The Killer Is Loose (1956) Movie Script

Thank you very much,
Mrs. Andrews.
I'm really terribly
sorry about this,
Mr. Poole.
Those notices are
just a matter of routine.
The payment just
slipped my mind.
I can't imagine
how it happened.
Don't let it
worry you.
It can happen
to any of us.
Thank you, Mr. Poole.
Thanks a lot.
You're welcome.
Ah, another new
home owner.
Holly Road.
City's spreading
out, isn't it?
It sure is, Corporal.
Tell me...
You still love
your old Sergeant?
Sergeant Flanders.
I didn't recognize you.
That's what 10 or 11
years does for you.
But I knew you
the minute I saw you.
You know what I
almost called you?
Corporal Foggy,
the jungle killer.
I guess I
started it, didn't I?
Then everybody picked it up.
Even the island boys,
they'd say,
"Corporal Foggy,
he get lost again,
"he forget his rifle."
Remember that?
Yes, I remember.
Well, it was nice
seeing you again,
Now, cut the sergeant
stuff. The name is Otto.
Mr. Poole.
That isn't
anybody from
the bank truck, is it?
It's time for them
all right, but I've never
seen that man before.
He just came on back,
he handed Mr. Wilson
a note and he
just came on back.
Get away from that alarm.
Hold it, you.
Don't anybody move.
You're covered from the door.
Go on, fill it up.
Close the bag.
You know something,
Foggy. I'm going to
stop kidding you.
I take it all back.
And then?
And then that crazy teller
comes charging in and
gets conked over the head.
Well, that's about
all there was to it.
I'll say this about Poole,
he tried and it
took a lot of guts.
Officer, if you'd
known him...
You told me.
Otto Flanders?
Holly Road?
That's right.
It's the worst possible
time, it's our biggest
collection day.
Receipts twice what they
are the rest of the week.
These guys knew
what they were doing.
That's about it.
All right, gentlemen,
that'll be all.
We may want you to
look at some pictures
if you will,
maybe some people, too.
Ms. Shaw.
Ms. Shaw.
Reach your wife all right?
Yes, thank you.
Afraid she might have
heard about it
on the radio or something,
she worries a lot.
Sit down.
Thank you.
You suppose wives
enjoy that, Mr. Poole?
The worrying I mean.
I'm just breaking into
this marriage business.
All I can say is
I've been married
for five years
and my wife still
worries about me.
That's very
I don't know,
I kind of like it.
Mr. Freeman,
just one more thing.
You were coming through
the back door
from the garage.
Spotted something
was wrong,
you tried to ring
the burglar alarm
and this fellow says,
"Freeman, get away
from that alarm."
That's right,
I thought about
that later.
How did he know my
name was Freeman?
Here's a better one.
How'd he know
where the alarm was?
Mr. Poole, they also
stopped you from pressing
the alarm button.
Yes, that's right,
he did.
it was probably my fault,
I called Mr. Poole's
attention to the man.
But at that time
I wasn't exactly sure
what was going on.
Well, I'm sure you
were sure, Mr. Wilson.
I admit I was scared.
Well, what could I do?
A couple of men
with guns?
Well, it all happened
so fast.
Well, it
usually does.
Let's go, Chris.
I'm sure you have
the names and
addresses, Denny.
Thank you very much,
That'll be all folks.
Thank you, Mr. Freeman.
Coffee break, boys.
How about this? Three sets.
You're sure well covered.
Thorough, that's all.
We play no favorites.
Number one
got a call from
the insurance salesman.
Number three
a wrong number.
We've got it all on tape,
it's fascinating stuff.
Incoming or
is it going out?
How's the building
and loan business, Clyde?
Sound like something?
What are you doing?
I told you not to
touch your phone
until we were sure.
They don't know a thing,
how can they?
I'm alone and had
a chance to call.
Hey, Denny don't!
What was that?
What was what?
That click.
This line is tapped.
It's probably
the connection.
You must be wrong.
Hang up' you stupid.
Play it back.
How's the building and
loan business, Clyde?
Couldn't have worked
smoother' could it?
Wagner. Well, it worked.
No, it's that apartment
over on 20th Street.
You've got the address.
Right, we're going over there
now to pick him up.
What was that?
What was what?
That click.
This line is tapped.
Well, we had
a little bad luck here.
Nothing you can't fix.
Just get a car there
in case he tries to break.
Turn it off.
What a crazy guy.
He's not crazy,
you heard what the man
said, he's just stupid.
Come on, you can
eat it on the way.
He was walking out
the minute we pulled
around the corner,
bag packed and everything.
He took one look,
ducked back inside.
That's his
apartment up there
in the corner to
the right of the hall.
With the lights out?
How do you know
he's in it?
If he isn't,
he's somewhere
in the building.
Rex has been
covering the back
and Greg's inside.
Hi, Greg. You said
something about
being alone,
you know anything
about his wife?
According to
the manager...
She went out
a couple of hours ago.
I was going to say...
