The Kids from 62-F (2016) Movie Script

The sensation of my experience
of shuttle reentry
or usually somewhere around
250, 300 thousand feet.
Go back to bed.
I miss him too, baby.
He's looking down
on us right now and
I'm sure he's saying
"Cassie, go back to bed."
He used to
play with your little ears.
And you would fall
right to sleep.
I'm hearing
those sounds again.
And it's not my imagination.
I know the difference
between imagining something
and hearing something.
Okay, honey, I believe you
but I still need you
to get some sleep.
No, you don't.
You're just saying that
to make me go to bed.
I bet daddy saw aliens
when he went into space.
Baby, there is no
proof of that yet.
But who knows, maybe
one day we will find out
that there's other
life out there.
I'm gonna prove it one day.
I'm gonna be an
astronaut like daddy.
Hi, I'm Cassie.
I know that started
off a little dramatic
but I like space.
These are my friends.
We call ourselves 62-F
named after a planet
the satellite Keppler found.
Me and my friends
like everything space
Some say I have an old soul.
Maybe I do, but I'm
just not silly enough
to think we're floating
around in space alone.
Booyah, I win again.
That's not fair,
Hyke, you're the tallest
and you have snake legs.
Don't be a sore loser, Nina.
Be quiet, Trane.
But he's right Nina.
Don't be such a sore loser.
So Trane, you still think
that the moon landing was fake?
Yep, definitely fake.
Tons of Youtube videos
support my theory.
You need a Youtube cleanse.
Ah, where's your proof?
Uh, Youtube?
BJ, you butthole.
Bobby Jones for you.
Only cool people call me BJ.
And y'all ain't cool!
That's right.
The Palmdale boys run this town.
TPB, baby!
Y'all don't run us.
What you gonna do, pretty boy?
I got five dollars say
you ain't gonna hit me.
It's not worth it, Hyke.
We can buy more kites.
Yeah, man, let's go.
Can we just go?
I told you space junkies.
This aqueduct is ours.
Lake Palmdale is ours!
Go fly a kite somewhere else.
We can go where we want.
Chill, Trane,
it's not worth it.
Let's just go.
Don't come back, you hear?
I don't like him at all.
He'll get over it.
He's just mad
'cause he's fat and
can't get any girls.
Yeah, I heard he
forced Mitchell and Red
to go to the school
dance with him
'cause he couldn't find a date.
Yeah, the whole school
was talking about it.
Hey, what's everybody's
plan for spring break?
None of us are going out
of town like last year
so we should plan
some fun stuff.
And start by stargazing tonight?
- I'm down.
- Yeah, me too.
Okay, okay.
As long as we don't stay
out too late this time.
My mom's been getting mad.
Okay, see you guys tonight.
Okay, see ya.
- Later.
- Bye.
See you, Cassie.
Bye, Nina.
We didn't go
stargazing that night.
Instead we found
something interesting.
Come around, come around.
There's so many stars.
We'll be fine.
Uh, guys?
It says "classified."
Why are we even opening this?!
"If you're reading this,
it means I'm in prison
"or no longer here.
"I hope my wife Mariposa,
my daughter Cassie,
"or someone in my family,
"or someone with a love for
humanity has found this.
"What I'm about to tell you
will sound unbelievable
"but I assure you
it's the truth.
"There are alien beings
out there in the universe.
"I've met and communicated
with them firsthand
"on several missions.
My dad talked and met aliens.
I told my mom.
"On our last mission,
something bad happened,
"and as a result we
obtained a pentagon
"with a star inserted inside.
"I later discovered
that it's being used
"on our planet for weather
control by certain entities
"within our government
"and corporations
for financial gains.
"Although I have the
star, the pentagon
"still needs to be
recovered and both returned
"back to Sentai Red Planet One,
"what we know on planet
Earth as Keppler 62-F.
"Too many innocent
people have died
"from the misuse of this power.
"That could have been avoided.
"And it's up to you to stop it.
"One love, Commander
Carlton H. Howard,
"Shuttle Venture mission STS207.
I'm blown away right now.
This, this is unbelievable.
We can change
history with this.
I knew we shouldn't
have opened that safe.
Okay, um.
Gotta be some instructions
in this thing or something.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
Slow your roll.
You think we're actually
going to do this?
Are you?
Wait, wait, wait.
Go, go look at this.
Uh guys.
What, Coltrane?
I'm thinking.
The star, remember?
The star, of course.
Did you guys see that?
Or hear that?
It's making those
noises I hear at night.
What, the?
What noises?
I'm confused.
I think you just turned it on.
At night I hear these noises.
I saw a vision of something
when I touched it.
Of what?
I don't hear anything.
You know what, let me try.
I'm not getting any visions.
Maybe it only responds
to girls or something.
- Right.
- Here, let Nina try.
Uh, uh, no way.
I am so not touching that thing.
Nina, come on.
We have to see how this works.
I'll close my eyes, just
take my hand and touch it.
Did you see or hear anything?
No, what on earth
are you talking about?
Let me try it again.
There it is again.
- What?
- And the sound.
We need to get
this back to my place
for analysis ASAP.
My dad said to get it
back to Sentai Red One.
And how are we supposed
to do that, Cassie?
I don't know.
But we have to find out.
Sounds like a plan.
Well, let's go.
So I know what
you're thinking.
How did we get my dad's
classified papers?
Well, we're kids.
How do you think we got them?
Mom, can you put
a pizza in for me?
Yeah, sure.
Can you put those clothes
away in my room for me?
It's your clothes,
that's no fair.
It's your stomach,
that's no fair.
Mom, what's in that
safe in your closet?
I don't know, baby.
It's your dad's old safe
and I lost the combination.
He always kept it private though
so I've never looked into it.
So the key to the entire
universe could be in your closet
and you never looked into it?
Mom, come on.
I highly doubt it, baby.
It's probably old papers
from work, who knows?
Can I get it opened?
Cassie, I'm not gonna call a
locksmith to open that thing.
It's a waste of time and money.
I'll pay to get it open.
I have money.
