The Kindergarten Teacher (2018) Movie Script

So who wants to read?
Come on, it's like the...
What is it? The fourth week now?
Let's hear someone else.
Do you, um...
Lisa, do you mind sharing?
So what did you write this week?
A short one. A haiku.
Oh, really?
I didn't see you work on it.
I did it on the ferry.
Read it to me?
A dream garden blooms
Rose, iris, phlox, but here?
A white crocus pierces concrete.
It's good, Lis.
They didn't like it.
Someone said it was derivative.
But they always say that, right?
They say it if it's good,
they say it if it's bad.
My teacher said I need to put
more of myself in my work.
What is it, like,
the flowers out by the pool?
More or less.
I'm going to go cut some paper.
Okay, let's move on to "S."
Do you guys see the "S"
at the top of your paper?
And do you see
how there's a piece of an "S"?
Can you see if you can finish that "S"?
That's really good, Derek.
So, when you think of an "S,"
think about...
the curve of a slithering sss...
- What?
- Snake.
Snake. That's right.
Actually, everybody think of a snake.
Think of the way a snake moves
when it sort of slithers on the ground,
Ssss, right?
Good job.
Okay. How are you guys doing over here?
- My hand hurts.
- Yeah.
We've been doing this for a long time,
haven't we?
Okay. We're going to do song circle
after one more letter.
You guys got one moreletter in you?
Yeah. One more letter. Does anybody have
any idea what the next letter is?
"T" is the letter that comes after "S"
in the alphabet.
Very good! "T" is a tall, tough letter,
like a hard tooth!
- Or like a...
- Tusk.
Like a tusk. Yes. Very good.
Can I see a beautiful "T"?
Thank you.
You know what?
Finish up the letteryou're working on
and let's do song circle.
Okay, give your papers to Meghan.
- To hell with the core curriculum.
- Thank you.
O-ro the rattlin' bog,
The bog down in the valley-o
O-ro the rattlin' bog,
The bog down in the valley-o
And on that...
- Necklace.
- ...There was a...
- I love it!
- A beach on a necklace!
And a beach...
on a necklace, and a necklace on the...
- Popsicle.
- And a Popsicle on the...
And a booger on the...
Bye, Caitlin.
You have your collage?
Hey guys, take it easy.
- Hi, Lisa.
- Hi, Lauren.
Anna's beautiful.
for me.
The sun...
It's almost like a sign from God.
What was that?
I don't know.
Was that a poem?
That was a poem. It's remarkable.
I think we should write it down. Right?
Wow, you remember it.
What's your name again?
- I'm Becca.
- Becca. Right. I'm sorry.
I've seen you here before.
So Jackie's gone?
- Yeah. She quit.
- That must be why I was confused.
All right. Let's go.
Becca, would you do me a favor?
If he does this again, will you promise
you write it down for me?
Yeah, I can do that for you.
Hey, Jimmy...
I really liked your poem.
All right. Bye.
She uses way to many hashtags.
Oh, my God.
This is clearly edited.
Look at that.
Yep, that's Photoshopped.
That's definitely Photoshopped.
How was your day?
- It was good.
- Dad said you had a test?
Yeah. It was fine.
- So what did he say?
- That he likes me
and he wants to go out, but that
he had to have a talk with Katrina.
But my god, she's like hanging on
for dear life.
- Who's that?
- You guys going to come eat?
We ordered pizza.
Excuse me.
- You, too?
- Yeah.
You won't say "hi?"
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Could I have some of those, please?
- Yeah.
- Did you go online and look at the dorms?
- Hey.
- Yes.
- And did you pick your preferences?
Yes, I did.
"Anna is beautiful."
Beautiful enough for me.
The sun hits her yellow house.
"It's almost like a sign from God."
It sounds so advanced.
- How old is he?
- Five and a half.
It's extraordinary.
I think that Lainey and Josh knew
lots of words at that age, but...
it conjures a feeling.
So specific.
Is he religious?
No, I don't think so.
It's just weird that someone so young
would writeabout God.
It's... It's disturbing, slightly.
Why do you say that?
Why do you use the word "disturbing?"
I don't know.
It's not disturbing, I suppose.
