid that all our beds occupied.
So why have we made for you.
It's like your own little cabin.
As in 'the Stig caveman ".
I know it's not a nice room,
it is until we find one for you.
How long will I stay here?
Well, I do not think there are plans
to send you someplace else.
We want you to stay here.
If you want to stay.
Yes, please.
Billy went to the ...
- River.
Use the edge of the knife
That is the cutting area.
Like this.
It goes well.
Go on, go ahead.
Do not let go.
- Yes, I get a little loose.
Cut it on.
I let you go now!
- No!
Go on you have the address!
Keep going.
Put your teeth.
Come here.
Put your teeth.
Yeah, so.
Come on.
"Stig looked down on them with
eyes wide open ...
picked them and admired them.
Of them in the light. "
"No, Stig", said Barney.
"You cannot have."
You baby, why are you crying?
I almost touched her.
- Watch this, this.
What are you doing?
Kevin rot.
- Yeah fuck off piece of gear.
Otherwise we do it for you.
Hey, she is crying.
Uncle David.
Come quick, they fight.
Her mother is fixed ugly.
How do you kiss your mother with that face?
Leave her alone.
Or what, Kev?
Why would you ...
I kill you!
- Fuck you!
- Get off me.
Get off me!
- I put you down when you calm down.
Come on.
- Get off me!
I let you go later
if you're calmed down.
Let me out of here!
It was his fault, he began.
- No.
I will not let you out. No.
Not until you're calm. No.
I know what happened.
Why did not you warn me?
We'll be fine with Chris.
Look at me.
I thought we were friends.
Look at me.
Look me up!
You need not be ashamed of yourself.
You are among friends here.
Nobody will hurt you.
For many years, the Lewis family is very
according to the Social Services.
Unlike my predecessors ...
I try to dissociate
Mrs. Lewis.
Which are very noisy in the household.
And so I encourage her more
Ms. Lewis also asked whether
Kevin can come back home.
It would be nice.
Then we have another family.
It makes all the difference.
We miss him greatly.
I know my pastor all these
requests rejected.
So does the
we can get Kevin back?
But I now think that Kevin and the entire
families will benefit from his return.
When will you tell him?
I do not know.
You do not have much contact with your
family had since you're here, huh?
They have a number of changes
through and ...
they seem to talk much can.
I've heard.
They want you back.
- No.
I'm not going back home.
You said I could stay here.
I do not want you
worried about.
In any case, your brothers and you will
your sister is missing, right?
But I like it here.
And I want to stay here.
And you said I could.
You promised.
I cannot go back.
I would not go back, I want to stay here.
Come on, step.
I'm sorry.
If it were me you could stay.
- Ask them if I can continue.
Ask them!
I have not owned.
What will they do?
What has he done?
You're a big boy my friend.
You have a big heart.
You're very special.
And no one can from you.
You must always remember.
I'll take that.
- Here are his belongings.
I'll have a few weeks back
to see how Kevin has settled itself.
Yes, okay good.
Hope you all get out
this new start?
Yes, we do, for sure. Yes.
Here's your family allowance book
It has been updated, so Kevin is there.
Exactly. Thank you.
Thank you for that.
All right.
- Good.
Is that it?
Yes, I see you in a few weeks, okay
- Good. Yes, see you then.
Girls, leave him alone.
- Kevin!
How was it?
- Great, you would have enjoyed.
But you have to be happy
you're back?
Look for a job. You can not
, and sit all day drinking.
I cannot find a job. I have epilepsy,
they leave me no longer on the train ride.
I know you fuck
epilepsy, but you need ...
now, and another
type of job.
Shut up.
- Are you okay?
Dad, calm down.
Stay calm dad.
Dad, calm down.
Dad, calm down.
Stop staring at him.
Dad, Dad!
Where the hell have you been?
Weather in the cafe?
I have been waiting for.
And you, he is just five minutes back ...
and he sits back in the cafe.
Come back here, you little prick!
Come here!
Leave him alone, do you want.
Why are you always so?
