The Knower: Younis's Return (2021) Movie Script

In August, 1945, WWII
ended with the atomic bomb
This is what we know, right?
But this is not the main reason
That war could have
lasted another 3 or 4 years
"Lecture hall, a security agency
March 2020"
but for Alan Turing, the mathematician
who decrypted the Enigma machine
Enigma was a cipher machine
the Brits found in a German submarine
Turing could decrypt it and helped
the Allies decipher all German messages
"Cairo, November 2013"
That man could end a war
of weapons, but started a fiercer war
The information warfare
Starting that day
espionage has become the real war
Any info you get on your enemy
even if small or insignificant
will take you one step ahead
A weapon that can be used by any
country that can't buy real arms
but can train agents
After the advent of the internet
a new kind of spies appeared
A kind that evolves
quicker than any weapon does
Spies who don't
need to live in enemy states
We know them as hackers
"The hacker with the alias the Knower
breaks into a telecom company"
Hackers break into anything
Your phone, laptop, Facebook account
Your car, electricity, aviation
even PlayStation
Anything connected to the internet
"Egyptian hacker the Knower
exposes a corrupt businessman"
The most dangerous thing
about a hacker is that you don't see him
"The Knower breaks into the secure
systems of many major companies"
You can't tell where he'll hit
This has made hackers now
the world's most powerful weapon
A weapon anyone
can employ, for good or evil
To build or destroy
But regardless of what any weapon
can do, what is it in the end?
An inanimate subject
A slave
But you're not so
because the game is in here
Not here
You'll choose which path to follow
Good or evil
Will you gain from it, or let others gain?
Hackers are smart by nature
and often go astray
This makes them mercenaries
More like a weapon
a weapon in the hands
of conscienceless people
"Breaking: Downtown Cairo
Electricity Company Hacked"
"Access granted"
A group called "Circle Ten" is behind this
They're armed hackers
led by a guy called Rady El-Husseiny
He's on terrorist lists in many countries
He works for he who pays more
They're stationed at a factory in Imbaba
A heavily populated area
- We got the drone image
- Thermal cam activated
It shows nine elements in that location
We got ten minutes only to go in and out
Then, special forces will step in
We'll make little noise
I don't want any casualties
The data they got is what matters
M1, arrived
M2, arrived
M3, arrived
Cut the power off
First element down
Number two, area clear
Ground floor clear
Freeze! On the floor!
M2, go to the server room
Number nine is still alive
"Thermal view"
A moving object in the room to the right
Negative, sir, no room to the right
M2, there is a moving object
signal in the room to your right
Got yourself burned, Rady?
Nothing is burned yet
Everything will go up in flames
- Get out!
- Quick!
Element number ten arrested
"Algeria, January 2019"
"Derna, Southern Libya"
"God is Greatest"
"There is no god but Allah"
Allah is Greatest
Peace be with you
Peace and blessings be with you
Tell me what you think about traitors
Should they be allowed to repent
before being killed, or be directly killed?
Whatever you see fit, Maulana
What's your opinion about this, Ghazi?
You know best
about such things, Sheikh Abu Anas
- Get up!
- No, Maulana!
- Get up!
- No god but Allah! It's the last time!
We've been waiting for two weeks
but nothing has been done
You promised me
You gave me a list of aliases
Each lives in a different country
I already found two of them
Your men killed them
Because they didn't know
where the weapons are
Listen, Ghazi
I didn't see the names
on the list I gave you in a dream
It's all confirmed information
As long as I killed them, it means
they didn't know the weapons location
If you don't believe me, send one
of your men to ask those dead guys
Allah is Greatest!
There is no god but Allah
Listen, Ghazi
Breaking a promise is just like treason
I don't have time
or patience for such things
Abu Anas
I'm different
from all those men around you
I'll make you reach the weapons
I'm bound to reach the weapons
These weapons will change many things
I'm an impatient man
I'm waiting for what we agreed on
You got no excuse
No funeral prayer for him
Forsaking me means forsaking the faith
"Security Agency, Cairo"
Good morning, sir
- Morning, Morad
- Hello, Ibrahim
- Hello, sir
- Please
You called me "sir, this must be important
Our men in Libya
monitored a meeting held by Abu Anas
who traffics weapons into Egypt
This lead us to an important discovery
Isn't that the guy from Circle Ten?
He died in the Idlib explosion
Exactly, Rady El-Husseiny
aka Ghazi El-Assadi now
That explosion was
a cover-up for him to escape
Think this had to do with the hacking
attempts on us and other countries then?
Sure, his being alive
makes me suspect him
especially those hacking attempts
had the same Circle Ten methodology
Found out about the leaks?
I will find out
You must know who's behind
the hacking and who benefits from it
and the nature of Rady's
relation with Abu Anas
This is why I demand
the Knower to be summoned
Younis? He's been staying
at his home for two years
Get him involved in this? Really, Morad?
