The Kid (2019) Movie Script

[boy] My mother told us our father
couldn't find any goodness in his life.
That he'd stopped trying.
She said he and his brother
were born bad.
Now you see, my father,
he got the notion my mom was gonna
take us and run away from him.
He said he'd kill Ma.
He was drunk
and there was no stopping him.
- [woman screams]
- [woman] Children, run!
- [man] You and the kids...
- [boy] Please!
- [shouting]
- [boy] Stop!
- Father, stop!
- [woman] Rio, Sara!
- [woman] Run!
- Please don't hurt Ma!
[man] You put that gun away!
You put it away!
- [woman screams] Rio, Sara!
- [thud]
- [banging]
- [shouting]
[woman] Damn it! No!
- [woman grunting]
- [blows landing]
- [woman] Rio!
- I'll kill you, son!
- Father, stop! Please!
- [gunshot]
[Sara wailing, sobbing] Mother!
[man] Sounds
like your brother's place!
[sobbing] Mother!
She's gone. She's gone.
- [pounding on door]
- Open the goddamn door!
- Bill! Bill?
- All right, boys.
- You all right?
- Stay put.
- What the hell? Bill!
- [crashing]
No, please, I had to!
I had to!
You had to what?
What'd you do?
Men, get out.
What... what did... Bill?
- [Sara] It's okay. It's okay.
- What did you two do?
You killed my brother!
You killed my brother!
- [screaming] No!
- Look at me.
I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you!
[Sara grunts, pants]
The window, Rio, the window!
No, Rio! We can't stay here.
We have to keep moving.
Sara. Sara, there's blood on me.
Okay. Okay, take off your shirt.
You're scared, right?
Hey, ain't nothin' wrong
with scared. I know.
It hurts me too.
I need you to do something.
I need you to close your eyes,
close them.
I need you to picture who you're gonna be
when all of this is over.
Not now, but then. Okay?
Strong, and not afraid
of anything at all. Okay?
What you did, Rio, you had to do.
You saved our lives.
Okay, open your eyes.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on!
[Rio] Where will we go?
Santa Fe.
Mom told me about a friend there
that we could turn to
if there was ever any trouble.
Santa Fe...
You think Uncle Grant
will follow us there?
What, Sara?
[horse whinnies]
Hey. [clicks tongue]
Come on.
[horse whinnies]

- [Rio] Where are we?
- [Sara] Far aways from Santa Fe.
Looks like we can rest here.
Cheerfully days
Holy mother will stay
Always beside me
By night or by day
[continues singing softly]
[man] Grant!
Looks like those kids
stole one of Fletch's horses!
Boss, they could be headed
as far as Santa Fe.
[man] Well, what have we here?
No need to panic now.
Although, I'd dare
say got you surrounded.
Billy. They gotta go.
Round here, who knows
what'll happen to them.
- Don't fuckin' matter what happens!
- Back off, Wilson!
I'd say it might.
Some people got a knack
for livin', you know?
Who knows how far they get.
You know, might be they run into Pat
and all them bastards out lookin' for us,
tell 'em where we are.
We don't know who you are.
You're... you're Billy the Kid.
- [chuckles]
- I read about you in the paper.
Lies, mostly.
Billy Bonney.
That's quite a name.
Your mama pick it?
She said she wanted to name me
after someplace beautiful.
Well... [chuckles]
You hear that, boys?
This kid's good luck.
He gonna get us all
to somewhere's beautiful.
Where you two comin' from?
[Billy] It don't matter, do it, Charlie?
They're here.
Long as we are too, you'll be safe.
I promise.
Well, horses need rest,
and we need sleep.
Our head start will last
at least an hour or two.
- [Wilson] If it don't?
- Well... [chuckles]
then we'll do what needs doin'.
Kill 'em dead.

