The Killer in the Guest House (2020) Movie Script

[shutter clicking]
Okay, really nice.
Move in a little closer...
Yeah, there you go.
Um, and put your head into his--
there we go.
Love it. There.
Big eyes.
Really good. There we go.
Gotta say,
I love watching you work, Gina.
Thanks for the call, Lee.
Yeah, well,
you got a good eye.
My money?
Straight to business, huh?
What's this?
That's half of my heart...
half the money.
Levon.... [sighs]
You get paid
the rest of the money
when I get the finished edits,
Now you get paid
like a regular vendor.
See? Dating your producer
did have its perks.
Mm. Really messed that one up,
didn't you?
I'm being responsible.
Yeah, looks like
you're real responsible
with that new car over there.
What? That's a lease, okay?
I can afford that.
Whatever. You'll get
your edits tomorrow night.
What about tonight?
I can't.
I'm busy tonight.
What are you doing?
You got a date?
I'm just taking pictures
of my mom's house.
-You finally selling it?
What, that--
that shack in the back?
I stayed there in college.
It was fine, short-term.
Plus, I need the money.
You have
got to get a place in town.
You don't need all that space
out there.
Plus, it would be better
for your business.
No. That's not an option.
Can't do it.
Family home.
Besides, you screwed up
our credit
when we were together,
so, either I sublet it
or I work at a restaurant again.
Well, we had some good times
in that guest house.
Maybe I should rent it.
I'll see you tomorrow
at six.
[starts engine]
[Gina] Thanks for helping me
out with this today, Rachel.
Not a problem, girl.
This place brings back memories.
shall we?
Let's do it.
So, you're asking for 800.
That seems like a lot.
It's what the market commands.
I just need
to log in from the desktop,
upload the photos,
and then we're ready
to go public.
[projector beeps]
Ooh! Looks nice.
I feel
like I'm selling my soul.
This covers almost half
your mortgage payment.
Just think of it like
your mom's final gift to you.
[key clacks]
[phone ringing]
Are you spying on me?
Because I think
I just found someone.
A pilot.
So, is he hot?
Takes care of himself.
He's divorced
with a daughter who's seven.
Served in the military
with honors.
Currently a pilot
for a private aviation firm,
moving from city to city.
He likes to cook, exercise,
and tend
to his gardening hobbies,
and he's
a photo/video enthusiast.
Okay, so you have, like,
a genie and a lamp, or...
He's got a lot of
five-star ratings
and positive reviews.
One family wished
he'd stayed forever.
Message him.
Move him in.
[keys clacking]
"Hi, Mark. Are you in town?
Why don't you come by
at six p.m.?"
I'm nervous.
Don't be.
This is gonna be great.
[Gina sighs]
Well, you're not the one
who's letting
some stranger into her house.
Into your guest suite,
far in the back
of your property.
I gotta go.
I gotta get to work.
I believe in you.
Okay, which one of you
is shorting out?
Is it you?
Is it you?
No. Then it's got to be you.
Yeah, it was you.
-I'm sorry.
[exhales] Mark?
Okay. Side door.
[whistling cheerfully]
Hi... officially.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, sorry,
I went to the front
and, uh, saw the lights go off,
so I tried to ring the doorbell.
Oh, I blew a fuse,
um, so the power was out.
Oh. Yeah, okay.
Um, anyway,
I didn't mean to scare you.
Oh, no, no, no. It's okay.
So, um, you've found me
on my back patio.
And the shared laundry
is back through the kitchen,
in, um, in the window
where you saw me.
-Let me show you the guesthouse.
It's, uh, beautiful back here.
It was my mom's,
through her family.
Oh, yeah, you can tell.
It has a real family touch.
Feels grounded and cared for.
So, did you just fly in?
I did. Yes, ma'am.
Uh, Atlanta.
Short trip, really,
as most of them are, for me.
You're a photographer, right?
I am.
Yeah, your profile
mentioned that.
I think it's really inspiring
to see somebody pursuing
their passions like that--
it is your passion?
It is.
This is the suite.
Okay, it's, uh....
Yeah. Well,
you also have access
to the shower
and the bathroom
and the yard.
Yeah, actually, uh, I noticed
your flowerbeds out there,
they could use a little love.
I'm sort of a green thumb.
Did you take this?
Um, I don't have patience
for a lot of things,
but for that moment like that,
I do.
It's beautiful.
You obviously have great taste.
Thanks. Design and photography
are my passions.
I'm trying to get
more into portraiture,
but it doesn't really pay, so.
This is adorable.
Look at this.
Something good?
Ah, it's my daughter.
She turned seven last week,
and she has fallen in love
with drawing.
Oh, adorable.
What's her name?
Does she ever
go flying with you?
No, not really.
Um, the trips
are too short, so.
But she might come out here
later this summer
for a little
father/daughter time.
Jessica, my ex,
has this important event,
and I kind of want
to help her out, so.
-That's awesome.
Well, hopefully,
I get to meet her.
Oh! The deep freeze.
I'm sorry, that's
just for my extra film stock.
You still use film stock?
That's impressive.
