The Kingdom of Solomon (2010) Movie Script

Solomon, Prophet and the King, has
asked God to give him an ideal kingdom...
which has never been given to anybody
before! He is told to prepare himself and...
his subjects with evil and unearthly
creatures that haunt the men!
Oh Devils! Oh The powerful!
Oh The Mithraic ones!
Oh Hidden Governers of the
World of Darkness!
Conquer the weak body of foes, and...
swallow their souls, swallow them!
Swallow them!
Summoning the One who has not bowed down,...
and will never do!
His servants, I am summoning!
I am summoning!
Around 3000 years ago,
Almighty God had chosen...
a virtuous man to be His prophet...
and lead the children of Israel
in the way of truth and simplicity.
He selected Solomon, the Son, David.
Are the rest shyer than you?
Sit by me!
- Hello!
- Hello!
Welcome my darlings
Everybody says we should not
disturb you when you are alone!
No, you are not disturbing me
Come and sit with me
When I was about your age,
I used to accompany my
Father David the Prophet
To sit on this rock
He would sing psalms verses
with his pleasant voice,
And the mountains and birds
would sing along with him
Do the birds talk to you as well?
Brother, all the people are ready.
Is this our Majesty the King who is coming?
Greetings to Solomon, the prophet!
Greetings to the sons of David the prophet!
Welcome your Excellency Solomon!
Since you prayed for us last year,
the crops have been increased!
won't the messenger of God
pray to start the harvest?
God likes the day very much
The day that everybody
harvest what he has planted,
and each will gain what she/he has invested
Oh Lord!
Bestow your blessing on this land,
we worship you, the one and only God
Now by name of GOD Almighty, let us begin!
Greetings to!
- My honorable Solomon!
- Very kind of you...
My beloved Miriam!
Why did you come all this way?
My heart longed for you!
These past years have been full
of favors and blessings
These are all our God's Grace
What is happening?
Whatever it is, it's right here!
Raise the sun up for me!
We tried to set up God's
intended kingom in this territory
To govern kindly as to satisfy him!
Then what are these visions
that he is showing me!/?
What does God direct me to do?
In comparison to your kingdom
at the end of the world,
Mine is like a dead corpse,
without any soul!
Oh God,
My kingdom is so inferior to
yours at the end of time!
We have granted you many times
kind graces and blessings
Remember the time when we extended
the wisdom of your father David and yours,
and favored you over many
of the devoted worshippers
When we granted you the book,
the Devine judgment,
the prophet Hood
The time we sent you Revelations,
and elected you as our messenger
be aware that many people
have not accepted our guidance,
and they are following Satan!
Oh God, Most merciful,
then grant me that kingdom,
That promised paradise,
that won't be given to anyone
until the worlds
come to an end!
Call all the heads of the tribes,
and all the leaders of the country
to come Jerusalem as soon as posible!
We are entering a most difficult adventure,
So terrifying!
His Highness Yazar!
We are honored to visit Jerusalem's
great wise man once again!
Will his highness accompany us to the King?
Allmighty God, in a vision,
showed me the weakness of my kingdom
Therefore I asked him to transcend
my kingdom,
and his will is on doing so!
transcend your kingdom?
To create a heaven on earth,
like at the end of the world
which is full of blessings!
The Promised Land!
For which the children of Israel
came here for,
but never saw any sign of it!
As long as there is evil and
wickedness in this world,
that godly heaven will not appear!
We will have to cross over
terrible dangers to reach it
What dangers, master Solomon?
the danger of the Jinns and Satan!
We don't understand what you mean!
What is supposed to happen?
When Adam was descended to the earth,
worlds seperated from each other
Soon some will join again!
The Jinns and Satans which are now
living in their world,
will become dense,
and will get close to us,
closer and closer!
And ultimately they will materialize
and enter our world!
That paradise will not appear unless,
the enemies of humanity are
destroyed in a bloody war?
What do you mean? Which kingdom?
Which war? Are you mocking us?
I'm very serious.