Right, money you got from me.
I do not want you
wasting your money
on that old safe.
Please, mommy.
It's been over five years.
And if the key to the
universe is in there,
I would not want that
responsibility anyway.
I would.
Hey, Coltrane, you still
coming over tonight?
'Cause I need you
for something else.
What's going on?
Well, I found a safe
in my mom's closet
that my dad left behind
and I need to open it.
My mom said it might
have some of my dad's
old work stuff in it.
Hells yeah, sounds fun.
What time?
Hyke, she didn't ask you.
She asked me.
And besides, you
couldn't open the safe
if I gave you a million dollars.
Ah, but if you gave
me a million dollars,
then I would just pay
someone to open it.
Hey, you can't open
that safe, Cassie.
What if something secret
or bad is in there?
That's the whole point, Nina.
Nobody asked you anyways.
Nina, you don't have to come.
I asked Coltrane.
All right, Coltrane,
I'ma meet you
at Cassie's house later.
Cassie, what time?
About 10 o'clock?
Hyke, be at my
place at like 9:45.
Thanks, guys.
Okay, okay.
I'll be there.
62-F out.
Dude, it'll be so
cool to meet an alien.
No, it wouldn't.
What if they don't like us?
You've been watching
too many movies, Nina.
Remember ET?
That was also a movie, duh.
Oh, yeah.
She's asleep.
All right, let's do this.
Whoa, Hyke, just Coltrane.
You and Nina stay here.
This is an old one,
so it should be easier.
Okay, hurry
before she wakes up.
Be careful, Trane!
Shh, you're making me nervous.
You're welcome.
Close it and lock it.
Lock it.
What'd you guys find?
Let's go up in the shuttle
in case my mom wakes up.
I'll wait here.
Come on.
Okay, okay.
We have the star,
now how do we get it
back to the other planet?
Take a seat.
Hey, we have something
to show you.
We were looking up
your dad's missions.
What's this?
We did a lot of
digging to find this.
Find what?
The information
I'm going to show you
shows footage from the
NASA video archives
of mission STS207.
This video proves
that astronauts
frequently encountered
UFOs, aliens,
and may have something
to do with the death
of eight astronauts.
Some of you guys might
remember the crash
of Shuttle Venture that
exploded over Florida
just over five years ago.
Its last mission was STS207.
Surprisingly, that
crew saw and filmed
what you're about to see.
Take a look at what they saw.
This is unbelievable.
Copy that.
Yeah, we said that
they had a bogey.
Houston said, "Come again,"
he said, "We have a bogey".
That's your dad.
His mission, filming UFOs.
The star probably belongs
to whoever was following them.
Probably? It does,
and we have it.
You don't know that
for sure, Coltrane.
I knew it.
Hey, get out your
star real quick.
This thing is
off the charts.
How are we supposed to
bring this thing back
to Keppler 62-F?
You mean Sentai
Red Planet One.
Look, I was reading
the leftover papers
that my dad left behind,
and it doesn't say anything
about taking the star
back to the other planet.
Okay, let's think
about this for a sec.
Okay, so what if
your dad wanted us
to get the star to an astronaut.
He could take it to outer
space, get it to the aliens
and then they can take
it back to Sentai Red.
That makes sense
to me, Cassie.
No, it doesn't.
I mean, how do we know
that NASA didn't make it
to Sentai Red?
I mean, you know that
they lie about everything.
You're right, we don't know.
But I still think we should
just get it to an astronaut.
And how are we supposed
to do that, Hyke?
Look in a newspaper?
My dad said the we need
to get the pentagon also.
Not necessarily.
We could just get the
star back to the aliens
because without the
star, the pentagon
doesn't work anyway.
Do you still get those
visions when you touch it?
Yeah, I mean.
I always see the same building.
What does it look like?
And why have you not
mentioned this before?
I don't know.
It's not clear.
Then keep on touching
it till it gets clear.
Okay, okay.
Everybody just calm down.
What do you see?
A brown building.
Can you describe it?
A brown building.
It's just a brown building.
Okay, Coltrane, look
up brown buildings
in Palmdale and
see what you find.
Just give me a second.
What happened to the
things kids used to do
like play video
games and watch TV
instead of looking
at brown buildings?
Anything look familiar?
Not really.
Touch it again.
Maybe it'll get better.
Look up airplanes.
Okay, come on.
You never mentioned anything
about an airplane either.
Just saying.
That's because
it's a new image.
Let me see.
That's exactly what the
image looks like in my head.
Okay, let's see.
Where is it?
It says Joe Davies
Heritage Airpark.
That must be the
place, let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What if we go and
it's not there?
Think positive, Nina.
What if it is there?
So, you think whoever
has the pentagon
will just hand it over?
Probably not.
But we'll get it.
Trust me.
I don't trust you,
that's the problem.
You heard what my dad said.
We just can't let this
get into the wrong hands.
We need to do something.
She's right.
Trane, you have the address?
Already in my phone.
It says three hours walking, no.
One hour on our bikes.
And 40 minutes by train.
Okay, we're gonna
take the train.
It's way too hot outside.
Where do you kids
think you're going?
Where the train
is going, Lancaster.
Well, not today, it's closed.
Ah, well why is it closed?
Because the train
is stuck on the track.
You kids are too young anyway.
I couldn't let you
on if it was open.
Yeah we are, we checked.
Coltrane, are you sure you've
got the information right?
I'm pretty sure.
You checked, huh?
Well, you can't get on anyway.
Now, get out of here.
How far did you
say this place was?
An hour.
Can we rest first?
I'm gonna die of a heat stroke!
We have to get to the building
before it closes, you know.
Good point, go faster.
Let's just keep going.
can we stop
and take a break?
You know, that's the
first thing you said
that I actually agree with.
Oh, thank you.
How much longer, Trane?
Let me check.
It says it's about
30 minutes left.
I'm tired.
Uh, that wasn't
even five minutes.
Come on.
It looks closed, Cassie.
We're too late.
Let it go, Hyke.
There's no one here,
we're too late.
