The Kovak Box (2006) Movie Script

[Indistinct voices]
[Distant typing]
Sorry, did I distract you?
Oh, no, no, no,
You must be brilliant,
Oh, this! Oh, yeah,
it's a masterpiece, yes,
"A throbbing fleshy
downloading data
at lightning speed,"
H mm,
Did you just
erase it all?
I did,
It was a load of crap,
and it won't hold
anyone's interest,
Why don't you put your
masterpiece away for a while?
You never know, You might
get a bit of inspiration,
[Female clears throat] We'll serve
dinner shortly, Have you made your choice?
Uh, beef,
Sorry! It's not my sick
sense of humor, really,
This friend of mine advised me to
take a couple of air sickness pills
before I got on the plane, and now,
well, they make me a bit groggy,
Goof number two,
Must be this, too,
Hi, I'm Kathy,
Kathy Thomas,
[Hispanic accent]
Vacation? They say the
island's really something,
So I've heard,
Traveling solo?
I know...
mind your business,
Sorry, sweetie,
I'm a lost cause,
I just love poking my nose
Into other people's lives,
Probably 'cause I don't
have one of my own,
It's the price we
workaholics have to pay,
Fast walkers,
The sports store?
They reward their best
salespeople with an annual trip,
This year
it's to Majorca,
Oh, sure,
can I have a couple of
whiskeys as well, please?
[Cell phone ringing]
[Hispanic accent] People
can be a pain, huh?
Third time
since we landed,
Someone misses you,
That ain't surprising,
I'm already missing you, and we
haven't even said goodbye yet,
[Cell phone ringing]
[Speaking a
foreign language]
(David) In a world where scientists vie
to produce
the first human clone
and entire populations
can be annihilated
without even
a brick being damaged,
the question Is,
is it still possible
to write science fiction?
When reality is becoming
more and more
like a story
that has been hatched
from the twisted mind
of one of my fellow authors,
It seems reality
Is extremely eager
to put the rest of us
out of a job,
But I'm not gonna let
that happen, I can't let
that happen after 25 novels,
I still enjoy what I'm doing,
I love the process,
People ask me
where my Ideas come from,
And it's not unlike
an illness,
And what I mean
by that is, uh,
you open a window or, uh, let's
say you're taking the subway,
where you expose yourself
to virus,
Likewise in my life, uh, I can
be infected by things around me,
It could be a TV program,
I could overhear a conversation
and think, "Oh, that's interesting,"
Or I could... I mean, sometimes
it's, um, just a single image
will suffice for
the virus to, uh,
to enter my organism and, um,
start to grow and pretty...
pretty soon, It's taken
over my whole... body,
And then, before I know it,
uh, the only way to escape,
Is to write
the damn book,
Even if it means, along the
way, I created a few monsters,
I've been involved in public
utilities for 30 years,
well, 32, to be exact,
working for the Los
Angeles water authority,
Wow, that's a lot of
years, A lot of water,
A pleasure meeting you,
if you'll excuse me,
Oh! Your pen,
Yes! I just... always...
thank you,
(British male voice) Could
I borrow you for a second?
Yeah, borrow away,
As you can see,
I'm an old fan,
[Womars laughter]
I've been a follower of
yours since the beginning,
Yes, first edition,
I don't even think
I have a copy like this,
You, you want me
to sign it again?
Oh, would you?
It's your finest work,
Let me tell you
a secret,
I was 20
when I wrote this,
The structure is clumsy, the
style changes every chapter,
the characters are rehashed
from books I read,
I should know,
I wrote it,
Oh, not so! It's your
most personal work,
Full of passion,
intuition, suffering,
Suffering, yes!
Oh, you got that right,
I n those days, all I ate was biscuits
stolen from the neighbor's dog,
I should've dedicated
this book to that dog,
I fear my comments
have upset you,
No, no, not at all,
Why should they?
It seems everyone believes that
I'll never write anything better,
so I just resign myself,
[Male voice speaking
a foreign language]
That's very good,
Excuse me, It's Aunt
Jo, seems very worried,
Aunt Jo is looking after
our kids, five of them,
uh, all adopted, each
from a different continent,
well, apparently, Nanook,
our little Eskimo,
had a slight mishap
sledding down the stairs,
so, unfortunately,
we must...
I'm really sorry,
Just put Nanook on the phone, Excuse us,
Hey, little buddy!
[Foreign language]
Aunt Jo, five kids, and
one of them's an Eskimo?
Yes, little Nani Nanook,
We can't forget him,
What was that about?