That's why I have invited you from
different places of the country
And what do you want from us?
Help me to control this coming disaster
Master Solomon,
how do you justify your statements?
Which one of our religious
leaders has approved?
such interpretation of this Torah/law?
I told you that I asked God,
and he...
and he accepted your request!
Is there anyone else beside yourself who
witnessed your conversation with God?
How do we know that this is not made up
by your imagination?
You all know about
the prophetic mission of our
father David the prophet and
Our brother Solomon and you know very well
what favors god has bestowed on them!
We know nothing!
Those rumors about their miracles,
has never been proven to us
Jewish leader,
and we have never seen a firm reason
for their prophet hood!
But I am saying that all of
these talks are because...
You are trying to hide the
weakness of your government!
You call yourself a king?
So all the responsibilities of whatever
might happen is up to you!
Wouldn't it be better to let us
share in governing the country?
Then you wouldn't be forced
to make up such strange tales,
and expect us to summon our tribes
for an imaginary war?
Are you not the one who, like david,
took away the leadership of
the Israelites from us
Spread his book of psalms,
and banished our books
from among people?
You even keep the Ark of the Covenant
for yourself!
While we, the Jewish scolars,
are the righteous heirs to
Moses possessions!
Aren't you ashamed, young man,
of our white hair and old age?
none of God's messengers, Noah,
Abraham, Joseph, Moses,
did claim such a thing!
Those men of God never said that
that they are able to establish God's
kingdom on earth,
or to launch an attack against
invisible devils!
They innocently attended to the
advancement of religion,
and the worship of God, and made
so many self sacrifices!
That's right! That's right! It is so!
When his father David proclaimed
a 9 year child as his successor
We objected that a king
needs experience! Experience!
Return back to your towns,
noble children of Israel!
Your Excellencies! Your Excellencies!
Your Excellencies!
Where do you prepare?
This should solve the situation!
Shy, son of Moared!
Slave you forgotten your tribe the Ephraim
to take Solomon's side?
Tell the other officers as well
How much longer do they want to
act against their own tribes?
We have to take this matter
into our own hands!
Dear men, you have to travel to different
towns and deliver my message!
Brother, they will listen to
their chiefs, not to us!
There is no other choice!
Will you help me?
We are with you all the way!
We are ready for the messenger of
God's orders!
Up to the end!
The culminating point of the trouble!
Therefore, my brother Absalom,
you stay at the capital and protect!
Sir Juab,
You and your son with the troops
in your command, go to Zebulum
Yes, my Lord
This people fought in my father's wars,
they will hopefully help us again this time
Sir Yashbaom, you protect the
southern parts of the country
Adonia, you should go east to Ariha
I sense that the first troubles
may start there!
Are you taking all the forces
out of Jerusalem, your Honor?
There is no other choice!
Take enough soldiers along with you
they will help to keep things in control!
Sir Juab, waging war again
I have come to meet with
my old war comrades
Will you accept us?
You are welcome!
Oh people, we are on the verge
of a tremendous trial!
Doorways will be opened for
Jinns Satans to enter our world!
Up to now they were able to tempt humans,
but from now they will affect us directly!
All evil and impurities will storm us,
much stronger and more forceful than it
has ever been experienced by mankind!
Beware that we are facing a great danger!
Beware that we are facing a great danger!
But you should know that Satan's deceits
are not effective against man's belief
Then let's be strong and purify
ourselves for our creator!
God is forgiving and merciful
to his subjects!
Therefore, to be safe from the
harmful deceptions of Satan,
We invite you to virtue, and to
obey the messenger of God!
Virtue and obedience of the messenger of God
That is our weapon! The only weapon!
Why didn't they come?
Our wives and children have been
worried sick for the past 15 days!
Where will they attack us from?
The sea, the forest or the mountains?
Some say they are everywhere, everywhere!
Jinns and Satans do not exist at all!
They are fabricated by your imagination
They have no physical body of their own
You are the one who,
by committing sins, are
making them in your minds
What is satan really?
Satan is your negative deeds!