Yeah, there's nothing like it.
Well, look,
I don't know how many
other candidates
you're considering,
but I'd love
to put down a deposit.
Give you time to think about it.
I've thought about it.
Welcome aboard.
Great! I mean, the location
to the airport is perfect, so.
I'm glad it works out.
Um, let me pay you.
Right! Sorry, I'm new at this.
And... there.
[notification chimes]
Wow, that was so fast.
I know, right?
Well, I guess
I'm now technically
trespassing in your space.
Hey, mi casa, su casa.
Nice. Your keys.
The gold is for the front door,
silver is
for the shared laundry.
Okay. Well, thank you.
And, uh, well,
maybe one of these days,
when you're not so busy,
I can check out
that studio of yours.
Of course.
Yeah? I'm such a geek
for that stuff, so.
Awesome. Well, welcome
to the neighborhood, neighbor.
Thanks for having me.
I'll see you around.
[begins whistling cheerful tune]
[Mark] Good morning.
I hope you're hungry.
[Gina] Uh, Mark, what the...
My favorite dish
that I picked up on my travels--
the Irish breakfast.
Now, this is a classic,
but I've added
just a little a twist.
Try that, please.
-How good is that?
Please, take a seat.
Okay, I guess.
So, is this, like,
normal for you?
Waking up this early
and making all this food?
Um, yeah, pretty much.
I went for a run.
Did some laundry.
Got hungry,
figured you would
get hungry, too,
-Thank you.
It's very inspiring.
I wish I could
wake up this early.
You're more of a night owl?
Yeah, as us artist types
generally are.
So, you're working
from home today, or...?
Yeah, I have a client coming
to approve a shoot.
And then
I have to do my own stuff.
If you want to still
see the studio...
Yeah, definitely.
Of course. Thank you.
Would you model?
For me.
Like, now?
[laughs] I'm sorry.
I always do that.
I have this camera thing
that I'm trying to fix,
and it would be a lot easier
if I have a subject.
But only if you're interested.
I would be happy
to model for you.
Would you sign a release?
And I can't pay you,
but I can give you snacks
and a lot of bad jokes.
You know what?
That's actually my going rate.
[Gina laughs]
Why did the turkey
cross the road?
Now, come on.
That one is way too easy.
Um, to prove
he wasn't a chicken.
[bulbs popping]
[Gina chuckles]
So this is what you do, huh?
Uh, basically.
These your pictures?
[Mark] What are they doing here?
They should be out there.
I mean, they would sell
on the market, 100%.
Those are for my portfolio.
I'm using them to get an agency.
Agencies, like?
Liebs, Simms...
all the big ones.
Some of the medium ones.
I actually have
all the emails composed.
I just have to send them out.
So what's stopping you?
I just want to be ready.
[chuckles softly] Mm.
Long time ago,
when I wasn't as, um...
athletic as I am now,
I used to tell my army buddy
that I wanted to wait
go to the gym
until I was in better shape,
so that I could look
and feel good when I got there.
And I was just waiting
to be ready.
Then I took that same attitude
into Afghanistan.
Waiting to be ready.
I tell you,
there's nothing like whizzing
bullets flying over your head
to make you realize
that the moment is... now.
It's life and death,
in a choice...
and if we're not ready,
we're never ready.
You're right.
They're just emails,
not bullets.
There you go.
And I'm rejecting myself...
before I'm even letting
anyone else reject me.
Now you're talking.
[keys clacking]
Oh, my god.
I just cold-emailed
eight of the biggest agencies
in the country.
How's that feel?
[laughing] Thank you.
All you.
No, you really got to me there.
Have you ever thought about
becoming a life coach?
I've, uh,
I've read enough of it.
[phone starts ringing]
Here's someone who's read
none of it.
My ex-boyfriend.
Should I leave?
No, no, no. Stay.
Hi, Levon.
Ho! "Levon"?
Now I know I'm in trouble.
I have someone here.
What do you want?
I was just calling
to see how the edits
are coming.
They look great.
You're gonna love them.
So, uh, I'll see you tonight?
You want to get some dinner?
No, Levon, I don't want to.
Are you gonna
bring the other half?
Yeah, I'll bring
the rest of your money.
All right.
I will see you later.
Sorry about that.
No. It's, uh...
it's great
that you guys still talk.
Yeah, I don't know
if we communicate
as well as you and your ex
seem to.
Well, I got to get
back to work,
but this is my studio.
It's amazing.
Thank you for showing me.
And you've obviously got
something very special here,
which I'm sure you know.
Thank you.
That's sweet.
Don't let people like your ex
get to you.
I mean, you sent those emails,
and someone's going to bite.
Very soon.
Forget Leron.
[Gina laughs]
Already forgotten.
[Levon] Knock-knock.
Guess who's here.
Yeah, well...
we always used to throw
a little party
after a big shoot, right?
I think you're gonna
really like the photos.
Oh, I don't doubt it.
That's why we're celebrating.
To the dream team.
Okay, I'm gonna show you
the edits now.
These are brilliant.
Honestly, Gina, they're amazing.