Is it okay if I talk to you?
Yeah, kid.
Those things they say
about you really lies?
Most of them.
Guess it don't
really matter, though. I...
I done enough.
I read they're gonna getcha.
Not if I get 'em first.
She was a singer.
How old are you?
Fifteen, almost.
I was 13...
it happened to me.
I'm gonna go check on the horses.
[horse whinnies]
[horses whinny]
I'm gonna get you.
[men shouting]
Come on.
Yah! Yah!
[gunfire continues]
[man] Hold your fire!
Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
[breathing hard]
Garrett! I'll be damned, is that you?!
[Garrett] It's me!
Tell you the truth, Billy,
I was hoping that was you
we just killed!
Oh, that's Bowdre,
you long-legged son of a bitch!
Bowdre today, Tom yesterday!
You having fun picking off
every person on God's
green earth who isn't me?
I can't move on till you're moving
with me, you know that!
I would prefer to do it without killing
all your friends!
Ah, hell, Pat,
just the horse I'm gonna miss!
You shot a goddamn horse!
Who does that?
If you got a plan B, I'll kill that too!
[Billy] How many men
you got out there?
[Garrett] How many men? 100!
Ain't no way you got 100, Pat!
Here you are now, just trying
to make me feel special!
- You got a way outta here?
- This is bad!
- We're okay.
- Yeah? This ain't Lincoln!
I know where we are!
And I know where we ain't.
[man] Billy, goddamn it,
we're gonna surrender.
[Billy] You do that, they'll take Dave
to Santa Fe and hang him.
Then they'll take me to Lincoln County
and do the same.
What choice do we got?
- Billy, we need to surrender.
- Yeah.
[Billy] Pat! I'm coming out!
I want all your men out here first,
hands up, then you last.
All right, men, let's go.
[man] All right!
All right, let's take their guns,
step over there.
Wait till we're gone
then head north a little.
Our horses won't have got too far.
Wherever you're headed,
they'll take you there.
All your men are out here,
Billy! It's your turn!
- Where will you go?
- [scoffs]
Christ, kid.
This rock found me
like you did.
Toss them bloody clothes
before your next move, you hear?
Take care of that for me.
Pat, you old so-and-so!
Thought there were at least 50 Texans here
from the Canadian River.
If I'd have no more than this,
you'd never have gotten me.
- We can go with him.
- No.
You said we had to go to Santa Fe.
They'll take us there.
- And we won't be alone neither.
- I'm sorry. We have to stay hidden.
Rio! Rio!
Who do we have here?
So why don't you tell me
that story one more time.
[Sara] We come down from Iowa.
After Ma passed,
Dad thought it best for a change.
And his sister's in Santa Fe.
Thought she could be of help.
The storm came through
the other night and we got lost.
- Separated.
- Yes, sir.
Thought you got separated.
- Separated from your pa.
- Yes, sir.
Your pa, he must be scared, huh?
I believe he is, sir.
Well, we got a long way to go,
but we'll drop Rudabaugh off in Santa Fe
and we'll take you with us.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah.
Excuse me?
- Will they really hang him?
- Yeah, they'll hang him.
- They really will.
- But why?
Same reason they hang any man,
for the things he done. Let's go!
- [man] Come on now! Yah!
- [man 2] Come on! Get!
[men speaking indistinctly]
All right, everyone,
this here's the Maxwell ranch.
We want to be
in Puerto de Luna by tomorrow.
So we got a long road ahead.
Everybody get some rest, get some food,
and we'll be on our way.
You two, I need you. Dave
and Billy in chains, all right?
- [man] Yes, sir.
- Keep your eyes on Billy.
This is the place he considers home.
- [woman] Charlie?
- Oh, shit.
[speaking Spanish]
[screaming in Spanish]
[woman sobbing]
You get Charlie to turn on me?
Son of a bitch!
All right, come on! Let's get Bowdre
out of here! Huh?!
Get the dead body
out of the street, all right?!
[speaking Spanish]
Treat that body with some respect!
And get Billy down!
Get him in shackles!
[speaking Spanish]
We'll get you a bath.
Thank you.
[metal clanging]
Nice enough fella, for sure.
But... livin's nicer.
- Jim.
- Yes, sir?
You have somethin' to smoke?
Have some tobacco.
Oh. Wonderful.
Do you mind?
- Hold on now. I'll toss it to you.
- Oh, it's fine.
- I'm already on my way.
- Billy.
Billy, goddamn it! Take another step,
I swear to God I'll shoot you!
- [gun cocks]
- [man clears throat]
Jim, I just wanted to stretch my legs.
Suspicions like that won't
serve you well, you know.
You gotta learn to trust in a fella.
Sorry, Billy. I'm...
just bein' careful is all.
Here you go, bub.
I don't want any
of your damn tobacco, Jim.
You know that.
Now, I know this don't make it right,
but you can use this to get him
a good suit and a proper burial.
[speaks Spanish]
Give this to your mother.
[speaks Spanish]

