The Kill Room (2023) Movie Script

It was almost three months after
police found the first victim's body
that law enforcement officials
caught their first break.
When they discovered the killer used
a doorknob to bash the victim's head in
and then in an act of defiance,
almost daring police didn't see him.
That was right under their noses.
When asked, detectives said they'd
never seen a case where the
killer turned to police out of the law.
This coffee's shit. I think the looks bad
or something. I don't want my money back.
The fuck out of you. I just
drank this coffee that tasted
like a monkey's fucking
asshole. I was just in here.
You were not just fucking
in here. Are you trying
to tell me that I wasn't
just fucking in here?
Yeah. Motherfucker,
I don't know you.
Yeah, but I know who you
are, Louise. Get the fuck out
of my store. No, without
my money. Get the fuck out.
Go ahead. Play the
security camera for you.
Motherfucker, I'm going to crack
your fucking skull open and do
shit. Motherfucker, try and get
me out of here. Play the video.
Come on, play the video. I don't got
no fucking security video. Are you on?
Good times coming again.
Like that hurts, good
times coming again.
Mr. M. P. Sazing. Are you familiar with the
artist? Yeah. Grace is amazing. No, no.
I just think this newer
work is such an interesting
evolution of her practice,
don't you? Definitely.
So is it something you think
you're going to match your
collection? No, sorry.
I'm only in NFTs right now.
Cool, enjoy your night.
Can you be out there
trying to make a sale? I
thought that's what
gallery openings are for.
England or what you're
a grown up. It's called
networking, but no one would
come to one of these things.
Christ, Jesus.
What's it? Don't judge me.
Just add her all.
That's strong. It helps my anxiety.
I wasn't judging you.
My other friends who
encountered galleries just tell
me that usually the drugs
come out at the after party.
Not at the opening.
Look, do you want to make a sale?
Well, then get out there and make one.
Half the gallery's cut is yours.
Really? My math sucks,
but I know half of zero is zero.
It's fucking race.
It's really a style of hope.
So I kind of put that to
your collection as I am.
And I've been making my
own stamps and carving my...
There's no one here, but
friends and dead beings.
Hey, but race.
Congratulations, Grace.
Any collectors coming?
Yes. Hi.
I've had correspondence
with a lot of great people.
And many have shown interest.
Any sales? Not yet.
What about press?
Figure 40 has your...
That's a blog. I'm impressed.
Well, we've been having a
conversation with some very good people.
Leslie and I.
Hi, Grace. Great show.
Leslie's an intern. No offense.
But Onikalond has a
press agent at her gallery.
And if we sell out this entire show,
I'll spend 10,000 a month on one, too.
Onikal also has a writer
for The New York Times,
the Kamono doing an article.
Hey, I'm up right here.
She loves your work.
I heard that you sold one of her pieces.
The girls' foundation, one of the big ones.
Actually, they had a
relationship that goes back a while.
And I know that you have just
offered them one of my congratulations.
You too.
The show looks great.
So sweet of you to come.
I know you're practically
living in the studio.
He opens your next show.
Mind if I swing by the studio
and check out the progress?
Yeah, there's something that I would like.
I was actually just asking for treats.
Why, she couldn't offer any of my
work to the Morehouse Foundation.
More wine?
This is good.
I thought this is good.
I thought this is good.
I'm not out.
But soon, but soon, that's good.
So does count.
Defer kits me the urine.
Don't be good, then.
Just let them get me a zik-hala-malt man.
You son of a bitch.
This coffee should.
Looks bad or something.
I'm not falling for that, motherfucker.
How's my boy cheek?
Fucking fantastic.
That's wrong with those assholes.
Those autococas?
They got their granny panties on a bus
because Minnesota didn't cover the spread.
Not to perpetuate a hateful stereotype,
but those motherfuckers are
some cheap motherfuckers.
The only word I cut was Steve.
Anton Andre loved the deli bit.
Peanut one out, six.
That's going to prevent
a lot of sticky fingers.
We're a team, right?
Andre, Anton, you mean?
We have a money problem.
You know that guy Lyle and that
weird Irish guy does his wet work form?
You know, the one who never
takes his jacket off indoors.
Even though you say two and five times.
Wait, aren't you hot with that jacket on?
They're gone.
Locked up.
Tax it, like Al Capone.
We need to find a new
way to deal with the money.
Let me see that.
That hasn't gone out yet.
It's all last week.
Got an email from Philip.
He changed his mind.
Change his mind.
They sent him a damn invoice.
That is why I thought they had
too many watercolors or something.
Since when have men
started listening to their wives?
I told you no more mail.
Only collection letters
or cancellation notices.
Running a business is about
learning fiscal prioritization.
This is today's mail.
You're looking at last week's letter.
Chronologically ordered
piles of fiscal prioritization.
It's best I can do.
Sculpture Foundation Fundraiser.
But a lot of collectors
are going to be there.
Yeah, and I'd have to
donate at least $10,000
if I wanted to sit
next to one of them.
Monocismitations are really nice.
No, no, no, I'm just saying.
I was cutting costs.
You think she's going
to sculpture her, Nation?
Are you kidding?
She's probably going to
sit on some collector's lap.
They have lower amounts for
you just to drink some nut dinner.
So I can stand around the ice
machine with all the other broke losers
and watch the connected
people go in for dinner.
Speaking of people I owe money to.
The applicator?
The dealer.
Drum dealer.
What do you think I got my Adderall from?
Cut me off years ago.
Hey Nate.
Yo, girl, how good with you?
This stuff is dope.
This bag of same guy who did all
that weird shit with the magic markers?
Well, these are by a woman.
So no different artist.
But I can see why you'd say that.
People would have similar practices.
Now they're going to catch us back.
Similar practices.
What can I say?
You've got a good eye, Nate.
How much is go for?
Five minus the frame.
Five thousand.
You saw it?
Not yet.
But hey, you must
know a lot of rich people.
How about you send them over my way?
And I cut you in on any sale I make.
Fuck, girl.
You're the only guy I got, guy, guy.