You've gotta come back
and work with me.
Levon, don't.
Why not?
Come on. I know I can't change
what I did,
but I promise you,
it'll never happen again.
Levon, stop!
We are gonna do this,
you're gonna pay me,
and we're gonna
go on with our lives.
[Levon scoffs bitterly]
Wow, Is that all I am
to you now?
A paycheck?
You got that Square thing?
Are you serious?
You know I don't take card.
I asked you for cash.
All my cash got
swallowed up, okay?
I'm offering to pay you.
It just has to be
on a credit card.
[huffs disdainfully]
[Gina] Idiot.
[Levon] Are you ser--
Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you--
What are you doing, Gina?
No cash, no photos.
Gina, don't do this.
You owe me $1,200.
That is not easy to come by.
I offered to pay you,
but it has to be credit!
What do you want?
Well, I am holding
this collateral.
-You are not holding that.
-The clients need these photos--
-Levon, no.
Right now. Give it to me!
Right now!
-[Gina] No!
-Hey. Buddy.
Who's this?
Why don't you leave her alone?
Levon! Levon!
-That was a close one.
Get off me, man.
Get off of me!
Who the hell is this?
[Gina] This is my tenant, Mark.
[Levon] Oh, yeah?
[Mark] Yeah.
You try hitting me again,
it's not gonna work out so well.
You get it?
[Levon chuckles dryly]
And now you're gonna leave.
I want my photos.
I just want
what I'm owed, Lee.
[Mark] So that's the ex.
[Gina] Yeah.
I'd like to say that he has
a good side, but I don't know.
Hey, you know what?
It takes a long time to see
who people really are.
[chuckles sadly]
I'm gonna call it a night.
I've had a long day
and I'm exhausted.
Yeah, of course.
You know, get some rest.
Anything I can get you?
Just Levon out of my life?
-I'm kidding.
Thanks for being there.
You're gonna be okay.
Uh, yeah...
I, uh, I get into things.
I just...
I can honestly say
that I've never met a person
quite like you.
Well, I will take that
as a compliment.
I just figured, you know,
the weather's getting perfect,
and nothing says
"change is here"
like fresh flowers
ushering in a new season, so.
Think I stole it from a book
or something.
Ah, I gotta fly.
Off to rule the world?
Uh, bank meeting.
When my mom passed,
the house
was supposed to foreclose
if I didn't take it on,
so I'm gonna talk
to the bank manager,
see if he can help me out,
hence the...
The renting out your space
to a stranger?
I get it.
Listen, um,
I wanted to ask you,
are you-- you all right
after last night?
that's Levon on a good day.
Thanks again
for the flowers.
Really awesome to see.
Yeah, yeah, you're welcome.
Good luck.
[car engine starts]
Yes, photojournalism.
I wasn't approved
for a loan before,
but I'm hoping,
with a new tenant
and a source of income,
you can reassess.
Well, let's see
what the numbers tell us.
Well, your additional income
does change things.
[whistling quietly]
You actually do qualify
for our small business package.
Wow, that's great.
[whistling nonchalantly]
...Which entitles you
to our low-interest rate.
Wow, that is amazing.
Thank you so much.
My pleasure.
Come on.
Screw it.
I'm taking them all.
Oh, god.
[line ringing]
[phone ringing]
I'm sorry, Levon,
but you're nothing but trouble--
[Levon] I'm gonna kill you, man!
[Mark] ...Trouble for me.
[Levon] Ah! Get away from me!
[Mark] ...Trouble for Gina.
...Trouble for yourself.
Get away from me, man!
[grunting and groaning]
[Levon groaning]
Oh! No!
[choking and gasping]
[cell chimes]
I cannot believe you.
[phone rings]
"Robert Simms Agency"?
Hello. This is Gina Larson.
[woman] Miss Larson, hi.
I'm calling
on behalf of Robert Simms.
He'd like to schedule
an appointment with you.
Would you be available
Friday, 11 a.m.,
Chez Bijou Lounge?
Um, yes, Friday at 11 works.
Thank you very much.
We'll see you then.
Thanks. Bye.
[Mark grunts as cell rings]
[Gina] Hey. Where are you?
I was just, uh...
just about to go for a run.
What's up?
You must be
some kinda magic or something.
[Mark chuckles]
Well, first of all,
I got the loan.
That's, uh, that's amazing.
But that's not it.
I also heard back
from one of the top agencies
I applied to.
I honestly can't believe it.
I'm really happy for you.
Well, thanks again
for pushing me
to send those emails.
I honestly owe you, big-time.
Yeah, well, uh...
I don't know, maybe a little
celebratory dinner tonight?
I can whip you up
one of my world-famous dishes
of the seven seas.
Ugh, I would love to,
but I gotta prep for
this big meeting in the morning.
Totally understood.
Maybe another time?
I will hold you to that.
And, uh...
Congratulations again.
I'm really happy for you.
I wanted to tell you first.
Let's get this cleaned up.
[Mark chuckles darkly]
I'm gonna
have to get cleaned up.
Dirty boy.
Uh, and I'm gonna need
to borrow your car.
