The King of the Kickboxers (1990) Movie Script

Four, five, six.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, Shawn!
Yeah, yeah!
You were great.
I really love being here.
Thanks for bringing me.
I wouldn't go anywhere
without you, little brother.
You're a big reason why
this dream's come true.
I was a little bit
worried about the crowd.
I don't think they liked an American
winning the championship.
Ah, they just wanted a good fight
and we gave it to them, didn't we?
The Thais are great.
Come to congratulate me, huh?
You were not to win tonight.
I couldn't help it.
He wasn't much competition.
An American can never be champion.
You shouldn't have won the fight tonight.
And you won't win this one.
I do my best fighting in the ring, man.
Besides that, me and my brother.
No, Shawn!
No, Shawn!
Something to remember me by.
Here we go.
All systems check.
Let's do this thing.
After all, my favorite
show's coming on soon.
Keep your short pants on.
Romper Room doesn't start for 45 minutes.
Let's keep the chatter to a minimum.
He's gone in.
Give me the word, Control.
You'll be the first to know.
You show me yours, I'll
show you mine.
Looking good.
Looking damn good.
Woo, not bad, boys.
My turn, huh?
I think you cheated me.
Maybe I'll just keep 'em both.
There's not a penny missing, Jackson.
So do yourself a favor and
put the gun away happily.
Maybe I'll see you get more
of my business.
I hate to put a damper
on your little party,
but have you guys thought
about what happens
to the kids who use this?
Have you seen what it does to 'em?
Who cares?
I care, Jackson.
Hey, my name ain't Jackson.
You a fucking social worker or something?
Nah, Jackson.
I ain't a social worker,
but I'm the next best thing.
I'm a cop.
Hey, man.
Hey, hey.
That's a good one.
You're okay.
Hell, you can hang with us anytime.
Right, guys?
A fucking cop.
Nah, just a plain old cop.
Fucking's got nothing
to do with it, really.
I am.
Look, here's my badge
and I'm wearing a wire.
Damn it.
He's doing it again, sarge.
Guys, I'm not gonna be
needing you after all.
I can handle these assholes by myself.
Jesus Christ.
Get in there now.
Officer in trouble.
Repeat, officer in trouble.
Code 10-99.
My man, you just made a big mistake.
You're gonna die now.
Not today, Jackson.
Not today.
He tricked us again.
Let's go.
Does that hurt?
What, no search warrant?
I'm gonna have your
butt for this, Donahue.
Promises, promises.
Hey, clean this mess up for me, will you?
I want to see it!
I'm not asking for much!
Just routine!
I'm only the captain for Christ sake!
Give me a break, you bunch of assholes!
You should be working
in toilets, all of ya!
Hey, come on, you guys.
Come and check this out.
Come on, come on.
Get out of there!
Get back to work, you asshole!
Who the fuck do you think you are?
I sent the backup for your protection.
Goddamn it.
I gave 'em the address.
It's not my fault they
went to the wrong building.
You told them, I quote,
Empire Industrial Park, building five.
Very clear, very concise.
But you were in building four.
Now, what kind of crap is that?
Look, the bottom line
is I get the job done.
No, the bottom line is I can
only cover you for so long.
We've been through the fire before, Cap.
Did you have to take the wire off?
Where the hell was your weapon, Jake?
You're the best undercover
cop I've ever seen,
but you're just pissing it away.
Look, I had to get the
bust and I got it clean.
No problems in court.
Except for cries of police brutality.
Those bastards are going
away for a long time.
End of story.
Cheer up, Cap.
We got the bad guys and
that's what we get paid for.
It's like the Old West out there
and we're wearing the white hats.
Well, cowboy, I've got a case for you
that might be just what we both need.
Interpol paid me a visit today.
Asked about a loan out.
And, you lucky stiff, I'm
gonna send you over there.
What's the op?
Something about illegal movies.
Sounds like some pretty light stuff
compared to what you do
around here every day.
Where's over there?
My luck it'll be Jersey.
No, it's better than Jersey.
Bangkok to be exact.
They want you to pose as a fighter
so the bad guys will
pick you for their movie.
Sounds like fun, gives you a
chance to get away from here.
Look, I'm right in the
middle of a case here, Cap.
I don't think.
