The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain (2020) Movie Script

Mr. Chamberlain, this is
Candace Wade of Lifeguard Medical Alerts.
This line is being recorded.
We just received an activation
from your pendant.
Do you have an emergency?
If you need us to send an
ambulance, I'll dispatch one now.
Mr. Chamberlain?
Okay, because I'm not getting
a response from you,
I'm going to dispatch
emergency services now.
Employee number 1674,
Candace Wade.
What's the apartment number?
87 to Dispatch, can we get the
apartment number on that well-check?
Copy, 87.
135, South Lexington, Apartment 2B.
Subject's emotionally disturbed
and medically fragile.
Emotionally disturbed?
Can we get more info on that?
Medical alert company just reported...
Copy that.
Like a damn
third world country over here.
2B, here we go.
Who wants to talk?
I'll do it.
Okay, good,
Be assertive.
White Plains Police.
We're here for a welfare check.
This is when they come.
Can we help you?
White Plains Police.
I got nothing...
for them.
Welfare check.
White Plains Police.
Welfare check.
Hello. White Plains Police.
What do you want?
We're here for
a welfare check, sir.
I'm not on welfare.
Uh, our dispatch received a medical
alert call, possible emergency.
We're here to help
any way we can, sir.
I don't have no emergency.
What, are you here to steal
my shoes again, are you?
I'm gonna go back to sleep.
Uh, hold on, sir.
Hold on, uh...
Do you have anyone else
in your unit with you?
Are you by yourself?
Ain't no one else here.
All right, well,
we got a call
about a possible
medical emergency,
And I'm telling you,
I do not have an emergency.
And I didn't call anybody.
So, unless you
planning on giving me
back my shoes,
please leave me alone
and just let me go to sleep.
Maybe get a confirmation
on the address?
87 to Dispatch, could we have a confirmation
on the address for this well check?
Copy 87.
Well check address, 1-3-5,
South Lexington, Unit 2B.
Sir, I'm not sure what to tell you.
We were sent to your address.
This is, uh, 135, South
Lexington, Apartment 2B, correct?
You don't have any medical
alert system that went off?
Heart or blood pressure monitor?
Something like that?
Everything's fine.
You can all go home now.
Nothing to see here.
No emergency.
It was an accident.
Thank you for your trouble.
We've got to
check you out, my friend.
Make sure everything's okay.
No, no, I'm fine.
Uh, I don't need
nobody checking me out.
It's 5:00 in the morning.
87 to Command,
I'm on that well-check
at 135, South Lexington...
Subject is telling us
there is no emergency,
that the medical alert
was a mistake.
Please advise.
Just try
to make visual contact, 87.
Okay, copy.
Let us check you out
and we'll leave you alone, sir.
Be out of your hair
in five minutes.
Uh... No, thank you.
You can leave now.
Can we, uh...
Can you get a name? How about your name?
What's your name?
Why do you need to know my name?
So you can come in here and steal my
shoes again like you did the last time?
The hell's he talking about
with these "shoes"?
VZDP. Shoes could be
polka dot unicorns.
We-we just need to put something
on the report, sir.
Look, we didn't come here
because you're in trouble.
We came here to help you
any way we can.
The more you cooperate with
us, the sooner we can get out of here.
I'm sorry. One more time.
Last name?
Thank you, Mr. Chamberlain.
Is there anyone else
in the apartment with you?
No! I told you it's just me.
All right, well, ahem,
can you, uh...
Can you open the door for us?
We need to check you out.
It's for your own good.
I'm not gonna open my door.
Now, I-I don't need you.
It was a mistake.
I did not call you.
Hey, Mr. Chamberlain,
are you getting in any trouble?
Are you doing anything illegal
in your home?
What? No, I'm not doing
anything illegal.
What do you asking me that for?
Because we're trying
to understand.
No, It's 5:00 in the morning.
I'm 70 years old.
I got a bad heart
and I want to go to sleep.
That's fine.
Then you have nothing
to worry about.
But you won't open
the door for us, sir?
I think
it's time to go.
It's time to go.
Mr. Chamberlain. Hello?
Lifeguard, this is Candace.
Do you have an emergency?
Police are at my door.
And the police are outside
for no reason.
Sir, for confirmation
purposes, can you give me your name?
Kenneth Chamberlain.
All right, Mr. Chamberlain,
I see that you activated your
pendant at 5:22 this morning.
Are you okay?
Do you have an emergency?
No, I did not have an emergency!
I... I'm fine.
Okay, well, the reason the police are
there is because whenever a patient
activates their alert system
and we can't get
in touch with them,
we immediately dispatch emergency
services to check on the person.
Yes, yes.
But I did not call them,
and I want them to go.