It's more like...
The whole God thing. I don't know.
"Anna is beautiful."
Beautiful enough for me.
The sun...
hits her yellow house.
"It is almost like a sign from God."
What do you guys think?
I love that line,
"Beautiful enough for me."
It suggests so many things. Like...
you don't deserve much,
or you don't prioritize beauty.
But then the word "beautiful" is repeated,
so I feel like you do in fact value it
in some deep way,
and that you really find Anna beautiful.
Yeah! I think it was really good.
Really good, because...
with so few elements
you make something very...
very complex.
It's as if it was said by someone
that has seen a lot of beauty,
but now, you know,
makes do with very little.
Okay, so for next week,
I would like you all to focus...
on the boring things.
The banal, the mundane. Just,
you know, try it and see
if the act of writing about something
can transform it into something new.
Let's see.
Ho is for whore! Ho is for whore!
No! Jimmy, no!
No. That is an awful word.
All of you guys.
That's a very powerful word
and you guys are just little kids,
and there's no place for that here.
I know you guys are better than that.
I'm sorry, Jimmy,
but I have to give you a timeout.
So, Jimmy,
tell me about your poem.
Who is Anna?
Is she someone you know?
How about your mommy?
Is her name Anna?
My mom is dead.
I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't know.
Remember when we planted these?
They were just tiny little seeds.
What does this one smell like?
- Tomato.
- Yeah. Tomato.
We have some thyme.
"The rain to the wind said,
- you push..."
- "...push,"
- "I'll pelt."
- Remember that one?
"They so smote the garden bed"
That the flowers actually knelt,
And lay lodged,
But not dead.
"I know how those flowers felt."
I'm sorry I had to give you a timeout.
I don't like doing that.
I know you can be steady
and use beautiful words.
"Ho" is a boring word.
It's a word boring kids say.
Let's look at the kindergarten.
These toys, we play with them everyday.
Or the sunflower.
I see the sunflower every single day.
And our butterfly?
Right? They're part of
our everyday routine.
Maybe, if we try...
we can see something new.
Do you feel anything?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- That's okay.
- Hey.
Meghan, can you take Jimmy
to get his clay sculpture?
- I think it's still drying outside.
- Sure, I'll get it.
- Do you mind if we chat for a minute?
- Yeah.
Um... I just felt like Jimmy was acting
a little strange today.
He was energetic at recess
and then he was...
very quiet. He hardly said a word
for the rest of the day.
Yeah. He does get quiet like that.
That's true. I mean he's a weirdo.
But how often does he compose poems?
Mmm... I don't know, like once a week.
- Maybe like every few days.
- Really?
Yeah. He'll just, like...
pop up. Start walking back and forth
like a zombie, like,
mumbling to himself.
Yeah. I hadn't seen him do it ever
before Monday.
I got to say, they're really cool.
- I like them.
- And what does his family think?
Oh! Nobody knows he does it, but me.
His dad's like a really busy guy.
He owns that big night club in Bayonne.
Ultra Lounge?
His mom is doing her thing in Miami.
She's not around.
And Jimmy said she was dead.
- No.
- Yeah.
I didn't think so.Usually,
I'm informed of that kind of thing.
It was a really nasty custody battle.
And are you close with his dad?
Yeah, we work together.
So I know him.
I did coat check at Ultra Lounge
for a year,
and then I quit to pursue acting.
But then he said he needed a nanny.
So, I was, like,
this is a perfect part-time.
- Good.
- But you know what?
His uncle,Sanjay, does come by the house,
and Jimmy tells me they read poems,
works on a newspaper.
That's good to know.
I'm glad there's some support...
in the house.
And you like acting?
I do.
- Well, good luck with that.
- Thank you.
Oh! I almost forgot.
There was one yesterday.
You want to see it?
I wrote it down like you said.
Yes, sure. I'd love to take a look at it.
"The bull stood alone in the backyard."
So dark.
I opened the door and stepped out.
Wind in the branches.
He watched me,
Blue eyes.
He kept breathing to stay alive.
I didn't want him.
I was just a boy.
Say yes,
"Say yes, anyway."
I like the "breathing to stay alive".
