The Kiss (1988) Movie Script

Gently now.
Easy up.
Come on, the other one.
Easy, easy, easy.
I want them to end up alive
on the other side, you understand?
They're worth a fortune.
What do you think you're handling?
Everything's ready. Time to go.
Come on, Felice.
Up you get, next to your aunt.
I want to go with her.
Hilary, no.
You know your sister's not well.
That was your mother's.
It would be a shame if you lost it.
Leave it with Hilary until after you
get back from the sanitarium.
Here, I'll help you, Felice.
Please look after it.
Get her out of here.
-I love you, Father.
-I love you too.
No matter what happens, Felice,
remember, I'll always love you.
Goodbye, Felice.
Auntie, I feel so sad.
Don't be sad.
-It's my job to keep you cheered up.
-Why couldn't Daddy take me?
Your father's a busy man.
You're a young woman now.
Besides, I'm going to teach you
how to flirt with doctors.
Let me show you something
that I've got here.
-Like it?
-lt looks so angry.
I like it.
It's several hundred years old.
It's been in our family for a long time.
Auntie, I'll rest now.
You rest now.
Pointe-Noire station, ladies.
Do you renounce Satan?
I confirm you as a soldier of Christ.
Do you renounce Satan?
I confirm you, Francis Sullivan,
as a soldier of Christ.
-Do you renounce Satan?
-I do renounce him.
She's lovely.
I confirm you, Amy Bridget Halloran,
as a soldier of Christ.
That's a hell of a way
to get to heaven.
This time of year, the damn things
are big enough to barbecue.
-The pool is great, Jack.
-Oh, thanks.
It's nice to see you work
on your own place for a change.
Lord willing, I might be able
to pay for all this.
-Don't lean on the Lord too much.
-Father, come.
-Thanks, Hilary.
-You'll crack the china.
-Who's the cook?
-Not in front of the clergy.
-It's okay. I got a letter from the pope.
Is that loud enough?
-You'll crack the window.
Watch it.
Are you trying to electrocute me?
This is the good part.
-So then what happened?
-This is so great, Amy.
My dad finds out my mom got me
a Bloomingdale's gift certificate...
...and I get to go to New York
to use it.
So he tells me he'll get me
a CD player.
I love it when they get competitive.
Oh, Lord, bless this.
May it be received in Jesus.
How come your mom's
so into this religious stuff?
I don't know.
Makes her feel good, I guess.
Don't you think your mom's
a little out there?
She's just into church,
like your mom's into aerobics class.
I think my mom gets laid
at her aerobics class.
Congratulations, honey.
-It's beautiful.
-It's yours now.
-I wanted you to have it.
-Thanks, Mom.
We'll talk later?
It's Mom's.
It means a lot to her.
-She's had it forever.
-It's really nice.
Oh, Hilary, how'd you like
to be their age again, huh?
-Muscle tone, innocent flirtations--
-Zits, braces and getting grounded.
Yeah, you're right.
Life begins at 30, huh?
Mom, it's the phone.
I didn't know I had an Aunt Felice.
Oh, thanks.
Be right back.
Who's Aunt Felice?
Mom's talking to her on the phone.
Is she a real aunt or just a friend?
She's your mom's sister.
-How come I've never heard of her?
-After her father died, I don't know...
...they had some kind of personality
clash. I never met her myself.
Your mom says
she's a bit of a jet setter.
Hilary, I have to see you.
-It's time.
-No, never.
I have to.
-Where's all the Cokes?
-They went through three cases?
-Okay, I'll go for a run.
-Oh, no, no.
You stay right here and play.
I'll be right back.
-Want one?
-Hey, open up.
-Want one?
-Hey, open up.
Got a special delivery here.
-Hey, you're Terry O'Connell.
So which one of you girls
is the angel?
Depends. You into angels?
Hi, I'm Amy.
-Oh, shit.
I lost my stud.
You got it?
Was there a reward?