Okay, Mr. Chamberlain, I...
Yes, I'm sorry. Go ahead.
Somebody's been
breaking into my apartment
and stealing my stuff!
And the...
And the police, they won't...
Mr. Chamberlain, I have
your service history pulled up here.
I see that you're on
our psychiatric watchlist.
Have you been experiencing
any increased symptoms,
anxiety, anything like that?
What I'm saying is that I'm sure
the police are there to help.
It was an accident.
I didn't activate nothing.
I don't need any help.
you don't have an emergency?
No, I'm fine.
I want the police to leave.
What do you think?
Blue bell lab in the kitchen?
That's why
he won't open the door?
Mr. Chamberlain,
are you there?
They're still
knocking at my door.
I'm telling you,
they're here
'cause they want to hurt me.
That's our standard procedure...
...if we're unable to reach you
via the call box or by phone.
We always dispatch
emergency services.
And that includes
police officers.
I see you have your sister
listed here as a reference.
Would you like us to call her?
All right, I'm gonna call her,
and then reach back out
to you on your call box.
Mr. Chamberlain.
We need to make sure
you're okay, sir.
He's not there.
What did he do,
jump out the damn window?
Look, I'm telling you
the alarm was a mistake.
I'm not sick.
Do you have any serious
medical conditions, sir?
What the he...
So, now you're asking me
about my medical history?
I told you I have a bad heart.
We're just trying
to help you out, sir.
I don't know
how many different ways
I can tell you this,
but I do not need your help!
- Mr. Chamberlain, we just...
- Leave!
Excuse me.
I'm Kenny's niece.
My mama said
he's having a problem.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm Kenny's niece.
That's his apartment
you're banging on.
Did he do something?
That's what we're trying
to find out.
You know, he has
a heart condition
and sometimes he...
Sometimes he doesn't
think right.
You know, he imagines things.
Does he have any weapons
in his apartment?
I don't know. I...
I don't think so.
Anyone else in there with him?
I doubt it.
You could talk to my mama.
She might be...
No, thank you, ma'am.
- You don't wanna talk to...
- Thank you for the help.
We'll handle it from here.
Kenny, it's Carol.
What's happening?
I got a call
from your medical company.
They said the police are outside your door.
Yeah. Yeah.
Look, i-it was an accident.
I set off my alarm.
So you're fine?
No medical problems?
No, I'm all right.
Well, I called Tonyia.
She'll speak to them.
No. No. No, Carol.
Why not?
You know how to police
are around here.
Yeah. I don't want her
getting hurt or nothing.
I just told her
what's going on.
Let her decide
what she wants to do.
Call me when they leave, okay?
All right.
Get his ID. Let's run it.
Maybe he's got a warrant out.
Mr. Chamberlain,
we have an obligation
to make sure that you're safe
and anyone else
in your apartment is all right.
What do you say
we start with an ID, huh?
Can you show us
some identification?
- Mr. Chamberlain...
- I'm not opening my door.
You can hear that I'm okay.
Why do you need to come
into my apartment?
- What does he think's gonna happen, man...
- Shh!
When they're here,
when they stop
trying to get me.
I think someone else
is in there with him.
Mr. Chamberlain, why don't you
pass on over your ID?
Just slip it
underneath the door.
Push it through,
and we'll pick it up.
Put 'em on lockdown.
Put them on lockdown.
Where is it?
Huh. Fucker was in the Marines.
Here, run it.
87 to Dispatch,
we have VA ID for the resident here.
Copy, 87.
Marine Corps ID
Mr. Chamberlain,
we spoke to your sister
and she's aware
of what's happening.
Mr... Mr. Chamberlain,
are you there?
Hi, sir, can you hear me?
The... The police
is still outside my door.
They got my ID now.
Mr. Chamberlain, do you want
me to call and cancel the dispatch?
ID confirmed.
Victim's disturbed, but no priors.
Received treatment
for substance abuse in 99',
and involuntary psych hold
in 05'.
See if he's got a diagnosis.
Uh, this is 87.
Do we have, uh, diagnosis
on the subject at South Lex?
Alert company said
bipolar with psychotic features.
If he's emotionally disturbed,
we shouldn't be banging on the door.
I mean, it's just gonna
get him more upset.
What difference does that make?
If he's EDP,
We just need to
wait him out, right?
What'd you do
before this Rossi?
What do you mean?
Your job, what'd you do?
I was
a middle school teacher, why?
No reason.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Daddy, what's going on?
Aunt Carol called me.
Oh! hey, baby!
Everything is fine.
Uh, what did Carol
tell you exactly?
She told me your alert went off and
the police have entered our apartment.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. It's a...
It's just that damn
alert system.
Is that officer there?
Your work from a few years ago?