You are the chosen race,
you should never be deceived!
All you have to do is follow us
the bearers of the Torah,
and no one else!
- This should be my last payment!
- You had enough time!
- How are you, Ezra?
- Master Maier, help me out!
They keep charging me interest for
the loan I received a year ago!
- He is the one you vouched for!
- I have no money left.
The interest rate of the market
comes from the Jewish rabbis
They have taken twice what I borrowed,
But my debt still remains the same!
I have lots of expenses
- Received my order?
- Yes.
This is not fair
What kind of verdict is this?
Has God given such an order?
Be quiet!
What do you know about God's rules?
Why are you so upset?
If you are really stuck, go to sir Maier
He takes less interest
- These are mine!
- You can't take all!
I can!
- What are you doing? Let me go!
- These are mine!
So what if they are?
You have messed up everything!
You must be ashamed of yourself!
Look, my brother has attacked
me over a coin!
We had no problems up to now!
- A mere coin is not worth fighting!
- It's not worth?
You see?
Since the time this city was conquered
by the children of Israel.
But now you have frightened
everyone so much!
That they quarrel for no reason!
Reason enough, Master Yueel!
The enemy is closing on us,
and the devils are affecting us!
Oh people, come to your senses!
A great danger is approaching us
Do not lie, do not cheat,
pay the rights of the orphans and the poor!
Quit being jealous and never look to
the belongings of others!
Don't take or give money interest
and quit usury,
So that Satan wouldn't touch you!
Let's take refuge in the mercy of
the Compassionate Lord
- And repent before Him!
- Hey, young man!
The Life and tradition of the
tribe of Ephraim in this town
Is based on the law of Moses,
not on sayings of just anybody!
My final warning
if anyone has any objection,
he should leave this territory!
That's all!
These people have been accustomed
to this way of life for many years
Why do you want to change everything?
This is unbearable!
This turmoil is driving people to a revolt!
We can't manage the tribes any longer!
Everyone will be attracted to Solomon.
He has the Ark and magical powers
Their return will be to his advantage!
No! Their return is to our advantage!
who has asked this sorcerer to come?
I invited him!
In this situation we must
use any possible means!
Listen carefully! Can't you
hear their howlings?
All great men were able. with their help,
to conquer vast countries
and glorify history!
Nimrod, Pharaoh...
What great civilization they created!
Now after thousands of years,
these hidden masters will return to earth,
and surely they will not
forget their servant
And If want to rule other nations,
have all the riches of the world...
Ally with them?
The wise men of the Jews?
What would people say?!
Sir Yazar!
From the day that Solomon became king
I have been waiting for a
fatal encounter with him!
When he falsely claimed to be a prophet,
my will became stronger!
If these creatures come,
they'll destroy this self conceited
young man!
Virtue and obedience to Solomon!
From these two, obeying Solomon
is the real danger,
and this must lead to his failure!
Once when he was a child,
there was a quarrel between a farm owner,
and a man whose herd of sheep
had destroyed his farm during the night,
God taught Solomon the wisdom
to solve that problem.
David said: Do you see how wise he is?
But our opponents started an uproar,
saying you want a child as your successor?
My son was looking at me
with his penetrating eyes,
And I felt that he was preparing
himself for a difficult future
Now that day has arrived!
I am worried for him, Miriam.
Dear mother, God is with us
and he will not leave us alone!
The sons of David have been
waiting for this day!
I am proud of my sons!
How is the baby today?
I feel it, everyday more than the day before
After a long time God has
blessed us with a child
I feel sorry for myself already,
because after the baby's birth,
all your attention will be to the baby
You are going through hard times
No prophet in the past
has ever entered into such
a dangerous adventure!
Will we succeed?
Oh, Lord!
People of Jerusalem and
other towns like you a lot!
But they are enslaved by their old habits
Will they come out of this, honorably?
What's happening?
I don't know
What are you doing? God is our refuge!
Solomon said: We can be
saved by trusting him!
The sharpness of the sword will save us now!
These are respectable men you seized!
