The Killing Secret (1997) Movie Script

(uptempo music)
Wish that I could run away
Forget about you
When she told me yesterday
This wouldn't be through
Oh baby
I remember when
It was simple things
We were so in love forever
Destiny kissed our love
Oh but lately, it isn't enough
And as sure as there's a sky above
A fool's still searching
There ain't no rules for love
That's for certain
Ain't no rules for love
We were on the bedroom wall
Tell me what did you see
Who's the fairest one of all
Devoted to me
Oh baby
Was it innocent
When you called me up to
see when I'm coming home
Oh maybe
More than cold winds stinging
On the nights I've been spending alone
[Nicole] What are you doing?
[Greg] What do you think I'm doing?
[Nicole] Greg, we're in
the middle of a public place.
[Greg] No one can see.
There ain't no rules for love
And what if a plane flies over us?
[Greg] Live dangerously.
Give me one reason why I should.
'Cause I love you.
Well, that's a pretty good reason.
Oh baby
Was it innocent
What if a submarine pops up over there
and then it sees us?
Okay, I tried to warn you.
No, Greg, don't, please don't!
I've been spending alone
And as sure as there's a sky above
A fool's still searching
Yeah boy
There ain't no rules for love
That's for certain
[Announcer On P.A.] With
20 seconds left, (mumbling)
167, 167, hut!
[Cheerleaders] Fight
for victory!
(cheerleaders chanting)
(crowd cheering)
(band music)
424, wide cross on one.
[Players] Break.
57, hut!
(crowd cheering)
(band music)
Sweet catch dude, you rock.
So what's up later?
You gonna hook up with Nicole?
Guess again.
No, don't tell me.
You slay me, man.
I can't even get a girlfriend,
and you've got two.
If Nicole finds out,
you're gonna be roadkill.
Never happen, dude.
I'm way too smooth.
So how come I never met
this secret sex machine?
She lives in Vernon.
She goes to Palace High.
Consider it charity work for the poor.
[P.J.] Women are right, men are dogs.
Those are pretty buttons.
Where'd you get them?
I found them at the flea market
on a shirt at a thrift store.
I like it.
[Tina] Well, I've never
seen anything quite like them.
They're little flowers.
Pretty, huh?
[Andy] Mom, I'm going to Jason's.
I want you back at a decent hour.
I don't know.
Sometimes I think maybe his father
could take better care of him.
Dreamboat's here.
Emily, everything okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
(horn honking)
You working tonight?
Yeah, I'm filling in for Dory.
Listen, don't stay out
late and have a good time.
I love you.
See you later.
[Tina] Yeah.
(soft pop music)
House of temptation
It's always a struggle
Virtue and vice
Deliver my house of temptation
This place is the coolest, isn't it?
Official Love Shack of Tarrington.
Wonder why my dad never sold it.
Probably uses it as a tax
write off or something.
[Emily] I'd like to meet him sometime.
When am I gonna meet your family, Greg?
We've been together almost four months.
I love you, you love me.
You know that I've never
even been to your house?
Seems like we never go anywhere but here.
Hey, Emily, come on.
Come on.
You do love me, don't you, Greg?
You making it sound like
we're engaged to be married or something.
Look, all we're saying is
get some kind of commitment
before graduation.
At least get him to agree that you're not
gonna date other people
once you go off to college.
What do you want me to do,
sign some sort of contract?
If you don't grab him
now, some college girl will.
Believe me, Greg Dunleavy
is not going to last long at
I need to know that you love me,
that you'll stand by me as life
goes on and changes happen.
What sort of changes
do you have in mind?
Sometimes life takes you by surprise.
That's not always a bad thing.
It can be a really good thing
when two people love each other.
What are you talking about?
What kind of surprise
are you talking about?
(melancholy music)
You're kidding, right?
Please, please, tell me you're kidding.
Greg and I have been
dating for two years.
If it was meant to be, then
it will last past graduation,
and if it wasn't meant to be,
then it wasn't meant to be.
[Greg] I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.
It's not that bad, is it, Greg?
We're gonna have a baby.
Not that bad?
Do you think I'm gonna
marry you or something?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Look, don't worry, I'm not
gonna abandon you, alright?
I'm gonna be responsible about this.
Does anyone else know about this but us?
Okay, good.
We should probably just keep this quiet.
Don't you think?
I'm gonna take care of everything.
We can drive down to
a clinic in Charlotte,
and I will pay for everything, okay?
Pay for everything?
[Greg] Yeah.
What's that supposed to mean?
You said you were pregnant, so...
No, Greg.
What I said was we're gonna have a baby.
I am not being naive.
You are, Nicole.
Oh, I'm so glad you could stop laughing
long enough to tell me that.
I'm sorry.
Took her out.
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.
You're being ridiculous.
If you will just think about
what you're saying for a minute.
Think about it?
Greg, it's all I think about.
I kind of hoped you might have been
a little more supportive.
But you're not gonna change my mind.
It'll work out, I promise.
We're gonna have a baby, Greg.
We can build a life together.
(tires squealing)
We are out of here!
I hate this place.
[Nicole] Six more weeks!
Six more weeks!
Six more weeks!
(rock music)
One last time, more lessons learned
I swore last time
(girls screaming)
But you're not for sure
I hope this isn't love
'Cause it always seems
to get in the way
I hope this isn't love
'Cause it always seems
to get in the way
Why don't I get to play?
I told you, nobody
named Stinky is allowed.
First of all, you're too young.
Second of all, it's little league.
Next year, I promise.
You get a uniform, the whole deal.
Oh my God, I got accepted to college.
Huh, which one?
That's the thing, there's
two, Duke and Chapel Hill.
[Liz] Take your hat off.
Two schools in one day, that's great.
Yeah, congratulations, honey.
[Boy] Dad, we're gonna
be late for the game.
Oh, you're right.
Look, I'll get them ready in two minutes.
