The Killer Next Door (2018) Movie Script

[Matthew] Hey babe.
(heavy breathing)
Almost there.
Keep it up.
[Julie] You're at the light.
Matthew slow down.
I got it, I got it.
(deep breaths)
You good?
It's been nine months,
I'm just excited
to meet this guy.
Right little mini me?
Excuse me, mini us.
I think I got a little
something to do with this.
My bad, I'm just a
bystander at this point.
I can't imagine.
Do you think I'm gonna
be a good father?
Are you crazy?
I don't know.
You're gonna be amazing.
I wouldn't of married
you otherwise.
I love you so much.
I love you.
Honey the light's green.
Yeah, okay.
(low rumbling)
(high pitched ringing)
(melancholy music)
(gentle music)
[Mom] Hi baby.
You're fine baby.
Everything's gonna be fine.
What happened?
You're in the hospital.
Wait a minute.
Where's my,
where's my
Right over there baby.
(baby crying)
Hi Allison.
Where's Matthew?
I'm so sorry Julie.
[Mom] They did everything
they could sweetheart.
I'm sorry honey.
[Julie] Mom
I'm sorry sweetheart, they
did everything they could.
They tried.
[Mom] Honey.
[Mom] Sweetheart,
you've gotta stay calm.
No, no!
No, no, no!
[Julie] No, no where is he!
Calm down.
[Mom] You've gotta calm down.
[Julie] No, Matthew!
(sad music)
(light upbeat music)
[Boy] You mean
that's our house?
[Female] It sure is buddy.
What do you think?
[Boy] I love it.
Oh my goodness, this
is actually happening!
Oh come here buddy.
Oh yeah!
I missed you so much Matty!
Can't do that in a video chat.
Hey, I heard you like Legos.
[Matty] Yeah.
Okay, go on, let's go inside.
We can unload later.
I have coffee inside.
How was the drive?
[Julie] It was long.
But I got lots of Matty time.
[Allison] I just
cannot believe you guys
are actually here.
[Julie] Well, in all
fairness, you have been
begging for six years.
No seven actually.
I've been wanting you to
come out since before...
Yeah, it's okay.
Before Matthew died.
Well I'm just so glad
you guys are here now.
Me too.
And I live only
four blocks away.
Definite bonus.
Yeah, I can barely see
Matty just growing up here.
And you?
Yeah, I am ready
to start over.
It's time you know?
Oh yeah, I'll say.
I do however need a job.
You will find one.
You will.
We'll figure it out, together.
You are the best.
[Matty] Hey Mommy,
look what I made!
Are you ready for me
to storm your castle?
[Matty] No.
I'm gonna get you!
(light music)
(ominous music)
(engine turning)
[Julie] Hey buddy.
[Allison] There he
goes, look at you.
[Matty] Thanks.
[Allison] Good job.
Just stay on
the sidewalk okay?
[Matty] I am.
You know, a lot of the kids
his age in the neighborhood
don't have training
wheels anymore.
He's getting there.
Oh yeah.
No, of course.
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to overstep.
No, no, you didn't.
It's just, I don't think he
needs to grow up too fast.
One day at a time you know?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Okay, so where were we?
Well I do need to
find a sitter for Matty.
Oh, that's easy,
Hello Neighbor.
What's that?
[Allison] It's the greatest
invention in the world.
Mom, mommy, mom, look!
Can I?
[Julie] Of course you can, go.
Hang on Matt, I've got
my eyes on you though.
Be careful!
So anyways, Hello
Neighbor is the private
social network for
the neighborhood.
Okay yeah, I think
I've heard of this.
Yeah, yeah.
All the local
communities have them.
It's kind of addictive.
You can keep up with
all the juicy gossip
between the neighbors,
and it's actually just a
great resource for referrals,
so it's good.
Okay, so you think I can
actually find a sitter there?
Oh yeah, for sure.
They have everything
from street closures,
to yard sales, to job openings.
Oh hey, Randie, Eleanor. This
is my sisterinlaw Julie.
She just moved here.
[Randie] Hi Julie.
[Allison] And that
is my nephew Matty.
He will be in Cameron's class.
Oh, so he's going into first?
[Julie] Yes.
So are the twins.
I'll make sure they
make him feel welcomed.
Oh thank you.
(light music)
Searching nannies, here we go.
User, Julie33, enter.
Hello Marisol, you look like
a lovely nanny candidate.
[Mom] Hi honey,
can you see me?
I can see half of you.
How about now?
I can see your ear, barely.
What about now?
Just back up two feet Mom.
[Mom] Okay honey.
How are you?
I miss you.
I miss you too sweetheart.
How are you?
Great even.
I've got a job interview.
Oh honey,
I'm so glad.
You are such an incredible
physical therapist.
I really miss my
shoulder rubs already.
Well come and visit.
You need to settle in.
How's your sisterinlaw?
You can ask without that
subtle hint of irritation.
Well, I just don't
understand why you
had to move across the
country to be near her.
I told you, I needed
a fresh start Mom.
[Mom] But honey, you're
so far away from me.
Don't start.
Too late, I'm starting.
I mean you could move here.
It's gorgeous.
The suburbs!
I need you to be happy for me.
I am honey.
I'm happy for you.
I just miss you and I love you.
(loud thunder)
(faint clanking)
I love you too.
I gotta go.
[Mom] What was that?
I'm sure it's nothing
Mom, I'll call you later.
[Mom] Honey.
(loud thunder)
(ominous music)
This is an impressive place
you have here I must say.
And I'm excited to start.
Thank you again for
the opportunity.
Oh of course.
My top therapist suddenly
decided to stop coming to work.
Yeah, I'm sorry to hear
about your therapist.
Well, I'm just grateful
you called when you did.
Well Julie, welcome aboard.
Well thank you.
See Monday Dr. P.
[Dr. Pearson] Blake,
how's your knee?
It's good thanks to you.
Hi, Blake Larson.
Nice to meet ya.
Hi, I'm Julie Caster.
It's my first day.
Oh, well I look forward
to seeing you again.
Me too.
Well it's nice to
meet you Julie Caster.
See you guys later.
I'm excited to start.
Oh I'm getting dizzy!
Let's go the other way!
Good job!
[Marisol] Julie Caster?
Hi, hi, oh my
gosh, call me Julie.
You must be Marisol.
You didn't answer
the front door
and then I heard the two of you
having a blast
back here so I just
thought I'd
Yeah no, of course, welcome.
This is Matty.
Matty come.
Hi Matty, I'm Marisol.
I emailed you my references.
Oh yeah, I've called
them all already.
Sorry, I'm helicopter mom.