- [man] Yah! Yah!
- [man 2] Let's move!
- [men shouting]
- Pat, we better hurry!
I got a date with fate, and I dare say
you don't want to make me late!
All right, ho! Ho!
Thank you, fellas.
We're good here.
As good as Mama back
in Indiana, right?
- Illinois, Captain.
- Illinois, right. Illinois.
Rio? Sara?
Imagine you two
are missing your pa pretty serious.
Yes, sir. Very much.
When we get to Santa Fe,
I'd like to meet him.
Take you to him personally.
Make sure you're safe.
You've already done so much already.
- But that'd be real nice.
- Well, I'll tell you what.
A reuniting would make my heart
soar like a hawk.
It'd be nice to have a good story
to focus on instead of all these sad ones.
What makes you think
this story's a sad one?
Whoa. [laughs]
You said we couldn't eat yet,
had to wait our turn.
I'm not eatin', I'm just talkin'.
Might be my last chance
to be social, thanks to you,
you're not gonna let me talk a little?
[laughs] Fred.
- You had enough? All right.
- Thank you, Sheriff.
Thank you.
Wouldn't want me gettin'
any wild ideas or nothin',
disturbin' the feast of our Lord.
Dave! Dave, how rude of me.
Forgettin' we're bein' tied together
and all. Come on down, my friend.
How long you been sheriff now?
Two weeks.
[laughs] Two weeks!
Don't I feel special.
Wallace comes along
and gets elected governor,
all of a sudden I'm enemy number one.
Got my own specially assigned
sheriff and all.
Ya'll know Pat used to live in Lincoln?
We even been
to a dance or two together.
Ain't that right?
You know this kid's just 14?
Think we were so small back then?
I bet you came out your of mama
as you are today, mustache and all.
You know the first bad thing I ever done?
Stole from the Chinamen
down in Silver City.
The sheriff arrested me,
second he got those shackles on,
I was lookin' for a way to escape.
They took me out for exercise, I ran.
Snuck into a little side room,
and scooted up the chimney.
How you think that happens?
I go from climbing up chimneys to here.
You murdered men.
[Billy] Hell.
Maybe this is a sad story.
Why'd you stick around?
All the rest of us that survived Lincoln,
we scattered.
But you stuck around for two years.
That's a long time.
Two years is a long time.
It's like you wanted to get hung.
Like you wanted them
to write about you.
You know what it means when they start
writing about you, don't you?
It means you're already dead.
Well, if I'm dead already
and you're so fuckin' righteous,
maybe you should hang this kid too,
make us all pay
for the goddamn things we done.
He hasn't done anything.
We got lost in a storm.
You think your brother
ain't like me, girl,
you best know now
you got another thing comin'.
What's the plan, Billy?
kill our way out, I suppose.
How far you think you're gonna get
with dead Dave chained to your ankle?
Not very far at all, Pat.
I hope you'll rightly
understand I had to try.
It's really a shame, this being
your last chance to show some decency.
Come on. Come on.
What happened in Lincoln?
A rich man controlled
all the dry goods in the county.
There was another rich man who thought he
should be able to get into the business.
And those two men went to war.
And everybody who worked with them
went there too.
- What side was Billy on?
- He was on the second side.
And who was right?
Billy's, I guess, for a while.
By the end, everybody was wrong.
I was once a buffalo hunter.
Can you believe that? [laughs]
It was a long time ago.
I worked with this man
named Joe Briscoe.
We were not friends, Joe and I.
One night, I was sitting by the fire
trying to warm myself up
when old Joe got it into his head
that he's gonna do his wash
out in the freezing cold water.
And he come up and he wanted to get
all his clothes dried right quick.
He was a drunk, and I told him so.
I said, "Only a drunk fool Irishman
would wash his clothes in a muddy river."
Something like that. Joe didn't like that.
And he, uh...
He come at me.
And I knocked his drunk ass down.
He come again,
I knocked him down again.
And it went on like that, until I decided
I should walk away.
Which I did, but Joe
would have none of that.
He come at me with an axe. Right?
So I shot him in the chest.
And he fell down in the fire right next
to his steaming clothes.
Pulled him out of the fire,
and he bled out right in my arms.
First man I ever killed. Joe Briscoe.
And in the morning, I dug his grave.
And then I rode and I found
the closest sheriff I could
and I confessed to what I'd done.
They damn near laughed me
out of the office.
Said I hadn't done anything wrong.
Go back to work.
But I had done something wrong.
I knew it.
A man's wrongs matter.
But there's nothing as important
as what he does next.
You understand what I'm saying to you?
Son, is there something
you wanna tell me?
No, sir.
[Sara] I know it seems like he cares,
but he don't.
You've seen it with Billy.
If you kill a man, nothing else matters.
You hang.
I can't sleep on this bed.

- But if we tell him we had to...
- Shh!
If you ever confess, your life is over,
I promise you.
And if your life ends,
mine surely ends too.
We have to be silent.
Do you understand?
What happens after we find Mama's friend?
We're gonna get out
of this wretched state.
We're gonna go so far away from Uncle
and all these other men
that not even God can hope to find us.

