The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang (2019) Movie Script

Today, let me tell you a story.
Legends say that
once upon a time,...
demons, suddenly
invaded the mortal realm.
Leaving misfortune in their wake.
One day,...
a scholar appeared
from the heavenly sky.
He cast a magic field
with his brush out of thin air...
and captured the demons
inside his book.
Good demons were kept by his side.
Bad demons were sent
to the Demonic Abyss...
where they were
punished with thunderbolts.
Turned to ashes,
within the Gate of the Abyss.
Never to reincarnate again.
Wherever the
legendary scholar went,...
Demons were terrified,...
and fled in panic.
Is catching demons fun?
It's not fun at all!
What do you want?
Gassy. It's your turn!
Judgement of Yin and Yang!
Merciless Heaven and Earth!
The Way shall prevail!
The Black Dragon of Eastern Sea,
a onceamillennium demon,...
who brought chaos to mankind.
That's scary!
You like it?
It's great!
I wrote the whole story...
in this very book that I hold.
You take it home,
have your mother read it.
Discover the magical ending!
Sounds good?
Just 5 cents.
No money!
Not even 5 cents?
No money!
Scatter! Scatter!
Coming with no money?
My jaws been at it for 4 hours!
Let's go home
I'll ask my mother come.
Wait for me!
Bring money next time!
Leaving home with empty pockets!
What's with kids these days!
Wait for me!
Come quick! Quick!
What's this?
I heard a sound from this statue.
Remember to bring money next time!
Mr. Pu,
for only a few small pennies,...
you tell stories all day long.
Even my legs are numb.
So what if they're numb?
Did you scare them just now?
I did!
That's good, that's good!
My book will sell well.
I heard the antique store
was robbed.
The store windows
were locked from within.
A typical case of theft
via secret passage.
Chief Zhen,
according to my analysis,...
this case of theft,...
and the two jewelry heists
on the city's south,...
are the work of the same guy.
I believe this because
in each of the cases,...
he left behind
the same evidence!
Look at this!
Due to the wet,
tough texture of this hair,...
along with the temperature,...
the suspect should be...
four feet tall and heavyset.
What's more.....
He won't shower!
We can investigate
the three cases together.
Going by the frequency
of the incidents,...
the suspect will
strike again very soon!
Chief Zhen, our top priority...
is sending guards to
other stores with valuables,...
so we can catch him redhanded!
We'll solve this in one attempt!
Yan Fei,
going by your wild conjecture,...
it's no wonder that
I'm the sheriff...
and you're just
the assisting officer.
Am I wrong Chief?
There's but one possibility.
The criminal...
works at this store!
An inside job!
How could that be?
No chief. Wasn't us!
You're mistaken!
Was it you?
Or you?
lt wasn't us!
Or you!
Not me!
Hardy, Brawny, and Hunky.
Bring them to the station!
Beat a confession out of them!
Determine which guard
was on duty that night!
Sir! Our store is so small.
No need to guard it at night!
Chief Zhen, listen to me!
The jewels flew out on their own!
What did you say?
They flew out by themselves!
The jewels flew themselves out?
That's nuts! Somebody
helped themselves obviously.
Chief Zhen, that's.....
I'm keeping this as evidence.
Chief Zhen.....
Are you going to deal with
that crackpot Pu Songling?
He's telling stories of demons
again. He scared my boy!
You must give us justice!
Alright! Alright!
Yan Fei!
Chief Zhen!
I've got a job for you.
Find the wordbandit
scaring our kids.
Bring him to justice!
But what about the robbery case?
Find him instead.
We want justice!
Go with us tomorrow morning!
No sleeping! Wake up!
No sleeping!
"A gentleman is versatile"
"A gentleman is magnanimous"
"A gentleman is humble"
"A gentleman is always learning"
Come out!
"No demons in this world"
"Strengthen your heart"
"Dare to chase dreams"
"Love in your heart,
the ocean in your breast"
"Every spirit will become pure"
Stand straight!