But they're all very big fans.
And I helped raise my
three little brothers
so I've had a lot of practice.
Well I just got a job.
I'm working three days
a week from 10 to six.
So I can take Matty to
school in the mornings
but I need someone
to pick him up
and then just be here
with him until I get home.
I'm studying for
LSATs right now
and taking some night classes,
so it actually
works out perfectly.
He's adorable by the way.
I'm not adorable,
I'm tough, see?
Oh my goodness,
you aren't kidding.
I bet you're super fast too huh?
I am!
I bet you can't catch me.
Oh we'll see about that!
Okay you're hired!
You're gonna get dizzy!
(ominous music)
Okay, three and
a half miles, nice.
Good work.
What is that?
That's from the rock fairy.
Well, aka me.
Too cute, okay.
Ha. Yeah
Let's go in.
It is cute.
[Julie] You are so cute.
Yeah, no, it's a
tradition in Birchwood.
An anonymous neighbor
always leaves it
as a sign of
welcome and support.
That's sweet.
Yeah, less hokey.
[Julie] I love hokey.
Well then you'll fit right in.
Oh gosh. Well I can
say I have to thank you
then anonymous neighbor.
Okay, well that's a rock.
No, for everything.
I mean I'm happy Ally.
For the first time since,
since I lost him.
So you are just gonna
have to get used
to me being all
emotional and grateful
at how awesome you are.
Well yeah.
When Matthew died I
thought I lost everything.
But it's almost like...
he's alive again in Matty.
You know what I mean?
Very much so.
I feel that.
Well aren't we a pair?
[Julie] We are.
Almost done Matt attack.
It's a fairy rock.
Big time.
Hey baby.
Hi Ally, how are you?
Good to see you this morning.
Nice surprise.
Had to get a little Matty time
before I start my day.
Speaking of Matty time,
Marisol's making
me cinnamon toast.
Smells yummy.
Well that is your sugar
for the day, okay?
[Matty] I know Mommy.
I like to keep
his sugar intake
to a bare minimum.
Of course.
Thank you.
Ooh, I want some.
Mommy said I
can only have one.
Mean mommy.
[Matty] Mean mommy.
Nice, nice guys.
Okay, I'm running late so
you guys have a good day.
I love you.
Bye, I love you too.
Mommy's right, you probably
should just have one.
I'll help you with that.
Hey, that was mine!
Mm, so good!
Mm, good Marisol.
(upbeat music)
So, how you liking
Birchwood so far?
It's pretty perfect.
How's that feeling?
It's actually a lot better.
You're a little miracle
worker aren't you?
You are too kind.
I'm gonna go ahead
and jump in head first.
Would it be too soon
for me to ask you out?
On a date?
No, on a fishing expedition.
I'm just kidding, I know
nothing about fishing.
And apparently
less about dating.
But I'd like to take
you out for a meal
and coffee on land.
Well, (stutters).
Before you answer,
just imagine how
awkward it's gonna
be, me coming here
three times a week and you
rejecting me each time.
Yeah, that would
be pretty awkward.
Yeah, I'm stubborn.
I'm gonna keep asking
until you give in.
So you might as well save
yourself a lot of time
and me a lot of embarrassment.
Just say yes.
How about an I'll
think about it?
I'll take it.
Have you thought about it?
Okay, come on.
(ominous music)
And with a whoosh of the wand,
she turned the frog
into a handsome prince
and they lived
happily ever after.
[Matty] I like that one Mama.
What do you like about
that one my sweet boy?
I like the hairy godmother.
You mean the fairy.
[Matty] She
reminded me of Ally.
Awe, that's so nice.
Who did I remind you of?
The frog.
The frog?
[Matty] Where's Bibbby mom?
[Julie] I think
Bibbby's downstairs.
I'm gonna have to get him
for you in a few minutes.
[Matty] Promise?
[Julie] I promise.
[Officer] May I help
you with something?
It's sleep, sleep, sleep time.
Night froggy.
Ha ha, goodnight.
I love you.
[Officer] Hey wait,
don't I know you?
(loud clanking)
(loud shattering)
(dog barking)
(ominous music)
[Phone operator] 911.
There's an
intruder in my house.
Yes, no, I'm locked
upstairs in my son's room.
I can hear them downstairs.
Hurry please.
(heavy breathing)
It was just me and my son.
And where's your son now?
He's upstairs.
I didn't wanna wake him.
We were together in his
room when it happened.
Got it.
And as far as missing items,
nothing except
Some cash.
I don't keep that
much around the house.
Oh and Matty's stuffed
bunny that he sleeps with.
He loves that rabbit,
it was his fathers.
Yeah, it's brown with a
white patch on it's side.
He calls it Bibbby.
Bibbby, is that with two B's?
Actually it's with three.
I'll file the report,
send you the case number.
If you see any suspicious
activity let us know.
[Allison] I can't believe it.
Well it happened to me.
I know, I know, I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
I know.
You know, have you posted
about it on Hello Neighbor?
Why would I
Well, I mean people
post about anything.
Usually it's that there's
trash in the street
or the trees need trimming.
But this is something people
should actually know about.
You're probably right.
I just, it feels weird that that
would be my first post you know?
Yeah, well, this community
lives in it's own little bubble.
They could use a
good wake up call.
Okay, I'll do that.
I feel like I just need to
recover a little bit first.
Oh yeah, no of course.
It's just really important
that you post it
in Hello Neighbor.
Yeah, I will.
What time is it?
I actually have to
go to work today.
It's the weekend.
Well I'm filling in.
Earning some brownie
points with Dr. Pearson.
I'll see ya, gotta go.
Alright, bye.
(ominous music)
Hi mom.
[Mom] I've been so
worried about you.
Oh we're fine.
It was just a break in.
Just a break in?
I thought that neighborhood
was supposed to be safe?
I'm fine.
The whole neighborhood
is stepping up.
Do you have friends yet?
Of course.
You wanna name names?
[Mom] That sounds
kind of snooty.
She's nice.
And Randie, also nice.
And Blake.
A boy?
A man, I'm not 16 anymore.
Well I'm just glad you're open
to finding love again honey.
Thanks Mom.
I love you.
I love you more.
Stay safe.
[Voiceover] Glad you
and your son are okay.
[Voiceover] Sounds scary.
Super sorry that happened.
[Voiceover] Did Officer
Wells take a report?
[Voiceover] Let us know
if you need anything Julie33.
That's nice.
Hold on, what?
People like me make the
whole neighborhood less safe?
[Narrator] People
like you make the
neighborhood less safe.
Get a life.
[Voiceover] Maybe
you were broken into
because you don't
have enough security.