He's been away from the Agency
but not from my watchful eyes
"North Coast, February 2019"
Plus, Rady is an open book for him
Surely, you remember
how he arrested him before
Younis is an open book for Rady as well
Remember he targeted
him and his family before
It's like you're sacrificing him
He's the best for this operation
"The fierce fight over Libya's capital
Tripoli intensifying even further"
"following an air strike by the rebel military
on the city's only functioning airport"
"It is considering a temporary ban..."
Wake up!
Younis, wake up, it's twelve
Younis, get up, dude
Yes, Aramex delivered the new game
Okay, dear, sorry
Dad will sleep an hour
then wake up and play with you
Younis, you brought me
here during the vacation to sleep?
You'd have just left me with mommy
Sorry, dear, I won't sleep an hour
Let's sleep half an hour
then wake up and play a lot, come here
- Enough, wake up!
- Okay, I'm up
Hello, good morning
What's up? You called many times
early in the morning. What is it?
Where are you? My company's
system had a cyber attack
I tried to remove the Trojans, but lost
control of the keyboard, I can't type
It's a new Trojan called "I love you"
It just came out two days ago
Remove the code
ending with A045 from the registry
- Way to go, Younis
- Call yourself an engineer!
- Bye
- Bye
- What was that "I love you" code?
- None of your business
- This is my stuff
- You won't get up and play with me
- Playing will never end
- But the vacation will
Okay, Emad, make me
some coffee to focus with this girl
- Happening, sir
- You!
Your mom made you a big mouth
No, I take after you
- What to do now?
- Push X
I'll push X, here
- Coffee
- Thanks
- Step aside, Emad
- OK
Wait here
Good morning
- Yes?
- We'll talk standing here?
Come in
- Notified him?
- Sent him two officers, plus security guys
to give him your orders
and escort him back, sir
Dad's friends, Farida
My daughter Farida
Good morning, Farida
Why have they got identical outfits?
- Are you twins?
- Farida!
- That was rude, go in there
- Will you be long?
Not much
Get going
Sorry, as you can see
we got many important things to do
- Yes, we got important things!
- Farida
Get in there
Emad, get the gentlemen some coffee
No sugar
We have orders to summon you
Regardless of the orders
or who sent you, I'm not going anywhere
It's better to deliver this message yourself
Pour their coffee in plastic cups
They'll take it and leave. Please
Believe me, it's not
in our best interest to fall out
We're carrying out clear-cut orders
I refuse
This won't look good before the girl
Okay, have a seat
I'll go change
I got an equally skilled replacement
in case Younis refuses
He may be even better and more adept
Did I ask you for a replacement?
I assigned you to do something specific
- Confirmed info?
- Hamid El-Tarabulsy
Ex-Libyan officer, was living in Algeria
under the alias Ali Etman
Died two days ago
Police says it's a suicide, but our info says
he was one of those whose names
were leaked from Mr. Arafa's agency
This suggests it's an assassination
See what your two officers did with Younis
Calling twelve, 24 escaped
and is on the way to you, follow up
- Send a car for them 20:12
- Yes, okay, got it
24 got away
- "Going after 24"
- What do you want to listen to?
Anything but this noise!
- This game is better, isn't it?
- It's nice!
- Okay
- "Car description and license plate..."
"The consulate of an Arab country, Cairo"
Got an idea why I'm here
or do I need an introduction?
Arafa briefly talked with me
I'd like you to explain to me in detail
The Agency has been targeted
by a number of failed cyber attacks
These same attacks broke
into your system and Mr. Arafa's
Very important data was leaked
which has to do
with weapon trafficking in the region
"24 got away"
I want all this data
What hacking and what data
are you talking about?
The leaked data include
the names of ex-Libyan army officers
This is impossible
At least at my Agency
Mr. Jawad, I'm talking
about actual results on the ground
Jarir El-Ali, an ex-Libyan officer
was killed in London
Surely, you know him as he lived
in your country using another name
We know about this incident
We didn't have his name
Three days later
Hamid El-Tarabulsy was killed in Algeria
Another ex-Libyan army officer
These assassinations
are a direct result of the leaks
Mr. Morad, seems your source
needs to check their information
True an alliance takes common interests
but at times, in our work we cooperate
with those with opposing interests
Here I am, trying to find
common grounds for cooperation with you
I know, I'm sure of it
Otherwise, I wouldn't have come
to Egypt within 24 hours
after brother Arafa asked for a meeting
Sorry, I wish I could help you
Obviously, Mr. Jawad doesn't
have orders to cooperate with us
or maybe he thought
we'd talk about something else
As you say in Egypt
I've said everything I got
I believe the meeting is over
My presence is not needed anymore
I'll get the data I want, unofficially
What's up with Younis?