You know I love to hear
about your house going
all, but I came here
to talk about my game.
You know?
I know.
And I know I owe you from last time.
But while I don't have cash right now,
I think I have something you would like.
You know, I think you're hot and all.
I love all the women, but I told my lady,
I'd be better about it.
Not what I meant, Nate.
Thank you.
That's right.
Hey, Anna.
Did you get the invitation to my opening?
I haven't gone through my mail yet.
I would love for you to
come see my new show
before I have to head off
to Berlin for a studio visit.
I know, Julie, and I just
had a studio visit myself.
Fern Davis?
I love her work.
Pure genius.
You just had a studio visit with Fern?
I just took a little peek.
When I stopped by to bring her some
tea, I picked up in Shanghai last week.
It's a wonderful time
of you to be in Shanghai.
Really is.
Anna, kind of going to be late again.
She just doesn't stop.
Does it?
I have to get back to the gallery myself.
We never know.
Someone might be there.
Don't be terrible.
Someone always makes fun of her.
Are you fucking Tony Montana Gordon?
That came an island ship went out.
Before I was in the game, man.
Well, how you handling your bag?
You walk up and chase man hat and sit.
Let me make a deposit.
My money goes through the dark web,
comes back, cleaner than a non-store.
Speaking of, how's this
is working out for you?
Are you kidding?
This room here is like $4,900.
I'm going to do three
or four of these a week.
Peep and it's the pervert.
What a world.
But you got it, my man who cars
out in the niche market for himself.
You like that?
I don't know.
It's weird.
That's hard for you.
Talk to my mind when short of cash.
Game me that and stuff.
You're running a swab meeting now?
What's this word?
My half a blunt.
Got you there?
You've got 45 grand.
Bull sittin' to China, sir.
My girl, Patrice.
Ain't no joke with that art stuff.
Where's she at?
It's good.
It's good.
I see you, Patrice.
Yeah, girl.
I see you.
May I help you?
Couldn't tell if you opened the clothes.
You know how you'd cut up in the
back somewhere and been held hostage?
One business on it to another.
You should invest in one of
those little sliding open clothes.
You know, from hardware store, all
the nine dollar investment and text.
Did I?
Let me know if you have
any questions about the art.
Patrice, right?
So I do have a few questions.
One of your collectors
was showing me this piece.
Which collector?
Really good friend of mine.
Well, what art are you curious about?
Be frank.
I don't want to buy a yard.
I want a sell art.
When Nate showed me this thing.
Yeah, Nate.
The penny per person designer.
He and I do some business together.
And he was mentioning
you having a cash problem.
Well, it's nothing to be ashamed of.
Solvences, the problem with a lot
of young business men and women.
Well, my business is no business of yours.
Well, not right now.
But I think we might be
able to help each other out.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
What if I told you?
I have a valuable piece of art.
I'd like to sell.
But I don't know anything
about the machinations.
Or the ins and outs of
the financial art world.
But a successful gallery
owner like yourself.
I'm sure you know all the
artistic, legal lease and whatnot.
So I propose.
I give you the piece and I
give you the money for it.
You cut me a check
minus a nice fee for yourself.
And handle all the accounting paperwork
and everything will be right as rain.
Because I want everything to be, you know,
this whole transaction on the up and up.
Everything hunky dory,
you know, clean as they say.
Like laundry.
Are you really mansplaining
money laundering to me?
No, of course not.
I need an expert for a very
nuanced business transaction.
And the mutual friend suggested
I contact you for your expertise.
I want to hire you as a consultant.
Thank you.
But no.
Thank you, sure.
All right, well, I'm not going to
waste your time in a long field.
My speckle may not be snipped,
but I make the best bialis in town.
And I'll have some fresh for
you when you change your mind.
Thank you.
I'm not sure there's
pieces of shit going through.
Small ones are 75.
I'll say something.
I guess I'm too old to
sell my eggs, aren't I?
That's what I'm on campus.
You didn't tell me you made
these working with Anaka?
I don't even know who that is.
Glasses with Anaka.
She's only the top part
advisor to the one for set.
Remember that African
dictator's son, but lost in Tribeca?
Who helped him decorate?
I don't know.
Hello, Anaka.
If it's Patrice, what an I surprise.
You mailed me an invitation.
Nice design, by the way.
Thank you.
Patrice could pull out
my run program gallery.
Maley was just telling me she's already
found homes for some events in Swar.
African dictator's son?
No, Brian Pritchard.
His father invented that coil
thing that heats up when they...
He's become quite the collector.
I showed him Vincent's work,
and he's an enormous fan.
Told me to get one for him.
One for his wife.
I'm a for each of his girlfriend.
I mean, what a sweetheart.
I told Yuri Ivan of it you
should have one too.
You agreed.
Um, what a team, then?
He's the biggest arms dealer in Ukraine.
And really developing an eye for
contemporary postmodern work.
He would love to send you to Sherman.
I bet he just eats her right up.
Well, as they say, the beauty is
in the art, not the collector now.
My gallery is still at the point
of selling to rich assholes,
but I hope soon to have a client
raise of truly horrific people like these.
On meds and oil tycoon mobster type.
I have a lot of those types.
Lucky you.
I think he's actually had people killed.
Guess who wants to say hello.
I think I'll do so.
Hello, my dear.
My two favorite collections
in the whole world.
Lovely, great.
Nice to see you.
Photo off, anybody?
I'm having a moment.
Matthew, guess he are.
Hey, Daniel.
You know, I am super appreciative
of everything that you've done for me.
Six years we've worked together.
And your work has grown
exponentially since then.
We have grown together.
I also need you and
your gallery to grow to.
That just hasn't happened.
Anika has a staff.
She's a press person.
I got your reviews that
we didn't have to pay for.
But Patrice, it's not
just about the reviews.
It's everything's too.
You know, it's being able
to have real invitations made
for an opening or having a nice
dinner after a show and not just drinks.
Like stuff like that matters.
Can you do that?
I can.
And, of course, stuff like that matters.
I didn't want to say
anything because, well,
the gallery is going through some changes.
We have a new.