It's closed.
Let's go.
Can we rest first?
We're not robots.
Cassie, before we
go, why don't you try
touching the star again?
Yeah, maybe it'll
show you something
that'll take us somewhere
else other than...
I see a bunch of stuff, but,
I don't know what it is.
See, the star doesn't work.
We come here and the
visions are blurry.
It probably doesn't
work because you're here.
Or because you're short.
Let's go, forget
about resting.
Cassie, just try
the star again.
Cassie isn't getting her
visions from that stupid star.
It's not a stupid star, Nina.
It's a star my dad left for me.
You know what,
you need to chill.
You know what, whatever.
It's not cool, Nina.
Sorry, Cassie, she
doesn't get it.
Yeah, forget her.
We don't need her anyway.
You know what,
maybe Nina's right.
This is a waste of time.
She's wrong, Cassie.
We're gonna find the
pentagon with the star
and get it back to Keppler 62-F.
Yeah, we're with you.
You can't give up just
because Nina's being mean.
You're better than that.
We're the kids
from 62-F, remember?
I wonder where they're going
and what they look
like up close.
My dad knew where
they were going.
I'm sure he did.
Sorry about earlier, Cassie.
I wasn't trying to be mean.
It's just, it was
hot and I was tired.
It's okay.
I don't know what
it's like to grow up
without my dad or even lose him.
Apology accepted.
Whatever you need me
to do, just let me know.
Well, for starters, I'd like
some chocolate chip cookies.
And some milk!
- Yep.
- So fat, Chuckie.
Cookies and milk are not
part of the mission, silly.
They should be,
they're delicious.
Yeah, right.
JK, let's just shake on this.
It's not really enough for me.
Whoa, cool!
Do you guys hear that?
I don't hear anything.
Me neither.
Whoa, it's moving.
Cassie, what did you do?
Nothing, I didn't touch it.
What are you doing?
Cassie, be careful.
Are you guys seeing this?
Now, this is cool.
It was like an up close
view of our solar system.
Okay, I've never seen
anything like that before.
That was insane.
The star floated.
It floated in mid air like
something out of a movie!
Maybe it got a signal?
Signal from where?
From a UFO or a planet.
They know it's here.
That we have it?
No, no.
Cassie's right.
The star connected to
something up there.
Let's just hope it's friendly.
Let's just hope.
Thousands of people
around California
say they saw a strange light.
Residents from this
Palmdale neighborhood
said the beam stretched
miles into the sky
and appeared to
come from the lake.
Authorities say they
didn't see the light
but some of our
viewers were able
to capture footage
from their cellphones.
We spoke to the members
of the space community
and they say the
footage seemed doctored.
We'd like you to
take a look at it
and tell us what you think.
Did you hear about
that strange light?
No, no I didn't.
It's probably some
made up thing again.
People are always
hoping to see something.
So, how's spring break
going for you, baby?
Anything exciting happening?
No, nothing exciting.
Mmm, that's too bad.
You guys should find a
new adventure to get into.
We're trying to
figure something out
that will be
adventurous and fun.
Well, let me
know if I can help.
Mom, why don't you believe
in UFOs and other planets?
Uh, Cassie.
Me and your father
would debate about this
all the time.
There's just no solid proof.
What about all
those Youtube videos?
Those are fake, baby.
People doctor those with effects
similar to what's used
in the movie business.
But you don't
know that for sure.
You sound just
like your father.
You two are just alike.
Daddy saw and
communicated with aliens.
That's nonsense, Cassie.
There was this video
floating around on Youtube
a while ago that was
supposedly from his mission
of them being followed by UFOs.
But NASA proved that
the video was fake.
Go answer the door.
It'll probably be your friends.
They're from NASA, mom.
Hi, can I help you?
- Mrs. Howard?
- Yeah.
Sorry to bother you, ma'am.
No, it's okay.
We were wondering if,
how can I put this?
We know your husband
passed a while ago.
- Yeah, five years ago.
- Right.
Did he leave with you
any sensitive information
or anything classified
which was never returned
to us at NASA?
Not that I know of.
And do you know
about a bank vault
or a safe you never
looked into, or...
There is a safe.
Would you mind if we
took a look at that safe?
Sure, but I don't have the
key or the combination for it.
That won't be
a problem, ma'am.
I'm sure we can get it open.
We don't mean to be
pushy but your husband
may have left behind
sensitive information
that if got into
the wrong hands,
it could be dangerous.
I totally
understand, follow me.
It's in our room in the closet.
Do you mind if we have
a moment with the safe?
Uh, okay.
We'll just wait outside.
That's strange.
Very strange.
Sorry about that, guys.
I wish we could
have been more help.
No, no problem.
My daughter was
wondering about that safe.
So you've actually helped us.
Now she can put her
little mind at ease.
And what were you
wondering, little lady?
Oh, nothing.
She just misses her
father and was wondering
what he left in the safe.
But I told her not to bother it.
I see.
There's no way she
could have opened it.
Well, thank you for
your time, ma'am.
And sorry to have bothered you.
If you happen to stumble upon
any classified information
and things you don't
understand, don't look at it.
Give us a call.
Will do.
That's interesting.
Following in her
father's footsteps.
I wonder what that was about.
They were looking for
something important.
Well, I'm glad they
didn't find it here.
Can I call up my friends
to see if they can meet up?
Be careful.
That's a cool tent.
I think the kid
knows something.
According to NASA, that
light signal came from here.
Coordinates lead here.
Why did Commander Howard
leave an empty safe?
If she has it, how
did she get it open?
Something quite peculiar
about that little girl.
I don't think she has it.
What are we gonna tell NASA?
We tell them it's gone.
Listen, this is our deal now!
Forget NASA!
They've got government money.
That star's a part
of my retirement plan
and my wife don't
like broken promises.
These two weird looking NASA
guys came by earlier
to open my dad's safe.
Oh snap, for real?
They asked my mom
all these questions
about the classified papers.
How much you wanna bet
they have the pentagon?
But why would they
come to my house
to find the stuff?