All the cakes you can eat, right?
I gotta get this thing fixed.
It's always falling out, you know?
Well, I'll see you around, okay?
Yeah, sure.
Amy, you little tramp.
Please look after it, Hilary.
You can leave it with me, Felice.
Please look after it, Hilary.
You can leave it with me, Felice.
Please look after it.
Get under it!
Help me.
-God, there's someone under here.
-Watch out, it's on fire!
Mr. Halloran?
Oh, God of infinite compassion...
...who art the comforter
of thy children...
...Iook down in thy mercy upon thy
servants to whom this trial has come.
In the stillness of our hearts...
...we entreat for them
thy sustaining grace.
Be thou their stay, their strength
and their shield.
Enlighten their darkness.
The Lord be with you
now and forever. Amen.
You okay?
I'm sorry, Amy. I'm okay.
-How are you doing?
-I'm fine.
I'll be there for you, sweetheart.
I promise.
-Oh, nice language.
-Time's not so good, huh?
-lt sucks.
It's okay. You'll get it back.
-Hey, hey, hey.
-What's in that, turpentine?
-Just a little vodka.
-At 1 1 :00 in the morning?
Only because I hate doing
these books.
-You better not turn into a lush.
-Oh, sure.
I'm not gonna be one of those kids
who comes home to a drunk...
...who pees in his pants
and passes out on the floor.
Come on, Amy,
I'm not turning into a lush.
But these books drive me nuts.
I don't know how your mother keeps--
Kept everything so organized.
-So why don't you hire somebody?
-We can't exactly afford it now.
-Why don't you let me help?
-I don't want you hitting the vodka.
Hey, Amy, how you doing?
Hi, Terry.
Come see me at the shop sometime,
all right?
-ln here, Amy.
Does this thing work?
Oh, I doubt it.
After I put that bastard
through med school...
...the only stuff my ex left me
was either broken...
...or things he thought
I might kill myself with.
Blonde Venus, Marlene Dietrich.
How come she's dressed up
like a gorilla?
Is that Cary Grant?
She sleeps with him to get money
for her wimpy husband's hospital bills.
Some sacrifice.
-What, honey?
Do you think I'm old enough
to have a boyfriend?
Well, that depends, my dear Amy.
Do you have someone special
in mind?
You do. Who is it?
His name's Terry O'Connell.
He's got a bad rep,
but I think it's mainly bullshit.
He's so different.
The road to ruin is paved
with "different" boyfriends.
Do you think I'm old enough... have sex?
Well, that depends.
It's up to you.
What's the rush?
I'm the only virgin left
out of all my friends.
As embarrassing
as that may seem... yourself a big favor and wait
till that someone special comes along.
-Did you?
-Oh, yeah. I picked a real winner.
Have you had lunch yet? Oh, forget it.
Tomato sandwich coming up.
...he was voted the Micky Dolenz
look-alike in high school.
Back then, I thought
he was terribly romantic.
Now, I'd vote him
as having the personality...
...of this head of lettuce.
Anyway, he asked me out,
and I died.
And afterwards, we checked into
this very glamorous motel room...
...and we sat there drinking
our lemon gin and 7 UP.
Very chic.
And things started getting
very hot and heavy.
...well, we started--
-Do you want mayo?
-Tell me!
Well, soon, I mean,
one thing led to another...
...and we started to do it.
Did it hurt?
Are you kidding? It hurt like hell.
No, no, no. I was ready for that.
What really freaked me out is,
it was pitch black by now...
...and I looked down, and something
was glowing in the dark.
And it was his thing.
It was glowing green.
-He was wearing...
...a glow-in-the-dark condom.
Can you believe it?
I couldn't watch it. I lost it.
I started killing myself laughing,
and I couldn't stop.
Poor guy is probably still
seeing a shrink over me.
Eat, or you'll never grow up
to be a gorilla.
Come on, honey. It's okay.
You're Jack?
I'm sorry. I didn't expect
to meet you this way.