I just need you to stay with me.
I had a change of art, have we?
Where is the piece?
Is that necessary?
Yes, it's necessary.
I need something to sell.
Can it just be anything?
We didn't some guy put a
mustache on the Mona Lisa
and call that art.
My son do Sean, but
there's more to it than that.
I mean, I need a painting to catalog.
Can it be something you already got?
You mean, sell another artist's
work and not give them the money?
Yeah, I'm down with that.
Well, then you'd have some
real legitimacy problems.
And I'm guessing that financial
legitimacy is pretty important to you.
And you are guessing absolutely right.
So I will call my guy having grab
his brushes and whip something up.
Would that be oil or
acrylics or watercolors?
So you've been using the Google
because I knew you were coming.
Very impressive.
What's hot right now?
What am I supposed to paint?
Fuck, I don't know.
Just paint anything.
What do you think about?
I'm hungry.
You've got them, jackass.
I'm the jackass.
Who's the fucking jackass?
Me or the jackass blast
me to paint some shit?
I'm not a fucking artist.
What the fuck do you want to
make money, motherfucker?
Just paint some goddamn thing.
All right, for Christ's
sake, so fucking paint.
What's this bullshit you're
asking my father to do?
No, excuse me for trying
to broaden out horizons.
But would it kill us to
add a little sophistication,
a little class-star business
while we're trying to make money?
I mean, my family, we wouldn't
know culture from corn beef,
but your father and you, your parents,
in every other building over there,
I'm using them or something like that.
Get to the point.
Hey, I'm just looking out for us here.
I don't want us to end
up like Lyle's group.
But that crazy Irish fuck finally
took off his jacket, ain't that?
I'm just saying these days it
doesn't hurt to be a little more careful.
With that in mind,
somebody's got a little problem
that they want to take care of by a
boy chick, then I suggest they buy art.
Yeah, art.
What the frig, do you know about art?
What art school did you go to?
Art school?
You know who went to art school?
You want to call yourself an artist, boom!
You're an artist.
It's not like you're
running around saying
you're a doctor, a
lawyer, something serious.
An artist.
You're more on a fucking
idiot fake Jew, retard, more on.
You're gonna pay anything for this.
My five-year-old makes
better paintings with his fingers.
And that's the beauty of
this, you fucking creeton.
Remember Dave, the pull-off?
He tried to clean his money
using his father-in-laws,
used car dealership.
And they all got pinched.
Yeah, because even on schmucks at
the IRS knew there was a piece of shit
cars that he was selling weren't worth
the money he was trying to push through.
But art.
This ugly-ass thing
right here that looks like a
an earth wood diarrhea,
wiped his ass with it,
can sell for a million bucks.
And they wouldn't bat an eye.
So from now on, as a contract out,
instead of a bag man
with a duffel full of money,
it's just a good part.
They're gonna write a check to this classy,
fancy schmancy art gallery.
They run by this artsy
fart, see young lady,
who will take a reasonable cut for herself
and cut us a nice, clean check.
Damn, that is one ugly motherfucker.
No, well, he has an aesthetic.
I got some pictures you'll like.
To whom shall I?
Andrey Golik Trust.
So what happens now?
Well, I generated invoice with
the work of my database and.
What's your order's name?
He had thought about that.
Something's not boring, like,
like, like, houses or...
Bag man.
The bag man.
We good?
You best believe it.
Clean as the Board of Health.
That's made in heaven.
Thank you.
This is a sub-zero.
It connects to the Internet.
See it.
And RSVP to the Sculpture
Foundation fundraiser.
Best table.
Next to the richest, most
annoying fucking collectors ever.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but did a relative die and
leave your money or something?
I made a sale.
Fuck yeah.
What piece?
It was an acquisition
that I threw a third party.
I mean, what's the word?
I mean, is it something we can put on?
It's tonight.
Best seats.
That is, unless you mind sitting next
to someone whose eggs are in danger.
I think I think what that's like.
Thank you.
I say hello.
I don't want to let them press the
air to buy your ass or buy your ass.
This is Mir's boss told him
all this booze is donated.
I'm like all these two
vineyards fight to have there.
Why'd you be the one
they served and everyone?
Well, if those vineyards
went through all the
trouble, let's make
sure to honor their work.
Thank you.
It's the come ono.
In the seventh grade,
the only thing I liked reading more than
the baby's first club were her reviews.
When I masturbated
to the thought of Maxine
Woods giving the
gallery a full-page spread.
Sunday section, of course.
You win.
One more win?
Excuse me.
Can we get double?
Hey, did you beat him?
Good to meet you, too.
Good to meet you.
Good to meet you.
Dr. and Mrs. Galvinson.
So good to see you.
We did me practicing, dear.
On a cup made it sound as
if you wouldn't honor she is.
On a cup.
Hello, Monica.
Somebody's plus one?
My schedule freed up
at the last minute and so.
You decided to come.
Don't mind me, too, for you.
As will you remember the Galvinson's?
Of course.
Love your collection.
You have a couple of
Fern Davis's pieces, Ray.
Leslie is my intern.
A nice of your boss to
bring you to such an event.
Did you bring your assistant?
I begged him to come, but
he's setting up our new NFT division.
So it's safe behind.
The New Art Market bubble.
Alan Meyers son has one.
It is so great seeing
you both here for trees.
I mean, I have to apologize.
I just haven't seen you at
any of the events in a while.
I just was under the impression
you weren't coming tonight.
But surprises are fun.
I just thought the gallery wasn't
doing well since Sebastian.
She just closed this huge deal
on a painting from the bag, man.
The bag, man.
Is that a subgenre offshoot of
the picture's generation movement?
Well, a sort of raw
contemporary collection
with an urban sensibility
and a lo-fi aesthetic.
Why can show you?
I have it on our finder, right?
Here, so please.
All right.
Right here?
It's so ugly.
Or Nate.
I mean, the artist doesn't have the kind of
refined process that you're used to seeing,
but some collectors really gravitate
towards pieces that are more unfashioned.
And you say it already sold.
Or maybe it's just on hold?
You look great in that color.