Nobody pays you to think, Jake.
The timing on this is great.
We all need a break.
I'm not going to Thailand.
Whatever you're into I'll
arrange to have covered.
It's a dream assignment for Christ sake.
Not in Thailand, it's not.
Jake, take the file and tapes.
Go home, study them first
before you do anything
as fucking stupid as
disobeying a direct order.
You got that?
I'm not going to Thailand.
You got that?
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Take it easy, Jake.
Hi, Jackson.
Just you and me, huh?
This is what we fight against
and why we will win.
Looks like a Bruce
Lee movie without Bruce.
What a waste of time.
Yeah, this guy's pretty good.
Yeah, Donahue.
Yeah, I just called to let you know
that you're off the hook
on this Thailand thing.
I've assigned Murphy to it.
Yes, Interpol.
It's my assignment!
I'm going!
I said, I'm going!
You Anderson?
River's calm tonight.
Do I look like a Thai in disguise?
At least you got that right.
You got a problem?
Don't do a Cloak and Dagger.
We don't have the time, Anderson.
The longer I sit here with you,
the more of a chance we
have of getting nailed.
You're paranoid.
I'm still alive which
is more than I can say
for the men you've already sent in.
Here are the rest of the files
you received from New York.
Now the deaths of these
films are for real.
That's where the action in the market is.
Business is very good,
but to meet the demand,
somebody's gotta get killed.
Yeah, all foreigners.
The Oriental market is the biggest.
They like to see foreign blood.
I thought they were sick in the city.
Tell me about it.
We'll meet once a week
for a progress report.
We'll get you all set up.
Hold it, hold it.
I appreciate your plan,
but it's not gonna work.
Jake, you haven't heard the plan yet.
Has anything you set up worked before?
People get killed doing it
your way, so I have an idea.
Let's try something different, okay?
Are you finished yet?
No, I'm just getting started, Anderson.
This is deep cover, okay?
Just let me do my job.
Stay the fuck away from
me and I'll get 'em.
A little dangerous, baby.
That's why I get the big salary.
I heard you're unorthodoxed, but good.
I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.
Anderson, we're professionals, right?
Don't take it personally.
I don't take anything personal.
Just get the motherfuckers.
Don't worry, I plan to.
Anything else I can do for you?
I still haven't seen the script.
What's going on in this scene?
We're starting with action.
Walk on the set like
you're stalking an enemy.
He should do very well.
He's a very accomplished fighter.
Yes, indeed.
Bring me some fresh blood, Mr. McKinney.
Without talent, we have nothing.
No problem.
What about the choreography?
Isn't someone gonna set
the movements for us?
Dan, you told me you could handle this.
Of course I can.
It's no problem.
Ah, one question.
Should I be really hitting
them, like, in full contact?
Not at the beginning.
I'll clue you.
Just fight 'em like you would in real...
In practice.
With speed.
Go in, Dan.
He really hit me.
It was an accident, Dan.
Keep going.
We're rolling.
What's going on?
Looks great, looks great.
Don't stop.
How's that?
Look good on film?
Jesus, how am I
supposed to work tomorrow?
You don't have to work tomorrow.
But my schedule says.
Ah, shit!
You fucker!
I don't write them, I just shoot them.
Come on.
What the fuck are you waiting for?
Okay, let's make magic.
Come on.
They're waiting for me.
Good afternoon, master.
I am but a lowly teacher.
Not matter.
What can I do for you?
I heard your school
is the best in Bangkok.
Best in Thailand.
Best in the world.
I wanted to see what
real kickboxing was like.
What are you saying?
To tell you the truth,
I'm a little disappointed.
Your students wouldn't last five minutes
in the streets of New York.
I thought I'd find good fighters
here, but where are they?
Where are the fighters
that Thailand is known for?
They sure as hell aren't here.
Two at once, huh?
At least it evens the odds a little.
Who's next?
How about you, pops?
Hey, hey!
Hey, come on!
You want some of this?
This is a training school,
not the place for a street fight.
You leave now.
Shit, what a fucking waste of time.
I have to go.
Aw, why don't you stay a while?
I have some business to attend to.
Now, she's real gorgeous.
Big tits.
As a reward, Khan, I
give you your choice.
Pick one.
