The King's Man (2021) Movie Script

So I'm here on behalf of Red Cross, and I'd like to stick with general Kitchener.
There is no general Kitchener here.
okay, let me make
it more clear than Kitchener companies on my apologies, guys.
Security Panama by now it's a secret that you're visiting with the
general cognitive capital with a boss
and that guerrilla tactics to careful looks like this person can use a lot more care
than you.
Are these concentration camps are the reason we're winning this war this way.
Orlando, our knight in shining armor.
Thank you for caring
what's going on Kitchener?
It seems that you've been somewhat liberal with the truth time has not been kind here.
Well, you'll have to explain that Emily.
On my return to England it will be my first port of call she's outside.
With Conrad.
I only have
to remember why King Arthur and his knights had a round table.
Because it meant that all men were equal.
It's important that people born into privilege lead by example.
That's why your father and I are patrons of direct cross.
Helping others not hiding behind a status never forget that.
Just going to check on your father stage to combat
this terrible herb Shola kicking off the nitrous still here of course.
Which aren't the logs.
Father will be awesome mother and use the mighty melon precious time people have died.
We have emerged
on the Red Cross.
Thank god he's on our side.
Not on my side.
At least.
She's more of a force than any of our enemies.
Yes, General kitchen up
You have to stay with me
protect us?
After I feel free
yes I'm very much looking forward to my first solo flight
I remember what happened to Icarus Conrad when he flew too close to the Sun Well I remember
him needing to escape when he got but I think we may have seen that story differently welcome
thank you Afternoon everyone
but if your maiden flight yet Tiller God wanted me to fly he would have given him yes I suppose.
You try father's car antennae wheels
Malin Watkins
my study in five minutes
your Grace grace,
I shouldn't be reprimanding if we are incidents.
Your opinion behind closed doors is one thing, but I will not tolerate such demonstrations
in front of my household.
I'll play by your rules when you play by mine.
Do you really think you can keep secrets from me?
What do you mean, once again, you've turned down because and Felix has invitation for
Conrad to stay with him in Russia.
How do you know that?
Is not nice offer good gossip.
And we've all noticed that you've no problem with Felix traveling here.
But you seem to have a problem with Conrad traveling there.
or anywhere for that matter.
Guilty as charged.
I'm sorry.
I should have discussed it.
As always flying around in circles made you forget your manners.
When you haven't even offered me a drink.
Oh yes, I'm sorry.
And if we had discussed this, what would my opinion have been?
You think that my fear for Conrad safety is a weakness?
Fear is natural.
The problem is the more you face something the more likely it is to come true for them
we're both in need of a nanny celebrancy and you fight with only one arm Oh yes.
The fight had someone back to fight
show I can't really think of knife can be two bullies.
This is out people are fighting nowadays.
Now clean yourselves up before this afternoon's appointment
My father also brought me here for my first suit.
Kingsman, world's finest tailor.
Morning, Grace, meeting room number one is ready for you.
Thank you I wish your mother could see you now.
She would have been so proud.
I'd say Father.
Although I might get more use out of a shooting suit or a smoking jacket.
You know, whatever might help in the pursuit of fine buds.
Oh, come on, father.
It's a big world out there.
Sooner or later you're going to have to let me enjoy the evening.
Even if you don't want to
you know, comrade.
Our ancestors, they were terrible people.
They robbed lied, pillaged and killed until one day they found themselves nobleman.
But that nobility it never came from chivalry.
It came from being tough and ruthless.
Back then to be called a gentle man.
would have been a death sentence.
Not the mark of honor.
It is today.
We are Oxford's not Rhodes.
Oxford Kitchener.
So glad we share the same Taylor de la the Kingston Qian tells enough to make any club
envious Oxford cannot borrow you for a moment.
It says my private man suggested pattern room upstairs.
Camera and this is more than my cup.
Mug after young Conrad for us.
It'll be my pleasure man.
I gather you turn down our Austrian friend Archduke Ferdinand invitation to his shoot.
Show your pacifism doesn't extend to a few birds does it?
Ask bumping into each other here was no coincidence was it
more seven years and vital these days.
Which is why I felt Kingsman a safer place for a chat.
I'm worried that Ferdinand's political ambitions may be putting him in danger.
I need you to do me a small favor.
What sort of favor so you're serious about being sold for it?
Which regiment granted is granted.
Well, now time comes.
Contact me.
I'll see what I can do.
You're going to need that shooting suit after all.
I have a purple egg made specially for you and look inside the little replica of N see
your favor of course, you're late take a seat.
What is trust?
Trust is having confidence in the honesty of another that will be our weapon to change
the world do I trust animals they never liked me and they follow my commands blindly.
The question I now have is, can I trust you to behave like them?
Open the boxes in front of you.
These rings will be the symbol of membership to my flock.