"The demons in books
are all peculiar"
"All sorts of shapes,
no need to fear"
Lazy boys, take a timeout!
"Not to afraid of anything"
"Actually demons are sometimes
cuter than human being"
Time for lunch!
You must get justice for us!
Rest assured, I understand.
I'm here to serve justice.
Why aren't he listen?
Walk faster!
Knocked down? Get up!
Move away move away!
Why are you looking at chickens?
We shouldn't depend on him!
Just leave him here!
He is upstair!
Wait for me!
Hurry! Hurry!
You four are always one short.
Where's Hoggoblin?
Pu Songling!
You're Pu Songling?
That's him.
He told us a scary demon tale!
You're the one?
I'm Pu Songling.
Okay then, Pu Songling.
You frightened my boy again.
What were you thinking?
You have to make this right!
I'll definitely make it right.
Otherwise we won't leave.
Breezy, come out to
welcome our guests.
Welcome aunties and little
brothers, my visitors from afar.
This is my latest work.
And at an honest price,
a mere 5 cents.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Finally caught you.
The jewelry thief!
Hiding here!
Here, your money.
Thank you.....
Here is mine.
That's too much.
Here is your change.
You've also paid too much.
Here is your change.
Thanks to all the aunties
for coming to buy my latest work.
See yourselves out.
Go home to read it.
Nurture your minds.
Sorry for disturbing you.
Recommend it to your neighbours.
Thank you.
No need to send us off.
See you.
Yes, mother.
We're leaving now.
Thank you for coming.
Please take care.
Let's go home.
Hey, why are you leaving?
Weren't you.....
Weren't you demanding justice?
What is he saying?
You're Pu Songling?
Yours truly. And you are?
The sword of law.
Jinhua officer, Yan Fei.
Why are you laughing?
I've never seen
such a shabby officer.
Don't laugh!
Why is this gold bracelet here?
That's silver.
These are from the jewelry store.
You stole them, didn't you?
It's not really his style.
And that nasty hair
at the crime scene.
It's must be him then!
Stop playing dumb!
I'm taking you to the station.
Take a seat first.
Let's eat together.
I'll go with you after we eat.
Come on!
Have a pancake.
Show me your hands!
Still want to eat? In your dream!
Wrong end. That one.
No talking! Let's go!
Young man!
Young man!
You've got some nerve!
Listen, I didn't take the jewels.
But I know who did.
Let me tidy up first. And then,...
you get the thief,
I'll get the demon.
Hey! What kind of knot is this?
Two little rabbits.
We were eating. You're annoying!
A fart!
Where am I? How am I flying?
What is this thing?
Young man! Sit still.
Don't get up!
You old weirdo.
Where are you taking me?
Aren't we
catching the jewel thief?
What of it?
Soon you'll get your thief,
I'll get the demon.
What demon? What thief?
Explain yourself!
Keep it down.
Don't get so worked up.
Don't you know that.....
We've arrived at Jinhua County.
Who said that?
What's up!
Handsy, wake that boy up.
Get up! Get up!
Hurry it up!
Keep it steady!
That's more like it.
All that mumbling!
Where's the jewel thief?
Young man, don't get worked up!
Look, you're bleeding.
It's all because of that monster!
Where's the thief?
Over there.
I'll take you to
catch the thief now.
Aren't we catching a thief?
It feels like we're the criminals?
Where is.....
Look! Up there!
The bag is moving by itself!
Don't move!
Judgment of Yin and Yang!
What's that for?
I'm opening your Heavenly Eyes.
So you can see demons too.
Don't be afraid.
Don't move!
You can see it now.
Four feet tall, fat and heavy!
I was right!
He's getting away!
Yeah! Go after him!
Thief is yours. Demon is mine.
I missed you so much!
It must be tough
without me around.
You must pay a deposit
for your sweetheart.