They are from our tribe, let them go!
Be calm! Didn't you see
what happened last night?
We will just take care of them for a while
until everything turns to normal!
This is not a military town!
Don't endanger the lives of
women and children!
Take away the soldiers from here!
Otherwise we will do it ourselves!
Master Maier, help me to
establish order in here!
No! No! No!
Do you see that? See that?
- Shimon!
- Father!
Now Master Solomon must issue the verdict
Master Solomon, their herd has
destroyed one year of our cropps,
Leave it for latter,
compromise for now!
Get on your horses, quickly!
Hurry up!
What happening?
He set out all of a sudden!
Faster, faster!
Looks like he is going to Ariha
Hurry up!
The fury got to its peak and
some people started attacking others!
We have arrested most of them
We took care of the possessed ones!
Anyone one be their prey at any moment!
- Master Solomon, we are terrified!
- Help us!
Why did we get into such a misfortune?
Oh, Lord,
You the one and only creator,
and everything I have,
You are all I have in this world
Oh, all my hope and shelter,
Oh, the one whom I have no
other refuge beside you,
And bring my entire grief
and misery before you,
So only you, who are my God,
stand to save me!
Oh God, your Mercy is so much that
Knowing about my feeble
condition and weak body,
You would not desert me, alone,
You won't leave me in the hands
of my bloodthirsty enemy,
to ambush me like this,
and to discredit the honor
you have blessed me with!
Oh God,
turn our hearts strong again
with the light of faith,
so we can raise war against
your enemies and wickedess,
and defeat Evil for you!
It was your brother who
stopped us guiding people,
Who turned them against us!
He is responsible for the
disaster that happened to us
Nobody accepted our advice
This young man even used to
interfere in the market transactions!
Market transactions?
They mean usury, my brother
Every time our people don't have enough
money to solve their problems,
They turn to us to us!
And we have helped them out!
What about the damnation of usury?
You kmow God deprived usury of all blessing?
And this illegitimate property
will harm our people?
Illegitimate property? Why are you defaming
the Rabbis of the town?
You know the Holy Book!
We never asked for any more interest
than our legitimate share!
Legitimate share? Against Moses teachings?
This dreadful sin among the
children of Israel,
Blocking them for ever the path
of goodness and salvation?
Which sin, Master Solomon?
Usury is the spice of wealth!
Satisfaction of the borrower
will make it legitimate,
based on the written words of the Torah
The book that you have altered
to suit your benefits?
Changed its words to serve
your own interest?
Who said you have the right
to feed by usury?
Shame on you!
Don't you know that this forbidden wealth
will turn into fire and burn
inside your bellies?
Them how should we make our living?
You want us to go hungry and
wander about like beggars,
and disgrace knowledge and scolars
among the ordinary people?
Heaven save you!
Heaven have mercy on you!
This little knowledge has become an
instrument of your doom!
Now I realize why God showed me
my kingdom as a dead corpse without a soul!
Get out of my sight!
I don't see any good in you!
Tomorrow I'll send for someone
who is much wiser than you,
Whose knowledge didn't cause him to deviate!
If mountains tremble, he will not!
If the whole world shakes, he would not!
Remember yesterday?
Now is the same situation in other towns!
What if we are besieged by insanity again?
Those of you who followed God's Guidance
were guarded against mischief
From now on your duty will be the same!
God protects you!
Aren't you coming with us?
Asef, son of Barkhia
Solomon has called for him
He can not do a thing!
You told me you possess a deadly spell
Which you've been reinforcing for years!
- What do you mean?
- You know what I mean!
Kill Solomon!
No! It may turn back to us!
His death is worth the risk!
Kill him, Ara!
My master said
knowledge of witchcraft comes
from the Pharaoh's great sorcerer
Who traveled with Moses through the sea!
This knowledge has been secretly
passed on by the rabbis
He used to ay that
the deadliest magic comes from
the most valuable sacrifices
Poor thing!
Get on with it!
Do what I say!