You meet me out there.
[Liz] Two minutes.
Congratulations, Nikki, really.
Thanks, Cal.
[Cal] Let's go.
Come on, come on, chop
chop, boys, let's go.
Here, take this.
Will you help me with these?
Duke and Chapel Hill.
Isn't Greg going to Chapel Hill?
Yeah, he is.
If I were you, I'd
wait for an invitation.
I just don't think he's someone
you wanna let go of, you know?
Don't let him get away.
[Cal] Liz, let's go.
Coming, coming, coming!
Listen, after the game, we're
gonna go to lunch, okay?
Congratulations, see ya.
(uptempo rock music)
(phone ringing)
Greg, phone.
Hey, what's up?
Greg, why haven't you called me back?
I've left three messages for you.
Can't talk right now.
Greg, I'm not gonna just disappear.
You're gonna have to take responsibil...
(dial tone droning)
P.J., hold my calls.
[P.J.] You got it.
Who was that?
Some chick who wants to marry me.
(uptempo rock music)
If I can have everyone's
attention, please.
It's time for the old people to go to bed.
But before we go up, I
wanna make sure that my son
gets his birthday present.
Greg, I hope you haven't
been drinking tonight because
I'm certain you don't
wanna be dropping these
in the pool.
[Girl] Oh, wow.
[Girl] So lucky.
Did you know about this?
Yeah, I did.
Dad, this is incredible.
I don't know what to say.
I can ask you all to raise your glasses
to my son, Greg.
Your new set of wheels will be
taking you off to Chapel Hill
in just a few short months.
I want you to keep in mind
that same set of wheels
will bring you right
back home after college
should you choose to return.
I'm very proud of you, son.
You've got a great competitive spirit
and I see a great deal of success
and achievement in your future.
Happy birthday, son.
[All] Happy birthday.
Hey, let's get some cake.
You guys wanna get some cake?
[All] Yeah.
(tense music)
What, are you stalking me now?
Is it your birthday?
Is that what's going on?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to spoil your party.
Look Greg, I know this is hard for you,
trying to fit me in with your
life and friends and all,
but when this baby is born and you see
that little face smiling up at you...
Listen, maybe we can reach some
sort of agreement, alright?
Some kind of cash settlement or something.
Cash settlement?
I'm willing...
Is that what you think this is about?
Greg, this baby's gonna be
born and raised in this town.
Now do you want to tell
your parents or should I?
The child needs to know
who it's father is.
(melancholy music)
Make a wish, son.
[Girl] Make a wish, Greg.
It's so hard to imagine.
I've never sat and stared out
at this lake so many times.
It's just weird to think
that soon none of us
will even be here anymore.
You think you'll moved
back here after college?
I don't know.
I'm sure your dad will want you to.
I mean Dunleavy Development's gonna need
another Dunleavy someday, right?
It's not such a bad place, Tarrington.
I can see moving back here someday.
I still can't decide between
Duke and Chapel Hill.
I mean they're both such good schools.
You don't have to yet.
Yeah, I guess.
Hey, you okay?
Are we okay?
I'm sorry, I'm just,
I'm just kinda distracted with something.
No, we're fine, we're good.
Hey Emily, it's me.
Yeah listen, we need to talk, okay?
Why don't I meet you on the corner
by the movie theater in about 20 minutes.
Fine, see you then.
So, you know what you want,
you want to wait a minute?
No, I'll have a cheeseburger,
french fries and root beer.
I'm sorry about the other night.
I'm the brat that spilled iced tea on you.
Shoot, don't worry about that.
That's an occupational hazard.
Order up.
No one has to know about
this but us, right?
We can go down to that
clinic in Charlotte.
We'll do it this weekend.
Just tell my father...
You don't seem to understand Greg.
I'm gonna have this baby.
I'm gonna raise it and I'm gonna love it,
and there's nothing you can
say that's gonna change...
You don't seem to understand Emily.
Do you think that I'm
gonna sit here and watch
my entire life get flushed
down the toilet, huh?
I mean is that what you really think?
Do you have any idea
what my father would say
if he found out about this?
I mean, gee.
Uh, congratulations Dad but your
illegitimate grandson, well he's gonna be
raised in that slum across town.
I mean, come on okay?
Is that all you care about?
Is what your father thinks?
Let's get it over with, then.
I'll tell him myself.
[Greg] Emily.
[Emily] Going right now.
Hey, Emily.
You will say nothing.
You are not having this baby, you hear me?
Yes, I am.
(tense rock music)
No, you're not.
Final call
Hey, it's Greg.
Leave a message.
As long as you let it
Darkness will lead you by the hand
It could never be that way
It could never be that way
[Emily] Greg!
(uptempo pop music)
I just hope I find
a better class of boys
when I get to college.
Come on, they're not so bad.
What about P.J.?
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's kind of hard to take P.J. seriously.
I don't know, I think he's pretty cute,
in a goofy sort of way.
She smiled.
In a goofy sort of way.
Yeah, come on, come on.
Alright, fade on three.
One, two, hut!
Hey, Sharon.
You look lovely this afternoon.
Want to go with me on Friday?
Mmm, I don't think so, P.J.
Oh look.
There's that waitress, remember?
The mother of the missing girl,
Tina DeCapprio said her
daughter was last seen
five days ago...
What happened?
Her daughter disappeared.
[Sharon] That's terrible.
Was just a few weeks shy of graduation
when police say she
mysteriously disappeared.
Authorities are asking
anyone with any information
on the whereabouts of Emily DeCapprio...
[Greg] Okay, boring.
Greg, I was watching that.
I'm sorry, honey.
It's the rule of the jungle.
Men rule the remote.
Oh, please.
Hey is anybody hungry?
You hungry?
Hey, Betty, could you make
us some sandwiches please?
[Girl] Want some more?
[Boy] Yeah.
Thank you.
Hi, Mom.