- [horse whinnies]
- [echoing scream]
- [panting]
- [echoing gunshot]
[Billy] It happened to me.
I wanna thank you for what
you tried to do back there.
Takes a real man
to help a friend in need.
You really think I'm like you?
Well, that depends.
Do you wanna be?

[indistinct chatter]
[woman] What's he looking at?
Can you believe this?
Come on, kid. Have a drink.
[Billy] I've been drunk
once in my life, kid.
The night my ma died.
I figured death ain't nothing compared to
what I felt without controlling my limbs.
- [man] It's the Kid!
- [man] Hey, Billy!
Billy! Hey, Billy the Kid!
- [all shouting]
- You know what I wish I knew?
Why I never think of running
until I'm caught.
[crowd continues shouting]
Hey, kids! [laughs]
- How you doing?
- Doing good, Billy.
Yeah? I just dropped in to see
if the fine fellas of Santa Fe
are behaving themselves.
I don't know, you look like a desperado
to me. You just need a better hat.
[Garrett] Look sharp, everybody.
[Billy] You look like you're
gonna grow up to be
some fine, outstanding women. Hey!
Whoo! Oh, yeah? Hey, folks!
- Oh!
- [man shouting]
I hope so! Hey!
Hello, fine sir.
- How you doing? Yeah?
- [man] Hi, Billy!
[Billy] Whoo!
- Garrett.
- Romero. Thank you for the escort.
Although it was not necessary.
Look, we'll take Rudabaugh,
but I want Bonney as well.
- I can't do that.
- There are good men in this town.
Families and such. They been
hurt by this man's crimes.
And we want him to pay for it.
I ain't done nothin' in Santa Fe
but rob a couple folks blind.
You best believe they sure as hell
were asking for it.
I am taking William Bonney to La Mesilla
to stand trial
and he will pay for his crime!
- ...the reward money, Pat.
- Will you shut up! Goddamn it!
I see you got control
of your prisoner here.
I have a federal warrant for this man that
takes precedent over any of your charges!
Rudabaugh, you can have.
The rest of these men are
my responsibility
and I intend to see to it.
Let's go!
Jim! Get Billy and Dave
out of them chains.
Hell, Dave. This ain't exactly the kind
of goodbye that feels good.
I'll be seeing you, Billy.
- I'm all right.
- Come on, Bill.
I'm guessing we're not sticking around
for rest or relaxation.
No, Jim, we're not stopping.
We're not safe here.
I got a better idea
to get us out of this place.
Whoa! Whoa!
[Garrett] All right, everyone! Listen
to me and the words I say to you now!
In accordance of the laws
of the state of New Mexico,
I am commandeering
this stagecoach
for the transportation
of the prisoner William Bonney!
- Like hell you are!
- No! Back off!
I don't care about you! I don't care
about your problems! Back off!
Hey! Let's go!
- Come on, Jim, let's go!
- Bring up those prisoners.
[Garrett] Get in the coach!
Come on, Jim, help me out!
You know your way to Lincoln County?
Oh! Hello there, fine sir!
Don't suppose you'd believe this is
the first time I ever had shackles on.
- Write that down in your pad.
- Sheriff Pat Garrett.
If you do what I say, we both gonna
survive this day. Yeah!
[Billy] You ain't so tough, just Pat here.
We'll be going on a stagecoach ride.
- Oh, shit.
- [Billy laughs]
You are aware of all the hell
about to break loose?
Ain't nothing getting in the way
of me and my story, Billy.
- [Billy] I should hope so.
- Listen to me now!
There's about to be a gunfight!
So anyone doesn't wanna get shot
better get to a safe place right now!
- Weapons!
- [Billy] Whoa! Hey!
All the same to you, Pat,
I'm fine right here enjoying the view!
- We just want Bonney!
- Come and get him.
Damn it, Garrett!
- Hold your fire!
- Here today!
What'd you do that for?
Hold your fire!
Now, listen to me!
I am taking these men
to Lincoln County!
You understand me?
On that, I give my word!
They will pay for what they've done!
But I will die defending them!
You understand?
I wasn't the member of any gang.
I was for Billy all the time.
Whoa, here we go!

