The Knight Before Christmas (2019) Movie Script

- Perfect weather for the ride.
- Indeed.
Good soft wind.
- My lady.
- My ladies.
You happen to know
the name of the hawk today?
I believe it's Gwenfolt.
- So not Cedric or Hodgins?
- No, I don't think so. Why?
I have a plan.
Hear ye! Lords and ladies!
Gather round for the anual Christmas
hawiking competition.
And the brave knights and squires
taking part...
Sir Aldrus Drake of Weston.
Blake Keeton of Glencroft.
Dalton Hurst of Conifer.
Sir Marlowe Wallach of Witchbain.
Sir Spalding Ramsey of Parrow.
Geoffrey Lyons of Norwich.
And Sir Cole Lyons of Norwich.
Behold His Majesty
King Edward III's royal falconer.
May the best tracker
return with the biggest prize.
Brother. Geoffrey.
Come here. I have a plan.
I'm afraid the only way to be the victor
is to divide and conquer.
I'll flank west to capture the hawk.
I shall attack from the east.
- I'll meet you at the town.
- Indeed.
- Haa!
- Haa!
You've always been an A student, Paige.
Which is why your midterm results
have me a bit perplexed.
What happened?
Grayson broke up with me.
I thought he was my one true love,
my prince.
But instead,
he turned out just to be a frog?
There's seems to almost be an epidemic
of those types around here lately.
You know,
we all grow up fantasizing
about being a princess, and...
finding true love
with a knight in shining armor,
and living happily ever after.
But the thing is...
that's all it is.
A fantasy.
Now, I know it hurts and sucks right now,
and I'm so sorry,
but just know it will pass.
I promise.
In the meantime, let's not let this guy
mess up your near-perfect GPA.
You... You're right.
Thanks, Miss Winters.
Bring it in.
Hey, Mads, what's up?
Brooke, I need a favor. Happy holidays.
My store is swamped and Evan
is out of town working on a trial.
And I promised Claire that I'd take her to
the opening night of the Christmas Castle.
Don't worry,
I'll pick her up and we'll head over.
Oh. You're the best. Thank you, sis.
We'll see you soon.
This is no time
to be outside without shelter.
You are a handsome young knight.
Pray you help one as beauteous as myself?
Sir Cole Christopher Frederick Lyons,
at your service.
Where are you headed?
Back to the castle, as it seems
time for me to give up the hunt.
I can take you as far if you like.
Your younger brother, Geoffrey,
is to be knighted this Christmas Day.
Isn't that so?
He is.
We must get you out of the cold.
You can ride my horse. I'll lead the way.
Because of your kindness,
I'll tell you this.
The quest you have searched
for long and hard, these many years,
begins this day.
You shall travel to faraway lands,
see things undreamed of.
Flying steel dragons and horses,
magic boxes that make merry.
Is that so? Where exactly
would this quest lead me?
Your destiny. To fulfill your dream.
And become a true knight.
Me thinks you've spent too long
in the cold. Better get you to shelter.
Heed this warning.
If you fail to fulfill your quest
before midnight on Christmas Eve,
you shall never become a true knight.
Old Crone?
Where's your master?
Sherwyn, where's Cole?
Merry Christmas!
- How is it?
- It's really good.
Yeah? You're gonna
brush your teeth later?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Okay.
- My mom never lets me eat these.
Oh. Well, that's why aunts were invented.
So, what are you
asking Santa for this year?
A puppy.
- A puppy?
- Yup.
Can we take a selfie?
Prithee, what might that be, my ladies?
Thank you.
Oh, hey, David.
The kids look pretty excited to see Santa.
Yeah. They sure are.
Come on.
Hey. Happy Christmas.
What would like
for Christmas this year, young man?
- A new bike.
- A new bike.
We'll see what we can do.
Won't we, Mrs. Claus?
- Well, you have a very merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Happy Christmas.
You, come on up. There you go.
Hey, Santa.
What's wrong?
Just someone I wish
would've moved to the North Pole,
so I never have to see his face again.
Your ex-boyfriend? James?
Yep, that's the one.
Maybe I should remind Santa
to fill his stocking with coal this year.
That'd show him.
Okay, look, it's your turn. Go ahead.
Come on.
Hey. Oh, aren't you precious?
What would you like
for Christmas this year, young lady?
A real puppy.
Not a stuffed animal this time.
Oh. Mrs. Claus and I
will take it under advisement.
Oh, and one more thing.
Can you bring my Aunt Brooke
a new boyfriend?
Someone really nice,
who won't cheat on her.
Oh, no.
Well, it's Christmas, my dear.
If you believe, anything's possible.
- There you go, sweet.
- Merry Christmas.
now that we got that checked off our list,
what do you say
- we get some hot chocolate?
- Yeah.
Begging your pardon, my lady.
That's so strange.
A flying steel dragon.
I'm so sorry. I...
- What is this delicious mead?
- It's hot chocolate. Let me help.
I'm really so sorry.
It's... No harm done.
That's a very impressive armor.
Very authentic.
Brooke. Look. Mom's here.
Oh. Hum.
Well, Merry Christmas.
Glad you finally made it.
Claire tell you she saw Santa?
Yeah. I told them I want a puppy.
Yeah, well, good luck with that.
Dogs are a lot of work.
You know, it has been proven
that kids who grow up with pets
are happier, healthier
and have stronger emotional intelligence.
Yeah. Hi. You're supposed
to be on my side, remember?
Just saying.