[Voiceover] Get more lights.
[Voiceover] We used to
have a safe neighborhood.
[Voiceover] You thought
about getting a dog?
[Voiceover] For sure.
It's like they're blaming
me for the break in.
[Blake] Did they
leave their names?
No, just their handles.
You're doing great,
just a few more.
Yeah, you know, some of
these handles are ridiculous.
Mylawnisbetterthanyours28. What?
When they're
anonymous they feel
like they have a platform
to say whatever they want.
And it hurts peoples feelings.
You know what my handle is?
[Julie] Niceguy41?
Blake Larson.
'Cause I got nothing to hide.
take 12.
There was no huff and puff,
you didn't know what
I was gonna say?
You're gonna do 12 more
is what's gonna happen.
Would you like to
go on a date with me?
I think it's about time.
Don't make me go for a
baker's dozen please?
It's really good.
You're looking great.
Okay, I'll see you at seven.
(slow paced music)
I, you know,
figured I would
just cut straight
to the unconventional and
see if you could handle it.
I can handle it.
But unconventional could
have been, you know,
scuba diving or masquerade ball.
You've been on many
of those have you?
Nah, I'd much
rather be on a date
with my date's nanny and son.
[Marisol] Oh cute face Matty.
He is adorable.
Okay, well you're
not scuba dating,
what do you like to do?
Tell me stuff, you stuff.
Oh me stuff?
I lost my wife three years ago.
It was fast and
horrible and devastating
and I fell into a rabbit
hole I couldn't get out of.
So I took up jogging.
[Julie] It's therapeutic.
But I did overtrain,
thus the knee injury,
and Dr. Pearson,
and meeting you.
(ominous music)
Alright, enough about me.
Tell me about your husband.
Well, we were high
school sweethearts.
First everything.
And he was my best friend.
To survivors.
(camera shuddering)
I do hate that phrase.
I mean it's way
better than widower.
I just find the phrase
"Survived by their wife
and son" to be pessimistic.
You know, it's like,
I don't know.
Now that he's gone
are we just supposed
to exist?
Instead of thriving.
To thriving.
[Blake] Well alright.
(camera shuddering)
[Marisol] Ooh, nice
balance, good job.
You know, they can come
sit with us if you want.
Yeah I'm sure.
Hey Matty, you guys,
come sit with us.
[Matty] Okay.
[Marisol] Okay,
bring your pizza Matty.
Let's do this.
Thank you Marisol.
How's your pizza?
Hey Matty, why was
six afraid of seven?
Oh I know, 'cause
seven ate nine.
Good one.
Careful. Wow, wild one.
[Blake] He's feisty.
I don't know what that was.
Blake's a blank dinosaur Mom.
[Blake] Hey, stickers
don't make friends.
It's totally cool!
Oh no, what now?
Are you kidding me?
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
What are you doing?
You're in your pajamas.
Yeah, well, my ball
gown's being pressed.
What are you doing really?
I'm hauling in
your trash cans.
Yeah, well, I'm perfectly
capable of doing that myself.
It's nearly eight, the
trash was picked up yesterday.
This is an eyesore.
The trash was picked
up yesterday morning.
Yes, I got that
the first time.
Look, I'm the resident
matriarch of the block.
I know everything
that happens here.
I'm sorry about your break in.
Thank you, it
could of been worse.
If you wanna
play by the rules,
keep your front yard
tidy, bring in your trash,
keep your alarm on.
We'll be great friends.
Well that would be nice.
Hey baby, time to get up.
Okay you little sleepy monster.
(ominous music)
Are we playing hide and seek?
I'm gonna find you.
Matty Matty!
He's six.
Only sixyearsold.
Shouldn't we be looking
for him right now?
I mean, aren't there
statistics about kids
who've been missing
for 24 hours?
[Officer] Chances
are he's fine.
How do you know this?
Are you psychic?
Do you even have children?
No ma'am, neither.
Then you don't know that.
You don't know that!
Calm down.
Calm down?
Does he have a phone?
Again, he is six.
Could he be on a
play date with someone?
We haven't lived here that long.
Marisol his nanny
is with her family.
She hasn't seen him.
I'm calling Allison but it's
going straight to voicemail.
And she wouldn't know
where he is anyway.
And I know there's a
local patrol officer
but nobody can find him.
Okay I'm sorry, but I
don't know what to do.
We're gonna put on
an APB on your son.
And in the meantime,
is there anyone
That can help you
canvas the neighborhood?
I don't know.
Actually, yes, yes.
My neighbors.
[Eleanor] Well I just
think it's all a little,
this is a little dramatic.
Am I right?
I want you to take a group
and get over to
Diversity and 6th.
[Eleanor] I doubt
he's gotten that far.
He's a little boy,
anything's possible.
Now the rest of you,
I want you to fan out!
We've been on our feet
for six hours Lydia.
If it were the twins,
would you stop now?
Has anybody seen
Officer Wells?
Oh please, I've
seen commas more
than I've seen that imbecile.
We only have a few
hours of daylight left,
let's find the boy.
You heard the lady.
Lydia, Lydia, anything yet?
Thank you so much
for doing this.
Oh this is what neighbors do.
I mean if my security cam
hadn't been on the fritz,
all it does is show black.
Then I could of at least
seen where the boy went.
Oh no, come on please.
You can't blame yourself.
This is just...
[Lydia] Is that Matty?
Where's he been?
Is he okay?
[Matty] Mom, look what I got?
[Lydia] Oh thank god.
Where were you?
I called you like 20 times!
I'm so sorry, my phone died.
But I told you I was
taking him to the fair.
No you didn't.
Yes I did, it's on
the calendar Julie.
We talked about it.
That is next month.
It was today.
I mean I tried to wake
you up when we left,
but you were dead to the world.
I'm so sorry.
[Narrator] I know
where my kids are.
You just forgot Julie.
It happens.
Everything's fine
but I am so sorry.
Guys everything's fine, it's
just a misunderstanding.
Thank you all for your concern.
[Lydia] You're welcome!
[Allison] Everything's fine.
[Lydia] I guess.
Honey, let's go inside.
[Allison] Julie wait!
[Narrator] I can't believe
we wasted the whole afternoon.
[Lydia] I'm glad Matty's okay,
but why doesn't she
know where her son is?
[Narrator] Can you
believe she didn't know
where her own child was?
I just spent my entire day
looking a neighbor's missing
kid who wasn't missing.
I hate her.
Maybe mykidisgifted87 hates you,
but come on, her kid is gifted.
She probably hates everyone
and their inferior children.
Oh my gosh, where did
they get this photo?
