The King and the Clown (Wang-ui namja) (2005) Movie Script

Presented and Distributed by
Cinema Service.
Co-Presented by CJ Entertainment
and Choongmooro Fund.
An Eagle Pictures Production
A Cineworld Production.
King and the Clown.
KARM Woo-sung.
JUNG Jin-young.
KANG Sung-yeon.
LEE Joon-gi.
Korea's Chosun Dynasty, founded at the end of the
14th century, lasted until the beginning of the 20th.
Lasting over 500 years, its uniqueness under the reign of 27
kings still remains unmatched in the annals of word history.
To each King were assigned several Royal Secretaries whose
function was to keep a diary on behalf of the King.
Upon the King's passing, Court Historians edited these
exhaustive records for posterity, including succeeding Kings.
The massive collection of these edited diaries, called "The
Royal Records of the Chosun Dynasty" has survived intact,
The King of this story, the Records show, was singularly
TYRANNICAL: No king before or after him shared his excesses.
Nonetheless, the Records also give us a portrait of
him as a man of great sensitivity and intelligence.
Produced by JUNG Jin-wan,
Directed by LEE Jun-ik.
When he was a child, his mother was ordered to commit suicide
by poison after falling victim to court machinations.
Her death left a lasting trauma on the future king's psyche.
No doubt, this trauma played a significant role in the
deformation of his character. On September 2, 1506, he
was dethroned violently after a revolt by the nobles.
To be up here,
away from the bustle,
My legs like wings would spread!
Ahoy! What is that flower
in full bloom I see yonder?
Dost thou not recognize
the one and only!
So it is! The one and only!
With rose petaled lips!
O friend,
beat thee thy leather while
I go pick the flower.
Hee haw!
My, my, there comes a fool,
rash and proud!
Never knew a fool
who knew his place!
Ho! A tongue most untamed!
Master of this house am I,
come to bait thee!
A gallows-hung scoundrel is
what I see.
With an ill-fitting coat
to hide his sores!
Oh thorny Rose,
is thy Iris closed for me?
Open them, and see as
I walk the Master's gait.
Oh, really!
Good Heavens!
Me thought it would be a
mere hop and a skip.
But t'was longer than a runny
trip to the outhouse!
Master gait, master bait,
either way strains the balls!
And now, a fornicating wench
running off upon being surprised.
'Tis thy own form, saucy wench.
I was expecting to see thee fall
and crack thy frame.
But not bad!
Indeed, gifted are my two legs,
but it is my third
that has true genius.
And thou shall see it
this night!
Master wants to see you.
Thy twin eggs, are they cracked yet,
or just in the crack?
Safely in the crack...
Plugging my bunghole!
But now,
I must drain my bladder.
I gotta pee before I continue!
Why, you dirty boor!
So then, let's try it
on for size!
Good idea! I shall oblige!
You promised us a meal!
We ain't squirrels!
Be thankful you
weren't thrown out!
Don't go, Gong-gil!
There are things you
shouldn't sell!
Let go. Move it!
What kind of life is that?
Mister fuckin' Righteous, eh!
Stop it!
Let go! Let go!
Gong-gil wants to go,
so what's it to you?
Stop pimping off of Gong-gil.
You piece of shit!
Want us to starve to death?
Go fuck yourself,
and spare me your
high tone bullshit.
I won't let you!
Hey, it's a dog-eat-dog
world out there.
Just mind your own business.
You... you are...
Come on out.
Somebody help me!
Get up.
Let go.
OK, fine. Let's die together.
Get th-th-those bastards! Now!
Go after them!
Go after them!
You're only making it worse.
Let us go, please.
Grab them.
I beg you, let us go.
You piece of shit.
Shut your trap.
You shit!
Let go, you fuck!
I'll make sure you
never walk again.
Give me your hand.
Will he be okay?
That dog deserves to die.
Ouch... ow...
Hey, watch where you're going!