Yeah, so...
who's the steel-cut hottie
you were talking to?
I don't know.
He must be one of the performers here.
Well, I think we should get going.
WBRO, Bracebridge
weather warning.
We're expecting heavy snow tonight...
This is ridiculous.
It's like diving through an avalanche.
City plows will be out in force...
Oh, my God. Are you okay?
I'm so sorry, I couldn't see anything.
Are... Are you hurt? What can I do?
Fear not.
I've been thrown much further by
much faster horses than your steel steed.
My lady, tell me.
What village is this?
So, I'm not in England?
Officer Stevens. Thank God.
I was just about to call 911.
What seems to be the trouble?
Well, I was driving along
and could barely see anything,
and next thing I know, this guy's
standing in the middle of the road.
I think he hit his head.
Are you all right? What's your name?
Sir Cole Lyons. From Norwich.
And you?
Officer Stevens.
You haven't happened to see my horse?
I'll tell you what...
why don't you sit in the back of my...
steel horse, and I'll help you find him?
That's quite kind of you, officer.
You good? Awesome.
I'm taking him
- to the hospital to get checked out.
- Okay, good thing.
I'll meet you there.
- Okay.
- How is he?
- Not a scratch on him.
Luckily he was wearing the armor.
Scans came back clear.
Ah, thank goodness.
I survived your tube of torture.
MRI machine.
Apparently Sir Cole believes
that he's a 14th century knight.
Doctor said that posttraumatic amnesia
can occur after a mild head injury.
Usually resolves itself
without any treatment.
Cole, I'm so glad you're okay.
'Tis Sir Cole.
Sir Cole?
Sir Cole.
Okay then, Sir Cole.
I found this in the snow.
I think it belongs to you.
Thank you, my lady.
It's quite precious to me.
Well, I'm just relieved you're all right.
I'm Brooke.
Sir Cole Christopher
Frederick Lyons of Norwich.
At your service, my Lady Brooke.
Oh, boy.
By the way,
I bought tickets for the feast.
Oh. Great.
Your dad would be proud.
We miss him on the force.
Thanks. Means a lot.
So, where are you taking him now?
Well, he doesn't have any ID
and he's not in the system,
so I thought I'd let him crash down
at the station till his memory comes back.
I feel terrible.
I hit him with my car.
- This is all my fault.
- No.
There is no fault, and no need
for me to crash at the station.
It sounds rather dreadful
after the day I've had.
I'll take shelter
under a tree for the night.
No. You are not sleeping under a tree
when I have an empty
guesthouse you can stay in.
No. Brooke,
I don't think that's a good idea.
It will be fine.
Besides, I'll feel a whole lot better
knowing he's safe
and comfortable
until his memory comes back.
Thanking you kindly, my lady.
Your hospice sounds
like a delightful respite.
Fine. Well, I'll be checking in
- on both of you later.
- Cool.
Shall we?
- Fascinating.
- What?
So, the wheel acts as the reins,
and the pedals at your feet
control the steed's speed.
Do you wanna listen to some music?
Where are the minstrels
playing that lyrical melody?
On the radio.
Right here. See?
Do you wanna listen to a different song?
- May I?
- Oh, yeah. Go for it.
Having fun.
Oh. Bejabbers.
Well, this is my place.
We can grab your armor later.
The guesthouse is just around the back.
It's nothing fancy,
but you should be nice and co...
Nice catch.
Honey, we should go.
You can put me down.
Steady now, my lady.
My lady is steady and good to go.
Just over here.
This is quite a lovely manor.
Thanks. It was my parents manor.
Make yourself at home.
- What?
- It appears this contraption
brings the icy weather outdoors...
So, you're really from England?
Indeed. I hearken from Norwich.
I was knighted by
King Edward III six Christmases past.
Well, first thing I think we should do
is update your wardrobe
by at least a few centuries.
I'm sure I can find something
my ex-boyfriend left lying around.
- Well, please thank him for me.
- Oh, well, he's my ex.
Which means I don't see him anymore.
- Well, I'm sorry.
- No. Don't be.
He turned out to be,
as the kids say, a real douche.
I see. Well...
while you fetch the douche's garments,
might I inquire as to a tub and a caldron,
so that I can boil some water for a bath?
How about I just show you the bathroom?
Sir Cole?
Sir Cole?
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
I come bearing gifts.
Whilst I have none for thee.
Oh. That's okay.
I'll let you get dressed.
Wait, you what? Brooke.
- What if he's dangerous?
- Who's dangerous?
No one, honey. Stop eating those.
They're for the cookies.
Mads, I've been teaching long enough
to know a good apple when I see one. Okay?
Trust me, he's harmless.
Except for maybe his sword.
Relax. Everything's under con...
- I gotta go.
- Wait. Why? What?
I just realized I got a fire to put out.
- No. Wait. Brooke?
Whoa! What are you doing?
You scared away my supper.
What? No.
No, you can't eat skunks
or start fires in people's lawns.
Well, my apologies,
my lady Brooke. It's just...
Just call me Brooke.
Brooke, I did not mean to upset you.
It's just that I'm a little bit famished.
Oh, well, we have
a much easier way to fix that,
that doesn't involve skunks.
Tater tots.
Hot dog.
And yet these skunks are not okay to eat.
No, it's not a dog. It's a pork sausage.
What do you feel like?
Brown bread?
Porridge? Wild boar?
Berries. Washed down with some
of that delicious mead
you spilled over at the castle.
What can I get you?
