The Kitchen (2019) Movie Script

[instrumental music playing]
[distant horns blaring]
[sirens blaring in distance]
-Getting it? -How do I do this one?
-Two similar things. Similar. -Oh.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I got a thing to take care of.
You gonna make a big thing of it, huh? Give me that.
Give it to me.
Fucking ice.
[door slams shut]
What's that?
Thought I told you to get Schlitz.
They were out.
[Kevin] You're so fucking lazy.
You know, tomorrow...
I want you to walk the extra block
and get me the beer I like.
Why aren't you writing?
'Cause, man, we're over here
watching paint dry, okay? It's ridiculous.
We're building a case.
[Martinez sighs]
[indistinct police radio chatter]
[Silvers] The Irish have nothing except Hell's Kitchen.
So pay attention.
We're pushing our fucking luck here.
[Kevin] Jimmy, what the fuck you saying?
Irish are all moving out.
New people move in, we're done.
We don't have control anymore, okay?
So this, right here, this is about survival.
[Rob] Loans. We gotta get into loans.
Yeah, I heard, Rob.
I know, loans. Jesus!
You understand? We do this one thing.
We do one more hit,
we have the cash to get started.
One fucking thing, Jimmy.
Jesus, let's fucking go.
Are we good?
Ah, let's just get it over with.
[Kevin] Fucking hands in the air, motherfucker!
Hey! Open the fucking safe!
[Rob] Move it! Open the goddamn safe!
This is Agent Martinez requesting immediate backup
to Cash & Carry Liquor on 11th Avenue.
FBI! On your knees!
Get the fuck on your knees!
[breathing heavily]
What do you want? What are you looking for?
-Fuck you! -Hey...
Come on, huh?
Think you run this neighborhood?
You don't run shit.
-We do. We do. -[Jimmy] Stay down.
Let's go, Kevin. Let's go!
Get off!
[sirens approaching]
[brakes screech]
[officer 1] Silvers, you all right?
[officer 2] Stop right there.
-[Silvers] Yeah. -[officer 1] Right there.
[officer 2] Arms down.
[officer 3] On your heads!
[indistinct police radio chatter]
-What the hell? -Transferring them to Rikers.
-Not a fucking word. -Come on, no stopping.
-Let's go. -Sorry, baby.
[Berlinski] Two counts assault on a federal agent.
Armed robbery.
I already called the lawyer.
-Is this your wife? -Yeah, it's my wife.
-[Berlinski] Seen it all. -The fuck you say to me?
[Berlinski taps vehicle]
-[engine starts] -[Kathy] Hey! Baby!
We'll be home tomorrow. Friday latest.
[Kathy] Okay.
[gavel banging]
No matter what, don't react.
[judge] You are hereby sentenced to three years.
Sentences to be served at Eastern Correctional.
[gavel bangs]
[indistinct chatter]
-[laughter] -[agent] Congratulations.
[court officer] Come on.
[exhales sharply]
[indistinct chatter]
What's she doing with Little Jackie?
-[Burns] Fuck Reggie Jackson. -Mark!
[Burns] Thurman Munson's the heart and soul of that team.
Mark! Bring these over.
[Burns] He's the MVP.
One more.
[Little Jackie] Now shut the fuck up
about the fucking Yankees, all right?
Here you go, Mrs. O'Carroll.
Thank you.
[glasses thudding]
[Helen] That's a thing to say?
"Thank you"?
Like I gave you a present.
I didn't give you a goddamn present.
I didn't mean anything by it.
I just, you know, appreciate all this.
[Helen] Oh, you're grateful.
Joseph was grateful
when the wise men let Mary push her kid out in the barn.
He was grateful 'cause they let her
lay down in the dirty fucking hay
after some other guy knocked her up.
-[cane thuds] -[all laughing]
Are you grateful like Joseph?
Huh? You know what happened to Joseph?
-[Duffy] No. -No.
Neither do I.
Bible doesn't tell us.
He just disappeared.
Don't be fucking grateful.
Your mother-in-law is a real cunt.
My beautiful daughter.
To your health, Helen.
And you, too, Jackie.
[quietly] Oh, shit.
When Martin was sent up,
I mailed him cookies every week.
Every week for two years.
Kevin doesn't like cookies.
I never much understood why Kevin likes what he likes.
[Little Jackie sighs] You girls are gonna be just fine.
You never worried about any of this before.
Don't worry about it now.
Nothing's gonna change.
We're gonna take care of you.
Family, right?
You fucking twats.
[door opens]
I'm gonna say good night to Dad.
-[Kathy] Night. -Kath...
The kids already got their coats on.
Are you gonna be okay?
Of course.
Well, you need money?
Dad, you haven't worked in three months.
Yeah, but if you need money...
We've got some saved.
Enough for three years?
They're gonna take care of us.
Oh, so that's how it works with them. Is that it?
Like you don't know.
No, those are your mother's people. Not mine.
Okay, Dad.
Look, you keep taking money like that.
[indistinct chatter in other room]
[whispers] What happens when you go to jail?
What happens to the kids?
-The kids are cooked. -Yeah, okay.
-Night. -[Larry] Yeah.
[Kathy] Okay, let's go. Come on.
[door opens]
[Peter] My piece was definitely bigger than yours.
[Jennifer] They gave me a bigger fork
so I could eat more.
[Peter] Well, at least mine tasted good.
Okay, enough, enough. Go brush your teeth.
-Go brush your teeth. -[Peter] Fine.
-[indistinct chatter] -[phone ringing]
[male receptionist] Kathy Brennan.
[Jeffrey] Unemployment is at near record highs.
What happens when one of your kids
gets sick and you gotta call in?
Most employers don't want mothers with young kids.
It's a competitive market.
Employers are looking for people they can depend on.
