The Killer (2017) Movie Script

Blondie! What the hell, come back!
Come back, kids.
Hello, sir.
Excuse my kids.
We are just passing through.
Don't worry.
Let the kids rest a bit.
And you...
...make us some coffee.
Come on, let's go.
You heard it.
You two go sit over there, on that stump.
I'm not good at making coffee.
I'm better at telling stories.
Let me make the coffee.
You sit here...
...and tell us a story.
Back in the days, north of these lands,
there were bad men.
Everything that breathed
and they didn't like, they killed.
Life wasn't worth much over there.
Bad men are everywhere.
Wimps too.
But there, it was different.
Different, how?
Back then, only those who really deserved
to live survived.
Back then?
The days of the Cangao.
Tell us this story already.
Go ahead, man.
Do your poetry.
For God's sake, Corisco.
Do your singing, man.
We'll appreciate it. Right, fellows?
The monkeys have been killing
And will kill many more
And the strength of the Cangao
Is slowly fading out
The monkeys of the roving patrol
Have been doing their job
Each Cangaceiro corpse
Is exhibited like a trophy
And the Cangao is finally tasting
The sour bitterness
I admire the rovers
And their disposition
Bringing an end to the Cangao
And peace to the arid badlands
They've already killed Maria
And the feared Lampio
This time the rovers
Will have no bad omen
They'll catch the fearless Corisco
The blond devil
And they will exhibit his head
Along with his leather hat
I recited...
Let's go.
The badlands are a dry,
hard and cruel place.
The bushes are uneven,
and the soil is cracked.
Anything growing in there
must be brave and strong to survive.
But there you would also find
one of the world's most valuable gems,
the Paraba Tourmaline.
Even more valuable than diamonds.
It was blue and very powerful.
It was even said to be cursed.
Any man who would stain
his blood with this stone,
would be cursed and have his soul
sold to the devil.
Some families would lose everything
they had and starve, because of the stone.
That's why it was common to find
babies left in the woods.
The families that couldn't raise them
would feed the animals to eat them later.
But you couldn't stare
at the eyes of the babies,
or it would get into you, and it would
be hard to get rid of it later.
This guy was the greatest killer
in all of the badlands.
Until he ended up in Gringo's list.
The killer of killers.
Today you die, you son of a bitch.
He was raised by Seven Ears,
his birth name was Janurio.
Once, seven men tied
Janurio's brother to a tree
and skinned him alive.
Janurio killed all seven of them.
Then he pulled out an ear of each of them
salted, pulled a string through
and made a necklace out of them.
Soon he was known as Seven Ears.
Seven Ears taught him
all the important things in life.
And his first lesson was,
everything that crawls,
walks and flies is edible,
but you only kill
what you're going to eat.
He told me that everything he learned
about weapons was from Seven Ears.
For example,
he taught him that the bullet tip
means more than the caliber,
and that each one does a different damage.
Seven Ears taught him
how to set a trap to hunt at night.
And the most important thing,
Seven Ears taught him how to kill.
Every detail counts.
Your clothes cannot be visible,
you have to breathe quietly,
and the main thing,
your mind must be empty.
If you think about the boar's offspring,
you won't kill it.
Seven Ears never let him
leave the badlands.
They had everything they needed.
The only thing he knew about Men's Town
were the chapbooks
Seven Ears brought from there.
Men's Town was the closest village around,
over a moon and a half away.
His dream was
to get to know that place one day.
When Seven Ears would go to Men's town,
he'd make a doll of Seven Ears,
to make sure he was coming back.
Seven Ears said that if the doll was fine,
he'd be fine too.
As time went by, he grew up,
and Seven Ears never came back again.
Every now and then he'd think
about going after Seven Ears,
but he would get scared
whenever he thought about the last time
he tried to cross the badlands.
Eventually, he built up the courage
and decided he wouldn't come back
without Seven Ears.
He knew all types of animal dens
in the badlands,
but he had never seen
where man hid himself.
He knew those little colorful stones,
and he knew Seven Ears liked them.
Are you trying to get killed,
son of a gun?
When someone's up to no good,
you can see in their eyes.
It's the same for every animal.
It was the first time he killed a man.
He started out very well.