Oh wow.
"Face the facts lady,
some people just
shouldn't be parents.
No one sober loses their kid."
You need to ignore
this Julie, they are
I had one beer Allison.
No, I know, I get it.
This is ridiculous.
Okay, remember, this
is where cowards vent.
It's their safe space.
It doesn't feel safe.
Screw it, you know what,
this is my home now.
If they're gonna be cowards,
I'm gonna call them out on it.
What are you gonna say?
I love my son. I
thought he was missing.
I would question any parent
who loves their child
as much as I do,
who wouldn't do
exactly the same?
I just...
I feel like this is my fault.
If we wouldn't of gone
to the fair, then
No, obviously I
screwed up the dates.
I mean you're so crazy
about your calendar
I just figured that
you knew and so I
Totally my fault Ally.
And it was on the calendar.
I mean it was
Matty's handwriting.
I don't know. I just
I got confused.
And he had such a good time.
I had such a good time.
Speaking of a good time.
You don't kiss and tell?
It was nice.
I mean he's nice.
Who knows though,
it's all so new.
Well I'm here for
you, you know that.
I mean I'll watch
Matty any time.
You can even stay the night.
Yeah, all the kids
called her the pit bull.
She was the absolute worst.
Mrs. Finklemeyer.
Her name was mean.
I couldn't do anything right.
I was always a
quarter inch too long.
Or if I parked my
car in the street
for 30 seconds she'd lodge
a complaint with the HOA.
Oh god, you poor thing.
I know, she tortured me.
You're not kidding.
So to say the least,
I can empathize.
Unfortunately we can't
change our neighbors, but...
We can choose our friends.
That we can.
Perfect timing.
Oh shoot, I'm sorry.
Blake it's Ally, do
you mind if I take it?
No, of course not.
Hey Ally, how's it going?
I'm just calling to
check in like you asked.
Oh we're having the
time of our lives.
As usual.
So you guys are okay if
I stay out a little longer?
Oh yeah, of course.
Stay out as late as you need.
[Julie] Okay, well give
Matty a big hug for me
and tell him how
much I love him okay?
Will do.
Have fun.
I owe you big time.
[Allison] Hey I
love my Matty time.
Was that Mommy?
Yup, sounds like she's
gonna be out a little later
so it's just you and me.
All right, keep stirring
that batter buddy.
I need a double fudge
brownie, pronto.
Just so you know,
Mommy doesn't let me
have chocolate this late.
Well Mommy's not here
right now is she?
[Matty] She'll be mad.
Why don't you let
me worry about that.
You're on Auntie Ally
time now aren't you?
[Allison] How is this stuff?
[Matty] How is it?
You should try it.
Mm, it is good.
[Allison] It's good!
Thank you.
It's nice, they seem
to really get along.
Matty and Allison?
Yeah, he seems
to really love her.
Yeah, he does.
Well, it's nice.
Oh, so anymore incidents?
No, not in a couple of days.
Well, that's encouraging.
Maybe that dark
cloud found another
victim to hover above.
Oh man, I hope so.
I mean enough already right?
Enough is enough.
You're funny.
[Marisol] So you're
thinking a collie.
[Allison] Matty get over here!
[Matty] Ally!
Hey, I got the afternoon off.
Let's go do something!
[Matty] Ally!
You wanna go get ice cream?
Okay hop in.
Hey, Julie said he's
not supposed to have
anymore sugar today.
I want ice cream!
I want ice cream!
He wants ice cream.
Please, please, please!
You can study
while we're gone.
I'll have him back in an hour.
Just have him back before 5:30
or I'm in big trouble.
[Allison] Say
thank you Marisol.
Thank you Marisol!
(slow paced music)
[Julie] Not too high,
it's scary up high!
I wanna go higher!
[Randie] Eleanor look.
She pays more
attention to her phone
than her own child.
No wonder he went missing.
(ominous music)
(camera shuddering)
Alright, I'm coming
in, I'm coming in!
Here we go!
[Matty] You're gonna be
swinging as high as me!
[Julie] The one who goes
the highest picks lunch!
[Matty] I wanna go to
the Ferris wheel Mommy.
May I have a grilled
cheese with no pepper
and a side of fries?
[Julie] Oh that looks so good.
[Matty] This is
the best day Mom!
[Julie] Look at
us, we're high!
(loud rock music)
Oh why is everybody outside?
What's that noise Mommy?
I don't know honey.
[Matty] It's really loud.
I have no idea.
Is that coming from our house?
Oh no.
Matty stay in the car honey.
She is on thin ice.
Way to draw a crowd!
Well I...
You know what,
Matthew's in the car,
do you mind getting
him out for me?
Of course, of
course, of course.
What's happening?
I don't know.
You're just
Another habit
going bad on me
What is going on?
(ominous music)
Hey Matty, why don't
you go on inside
honey and wash up, okay?
Thank you.
Everything okay?
(loud music)
[Driver] Is this
where the party's at?
Oh great.
What now?
What do you mean?
You're Julie right?
Yes but no, this
is ridiculous.
I'm not throwing a party.
[Lydia] According
to that flyer you are.
She's becoming quite
the nuisance isn't she?
Poor woman.
Poor child.
This has to be
some kind of prank.
Whatever lady.
You know what everybody just
go back in your homes.
Honestly, between you and I,
she's a stain on this community.
Give her a chance Eleanor.
[Julie] I had nothing to do
with this!
Just leave me alone.
[Eleanor] Well don't
play your music so loud.
Why would somebody do this?
Maybe it's kids?
No, kids, children are not
this calculating and malicious.
It's like they're out to get me.
You know Matty,
time for bed honey.
Can Ally read me a story?
You know where your
toothbrush is right?
[Ally] Okay, go brush
and I'll be right up.
How well do you know Eleanor?
Eh, she's not one of my buds
if you know what I mean.
Do you like her?
Promise not to tell?
Okay, no I don't.
I think she is
petty, judgmental,
and condescending.
And she thinks her
twins are far superior
to any of the other peasant
children in the neighborhood.
Okay wow, you
really don't like her.
Actually what it is though,
I don't trust her.
(ominous music)
Yeah, why do you ask?
It's just a vibe
I'm getting from her.
Do you think she's
From Hello Neighbor, the hater.
I mean it makes total
sense if you think about it.
I don't wanna jump
to any conclusions.
Thank you for the info.
Our little secret?
[Ally] Pinky swear.
Pinky swear.
(faint ringing)
[Marisol] Great job Matty.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, yeah.
Are you okay?
Yeah it's just,
actually I saw this last night.
Oh my god.