He escaped from them, sir
They informed him then
Sorry, I'll get my work done
and come back in a couple of days
- And the game?
- We'll continue it
But tell you what
Don't tell mom
what happened, it's a secret
Okay, Mr. Younis
What do you do exactly?
I work at a very big company
Company! Tell mom then
as she says you don't work
- Mommy!
- Dida, my darling
Your bag, dear, good night
- Thank you
- Why are you back?
It's nothing
Just a work problem I couldn't solve
Won't even spend the holiday with her?
I told you I got work problems
Work? It's more important than me
but not than your daughter, Younis
Later on, take time off
when you promise her something
Don't spoil your relation with her too
Excuse me
"Top fighter, took part in the special
forces squad targeting Circle Ten"
"Hackers and saboteurs were arrested"
Mr. Omar, a new attack is taking place
They're trying to bypass our firewall
but I can't pinpoint the hacker location
- to be able to deal with it
- Okay, we'll call you back
Want something to drink?
Won't you leave me alone?
When you used to come
see me you'd greet me first
I came back early especially for you
If you sent for me
in that annoying way for work, sir
I'm done, retired
Sit down, listen to me
Nothing new to listen to
I said what I got to say
How are Farida and Reem?
They're good
What are you up to now?
Trying to fix what you ruined in my life
- But I can't
- I don't believe this
I know you always do what you want to do
I can't bring back
those who died because of me
You didn't teach me that
People die when destined to, Younis
Only the weak
and losers focus on why people die
Right, the weak and losers
This is why I'm no good anymore
Not up to you to decide this
Mr. Morad, find someone
else to ruin his life
You never wondered, when I first met you
you were young and so full of yourself
and you'd hack dirty
businessmen websites to expose them
Why I didn't get you convicted?
Because I was of use to you
Right, but there are many
with your same skills
Those who want
to work with us are even more
I chose you because
nobody could buy you
Not for sale
Why did you leave
your wife and daughter?
Wanted me to stay with her?
How come?
What could I tell her?
The nature of my work with you?
Or that her parents died because of me?
Do you doubt that I fear
for you, your wife and daughter?
You feel guilty for the death
of two close people
Think then about
many other people who may die
if you don't do what you can do
Mr. Morad, don't make me
feel like a coward escaping from you
I served this country and paid the price
The price that only you and I know
Regardless of the reasons
I won't work with you again
End of text
Your car is downstairs, intact
Even if I tell you Rady is still alive?
Younis, get up, honey
You've been sleeping so long
Oh is it already morning?
I didn't have a chance to rest at all
You must be kidding
Sorry, I had work
I miss you
Same here
Is she asleep?
Yes, with my parents in their room
- "With my parents in their room"
- I'll go to sleep
Wait, sleep! I want to talk
to you about something very important
Dida emailed me yesterday
She was very upset
- Really? Dida emailed you?
- Yeah
She said "Younis, my only father"
"I want a brother to play with, I feel lonely"
- Really?
- You bet!
Stop it, my parents are asleep in there
It's super cool they're asleep in there
The girl is sleeping in their bed too
Much better than having her
coming here every night and bothering us
When she sleeps early, you come late
or just use your PC
I feel like it was your second wife!
Come on, would I have
a machine for a second wife?
- This was rude!
- I mean if I marry another woman
she'll be a stunner like you
- We can't, they may wake up
- We'll talk silently
- Sure?
- Play dead!
- Reem! Reem!
- Speak of the devil
Yes, mom
- Dida is feverish and threw up
- What?
I woke up and found her feverish
and she threw up
- She's running a high temp!
- Call a doctor
No, I'll take her to hospital
I'll just wear my shoes
- Give her to me
- It's okay
- I want daddy
- Let's go
Don't worry, kids always fall ill
- Come on, what are you doing?
- Getting some stuff
- Wait, I'll get dressed and come too
- No, you stay
- I'll ring you when I get there
- Put this on her, it's cold outside
- This hurts!
- Sorry, dear
- Keep us updated, Younis
- She'll be fine
Forgot my wallet
He went home yesterday
I think he irrevocably turned us down
He'll come
He just doesn't know yet
For now, the attack
was on my database port
I tried to locate the hackers
to handle them, but couldn't
So, I shut down the whole session
Open all possible hacking ports
Let them try to break into again
As expected, a point net was made
which was routed to another session
- I'll try to locate them
- Nice having you around, Younis
Very high traffic, Younis
Explain to me what's happening
- Some files are being leaked
- What've you been doing then?
What have you reached?
They hacked the system, sir
What are you doing? It's over
Can you determine the leaked data?
He couldn't locate the hackers
will he know what was leaked?
What's this? All leaked files are shortcuts
The attack is from Sofia
but I can't pinpoint the exact location yet
And the leaked data?
All fake, sir
I sent it to locate them
Reached him?