It's so... Yeah.
Isn't that rather high
for an emerging artist?
We've got to get our seats.
We're a table five.
I want to pay you on the day, son.
I met table 35.
Shall we?
All right.
Let me get those.
Thank you.
I feel awesome.
I cannot wait to ask Matthew
about it, because that after all that.
How do you know so much about that sale?
No, well, you're always telling
me to keep the database organized.
When did you scan it in the art blender?
Bill Vance, but hasn't
exactly been crazy, busy.
No, no.
It's fine.
It's fine.
But just for the moment, can
we just keep that sale on the deal?
It's like the biggest thing
he's had since I'm fingerling.
The artist is very private.
And you just know me very well.
So we're trying to establish
the dealer artist, trust bond.
We just need to control his
introduction into the marketplace.
Too much exposure, too soon.
It could be, detrimental.
I'm sorry.
We don't have any work
for the company available.
There's not a wait list, because
there's nothing to wait for.
I don't know anything.
That's crazy.
Truth is acting really weird.
The truth is weird.
The woman drops a bastion stone.
Who does that?
Gotta go.
Well, what did you say?
They don't offer refunds.
You have the full appointment.
Not about my acupuncture,
Matthew, the bag man.
Okay, she doesn't know.
It's all handled through Patrice.
Nobody who Leslie knows has any idea.
But everybody wants
one from all over the world.
Paris, Milan, the bag.
I'm wearing Matthew.
Thank you.
Would you go get me a green juice?
Root's 3.5.
Thank you.
Of course, bitch.
You know I'm here for all of it.
Patrice is too much of a flake to
handle something this big, right?
And we're talking about
the woman who's inhaling
this trip with the
sculpture foundation gallon.
My God.
It's kid year 40.
It's a dumb art blog.
Nobody even reads.
I mean, don't tell Grace that or anything.
What part of keeping this to ourselves?
Did you not understand?
Would you understand better
if I made a meme out of it?
For fuck's sake, we need to
stop talking about this right now.
For the first time since I've been here,
we have an artist blowing
up and we can't talk about it?
I have to say something.
Do you know how dumb
that makes me look if
I don't know anything
about our best artist?
Just lie. Like I told you.
Says the dealer who drops a bastion stone
right before he did his motorcycle series.
That has nothing to do with any of this.
I told you specifically not
to talk about the bad man.
I'm handling it.
So then how come every time the phone rings,
which was like never before weeks ago?
And if someone begging
to give us money for a
bad man piece, you always
make me deal with that.
Answer the phone.
So I can sound like an idiot.
I mean, when I tell them
I don't know anything
or nobody picks up,
it's the same thing.
The part of your job is
still to answer the phone.
What are you so afraid of?
Matthew told me on a cassette
that you're afraid of success.
That's why you dropped a bastion.
And, you know, I don't know that he was
like becoming a star and you can handle it.
You may have blown your shot
and want to keep your gallery small.
But not me.
I didn't drop Sebastian
because I couldn't handle it.
I dropped Sebastian because
I didn't want to handle it.
Yes, he's a talented artist.
But he's also a misogynistic pig
who harassed me, my assistant,
the art handlers, and their mothers.
So fucking tell people then.
Sebastian still makes a
lot of people a lot of money.
And when you make big sales, you
have the power to control the narrative.
All right.
So doesn't that mean that
with all this bad man shit
that you have the power again?
Hey, I come to your place
of business interrupting you.
That's how we met, remember?
All right.
So what's up?
I need another painting.
What I'm going to want to
week is for a real collector.
Sales all lined up $275,000.
Give a dick 10%.
I don't bullshit a bullshit
or what's the scam?
No scam.
A legit collector wants to buy
a piece from an emerging artist.
Who the hell pays that kind of money
for something they haven't even seen?
Collectors buy stuff
all the time site unseen.
What kind of person pays that kind
of money for those ugly pieces of shit?
Collectors don't buy
art because they like it.
They buy it because
they think they need it.
And they think they need it because
they're afraid somebody else will get it.
That's the whole way pricing works.
Once you go ahead
and do this thing yourself.
You know, you paint it.
If you sell it, great, just give us a cut.
Collectors are just starting.
They'll know.
So you want to glimpse
inside the artist's mind.
You give an interview today, Rembrandt?
You made those pieces of shits?
OK, can we not with the pieces of shit?
No explanations.
We'll have something for you tomorrow.
Hey, you good?
As usual, pleasure doing business with you.
I'm not sure if this thing goes.
I go that way or that way.
You'll figure it out.
What do you think about this piece?
No, no.
I got these circles and one of these
prices right flowers or some shit.
What's this guy saying?
Well, she's recreating childhood memories.
Her mother used to give her a
sticker every time she got a good grade.
In her execution, she
only draws their shapes.
So how am I supposed to get that?
You know, is anybody?
Well, nobody has to get anything.
I'm just saying for this
artist, they're not just shapes.
They're memories that we
can tell are important to her.
So when you look at my work,
can you tell anything about me?
I'm an art dealer.
I'm not a mind reader.
I know about Grace's work
because I know about Grace.
I hardly know you, so.
So maybe I don't want
anybody to know about me.
When you make art from a truthful
place, people find out something about you.
It's fucked up, but we kind of
have the same job you and me.
We both sell products
that people spend a fortune
on because of how those
products make them feel.
What's that got to do with me?
You're a drug dealer, aren't you?
I'm starting to see why he has an appreciative
audience yet remains under the radar.
It's a simplicity.
It's so present that it's
almost a distraction at first.
It takes a discerning
collector with a trained eye.
Which ones are you available?
None of them.
Sadly, I've spoken to the
artist and his other galleries.
There's an extremely long wait list of
collectors and some commissions too.
I've always been a champion
of you and all your artists.
I know serious and established
collectors such as yourselves.
Understand that it's in
everyone's best interest.
To give the most relevant
work to those who show support.
Not for a single artist, but for
the galleries program in general.
Well, why don't you tell us
more about Grace's new work?
Gordon told me to... You
almost done with that?
Just give me a second, please.