[Liz] Hey darling.
What's for dinner?
I'm starving.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
It's Cal's father's birthday
and we're taking the
kids there for dinner.
They can't wait to help their
grandpa blow out the candles.
Come on guys, let's go.
You're welcome to come if you want.
No, that's fine.
Here, take this one.
Take that on out.
I'm sorry I thought I told you.
There's pasta salad in the fridge.
Got it.
Have fun.
[Man On TV] Won't be
certain until the results
of the autopsy are in.
It's very important to try
to remember everything.
A missing child is perhaps the cruelest
form of punishment that any mother can
bear and to look in Tina DeCapprio's eyes
tells of that anguish.
Cards and letters continue to pour into
Tina from friends and strangers alike
most reading simply, "Emily come home."
[Nicole] Hi, is Tina here?
No, she's not working tonight.
Oh well, I owe her this card.
Could you give it to her?
Why don't you bring it by her house?
You just go up to Brock
and it's about a mile or so up the road.
You'll see it where all
the cars are parked.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, brat!
You're the one aren't you?
The one that spilled the iced tea?
Yeah, I don't want to disturb you.
I just wrote you a card.
I left it in the mailbox.
Well don't run off.
I just came out to get
some fresh air you know?
I mean all those people.
It's nice to know that people care
but they look at me with such pity
I think I should comfort them.
Oh no, I don't smoke.
Oh, good for you.
Don't start.
You'll end up like me.
You know, Emily, she won't even let me
smoke in the house, you know?
Are you friend of hers?
No, I go to Tarrington.
I just heard about what
happened in the news
and well, I wrote you the card.
That's sweet.
Senior, right?
Yeah, you look to be about her age.
Must be exciting.
Never graduated myself.
I got pregnant, got married.
Dumped the husband but I love those kids.
What's your name?
That's pretty.
I'm Tina.
Yeah, I know.
Nicole, could I ask
you to do a favor for me?
I've got posters up all over town,
everywhere from here to Cranston.
I was thinking that maybe
you could take some,
you know, over to Tarrington High?
Maybe somebody there knows something.
Oh wow.
She's really pretty.
You'll have to pardon the mess.
Emily's been trying to
teach me how to sew.
Good thing she's a patient girl.
I said we're gonna put in one hour
and the next thing you know it's midnight
and we're still yakking away.
It's nice that you guys are so close.
Well, you know how
mothers and daughters are.
Not all of them.
I better get going.
Listen, thanks for helping, Nicole.
It was nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
(soft pop music)
Whisper in your ear
Sweet ride.
P.J., tell me why we're here.
Because we're young and we're virile
and the world is our oyster.
Besides, I drove.
[Greg] Did you get CDs, huh?
[P.J.] I'll find something.
[Nicole] Music?
I got it.
(mellow pop music)
Relax, Greg.
It's the love shack.
No, it's my love shack and I don't feel
like being here right now.
Hey, come on.
Take a walk with me, okay?
I want to leave them
alone for a little while,
besides, I want to tell
you what I did last night.
This is stupid.
She's never gonna go out with him.
What, what?
What I did last night.
I went over to Vernon
and I visited that woman,
Tina DeCapprio, you know,
whose daughter is missing?
Oh, you know her?
Not really.
I mean, just from the diner.
I wanted to drop off a card
but somehow we got to talking.
[Greg] What'd you talk about?
[Nicole] A lot of things.
[Greg] Yeah?
I feel so sorry for her.
I mean she loves her daughter so much.
And she was pretty too.
I mean, she she is pretty.
It's not like she's dead or something.
[Greg] I don't know.
I just I don't get where the whole
town's going nuts over some girl who's
probably just run away
from home or something.
[Nicole] Oh, look at that.
That's so cute.
[Greg] What?
It's like a little flower or something.
Lemme see.
Give it to me.
[Nicole] Hey!
Come on, Nic, give it to me.
[Nicole] No!
[Greg] Hey, come on.
I swear you are so spoiled sometimes.
Give it to me.
I know it may be hard
for you to believe,
but you can't have
everything you want exactly
when you want it.
The unthinkable has happened.
Sharon has agreed to go on a date with me,
an unsupervised, unchaperoned date.
This has been four years in the making.
Told you.
(mellow pop music)
Nothing's changed
about everything for me
Everything is just the same
Nothing's changed
about everything for me
Everything is just the same
Brought you some refills
on our great lemonade, here.
Thank you very much, appreciate it.
Everything okay?
Ms. DeCapprio.
Can we talk for a minute?
Just wanted to touch base.
We'll be wrapping things up for now.
The state and federal
authorities are up to date,
and just as soon as we
hear anything at all...
Wait, what are you talking about?
Wrapping things up?
Ms. DeCapprio over 850,000
kids are reported missing
in this country every year,
and a vast majority of them
have simply run away from home,
especially girls her age.
Now we've talked with
her friends at school,
We've spoken on the
phone with Greg Dunleavy.
There's just not much
more the police can do.
Have you contacted all
her friends personally?
Just about.
(doorbell ringing)
I'm looking for Greg Dunleavy.
Is this the right house?
Yes, come in.
Greg's out back.
Why don't you have a seat?
Can I get you something?
No, I'm fine, thank you.
Someone's here to see you.
[Greg] Be back in a second.
I'm sorry, there's no
smoking in this house.
What is it you want to see Greg about?
It's personal.
You a friend of his?
Not really.
Hi, Ms. DeCapprio.
I'm really sorry about what's happened.
I've been meaning to come by and see you.
It's just, you know,
things have been so crazy
with graduation and finals coming.
Oh yeah.
You really can't wait to
get me out of here, can you?
You know, it's odd Greg,
but I don't think Emily's
ever met any of your friends.
As a matter of fact, I don't think
she's ever been in this house, has she?
For a close relationship, you've really
kept her stashed away.