What do you guys think?
I was trying to understand the assignment.
I thought everything was supposed
to be observational,
and about things that we see everyday.
I mean it is great, but this seems
like an exercise in surrealism.
You don't have to be literal
with my assignments, you know?
These are just exercises
that spark your creativity.
You know, it might have been
helpful to know that beforehand.
Okay. Well, I'm sorry. I apologize.
But I find it really interesting
that you just went your own way. Really.
You know, sometimes poets, like bulls,
they should be stubborn.
I like the poem a lot.
I'm just wondering why you wrote it
from a boy's point of view.
I don't know.
Because she can.
That's what's interesting.
You know, it's interesting to see things
from a new vantage point.
Well, guys, we have to leave, but...
this week,
try using another point of view. Okay?
Let's see what happens. All right?
And, please,
just really, don't try to please me.
That's not the point.
Okay? All right. Thank you. Bye-bye.
Hey. How was class?
It was good.
Yeah, it was better.
- Are the kids upstairs?
- I think so.
Did you just get back
from your poetry class?
Your hair looks nice like that.
Where's Josh?
Are there any college kids there?
- Where?
- In your class.
It's all adults.
It's a continuing education class.
Hey, don't you have work to do?
Yeah. I finished it in study hall.
I was thinking about...
how great you were
at photography last year.
Why don't you takeDad's old camera,
and lenses, andtake a walk
around the neighborhood?
I post cool stuff on Instagram
all the time.
Yeah. But developing in a dark room
is totally different
It just stinks in there,
with all the chemicals and stuff.
Just something I noticed
you were good at.
Hi, Mr. Roy.
This is Lisa Spinelli calling.
I'm Jimmy's kindergarten teacher.
And I was just calling
because I would like to talk to you
about your son when you have a moment.
I left a message on Tuesday
with all my information,
so, please, give me a call
when you get a chance.
Thanks a lot. Bye.
I'm really curious
what's gonna happen
when you have no white on the paper.
- I don't have any white on my paper.
- Yeah. Let's see, here it is.
Oh, you need a little more room
on the paper.
Here you go.
Do you need something, Abby?
What do you need?
Now, do you think you guys can make
a chrome yellow?
Like in Van Gough's "Wheat Fields"?
Remember how beautiful that color was?
Is this the volcano here,
and the lava coming out?
Hey, Jimmy.
Hey, Jimmy.
Will you come with me?
Where are we going?
Come here.
Why are we in the bathroom?
Because I want to talk to you
about something. Hey.
I want to talk to you about something
that I think is very important for a poet.
It's called your point of view.
So, here we are. We're in a bathroom.
But there's not just one bathroom.
- There's many bathrooms?
- Yes.
There's many bathrooms, because, look,
If you're a grown-up,
the bathroom looks like this.
Yeah, you're a big grown-up Jimmy.
What do you think? Look around.
I bet there's all sorts of things
you didn't notice before.
What else do you want to be?
You want to be a giant?
Okay. Turn around.
What do you see from up there?
What's it like up there?
- The bathroom is so tiny.
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
- What else? A cat!
Let's be a cat down here. Look, down here.
I'm a cat.
So if you stay open,
and if you stay curious,
then you can see the world
however you want.
You can see the world
like a little tiny bug.
Or like a bad guy.
You know what I mean?
Can I go back to nap time now?
Will you think about what I said?
Will you think about it?
All right.
Jimmy, one more thing.
It gets so dark
It stays dark,
Even when I turn on the light.
It gets so bright,
The flowers bow to the sun.
Do you remember the lion?
So quick and so strong.
He has no master
when his master is sleeping.
And all his master does is sleep.
That was a poem.
Can you say it for me again,
so I can write it down?
Meghan, did you catch what he was saying?
Did you get the beginning?
Sorry. I had the water running.
I think he was singing a song.
He seems to be doing that a lot.
They aren't songs. They're poems.
It was about a dead lion.
You see?
What am I going to do with you?
- Becca, we have a little bit of a problem.
- What's wrong?
Poems are disappearing.
It happened just now. He was...
pacing back and forth.
I rushed to get to him
and by the time I got there
he was almost finished. All I got was...