[woman singing]
Yes, my darling, you will be
What's this? I think
you two have the wrong place.
We're looking for Mirabel.
I think you really do have
the wrong place.
No, no, no. Please. Is she here?
It's about our mother.
Follow me.
Shine upon my brow today
Life is fading fast away
When your hair is silver white
And your cheeks no longer bright
I will kiss your lips and say
Oh, my darling, mine alone...
Thank you.
You have never older grown
Yes, my darling, mine alone
You have never older grown
Um, I don't...
You don't know us.
But I think that...
We think that you knew...
our mother. [sobbing]
You look just like her.
I'm so sorry.
- [sobbing] I'm so sorry.
- [door bangs open]
[Sara sobbing]
Look at me. Did you
think you could run from me?
You're amazing.
I always told my brother
no goddamn good could come from marrying
a woman like your mother.
Your father wouldn't listen.
Now he's fucking dead,
because your mother
was a fucking whore.
She was a whore.
You understand? Move!
- You want another?
- [gasping]
Now sit her up
so she can see me.
Would you like to know
why I'm here?
To take you far away from here
so Rio lives in pain.
So now your sister
is going to be my whore.
- [sobbing] No!
- Shh...
Look at me.
I'm gonna teach you a thing
about what's fair.
You come looking for me,
you never gonna find us.
If you do, I'll kill you.
And I'll kill her.
- Put him in the street!
- No!
- Don't hurt him!
- Sara, no!
No! [screaming]
- Please, no! Please!
- Shut her up.
- Shut up!
- Please! Please!
- Sara!
- Get her to the horses.
We're leaving this town.
- [sobbing] Please!
- [Rio] Sara!
[Grant] I'll kill you, and I'll kill her.

[indistinct shouting]
- [man] Bring him here!
- What the hell are you doing here, boy?
I thought for sure you'd be off
to find your sister.
What'd you say?
They found Billy guilty in Lincoln County
and they're gonna hang him.
He wrote me a letter.
- Dave, where's my sister?
- Billy knows where she's at!
He wrote me a letter, it's in my pocket.
You gotta grab it, Rio!
Get the letter, Rio!
[man] Get out of there, boy!
Goddamn it, Dave!
[Billy] Dave, I hope this letter
finds you well.
[Dave] Find Billy, Rio!
[Billy] Pat's got me locked up
in the courthouse in Lincoln.
I heard about those kids.
[breathing hard]
Makes me wonder if it's fate,
orjust mistakes
that get us on our way.
Well, good luck to you, Dave.
[horse snorts]
[horse whinnies]

[Olinger] There was this man,
sure he was a cur like you.
So they set him to hang.
Now, none of these folks
had ever hung a man before.
So when he dropped,
his neck snapped,
but his body kept fallin'.
Turns out,
the cur ain't dead yet.
So they drag him to his feet.
And they can hear him
whimperin' and cryin'.
Rope musta ripped part of his
neck clear off his shoulders.
Blood gushin' down
the body and shirt.
Somehow, still they hear him,
beggin' for the end.
They go through it all over again,
puttin' that noose, dropping that door.
And when he finally goes,
you know what goes too?
His head.
Pops clear off his shoulders,
right on down to the dirt.
Followed, of course, by the rest of him.
You know I ain't
ever hung a man before?
In fact, I do believe
none of us here have.
Well, I reckon I ain't
gonna be your first, Bob.
- Oh, no?
- Nah.
Gonna be pretty goddamn hard
to hang me once you're dead.
[bangs floor]
- How's it goin', Billy?
- Oh, fine.
Bob here was just tellin' me
a children's story.
[Bob laughs]
[distant horse whinnying]
[bell tolling]
Excuse me.
- I need to see Billy the Kid.
- He ain't here.
Please, sir,
I need to see Billy.
You don't understand.
Someone took my sister,
and only Billy knows where she is.
I don't have to do a goddamn thing.
You come up these steps again,
I'll shoot you.
Ex... excuse me!
Your hands! Hands in the air!
- Hey! Who do you think's coming?
- [Rio] The money!
Put the money in a bag!
I'll be sure to put in
the good word for you, Bell.
Make sure you outta
this thing unscathed. [laughs]
Went in one side
and clean out the other.
- So he's gonna be all right?
- Yeah, I expect.
Keep him resting couple days, though.
Nothing strenuous.
He's all stitched up.
What the hell were you doing?
[Billy] The kid okay?
Pat! Get in here!
- You got the keys to his room? Hmm?
- [Billy] What'd he say?
What'd he say?
Talk to me, Pat!
What'd he tell you?
He ain't tellin' anybody much
of anything right now.
So why don't you quiet down,
get some rest.
Hey, where you goin'? Where you goin'?
We're havin' a conversation!
- I want you two to watch the hall here.
- Damn it, Pat!
He'll settle down a little bit.
Jim, you come with me.
Get back here and talk to me!
You gotta listen!
You gotta talk to the kid, Pat!
What about the sister?
God! You don't know shit, Pat!
Come on, Pat! Talk to me!
I almost killed him, Pat.
I almost killed that boy.
[Billy] Pat, get back in here
and talk to me!
A boy with a gun ain't a boy.
You shot someone who was
pointing at you, just as you oughta.
- [Billy] Pat!
- That's a lie.
That gun wasn't pointed at nothin'
but God in heaven above.
[Billy shouts] Your friend
shot a kid, Pat!
All right, listen to me now.
I still got half the county's worth
of taxes left to collect
before this week is done.
Tomorrow morning, early,
you're riding out with me.
James and Bob here can watch the jail.
We'll talk to the marshal,
explain every little thing
that happened to him.
We'll let the law decide the boy's fate.
All right.
Pat! What about the sister?
It's the world we're in.
[thunder rumbles]
[crickets chirping]
[Sara] And if your life ends,
mine surely ends too.
- [groans]
- [Billy] Kid!
You sure got a funny way
of gettin' in to see a fella.
I saw Dave Rudabaugh,
in Santa Fe.
- How was Dave?
- They hung him.
Guess I rightly knew.
You always gotta hope, though,
that a person's gonna find a way.
Billy, do you know?
He told me you know
where my sister is.
Puerto de Luna.
Met a guy in here who'd been
traveling with your uncle.
We had dinner right outside
there. You remember?
Puerto de Luna.
Don't that feel like years ago?
Billy. Billy, what if...
Are you sure he has her?
Yeah, kid.
He has her.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
Before I met you...
I was...
We were running because...
- It's okay, kid.
- Because I...
We all done something.
Now, you listen to me.
I reckon Pat and Jim
are leaving town tomorrow.
Round midday,
Bob's gonna come in there,
take everyone across
the street for lunch.
Now, he's a...
he's a fucking bastard,
but he won't push you, I suspect,
on account of that bullet Jim put in ya.
Now, I'm getting out of here,
and you're welcome to come.
You know, sometimes...
getting what we want...
It comes with things ain't
so nice for other folks.
Have you thought about...
if that's the kind of thing
you're ready for?
I'm ready.
What happened to you's a real shame.
And it'd be another not
to take advantage of it.