Get on the ground.
Don't think about it!
Daddy, you there?
No, no, no. No, he's not.
Don't worry. It's okay.
Alright. Oh,
Ava wants to say, hi.
Pa-pa! Pa-pa!
Oh, well... Hey, goochi!
Peekaboo! Grandpa here.
Look, give doodlebug
a big kiss for me.
But the police
are outside and, uh,
I got to go talk to them.
I'll call you when they leave.
- Okay. Love you dad.
- I love you too.
They gotta go,
they gotta go.
Yes, sir, may I break ranks?
No, you may not, Marine...
One, two, three, it's ready.
We've done everything
we can. He said he's fine.
Special circumstances.
Couldn't we put that in the report?
It's a liability.
We need to make visual contact.
Besides, there's something
going on in there.
Listen, he's talking to someone.
Look, I know
you're new to this.
But you've lived here,
you know what goes on on the South side.
Yeah. I'm with Sarge.
You can practically smell it,
coming through the walls.
Ross, if you want
to risk it, feel free.
But think about
what you're hearing in there.
If you leave here,
and he's got some hooker
tied up in the closet,
or he dies of a heart attack,
you could have a hurricane
of shit raining down on you.
I'm just saying we shouldn't be
banging on doors
and yelling and screaming
at emotionally disturbed people.
Okay, so what do you suggest
that we do, teach?
And leaving isn't an option.
I say we wait him out.
We would be patient, you know?
- I mean, the manual says that...
- Whoa! What! Whoa!
Don't throw the manual
in my face, okay.
It's the real world.
Not you're fucking
fifth grade classroom.
Let me give you
a piece of advice.
If you ever speak that way
around a Lieutenant,
they're gonna stick your ass in a desk
before you can take your next breath.
I will talk to him.
Okay? We're not gonna hurt him.
Just gonna make sure
he's not hurting anyone else.
Mr. Chamberlain,
let me tell you exactly
what's gonna happen
when you open this door.
We're gonna come in,
we're gonna check you out.
We're gonna make sure
that you're not
in a physical distress.
Gonna make sure that there's nothing strange
going on. And then we're gonna leave.
If everything checks out, we'll be out
of your hair in five minutes, tops.
Then you can go back to bed.
Mr. Chamberlain?
Mr. Chamberlain?
Open the door right now.
Open this fucking door.
- Mr. Chamberlain?
- Yes.
I reached out
to the department.
I did my best
to cancel the dispatch,
but they said they may need to make the entry,
anyway. Are the officers still there?
Make... Entry...
Into my apartment?
- Yes, sir. But it's just to...
- No.
To make sure...
They cannot come
into my apartment.
Piece of shit!
Mr. Chamberlain?
They're only there
to make sure you're okay.
Sir, you sound like you're
suffering from some paranoia.
Possibly other
increased symptoms.
Have you been taking
your medication routinely?
I have been taking
my medications.
Okay, sir.
Did something happen
with the police in the past?
Is there a specific reason you
don't want to open the door?
Can you talk to them?
Explain to them that the
dispatch has been cancelled
a nd ask them politely
to leave?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hey, wait,
wait, wait. Listen.
Yes. Go ahead.
The call was cancelled.
You do not need to be here.
Please leave the building.
What do you mean,
the call was cancelled?
I do not need you.
Please get away from my door.
Mr. Chamberlain.
Let them know that Lifeguard
called the police department
specifically to cancel
the dispatch.
The company...
My company, they called the police,
and said I do not need help.
So please leave.
We haven't been notified
of any cancellation.
We've been out here waiting
for you for a half an hour.
We have other things to do.
You need to open this door so
we can get this over with, sir.
I will not.
Mr. Chamberlain, we told you we did
not come here because of a crime.
You have nothing
to worry about.
But if you continue
not listening to us,
we're gonna have to use force
to get what we need.
Mr. Chamberlain?
Mr. Chamberlain, what's going on?
Where are you now?
Bust to my apartment.
- What?
- Force.
- They... They said, "force".
- Force to do what?
I don't know.
Probably kill me.
What're you...
Why are they doing this to me?
Mr. Chamberlain? Is there a way
you can hand the call box to them?
I'm happy to speak to them.
If you think that would help.
I'm gonna open my door now.
So, you can see that
there's no emergency.
I got the company here
and they will tell you that...
That... That they canceled
the call.
- I'm opening the door.
- We're waiting.
No emergency.
Can you let us in
so we can check you out?
Mr. Chamberlain,
take the slap lock off.
We need to make sure
that you're okay.
- Mr. Chamberlain...
- No.
Stop resisting the door.
Just get your foot away
from the door, Mr. Chamberlain.
You can't come
into my apartment.