Trying, sir, but their system is difficult
It doesn't accept any non-Bulgarian IP
Use a fake Bulgarian IP to have access
They listed all IPs allowed to have access
Say you got ten kids
I can't tell you that you have eleven
But I can tell you I'm one of your kids
"Try harder next time
The Knower"
Younis Abdel Hamid
Abdel Megid El-Hennawy
Living in Jordan as Hemdan El-Salih
Only come back
after finding out the weapons location
Tell the men to keep their eyes wide open
I'll come visit them in Egypt soon
Take the first flight to Belgrade
using a British passport
Take a train from there to Sofia
"Sofia, Bulgaria"
One of our men
will be waiting for you at the station
to facilitate your mission
God be with you
"Train station, Sofia, Bulgaria"
I love you, never loved anyone more
How come?
You only met me half an hour ago
Take care, the stage is set for you
Crows are everywhere
waiting for the sparrow
Don't let them get you
Don't worry, I'll nail him in return
Make the call
Here we go
A terrorist attack
will happen at the train station
Let's do this
Attention, please
For unforeseen reasons
all trains arriving and leaving
this station are delayed
What's happening?
- What is this?
- Impossible
Trains arriving and leaving
this station are delayed
Get me all surveillance footage
around the train station
"Breaking news"
- What's going on?
- What to do now?
Cops at all main exits
You must try Bulgarian pies
and go out from there
Here, mate
Giving me a ride or checking on me?
Do I have cookies for you?
Hop on, Younis
Play back this video
Zoom in
Welcome, Younis
Wow! What a day!
But I remember nothing
as it was 15 years ago
I take wrecked cars from insurance
companies, repair and restore them
and have them as good as new
The best garage in Sofia
These are my precious ones
I wouldn't sell them
Rania, Habiba and Mai
They look just fab
You didn't see Rania when she first came
Its bosom was lagging to the floor
with a totally damaged hood
Look now, it's in perfect condition
Anyone would love to ride it
Why pick me up with a bike
if you got all these precious cars?
- Enas? Very handy in heavy traffic
- Ass'ad!
Where is the stuff?
Know where this bank is?
Yeah sure, in Bulgaria
Downtown I mean, I know where
"Bulgarian National Bank"
The hacking happened
from inside the bank
so I need to access their system
Most probably, the man
we seek works at the bank too
No other way to get him
besides hacking the bank?
I'll disable the bank's security system
It's not easy, but I'll manage
- Almost there, Younis
- Okay
"United Bank of Bulgaria"
Long time, Ghazi
I still arise, Midko
Is this the money?
They make here the best arak in town
You have to try it
Is it hidden?
It's a Zero Day virus
One KB, okay?
Easily hacked into any firewall
totally untraceable
All good?
"Welcome, Knower"
"Connecting to the server"
Okay, I'm in
I got a minute and a half
An ATM is out of service
Report to the maintenance team
One of the machines is off the network
"Dida calling"
"Virus uploaded, staff data, copying"
This is a hack, show me the ATM camera
What's that car?
Hi, Evan
Yes, Dida. Morning, dear
Yes, Younis. Where are you?
I finished the first level
but can't pass level two
Try again, dear
- "Copying staff data"
- You must come see for yourself
- Sound tough
- Very much, Younis
When did this happen?
Just now, a virus was introduced
into our system
- Did you check on this car?
- Nobody knows anything
The whole system is falling apart
Okay, I'll finish work and come over
Oh you never finish working!
Street cam, 11 o'clock. Move, Ass'ad
- Consider it done
- Sorry, dear
"Transfer finished"
Okay, I'll finish this meeting and come
right away to play the whole game
To the bank, quickly
Right, get done and join me quickly
"Evan: The bank is hacked"
Get rid of Evan and bring me Younis
- This is our man?
- Yes
Let's do this
"Warning, firewall attacked"
"United Bank of Bulgaria"
Keep an eye on the bank
Okay, Younis
The boom gate, Ass'ad
Done, Younis
Oh Habiba!
No! What's this?
Welcome to Sofia, Rambo!
Roger, going after him
"Are you sure you want
to encrypt this PC?"
"Sending location"
Cheeky, aren't you?
This hurts, I know
Who are you? What do you want?
I took what I wanted
Oh hi there! Why didn't you say so?
- How come you know Evan?
- Just as you do
You came to know who's behind the hack
I came for the same reason
Working with who, pretty lady?
Younis Mohamed Abdel Hamid
Abdel Hamid, right?
Seems you know me well
I know everything about you
By the way
you don't look British at all
and this grey-beige color doesn't suit you
And you don't look like a pickpocket
- Won't you tell me working for who?
- We're on the same boat
- We have the same goal
- What's this?
What's this, Younis?
Shall I return in 15 min
or will you take longer?
- I was with Syrian security
- And work for who now?