"He has no master
When his master is sleeping.
And all his master does is sleep."
It's from the point of view
of a hunted lion.
I see.
I mean, how often
are we missing these moments?
It's hard to say really, I mean,
I try my best, but...
Out of curiosity, who tucks him
into bed at night? Is it you or...
is it somebody else?
It's mostly me.
I think that's a time to pay attention to.
I mean, imagine how much...
incredible poetry is written in that...
not quite conscious moment
just before the lights go out.
You're such a good teacher. You know that?
You have a big heart.
Listen, baby doll.
When you come up with your poems, just
let us know, okay? So we can help you.
Yeah, because we don't want
to miss anything, okay?
Do you have kids?
I do.
- Big? Small?
- They're big. They're in high school.
Oh, wow.
Well, they're really lucky to have you.
You're... very attentive.
Alright, let's go baby.
Okay, so let's just work together to make
sure that all of his work gets heard.
I'll do what I can do.
Hi, I am Lisa.
We spoke on the phone.
- Yes.
- Hi.
- Hi, Lisa.
- Is now still an okay time?
Yes, of course.
We memorize a few poems, just for fun.
Well, he composes, too.
- Really? I didn't realize.
- Yes, and I...
I wanted to speak to you because...
I imagine, maybe,
you can appreciate how rare
that gift is.
I mean, I've been...
a kindergarten teacher for almost 20 years
and I've never seen anything like it.
And I just want to support it, and I want
to protect it as much as I possibly can.
Talent is so...
fragile and so rare.
And our culture does everything
to crush it.
I mean even at four or five,
they're coming into school
attached to their phones, talking only
about TV shows and video games.
It's a materialistic culture,
and it doesn't support art, or language,
or observation.
Even my own children, who are great,
they don't read.
You know, you think...
maybe it's just a phase.
But I worry that it's something larger.
A lack of curiosity.
A lack of reflection.
No one has space for poetry.
Maybe that's true.
Really, what I want is to speak
with his father.
His father?
I wonder if he would allow me
to oversee his progress.
Well, he is a busy man and frankly
I don't know
how much you'll get out of him.
Have you met him?
He doesn't actually
even return my phone calls.
Maybe the babysitter can help?
- Becca?
- Yes, Becca.
Well, between you and me,
I think Becca is a problematic element
in this too.
I mean she doesn't understand
the depth of his talent.
Listen, I apologize,
but I should get back to work soon.
I'm sorry.
I'll... speak to my brother soon.
- I'll see if I can catch him this week.
- That would be wonderful.
I should...
I really have a deadline, so...
- You know your way out.
- I do.
Hey Jimmy. Will you come
with me to the playground?
I want to talk to you about something.
Come on. Let's play.
They have five more minutes.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Jimmy, I want to talk to you
about something very important.
When you have a poem in your head,
and when your poem is ready,
will you come to me?
Even if you see I'm busy
or I'm talking to somebody else,
or if you're mad at me that day,
or if you think I'm mad at you,
will you please come to me?
If it happens when you're not at school,
it's okay.
You can call me on the phone.
You don't have to recite your poem
to Becca.
It's better if you call me,
you understand?
I'll write it down for you.
And don't let her call you silly names
like puppy dog and...
bunny rabbit. It's belittling.
It means she's treating you like a baby.
So, look. I took your cell phone
from your backpack.
Hope that's okay.
And I'd like to put my number in it,
so you have it if you need it.
I'm not going to put it in
under Mrs. Spinelli
because that is too long.
I'm going to type in the letter L.
for Lisa.
That's my name.
So just find "L" when you want to call me.
Where are you headed?
I have practice.
- No you don't. You had it yesterday.
- We have an extra one this week.
Josh, where are you going?
I have a meeting.
Is this Marine stuff?
Josh, come in here.
We just don't get it.
You worked so hard to get into that school
and you busted your butt,
and you pulled up your grades,
and we're proud of you.
That's all we're saying.
It's not even a good school.
Josh, it's stupid to put yourself
in harm's way.
People get their fucking limbs blown off.
I'm just sick of school, okay?
Plus, I think service is more important
than whatever notion of achievement
you have in your head.