We don't know what
the trouble is
around here,
but they're two of
the nicest tenants
we've ever had.
I was going to say...
Excuse me.
We may need
a pass key, will you
get us one, please?
Go and get it.
Bring it up, Denny.
Come on, open up.
This is the police.
Did he strike you as
a guy who'd try to
knock himself off?
All right.
We know you're there.
It won't do you
any good. You're not
going to take me.
Worked himself up
into quite a stew,
hasn't he?
Scared amateur,
bolted inside.
This is Sam Wagner
from this afternoon,
you don't want us to
break the door down do you?
Get away from there.
I mean what I say.
Okay, Denny.
You said he wasn't crazy.
He's a psycho.
Everything's going to
be all right, honey.
Don't be scared, honey.
I'll take care of you.
They said she wasn't here.
She didn't know about it.
The hold up.
Not till tonight.
Not till she came home
when I was packing.
She wanted to go with me.
Poole, I...
Even after I told her
she still wanted
to go with me.
That's how she is.
That's how she
has always been.
That's why I
can't understand why
you'd do such a thing.
It was an accident.
We didn't know she was here.
We couldn't see.
You couldn't know
what she's like.
You made us
use guns, Poole.
You did that!
There was no
need for any of...
She was...
Not just kind and
smart, she was...
I wasn't even
alive before her.
Don't you see
how wrong it was
to do that?
To kill her.
Nor, Leon Poole,
are we unmindful
that you have
suffered punishment
of a sort
difficult to calculate.
Yet the fact remains,
you have been
found guilty of robbery,
resisting arrest
and attempted murder.
It is, therefore,
the judgment of this court
that you, Leon Poole,
be sentenced to
the state penitentiary
for a period of 10 years.
On each count.
Sentences to
run concurrently.
This court now
stands adjourned.
Of course, there's the
matter of good behavior.
That'll make
a difference.
Sam, the DA wants me
to thank you. Good job.
You two want to
join us for lunch?
Why, we'd love to.
Why, sure.
Sam, Mary and Chris...
Could have been
worse, Poole.
It was worse, remember?
I remember.
Poole, we tried
to explain.
Someday, Wagner,
I'm going to settle
with you for it.
I'm certainly going to
settle with you for it.
Let's go, Sam.
Welcome to
the club, Lila.
I expected a lot
of things, but that
wasn't one of them.
You'll hear that
1,000 times.
Do you ever
get used to it?
No, but you get numb.
The prisoner is sullen,
generally uncooperative,
frequently rebellious.
I wasn't myself then, sir.
I had a lot of wrong slants.
So many things had
happened to me all at once.
Some men can never adjust.
You did and quickly.
These past two
and a half years have
made a big improvement
in your attitude
and behavior.
What's more,
you've demonstrated
an earnest
and sincere intention
to pay your debt.
I've tried to
follow the rules, sir.
It should be even
easier to follow
at the state honor farm.
The honor farm?
You've earned it, Poole.
And it's a good-sized
step towards release.
You leave tomorrow.
Good luck to you.
Thank you
very much, sir.
My helper busted a foot,
I want to borrow
one of your boys.
You'll need a good back
to unload that stuff.
You can have Adams.
What about Poole?
He ain't in
for manslaughter.
They're all okay here,
or they wouldn't
be trustees.
Sure, bud.
Only you don't have to
ride back with
them in the dark.
Hey, Poole!
You want to
ride into town
and see the sights?
Yeah, be right
with you.
Some sights! A drugs
and a dry goods store.
Big deal.
It'll seem like
Times Square to me.
Got a little unloading job
for you to do, Poole.
Have a good time.
Thanks, Ed.
Come on.
You know,
five years ago,
this whole country
around here
was different.
Everything in
lima beans.
Same with us back
at the honor farm.
Then somebody found
out about the lettuce'
now that's all you see.
Where does that road
lead to?
Some farmer's
house up the ways.
He did
the same thing, see,
he switched to lettuce.
It's something to
do with the soil,
you get very sandy,
just enough rain.
Hey, you better
slow down.
Why is somebody
chasing us?
Yeah, I remember.
Late yesterday.
Who was that?
Sergeant Baxter.
At this hour?
Nothing special.
Then why are
you getting up?
I'm wide awake now,
might as well stay up.
You close your eyes
and get some sleep.
What about breakfast?
I can't make
a cup of coffee.
You can't.
I've had some of it.
Lila, you know
what the doctor said.
Get plenty of rest.
But I'm hungry.
That's ridiculous,
you had
an enormous dinner.
All right then,
we're hungry.
That's a dirty trick,
ganging up on me.
Three orders of bacon
and eggs, coming up.
I may not
have time for it.
Oh, then it is
something special, isn't it?
No, it's just
routine. A fellow...
A fellow broke out
of the honor farm.
Well, you still
have to have breakfast.
I'll have it
ready before you are.
That man from the honor farm.
What's his name?
Oh, just a case
of mine.
It's Leon Poole,
isn't it?
Yeah, yeah'
that's the one.
