The Kindness of Strangers (2019) Movie Script

It's time to go.
Jude. Let's go, baby.
[WHISPERS] Come on.
Mr. Hamilton, we're doing
everything that we can.
I haven't always been good
to her.
She doesn't deserve this.
Don't think about that now.
Just, you know,
forgive yourself
- and be nice to her.
Hey. Are you married?
- No.
- Okay.
Because I was thinking,
my friend, Hank,
he has a small farm
in Nebraska.
And he could really use
a hand.
I don't think that house
has been cleaned
since we were listening
to The Bee Gees.
Hank's not for everybody,
but I think you'd like him.
That's very kind of you, um,
but I couldn't leave my job
or my other job.
- Alice.
- Thank you, though. Thank you.
We need you in there,
not out here.
Come on, Alice.
It's really all I can do
for you.
I don't mean to be rude but
firing me is all you can do
for me?
That's the conclusion
I've reached, Jeff.
But I haven't done anything.
That's exactly my point.
We're trying to sell
some mattresses here,
put some people to sleep.
I don't see
your contribution.
I just need a little more time
to get the hang of it.
There are many of us who doubt
that would make any difference.
I think we're all agreed that
you're pretty bad
at just about everything.
That... That's not,
that's not true.
Name just one thing
you are good at.
JEFF: I'm sorry.
This is so cool.
We should keep this.
What if we get a new house?
I want you to have it.
That is very nice of you,
but we don't need it.
We're on vacation.
It's great, though.
We got crazy lucky.
It probably fell off a truck or
something, right into our lives.
Well, I don't think that it's
gonna fit right into our trunk.
Besides I have to confirm
where we're staying.
We just give it
to someone else then.
Everybody likes a good chair.
That's why we're gonna leave it
here for someone else to find.
Where are we now?
Some place
you've wanted to go
for a long, long, long time.
JUDE: The mall?
CLARA: Better!
- Look.
- Not New York.
Yes! That is Manhattan.
But Dad says
we don't like New York.
I've never been to Manhattan,
so, I really wouldn't know.
What about school?
New York is going to be
a kind of school for you.
I'm tired.
More pancakes?
You've only had 11.
- I gotta go to the office.
- Now?
Yeah. I'm in court
at 8 a.m. tomorrow.
- So, I will see you on Tuesday?
- Tuesday?
- My group. You said you'd go.
- Did I?
I'll be honest.
It's very helpful.
Helps me get through
all those times
I have to defend someone
I know is guilty.
And they're found
not guilty.
So, you forgive them?
I forgive myself.
What's the damage?
- [SIGHS] I'll get that.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. I invited you
to celebrate.
This is true.
All right, goodnight.
Congrats on your first day
as a free man.
MAN 1: Putin gets up
at seven or eight.
MAN 2: That's right.
The time difference
between Moskva and...
Excuse me. I just need
to pay my check.
SERGEI: Have another drink.
Did your friend leave?
- My lawyer.
- Those guys get up so early.
I've heard that Putin
sometimes gets up at 4:30 a.m.
This is your place?
We are only the advisors.
Timofey is the owner.
The service is terrible.
Not as bad as the food.
What can I tell you?
Did you try the celery thing?
- Nah.
- It's disgusting.
You don't by any chance
for some reason
play the double bass
balalaika, do you?
Do I look like someone
who plays bass balalaika?
Don't worry.
It's absolutely all right.
- Everyone can learn.
- He said no, Timofey!
It doesn't hurt to ask.
He ask everyone.
We have a lot on the plate
at the moment,
but we care very much
for this house.
Timofey, he inherited
everything from his grandfather
who came here
right before the revolution.
He did not leave Russia
for political reasons.
On the contrary,
he always remained loyal
to whichever regime
was in the Kremlin.
But, Timofey,
your heart isn't in it.
Please, Sergei.
We've had this conversation.
Many New Yorkers
feel uncomfortable
in these surroundings.
Just as an example,
we don't know how
to make that celery dish work.
I know
how to run a restaurant.
- Hmm?
- Hmm.
Oh, hi.
Can I come in?
Uh, eh... Yeah, sure.
So, you're in the city, huh?
Yeah. Just drove down
from Buffalo.
Richard is looking for you.
Um, could you just not
tell him that I'm here?
Why would I lie to him?
He's my son.
Those boys of yours
are my grandsons.
You hardly even know them.
Well, they're never here.
Richard wouldn't let us come.
Are they here now?
I'll see you.
Next time you come,
you scrub up first. Will you?
Want a donut, dear?
We need a place to stay.
Just for a couple of days.
Just me and the boys.
I promise they won't be
any trouble.
You had a fight,
you took the car.
It's my car.
Where are you going?
Just sightseeing, really.
Me and the boys
have never been anywhere.
They need a little,
um, education.
Yeah, so take them
to see the Statue of Liberty
and then you go home, okay?
Richard needs you.
I have to call him.
No, please don't. Please...
Don't call him.
You know what'll happen.
He's insane.
Hey. Richard is the best cop
I've ever seen.
Now move your hand.
I wanna call my son.
He's started beating up
Anthony now.
I, uh...
I don't...
I don't wanna come
between you two.
I'm sorry,
but I can't let you stay here.
How about some money?
I don't have anyone else.
He took my credit card.