No, if you want to go fight for oil
in the desert, that's fine,
but don't kid yourself.
Don't worry. He always lands on his feet.
Does he?
I don't know.
Are we finally alone?
Can I lock the fucking front door?
- No!
- And make sure...
that no one...
comes back in this house...
ever again?
Mrs. Spinelli?
Hi, Jimmy.
I have a poem.
Wait! Okay. I'm ready to write it down.
Go ahead.
The gold rusts,
The warmth breaks
And the light comes at morning,
The police start their way
to the dining hall,
And the sound of World War Three
is out there.
Dust is out.
And pray God,
The wedding is coming.
And the recitingpoem is here.
I loved your poem last night.
Do you want to hear a poem from me?
Mesmerize Me, Butterfly.
Forcing wings open-shut
Thrust with purpose not known to me
Not expert, in your grasses.
In poison
Mushrooms camouflage deliverance
Today the garden teems with wood sprites
Flashing blue
Now white
At the edge of seeing.
Is that a poem you wrote?
You can just forget you heard it.
I don't want to spoil your talent.
Amy, what are you doing?
What's the big deal?
It's been decriminalized.
Can I have it?
You and dad always act like artsy,
progressive hippies!
Okay, you know what?
Smoke it, if you want to.
Maybe it'll open you up.
- You...
- What's going on?
Could have such an incredible mind.
Incredible mind?
What's up with you?
You're acting so weird!
We got all our work done.
I wish there was
a little bit more curiosity,
vibrancy, intellectualism in this house.
Ever since you started taking
those dumb-ass poetry classes
you've been acting like you're...
the cultural ambassador
to the UN or something.
Okay, if you want to go back to college
and get your stupid degree,
then you can go ahead.
Okay, I actually get straight A's
without having to work very hard
and you never acknowledge that.
You worked your ass off
and look where you are.
What the hell is going on?
It's nothing.
She's just being provocative. I'm fine.
I'm going to get some air.
"Cultural ambassador to the UN."
Jimmy, hi.
It's Mrs.Spinelli.
It's Lisa.
Why are you calling me?
It's okay. Kindergarten teachers
are allowed to call their students.
Becca's going to read me a book.
Okay. I know, it must be getting
close to bedtime.
I just wanted to say hi.
A home transformed by the lightning,
The balanced alcoves smother
This insatiable earth of a planet,
They attacked it with their mechanical
horns because they love you.
Hey Lisa, how's it going?
Come, sit down.
I was reading this poem that...
that a computer wrote.
You know, with some algorithm.
It even passed the Turing Test.
In the end, we're all machines.
Well, Justin, thank you,
and good luck with the sonnet.
Yeah, I'll crack it.
Don't make Watson do it.
Cool, man. I'll see you at the reading
on Thursday, then.
- Great. Bye.
- Bye.
You know,
it is very funny when you have, like,
this amount of books,
and I've only read one-tenth of them.
So, Justin was telling me
that half of the class is going to stay
for the next semester.
Would you like to stay?
- Yes, I would.
- That would be great, right?
- Yeah.
- Good.
So tell me about you. I don't know
anything about you. What do you do?
I teach.
You teach?
I want to thank you for inviting me.
I can't tell you how flattered I was
when I received your email.
Oh, please. No. I mean...
You know your work has been...
progressing a lot,
and it was a no-brainer.
I mean you have to come.
So what do you teach?
I teachkindergarten.
That's such a delicate thing, right?
I mean, you give the kids something
and then they...
they have it forever.
- Yeah.
- It's incredible.
That's true.
So... Um...
on Thursday night...
at the Bowery...
we're doing this reading where...
you know, a bunch of poets come in.
It's very eclectic. Young and old.
And there's reviewers, publishers as well,
there might be.
And everyone that goes on stage
reads two poems.
So you have to prepare two poems
that you like.
- Okay.
- Alright?
I really want to thank you
for this opportunity.
Of course.
There's dancing afterwards...
with poets.
You know, there's going to be a party
with drinks and stuff, but...
I don't know, maybe you...
you will be like a center of attention.
I am sorry. I'm sorry.