It must
mean something,
I never heard myself ever talk
about kids, ever, Not even in fun,
So it's probably just
a very complicated, uh,
way of wanting to ask you
a very simple question,
What's that?
Will you marry me?
Now, you don't have
to answer now,
just, you,
take your time, but...
promise me
you'll think it over,
I will,
Okay, That's all, just, you know,
think it... that's all,
just... we'll leave it at that,
All right, I lied, you
gotta tell me now "yes,"
What if I say "no?"
Yeah, and what if
I jumped off a cliff?
(male voice) Excuse me, I
hope I'm not Interrupting,
No, not at all,
No, not at all, I just
asked her to marry me,
to both of you,
Thank you,
Well, the President
of the Foundation
hopes the hotel
is to your liking,
He also asked me
to give you
this small gift
on his behalf,
He deeply regrets
having to dash off,
He said you'd
Thank you,
What's that about?
Ever been to a party and thrown
your drink in the host's face?
That's what
I did before,
Okay, uh, now...
(David) What kind of
fancy hotel Is this?
No wedding chapel, It's
an outrage, We should suel
You just passed
our room!
Did you just see
that guy?
That was the same guy slitting
next to you at the conference,
There's nobody there,
I'm telling you
it's the same guy,
Do you realize you were sitting
next to a Russian hitman?
You're kidding me?
You don't think
murderers read books?
These guys, okay, they have skulls
tattooed on each of their fingers
signifying how many murders
they've committed, right?
It's a Russian prison
code kind of thing,
M mm,
Oh, yeah!
Don't you ever let up?
Even on a night like this,
Give me five minutes,
I wanna slip into something
more comfortable,
I'll give you two minutes or
I'm gonna start without you,
Just you try it,
H m,
What are you doling?
Oh, there was
a D VD on the bed,
It's intended
for me,
You're not gonna watch it
right now, are you?
Itll just be a second, I just
wanna see what it is, I'm curious,
I get the strangest
things from people,
One time I got a photo
of a green ear
with the word "Mars" written underneath
it, What do you think of that?
Look, See,
A www,
I don't know what it is, but
my readers are prone to lunacy,
They were probably sane
before they read your books,
[Phone rings]
I'll tell you what, They've
outdone themselves this time,
[Monkey whimpers]
Must be some kind
of a hoax, Jane,
I should call the front desk
and tell them to be more careful,
I mean, what if it had been
a bomb or something?
Jane, I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have put that damn thing on,
[Indistinct shouting]
[Female voice screams]
[Electronic music]
(dj speaking Spanish) Like
a ride on my plaything?
I'll drive
Over my dead body
[cell phone ringing]
For God's sake, Kevin,
give me a break,
Coffee In The Kitchen,
I'll Call You Later,Okay?
[Cell phone rings]
Drop it, would you?
Which of those words
don't you understand?
[Heather Nova singling
Gloomy Sunday over the phone]
# Sunday Is gloomy #
# My hours
Are slumber less #
# Dearest the shadows #
Hey, what's
all this about?
# I live with
Are numberless #
If this is you,
I don't find it funny,
# Not where
The black coach #
# Of sorrow
Has taken you #
# Angels have no thought #
# Of ever returning you #
# Would they be angry #
# If I thought of
Joining you #
# Gloomy Sunday #
# Gloomy Sunday #
# With shadows
I spend It all #
# My heart and I #
# Have decided to end It all #
# Soon they'll be candles #
# And prayers that are sad,
I know #
# Let them not weep #
[very loud thud]
[Breathing and heartbeats]
[Periodic beeping]
Any idea why
she may have done it?
Did she leave a note
explaining her motives?
If you're talking...
she had no reason t... to...
But there are two witnesses
in the hotel who saw her jump,
You were admitted
with a serious concussion,
but these scans didn't
show up anything unusual,
I don't remember a thing
about what happened,
Well, you might within the
next few days or maybe never,
Whatever the case, you're
a very lucky young lady,
You've been re-born,
So, what happens now?
Can I go?
You'll have to see
the psychologist first,
It's usual
in cases like yours,
According to your analysis,
you'd taken several substances,
Delirium, amnesia,
respiratory problems,
the effects of the Ketaminydro
chloride that was in your bloodstream,
Do you have a problem
with drugs?
Listen, I'm no
pill popper, Okay?
I didnt jump,
I got into the shower, and the next
thing I know I was in a hospital,
So if you werent drugged,
and nobody pushed you,
what did happen?