Hey, watch where you're going!
Sprained your eyes, did ya?
Not my eyes, but my legs did
comin' o'er the hill.
Hey, you sound like
Kang the Blind!
And you stink like
Bong the Blind!
Well! Hail fellow, well met!
Let's see, am I over here,
and you over there?
No, I'm over here and
you over there.
No, I'm here and you are there?
I am here. You are there.
- Where? Where?
- Here. Here.
Let's go to Seoul.
And we'll put on a show
to end all shows!
Ouch, ow, ow...
What's the matter?
I haven't eaten in years.
My head is spinning
and can't see nothin' straight...
I can't do this no more.
- So it is.
- What do you say folks?
This cheeky fool says,
No pay, no play.
Shall we call it a day?
We're the best showmen in town,
just workin' for a livin'.
Thank you, sir,
thank you, thank you.
You expect money for
some crap like that?
Do you folks want to see
some real skill?
Show us what you got.
A cheap third-rate,
but still not
entirely without talent...
A country bumpkin
with ambition, I see...
I guess I could teach you
a thing or two.
Watch and learn, eh?
Talent like that
will get you far.
But, sorry to say, not with this
sophisticated audience.
Maybe you should retire.
Don't you agree?
This time it will be
a pair-jump.
Don't blink or you'll miss
the action, eh?
Howdy, I'm Six Dix.
He's Seven Ravin' and
that one's Eight Pate.
Say, where is the biggest
show spot in Seoul?
It's been a while
since there was one.
Why is that?
Don't tell me you don't know?
The King's cleared out
half the city
to double his hunting ground.
With only half
the people as before,
there ain't gonna be no show.
But there is
another kind of show...
Gosh, I feel just awful!
I have 9!
Raking in money like
the King does virgins.
Nah, I ain't that good yet.
Now, let's see
if I am as lucky as
that tramp Nok-su.
Who's Nok-su?
Nok-su the Whore?
The bitch has the King
living inside her skirt.
Before, she had every rich man
living inside her skirt.
Every dime I ever won
went right into
her bearded pouch.
Here comes that
awful feelin' again!
I have 8!
So where is my cut?
Let's do this again tomorrow.
It's only the first game,
so, Captain...
Mind if I call you 'Captain'?
So, just like today, you...
If I help you make
more money tomorrow...
Will you do as I say?
Captain, don't start
giving orders.
So, what's your plan?
We mock the King.
The King?
Did you not hear?
In front of a cunt,
every man kneels.
Is the King any better than
the rest of us?
The King's bed, that's where
the big money is.
Just a minute.
I ain't playing no eunuch!
I got balls!
This is bullshit.
Forget it, I'm out.
- Oh, man!
- Come on!
It's better than starving,
I suppose.
Hurry up!
Eunuch Kim,
what haste causes thee
to jingle thy bells so?
Hee haw!
Jingle, shingle!
Sure, if I had any!
I'd jingle-jangle all the way!
That's odd,
I'm sure I heard jingles.
Were they my bells, then?
Wasn't it?
Nok-su, Royal Consort.
- Isn't she the King's Consort?
- Sure is.
What on earth is that woman doing!
People say,
she a Lady now but she still
shits like a horse.
So then the rumors were
true after all!
That feels good!
We hit the jackpot today!
Bring it on! Bring everything!
Captain, let's do
the show everyday.
No, 3 times a day!
And rake it in!
How about a drink, fellah?
I swear, I never saw
a fellah so shy.
But man, he sure knows how to
gyrate them hips!
Captain, we should have done
this earlier!
Someone grabbed my balls
thinking I really had none.
It scared the shit out of me!
I saw, I saw!
To the Captain!
I knew you'd over do it.
Just say 'no' next time.
Feel good?
What feels so good?
It's all good.
My belly!
Her water broke!
There it is! I see the baby!
Come on, push!
Let's have a look.
He has my forehead
and my big nose too.