I mean, how did they
know where to find us?
Duh, because of the huge
light from last night.
Maybe the star is
signaling the pentagon.
No, but if it was, then
they would have known
that it was at Cassie's house.
How do we know that though?
Maybe the star works off
of energies or something.
Or they just got a lucky guess
and came to my house.
They'll probably be back.
They will be back.
And we need to be
ready if the star
is sending them signals.
Well, what do we have here?
I thought I told y'all.
This aqueduct belongs to us.
Maybe we need to teach
the space kids a lesson, BJ.
What's this?
Give it back!
What's this, some
made up classified stuff
you guys photoshopped?
Those are very impor...
Nah, they're
photoshopped papers, man,
nothing important.
You could photoshop
some new ones.
My dad's papers!
Those are my
dad's papers!
And they're tasty!
Just give it back!
You heard her, give it back.
Or what?
Get him, BJ, get him!
Get him, Hyke!
Get him off me!
Get him off me!
Get him, Hyke!
Get him off me,
get him off me!
- Get him off me.
- Get off him, stop it, stop!
Check this out.
Next time, I'll
break your arm.
You're not getting this
backpack back or the star.
You can't take that backpack.
You want some next?
Me and you can go
one on one, too.
Man, let's go.
Give it back!
Don't worry about it, Cassie.
We'll get them back.
What a punk.
Thanks for standing
up for me, guys.
What a gross slob.
Can't we just offer him
like a free pizza for life
or something and get it back?
Haha, very funny, Trane,
but I don't think
that will work.
I mean it might.
We're getting the
star back, pizza or not.
We're gonna get it back, dad.
I promise.
Guys, be careful.
Wait, I got this.
Trane, this van is cool.
Maybe you could be some help.
Yeah, right.
This mystery won't be
done without Trane.
No tracks without the train.
That's not how
the saying goes.
No, this goes right here.
I'll go.
You guys stay on the lookout.
If he comes back, distract him.
With what?
I don't know, dangle
a chocolate chip cookie
in front of his face
or something, brr.
Be careful and hurry up.
I'm keeping my
fingers crossed.
I'm keeping
everything crossed.
Even my toes are crossed.
Yes, yes!
- God, we got so lucky.
- I know.
- Yes!
- Got it.
Operation Retrieve
the Star is a success!
- Bravo, good job, Hyke!
- Let's go!
What is this, Hyke?
You didn't check the bag
before you left the house?
No, I didn't check the bag.
It's Cassie's bag,
why would I check it?
Because BJ could have
probably taken the bag
and put something else in it.
Which he did!
Why didn't you
check the bag, Hyke?
Ugh, how much of a
lamebrain can you be?
Hey, I'm not a lamebrain!
Wow, what a nitwit!
You know what,
I'm done, I'm done.
I'm sick of you people always
making me do everything
and then blaming
me for everything.
And if you people had
done a little bit of work
and helped me, maybe this
wouldn't have happened!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You volunteered, we agreed!
You know, what are you
doing putting cookies
in the backpack anyway?
I don't know.
He's probably on a diet
and he's hiding food
from his parents.
You know what, I grabbed
the bag and I ran with it.
My bad for not checking it.
Take the cookies!
Thank you I will!
And I'm not sharing!
He's home.
I think we should
all go in this time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, we?
You mean Hyke.
I agree with Trane.
It's his fault we're
back here anyway.
Just chill, I got this.
Be careful.
Crap, oh, oh, ah, Jesus.
Oh, oh, there we go.
Oh, there we go.
Wait, wait, it's not done.
Oh, damn, damn.
There we go.
What the...?
"We are coming for you."
Somebody playing games
with Bobby Jones?
Well, I'll be waiting for you!
Man, it was right
behind me in the closet
and I didn't even see it.
I feel like
throwing up right now.
I almost threw up when
BJ walked in the room
and you were in the closet.
Yeah, if it weren't for
me ringing the doorbell
you would have been chop suey.
Yeah dude, that
was good thinking.
Not really.
We still don't have the star.
We should be celebrating
after we get the star.
- True.
- All right.
If we don't see any
UFOs after the first hour,
I'm going home.
Hmm, well, if you stay
we'll have an earthquake
so that sounds like a good idea.
Funny Trane, and if you stay,
no UFO's will show up.
Stop playing, Trane.
Stop playing what, Cassie?
Someone threw something at me.
Oh, really?
Really, dude?
That hit me, jerk.
I'm not throwing anything.
Coltrane, stop.
Learn how to take a joke.
Okay, what are you
guys talking about?
That one hit me this time.
Okay, someone
is playing games.
Who is that?
Can we help you?
Don't be scared.
Come out.
Come out.
Okay, either those are costumes
or we're looking at aliens.
I'm scared.
We won't hurt you.
Cassie, wait.
Let them come to us.
But what if they
hurt us, Cassie?
Nina, this would be the
best time to stay positive.
They're looking at me strange.
Uh, we come in peace.
They would say
that, Hyke, not us.
Oh, yeah.
Come on.
We'll be your friends.
We won't hurt you.
Dude, these are real aliens.
I wonder what
planet they're from.
Do you guys
speak our language?
Can you speak English?
Everyone get out
your smartphones.
I got mine.
- I left mine.
- Same.
Right, the translation app.
Download it at the
app store ASAP.
Okay, but we don't
know their language
so how are we gonna
send them messages?
And it's downloading.
We just got alien
phone numbers.
This is cool.
Cassie, you ask
all the questions.
They seem to like you.
My God, where do I
Okay, obvious questions first.
What planet are you guys from?
Yeah, I think they
talk but without talking.
It's called telepathy, Nina.
I can do it sometimes.
Yeah, right.
"We are from Sentai
Red Planet One.
"What you humans on planet
Earth call Keppler 62-F."
So is this who
your dad met with?
Ask them, Cassie.
We have a space club
named after your planet.
It's called the Kids from 62-F.
"Our parents knew your father.
"He was a kind man,
not of this Earth."
When did you get here
and why did you come?
"We entered your atmosphere
a few nights ago.