We'll have two cheeseburgers, a side
of fries and two hot chocolates, please.
- Coming right up.
- Great. Thanks.
Delicious. Another one, wench.
Okay. Sir Cole,
that's kind of an offensive term.
We call them servers.
- No offense intended, fair server.
- Sorry.
Another round, prithee.
You got it.
So, do you have a wife and kids?
Or fair maiden
waiting for you back at home?
Well, years ago, I did.
I could not marry the Lady Matilda
until I've fulfilled my quest.
Well, that sucks.
While I cared for her deeply,
I needed to do what was right.
A knight's first and foremost duty
is to honor his quest and king.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
Have a seat wherever.
What is it?
Nothing. Just...
my ex and his new girlfriend.
Well, I should thank the douche
for the garments he provided.
No, that's really not necessary.
You regard him still.
Regard him as a big mistake. Yeah.
He cheated on me with the wench
sitting across from him.
Then perhaps he deserves more
than a show of appreciation.
No, sit down. You can't do that. Stop.
I assure you I can.
No, you don't understand.
That's not the way
things are done nowadays.
There are literally laws against it.
The rules of gallantry are much changed
when a deserving scoundrel cannot
be put in his place.
But it's probably best not to do it
while you're wearing
his Christmas sweater. So...
How's this for
a passport photo?
Josh? You're home.
A magic box that makes merry.
Just like the Old Crone foretold.
Hi. What can I do for you today?
If minstrels are more to your liking,
just say, "Alexa, play Christmas carols."
Here is Christmas Carols.
Where is this lady Alexa Play
that you speak of?
She's right here.
Tell her what you want.
Anon, my lady.
Good night, Sir Cole.
Lady Alexa Play...
I want my horse.
Here's "One Horse Open
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, Jingle bells,
jingle all the way
Lady Alexa Play,
I want to fulfill my quest and return home
for my brother's knighting ceremony.
Here is "O Holy Night".
O holy night
The stars are brightly...
Lady Alexa Play, away with you.
Here is "Away in a Manger."
- Hello.
- Good morning.
I hope I'm not too early
to storm the castle.
Just wanted to drop by a few
costume changes for your prince charming.
He thinks he's a knight,
Madison, not royalty.
Those wouldn't happen to be
banana nut muffins from the pastry house?
Hey, hands off.
Your knight gets first pick.
So, I can't wait to meet your mystery man.
Well, let's go.
Good morning, my ladies.
Sleep well?
I am afraid not,
as your picture box
had me enchanted for most of the night.
This must be your sister.
Yes. Madison, this is Cole.
I see the family resemblance
in your lovely visages.
Well, I brought you a little breakfast
and a few things from my boutique.
Most appreciated.
- Okay. Well, Madison has to leave.
- I do?
- You have a boutique to open, remember?
- I do. Yeah.
It was lovely to meet you, Sir Cole.
And you, too, my lady.
- Oh, my God. He's gorgeous.
- Okay. Bye.
- What...
- Bye.
Find anything in those bags you like?
Sir Cole?
What do you think
of these awesome new threads?
They're straight fire.
What happened to Alexa?
I could not make her stop,
so I banished her to the night air.
You know,
you could have just turned her off.
Well, I was frustrated
and I felt the punishment fit the crime.
Modern technology is lit AF.
Well, it sounds
like your memory's coming back.
I had the opportunity
to study your dialect
with the pictures on your magic box.
It is most informal and nonsensical.
For instance,
how is it permissible to call one's friend
mom, dad, king, queen,
babes, sis, bro or bae?
And by the looks of it,
you've become quite the binge-watcher.
Well, if that means captivated
by these picture boxes, then yes.
What say you and I binge-watch together?
Come hither.
I don't know. I have so many
Christmas chores I have to get done.
Sherwyn, you came back.
Remember, you have until midnight,
the eve of Christmas
to fulfill your quest.
I'm well aware, Old Crone.
What exactly is my quest?
Open your eyes.
You'll find it right in front of you.
But they are open.
All will become clear
when you learn to open you heart.
Stop talking in riddles, Old Crone.
What does that mean?
- My sword.
- Are you okay?
I fear I must have had
a wicked night terror.
So much for one more episode.
Man, I'm aiming for a much more
productive day ahead.
Oh. Hum...
Those were my mom's
special Christmas decorations.
I haven't been able to open it. Just...
so many memories.
I moved home after she got sick,
and my dad passed away
a few months after she did.
I'm sorry.
You know, I... I haven't seen my mother or
father since I was sent away as a squire.
But I carry them and...
all my memories here.
Maybe it's time I opened it up.
Mr. Ginger Snaps.
You know, every year my mom would make
a little something special for me
to find under the Christmas tree,
like a handmade broach
or a knitted pillow doll.
Half the fun was just
finding it hidden in the branches.
You know, my mother was also a seamstress.
She made all our clothes.
Sounds like our moms
would have gotten along.
You said that you
were knighted by King Edward III.
He ruled in the 1300s.
A most formidable and admired king.
Do you know what year it is?
The picture box said it's 2019.
The sun rises every morn,
and the moon dies
only to be reborn each month,
and it does so
whether I understand them or not.
I have traveled here,
and it matters not if I understand how.
But you know time travel
isn't a real thing, right?
In the 1300s or now in 2019.
Well, by that logic, only things
that you comprehend are possible.
Well, I suppose you're right.
I'm sorry, Sir Cole.
You know...
you really don't need
to call me Sir Cole anymore.
But I thought it was a term of respect.
