The Kill Team (2019) Movie Script

[distant gunshots
and explosions]
[radio buzz]
[distant gunshots]
[helicopter flyby]
I got you. I got you.
Come on. Go.
[makes shooting sounds]
No. No closer than that.
Yeah, apparently Katie is like seeing somebody
else, but it's actually a good thing,
'cause I don't want any
distractions when I go over there.
I need to be focused, you know?
This is my chance.
[dog barking]
You got any more of those?
- If Mom sees you, she's...
- If Mom sees either of us.
Look, Andy, I just...
I want you to know
I'm proud of you, okay?
Being a part
of something like this
is a tremendous thing.
What's up, Briggman?
What's up, Rayburn?
You're attracted to me
right now, aren't you?
A little bit, yeah. Wow.
You're good.
So this is what it's like
to work at the DMV.
[Rayburn] We did these guys
three days ago.
Last week too, same fucking guy.
LT wants us to check full
biometrics. Get cheek swabs too.
We're just going to let
these goatfuckers go anyway.
We can't arrest nobody,
we can't fuckin' shoot nobody.
Arms up.
Come on, arms up.
[speaks in Pashto]
[speaks in Pashto]
What is he saying?
Stop! Don't make me use force.
For God's sakes, Briggman.
Alright, that's enough!
I said, that's enough!
You look like the fucking
Terminator in these things.
You'll scare the daylights
out of these people.
And you.
Look there. See them kids?
Raise your right hand.
Move it repeatedly
in a side-to-side motion.
Now smile.
That's right.
Wave and smile.
Wave and smile.
You see how easy
this hearts and minds shit is?
I feel like a
goddamn prom queen.
Fuck you say, Rayburn?
- Nothin', Staff Sergeant.
- That's what I thought.
[staff sergeant] Now I'mma go over
there and give those kids some candy.
You know why?
Because I'm a goddamn prince.
- A salaam alaikum...
- [explosion]
Did you hear this bullshit about
us having to do
some security detail tomorrow?
Sit down with the local
elder leaders or some shit?
Another KLE?
I swear to God, the LT drinks more
tea than Queen Fucking Elizabeth.
If Sergeant Wallace could see us now,
he'd be laughin' his ass off, huh?
Yeah, well, he's not, so...
The Civil War. Interesting.
Morning, Sergeant.
- This everybody?
- Hooah.
My name is Staff Sergeant Deeks.
Some of you may think I'm here
to replace Sergeant Wallace.
I've been around long enough to
know you don't just replace a man.
I'm here to lead,
plain and simple.
I've got three combat tours under my belt.
I move fast, I don't fuck around.
I expect the same
from all of you.
Brief for tomorrow's mission.
- It's the usual bullshit.
- Oh, yeah?
We stand around
sweating our balls off,
LT drinks tea
with some old dudes.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
- Coombs, is it?
- Yes, sergeant.
You're dismissed.
You're dismissed.
Go back to your hooch.
This is our mission.
Cell phone trigger
wired to Russian UXO.
Whoever's making these
has to answer
for the deaths of 24 American
soldiers in the past 12 months.
Now, these motherless fucks
are holed up right here,
in our AO.
And every day
we don't find them
is another day an American
soldier could come home in pieces.
Just like Sergeant Wallace did.
Who wants to make a difference?
That's not a
rhetorical question.
Who wants to make
a fucking difference?
[all] Hooah!
I'm gonna make you a deal.
You give me your loyalty
and I guarantee
that each and every one you
will have a chance
to be a warrior,
to actually do something
out here,
to be a part of history
instead of reading
about it in some book.
What are you doing?
Relationship building, Sergeant.
Don't do that.
Village is shady a fuck.
Roger that, Sergeant.
So, gentlemen, what's the play?
Put on a strong show of force.
- Show of force?
- Yes, sir.
Is he serious?
I don't know where he gets
this shit, Sergeant.
Ever been hunting, Briggman?
Yeah, my dad used to take me,
he was in the Marines.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Any combat tours?
No, he worked a desk.
Cool. So when your desk-job
dad spotted a buck,
did he roll up in
his four-by-four?
No, that would scare away
the animals.