Stop resisting.
Stop fighting, son.
Come on, just let us in.
Who the hell
you're calling "son"?
- Officers, hello?
- I'm 70 years old.
Open up the damn door.
Mr. Chamberlain...
Get your foot away from the door
and let us do our job.
Tell them. Tell them.
Officers this is the
Lifeguard Medical Alerts company.
We cancelled the dispatch
for Mr. Chamberlain's home.
He does not have an emergency.
You're free to leave.
- Mr. Chamberlain.
- Leave me alone.
God damn it.
Mr. Chamberlain?
Mr. Chamberlain,
what was all that noise? Are you alright?
We've not come here
because of a crime.
But you're making us think
you have something to hide.
What's going on?
They... They're trying to force
my door open.
Is the door
closed now? Are you all right?
No, I am not alright.
The White Plains Police is trying
to break into my apartment.
Calm down. Calm yourself.
We've been out
for 45 minutes, Sarge.
I don't want to hear another
word out of you. Stand over there, now!
What are we doing here? We can't use
force to get into this guy's place.
Like hell, we can.
Sarge, you heard him.
He sounded like he was scared.
Should we even be
doing this, if he's escalated?
He needs to learn,
he's not the boss.
He doesn't have an emergency.
What are we doing here anymore?
What do you mean?
We just got the door slammed in our face.
I don't know what's going on.
- Sarge, he's...
- Rossi!
I am done being patient.
It's gonna be our ass
if we leave here and he dies.
Or if he's got some half-dead
hooker locked up in there.
- He was...
- Rossi!
Something's going on in there.
Okay, I'm not leaving
until we get in that apartment.
How we're gonna do that?
Let's use the irons.
It'll take FD two minutes
to get over here.
Break the seal with a Halligan.
If that doesn't work we'll take
the damn door off its hinges.
Alright. Call rescue 88.
Get them over here as soon as possible.
This is 87.
We need rescue 88
at this well-check on South Lex
as soon as possible.
Sir, this is Parks. I'm on that
EDP well-check on South Lex.
You make
visual contact yet?
Not yet. He a...
open the door a crack.
We couldn't really
see anything.
Then he freak out
and slammed it shut.
We're gonna need more support
here, though. Maybe, SRT.
You have to be patient.
You might just have to wait him out.
- Who else is with you?
- Jackson and Rossi.
All right, I'll send SRT. Just stay
in control and keep Jackson calm.
We don't want another
Second Street mess.
Yes, sir. I'll keep him
in line.
What's the word, Sarge?
We just gotta get in there.
SRT's on the way.
Jackson, you stay here.
Rossi, you're with me.
- Let's go talk to 88.
- Yes, sir.
Our secret.
Where they keep...
Mr. Chamberlain,
this is Candace again.
I spoke to my supervisor about
what's happening. Are you okay?
They... I... I think
they're leaving now.
- They are?
- Yeah. Uh...
There's only...
There's only one left.
Here we go. Go.
What's going on?
Is Kenny, okay?
He's gonna be fine.
As long as he listens to us.
Look, I can talk to him
if that'll help.
Don't worry about it.
We've got it handled.
Uh... My uncle is sick.
You're gonna break in his home.
He's gonna be fine, ma'am.
- No, no, you can't do that.
- Ma'am, shut up!
Mind your business
and get to where you're going,
or we're gonna have
a big problem.
Hey, there's gonna be people
watching us.
We can't break into this
guy's place with an audience.
Rossi, where do you think
you are?
This isn't The Hamptons.
If you knock on any one
of these doors,
you're gonna find
something illegal.
Whether it's drugs,
prostitution, stolen merchandise.
You're going to find it.
That is the job.
If you don't want
to participate, fine.
Your stand over there
and you keep your mouth shut.
- Hello?
- Daddy, what's happening?
Carol said she talked
to the company.
She's worried something's
gonna happen with the police.
Oh, baby,
I'm taking care of it.
I'm fine.
They got no warrant.
No probable cause.
There's nothing they can do.
But... Wait... What...
- Are you sure, you're okay?
- Yeah. I'm fine.
I tell you, I'm fine.
I'm fine. I told you.
I told you, I'm fine.
You're taking
your medication?
Yes. I've been taking
my damn medication.
What the...
What? What is it, Daddy?
What happened?
Hello, Daddy, what's going on?
happening out there.
What? What do you mean?
With the police?
Daddy, talk to me,
please. Hello?
Something's going on.
- What is it? Tell me.
- Oh, look...
- I got to go, baby. I'll call you back.
- No, wait, hold on...
What up, Sarge?
Oh, no.
Go away.
- Bringing in the big gun.
- What's up, big guy.
What's up, man?
It's been a while.