All the women are beautiful,
but I want her.
You've gotta be kidding.
You have more taste than
I gave you credit for.
Thank you, ladies.
You will be with Khan tonight.
No way.
I'd rather be bludgeoned.
I'm out of here.
Whatever happened to consenting adults?
You have no choice.
Khan has chosen you.
You will go with him.
Like hell.
Take your hands off of me!
I love women of fire.
Why can't Thai women be like that?
Take your hands off of me!
You're very strong.
I must wash for you before.
You are not Thai.
How do you know the custom?
I must be clean for you.
I won't be long.
That's him.
Come out now!
Come out!
She's gone!
Come on, let's get her!
Find her and bring her to me.
Is there a problem, Khan?
No problem.
Get back here!
After her!
Get her!
Hey, hey, hey.
This bitch isn't bad.
You guys mind if I get in
on some of this action?
Take it easy, you guys.
I can go second or third.
You boys want it you're
gonna have to bleed to get it.
Ooh, I can tell you boys are
gonna need help on this one.
Hey, you got me, man.
I surrender.
Take me to your leader.
I needed that.
Hi, my name's Jake.
You come here often?
My major's sociology.
I'm doing a study in human nature.
My name's Molly.
Ah, feels better.
What are you doing?
Oh, yeah.
I guess it's just second nature.
I'm sorry.
You a cop?
Used to be.
I'm a fighter now.
It's a lot safer, no guns.
Give me a little credit, will ya?
What are you doing in Bangkok, sailor?
I'll tell you later.
Why don't you fill in the details for me?
Tell me what you know.
You're a nice girl from a
small town in Pennsylvania.
You came here to be a
model, maybe an actress.
But I don't think it worked
out quite like you planned.
Now you don't want to stay
here, but you can't go home.
How's that?
Pretty good.
Tell fortunes, too?
So, what do you think I'm doing now?
Picking fights late at night.
I think they stole your dreams, Molly.
They took advantage of a good person.
They deserve to be punished.
And who's gonna do the punishing, you?
I just might.
My crusade card's a little
booked right now though.
Okay, your turn.
You promised.
I'm trying to find somebody.
An old friend.
Glad we just met.
Can I help?
After all, I owe you.
We'll see.
Looking for me, huh?
What the hell do you think you're doing?
I've seen you before, right?
Yeah, at the kickboxing school.
You're following me?
A regular Joe looking for a fight?
You are no ordinary fighter.
Thanks for the compliment.
I'll give you the address to my fan club.
It's not meant as a compliment.
You're not here for a fight.
You're after something else.
And what would that be?
You tell me.
Wrong answer, pal.
I'm just here to make
some money in the ring.
You don't stand a chance.
You were at the school.
You saw what I did to those three guys.
You have never faced a real kickboxing.
And who's gonna show it to me, you?
If you wish.
All right, come on.
I don't wanna hurt ya.
It's not me who will be hurt.
Do you see what I mean?
And I'm not even
considered a good fighter.
You go up against a professional,
you get hurt permanently.
Why are you doing this?
Why are you here?
I told you.
I'm looking for a fight.
But after what you just
did to me, I gotta admit,
I'm gonna need something
if I'm gonna beat him.
Beat who?
You are no match for him.
He will destroy you.
No great loss, right?
Just another goddamn American farang.
Thanks for nothing.
Why, you wanna show me some more moves?
I know a fighter, a master.
His name is Prang.
He fought Khan.
The only one who came
close to beating him.
Had him beaten.
Prang is a recluse now.
Wants nothing to do with the world.
Who does?
Why are you helping me?
I hate to see helpless Americans.
Know many?
My father.
Can you tell me where he is?
He lives north of
Bangkok in a small village
along the bank of Minam River.
He's a hermit.
He could help you prepare
for Khan if he's willing.
He may not be.
Drunk at this hour of the morning?
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a man called Prang.
Is this where he lives?
Is he home?
Well, do you know him?
I know him well.
Very well.
What do you want?
It's personal.
Look, tell me when he's gonna be home.
I must talk to him.
He will be home when I...
When he get here.
You're him?
You're Prang?
One of Thailand's greatest fighters?
Go away.
Nobody want you here.
You know what's funny?