You never do anything!
Your dad would have beat you more often.
Do not touch my father! Get off of him!
Do not hurt him!
You little prick!
You gonna just stand by and watch?
Let him do it?
Do not touch me!
I gotta fucking have him.
Come here!
You tried to give me a right,
is not it?
Yes, you did it?
I will see what your right hand is doing.
- Yes, I'll fucking show.
Could you give me a right?
- Dad, she's going to do it. Help me!
Dad, help me!
- Do not turn away from me.
Please let me go.
So, as a bird with a broken wing
flies that perfect circles ...
fate had brought me back to
this pink tin house ...
where nothing ever changed.
The outside world changed.
But my world did not change.
Hey, Kev!
Is it okay?
Shut up, Claire!
It feels like with fries.
My name is Mr. Smith.
The new dude.
- And for you who do not know ...
I am your new teacher.
Let's go to Tesco
where Kevin gets his best clothes away.
I come out of Liverpool ...
as you know what home is
of the world's best football team.
Dalglish, corner.
Yes, top of the league.
And of course where the best pop music
comes from the world.
You are here to teach.
And I'm here to teach.
Want to buy my sweets vouchers?
- 50 cents each.
Two pounds for the whole zakie.
There you can buy a lot of soaps.
And I really love my job.
So, you do your work
and I do mine.
And who knows, you are taught
as much fun as I like to give.
Any other questions? Not? Well.
Go to page 34 of your book, please.
Act one, scene one, King Lear.
You in the back, so are you.
Sir, he cannot hear you,
because he is a bum.
That's enough.
What is this?
No, good, you may remain behind.
Then the bum anyway
have somewhere to go to it.
And you can join him in detention.
Sit down.
Otherwise you can sit again detention.
Well, that's twice detention.
Three times detention.
Kev, please.
Four times in detention. Look, we can solve this
continue to do the whole lesson, Lewis.
Okay, back to your books.
Okay guys,
You can store your stuff.
Reynolds, it is better that I do not
see more, so try to conduct yourself.
Lewis, same time tomorrow.
Hey you two.
Okay guys, that was it.
You may go home now.
These do not belong in school uniform.
Kevin, what's going on.
You're always tired and never concentrated.
And your attitude in class is horrible.
Sorry, just leave me alone.
- Kevin?
Wignall, you're next.
What is that?
- But, sir ...
Hold that down, you're next.
Go inside.
... ... Not at school.
Gordon which is the story of Lewis?
- Lewis without shorts?
I have little to do with him.
He never does it ...
is always an excuse,
You know those figures though.
I mean, I do not gossip.
Of course not, Gordon.
- But since you asked ...
His father is an alcoholic and his mother
Frankenstein's rags, or something.
Troubled, you know.
His brothers and sisters go to
another institution you know.
Lewis is clear of the family.
Ok guys, here we go. I am somewhat
later, Samantha Fox kept me busy for a while.
Lewis, not wear shorts?
- I have a note ...
No shorts, Lewis? No shorts?
- I have a note from my mother.
No shorts, Lewis?
It's four weeks in succession Lewis.
Okay, guys in the gym.
A lap and we do some stretching.
Thank you. Smith, so it is.
One, two, three one today and fun
to have had Madison.
Now you feel?
Okay, get dressed.
That's detention,
no answer back.
Do you like classic music?
I have not heard before.
Do you find the sound of
nice restful moments?
I can make a copy for you if you
likes it?
I have nothing to play it.
Take this.
That is my old one.
Where are the bruises from, Kevin?
Let me see the scars on your neck.
Where do they come, Kevin?
She keeps biting me.
And those other places?
A belt buckle.
Yes, I know the Lewis family very well.
How may I help you?
Well, Kevin has blue spots and bites
his whole upper body.
When did this happen?
To be honest, I think
it been a while in progress.
What makes you so sure?
Who did this to you Kevin?
They did.
- You mean your mother?
How long has it been going?
Since you have put me back there.
- Tell me the truth, Kevin.
I do.
Why did you bring me this
than never told?