[Marisol] Look, I
know this isn't you,
but someone is
really trying to make
it seem like you're
crazy or unstable.
[Julie] Who?
I have no idea.
I just thought you should know.
Are they trying to
get Matty taken from me?
Yeah, looks that way.
But who, why?
I mean that is just evil.
Yeah, I agree.
Maybe you should
call the police.
Yeah, they're not exactly
my biggest fans right now.
I'm sorry.
For what it's worth,
I have a friend
who is a computer
whiz who might be
able to uncover the identity's
for the more aggressive posts.
And then I can send a
cease and desist letter.
If you'd like.
That would be amazing.
[Marisol] Of course.
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,
look how fast I can go!
Look at you, wow!
Hey, your training
wheels are off.
Ally took them off for me.
She said I don't
need them anymore.
Oh you didn't know?
[Matty] She was right, see?
Yeah honey she was.
She was.
Ally listen,
someone is stalking me.
Posting photographs.
[Ally] Yeah these
are really creepy.
I mean it's like
they're trying
to get Matty taken from me.
How can we figure out
who these are posted from?
You know it's funny
that you mention that.
Marisol thinks that
she can actually
identify the more
aggressive ones
and flush them
into the daylight.
Oh okay, good.
Oh and I already
talked to Blake,
he's gonna introduce me
to an attorney on Friday.
Wow, wow okay.
Are we sure that's necessary?
It's getting worse Allison.
It's more than just nosy
overly opinionated neighbors.
Who made that flyer?
It's malicious.
Yeah okay, well you
gotta do what you gotta do.
I would just...
avoid upsetting the
neighbors anymore
than we already have.
I know.
I'm sorry I have become the
pariah of your community now.
I feel horrible.
And you brought me here.
But Ally, you have
to believe me.
I am not doing anything wrong.
No I do, I do.
Absolutely I believe you.
And Allison, I don't want
to seem unappreciative,
and it was really
really sweet of you
to take Matty's
training wheels off.
But that was my job.
Yeah, well,
he was just really excited
to ride like a big boy.
[Matty] Mommy, can I
have a glass of water?
Yeah honey, I'll
be right there.
I get it, I do.
I just don't wanna miss the
important moments you know?
Yeah, of course.
It won't happen again.
Thank you.
He's just adorable.
He's doing this little
dance right now.
I think it's called the
flossy or something?
You ever heard of this?
[Client] Yes, I have.
Have you?
[Client] Yes.
[Julie] Do you have kids?
[Client] Yes I do.
(ominous music)
Excuse me a second.
What do you want?!
What do you want?!
Julie, hey.
What's going on?
I swear somebody
was watching me.
I... Yeah.
I'm okay.
Look, do you need to take
the rest of the day off?
No of course not.
I'm fine, honestly, I'm fine.
Yeah okay.
Thank you.
[Dr. Pearson] Of course.
(doorbell ringing)
Hang on sweetie,
I'm gonna get that.
[Matty] Okay.
We can't keep doing this.
[Allison] Keep doing what?
You showing up
and hijacking Matty.
Does Julie even
know you're here?
I'm his aunt.
You've made that very clear.
But Mrs. Caster hired me
to watch Matty, not you.
Ms. Caster, she's
no longer married.
Whatever the case, it puts
me in an awkward position
and I have to do my job.
Hey sweetness!
Hey buddy.
If you wanna take
Matty for icecream,
or chocolate, or bike rides,
or whatever you do, just
talk to Mrs. Caster first
so she can let me know.
Ms. Caster.
Matty you have gotten
so good at building stuff.
What am I possibly gonna build?
You could probably
build a train
like that one probably.
All right, I'm gonna head out.
And Julie, when
you get a second,
there's something I need
to talk to you about.
About your sisterinlaw.
Oh, okay.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, it's not urgent.
We can talk Monday.
[Julie] Are you sure?
Yeah, now worries.
Bye Matty.
[Julie] Bye.
Look at this, a train.
I mean look at these
wheels, it's impressive.
Hey, were you able
to pinpoint any of
the users' locations?
You're a genius.
Is there anything on Trent Way?
I know you're
taking a huge risk.
No one's gonna find
out, I promise.
Just give me an address.
You're kidding, I'm listening.
How many houses is
it from the corner?
Are you sure?
I found it.
I gotta go.
It's you.
(ominous music)
Just have patience Matthew.
Just a little longer.
Who gets injured playing golf?
Oh it's Matty's school.
Go ahead.
(ominous music)
She didn't?
Yeah, of course.
I'll be right there.
Is everything okay?
Marisol didn't show up.
Matty's still at school.
Go, go on, go.
Yep. Thank you.
[Marisol] Hi it's
Marisol, leave a message.
Marisol, this is
the fourth message.
I'm getting worried,
are you okay?
Just call me please.
(loud shattering)
What the?
[Matty] Mommy
what was that noise?
Yeah baby, I'm okay.
Just stay upstairs, you hear me?
Stay upstairs.
What the?
[Matty] Mommy,
there's someone outside!
[Julie] I'm coming Matty.
[Officer] So this is the rock?
It's similar to
the ones that the
neighbors paint and
give to the newcomers.
They call it a fairy rock.
It's a little hokey. You know?
It's similar to...
Okay, it was right here.
Would that be the
rock fairy rock?
I mean literally, it was
just here this morning.
Someone is targeting
me and my son.
And now my nanny is missing.
She didn't show
up for work today.
So you want to fill
out a missing persons
report on your nanny?
No, because it hasn't
been 24 hours yet
so she's probably
gonna turn up, right?
(melancholy music)
I know this is a bad
idea, but here it goes.
If anyone has
spoken with Marisol,
please let me know, thanks.
[Narrator] More
drama from you?
[Narrator] First
you lost your son
and now you lose
your babysitter?
Looks like you were
too busy helping.
I mean, I am,
I mean they think I'm crazy.
They spend their days
and nights bullying me
like we're in grade school.
When all I'm trying
to do is reach out
so that I can find Marisol.
I called her parents,
her contacts,
nobody has heard from her.
At the end of today
it's gonna be 48 hours
and I'm filing a
missing persons report.
Meanwhile, I can't
even hire a new nanny
because now I have a reputation.
Julie, maybe you
should take a breath
and calm down or I'm gonna
need physical therapy
for my physical therapy.
Oh my God Blake, I'm so sorry.
Yeah that's too hard.
It's okay, I'm fine.
But you, you need to get
off that online board.
It's toxic.
You're right.
My second favorite
sentence to hear.
You know, I just
was hoping to use
that app so that I could
connect with people.
You know especially for Matty.
That certainly backfired.
I get it.