I came out here on that boat to ask you
to train me, to teach me.
All you could teach me
is what life looks like
from the inside of a bottle.
Doesn't look too bad.
I bet it doesn't.
But I'm gonna need more than
that to solve my problems.
I thought you'd be the answer.
It was a good joke.
I gotta admit that.
Goodbye, master.
Good riddance.
This one right here.
It's a masterpiece.
It will be our most successful yet.
It's not enough.
We can do better.
How's that?
We need more tension, more people.
What do you have in mind, Khan?
You want to fight more than one?
I once killed a man while
his young brother watched.
If we can...
Yes, I think I know what you mean.
If we involve people that
the fighters cared about,
think of the possibilities, the pathos,
and the look on their faces when they see
their loved ones killed.
It will add a dimension
we've never had before.
It's beautiful.
A stroke of genius.
I love it, Khan.
Let's do it.
Mr. McKinney, it's up to
you to find us what we need.
I'm aware of that, but
it shouldn't be too hard.
In fact, I already have somebody in mind.
I've just misplaced him for the moment.
Well, get to work.
The sooner we can pull this together,
the sooner we can go into production.
Thank you, Khan.
Keep up the good work.
Oh, by the way, have you
found your sweet lady?
Not yet.
Imagine that.
The world's fiercest killer
and he can't keep a woman in his own bed.
We ought to make a movie out of that.
Go away!
You mean, you could've
helped me out any time?
You were doing fine.
I almost got killed for you.
Nobody asked for your help.
I told you to go away.
When I started fighting
'em, why didn't you jump in?
I wanted to see how good you were.
You're not bad.
Give me a break.
Besides, I had 'em right
where I wanted 'em.
Give me a break.
You're pretty good.
Even I believed you were drunk.
I've had years of practice.
I guess you were looking for this.
My monkey took it from your bag.
I'm sorry.
Well, I guess you have
a good reason for this.
I don't understand it, but I respect it.
I'll leave you alone.
Are you sure you have to run off?
Why, you got some other
guys you want me to fight?
I'd like to invite you to dinner.
Don't you want to be left alone?
I'd like to talk to you.
I hope you're serving monkey meat.
I had him beaten, but my
concentration was broken
as well as four of my ribs.
I recovered and I've lived
like this ever since.
Why the drunk act?
I was a threat to Khan.
But a drunken hermit
is a threat to no one.
Revenge was on my mind for
a time, but that passed.
I am not proud of what I have become.
You're still one hell of a fighter.
What are you doing
back here in Thailand?
10 years ago I turned and ran.
Leaving my...
My brother dead in a gutter.
I convinced myself that Khan didn't matter
until I saw him in that film.
I won't run away again.
He won't stop at just a scar this time.
You beat him.
You can help me.
Teach me to stop him.
Is your goal to kill him?
I will not teach a murderer.
Would you rather teach a liar?
His one technique is unstoppable.
What I have to offer might not be enough.
It has to be.
I have to face him and I have to win,
for myself, you, and for my brother.
We start tomorrow.
With what?
Your reeducation.
We have a lot of work to do.
Thank you.
I do it for myself, too.
Besides, you won't be
thanking me tomorrow.
We go to bed now.
Touch me in the night and I'll kill you.
The monkey love that kind of talk.
Time to get up.
Using your knee, break all of these.
It's gonna hurt.
Pain doesn't exist.
You keep saying that,
but I don't see you out
here breaking these things.
Bondage, Prang?
I didn't know you were into that.
Prang, this isn't funny.
Let me down!
Your weakest point is your legs.
Khan will attack them.
So I must attack them first!
Hey, let me down!
Goddamn it!
Please, let me down!
Hey, let me down!
I'll be back soon.
Please, let me down!
Hey, hey!
You must be ready for anything.
I was just washing my
face for Christ sake.
For Khan's sake stay aware.
You're not hitting me with that.
Thai proverb say
success come through pain.
The point of all this
training is to prepare you
for Khan's most deadly technique.
A series of three kicks.
Hear the sound of one hand clapping.
What the hell does this stuff mean?
That's the trouble I always
have with the Orient.
This mystical shit.
You really know what it means?
Of course.
Okay, tell me.
Doesn't work that way.
Have to find out for yourself.