I'm so embarrassed.
I should have called.
I am Felice Dunbar.
-Hilary's sister.
This is Amy, our daughter.
You don't know how much
I've wanted to meet you.
You were at the funeral.
Yes, I was.
I didn't realize you were there.
It would have been all right
for you to be with us.
Can I help?
Your mom and I weren't very close
for a while.
I really loved her.
It really means a lot to me
to be in my sister's home.
Amy's a great kid.
You must be so proud of her.
I am.
You could be a model.
You have such a beautiful face.
Look at this.
You look really good, honey.
"Really good"? She looks great.
So, what happened
between you and Mom, anyway?
I was the youngest,
our father's favorite.
I was very spoiled.
Your mom was different.
When she was 1 8, she went
to America, and I went to Europe.
I ended up with two divorces...
...and a great wardrobe.
And she ended up
with the two of you.
Excuse me. Expecting a call.
So how's your dad doing?
Besides needing a new
business manager, he's fine.
-We can get together this morning.
-I have the car today.
-I'll come over and pick you up, okay?
-Why don't you come over later?
My Aunt Felice is in town. She's
working with the VitaPlan people.
-Who's she?
-Some kind of model.
Well, I'm not a Vita Girl for nothing.
Besides, I get this stuff for free.
Amy, try this.
It's a new VitaPlan peach nectar.
-Tastes great, and it's good for you.
-It's good for you.
This one's for you.
Men need different vitamins.
-Now, bear with me on this omelet.
Hi, guys. I'm--
-Damn it!
-Oh, God!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
-Can I take a look?
-No, it's nothing.
-Brenda's a nurse.
-It's nothing.
I'm sorry.
Oh, Brenda,
this is Hilary's sister, Felice.
She's in town on business.
Brenda lives next door.
I'm sorry.
I just assumed you guys
would be starving.
Don't worry,
you can poison us tomorrow.
-Bless you.
-Oh, God.
-Did you guys get a cat?
-No, why?
Besides, the damn things
give me the creeps.
-Good morning.
Join the party.
I know you.
You're on the cover of Cosmo.
This is Aunt Felice.
This is my friend, Heather.
It must be so great to be a model.
-Are you staying with the Hallorans?
-No, I'm--
-Wait, wait. Of course.
Why don't you stay here?
After all, you're family.
-Right, Amy?
There you go.
Well, thank you, guys.
Amy, how about going shopping?
Thanks, but I already made plans
with Heather.
-Wait, where you going?
-Just to the mall.
Hang around there anymore,
I'll have your mail forwarded.
Come on, Mr. Halloran.
It's not like we're turning tricks.
Heather! Come on, Dad.
Six o'clock. Get out of here.
-Do you know anyone like Sting?
-Come on.
Turning tricks?
Bet she did know Sting.
Probably slept with him.
Mick Jagger too. Maybe she slept
with them at the same time.
Being a model doesn't mean
she sleeps with rock stars.
I bet she does. I'd trade in my whole
family for an aunt like that.
She forgot her sunglasses.
I'll see if I can catch them.
-What's up?
-She's sort of strange.
And you've invited her
to stay with us.
Just because she's not a hick
like everybody else here...
-...doesn't mean she's weird.
-There's nothing wrong with her.
She's trying so hard to be nice,
looking at me and touching me.
It isn't that. It's just I don't
really want her to stay with us.
So don't. Stay at my place.
My mom's boyfriend is
taking her to Vegas.
-We'll have the place to ourselves.
-Can't do it.
Why not?
We've got a major security system.
Nobody'll get us in our beds.
That is, nobody we don't want
to get us.
I don't know. I haven't left
my dad alone since my mom died.
Just missed them. Sorry about that.
Oh, don't worry about it.
Well, guess I'll see you around.
-I don't know.
-No, too boring.
Oh, Amy, this store is definitely you.
Don't you think? It's so sophisticated.