[Phone rings]
Excuse me,
(female voice over phone) The
supervisor needs to see you,
It's urgent,
Will you excuse me
for a minute?
(man speaking Spanish) Thirty six
years old and she jumps off a balcony,
What do you suppose
was going through her mind?
That's the last form,
It's for the insurance,
We'll take care of the
coffin from the Consulate,
Though it'll take a while
to get her repatriated,
They still have to do
an autopsy,
They say you can see
the body before you leave,
if you... want,
No, I'd rather not,
Could I have another one
of those forms, please?
[Phone rings]
(male speaking Spanish)
You're already dead,
[Knock at door]
(male voice)
your taxi is here,
[Soft whimpering]
L... I go get some help,
I'll be right back!
(speaking Spanish) Her pupils
are dilated, She's on something,
You'll be fine In no time,
We're taking you to the hospital,
I'm not going
to the hospital!
I'm out of here!
(female voice)
Excuse me,
You're next,
Well, can I change it?
Sorry, you won't
be traveling tonight,
This is an economy class
ticket, No exchangeable,
But there must be
some way!
You have to buy
another ticket,
(employee) It's terminal
three, Gate D 69,
Have a nice flight,
M r, Norton,
There are... some seats
available on the 11: 30 flight,
But only first class,
The ticket costs
5500 euros,
I can't afford that,
I can try tourist class
for tomorrow,
I don't want a ticket
for tomorrow!
I want out of here now!
Please... calm... down,
How do you expect me
to calm down?
They're trying to kill me!
Security, please,
Window 4,
What are you doing?
Who are you calling?
Hey I
Hey! Hey, wait! Hey!
wait I
Remember me?
I need your help,
I've got to get
out of here!
I'm sorry...
I was in the hospital, In the
next bed, don't you remember?
She was your wife,
Wasnt she?
She jumped as well,
They want me to believe I
jumped, but it's not true!
They're trying to kill me!
[Many screams]
[Screaming and shouting]
(male voice shouts)
He jumped I
Young Woman Saved By
Cafe Awning
Biker Killed Driving
In The Wrong Direction
[thunder of a plane]
Are you feeling better?
But my head's
about to burst,
Thanks for yesterday,
Well, I...
I mean, I wasnt gonna leave you
like that, Not after what happened,
What's your name?
Silvia, I'm the girl
saved by the awning,
You're the writer,
Got a cigarette?
I must have seemed completely
out of it yesterday,
To be honest, I'm not even
sure what has happened,
Well, you said
Jane didn't kill herself,
I said that?
I know I didn't jump
out of that window,
But I have no idea
what really happened,
(male voice) We'll have a
duplicate of your stolen passports
sent to the hotel
this afternoon,
Thank you, I just need to get
you to sign this form, please,
What about
what we just told you?
Do you think we should go to the Police?
I'd advise
against It,
They're unlikely
to believe you
unless you come up with
something more specific,
More specific than eight
suicides In three days?
Two, actually,
The others were deaths under
mysterious circumstances,
You're forgetting
about the man
who attacked me
at my hotel,
You didn't report it
to the Police,
I wasnt In a fit state
to talk to anybody,
I just wanted to get
out of there,
The article on your fall
mentions the intake of narcotics,
Oh, yeah,
I get it,
I'm trying to make you see
what the Police will think,
At least, if someone else in the
hotel had seen that man, but, uh,
that's, uh, that's not the case, Is it?
Listen, now, the guy who left
that disk In my hotel room
is the same guy who
robbed me at the airport,
Now, I'm sure of that,
The, uh,
tattooed hitman,
Now you can scoff at it
all you want,
but the point Is,
I saw it,
I know what the tattoos
represent on his fist,
And he's the same man
who robbed me,
and he's the same man who slipped
that piece of paper in my pocket,
Not a figment
of my imagination,
I'm not making it up...
Mr, Norton, um...
you've just been through a
very traumatic experience,
Couldnt you have put this in
your pocket and not known it?
Let's go,
All right, we're gonna go to the Police,
Do you think
you can give them
an accurate description
of this guy?
Why, for Christs sake?
Everybody has branded me
as a fucking junkie,
Even the newspapers, Who's
gonna believe anything I say?
Nobody gives a shit
about what happened
or that some fucking nutcase
told me I was dead already,
Can you describe
this guy?
Of course I can,
He was this far away!
Okay, okay, so,
describe him,
What? You don't
believe me either?
That's just great!
Listen, Silvia,
Nobody's in a hurry
to believe me,
Now remember,
I am on your side,
Let's do this
together, okay?