If this prisoner is given the slightest
opportunity on earth, if he...
- James!
- Yes, sir.
- Are you listening to me?
- Yes, sir.
If he is allowed the use of one free hand,
if he is not watched from this moment
until the moment that he is hanged...
Boss, there's as much chance
of him escapin'
as there is he goes to heaven
when we send him to hell.
Just watch the fucking prisoner.
You alive?
I asked you before if you had anything
you wanted to tell me.
Now I'm gonna ask you again.
And you can be sure that you
won't have a third chance.
Is there anything you wanna tell me, son?
No, sir.
Where's your sister?
We split up.
She got tired of all the runnin',
went home while I continued on.
You sure that's what you wanna say to me?
That's the truth.

Time for lunch.
Bell! Bell, I gotta go!
I need the outhouse, Bell!
Come on, man!
Come on, man!
- Can it wait?
- No, it can't!
You wouldn't let me go all day, now it's
gonna happen whether you let me or not!
What am I gonna do, shoot you with the gun
I don't got while I'm takin' a shit?
[sighs, sniffs]
All right, Bell!
I'm comin' out!
[sighs] Thank you.
Feel so light all of sudden,
it's like I'm a free man.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Calm down now. Calm down, Bell!
Calm down, Billy, put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
- Calm down, Bell.
- I'm calm, Billy.
I will let you go. Put the gun down, okay?
Just put the gun down.
- We don't have to do this.
- Calm down! Damn it, Bell!
- Calm down!
- I swear to God, just put the gun down.
- I'll let you free, okay?
- Bell. Bell!
James Bell must have
shot Billy the Kid.
Stay put.
Damn it, Bell!

- Meet me outside.
- What'd you do, Billy?
What I had to do! Go!
[Billy whistles] Hello, Bob.
Now, hold on, Brookshire!
One more step,
and it will be your last!
Whoo! [laughs]
Where's Gottfried Gauss?
Gauss! Gauss! [laughs]
Hi there, Gauss! Long time!
You see that kid?
You can consider him my only friend
in the entire goddamn universe.
Assuming this is true, what do you think
I'd do, you hurt one hair on his head?
Now, take the kid, rustle up a horse,
and I'll be on my way!
- Go on, now!
- [indistinct]
I did not wish to kill Bell.
When I grabbed his revolver,
I asked him to hold his hands
up in the air and surrender.
But he decided to run,
and so I had to do it.
I am here today,
standing pat against the world.
I do not wish to hurt anyone else!
But any of you make the foolish decision
to stand in the way with what I'm aiming,
and you will most certainly find yourself
in a state of being no longer alive!