Oh You who worship the sun,
Oh Evil eye, Oh Hatred and poison,
Oh Jealousy,
Strike the ones he loves,
and kill them with deadly arrows!
What happened?
let's move on!
Brother, go to Jerusalem,
we'll carry on to nearby towns
By God's will, we should
controll the situation!
Shy! Escort him with some men!
Yes Sir!
Let's go to Hebron!
My God give you patience, Master Solomon!
We, the people of Jerusalem,
We are together with you.
Stay right here!
Yes, father!
I offer my condolences!
The death of a loved one
is so heart breaking and painfull!
Now you relize that what
we said wasn't in vain?
Ralatives and dear ones are
the first targets for danger!
Our enemies don't even show
mercy on innocent woman and children!
From now on there will be lots of bloodshed
The King shouldn't consent to this!
You should resign from the throne,
just attend to religious matters
and leave the hard responsibility
of government to us.
The death of his your wife and child
do not force you to reconsider?
Your mother, brother and
companions should die,
so that you perceive the danger?
How many people must be sacrificed
for your ambitions? How many?
You should know that we repay
any harm we receive by benevolence!
You are determined to
destroy the Sons of David,
And I am determined to do what I can
for the salvation of your family!
You called for me, I came right away!
You remind me of my father David!
I'm sorry!
My heart aches for Miriam
and our innocent child
Their share of life was its vengeance!
They've entered the lord's blessing,
into the light of his kindness!
A path of deliverance will be
opened from this Holy Rock!
It is from here that the prophet
of the end of the time,
will pray in front of all other messengers
and will ascend to Heaven!
It's here also, that at the time
of the last savior of his generation,
After the final battle, Satan will
behead Iblis "Satan"
Then heavenly kingdom of God
will shine upon the earth!
Master Solomon! Couriers have brought news!
People of Bait Abia,
Bayr Hares, and Talle Rafidim overcame the
satanic pressures!
Sir Yasbaom and Hezgheel are
terribly involved in the action
Adonia, after calming down Hebron,
went to Eyn Phares
We have to go to Zebulun
as quickly as possible!
Do you Remember?
This is the first armor,
made by your father David!
My Lord!
- You stay with my brother!
- Yes, Lord!
Absalom, I'll entrust Jerusalem
and my mother to you!
God, have mercy on us!
Take the people to the Holy Rock,
give refuge to the woman and children!
Yes sir!
What is going to happen to us?
We didn't think this would end like this!
Sir Yazar! Sir Yazar!
Listen! Solomon is now on his way to the
farthest place of the country!
It is the golden opportunity
we've been waiting for!
We have to finish this
affair before he returns!
We are afraid, Lady Michael!
Don't be afraid! God will help us!
The city of Hebron has
fallen into our hands!
We captured them at the
entrance of the town!
Let's move!
- Are you OK?
- All right!
Let's go comrages,
quickly, let's go!
Stay calm! Don't run away!
Sit down Everybody! Sit down!
Run! Outside the city!
Calm down everybody! Stay down!
Sir Asher, you come too!
Go towards the boats!
Go to the boats!
Come on! Throw the boats into the water!
Faster! hurry up!
Come on, come on! Quickly!
Come on, come on! Faster!
No! No!
Bring the children!
- For God and his messenger!
- For God and his messenger!
With the width of the sword!
Oh God, help us!
Oh God, accept these commanders of mine
In your Mercy and Forgiveness!
- Master Asher!
- Why this?
Come to your senses, and get rid
of Satan's influence!
I am unclean, there is no hope
for me anymore!
I can not repent!
You can! Turn to God's protection!
Throw away the evil from yourself!
Have faith in God and do not despise!
Call god!
Call God! You can!
Call God!
I can't!
- Oh Messenger of God!
- My brother Adonia!
The head of the tribes and armed forces
have moved to Jerusalem.
All this unrest is the result of
Solomon's incompetence
The government should return to
its legitimate owners!
To Yazar, the commander of the Israelites!
People! The key to your salvation
is with him' not with false prophet!