Just a little money for gas
and food for the boys.
I can't do that.
Excuse me?
Do we like them?
I don't know.
Why don't you try it?
They're good for you.
What's the black stuff?
Um, they're eggs from a fish.
Just try it, okay?
I want you to be worldly.
Fish lay eggs?
They're called hors d'oeuvres.
Where did you get them at?
Mmm, they're from Russia.
- WOMAN 1: Anna?
I used to rent out
non-existing apartments,
get the deposit and then
just disappear
off the face of the earth.
And then I got thousands
of dollars out of
sleepless, lonesome people
selling them
fake melatonin
on the Internet.
Being here
makes me able
to look people
in the eye again.
The other day, for example,
I went right into a store
and bought a bra.
Thank you for sharing that.
It's true. I'm still wearing it.
You wanna have a look?
No, I'll pass.
- John Peter?
- No. Maybe some other time.
you're new here.
Do you wanna maybe tell us
a little bit about yourself?
I don't think Marc knows if this
is the right group for him yet.
What could be wrong with that?
I'm just here
to support John Peter.
John Peter
is a defense attorney
and he has to live with seeing
guilty people go free
and having innocent people go to
jail for murder and everything.
Thank you very much for that.
The works.
He's lost so, so, so,
so many cases.
Thank you, Bonnie.
John Peter, last week,
was it you
who said that you feel
uncomfortable with other people?
You feel like
you don't trust them?
People lie. Anyone here
can verify that.
Marc, what do you think
about that?
They do. Most people
only think about themselves.
And food.
They are constantly eating.
What about work?
I have a job at a restaurant.
That would explain the eating.
Do you talk to anyone
at work?
No, it's Russian.
A Russian restaurant?
Receptions, ballroom...
- Caviar.
- Caviar.
I think it's unbelievable
how many people suck at dancing.
- Beer?
- Can't. Work.
- Good?
- Yeah, I can do what I want.
I haven't seen anyone
since the day I got the job.
Well, if I find myself
a girlfriend,
we will come and have dinner.
Give it a couple of weeks.
The food is still pretty awful.
So are the women who would
come to have dinner with me.
This is from the hospital.
If I were you,
I'd wear some gloves.
Where are your gloves?
I forgot 'em, but I'll remember
'em tomorrow.
Are you a temp?
Yeah. I'm hoping, though,
if the week goes well, that I can...
Who sorted this?
- This is just not happening.
- What?
Are you aware
of what could have happened?
How could you?
You just...
You just grabbed Beyonce
and threw her in there?
This is his dog.
She's a living person.
Does she look like laundry?
A little bit, kinda.
I'm sorry, Jeff.
The dog is fine,
but Rafael just can't seem to forgive you.
There's an ATM
just around the corner.
I can't take out
any more cash today.
Because my husband...
Um, we've reached our limit
on our card
because he bought a car today
on the card.
A Toyota actually.
A Toyota Avalon, I think.
Have him
come pick you up, then.
If the room's empty already,
what's the harm, right?
We'll be in and out
so quiet and...
I'll clean up after us,
I'll make the beds
in the morning.
No one has to know.
What can you lose?
I'll lose my job.
Then I'll lose my room.
Then I'll lose my address
and my chance
of getting another job.
You just don't look very...
Is this for work?
Soup. Sometimes
it's pretty good.
Are you here to help?
Um... Yeah...
I'm not...
This side?
I'm Alice.
You want these for that.
You're gonna get
the hang of it just fine.
I need your ID, please.
I can't give it to you.
Is there a search warrant
out for you?
I just can't give it to you.
What, don't you have family?
I have my two sons.
How do I know
they're your kids?
'Cause she's our mom.
Hi, Glenda.
You know, you can call the
police for protection, if you...
So, there is a warrant
out for you?
Can we just shower?
We'll be in and out.
Ten minutes tops.
Pass me towels.
Just this once.
Thank you.
It's down the hall, okay?
I'll buzz you guys through.
- Thank you.
- Make it quick. Go ahead.
ANTHONY: Do you think I
can borrow her computer?
you have to wash your hair.
Hello, Alice.
- Hi, Timofey.
- Can I take your coat?
No, I'm wearing my uniform.
Looks nice in here.
Yeah, I'm not so sure.
Long day?
It's so peaceful here.
I'm just gonna have my usual.
Just a small size.
Alice is a regular.
She's always alone.
For a while I assumed
she was a manicurist,
which I understand can be quite
demanding in this neighborhood,
but no, she has a totally
different job. Totally.
A nurse.
The consomme of the day,
- just don't make those again.
- Okay.
Perhaps soup is out
of our league.
I usually just tell people that we're
out of everything except for the caviar.
People like it and you can't go
wrong, it's straight out of a can.
Can you just stay out
of the kitchen, please?
Sorry, yeah.
Small size caviar, three
pancakes, no lemon, please.
Oh, by the way,
I think my grandfather left
a couple of interesting
champagne coolers
in your apartment. You could
take them down here
if you need cabinet space
up there for the...
For the clothes you don't
really seem to have.
Now, read, okay?
I don't like to read.
I know. You gotta try.
I'll be back really soon.
Be quiet, okay?
Stay where you are.
How did that work out for you?
Oh, nothing worked for me.
Let me know if I can help you
with something else. I'm Stella.