Take it.
Did he bully you?
This tiny amount?
That's the first payment,
I've more at home.
Take it for now.
Playing games with me?
Look at you. You got slim.
Mr. Pig.
Are you having a poor appetite?
Let me tell you now.
We'll have some decent meals soon.
Without dowry,...
forget about
taking our Donna away!
my dearest fatherinlaw,...
go easy on me.
Tonight, if Donna and I
don't leave Jinhua County,...
that Pu Songling will
trap me in his bottle...
and seal me in
the Yin Scripture!
How's that my problem?
If I'm sealed inside,...
I'll turn to ash.
It'll be all over!
My sweetheart! My darling!
How can you live without me?
if I'm in the Yin Scripture,...
I'll come for you
even if I've turned to ash.
I'll haunt you day and night!
And you can forget about
the rest of the money!
Thief is yours, demon is mine.
Judgment of Yin and Yang!
No! No!
Who cares if we're tired?
Are you tired?
You two are tired?
Tired from what?
Halt! Stop!
What's that? Go! Go!
What are you doing?
We caught a thief tonight!
Thanks to the great leadership of
Liu Quanzhen! That's me!
Let's return to the station.
Chief Zhen?
And me too!
Who are you?
I'm Yan Fei.
Yan Fei? Look at him! Painted
like that. So funny. Let's go.
That thief.....
I caught him.
Yan Fei, let me tell you.
I gave you so many chances
but you always came up short.
take your wooden sword,...
and get out of my station.
Let's go!
Chief Zhen,
he's the first thief I caught!
Chief Zhen!
So what if it's wooden?
It's still in an official sheath.
If the station won't have me,...
someone else will!
I'll definitely be strong.
I'll definitely be strong.
I'll definitely be strong!
All that noise at this hour!
Are you going to let us sleep?
Sorry, auntie.
Miss, is this the place?
It seems spooky here.
We'd better go home.
I've heard
you possess a special mirror.
Looking into it at night
makes you more beautiful.
That's right.
Do you want to try it?
Name your price.
So beautiful.
Close your eyes.
Endless cosmos,
I call on your power!
Demons and Devils,
obey my command!
The unrelenting Yan Chixia.
Xiaoqian, let her go!
What did you say?
I didn't quite hear you.
I said let her go.
Fine. I'll just
capture a replacement.
You're so bullheaded!
I'm a demon!
If I don't consume human souls,...
I'll age and I'll die.
If you refuse to compromise,...
I'll help you.
Endless cosmos,
I call on your power!
Demons and Devils,
obey my command!
Endless cosmos,
I call on your power!
So kill me.
You owe me your life.
Kill me and your debt dies too.
I only want the Spirit Orb.
Don't let me see you again!
We are on different paths.
Nie Xiaoqian!
Xiaoqian! Nie Xiaoqian!
You Hoggoblin, you!
You really thought I'd nodded off?
I was just pretending.
Trying to flee?
What's wrong? Dead?
Not dead! This Great Immortal
isn't dead yet.
You call yourself Great Immortal?
A Junior Immortal then.
How should I punish you?
I'll behave, I'll change!
You? Your kind never change.
You should try
my new massage technique.
Now you have my attention.
What's special about it?
I only just learned it.
It feels wonderful!
You must try it.
If it's a trick, I'll seal you
inside Yin Scripture!
No reincarnation! Understood?
Come out!
Over here.
So dizzy.
Let me massage you.
Shoulders! Do the shoulders.
Feels good?
Sir, trotters aren't tasty!
Come here!
Scared me to death!
Sir, you know how to sew?
There are so many things that
you know nothing about.
You wouldn't stay
and behave yourself.
You escaped!
And fell in love with a donkey!
Sir, we truly love each other!
Come! From now on,...
I'll always know where you are.
Try and pull it off.
Donna! Donna!
Hey! This is a barren mountain.
There are no donkeys here.