Yazar! Yazar! Yazar!
How dare you raise the flag of war
In the city of David the prophet,
Where its people still remember
the verses of the psalms sang
with his beautiful voice?
Master Asef, why are you taking the
side of this usurper family?
If you have chosen me
as the wisest of scholars,
You should know that this is a
precious trustworthiness in our hands!
It should be used to find
the messenger of God,
and surrender oneself to him,
Otherwise, it's not called
knowledge, it's a deviation!
Oh People, don't fight
with the prophet of God!
This is an unforgivable sin!
Do not sin!
Don't repeat the time when Moses
delayed returning from Mount Sinai,
and by the deception of the Samiri,
you revolted on Aaron calf worshippers!
Master Asef is telling the truth!
I testify that Solomon is
the messenger of God!
Come back, Isaac!
And this is his brother Absalom!
Son of David the prophet!
Absalom! Absalom! Absalom!
Oh people!
You better know that all tribes
have concluded a treaty with me...
If you don't surrender,
none of you will stay alive!
Asef is right!
Why are you distressed?
You have the most powerful weapon!
Oh, God!
Protect my people from the
malevolence of our enemies!
Listen to me, officers and soldiers,
You've all been cheated!
I am the head master of the Levi clan,
guardian of Judaism
I'm the one who determines
the good and evil in your religion!
I am calling you to the book of God,
to this Torah!
God's written commandments
granted to Moses!
You still want to fight against God?
We won't fight against the Torah "law"!
Take the palace!
This time we are facing
the devils in human form!
We have to get to Jerusalem
as fast as possible!
But, master, all the soldiers are tired
and the horses need a rest!
let them rest till tomorrow morning!
It would take days to reach there!
Wait until dawn!
Oh, God!
My enemies are attacking from all sides,
and prevailing over us!
Distance are too much
My body is weak, and my ability is limited!
My God, what shall I do?
Lord, help me!
Everybody come to the palace!
It is safer!
Come here! Hurry up! Quickly!
My God!
Solomon, our good servant!
We place the wind in your command!
Use it to take you anywhere you wish!
Bring the ships to the beach!
We have to join them together!
- Come, my dear!
- Come here!
Don't be afraid, my sweethearts!
Will it rise?
let's get on board!
Faster, comrades, quickly!
Oh Lord, you are sufficient for me!
Stand back!
Stand firm!
Don't let them get to
the women and children!
No mercy for anyone!
Kill them! Kill them all!
Oh, Lord!
These people see your miracles,
but turn away with disbelief!
Sin and obstinacy have covered their eyes
and darkened their hearts!
They are determined to destroy your faith
Oh, God, we are not afraid of dying for you,
but we can not let them destroy your
kingdom against yor wish!
Lord, once again bless us with
your mercy and support,
Since you are the best of supporters!
This is the light of God!
Oh Solomon,
Be prepared for the materialization
of Jinns and Satans,
For we have given you the
power to control them!
And this power is in your ring,
always with you!
You see! Satan is the origin of all
mankind's torments and sorrow
It is the cause of
distances between us
Isn't it time for
repentance and forgiveness?
Shame on us!
Shame on us!
I order that from now on,
in our kingdom,
these creatures would be paralized!
So do not be afraid of these villains,
attack and capture all of them!
Praise be to God who is the only refuge
to us defenseless humans!
The one who brought Jinns and Satans
to our submission!
Beware that at the end of time these
creatures will return to earth!
Once again bloodshed and corruption
will take over the whole world!
We will implore God to raise his mighty
helping hand once again!
And descend the his
bright light upon us...
to destroy all devils and insurgent races...
the same way that the previous
rebellious nations were defeated!
Then the savior of mankind will come,
he who is an ocean of mercy!
The righteous will inherit the earth
and they will establish a heaven...
In which humanity will blossom
to its highest extend!
Then Oh Lord, grant us the
grace of good deeds...
To get ourselves prepared
for that time...
So that we'll all be your worshippers,
and faithful servants!
All be for you...
And all be towards you!