- [Rio grunts]
- [horse whinnies]
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm good.

All that killin', and he's still loose.
These reports are saying Sumner.
But I got word he's
at the Maxwell Ranch.
- [sighs]
- You know, I can't make sense of it, Pat.
I mean, Billy Bonney can't be stupid
enough to stay in New Mexico, can he?
It's not a lack of intelligence.
It's a lack of fear.
It's tough to know how dumb you are
when you're not scared of nothing.
Yeah, that's about right.
[Billy] We can take a night in the barn,
get some rest before Pat comes for us.
When can we go for Sara?
You said you'd help me find my sister.
- Kid, I don't...
- No, Billy, you said.
Yeah, you want your sister.
I understand.
Lay low with me a while.
We'll get to my girl's ranch,
and in time we'll go get your sister.
And the three of us
can hightail it to Mexico.
You'll take us with you?
[laughs] Yeah, sure, kid.
- [laughs]
- Yeah!
[speaking Spanish]
Hot damn!
See that?
[woman, Billy speaking Spanish]
- Goddamn it!
- Billy!
Billy! We going to Puerto de Luna?
Don't we need our things?
- Billy!
- Damn it, kid.
- What do you want?
- Aren't we leaving?
What the hell are you...
We can't up and go at night, can we?
But... but you told her.
You told her
we're going to Mexico?
- So where are you going?
- Get a drink!
Damn it, Billy, you promised!
Frank Cahill was
the first man I ever killed.
We was playin' cards
and he called me a pimp.
So... I called Frank a son of a bitch.
He got mad at that,
threw me on the ground,
pinned me down with his knee
and started slappin' my face.
Slappin' me.
I didn't like that.
So I pulled out my gun,
I stuck it in his belly and I fired.
You know what I remember most?
The way that... the way that bullet felt
goin' into him.
Like it weren't no bullet at all...
but a part of me
pulled straight from my chest.
This long, unendin' thing in my soul.
Maybe it's my own damn fault
what people think of me.
Sometimes, when I'm alone,
I get this feelin', like nothing's good
or ever's gonna be.
And I try tellin' myself
the feelin' ain't real.
I try. But... but deep down, I know.
Guess that means ain't no good moment
I ever had weren't a lie.
You ever feel that way?
What way?
The way, like...
the only reason you ain't
afraid what happens next...
is 'cause you know there ain't nothin' you
can do for it to mean a goddamn thing.
I know what happens next.
And it's the only thing that matters.
I wish I was more like you, kid.
I truly do.
- I'm gonna go check on the horses.
- Tomorrow.
You and me, kid.
[man] Yeah, that's Billy right there.
- And the other fella, that's...
- [Garrett] That kid.
Come on.
[Billy speaks Spanish]
[speaking Spanish]
- [crickets chirping]
- [distant howling]
[sheep bleating]
[steak sizzles on grill]
[whispers] Stay put here.
All right?
- [speaking Spanish]
- Shhh... Where is he?
Quien es?
Quien es?
Quien es?
[panting, sobbing]
[gunshot echoes]
What the hell happened?
- I shot him.
- Shot who?
I shot Billy the Kid.
- Won't be long now.
- Long for what, boss?
The people.
[woman] Billy!
- [man] Hey!
- Billy!
[man speaks Spanish]
Hey, hey!

[children singing in Spanish]
Four of hearts. Two of diamonds.
- Where's my heart?
- Come on, one more heart. One more heart.
- Got a pair of threes?
- Oh! [laughs]
So who is it?
I killed my father.
I shot him because he was beating
my mother to death.
I thought what I did was wrong.
But it wasn't.
The only thing wrong before I killed him
was how long I waited to do it.
My uncle, he took Sara after we left you.
I found out Billy knew where she was.
I lied to you in Lincoln
because I thought Billy would help me.
I thought I could trust him more than I
could trust you. But he didn't care.
If I go alone, he'll kill me.
If I don't go, she'll die.
I know you've given me
all the chances I'm gonna get,
and I'm not askin' this for me.
I'm askin' for her.
Please, sir.
I'm begging you.
I need your help.