Come on back!
Go reflect on your behaviour.
Everything here, tidy up for me.
Take the bottle.
Don't come out until I let you.
Well then.
What are you doing here?
Out of breath in the middle of
the night. What is it?
What do you want?
Please accept my three kowtows!
Oh no!
First kowtow!
Second kowtow!
Stop kowtowing. Get up!
I can't take you as my student.
But you must!
Why must I take you?
I want to be burlier!
You want to be a barrier?
Not a barrier, I mean stronger!
Then just go exercise.
I'll help you cook!
I already have a kitchen maid.
Stay there! Don't move!
Stand over there!
Let me sweep, teacher.
Don't move!
Young man.
Please take off
the useless junk you're wearing.
I was so careless,
but you came just in time sister.
So very tender!
The soul of a sweet
16yearold Jinhua County girl...
are in short supply.
Her soul is delectable.
Will you eat her now?
that unsophisticated man.....
Why not just forget him?
they grow hearts for nothing!
Even I'm better than that.
A demon with no heart.
Sister, can you just talk less?
What if...
I help you kill him.
Mind your own business!
Then I'll go to Jinhua County...
buy some liquor to
go with my meal.
Don't worry! I am here!
lt was this store!
Don't be afraid! I'm here!
Anyone here?
Don't be afraid!
Liu Quanzhen.
Who are the proprietors?
Where are they?
Looks like they aren't here.
I know!
So where's my daughter?
Dear, don't be anxious.
Liu Quanzhen, hurry and find out
exactly what happened here.
I looked around. There's
no sign of a fight or struggle.
Perhaps Miss Jade
eloped with someone?
Dear? What happened just now?
You fainted.
How could I faint at a time
like this? So where were we?
She eloped.
Why would our little girl elope?
Yes, or perhaps.....
Recently, girl kidnappers
have become a menace.
Girl kidnappers?
Sir! Sir!
Why are his eyes rolling?
Dear, what happened just now?
You fainted again.
I fainted again? Where was I?
Discussing kidnappers!
Of what?
Then I can put worry aside.
I mean our daughter!
A pack of lies!
How can there be girl kidnappers?
Liu Quanzhen! I'm ordering you!
Find the proprietor right away.
Get to the bottom of this!
Or I'll investigate
your whole family!
Sir, rest assured!
You know of my great abilities!
Every case in our station
was solved by me!
I'll give it my utmost!
Chief Zhen, he left.
Smell so good!
So many dishes!
All four of you are here!
Why don't you eat?
Food's getting cold. Eat! Eat!
Sir, after you.
Tasty! Who cooked?
Why are you still here?
Teacher, today I specially.....
Don't call me that.
You're not my disciple yet.
I kowtowed to you!
You didn't complete them.
Then I won't complete your title!
So? Is the food okay?
You cooked all these dishes?
Every dish on the table!
Not bad. Where's the chicken from?
From the coop where
Hoggoblin hid the jewels.
All the chickens are big and fat,
and so tender when roasted!
What did you say?
About the chickens.
I asked where the chickens from!
Chickens came from
the chicken coop!
That's my Lil' Yellow!
Teach, what do you mean?
Lil' Red!
The chickens have names?
Don't you have a name?
Stay there!
I must calm down.
You're in big trouble.
If he doesn't want it,
I'll take it.
There's chicken!
Hey! Hey!
Don't stop me! I'll eat it.
Who are you?
Who is this guy?
And how can he see us?
Mr. Pu opened his Heavenly Eyes.
I'm the Gatherer, who are you?
What exactly are you gathering?
Something big
happened in Jinhua County.
What's that?
County Chief's daughter, Jade.
What happened to her?
Disappeared at a mirror store!
Someone has gone missing again!
One more gone missing!
It's a major case!
I'm begging you guys. Be quiet!
I'm saying prayers
for my chickens! Pray that...
they reincarnate as chickens.