He said when he got out,
he'd settle with you.
That stuff.
That never
comes to anything.
I mean, even if
he's still brooding
about it.
Funny they call a man
with a desk job, a lieutenant,
for an escaped convict.
They called me
because it was my case
in the beginning
before I had
a desk job.
They always
do that, Lila.
They called you to
warn you, didn't they?
And they want
you to work on it.
All right,
how long will that take?
Good morning.
You know how many
of them get away with it?
One out of 1,000.
What chance do they have?
Prison numbers on
their back a foot high.
No gun, no car, no dough.
And most of them
don't get two miles
before they nail them.
I thought we were all through
with that kind of thing.
I thought we were all
through with it, too.
You know
what I am thinking.
I know it by heart.
You don't wanna
be a cop's widow.
If I loved you as
much as you love me,
I'd give up police work.
So I'm selfish.
No, you're not selfish.
You're scared.
You're scared to death
that something might
happen to me.
And you can't
stop worrying anymore
than you can stop breathing.
And why I'm that lucky,
I'll never know.
Oh, darling.
But you know
something, redhead,
the answer's the same.
I got a job to do.
Yes, you do
have a job to do,
and it isn't this.
It's a sensible job,
an office.
Nine to five,
like normal people.
It's what you promised.
It's what we've got.
But you're
gambling with it.
And besides,
there's somebody else
involved now.
At least,
there's going to be.
We have everything
we ever wanted,
don't ruin it.
There's thousands of
men in police work,
white collar and gum shoe.
They lead full,
useful lives.
Long lives most of them.
They have kids.
You know I'd do
any reasonable thing
in the world for you,
don't you?
Hey, don't you?
But this asking me
to quit police work,
that's not reasonable.
I'll ask again.
Lila, be sensible.
How can he travel
45 miles with
cops all the way?
Now, watch the bacon.
Good morning,
up kind of early,
aren't you?
Yes, so are you.
Are we gonna stand
out here and drown,
or you gonna ask us
in for a cup of coffee?
Come in.
Morning, Lila.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Chief sent us over to keep
an eye on the place.
Just a precaution.
We promise we won't get
in your hair, Mrs. Wagner.
Chief evidently
hasn't heard my
husband's statistics.
Boy, a convict can't go more
than two miles
before he's caught.
And only one in
1,000 ever gets through.
Maybe you'd better
explain it to her, Denny.
Well, we want to
be certain in case
he's the 1,000th
I mean...
Poole's chances
of getting through.
Come on
in the kitchen.
He doesn't have
a prayer, Mrs. Wagner.
He's had a break
with it being dark,
but it's going to
be light pretty soon.
You know how
these manhunts work.
Every escape route blocked.
Then we start house to house,
field to field, barn to barn.
In a case like this,
where he killed the driver,
he's really going
to get the treatment.
He killed the driver?
Killed him
and took off.
As far as we're concerned,
that driver he killed
is the same as a cop.
Lila, cop killers
just don't get away.
Darling, don't you
listen to these fellows,
do you hear?
I hear. No breakfast?
I really ought to be
on tap for the finish.
They'll probably
have him by the time
I get down there.
I'll call you and
tell you about it.
And for goodness' sake,
don't worry.
Bye, dear.
It's a shame to let all
this food go to waste.
Gee, Lila,
we thought
you'd never ask.
Wide forehead,
marked lines from
nostrils to mouth.
Firm chin, slight cleft.
Fairly prominent Adam's apple.
The ears, upper helix
of the left is cupped,
as you can see.
Both lobes close to the head.
But you get
a better angle with this.
Darwinian extension.
The antitragus
obliquely slanted type.
The nose,
slight turn up at the tip.
Eyes deep set.
The way you'd probably
spot him is like this.
Hi, Sam.
Glasses. He can't see
across the street
without them.
Incidentally, you'd better
run off about 2,000
of this print. This last one.
We want it in
full circulation.
Okay, boys. That's
your target for the day.
Well, there's
the target's target.
Morning, Sam.
What's new?
What have I missed?
Come on, I'll show
you on the map.
How's Lila?
Can't you guess?
That's the greatest
ammunition she
could have had.
Maybe she'll cool off
when she finds
you're a celebrity.
State highway police,
county patrol.
Every crossroad's
constabled between
here and the farm.
It's like
an international incident.
I guess they think
you're important.
That target idea.
You guys talk like Lila.
How does anybody know
what Poole has on his mind?
Could be another
grudge altogether
or no grudge at all,
who knows.
Anyway the whole
city is ringed off,
you couldn't crack
through with a tank.
This concentration
around Tilden.
What's that for?
That's the first
real break we have had.
I was going to
tell you about that.
One of the merchants
reported his store was
robbed during the night.
We got
some fingerprints.
It's Poole, all right.
This gives us
a fix on his position.
This store
that was robbed,
what was it?
He got a gun?
Yeah, a .357 Magnum.
But gun or no gun,
all he is going to find
is cops and lots of them.
Now, between
here and Tilden,
look what they've got.