Thank you.
Here. Food.
[WHISPERS] Come on, Anthony.
It's time to get up.
Where's Jude?
He's not here?
He was here before.
How long
have you been sleeping?
I wasn't sleeping.
Why do you look like a spy?
I told you
to stay where you were.
Come on.
He probably went
back to the car.
He won't remember
where we parked.
Maybe he went up to a cop.
I told him he can't do that.
JUDE: Mom!
- Anthony.
- Mom, Jude!
Mom, hi!
You must be out of your mind.
We almost had to call
the fire department.
That would have been great.
Or the police.
Can you imagine?
I could have lost you.
I wanna see more of Manhattan
while I'm here.
You will.
We're not going home.
I want some food.
Some Russian food.
- Not right now.
Some hors d'oeuvres, please.
I'm thinking
those little eggs.
I said not right now.
We're never going back, right?
No, honey, we're on vacation.
- Promise?
- Yes.
Get in the car.
It's winter
And there's no sound
If it's summer
And the grass don't grow
Where are we?
It's real.
It must be coming
from a concert hall.
What's that?
It's a theater
but only with music.
So what do you look at?
I think people
mostly just close their eyes.
It's back through there
and up the stairs.
- Excuse me?
- Sorry. It's my accent.
The ladies' room is back
through there
and up the stairs
and is, uh...
"badabing" the correct word?
I think so.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You weren't here
for the dinner, were you?
No, I had to work late.
I'm an interior decorator.
I do hotels, so...
You know, mostly bedrooms.
- Bedrooms?
- Mmm.
Are you part of the family?
Um, yes.
I'm the aunt.
The aunt?
This is a silver anniversary.
Well, Glenda and Dave...
They got married so young.
- Glenda and Dave?
- Mmm-hmm.
I thought they were Russian.
The parents gave them
American names.
But, you know,
we love them to pieces anyway.
Ah, babushka, there you are!
It's those ones over there.
Of course.
Thank you.
What are you doing up there?
Come on down. Come on.
Where were you?
Just at a party.
It wasn't fun. Come on.
Was Dad there?
No, honey,
he can't find us.
It's too big a city.
Let's go.
Do we have any food?
What were you doing up there?
Was it the music?
I couldn't sleep.
Do we have any food?
I'll find something.
Let's get in.
What do other people do?
Where do they go?
Probably sleep
on someone's...
...fold-out bed.
Maybe they go
to their family.
Yeah. Other people have folks.
We don't.
I hate him.
Once he made me
hit Jude.
Otherwise he'd
beat us both up.
So I did it.
I hit Jude a lot of times.
It's not your fault.
Hey, um... Hey.
I'm sorry
I keep pestering you.
You didn't have to do that.
I'm not even a psychologist.
It's fine. I'm just here
to keep John Peter company.
You are terrific.
Seriously. I know...
I for one would be toast
if it wasn't for this and you.
She's very good, Marc.
You can talk to her.
You don't have to talk to me.
Tell her.
It was his brother.
They worked
at a restaurant together.
His brother was a drug addict
and a dealer. Um...
Marc tried in vain
to get him out of that stuff,
but his brother just
kept on doing bad stuff
with very bad people.
One day the police
raided their restaurant.
Judge gave him eight years.
Marc didn't want to appeal.
You were his attorney?
John Peter got me out
after four years.
My brother died
of an overdose
after I'd been in prison
for two years.
I ran the kitchen there.
I'm completely over it now.
Uh, I'm so sorry.
I've gotta get to my other job.
Yeah. Um...
You want us to walk you
to the subway?
Maybe another time.
I think I'd like that.
We should go.
Just ten more minutes.
I just wanna check something.
CLARA: We gotta get back
to the car.
Next time.
Let's go. Come on.
CLARA: Because...
The bigger the city,
the more parking tickets you get.
What is it you keep doing
on that computer?
ANTHONY: Nothing.
Don't worry about it, Mom.
JUDE: Where are we going?
CLARA: Sightseeing.
Sometimes I see people
that look like Dad.
I know, honey,
but it's just the uniforms.
Can he find us when
we get parking tickets?
Not in New York.
Wait a minute.
This is where
we parked, right?
Yeah. Where's the car?
Promise we won't go home?
It's just
the parking tickets.
They can take the car
and put it in a lot
Can we get it back?
- It's in your dad's name.
- JUDE: Mmm.
Well, when you live
in New York
you don't really
want a car, so...
That is exactly
what I thought.
I'm cold.
Hey, guess what?
I've got a surprise for you.
What is it?
A surprise. Come on,
come on, come on!
Well, I think we can just
sit down, don't you?
I think they've forgotten us.
It's a pity
the service is so bad
since the food
is so delicious, huh?
- JUDE: Hmm.
- Yeah.
I don't think
I'm hungry anymore. Are you?
No, not really.
Not really.
God, I'm so glad
you're all right.
I'll buy you dinner.
How did you find us?
I'm a cop. I've got friends.
Boys, what can I get you?
Something sweet and sour?
Soda... Soda.
Soda, good, yeah. Jude?
Thank you.
Here you are, sir.
- Thanks.
- For you, sir.
Can I go to the bathroom?
WAITER: It's down the hall.
This is for you.
Thank you.
Please come home.
It's been a long time now,
you've made your point.