Mr. Pu, in Jinhua County.....
Don't talk to me.
County Chief's daughter
is missing.
It's a big deal in Jinhua County!
Teach! I'll buy you 10 chickens!
Lil' Red, Lil' Yellow.....
Yes 10!
I always desire justice.
Tidy up now.
Let's go to Jinhua County,
rescue Miss chicken!
It's Miss Jade!
Teach! Where are the demons?
Teach! That demon.....
The brush you used last time.
lt's the Yin Yang Brush!
Where did you get it?
On the ground.
From where?
Right there!
Teach! Can anyone use
the Yin Yang Brush?
You must cast spells.
Teach! Please tell me,
how do the demons look?
Do they all look fierce?
Are they...
particularly scary?
This way.
Demons are everywhere.
Everyone assumes
demons all look like that.
Actually, they look like this!
Let's go get the demon!
Pay up!
10 cents.
Don't want!
Sealed? If it's sealed then...
we can go home.
What are you doing?
I have an idea.
What idea?
Now it is opened!
A good idea!
Demon Aroma is strong here!
Demon Aroma?
I don't smell it.
Only a snout can sniff it out.
When did you get here?
This Great Immortal
comes and goes as he pleases!
Be careful! This is a crime scene.
It's human.
Hey! Hey!
A great beauty!
Don't run at the crime scene!
A young girl in her prime!
What did you say?
I found it! I found it!
I found it!
Sewed "Jade" on it.
That could be her handkerchief.
Give it to me! Give it to me!
Breezy, stop fooling around.
That's evidence! Give it!
Miss Jade?
She flew away!
Teach, let's hurry
and run after it!
Running around is detective work.
So you should go!
Teach, how do I get there?
She'll take you.
I'll investigate here.
Teach, I.....
Lord Wang, how's the food?
Take care.
Take care, sir.
Welcome, lovely lady.
Take care. Come back soon.
Boss, get me a a jar of liquor.
Take care, sir.
Careful! Watch your step!
Restaurateur, what kind of
quality liquor do you have?
We have plenty.
There's Tusu herbal wine,
Autumn Dew, and Hua Diao.
How about a jar of Hua Diao then?
A jar of Hua Diao!
Two persons coming up!
Such a beautiful mirror!
Too bad I can only
admire myself in it.
Poor girl inside it.
Someone of your beauty
is rare indeed!
Alright, that's enough. Here.
Miss, come back soon.
Thank you, sommelier.
another jar of liquor!
Okay! One jar of liquor!
Do you know that pretty?
You don't know her?
I thought you know her!
Take care, sir.
Tell me where Xiaoqian is.
Then I won't kill you.
Live your little human life.
Why must you bother my sister?
She shouldn't be a demon!
What's wrong with demon?
Being a demon.....
What's so bad about it?
I bear the burden
for my own sins.
Let me help you with that!
Endless cosmos I call upon.....
I'm ending this relationship
from your past life!
Is this man really worth it?
If he's still alive,
you can be a proper demon!
Sir, the demon is here.
Mirror Demon?
Where is my lower half?
Who touched my bottom?
Why is my lower half out there?
Off my legs?
I'll kick! I'll kick!
Why am I inside a mirror!
Dumb leg! Don't run!
My lower body! Don't run!
I need to find a way to get out!
And get the Yin Yang Brush!
I'll kick! I'll kick!
Not kicking me!
So dizzy.....
Caught you!
My head!
Oh, my Yin Yang Brush!
Come quick!
You'll regret it when
I have my Yin Yang Brush!
Feet! Come back here!
Merciless Heaven and Earth,
the Way shall prevail! Entrap!
You're up!
I'm Yan Chixia.
Thank you for saving my life.
Your injury is serious.
I think it's best
if you rest here tonight.
I wouldn't dare disturb you.
Thank you, sir.
Listen to my advice.
Teach! I found it!
A great demon!
Slow down!