This calls for a celebration!
Hee haw!
Thank you very much!
Step back.
Take these wretches
to jail at once.
What, did you expect a prize
for mocking the King?
Go see for yourself.
Is it a crime to show
what everyone
already jokes about?
How disrespectful!
If it's about the King's
he is the King after all.
So we thought it ought
to be King-size.
Watch your tongue!
Flog these fools!
We can't die like this!
Let us show it to the King.
What? Keep flogging!
Hold it!
What did you say?
If the King likes it,
then we're innocent.
We will make the King laugh.
But if he does not...
your heads will roll!
Idiots that we are!
We messed with the King!
I got shit for brains,
that's what!
What insane King would
find this amusing?
In any case, it's a 'do or die'.
So we're gonna die!
Like dogs!
I'd rather be flogged.
The special event today...
has been arranged for
His Majesty's pleasure.
Just relax and do
what we always do.
May it please you all.
June 1st, 1504.
As we jest,
let ye mirth issue unimpeded.
So we may live yet another day.
Eunuch... Kim...
What haste...
causes thee to jangle thy bells so?
What the?
Jingling my... balls?
I... heard...
M, m, my... balls?
But I... ain't got none.
Hee... haw!
Hee haw!
Isn't that... the King's Consort?
Sure, why... not?
Rumor has it that the tramp...
The wench...
I mean, the Lady!
Ah! That feels good!
Come on, push!
Captain, we're doomed!
We're dead now!
Let's have a look.
He has my forehead
and my big nose too.
Let me have a look at you.
Ho, ho, my son, my boy, my son.
Come from Heaven or
from the silent Earth?
My pride, my boy, my son.
So thou thinkest he's thy issue?
What everyone knows,
thou dost not.
Then of whose loin is he?
One of the eunuchs is
still half a man.
And he did his nightly rounds.
Who is he? Spit it out!
Spit with an empty mouth?
You wily wench!
Fine. I shall fill it!
The one above or the one below?
The one above.
With teeth and tongue!
Hear this!
I shall suffer these clowns
to entertain me
from time to time.
Prepare their quarters
within the palace.
Dig in.
But Captain,
why does the King want to
keep us here?
Maybe to raise our status?
We're minstrels,
what does our status matter?
A full tummy,
that's what counts.
Damn right.
I thought we'd never eat!
Shit! Who is gonna eat this now?
It's still food,
it won't kill you.
It's good.
- Come on now, work with me!
- Hold me tighter!
The one above or the one below?
The one above.
I'm coming! I'm coming!
- Unload, my Lord!
- I am spent!
You know,
the one who played me...
You stared at him so intensely,
as if to drill
a hole in his face.
A hole?
But is he really a man?
His skin is so fair.
Not even eunuchs have
it so fine.
It is not advisable,
Your Majesty.
Every time,
it's always "no, no, no."
So what is allowed then?
Why does Your Majesty
wish their presence here?
What is so wrong with
keeping them here?
According to the edict issued by
the previous King...
A show must suit the occasion
that calls for one.
The law covers such
trivial matters as well?
It does, Your Majesty.
If Your Majesty insists
on keeping them here...
There will be protest
upon protest.
This cannot be allowed,
Your Majesty.
May Your Majesty reconsider.
Cheo-seon! Am I King or not?
Am I still King when my dead father
still rules, huh?
Your Majesty, calm yourself.
The prudent hunter treads
silently to capture the prey.
So, the ministers want us out?
But the King told us to stay.
Wasn't that by a Royal order?
They see you as vermin,
to be gotten rid of
as soon as possible.
Had I known that the King was
so powerless...
I would not have bothered
to mock him!
So he laughed once, and now
you think you own the world.
Tell him, thanks for the snack.
You had the guts
to lampoon the King.
So why not the ministers?
So we're allowed to
satirize them too?
Then help me set up an audition
for more minstrels.
Clothes define the man!