I'll forgive you.
Just come home.
We need each other, right?
I just need a few more days.
You know
I can't give you that.
The boys need their father.
I... I should... Can I?
- Come on.
- JUDE: Sorry.
CLARA: It's okay.
Come on.
Here you go.
Mom! Mom! Over here.
Come on!
ANTHONY: Thanks.
Thank you, sir.
MAN: No problem.
- There you go.
- CLARA: Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey. Do you need something?
CLARA: Jude.
Thank you. Say thank you.
- Thank you.
- MAN: You're welcome.
Are we still on vacation?
Not so much. No.
Are we homeless?
We are no more homeless
than anyone else here.
Are you homeless?
Hey, Will.
I've been trying
to reach you.
Don't you have a phone?
I lost it.
That's not true.
It was on top of the toaster
and then it slipped inside.
And then I turned on the
toaster and so I melted it.
Is that why the power
went off last week?
Could be.
I was in the middle
of drying my hair.
Looks nice.
And the whole building's
complained. And, Jeff,
you're four months behind
with the rent.
I know.
When's the next time
you get paid?
Well, then that'll be
the next time I get paid.
Well, that makes sense.
Look, I'm gonna need
those keys.
I've got new people
coming in at 6:00.
I can only give you an hour.
Why didn't you call me?
Your phone melted.
But this is my apartment.
No, it's not.
That's my bed.
WILL: Not really.
That's my blanket.
And the picture on the wall,
and the magazine
and my shoes.
That's my yellow toothbrush.
NURSE: Male African American,
early 50s.
We don't think
he has an address.
Fractured skull,
partial spinal fracture.
We're gonna
take care of you.
MALE DOCTOR: Can I get some
blood work and a second IV?
I need one liter of bolus.
I've got no pulse.
He's coding. One amp of Epi.
ALICE: I'll get it.
- You're good?
- Yeah, I'm good, man. Thanks.
- Sir?
Come on,
we gotta get him up.
Come with us.
We're here to help.
MAN 1: I don't need any help.
MAN 2: I got you.
MAN 1: It's cold.
MAN 2: Hold on.
Have you done any drugs?
Can you remember?
I don't do drugs.
I'm just cold!
Ah, I'm just cold!
Why are you
wearing that dress?
I work here.
It's my day job.
I'm not dead, am I?
They got you just in time.
Thank you.
Would you like me
to take those for you?
The sandwiches.
No, thank you.
I'll see you out.
CLARA: I used to work
when I was about 17
in a place called
Curtis' Curtains.
They made some really
beautiful things.
...thought I was stealing,
which I wasn't.
I just made a mistake
with the computer.
Did he say he was sorry?
He didn't.
He called the police.
Two policemen came.
And one of them stayed.
That was your father.
In his uniform.
He didn't arrest me.
He just asked me on a date.
And we got married not long
after that and then you came
I never needed a new job.
What if he finds us again?
He is a police officer.
And you've been stealing.
What do you know about it?
Mom... Prada shoes.
Those weren't Prada.
Those were Florsheim.
And they were suddenly just
there instead of my old ones.
I never steal from anyone
it will matter to.
You just deserve the best.
You deserve to be educated.
You should look smart.
That way you'll become smart.
Would you like
a pair of these?
Yeah, uh...
Don't you have any?
I probably had some mittens
when I was a kid. I don't know.
Maybe you can wait to finish
until it stops snowing.
Yeah, uh...
I was gonna finish up real
quick and then I'll be done.
It's amazing how quickly you've
gotten the hang of everything.
You think so?
Yeah. Forgiveness is here.
I gotta head off.
MAN 1: Let's pencil out that.
WOMAN: It's so cold in here.
MAN 1: Okay.
MAN 2: It's so cold in here.
ALICE: No ice. I'm sorry.
Our trays are 20 years old.
Never any ice.
Okay, so let's start.
You know, I could bring in some
ice cube trays from home next time.
Five or six of them.
I remember that suggestion we had
that you should
love thy neighbor
before your neighbor
loves you, uh,
whatever that is.
Shouldn't I just go ahead
and say the phrase correctly?
Is there still
nobody you like, Marc?
Come on, Marc.
You and me, we're kind of
friends, aren't we?
You don't count.
BONNIE: Obviously not.
Some weeks ago,
in the restaurant,
there was a...
A woman.
Great. Now everything
falls in place.
What about you, Bonnie?
Did you get manage to get through
the week without hitting your dog?
I think that one's open.
JUDE: But Mom
doesn't like churches.
ANTHONY: But it's warm.
JOHN PETER: Like I said, man,
nobody expects you to open up.
Me neither.
Oh! I'm just about
to close the church.
Can we just stay for a
couple of minutes to warm up?
I'm so sorry, I've got to get
to my other job at the hospital.
Is there a library nearby?
There is, but that's about
to close too.
You guys don't have
anywhere else to go, do you?
No, we don't.
- There's a fold-up bed.
- Anthony!
Perhaps you can just stay
in my office tonight.
They close the doors
but, uh, Jeff, the volunteer,
he'll be here in the morning
and open up.
Can you help me?
- Yes, of course.
- Sure.
I'm not supposed to do this.
ANTHONY: Thank you so much.
can you do a 12-hour shift?
I'm understaffed in the morning.