Slash, Dry-mouth,
and the Peruvian.
They were the three most wanted hitmen
in Pernambuco.
He wandered the rest of the night
trying to find Seven Ears.
As a reward for killing those men,
he got three Paraba tourmalines.
He had a hard time understanding
how such a little pebble
was worth more than someone's life.
It wouldn't quench his thirst,
neither did it feed him,
nor it brought dead men alive.
Why did people love those pebbles so much?
He would watch from afar
people going through their activities.
It was like watching the badlands animals.
Each one was different.
He saw that the villagers also had a doll,
and they'd gather around him
waiting for his return.
That night,
he stood awake, thinking that Seven Ears
could have also turned into a pebble.
He got upset and wanted to clear that up,
and he asked the guy who had rewarded him
if he knew Seven Ears.
He told him to talk to some Frenchman:
Monsieur Blanchard.
The owner of the town.
Did Pierre behave?
Oui, Monsieur.
My son is perfect.
it is not an easy thing.
These guys are so stupid.
Bonjour, monsieurs.
have you thought about it?
Monsieur Blanchard, my client
does not agree with his brother,
thus he decided not to sell you
the land in Petrolina.
That's right, Frenchman.
That land belongs to my brother and me.
And if he decides to sell it
to our parents' murderer,
he'll have to settle his
sins with the devil.
I am not selling my land to you.
You hear me?
You took everything from me.
You killed my entire family.
We can now negotiate
with his brother,
who will probably
be a bit more reasonable.
Monsieur Blanchard
was a different type,
who spoke a language no one understood.
That's why he used
Deaf-Mute for translation.
He fled his country with nowhere to go.
Suddenly, working in the mines,
he found a Paraba Tourmaline
of a generous size,
and was cursed by it.
He got rich
and quickly built an empire
exploiting the townspeople.
Have you seen the 8th wonder of the world?
Take a look.
Monsieur Blanchard
brought the love of his life
from his country,
the daughter of the
brothel owner from where he lived.
Mme. Blanchard.
A lady with strong personality...
How long does your orgasm last?
...with a very different mindset.
How long does it last?
She opened a brothel to please
the gem buyers the Frenchman had,
businessmen, politicians, landowners...
Pour l'orgasme!
And everyone who had a lot of money.
The couple had a son called Pierre,
a mix of the worst parts of both.
You too, daddy.
Bon voyage!
And don't make too much trouble.
We are going to make a lot of trouble.
That one.
What's up, man?
Are you the Frenchman?
And who are you?
Where is Seven Ears?
He hasn't come back home.
He went to live
with his family in Paraba.
I've lost my best killer.
Put me in his place.
What do you think?
I'm a good shooter. You can ask around.
What are you laughing at?
You're hired.
Mutey will tell you
how things work around here, ok?
To welcome him,
the Frenchman prepared him a surprise.
What's your name?
It was there,
that night,
that he chose his own name.
The name of his chapbook hero.
to do what you did to me,
you have to pay.
Cabeleira succumbed to the temptation
and had to find more stones.
So, the Frenchman told Mutey
to tell him the procedure.
He told him about the offering,
the dead man picture on the goat's horn
and the stones he'd get.
He started killing whoever wouldn't sell
their land to the Frenchman.
Cabeleira couldn't understand
how someone could own the land,
if the land was there
before the person was born.
To him, the land shouldn't belong to us,
but we should belong to the land.
But he wanted to get the stones so much,
that soon he became
the Frenchman's favorite killer.
With the pebbles he earned,
he became another man,
and he would spend all
at the Blanchard's brothel.
Cabeleira had never been treated so well.
He was delighted
with the power of the stones.
He wanted more and more of them.
Thank you, everyone.
I'd like to take this opportunity
to dedicate...
the following song to the love of my life.
I wish you a happy birthday,
my beloved one.
Oh, how fortunate I am
Oh, how has God blessed me
For having found in this world
Someone as cruel as me
Two poisonous snakes
Love and hate intertwined
The knife and the pistol
Walking side by side
Soul mates in cruelty
Partners in destruction
The screams of our victims
Feed our passion
Oh, how fortunate I am
Oh, how has God blessed me
For loving so violently
A man as violent as me
The torture, the ambush
My heart beats wildly
A hanging at nightfall
He is my prince and I am the princess
A family murdered
A house burned down
Loving each other wildly
Between the smoking debris
Oh, how fortunate I am
How fortunate I am
Oh, how has God blessed me
For having found in this world
Someone as cruel as me
What about Seven Ears?