There's a roadblock
on every cow path,
back alley and state highway.
They're shaking down
anything that moves.
A .357 Magnum?
He's not after me,
he's after elephants.
All right, go ahead.
Thanks, Officer.
Let me see
your license, please.
James Chandler.
RFD Lamberth.
Headed into the city?
No, just over to get
some farm equipment.
My uncle's got
a secondhand...
It checks out.
Crates and vegetables,
nothing else.
Could you use some?
Some what?
Fresh vegetables.
I'll sell them to
you for farm prices.
No, thanks, Mr. Chandler.
We're going to be
standing here all day.
We can't use any
fresh vegetables.
Go ahead.
All right, come in.
Go on.
How? How?
The highway patrol
had the description
the same as the rest of us.
He was right in
front of your boys.
The same face, the same man.
And he had
a driver's license.
They can't arrest
everybody they stop.
If a man says his
name's Chandler,
if his papers bear him out,
they have to
let him through.
Tell the truth,
I'd have let him
through myself.
We're lucky that
farmer Chandler's body
was found so soon
or we still
wouldn't know.
That makes
two murders now.
All right, what's Poole got?
An hour head start?
About that.
We've covered the area
with every available man.
From the roadblock,
all the way around the city.
We do have
the new rundown
on him.
Truck license,
farm getup and so on.
Your men have it now, too,
so that's another break.
If you wanna
look at it that way.
It's a good way
to look at it.
I'd have let him through,
too, Captain.
Don't worry about it.
Just catch him.
Sent for us, Chief?
Sam, I understand you
don't go for the idea
that Poole's after you.
No, I just said
there's no proof of it.
As far as I know,
there isn't.
We were in touch
with the honor farm
this morning.
Poole's been
talking about me
up there?
Never. Not even to
the other inmates.
He was the world's
most perfect prisoner.
Sure. That was
his bill of goods.
So then we
called the state pen.
Figured if he
wasn't too well organized
when he started his sentence,
he might have talked more.
You should've asked me.
Poole told me,
he was gonna settle my hash.
The pen just had a meeting
with Poole's first cellmate.
Poole used to bend
this fellow's ear
asking him why
your wife was better
than his own.
How's that go again?
Poole wanted to
know why,
since you'd killed his wife,
your wife should be alive.
He said if it was
the last thing he ever did,
he was gonna bust
out and kill Lila.
He didn't say it once.
He said it over and over.
That's how he plans
to settle with you.
He'll still take you
if he can't reach her.
But, Sam, she's
the number one target.
That makes
even less sense.
Now, wait a minute.
Here was a guy
on an honor farm,
a cinch for an early parole.
So he murders
a guard to get away.
If I can believe that,
I can believe anything.
The guy's a psycho.
I'm trying to
tell you exactly that.
He meant what he said.
You've got to believe him.
I believe it, Sam.
It's all there.
He never stopped working
for that one chance.
He hasn't stopped since.
We've been
one beat behind
him all morning.
He's had three years
to plan. We've had
less than a day.
As of right now,
we're two beats behind him.
They just found his truck.
Near the corner of
Jefferson and Pine.
Dog in the front,
vegetables in the back.
No Poole.
He made it,
he's in the city.
I sent some more
men out to your place,
so don't worry about it.
They won't tell Lila.
That Poole's after her?
Thought I'd leave
that to you.
I better telephone
up there.
Operator, Sam Wagner.
Get me my phone.
Let's just figure what
we're going to do
about Poole first.
Then you can go out there.
Cancel it.
Any suggestions?
Of course, if he does
go straight to Sam's,
you're covered and it's over.
That's assuming
he doesn't see
how well we're covered.
He can see that
without his glasses.
Cops are falling all over
each other out there.
He'll be off again
and where are we.
Did he get any dough
from that farmer,
what's his name, Chandler?
About 35 bucks,
all he'll need.
Probably hasn't
slept much.
I wouldn't think any.
That's about
a 30-hour stretch so far.
He's gonna be
tired and hungry.
Is his new
description out,
I mean, to the public?
Radio, Television
and the afternoon paper
should be
hitting the street now.
Wouldn't go to
a hotel or rooming house.
He wouldn't
wander around much,
not in that get up.
What about friends?
They'd have to be
awfully good friends.
Far as we can find,
he doesn't seem to
have any.
Good, bad
or indifferent.
So, where does he go?
He's gotta duck
in somewhere.
Wherever he ducks,
he'll probably
kill again.
Bill, listen.
Why do the cops have
to be out at my place?
Poole doesn't know,
does he?
He doesn't know
that we know
he's after Lila.
How could he? He doesn't know
his cellmate did any talking.
I doubt if he's
even thought of the guy
in three years.
All right.
So sometime, sooner
or later, he will come.
Now suppose instead
of a cop's convention
out there,
everything's normal.
Me coming to
work and going home.
At least,
he'll know I'm there.
He'll know he
can settle for me
if he can't find Lila.
We had the same idea Sam,
in case he did get through.