You know, I think
I can confidently say
that you are my favorite client.
Mm, my favorite therapist.
And friend.
So easy on gams okay?
By the way, what's your
first favorite sentence?
I'll tell you when I hear it.
(ominous music)
New landscaping.
Lydia, I mean did
you see anything?
Sorry no hun, I
must be off my game.
Well, you don't really,
you don't have to help me.
[Lydia] No, no, no, no.
[Julie] I got it.
[Neighbor offscreen]
It's getting sad.
You know, you
may wanna take it
a little easy on the booze.
This is not mine.
I mean this, this is not mine.
I mean seriously, I have an
occasional glass of wine Lydia.
Hard liquor makes me ill.
None of this makes sense.
Oh God.
Who would do this to me?
Lydia I'm sorry.
I just.
I'm so tired.
I'm just so tired
of all of this!
Oh perfect, just perfect!
Yeah, I'm a lush.
Yeah this is just from today.
I don't doubt it.
Eleanor stop it.
This was you wasn't it?
[Eleanor] What?
You and your
little android twins
have wanted me out
of this neighborhood
since day one, haven't you?
Haven't you?
Ms. Mykidsgifted84,
or 86, or 68, whatever.
Okay, come on tiger lady.
Take it down a notch.
You need serious help.
Do you know that?
Oh, I'm crazy?
I'm crazy!
Who is breaking into
houses stealing rocks?
Planting booze in
neighbors trash cans?
She's not worth it, come on.
It's pathetic.
[Julie] Unbelievable.
Look, I know Eleanor,
and she can be a real
BITCH, but she's not evil.
If you're telling
the truth and someone
is doing all these
terrible things to you,
then that is one
evil son of a bitch.
Pardon my language.
Oh my goodness, I
mean what did I just do?
Oh don't worry about them.
In two weeks they'll be whining
about the sprinklers and
you'll be yesterday's news.
Come on.
Thank you Lydia.
Thank you so much
for coming over.
My nerves are just fried.
I don't wanna be alone tonight.
Yeah, no.
Of course, I'm glad you called.
Pajama party.
You know I'm
worried about Marisol.
Oh well she'll show up.
She's in her 20s.
She probably has
a whole other life
you don't even know about.
I don't know.
She's a pretty good girl.
(ominous music)
You know, she was going to
tell me something about you.
She was?
I can't imagine what it is.
Well, probably about how
awesome of an aunt I am.
I'm sure we'll
find out eventually.
So how are things with Blake?
Really good.
Yeah, he has been so
supportive and patient.
I mean I don't know how
he's dealing with me,
but I haven't felt this way in
A long time?
It's nice.
And Matty loves him.
They're adorable together.
He's actually gonna take
us on a picnic tomorrow.
Oh really?
'Cause I was gonna
take him to the zoo.
You were?
When were you
gonna tell me that?
I'm sorry, I forgot.
Yeah, no, of course,
have fun.
Yeah, I'll find
something else to do.
You know what,
I'm gonna actually
gonna go get myself
ready for bed.
Otherwise I'm never gonna get
up for work in the morning.
So thank you again for
just being here tonight.
Goodnight sis.
Night sis.
I love you so much my Matthew.
My Ally.
[Matty] Huh?
Call me Mommy.
[Matty] But
you're not my Mommy.
Shh, it's okay.
It's just a game.
Say it.
Just say it, it's a game.
Just say it.
That's good.
Go to sleep sweetheart.
(ominous music)
[Blake] So, then what
happened little man?
Well, then I think
that he got ate
by the Kleenex man.
He got eaten buddy.
He got ate by the Kleenex man.
Okay you win.
He got ate by the Kleenex man.
Hey you like prizes.
Yeah I love 'em,
do you have 'em?
[Blake] Yes I got some.
Oh my word.
That's a big ole bag.
I know, it's a little much.
[Julie] Okay Santa.
I'm sorry.
Yeah just go ahead.
Go nuts.
[Blake] Sunglasses!
Keep going, keep going.
You look so cool.
Oh a fishing rod.
There's a rod!
I guess we're gonna go fishing.
Okay, I don't know
what you're up to
but I think you've
made a friend for life.
Matty, do you know
what's going on?
But dinosaur!
No, everything's just
been so crazy lately
I thought we could
all just use some fun.
So I arranged for us to go to my
buddy's cabin at Willow Lake.
You did did you?
[Blake] Yeah, I just
need to grab a brace
from Dr. P and we're off.
Like camping?
So camping.
We're gonna go hiking, fishing,
swimming, s'mores.
All the s'mores you can handle.
But, we're going next
weekend, it's a long weekend.
If that's okay with you.
Okay, I think it's okay.
[Matty] Yeah,
we're gonna go now.
We're gonna go now.
I'll bring my fishing rod.
So Grace, I need you
to change the six o'clock
to a 4:30 because I
have to leave early.
Hey Dr. P.
Hey Blake.
[Blake] Good to see ya.
It's Julie's day off you know.
Oh I know, I just
was hoping to get
a leg reinforcement
brace from you today.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, never better.
I'm just taking Julie and
Matty to the lake next week
and probably a lot
of hiking, walking.
So I just wanna play it safe.
[Dr. Pearson] So things are?
Amazing, amazing.
And you?
Are grateful that you
encouraged me to ask her out.
Excellent, you're welcome.
Let's go get the brace.
Alright, thanks Dr. P.
[Julie] I'm gonna get you.
You're so fast, you're so fast.
(ominous music)
You got it.
[Matty] I need help!
I gotcha I gotcha!
Oh shoot, hold on honey.
Hey everybody, I'm gonna
answer my phone right now.
So if you wanna
collect your jury
and take your pictures,
I'm just gonna be right
over here with my kid.
With my kid.
Come here sweetheart.
Mom, why are you yelling?
You know what
sweetie, it's just so
that everybody can
hear me, that's all.
Oh Jenny.
(ominous music)
Oh my God.
Oh no I've got it.
[Matty] Ally.
Hey buddy.
Oh big dude.
Thank you so much
for taking him.
Yeah, I can't believe it.
Do they know what happened?
I only know what
Jenny told me.
Doc found him in the alley
and now he's in
emergency surgery.
What's a surgemy?
It's where a very smart doctor
uses his best magic to
make the owie go away.
Can I see?
[Julie] Not this time sweetie.
Yeah, Mommy's gotta go.
Okay say goodbye though okay?
[Julie] Bye.
[Matty] Bye mommy.
I'll call you as soon
as I know anything okay?
[Allison] Okay.
I love you.
I love you too.
Not as much as I do.
Is this for our
camping trip with Blake?
No, no this is for
our camping trip.