Because you fucking me
never asked. Or you?
Where did the bruises come from?
Precisely so, now ...
He tried to give me a smack and missed,
and fell down the stairs. Or not?
Is that what really happened?
Kevin, can we talk here soon?
- No, I'm busy.
Everything all right, Mr. Smith?
- Yes, I am fine director. Thank you.
I did not realize that he
Why cannot your nose
my business account?
Look, I know you do not want to talk
but I would have brought you.
I have nothing to play with.
All right, Kev?
Hey, where one is that of
love bites that I've heard about.
You do not girlfriends
spell it?
See how they mock him.
- Do not get involved.
They tease him for his bite wounds
in his neck.
Lewis Dark Force.
Come on, let the guys
see that love bites ...
where we have heard.
He was kissed by Dracula.
Sorry, that was not my intention.
- Sorry.
Come on, let's go talk,
you and me.
Dominic, it meant nothing.
- Shut up, Clair.
It runs from the hand.
I'll go with you.
- You cannot save them all, Collin.
Go fucking dead.
Lewis, that's enough.
Take it easy.
Quiet, boy.
It's over.
Provoked or not,
I shall not tolerate such behavior.
Well, boy?
Close the door.
Stand up.
Thank you, sir.
Sit down.
You will also have no contact
with your son, Mrs. Lewis.
We take him to a new location
and a new school ...
and it is up to Kevin if he still wants to see you.
Do you understand?
We will miss.
- I'll also miss you.
Kevin, do not go.
I'm going and i do not come back.
Get out the damn car.
C'mon, Kevin.
I'm sorry for everything that happened.
Hang in there, huh?
Take care of yourself.
With us will be fine.
Sometimes fate just looks the other way ...
perhaps derived from the misery
someone else.
And the Angels of Prosperity ...
bring you into safer hands.
Hi, Kevin.
I'm Alan.
- Hi, Alan.
Come take a look at my wife.
This is where we live.
You're a bantamweight I see.
What is that?
- Do you know anything about boxing?
Me will show you your room.
And I have a job for you.
This is my Margaret.
Hello, Margaret.
- Hi, Kevin.
Great to have us up.
Welcome, come inside.
Come and sit down, Kevin.
Take a glass of lemonade.
Thank you.
If you have that then I help.
- With what?
To pick apples from the tree.
- Okay.
I do not want them spoiled.
I suppose though.
- Thank you.
If they fall under,
then they rot.
I am too old to myself to climb,
but you have exactly the right size.
Good, but put them there.
- They are coming from it.
Alan was a local sports legend.
One vendor accounting
taught at night school.
He did so well that he
early retirement.
And Margaret, his stylish
beauty queen from the '50s.
Together they were the best
teenage parents.
New school.
New school friends ...
Hobbies and interest in sports.
A Saturday job.
My own money.
Saturday Friends.
My name is Kevin.
- Paul, nice to meet you.
A healthy sense of competition.
Can I drive, please.
Very well.
Do you drink?
- No.
Sort of legally.
Family Friends.
Get there in, Stirling Moss.
Terry, how are you?
- Good boy.
How is the new Frank Bruno?
Like him who has trained,
He is terrible.
I have you learned how to do it.
- I learned from the best.
I know you retire,
but maybe you want me one favor?
What then?
Look at my accounting.
Skattefar killing me.
Life was no longer
about survival.
Then I was hit by a new sense
that gnawed at my bones ...
probably most dangerous of all:
But that was about
to change.
People's Capitalism is nothing less ...
a crusade
to many a voice.
Privatization is moving.
Millions have already become shareholders.
And soon there are possibilities
for millions of people ... more
in British Gas, British planes,
UK airports.
Teen Millionaires ...
within one second of bravery.
The world was to buy
and I wanted my share.
I wanted a part of.
"London International Financial
Deadline Fair "
"You can succeed today"
I want school.
How long have you been here
A time.
What should you do when you are away?
- I want a trader on the stock.
Kevin, cannot wait?