-And I'm really sophisticated.
-Girls, girls.
Stop it.
-Really cute.
Here you go.
Hey, check this out.
It's not finished yet, right?
You wouldn't believe
what 1 2-year-old kids...
-...want on their birthday cakes.
See, the kid, he wants bones
coming out of its mouth.
You know, like it just ate
his parents.
Hey, O'Connell, are they buying
something or not?
It's the boss from hell.
Well, we don't wanna get you
in trouble.
-Bye, Terry.
-Amy, I'll see you around, all right?
Whoops. Sorry.
Don't worry. I was just exercising.
I'm used to people wandering
in and out of dressing rooms.
I just gotta get something.
-Can I see?
I like this.
I never got used to sleeping
with a dead guy...
...hanging over my bed.
I hope you don't mind.
No, I'm not feeling very religious
myself these days.
-I can still smell her perfume.
I've been avoiding doing
something about her clothes.
Maybe you could start by moving
just a few of her things out.
I'll help you, if you want.
Jack, I hope I'm not intruding.
Amy said the business
wasn't exactly--
Yeah, right. Amy's quite
perceptive for her years.
I have an idea.
-Are you free this afternoon?
There's somebody
I'd like you to meet.
Hi, how was the party?
Hi. It was great.
Are you gonna stay at my place?
-Yeah, I'll fix it with my dad.
-Forget about it.
It cost me 8 bucks.
-Amy! Amy!
Hang on!
Heather! Oh, my God!
Heather, stay still.
Don't move! Hurry!
Hold still.
-Come on!
-Try to stop it!
It won't stop! God!
What happened?
There was an accident at the mall.
Heather was pretty badly cut up.
They brought her into the hospital.
She's gonna be okay, though.
I brought Amy home.
-Are you all right?
-What are you doing?
Why didn't you tell me you're
throwing out Mom's stuff?
We're not throwing it out. Felice and l
are going to give it to charity.
-You're throwing it out.
-No, I called Goodwill.
-Like garbage.
-No, Amy.
I was afraid of that.
-Let me talk to her.
You know, you really should have
talked it over with her first, Jack.
Can I talk to you?
I'm sorry about your friend, Amy.
I really am.
Your father was only trying
to do what's best.
We both were.
I lost my mother too
when I was your age.
I know how it feels.
I know how brave you have to be.
We're a lot alike, you know.
You and me.
Why don't you come inside,
and I'll fix you a cup of tea.
Mr. Henderson, call lab four.
Mr. Henderson, call lab four.
Felice tells me VitaPlan's only been
in business here for five years.
Yes, and we've been quite
successful since we moved.
In fact, it was Felice
who encouraged me... relocate our operations
from South Africa.
It was getting to be a bit
of a struggle down there.
But you know how persuasive
this young lady can be.
-Gordon, you deserve the credit.
-This way.
Thank you.
Hello, Mr. Tobin.
With all the testing the government
makes us do on our vitamins... are looking at the healthiest
monkeys in America.
Beautiful creatures.
Aren't they?
As I was saying...
...I'm building much larger
research laboratory in Charleston.
But unfortunately,
we are way behind schedule.
Well, what seems
to be the problem?
Gordon, you told me you
don't trust your architect.
I think Jack can help you.
She's right.
I'd love for you to look
at the specifications.
Maybe you could work out
some arrangement.
I'm afraid they are not
used to strangers.
They're a little hyper today,
aren't they?
What the--?
Oh, my God.
Hello, Amy.
I'm sorry. Did I scare you?
What were you looking for?
You know, I collect
African talismans.
This one is very rare.
They say it carries the family spirit
down through the generations.
-Would you like to see it?
-No, that's okay.
Amy, if you're curious about me,
all you have to do is ask.
-I'd really like us to be friends.
I think Felice got me a shot
at a new contract.
-I want her out of here, Daddy.
-I was looking around in her room.
She gives me the creeps.
-You can't just go in--
-Dad, just listen.