You and I.
Never been camping before.
So we'll always remember
how special it is.
This is another first for us.
Do you understand?
Yeah, no matter how many
times we go camping,
we'll always remember
the first time.
Oh come here.
[Blake] Julie.
I'm here.
[Blake] Where am I?
[Julie] You're
at the hospital.
What happened?
Well you,
you were attacked.
Just rest okay,
you're gonna be alright.
Oh, my knee.
I know Blake, I'm so sorry.
They put in about a
dozen pins and screws.
I'm glad you're here.
Of course I'm here.
You're gonna be okay.
And the town cheered
as he came down
the mountain with the magic pig
which he put safely back
into the hands of the queen.
And then the little boy
stayed with the fairy princess
and they lived
happily ever after.
Tell it again!
I love that story.
Me too.
Ally, Matty?
[Allison] We're out here.
[Matty] Mommy!
How's Blake?
It's pretty bad.
[Allison] I'm so sorry.
Yeah, Matty you
wanna say goodnight?
Let's go home.
No, Ally's taking me camping.
Okay, I'm really tired
honey, so please don't argue.
I wanna go camping.
I did kind of promise.
Please Mommy, please?
Okay okay.
[Matty] Yay!
Can I stay the night too?
I don't really wanna be alone.
Oh, yeah, it's just,
I mean it's barely
a two person tent.
But you know, I can
put you up in my room,
it's much more comfortable.
Yeah, I guess that's fine.
Are you sure?
I'll be great.
Okay, okay cool.
You guys have fun.
Yeah, you too.
Sleep tight.
(ominous music)
Had to have a little Matty time
before I start my day.
It's almost like he's
alive again in Matty.
I mean I'll watch
Matty any time.
You can even stay the night.
And I live only
four blocks away.
There's something I
need to talk to you about.
I mean it's barely
a two person tent.
About your sisterinlaw.
Mean Mommy.
(ominous music)
(faint clanking)
[Allison] Sleep well?
This bed is so comfortable.
Matty's still asleep.
You want some coffee?
I'll go make some.
(ominous music)
Hey, here you go.
I hope you like it hot.
You okay?
It's just everything you know?
Mmm, mmm hmm.
You sure?
I'm fine.
Mommy, Mommy, look what
the tooth fairy gave me.
When did this happen?
Last night.
I had a caramel apple
and it came out.
You gave him a caramel apple?
Yeah, yeah it's camping food.
Why are you mad?
It's a first.
How many times have I told
you firsts are important?
It's okay Mom.
You know what buddy, let's
go get your stuff okay?
We're gonna go home, right now.
[Matty] Okay.
[Allison] What?
What's happening?
You can't keep doing this.
[Allison] What?
Undermining me.
Training wheels, sugar, camping,
the tooth fairy.
Where is Marisol?
I literally have no idea
what you're talking about.
Think about it.
Think about what Julie?
What are you implying?
Maybe we just need some
space from each other
for a little while.
Matty I'm coming sweetie.
Well, it's not terrible news.
Thanks doc.
Hey you.
[Blake] Hey.
How are you?
Never better.
And you?
What's the matter?
You know, I don't wanna
bother you with my stuff.
I mean you're in the hospital.
Julie, your stuff
is my stuff, go ahead.
I think Allison
knows where Marisol is.
Why is this?
I found Marisol's
phone in Allison's house.
[Blake] You think
she could of left
it there on accident?
As far as I know, she's
never been to her house.
I think she would
of told me that.
Maybe, maybe not.
You think I'm being paranoid.
I know.
Well what's her motive?
I mean she's spent years
trying to get you out here.
[Julie] True.
So why would she
would do everything
humanly possible to
get you to leave?
I don't know.
But something is not right.
I know it.
It's okay.
I believe you.
I believe you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(ominous music)
I think I found the motive.
I need you to sign
up for Hello Neighbor.
You sure this is going to work?
I have to clear my name.
I know Allison is behind this.
I just need proof.
How about legaleagle23?
Okay, legaleagle23.
Okay, let me take over.
It has been brought
to my attention
that you are the sisterinlaw
of one Julie Caster.
I have been made aware
of certain irrational
and potentially
dangerous behaviors.
Just going with it huh?
[Julie] She is clearly unfit.
Ooh you're good.
Fight fire with fire right?
I am offering my
services pro bono
if you feel an
intervention is necessary
to ensure the safety and
wellbeing of the child.
Best, Jeremiah.
And we wait.
And we wait.
(loud knocking)
Officer Ramsey.
We found Ms. Gracialis.
Well thank goodness.
Where is she?
[Officer] May I come inside?
Of course, yeah.
Come on in.
[Officer] When's the
last time you saw her?
Mrs. Caster?
Mrs. Caster, did you hear me?
No, no wait.
Where did you find her?
I'm afraid that information
is confidential right now.
(ominous music)
When's the last
time you saw her?
I told you.
She left after
work Friday evening
and didn't return on Monday.
Am I a suspect?
We're exploring
all possible leads.
You want a lead?
My sisterinlaw has her phone.
That's impossible.
No, I saw it myself.
Mrs. Caster, the phone was
found on the deceased body.
That's not...
Do you need anything
else from me?
No ma'am.
But if you hear
anything give me a call.
I will.
Why can't I go to Ally's?
Well, for right now it's
My bibbby's there.
Bibbby, dad's bibbby.
Ally said I had to live at
her house and I want it.
Mommy will get you
back your Bibbby.
Yes Mommy.
Do you and Auntie
Ally have other secrets?
It's okay baby,
you can tell Mommy.
She showed me on the calendar
where to write
the amusement park
and she told me I
couldn't tell you.
She told you to do that?
Is that bad?
No honey.
You didn't do anything wrong.
But promise me no
more secrets okay.
I promise.
I love you.
I love you too.
(ominous music)
Is everything okay?
What's the matter Mommy?
Nothing honey.
It's fine sweetheart.
Can I talk to you for a second?
One more set after this.
I'll be right back.
Sorry, thank you.
I need you to do
something for me.
Of course, what do you need?
If anyone asks,
and I mean anyone,
I need you to tell
them that you fired me.
It's just for this next week.
I'm gonna ask you
to trust me on this.
Okay, no questions asked.
Is everything okay?
It will be.
Thank you.
Dr. P thank you.
(ominous music)
Hey, it's me.
Can you come over?
I miss you.
[Allison] You're moving?
I mean Dr. Pearson fired me.
Of course he would.
I mean he heard all the rumors.
And then he went and told Blake.
Why would he do that?
Blake doesn't wanna
deal with all this drama
so he broke up with me.