Ladies! Get in line!
Are we to make fun
of the ministers
or make them laugh?
We fooled with the King
and he laughed, right?
So if we fool with the ministers,
they'll laugh too.
I see.
But Captain, those ministers are
just dying to kick us out.
What if we get into
trouble later?
So we need to find
the best minstrels
and put on a show
to blow them away.
Right, Captain?
Are you done?
Wow, your writing looks
exactly like Gong-gil's!
I learned to write by
imitating his style, that's why.
Minstrels Audition.
You're the man when
it comes to imitating!
Copy this and go paste them
all over town.
Now copy it exactly.
What's so funny?
It's just that...
minstrels don't know how to read!
Captain, trust me on this.
Minstrels Audition
at the Royal Palace.
Come on in, fellahs.
What's going on?
Hee haw!
Over the lovely...
Here, my love!
Next up is Choi from Pyong-yang!
Break a leg!
Hee haw!
Sir, it is I.
Do I know thee?
I heard word about a vacant post.
'Tis for thee.
It's a turtle of gold.
Put it away!
As I cannot...
'Tis nothing, I swear.
I say, I cannot accept!
'Tis but a piss-colored metal!
Is thy heart immovable?
Indeed, as a mountain!
Truly? Verily not?
May Heaven fall asunder! No!
You're a tough nut to crack!
Fine, then!
Hey, your technique is
too crude!
I must return home
but I am broke.
So, take it for a nickel.
In that case...
I'll buy two.
Sir, about my husband...
Madam, not in this manner.
It's all I have, sir.
Please, no, no...
This will bring only trouble.
Sir, it's a token of my esteem.
What dost thou take me for?
Such firmness!
Just as I've been told.
Be gentle, madam!
Such a precious gift!
Let my hands speak for me.
As a token of my...
Keep going.
Let me have a look.
I dislike odd-shaped things.
But something like this might do.
Like this?
You shall have it!
You just don't get it, do you!
Like this.
Like this.
I've got it! Here!
Here we go!
Hee haw!
To you, my lords!
Lighten your hearts and enjoy!
What's the matter?
A pang of conscience, perhaps?
Most certainly.
So who is it?
Is it you?
I hear song and dance
never stops at your house.
That is not so, Your Majesty!
Then you perhaps?
A retinue of over 100 virgins
on your trip to Pyongyang?
Never, Your Majesty!
So it's you then?
How now!
Spill the cup given by the King?
Forgive me, Your Majesty!
Forgive you for what?
Even your sentry
demands bribes, I hear.
So, my wine is not good
enough for you?
Have mercy, Your Majesty!
I grew up
in poverty as a child...
So you sold titles for money?
So was I a fool to give
you one for free?
Share thy profit,
you ungrateful cur!
Dismiss him from the Ministry,
and seize all his property.
Cut off all his fingers,
and you ministers shall
see them at hand.
What is your name?
I am Gong-gil, Your Majesty.
Comedy in a bloodbath!
Nice going!
I hope we don't get hurt
in the end!
The King was amused,
so what's the worry?
Yeah, but he can be so cruel!
It makes me nervous!
Wrap it up and go to bed.
Why did the King call
for Gong-gil?
Who knows?
What's taking so long?
Never look at his face.
Do not ask any questions.
And before you answer,
always say...
If it pleases Your Majesty...
And if he praises you, say,
By Your Majesty's grace.
Let's play.
If it pleases Your Majesty...
I said, let's have some fun.
If it graces by Your Majesty...
That bastard of a minister
spoiled the fun, didn't he.
So, just you and me, let's play.
Gong-gil's back!
Gong-gil! Come here.
What did the King want?
What did you do?
We played with puppets.
- Puppets?
- He enjoyed it.
And that's all?
He poured me some wine.
He did? And what else?
Come to mama.
Poor baby's hungry.
Baby wants mama's milk. Come on.
Don't want milk?