I can see him, but I just
can't put it into words,
Try, try, try,
He was... run of the mill, ordinary...
You're the writer,
not me,
It helps sometimes, when I'm
trying to build a character,
take a look around at
the people, like that guy,
Over there,
drinking the beer,
No, he was slim,
All right, let's find somebody else
who's slim and reminds you of him,
And then we'll build the
face like a jigsaw puzzle,
Just take a look around,
[Villon playing]
There was music,
Before it all happened,
I was in the shower and I answered
the phone, then I heard music,
And then
I began to feel bad,
That's the last thing
I remember
before I woke
up in the hospital,
Who was
on the phone?
I don't know,
But a name flashed up
on my cell phone,
Where's your cell phone?
It's gonna be in the memory,
(neighbor in Spanish) If you're ringing
the 3rd floor you won't get an answer,
There's nobody at home?
The boy who lived there was killed
yesterday in a bike accident,
They say he was driving up
the wrong side of the highway,
Silvia, so listen,
there's no coincidence here,
We're dealing with bits and pieces
that make up a bigger puzzle,
And if the phone call
had anything to do with it,
it means Jane probably
received it as well,
It had to have been
the last number,
What is it?
It's the same call,
Are you sure?
Gloomy Sunday,
And that music,
that woman singing?
It's a song title,
Some Hungallant wrote It,
He ended up
taking the big leap,
Others had the same Idea, It seems,
The song had
a strange effect on them,
How come you know
so much about it?
Because as a kid
It obsessed me,
So much so, I made it the
title of my first novel,
In my novel, everyone
gets an implant at birth,
A State-controlled device that when
activated, drives people to suicide,
Meaning that the State can
eliminate whoever it wants
without getting
its hands dirty,
Those people
against the system,
they simply wipe
themselves out,
They call it
Sound, uh, familiar?
Sounds like pure fiction,
(female voice)
Where are you going?
Where's your boss? I mean, the
President of the Vernon Foundation,
the man who brought me to this
island, I wanna speak to him,
There must be
some mistake,
The villa is rented out
for events,
If you would like
information on
who books the villa...
you can't go in there!
[Jazz music]
Same handwriting,
[Music and shouting]
Now what?
Now we wait,
He's calling the shots,
You think if they knew
they were gonna die tomorrow,
they'd give a shit
about that stupid game?
You're not gonna
die tomorrow,
But this might be
my last beer,
Yes, or mine
or anyone else's,
I'm sorry,
I'm overreacting,
It's just that it seems as if
everyone around me ends up dying,
I'm still here,
Is that him?
wait here,
My dear fellow, you can't imagine
how glad I am to see you again,
The other night, we werent
even properly introduced,
Frank Kovak,
Please, sit down,
I imagine you're tired
of listening to people
who approach you
with the same Intention,
However, I'm convinced
that this will interest you,
What Is it?
To quote the expression that you
yourself used at the conference,
a virus,
The germ
of a great story,
So you've brought me
all this way
to pitch me a story,
I understand your surprise,
But this
is not just any story,
It's something quite new,
The opportunity that every
writer dreams of having someday,
Tell me something,
What is the connection
between Gloomy Sunday
and what's been happening
on the island?
Do you really not know?
all wars have
their casualties,
Give me one good fucking reason
not to tear your head off!
You and that girl
make a fine couple,
don't you think?
What are you getting at?
Her last beer,
It could be now,
The day after,
That's the key,
If those who rebel
against the system,
end up killing themselves,
the rest will then
toe the line,
That idea
is from your book,
What I wrote
was a story,
Our imagination
Is never Innocent, David,
From the moment you start to
imagine it, it began to exist,
There you have it,
Your prophecy fulfilled,
For over 50 years,
the world
has lived in peace,
thanks to a bomb,
Now, It will do so,
thanks to you,
To us,
One could say that you're the
real father of this project,
Although getting
to this point,
has not by any means,
been easy,
The world Is full of
bureaucrats and gray people
who need to see
to believe,
They don't want theories,
They require proof,
And I'm not talking about
tests done on animals,
What are you?