What is this?
What the fuck is this?
How do you make that?
Something about this excites me.
Scares me, even.
Why would that scare you?
You tell me you're the artist.
You think that Patrice
was meant for how you're in
the process of making
something in the final product?
I mean, nobody does.
Nobody cares about it anymore.
There's so much going on with it.
And the collectors.
My show has been up for weeks and
you managed one sale with this guy alive.
Never seen before.
He's got collectors like that.
Grace, can you give me a second?
Sorry, is he your next show?
Is he on the roster?
Are you on the roster?
You want to take a look?
My God.
Are you the bad man?
Do you think that everyone
doesn't know about the bad man?
Because Leslie was telling everybody
at the great pillar opening about him.
You're the... bad man?
What do you know about a bad man?
I really got to deal with it.
Deal with this?
I'm so sorry for presented my career
with such a goddamn inconvenience to you.
You don't fuck you.
Hey, bitch.
Show it out.
Let's have this conversation later.
My fucking show.
You just won't hold it.
You're a great white man, making
fucking boring a straight white man art.
You are making a
killing in the art world by
making safely abstract
fucking wall decor.
150,000 for your first piece.
Come on, is it up?
I forgot I even had an email address until
the Spanish girl with the lymph to me.
I had a message.
I thought she was lying.
But low and behold...
What on God's green earth is this?
It's a conceptual art.
It's a... You know,
it's a type of artwork.
I'll concept you a lot, Joyce.
Look, this thing's supposed to be a front.
That means low profile.
Why don't you have to
tell you this is not good.
Patrice thinks it's good.
What else is she gonna say?
She's running a business.
She's thinking about the money
she's gonna make off of you.
And you and Andre aren't?
That's totally different.
How is that different?
Because that business is not our business.
This is a problem.
And not just for you
and me, for everybody,
which means it's gonna
be an even bigger problem.
You understand?
Let me ask you something.
You ever think I'm gonna be
good with Anton and Andre?
You know, the kind of guys
Andre has working for him?
I mean, you know, like, I ain't
staying compared to those slimosles.
He knows you're gonna earn her.
No, I mean, like, you know, good.
Like, good, good.
And for good.
If you say it when I think you're
saying I'd say don't say it again.
And then how long is long enough?
When am I ever gonna
be straight with these guys?
I don't make the rules.
You're a lie for them, like me.
Pan left.
I love the investment.
I just wanted to work over the way.
I know that we had it.
No, you got not him.
Please, please, please, please.
Every time I was the same, I was wondering.
What do you think?
Ready for your big night?
I don't know.
It's okay to be nervous.
You're coming, aren't you?
What's with the shrugs?
This is a huge night for you.
Something you didn't
know was inside of you.
It's about to be shown to the whole world.
Maybe there are people out
there who don't want me to open up
and share what's inside
of me with the world.
You just described
every artist's fear ever.
Hey, what's up?
No, you don't need to bring me through.
No, I told you.
I'm telling you that you...
It makes trouble.
Yeah, sorry.
Hold on.
You betrays.
It's my sister.
She wants to know when
people wear things like this.
She says whatever.
No, I swear to God, that's
what you fucking said.
He's telling me about them.
The complexity of urban identity.
An examination of the individual's place.
In a culture of consumerism.
The artist tries to capture the essence.
What I like to call the
breath of a concept.
Are you talking to your sister?
What's her email?
I can add her to her mailing list.
It's Nicole, and I see a little Marie.
I would never say it's a good piece.
But it's definitely
eliciting a reaction in me.
They make me feel angst for boating.
Dr. G.
I think it's high time
you get your wife home.
I haven't seen that look
since the California Clay Movement.
Was revitalized.
Let's get you home, dear.
I had pump carry at it on my nightstand.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
They love the work.
They're going home to fuck each other's
brains out right now because of you.
I don't want to soul them on it.
It's easier when it's good work.
I think people are going
to respond to this show.
Because you see things in
a way very few people do.
And they get to live
vicariously through you.
And just agree to the wheels and make sure
they get the next one from the bag, man.
That just bought one of Grace's pieces.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You know, it wasn't until
we caught my outrage.
I'll take the leftovers out of the fridge
and mailing them the relatives that we
realized we needed to put her in a home.
It's a tax thing.
Collections don't like
to pay city or state taxes
so long as it's shipped out of
state like to a fine art storage facility.
You just said they picked them up.
I interned at this gallery and collections
would buy a sculpture for $300,000.
And we just pop it in the
back of their Mercedes.
Then we start building these huge crates
and ship them empty to a storage facility.
As long as there's an invoice
and proof that we ship to the state,
that's all they need.
It's funny to think they're
these giant warehouses
with armed goons guarding empty boxes.
Domestic violence, gender roles,
Let's be not forget an obvious
hit piece on climate change in Irish.
I need it.
Not for sale.
Hey, Mr. Bigshot.
Why don't you fucking invite
the cops here while you're at it?
Paying a big fucking
confession on the wall.
It's called argued dumb fuck.
The art was just the fun.
We were all there when the
fucking black people laid out the skin.
Evening voice.
Looking to start a collection
or some trouble.
You mind?
We're talking here.
I do mind.
It's my fucking gallery.
Take it outside.
And while you give
us a second, OK, lady?
When did people start
using lady in the negative?
Get me.
Part of me.
Talk about the show.
Give me.
We look at this.
I know.
I know.
You must be for trees.
When were you talking about this?
I couldn't believe it.
You're a Saint.
I tell you.
God damn honest with the fucking guy.
Is that the sign?
Reggie told me not to bring anything,
but I can't.
It's OK.
Although this feels more like a cheesecake.
I'm just going to take it to the office.
I love the sign.
I'm not hungry now,
but I will be later.
I'm so good to see you.
You two assets.
I'm going to remember this big night.
I don't think I'll just touch you.
You're so fucking good.
Don't you feel awesome?
Hey, I got invited to a party
by some cool art kids.
I mean, like, 20.
But I told them I'd bring the farm.
So do you have any?
I don't have anything on me.
Can you get something?