I hope that's okay.
[engine starts]
[resumes whistling]
[calls out] Hey!
You okay?
Did something happen?
He took the photos
and he didn't leave the money.
Let's see what the camera says.
Yeah, I have
a motion sensor
to protect the equipment.
[keys clacking]
[Mark] Wow. You got him.
So do you have these cameras
all over the house?
-'Cause you definitely should.
There's nothing valuable
in the house.
Who're you calling?
Really? Are you sure
it's a-- a good idea
to phone him right now?
No, don't worry.
He never answers the phone
when he's in trouble.
[phone ringing]
I'm sorry you're seeing this.
I promise this isn't gonna
happen all the time.
No. No, no, no.
Don't worry about me.
It's just guys like this
really get to me, you know?
All right.
I'm gonna go get my cozies on
and do some work.
Don't judge me.
No judgment here.
Uh, hey, thanks again
for helping with Levon.
Yeah, of course.
Have a good night.
[Mark] Sleep tight.
[Robert Simms]
Art is, to each individual...
something different.
It could be a math equation.
People can find that
interesting and beautiful
in its own right.
You know, you can't
intellectualize the process.
It's something you see...
[Mark] Hey!
[Gina] Hey.
I bring treats.
Thank you.
[Mark] You're welcome.
Hope I didn't interrupt you.
He's a... fascinating guy.
You know Robert Simms?
Just what I've read,
here and there.
I went to high school with him.
You did?
Well, he's a lot older than me,
but we did go
to the same high school.
Mm. Small world.
[Gina] Mm-hmm.
So he did okay for himself.
Yeah. [laughs]
And, tomorrow,
I am having lunch with him
thanks to you.
-You are?
I owe you, big-time.
How about I take you
for dinner tomorrow night?
Sure. Yeah, I'd love to.
Robert Simms.
Who are you?
"Positions available..."
Hair and makeup...
[glass shattering]
[Levon pounding]
Hey, let me out!
[alarm beeps]
Hello, Robert.
Hello, Mr. Simms.
[like Sidney Poitier]
"They call me Mr. Simms."
Morning, sunshine.
Let's go on
a little field trip.
I'm the value.
Such a pleasure.
Oh, the pleasure is mine.
Okay, so...
I just got to get it
out there.
I also went to Hillside High.
Ha! Really? You did?
Yeah, class of '07.
So, Alma Award winner.
Jemeson finalist.
Truman Larson custodian.
I mean, that is
an impressive list you have.
Thank you.
And then,
after a real dynamic start,
you just stopped.
What happened?
Well, my mom got sick.
Mm. I'm sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
I wanted to be there
to spend more time with her,
so I moved back from New York,
to come home.
Ah, hence the shift
in your work.
I noticed it
in your portfolio.
My mom loved the birds...
So we spend a lot of time
outside in nature,
taking photos,
and then, I guess,
just losing someone
teaches you
what you want in life,
what you want to be.
what you don't want to be.
Sometimes, the "don'ts"
are easier to recognize
than the "do's."
Yes. Um, unfortunately,
I agree with that.
That was another reason
I took time off.
I had a bad break-up.
Yeah, I heard a little bit
about that.
You were with Levon Staret.
Is that right?
Yeah, he came knocking
on our door a few times.
Not our style.
I'm surprised
that the two of you
actually got together.
My mom said
that he was my shadow.
Her and I spent a lot of time
working that one out.
Looks like you got over it.
To me, life experiences
are never wasted on the artist.
You take all your experiences--
the good, the bad--
and you throw them
into your art,
so that people like me
can feel something.
And that's what
your work does to me, Gina,
it makes me feel something,
it evokes emotion.
Thank you.
That, uh, that piece
you wrote about your pitch,
the "windows are the soul..."
That was outstanding.
Where'd you come up with that?
I guess I just saw
the windows as layers,
layers of our life...
and our soul, and...
-All that abstract stuff.
[both laughing]
Spoken like a true artist.
I want you
to join our team, Gina.
I feel a real strong connection
with your work,
and I think we can do
some excellent work together.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I'm stunned.
You're ready.
What do you say?
Yes. Yes, yes.
-Yes, yes!
To "yes."
[begins whistling]
So if my art department can get
those frames built this weekend,
how do you feel
about a Monday shoot?
I feel ecstatic about it.
You know what I like about you?
You know your worth,
which is important,
but you don't know
how good you really are...
which is where I come in.
I'll see you Monday.
See you Monday.
[Rachel] Oh, hey.
What are you doing here?
Robert Simms is gonna rep me
and, starting Monday,
I have a job!
I'm not really gonna
order anything.
It's fine.
I am so thrilled for you.
It's been such a whirlwind.
So how's the new tenant
working out?
He's really sweet,
and I saw him planting flowers
in my front yard this morning.
Okay, I need to meet this guy.
Double date for your birthday
with Tom and I?
Do not mention my birthday.
Rachel? Let's go.
Gotta go.
Get me water.
[bangs lid down]
[Gina] Oh, my gosh.
[Gina laughs]
[deep breath]
This is so sweet.