Oh, we haven't really been
seeing each other that long,
Ms. DeCapprio, so we just kind of spent
most of our time alone.
Yes, I'm sure you did.
Look, I'll be brief.
I've talked to all of
her friends in Vernon.
They don't have a clue.
I just need to know if you have any
idea of what happened.
No, not really.
There was this, this one
thing a couple of weeks ago.
We were riding in the car together,
and this song came on the radio about
running away from home and Emily said,
"Maybe that's what I'll do.
"Maybe I'll run away."
Well, did she say anything else,
like where she would go
or who she would go with?
No, no, she never mentioned it again.
She just said, "Maybe
I'll run away from home."
And I never really gave it much thought.
Well, I won't torture you any longer.
Look Greg, just promise
me if you hear anything
you'll give me a call.
- Of course.
- Tina.
What are you doing here?
Do you guys know each other?
Does this does have
something to do with Emily?
Excuse me, I'm in
the wrong neighborhood.
Greg, what's going on?
Well, she...
Tina, wait a minute.
Tina, stop.
Talk to me.
What's going on?
I'm sorry, Nicole.
I just have bigger things
on my mind right now
than the love life of rich kids.
Tina what is going on?
What do you think is going on?
Greg was seeing Emily, okay?
Your boyfriend was cheating on you.
Welcome to the real world.
(tense melancholy music)
(pop music)
I have no clue!
Excuse me, sir, what do
you think you're doing?
[Man] What am I doing?
That was the question.
I'm working for God.
What are you doing?
Okay, we're going to have to...
this is school property, son.
I don't pay any attention to your...
I've seen that guy around.
He's always panhandling in the park.
Must be from another planet, I guess.
(siren blipping)
This whole town's looking for Emily.
[Officer] Alright, break it up.
Crazy people.
Right this way, thank you, officer.
Okay, kids.
Get back to class.
[Officer] Let's go, let's go.
[Man] Let me get my cart.
[Officer] Yeah, no.
[Man] Let me get my cart.
[Officer] Keep moving.
(bell ringing)
Hey come on, just talk
to me for two minutes.
Greg, there's nothing left to say.
He really misses you, Nic.
So what, I'm supposed
to feel sorry for him?
You guys are so good together.
Yeah well, it isn't me
who screwed it up, is it?
Sharon, he lied to me.
Every time we were together
he was lying to my face.
I don't see how I'm supposed
to just get over that
like it's no...
Nic, please.
I'll talk to you later, okay?
Give me a second okay?
Let me, let me tell you how sorry I am.
Okay, you're sorry.
Have a nice life.
Nic, it wasn't a big thing with Emily.
I had only taken her
out a couple of times.
Just give me a few
minutes tonight, please.
I can't, I'm busy.
Actually I'm volunteering
for a search party tonight.
We'll be looking for
your other girlfriend.
Somebody said they saw her
near the woods by the old mill.
(bell ringing)
I wanna thank you all for volunteering
your time and energy this evening.
We're gonna spread out
about eight feet apart,
form a single line and walk due east.
Everyone move nice and slow
and keep your eyes wide open.
But before we go why don't we join hands
for a moment for a short prayer.
Dear Lord,
we're here to search for Emily tonight
but we ask that our
search prove fruitless,
for we pray that Emily is safe and sound
and will be returned to us shortly.
Okay, let's spread out.
Move nice and slow and
keep your eyes wide open.
Let's go.
Single line eight feet apart.
(melancholy music)
I'm glad that we did the search.
I think it's for the best
that we didn't find her.
I guess you're right.
[Man] If there's anything
that we can do at all,
just give me a ring.
[Tina] I appreciate that.
[Man] Goodnight.
I'm sorry about making
a scene the other day.
It's okay.
It's better that I know the truth.
How are you doing?
It's getting harder
and harder, you know?
Every night alone at home
waiting for the phone
and I don't know.
Maybe she did run away from home.
I know she was depressed
the last few weeks
and I couldn't get her to talk about it.
Maybe if I tried harder,
just reached out...
No, no.
Thanks for coming, Nicole.
It really means a lot to me.
Do you need a lift home?
No, no.
I came with the neighbors.
Take care.
Oh, graduation right, Saturday night?
So, we were just walking off
the ninth hole and guess who we run into?
The Dunleavys.
So, we walked the
clubhouse to get a drink.
The men start talking business
and before you know it,
Ted Dunleavy has agreed to finance Cal's
new condominium project.
That's great.
Well, it's not a done deal yet,
but it looks really good.
Maybe you could get Greg to put in
a good word with his old man.
Greg and I aren't
seeing each other anymore.
Excuse me?
Things weren't working
out so I broke it off.
Why would you do that?
Because things weren't working out.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
Nicole, honey listen.
Whatever happened I'm
sure you can patch it up.
I'm sure if you just apologized,
He'd forgive you.
What makes you so certain
it was something that I did?
I didn't say that.
I'm just, I'm just trying to help.
Thanks a lot, Mom.
You've been very helpful, as usual.
Come on, you guys, we're gonna be late.
Okay wait.
How does my hair look?
Your hair looks great.
Kim, you've been wearing
your hair like that
since the seventh grade.
Wait, wait.
One last rehearsal of the
cheerleading squad, okay?
I want you guys to pay
very close attention.
Jacket's gonna win and we can't be beat,
so let's fight for victory.
Jacket's gonna win and we can't be beat,
so let's fight for victory.
Jacket's gonna win and we can't be beat!
(rock music)
Trying to get it
No way, I'm wearing this
thing straight to college.
(excited chattering)
Who wants a marshmallow?
[Girl] Who wants a burnt marshmallow?
Who wants a marshmallow?
Hey Nic.
Nic, come on, talk to me.
Hey, please.
If you knew what I was
going through right now...
What you're going through?
I'm sorry.
I screwed up Nic,
big-time and
I am so, so sorry.