I mean, you're on.
I'm not a drug dealer.
And what was all this about then?
I mean, what was it?
Did you and Gordon, like,
forget your cash cards?
I'm not a fucking artist.
And I'm not a fucking drug dealer.
You don't get to say
whether or not you're an artist.
Other people get to say
whether or not you're an artist.
It's when you make people see
something they've never seen before.
I mean, what is this?
If you're not an artist and
you're not a fucking drug dealer,
then what are you a bank?
Robert, you're a bookmaker.
No, no, no.
You break people's time.
You fucking...
The fuck it was locked.
I wouldn't fit through the mail slot.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay.
That you kill people?
Or that you use my gallery to help?
That you had to know.
That I found out.
I knew that money laundering was a crime,
but my god, country club.
10 is court jail, kind of crime.
But murder?
That's a person.
You didn't do nothing.
What kind of idiot is a front-work
guy who's out of front is selling bagels?
Be always.
Gordon, he... I don't know.
He's really precious about him.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Did you really tell from my bags?
What'd I do?
Did that good?
Doesn't that mean that
you're that good, too?
I can't wait for this one.
This one was my favorite.
It's not a crime.
But that purest work while
I'm 10 grand a month?
There we go.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Not since 1949's Life Magazine article,
which Herald Republic's drip period, have
we seen an artist break out onto the scene
with such critical acclaim?
When asked about
inspiration for the series,
the gallerist cryptically
mentioned the bag man,
drawing from personal experiences.
Jesus, fucking Christ, there is more!
The wondrous pieces are
emotionally complex, yet accessible.
I, for one, am eagerly anticipating
the next creation by this young talent.
You made the fucking paper!
I'm not your name, but those things
you made for Patrice's store front.
This is big.
When did you start getting the times?
I said different that you
have to be down the block.
You go fine.
That motherfucking
Picasso want to be asshole.
And you bring him back!
He is the show's over!
Shows opening culminated
in a hybrid performance
that dared to address the combustible
relationship between artist and gallerist.
He's so hot, too.
Like, it's not usually an
entire time, but it couldn't help.
Definitely shot the
fountain at the old time.
He wouldn't have looked in the eye.
It wasn't like a planet.
It wasn't something I wanted as a kid.
You know, I'm not a psycho or anything.
I work with artists.
Trust me.
You're not a psycho.
My sister got in trouble when we were kids.
Eventually she got in the junk.
And I got bad, real bad.
She ran up this debt to a drug dealer.
Who was just a piece
of shit at work for Andre.
He wanted her to work it off.
So I went and I found the guy.
I tried to work something out,
but this stubborn fuck.
We got in with.
And I ended him.
You know, he can't just knock
off one of Andre's guys like that.
What he makes a call and I go away forever.
Anyway, that's all they got me.
Now they got you, too.
You're a family?
I have art.
You're a favorite artist?
Buzzy on utter.
He died, actually, while making art.
Got lost trying to cross the
Atlantic on a 12-foot boat.
So that was his art.
Getting lost.
Conceptual art.
Just an idea.
That was delicious.
When I think about my top life experiences,
I'm torn between Walter Damari as the
lightning field and their clams to casino.
What did I let myself
be happy for 10 minutes?
Hey, Riggs.
Look at you all out and about being social,
though I can't say I picked
in front of you as your type.
No offense.
I like the gallery.
Be a shame if something
were to happen to it.
Wow, brains and a mouth on this one.
You have.
Tell me about it.
Anyway, Andre and Anton want to see you.
Both of you.
Hands off.
The rest of mine.
What the?
I'm sorry.
You have to make every little
finger-kick in the nuts, don't you?
All we wanted to do is talk.
That's what we're doing right now.
You don't really have
a choice now, did you?
Fuck, I didn't.
I don't want to cause a
scene in front of her place.
But you want to be all
over the frickin newspaper?
Technically, his expression
is in the paper, not him.
But I think it's better for an
artist to remain anonymous.
The black dreidel says that maybe
you're no longer happy working for me.
No, I am.
I was just hoping that
maybe you and I were straight.
The first time.
It did a great job.
And I told the black dreidel.
That guy's talented.
He'll do very well for us.
And when a man has good at his job,
he doesn't leave.
I like my choice.
I'm a genre.
I'm a genre.
I may be Ghana.
I do the best.
Jobs in New Jersey absolutely the best.
I came.
Hey, when I want a starving artist doing?
Art dealer, actually.
Thank you.
Good and loyal workers
become just like family and family.
Never leave.
He's family.
Black dreidel.
He's family, too.
And you.
You're part of this family now.
Not now.
Just one second.
I hope you don't mind.
Your assistant said to
be okay if I waited in here.
It's quite busy out there.
Welcome back, Patrice.
Well, I have your article to thank for it.
So, you know, when
you didn't return my call,
I became rather curious.
So I decided to come in
and take a peek for myself.
My apologies.
I've been dealing with some developments.
And I bet.
Well, you're clearly busy.
So I'll get right to the point.
I would like to do a piece on the big, man.
What particular day of the
week with this article come out?
I would love nothing more for you
to do an article on the bag, man.
But what you've written
already is more than enough.
No, no.
That was just a review.
I'm referring to a full piece,
like a deeper exploration.
It's crazy time now with
the show and everything.
The show that I mean to explore.
I just...
I can't.
You understand that this would be great
exposure for you, the gallery, the artist.
We just don't need any exposure.
Do you understand what
you're doing right now?
I mean, are you aware that I
could... I don't want your article.
Miss what?
I am so fucking sorry.
It's perfectly fine.
You have no idea how much I...
Listen, that was completely
unexpected, but it was honest.
So, you know what?
I'm gonna be honest in return.
I'm not used to being told now.
I hear it all the time,
and I gotta warn you.
When I hear no, it makes
me want something even more.
Yes, other opportunities.
If we not just have this
conversation a few nights ago,
Andre not only has things in his walk-in
freezer with four legs, some have only two.
He doesn't want to do any more, Gordon.
And I don't want to walk
down a Christopher Street
and be with some that, but sure
as God made a little green apple,
it happens.