My God, I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
I'm sorry. I just...
It's presumptuous of me...
I'm sorry.
Forget about it.
Can I read you a poem?
I wrote it sort of quickly.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Mesmerize Me, Butterfly.
Forcing wings open-shut
Thrust with purpose not known to me
Not expert in your grasses
In poison
Mushrooms camouflage deliverance
Today the garden teems with wood sprites
Flashing blue
Now white
At the edge of seeing.
It's good.
Yeah, that was very cool.
It's not my favorite, that you've written,
but it's nice.
You know, at the beginning,
when you came into the class,
I didn't notice you at first.
There's so many people, you know, and...
Also, you were very quiet for a while.
Then you started to present your work.
But, I mean, I must say,
don't take this wrong,
but at the beginning,
your work was very typical, you know?
Like, all the...
all the metaphors were very...
kind of commonplace,
which is normal because you're...
just experimenting with the nature
of all of this.
But when you read your poem about Anna.
Then, I thought,
okay, there is a poet here.
And from then on, I was just...
I don't know.
I wonder what...
what's going on with you.
Are you going out with Anna?
Do you like women?
Come with me.
Is he okay?
Yeah. Of course.
Yeah, let's go in here.
So, on Thursday,
we've been invited to a place
where poets read their poems
on stage, like this,
in front of an audience.
Some of them will probably be
pretty mediocre, but...
I was wondering if you might want to read
a few of yours.
What do you think?
Yeah, I'd like to.
I think it would be a great opportunity.
Actually, why don't you stand up here.
Like a stage.
Can you show me how you say
one of your poems?
Maybe "Anna"?
Anna's beautiful
Beautiful enough for me
You know what's in there?
Your heart.
Can you try saying it more from there?
From your heart?
Beautiful enough for me.
The sun hits her yellow house.
It's almost like a sign from God.
Okay, good.
So, on Thursday we'll do "Anna" and...
how about "The Bull"?
And we'll practice
both of them a little bit every day.
Mr. Roy.
I've got a kid with a good head.
I'm happy.
Well it's more than that.
I think we have a young Mozart.
He's gifted,
Mr. Roy.
He writes poetry on a level that is far...
beyond his age.
Have you talked to Sanjay?
Sanjay who?
Your brother, the writer.
The writer?
Haven't talked to him in a month.
I see. He was supposed to call you.
What can I do for you, Lisa?
was nurtured by Kings and Queens.
They massaged his tired hands.
They fed him candy...
while he played the piano.
And Jimmy doesn't have that.
I'm not saying he should be spoiled,
but he does need support.
And Becca,
she's nice.
But she's not a good influence on him.
Well, I think she treats him
like any stupid child.
She talks to him like a puppy dog.
And I should tell you she's often late
picking him up and dropping him off.
Is that true?
Last week, she was an hour late
because she was at an audition.
I know. I see you're very busy and...
that you're a very successful man,
and that you don't have a lot of time.
And I know
that Jimmy's mother isn't around.
I want to help my son.
Especially if he enjoys doing this.
But, I don't want him
to be like my brother.
You met him, right?
Forty two years old. Makes 50 grand a year
because he wanted to be an intellectual.
Corrects spelling mistakes
for the newspaper.
I want my son to do good in school.
I want him to be smart, but...
it's also good to have a normal life.
Make money, be practical.
But you know I don't like this Becca
forgetting to pick him up.
I'm going to ask her to leave.
I knew it wasn't going to work,
but, you know,
whenever this happens,
it's a real problem for me because...
who watches him?
I'm happy to.
It's not hard for me.
Especially if it's a few hours
after school.
- That would help me very much.
- Okay.
At least until 5 or 6. Then I could get
a girl to come to the house.
Yes, I can do that.
I don't know if Jimmy mentioned it
to you, but I've asked him to recite
a few of his poems in Manhattan
on Thursday night at a poetry reading.
See now,
on Thursday he has baseball practice
with his friend. They go together.
So, forget it. It's too complicated.
I see.
Do you need me to bring him to baseball?
Oh, no. They've got it arranged.
The father of the kid takes him.
It's a shame...
that he won't be able to go
to the reading.
Don't overthink it.