You for the bait.
But we wanted you
to come up with it.
Just one thing,
we gotta be sure
he can't find her.
We've gotta
get her out of there.
Naturally. But if
she's not at your
phone book address,
she's on the moon
far as he's concerned.
What'll I say to her?
How'll we get her out?
That's your department,
getting her out.
Ours is getting
Poole in, tonight,
this afternoon if we can.
In any case, fast.
What we're gonna do,
is put out a bulletin saying
we have Poole cornered.
We figured in
the Credlow Hills area.
That's a good safe
distance from you.
We're gonna play it up
as an all-out police effort,
and the idea's to
reach Poole with a story.
He'll think it's
a good piece of luck
and grab his chance.
If the story
reaches him.
That's our chance.
Sam will be playing
it straight out there,
so you'll run
the stakeout for him.
Call the signals
and so on, right?
Better get going.
I'll start on
the bulletin, Chief.
Takes a while to
get 'em rolling.
Good. Let's have
that file on him again.
Uh, Chris...
Sam, Lila I can't
help you with.
I'm not sure I can
hold it together.
Not with this.
You and Lila?
She's on the old
campaign again.
Anti police work.
Knock it out, Sam.
One goof around
town's enough.
We've got to get
him, Chris. We've just
got to get him.
If we don't,
we might as well give up.
Two thousand cops,
one man.
One bifocal...
In a dirty farmer's suit.
This should be fine.
How much do I owe you?
Raincoat, briefcase, Sir.
That'll be $11.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir?
Give me a white shirt,
16 and a half.
This ought to
hold them off.
We're just as well
covered out back.
Great, all we need now
are some loudspeakers.
Well they flashed
us, it's about Poole
making it into town.
You didn't tell her,
did you?
Are you kidding?
We've been doing our best
just to steer clear of her.
You'll find out.
Lila, I...
This is still a simple
precaution, I suppose,
barricading me
in my own house.
They won't even let
me go to the store!
Would it make you
any happier to know
you're a free woman?
You mean
they caught him?
Not yet, but it's
just a matter of time.
You fellows
are free, too,
that is, if it doesn't
interfere with your eating.
Just give us a chance
to get out first.
Give who a chance?
You and me.
Now, throw some
things in a bag,
we're going on a holiday.
You know, Lila,
you're always right.
No matter how
well they protect us,
this place could
still be a hot spot,
and we can't take
any chances.
Don't tell me
this was your idea?
Whose idea
do you think it is?
I don't care
whose idea it was,
I'm not gonna complain.
In fact,
I might celebrate.
Now, hurry up.
Don't take too much, just
some overnight things,
make-up stuff.
All right.
Denny, you get
in touch with Chris.
He knows the layout.
How's that?
I'm taking Lila to his house
and I'm coming back here.
Where are we going?
We'll decide on the way.
Sam, I think
it's a bad idea.
How else could I get her
out of here in a hurry?
Suppose she
finds out now?
So, she finds out
in an hour.
Maybe, I don't know.
What do you mean,
"You don't know?"
How you gonna
get away from her,
what are you gonna say to her?
It's Greg.
The Holly Road district
mean anything to anybody?
Just got a flash
on the car.
A merchant down
there saw a picture
of Poole in the paper,
he thinks he
sold him a raincoat.
Holly Road?
That's not too far from
where he left his truck.
The only trouble is,
eight other people
think they saw him, too.
All over town.
In the movies,
riding on a bus north,
all at the same time.
Anyway' they're
checking it, they're
checking all of them.
What are you
going to pack?
Do it for me,
will you?
Just put in some
shaving things,
a toothbrush...
All right,
that's why I love you.
You're such a help
around the house.
Can't you think of anybody
who might have known him?
Well, I did talk
to a couple of guys
you didn't meet.
Maybe if I check
my reports.
Holly Road?
I think one of
the witnesses is
from out there.
You run it down,
I'll help Lila.
Hello, Ed. Denny.
Give me all the names
and addresses of the
witnesses on the Poole case.
Does Otto Flanders
live here?
It's a little early,
I don't suppose
he's home yet.
I expect him home
pretty soon.
I'm Mrs. Flanders,
if there's anything
I can do.
Does that mean you're alone,
Mrs. Flanders?
Why, yes, sir.
If you don't mind,
I think I'll wait for him.
What was it
you wanted?
We were friends,
we were in the army together,
in the South Pacific.
He used to
call me Foggy.
Corporal Foggy.
It's a good one,
isn't it?
Corporal Leon
"Foggy" Poole.
Hasn't he ever
mentioned me to you?
I don't recall.
He might have, I mean...
Don't you read
the newspapers?
Today's paper?
Turn on
your television set,
or listen to the radio?
Please, why
are you here?
What do you want?
What is it you want?
I want something
to eat.
If you'll just
wait till Otto comes,
he shouldn't be
very long.
I'm really quite
busy now.
Mrs. Flanders?
All I want
is some food.
When you mentioned
the television,
I was just...