You don't know.
Do, too.
Now, get back to your meditation.
I'm listening to a fucking drunk.
Worthless piece of shit American.
I heard that.
I wanted you to.
Why you stop?
If this is your idea of
training, you're crazy.
You want to be ready
for Khan, then keep going.
Forget about it.
All this shit's doing is burning
what little time I have left.
This is the way that I learned.
Yeah, and how far did that get ya?
You lost.
I can't afford to lose.
Prang, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it that way.
It's okay.
I did lose.
That's not the version I heard.
I just don't want to blow this
chance at Khan, that's all.
I apologize for what I said.
Without your help I don't stand a chance.
We both want the same thing.
Together we can succeed.
I know that.
I'll do whatever you say.
Anything you think is necessary.
The tea master had to face the warrior
in a fight to the death the next day.
He went to a master swordsman for help.
The swordsman told him there
was nothing he could teach him
that would enable him to
win against the warrior.
Then, he ask him to make tea for him.
While the tea master prepared the tea,
he was completely concentrated.
Nothing else intruded.
Nothing else existed.
When the tea was done,
the swordsman smiled.
He said, tomorrow face
the warrior sword in hand
with the same attitude.
Your mind empty, ready to face death.
When the warrior saw that the tea master
was completely ready to
die, he turned and ran away.
The warrior who clings
to life will surly die.
He who embraces death will survive.
Do you see what I mean?
Yeah, I think so.
You want me to learn to make tea.
Even you could not be so stupid.
I have in many ways
been running from death,
while at the same time
hoping for it to find me.
It's been 10 years now and
death is just around the corner.
I'm ready to face it.
I don't fear it.
Then you stand a chance against Khan.
Your only chance.
You with him?
Jake sent me a letter.
Life isn't fair.
How's he doing?
He's training hard.
He could use a break from the routine.
But he must stay focused, concentrated.
Don't worry, he will.
Hey, Jake!
Hey, Jake.
That's it.
Your lesson's over.
But I'm not finished yet.
You always argue.
I let up and still you give me shit.
Into the water with your sorry ass.
Ah, Prang.
My legs feel so much better.
I don't see anything wrong
with your legs, big boy.
Expecting someone else?
Oh, something you haven't told me
about you and Prang, huh?
Get back in the tub.
Don't worry, you're
not breaking training.
I'm here with Prang's blessing.
That dirty old man.
What do you have in mind?
Poor boy has been working so hard.
I think you should have
a message, don't you?
Oh, yes.
Definitely yes.
Ever had a Thai body message?
What do I have to do?
Just concentrate.
Sure you can beat this guy?
No such thing as bad students.
Only bad teachers.
If I can't, there's only
one person to blame.
Yeah, her.
Hey, I'm concentrating.
You want me to play
with him a little while
or take him out quick?
Show your stuff, but do what we planned.
I'll tell you when.
How many of these guys
you figure I have to fight?
How many you want?
You, American!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Come with me.
You're through for the afternoon.
Bullshit, I won.
Trust me, this is more important.
Besides, I'm gonna make
it worth your while.
Let's find...
Let's find a place where we can talk.
This better be good.
I just made about 200 bucks.
If it's not, you can
always come back out.
Lead on.
I didn't want you to waste
your time with rabble, Jake.
Are you a promoter?
I work with a production company.
Movies, my boy,
and I can make you a star.
Well, I appreciate your
interest, Mr. McKinney,
but I'm a fighter, not an actor.
We need a fighter, but
we'll pay you as an actor.
How much does an actor get paid?
Of course, and that's just a start.
It's only the beginning, Jake.
Don't I have to take a
screen test or something?
No, no.
I've seen all I need to see.
Hey, I shouldn't have to sell this to you.
There are plenty.
No, no.
I want to do it.
So, who will I be working with?
Anybody famous?
Van Damme, Norris, Jackie Chan?
We don't want anybody to upstage you.
It's your gig.
Upstage, gig?
Is this really happening?
I'm gonna be the star?
It's the chance of a lifetime,
but you have to keep it under your hat.
If you don't, you'll blow it.
Don't even tell that fine lady out there.
I won't tell a soul.
After all, I haven't been
here in Bangkok that long.
Who would I tell?
It's a deal.