You have so many more possibilities
if you finish school.
You have made enormous progress.
You've only just had time with us
your level lift.
This year you have the O-levels
out, that's right anyway, honey?
Yes, you're right.
Margaret is right.
I would really like to do.
Kevin, am thinking it through
about it.
If you go off of school, you
as an adult.
You will take care of yourself.
We can no longer take care of you.
Yes sorry
but this is really what I want to do.
I was like you when I was young.
I thought I could control the world.
You've made it myself.
- Yes, but it was not easy.
I know that look in your eyes.
You will not change his mind.
Well ...
come back and visit us, boy.
And remember that I always
for you are, if you need me.
This is the BBC news of one hour.
The familiar face
the stock exchange in London.
You do not have the experience.
You do not have diplomas.
Well, then you have no chance.
No references.
No background.
No connections to the school of yesteryear.
No uncle who sits in those cases.
"No way kid,
Do not you understand what no means? "
But I will show them.
I can wait.
I can handle this.
I will be part of it.
I will succeed.
I will show them a winner.
He does not
blows to get it?
No size, no.
For the winner the spoils.
Did you consider a pro?
- And to be as ugly as you?
- Yes, good.
How's the job search?
- Well well, I have many ...
I have a few options
I choose from.
Meet your new friends,
Mr. and Mr. Mop Bucket.
I want lots of shiny.
Some Swede wants to change this
in the furniture store.
A furniture store.
If you can get no job,
come to me. I will help you to work.
Thanks, Terry
but I want to do it through official channels.
I respect that.
But keep it in mind.
- Cheers.
Well done son.
The equity market
London will not take ...
recover than after a
change in New York.
Investors need
strong nerves.
The Dow Jones index
the price shows ...
of the 30 major stock ...
The city has little London
to look forward to ...
then mass redundancies in
The entire financial sector.
What you gonna do?
I start my own business.
I want my own boss.
In what?
I do not know yet.
But we'll think of something.
- Good.
How do you do with the money?
This is the landlord, open the door.
Open the door, you have to pay the rent.
Open the door for me.
When the door is not opening it
I call it a man who ...
Not so good.
I know.
The landlord called.
Here, take this.
Since you're gone astray here
Margaret and I often this house ...
we considered it to
sell for something smaller.
If we do,
I have some extra money.
I would be some
invest in your company.
You do not need to.
But God come with a good idea
and a solid business plan.
I might be old
but I'm not stupid.
Be careful, son.
Onwijs thanks.
Is it well with you, boy?
Alan, was a good man.
You must know that he really
proud of you. Do you?
Here, throw that back it.
Kevin, it's not easy
To tell ...
but once I left home with the whole
contents have sold ...
I decided to Euan and his family
in Australia to live.
I must proceed to the next
part of my life ...
to stop a mother,
and enjoy that I am Grandma.
Do you understand?
I know Alan wants me to rule
that care would be for you.
And if I buy the house?
How do you do that?
If I take a mortgage on the house,
I can use the money from Alan ...
for one company to develop and
to pay off the mortgage.
I make you proud.
Self-Employed Mortgage?
Everyone does it ...
She has boosted the price for a
deposit to do.
If I were you I would draw
and make sure he continues to pay.
Goodbye, Kevin, and good luck.
Indicating that damn thing.
Hey, Kev. That was long ago.
- Hi Paul, so for a long time.
I heard about Alan. Mind you it
After losing, he was a top guy.
I go out at the end of the week,
sense to go? Of course you sense.
Here he lives
- Very sexy.
- Hi, Kev.
Hi, man. You have made it say,
How can you afford this?
I do not need,
The rental company is so stupid.
They think that it is in repair.
Kev, this is Mandy.
And this is ...
Kev, me and Mandy to anything
old friends to say hello.
What do you want?
Like a Blue Lagoon ...
two Jack Daniel's with Coke
and a Sex on the Beach, thank you.
Hey listen, there is no ass to.
We will stay here.
Kev, we're here.
- Okay.
Kevin. How are you man?