Yeah, you know,
I just thought we'd celebrate
your meeting, so--
What's, uh... what--
All it took
was you having
just a little bit
of belief in me.
You got the job?
He liked what he saw?
-He loved it.
-Ohh! That's fantastic.
Well, it's worth celebrating.
Yes! Yes. Yes.
And I am the value.
You are the value!
So, listen, I actually went out
and got my first
stills camera today.
Did you?
Yeah, you inspired me.
So I was thinking, maybe, after
we have a little bit of this,
and a little bit of this,
you could give me
a little tutorial?
Would you kill me
if I said,
let's have
a nice dinner tonight,
tomorrow we can do
a proper hang-out,
I can show you the camera,
and maybe the Canopy?
The Canopy?
Mm. You'll see.
Well... okay.
Well... here it is.
The Canopy.
Very impressive.
[Gina] Kind of neat.
[Mark] Yeah.
Okay, wait, wait.
...So slow.
Not at all.
Oh, what's that?
Oh, we gotta go.
-Wanna check it out?
I can't help myself
from falling...
I'm in trouble this time
'Cause I can't get
close enough
You've got me burning up
I can't get close enough
To you
[phone buzzing]
Oh, my god.
[Mark] What?
Levon. Homicide.
I just saw.
This is so freaky.
Are you okay?
I don't know.
I don't understand.
Well, I'm coming over.
Okay. I'll see you soon.
You all right?
What happened?
I need to call the police.
Hi there.
I need Homicide.
Levon Staret.
Yeah, I don't know,
he just tried to hit me,
then he took off.
And why didn't
you report this?
The break-in?
What difference
would it have made,
one more violation?
He's the reason that I got
the cameras in the first place.
What happened?
Why did his car explode?
Nobody has told me anything.
Well, there's no body,
so he's missing.
What? He's missing?
As far as forensics
can tell, yeah.
He's missing.
Did he ever talk about
leaving town,
anything like that?
Yeah, Levon was always
leaving town.
That was the story
of our relationship.
If you think of anything else,
give me a call.
You smell that?
That's a "Night Sky" petunia.
I know a thing or two.
[car doors shut]
[car engine starts]
Hi. Uh, Rachel?
Yes. So good
to meet you finally.
How is she?
Uh, you know,
she's hit pretty hard,
but she's doing all right.
You okay?
My god.
Rachel, can I, um,
can I get you some tea?
Sure. Thanks.
So what did the cops say?
[Gina] They can't find his body.
[Rachel] What?
And somehow,
it's suspicious
that I didn't report
the break-in.
[Rachel] You never told me
he broke in.
I guess everything
just happened so fast.
-Hey, here you are.
-[buzzer sounds]
That's my laundry.
[quietly] He's great.
So what did Levon take?
Some stupid little USB
with his photos on it.
[Rachel] A USB key?
[realizing] USB key...
Oh, geez! [laughs]
Guess you, uh...
you wanna do your laundry?
Yep. You're done, right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Just missing a sock.
Always seems to happen.
You know
you're not fooling me?
Excuse me?
Missing sock?
I think we all know
that missing socks
turn into extra Tupperware lids.
It makes some sense, huh?
That's... Yeah.
That's a good one.
Um... All yours.
So, movie and popcorn in bed?
Maybe a short one.
I have my first day
with Robert tomorrow.
Right. Well, um...
Goodnight, ladies.
You mean you don't want
to join movie night?
We could do
an action-adventure romcom.
That's a very enticing offer,
but I actually have
a very exciting flight update
manual to read, so.
Text me
if you need anything, okay?
Thanks. I will.
Goodnight, Rachel.
'Kay, what just happened?
He kissed me goodnight?
[Rachel, on video] Wow.
That's what I'm competing with.
You've got the gig. Relax.
Yeah. You're right.
What was it like?
Meeting him?
He was nice. Sincere.
How'd he look?
Handsome and sophisticated.
You tell him
you had a crush on him
since, like, forever ago?
[Gina] Of course not.
And it wasn't a crush,
it was, like, admiration.
Right. Sure.
It's true!
We were in the same school
and had the same classes.
He was living a life
I wanted to live.
I remember
you being obsessed with him.
And he was seriously hot.
I mean, he still is.
Guy's like John Mayer.
Doesn't age at all.
[Gina] It's got
to be about the photos.
Always about the photos.
Prince Robert and the fairy tale
can wait another day.
So you admit,
there's a fairytale.
Stop it.
Why? Because of Mark?
Think he'll get jealous
of our Prince and his Princess?
Did you guys
do more than just...?
You did not!
[Gina] I am the worst landlord.
I'm gonna go to landlord hell.
Well, how was
Mr. Top Gun Pilot?
I was celebrating
and we were drunk.
I moved too fast.
He signed for three months.
So, you fooled around,
it was probably
good for you,
but let it go.
He's not the prize.
Robert is.
Yeah, and if things
go well with Robert,
then I won't even have to
rent out my guest suite.
[Rachel] Exactly.
If anything,
as good as Mark is,
you've got a prince of
an opportunity in front of you,
and you need to focus
on it and Robert.