You don't know me.
And you got shit in your teeth.
What can I get for you?
You got a little something for this?
You gotta go talk to Helen.
She's your mother-in-law.
[Ruby] If I confront Helen,
I don't know how she's gonna take it.
Kevin's gone for the next three years.
That's plenty of time for Helen to figure out
some kinda way to kill me in an accident.
We need to talk to the guys.
And we need to talk to the guys together.
Oh, I don't think you need me in there mucking it up.
What, you want me to walk in there all by myself
with those motherfuckers?
They didn't want me in the family in the first place.
I'll just take whatever they give me.
I'm not confronting them or anything.
Rob took care of you?
When has Rob ever taken care of me?
I have $43 in the bank.
I can't even make the rent
with what they gave me last night.
Claire, I went out there this morning, okay?
To a job bank.
But there's nothing out there.
There is no place for us out there. None.
I'm volunteering at church today.
I can get a job.
I'm not taking on those guys.
Who's gonna hire you?
Besides getting hit,
what other skills do you got?
[coin clattering]
[Kathy] That's too much.
What are we gonna do?
Well, you're the smarter one here.
[man] Mmm-mmm-mmm.
Hey, baby. You want me to warm you up, hmm?
[siren blaring in distance]
Fucking bitch.
Man, you talk about humming down the highway,
that sucker will haul ass.
Hey, Duff, you still driving that piece of shit
with the hole in the floor next to the clutch?
-[all laugh] -Yeah.
Hey, fellas.
Hey, Colin, how's your mom?
She's good. Yeah.
[Kathy] Good, good.
We, uh, we don't wanna be a bother. We just, uh...
We just need a minute,
and I made you some cookies, so...
What can we do for you?
Um... Well, we got our money.
You know, our envelopes.
[Little Jackie] You're welcome.
Yes, and thank you. I just, uh...
There was less in it than what we were expecting and...
what exactly were you expecting?
How much were you expecting from me?
Payments are down.
The collections are down? Who's not paying?
-The Murphys, Hogan... -[Little Jackie] Hey!
Who's talking? You talking?
[Kathy] I meant, you know, if it would help or anything,
if people aren't paying, I would be happy
to go talk to them for you.
[scoffing] Yeah, okay.
You're not talking to anyone.
You're not collecting.
I run shit now! Me!
She's got kids.
You will be happy
with whatever fucking money
I decide to give you
out of the kindness of my heart.
Now get the fuck out.
[Little Jackie] Hmm?
[door closes]
You wanna pass the cookies?
[Little Jackie] Shut the fuck up, Burns!
-[sirens blaring in distance] -[drill whirring]
Hey, hey, hey.
Didn't Burns say Hogan's was holding out on us?
[horn blaring]
-[Kathy] Hey. -[driver] Hey!
I kept back 50 because that money
is supposed to be for protection.
And they stopped protecting as far as I can see.
What do you mean they stopped protecting?
Two kids in here last week.
Stole ice creams out the back.
Not from around here, you know?
This week, kids came back with a gun.
Took me for a whole day's money.
I reached out to Little Jackie.
Never even called me back.
I'm sorry.
-Thank you. -[nun] Of course.
You know the rules.
If you're high, you don't eat.
Sober up. Come back tomorrow.
[Ruby] We gotta deal with our situation.
All these men working these streets
and not a solid set of balls anywhere.
Fuck balls. Where have they ever gotten any of us?
It doesn't take balls to do this work.
It's about being smart.
It's about, you know, taking care of people.
People respect you.
You could do this.
They have been telling us forever
that we are never gonna do anything
but have babies.
And now we got no degree. We got no money.
Piece-of-shit bunch of guys
that don't even remember what family means.
So we remind them.
We could.
I mean, we really could.
You know, this Hogan situation.
People have issues, you know?
And they're waiting for somebody
to show up and actually deal with it.
We could do that.
We take over the collections,
we can actually make good on our word.
We could do this.
Sister, let me help you.
Oh, yes, uh, take the top three to Father's office.
Of course.
Get... Get outta here.
-[grunts] -No, no, no!
[sirens wailing]
[Claire crying softly]
All right. Okay. It's okay.
They got the guy. Arrested him.
-Three stitches ain't so bad. -[sniffles]
I'm in here every other week with Peter for three stitches.
[Claire] No.
My whole life, you know?
I've been knocked around.
When I lost the baby...
I said that's it.
It's not gonna happen again.
That lasted two months.
Then Rob hit me again,
and I stuck around because I'm...
[Kathy] You're not weak. You're not weak.
The homeless guy knows. [sniffles]
A stranger sees he can bash me around.
I got three years, maybe less,
before Rob is home.
I can't.
I am not gonna get knocked around ever again, okay?
I think we're all done being fucking knocked around.
-Yeah. -[Kathy] Yeah, we are.
-Okay. Come on. -Okay.
-[sniffles] Sorry. -[Ruby] It's okay.
[Mrs. Sullivan] He pays them when the sun is up,
when it's down, and we don't get nothing for it.
-Huh? -I said you give away
our money and you don't get nothing for it.
[Mr. Sullivan grumbling]
Need a hand?
[Mrs. Sullivan] Forty years, we pay protection
and never bothered me a bit,
'cause I knew if I had a problem,
guy like your grandfather would take care of it.
Now? [smacks lips]
Anything you need, we're here for you.
I mean, I could have the kids
come over tomorrow after school
and wash that graffiti off the windows for you.
That would be a help. Look at him.
He can't do anything anymore, he's so old.
Bet you still can cut a rug.
Oh, yeah.
[Ruby chuckles]
You know what, what do I care if I pay you
or I pay Jackie Quinn and his numbskulls?
-[kids chattering] -I don't know.
Jackie's not gonna like this.