Briggman, you're with me.
[Deeks] Good morning, shitbird.
What are you up to?
Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?
Relationship building.
Holy shit!
[Deeks] Let's move before
he figures out how to aim.
Who's ready to have some fun?
[shouts in Pashto]
Weppler, Coombs,
secure the back room!
[shouts in Pashto]
Briggman, restrain that man!
Please, please get on the floor.
[shouts in Pashto]
Sir, on the floor!
[shouts in Pashto]
Briggman, you're in control!
Get on the floor!
Get on the floor!
Get on the fucking...!
Stay the fuck down!
Good work back there, Briggman.
So I take this stun grenade...
and I pop it...
and I drop it in the stall.
the poor fucking bastard,
he comes out the stall
screaming: "Jesus Christ!"
[Andrew] And that's,
like exactly when the MPs rolled up,
and they put cuffs on him because
they thought he'd gone Section 8.
[knocks on door]
[Deeks' son]
Who's that, Daddy?
- This is one of my new friends.
- What's his name?
Oh, my name?
I'm Specialist Briggman.
My name's Andrew.
My new friend Andrew here
has some very important
news for Daddy.
Which means I gotta go now.
But I'll call you tomorrow,
Is that okay, buddy?
Okay, Dad.
I love you to the moon.
And back again. 'Bye.
[Andrew] Sorry to barge in
like this, Sergeant.
I put together a list of IED
attacks by date and location.
Why aren't you smoking hash
with the rest of your squad?
Wait, what? I don't know
anything about that.
You don't know
what I'm talking about?
This truck in the motor pool?
Smoke wafting out of the hatch?
I don't...
I wanted to speak with you.
You have my undivided attention.
I've got a promotion board
coming up.
You want me to put you in
as team leader.
Yes. Yeah.
[Deeks] I've got six guys
trying for that job.
You want it?
Convince me.
- [laughs]
- [Coombs] Yo, where the fuck is Brig?
- He's been gone like half an hour.
- [knocks on door]
- What the fuck do we do?
- Open the door.
[Deeks] Evening, boys.
What are you up to?
This is not good.
Go see my man Darwesh
at the ANA camp.
He'll get you the primo shit.
- What the fuck...?
- [laughs]
[heavy metal music plays]
Can you pass me that deodorant?
There you go.
Man, I'm thinkin' about
getting some more ink.
- Yeah?
- Like a skull right there?
Why don't you get one
on your ass? "Insert wood here".
You know what those are,
don't you?
The skulls on Deeks' legs?
Red ones from Iraq,
blue from Afghanistan.
Do I have to spell it out
for you?
What are you trying to say?
He killed like, what,
twelve fucking dudes?
You don't win wars
zip-tying people.
I was with Deeks in Ramadi.
This one day, he was
on the checkpoint. SAW gunner.
He had a car coming towards him.
Crammed with towelheads.
- Like, Fedayeen?
- No.
A family. Mom, Dad, little kid,
the whole fucking deal.
They wouldn't stop, so...
Jesus fucking Christ.
Fucked up, right?
[makes buzzer sound]
Opened up the trunk,
hundred pounds of HME
stuffed in a fucking suitcase.
Enough to barbecue
the whole goddam platoon.
That's how depraved
these fucking animals are.
Incinerate their own kids
just to get a few of ours.
That's why we need
guys like Deeks.
Fucking hard.
- Coombs, how do you like it cooked?
- Medium rare, Staff Sergeant.
Medium rare, coming right up.
[Deeks] Hey! Don't forget
your reading material.
Fucking caveman.
Here you go.
[Deeks] 3-2 and 3-3 will approach
on the main road from the north.
I'll be stationed on the south
side, down here with 3-1.
Ready to roll at 16:30.
Good, one more piece
of business.
As you all know, we have a spot
open on 3-2 for vehicle commander.
Specialist Marquez?
Yes, Sergeant.
I understand you've expressed an interest
in a team leader position, is that correct?
- Have you completed your IAVC?
- Roger that.
[Deeks] Very good.
Now, what would you say
if I gave the job to Briggman?
I wouldn't know,
I wouldn't suggest...
Not exactly
a ringing endorsement.