I figured most of the others got
kids, and no one's waiting for you.
Yeah, of course.
Your watch.
Come on.
ANTHONY: Is he dead?
CLARA: He just won't wake up.
Come on.
- Take his clothes off.
- Anthony, stop it!
- I just needed to check his pulse!
- Get away from your brother.
Oh, my God.
I think he has hypothermia.
Come on, baby,
wake up. Wake up.
CLARA: Careful.
Please just leave us alone.
Your son's not dead.
There's a chance
he'll still pull through.
Can I see him?
Where is he?
He's sleeping.
Can you just
take me back there?
We have to wait
for the police first.
It's protocol. I'm sorry.
We called your father.
He's on his way. Don't worry.
You can't call him!
You can't call him!
Please tell them, please!
You can't call them. Please tell
them you can't call the police.
I think they already have.
If they call my husband...
If they call him, he will take my kids.
He'll kill them.
Do you have
any other family?
Would you like to just come
back to my office at the church?
No, he'll find us.
We called the ambulance
from there.
Mom, he'll get you arrested.
He'll take Jude.
Nobody's gonna take Jude anywhere.
I work here,
I'm gonna make sure of that.
Come here.
He wouldn't survive it.
Where can I take you?
Let me take you somewhere.
JEFF: Somewhere warm?
He's in good hands.
- You'll take care of him?
- Mmm-hmm.
You'll make sure he's okay?
We're gonna do everything
we can. All right?
Yeah. It's going to be okay.
ALICE: I've gotta go back
to the hospital.
But I thought maybe,
you know, some coffee
or an omelet perhaps.
Look, I'm gonna
look after your son.
You know, if anything
changes, I'll find you.
Um, sorry. I'm gonna
be back in a minute.
All right, guys. It's late.
We'll finish up tomorrow.
Thank you.
You did good tonight.
Sorry. So sorry.
No, it's fine.
You've been sleeping
for a long time.
I'll go in a minute.
Is there anything
I can help you with?
Just please don't tell anyone
that we were here.
Is the boy okay?
I have two boys.
The little one...
He's in the hospital.
I'm nothing.
I'm just a housewife.
One day I came home,
and my...
My husband was
beating up my boy,
Anthony, because he'd left
a spoon by the sink.
He'd put him
on the dining room table.
It must have happened before.
The boys had always
wanted to go to the city.
We slept in the car.
Parked in the alley here
a few times.
I know.
In the beginning, I thought
he'll just do it to me.
The boys would miss him...
[SIGHS] ...if we left.
Why don't you go
to the police?
My husband is the police.
He has so many friends there,
he'll find us.
Uh, I'm heading home.
And if I have to say so myself,
the champagne pyramid
really worked this time.
I thought you were a Russian.
Uh, sorry, yeah,
no, I grew up here.
My advisors tell us
to speak with an accent
for the sake of the guests.
I find it very humiliating,
and hands down, my name isn't
Timofey, it's just Tim Mortimer.
For what it's worth,
Irina in the coat check,
she isn't Russian either.
Her name is Doris.
She's from Newark.
Not now.
Just, just go, please.
I'm so sorry.
He's nice.
Is he?
Where were you?
CLARA: Thank you.
CLARA: We won't
bother you again.
MAN: Here we go.
Yeah. We should wash up.
JEFF: Hey, Sid.
Can I get you a sweater?
JEFF: Sorry.
Is that okay?
How about some socks?
MAN 2: Thanks a lot.
You guys need anything?
I'll tell Alice
you were here.
Lady? Is this your son?
He was downstairs
in one of those stalls.
He was crying so hard
I had to break the door.
Is this your mom, son?
Is she sick?
Is there anything
I can do for you?
No, thank you.
Maybe I could
get you a cigarette?
Lady! Lady!
Lady, I'm trying to help you.
You're looking at me
like I'm dirt.
You're no better than me.
I've got children, too.
I had a home.
I had insurance!
JEFF: Bill!
I had a job! I had a life, lady!
Hey! Hey, hey, come on,
come on, come on. Come on.
- She's not looking at me.
- Bill, Bill, all right...
She's not looking at me.
- Bill, calm down. Calm down.
- She doesn't see me!
She doesn't see me, Jeff.
I see you. Calm down.
She just needs
to be left alone.
Please, Mom,
please just open your eyes.
Just open your eyes, please!
Don't give up, Mom.
Please don't give up.
I don't care about the rules.
I'm his dad.
DOCTOR: I'm sorry,
it's because of the circumstances.
I know, but he needs me.
I'm sorry, he's not my patient.
I can't just wait here for days.
I have to see my son now!
Do something, will you?
As far as I know,
your son has had a shock,
but he's better now,
and I have an emergency.
I'll have someone look into it.
So, please, just stay
right here.
MAN: Can you grab that?
TIMOFEY: Hello, Alice.
You can stay at my place.
It's in the top floor
of the building where I work.
CLARA: Come on.
Come on.
There's a bedroom over there.
I usually sleep in here anyway.
Here are the keys.
Thank you.
Is there a computer?
You can use mine.
Where are your normal things?
I don't really have
any things.
Everything was just here.
I'll show you
where you can sleep.
[SHOUTING] Don't touch her!
Leave her alone!
Anthony! Anthony, stop!
Stay away from my family!