Then some wine, baby?
Did you all view Yun's fingers?
Don't tell me you really did!
Your Majesty, for every crime
there is a fitting punishment.
No doubt Yun deserves to be
punished for corruption.
But allowing the minstrels to mock
the dignity of ministers...
will only undermine
the authority of the government.
They're jesters, so they jest.
But if Your Majesty continues
to dance to their tune...
Their tune?
It is you who would seek to
call the tune!
You speak only to nag me
about the damn law!
Dismiss this nagging
fool immediately!
Your Majesty, given his
loyalty to the previous King...
Surely he deserves some mercy.
Loyal to my father?
Yes, but then
why not to me as well?
The previous King was like
a wise father to the people.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Sully my sight nevermore!
His Majesty!
You play too!
Go on!
Do it!
Where is my Gong-gil?
Sit over there.
But, Your Majesty...
I insist. Sit.
Now look at this.
Father, I long to see mother!
Did I not tell thee
to forget her?
Sir, I beg of thee,
just this once...
weak in will,
thou art fit to become
but a changeling!
Father! I beg thee!
And follow this book
for whose pleasure?
You serve the King, do you not?
But why does the King call
for Gong-gil so often?
His Majesty calls
whom he pleases.
It concerns you not.
We're leaving this place.
Cheo-seon wants us to do this.
Shit, what are we now, puppets?
We should have left sooner.
Fine, so we'll leave.
After we do this.
I really want to.
We cannot do this anywhere else.
There's the King's grandmother.
And the previous King's consorts.
Let's get ready.
Pay attention and
stick to your parts.
Yeah, yeah.
Just this once, then we leave.
If tonight the King...
Should call me to his bed...
'Tis already the 300th night...
Of my forlorn loneliness.
My Lord, this night...
Let me serve thee.
Another night, another nought.
Passion swells.
So I kept this
awl pressed to my arm.
Her Majesty!
This is most unfair!
You fools!
Whisper, whisper.
She this, she that.
Stop mumbling and speak!
Surely that is not us
that those jesters mock?
They would not dare
with the Queen mum watching.
Oh, Mother!
No! Desist! I beg thee.
Must you demand the death
of the woman I love?
Infinite is her deviousness.
She has my son's soul bewitched.
Drink this bitter potion.
Unbounded is the King's love...
But many are those who want it.
He giveth me this
black liquid of love,
how can I refuse?
My son.
Dwell long in
the sweetness of life...
And bury me by the road
the King travels on.
My son!
Have mercy, Your Majesty!
What is all this?
My mother they murdered!
Art thou blind?
Nonsense! She was a woman
of treachery and...
Do not kill my mother twice!
Mercy! Mercy!
Your Majesty.
Touch me not!
What the hell is going on?
Every time we do a show,
people end up dead!
Thanks to that loose
cannon of a King!
Have you heard anything?
Pack your things.
- We're leaving this place.
- Leave?
I told the old man
we're leaving.
Allow me to leave, Your Majesty.
Take this, although compared to
what you've given me,
it is nothing.
Your Majesty!
Grant me to leave this place.
Very nice!
An official's robe
just so becomes you.
The silk looks stunning
with your fair skin!
But still,
for all the hard work he did
exposing all your enemies...
A rather shabby gift, isn't it?
Leave us.
What if he's really a girl?
His voice, his gestures...
Not even eunuchs can have
the same finesse.
Are you not curious?
Let's strip him.
Go on! Be a man
and show it to me!
Enough, I say!
A little shy, are we?
Then we will all strip.
How's that?
You vile clown!
You just wait!
My Lady! Please!
You filthy clown! Let go!
How dare you?
Let go!
How could you do this to me!
- Open this door!
- Let go!
Let me go.
You never had any intention of
ever leaving, did you?
That's not true.
So what's this then?
Might as well fuck
the richest guy in town,
is that it?
Don't talk to me that way.