"We're here to retrieve
the star and pentagon
"of Sentai One."
This is much better
than finding an astronaut.
Um, okay?
Talking, telepathy?
What does the pentagon
of Sentai One do?
What is it for?
"Along with the
star, on our planet
"it's used for energy.
"Our existence
depends on it.
"On planet Earth, it's
used for weather control."
We had the star.
And then a kid in our
neighborhood took it.
A bad kid.
As for the pentagon, we
don't know where it is.
Can you help us find it?
"Together we will find both.
"We won't make it back to
our planet without it.
"It'll help us power our jet."
- Whoa.
- Nice.
Cassie, find out their names.
And what are your names?
Pylar and Sylar.
We will help you
find the pentagon
but there is something
you will have to do
for us as well.
"What is it that you need?
We will do it."
Well, there are a
lot of questions
that we need the
answers to on Earth
that people don't know.
Will you help us answer
some of those questions?
"We will try."
They can't go walking
around like this.
They need disguises, duh.
They already look like
they're wearing disguises.
Yeah, like permanent
Halloween costumes.
Tonight, we paint the town.
- TPB.
- Yeah,
it's about
time we made a mark
in the neighborhood.
TPB for life.
Hey, Red, can you grab
me that can of black
in the closet there?
Man, you still
have this dumb star?
Bring that too, to
throw in the lake.
Out for a run and
I found my bitch
Now I'm ready to thrash
Anything that comes my way
And tries to haunt
me from my past
So you say you're a believer
Well just wait and see
How many times you
call up on that cross
'Cause you never
try to rescue me
You wanna be like Jesus
But you only think
about yourself
Call it karma,
it's coming for you
Got a pocket full of nails
You wanna bleed
Okay. I'm starving.
Let's go grab some burritos
and we can come back later
tonight and finish up.
We could throw that
in the lake too.
You think this would
make a good skipping stone?
Oh, heck yeah.
What can you say to me
If you've never sacrificed
It went bounce bounce and
then it went into the boat.
Are you space kids
deaf or do you just like
to get beat up?
This is the last
time I'ma tell ya.
You're not allowed by the lake.
And who are these freaks
in Halloween costumes?
They look like those
Avatar aliens, but worse.
It'd be cool if
it was Halloween!
Give us back our star.
Get off the lake.
First, give us our star.
We threw it in the lake.
And you're gonna be next
if you don't get off.
We're not leaving
without our star.
Well, looks like you're gonna
have to go fishing, Hyke.
This is the last
time I'ma tell you.
You gotta leave or we're
gonna drag you off one by one.
Okay, who's first?
What the...?
I can't move.
What, what the...?
I can't move!
Me either, I'm stuck,
I can't feel anything.
Let me go, please.
I'm sorry, you could
be on the lake.
I was playing, please.
Let me go, please, please.
Just let me go.
I was playing.
What are those things?!
I don't know,
man, I don't know.
- Get out of here.
- Let's get out of here!
Run, little man, run!
Thank you, Pylar and Sylar.
You guys are awesome.
Awesome sauce, Sylar.
Wow, I wish I got to
have powers like that.
That was sick, you gotta
teach us how to do that.
Not in a million years though.
High four, high four.
Bam, nailed it.
This is just impossible.
How are we supposed to find it?
Anybody got scuba gear?
Even if I had scuba
gear, there's no way
I'm diving into that thing.
Hey, Howard kid, what
are you doing on the lake?
Copy that, I got an
issue around the lake.
I'll be back at you in 20 or 30.
This is a members only lake.
It's private property.
Uh, my mom is a member.
No, checked her dues this
morning when I saw your tent.
Look, we're sorry.
We just lost our
star in the lake
and we're trying to find it.
Well, until her mom pays,
you kids gotta get going.
And whatever you lost,
it's probably long gone.
Listen, listen.
Poop rolls downhill.
My boss poops on me
and I poop on you.
And the poop
started this morning
when I checked your dues.
So you gotta get going.
Hey Ricky, Ricky.
I was trying to catch
a trout down there,
I ended up hooking this thing.
Hey, that's our star.
Well, I guess,
here's your star, kid.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Great, now you
found your star.
Now get off the lake.
Isn't it a little
hot this time of year
for a Halloween costume?
- Uh, we're leaving.
- Yeah.
- We have a costume party later!
- Hold on.
What was...?
Didn't those two in the costume
seem a little strange to you?
I'd chalk that up
to kids being kids.
Tell me, how's the wife?
Now we need to
retrieve the pentagon.
Do you still
get those visions?
I wasn't paying
attention at the lake.
Here, let me try again.
I don't see anything.
This is way better
than my visions.
Those look like the guys
that came to my house.
"Those guys have the pentagon.
"We need to retrieve it.
"If we let them get the star,
"a lot of people on
your planet will suffer
"from weather-related
That looked like the
Lake Palmdale Hotel.
Well, how do you know?
Because it said in
front of the building.
Yeah, Nina, pay
attention, focus.
Even I saw that.
Give me a break.
I am paying attention.
I'll help you down.
Oh, no.
Give me the star.
Those aren't nice aliens.
You kids don't know what
you're dealing with.
We got cool toys too.
We'll make this
real easy for you.
Give me the star and we go home
and your alien friends can
go back to their planet.
Oh, yeah?
Well, we can make
it even easier.
You give us the
pentagon and you go home
and forget about this.
What pentagon?
I don't know anything
about a pentagon.
Do you, Greenford?
Never heard of it.
Ugh, we're not stupid.
We know why you want the star.
NASA will be crawling all
over this place with agents.
All of you kids will
be going to jail.
Give us that star!
You're lying, we're
too young to go to jail.
Yeah but not too
young for juvie.
Now give it to us.
He's right, run.
You can't beat the
trailer park for fun
So come on down
Let's get them.
Let me tell you about it
Up the lane on
the sunny side
Got a space by the
pool in a double wide
He smiles
Go right, go right!
Too prefabricated
Cut the wife with the
kids from around his neck
But in life we defy
Get them!
Get them!