For myself
For yourself? Great
Am I supposed to believe this?
Believe it or don't, suit yourself
Makes no difference to me
Pull over, Ass'ad
Pull over, I said
Get out
Take any bus home, go on
Believe me
Together the road will be easier
I don't like easy things, they're tasteless
My number
Keep it, you'll need it
My number is disconnected
I'll take it
- Keep it,...
- Ass'ad
But you may call me Mido
Thanks, Younis
No "Thanks, Mido"?
"Enter password to unlock this drive"
Even was the bank's IT guy
Just a middleman
They used him to carry out their
operations through the bank's system
Found out who hired him?
No, he was killed
Why didn't you secure your target
knowing how important he was?
I tried, but another party got on the way
- "Incorrect password"
- What do you mean by that?
A woman, looks well-trained
She knows all about me and the operation
Trust no one, Younis, other agencies
must be after what we're seeking
You just need to know who hired Evan
I will find out, sir
I want the man behind this alive
"Data will be deleted"
- Ass'ad
- Yes
Give me Maya's number
Want it now? She asked you
to take it and you just kept refusing
I'll call her, by the time
she's here, you will have disappeared
I'll put some beer in the fridge then
- What's up, Omar?
- You must see this, sir
Abdel Megid El-Hennawy, an ex-Libyan
officer was assassinated today
His name was among
those leaked from Mr. Arafa's agency
Call Arafa
Dad must be busy
He said he'd be back in two days
Two days passed but he hasn't called me
- He'll call you
- Why doesn't dad live with us?
He's always at work
But you told me before he didn't work
Make you some pancakes, Dida?
Don't want
"Call the girl, she's upset"
Hi there
I told you that you'd need me
I'd never do without you, come in
You could say "Please" first
- Be a gentleman
- You're not here to do your hair
You're a serial killer
How can you stay here?
How can you tolerate living here?
I can't stay in such a place at all
- You know, when I was little...
- No! Hold on
Childhood memories need a chaise
longue where you'd lie down
then tell me
all about your issues as a little girl
I'm not your therapist, unlock it
- No problem, on one condition
- Can't, I'm taken
Funny, too?
That data belongs to us both
On what basis?
- Make up your mind and let me know
- Wait, edgy lady, we're talking here
I told you that you'd need me
but you didn't get me
You have your goal, mine is the same
If we won't reach it together, I'll just go
So? Will we reach an agreement
or each just gives it their best shot?
Agreed, on one condition
I call the shots
You obey my words to the letter
Evan made a fortune working with them
or he wouldn't have
compromised his bank position
Still, he was a loser
They offed him
Wasn't it Pernik?
I don't know what I'd do without you
This is the location, eh?
Well done
Don't worry at all
I'll throw you some peanuts in a while
You animal! Immature geezer! Creep!
Darn you!
Immature? Calling me
an immature geezer, Maya?
God forgive you
Hurry up, Maya
I've been waiting for your an hour!
How immature!
"Berneck, 40 km west of Sophia"
The groom has a lot of guests today
Wait! Someone else is coming
what is the perfume you are wearing?
A target is approaching at ten a clock
Thanks, gorgeous
I'll save you
whenever you are about to get hanged
What is the matter, Younis? Younis
- A surprise, right?
- What surprise?
I am here especially for you, Rady
Rady? I haven't heard
this name in a long time
By the way, I didn't like it
Thanks for making me change it
Since you changed your name, you should
have changed the Circle Ten nonsense too
Forget about the Circle Ten
It was a local business
Now we are doing international stuff
What do you think?
About what?
Are you talking to someone else?
I was able to get to you
I lured you here, and now you are standing
on a kilogram of C4
Are you aware that once the springs
are out of their place
you will be blown to pieces
The biggest piece will be the size of...
Actually, nothing will remain of you
You want the springs
to get out of their place, right?
Don't worry about me from the C4
I have been in worse situations
You mean that time when
your father-in-law died, it was...
No! Watch what you are saying
My father-in-law
and my mother-in-law
So that's when we meet
we can settle all our scores
Are you threatening me
while standing on the C4?
No, this is not a threat, Rady
this is a promise
A promise?
Best of luck
I am sorry. I have to go now because
my internet plan is about to expire
- Don't move
- What is it?
Get me the fire extinguisher
Get me the fire extinguisher!
Is this the same perfume
from this morning?
- You will allow him to leave Sophia?
- Sure
I want him to get back to Egypt
with what he took in one piece
Call our men in Egypt
and tell them to get ready
Abu Anas! I was about to call you
Who will pay for this delay, Ghazi?
I will get to what we want in two days
Too late
I got a tip that you are being chased
by Egyptians
If they get any info
the mission will be a bust
If this happens, I will show you no mercy
Get your money ready, Abu Anas
I'll give you the location of the weapons
in 48 hours
What did you do to Rania, Younis?