It's at Lanruo Temple.
It's a.....
Female demon?
She's looking into a.....
Brass mirror?
She's doing makeup?
And then
she stuck her hand inside.....
The brass mirror?
And then that brass mirror
What happened to her?
I don't know! Who are you?
He's Yan Chixia.
Teach, he's..... How come?
Never mind. Continue.
The brass mirror exploded.
Scared me to death!
I ran back to tell you!
Let's get busy and
catch these demons.
Yes! Yes! Right away!
Let's go! Water!
May I join you?
I hope to be of some use to you.
Your injury.....
lt is nothing!
We must hunt the demons!
Let's go!
Yan Chixia.
No! Ning Caichen.
You brought them here to kill me?
Listen to me.
You can still become human.
A human or a demon,...
does it matter?
You two know each other?
So you killed my sister?
The Mirror Demon?
She was your sister!
How about I take you to see her?
Your life is mine!
Sir! No!
Teach! Careful!
Let me give you a smelly fart!
Sir! Help me
take the Spirit Orb out of her!
Loosen your grip!
I can only seal her
inside the scripture.
I can't take any Orb out of her.
Brush, the brush.
Over there!
You have the Yin Yang Brush!
You can do it!
Wait! Let me think.
I'm begging you!
Let me think!
Let me think.....
The brush!
Let go!
You can't trap Xiaoqian!
Let go!
Xiaoqian! Run!
Hey! Cut me down!
Cut me down!
Sir, I apologise.
Cut me down!
Forgive me and I'll cut you down.
Cut me down now!
Forgive me first.
Thank you!
Now cut me down.
Don't cut just one side.
Sir, are you alright?
Didn't you hear what I just said?
Sir? I didn't hear you clearly.
I told you not to
cut one side only!
Now I can hear you.
Don't touch me!
Help me up!
My poor bones.....
Get away!
Go save them!
Free this side!
County Chief! Look!
Not just Miss Jade.
All the girls that disappeared
in recent years,...
were sealed inside this mural
by demons.
Enough nonsense!
What's all this gibberish?
Sir, don't listen to him!
You three! Come here!
Take him away! Not to jail!
Take him directly to the hospital!
He's lost it!
Shut up!
He told you to shut up!
I meant you shut up!
Dear, can you feel that?
I can sense our daughter Jade.
She's saying, "Daddy!"
My heart is full of pain.
County Chief, Madam,
you don't need to worry.
If we can entrap the demons,...
then we can save your daughter.
Stop misleading people!
Sir, from my understanding,...
there are no demon
in the world.
I told you to shut up, didn't I?
You know how to capture demons?
My master can.
Fine, as of right now,...
you're the sheriff!
What about me?
Whoever can rescue my daughter,
I will.....
I will give him
her hand in marriage!
Teach, Ning Caichen hasn't
said a word since he returned.
He has a story behind him.
What story?
What is Breezy doing?
Breezy can erase memories.
And also revive them.
Let's take a look.
I was a Snake Demon.
I could only live in the shadows.
One day,...
I met Xiaoqian.
The shadow of a tree
shrouded her shadow.
So I entered her shadow.
I told her,
My name is Ning Caichen.
I'm a demon.
But she wasn't afraid.
She even smiled at me.
From then,...
I hide myself in her shadow.
Light and dark, human and demon,
it was all the same.
Then, one day,...
I said I want to be like her.
To walk outside the shade,...
basking under the sun.
She said,...
she will lend me her shadow.
So I gave her my Spirit Orb
in exchange.
I wallowed in
every ray of sunlight.
I didn't realise my mistake.
Mountain bandits
attacked Lanruo Temple.
Xiaoqian killed them all.
The Spirit Orb,
stained with blood,...
turned her into
a soulsucking demon...
who befriended
the Mirror Demon.
It was me.
I made her suffer.
I changed my name to Yan Chixia.