You can't do that, Sergeant.
Interesting theory.
Let's test it.
Briggman, the job is yours.
It worked.
- Thank you so much, Sergeant.
- You're welcome.
Just one little thing.
You need to put Marquez
on his back.
You put him into submission.
Otherwise I'll assume you're
not qualified for the job.
I'm gonna enjoy this, bro.
Straight up.
- Come on, man!
- Come on!
- Let's go Briggsy!
- Let's do this, come on!
Get in there!
[soldiers cheer]
[soldiers] Whoa!
[soldier] Got to get
his shoulder down, man.
Get him down! Shut him down!
No, no!
Fuck off!
He just licked his ear!
- I got him.
- [Marquez] Lick my fucking ear...
I got him.
[Weppler] Marquez, you owe me
a pack of smokes now.
I did not see that coming.
[Coombs] Crazy.
You see that? Briggman!
Hey, Dad.
Guess what, I'm team leader.
Team leader?
Got my own truck,
got my own soldier too.
[Andrew] Things are
really taking off for me.
Is that why you've been
ignoring us?
I haven't been ignoring you.
You haven't called in two weeks.
Well, I have a lot
of responsibility.
[William] We just want to
know you're doing okay.
I know, I'll be way better.
I've got to go, though.
[William] Andrew...
No, I've got to go.
I'll talk to you later. 'Bye.
Would you rather be
in a boxing ring and fight
a hundred duck-size horses
or one enormous,
horse-size duck?
- How big is the duck?
- The duck is like...
- Do you have weapons?
- You have no weapons,
you have to bare-knuckle fight
him, but they have the power...
- Get the fuck out of my way!
- What the fuck...?
Stay back!
Jesus fucking...
- Get out of the way!
- Got a pulse down there.
- Sir, what's your name?
- Bruer...
Keep you eyes open.
Stay with me. C'mon, let's go.
- Go, go.
- Go, go, go!
Stand back!
[Andrew] Sergeant?
EOD is clearing the highway
north of the blast site.
Afghan police are tracking leads
on the bomber's last-knowns.
Afghan police couldn't track dogshit
if it were stuck to their boots.
- Help you with something else?
- Yeah, it's...
Sergeant Bruer.
Is there any word?
He's dead.
If you're going to get
emotional, don't do it here.
Did you hear what I just said?
Fuck those people, man.
Fuck those motherfuckers.
I'd like to see
their whole country burn, man.
Every village.
Every goddamn house.
Every bush, every tree.
I just want to see this whole
fucking country burn to the ground.
That's quite a manifesto.
Yeah, well, you don't win wars
zip-tying people.
I want to show you something.
Bravo Company found him
last night, out by the highway.
He planted the IEDs?
No, but I bet you a case
of Coors he knows who did.
What are we supposed
to do with him?
Not we.
I want you to hurt this man.
You're a good kid.
Dude's face looks like a rhubarb pie
somebody just fucking stuck his dick in.
The thing is just all mush,
face is all fucked up,
nose is broken, like...
You should fucking see him, bro.
White man beating on
helpless brown man.
I think that is the first time
in history that's ever happened.
What are you guys talking about?
You know that Muj they got
locked up in Conex? Scarface?
Rayburn fucked his shit up
big-time, bro.
Stop looking at my cards.
God damn.
[Deeks] First Platoon
found remnants
of circuit boards and wires
in a hooch here last week.
The bomb makers are close.
We're going to search every one of
these villages till we find them.
Sergeant Dawes, get ready to pull in
First and Third Squads if it blows up.
Any questions?
Right, let's move out.
[all] Hooah.
- Not you.
- What? What do you mean?
Vehicle commander
stays with the vehicle.
- Marquez! You're with me.
- Roger that.
- Rayburn, Coombs, flank left.
- Roger that.
Good hunting.
Give me a chocolate.
Guys, I don't have
any candy on me today.
- No candy.
- Hello. Hello.
Look. Look, no candy.
Chocolate. Chocolate.
No candy today.
[speaks Pashto]
Hey! You don't touch a gun!
No, no!
Stop it.
[Deeks on radio]
Contact, contact, contact.