Oh, it is.
Formalities can cease now that we're...
more familiar.
Well, okay then, Cole.
What might this mutilated mess be?
It's my Christmas tree.
We just have to set it up.
It's as contrived as the creatures
that adorn your cottage.
Take me to the forest.
I will show you a real tree.
Where I come from,
we adorn the tree with candles and fruit.
Then come Christmas morn,
my brother and I would awake to find an
orange and a halfpenny on our bedclothes.
Orange and a halfpenny?
Guess no need for a gift receipt.
When I turned seven,
I apprenticed as a page boy.
I was fortunate Lord Ganley
was kind enough to allow me
to return home at Christmas each year.
- It must have been hard.
- It was all I knew.
Then at the age of 14, I became a squire
and was sent to Lord Townsend's castle
until the age of 21 when I was knighted.
Ah, this one looks hearty.
Yeah, it does.
I'll get one of the employees to help.
What fun is fetching a Christmas tree
if you allow someone else
to do all of the fetching?
If he can do it, I can do it.
You see that?
Might I ask you a personal question
regarding your dalliance with the douche?
Well, just how serious was it?
Because if he broke your
betrothal and ruined you,
I believe it is my quest
to see him run through.
No. He is not worth it.
Truth is I kind of knew he wasn't the one.
I just kept hanging around, hoping
he would grow
into the man I wanted him to be.
But he caused you great distress.
Two years.
I tried everything but it wasn't enough.
Well, might I say he was a boiled-brained
cod piece to choose any other over you.
I... haven't heard that one before,
but... thanks.
A knight speaks the truth at all times.
Brooke, I was wondering if you might
be so gallant as to lend me your steed.
My car?
So, you remember how to drive?
I've tamed all sorts of beasts in my day.
Yours is no different.
Well, okay, I guess.
Do you know where you're going?
Not exactly,
but I'm determined to find out.
Yeah, you... I don't think
you need the windshield wipers.
Got it.
Are you sure you remember how to drive?
Yes, just warming up.
He'll be fine. It's fine.
Old Crone.
Begging your pardon, my lady.
Hey, buddy. Can you maybe
stop calling my wife an "Old Crone?"
You look at little lost.
Indeed. I fear I'm no close
to becoming a true knight
than I was before the Crone sent me here.
A wise woman that presents herself
in various disguises
to test the heart of knights.
You must be one of those method actors.
You really get into our roles.
Well, a knight is always pure of heart.
Alas, I fear I am no close to achieving
my quest than I was the moment I got here.
I'd like to say
that it's the joy of Christmas
that reminds us of the faith we need
to sustain us throughout the year.
You know? Failure only happens
when you give up.
With hope and determination,
well, they fuel champions.
Thank you for your wise counsel,
Father Christmas.
My pleasure.
Damn, I'm good.
Merry Christmas! Let's see those lists!
- What? Oh, my gosh, there's so many.
- Yay! He's here!
Oh, good Lord.
Cole. Officer Stevens said he found my car
abandoned on Main Street. What happened?
Are you okay?
Alas, I...
fear I'm yet to discover my true quest.
What, as in fighting dragons
or pulling magic swords out of the stone?
I fear you've watched
far too many pictures
on your magic box that makes merry.
A knight's true quest
challenges his innermost weakness.
Well, then what is your weakness?
I say this with you,
my lady, I do not know.
And I have only until
midnight Christmas Eve.
You know, growing up,
my father used to say,
you can achieve anything in life
if you want it badly enough.
Brooke, it is my sincerest vow.
I want this more than anything in life.
Then you have
nothing to worry about, Cole.
Christmas is still five days away
and I have no doubt
you will achieve your goal.
Your faith is much appreciated.
Come on, let's go home.
Well, in that case, I...
best give you the reins to your steed.
I fear she's the loyal type
who answers only to you.
Good thinking.
That cannot be my England.
It's a live-stream view
of the Tower of London.
That's an extraordinarily
large number of prisoners.
No, they're not prisoners.
They're tourists.
It's an attraction now.
People pay money to have a look around.
Honestly, what next?
Just hold that thought.
- Hello.
- Hello. Are these for me?
- Yeah.
- They're beautiful. Thank you.
Yeah, so we would have
brought you some cookies,
but someone decided
to share them with half the neighborhood.
Well, that is what Christmas is all about.
Are you really a knight?
Aye. I am.
Can girls be knights?
- No.
- Yes.
Girls can be whatever they wanna be.
Cool. Will you teach me
how to swordfight with a real sword?
I don't think so. You're too young
and it's too dangerous.
Well, fear not.
When I was her age,
we used to learn to fight
with sticks of wood
to avoid serious injury to life or limb.
Well, who is ready to get
this tree-trimming party in order?
- Yes.
- Me.
Let's go.
Your grandma and grandpa
picked this up on their trip to Aldovia.
How is this?
She's leaning a little far to the right.
That's perfect.
Aside from the fact that he believes
that he's a knight from the 14th century,
I'd say Cole's the whole package.
No, but he... He is pretty convincing.
I'm sure once he gets his memory back,
we'll figure out that
he's just a medieval enthusiast.
I don't know, Mads.
What if Cole really is who he says he is?
Like what if there are things
beyond our comprehension?
What do you mean, like time travel?
Then I would say you both
need to get your heads examined.
I will say this about the guy...
he is very sweet and charming.
Yeah, I'd say.
We sure could use a whole lot
more Coles in this world.
I will drink to that.