Cabeleira forgot about Seven Ears.
He was already cursed by the pebbles.
He had already taken lives
in exchange for the blue stones.
All the men who got their blood
stained by the stones were cursed.
Or did you forget?
So he started to kill everything, huh?
Cabeleira never killed women or children.
That's why the Frenchman
would use the Cangaceiros.
He ordered the hitmen
to invade properties,
set the houses on fire
and kill the families.
No... My son!
To put an end to the Cangaceiros,
the Monkeys showed up.
For me, they were equally mean,
but they were allowed to,
because they wore an uniform.
What are you afraid of?
Go on, crawling.
What are you afraid of?
I will put you in a bag.
What is this all about?
I'm gonna piss over you.
But they could be killed as well.
a tough man with an empty heart.
A dangerous type of animal
that had nothing to lose.
He took advantage of the
lieutenant's uniform,
cut the head off of the corpses
and arrived in town disguised as a Monkey.
Soon, everyone knew about the Lieutenant
and his bravery.
Whose were they?
But in a lawless city, dead cangaceiros
are no good for the police chief.
Hey, chief.
The Monkey with the heads is here.
I'm here to ask you
who protects this town's cangaceiros.
We don't have any cangaceiros here.
Oh, really?
Four Eyes drew the dead men faces
for the Frenchman.
Anyone he found suspicious would be drawn.
He only had to wait
for the Frenchman's signal to kill.
He had obsessions and had been a follower
of Egum since he was a child.
That's why he put drawings and stones
in the offerings he made.
It was the safest place,
since no one would mess with an offering.
Four Eyes was the boss of Scar.
A freed slave who would do everything
Four Eyes demanded.
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread...
And forgive us for our trespasses, as we
forgive those that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
- Amen.
- Amen.
I'll wash my hands.
Renata, you and cousin should do the same.
My hands are clean.
But mine are not.
Haven't you touched them?
We're using forks and knives to eat.
Right, we'll see.
May I know what's so funny around here?
Tell me, Loony,
what were you laughing about?
What were you laughing at?
My God! Stop!
What were you laughing about?
Answer me! What were you laughing about?
Those who play with monkeys,
fall from the branches and get hurt.
- Now I'll have to wash my hands again.
- What was that about?
I know he came to town
with a Monkey yesterday.
He doesn't have a clue.
I'm sure he just liked the man's uniform.
So he'd better understand!
Those who hang around with Monkeys,
have short lives, Loony.
Short lives.
Which room is the Lieutenant's?
Fernanda went after Sobral,
looking for justice.
Excuse me, Lieutenant...
But she mustn't waver.
What do you want, girl?
That Frenchman bastard burned our land
and killed my family.
My Brother Loony and I
are the only survivors.
You've met Loony.
Be careful.
Cabeleira is the Frenchman's hitman.
He's the greatest killer ever.
You seem to be a good man.
Fernanda saw in the Lieutenant's eyes
the chance to avenge her family.
Don't disappoint me.
For God's sake, don't disappoint me.
Damn, you scared me!
Are you picking meat with your hands?
You have no business
with that Monkey, do you?
I've already sketched his face.
It is in my place.
The Lieutenant's?
You didn't hear anything I said here, ok?
No, I didn't.
I've got my eyes on you.
I am the law around here.
It's late, cousin. I have to go.
Yes, do that. Go.
I still have to buy
a few things around here.
Because your cousin can't pick meat.
Stay away from there,
or Four Eyes will kill you.
- Where is the dead man's sketch?
- What are you talking about?
Is it true that he drew the Lieutenant?
- God, calm down.
- Where is it, cousin?
- You don't know what you are doing.
- Tell me where it is.
When Four Eyes arrives, he will kill you.
- Where's that sketch?
- You're all I have.
Don't do that.
- Renata?
- Yes?
Where's your cousin?
She's outside.