We'll talk to him. I'm not looking for a war.
Duff, you're my cousin. You're blood.
Kevin and the others get out, who are the first two guys
they're gonna come take a look at?
So, I know you're not looking for trouble.
Problem is, you don't help me out with this,
trouble might come looking for you.
-[Jennifer whoops] -[Kathy laughs]
-[Jennifer] I went high. -Over my head!
[door opens]
My girl called in, so I can't do hair.
Yeah, we're not here for hair, Donna.
[Donna] You want nails?
-Pick your color. -No, uh...
We know that your girl didn't call in.
She can't get her cosmetology license, right?
How you hear that?
I got a cousin.
[Kathy] In the Division of Licensing.
He could, you know, help speed things along.
Get her permitted.
What do you want?
We want you to start paying us.
And we will make sure that you get something for it.
What about Little Jackie?
Anything he's owed, we'll get it to him.
[upbeat music playing]
[guns cock]
-[indistinct chatter] -[horns blaring]
[horns blaring]
[horns continue blaring]
Here you go.
[men groaning]
-[Duffy] Wake up! -[man gasps]
-Get up! Move! -Come on!
-[upbeat music playing] -[laughter]
This is my motherfucking block!
This neighborhood has been family-run
since we got to America.
This is our land. And this store is your birthright.
And if anybody screws with that,
we will deal with them.
[buzzer ringing]
[gate opens]
-Hi. -Hey.
You holding up okay?
Guys taking care of you?
We're okay.
I'm taking care of myself.
What's that mean?
Our money was a little light,
so Claire, Ruby and me, we're helping out.
-Kathy... -It's nothing.
Hi, Kathy.
Hey, Kevin.
No Ruby?
Do you see Ruby?
I don't see Ruby.
Then I guess she's not here.
Whatever you're doing, stop it. Now.
-My God, I lost count again. -[chuckles]
-Seven. -Don't.
-Thirteen. -No. Don't.
-Twenty-two. Sorry. -Oh, my God.
I can't do it.
-It's working. -[Ruby] Mmm-hmm.
As far as I can see,
we just need one more piece of the puzzle.
[toilet flushes]
What do you want?
The FBI still watching the Kitchen?
What do you think?
The FBI tells me everything they got going on?
How should I know?
What do you know?
No, no. As far as I know,
they rolled outta here after they got your husbands.
[Kathy] What about NYPD?
Are they on us?
Who is "us"?
I saw, uh, Carol and your kids out there.
Nice you take 'em out to dinner once in a while.
Does Carol know where her rabbit vest came from?
Or her Gucci bag?
The Gucci bag's a fake, by the way.
Jimmy told me it was real,
but I took it to a guy who said that it's a knockoff.
Does Carol know that?
I'm begging you. Could you just...
We don't want you helping Little Jackie.
And we especially don't wanna hear
that you didn't tell us something important.
[Ruby] Our husbands think
you should have known they were being watched.
I told them. I swear to God. I had no idea.
I should probably get outta the bathroom,
otherwise people gonna that you're blowing me in here.
I'm gonna wash my hands later.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
I just need to squeeze, scooch in here.
I'm gonna unlock it and go.
[all laughing]
[door opens]
Were you getting your fucking nails done?
What took you so long?
They said they already paid for the week.
Fucking girls are a serious problem.
[engine starts]
[tire squealing]
[muffled music playing]
-It's not that funny. -[laughing]
Oh, shit!
[Duffy and Burns groaning]
-You got everything? -Yeah.
All right. Be good, okay?
-There he is. -Grandpa!
Hi. Hey.
I'll be by around 10:00.
All right, come on, kids. Let's go.
[Kathy] Dad.
[Claire] We got a problem.
We can't do this no more. Little Jackie's pissed.
You said you'd talk to him,
tell him we weren't going against him.
Little Jackie's not handling the business...
[Duffy] I don't give a shit.
Look, you're nice girls and, Kathy, I love you.
I respect you want to do things the right way,
but whoop-de-fucking-do.
I ain't dying for this shit.
[Claire] I mean, if Little Jackie's mad at them,
he's definitely gonna be mad at us.
He's vicious.
You think we're giving up
because of these fucking idiots?
[rock music playing on speakers]
-[door opens] -[men laughing]
We need to talk.
-[Little Jackie] Huh? -[men chuckling]
You're over, Jackie.
I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
Yeah? I could say it louder.
You know, family or not,
you were anyone else, you'd be dead already.
[Ruby] Told you he wasn't gonna do nothing.
Always was weak.
Lock your fucking doors.
[drink pouring]
[Helen] I don't know what you want from me.
I don't control every little thing Jackie does.
[Ruby] That right?
That's right.
Well, what are you saying? What should we do?
[clock ticking]
-[door unlocking] -[gasps]
-[banging on door] -[Mary] Kathy.
Ma, I'm coming.
Back up. Hey.
Kids need clean stuff for school.
Did you sleep in your clothes?
-Just come in. -What's going on?
[loud clattering]
[indistinct shouting in distance]
I don't like knowing you down there with them.
You remember when you were seven?
You had that teacher overdosed in the bathroom.
I ain't had no teacher...
You did.
That white guy.
He was out sick.
With a needle in his arm.
[scoffs] What are you, stupid?
I was seven.
You made that motherfucker a card.
All the other parents looked at you
with glue and shit all over your hands.
Whole neighborhood knowing you soft.
Fucking humiliating.
Is that why you beat me when we got home?
Our family aren't fighters.
They all "yes'm" and shit.
Look at your father.
Shit I had to put up with from him.
I beat you,
because I knew I had to run
that soft shit right outta you.
Like driving out the devil.
This... why I beat you.
[woman shouting indistinctly in distance]
[Little Jackie] Claire.