What will we do to get to the man
behind Evan?
What? Why are you saying "we"?
We are not engaged by the way
It was just a hug. You manage on your own
If you need me, you how to reach me
Goodbye, gorgeous
See you later, tough guy
- Bye, Ass'ad
- Ass'ad? Thanks, sis
- Yes, sir
- Yes, Younis
Take the first plane to Egypt
Rady is behind all the hackings
That's why his men were waiting for me
I know. He left Bulgaria this morning
Get back immediately
Yes, sir
- Ass'ad!
- Yes
- Give me a lift to the airport
- Why? Stay a little longer
"Cairo Airport - 9 a.m."
Didn't I give you clear instructions
about not using the help of anyone...
- or not trusting anyone?
- I had to, sir
I had to do this to get to Rady
Don't worry. She doesn't know anything
about the data I took
- This is her?
- Yes
She works with Jawad
the one I told you about before
Did you see him there?
- I decided to pull you out of this mission
- What do you mean, sir?
You are known now to Rady and others too
Why are you treating me as a pawn
you can move wherever you want?
When I got back to working
with you, I did it to get to Rady
You got back because I wanted to
We are doing a certain job
not settling old scores
What about my revenge?
What about Reem and her family's revenge?
I will have my revenge
This is all that matters to me now
I am doing this to protect you
I am the one to say what matters
and what doesn't
We will get Rady
- Omar, have Moustafa come?
- Yes, I am on my way to him
Work on the data that Younis got
and once you reach something, tell me
Tight the security on Younis and his family
- What's wrong, Moustafa?
- Activate the firewall quickly
"The virus is injected
Disconnect the server
from the network quickly
What's going on?
The data Younis got has a virus
The computer is hacked
Some data was leaked for sure
- Younis
- My love
- I've missed you
- I've missed you
Come in, Younis
- How are you, Reem?
- Come in till I pack Dida's bag
How is the new game?
Like I told you. It is getting harder
and I gave up
No, you can't give up
It gets better when it gets harder
- I was waiting for you, Mr. Younis
- Mr. Younis? Okay
Go help your mother. Go
- Yes, Younis, where are you?
- Why do you ask?
The drive you got had a virus
We were hacked because of it
Mr. Morad is dead
Hello! Younis, answer me. Hello!
What's wrong?
- Get in Dida's room
- What's wrong?
Get in Dida's room
There is no time for this
- What's happening? Younis
- Carry her
Rady planned all this
He knew I'd get out of my problem
Mr. Morad knew that Rady was behind
the hackings from the start
He was sure that he'd target you
The last thing he told me was to tighten
the security on you and your family
What is this, Younis?
Can you explain to me what's happening?
What do you do?
The important thing is to get you
and Farida to somewhere safe
I won't leave my family's house
before I know what is going on
Mrs. Reem
can I talk to you in private for a minute?
If you don't mind
- You finish while I talk to your mom
- Okay
How could you live with me all this time
without knowing anything about you?
If I could tell you, I wouldn't
hide it from you
You are a liar and selfish
You manipulated my life as you liked
Is what that man said true?
My parents died for...
I couldn't look you in the eye
and tell you it was because of me
I left to protect you
What happened then?
I had the right to know
to tell you that I didn't want to see you again
You left me on my own
and I had no one else but you
I will never leave you again
no matter what happens. I swear
These are all the files
that were copied from Rady's
This is the file that had the names
of the officers who were killed
Other than that, there is nothing important
aside from the virus that infected our server
I copied all the files from his devices
I am sure we will get something
Search the logs
The only link between the murdered officers
and the names that were leaked
is that they were close
to the old Libyan regime
They all stayed in Libya till the last minute
before Gaddafi's downfall
After that, they fled to Egypt, Turkey
Iran, and Jordan
and from there they traveled
to other countries
There is a stronger link between them
The logs I could get to were private clouds
Do you know what is in them?
Hacking these clouds
will take a very long time, Younis
Cloud storage is protected against attacks
It is very hard to crack
Hard but not impossible, Moustafa
We need to narrow down all the names
from Rady's hack attempt
- to know if there other Libyan officers
- We are working on it
These are all the files on this cloud
Open this one
IGLA is a kind of a man-portable
shoulder-launched missile
The Libyan army had massive numbers of it
After the revolution, they only
found 350 missiles
A large number of them got to the hands
of terrorist organizations
They used to shoot down
the Libyan army's aircrafts
This means that Rady did this to know
the location of these missiles for Abu Anas
Exactly, sir
We found a file on Rady's cloud
called "IGLA's Burial"
It had the names
of all the assassinated officers
There are other officers' names who
must be responsible for hiding the missiles
There you go
They are searching for buried weapons
after things got hard
- How did Rady know this?