They need things simple at this age.
You know what?
Let's turn our phones off.
And then we can just...
look at the art,
not worry about anything else.
I tried to call three times.
Come on, honey. Let's go.
Anna is beautiful
Beautiful enough for me.
The sun hits her yellow house
It's almost like a sign from God.
That was great, Jimmy.
Do it just like that tonight, okay?
Okay. Now...
I'm going to be somebody in the audience,
and I'm going to pretend
to ask you a question, okay?
I'm going to raise my hand.
Mr. Jimmy Roy.
Who is Anna?
And then you have to answer.
So, you can say...
You can say
Anna is a little tweeting bird.
Or you can say
she's one of the little girls
in our kindergarten.
Or you can say she's the moon,
or a star or...
you can say whatever you want.
Hi, Richard.
- Can I talk to you for a sec?
- Sure.
Okay, great.
Jimmy was really not feeling well today.
I think maybe it's best
if he skips baseball.
That's fine with me.
Better he's not running around
in the heat.
Does Nikhil need me to take him
to the doctor?
You know, I just spoke to him.
I'm happy to keep Jimmy tonight.
I was just concerned because I know
you've got two other babes in the house.
And I wouldn't want him
to get everyone else sick.
Alright. As long as Nikhil's fine with it.
He agreed it would probably be better.
- Thanks, Lisa.
- Okay. Alright, see you tomorrow.
Who you think you're talking to?
Don't you know I'm the reason why you
can't shut any wet part of your face?
While all the badass hurricanes struck
a woman's fame,
I put God in my hands, snapped.
Watched it rain.
Skid my teeth across the thin skin
of my full lip
Just to usher the sun in, so yeah.
I make you dog pant.
Make you beg big. But I'm also
the reason youhallelujah.
Just as much life I've given you,
I can take it away.
Calling me bitch?
Only sharpens my blade, only makes me want
to watch you gargle your own tongue.
I've been a killer.
Baby, I keep caskets warm,
God in business.
I parade into rooms
And the wallpaper don't even
stand up no more.
My pussy be hurricane season
so the next time
You see me walk in a room,
Out a room, up the block.
Shit, down the block, just say Amen.
Like I'm the answer to the sky.
Hi, this is Jimmy Roy
and he'll be reciting two poems
for you tonight.
Anna is beautiful.
Beautiful enough for me.
The sun hits her yellow house
It's almost like a sign from God.
The Bull.
The bull stood alone in the backyard.
So dark.
I opened the door and stepped out.
Wind in the branches.
He watch me.
Blue eyes.
He kept breathing to stay alive.
I didn't want him.
I was just a boy.
Say yes.
Say yes, anyway.
I'm sorry to ask
such a basic question, but...
are these your poems, and if so,
are you using him
as a sort of poetic medium?
No, these are his poems.
He wrote them.
For the... young man.
How long have you been writing poetry?
I started when I was five.
I was wondering who is this Anna
that you write about.
Anna could be...
anyone you love.
For me, she's my kindergarten teacher's
helper, Meghan.
Jacket's tight on my arms.
I want to take it off.
Why are you upset?
I'm not.
Just emotional because...
I'm so proud of you.
You did such a beautiful job.
They clapped for me.
They loved it.
Jimmy can you wait outside
for me for a minute?
Just wait right there,
right outside the door.
Hi, Jimmy.
He's incredible, isn't he?
I think you should leave the class, Lisa.
I'm uncomfortable with the fact
that you're presenting work
that is not your own.
All artists take from each other.
But what you're doing,
I don't know.
It's something different.
You're leeching off a child.
I'm so sorry that you see it that way.
You break the whole trust
that goes into a classroom.
The whole ethic.
I don't see what's the point?
I was excited about you, Lisa.
Well, this is about him.
No, it is very unclear what you're doing.
What's clear is that you're not an artist.
You're just an art appreciator.
A dilettante.
It's very different. Don't you think?
Where have you been?
The reading went late.
It went okay?
Are you proud of the kids, Lis?
What do you mean? Our kids?
Josh said the other day that...
he thought
you seemed disappointed in them.
Of course not.
X-ing X's.