And maybe there'll even be
a fairy-tale ending!
Okay, well, I gotta go.
You look amazing.
Feminine, strong...
ready for action.
[text alert chimes]
It's Mark.
Right on cue.
[Rachel, on earpiece]
What's loverboy say?
Stop calling him that.
He's just wishing me good luck.
He has a flight today.
All right. I'm gonna go.
[Rachel] Break a leg!
Or... a lens.
Not a lens.
Definitely not lens.
[engine starts]
[Gina] I have value.
I am me.
Hi, everyone. I'm Gina.
I have value. I am me.
You got this.
Just picture him
in his underwear.
Don't do that.
I am the value.
Or I should say "Mr. Simms."
No. Robert's fine.
Oh, listen, I wanted to say
I'm so how sorry to hear
about Levon.
Oh... thank you.
It's awful.
[Robert] He was a bit of
a pain to deal with,
but this is horrible.
Yeah, Levon always
knew how to find trouble.
if there's anything I can do,
just, please, let me know.
Thank you.
-Shall we?
All right. We've got
a whole set-up for you inside.
We've got a team
of technicians that...
Let me get the door.
...Technicians that are
just so excited to meet you.
Good morning, good morning,
good morning!
Hello, everyone.
Well, not only
is she extremely talented,
but she's also incredibly nice
and we are so lucky to have her.
Welcome your new director,
Gina Larson.
Thank you, Robert.
Thanks, guys.
I'm honestly so excited
to be here
and work with all of you.
Let's just go out there
and have fun.
And remember,
you are the value,
so be the value.
-I like that!
All right. Back to work.
I like this.
Okay. And you are trying
to convince her
that she still loves you,
but she doesn't want
to even look at you.
There you go.
Two p.m. That's right.
Thank you.
My name is Roger Marks.
Ever since I was a kid,
I have dreamed
of starting my modeling career
here at Simms.
I'm willing to do
whatever it takes.
Who do I talk to?
[Gina] Both of you guys,
look away.
Okay, really nice, you guys.
Get a little closer?
Yeah. You're her Spanish lover.
All right. Now...
Great. Really nice. Yeah.
Just like that.
You know, this is wonderful.
You'd be surprised
at how many people
actually start quite late.
I model, myself.
Oh, yeah?
That's so great to hear.
How long have you been
Mr. Simms' personal assistant?
Uh, almost four years now.
Best years ever.
I can only imagine.
Okay, one more.
Wait for me.
There you go.
All right.
Okay, guys, that's good.
Let's take a break.
Thank you.
You're making me
look good, Gina.
-Oh, yeah.
Walk with me.
Now, I don't know
if you noticed who...
Mr. Simms weaves his wonders
around the corner
and the cafeteria--
Uh, Patrick,
sorry to interrupt you.
Uh, restroom.
Where can I find it?
Oh, yeah,
it's around the corner.
I'll meet you in the cafeteria.
It's straight ahead.
You can't miss it.
Won't be a moment. Thanks.
[Gina, on earpiece, indistinct]
Well, you better
get used to it.
These guys spare no expense.
I just still can't believe
that I'm even given
this opportunity.
Listen, I'm, uh...
I'm hosting a little
cocktail party/art show
tomorrow night
for some clients,
and, uh, I want you to come,
as my special guest.
Oh, I'm sorry, I can't.
Why not?
Oh, tomorrow's my birthday.
Your birthday?
-Well, that changes everything.
You have to come.
We'll have it in your honor.
Oh, I really can't.
You got some big plans?
Yeah, my best friend
and her boyfriend...
Bring 'em.
The more the merrier.
-For sure!
She is a really big fan
of yours.
Hmm. Even better. [laughs]
I just think it's, um...
I really want to celebrate
your existence.
Okay, yes.
[Robert] Okay, good.
So, welcome to your new life.
I think we better
get back to work, huh?
All right.
Robert is a mentor.
He sees me as an artist.
He sees me for me.
I cannot tell you
how good that feels.
Even more reason
it's better to go sans Mark.
It should be about you
and your, ahem, "mentorship."
Okay. I'm gonna get some sleep.
Sleep tight.
Sweet dreams of your new year
and Prince Roberto.
Goodnight, Rachel.
[car door shuts]
[engine starts]
[cheerful whistling]
[alarm beeps]
This is 30.
[astonished chuckle]
[Mark] Hope you like it.
I didn't know
that you'd be back.
Oh, yeah. Just a quick flight.
In and out of Denver.
happy birthday.
May I?
Of course.
It's beautiful.
[whispers] You're beautiful.
Oh. Mm!
Any plans tonight?
Yeah. For your birthday?
now that you're back...
Robert Simms invited
Rachel, Tom, and me,
and you...
if you're interested,
to dinner.
Really? He invited me?
Of course.
I talk about you all the time.
Never hung out with
all the talented people before.
Stop it.
You're talented.
You have a great story.
They'll love you.
Be ready for 7:30?
That sounds really great.
I'm looking forward
to meeting him.
Everything okay?
I got followed last night.