You don't understand.
Since yesterday,
all I've had to eat is
a few raw vegetables...
Please, don't,
don't do that.
I'm asking you now,
please don't try
to do that again.
And don't call
anyone on the phone
or if anyone comes,
or calls,
Otto or anybody,
you mustn't mention
that I'm here.
Or I'll have
to kill you.
I don't want to
hurt you, Mrs. Flanders.
I don't even
wanna frighten you.
Why did you have to come here?
Why did you have
to come here?
I had to come someplace,
didn't I?
And I told you I know Otto.
I know Otto very well.
Otto used to make
my life miserable.
How many times do
I have to tell you?
To get me some food?
You know, I'm not
gonna wait
any longer,
I want it now,
Mrs. Flanders, now!
You think you're
pretty clever, don't you?
You were counting
on it clearing
and I can tell by
the way you're driving,
you already know
where we're going.
To the beach,
am I right?
Where are we going now?
As a matter of fact,
we have to stop by
the Gillespies' first.
This isn't the way
to the Gillespies'.
I'm going a
round about way.
You haven't been
telling me the truth
since the very
beginning of this,
have you, Sam?
Is Poole in the city?
Looks like it.
There's a car been
following us ever since
we left the house.
Gray sedan?
There's another
one in front of us.
They're our boys,
clearing us.
It's a dandy way
to travel, isn't it?
Dandy way to live.
Would you mind
telling me
why we're here?
Aren't you going to
say hello to Mary?
Hello, Mary.
Hello, Lila.
Well, Sam?
You're closer
at hand here.
You mean,
you're leaving?
I'll pick you up later.
We'll be on
our way, simple.
Simple for us and
a pain in the neck
for the Gillespies.
This is a lot
of trouble, Mary.
There'd be trouble if
you didn't come here.
What good are friends
if they can't help?
Besides, it'll be fun.
Where do I put this?
In there in
Bobby's room.
Unexpected house
guests aren't ever fun.
If you don't
believe me, ask Bobby.
He isn't going
to mind a bit.
He can just sleep
in here on the sofa.
Sam, do you really think
you can get away with this?
You know, Lila wasn't
born yesterday.
I hope so, Mary.
Well, I hope
everybody knows
what he's doing.
Sam, this doesn't
make a particle of sense.
What doesn't?
You said I was
closer at hand here,
this isn't as
close to the office
as our own house.
You'll have to admit,
it's a lot safer.
Poole doesn't care anything
about this house.
He doesn't even
know about it,
so he's not likely to find
anybody here, is he?
What's anybody
got to do with me?
Nothing, nothing, only.
You know, fellow like that,
there's no telling
what he might do.
The idea was to get
me out of the house,
so you could go back,
wasn't it?
Well, I thought we had
a pretty good
trap rigged for him.
With you as the bait?
I know it sounds
like that but...
Please stop lying,
Sam, it just
takes up time.
What you're planning
is all very noble,
but I don't like it.
Can't we go down to
the beach right now
and stay there 'til
this whole thing is over?
You know what?
I can't think of
a thing in the world
I'd rather do.
Then why can't we, darling?
Any man, woman or child
in this city who crosses
Poole in any way
is gonna get killed,
that much we know!
Now, I can't
run out on that,
I'm the reason for it!
You know better
than that yourself
and don't try to
tell me there isn't
somebody else on the force
who could do the job!
What kind of
a husband do you want?
I'm to let someone
else lay his life
on the line for me,
so I can play it safe?
Laying your life
on the line,
that's what're
you doing, isn't it?
It's just a way
of speaking.
There's no real risk,
he couldn't
possibly reach me.
He couldn't
possibly reach the city,
but he did.
He's outsmarted all of you
and he'll do it again!
I guess I've loved
you a great deal more
than I should have.
And I haven't
loved you?
Yes, in your way.
But there's a great
difference between
your way and mine.
I just can't go on
wondering if every
time a door slams,
it's somebody after you
or somebody to
tell me you're dead!
There can be a break
any time, any minute.
Any minute, for four years
I've waited for any minute.
No more.
I know, this has come
at a terrible time...
No more!
You're not thinking straight!
Oh, Sam.
Either we drive
down to the beach,
right now,
or we're through.
Lila, I know you're
not thinking straight.
You can't be serious.
I was never more
serious in my life.
Well, everything's
all set, now.
I hope Bobby hasn't left
any live frogs around.
Lila, Lila' what is it,
a doctor?
Is it anything
about the baby?
I'll be all right.
Look, dear, I know
what a strain
this has been for you.
I'm just going to
call your doctor
and have him come
over and take a look.
No, Mary, I'd just
like to rest a while,
if you don't mind.
Now, look, your bed's
all ready and waiting.
You're going to come in
and lie down a little bit,
and not think
about a single thing.
And before you
know it, it's all
going to be over.
These are the Credlow Hills,
situated some 23 miles from
the downtown
section of the city.
And right now'
this is the focal point...
Do you believe that,
Mrs. Flanders?