What could we give or
get Andre to let us go?
How clear do I have to make this to you?
Does he have to pull his knife on
you again to make this any clearer?
There's always something.
He's not going to let you
out of this, either of you.
You're both to valuable, man.
Maybe give him something
that's more valuable.
What? You think he can get
the myth to monitor his money?
What about a red file?
A golden meatball.
So, now we're doing day of the Jack-o.
You're gonna punch the pole stick in?
Gordon, you always looked out for me.
And I cannot tell you how
much I appreciate that.
But these guys were just as soon as
shoot us as scratched a fucking nuts.
I have no life.
All I do is what these assholes want.
And all of a sudden, in walks her, and
she offers me a chance and a new life,
one, I would've never fucking dreamed of.
I gotta try to take this.
What the fuck was that?
You know, I have a dream speech?
Listen to me, booby.
Not all of us get to have a dream.
What's the giddish word for myopic?
Jesus, Gordon.
What's a red file?
It's, you know, unkillable people.
You know, um, sex traffickers, kingpin.
People nobody can get to, but
everybody wants to take it out.
Drug dealers.
Drug makers.
Rich and powerful men
want exactly Boy Scouts.
But, you know, people, you don't
know, and people you don't want to know.
Truly horrific people?
So can I finally come to me?
I'll do a dope LGBTQ
on the bottom of the slide.
Listen, between us,
when that whole Sebastian
Stone drummer was going down,
everyone thought they were nuts.
Not me.
I always knew you were
a talented dark horse.
Your discerning eyes
graciously appreciate me.
Tell me about the bad man.
I need to know everything.
Well, I have this really
maker break moment within it.
The whole world's suddenly watching.
It is imperative.
I help you find just the right collective.
Well, he's non-traditional, and
the peace is personal to him.
So personal, in fact, that he insists
on meeting the collector first, of course.
And, by the way, I love outsider artists.
That raw talent uninhibited by
the form that grad school's demand.
I love what.
I have to warn you.
There's a darkness present
in his work, and it's in him too.
He's not afraid to show it.
He shouldn't be.
I love darkness.
All the serious collectors
appreciate it too.
I would love to leave until
my artist who's interested.
They all are.
They fight up and to be.
I know a certain someone who would
appreciate the bad man, or the most.
Give me a name.
I'd love to, but you should see these NDAs.
I've had to sign.
They make you fear for your own life.
These men will take
their privacy very seriously.
Men, like, you're the advantage?
Or your friend Ahmed?
Does the Ukrainian arms
dealer or his buddies know
that you share their Instagram
pages with everyone?
I wonder what the NDAs
would say about that.
She'll have another.
And he is the hit parade.
Any name on that list will do.
Nothing less.
There's a lot of Russian.
Sounds promising.
These guys have serious protection.
We're not even going to get close.
You're worried about that now.
What if I did, like, five of my
usual guys instead of the red file?
Not some fucking Chinese takeout, man.
See where you get to the
column A, three from column.
Did anyone get a chance to
take a look at today's specials?
And closing a rat file for free?
A vicious proposal
even with a black dreidel.
Black dreidel.
But to me, it sounds like bullshit.
Ramen Rashnikov will take him out on
December 10th between 12 and 4 in Miami.
You get that son of a bitch.
Get her.
I know.
I know.
Give you anything.
What in the hell is going to make
one of the most targeted men in Russia.
Who believe his super secret secure
compound to come hang out with your ass?
Did your bagels, Gordy?
They're fucking Bialis.
Let me tell you.
I know what I'm doing, Gordy.
And what is that?
We're going to show him what he can't have.
And he's going to want it even more.
If we don't pull this
off, there's going to be
contracts on us with
every headhunter in town.
When we pull this off, you're going to
be more famous to advise you on order.
Will you stop with that bullshit?
Rashnikov is one of the
richest men in Russia.
Who buys utility companies the
way you buy or got their pretzel?
Do you know where he's
going to be in about an half?
Who's fucking Maxine?
But she's kapula.
Lady in the c'mon.
What, what the who the fuck's that?
She's an art critic.
An art critic.
Do you listen to anything?
I listen to you all the time.
She wants to do a piece on her.
A laddie, the hot.
That'll make a splash.
You want to make a splash?
Wait till Andre fits
you with these submit
shoes and toss it to
your ass in the Hudson.
No, no.
It's the Super Bowl of the art world.
For few days and each
year, galleries from all
over the world come
together under one roof
to show off their best work.
Hey, Doug.
And for dealers, it's a
chance to make major
collectors that might
never come to your gallery.
And then I love the show.
And for us, well, we're
here for other reasons.
It's free.
Belly bags.
It's just what I use mostly.
The everyday, the benign.
The invisibility utilitarianism.
The bags, they get the job done.
Your prices are quite
high for an emerging artist.
And, you know, while there's
a long wait list for the work,
I can't seem to find anyone
who actually owns one.
I've everyone applaud
collectors who buy art for art sake,
not just for tax write-offs
and social bragging.
I completely agree.
She bad they're so rare.
So, a million dollar question.
What's next for the bag, man?
Taking time to enjoy your success.
Nah, yeah.
Just don't want to make art anymore.
As a dealer, the business
part of me is heartbroken.
But as an art lover, I
couldn't be more impressed
by the honesty and
integrity of this artist.
So, this is really the last works
we're going to see from the bag, man.
He's going to unveil one last piece,
day after tomorrow, 3 P.M. right here.
But I want to be discreet about it
so the people experience the work
and aren't influenced by the fact that
the market thinks he's hot right now.
I completely understand.
And I'll be discreet.
The tree is mainly here.
Good news, Roman
definitely wants the piece.
Bad news.
He's not sure about the meat and grease.
But he's willing to pay triple the price.
Finally, the 3 P.M.
tomorrow are the deal is off.
None of his bads are for sale.
The artist doesn't want to
present the work as a commodity.
The review did a wonderful job of
conveying the power of the piece.
And I'm not afraid to tell you I
have not been that turned on in years.
And this is Miami.