And I began capturing evil demons
for the Spirit Orb...
to increased my own power.
All so that one day,...
I can take back
my sinful Spirit Orb.
Then she can be human again.
Sir, I beg you!
Help me get back my Spirit Orb.
You can seal me
inside Yin Scripture.
If Xiaoqian can
just be human again.
If you hadn't returned,...
you wouldn't known
the pain of farewell.
Please help me find a way...
to save Xiaoqian,
and retrieve the Spirit Orb!
I'm begging you!
Teach! Please help him!
If she's plotting to
avenge her sister,...
she'll come to me.
If she wants to recover,...
she'll need the soul of
a 16yearold girl.
Yan Fei, your new sheriff title
may come in handy!
You dropped your sword!
Sir, will Xiaoqian really come?
Relax, just follow the plan.
When Xiaoqian shows up,...
Yan Fei will call out for you.
Then you can
retrieve the Spirit Orb.
Thank you, sir.
Caichen, stay here
and don't wander off.
Miss, who might you be?
Boss! You finally here!
Why are you just standing there?
My lord,
I've been waiting so long.
I've got the most beautiful girl
for you today.
You three!
Take care of the customers!
So foolish!
With the County Chief's help,...
the warehouse is revamped
as a restaurant.
There are showgirls too.
Take a seat!
Teach, today,
I've gathered here,...
every young woman
in Jinhua County.
When Xiaoqian appears,...
you must guarantee
the safety of every girl.
Bon appetite!
Hey! Stop!
Some attitude you've got!
They're customers!
I'm the sheriff!
You're only an officer!
Get out of here!
It's nothing! Eat! Eat!
Do you...
plan to trap me
inside Yin Scripture?
Give me the Spirit Orb.
I'll return your shadow.
After today,...
you'll be you,...
and I'll be me.
You wanted to be human,...
so I gave you my shadow.
Now I want to be a demon,...
but you begrudge
your Spirit Orb.
I was wrong.
I never minded that
you were a demon.
I also never regretted
becoming a demon for your sake.
The Spirit Orb is mine now.
It's been mine for a long time.
Don't forget what you just said.
After today,...
you'll be you,...
and I'll be me.
Listen to me.
I can't give you the Spirit Orb
that stained with blood.
Let me bear this pain.
Caichen, be a good person.
Have a drink, bottom up!
How dashing our dancers are!
Oiran is up next!
You can't tell?
Tell what?
That's Xiaoqian!
She's a demon! Everybody, run!
Go! Hurry, protect the girls!
Hurry! Run!
Let's go!
Daring demon!
You bad demon! Go to hell!
Stop pretending! Find Caichen.
You've been possessed!
Where is my brush?
Judgment of Yin and Yang!
Where's Caichen?
Caichen disappeared!
He isn't there!
Handsy, Hoggoblin, Breezy, Gassy!
Go find Caichen in Jinhua county!
Nie Xiaoqian!
If you continue like this,...
your body
won't be able to take it!
Shut up!
Go! Go!
Sir is out of his mind!
How will we find Ning Caichen
in such a big county?
He's there!
What are you doing here?
Sir and Xiaoqian
are fighting already!
Teach, what are you doing?
Entrap her!
The shadow isn't here yet.
We promised Caichen.
We can't capture her!
Let go!
Nie Xiaoqian!
I know you can hear me!
Return to your original form!
And return the Spirit Orb
to Ning Caichen!
We're free!
What is this place?
We can go home!
Where are we?
Let's go!
Xiaoqian! Where's Xiaoqian?
Don't disappoint Xiaoqian.
Live your mortal life
as best you can.
You promised me!
You take me!
It's not Teach's mistake!
Let Xiaoqian go!
Xiaoqian was spellbound!
You were supposed to capture me!
Kid, your turn!
You are the scholar Ning Caichen.
You're taking the imperial exam.
You're just passing through.
The dean is waiting for you.
You will gain official rank.