- Hi, Terry.
Leave it down, Kate.
- Thanks, Terry.
Why is he not in?
- Who?
Stupid cow.
- Sorry.
Give me the blame.
Where is he going?
- I do not know.
No, later.
- Can I get a drink?
Paul? I'm talking to you.
Mozart, is that all you've done?
It does not clean itself, either?
Hello, can I speak with Margaret?
Margaret, the sale of the house is round,
and I have not received anything.
I understand this right, Margaret ...
I sit with a mortgage which I totally
to have no chance to redeem?
Enough? Alan I have the money needed to
company to start the mortgage so I ...
to expectations, as planned.
But I cannot in any other way
the mortgage payment. I have nothing.
Mr. Lewis?
- Yes?
You are summoned.
- What's this?
Assignment for seizure.
See you in court.
No, I make sure you get the money.
Mr. Lewis,
you have not once paid.
I just thought that there was a plan.
- It is too late.
Hold on to that nervous thing.
You said no one car for
would miss at least six months.
Do not know who to hire him.
They think he is in repair.
So you do nothing
worry about it.
Why do we have here
previously thought?
What's going on?
Well, that's not enough for
one month mortgage.
Come on man, you're crazy.
You can also earn some extra
with the smuggling of liquor and cigarette butts.
Problem is that everyone is doing it,
So there is not much help himself.
More than this.
The problem is that I a
bit fast need.
Maybe I have something for you.
If that real talent
of you want to use.
which smells of?
- Throw in Tonic, a slice of lemon ...
and you notice no difference
if you on a few of them.
Here, take this.
That should be enough for you,
until I've picked some.
Lee takes you home
and gets you in a few days.
Terry thanks, I appreciate it.
- Go ahead.
Buy a pack or something.
What is this thing?
I think it's a Swedish
furniture is.
Ready to make some money?
What have you,
you'd better take off your coat.
It can be somewhat messy.
What? What do we do?
- You will see.
Here we go.
Wait a minute.
What are we doing?
The winner takes the pot.
The loser gets nothing.
The winner? I'm not ...
What do you mean? I'm not ...
Hi Terry.
What is it for one type of work?
Just a little boxing.
Just like at the club.
- A little entertainment for the boys.
Does that suit?
- Yeah, fine.
Okay, boy. Good to see.
- Nice to see you. Are you okay?
What's the name of that boy?
"The Kid."
Just an encouragement to the challenger, all right.
Big applause for The Kid.
Should not I change clothes?
- What, no, not necessarily.
And what of our own fighter, Smudge?
Bring our fighter on in, boys.
Come on, get him.
Come on. Get him.
What about boxing gloves?
- You do not need them.
Okay, be ready.
He bit me.
He will be slaughtered.
- Wait.
Dull wanker.
You skinny wretch.
Okay, here he comes.
Come down, come on boy.
It's okay.
It is enough.
Enough Kevin, come on.
Yes, it's okay.
He bit me.
Why he bit me?
You did good.
Skinny wanker?
- Well done, boy.
That sets him to thinking.
You have a few minor scratches.
Are you okay?
- Well done, boy.
Actually done by The Kid, right?
Next time I make you pretty
paid, right?
Well done.
Bring him home.
What did you do then?
- Nice.
I told you so?
- Yes, boss.
I thought you were a wimp.
Really, I think you are a wanker.
But it turned out well, boy.
You gave him good at his thunder, right?
I have a headache.
- I have a few pills here.
Wrap it up.
- Thanks.
You definitely wanted to win, huh.
It was not that hungry, right?
Halifax Property
vs. Mr. Lewis, Your Honor
Halifax is working on a seizure.
Mr. Cooper
what do you say in this case.
Mr. Lewis has no payment
done over the last 6 months.
Your Honor, I last month
worked hard, to pay what I could.
Instead of asking you one guess
to risk and accept a check ...
I have two and half months rent today
to me, in cash.
Now I have a job, have the promise
arrears to be paid as soon as I can.
Mr. Lewis, you have 60 days to
your payments up to date market.