...separate state'
county and municipal
to root out
the fugitive murderer.
Earlier, a helicopter...
Do you believe
they really think
I'm there?
In terrain such as this'
mud conditions have been
a definite handicap...
That would be
your husband,
wouldn't it?
Now the weather bureau
predicts clearing skies,
and police authorities
will continue on...
That would be Otto,
wouldn't it,
Mrs. Flanders?
Captain' Captain, could you
come here a minute' please?
Be right with you.
Ladies and gentlemen'
I'm trying to get
Captain Lyle Snow
of the State Highway Patrol...
Please don't say anything.
Hi, honey.
Remember Leon Poole
I knew in the army?
Rigged that holdup?
What do you think
has happened?
You got it on.
it is true that Leon Poole
is somewhere in the area
that the television audience
is now seeing on the...
They have him cornered?
Captain, do you care to
make any predictions as to
when you can wind this up?
Well' we know we're
up against a dangerous...
Where's this
going on, Grace?
...and a lucky one, too.
We do have him trapped.
Grace, where's
this going...
...that's a big
advantage to us,
knowing that.
So this way you
can concentrate
all your personnel
on this one operation?
Right, and in my opinion,
Poole's capture
is only a matter of time.
Well' thank you, Captain,
we appreciate your...
Turn it off, Otto.
Excuse me now, will you?
Yes, surely.
Ladies and gentlemen,
that was Captain Lyle Snow
of the State Highway Patrol.
if it isn't Foggy, himself.
What are you trying to do,
scare her to death?
Easy there.
That's a lot of ordinance.
I know how to use it.
You taught me.
I tried to.
I hope you're
not any better now
than you were then.
You know something, Foggy?
You look pretty beat.
I had a little rest.
I guess you're
the top kick now, Foggy.
Don't call me that again.
There's something
I've got to do.
Right now,
I need a change of clothes.
You sure do.
I'll see if I can
dig something...
Show me the raincoat.
Hold it up.
This chore
you've got lined up...
Remember what you
used to tell me about?
I was all thumbs
and two left feet.
Blind as a bat.
Ribbing you.
I remember everybody
treated me like that
back when I was a kid.
That's why she was...
Why she meant so much.
My wife.
She never laughed at me.
Not once.
About anything.
Made me feel I was somebody.
Things I said, things I did.
You don't know how
important that was.
It's the difference
between being dead
and being alive.
I loved her more than
anything in the world.
More than life.
Much more.
A cop murdered her.
Poole, they cleared
that up at the trial.
He killed her!
And now...
I'm gonna kill his wife.
Want a drink?
Mind if I have some milk?
Your car
in the driveway?
I don't think it's
gonna do you much good.
Is there something
wrong with it?
With you.
Look, you're shaking,
you're so tired.
You're knocked out.
Not every cop is on
that wild goose chase, Leon.
I guarantee you'll be
cut to pieces before you
ever reach your goal.
So what's the percentage?
Can't you see what
you're up against?
Don't you know me
from the old days?
Don't you think I
could take you myself
if I had to?
And I'm just one guy.
Without a gun.
You are strong and quick.
Turn your head,
take your eyes off
me for one second,
that's all I'd need.
But you know that, too.
I suppose it would be easy.
Grab me or throw something.
Yeah, that's what I mean.
So, how about it, Leon?
What else could I do?
What else could I do?
And until Poole has been
taken into custody'
which is expected momentarily,
all civilians have
been asked to remain away
from the Credlow Hills area.
Honey, how many
times must I tell you
to sit back,
you'll ruin your eyes.
And what did I tell you about
keeping the sound down?
I don't want
Lila disturbed.
That's okay,
she's leaving
to go downtown.
I was just in there.
Hey, Mom, if this
thing's such a big deal,
how come
they don't show Pop?
What do you
think you're doing?
Sam expects you
to wait here
until he's through.
He's through now, Mary.
So am I.
I gave him a choice
of leaving or
staying with me.
He left.
What a nice send off.
That should help him a lot.
When has he helped me?
When has he thought of me?
Is he thinking of me now
playing pigeon
for a crazy murderer
when there isn't
any need for it?
Is he?
Yes, he is.
Because Sam is
sitting in for you.
I don't know what you mean.
That was
the whole idea.
You weren't supposed
to know!
But I think
you've got it coming.
As far as Poole is concerned,
Sam is just
a consolation prize.
You're the one
he's after.
That's right, you!
Sam's been tying
himself up in knots,
lying up one side
and down the other.
Everyone but
the Northwest Mounties
trying to help!
And do you know why?
So he could hold on
to you!
So he could spare you
even one second's
little extra worry!
As if you were
wrapped in cotton bunting
with special rules
for handling!
As if you were different
from any other cop's wife!
I guess you are different.
I may be on
the right track at that.
That's a rotten business.
It costs a lot and
what does it pay?
If it has to be run,
let somebody else's
husband run it.
Am I right?
Look, dear.
The reason I could
tell you all this
in such a pretty way,
is because I've been
over the same terrain.