Now remember,
always defend and protect your weak side.
Okay, kiddo.
Time to say good night to the good knight.
- Thank you.
- No.
Good night.
That's called a fist bump.
Yes, but we knights shake hands
to prove we're weapon-free.
- Good night. I love you.
- Love you, too.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Excuse me. Who started this fight?
Apologies, my lady Brooke.
I came out to get a little sparring in
and it appears I got
a little bit carried away.
Yeah, you think?
Looks like we've
got some cleaning up to do.
I wouldn't mind helping.
Of course not. Hi.
Hi. What do we have here?
Oh. Hum...
Well, Cole is one of the cosplay knights
at the Christmas Castle
and was just practicing his routine.
Good morn.
- Cole, this is my neighbor, Allyson.
- Charmed.
A pleasure.
Actually, I just popped by
to see if you're free tonight
to do some
Christmas caroling with friends.
While the... It is an honor,
I must respectfully decline,
as I'm previously committed.
Ah. Well,
another time, perhaps?
- Bye.
- Bye.
- See you.
- Toodle-pip.
Lady Allyson seems
to have you green with envy.
Okay. First off, she ain't no lady.
In high school,
she was voted Biggest Flirt.
Trust me, she's no damsel in distress.
And yet, she distresses
the damsel before me,
which is why I declined her invitation.
Since when are you previously committed?
Well, the moment a kind and fair maiden
opened her doors to me.
The scoundrel James did...
How would you put it?
Really did a number
on your self-esteem, babe.
I don't know about that, but...
I mean, I guess I did walk away
with a few trust issues,
but how could I not?
A knight always keeps faith.
It's part of our code.
What else is part of your knight's code?
A knight is sworn to valor and virtue.
His blade defends the good,
and his might upholds the weak.
His temper shall be led by patience
and his kindness
will give aid to those who seek it.
I have a favor to ask.
I'm going to need
as much help as I can get
to pull off this year's
Christmas Eve feast.
You in?
I'm at your service day or night.
Thanks for watching the little ones.
Oh, anytime. Excited to see
how the feast comes together.
Same here.
Will, Lily, behavior yourselves.
Hey kids, come on in soon
for some hot chocolate.
Where are your gloves?
They don't keep my hands warm.
Can't you ask your dad
to buy you new ones?
He gets really sad
when we ask for new things.
Here. You can have these. I have others.
I can?
So, how did this
charity event get started?
As a kid, my mom and dad
hosted a Christmas Eve dinner each year
for friends and family
with nowhere else to go.
After they passed away,
I wanted to keep the tradition alive.
How altruistic.
Well, Christmas
is about giving back, right?
So, as the event continued to grow,
we started selling tickets
to donate profits to those in need.
- Hello.
- Oh, Eileen.
Please tell me that's what I think it is.
Yes, my homemade peppermint bark.
And I made so much this year,
Fred suggested I rent a cement mixer.
Where is Fred?
He's normally a staple at these events.
Yeah, he pulled his back,
and nothing seems
to be relieving the pain.
I swear we've tried everything.
Try wrapping his haunch bone
against a hot cloth.
Hot as he can bear it.
Then add a healthy dose
of boiled red ox gall, pork fat and cumin.
Except that.
Eileen, this is Cole. He's not a doctor,
but comes from
the land of the holistic approach.
I assure you,
this remedy will allay the pain.
Knights have used it for centuries.
Well, I suppose I could give that a try.
Shouldn't hurt anything.
- Well, it looks good on my side.
- Okay. Hold it there.
All right.
- I can take that for you, Brooke.
- Oh, thank you, David.
You know, I'm so grateful
that you're here. I just...
I think it's so amazing
you find the time to volunteer.
I know you have your hands full.
I want my kids to know
it's important to give back.
You're a really good father.
His daughter is best friends with Claire.
He's a good man.
Hey. I need to run to the market to grab
a few things for the Christmas Eve feast.
- Care to join me?
- Indeed.
Oh, no sword.
Just leave it.
This is truly a bounty
unlike anything I've ever seen.
Yeah. I suppose even I take for granted
how lucky we are.
Where I come from, markets
consist of game, vegetables and bread.
This must be that delicious mead
I've grown so fond of.
Oh, yeah, that's the one.
But, Cole, we only need one.
I'm not hunkering down for the winter.
What else? Where is bread?
Oh... I...
We're just...
You really love that hot chocolate.
Here it is.
Why don't you grab eight bags
of dinner rolls? Right there.
You can never have too many.
Miss Winters.
Well, hello, Paige.
Getting ready
for the Christmas feast, I see.
I'm trying to.
Are you feeling any better
since last time we talked?
I've been thinking a lot
about our conversation,
and I'm really gonna try hard
to focus on my goals.
And I was thinking maybe,
you can give me an extra credit assignment
to help bring up my midterm.
I'm sure we can figure out something.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- Okay. Good luck with the feast.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Cole? Cole,
I said eight bags and nothing
about sampling them first.
You can't serve that to your guests.
It tastes like cockhead.
Okay. Well, then what do you suggest?
Guide me down the path
containing flour, yeast and butter.
You know, I'm really not the best cook,
so why don't we just
stick to the next best thing?
That would be me. I am a butcher,
baker, a candlestick maker.
Of course you are.
Mom, can Lily and I
go play outside in the snow?
Oh, I don't know you guys.
It's snowing pretty hard.
Please? Just for a while.
Claire's gonna teach me
how to fight like a knight.
Okay, fine.