-[gunshot] -[Claire gasps]
You okay?
[dog barking in distance]
[continues panting]
[breathing shakily]
-Um... -[grunting]
[woman shouting in distance]
[Claire continues grunting]
This doesn't feel good.
It feels really bad.
That I needed you to come along and save me.
I heard he was back in town. I called him up.
Why did you call him? He's a psychopath.
He's a vet, and he's messed up.
We don't need a man coming in here and fighting our battles.
The motherfuckers out there think we do.
The men need us to have a man.
[Claire] Enough.
Gabriel saved my life.
And I'm not sorry Little Jackie is dead.
Are you?
[Gabriel] Easiest to break the limbs down first.
Gives us more room to play with.
So, you wanna work the knife in here
behind the knee, where it's soft.
-So you push through here. -[flesh squelching]
Right. Take it out
like this and you flip the knife
-and you cut down. -[flesh squelching]
That's the hard part.
Turn the knife back around again.
Get up back through where you came from,
back and around,
And once you got through that,
you break the leg. Like this.
-Fucking right... [grunts] -[bone cracks]
There. [panting]
I'm gonna skip ahead.
The most important part,
you gotta slice open the abdomen
and stab out both the lungs.
Those places hold onto air.
You don't do that, you put the torso in the river,
the torso floats to the top,
and then you got real problems.
So, long knife.
You come down through here.
I can't. I can't...
Can I do the other leg?
[ship horn blowing in distance]
The currents here have always been good for this.
Anything you give it,
the river will take right out to sea.
[Ruby] You been gone a long time, Gabriel.
Almost two years.
Because of work I did for your husbands.
-Andrew O'Connor. -Billy Walsh.
Both of them, yeah.
I went out west. I laid low.
It blew over. I came back.
But just to be clear, now we run this neighborhood.
[rock music playing]
[people screaming]
Hey. Hey!
You're off the street now. You work with us.
Come on.
[camera shutter clicks]
So you're gonna start fucking following us
and then everything's gonna get a lot smoother.
And don't roll your fucking eyes
when I'm talking to you.
[man spits]
Psst. Baby.
Come here.
-[cocks gun] -[woman gasps]
You gotta trust us. Right?
[Giovani] Hi, Mrs. O'Carroll.
Ah, Giovani.
What can I get you?
I gotta think about that.
[objects clattering]
-[Helen gasps] -Hello, Helen.
-[Helen] The hell you... -Shut the fuck up now.
-I deserve better. -[cane thuds]
Oh, you got a problem with the personnel change?
Neither of you get to say. I do. I say what's what.
Yeah? Your husband, your son, Jackie.
I thought it was all on them.
Now you get to say?
Kevin's out in a couple of years.
I raised him right.
One good thing I done.
Till then, knock yourself out.
Yeah. Knock yourself out.
-Okay. We'll do that. -[Helen] Yeah.
I don't...
I don't want you to do it.
I want you to teach me how to do it.
[chuckles softly]
It sounds really nice out west.
[Gabriel] Hmm.
Could've stayed.
Why'd you come back?
I heard Rob was away for three years.
Thought now might be the time.
For what?
For you.
[chuckles] I can make my own choices.
I know.
But if you've got problems, you come talk to us.
[man] Problem is the city's going to shit.
You gonna fix that?
No, but I'm gonna make sure
they don't fuck with Hell's Kitchen.
[man 2] You speak Jewish?
You talk to them over on 47th Street.
[machinery whirring]
So, what can I do for you?
[Kathy] Oh, Mr. Kanfer, we're not here to sell you diamonds.
I thought that...
Can we talk alone?
[Herb] I'm sorry, no.
It's not proper, uh, for me to be alone with...
She's my niece.
The empty lot out there.
You filed plans with the city for a 28-story building.
When do you start construction?
How exactly can I help you?
And why is it that you're not using
any union contractors to do the work? Hmm?
Are you from Hell's Kitchen?
Then this conversation is over.
We're just here to talk about your options.
I can build my buildings however I choose.
That's my option.
Oh. Except we're your neighbors, you know?
Just a few blocks away.
We could look in on the site, make sure that,
you know, everything is running smoothly.
You can't put a price tag on skilled laborers, huh?
I don't need your help.
Or the help of whoever you work for.
Oh, we don't work for anyone.
Well, in this neighborhood we take care of our own.
[Kathy] Oh, see, you don't.
You can't.
Rachel, uh, could you get me a coffee?
We get help from Brooklyn.
Fuck Brooklyn. They're across the river. We're here.
Get the hell outta my office.
I can see you got brains.
And I know you got money.
But we got one thing that you don't.
We got criminals.
And they're right down the street.
[Claire] There.
That's him.
You do it fast, you do it clean.
I know.
And be confident.
You don't run. Runners call attention.
I know.
You got your glove?
[Gabriel] All right.
[man] We're blocked in! You kidding me?
-Goddamn it! -[horns blaring]
-[indistinct shouting] -[horns blaring]
[man] What the fuck are you doing?
[man 2] You can't be here all fucking day!
[shouting continues]
[horns blaring]
Kid always had an attitude.
This one's sharper.
[knife slices]
[indistinct chatter]
[officer] Okay. All right.
[man] This is him.
We have to work with these people.
You want us to work with those Irish dogs?
Women, too.
What kind of people let their women do this work?
[Shmuli] We agree to a union contract.
It's not worth going to war.
What about Brooklyn?
-We pay them good money. -[Herb] I called.
Do you see them around here?
They take our money. We never see them again.
Meanwhile, we got bums, we got drug pushers...
Traffic, garbage.
It's getting so that they're leaving us no choice.
There's always a choice.
I think this time, there's not.
[rock music playing]
-Another. -[bartender] You got it, Kathy.