They stopped outside the house
when I got there.
By who?
Do you know?
I have no idea.
Then I was awakened
in the middle of the night
by a sound in the backyard.
I went out there--
Then, at 3:40 a.m.,
I start getting these texts,
from a number
I don't recognize.
"Hello, old friend.
"I've been watching you.
Stay away from Gina."
That's Levon's number.
Your Levon?
Robert, Levon is texting you,
but he's been missing for days.
How long has
this been going on for?
Has he texted you before?
[sighs] No. Never.
I mean,
I didn't even know who it was.
I need to send this
to Detectives.
Is it okay
if I screenshot this
and send it to myself?
Please, yeah.
Um, also, about tonight.
You're still coming, right?
Yes, of course.
I was just hoping I could invite
my new tenant, Mark?
Your tenant?
He lives in my guest suite.
He's a really nice guy.
Served in Afghanistan,
he's a pilot,
and a photography enthusiast.
I just don't really know
what to do with him.
Yeah, sure, bring him.
Any friend of yours
is a friend of mine.
[phone rings]
Detective Brown.
Detective Brown,
this is Gina Larson.
What can I do for you
this morning, Miss Larson?
Levon texted
my boss last night.
I just sent you
the screenshots.
He also said
that someone or something
was in his backyard.
All right, we'll look into it.
Deputy Michaels has
some updates on Levon.
Hi, Miss Larson.
The ad agency
that hired Mr. Staret
never received that purple
USB drive you mentioned.
[Gina] Are you serious?
[Deputy] Last time
the agency heard from Levon
was a few hours
before your security camera
caught him stealing the drive.
There's something
seriously wrong about this.
[Rachel] Oh, my god, is that...
No. Never mind.
What if we run into someone,
like, famous?
Rach, keep it together, okay?
I just want to get this
over with as soon as possible.
I'm ready to boogie.
Yeah. You got it.
[Rachel] You weren't kidding.
He hasn't aged a day.
Guess that's what having
group sex with models
does for you.
I'm gonna get some drinks.
Who wants?
-Ooh, white wine?
-Yes, me too, please.
You want to come with?
-I'll help.
[Rachel] He was doing that
in the car earlier, too.
Glaring at you.
Yeah, you know, he's been
a little funny lately,
but he's a pilot, he flies,
they get tired.
I don't know,
I think that's it.
Hello, ladies.
Robert Simms, this is
Rachel Vine, my oldest friend.
Well, hi.
A pleasure to meet you.
I also went to Hillside High.
[Robert chuckles]
It's a regular reunion here.
She used to stalk
your grad picture
in the hallways--
and I mean stalk.
[Gina] I think that's enough
breaking the ice.
Do you not have
anything better to say?
Like maybe somewhere to go?
[Robert laughs]
Sorry I missed the punchline.
Rachel here was just, uh,
saying how Gina here used
to crush on me in high school.
[Rachel] If only you were
a student then.
[laughs] If only.
Robert Simms,
this is Mark James.
Oh! The war vet?
Thank you for your service.
Where were you stationed?
Fifth division,
south of Baghdad.
Ah, yeah, I lost a nephew
to that unnecessary war.
A real shame.
[Tom] Hi.
I'm Tom.
-Tom! Nice to meet you.
-Same. You too.
[loudly] Are we ready
to celebrate the birthday girl?
[overlapping] Yes!
I wasn't sure what to get
someone I'm just starting
to get to know,
so I thought maybe
the most meaningful gift
would be to show you,
through your eyes,
just how amazing
I think you really are.
Would you?
Your first portrait
at RSCA!
Not only in our signature
Simms Silver Series frame,
but you're looking
at next month's cover photo.
Oh, my gosh!
Thank you so much!
[Gina, on earpiece]
This is amazing!
[Robert] You really possess
the most incredible eye, Gina.
It's really a gift
that you have.
Not only is it a pleasure,
it is absolutely a delight
to have this on the cover.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Now, I have to go and take care
of some business.
Everybody, just continue
to have some fun.
Drink, eat.
Everybody, just continue
Happy birthday, Gina![ove!
Let's dance!
Restroom. I'll be right back.
Come on,
you can't leave me hanging.
You gotta come back.
I promise.
Ah, bonjour.
Bonjour, Francois.
How are you?
What time is it
in Paris right now?
[Robert cries out]
[gasping and choking]
[feet thumping on desk]
Whoo! Savior!
Sorry, guys,
got tied up there.
Great party.
Uh, we're Robert's guests.
This is Gina, Rachel, Tom.
I like your bow-tie.
[chuckles politely]
What are they doing here?
Hi there.
Can I assist you folks
with anything?
Robert Simms.
Where can we find him?
He's around here somewhere.
Fancy seeing you here.
We got an anonymous tip.
Some video footage
of some suspicious activity
in a backyard.
Someone digging a grave.
Robert Simms.
[Gina] I don't understand.
We went to the site
where he was digging.
We found Levon's body.
We also found Mr. Simms' coat
hidden in his backyard bushes.
We'll need some time
to confirm the DNA,
but the bloodstains
are likely Levon's.