Right now,
I think you'd better have
a little something to drink,
it won't hurt you.
It won't hurt me, either.
And in
this particular sector,
not a bush or a ravine
is being overlooked.
It is here that
one of the searchers
believes he
sighted Leon Poole.
And although there have been
similar reports within
the past ten minutes'
none of them has
been disregarded...
Sam, Chris here. Final check.
All lines are set.
We're in business.
Haven't had
a chance to ask you,
have any
trouble parking Lila?
What about Denny's witness?
Haven't been able to
find his report yet.
Hold it, boys.
I've got somebody.
Walking fast.
Tall, lean, it's a teenager.
Check him out.
He's coming
across on your side.
He's about sixteen.
He's got a dog with him.
What kind of dog?
Sam, this is just a dog.
Turning in,
two doors down from you.
That's a Flannigan kid.
Got a report on that
Holly Road address.
Guy's name is Otto Flanders.
Used to know
Poole from the army.
We figured that
Poole could be there.
A dozen of the boys should be
covering it by now.
Just sit tight.
Maybe we can turn
this neighborhood of yours
back to the kids and the dogs.
Sam, got a report on
the Flanders' house.
We get A for effort,
that's all.
He'd been there'
killed Flanders.
Did you learn anything else?
No, not from Flanders' wife.
She's in a state of shock.
Pretty bad off.
I guess we can
expect Poole anytime now.
Thank you.
Sam. We've lost Lila.
What do you mean
you've lost her?
She's not at my house'
she walked out.
Mary meant well,
but she told Lila what
the score was and she left.
Got any idea where
she might have gone?
a hotel, I don't know.
I think she's headed here.
Chris, she can't come here!
She's your wife' isn't she?
I've called for
a couple of squad cars.
For what?
To stake him out here.
Poole comes along,
he sees them, it tips 'em off.
He ducks out'
it gives Lila a clear path.
And we lose Poole.
Well, it's a gamble,
I just wanted you
to know what I'd do.
But you're the boss,
Sam, you call it.
How would she
get here' in a cab?
Yeah, I guess so,
if she's coming here.
Chris, now get this straight,
keep everything clear,
no squad cars.
Okay' Sam, you're the boss.
Keep me posted,
what's going on?
Got one now, one headlight.
Here's another westbound,
woman driving.
Lady, look out!
Lady in the light gray job
recovering from near miss.
Heading up your street.
Did Poole take
the Flanders' car?
That's their guess,
they're checking with
the neighbors out there
for a description,
they'll get back
to me right way.
Somebody's coming.
Man heading
west on North Vale.
Woman, tall,
plaid raincoat.
Sam's side of the street.
Check her out.
Black sedan moving into
your street, two people.
What happened to your gal
in the plaid raincoat,
what happened to her?
I don't have her.
Neither do I.
It could be Mrs. Ramsay,
she lives three doors down.
Here's your
black sedan passing.
A gal walking in,
she's in a hurry.
Trench coat, red hair...
Red hair, is it Lila?
Could be.
What's the matter,
can't you tell?
I think so, Sam,
but I can't be sure.
How tall is she?
5'6", 5'7"?
It must be Lila!
She wouldn't walk into this,
what about the cab?
Who knows?
If it is,
she's gotta pass here, Sam,
and we'll cover her.
Now, don't worry.
Sam, we got her now.
I think you're right.
Hey, that dame we lost
in the plaid raincoat?
She's right behind her!
Right behind her,
where's she been?
Listen, are you sure
it's a woman?
Is it a man or a woman?
Come in, somebody'
where are you?
Yeah, yeah, it could be
a man. Well, it could
be a woman, too.
It's just the walk,
it seems wrong.
If it is Poole,
what's he waiting for?
He's not sure it's Lila.
Could be right.
I tell you, Sam,
he's not sure it's Lila.
He's waiting for her
to turn into your place,
so he'll be sure.
We'd better move in!
Hold it, hold it.
If you move in,
he'll start
shooting at Lila first.
We can drop him
in his tracks, Sam,
what about it?
That's no good,
suppose it is a woman.
It's too late
now anyways, Sam.
They're out of sight.
We've picked him up now.
Does Lila know?
Can you tell if Lila knows?
Hold it.
Sam, it is Poole
and Lila knows it.
We better pick him up' now.
Miss the first crack,
he'll shoot her dead.
Can you swear you won't miss?
You'll have to
call the signal' Sam.
I can't and won't.
She'll use her head.
If she passes by here,
Poole will think
he made a mistake.
She won't play it that way'
she'll try to reach you.
She can't!
What's wrong with you?
She's in love with you'
isn't she?
She's not going to think
everything out with her head!
But you call it.
Is that the way you want it?
Come in, Sam,
you haven't much time,
she's almost there!
She's got to pass by, Chris.
I know she will.
Just let her keep walking.
The minute she's in
the clear, move in!
Here they come' Sam.
Sam, she's going past,
she's gonna make it!
It's all right, darling.