So we turn the corner,
and this crazy fucking Muj
kid attacks us with a grenade.
[Coombs] Yeah,
like an old Russian grenade.
Coombs opened fire.
Grenade hit the ground...
Danger close.
Outstanding work, gentlemen.
You two just made Bravo
Company's employee of the month.
Go get the village hoo-ha
and see if he can give us an ID.
[cries, screams in Pashto]
What's he saying?
My son.
Fuck yeah!
Fuck yeah, motherfucker!
We fucking did that shit!
We fucking did that shit!
We fucking did that shit!
Oh my God!
We fucking did it!
We fucking did it!
I would like to thank my parents
for making me so awesome.
And I would also like
to thank my drill sergeant
for teaching me that my gun
is like a paintbrush.
My first grade teacher,
she believed in me.
She said that if I...
Fuck you! ...kept it up,
I was going to get
somebody killed.
- She was right.
- [laughs]
She was goddamn right.
- Thank you, Miss Godel.
- Miss Godel!
You made me a specimen...
What about Deeks?
Don't you want to thank Deeks?
- [Marquez] What the fuck!
- No!
How many times I tell you jerk-offs not
to smoke that shit in the goddamn tent?
- Dude, unclench.
- Unclench?
You can smell that shit from a
fucking mile away.
That's what I'm saying,
it's good stuff, man.
- You know what?
- Get outta here.
No, who are they gonna blame?
Puerto Rico. Cocksucker.
[Weppler] Or the black guy!
I'm in here too. [laughs]
[Deeks] You look like
you need someone to talk to.
No, I'm fine.
Thanks, Sergeant.
I wasn't asking.
[sighs] Um...
I just...
I just keep thinking about
that kid that we killed today.
What about him?
I just...
Alright, let's take a walk.
Come on.
I was wrong about you.
- Wait. What?
- You're not ready to be a leader.
No, I am, I'm just...
Logistics could use a smart guy
like you back at camp.
You're good with
computers, right?
you don't have to do that.
Work a desk, like your father.
No, Sarge, I want to stay.
We kill people.
It's what we do.
Do you have a problem with that?
No, Sergeant.
No, Sergeant!
Here he is,
Mister Sunshine and Rainbows.
How are you feeling?
I feel fine.
Let's see if we can fix that.
- Hey, man.
- [Rayburn] Yeah?
What was it like
killing that guy?
Did you ever hear
of a conscience round?
Okay, so my dad...
He was like this major
history buff, and...
and he told that
in 18-whatever,
they used to execute spies
by firing squad.
But you see, occasionally,
the shooters would freeze up
and couldn't pull the trigger.
So they came up with this idea.
They would load one
of the rifles with a blank.
- And the blank was the conscience round?
- Yeah.
Now, nobody knew
which gun had the blank.
Not that it mattered.
Once you put
that one blank into the mix,
suddenly it's not
"I'm shooting this person",
it's "we're shooting this
person." It's all of us.
And that's the key.
It's the group.
Once you figure that out,
you can shoot anybody you want.
And never lose a wink of sleep.
Goodnight, Briggman.
Yo, Brigsey.
What is the good word, my man?
You forgot to sign this.
It's the shooter's statement
from the KIA. The kid.
- Yo, Brigsey.
- Yeah.
You're hovering.
Sorry. Um...
You said that the kid threw
a Russian RGD grenade, right?
Yeah, so?
Just wondering because it exploded.
How did you know it was an RGD?
Because I saw it in his hand.
But you were fifty meters away.
How did you see that?
What is this with the questions?
I'm sorry, I just, uh...
It just seemed like
a funny detail to call out.
Yeah, well,
like I always say, Brigsey,
stories are
all about the details.
We done?
I need to see the Captain.
Can you tell me when he's
around? It's very important.
I'm not his fucking secretary.
But you know when he's around.
You know when he's free.
- Talked to Sergeant Deeks yet?
- No.
Chain of command, dude.
Please. Three minutes.
It's all I need.
[Coombs] Oh, fuck!
Take it fucking easy, man!
[Coombs] Stop digging
into my fucking arm!
[Weppler] Man the fuck up
and hold still.
[Rayburn] Hey, yo, Brigsey.