There's no one outside.
She must be at the barn.
I told her the cow gave birth.
Where's the meat?
I haven't bought any meat.
I've lost my appetite.
Who dropped Egum?
How should I know?
I told you not to mess with Egum, Renata.
What did I tell you
about messing with Egum?
What did I tell you?
Don't ever mess with Egum again.
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Shit! I'll have to wash my hands.
That same afternoon, the Frenchman
allowed Four Eyes to proceed
and put the sketch
of the Monkey on the offering.
Damned whore.
Damned whore!
I'm going to go get it.
I'm going to go get it.
I'm going to go get it.
Hey, Loony?
Where are you, doe?
Hey, girl.
You're all mine today.
Where are you, huh?
Tell me, babe.
Are you there?
My little doe?
My doe.
You're all mine today.
I can smell you.
Is that you?
I will break this door, little doe.
Open! There you are.
You're dead now, little doe.
Hail, Mary, full of Grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women.
And blessed
is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of death.
Mrs. Luzi?
For God's sake, Mrs. Luzi?
Open the door, Mrs. Luzi.
Please, let me in.
- What happened?
- Lock the window.
There's a killer looking for me.
A killer? But why, sweetie?
I don't know.
Come on. Calm down.
Let's go inside, come.
- Don't worry, he's gone.
- They killed my brother.
They killed my brother.
Have a seat.
Calm down.
I'll get you some water
with sugar for you.
Hey, little doe.
Scar, don't get my house dirty, please.
Don't worry, Mrs. Luzi.
I'm not going to damage the body.
Because I'll use it later.
I told cousin not to mess
with the Monkeys, remember?
And you helped that bitch.
How am I going to explain it to the chief
that the Monkey knows he's wanted?
"Four Eyes, you son of a bitch,
how did this happen?"
"Well, Chief...
my wife, her cousin, and Loony
found the dead man's sketch
and told the Monkey."
"Damn, Four Eyes,
if that's really true,
the Frenchman will skin me."
My bunion really hurts today.
That was Corisco,
better known as the Blond Devil,
one of the few remnants
of the band of Lampio.
The most daring Cangaceiro ever.
The band arrived with no prior notice,
looking for those who
were helping the Monkeys.
Get over here.
Are you deaf? Come here, man!
Stick your tongue out.
Stick your tongue out, man.
This is to remind
everyone to bite their tongues.
And the woman who goes out
with the wrong man is a whore.
Give her to the Frenchman's son
and his friends to play with tonight.
Thank you, bitch.
That said, let the party go on.
You can use me, but don't kill me, please.
Go on, Tio.
For God's sake.
Don't hurt me.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I like to watch.
J'aime regarder.
Did she die?
But isn't Soraia the one Cabeleira...
...lost his virginity to?
That's the one.
And where is this Cabeleira
who disappeared from the story?
This is where he comes back all out.
Now he's seeking revenge for the whore?
But Soraia's death changed his life.
You know Soraia?
What about her?
She was killed.
She left something for me
that was really for you.
Wait a minute.
I'll be right back.
this is your father.
Father, what?
Soraia said he's your son.
She swore.
What do you want, boy?
Talk to your father, boy.
Is he deaf?
He's a bit confused
with what happened, but he's smart.
The kid is slow.
No, he's smart.
He's been here for a day
and already knows it all.
He know who comes and goes,
it would be good to take him on a hunt.
Can you hunt, Antnio?
Take him with you.
He has no one else in life.
See ya.
Take him. He's your son.
I'm not going to keep you.
I'm not your mother.
Your mother is dead.
That's your father.
Now he's all you got.
Understand? So follow him around!
Take these stones, so you have something.
Go away, kid.
How stubborn!
Where's the doll?
If you touch my stuff,
I'll kill you!
Do you hear me?
One, two, three, four, five, six...
seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14.
Open your hand.
That's yours.
Are you coming or not?
Why do you have that?
- What?
- That ring.
It's Seven Ears'.
Who's Seven Ears?
Seven Ears is the man who raised me.
- Is he your father?
- No.
I said he's the one who raised me.
We're not family.
If he raised you, he's your father.
Where is he?
You have to be quiet to fish.
What's that?