We've got a psychotic
threat inside of the apartment.
What's happening?
So we got here on 5:30.
Knock on the door.
He's telling us
everything's fine,
but we're hearing some strange
things comin' out of that apartment.
He's emotionally disturbed
and I think he's got someone
else in there with him.
But you never got
a visual?
Not a good one.
He's been non-compliant the whole time.
We just need to breach
the door and get in there.
He's been playing games
with us for way too long.
Did you hear anyone else
from inside?
We're hearing
someone else.
It doesn't make sense to me
any other way.
We can start with the
irons, see where that gets us.
On a steel door?
Good luck.
It's gonna
take a while.
What's the rookie's deal?
He's bein' a crybaby.
Thinks we're not bein'
sensitive enough.
Got it.
Let's clear up,
make some room.
- Jackson?
- Yes, sir.
Sarge, why don't you
pop that taser open too?
This is 87 to Dispatch.
We're commencing the breach
at 135 South Lex.
Copy that, 87.
- Sarge.
- What?
With all due respect,
you cannot use a Taser on this guy.
Why the hell not?
They said he has
a heart condition.
What do you suggest we use?
I suggest we get the hell
out of here, okay.
We don't need to
be here anymore.
He poses no threat
to anyone.
You think gettin' the door
shut in our faces,
screaming all kinds of nonsense,
isn't posin' a threat to anyone?
We are not leaving
until we get that door open.
Look, now that SRT's here,
I may just go back to the hub.
You're not goin'
Yo, Kenneth, you remember me?
It's Sgt. Flannigan.
Yeah, I remember you
from my walkin' post
around here.
We're gonna give you one last
chance to open this door, buddy.
Come on, Kenneth, we don't want
to have to bust your door down.
No, thank you.
I don't need your help.
You're gonna have to
let us in some time.
Come on,
you're a grown-ass man.
Enough of this crybaby stuff.
Let's handle this like adults.
Just let us in, we'll check you
out, then we'll leave.
I'm tellin' you, I'm fine.
I'm not sick,
I do not need your help.
Thank you
for your time.
But please,
get away from my door.
Hey, hey, I gotta take a
piss, you know?
Yeah, come on, let your old buddy
in, let, let me use the can.
Come on.
Open the door!
It's your last chance,
my friend.
All right,
you made your choice.
Fire in the hole, boys.
No! No! Oh!
- Hello, Mr. Chamberlain?
- Yes.
- What's... what's going on?
- The White...
- White Plains police...
- What is that noise? trying
to break down my door.
Help me.
Come on.
You can end this
by openin' the door!
Hold on. Please calm
down, Mr. Chamberlain, it's okay.
I thought you said the officers were
leaving, but they're still there?
What is that noise?
That's the police
at my door.
We're not gonna hurt you,
Kenneth, Just open this damn door.
No. You are not coming
into my home.
It's not up to you anymore.
Got ourselves one
stubborn Cocoa Puff, huh?
All right, all right,
all right, let me try.
Mr. Chamberlain, what's happening?
Please talk to me.
I did not call you.
I do not need you. I am not sick.
You're not coming
into my home.
- Officers... Hello?
- They're trying to...
enter my home
without a warrant.
With... Without probable cause.
This is illegal.
- Agh!
- What was that?
Wedge it. Wedge it.
Get it, get it, get it! Get in there.
Get the hell
out of my building.
- You leave! Now!
- Officers...
Help me! Help me!
I need help!
Get out of here.
Sir, please respond.
- Help!
- What the hell's going on down here?
People are trying to sleep.
Sir, please,
you need to go back inside,
- or get down the stairs.
- What's going on?
Sir, get down
the stairs. Please.
Why is that man
screaming like that?
Sir, please, you need to
get down the stairs.
Mr. Chamberlain,
what's happening?
All of this banging...
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Don't touch me!
I'm so sorry, ma'am.
We have an unstable situation going on.
- Please move down the stairs.
- Kenneth! Come on!
You're gonna open
this door or what?
I told you,
I gotta take a piss.
I'm gonna come in
and take a piss.
This is illegal!
I gotta go to work
in the morning.
All this fuss
going on down here.
Come on, Kenneth.
Just leave!
Mr. Chamberlain,
talk to me, please.
Pa. It's Junior.
Are you okay? What's going on?
Junior. Hey, look,
I can't talk right now.
Kick it open!
The police
are outside my door.
I'm coming over.
No, no,
I don't want you over here.
I don't know what
these cops are gonna do.
Come on, buddy,
what you got behind the door?
Are you okay, Pa?
I'll take care of it.
Take this damn lock off!
Let us do our job.
You're making this hard
on your own.
Take this damn
lock off, Kenneth!
What is all this noise?