What's a little play date
without a little sword play, right?
Hey. Hey, you, come back.
Where are your red gloves?
I gave them to Lily,
because she didn't have any.
That was very sweet of you, Claire.
Any mismatches? Yes.
Here you go.
- Bye.
- Stay close, please.
Where did you learn how to bake?
As a squire,
I was assigned for a time to the kitchens.
Griselda, the baker,
was a harsh taskmaster,
but I learned much at her side.
How long did you work in the kitchens?
A couple of years.
It was there I honed
my fencing and fighting skills,
and learned to play the lute.
You really are a Renaissance man,
aren't you?
Jeez. It's turning out to be
a real blizzard out there.
Now comes the magic ingredient.
Can't have yuletide bean bread
without the bean.
But does it add flavor?
Not at all.
Legend has it the one who finds the bean
is crowned king or queen of the feast
and gets to make a Christmas wish.
But the dough will fail to rise
if you continue to wrest it
like a dragon slayer.
Not so difficult.
No. Not so difficult at all.
Oh, it's my sister.
Hey, Mads, what's up?
Okay, calm down.
- We'll be there in a minute.
- What's wrong?
Claire is missing.
David and Officer Stevens
are out looking for them,
and they told me to stay close
in case they come back, but I...
It's okay. They couldn't have gone far.
It's okay.
It appears they went this way.
Don't worry, I pledge
to bring them back safe and sound.
- Lily!
- They went this way.
Are you sure?
I spent much of my life
riding and tracking through the woods.
The signs are always there
if you look close enough.
That's a fresh mark from a glove.
Claire knows not to come
to Blue Limestone unsupervised.
Oh, no.
Not the lake.
- There.
- Help!
- Help!
- Lily, we're coming!
- There you go, lassie.
- Lily, what happened?
Claire and I got lost,
and Claire slipped on the ice,
and it cracked.
I'm scared.
Listen to me very carefully.
I need you to stay where you are.
Cole, be careful.
- Do not fear.
- The ice.
Claire, have you ever seen a snail?
Now, I need you
to pretend you're a snail right now
and crawl slowly on your belly to me.
Slower, little snail.
I need you to be the slowest snail
that ever crawled the earth.
That's it.
That's it. Almost there.
That's it.
I've got you.
Be careful now.
Claire, your mother is frantic.
Aunt Brooke, I'm so sorry.
We got lost in the snow.
It's okay. We found you.
It's okay.
Let's get the young'uns home.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I'd like to say this about you, Sir Cole.
What you did today
was pretty valiant and heroic.
So, now you see my duty is similar
to yours, as I now understand.
To protect and serve.
Lily's dad wanted to thank you
for coming to our rescue.
Oh, it would be my honor.
Well, it certainly looks like
his memory's not coming back.
No, I guess not.
But who are we to tell him
he's not who he says he is?
But do you really think going along
with this little delusion
is helping the situation?
It certainly did today.
For finally fulfilling your quest.
I guess now you can return home for
you brother's ceremony as a true knight.
I think not.
But if it wasn't for you, then...
Today may have been a small act of valor,
but I fear not enough to fulfill my quest.
I don't get it. What is it going to take?
The Crone spoke in riddles.
It had something to do with my heart.
Unless I can find
meaning in that, well, I...
could be stuck here forever.
Would that be so bad?
Well, I might have thought so before...
Evan, you're home.
Yes, we settled the case.
and when I got off the plane,
I had dozens of voicemails from Madison.
This is Cole, a new family friend.
Nice to meet you, Cole.
And you.
We were just on our way out.
Madison's upstairs
putting Claire to sleep.
She'll fill you in.
Perfect. Any chance
that you can hide these at your house?
Oh, yeah. Of course.
- Claire's a snoop, huh?
- No, your sister is.
Can you believe it?
Christmas Eve is tomorrow.
I don't understand. Why are we here?
I've been here twice already
and both times come up empty.
Maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes.
Look, the Crone
sent you here for a reason,
so there must be
something quest worthy.
I don't understand.
Then how is a prospective suitor
supposed to prove
his worthiness to a lady?
I don't know.
But I will let you know
the minute I find out.
I'll say this.
Romance in the future
is much more complex than days of yore.
Well, if it means anything,
I prefer yore over mine.
Two hours, two hot cocoas,
and yet nary a quest in sight.
My bad. I figured it was worth a shot.
Hello. I was just on my way
to get one of those.
Oh, you should. They're delicious.
He loves them.
Stop, thief! Quick! Lend me your sword.
It's only rubber!
Return the lady's purse
or suffer the consequences.
Take it.
Where I come from, thieves
are strung up by their thumbs and hung,
or we save the hangman the rope
and cut off his hands
so he can never steal again.
I believe this is for you.
Oh, thank you.
Wait, Bruce Douglas?
Well, what do you think?
- Should we let him keep his hands?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Do you understand your rights
as they've been read to you?
Yeah, just keep
that crazy sword guy away from me.
Well, you're turning into quite
the natural at this game, Cole.
You know, you should
consider joining the force.
It would be an honor
to ride and serve alongside you.
Of course you'd have to pass
the psych exam first.
Well, I shall study for it night and day
until I'm well prepared.
Good job.
Thank you, Brooke.
I don't know. I'm just
beginning to wonder what I'm doing here.
I just... I don't get it, Cole.
You mean to tell me
that single-handedly capturing a thief
still isn't quest worthy?
I'm beginning to wonder whether being
a true knight is my destiny after all.