[Patrick] Can't find him,
but we can check
his office upstairs.
-Let's do that.
[Gina gasps]
"I can't do this anymore.
The guilt is too much.
Please forgive me, Levon."
Someone call the coroner.
Oh, my god.
[deputy] Come on,
we'll take you home.
[knocks lightly]
I heard you come home.
Are you all right?
Are you going somewhere?
Yeah, I gotta go to Phoenix.
I just got the call
Just a last-second run.
Look, are you all right?
Those officers
wouldn't tell us anything,
except that they were gonna
make some sort of an arrest
or something.
[tearfully] It was Robert.
and they were gonna go
arrest him.
He took his own life.
Oh, my god.
It was Robert the whole time.
Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry.
He killed Levon
and he buried him
in his backyard.
Somebody caught the whole thing
on some video camera
or something.
So, what?
They knew each other?
Oh, what happened?
Are you okay?
Yeah, no,
I was just helping out
with some cargo yesterday.
I'm so sorry,
but I have to go.
It's fine.
Are you gonna be all right?
Fly safely.
It looks really pretty on you.
[phone rings]
[Rachel] What's going on?
This is all so crazy!
You have no idea.
You've reached
Detective Brown.
Leave a message and I'll be
sure to return your call.
[phone buzzing]
Oh, no...
I really wish you had asked
before entering my suite.
I just had to get
something out of my freezer.
So you went in my briefcase
and you took my SD card?
I don't-- I don't even
know anything, I swear.
You didn't see the video?
'Cause it sure looked
like you did.
Which is too bad for you.
Mark, wait!
you're still out here.
Why don't you just come out,
and we'll have a little chat?
What you probably don't realize
is that I'm on your side, okay?
I'm just trying to give you
a perfect life!
A perfect life for you...
A perfect life for us!
I'm getting zero--
[Gina roars]
[Mark rages]
[Mark grunting intensely]
[Gina gasping]
[shutter snaps]
[Mark whistles nonchalantly]
[shutter snaps]
What's the difference
between a blonde
and a shopping cart?
A shopping cart
has a mind of its own.
Well, that's sexist.
[Gina protests, muffled]
You know what, you're right.
Your left side
is much stronger.
I'm kidding!
You're beautiful.
[muffled plea]
Water... please.
Chin up.
You know, Gina.
You and I...
are making beautiful art
[shutter snapping]
Why do you think I let you live
longer than the others?
Did you kill them?
Did you kill Levon and Robert?
I was protecting you, Gina!
No, Robert was just my friend.
He was kissing you!
He was my friend.
[phone ringing]
It's Detective Brown.
Seems a little late
for a phone call, doesn't it?
She's gonna be suspicious
if I don't answer.
[phone ringing]
I am going to put this
on speakerphone,
and if you say anything...
I swear to God...
Hello, Detective?
Miss Larson,
sorry to wake you,
but it's urgent
and it couldn't wait.
It's fine,
I was actually already awake.
Forensics has ruled out
a suicide for Mr. Simms.
They discovered
clear evidence of foul play.
They also found
some additional DNA evidence,
from the traces of blood
on Levon's keys.
Does the name James M. Brewer
sound familiar?
He goes by many aliases,
one of which, unfortunately,
is the name of man
staying with you now.
James Brewer is extremely
dangerous, Miss Larson.
We want you
to get out of the house
and come to the station.
Yes. I can do that.
Stay safe, Miss Larson.
We'll see you shortly.
You're a good actor.
[flashbulbs popping]
Too bad
you're not gonna make it.
Please don't do this.
I'm on your side.
I wouldn't even be working
at the Simms Agency
if it weren't for you.
I'm sorry, Gina.
You know too much now.
We all have skeletons
in our closet.
I do, too.
Let's get through them together.
We can sell the house.
We can travel around the world
and do photography together.
We could have a life together.
I always thought
if I showed someone
my true self,
that I'd be rejected.
You don't need to hide
anything from me.
I accept you.
Take another picture.
[breathing raggedly]
[sirens wailing]
Perp's had active scams going
in Denver, Atlanta, Ohio.
He was serious shapeshifter.
Folks don't even know
how he got out.
[Gina] I'm okay.
I can't believe he tried
to bury you in the garden.
Yeah, apparently,
that's his thing.
[deputy] Across 12 state lines.
All with necklaces, hearts,
names, letters...
You're lucky you got out alive.
Like that?
[Gina] Yeah, that's great.
Can we see that ring
a little more, please?
-There you go!
It looks great.
I'm so happy for you guys.
Only took him six years.
Some good things
are worth waiting for.
Speaking of things
worth waiting for...
Oh! Right.
[Rachel] Wow.
That looks amazing.
Still kind of weird
having it out there, though.
But he signed a release
and it pays for the house.
Yeah, you're right.
And people need to know
creeps like him exist.
Okay, why don't you guys
go up the stairs
and I'll get a shot of you
at the water?
This is gonna be you one day.
You know,
I think I'm good for now.
All right. Show me the love
that I know is there.
All right, give me a nice kiss.