Hear this. I have conferred
a rank upon Gong-gil.
Arrange a celebration
in his honor.
We are still in mourning
over the deceased Queen,
Your Majesty.
But I have conferred a rank.
So a celebration is in order,
is it not?
Perhaps a hunt could
please Your Majesty.
Party 'No', but hunting 'Yes'?
Not to kill, but only for
the pleasure of the chase.
First it's eunuchs,
then servant girls,
and now this!
What's with the chicken mask?
Gong-gil's been what? Entitled?
And so we must wear
these ridiculous things?
Shut up! Just do as you're told.
Aye, aye.
Okay, we're on.
Everybody disperse, quickly!
- Where to?
- That way.
Which way? Which way?
Where is the Captain?
I don't know.
- And Gong-gil?
- No idea.
This is bullshit!
It's Gong-gil!
Gong-gil! Over here!
Gong-gil, where's the Captain?
Man, this sucks.
What's this?
Gong-gil! Gong-gil is in danger!
Come on! Let's go!
Oh, no!
So, I see.
We're not hunting quails,
are we?
By selfless sacrifice,
ministers have built this kingdom.
Yet you invite gutter rats
to mock us?
When my father sentenced
my mother to death...
You were the one who
delivered the poison!
Her blood is on your hands!
Heaven has seen the evils
of your tyranny.
And will punish you for it.
We should have left...
when we had the chance!
- Six Dix! Don't go!
- No! No!
Six Dix!
Come back!
By selfless sacrifice,
ministers have built
this kingdom.
Yet you invite gutter rats
to mock us?
Now it's your turn.
Take this. Take it.
Now, shoot me!
No, shoot her instead.
Here is a wench who stops
at no evil! Shoot!
Shoot, I say!
Heaven has seen the evils
of your tyranny.
My Lady, here is the flyer,
written by Gong-gil's hand.
Read it out loud!
In depravity upon depravity,
the King...
what's this about?
They say these flyers are
pasted all over Seoul!
Then this was written by?
You numbskull!
Now you see why
I wanted a copy of this?
Want to know who wrote this?
Look at it.
Haven't you heard?
There are flyers up
criticizing the King.
And not just the King either.
We're mentioned too,
and not in a nice way!
We too could end up dead.
Let's go.
Don't go.
Let's go, Captain!
No! Don't go!
You've gone mad!
No! No! No!
- Let go!
- Don't go!
Let go of me!
- Stop it! Stop it!
- Let go!
Write this.
In depravity upon depravity,
the King...
My Lady!
Keep writing!
In depravity upon depravity,
the King...
Keep writing, I say!
With dancing girls on his lap,
and clowns by his side...
The King indulges
in the most vulgar...
It's identical!
Arrest him!
Your Majesty, I know nothing
about this. My Lord!
But why?
You have the wrong man.
I wrote it. He's innocent.
The audacity of it has
my signature all over it.
After all, it was by audacity
that I got in the palace.
You're making this up!
Well, well.
A whore and her
tongue's work is never done.
How dare you!
Look closely.
He's lying!
Why would he confess so readily?
He learned to write from me.
He imitated my style.
That's why it looks the same.
But he has no guts
to write such a thing.
These words are mine.
He is the King's beloved.
Why would he do such a thing?
As soon as day breaks...
Behead him.
In bringing the minstrels
into the palace...
I wanted them to show
Your Majesty...
The corruption
plaguing your court.
But in your lust for a boy,
you've become...
Do you wish to die?
Perhaps your time has come.
Death, I do not fear.
But to see the previous King...
Get out!
And appear never again!
My Lord! Spare him!
Spare him! My Lord!
Spare him! I beg you!
You're free to go.
Your work is done.
That's not by a Royal order,
is it?
Forget Gong-gil.
From up here, even the palace
looks no better than a hovel!
In a world full of scoundrels,
only here...
Did I meet the nastiest
of them all.
Ho! And the foul things
he would do!