You should see this, man.
Coombs is getting a big
fat cock tattooed on his arm!
- Hold still, man.
- It's not a cock.
- Oh, shit!
- Shit! What the fuck, man?
[Weppler] I see it, man.
It looks like a fucking dick!
I'm sorry, I didn't see that...
You fucking piece of shit!
How do you want me to fix it?
[Coombs] Do you understand...
[Rayburn] Yo, Brigsey.
[Coombs] Yo, fuck you!
Shut the fuck up!
Yo, Brigsey, you comin' or what?
Yo. Yo.
You guys seen Deeks?
You seen Deeks?
Do you know where Deeks is?
Alright, look.
He told me not to say anything,
but CID called him in.
Some kind of investigation.
Something about an anonymous
tip. That's all I know.
Yo, cut the gloomy shit.
Deeks knows how to handle this.
Whoever ratted us, better pray
to God Deeks doesn't find him.
- Yo, Briggman.
- Yo.
- Deeks is looking for you.
- What? You saw him?
Yeah, he just got
back to his tent.
Oh, and bro... he looks pissed.
Hey, dude.
[Deeks] You play?
Ah, once or twice.
Once or twice, my ass.
I learned a few moves
from my cousin.
You know that anything that happens
out here stays in the family, right?
Of course.
If you ever have any issues,
you'll come to me directly.
I really appreciate that.
Do you?
[videogame voice]
Shadow wins!
Look at that.
You won.
[Coombs] Yo, Brigsey.
What the fuck you doin'?
I'm just doing PMCS.
Come on, let's go.
Team meeting.
Now? What's the team
meeting about?
Deeks caught a rat.
Let's go.
What the fuck you doing?
Let's go.
I just remembered I left
the hatch open on the Stryker.
[Coombs] Deal with it later.
No, I think I'm gonna
go do that because Deeks is...
- gonna have my ass.
- Deeks is gonna have your ass?
He'll make an exception.
Trust me. Let's go.
Hope you don't mind
we started without you.
[Rayburn] That goddam narc.
He brought CID right into our house.
And for what? Fucking hash?
And it makes me wonder what
else he's been talking about.
- Wait, that's why CID came here?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Can you believe that shit?
He called in an anonymous tip.
But Deeks so in, Deeks
has ears everywhere.
You can't get
nothing past that dude.
We've got some big
missions coming up.
Deeks has a lot
of stuff planned,
so if you get a whiff of any other
punk-asses with discretion issues,
you let me know.
They could spend the next six
weeks in Medical, like Marquez.
Are you with us on this?
[phone rings]
[Andrew] Dad.
Andy. Jesus, what time is it?
Are you okay?
Are you safe?
[Andrew] Don't call CID.
Did you hear me?
Deeks hears everything.
He'll find out.
You have to stop.
No, look,
we've still got some moves here.
- No, no, no.
- I just need you to stay calm.
- [William] I'm going to get...
- [phone line cuts off]
Dad? Dad? Fuck!
- [Rayburn] What do you got?
- [man speaks in Pashto]
Bullshit. First Platoon got hit
two days ago, right fucking here.
[speaks in Pashto]
What the fuck is he saying?
He is complaining.
You are frightening his wife.
I don't give a fuck
about your wife, bro.
Briggman, put her inside.
Shoaid, go get the village honcho.
We need you to go inside.
Just go inside, please. In there.
[continues in Pashto]
Just inside for now,
just inside for now, okay?
[speaks in Pashto]
Sit. Sit.
[Rayburn] Stay there!
Stay there. You people aren't
getting the fucking message!
Where are you going?
Goddamn it!
[speaks in Pashto]
Looks like they got
the message.
[overlapping chatter] - He's hyping this up...
- The last one you showed us...
No, it's gonna be
these guys right here.
- Those ones?
- No, right... these dumb fucks, man.
- Look at it.
- [all] Whoa!
[Coombs] Shit!
I gotta get a copy of that.
What have you got for me?
They try to hide in this chicken coop,
and then just get iced by an Apache.
Come on, bro, I got that one
from Travers like two weeks ago.
[Coombs] Why you gotta hog all these
fucking videos? Let me get a copy of this.