I want that star!
Get that smile off your face!
I can't help it.
I know!
So why do you keep asking?
'Cause there's a million
dollars on the line
and I don't want to see
that smile until we get it!
There's a space for
every boy and girl
Say goodbye to the way life
Here's the car.
Let's see if the
pentagon is in there.
Good idea, but it's locked.
Sylar, can you
open the car for us?
Got anything?
No, nothing in here.
Ew, it smells like meat in here.
Like your brain, Coltrane.
Haha, very funny.
Guys, let's get out of
here before they come back.
Come on.
I know it's all for a good
cause to save humanity, but,
I mean is it really
worth it if we die?
We're not gonna die.
Well I mean guys,
we could, you know
if we could maybe fail, the
star gets into the wrong hands
and you know, creates
a hurricane in
Palmdale or something.
But my dad makes
it all worth it.
I'm doing this for him.
Not to mention the people's
lives we're saving.
Pylar and Sylar make
it all worth it too.
They're the coolest
aliens I've ever met.
Dude, just stop.
You never met any aliens
before, just stop.
Pylar and Sylar, what's
life like on your planet?
What do kids do for fun?
Are there mountains and oceans?
Are there playgrounds and parks?
"Yes, our planet is
much like planet Earth.
"We have higher mountains
and bigger oceans.
"We have parks and
playgrounds but the universe
"is our stage.
"We get to fly and
explore the universe
"at an early age.
"Much like you guys travel
to different countries."
Pylar, Sylar, how
old are you guys?
Three years old?!
That is so cool.
I wish I got to
travel like that.
That's amazing.
But not that
they're old, Coltrane,
nobody is that smart
at three years old.
I mean one day we can
travel like that though.
Yeah, our grandkids will.
But not us.
You don't know that, Nina.
"Humans can also share
in this technology
"but there's too much
war in this planet.
"Not until there is
peace will you be able
"to explore our universe.
"If you bring war
to the universe,
"planet Earth will be
destroyed for the greater good
"of all the races
in the galaxy."
Pylar and Sylar, what
do we need on Earth
to learn this technology?
I am ready to explore.
So am I.
Unconditional love
is the common thread
that all the galaxies share
and is lacking on this planet.
Our government, they'll
never understand that.
You know I'm really
starting to wish
they would get with the program.
Look who's being negative now.
Love is possible on our planet.
We just have to try.
Yeah, I mean if we don't
try, it'll never change.
And the closest thing we
get is the moon or Mars.
And who cares about
the moon or Mars?
It's boring up there.
And there's nothing
for us to mess up.
And that's why technology is
only allowing us to go there.
It all makes sense.
All my dad ever wanted was
to create peace in the world
so that it would be a safer
place for us to live in.
Can you guys get up?
What do you want?
I just wanted
to say, I'm sorry.
Lake Palmdale, the aqueduct
belongs to all of us.
Yeah, okay, thanks bud.
Yeah, okay, thanks
man, yeah, yeah.
Oh, oh, okay, thanks fellas.
Um, okay, thanks.
Thanks, BJ.
Much love.
See you guys around.
Is there something
wrong with him?
I have no idea
what that was about.
He took like a potion.
Nuh-uh, uh-uh, ain't
buying it, nope.
Cassie, come here.
Have a seat, I need
to talk to you.
Am I in trouble?
I don't know, are you?
No, I didn't do anything.
Those two gentlemen
from NASA came by earlier.
And they said that
you and your friends
have something that
belongs to them.
They said it's a matter
of national security
and that I need to
get it from you.
Those guys are lying, mom.
Well, that's not
what they said.
Oh, well what did
they say it was?
They said it was classified
and something about a star?
Now, how would me or my
friends be walking around
with something classified?
He also said that you've
been bringing aliens
in the house.
Now that, I don't believe.
Well, if you don't believe that
then how could
you possibly think
that we have something
classified that belongs to NASA?
Daddy's safe was empty.
Yes, it was, I saw it.
Is that it, mom?
Ancient Alien is on
and I wanna see it.
Yes, that's it.
But eat dinner first.
What are we having?
Spaghetti, your favorite.
Ooh, can I make a plate
and watch TV while I eat?
Love you.
Love you too.
Okay, stun guns ready.
Don't worry, Nina,
it won't kill them.
It'll only give
them a little jolt.
It's barely 500,000 volts.
Um, that sort of
sounds like a lot.
It's not, trust me.
Yeah, it won't kill them.
It'll only hurt them.
That's comforting.
We'll just hurt the NASA
guys but not kill them.
Duct tape, pepper spray.
Pretty good, this
should do it, Trane.
Me and Hyke will be in
charge of the stun guns.
Ladies, duct tape, pepper spray.
This looks good, Trane.
I also brought
some flashlights.
Hopefully it's
enough to stop them.
Oh, ho, it's enough, trust me.
Be careful with that.
Well, what do we have here?
Stun gun?
Duct tape?
Let's see yours.
Come on
Pepper spray?
Those are all for
the costume party.
You know it's bad to lie
to a police officer, right?
Let's see yours.
Now this is an
interesting looking star.
You know, had you
kids told me the truth
I would have let you go.
But now I gotta
call your parents
and have them come pick you up.
They're all staying
with me for spring break.
So my mom will pick us all up.
That's fine with me.
You guys have a seat on
that curb over there.
All right, what are your names?
I'm Cassie.
What about you two?
That's Pylar and Sylar.
They don't speak English well.
Pylar and Skylar.
Cassie, what's your
mother's phone number?
And her name?
Hi, Mariposa?
Yeah, this is Officer Lee
from the Palmdale
Police Department.
Yes, I have Cassie
here with her friends
down at Paloma Vista Park.
Can you come and get
them right away please?
I'll explain when
you get here, ma'am.
Okay, see you soon.
Now you kids should know
better than to carry
stun guns and pepper spray.
Hey, where'd the two
in the costumes go?
I don't know, ask the
mouse in your pocket.
How the heck are we
supposed to know?
Smart-aleck, huh?