If you take me back, if you
give me just one more chance,
I promise I will never do anything to hurt
you for the rest of my life.
You lied to me.
I know.
How do you want me to believe
anything that you're saying?
Just give me another chance, Nic.
I got you something.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means I love you.
It means I miss you.
It means I want you to come to
Chapel Hill with me next year
so we can be together forever.
I really miss you, Nic.
I miss you, too.
[Greg] God, I love you so much.
I love you so much.
Just one kiss, P.J., that's all.
We'll see about that.
Okay, let's see what you can do.
(mellow pop music)
What is that?
(tense music)
Oh my God.
It's that girl.
It's Emily.
[P.J.] I'll go call for help!
(excited chattering)
[Girl] Poor thing.
(somber organ music)
God, her face was so cold.
I never knew a person could get that cold.
The police have any leads or anything?
The paper said the body's being sent
to Charlotte for an autopsy.
Poor Tina.
Before we begin Ms.
DeCapprio asked me to announce
that the family will be
receiving at their home
this evening between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m.
for all who wish to pay
their condolences personally.
Now that we've all taken our seats,
the service can begin.
I don't know, maybe I
should just wait out here.
This is just feels kind
of weird Nic, you know?
I mean, going in there with you.
Everybody knows I was seeing Emily.
I don't want to hear this.
Ms. DeCapprio hates my guts as it is.
We're here to offer condolences.
Leave everything else out of it.
She's not even here.
Let's just go.
I know where she is.
I needed a cigarette, and
Emily won't let me smoke
in the house, so...
We both wanted to offer our condolences.
I'm really sorry about what happened.
Thanks, Greg, I appreciate that.
How's Andy doing?
You know, it's hard to tell.
He keeps everything so bottled up
but he's decided he wants to go home
with his dad for the summer and under
the circumstances it's
probably for the best.
I'm gonna give you guys a minute or two.
I'll wait in the car.
So you took him back?
He was really sorry.
What could I say?
Well, you could have said
what I said when I found out
my husband was running around.
Sorry's good but it's not good enough.
You know, Nicole women
weren't just put on this earth
to say and do and dress
the way men want them to.
It's an important lesson
for a girl to learn.
Well, I hope that's not what I do.
(melancholy music)
You know what I'd like to do?
I'd like to take some
flowers down to the lake
where they found her and then
plant some flowers for Emily.
Could you do that with me?
I'd love to.
Thank you.
It seems all of Tarrington
turned out Saturday to say
goodbye to Emily, the young girl whose
body was found late last week on the
shores of Scofield
Lake, brutally murdered.
It was a somber affair.
Family, classmates,
strangers alike attended
the service where Emily
DeCapprio was eulogized
as a wonderful girl, senselessly taken
in the prime of her...
[Greg] Hey.
Didn't see you there.
(melancholy music)
That's it.
Oh, I don't want to cry anymore.
I've been crying for weeks.
Just wanna sit here, hold hands
have silence.
Moment of silence
for Emily.
Oh God.
I want her back.
I want her back.
Oh God, I want her back.
I just don't understand
how anybody could do that.
Kill a girl, stuff her in a trash bag,
dump her in the middle of a lake.
Hell of way to remember our
last summer in Tarrington.
Well, it's over now.
You know that creep is
still out there somewhere.
Who knows who he'll get next.
Oh, thanks, Kim.
That'll help us sleep tonight.
You know, there's just one thing
that I don't understand.
Why did you tell Tina that
you thought Emily ran away?
That's what she said
she was planning to do.
Yeah, maybe she did run away.
Maybe she was hitchhiking out of town
and she got picked up by some
serial killer or something.
You've sure been spending a lot of time
with that woman lately.
We're friends.
That just seems kind of weird.
I mean all of a sudden you're
off hanging out in Vernon.
She's poor, Sharon.
That's where she lives.
It's not like everybody that lives in
Vernon is a criminal.
You know, I just don't see
what you two have in common.
I don't know.
Maybe I remind her of Emily.
What do you think, Greg?
Do I remind you of Emily?
(tense melancholy music)
You wanna go for a swim?
No, I think I'm just gonna go home.
[Bill] Are you Greg Dunleavy?
[Greg] Yeah.
Detective Phil Rodlauer.
This is Detective Connie Lang.
[Greg] How are you doing?
[Phil] we're gonna need to
talk to you for a few minutes.
Phil, what's going on?
Sorry to bother you, Mr. Dunleavy.
We're gonna need Greg for a
while down at the station.
But it's almost dinnertime.
Phil, we're just about
to sit down for dinner.
How about I give you a call later on?
We can talk about this.
I think it'd be best
if he came down now.
It's the Emily DeCapprio situation.
There've been some developments.
You're welcome to come if you like.
You can follow us down in your own car.
(tense music)
(chattering on police radio)
Do you know what's going on?
The police just came and got Greg.
They said something
about a new development.
Mmm, they performed
an autopsy in Charlotte.
Results just came back.
Well, she wasn't drowned.
Her lungs were still full of air.
That's why she floated up
to the surface like that.
Apparently she'd been
killed somewhere else.
Strangled, then dumped in a
lake an hour so after death.
Phil, can we get to the point here?
The coroner discovered another surprise.
She was pregnant.
Oh my God.
About six weeks.
See, it all makes sense now.
That's why she was acting so worried.
I knew something was on her mind but I
could not get her to talk to me about it.
The baby was Greg's.
So you had no idea at all?
No, she didn't say a thing.
I mean, we weren't really all that close.
We were just kind of hanging out.
It wasn't a real big deal.
Her mother, Tina, she seemed to think
it was a very big deal.
She said you were the only boy
Emily was sexually involved with.
There was nothing casual about this.
She loved Greg.
She thought they'd get married someday.
The baby was his and he panicked.
He was desperate, backed into a corner.
Tina, what are you saying?
Are we in some kind
of trouble here, Phil?