I found Heather's sunglasses.
Heather left them behind.
Felice tried to catch you.
They had blood or something
on them.
That's right. The murder weapon.
Come on, Amy.
Felice cut herself
in the kitchen yesterday.
If you're worried about her
taking Mom's place--
No. No, it's not that.
It's something else.
I don't know how to describe it.
It's just instinct.
Don't you feel it?
Honestly, honey, I don't.
I'd better try some hotels.
Maybe someplace
can slip me in tonight.
No. Let me book you
somewhere in the morning.
Believe me, I feel awkward
about this...
...especially after all you've done,
recommending me to Tobin.
But I guess having another
woman in the house right now...'s just too hard for Amy.
Don't worry, Jack.
I'm disappointed, but I understand.
Jesus Christ.
Good morning.
-What happened?
-I don't know, honey.
A stray tomcat got
into the kitchen last night.
-You okay?
-Yeah. Just scratches.
...your dad and I talked.
I'm booking into the Plaza
this afternoon.
So maybe we can spend a little
more time together on my next visit.
Yeah. Bye.
Gotta run,
or I'm gonna miss the bus.
I guess I have a teenager
on my hands.
I'm sorry. I'm screwing it up.
I don't know how.
You're doing just fine, Jack.
-Amy, you saw Heather in the hospital.
-Yeah, how gross was she?
You guys are sick.
Good morning,
ladies and gentlemen.
Philosophers used to say:
"The heart of a good man
is the sanctuary of his soul."
Poets thought the heart
was the source of love.
But nowadays, we know the heart
for what it really is:
The amazing engine
of the human body.
Only as big as your fist...
...and weighing less than a pound.
Your heart beats 1 00,000
times a day.
Driving blood through the 1 00,000
miles of the pipelines in your body.
-What's wrong with her?
I just realized how lonely I've been.
I feel the same.
What's this?
Just a birthmark.
You're very beautiful.
Bless you.
Bless you. She's so beautiful.
Here you go, Dad.
Don't worry, you won't break her.
Excuse me for a second.
Here, get out of that skirt.
You can put these on.
-What happened?
-I don't know.
I wasn't due for another two weeks.
It was like I had my whole
period in about 30 seconds.
-How are you feeling now?
-Maybe we should get a doctor here.
It was her, Brenda. I know it was.
Amy, a lot of things can bring on
early menstruation.
No, it was her. She's been feeding
me all this health-food crap.
I want some Fritos.
I want a fucking Diet Coke.
There's a machine in the hall. I'll get
you a Coke, but you gotta calm down.
We'll find out what's wrong.
-I shouldn't have bothered you.
-I shouldn't have bothered you.
Halloran Planning and Building.
-Did I catch you at a bad time?
-No. No problem.
Jack? Gerhard Tobin.
Do you remember
the new research laboratory...
...I'm building in Charleston?
I just fired the architect.
The city planning committee's
meeting tomorrow.
Jack, I want you in on this.
Sounds like a challenge.
Good. I'm sending specifications
to you right now.
You work them up any which way
you want.
And I booked us both
on tonight's redeye flight.
I'll have to work right through.
It'll be a bit primitive.
It'll be better than it is now.
Thank you.
Jack Halloran, I thank you.
Got you!
Oh, my God.
You scared the shit out of me.
I'm sorry.
Really, that was a stupid thing to do.
Listen, do you wanna go
somewhere and talk?
-All right.
I half think I'm going crazy.
This aunt, Mom hated her,
comes from nowhere...
...with this creepy stuff in her
suitcase, acting like she owns us.
She starts feeding me this gunk
she says is health food.
I feel like I swallowed a blender.
She's got my dad thinking
I'm totally nuts.
My best friend gets trashed, and she
had her sunglasses in her suitcase.
I don't know.
You think I'm an airhead too, huh?
No. No, look, she's bugging you,
and I believe that.
Listen, I'll tell you what.