No. No, thanks.
I'll let you get back
to your work.
Sergeant Deeks?
Can I help you with that?
Here, grab the other side.
Now you can really
dig in there.
Ever seen one of these before?
I saw a guy
get ripped in two once.
That was some crazy shit.
So what were you doing here,
I know what's going on.
I can't be part of that.
What, you think it's wrong?
Yeah, I do.
You think that man was innocent?
He didn't deserve to die.
He was unarmed.
Alright, so only if he's holding
an AK, then he...
magically becomes
a bad guy, huh?
They never know where
the IED's are buried,
but they always know
how to avoid them.
What the fuck is that?
The will of Allah?
Divine intervention? No.
They're co-operators, Briggman.
You kill one of theirs,
you save ten of ours.
And you're telling me
that's not right.
The Constitution says
you can execute
American citizens for giving
comfort and aid to the enemy.
And these motherfuckers
should get a pass?
Is that what you think?
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
I appreciate your honesty.
Yo, wake up, bro.
Time to go.
Go where?
Get your ass up and find out.
So how you feelin', Brigsey?
I'm good.
How's everything at home?
Everything's fine, Rayburn.
You talked
to your family lately?
Have you talked to your family?
Why are you asking me
if I've talked to my family?
Why are you asking me that?
- It's what people do, man. Coombs!
- Yeah?
You've talked to your family
lately, right?
Yeah, I called my mom
You should call them, man.
They worry about you.
[Coombs] Yeah, Brigsey.
You should give them a call.
You don't want them
to think you're dead.
- [Rayburn] I'm out!
- [Coombs] I'm out too.
Hold your fire!
- Hey, Brigsey.
- Yeah?
Do me a favor,
go get the targets.
- Me?
- Yeah.
Go get the targets.
Go on.
You think we're gonna
shoot you or some shit?
Come on, go get the targets.
Come on, Brigsey, go get 'em.
Fuckin' pussy.
- [Coombs sneezes]
- [all laugh]
[all laugh]
My bad.
[all laugh]
- That's not fucking funny!
- [all laugh]
That's not funny!
Let's keep the line moving before
these little fuckers get burned.
Alright, Sergeant Deeks.
[Deeks] Bon appetit.
- Thank you, Sergeant.
- Enjoy.
[Deeks] Next!
- Here you go, Rayburn, enjoy.
- Sergeant Deeks.
[loud bang]
You're a dead man, Brigsey.
Come here, asshole! Fuckin' rat!
- [Coombs] I got you, snitch!
- [Weppler] Fucking snitch!
Get the fuck off me!
[Deeks] Kaden.
[Andrew] Shit.
That's my little boy.
He does this thing
where he holds his breath
until his face
turns completely red.
And it fucking gets me
every time.
- What are you doing here?
- He's always asking what I do.
"Daddy, what's your work?"
What do you tell him?
That I'm helping people.
He's only seven.
But when he gets older
I'll be proud...
to tell him
that I was a warrior.
That my job was to kill...
and I was damned good
at my job.
Are you proud
of what you're doing out here?
[sighs] I don't...
[Deeks] No, I get it.
You're trying to do
what you think is right.
And I respect that,
I really do.
The problem is you don't even
know what right means yet.
And you're going to rain some ruinous
shit down on a lot of good people.
Including me.
And I can't allow that.
I have a son, Briggman.
You understand?
Now, unfortunately, I'm going
to have to threaten you.
Yeah. Sorry.
I really don't want to do this.
But it's necessary.
For both our sakes.
Every time you get the urge
to open your mouth,
I want you to think
of these little Muj fingers.
I'm sorry it's come to this.
Leave me alone.
You are alone.
[phone rings]
[William] Hello?
Is that you?
Hi, Dad.
Andy, are you okay?
Are you good?
Yeah, I'm good.
We've been going
nuts here, bud.
I don't know
what to do anymore.
[William] Okay, just
tell me what's going on.
[Andrew] Do I do the right
thing and put myself in danger?
Or do I just shut up
and deal with it?
[William, stammering]
In danger?
I don't understand.
In danger how?
muttering indistinctly]
[Deeks] I want eyes
all over this goddamn village.