[Garrett] All right, men.
Let's keep our wits about us.
[indistinct chatter]
Can I get you anything?
We're looking for his sister, Sara.
- She's busy.
- Mm-hmm.
All right, you wanna find her?
Two waters.
Whoa! Where you running to?
Hey! Where you running to?!
I'm assuming you're with the uncle.
[Grant] If I am the uncle, I'm assuming
you're with the boy.
Weren't much of a boy left,
after you were through with him.
Well, ain't that one of life's
harsh fuckin' realities,
all of us growin' up
a little 'fore we should.
I'm leaving here with the sister.
You understand?
Of course.
Oran, come on down.
And whom do I owe the pleasure?
Pat Garrett.
A bona fide celebrity!
[whispers] Rio.
You like bluebirds?
Whole world's full of 'em.
Western bluebirds, mountain bluebirds.
Those always been my favorite.
Used to go out lookin'
for 'em when I was younger.
Come back one time,
found my brother lying
in the barn with our own kin.
Told my pa on him. Last fucking time
I ever made that mistake.
He ain't care much on what
my brother had done,
only said it was goddamn time
for me to learn a lesson
about keepin' shut my mouth.
He hit me.
Stick size of his arm.
Over and over,
taught me that fucking lesson.
Once he was done, why,
I ain't ever heard so good after that.
Fingers tingle a little bit.
Can't see so good.
There is one thing I still hear.
Crystal clear.
And on those days I hear a bluebird,
I know it is my day.
My lucky day.
And this morning, Sheriff,
fuckin' bluebirds outside my window.
So what do you
think that means for you?
No one has to die today.
- You have to go.
- Sara?
You have to go.
- You have to go.
- Sara!
- Pat Garrett's here.
- It's too late.
It doesn't matter.
Sara, this is our chance.
You have to go.
- I'm not leaving.
- [sobbing] You have to go!
You have to go!
- Sara, please!
- [sobbing]
Please, Sara!
I'm not leaving without you!
You know, I never kept
that girl against her will.
Never once.
I always told her, here's the door,
walk out whenever you'd like.
I mean, I, being her flesh and blood,
never did participate exactly.
I had Oran try her out for me.
It's important to do that if you ever get
into the women business.
You gotta make sure
they ain't gonna break in half.
And she didn't.
Quite flexible.
I just killed a man
who was once my friend.
That was hard.
Killing you is gonna be easy.
[Rio] Pat, I've got her!
I'm gonna choke you to death now, Rio.
Finish what I started.
What do you think of that? Huh?
- I'm gonna choke you until you die.
- I'll kill you.
- Is that right?
- I'll kill you.
- Shit!
- Ah!
- Stop right there!
- I'm giving you my gun.
- You bastard!
- You need to stop right there!
You hurt that boy,
I'm gonna kill you. You know that?
Yes, I am fucking aware.
Looks like we got ourselves
a little audience here.
What do you propose I do,
let him go? Then what?
Then you go to jail.
That don't fucking seem fair to me!
Yeah? That doesn't
seem fair to you? Huh?
I'm gonna leave.
I'm taking my nephew with me.
You sure you wanna do that?
You wanna leave here
with all these people watching?
Every single one of these people
is gonna tell the tale
of what a chickenshit you are.
You pissed your pants and ran
when Pat Garrett showed up.
- That ain't true!
- That's what they're gonna say!
That is not true!
They know it's not true!
It doesn't matter what's true!
It matters the story they tell
when you're gone!
I got an idea.
This doesn't have to happen. Right?
You want fair? I want fair.
We're gonna have a gunfight!
Ten paces.
You really gonna turn me
into the man who killed Pat Garrett?
Make me a legend?
[laughs, snorts]
Okay. It'd be an honor.
Go, go!
Can you count to ten?
- Two!
- Rio!

How's that for fair?
[Garrett] I don't know where the good
in you two comes from.
But I know there's plenty of it.
And you have plenty of life left
to put it to good use.
We'll see what you do next, kid.
Sara, do you remember what you told me?
You told me, when I was scared,
close my eyes and think of who
I was gonna be when all this was over.
It turns out you were right.
Ain't nothin' wrong with bein' afraid.
I need for us to keep moving.
It's okay. It's okay.
Do you think you can try?
[Rio] Keep moving.
That's what Ma would have wanted.
Keep moving until you find
some goodness in life.
Sara and I,
that's what we're gonna do.

Roll me over
I wanna see the stars
Spend my days down here
Whiskey and women and guitars
Oh, made room to feel you
As good my way
But I was just seeking justice
Living out here
I'm afraid
It's getting dark, dear
My candle's flickering out
I bet them Indians
is bound to figure how
The deal is sealed
Their fate is locked up
In the crow
And no one was savage
And guide the father
Guide the boys
So sing me songs
Brave young warrior
Sing of the big
Spirit wind
Come blow me away
Into my cloud tomorrow
Beyond the mist they begin
No more earthly sorrow
Roll me over
I want to look up to the night
See if an angel comes
To dance me into the light
Oh, woe is me I'm leaving
So many songs unsung
I suppose I'm moving on

[new instrumental song begins]