Those are men ordered to die.
How do you know that?
I just do.
Where are you going?
To do a job.
Can I go with you?
Don't lie to the kid.
You'll not come.
He who was born to kill
must have an empty mind.
If you think about the boar's offspring,
you won't kill it.
Where's the law in this town?
It's taking a nap.
Are you the sketcher?
Yes, sir.
Now I want you to draw yourself.
Do it!
I know this guy.
Hey, you!
He screamed a lot, Mommy.
What the hell is this?
I'm here to kill you.
So I can die in peace.
Who are you?
I am just another man you have disgraced.
have a seat.
Do you think this is a joke, Frenchman?
I had a wife and a son,
and you killed them both.
Mutey, don't you move.
You'll tell this story later.
I like justice, I really do.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
There were three of us,
two are dead, now there's one.
There are three of you
and two are going to die.
The boy can go.
Thank you.
He thanked the disgrace of his family,
he didn't deserve to live.
You, stand up.
Go hug the deceased.
But close his eyes.
What I am going to do to your husband,
not even the dead can handle watching.
I'm here... make you suffer
That's good.
Now let me see your shotgun.
Every time the Frenchman got upset
with one of his killers
who didn't manage to finish the job,
he would call for Gringo,
the killer of killers.
After a few days, the message arrived.
Cabeleira had to leave, or he would become
another Paraba stone for M. Blanchard.
The Frenchman grew angry
for losing his son,
and ordered Gringo to kill Cabeleira.
I... must go.
I can't stay no more.
So where do we go?
You can't go with me.
- But I want to stay with you.
- No.
That's it.
I don't understand.
I said, "Smile."
Come here.
You talk too much.
I want a ticket
to the furthest place possible.
How many?
Just one.
Sit down.
I said sit down, boy.
You're going to stay here.
When the train gets here, you hop on it.
That's your father. Now he's all you got.
Understand? So follow him around.
The son of Cabeleira?
Where's the boy?
In the bathroom.
Today you die, you son of a bitch.
Cabeleira saw Gringo wearing
Seven Ear's necklace and got upset.
He loaded his gun with hollow bullets
and went to set things straight
with the Frenchman.
Cabeleira wanted to know
what had happened to Seven Ears.
So the Frenchman told him.
Seven Ears gave up being a killer,
and decided to tell the guy and his family
that they were to be killed.
It was too late, and the landowner
who had hired him heard about it,
and put Gringo in his place.
But the Frenchman didn't tell
Cabeleira one thing,
that the landowner was himself.
And Cabeleira killed the Frenchman?
The story doesn't end there.
And what happened to the boy?
The boy was me.
Wake up, kid.
Let's go, it's time to get out of here.
I had never seen
so many well-dressed people.
Everything was colorful
and mysterious.
I wandered through the city aimlessly
for a long while,
dealing with whatever came along.
Contrary to the badlands,
the land there was plentiful,
and the people were a lot more welcoming.
Where's your mom?
She's dead.
Oh, dear.
And your dad?
I lived in an orphanage for a few months,
with other kids like me,
who had no mother or father.
Everyday I thought
Cabeleira would suddenly appear.
But he would never come.
Get your stuff.
Let's go.
Cabeleira had come to pick me up.
Even knowing that
he shouldn't have, being a killer.
Cabeleira was my great friend...
...and teacher.
But he was cursed by the stones.
Those pebbles had a devilish power.
They'd buy everything,
land, animals, people.
They'd quench your thirst,
they'd feed you,
they'd take lives,
and they'd bring you great pleasure.
For a long time, the badlands were cursed
by the most valuable thing they created,
the Paraba Tourmaline.
The blue pebble of the badlands.
Cabeleira took over
the Frenchman's business,
and became cursed forever,
spreading it to his next generation.
Just like Cabeleira and Seven Ears,
I'm also condemned.
Aren't you the Miranda brothers?
The ones involved in the death
of Rosrio's girl?
Yeah, that's us.
And she died just like that whore Soraia,
your mother.
Let's go.
You don't need to see the picture.
They already confessed.
But I want to see.
Let's go, Moreno, there's
still another man to tell the story to.
Let's go, Galego.
Wait, dammit.