I want every
military-age male...
check that, every male,
pulled and questioned.
We're going house to house,
four-man teams.
Then let's party.
[all] Hooah!
Brigsey, take point.
Is there a problem?
[wind blows]
[soldiers chatter indistinctly]
[Rayburn] He's fine,
as long as he watches his step.
What did you say?
You okay, Briggman?
You look a little
pastier than usual.
Contact left! Get down!
Anybody got eyes on target?
[Andrew] About fifty meters!
Eleven o'clock!
- Fucker's got a bead on us!
- We gotta move, man!
We've gotta find cover.
I'm gonna pop smoke.
Briggman, you cover fire.
Smoke out!
Move, move, move!
[Rayburn] Fuck!
[Andrew] Rayburn!
Where are you?
Is that you?
[breathes heavily]
I'm sorry.
Come on.
- What's the sitrep?
- Village is clear, Sergeant.
- [Deeks] Rayburn.
- Over here, Sarge.
Who's your new friend?
Found him in the compound.
He's clean.
[Deeks] You want to do him?
Security positions.
Get these guys outta here.
Get down.
Bend your knees, get down.
- [Deeks] How was your day, Corporal?
- Not good, Sergeant. Mmm-mmm-mm.
Some crazy dude went Jihadi,
tried to frag our asses with a grenade.
- [Deeks] That's insane.
- Yeah.
[Deeks] What did you do?
[Rayburn] Well, I popped him with
five-five-six, like I was trained.
An excellent call.
Right, ready on three.
[Deeks] One.
- [screams]
- [gunshots]
[no audio]
[Coombs] Hey, Briggman!
Motherfucking Briggman!
[heavy metal music plays]
What the fuck is up, killer?
Little Andrew Briggman,
all grown up!
Fuck yeah!
You fucking did it, man.
How do you feel, huh?
- How do you feel?
- I feel good, I guess.
You guess?
Come here. Look around you.
Look at all those smiling faces.
Yeah, motherfucker!
Is there any better feeling
than making your brothers proud?
[Rayburn] Yeah!
[soldiers continue yelling]
[Coombs] Fuck yeah!
Let the bodies
hit the floor
Let the bodies
hit the floor
Let the bodies
hit the floor
You're back from Medical.
Where is everybody?
Where's Rayburn?
[Marquez] Rayburn.
You won't be seeing that piece
of shit around here anymore.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Pussy thinks he can jump
my ass and not pay?
Fuck him.
Where the fuck is Rayburn?
I told CID everything I know.
You better hope
your hands are clean.
Hey, where the fuck
is Rayburn?
If I were you, Brigsey,
I would think seriously
about what you're going to do
in the next ten minutes.
They're coming
for you too, bro.
[banging on door]
[MP] Specialist Briggman,
are you in there?
[phone rings]
Yes, yes, he's my son.
Is he okay?
[MP] MP, open up!
[bangs on door]
- [bangs on door]
- [MP] Open the door!
Open up!
No, no...
Listen to me,
there's been a mistake, you...
That's not right.
[MP] Hey! Open the door!
What's up, Brigsey?
They're sayin' I'm a murderer.
Believe that?
You don't think that, right?
Lighten up, dude.
They won't find shit.
I got rid of everything.
You know, I've done this
a thousand times.
Just stick to the story
and we're good.
You don't think I know exactly
how to play this game?
You don't think I'm ten moves
ahead of these fucking clowns?
We are good.
- Briggman.
- I heard you.
I don't know
what they told you,
but whatever they promised
is a lie.
I will protect you.
I promise you.
Fucking say something!
[MP] Time to go.
- [door opens]
- Oh, God!
Hey, bud.
We got you,
it's going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
Andrew, I need you
to tell me everything
that happened.
Everything you remember.
Just take it from the top, okay?
[William] It's going to be fine.
You tried to stop those guys.
Then they arrest you?
You're a criminal?
You're the hero here.
[Mrs. Briggman]
It's okay.
Tell him what happened.
You didn't kill anybody.
[Mrs. Briggman]
I don't understand.
[William] Andy?
[soft piano music plays]
[music swells]