[clears throat]
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
[exhales] It's on me.
Eight months of work. Thank you.
You're welcome.
[indistinct chatter]
[Ruby] Hmm.
We had a holdout. One of the jewelers.
Oh, Christ.
They're fucking.
Mmm-hmm. I could smell it when I sat down.
[music continues]
[Claire breathing heavily]
No way.
No fuckin' way. Silvers!
-Silvers! -[Silvers] Yeah.
The Hasidic guy killed a few months back out in Brooklyn?
Ballistics is back.
Same gun used to kill those two
out in Hell's Kitchen a couple years ago.
The ones found in the dumpster.
Remember? With the... [clicks tongue]
Come on, man.
How is this Jewish guy tied into Hell's Kitchen?
I don't know.
Fucking Irish.
I need the files from June '76,
homicides of William Walsh and Andrew O'Connor.
[phone dialing]
[line ringing]
You Kathy Brennan?
Who the fuck are you?
Alfonso Coretti wants to talk with you.
I'll pick you up tomorrow at 10:00.
Bring the other two girls, huh?
What other two girls?
They said you were smart.
Be smart.
[line continues ringing]
[Ruby] Okay...
Gabriel's gotta follow us.
Someone knows where we are, we'll be okay.
If we get in the car and go to Brooklyn, we're dead.
If he wanted you dead, you'd already be dead.
What do you wear to something like that?
You get dressed up?
You fucking kidding?
[operatic music playing]
[piano notes playing]
Get you girls a drink?
No, thanks.
I'll take a whiskey.
[Claire] Yeah, me too.
'Course the Irish ones take the drink.
'Course the Italian one's a dick.
Now, now, with the name-calling.
Alfonso Coretti.
We don't wanna traffic in stereotypes, do we, Ruby?
Mrs. Brennan.
Your husband, he tried to reach out to me
on a few occasions,
but he was never important enough to be worth my time.
Claire, you're the one I have to watch out for, aren't you?
Please, I won't bite.
Least not today. Please.
You girls have been very busy.
Maybe the Jews went with you,
because all your womanhood got under their skin.
Our Hasidic partners went with us
because they know good business.
The one you shot dead on his stoop,
I bet he doesn't think so. [chuckles]
We don't shoot people. That's your world.
[Coretti] Hmm.
We have a dick-measuring contest,
I'm gonna win.
You are not fucking smarter than me.
For what you did to me,
for taking my business...
I am within rights to wipe you off the face of the earth.
But I won't.
Because we are going to go into business together,
you and me.
We're fine on our own.
And when your husbands get out in four months,
they're gonna be fine with the new arrangement
with you being in charge?
Our husbands have 24 more months
left on their sentences.
They're getting out in four months.
You didn't know?
Well, turns out I have my fingers
in a few more pies than you do.
[scoffs] So, what do you think, Ruby?
Is Kevin gonna be copacetic with the new arrangement?
It seems to me,
all your Mick relatives are gonna turn on you.
Might be a good idea to have me at your back.
So, if you've got our backs,
how much is that gonna cost us?
You know what's going on in the rail yards
south of 42nd Street?
Well, south of 42nd Street
is shaping up to be a new convention center.
Almost two million square feet.
Biggest construction job the city's had in years.
They've been talking about it for 20 years.
Some millionaire's kid.
Little shit-for-brains,
he finally coughed up the land.
It's happening.
And I want in.
Any work that happens in our neighborhood
is gonna be for our people.
They say construction's gonna take five, six years.
And I want some of my people
to have a chance to participate in all those jobs.
I want an alliance with the Irish.
I have to...
I will take what I need.
I don't want to.
I don't wanna fight.
There's room for everybody, right?
We want more.
32nd up to 59th. East and west.
Do you know what you're asking?
Yeah, I do.
You got our back?
I got every part of you.
Well, I know your guy, Gabriel,
he's waiting outside for you.
He's good for you. He gives you legitimacy.
Have you given any thought
to what you'd do if he goes back to Kevin?
Gabriel's with us.
But if he's not.
If he goes back.
Claire'll put a bullet in his head.
You girls kill me.
You asked for too much.
I asked for what we deserved, and we got it.
You know what's involved, running that much of the city?
[bell tolling in distance]
You the Irish girls?
Yeah, we the Irish girls.
I'm Maria Coretti.
Good for you.
All Gloria Steinem and shit. You give those guys hell.
Don't ever threaten Gabriel like that again.
It's locked.
[Gabriel] Sorry.
They're getting out in four months.
We'll use these months to lock it down.
Even our husbands will never touch us.
For Christ's sake, I'm not afraid of Jimmy.
We'll see which one of us is right, won't we?
The more you collect, the more you make.
I get rich, you get rich.
We're gonna take care of everybody.
Five years of work is more stability than we've ever had!
[all cheering and applauding]
Happy to do it. Happy to do it. Really.
[man] Thanks, Larry.
Must be proud.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, you sit. Let me get you a beer.
Let me get you three, if you like.
Oh. One's good. Thanks, Scotty.
Have I been unclear about my feelings for all this?
-I did all this for you. -No.
You get five years of work.
That's more than you've ever seen in your whole life.
Every day I did have was an honest day.
Not like this. Not like you.
So I'm trash, right, huh?
No, you married trash.
He gave you two beautiful kids, I'll give you that.
But God knows he wasn't worth throwing your life away.
I'm not throwing my life away. I've never felt stronger.
You're a criminal, Kathy.
We didn't raise you like this.
We're good people, your mother and me.
You brought me up here.
What did you expect, huh?
You could have moved us out to the Island or to Jersey.
But you didn't, and you know why?
Because out there,
you're nothing but an uneducated immigrant
and you can't face that.
Here, you're somebody.
All right, that's enough.