- CLARA: He's not gonna hurt us.
- Done.
Leave us alone.
Leave us... Alone.
Look, it's better
than sleeping
under the piano.
Are you cold?
Sit here.
You don't like it here,
do you?
I like it.
I just don't think
it's for me anymore.
ALICE: I'll be right back.
Hello, Alice!
Hi, Timofey.
Can I take your coat?
No, I've got my uniform on.
I mean, um...
You don't have to
put on a Russian accent.
I'm an ER nurse.
I've seen everything.
Long day, short boyfriend.
Yeah, this is Jude,
he's a patient at my hospital.
I'm hoping that I might
find his mom here.
Well, most of our guests
arrive quite late.
This is a first-class restaurant
now, it's not Starbucks.
I know, but Marc,
your manager,
I talked to him earlier,
and I think
she might be hiding here
with her other son.
- She has two sons?
- Yeah.
So the bigger one is not an only child?
That's a relief,
because they can be
absolutely dreadful.
So she's here.
In confidence?
Try the top floor.
You have to go
through the kitchen.
Can you call her
and have her come down
because I have to get back
to the hospital
and discharge him?
- Yeah? Thank you.
- Yeah.
Would you like to, uh,
see the menu?
Would you like me
to find your mother?
Oh! I'm sorry.
I was just...
I was just here... [SIGHS] case
they came back.
Keep a lookout.
Is the kid all right?
Yeah, he's okay.
I got him discharged.
Is he with his mom?
Jeff, are you hungry?
I could eat.
Please say something.
I know you don't wanna
talk to anyone.
But maybe
you could talk to me.
You know, my parents gave me
this wristwatch
when I graduated.
My dad was so proud
he went and showed
everyone in the neighborhood.
JEFF: It's pretty.
You need it for your job.
Weren't you supposed to
work tonight?
Would you like a vodka?
I don't, uh... [WHISPERS]
I don't have any money.
I'll get it. Can we have
two vodkas?
Uh, sure. Russian Standard?
Then I don't have to
go to the stock room.
Sure. Make 'em doubles.
You don't have anyone
you need to get home to?
Well, not really, no.
Six years ago, my parents died
within a year of each other
and I'd moved out
to take care of them
and took leave from the hospital.
When I came back,
my boyfriend
had found someone new.
Was he sleeping with her?
So, um, what...
Thank you.
Well, what about...
What about you then?
I haven't been with anyone since.
Four years now.
I thought people that had jobs
at hospitals had, you know,
all kinds of things going on.
All those beds.
Not in my hospital.
I don't even know
if I'd remember how.
I know I'm not your type of,
you know...
Person or, you know,
and you're not really
I don't have a type, really.
But you've been so kind to me,
I'd be happy, you know...
You know, to...
Just once or twice,
you know, so you got the...
So you found
your way back to it.
An afternoon when the children's
orchestra is gone or something.
Are you thinking
in the music room?
On the piano?
No, I thought we could put
some cushions on the floor.
No, that's okay, but I...
Thank you, though.
Yeah. It's the least
I can do.
I'm not gonna
go to work tomorrow.
How come?
I'm just not good
with people anymore, Jeff.
Yes, you are.
The Forgiveness group,
you help those people.
They help themselves.
You're kind to them.
You are kind to them.
Even when they're not.
I'm not someone people
get close to.
I'm no one's numero uno.
Is that Italian?
I thought you were sleeping.
The boys are.
How is Jude?
The same.
Anthony was
on your computer all day.
Would you like to go out?
Yeah. Just for a walk.
Kids are safe.
You must feel trapped in here.
I can't.
Anthony gets nightmares.
Besides, I like it in here.
This isn't a prison.
No, it's not.
If we were going to go out,
where would we go?
Where would you like to go?
Hmm, not too far.
I would take you quickly
to Canal Street.
We would cross that,
and then we'd slow down.
When we'd reached
West Village, I...
I think I would have waited
so long for you to take my hand
that I would try to take yours.
MAN: Forgiveness,
is that you?
You know, it's not on today,
but, um...
I have a leaflet here.
I'm not looking
for forgiveness.
I'm looking for my son.
Jude Brand?
The hospital told me he's gone.
You're Alice, right?
Uh, there's a children's
orchestra on Thursdays.
My son doesn't play.
I'm looking for my other son,
too, Anthony.
And my wife.
You work in that emergency
ward, don't you?
They say his mom must have
picked him up. Did you see them?
I mean... I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't think
you should lie to me.
Why would I lie?
This is a church.
Would you like me to call
the police for you?
No, no, no, I don't think
you should.
I love my wife.
I love my sons.
I don't think you understand
what love is.
I don't think anybody
loves you.
CLARA: Okay, you're good.
You want a mirror?
No, I'm okay.
- Good.
- Thanks.
You want me
to cut your hair, too?
What will it take
for us to go home?
That Dad goes to jail?
CLARA: I don't know.
I think so.
When we were home,
I was on his computer
and I saw some photos he had.
Just leave it alone.
Read a book or something.
Mom, it wasn't
just police photos.
People being beat up.
I've been trying
to find them.
What are you talking about?
That's Marc's computer.
It's not on here,
they're on Dad's computer.
And, you know, I've been trying
to connect to Dad's computer
but it won't let me,
so I can't show you.