Something's going on
in that man's apartment.
They keep banging on the door.
They're trying to break it down.
They've been calling him names,
tormenting him. This is ain't right.
- Did he do something?
- I don't know.
- Is he inside?
- Yeah, he in there.
Tonya, you see this?
It's my uncle's apartment.
This is your uncle's?
Does he have a problem?
Y'all have been
here all morning...
Please step back down
on that ledge, please.
We're handling this.
Thank you.
- Yeah, I see that you're handling this.
- Step back down. Thank you.
Tonyia's there, right?
No, no. No, Tonyia is not here.
Why don't you
talk to her, Pa?
Do they know
about your condition?
They don't care.
You know how these
cops are around here.
I've got to call Tonyia,
to make sure she knows what's going on.
Okay, Pa?
- Okay.
- Everything is gonna be okay.
Mr. Chamberlain,
are you okay?
Are they still there?
Mr. Chamberlain.
What is going on?
I don't know.
Please, ladies and gentlemen,
we need you to clear this area.
It's unsafe for you
to be here.
You can't tell us what to do.
We live here.
Police's always treating us
like we don't belong here.
- This is our home.
- Right.
For your own safety,
I need you to clear this area.
- Please. Thank you.
- I ain't going nowhere.
It's not gonna help if you...
All right! All right! All right!
Mr. Chamberlain,
You understand you're
disobeying a direct order
from a police officer.
You know, you could be
arrested for that right now.
No. This is no
lawful instruction.
I'm allowed to be
secure in my home
without unreasonable search
or seizure.
No one shall issue
without probable cause.
Read the damn constitution!
You have no warrant.
And you have
no probable cause.
I'm a former
United States Marine.
And if you enter
my home unlawfully,
I will defend myself.
Be all you can be.
Please. Get out!
Mr. Chamberlain.
What is that?
- What is that?
- Undo that lock!
Come on, buddy!
Are you alright?
If you're doing
anything illegal,
or you have
somebody in there,
we're gonna find out.
We're not playing games anymore.
I'm not playing games either.
- Sir, talk to me!
- You're not coming
into my apartment!
See if you can find
a way up on the roof.
Find one of his windows, distract
him, get him away from that door.
I got it!
I'll do it.
All right, go.
You're not
coming into my apartment.
Mr. Chamberlain.
You need to undo that lock.
- I did not call you.
- Mr. Chamberlain...
I've done nothing wrong.
These cops have
broke my damn door!
Pull, pull, pull!
Talk to me, please.
What's happening?
Get the bolt cutters,
were gonna cut that slap lock.
Have your guys tack up.
And bring in a shield.
We got you surrounded, buddy.
You got no choice.
It's time to start listening.
...without cause.
Mr. Chamberlain. Mr. Chamberlain.
It's okay. It's okay. Look.
It's okay.
It's all right. I'm just...
I'm just here because I want to
have a conversation with you.
I'm not gonna bang
on anything.
I'm not gonna... I'm not gonna
try to force my way inside here.
I'm just... I'm just
gonna kneel like this.
I just want to have a friendly
conversation with you.
My name's Rossi.
Michael Ross.
See my hands right here.
I know this is difficult
for you, Mr. Chamberlain.
And I know that these officers, they're
not making you feel safe, but you...
do me a favor and just... just...
just put that knife down.
Can you...
Can you put that
knife down for me?
Can you put down that knife
for me, please?
And then you and I, we can have a nice,
friendly, calm, calm conversation.
I haven't done anything.
I'm just in my... home alone.
I didn't do nothing.
I'm here alone in my own.
Ain't nobody else here.
Just me.
I just want to go to sleep.
I know, I know, I know.
Look, I'm just here
alone too, okay.
Look, there's nobody else
here with me, okay?
So if you could just...
You could just open up
these bars for me.
Look at me.
Just me alone.
- Just you?
- I could come in there.
- Nobody else?
- Nobody else, I...
I could come in there,
just me, okay?
Just me. And I could just take a peek
around, make sure everything is good
and I can go back
to the other officers
and let them know
that you're okay.
And you can go back
to sleep, Mr. Chamberlain.
Put that gun away first.
Put it over there.
I'll tell you what.
- No, don't!
- No, no, no.
Look, look, look, look, look.
All right?
What do you say, huh?
- Yeah.
- All right? So if you could just...
Could you unlock these bars?
Unlock ' em and I can...
I can come in. Just me.
Nobody else?
Nobody else. Nobody else at all.
It's just...
They don't even know I'm doing
this, Mr. Chamberlain.
So what do you say, huh?
All right?
- Nobody else.
- Nobody else...
- Cornbread, enough with the bullshit!
- No!
Get out of here.
Mr. Chamberlain.