Can you believe that?
I mean there's nothing
left here for me.
Well what about me?
Oh Ally.
I'm sorry.
You have been so great.
And the last thing I
wanna do is hurt you.
But ever since we've moved here
it's just one thing
after another.
I can't take it, I feel
like I'm going crazy.
I get it, I know, I
know, I know, I know.
So when are you going?
The day after tomorrow.
[Julie] I know, I
already hired the movers.
Wow you're serious.
I don't have a choice.
So where will you go?
I don't know.
Hey, what's going on?
[Blake] She wants
to meet Jeremiah.
Are you serious?
Oh okay, wow.
Well tell her Jeremiah
can meet her tonight.
I should go with you.
You can't even walk honey.
And I can handle this.
I don't like it.
Well you're just
gonna have to trust me.
I'm a survivor remember?
I do.
Just be careful.
Of course.
(faint knocking)
Hey Julie, I
wasn't expecting you.
I know, and I
know we were gonna
say our goodbyes tomorrow,
but I'm just feeling
so conflicted.
And Matty wanted me to
give this back to you.
He said it would
remind you of him.
Oh sure, thanks.
[Julie] Can I come in?
It'll just be a second.
Second, yeah, sure.
I just wanted you to know that
everything you've done has
been so deeply appreciated.
And I wish that this
worked out differently.
You know actually,
can we do this later?
Can we do this later?
This is not a good time for me?
What's going on?
(stutters) I'm
expecting someone.
What's his name?
It's easy to hide
behind handles isn't it?
How did
I didn't at first.
But then I realized,
who else would
truly have a motive.
This has all been about Matty.
Hey, Julie.
Hang on a minute.
Now no, no, no, no.
This is me.
I'm your sisterinlaw.
No, none of this
makes any sense.
Hang on, I know how to
clear this up, hang on.
What are you doing?
Matthew is dead
because of you.
You know what they
say about twins?
How connected they are.
Spiritually, psychically.
Well it's true.
It's true.
Matthew was closer to
me than my own heart.
And you cannot comprehend that.
You can't blame me
for what happened.
But I do blame you Julie!
I do!
You should of died in that
accident, not my brother.
Do you not think that I
don't wonder that all the time?
No I don't, I don't!
Sit down!
And I don't care how you
feel or what you think.
At first I just
wanted you to suffer.
To just feel one ounce
of the pain that I felt.
And then there was Matty
and I held his tiny
body in my arms.
And I looked over at Matthew,
he wasn't there.
I know.
I know, I loved him too.
He was my husband.
But then I felt
it Julie, I felt it.
I felt it, I felt him in Matty.
It was like,
it was like he had never died.
Matthew died in
a car accident.
No he didn't!
His body died but he was
That's not real.
No matter how badly you
want that to be true.
Are you saying I'm crazy?
That it's all in my head?
Odd, because I
have message boards
filled with
testimonies about how
crazy and delusional you are.
The cops are gonna
have a field day Julie.
And when I call
them, and I'm gonna,
and I'll say help, help!
My sisterinlaw's
losing her mind!
She's trying to
break into my house!
Oh she's got a knife, help!
Oh my God.
Once they find out
that you're a psychopath
capable of murder,
well then who's gonna be
at the top of the list
to take custody of
little Matty huh?
They'll never believe you.
I've spent the last five
years of my life on this.
And piece by piece I
chipped away at you.
Your relationships,
your reputation,
your sanity.
I'm impressed.
Oh, did you
think that position
just miraculously opened
up with Dr. Pearson, huh?
[Julie] What are
you talking about?
Oh you know.
Amy Ferguson.
Hello, she's dead, I killed her.
Oh but her shirts are very
nicely folded upstairs.
And I did bury her
body in your backyard.
I hope that's fine.
You're sick Ally.
You need help.
According to the
entire neighborhood
and the local police,
you need a heck of
a lot more help than I do.
What about Marisol?
She's dead.
Killed with a fairy rock
that you used to kill her.
And your fingerprints
are all over that.
I did think that through.
I thought it through.
And Blake?
Guilty as charged.
But yeah Julie, who
are they gonna believe?
The whacked out
alcoholic, child abuser,
who calls the cops
more often than
the pizza delivery guy.
Yeah, just think about it.
I don't know, what
do you think huh?
[Julie] You're delusional.
Yeah well, according to
the court of public opinion,
that would be you, again.
(loud banging)
[Officer] Police, open up!
Responding to a disturbance.
(loud thuds)
Police, open up!
Thanks for the DNA evidence.
(sirens blaring)
[Officer] Police, open up!
Officer, thank God!
Officer, she's delusional.
She's trying to kill me.
Hands up!
[Julie] Go, go
check the dinosaur.
Excuse me?
Go check the dinosaur.
Come on guys.
(loud sirens)
I found that in my son's room.
Hit rewind.
Stop, press play.
[Allison] Amy Ferguson, hello.
She's dead, I killed her.
Oh, but her shirts are very
nicely folded upstairs.
And I did bury her
body in your backyard,
I hope that's fine.
If you keep listening,
she's gonna confess that she
murdered Marisol Gracialis
and hurt my boyfriend.
[Officer] Take
her to the station.
No, those are lies!
Those are lies!
I'm gonna kill you!
He loves me!
I'm his Mommy! I'm his Mommy!
He loves me! He loves me!
He loves!
I imagine this is where
I apologize Mrs. Caster.
[Allison] I'm gonna kill you!
Apology accepted.
[Officer] I'll see
you at the station.
Thank you.
(light music)
[Blake] So, all that time at
the hospital got me thinking.
[Julie] Oh you've
been thinking have you?
Well do tell.
That Matty would make
a great older brother.
Why are you looking
at me like that?
No reason.
[Matty] Mommy, Mommy look!
What is this?
Rocks Mommy.
People have been
coming by all day honey.
They're really
hoping you'd stay.
Well, I do have plenty
of reasons to stay now.
Oh and my Mom has a
little announcement.
Oh, that's right.
I've decided to move down here
so I can be closer
to all of you guys.
My daughter's very persistent.
I can't imagine where
she gets that from.
Thank you though,
for sticking with me
through all this craziness.
Well when you love someone
you stick around no matter what.
I love you too.
There it is.
That's my favorite sentence.
[Mom] Awe.
Who wants brownies?
Okay, we're gonna
go in the house.
Everybody come on in.
[Julie] Alright!
Yay brownies!
Got it?
[Blake] Yup.
If that kid's cooking
those brownies
I'm gonna tell him gluten free.
Oh my triceps look awesome.
[Julie] Very funny.
(eerie music)
(ominous music)