Have a wife and kids.
Be a good person.
What happened here?
Ah, yes! We just arrived too!
What happened here?
May I know your name?
We're strangers,
you don't have to ask my name.
That's right,
we don't know each other.
Then, I bid you farewell.
For what?
You cracked the case!
You can get promoted!
The great demon is captured!
Let's celebrate!
The great demon is captured!
Celebrate together!
The great demon is captured!
Let's celebrate together!
County Chief!
Starting from today,...
I'm formally
promoting you to sheriff.
You'll keep the peace in
our county. The job is now yours.
The responsibility is relentless.
Yes, sir!
And this is.....
This is Pu Songling. My Teach!
Your "Teach"?
"Teacher"..... Maybe later.
Thank the man who saved you.
Hero Yan,
thank you for saving my life!
Come inside, please.
Breezy, why show him his memories?
You wouldn't understand.
Only people who yearn for love
would understand.
Oh! Breezy wants a lover!
I shall tell sir once we get home!
Long pavilion
under the frosty cold sky.
How my hair turned grey
as the years passed.
I don't regret
my mistakes in this life.
I trust karma to
return in the next.
Wonderful poem!
Wonderful calligraphy!
The calligraphy is truly great.
Sir, please!
Come! Come!
Bottoms up!
Sir, you sure can drink!
I can't give you the Spirit Orb
that stained with blood.
Let me bear this pain.
Caichen, be a good person.
Who's there?
Yan Chixia!
I mean, Ning Caichen.
Didn't you go for the exam?
Endless cosmos,...
I call on your power.
Demons and Devils,
obey my command!
Judgment of Yin and Yang!
The Way shall prevail.
Gate of the Yin Scripture, open!
Hurry! Hurry up!
What's up?
What do you want?
Sir is being sealed by Fulu.
We can't touch it.
Only you can save him!
Execution time!
Why are you here?
I was always going to come.
You should leave.
You can't drive me away.
Go away!
You let me become human.
It's good being human.
I've enjoyed this life.
But now.....
I'll be a demon,...
you'll be human.
Execution time.
Let go!
Xiaoqian, let go!
Let go!
There he is!
Ning Caichen! How dare you!
You stole my Yin Yang Brush!
It took me decades to
catch those demons!
They've all escaped!
Return the Yin Yang Brush now,...
or I won't go easy on you!
Take it!
Where is sir? Where are they?
I'll fall! Catch me!
Sir, the snake split into two!
Help! Run!
Stop your mumbling!
I'll make a fart, you fire it up!
Gassy, over here!
Gosh, this snake is even bigger!
Handsy, fly over!
Teach, what is that?
The Gate of the Abyss.
What's the Gate of the Abyss?
Demons sealed inside
Yin Scripture...
turn to ashes
after passing through the Gate.
They won't reincarnate
for eternity.
Then we'll die there, won't we?
I bite your leg, I bite you!
I'll beat you!
Sir, catch it!
Sir, go to there!
You can cast spells once
you get to the Cardinal Gate!
Xiaoqian, give me your hand!
let's end it here.
Let's stop struggling.
This is the best ending
we could hope for.
As long as I can be with you.....
Even if I can never return,...
even if I turn to dust,...
forever wandering
the border of Yin and Yang,...
I'd still be willing.
Are you willing as well?
Finally they're together.
Innocent snake,...
pure and kind.
Leave this worldly existence,...
and return to Lanruo.
Teach, look!
Yan Fei!
Get up, disciple!
This is your third kowtow.
Put out the candles,
release the little birds,...
let's go!
Yes, Teacher!
Oh, the birds!
Teacher, you wrote the story of
Xiaoqian last night, right?
How does it end?
True love will prevail.
Teacher, will it be
dangerous to...
entrap the demon that
escaped the Yin Scripture?
Entrapping bad demons
is always dangerous.
Sit tight!
(The Strange Tales of Liao Zhai)