- Hello.
- Pop, it's Junior.
What's going on,
did Tonyia come down?
I... I don't know.
They're still trying to bust
into my apartment.
They are... They are
outside my room.
They are outside my windows
harassing me.
They broke my damn door
with a fireman's ax.
What? Pa,
I'm coming down there.
No, no, no, no!
You stay put.
It's too dangerous down here.
I'm leaving right now.
I said no!
I just don't want
this to be another...
You know what happened
last year.
All right. I know.
Junior, I gotta go.
I'll call you when they gone.
No, Pop, I'm heading
down there now.
No, no, no, I'm fine,
Junior. I love you.
Love you too.
Dad, hold on.
I'll see you soon.
Junior! Junior!
So, Sarge is gonna cut the
slap lock with bolt cutters,
and we're going to
push that door open.
He's got a...
He's got a...
chair or something in the
entryway, blocking the doorway.
Once we get the lock, if we have to,
we'll take the door off the hinges.
Now once that door is open,
Evans, take the shield.
Jackson, you cover.
I'll take the bags
and communicate, all right?
Okay, let's show this Angus,
who's boss.
Rossi, get these
people out of here.
officer, please.
I'm Kenny's niece.
Please let me talk to him.
I could help you.
Officer, please,
I'm telling you,
I can help you if you
let me talk to him.
Hey, we don't got time
to play these games, all right?
You all need to
get out of the hallway.
I'm telling you,
I can...
Ma'am, stay back
and let us do our job.
Handle this.
Evans, come here.
Someone should call 911.
Tell them what's going on.
All right. Okay.
this is on you, buddy.
Do not cut that lock!
Put the knife down, sir!
Put the goddamn knife
down, Kenneth!
Not until you leave!
It's for your own
good, my friend!
Watch out! Watch out!
Kenneth, get away
from the door
and put the goddamn
knife down!
I... I do not want you here.
I have done nothing.
You have no warrant,
you have no legal cause,
and you illegally
broke my door!
Oh! Watch out.
Watch out. Watch out.
Kenneth, come on!
I do not want you
inside my apartment!
Sir, I'm begging you,
I am begging you, please!
Please! Just let me
talk to him,
my uncle can't handle this.
He has a heart condition,
and he didn't do anything!
He... he don't have
no emergency!
What did he do
to deserve all this?
Please, please,
just let me talk to him.
Maybe, maybe he'll open
the door for me.
Hold on, okay?
Chamberlain's niece
is right over there,
she's begging for her
to speak to him.
Tonya! Oh, God, help me!
Help me, Tonya!
What for?
So they can sing kumbaya?
- Not gonna happen.
- He's not gonna open the door for us.
- He will never open the door for us!
- Hey!
Maybe he'll open
the door for her!
Hey! Hey! Stand down! Look at me!
We're not playing
these games anymore.
He's been jerking us around
for almost an hour now.
And you lost your chance
to contribute
to this operation
when you decided to question
your Sergeant's authority.
Now, you get her out of here.
I'm sorry. We're gonna have to
clear this area, please.
Wait, wait a minute.
- Are they...
- Please.
- Slam it.
- Slam it.
- Get it.
- Come on.
Get it!
- Stop it. Stop it.
- Mr. Chamberlain?
It's not coming.
Stop it. Stop it.
- Knife! Knife! Knife!
- Talk to me!
Knife! Knife! Knife!
No! No!
Got it!
All right!
Get the knife!
Get the knife!
Talk to me, please.
What's happening?
Get out! Get out!
You broke my lock!
Mr. Chamberlain?
Fear not,
for God gave us a spirit
not of fear,
but of power and love...
Stop making a mess, Kenneth.
You're doing this to yourself!
...and self-control.
He's always with us.
He renews my strength.
Mr. Chamberlain? Hello?
Uh, he's got
something blocking the door!
We're gonna have to
get those hinges off!
No, no.
All right.
I got the sledge. I got it.
- Oh...
- Sir?
Even though I walk through
the darkest valley.
I will not be afraid,
for you are close beside me.
Your rod and your staff
protect and comfort me...
Mr. Chamberlain,
- I can't leave until you pick up, sir, please!
- No, no, no!
Do not break down my door!
This is on you, buddy.
It's your choice!
- Mr. Chamberlain...
- Don't you take my door off!
No! Oh!
Please, Mr. Chamberlain!
It's over, Mr. Chamberlain!
It's over!
Goddamn it, leave me alone!
Stop! Stop it!
Don't you take my door off!
911. Here. Talk to the police. Here, take it.
Yeah. Hello,
I'm at 135 South Lexington,
um, White Plains, New York.
The police are trying
to break down my uncle's door!
Sorry, what was the address?