Like, I can't.
It was horrible.
I mean, torture and stuff.
Like what he did to us.
Do you know a lawyer?
- John Peter, Clara.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
It's right through there.
I'll be right with you.
Far above your standard.
- She's just a friend.
- You don't have any friends.
Okay, I don't. What's that?
- It's a chair.
- Really? Thank you.
My assistant found it
on the street,
and she insists I keep it 'til
she finds a boyfriend.
She says it's retro.
So you like her?
She's 26 years old.
She thinks I'm retro, too.
Plus I...
May be falling
for someone else.
- Someone I know?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you'll leave us to it?
I'll leave you to it.
Um, have we met before?
I don't think so.
I'm a friend of Marc's.
Have a seat.
So, um...
CLARA: Hello.
Is there an...
The Plaintiff shall be awarded...
"His uncle came in..."
Back in five.
Yeah, Phil, just
give me a minute.
There's a church she goes to.
Leave a message.
Tell her to come see you,
that she's forgiven.
I can't stop that trial.
She's not gonna come see me.
All she wants is money, okay?
Please, Dad!
I need to take care
of my sons.
I need her to stop that lawyer.
It's gone too far.
She has a soft spot for you.
She's unreliable.
She left home
when she was a kid
and now she's leaving you.
She's flaky!
She's not gonna win.
Please, would you just do it?
- I don't...
Ah! Ah! Stop!
MAN: This time was not
quite as hopeless.
See you next Thursday.
It's nice.
A little orchestra.
Yeah, it's pretty nice.
You wanna sit down?
I'm not sure where to begin.
You've been calling in sick
for weeks.
I know. I'm so, so sorry.
For the love of God,
I am a head nurse.
You look just fine.
Is this where the soup kitchen
is run from?
ALICE: Yeah.
And the support group.
Management asked me
to come find you.
It's not just you.
The staff is worn out.
They can't very well ask us
to turn patients away.
Can I tell them
you'll be back next week?
I don't think I can do
that job anymore.
What will you live on?
I don't know.
Soup. [LAUGHS]
Maybe I can ask the hospital
to fund your group.
People are grateful, I hear.
Except the ones who complain
there's a waiting list.
There's a waiting list?
Well, will you
put in a good word?
I'll try.
Thank you.
- JOHN: Goodnight, Jack.
- Goodnight.
Are you busy?
MARC: No, no. Not at all.
The boys are asleep?
CLARA: Mmm-hmm.
Have you heard
from John Peter?
It turns out,
someone found my father-in-law
lying on the floor
of his apartment.
His girlfriend...
She got him to a hospital.
They think my husband
beat him up,
Now they're offering the boys
and me a place to stay.
So, you're moving?
We can't go home until after
the case is settled.
Will you be staying
in the city?
I don't know.
They won't tell us the address.
It's confidential.
I have to take care
of my boys.
Follow me.
CLARA: Thank you.
Why have you put small spoons
on every single place setting?
Did you do that in kindergarten
or are you trying to force
people to order caviar?
Don't you see
how rude that is?
Don't you think people should
have a chance to decide
for themselves?
It's completely up to you
if you want people
to have spoons or not.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, no, you, you, you may
have a point there.
It's actually a little tactless
to just assume without...
I should have seen that.
Don't I have eyes in my head?
Look, I'm, I'm,
I'm the one who's sorry.
I'm grateful for what you do
at this place.
It's going great.
Again, I prefer
not to discuss anything
that has to do with business.
But I have been more worried
than I realized about...
[SIGHS] ...not being able
to keep the place.
It shouldn't be
a problemovich.
Will she be coming back?
I don't think so.
Can you ask her to?
And the kind little boys?
I don't even know
where they are.
[WHISPERING] Do you wanna
sleep in my bed?
It's not your bed.
[SIGHS] No, it's not.
You're nothing like him.
Neither is Jude.
Neither of you
have anything bad in you.
I want to kill him.
If we win this,
he's gonna go to jail,
I think,
for a very long time.
You're gonna grow up
and you'll forget him.
But what if he wins?
MAN 2: I had no idea
how much we owed.
I just put all the bills
in my bowling bag.
Huh. And my wife
loves shopping.
I mean, I think we had
100 tea pots in my home
and we mostly just drink coffee.
Uh, she even bought one
that was made to look like
Saint Peter's Cathedral.
Can we stay on topic?
We've got one like that.
Can we stay on topic, please?
Right. Uh...
I think I'll forgive myself
next Tuesday.
MAN 3: Yeah, you said
that last Tuesday.
Who's next?
John Peter...
You hardly ever speak.
I'm an attorney.
I'm sworn to confidentiality.
Not about yourself.
JOHN: I have no problems.
Not enough sex, but...
I assume everyone else in this
room shares the same problem.
BONNIE: Speak for yourself.
LLOYD: Yeah, Bonnie,
I'm sure you're on fire in bed.
Well, still waters can run deep.
Very deep, Lloyd.
Why can't you just be kind?
Terrible things happen,
and some of you
have nobody to turn to.
But you have strangers.
Why can't you be
more careful?
More compassionate.
And you two,
you sit there and you don't
talk and you take up space.
Well, not you, John Peter.
You've actually been...
You've been terrific.
You've been very kind.
But the rest of you...