X-ing X.
it's Lisa, where are you?
Are you sick?
I hope not.
I don't even know if I need to
take care of you this afternoon.
So can you please call me?
Let me know what's going on?
Okay, bye.
Hi, Jimmy.
Mr. Roy. Let me just...
Let me just find a place
where we can talk.
Nikhil, listen to me.
Listen for a second.
Nobody's fighting with you.
I did it in the name of his talent.
No. It wasn't a bar. It was a poetry club.
Okay. Yes.
I do under...
I do. I thought it was very late,
and that it made much more sense
for him to spend the night.
Well, I...
I think you're reacting very strongly,
but of course you're entitled
to your opinion.
Yes, I should have asked
for your permission and I'm sorry.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, that was Jimmy's dad.
He's leaving us. He's going to go
to another kindergarten.
That's too bad.
Sorry to hear that.
Okay, everybody,
let's have some snacks.
Me too.
I need a big one.
Who's here?
- We're all here.
- Good.
I was thinking...
I would cook a big dinner tonight
for everyone.
I went to the market.
I got some great stuff.
Honey, you're sweaty.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I got some great food.
I was hoping we could have dinner
together tonight.
I sort of can't. I'm supposed to go
to Kelly's to study for Bio.
Well, can you go after?
Hey, I would really appreciate it if we
could sit down and have a meal together,
just once like a normal family.
It's been a long time.
I'll tell Josh.
But can I leave at 7:30?
Sorry I got so upset with you
the other night.
Probably could have worded that
a little bit better.
Came off kind of bitchy.
It's okay.
How was your meeting?
It was fine.
There are actually
so many benefits to joining up.
They'll even pay for a year of my college.
You don't mind?
Have a good day.
Hey, Jimmy.
It's so hot today.
I thought maybe we could go swimming.
You know how to swim?
Turn that.
Push it to the left.
I missed you.
Where we're driving, up North,
is so beautiful.
Big mountains.
A lake you can swim in.
Have you ever done that before?
No. I've only been in a pool.
But I like to swim.
How long are we going swimming for?
As long as we want.
You want to swim like the other kids?
Come on. I'll go with you.
You want to make a wish?
I have a poem.
Come. Let's move in a little.
Anna, get up.
Loneliness is still time spent
With the world.
Here's the room with everyone in it.
Your dead friends passing through you
Like wind Through a wind chime.
Don't be afraid, Anna.
The end of the road is so far ahead
It is already
Behind us.
Oh, Jimmy.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
So different from home.
It's beautiful...
and sad-looking too.
Sadness never ends.
Van Gough said that before he died.
Go get cleaned up, alright?
You're covered in sand and dirt.
Go ahead.
Hey, Jimmy.
Are you okay with the hot water?
I'm going to go get washed up too.
Hey, Jimmy, did you lock the door?
On purpose?
Hey, Jimmy, sweetie. Open the door.
You know how much I care about you.
I love you so much.
This whole trip was planned for you.
Open the door, baby.
Listen, tomorrow...
we're going to go back to the lake
and we're going to get ice cream.
And then,
we're going to drive across the border...
and you're going to recite your poems...
and I'm going to write them down.
And we're going to publish a book
that has your name on it.
Just think about that.
Hello, I've been kidnapped.
Can you help me?
Hey, Jimmy,
if you want to call the police,
you have to dial 9-1-1.
- 9-1-1. What's your emergency?
- You know, Jimmy,
this world is going to erase you.
There's not a place in this world for you.
For people like you,
couple of years, you were gonna be...
just a shadow, just like me.
No, she's in the shower.
Okay. Where are you?
Have you come here before?
I'm in a place with lots of beach trees.
Okay. Can you...
Yes, I'm near Canada.
Jimmy, tell them you're
at Placid Oaks Motel, Room 114.
And tell them I don't have a weapon.
I'm in Placid Oaks Motel, Room 114...
and she doesn't have a weapon.
What did they say?
They said to hang tight
and they'll be here soon.
Hey, Jimmy.
Can you open the door, please?
I'd like to get my clothes on...
before the policemen come.
We'll get you an ice cream
in just one second.
I have a poem.
I have a poem.