Yes, 1-3-5 South Lexington!
Sorry, ma'am...
I know they're already here.
Can you send somebody?
- Ma'am...
- Please!
He didn't do anything.
They are harassing him!
He didn't do anything!
- Leave me alone!
- I see him! Get him!
I need you to pick up.
No. No, no... my...
Mr. Chamberlain?
Hello, President Obama.
- Try the bottom one.
- Get it. I got it.
This is Kenneth Chamberlain.
President Obama!
- The police have broken down my door...
- Mr. Chamberlain,
- w hat's going on?
- Without probable cause, without a warrant!
Please help me!
Please try
to stay calm.
Stop fighting us,
Mr. Chamberlain!
You are being recorded.
Your actions,
they will be remembered!
Sarge, take a break,
get out of there!
This is a crime!
I don't give a fuck,
you fucking nigger!
What is that?
What did you just say now?
What the fuck did you just say?
What's the fuck
is wrong with you, man?
- Come on! Let's act like adults!
- What's wrong with you?
Calm down!
I am 70 years old,
I have a bad heart.
You say that shit
one more time. Okay?
- Okay.
- Just, say it again!
All right. All right.
- Hello!
- This is my sworn testimony for the Department of Justice.
Do you hear me, sir?
What the hell
is the matter with you?
I'm trying to get in that
goddamn door!
Who the hell
do you think you are?
You're getting a 5-80.
- Act like a fucking police officer!
- Okay.
Calm down.
Without a warrant,
without probable cause!
This is my home...
Shut up!
Take the shield.
What's fucking wrong with you?
You are being recorded.
Your actions will be remembered!
Sir! Please pick up.
Now lock it up, and let's act
like police officers, now!
Are you ready to do this?
- Open up the fucking door.
- On my count.
No! Oh!
Hello? What is going on?
Go, go,
push, push, push!
Mr. Chamberlain,
can you hear me?
Are you okay?
Leave me alone!
Just tell me what's goin' on. Mr. Chamberlain.
Please talk to me!
- This ain't right.
- Back up.
Just let me...
- Please tell me what's happening.
- Leave me alone!
Sir? Mr. Chamberlain,
what's going on?
The police
have broken down my door.
They're in my apartment!
Now they're coming at me
with tasers and shotguns.
Drop any weapons you
have, and lay still on the ground!
Leave me alone!
Just listen to us, Kenneth!
Mr. Chamberlain,
we're not gonna hurt you.
We don't want to do this,
Mr. Chamberlain!
Just listen to us!
Lord, I trust in you.
Just follow their instructions,
Mr. Chamberlain. Just do what they say!
- Just do what they say!
- Never let me be disrespected...
We don't wanna do this!
Give me your strength
and give me your protection...
Save me.
- Mr. Chamberlain, just do what they say!
- Save me.
- Hit it!
- Hello.
Grab him.
Mr. Chamberlain,
please talk to me.
Mr. Chamberlain?
Oh, Lord, have mercy,
because I am in misery.
Stay down!
All right, all right.
Now, everybody, just stop!
All right, this is over.
You're not fucking listening!
Oh, my God!
Don't do anything!
Get his arms!
My eyes are weak...
Put your ass down, cornbread.
Stop fighting!
I'm using up
my strength.
Get off of him. This is over.
Get off me!
Kenny, I'm over here!
I cannot breathe!
Mr. Chamberlain, stay down,
before you get hurt.
Get off me!
All right!
What are you doing?
Ahh! I can't breathe! Stop!
Mr. Chamberlain,
are you okay?
No! Stop! Stop!
I tell people,
good, bad, or indifferent,
my father loved me.
I loved him.
I did plenty of things
that he didn't agree with,
that he would really
get on me about.
But one thing
that I can always say is
that no matter
what I went through,
my father supported me.
He encouraged me.
He let me find my way.
This is your help center for Life Aid.
Kenneth, do you need help?
Mr. Chamberlain,
you pressed your medical button.
Do you need help?
Mr. Chamberlain,
I'm not getting a response.
I'm going to notify someone
to come by and help you now.
White Plains Police Office.
This is your
help center for Life Aid.
Mr. Chamberlain,
do you need help?
Yes. It's an emergency.
I have the White Plains
Police Department,
banging on my door.
I did not call them,
and I am not sick!
You're going to kill me, huh?
You're gonna beat
my fucking ass.
Leave me alone.
I didn't call anybody.
Now leave!
Oh, they have shotguns, y'all.
They have stun guns
and shotguns.
They're planning on taking me
to the White Plains
Police Department and beat me.
And then kill me.
Don't do that, sir.
Don't do that.
Don't do that, officer.
Don't do that. Don't do that.
Don't do that.