What gives you the right
to be unkind?
Shut up, Bonnie.
That was so helpful!
John Peter and Marc,
could you stay?
Firstly, forgive me.
MARC: Of course.
JOHN: Absolutely.
There's a waiting list
for the group,
and I hope we're moving
to the hospital.
So I think you guys
should stop coming.
MARC: Oh. Well...
I'm only here for his sake.
I'm only here for his sake
and for you.
I'm gonna go for a smoke.
JOHN: Good.
In that case, um...
Are you free to come here
on Sunday night?
Yes, I am.
Um, any special reason?
No special reason, just now
you're not my client anymore.
Um, I can invite you to dinner.
Rock and roll.
That's the first time I've
ever used that expression.
Will Alice be there?
Yes, it was her idea.
And she is going to cook
for us.
Will Marc?
JEFF: Come on,
you'll sit over here.
CLARA: Thank you so much
for having us.
The boys were so excited.
I'm so glad that you came.
Nice to see you.
When everyone is seated,
I'll get some chairs.
They're a little wet, though.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Oh!
- It's just,
yeah, I'll...
CLARA: Oh, hi.
Have you heard anything?
JOHN: No, I'm sorry.
No word yet.
- CLARA: No word?
- I'm sorry.
- ALICE: You all right, Jeff?
- JEFF: Yeah, I'm fine.
- Say hi to John Peter.
- [SNIFFS] Ah!
Hi. How are you?
So, uh, Jeff
has been cooking all day
and it looks
incredibly delicious.
CLARA: It looks great.
JEFF: Which corner,
which corner, which corner?
Okay. This one. This got...
This got good potato.
I've got it, Jeff. I've got it.
- Uh...
- JEFF: What's wrong?
JOHN: Forgive me
for being a bit
gauche, but, uh...
In case we need to eat
someplace else, um,
I know a place.
That would be great.
JOHN: Beautiful, Marc.
Beautiful work.
You found a way to make
Russian food delicious.
This Prince Igor salad,
is this what Brezhnev ate in
the '80s, the early '80s?
Shut up. It was delicious.
ALICE: I like the caviar.
Oh, guys, it can be
Brezhnev's favorite meal
and still be delicious.
That was wonderful.
MARC: Anthony, have some more.
Maybe later. Jeff,
can we get some ice cream?
Yeah. You want me to go get
it, though? Unless you want to.
Why don't you hang out,
hang out if you want.
I mean, you worked
a long day today,
I got kicked out
of my therapy group
so I could, uh, I could use
someone to chat with.
MARC: So when
is your case decided?
Uh, next week, they think.
If it goes well, we can go home.
John Peter's been amazing.
MARC: Oh, yes, he is.
The day he won my case,
I wanted to take him to dinner,
so we came to this place.
The investors
happened to be here.
We drank all night, and the
next day I had the job.
It's the concert hall.
I like this place.
And I like you.
It's gonna be hard to say
goodbye to you again.
I think we should do it now.
Come, sit down.
Uh, we won.
Your husband is going away
for a very long time.
You're safe now, it's over.
You can go home.
You can go anywhere.
How am I ever
gonna thank you?
Oh, I intend to bill you
I have a girlfriend now
who eats caviar
the way the rest of us
eat frosted flakes.
- Alice?
- Yeah.
She's a monster.
Where's Dad's computer?
CLARA: They confiscated it.
I'd like to change schools
where they don't know me
and Jude.
CLARA: We could move.
To the city.
We could live
close to the library.
It would have to be a really
small apartment.
That doesn't matter to me.
We could sell the car, then.
We could get you a computer.
If you wanted, we could get
one of those really big ones.
With a box under the desk.
Just a small one is fine,
thanks, Mom.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
CLARA: We should probably
stay here, though, for Jude.
It'd be better for him.
When Dad said
I had to hit Jude...
Jude said he could see
why I did it.
He'd have done the same thing
if he'd been the older brother.
So he forgave me.
So you should forgive
yourself, too.
JUDE: Mom?
We should move.
I can call you back
at six o'clock.
All right, bye.
Hi, everyone. I'm Alice.
Forgiveness is this way.
Just follow me.
Bonnie, will you introduce
BONNIE: And I'm Bonnie.
Peter. That's Marcus.
Carol. Jonathan. Sita. JJ.
Carrie. Ola.
Your receipt is in the bag.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
MARC: Thank you.
Na zdorovye.
Na zdorovye.
MARC: Spasiba. Thank you.
- Take care of the place.
- MARC: I will.
I owe you a lot of money
for rent and everything else.
I can pay you now.
No, you don't have to.
Things are going
very well here.
We hired a new doorman.
He's not helping
people park, is he?
Are the boys at school?
Not far from here, actually.
It's for you.
You're not very good at
getting presents, are you?
Usually, no.
What is it?
Swimming trunks.
I thought we could go
to the beach.
At some point.
Give me ten minutes.
TIMOFEY: If you could just
stand out there, you know,
you'll get the hang of it
in no time.
JEFF: Should I help people in
and out of the taxis?
No, they can do that
for themselves.
Should I say hello to them?
No, they can do that
for themselves, too.
I mean, if they insist,
you speak
with a Russian accent, okay?
That sort of thing, yeah.
You want me to play this?
Could you if you had to?
Okay. Give it a shot.