If that fails,
Mr. Cooper will be here again.
I want to show you something. Get in the car.
I'll take you anywhere you go.
I thought you were gone, friend.
Here it is.
Come inside
Once a good spot.
It sat here packed, starting nine hours.
But the manager just disappeared.
I will not run itself.
It needed a fresh face,
a new start.
Want to try?
- What do you mean?
It was what you wanted, right?
Your own business.
Instead of letting the brewery
I can rent it to you.
What's the catch?
- You buy all of us drink.
I have your bill to make it easy to keep.
And you pay the rent to us.
Then we pay again on the brewery.
- We get no problems.
Do I have a business plan?
There are a number of unpaid bills,
but I like the account in the holes.
What do you think?
I do not do charity
so I want my share.
But what remains, you may keep.
Is that enough for a plan?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
You are not on the list.
Hi, Donna. Everything okay?
- Kevin. Everything good?
Those two are with me.
- Tell the boss that the Kid is here.
Kevin, sit down.
Come on, girls.
Kevin, I have something for you.
Here. A contract.
- Take a drink for him.
Put a signature.
Yet to him.
He has not signed.
Let's do it.
Kevin Lewis.
The keys to your first bar.
- Happy birthday, man.
Onwijs thanks.
Congratulations, Kevin.
A glass of champagne?
What are you celebrating?
- I just bought my first bar.
How cool. Congratulations.
Thank you.
- Keep an open party?
Kevin, my friend.
Champagne. Right here.
Give it to the girl in the blue dress.
It is the case.
I take it over.
- Kevin told me ...
That is fine. Now, fuck off.
Just go nice and window cleaning.
Ladies, would you mind when I
come on down?
Did you enjoy yourself?
Well done, Kevin.
It was super tonight, man.
Come, bring me home.
- Hurry up.
Are you ready?
- Who is that?
Sorry, my darling.
Is it okay?
Is everything okay?
- I think I'm alone.
Come, take a drink with me.
- OK.
I have some ...
I have not yet used.
It's like New Year's Eve.
There must be another one coming.
What should we do with this?
How is it to a personal assistant
to be?
Okay. It paid the bills.
Nothing to write home about.
How is it to be independent?
The accounts payable
Nothing about ...
no, I hope one day me
the freedom to do what I want.
That sounds good.
What about family?
What do you mean?
- You know, the usual.
Where did you grow up? Such things.
There you will hear nothing.
Of course I do.
Me wants to know everything about you.
What do you do?
There is so much.
I do not know where to begin.
I want to write.
I have fewer books read
then I want to ...
but I would be a good writer.
I want to travel.
I want to go to America.
I have so many ideas, so many
ways to do things better.
I want to be successful.
I do everything to show a success.
Because I can change things.
Come on, boy.
See you later.
You should not rush too much.
Otherwise you cannot enjoy it.
Did you know that Edison invented the light bulb
when he was 24 years.
Orson Welles Citizen Kane wrote,
25 when he was.
My God, I would have worn.
- What?
I have the bill, mate.
- Sorry size. Sorry, you dirty ...
Okay, can we go?
You usually eat lunch at your office?
There's your pies.
- Nice.
Homemade pies,
than from the store.
This is a kind of tradition,
that homemade.
All right, Lee?
We usually only six.
- Yes, there's too many ordered.
It's all right, that Terry controls.
How's that little girl,
plans for the future?
Who knows.
- That's true.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Who are these?
- Nothing.
Why do you write on the walls?
What are you, a caveman?
No, I've always done.
It helps me think.
I think you're fantastic.
Want a shower?
There is hot water and ...
I only have a towel,
but ...
I go up water.
Going well?
- Well, Terry?
How's business?
- Well, busy evening yesterday.
Penfold says you still can not
break even.
The debt is growing all the time.
It does not match.
What about wages?
Labor costs are too high?
Can you cut? Who are your employees,
friends of yours?
We were better off,
when the matter was closed, Kevin.
I still have the rent
and pay municipal charges.