Report to this address tomorrow morning.
I'll be there.
You can count on me, Mr. McKinney.
I knew I could, kid.
I'll only be gone for a little while.
When I come back.
And take her away from all this, Jake?
Anderson, I thought you
were better than this.
We had a deal.
We did have a deal, but new
information's come to light.
Would you excuse us, my dear?
She's cute.
You've been a busy boy.
Huh, Jake?
Put your gonads on hold, Anderson.
You got something for me?
I do.
Cap, what the fuck are you doing here?
Am I dreaming?
I wish it was a dream, Jake.
We know what happened 10 years ago.
Ancient history.
Call the anthropologist.
It has no bearing on this case.
We also know that Khan was involved.
You crossed the line, Jake.
I'm pulling you out.
You can't.
Pardon me?
They made contact this afternoon.
I'm in.
You're in?
I don't know if I should tell you guys.
They told me to keep it quiet.
Okay, okay.
I guess I can trust you.
Look, I report tomorrow
morning to be the star.
I bought his rap hook, line, and sinker.
You're on a plane tomorrow, Jake.
Tell him, Anderson.
We've never gotten
anyone this far before
and I've already lost three men.
But I can't afford to let this go.
Look, I don't have to work with you.
I could tell you guys
to go fuck yourselves.
Disappear and you'd never find me.
Shit, Anderson and his
Interpol goons couldn't stop me
from leaving this
restaurant if I wanted to.
You know that, Cap.
I could do this on my own,
but there's another way.
We're listening.
He's listening, I'm seething!
Look, here's the plan.
Keep me in and we do it together.
I wrote down the address so
you can come watch my back.
Don't fuck with me this time, Jake.
Cap, would I do that to you?
So what happens tomorrow?
I face the past.
Will you come back here to me?
If I can.
Can't you just walk away from it?
Let someone else handle it.
No, I can't, okay?
It has to be me and you
have to accept that.
What about us?
Look, if I don't take care of this,
us doesn't stand a chance.
Can you understand that?
I think so.
Have you heard about the football players
who won't have sex the
night before a big game?
Sure, why?
Do you think they have a point?
No, not really.
Jake, I'll take what I can get with you.
And right now, I've got you.
Don't do that.
The superior fighter is always aware.
The superior teacher doesn't
scare the shit out of his student.
Let me go with you.
No can do.
You gotta stay here and worry.
I'll call you if I'm gonna be too late.
Be careful.
Khan can kill you.
Aren't you supposed to
send me off confident,
ready to take on the world?
You know the odds.
Whatever I say can't change that.
You got money on the other guy?
I'd put it all on you,
but who would take the bet?
Quit trying to cheer me up.
Watch Molly for me, okay?
I'd love to stay, but I've got
places to go, people to see,
and a captain that's gonna kill me.
Jake is getting into wardrobe.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry.
Hey, can we do that again?
I didn't mean to hit them.
No problem.
Very realistic.
Keep it up.
We're rolling.
You're doing great, Jake.
Hey, that guy's really hurt.
Somebody get a doctor.
This is a little too real for me, man.
I'm through.
The show must go on.
I know you trained
with my old friend Prang,
but he is still no match for me.
Jake, help me!
Jake, help me!
Let the girl go!
She's part of the production now, Jake.
Gives you a little more motivation.
Fight and win and you both go free.
Life will be your prize.
Mr. McKinney, no time, no time.
Keep it moving.
Move in tight.
That's great, great.
No, Jake!
I know you.
You are the brother.
How perfect.
I will send you to hell
to join your brother.
I've been there for 10 years.
Try this kick.
This is for Prang!
This is for Molly!
This is for my brother!
And this is for the life you
stole from me, you bastard!
What do we do?
Khan's losing.
We knew Khan couldn't last forever.
Keep shooting.
He's our new star.
Give him the closeups, Mr. Director.
Are you all right?
Jake, I love you.
Mr. Director, Mr. Director.
It's the cops!
The cops!
Let's go!
Hold it!
Hey, you look good, Jake.
Jake, Jake!
Cap, how'd you know?
You must think I'm stupid.
That line of crap is okay for the rookies,
but I'm your captain.
Remember that.
Yes, sir.
- Huh?
- Yes, sir.