I'll go to her hotel room
and straighten the bitch out.
-No, it won't be--
No, really, please.
This is my problem, okay?
All right, now, listen.
The least I can do is
give you a ride home.
-You don't have to.
-I have to.
Terry, thanks.
You made me feel a lot better.
Hey, keep your chin up, huh?
You're a nice guy, Terry,
for an airhead.
I'll see you tomorrow.
What are friends for?
Damn it, where the hell
have you been?
-Out with Terry.
-Who's Terry?
-Just a guy I know.
-That's great.
That's great. Father calls to see
how you are because you left sick...
-...and you're with some guy?
-I was sick. She did it to me.
Jesus, Amy, I'm telling you, this
business has got to stop. All right?
-I've gotta go out of town tonight--
-So go.
-You were right.
Your aunt's a fucking freak show,
Like something out of Fright Night.
I know I lied, but I just wanted
to tell her to leave you alone.
I can't tell the cops, all right?
But I saw her back...
...and it's, like, covered
with this gross-- I don't know what.
Now, listen, l--
Shit, my stud's gone.
-All right, listen. We gotta talk.
-Look, I can't talk right now.
-Meet you at the park?
Yeah. Bye.
Amy, this is not the way for us to be.
I'm sorry.
I have to go back to work now...
...but I think we can use
a little time together.
So how about, when I come back
tomorrow, we plan a trip?
Terry saw her.
-Terry what?
-He was in her room.
Oh, Jesus! You had some kid go
into Felice's hotel room?
No, he said she was praying
to a statue...
...and something's wrong
with her back.
What are you talking about?
She's just got a birthmark. It's nothing.
Oh, God.
-Look, honey, I'm sorry.
-God, what's happening?
-Amy, just listen.
-You fucked her!
Get out!
-Get out!
Fuck it! Just stay at Brenda's tonight,
so I know where the hell you are.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck? Okay, okay.
All right.
Jesus, God!
Amy finally threw you out, huh?
Yeah, almost.
-You got a minute?
I've gotta go on a business trip
tonight, and I'm worried about Amy.
All of a sudden, she's changed
her personality...
...and blames it on Felice.
She's a great kid, Jack, but you've
both been under a lot of stress lately.
What about that thing with her period?
Couldn't this be something physical?
Maybe she did catch something.
Felice has been all over the world.
I don't think you can catch anything
Felice has without intimate contact.
None of my business.
Felice has this strange brown
patch of skin on her back.
She says it's a birthmark, but it
doesn't look like anything I've seen.
Skin discoloration could mean
a white cell imbalance.
It could be anything. If I thought Amy
was physically sick, I'd be the first--
I know, I know. We both could use
some counseling, right?
It couldn't hurt.
You go get ready for your trip.
I'll take care of Amy till you get back.
I'll call her.
We'll do our toenails or something.
Thanks. I'll see you.
Hey, Moe.
Come here, boy. Come on.
Yo, T.C., how's the vampire's lair
Listen, I got a rather wild favor
to ask you.
You gonna be around for a while?
Terry, where are you?
What are you doing out so late?
Just wanna sit here.
You wanna talk?
She's following me.
-Who is, Amy?
-My Aunt Felice.
You mean your mother's sister?
How do you know about her?
Oh, well....
My mother told you about her,
didn't she?
What did she tell you?
Felice was part of...
...a very painful time
in your mother's life.
Hilary thought her sister
was quite ill.
Bullshit. You're lying to me.
Amy, your mother grew up in Africa,
all right?
It was a whole different world.
She said it was as if one day
she didn't have a sister anymore.
To her, Felice had become
some kind of a witch.
-She is a witch.
-Amy, that's stupid.
She trusted you. She wanted
the church to protect her.
You never believed her!
Amy, say good night.
It's late.
-You should be home.
-No. Please.
I think I better call Jack.
I appreciate your concern, Father.
Jack's working tonight.
He wants Amy to be with me.