You profited from this like everybody else.
Clean or dirty.
So whatever I am, it's on you.
Make sure she pays you back for that.
Ten years...
I lived here with him.
But I was alone.
You're not alone.
Come here.
Let's get you out of this apartment.
Okay. [chuckles]
-[Gabriel chuckles] -[laughing]
[Martinez] Oh, looky here, huh?
How's a man like Sean Duffy afford a car like that?
I never been in this position before in my life.
Well, we're happy to help.
[Hogan] You're a credit to the community.
You done good.
Payment's due on the first, rain or shine.
It's okay.
You know, we're just getting this loan thing going.
People will take a mile, if you let them.
He's not taking anything. He's an old man.
Speaking of old ones,
my mother-in-law asked me for money.
Wow. That is nerve. What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna enjoy the look on her face when I tell her no.
[both laugh]
[Colin] Mrs. Brennan?
[Kathy] Yeah.
Got those groceries to your house.
And just collected down in the 30s. Luciano's.
They sent meatballs.
Oh, uh, take them over to my mother's.
Colin's got a screw loose.
So I'll tighten him up.
I gotta go.
[Kathy] Hey, you know,
Grady said that he turned in his collections,
but I didn't see them.
Some expenses came up. I used it.
What expenses?
Why are you fucking riding me?
I don't need to sit across the table with you.
You and me, we're never gonna be friends.
Still gotta eat.
Yeah. Which one are we going to?
Barutto's. Up ahead.
Kevin ever tell you about his girlfriend Marie?
That was a girl with a head on her shoulders.
That why she broke up with Kevin?
I see you for who you are.
Your own people uptown don't like you.
I'm opening the door for my own people.
Niggers are gonna come flooding all in here.
[scoffs] Just had to marry the right guy.
He's sleeping with her again. Marie.
Behind your back.
They used to meet at the Travel Inn every Thursday.
Restaurant's just right there. One door up.
I hope you've had fun.
'Cause when he gets home, you're done.
He's gonna throw your black ass
out on the street where it belongs.
Cut the shit. You gonna give me my money?
After you.
It's closed, you fucking idiot!
-[screams] -[bone snaps]
Restaurants are closed on Mondays, you fucking idiot.
Thank you for the food
of which we are about to receive. Amen.
-Amen. -[Jennifer] Amen.
You look pretty, Mama.
Pretty doesn't matter.
It's just a tool women can use.
For what?
For whatever we want.
What do you want?
I want that when you're in charge,
and you're in charge someday,
that I'll know no one'll ever mess with you
because you're my kids.
[phone ringing]
[Martinez] You see this shit? Look at it. Look at this.
You see how she's dressed?
All right, that woman has a sugar daddy
or she's up to something.
Ruby O'Carroll?
No Irishman would ever give her the time of day.
I've been hearing that the Feds are back.
Hey, what did Ritchie want?
Just condolences, that's all.
Not exactly dressed for a funeral.
The bitch fell. I'm not sorry.
What happened?
They're getting out tomorrow.
The Westies.
All that work, the beating we took,
and they serve 16 months.
They get out, we nail them again.
-Yeah. -And again, and again.
And their wives, too. Every last one of them
-if we have to. -Good.
Okay, that's it.
We are not gonna rest on this.
We're gonna get them.
Now, look, I'm gonna get some coffee.
You want something?
Mmm-mmm. No. I'm okay.
[Silvers sighs]
[Peter] Dad!
[Kevin] Let's go.
[Peter] Here. I'll take your bag.
-Hi. -Hi.
[landlord] Church van came by and picked everything up.
[Rob jingling keys]
Come on. I ain't got all day.
Fucking paying for that!
[footsteps running away]
Businesses are cooperating.
There's real opportunity there.
We all gotta get together.
Get me and the guys rolled back in.
Of course.
-[yelling] -[laughing]
[Kevin] Yeah, I had two fingers up his nostrils.
And he just kinda...
Hey, there. Uh...
Kevin was just, uh, telling me stories about being inside.
Yeah, so I'm gonna go. I got a lot of...
All right...
Excuse me.
[door opens, closes]
[Ruby] Get up.
[Kevin] Hmm.
You look beautiful, you know that?
You know what, I got some business to take care of.
I'll see you back at home, baby.
What kinda business you got to take care of?
[door closes]
How are your husbands taking this?
Ah, Jimmy's good. You know, supportive.
[Claire] I haven't seen Rob. But I'm living with Gabriel.
And I'm happy.
Well, you two are just living the fairy-tale dream, huh?
-The hell's your problem? -I gotta go.
Hey, hey, hey, come on.
Where is she going?
[line ringing]
Hey, yeah, this is Agent Martinez calling in.
Badge number...
[car engine starts]
[tires screeching]
[gun clicking]
[door unlocks]
[Ruby] Couldn't you be a normal motherfucker
and just ask for a divorce?
Has there ever been anything normal between us?
You thought marrying me made you a rebel?
You think it was easy marrying you?
Is that what you think?
With my ma and all her crazy...
I think you never fucked a black girl before
and I rocked your world.
Yeah, yeah, I think it...
How many times?
Yeah, I think it was only three times.
Three times?
Three times I came for real.
Is that so?
The rest was just show.
[Kevin chuckles]
You know, this tough-girl bullshit,
it don't work on me.
Did you forget I spit on your father's grave with you?
I've been inside you, Ruby. I know you. I know your fear.
You don't know shit.
The only thing black people need is power.
That way no one can fuck with you.
And along comes this white boy that's so dumb,
he doesn't realize that he's sitting on top of an empire
if he'd get out his own way.
You know what?
You can keep the apartment. I don't even need it.
You gotta stay the fuck outta my way.
Step off my business.
[chuckles] Baby...
it's my business now.