Put them on and you will share in our successes, but pique my interest and then site you will
find my final gift to you
adore toys that might not worthy of a better ad.
This button I have a bear.
I will happily exchange it with you.
Yes, I will be the Great Bear of Russia
take what you believe is yours.
And by all means, treat our shepherd with the same respect you hold for that joke of
a man who calls himself your good Rasputin take it a day.
no mark that and Derek we are a team and Rasputin here is like my beloved Angus always but do
not mistake fallenness for weakness your late russon stack
as everybody knows the dog toys eventually finished the race now
my spy or should I see my MO in the British government informs me that Kitchener is concerned
for the safety of the Archduke Ferdinand Prince, my bear Are you ready to prove kitchen those
concerns are justified?
Yes, I am my shepherd
and I will not sit you down
does that make sense to you further?
Out the Staten Island accepted my short invitation.
I didn't really believe kitchen scare tactics.
harping on about my being in danger of food ignores friends warning so is it really too
much to ask?
I think we should come back and hear what he has to sit.
turning you down is a hard task.
I will give you my decision to art good Call me on a visit of goodwill to be greeted by
I shouldn't approach you we need to get home and protect you.
I just protected you I don't
need protecting.
Yes you do Conrad.
I'm sorry but you think you know what the world is like but the truth is you're just
a boy who has no idea what men are capable of
watching my mother die it wasn't a good enough introduction take the first lift I make
a next list of Aviva sitting ducks here.
Get this movie now.
Father is terrible about
30 and Sophie.
We're safe now.
Yes, but for how long?
I'm beginning to understand what kitchen I was so afraid off.
There are rumors.
The Austrians are mobilizing their army.
They don't believe this assassin acted independently.
Neither do I.
It's just Serbia.
I mean, it's such a small part of the world.
Why do they care?
Because small things can grow into big problems.
You see, years ago there were three young cousins.
The eldest was a real troublemaker.
My grandmother was Queen Victoria kept them in line.
They grew up to become Kaiser Vilhelm of Germany, San Nicolas of Russia and King George of England.
For Ferdinand's assassination has given the moronic Kaiser reason for reignite their childhood
But surely they've matured enough to avoid a war.
One would hope so.
And thankfully we have our own King George to help keep the peace
three young cousins who thought they knew how to rule now the soldiers are real.
Get two copies this photograph made and having to live up to these lessons immediately rather
than see to it personally.
Your Majesty
restraint is a virtue remember your duty His Majesty my cousin's the King of England strongly
suggest we do nothing.
Remember how Prince George used to enjoy it.
When your English mother to English doctors would torture you.
George would tease you about your deformities.
And don't forget that snickering at his side was your little Russian cousin.
San Nicolas,
cousin Georgia is imploring self restraint against our other cousin, the moronic Kaiser.
King George has always protected our interests.
Why would they go to war over something so good.
because we gave up the other one.
And besides, I hate the Carson.
It would be good for his oversight ego to mention the undersized hand.
Wise decision my son, the soul of Russia assists in
the world will laugh at you for not keeping your word and standing by the Austrians ignore
famous king pendulums to mind his own business.
And once and for Zen, I will have it.
As Russia's ally, we have no choice but to join this war.
I don't understand that Kaiser and Azhar have both ignored the Kings wishes.
That's a good question.
I do respect sir.
This debate should happen after we have won the war.
The Prime Minister's waiting, and we're late.
Moulton tried my order.
It would be my honor to volunteer
fine, Well, John Conrad.
But therein lies the problem legally, you're not old enough to join up and still young
enough to believe it's an honorable thing to die for one's country.
The object of war is not to die for one's country but to make the enemy die for that.
Not even I could never imagine a war like what I thought would take a decade for us
to achieve as taken two short years we have three Europe's resources and millions have
We have broken the trust between the people and the end bred monarchs who only ruled you
till they have fortunate part.
Do you do reads King George more than the Ks me the English monarchy as a press my beloved
Scotland for over 700 years and that is time for retribution.
We will pull Russia out of our reach the full night of Germany to try and claim Ruskies
10 Are you ready to begin?
I started conscription yes I might about Conrad.
well it was bad enough I didn't join when it was volunteer Conrad.
This is not a war Do you understand it's not like any war that we've ever seen?
I don't care I shouldn't be fighting it's not
It's dying.
Much like this conversation
that's a kitchen
You're still too young comrade.
But everyone's lying about their age.
They're all going over.
Oh no.
And I know you want to fight.
It's a testament to your character.
And I'm proud of
you for it.
But look what I was given in the village which the symbol of a coward and I should suffer
such humiliation.
Reputation is
what people think of you.
Character is what you are
Victoria Cross is
it yours?
When I was young, like you I
to serve my country but soon I began to question the not right we had to
the land, riches and the lives of people
who were only defending every man I killed I killed
a piece of