I'd rather not be
a dumb-aleck so yeah.
Ah, they were
probably illegals.
Not my jurisdiction,
but they'll catch them
especially dressed like that.
Hot today, huh?
It's not too bad.
Cassie, what kind of
car does your mom drive?
A white Suburban.
Well, is that her?
- Yeah.
- Hi, ma'am.
It's all right here,
I am really disappointed
with you kids.
Stun guns and pepper spray?
What are you kids thinking?
Sorry, Mrs. Howard.
Yeah, sorry.
Really sorry, Mrs. Howard.
Cassie, you are grounded
for the rest of spring break.
Yes, ma'am.
You know there were two
more in Halloween costumes.
And I bet you they
were illegal aliens.
They disappeared.
A star?
I asked you about this,
Cassie, and you lied to me.
Let's go.
Have a good day, ma'am.
Thanks, officer.
We need to talk, little lady.
I don't wanna talk.
Well, you don't have a choice.
Tell me about this star
and the guys from NASA.
You obviously know something
you're not telling me.
You won't believe me.
You never believe me.
Cassie, talk to me, please.
Don't close up on me.
I was told you had
a star and that
you have a star.
Please talk to me,
I will believe you.
One night, when
you were sleeping,
me, Coltrane, Hyke, Nina,
we all broke into daddy's safe.
Oh, my God, while I
was sleeping, Cassie?
I'm sorry.
And well,
we found NASA's secret
papers and the star.
And what did these
classified papers say?
They just told us all
about daddy meeting aliens
and needing to get the
pentagon and the star
back to the other planet.
Okay, so um,
where are these
classified papers?
Some kids in the
neighborhood tore them up.
But we put them back together.
- Right.
- See?
You don't believe me.
I'm trying, baby.
Uh, so, you and your friends
are trying to get the star
back to the other planet?
Daddy left it for a reason.
I'm supposed to
finish his mission.
You said he knew I'd
do something great.
Okay, okay.
So how do you plan
on doing this?
Well, you know the aliens
that the NASA guys talked about?
They're real.
Okay, now.
That I don't believe.
Would you like to meet them?
What do you mean meet them?
Meet who?
Sylar, Pylar, you
could come out now.
Oh, my God.
Thanks for
bringing the papers.
The papers.
This is Pylar and Sylar.
My friends from
Sentai Red Planet One
also known as Keppler 62-F.
But how could a...
Mom, it's okay, just sit down.
Do they bite?
No, mom.
They're just like
us, but better.
They're here to
bring the pentagon
and the star back
to their planet.
Okay, right.
Their parents knew daddy.
"Nice to meet you.
"Commander Howard spoke
very highly of you."
This is how we communicate,
through this translation app.
"You are just as
beautiful as the picture
"he showed us years ago."
What picture is that?
This is from our honeymoon.
We were on our way to where
the NASA guys are staying
to get the pentagon.
That's why we had the
stun gun and pepper spray.
I had no idea Carl
was this involved
with space exploration
and aliens.
Well, I didn't even know
that aliens existed so,
I wouldn't possibly know.
Oh, my God.
This is incredible.
And all you've been trying to do
is finish your dad's mission?
I am so proud of you, baby.
- You are?
- Yes, very!
I just,
I just wonder why he kept
this side of his life
away from me.
Well, it's classified, mom.
And he probably thought
that you weren't open to it
like I did.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
I'm sorry.
Can we have the star back?
If I don't do this,
daddy died in vain.
Well, now I see
why NASA wants it.
It's not good.
It belongs to them.
Yes, yes, you can.
And you and your friends,
you must finish this mission.
He says, "We will
take care of Cassie.
"She will come home safe.
"We will not let
anything happen to her."
Please, take care of her.
I don't know what I'd do
if I would lost you, baby.
I'll be fine, mom, I promise.
But I need to finish
this for daddy.
I understand.
You're not grounded.
My daughter is
friends with aliens.
Ooh, okay, Mariposa.
Take a deep breath.
It's strange and it's
out of this world
but it's real, it
says so right here.
It says it right
here, it's real.
And I just saw it
with my own eyes.
Are you sure you guys want
to sleep out here tonight?
"Yes, we need access
to the skies tonight."
If you need anything you
just let us know, okay?
Mom, they're fine.
Bye, you guys.
Gotcha, gimme your phone!
Take their sight,
take their powers!
We're gonna get that star now.
Pylar, Sylar, I...
Pylar, Sylar!
Mom, the aliens are gone.
I have to get the team together.
- What!?
- The aliens are gone!
Can I do something?
So you woke up and
they were just gone?
Maybe they just went
for a walk or something.
They wouldn't do that, Hyke.
I know them.
For like a day.
Maybe they needed
to run some errands.
You dirty dogs.
Surprise, surprise!
Every dog has its day.
Even if he's dirty.
Hah, laugh all you want
but we'll find you.
Here, listen.
We know the star has a hologram.
We know it only works
when the aliens use it
so you won't find us.
Try me.
Let me make this
easier on you kids.
Give us the star.
We'll give your little
alien friends back.
How about you give
us back the aliens
or we come find you
and take them back?
Where are you?
Come and try it.
Lake Palmdale Hotel, room 207.
We have to rescue
Pylar and Sylar.
Okay, we all agree on that
but we can't just
give them the star.
This is a catch 22 and I
don't like catch 22s, period.
This is a trick.
They know they're not
gonna give us the aliens
without the star.
I got a better plan.
Cassie, call them back.
That was so fast,
I almost passed gas!
Okay, we'll give you
the star for the aliens
but you're gonna
have to come to us.
It's easy.
All you have to do is follow
the signs to the star.
That's easy.
When is this little
exchange supposed to happen?
Tomorrow, this time.
This had better be
a good plan, dude.
Yeah, this better be good.
Oh, it is, it is.
Gosh, I hope so.
They won't know what hit them.
Okay so, we got about
15, yeah 15 minutes
before they get here
so let's get ready.
Okay. Me and Hyke will be in
charge of the stun guns
and ladies, you get
the pepper spray.