[breathing heavily]
You fucking whore.
Get out.
You fucking that fucking psycho?
Rob, I swear. Get out.
What happened here, huh?
'Cause I go away and everything's fine.
No. It was never fine.
I never fucked around. The other guys. Not me.
Not me. I'm good. I'm a good person.
You are a piece of shit.
And I am done with you.
Yeah, well, you don't get to say we're done!
You know what?
I never loved you.
[chuckles softly]
And I only married you because I had to.
-[Rob grunts] -[Claire groans]
[breathing heavily]
Go ahead.
Do it again. You know you want to.
You watch.
How many times do you think you hit me, huh?
Even when you killed our baby...
you couldn't stop.
Go ahead.
Do it again, you fuck.
[Rob grunts]
[Claire coughs]
You're a fucking cunt.
[breathing shakily] What the fuck?
[melancholic music playing]
[Kathy] What did you do?
Who was that?
Something I should've done a long time ago.
[Kathy whispers] Oh, my God.
Was that Rob?
It was him or me.
It was him or me, Kathy.
you're not in charge.
[car approaching]
Get in.
I thought you ladies should know
that there's a contract out on each of you.
Who put the hit out on us?
Her husband, Kevin.
Uh, me and my boys was in a bar,
looking at some titties.
You know? And this guy we done some business with...
he asked me.
Yeah, asked you what?
Well, to kill you.
What's his name?
Something Irish.
Ah... They all sound the same. DoDo...
or Doo-Doo...
-Duffy. -[snaps fingers]
No. No, he's my cousin.
He knows that we are in business with you.
He's not gonna up and go
ask some Italian to put a hit on us.
Oh, I'm Greek. On my mother's side.
He's not an active associate of ours.
How much they offer to pay?
[Coretti] Twenty-five grand for each of you.
That's 75.
We'll give you 100 for Duffy, Burns, and Colin.
No. No. Colin is just a kid.
He's with them, Kathy. You know that.
You don't know that.
You clean up our crew. For three of them, 100 grand.
That's a better deal.
Plus, another 100 grand.
Fifty grand for my husband. And another 50 for hers.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute, okay?
Jimmy's got nothing to do with this.
Stay away... [breathes shakily]
Stay away from him.
Have you heard anything about Jimmy?
You go to war...
there's no coming back.
We pay you for protection, not advice.
Get in.
Fuck you, Ruby!
Just got a bad feeling, you know?
About Kathy and Ruby.
And Kathy...
She didn't even wanna make this move.
She said Jimmy's not involved.
She said that kid Colin's not involved.
-Kathy said that? -Yeah.
She said he was 19. We should leave him alone.
Said Jimmy's on our side.
[both chuckle]
Look at me.
We got this.
-What do we got? -[exhales sharply]
We got whatever you want. What do you want?
-You want the world? -Yeah.
-Oh, shit. -[laughs]
Well, we could go out and get it, you know?
I already got you a palace.
Right? So, you're welcome.
[both laugh]
What else do you want?
We're doing pretty good.
Some messy stuff, right, but...
Yeah, but I'm good at the messy stuff.
-Yes, you are. -Mmm-hmm.
I've seen that.
-You're very good. -Very good at it.
-[laughs] Terrifying. -Very good at it.
We're doing so good.
Maybe we should try and have a kid.
Or something.
Oh, no, no, no, wait, what?
You wanna have a kid with me?
-No. -Yeah, you do.
That's what you said. Uh-uh.
-No, I didn't say that... -No, you can't take it back.
-I said something else. -No, that's what you said.
-I didn't say anything. -[laughs] Yes.
Why'd you do this, Kath? What'd you do to us?
No, no! No, you left us.
They would've gone hungry
if I hadn't have done something.
Stop it.
Stop it!
[tires screeching]
-[Mariano] Duffy! -Yeah?
-[gun cocks] -Oh...
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Colin, let's go!
Motherfucker didn't even change the locks after I left.
Five hundred more, you clean it up?
Clean-up's on the house.
Thank you.
[whispers] Jimmy. Jimmy!
[Kathy sighs]
Hey, Mrs. Brennan.
I got you all night. You're good.
-Thanks. -Yeah.
[latch clicks]
[floorboard creaks]
[breathing heavily]
Oh, fuck.
Oh, you got him.
-Fuck. -Oh, my God.
[Gabriel] What?
It's Colin.
-Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! No! -[gunshots]
[breathing heavily]
Oh, Christ. Claire?
Oh, fuck, stop...
Claire. Claire. Claire.
Come on. Come on.
Stop it. Fuck! Stop.
No, no, not...
[breathing heavily]
[Father Monaghan] Into your hands, O Lord,
we humbly entrust our sister, Claire.
In this life you embraced her with your tender love.
Deliver her now from every evil.
Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread...
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
In the name of the Father, the Son...
and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
[all] Amen.
I'm so sorry for your loss. We're here for you.
Just give me a minute.
I didn't know Colin was capable of...
You protected that piece of shit.
Well, the question we need to ask ourselves is...
Are we behaving according to the way
that society expects us to behave...
and is that behavior necessarily good for us...
Ruby and I got some business over in the Jewelry District.
No fucking way. Mmm-mmm.
Claire is dead.
I know that.
Rob. Kevin.
Everyone is dead, Kathy.
It's over now, so we gotta get back to it.
You're not getting back to anything.
You're out of this. You're done.
-No. -"No"?
This is my business.
Oh, come on, now.
I made this.
I built something fucking amazing, Jimmy.
I'm putting people to work.
I'm doing good things in the community.
I'm supposed to walk away from that? Why?
Because you've decided that I can't handle the pressure.
That's not for you to decide.
[scoffs in disbelief]
I was patient with all this.
With you.
Oh, you were patient? Like you allowed me a hobby?