Should I be looking for a lawyer?
I just wanted to discuss this quietly
before it spread like wildfire.
There's no evidence yet
it was even Greg's baby,
aside from what Tina DeCapprio is saying.
And what else is Ms. DeCapprio saying?
I have tried to hold my
tongue but I can't any longer.
Too many things are starting to add up.
Why didn't he ever come and
see me while she was missing?
And why was he so
uncomfortable at the funeral?
He wouldn't look me in the eye.
And that that whole story
about her planning to run away.
Emily wouldn't do that.
Not six weeks pregnant.
She, she got pregnant and he panicked.
No, no, Greg couldn't do this.
It's not possible.
He did it.
He strangled my baby with his bare hands
and then he dumped her body in the middle
of that lake like a piece of garbage.
He did it, Nicole.
Greg murdered Emily.
(melancholy music)
I hate this.
Everybody's looking at me.
It's like people know everything.
You don't have to go in.
It's okay as long as you stay close by.
Have you been smoking?
I've never had a cigarette in my life.
You smell like cigarettes.
Poor guy, he looks so depressed.
Who wouldn't be?
Hauled in and accused of murder.
And Nicole hanging around
with the dead girl's mom
all the time.
Like it isn't enough
problems to deal with.
Things sure haven't
changed at the old school.
Punch is still weak and
the band still sucks.
So, with me the police
suspect Greg anyway?
They don't suspect him.
They just wanted to talk to him.
It's Tina DeCapprio that's
been pointing fingers.
Well, apparently she's
saying all kinds of things
about Greg to the police.
No, she just told them the truth,
that Greg was seeing Emily.
You know, I don't know why
you're defending her Nicole.
She's saying Greg's a murderer.
And I don't know why
you're attacking her, Sharon.
You don't even know her.
Yeah and you seem to be her best friend.
He was president of the student council
last year and she was council treasurer.
Let's welcome Steven Ray and Dori Street.
Next to the dance floor one of our
favorite couples of the graduating class.
He was our starting quarterback and she
was captain of the cheerleading squad
and they're both headed
for Chapel Hill this fall.
Let's hear it for Greg
Dunleavy and Nicole Voss.
Yeah, I can't believe she has the nerve
to go out there and dance with him.
Well, give her a break.
Let's everybody dance and have fun.
(uptempo music)
And as sure as there's a sky above
And fools still searching
There ain't no rules for love
That's for certain
Ain't no rules for love
[Greg] Tina tell you
that Emily was pregnant?
[Nicole] Yes.
Probably best if that didn't get around.
You know you probably don't wanna tell
Tina this but it could have
been any one of a dozen guys.
I mean Emily really liked to get drunk
and when she got drunk...
Greg, she isn't here to defend herself.
So what kind of stuff
did the police ask you?
Normal kinds of stuff.
They didn't ask you where you were the
night she was killed?
So where were you?
I can't believe you're asking me that.
First you cheated on me, then that same
girl is found murdered.
Now the police...
I can't believe what you're saying.
Do you really think I could
strangle someone, Nicole?
Have these hands ever hurt you?
I want you to stop seeing Tina DeCapprio.
You understand me?
She is bitter and she's angry.
She's turning you against me.
Now, I am fighting for my
life here, you understand?
And you just better figure
out whose side you're on.
(melancholy music)
(tires squealing)
No, thank you.
Who the hell does she think she is?`
Who, dear?
Although Tina DeCapprio
has avoided the press,
sources say that she
has told police bluntly
who she suspects committed the crime.
A young man from a
prominent Tarrington family.
[Phil] Detective Rodlauer.
Hi, I'm Nicole Voss.
Yes, I know who you are.
What can I do for you, Nicole?
I'm very close with Greg Dunleavy.
I've known him for many years.
I've also recently become
friendly with Tina DeCapprio.
I just wanted to talk to
you and get a sense of where
your investigation is going.
You know, see if you really think
that Greg could've...
Murdered Emily?
I was thinking of calling you in
to ask the exact same question.
You've known Greg a while.
Has he ever hit you,
shown signs of violence?
[Phil] Good upstanding boyfriend?
Never cheated, never lied?
What do you think Nicole?
Do you think he killed her?
Of course not.
But you wouldn't say
it's impossible, would ya?
[Connie] Phil.
Thanks for stopping by.
There you are.
You're just in time.
Come on we're celebrating.
Celebrating what?
Cal and Ted just closed the deal.
It's so exciting!
Don't say anything, okay?
[Cal] Look who's here.
Hello, dear.
Could you possibly be more adorable?
A lot of people are shying away
from new home construction.
Boy, not me.
I say let's keep Tarrington expanding.
Thank you.
Especially if you want to have a healthy
economy by the time our
grandkids are grown up.
The way things are going that
might not be too long from now.
[Ted] Nicole you must be
excited about heading off
to Chapel Hill in a couple of months huh?
Yes, I am.
[Ted] Oh, I know Greg sure is.
[Rachel] I'm just afraid
that he won't return.
I mean what with the way the police
have been treating him lately.
[Liz] Oh, they'll sort
that out, don't you think?
It'll sort itself out
if that DeCapprio woman
would just concentrate on waiting tables.
Leave the police work to the police.
Nicole I understand
she's a friend of yours.
Yes, she is.
Nicole is the kind of girl who's very
fond of bringing home
stray animals, puppies.
[Cal] That's right.
Mom, she's not a puppy.
She's a woman whose
daughter has been murdered.
I know that, I know.
Nicole, it's a horrible
thing that's happened,
but she can't just go around
telling lies about
innocent people, can she?
You know I was hoping
that maybe you could try
and talk some sense into her.
I mean since you two
are such close friends.
(melancholy music)
You'll have to excuse me.
She's upset.
Excuse me.
Nicole come back.
(phone ringing)
Hi Nicole.
It's Kim.