You need to ponder things,
And understand,
Then we'll be ready
to help each other,
Only then,
Oh, hey,
Get a load of this,
Frank Kovak,
the untold story,
Half a century
of dubious achievements,
Born In Hungary, 1935,
Three brothers
but only he survived the war,
after which he and his parents
emigrated to America,
Now, a gifted student,
scholarship to Harvard,
1957, and then he graduated
first In his class,
thanks to a highly
praised experiment,
The Kovak Box,
It consisted of a maze In which
a rat's behavior was conditioned
by a series of stimuli
and deterrents,
At the time, It was considered
the biggest breakthrough
In behavioral research
since Pavlov's dog,
His future could
not have been brighter,
until this newspaper here
published a photo
of him doling the same experiments
applying It to human beings,
There was a scandal, The academic
world turned their back on him,
but the CIA, they got
their hands on him,
and they offered him unlimited means
to continue the same exact experiments,
all very hush-hush, though,
How could they photograph
such a thing?
In 1979, my first book,
Gloomy Sunday, was published,
In 1980, Kovak started what he
called the Gloomy Sunday Project,
However, certain facts came
to light about the consequences
that these experiments had
on various people,
resulting In the families of 12, uh,
victims suing the federal government,
So the CIA, they needed a scapegoat,
Kovak, he fled the country,
But he starts over from scratch doling
the same stuff for other governments,
until three years ago, he was
diagnosed with a brain tumor,
At which point, he retired
and moved to this Island,
At his last checkup,
his doctors told him
that he had six months
to a year to live,
We have to take
all this to the Police,
No, no, no!
You have to understand, this is
evidence that implicates him directly,
Do you think he would've
given us all this stuff
if he didn't think that he could
get rid of us just like that?
So what do I do?
Sit around doing nothing,
until he decides
whether I live or die?
We're not gonna do anything
to put you into danger,
Don't you see?
He's using me to make
you do what he wants,
What do you mean?
He wants you to write
his biography,
I'm afraid it's got to be
a lot more twisted than that,
If not, then why
did he kill Jane?
[Phone rings]
(female voice)
Sorry to disturb you,
but we need to know If you are
extending your stay with us,
I can't say right now,
[Door closes]
(cabdriver In Spanish) Any
particular Police Station?
The nearest one,
[Cell phone rings]
No, I'm with a fare right now but
we can meet up later If you like,
[Speaks Spanish]
Hey you're breaking up,
I'm losing the signal,
[Horn honks]
Can you believe that?
[Heather Nova
singing Gloomy Sunday]
Turn the radio off,
What's wrong?
Calm down I
[driver speaks Spanish]
[Cars honking]
[Many cars honking]
(David) You didnt have
your cell phone with you,
Do you remember
how It began?
Yeah, That music suddenly
came on the radio and then...
I just wanted everything
to be over,
It was like
I was in a deep hole,
I was scared,
I couldn't breathe,
What have they
done to me?
I think there might be
a way of finding out,
(doctor) It shouldn't take long
now for a body to be repatriated,
A couple of days
at the most,
Did they find anything
inside her?
You mean, traces of alcohol
or drugs of some sort?
No, like an object,
a device, Inside her,
I know it sounds odd
but something tiny
like a microchip that they
use to ID pets, track animals,
My autopsy did not come up with anything
that could explain
what she did,
I guess that's what you
want, An explanation,
What about her brain?
Was It analyzed?
There was no reason,
There could have been an absence of
serotonin, low levels of serotonin,
Induced depression,
so a complete absence
could have caused
suicide, right?
I can't think what would cause
that sort of imbalance In the brain,
Well, If antidepressants exist,
then the opposite would be...
A depressant?
Mm, feasible,
I guess but...
who'd be Interested In
producing something like that?
Could you, uh,
just wait outside for me
for a few minutes?
I'd like to be alone
with her, If that's okay,
Take your time,
(male doctor In Spanish)
The Incision to open up
the entire front part of the body
Is usually made In the form of a "Y",
From the shoulders to
an angle at mid chest level,
Which then joins Into a straight line
that extends all the way to the pubis,
I've seen him!
The man who attacked me
is here!
It's him!
I'm sure of it!
He's one
of the coroners,
He's giving a lecture
down the hallway,
Don't move,
I need to see something,
Do you remember ever
getting vaccinated back here?
What is it?
Okay, um,
just look,
Okay, do you see?
Do you see?
At least we know
where they put it,
Take it out!
What are you doing?
No, no, no!
Silvia, listen!
It could hemorrhage,
Only a surgeon
can take it out,
If you won't do it,
I'll do it myself!
Silvia, listen to me,
You could kill yourself,
He said I was
dead already,
This is what he was after,
He wanted to cut it out,
Get in the car!
You work for Kovak?
Who's Kovak?
So you never heard
of a man named Kovak?
You never
met me either?
What is it you remove from
the necks of dead bodies?