- We don't know yet
A piece of information like this
can't reach individuals this easily
There must be other organizations behind it
We are certain that Rady or Ghazi's only
mission is to get this piece of information
Abu Anas can get the missiles out of Libya
because he has massive control there
They want to get them into Egypt for sure
What are the names of the officers
that were leaked from here?
Rady took many names
to hide his true intentions
The only name that corresponds
with the other names
is Abdul Rahman El 'Leemy
A former Libyan officer
It seems he was one of the officers
who buried the missiles
He fled Libya after the revolution
and came to Egypt
Two years later, he went to Italy
He lives in a town outside of Milan
using an alias
He doesn't have any current activities
Omar, you have to get the rest of the names
on the list
Know their whereabouts quickly
Younis will go after El 'Leemy
You must get back to the mission
We don't have time to get someone
else to pick up from where you stopped
Rady can't get to what he wants
We can't let these missiles
get trafficked to Egypt
Morad wanted Rady alive, Younis
Understood, sir
"Province of Como, North Italy"
It seems that Jawad pays you well
Bravo! You know everything, right?
It doesn't matter to me
I don't care about knowing
Why are you here?
You are not going anywhere
Younis! Get up
Get up, Younis
How did you get here?
I was following the one you killed
Unbelievable! Whenever I follow a lead
you come and...
Yes, Moustafa
I sent you a number now
I want its coordinates
I don't have time for this, Moustafa
Sit down, Younis. It needs stitching
- Stitching?
- Yes, with surgical sutures
Stitching with surgical sutures?
Are you a doctor or what?
We all become doctors in Syria after the war
It is a small injury
Apply some pressure
Don't be afraid
If I wanted to get rid of you
I'd do it when you were on the floor
- Why didn't you?
- Because I don't want to get rid of you
- You and I have the same purpose
- Wake up! It is not the same
I am defending my country
You are a mercenary
You can't judge me because you don't
know anything about me
I am protecting my family
Things are inhumane
in Rif Dimashq Governorate
My father and brother died in the bombings
Jawad got me, my sister, and my mother out
in exchange for working for him
We are now safe and sound
outside of Syria
If you don't know the meaning
of a safe country
that's because you have never
been deprived of it
You won't know the meaning
of being safe and sound
These two words mean everything
If you are and Jawad are right
then you know who is behind those attacks
so we don't cooperate together?
You are working against my country
I have never worked against Egypt
Assuming what you are saying is right
after Jawad takes what he wants
he will kill you
You are a burned card, Maya
By the way, my name is Sham
You are better now
If you really want to do me a favor
my socks were torn in the fight
stitch them too. You are very skillful
So aggressive!
- Yes, Moustafa
- Hello, Younis
The phone was turned off half an hour
ago in an area called Oria, near Como
Where is Oria located?
20 minutes by car from your location
I know it
Bye, Moustafa
I followed the accounts that used
to transfer money to Evan
These accounts are linked
to a company's credit card
The same accounts booked
five tickets to Milan
and booked hotel rooms
I watched the hotel and followed them
till we met here
The company doesn't have any branch
in Como
- "Oria, Italy"
- But it has properties
One of them is in Oria
overlooking the sea
Who are you?
So? Where are the missiles, Abdu?
- What missiles are you talking about?
- Right
It is normal that you can't remember
This happened many years ago
Have you remembered?
I will tell you everything
I will tell you everything
This is the place
It is him
Keep this with you, Younis
How are you, Younis?
How come you didn't thank me for the fire
extinguishers I left there next to you?
Why don't you order them to untie me
and I will come to thank you myself?
When I was in middle school
I used to live in a city
on the desert highway
It was a nice and quiet place
like this one right here
It had only one problem
There were a lot of rats, Younis
Each one of them was that big
The Agricultural Center used
to give the residents rat poison
After a while, the rats got used to the poison
They ate it without any problem, Younis
It was almost like a dressing
on a salad to them!
- Can you imagine? They ate it
- Bon appetite
But what this story of salad
got this to do with us?
What did I do then?
What did I do?
I made traps, Younis
I used plastic bottles in making them
Do you know them?
When any rat got in to eat...
the trap locked it in
I gathered the rats and drowned them
in a water bucket
and then I burned them
Do you know what, Younis?
I had never known that rats make sounds
They were screaming so loudly
while they were on fire
After only two weeks...
I didn't find a single rat in my house
but they kept going to the neighbors' houses
because they knew that going to a house
I am in means torture
The torture that can
only end with death, Younis
Had I known that this was your problem
I'd have gotten you a cat
Or I'd have asked one of my contacts
to get you an exterminator company
Enough talking about rats
These two front teeth got longer
You and Morad are like rats
Burning you will make everyone
stay away from me
Do you like the situation you are in now?
I want to ask you one question
Why did you believe Morad
and follow him?
It is my job. Our country is full
of filthy rats and needs cleaning!
You have every right to live
in a clean country, Younis
You also have the right to...