Okay, hold on. I'm calling
a big timeout on that negativity.
You promised me
you wouldn't give up faith.
And it ain't over
until the Old Crone sings.
I believe in you, Cole.
Never were there
four little words that managed
to wrap my weary heart
into a warm blanket.
Thank you, Brooke.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Lady Alexa Play, play "Deck the Halls".
Here's "Deck the Halls".
You know, this place is lucky
to see me microwave ramen.
Thank you.
I can't remember
the last time it smelt so homey.
This all brings me right back to my youth.
That's an amazing youth.
Oh, wow. Look at you two.
Well, I don't want to interrupt.
I just wanted to bring you this
to show our appreciation.
And here is your suit for tonight.
It's mead.
- Madison, that's so thoughtful.
- Thank you.
I'm learning from my little one.
Hey, do you know that the other day
she gave her mittens to David's daughter
- 'cause the poor thing didn't have any?
- What?
Claire has a kind heart.
Like her aunt, like her mother.
You know, David's wife passed away
last year after a long illness.
He has four young kids
and holds down two jobs
just to keep a roof over their heads.
That's truly a tale of woe.
Yeah, and still after all that
he makes time to volunteer
because he wants his kids to know
how important it is to give back.
He sounds like a man of pure heart.
Perhaps that's what the Old Crone
meant by her riddle.
Maybe I found my quest after all.
This fancy neck ribbon
seems more like a torture device.
Perhaps I can help.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
It's just you look...
positively radiant.
Why, thank you.
And you, my knight
in shining cashmere wool blend...
Well, the costume fits okay.
I'm having a little trouble
with the neck ribbon.
It's called a tie. Here.
I actually have no idea what I'm doing.
I have something for you. Stay here.
Okay. Close your eyes
and hold out your hand.
I've played this game once with my brother
and I got slimed by a toad.
It's not a toad. I promise.
Just... Come on.
Okay. Open them.
It's an orange.
You remembered.
And we don't use halfpennies anymore,
but that's an American half dollar.
This means more to me
than words can express.
Thank you, Brooke.
Wow. A text in all caps!
- We should go.
- Okay.
- Well, Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas to you.
And I just wanted to tell you
that your yuletide bread
is the hit of the feast.
Well, thank you.
It's an old family recipe.
Legend has it, the one
who finds the bean gets to make a wish.
Oh. Well, I'll be on the lookout.
And how is your husband's aching back?
I trust my ointment did the trick.
I'll say. Yeah... Here he comes. Just...
Just tell me how to hit the off button.
Okay, Fred. All right.
- Merry Christmas Eve.
- Merry Christmas Eve.
You look beautiful.
- Oh, thank you. So do you.
- Come here, you son of a gun.
Is this some kind of
Christmas wrestling tradition?
I'm guessing Evan found out
how you saved his daughter yesterday
and just wants to thank you.
You're very welcome, sir.
- I think we should get things started.
- Oh, yeah. Okay.
Welcome everyone
to this year's Christmas Eve feast.
My mom and dad used to say that
Christmas spirit is about
kindness and compassion towards others.
And never has that sentiment
been more true than
at this year's Christmas Eve feast.
Enjoy, everyone!
I wish we had a Christmas tree like this.
Yeah, but what's the best thing
under any Christmas tree?
- Love.
- That's right.
David, if you'd all come with me.
Come on, guys. Come on.
What's going on?
Will, Lily, Taylor, Reed,
I understand you've
all been quite good this year.
Yes, it appears this year
Father Christmas,
Santa made a slight miscalculation.
Well, he accidentally
brought all of your presents here
rather than your home.
That's... That's for us?
Yes, they are.
Get in there. Open them up.
Dad. Santa brought me a new bike.
Daddy, look, a new coat and new boots.
And... this is for you.
Oh, no. I can't accept. This is too much.
No, this is what the feast is all about.
That's why the whole town pitched in
with presents, so that your kids and you
can have an extra
special Christmas this year.
I don't know what to say.
I know times are hard right now.
And we're here for you.
Thank you.
I promise to pay it forward when I can.
Well, from my eyes,
you already have.
We did good, Cole.
Surely your quest is completed now.
Well, I have one more promise to keep.
It appears we have
a nonbeliever in our midst.
A problem I plan on remedying posthaste.
Well, alrighty then.
See? I told you he was a real knight.
Look over here, kids.
- Cheese!
- Cheese!
Okay. Boys, come on.
Let's give somebody else a turn.
Come on.
Come on.
Face that way.
- Okay, squeeze in.
- Crowd in.
- Cheese!
- Cheese!
There we are.
Perhaps someone else
should care for a selfie?
I certainly wouldn't
turn down an invitation.
Look, Cole, mistletoe.
You know what that means?
The dung plant
that wards off evil spirits?
No, silly. It's tradition to kiss
if you're caught under the mistletoe.
Bad luck if you don't.
Something tells me you should save this
for someone you really care about.
Merry Christmas.
And to you.
Hey. Hon, we'd love to help you clean up,
but we got to get this little one to bed.
- Of course.
- Yes.
And I've gotta practice my surprise face
when I open up the box of slippers
Madison got me for Christmas.
- They're not slippers.
- Yeah, I figured.
Sleep tight, kiddo.
Oh, Brooke, we've got this handled.
You enjoy the rest of your evening.
Oh, Eileen, you're the best.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, sweetie.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
I'll see you guys.
I'll see you guys.
You summoned me, sire?