Look I just wanted to let
you know there's gonna be
a party fourth of July on the lake.
North shore by the rowboats.
I don't think so.
I, I don't think I can.
You know, Nicole Greg
is going through a very
difficult time right now.
The least you can do is show some support.
He's lied to me before.
How do I know that he's
not lying to me now?
I want to believe him, I do.
I just,
I just don't know what to do believe.
Forget it then.
You know, I'm only even
telling you because
I thought Greg might want you there.
You know Sharon and Stacey
didn't even want to invite you.
(dial tone blaring)
I'm not asking for
anything unreasonable.
My family's been slandered.
My son's been falsely accused of murder.
Mr. Dunleavy, no one here's
accused your son of anything.
Oh for heaven sakes, Phil.
The entire town is accusing him.
You owe us a statement,
a letter to the press
that fully exonerates Greg
of an evil criminal wrongdoing.
I'm afraid we can't do that right now.
What do you think, Connie?
We got enough to make stick?
It'll stick.
Let's go.
(tense music)
[Cop] Freeze!
Get down!
On the floor!
On your knees, right now!
[Phil] Aaron Clemens,
you're under arrest
for the kidnap and murder
of Emily DeCapprio.
[Connie] Get him out of here.
(rock music)
Against my Constitutional rights.
This is against the Constitution
of the United States of America
which was written by Thomas
Jefferson, George Washington.
You ever read it?
Read it, read it.
I can paint anything I want.
This is America.
I can do anything I want.
This is fascism, that what (mumbling).
(rock music)
Look at this.
Let's get some photos in here.
Looks like we found our boy.
Something across the light
Okay, but why Emily?
Look, I'm the only person in this room
who cares anything about Emily.
To you guys she's
nothing but another case.
To me, she was...
His name is Aaron Clemens.
He has a long history of mental
illness and violent crimes.
In fact, he was just released
from a correctional mental
institution upstate 90 days ago.
There was plenty of evidence in his house
and he's the one who's been drawing
the murals of Emily all over town.
It's like he's been
crying out to be caught.
Are you sure?
Are you absolutely sure?
Yeah, we're sure.
[Phil] Look, you've got her
pictures all over your walls.
When I take her picture,
when I'm painting her pictures,
she's still alive.
Don't you see that?
She's still alive.
I'm the only one keeping her alive
and there's a killer out there.
There's a killer out there who
took Emily and it's not me.
[Nicole] I'm home.
Did you hear the news?
No, what happened?
The police arrested the man
who murdered Emily DeCapprio.
His name is not Greg Dunleavy.
(tense music)
[Woman] Taking off, Tina?
[Tina] Yeah.
[Woman] Okay, you have a
good night now, you hear?
[Nicole] Hi.
Hi, I was gonna call you.
I don't know if you heard.
Yeah, I did.
Police think they got the right guy.
I mean, this guy's got
a record a mile long
and he has the strangest eyes.
If you could just look into those eyes.
Yeah well, I guess it
wasn't Greg after all.
Oh, Nicole.
I'm so sorry.
Tina, I am glad that they found him.
I'm just sorry it had
to ruin everybody else's
life in the process.
Oh, Nicole.
It was my fault.
It was all my dumb suspicions.
I mean, I was irresponsible.
I apologize.
Well, it's over.
I'm glad for you.
I gotta go.
Hey you know I was thinking about going
down to the lake later this week to check
on Emily's flowers, see how they're doing.
Maybe you want to come along?
I don't think that's a good idea.
Take care.
(somber music)
(uptempo music)
(excited chattering)
Look who's here.
Guess they must have run out of hot dogs
over in Vernon.
Hey, Nic.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
I'm sorry.
I was confused.
There's so much coming at me so fast.
Tina is a good person, she is.
I don't know.
Maybe I shouldn't have been spending
so much time around her.
That really hurt Nic, you know?
I mean all my friends
were totally there for me,
everyone but you.
We had something special.
I thought we loved each other.
Greg, I do love you.
I do.
I messed up.
All I can do is ask you to forgive me.
I guess that's what love's all about.
Let's go for a row.
[Nicole] Greg.
Come on.
what better way to celebrate
the fourth of July?
Greg, it feels weird.
Nic, we've been on this
thing a hundred times.
Yeah, I know but,
now it feels like we're
playing on someone's grave.
Hang on.
It's the same lake it always was.
It just doesn't feel the same.
I keep thinking about
what happened out here.
Something happened.
Something happened, but it's over, okay?
This is our lake, Nic.
We just have to take it back.
Greg, no.
(uptempo rock music)
You're back.
It's good to be back.
[P.J.] Beer?
We got one right here P.J.
[P.J.] Yeah, right.
It was fun for a while but
definitely not meant to last.
You're so bad.
Hey, it's that guy they arrested.
(uptempo rock music)
(tense music)
Weird huh?
Our very own murderer.
Right here in sleepy little Tarrington.
You know, I'm not feeling very well.
I think I'm just gonna go home.
Have fun.
Hey, Nic.
What's up?
I'm not feeling very well.
I think I'm just gonna go home.
Ah, I'll give you a lift.
No, it's okay.
I'll drive.
I'll talk to you later.
(uptempo rock music)
Detective Rodlauer.
You're back.
Listen, I saw something on TV.
I'm not certain that it
was what I think it was,
but it may be something very important.
[Woman On Speaker]
Phil, the DA's are here.
[Phil] I'm on my way.
I just need a few minutes.
Look, I got a lot of work to do.
Your boyfriend's in the clear, okay?
So just relax with the Nancy Drew routine
Go home, have a nice summer vacation.
Wait a minute.
(phones ringing)
(tense music)
(phone ringing)
What's up?
It's Greg.
Remember me, your boyfriend
that you didn't call
after you left the party early?
I was worried.
How you feelin'?
I have a stomachache,
cramps or something.