You girls, you're way worse
than we ever were. You're way worse.
What do you expect me to do?
You expect me to stay at home and watch the kids...
while you're out playing mobster?
It's fucking bullshit.
The kids are outta school in an hour!
I have been wiping their asses since day fucking one!
I know when they get outta school.
You want this one?
No. I got too many like that already.
Listen, if this thing's gonna work,
it's gotta be me and you, 50-50.
How's that different than what we've been doing?
'Cause you're making decisions on your own.
You're not consulting me.
And we can't go around killing everybody that pisses you off.
I got a meeting.
-A meeting where? -Harlem.
What are we gonna do in Harlem?
Oh, we'll be fine in Harlem.
You want a ride?
Oh, my God.
You set them up.
You knew they were gonna hit that store, didn't you?
Now call, call.
[Martinez] This is Agent Martinez...
[Ruby] I made sure no one got in the way.
A black girl can't make a move in the Kitchen.
I needed an Irish girl to lead the way.
Up to a point at least.
You're the smarter one here.
You sent Jimmy to prison.
[Martinez] FBI! On your knees!
Get the fuck on your knees!
Guess I know where the money's gone.
You paid him off.
I made an arrangement so that we can get to where we wanted.
What's your arrangement now?
[Ruby] He's cool.
I keep the gravy train rolling,
and we get everything we ever wanted.
I meant us. What is our arrangement?
You like what we built?
I didn't build this.
Good. I'll take it from here.
Mmm-mmm. Hey, handsome.
[Ruby chuckles]
-[school bell ringing] -[children squealing]
Mrs. Morris,
are Peter and Jennifer still in the building?
They got picked up early.
Both your kids got called down
to the principal's office around 2:00.
Uh, do you want me to...
-Should I call the... -[footsteps running away]
Should I call the police, Mrs. Brennan?
Hello? Hello?
[phone ringing]
[Coretti] Mrs. Brennan. Alfonso Coretti.
I need you to make a trip to Brooklyn. Now.
Mr. Coretti, I can't do that. I can't find my children.
I have your kids, Kathy.
They're safe.
I promise. I'm a father, myself.
Come to Brooklyn.
[piano playing]
-Hi. -Hi, Mom.
Oh, my God.
Hey, hi. Hi.
Hi. Hi.
-Hi. -What happened?
They F us every time.
Every chance they get, don't they?
Who F's us?
Ma, I know what F means.
They're waiting for you in the back.
I got your kids.
I got them.
[Peter] Start from the melody part.
[piano notes playing]
Baby, I didn't mean to make any trouble.
What's going on?
Your husband, he came to me and tried to make a deal.
What kind of deal?
[Coretti] To cut you out.
You brought the kids?
You brought our children to a fucking meeting in Brooklyn?
[Coretti] I think he thought it would insulate him.
That I wouldn't do nothing to a man
in front of his own children.
You don't know this man.
You don't know that he wasn't gonna kill them.
Getting outta the joint...
to see you all dolled up.
You're queen of the Micks.
You said you were proud of me.
You didn't make a place for me.
It's fucking humiliating.
You put your ego before our children's safety.
Before our fucking children's safety!
How am I supposed to trust you again, huh?
After this?
In this business, a man is only as good as his word.
If I go behind your back, how does that look?
I got a deal with you, Kathy.
Not with him.
Him... I don't have any use for.
[Jimmy exhales shakily]
Me, neither.
-[piano notes playing] -[sniffles]
-[silenced gunshot] -[body thuds]
[Kathy sobs quietly]
[man] I'm so sorry, Kathy.
[door closes]
Are the kids okay?
Yeah, your mother has them downstairs in the office.
Eating snacks. But, well, you know...
[Larry sighs]
I know what you did.
I don't know...
[stutters] What do you mean?
Kathy, it's a small town.
I'm proud of you.
I mean, I never understood it
when it was just you being nutso, you know.
Taking risks for what? For money.
But your kids?
That's right.
That's the right move, you putting your kids first.
I would've done the same thing.
I didn't put them first. I did this for me.
Living all these years, just thanking people.
Thanking you. Thanking some man holding the door.
Thanking a priest for his blessings. [sniffles]
[voice breaking] Thanking Jimmy.
Thanking God.
And with all that, I never walked a day on the streets
without fear.
I never felt safe.
No woman does.
Now I do.
I put me first.
And this isn't gonna stop. This is who I am.
Times change.
You do what you gotta do.
Famine. Violence.
You survive.
You gonna point out how wrong I was?
Over Claire?
Or you giving me shit about killing my husband?
It's either gonna be all right between us, or it's not.
We got an issue with the deli over on 34th.
Haven't contributed in months.
I'm gonna go pay them a visit.
This conversation isn't good for either of us.
I'll meet you on 34th in an hour.
[bells jingling]
Back here.
[Kathy] Why don't you come out here?
I loved her, too.
I loved her more.
[sighs] Fuck.
I only came back for her.
I know.
-[door opens] -[bells jingling]
[door closes]
I'm not begging in front of your whole family.
I came here to make you an offer.
I don't trust you.
I don't trust you.
Well, what do you need me for?
Why don't you go ahead
and just shoot me right now, right here?
Yeah, and then what?
Somebody comes along and kills me?
We worked hard for this.
Okay, we built something good.
Do you wanna go back to how it was?
You have no idea what it's like to be me.
I'd rather die than go back.
[Kathy] Good.
'Cause we almost got Midtown locked down.
Can you imagine what we can do if we go uptown?
[scoffs] You uptown?
They'd eat your ass alive.
Yeah, I'd like to see you try
to run Hell's Kitchen without me.
Call them off.
Do we have an understanding?
Any of you need to talk this shit through?
Then get the fuck out of our way.