Come on.
Not even an early sketch.
The earlier pieces are
already with collectors.
I'm afraid.
You were this to believe there
would be work available to us.
I'm just as upset as you are.
What about the pieces you brought here?
Exevish and only.
I'm afraid.
Not even for an old friend.
I do have a new work for sale.
I'm just not exhibiting it until tomorrow.
Tomorrow, tomorrow,
tomorrow and tomorrow at 3.
A company by a live performance.
I'll take it.
I'll take it.
I'll take it.
It's yours.
Meet me at the VIP tent after the show.
I'll have a car waiting.
We've got a problem.
And, um, you said this thing was going to
be a really big deal for the billionaires.
It's barely anybody here.
Today and tomorrow of
VIP Screening's own lay.
It's not open to the public yet.
Where's Raj?
I want to make sure he's not skipping town.
And you two do what you
said you were going to do.
Why don't you keep your voice down?
Okay, everything's organized.
Just ready and I do my thing.
Which is what?
I'll see you tomorrow.
You really think you're going
to make it to Cuba and that?
It's best Gordon could do on short notice.
I mean, it has to.
Whatever happens, but everybody
says we're just making art.
And it's all the dealers
they're going to think.
I never really had an
audience before, you know?
It's just... Art is cut.
And, Tell them about you.
Thank you.
Did you know if we pulled this off?
That's a pretty big fucking if.
Doesn't mean that you're going
to be free of Anton and Andre.
No, we're going to do a bad Anton.
He wants to be here.
But that puts him here.
Think about it.
He's not supposed to be here, but I am.
I'm the artist.
I'm glad to hear you finally admit it.
So, if he's here, we
should put him to work.
To work.
Got your methods.
We're on our way.
Roaming is so excited.
But it's yeah, but you're too much hard.
But you must speak with you.
We're willing to cover
all fabrication costs.
Hey, Siri.
Text Patrice Capolo, we've arrived.
I've just spoken with Art
News, Art Forum, Art in
America, and they all all
syndicate to global press.
I'm definitely interested in that.
Well, is it about financial
compensation for those times?
Thank you, everyone, for
your interest and support.
I'm looking forward to talking
to you after performance.
Me, I introduce Mr. Roman Prashnikovs.
Mr. Rajnikov.
Your support for artists is well known.
As well as your impressively,
a measurable collection.
This is my assistant, Leslie.
I've been telling Roman about
your recent show in New York,
and he's so excited at
this opportunity to add to it.
I'm sure you are.
But I have to warn you, this new
piece is not for everyone's taste.
I'm sure I'll be able to handle it, honey.
Are you so funny?
Patrice, I can assure you, definitively,
that Mr. Rajnikov is the most
deserving person of the bag man's word.
Leslie, well, Mr. Rajnikov and the bagmans,
why don't you take melee down to
the storage to see the new piece?
The new piece?
Yes, it's on the shelf, in a case.
Okay, follow me.
Can't wait to see it.
Mr. Rajnikov, the bag man.
Finally, man's speak.
So tell me.
Wasn't she in his other video?
Where did you study?
I can leach at these dealers.
I'm self-taught.
I've been wondering my craft for years.
I enjoy how your work comes from shadows,
places that most people find discomfort in.
Melee doesn't always have a
good eye for what entrees me,
but not this time.
Is this it?
Not yet.
What does the work mean?
What is more important than the truth?
See, I'm finally allowing
the world to see a part of me.
That had been hidden for years.
Which part?
Which part?
The dark part.
This is a good story.
Come on.
What's up?
What's up, sir?
Fuck off.
We're not going to fit
two bodies in that crate.
Figure it out.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
When I told everyone
the bag went on to a piece,
they just snapped.
I knew money.
How'd you like to pay?
Yes, of course.
This means so much to us.
I'm so happy for you.
Rest toward the work
will truly have a place of
honor in our collection
of thrown in adversity
to swipe the fucking car.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Be careful you too.
Pataka, you were right.
He's the perfect man for the piece.
Yeah, he just about died for it.
This is the piece, actually.
He wants you to ship
his de-a dress on the label.
As soon as possible.
Like, right now.
Hey, I... Where is Rami?
He said he wanted a party.
Dude's a party animal.
That's, yeah, that's something
for you in the bathroom.
Poppy, on a trace.
Um, wait.
Um, get it.
I don't think Pasha and I
would feel about Jimmy Buffett.
Well, most people would
think he wouldn't like him.
But Boseon was an absurdist.
Good luck, Reggie.
Grace Freek.
And she heard about her first museum show.
But on a four-day rave.
I don't know how to forward a call.
So just put them on a hold
and call for me on the trace.
Nice article in the paper
about your new day.
You're reading the art section now?
Actually, I was scanning the obit words
for your name when I ran across the art.
Congratulations, kid.
Looks like you pulled it off.
Well, well, well.
Everybody knows you got
something on hand time.
Whatever it is.
It's so good.
His father hadn't made you a
permanent resident of his walk-in freezer.
What is that?
An invoice.
For a piece, I sold this nice,
wealthy couple on the upper left side.
Or was it Chelsea?
It's a unique piece.
What kind of a kind, really?
Kind of like your fingerprints, Anton.
Do you have any idea what you're doing?
But Rushnikov and his bodyguard.
They found his boat floating in the sea
about 30 miles from Havana and nobody in it.
Coast Guard says rough seas.
Cops got nobody.
They got no case.
Too bad.
Reggie wasn't so lucky.
Come on, kid.
Where'd he disappear to?
Maybe he needed a mental health break.
Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
How'd you pull it off?
And I'm kind of a big
deal in the art world again.
So if anything should
happen to me, you'll find I
have just as many rich and
powerful friends as you do.
And your chops?
They're a bit dry.
Let's go with that.
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.
Got to go.
Yeah, I got to ask.
So good.
The black men are casting.
Williamsburg wasn't always
hipsters and hipsters and hipsters.
Today, we bring you a story
involving a missing Russian billionaire.
Some people say his disappearance.
This is art imitating life, and
others say it's life imitating murder.