Be careful with that!
All right, tell me
everything you know,
I only know one person A tall man,
A Russian?
Maybe, A friend of mine introduced us,
I owed people money and
he offered to pay my debts
if I did a job for him!
What job?
Remove something
from certain corpses,
He knew I worked at the morgue,
He knew everything about me,
I had to take this thing out before
we did the autopsy and give it to him,
He gave me a list,
A list of dead bodies?
No, they're not dead,
Not at first, but one by one
they end up in the morgue,
It's a list of people
who are going to die,
What about me? Why did you
attack me? I wasnt dead!
I needed to earn
more money!
I thought if I could hang
on to one of those things,
I could blackmail them!
She survived, but her
name was on the list!
Where's the list?
There's everything,
The ones crossed off are the ones
who have already reached the morgue,
They asked me to take photos
of all of those Involved,
(David) There must be over
100 names on this list,
Including mine,
[Speaks Spanish]
(female In Spanish)
Paul, come here,
I'm sorry I didn't hear you
come in I was in the kitchen,
Don't worry Hanna,
Will they be
staying for dinner?
Leave everything,
take the night off,
I've put
the child to bed,
Do as I say and leave!
Come here,
come to daddy,
Now please go, My wife will
be arriving in a minute,
She doesn't know
anything about this,
No, you must remove
the thing from her neck,
It's impossible
Those things activate if
you try to manipulate them!
David, look!
He has a mark!
You have your list,
Please leave us alone
Those people
are threatening me,
If I don't do the job
properly, my son and I...
will end up like
those other bodies,
You lied to us,
You couldn't blackmail them
with that thing in your neck,
What did you plan
to do to me?
If I'd managed to extract
it without harming you,
I could've done the
same for my son,
So you give us
this list,
What do you think they're
gonna do when they find out?
Okay... okay,
I'll tell you
the truth,
There's no point in us
working against each other,
They told me to give you the list,
They wanted you
to have It,
They warned me that you
were coming to the morgue,
I was supposed to let myself
be seen and hand It over,
They wanted you to believe
that you were making me do It,
Who knows why?
They promised that...
that if I played
my role well,
they would disconnect this
damned thing permanently,
How could they have known we
were on our way to the morgue?
Because they're always
one step ahead,
They're always with us
in some way,
A microphone,
There has to be something
we're carrying on us,
There has to be,
Then they heard us,
[Door closes]
Where are they?
(David) Open the door, [pounding]
Open the door I
Open the door!
Your childs out here
Open the door
[Breaking glass]
Get him out of here,
Open the door now I
(woman speaks Spanish)
I'm home,
Take it easy,
the child is ok,
Who are you?
I'm sorry, There was nothing I could do,
What have you done?
He tried to remove it, It
activates, just like in the novel,
Even that
was my idea,
Remember at
the hospital?
When you were sitting
with Jane, looking at her?
No one's ever looked
at me that way,
Could you give me a hug?
I haven't got a hope in hell, have I?
(Jaume) They told me
to give you the list,
They wanted you
to have It,
that list, why make that
poor sucker play a role
in order for us
to have the list?
He was a character
in the book,
Yeah, but this isn't
a book, It's reality,
No, no, but it's...
it's... it's reality
manipulated for dramatic
effect, Just like a novel,
He doesn't want a biography,
He wants me to write about
everything that's happened
on the island since I arrived,
What are you
talking about?
This list, this
piece of paper,
this has information, This is
gonna take us to the next chapter,
He wanted us
to have it,
Just like the song
or the beer mat,
You see?
Now he could've got
straight to the point
but he wants us
to live an adventure,
What for?
To force me
to live a story,
Make it grow
inside my head,
I've been inoculated,
I'm being inoculated
with a virus, slowly,
He said so himself,
Do you really think that what
you're saying makes any sense?
Pure fiction?
Frank Kovak!
I want to see Frank Kovak!
Bring me to Frank Kovak!
There they are,
Come on,
Now, listen,
I'm gonna get you out of
here, but you have to trust me,
Come on,
Mr, Norton,
Pleasure to meet you,
Mr, Kovak told us
you'd be coming today,
Would you
excuse us, please?