Tell me, Younis
what is the meaning of a country?
The place you were born in
the place that gives you a passport
or the place that puts food on your table?
- I can't get this concept around my head
- You will never do
We are 100 million, so if there is a rotten
one like you in every million
the country won't be destroyed
We will step on him and move on
- Do they still fool you with this talk?
- Yes
I wanted to chat with you more
but I don't want to delay
your meeting with Morad
How are you, Maya?
Maya is better than many men
- She played her part very well
- Part? You don't know me
I don't even know you
But you know Jawad
He speaks highly of you
Don't give her that look, Younis
She is a poor girl and Jawad played her
But she is a very good and nice person
You knew that yourself for sure
I pity all the people who die because of you
I won't spare you, Rady
And I will never forget you, Younis
Omar, I got half the coordinates
for the location of the missiles
What about the other half?
It is either with Rady
or he is still searching for it too
Rady took a plane from Milan
to Malaysia half an hour ago
We got to the rest of the names on the list
One of them is Nusair El Ahmady
A former Libyan officer who lives there
The first plane leaves in four hours
"Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia"
Nusair has been here for five years
He established a big contracting company
He works with the major players
in the country
He lives alone
His only son is called 'Oday
He studies in Egypt
His morning was very ordinary
He didn't receive any strange calls
Rady arrived this morning
and checked in a very luxurious hotel
He met with two men from the Chinese mafia
The hotel is hosting a private party
that will be attended by many VIPs
When does this place close?
Kiki, we will close in five minutes
Isn't this a bit late?
Glad to see you, Younis
I am Ali
- Nusair is on the party's guest list
- Can we attend this party?
Yo Sin!
We booked a room for you in the hotel
This is the invitation
This laptop has the entire hotel system
Go now, Yo Sin!
I am busy
I am busy
- Ali, what do you do for a living?
- A chef, as you can see
So, Omar?
What did you do about Nusair's son?
'We are locating
his whereabouts as we speak
- Tell me the updates
- How is it going, Moustafa?
"Sheikh Zayed, Cairo"
I told Mr. Omar when he called me
that I could kidnap Rady
and then you'd come to take him
from the fridge back there
It is not that easy
We want him to get what he wants
and send it to his employers
and get rid of all of them in one go
Good thinking. Your tea
What are you planning to do?
I can't show my face at all
If Rady finds out I am here
the whole operation will be a bust
The question is...
what is Yo Sin doing here?
- She is a chef
- A chef? Really?
- It doesn't seem that way
- What did you think?
Nusair is here
Stay close to him
Don't let him out of your sight
Younis, they are coming your way
Nusair just received this message
I forwarded it to you
One Margarita, please
I want you to forget about your son
I don't want to ruin the party
for you and this babe
Who are you? And what do you want?
I want the coordinates, Nusair
I'll be with you shortly
What coordinates?
You are talking about something I don't know
Just some numbers...
you have them and I want them
I'll take them for sure, Nusair
You don't know who I am
I can lock you up in this country forever
Why do they say that kids
are the most precious thing in the world?
Or don't you want to see your son again?
- Now, Omar
- Okay, Younis. The team is ready
"Sheikh Zayed, Cairo"
Easy, man! Do you think
he is a human sacrifice?
Younis, he escaped from the back door
- Who are you?
- Don't worry. Your son is fine
Right is obvious and wrong is obvious
God is Greatest
God is Greatest
- Where are you going?
- Do you know where the toilet is?
Man down
Ali, don't let Rady get out of the hotel
Consider it done, Younis
You stabbed me, you bastard
What is the situation report, Omar?
Rady got the coordinates and sent them
to Abu Anas, sir
If Abu Anas gets to these missiles before us
we will be done for
He could traffic them to our country
Where is Younis?
The 15th floor, Younis
So I come all this way for you
and you leave me and go?
You are too late, Younis
You are always too late
Don't worry. This time I promise you
we won't leave each other again
"Our country Egypt, our home
May God protect it"
You said, we are 100 million, so if there
a rotten one like you in every million
we will step on him and move on
Who is being stepped on now, Younis?
What could I say? You love this
That's what you are all about
Unfortunately, my orders say
I have to bring back alive
But the one who wanted you alive
is dead
Mr. Omar, congrats
The groom went on his honeymoon
Did he commit suicide
or did someone pushed him?
"Western Sahara
March 2019"
"Breaking news"
"Major land-to-air missiles trafficking
attempt blocked at the Egyptian borders"
It is your decision
Knowledge has a price
Turn this thing off, Younis
Food is getting cold
- Let him watch
- Sometimes the price is very high
- I will use his laptop
- Dida, if you touch it...
But you have to know that your ability
to get the information
can either start a war
or end it
"Cairo Airport, 8 p.m.
Budapest flight"
"You will receive the operation details there"