Hey, hey, hey!
This has nothing to do with you.
-I believe you should leave.
-You believe?
If you believed, Father,
I could never come in here.
Run! Amy, run!
You killed my mother!
It's too late for this.
-This is the strangest thing yet.
-Oh, come on.
All right, I'll try. All right.
-Night desk.
-ls Jack Halloran there?
Just a second.
Yeah, he's in his office.
-Put me through. It's urgent.
-Yes, sir.
He forgot to switch to his night line.
Tell him Father McNally's coming.
Don't let him leave before I get there.
I think there's enough blood here
for a slide.
Where's that coffee, Brenda?
Is this a lab experiment, T.C.,
or a coffee pot?
Is Mr. Halloran still in?
Yes, Father, but you gotta sign in.
-Sign in.
-Your bags, sir.
-How are we doing, Halloran?
-I think we got a shot.
-Good man. Let's get going.
Come on, T.C., how's it going?
Okay, okay. Soon.
Hey, T.C., cops just brought in
a road pizza.
They want a drug-alcohol
blood run-up.
Hey, Bren, log it in for me,
will you, hon?
Yes, dear.
Abe, who was this?
Some kid.
Threw himself in front of a truck.
You knew him?
Yeah. Excuse me for a sec, guys.
-It's always the same.
-Wendy, I need the phone.
You think I don't have feelings too?
What the fuck is this, Brenda?
Some kind of sick gag?
What do you mean?
-Thank you.
-Charleston, right?
Have a nice flight.
-Yes, sir.
Traveling together.
Thank you.
Yes, I am sure he's on that flight.
I understand,
but it's against company rules.
Fuck your rules!
This is a goddamn
medical emergency.
I'll check with my supervisor.
Hold on.
It's right at the main desk, sir.
-Oh, Jack. Thank God.
Is something wrong with Amy?
Jack, Felice....
I had a sample
of her blood analyzed.
Our lab says that they've only seen
blood like hers...
...when they've exhumed a corpse.
-Brenda, is this some kind of joke?
...Felice Dunbar should be dead.
Amy's friend Terry...
...he killed himself tonight.
Come and get me.
Excuse me, sir.
We're holding the plane for you.
Who's this?
-I think we should call the police.
-What the hell do we tell them?
That someone is trying
to possess my daughter?
Watch out!
-I'm going in there on my own.
-lf you're not out in five minutes, I'll--
-I'll panic.
-What are you doing to my daughter?
-She's very sick.
She called me. She was scared.
You're lying.
If I leave, she'll die.
You're insane. What do you mean?
I've sheltered her family for years.
She's my bloodline.
They owe her to me.
We don't owe you
a damn thing, Felice.
Don't you see, Jack?
I'm not angry with you.
But I must survive.
I don't have much time.
Answer it.
Jack? Oh, thank God you're there.
Is she there?
-Is Felice there?
Jack, it's Brenda. What's going on?
Jack, can you get her
away from Amy?
Amy's a little under the weather.
She went to bed early.
Oh, God. Okay, look.
Keep Felice away from Amy...
...any way you can.
Get Felice away from Amy,
you understand?
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit.
Amy. Amy. Amy, it's Brenda.
It's Brenda.
Come on, we've gotta go.
Come on. Come on.
Come on over. Put your feet up.
Brenda, I'm gonna be sick.
Quiet. Amy.
Come on.
Where is she?
I need her body, Jack.
-Where is she?
-Go to hell.
Not yet.
Watch out!
Fuck you, Felice!
She's coming!
She's coming!
You can't kill something
that's already dead.
Do you wanna fucking bet?
You'll die.
-It's time, Amy.
-What do you want?
A kiss.
No! No!
No! Daddy!
-Run, Am--
Oh, Amy! Amy, come on.
No! Amy!
Get out!
Oh, Mommy, help!
-Pull her out!
Hold on to me.
Die, you mother!
It's over, honey.
I love you, Daddy.