Will you hear this tale then?
As the gods kill us
for their sport, so would he.
He killed more souls than...
There are tiles on these roofs.
His lust insatiable...
Even 2,000 virgins were
not enough.
Why, his pecker was this big.
No, this big!
With it he skewered clam
after virgin clam.
And when he got tired
of girls...
He wasted no time
mounting a boy.
Whoever pleased
his one-eyed snake...
was given delicacies
and silk robes.
And a title to boot!
My Lord! My Lord!
Please, no! My Lord! Spare him!
No! Your Majesty!
Pollute not thy hands
with the blood of the vulgar!
Well said.
You do it then.
Kill me instead.
Kill me!
I've nothing more to lose,
so strike!
Nothing to lose?
Hear my command!
Sear his eyes with iron!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
The date has been fixed.
You have served 3 Kings.
Join us in serving the 4th King.
It is not men...
But Heaven that mandates Kings.
Then let us obey the
will of Heaven.
Has Heaven not abandoned
this King?
How could I know...
what Heaven wills?
So whose idea was it to take
in the minstrels?
Bringing in some clowns
hardly requires an idea.
Jesters jest.
We laugh, and then it's over.
Hey you!
Shall I tell you a story?
When I worked as a servant
in my youth...
One day, the madam's ring
went missing.
The master was furious
with us servants.
But everybody kept mum.
It was unbearably cold that day.
So I said, "I did it".
So where's the ring? He says.
So I said, "I swallowed it".
Right then,
a club comes a-flying.
And whacks me right
in the mouth!
Man, did it sting!
Like it was on fire.
Just like my eyes right now.
Had I been hit
in my eye instead...
Maybe my mouth
would suffer today?
All my life,
I played at being blind.
Now that I'm really blind,
I'll never get to play it again.
And I was just getting
good at it too.
- I'm so sorry.
- For what?
I was the one who
stole the ring.
Let's run away together!
Don't look down!
I'm scared!
All around the rope is an abyss.
Neither land nor sky,
but an abyss.
All my life,
I played at being blind.
Now that I am really blind,
it's a shame I'll never
get to play one.
And I was just getting
good at it too.
Arrange a party, Cheo-seon.
Cheo-seon! Cheo-seon!
Being blind, I thought
I'd never walk the rope again.
But this is something else!
Truth be told,
I have a knack for going blind.
Listen to this story.
After I saw my first show,
I was blind to everything else.
What a high that was...
strutting on the stage,
rapping with a partner.
I could see nothing else!
When I came to Seoul,
the glitter of
money blinded me.
Then I came here...
to the palace...
And being blind, I saw nothing.
Didn't see the murderous
thief stealing a heart.
Well that's that.
Anyway, I see nothing
but an abyss now.
How sublime!
I should have gone blind sooner!
You damn fool!
Is it really so good
to be blind!
Yeah, it is!
I love it, I really do!
My, my, there's a fool,
rash and proud!
A sightless fool who knows
not where he stands!
Get down this instant!
Ho! A tongue most untamed!
I am the King of this palace,
you wench!
Indeed you are!
I've always wanted to
see my King.
And now I've seen thee, I see!
What? What do you see?
Thou art blind to what's high
and what's low.
So thou hast turned
this world upside down.
My Lady! My Lady!
What body shall
thy reborn soul take?
A nobleman's?
No, no.
A King's, then?
That displeases also.
I wish to be a minstrel again.
Witless fool!
Why seek again
thy cause for ruin?
Then what new body awaits thee?
It is none other!
A minstrel! And nothing more!
The world's but a stage!
Kingly is he who struts
for a while, then exits in style!
Then together again,
we shall royally
this blessed earth roam!
Hee haw!
Hey, hey!
Am I here and you there?
No, I'm here and you're there.
Oh, I'm there and you're here.
We're all here!
And there is neither you nor me.
Hi ho!
Hee haw!