Well, I decided to go
waterskiing with my family
this weekend and we're
leaving right after dinner
so I'm gonna swing by
and see you before I go.
No I can't.
Come on, Nic.
I'm not gonna see you
for three whole days.
I can't.
I have a family thing.
You know, it's my mom's birthday.
We're all going out to dinner.
Okay, okay so I guess I'll
see you when I get back.
Yeah, call me on Sunday okay?
I love you.
You, too.
(tense music)
[Tina On Phone] Hello?
Tina, it's Nicole,
I need to talk to you.
[Tina On Phone] I've
got the dinner shift
in half an hour.
I'll be back later, okay?
It can't wait.
I need to talk to you right now.
I'm leaving.
Wait for me, okay?
[Tina On Phone] Okay.
(tense music)
Can I come in?
There's a warehouse up on Shattuck Road.
It's out in the middle of
nowhere, all by itself.
Greg's father owns it and
he takes me there to be alone sometimes.
I guess he takes other girls there, too.
I found this there in the back room
a couple of days after Emily disappeared.
It's the button that was torn from her
shirt the night that she died.
I know what it is.
It means...
I know what it means.
Oh my God!
I took it to Rodlauer but
he wouldn't even talk to me.
I thought maybe that
if you took it to him,
he might talk to you.
If he did it would be the first time.
Nicole I don't know.
They've already arrested someone.
They've announced it to the press.
I mean the last thing in the
world the police want to hear
is contradictory evidence.
If we just had something else to go on.
(tense music)
The door to the bathroom wouldn't close.
It wouldn't close
right, like it had been
broken or something.
Maybe there's something else there.
Greg's going out of town this weekend.
I could go there and I could look around.
I could go there tonight.
No, tomorrow.
I have to work late tonight.
We'll go there tomorrow together.
Listen to me, Nicole.
There's nothing out there that can't wait
until tomorrow morning.
(tense music)
I'll be at work 'til midnight
but I'll be home after that,
so if you need anything call me.
(tense music)
[Man On TV] Can you tell
me your friend's name?
Take your time.
[Woman On TV] Uh, it...
(tense music)
Hey, Nic.
(tense music)
Decided not to go down
with my parents tonight.
I can go tomorrow.
Hey, you know maybe you could come with
if you're not doing anything this weekend.
There is, there is so
much I have to tell you.
It has been so hard
keeping all of this secret.
I have done some horrible things, Nic.
Really, just
horrible things.
I know.
I want to talk about it.
I want to tell you everything.
I really do love you, you know that?
And when you love someone,
I mean really, really love someone,
gotta know you can trust them.
I mean, really trust them, no matter what.
Can I trust you that much, hon?
Do you love me
that much?
What do you mean?
We're about to go off to
college together, right?
We can get married soon.
We can share this secret
for the rest of our lives
and no one listens to anything
Tina DeCapprio says, anyway...
Greg, no!
You can't just send an
innocent person to jail.
You're gonna have to tell the police,
or I will.
There's no way out of this.
You have to turn yourself in.
Turn myself in?
Turn myself in?
I'll cover my tracks.
Those seem to be the only
choices I have left here.
What is that supposed to mean?
Cover your tracks?
Look, Nic,
sometimes people just
have to die, you know?
I mean, it's, it may be ugly.
It's, it's brutal but
that's just the way the
world works you know?
I mean Emily wasn't a bad person,
and I am really, really sorry
about what happened to her.
Just, why don't you sit down?
I don't wanna sit down.
(mumbling) sit.
Just sit down, okay, please, sit down.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna kill me too?
You think that's gonna
solve your problems?
Well, it doesn't matter now
because now there's evidence.
There's hard evidence
that you killed Emily.
(tense music)
Police are gonna have it
tomorrow with or without me.
You mean this, Nic?
(tense music)
Why don't you have a drink Nic?
Could be a long night.
(thunder booming)
You can't do this, Greg.
You think you can, but you can't.
Shut up, Nic.
Greg, this is me.
You love me.
You can't kill somebody that you love.
You're not a monster.
Wait a minute.
It was an accident right?
Well, the police will understand that.
You didn't mean to do it.
You just you just
brought her up here to...
Oh, God, please tell
me it was an accident.
(thunder booming)
On and on
It doesn't matter what it was.
(tense rock music)
Final call
Wait a minute okay?
Think about what you're doing here.
Darkness will lead you by the hand
It can never be that way
You can't do this.
It could never be that way
As long as you let it
[Greg] I'm gonna do what I have to do.
Darkness will lead you by the hand
It could never be that way
It could never be that way
Come here, come here!
(tense music)
Wait a minute, okay?
Think about what you're doing here, okay?
This is not what you want to do, Greg.
[Greg] I'm sorry, Nic, I have to.
Greg, no.
[Greg] I have to, I have to.
[Greg] I can't.
I'm sorry.
(melancholy music)
I'm sorry.
Greg Dunleavy, having pleaded guilty to
the killing of Emily DeCapprio,
you've been convicted by this court
on one count of murder
in the first degree.
You have been sentenced to
a term of life in prison,
a sentence you will begin
serving immediately.
Before concluding today, you
are required by state law
to now face the survivors of your crime
and to make a statement.
I'm sorry.
I did a horrible thing.
I killed an innocent girl
who didn't deserve to die.
I have lied and hurt
the people who love me.
I didn't know
what to do.
I didn't,
I didn't know who to
talk to,
or to turn to.
I wanted to protect
my family,
my future.
(melancholy music)
I did a horrible thing.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(melancholy music)
[Nicole] It's over.
I want you to meet my mother.
I'd love to.
Be back.
Mom, this is Tina.
Hello, Tina.
It's so nice to meet you.
It is very nice to meet you, too.
You have quite a daughter.
I do.
Well, you ready for this?
Let's go, sweetheart.
(melancholy music)
(reporters chattering)
(melancholy vocalizing music)
(melancholy music)