I'll be okay,
(man in suit) I hope you'll find
everything to your satisfaction,
Your luggage arrived
this morning,
You'll have all the peace and quiet
you need here to write your book,
Mr, Kovak
especially requested
that we prepare one of
our bungalows for you,
We don't usually accommodate
"healthy" guests, so to speak,
but In your case,
we've made an exception,
Mr, Kovak can be
very persuasive,
And of course, it's an honor for
us to be an inspiration to you,
Oh, I nearly forgot,
The keys to your car,
You'll find it
parked outside,
He's in the middle of
a session at the moment,
It's rather irregular,
but Mr, Kovak insisted
on speaking with you
as soon as you arrived,
Thank you for coming,
How much time
have you got left?
The important thing is,
the time you have left,
A long, highly successful
life from this moment on,
Do you realize
the gift I'm giving you?
A true story that
is pure science fiction,
recounted by its
protagonist, You,
Something so gripping that people
will not be able to put the book down
until the last page,
M m-hm,
It does sound like
the story of a monster,
Write it that way,
No one is stopping you,
I'll be what you
want me to be,
I'm in your hands,
Let her go,
and I'll make you a saint,
I know how to do this,
See, what we'll do is we'll tell
the true story of Frank Kovak,
the brilliant scientist who fell
in love with his new homeland,
But he was made to do
their dirty work,
He went a few steps
too far,
his masters abandoned him,
there was no turning back,
That's a story, That's a story, you see,
because, then
who is the monster,
and who is the victim?
Do you really believe
what you're saying?
It doesn't matter what I believe
as long as I can write it,
That's the problem,
It's sometime now since you
stopped believing In what you do,
If you really want to
write a great book,
you must agonize
over every page
No true artist has
ever reached his goal,
without going
through hell,
No, you see, If you want
the book to be a success,
you have to give the
public what they want,
So you'll have to provide
a final act of redemption,
The happy ending,
After going through hell,
the hero kills the monster,
Would that not be happy enough for them?
What are you getting at?
You have to kill me,
It's the logical
thing to do,
After all,
I killed Jane,
just to get you
to join the game,
Doesnt it make your blood
boil just thinking about it?
She seemed to be
someone special...
Shut up,
You might have shared
many things together,
Shut up,
Maybe for the rest
of your lives,
[Choking] Here you can see,
killing Is not so strange,
You'd like that,
wouldn't you?
Tell me something,
When did it all
change for you?
When did you stop experimenting with
monkeys and start killing people?
Now you're looking
for the character,
I'm no saint, David,
I don't need people
to love me,
That's not my role,
You would do it,
wouldn't you?
You would give your life
to leave a mark
on the world
even as a murderer,
But not just
any murderer,
This very afternoon,
a hundred people
will take their lives,
It will be headline news
the world over,
The best publicity
any book ever had,
I promise you,
A hundred people
will die,
unless you prevent it,
You must act,
We must maintain the
excitement to the very end,
Where is she?
You promised you'd get
her out of here,
You wouldn't want to lose
the girl again, would you?
It's the passenger list,
(hostess) We'll be
serving dinner shortly,
(Kovak) A hundred people will
die unless you prevent It,
[Cheering and clapping]
(man with cap) Let's
get a nice picture now,
Here we go,
everyone, Ready?
Look at me,
(David) Yes, I need to know
the number for the Fast Walkers
(female voice) I can look It
up for you but I don't believe
they'll be answering their phone
today, It's the 4th of July,
Sunday, July 4th,
gloomy Sunday,
Excuse me?
Okay, would you give me the number
of the Majorca Tourist Information?
(guide) Get to the boats,
please, The tour's about to begin,
[Distant music]
[Loud music]
(many, admiringly)
[Screeching tires]
The Fast Walkers
Yes, they are here
but they've gone out,
Check the activities board,
Over there,
(guide) This way, please,
Straight over there,
The caves of hell,
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Hell,
[Loud organ music]
Hey! Hey!
(tour guide)
There are 70 meters
from the entrance
to the bottom
over there,
on the right,
(tourist) Hey, there's
someone down there
What did you say?
There's a girl!
[Tires screeching]
(David) Will you just listen to me?
You've got to get
to the caves now!
What? Well, what
kind of cop are you?
Get off your ass
and do your fucking job!
Easy, easy does it,
Careful, she's hurt,
She didn't fall
over the handrail,
She would've
killed herself,
What happened?
How'd you end up
down there?
They put me
in a hole,
(female voice)
Just a minute,
I know her,
Do you remember me?
We were
on the same plane,
Yes, dear,
It's me,
What is it, honey?
They're gonna kill us!
Who? What?
She said they're
gonna kill us!
[Indistinct voices]
Where are they going? We've
got to get out of here,
Don't worry, I won't leave
you till you're okay again,
(guide in Spanish) We've
found a girl in the cave,
she is pretty shaken up,
Seems she had an accident
Call for an ambulance... copy?