Indeed. I was hoping
you might enlighten me
on the fact of a certain
Christmas tradition.
Oh. Okay.
From what I gather,
it's bad luck if a couple don't kiss
whence they find themselves underneath it.
Oh, well, it's probably
just some silly old wives' tale.
But why risk it?
Cole, your medallion.
The Old Crone.
Well, what does it mean?
Well, it means we must go.
Come. Quick. Take me to your trusty steed.
This is where I arrived,
so it must be my way back.
Back where?
Well, back to my home.
Oh, well,
then you've fulfilled your quest.
You're a true knight?
Well, I should be forever grateful to you.
While my heart
is heavy saying goodbye, I...
I have no choice.
I must return home for my brother's
knighting ceremony. It's...
It's my duty.
No, I understand.
It's the knight's code. You have to go.
No matter what...
no matter where I am...
I hereby pledge my service to thee.
You're not making this easy, Cole.
You helped me believe in myself.
For that,
you'll forever be in my heart.
Fare thee well, my Lady Brooke.
Goodbye, Sir Cole.
What? Cole?
Miss Winters.
You will never believe what happened.
Grayson is begging me to take him back.
- Oh?
- Right?
I told him to forget it,
because true love
only exists in fairy tales.
And from now on,
I'm only focusing on my goals.
Paige, I was wrong.
But you said...
No, not about your goals. That's good.
But about true love.
It does exist.
You know, it may not
come around that often, but...
when it does, you'll recognize it.
When someone loves you
completely for who you are,
and you want what's best
for them, too, even...
Even if it means it's not with you.
Oh, sorry.
That's okay.
- Merry Christmas, Miss Winters.
- Merry Christmas to you, too, Paige.
The magic bean.
I wish Cole was still here.
- My lord.
- Yes?
Your horse returned without you days ago.
We searched and searched
but feared you were lost in the storm.
I was, yes.
The ceremony should begin soon,
then I shall seek my quest.
I made it back in time.
If I may offer you some advice.
By all means.
Be kind to all you meet.
It was a crone who urged me
to seek my quest with my heart,
that a true knight could emerge.
And are you a true knight?
I am.
Huzzah! Then let us celebrate
over a tankard of ale.
my heart also led me to my lady Brooke.
You're in love.
I can see it on your face.
I believe so, yes.
I was a fool to have left her.
What is this?
My weakness was not realizing sooner.
You must go to her.
But your knighting ceremony.
Is of no importance
in comparison to matters of the heart.
I wish you well, always.
I carry you with me.
I carry you with me.
Away with you.
Go, find your fair lady Brooke.
If you're sure.
I am.
Good luck with the ceremony.
It's Christmas! Santa came.
Where's my stocking?
- It was there last night.
- Yeah, that's strange.
Where is it?
It's a puppy!
What... Did you...
No. Did you?
I'm gonna go make some coffee.
Merry Christmas!
Aunt Brooke, you'll never believe
what Santa brought me.
A puppy.
Wow. Really?
Yeah, you don't happen to know
anything about this, do you?
No, why?
Because neither do we.
Which means there's no explanation.
Yes, there is.
Christmas magic.
You swear you had nothing to do
- with this puppy?
- No.
So, Claire is right
and it's Christmas magic?
Well, just because you can't
explain something logically,
doesn't mean it can't happen.
Like your time-traveling knight.
Where is he, by the way?
He's... gone home.
I... I don't think
I'll ever see him again.
Oh, honey,
I'm so sorry.
I thought you two
had something really special.
Yeah, so did I.
Brooke, merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- You ready to open up some presents?
- And later,
Daddy's going to take us back
to the Christmas Castle. Wanna come?
- I...
- I know you're not feeling it,
but it's Christmas.
Crone! Old Crone!
I have need of you.
Love is the first and foremost
of all knightly virtues.
I understand that now.
It's love.
I beg thee, Crone.
Whatever it is that you desire,
I will do...
if you help me return to my truest love.
Very well.
You have proven yourself worthy.
While I may never understand
our Christmas miracle pup,
I have to admit, he's growing on me.
Hey, that's not a half bad name for him.
Miracle. What do you think
about that, Claire?
I already named him. Knight.
- What do you think, Aunt Brooke?
- It's perfect.
Where's Cole?
I thought he was going to join us.
Oh, yeah, sweetie.
He had to leave last night.
Why? I thought he liked it here.
Oh, he did.
He really did, but...
his calling was far, far away.
What's a calling?
It's a job. Like the business trip
Daddy just went on.
Oh. Then he's coming back then. Right?
I don't know, Claire Bear.
Hey, but I do know
we sure had fun while he was here.
It's Cole!
And he brought his horse.
- Delighting in your company.
- Cole, I thought you were gone,
like, for good.
Brooke, I should have realized it sooner,
you are my quest.
- I'm your quest?
- Yes.
And my heart is
eternally and devotedly yours.
If you will have me.
Nothing would make me happier,
my handsome knight.
My fair maiden.
You are going to miss being a knight.
What will you do here?
Perhaps I'll join Officer Stevens
and his order of present-day knights.
Or open my own bakery.
I can't believe you came back for me.
Wherever you are,
it's the only place I want to be.
I found Sherwyn.
Hi, Sherwyn.
- Wanna come for a ride?
- Sure.
Huzzah! To the quest!
Lord Seamus will get the door.
You truly are a handsome young knight.
Pray you help one as beauteous as myself?
One moment.
Sir Geoffrey Alexander Edward Lyons
at your service.