Yes, but you ...
Am I right when I say that you first
own company, Kevin?
I can let others see ...
- It's all right, boy.
But do not worry.
Do what you do best.
Lee gets to you later.
Lee, can we delay?
Got me an appointment with a girl tonight.
Sure, no problem.
Have fun.
Wait a minute.
Who do you work again?
You would still pay the mortgage?
Get in the car.
Put your work, then you're done in ten
minutes, and you can go to your girl.
Would you ...
- Sure.
No, she's gone for lunch.
No, she did not say.
I do not know. Good.
- It's okay.
I'm sorry.
- What happened?
Nothing. I cannot ...
- Again something you cannot tell me?
I, Jackie. Please
- In God's name.
I just wanted ...
Sorry. I promise I again
okay flavor.
Catherine said you was out with Lee,
last night.
It's not what you think.
It's not only about last night.
There are other things.
You do not even know what I mean.
- What should I know then?
You come here to ensure, under the bruises,
but you cannot say which.
You never shows me any affection.
You never say you love me.
And drawn on the wall,
That is not normal.
Say something.
It's really fun.
Just go away, Kevin.
Take a drink.
I'm going to the bar closed.
But as I said,
It is busy every night ...
and you'll have everything
what constitutes the bar.
What more can I do.
All write, go bankrupt.
Please do not
if I have no job ...
I cannot pay my mortgage,
I can live anywhere.
Then I have two large debts.
Do not talk about blame
against me. Your fight ...
last night cost me 20,000.
What do you mean?
I thought you would lose, dammit!
Why are you so serious?
You are now a single woman.
- I thought he might call.
You have to get over it.
Okay, come on. I take you for lunch.
Kevin I am Julie. I did not know who
to call me, it's about Mama.
Wait, hold on, Julie.
Why do you have beaten the grandchildren?
They are full of bruises.
Where the hell are you doing?
I have touched him gently.
You get not one more time, you hear.
Otherwise you will get with me
Is that supposed to frighten me sometimes?
I've heard about you
you let your ass beat ...
for money,
that's all you can.
There you are good enough, and actually
you should thank me ...
I've helped you to not one
little weakling to be, or not.
You dirty quitter.
He gives me nothing, I mean ...
- He just wants you in his bed.
No, he does want to
I think, it's just ...
how hard I try to open.
But then go away again.
Wayne I just had to get ...
and not you. You're
not my son, damn it!
I am never fucking been.
Public sale
Try to
BMW to get.
Okay, but what do you drive?
- Do not worry about it.
Are you sure you want to do?
- If you but to me that one thing controls.
Kevin, come on, man.
- Yes, I'm coming.
Hurry, we gotta go.
- Okay.
After the fight, go down the list
Nobody else, only you.
I lose my temper, boy.
Where you going?
- Where nobody could find me.
It's all right, man.
But do not worry about me.
What are the benefits to the game?
Ladies and gentlemen, here comes our favorite
boxer back in the ring.
The Kid in the ring.
You had better fucking win.
Take this money and put it on Whagger.
And favorite boxer,
from Ireland: Whagger.
That Whagger wins, okay.
- Yes.
Fight back?
Do you pee in your bed again?
Useless wanker.
Take this useless piece of shit here.
Excuse me, are you Julie?
Kevin's sister?
I am Paul, a friend of Kevin.
He asked me to give you this.
I know not what it is.
Can I help you?
I am a friend of Kevin.
I had to give you this.
I go from school.
I am the owner.
Thanks, I appreciate your help.
I get my own businesses.
What if I buy the house?
I am the owner of
I just bought my first bar.
I will be a success.
Toss coin.
Who have you hired?
- Regulates Terry it.
Put everything on the other.
I look at the bills.
- When he goes down ...
still heard nothing.
- Sign damn our agreement.
Bankruptcy, write off everything.
He might as well my
take over the debts.
Claver Ford Croft
Can I help you?
- Kevin Lewis, for Mr. Croft.
The stairs, half left.
Hey, pal. Got it?