Here, let me,
My brother has a
fishing boat in Florida,
Okay, Kate,
you try it,
Here we go,
The thing's
out of petrol,
No, surely not,
[Heather Nova singling
Gloomy Sunday from a distance]
# Sunday Is gloomy #
# My hours are slumber less #
[guide, talking]
What is it, Roy?
I can't breathe,
There's no air,
Start the motor!
[Motor starts]
Cart it go any faster?
Take it easy,
It won't go any faster,
[Music continues distantly]
[Motor sputters out]
Goddamn boats,
Under the water! We have
to get under the water!
He's just arrived,
(Kathy, choking)
What are you doing...!
# Dearest, the shadows #
# I live with are numberless #
[radio static]
# Not where the black... #
(guide, Indistinct)
(guide) Hey, what are you
doling? Get off of there
[Music, Indistinct]
# Would they be angry... #
Do you see her?
I don't know!
Why doesn't
she come up?
[Motor starts up]
Drop your gun and put your
hands up, Stand up very slowly,
Take it easy!
It was me who called!
Drop your gun
drop the gun,
I didn't kill him!
(guide, over radio)
Help! they're going crazy,
I need to speak to them,
I need the walkie-talkie!
[Speaks Spanish]
Do not move!
Are you there? Help, they're
all jumping Into the pit,
Cart you hear them?
Hold it... wait I
[loud gunshot]
[Guide speaks
Spanish over radio]
What's that?
(man In boat)
Can you hear that?
# Gloomy Sunday #
# Dreaming #
# I was only dreaming #
Maybe we should get
outside and get help,
# Gloomy Sunday #
# With shadows
I spend It all #
# My heart and I #
# Have decided to end It all #
# Soon there'll be... #
[Distant voice, Indistinct]
Hey! Where are
the others?
Where are
the others?!
(female reporter) Bodies
are still being discovered,
although so far, there
are only seven survivors,
six of whom are
In a state of shock,
If the testimony of the guide who
accompanied the group can be corroborated,
this horror
could well be confirmed
as an inexplicable case
of collective suicide,
Excuse me,
(male rescuer) Please
sir, you shouldn't be here,
Remember a girl
with long brown hair?
Right now, it's impossible
to look at anyone,
Why don't you speak
to the Police?
[Speaking Spanish]
[Male speaks French]
[Speaking Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
[Female reporter
speaking German]
(David) Itll be headline
news the world over,
You're here,
Near the blood,
[Distant TV reporter]
(female voice)
This Is Kim Hughes,
reporting live
from the Caves of Hell,
We will continue to give you
updates throughout the night,
I can imagine how you must
be feeling at the moment,
Up to now, your performance
hasn't been too brilliant, David,
First, Jane,
Then, Silvia,
[Gun cocking]
Come on,
No one will blame you
for this,
I deserve what
you're going to do,
What are you
waiting for?
No, I'll tell you
what you deserve,
You deserve to suffer,
A slow agonizing death while
that tumor grows inside your head,
It'll get to you,
You know it will,
That's what you deserve,
[Gun unlocking]
One day,
you're gonna get up
and you won't remember
how to use a fork,
I'm not gonna be
your easy way out,
What do you think
will happen,
when all those bodies
are repatriated?
This time the autopsies
will give them the key,
They'll take
a mere few days
to catch up
on what I took
years to discover,
And then they'll use it,
Have no doubt about that,
There's only one person
who can raise the alarm
about what's coming,
You, David,
But I'm not going to,
You want me
to make you a legend,
So, what are you
golng to do?
Sit at home,
counting the dead?
That book Is your
opportunity to do something,
If you don't write it,
it will become a cancer
gnawing away inside of you,
You have
a consciences, David,
You couldn't live
with something like that,
Do you really think
that you have a choice?
[Gun cocking]
Maybe you're right,
I don't think
I could live with that,
You're not going to do it,
And how can you stop me?
She's not dead,
She's still alive,
You're lying,
Have I ever lied to you?
that can be activated,
can also be deactivated,
Have you seen
her body?
Think for a moment,
It would have been
stupid of me
to waste
my trump card,
I assure you
she's alive,
Kill me
or she'll die,
You know I'll do it,
You have to choose
between me and her,
Oh, come on, David
Stop thinking
and act for once,
You haven't...
(Kim) Another survivor has
just been found at the lake,
making It now a total of
eight people recovered alive,
though the number
of dead stands at...