Okay, so if the trap fails,
we shock them, grab
Pylar and Sylar
and take off.
Okay, and I'm waiting
at the end of the trail
and then you guys jump in,
we cool off in Lancaster.
- Exactly.
- Correct.
Okay, I'm ready, high five me.
Okay, let's go.
Oh, Pylar Sylar, oh, my gosh.
You guys are early.
Well, we wanted
to surprise you.
We wanted to get here early
in case you made a trap for us.
No traps, just an even trade.
Where's the pentagon?
Nice and safe, in the case.
Let Pylar and Sylar
go, and once we get them
you can get the star.
You can't fire.
You thought we wouldn't
notice the trap?
Look at the cute little
strap they set for us!
They almost had us.
Almost had us!
Coochie coochie
Here, take the hoods
off, be careful.
Poor aliens.
Again, do it again!
Hurry up!
- Wait, wait!
- Yeah.
We got him!
We did it, mom.
We actually did it.
Oh, yeah!
I can't take all the credit.
I got some help from
BJ and his friends.
Uh huh?
Look to your left.
All right, let's
get out of here
before they wake up.
Good thinking, Trane.
Yeah, boy!
- Great job, guys.
- Gimme some.
That's what I call teamwork.
You kids are awesome.
You won't get away from me!
Go faster!
Mom, go faster!
Go, go, go faster!
Mom, go faster!
Okay, okay!
You'll never get away from me!
Wake up, they're getting away!
Come on!
Get out of the way.
- Gas it!
- Gas!
Who does mom think she is?
Oh, my God!
- Go!
- Cassie's mom, gas it!
Wake up!
That is sick!
Nathan, you slept
through a blown up car!
What are you people
standing there for?
Help us!
We're from NASA!
If it wasn't for us, Palmdale
wouldn't even be here.
Aliens wanted this
place a long time ago!
What are you...?
Wait, that's
government property!
Okay, I know you
guys are hungry.
It's organic, guys, so eat up.
Oh, thank you.
I'm gonna miss you two.
You guys are cool.
Yeah, me too.
Me three.
Me four.
"Don't be sad.
This is a time to celebrate."
You guys listen to music?
We do it for love
We do it
"Music is the
universal language."
Hey, my kind of alien!
We do it
We do it for love
We do it
Okay, I just have to join.
We do it for love
The moons and the
stars of the galaxy
Come on, Trane.
Ah no, that's not
my kind of thing.
Dude, come on, don't
be a party pooper.
You could be my best friend
All right, all right.
You say you come
from another place
A whole nother
planet, another race
So I guess this is goodbye.
It's been a real
adventure with you guys.
Yeah, it was cool
to meet you guys.
It's cool to have alien amigos.
So do you guys
remember our deal?
"Yes. What would
you like to know?"
Well, I wanna know about
the pyramids in Egypt.
Ask them about Area 51 too.
Oh yeah, and Roswell.
I wanna know if a UFO
actually crash landed.
Oh, wait, the moon landing.
I wanna prove Coltrane wrong.
And what about
that face on Mars?
"The Egyptians
built the pyramids.
"We only helped a little.
"Area 51 is real, but
it was relocated.
"Roswell is real.
"A UFO got lost in the
galaxy and crash landed.
"We learned about
that in school.
"The moon landing is real
"but there was a lot
they didn't reveal.
"The face in Mars is real.
"There was once life on Mars.
"Then the race of people
there destroyed it
"similar to what's
happening on Earth."
Can we save planet Earth?
"Yes, it will be in
your generation.
"Can we be part of
your space club, 62-F?"
Well guys, don't
leave them hanging.
We are 62-F!
"We love you."
Aw, we love you guys, too.
Goodbye, friends.
We'll miss you.
Remember, love is the key.
And just like that,
Pylar and Sylar were gone.
Hi, mommy.
Hey, baby.
What's wrong?
Oh, uh nothing, I'm,
I'm just missing your daddy.
I'm sure he's
saying right now,
"Mommy, go to sleep."
You're right.
Let's go to sleep.
I'll tuck you in, mommy.
Thanks, baby.
But you don't have to,
mommy's a big girl.
I know, but, I can tuck
you in sometimes, too.
That is sweet of you.
You have a good night.
I love you.
Good night,
mommy, love you, too.
We do it for love
It doesn't matter
where you go
We do it
We do it for love
It doesn't matter
where you come from
We do it
We do it for love
From the moon to the
stars of the galaxy
Let me pull into your heart
Catch your frequency
'Cause you feel
like my best friend
You can be my best friend
We got, we got
Love, love, love, love
You say you come
from another place
A whole nother
planet, another race
From light years away
I can see your shine
I'm color blind
Can't worry what haters say
'Cause we on a
different page
Moving through the sky
Like a comet ahead
of game so sonic
I dream of it every night
That this fun
will never die
Because we strong
We can't be broken
You mean the world to me
In my heart you
will never leave
We will never be apart
'Cause you my,
you my best friend
We do it
We do
We do it
We do, we do
It doesn't matter
where you're from
We do it
We do it for love
It doesn't matter
where you're from
We do it
We do it for love
From the moon and the
stars of the galaxy
Let me tune into your heart
Catch you frequency
Because you feel
like my best friend
You could be my best friend
We got it, we got it
Love, love, love, love
This ain't no fantasy
We are like family
We heroes they call
us to save the world
We awesome
Get that we're unified
Cuttin our haters
like samurais
When force of resistance
and gets on our mission
I dream of it every night
That this love will multiply
Because we strong
We can't be broken
You mean the world to me
In my heart you
will never leave
That we will never be apart
'Cause you my,
you my best friend
We do it
We do it for love
We do it
We do it, do
it, do it, do it
It doesn't matter
where you're from
We do it
We do it for love
It doesn't matter
where you're from
We do it
We do it for love
From the moon to the
stars of the galaxy
Let me tune into your heart
Catch your frequency
Because you feel
like my best friend
You could be my best friend
We got it, we got it
Love, love, love, love
It doesn't matter
where you're from
We do it