You should talk to a guy that
we get the car. Here is the money.
Kev, be careful.
Want to keep this for me?
Thanks, Paul.
In the container on the right.
A little brown envelopes.
Make sure it is what you want.
I say where the bullets.
A double three, delicious.
- Please.
You little bastard.
You have guts ...
Do not be stupid, boy.
I'm stupid too long.
You got me used as an idiot.
What are you talking about?
- You have deceived me.
You knew I was desperate
and committed an abuse of me.
What would you like?
I've been with Mr. Croft.
A nice man. An accountant.
He has everything checked.
This is what I owe.
That's without the 60,000 debt
of the bar ...
income tax and insurance
you withheld.
And salaries and bills of the beverage
from your club, I paid.
That's a whole list.
Be careful to whom you
weapon focus, boy.
I have nothing to lose.
I'll shoot you first and then drop myself.
You had so much money.
And yet you had to sell me.
Pick it up.
I do not want that. I want what belongs to me
guilty, and nothing more.
And if you can sign.
And here.
You look a little pale.
Why do not you sit?
Was there anything else?
- Yes.
When I exit that door, then
you and I finish with each other.
Play the tough guy,
I tell it to anyone.
But, if you ever get close to me,
I'll finish.
Do you understand?
You going to do anything?
Well just let this fool ...
And you ...
talking too much, and are rude.
Hi, mate, please.
You now have a bar.
Come on, I've been drawing.
Thanks for the watch.
Sir, may I help you? Go there
within, they have a meeting.
Hi, chocolate people.
Hi, I have respect
for what you do.
Sorry I apologize for interrupting you.
But what I am about to say,
is the most ...
most important thing I ever said,
in my life so far.
And, it only takes a minute.
I love you.
Yes, I do not care
who overthrew pushes.
I've run push, Jackie.
I spent my whole life
things pushed Jackie.
But you need not push.
You know.
I have to go over things step ...
and only wear what is important,
and that is you.
I do not care for money, jobs and cars
and chocolate and stuff like that.
No disrespect intended.
I love only you.
That is all that counts.
There are one million things that I have
should have mentioned, much earlier.
A few thousand of them
are written here.
You let me not be ashamed
for myself.
Now I am going to clean our house.
Thanks, chocolate people.
I'm so proud of you.
What is this?
What is this?
Who gave you this?
It sat there.
You must share it.
That was the beginning of his
own incredible journey.
Kevin is with us today,
with his wife Jackie.
Very nice to meet you.
Many have read your book,
"Kevin Lewis, The Kid '.
And this is the incredible story of
You growing up in south London ...
in the 70 and 80.
When you grew up you had a good ...
Now I get too agitated ...
you had a good teacher at school ...
seeing that you lived under
terrible conditions ...
because the house was close to the school.
Your garden was full of waste.
I tell everyone here ...
how proud I am of you.
Every day.
Get out now, you're not too old
should continue to check.
Thank you.
Tell me, how's the family,
Dennis and Gloria you see anymore?
I do not read books.
I am a father.
- Yes.
Dennis my book described a man
was very limited intelligence ...
themselves nurtured in care.
And described how Gloria
six years of her youth ...
spent at a
psychiatric institution.
Both were victims of abuse.
Not really a Golden Couple
or parental material.
But, maybe somewhere behind the
dark clouds of the past ...
there were sunny days
they loved each other.
But life
is not about the past.
It's about the future.
And how happy you can be there.
The kid was 18 weeks
on the bestseller list ...
and number one for six weeks.
Kevin lives in Surrey with his family
and is a successful crime writer.
Had I known that the book
would be issued ...
I did not have much left in it
, and had not been published.
Because the unspent
would be ...
until I got the last two
Chapters wrote ...
so it's a fair description.
And I owe to Jackie.
The message to the people at home
in a situation imprisoned?
You must first look inside
to yourself ...
and when you go to yourself inside
have looked ...
look out and see what you
have to do to get there.
So take, take small steps at a time.
But you must continue taking.
Think not: the world domination.