The Lady Improper (2019) Movie Script

Can you quit nagging me?
You think I don't have
enough troubles already?
You think I am making things up?
You think you are always right!
If you don't stop, I'll leave!
Excuse me.
Here are today's cases, Ms. Yuen.
And a document for
you to review and sign.
We're starting. Please relax.
Once you get the sample,
will I be able to...
...have sex tonight?
Won't there be problems?
What kind of problems?
Today's my one-month anniversary
with my boyfriend
I want to let him do
it without a condom.
Is that possible?
I'm not a consultant
for your sex life, ma'am.
If you're so worried, why don't
you just lay off it for a day?
Come in.
You got the info wrong on one of
yesterday's patients, Ms. Yuen.
I passed the report to Miss Lee.
She might've made the mistake.
But Miss Lee said...
Just talk to Miss Lee.
She's responsible for it.
Parcel for you.
Ms. Yuen, the supervisor
wants to talk to you.
Why are there so many errors
on these two reports?
It's usually you who call
people out on their errors.
How do you explain your own errors?
Other people have seen them, too.
How do you know it's my fault?
You signed off on them.
The responsibility falls on you!
Look at this...
this patient only needs pap
smear, not a DNA test.
This patient needs both,
but you only administered
the pap smear.
How do you explain these errors?
What's wrong with you?
It's been a while since
you've taken a holiday.
Take a few months off!
I'll sign off on it.
"Dad's birthday dinner."
Watch out!
Siu Man.
You're right on time, Siu Man.
Siu Man's here!
Your dad was worried that
you had to work overtime.
Here I come!
Traditional Steamed Tofu,
Hakka-style Pork Belly!
Daughter, you're in luck!
Give me a hand.
Careful, it's hot.
Just an ordinary family meal.
Happy birthday, Ping.
Happy birthday!
Getting old is
nothing to celebrate.
A simple meal will do.
Time to eat!
Have a crab claw.
I don't eat crabs.
Here, eat up.
You're just eating veggies?
You're becoming a picky eater.
Siu Man?
Why isn't Kuen here tonight?
He's still in Shanghai.
I haven't seen him in six months.
When are you going to have a kid
for your dad to spoil?
Does Kuen call you every day?
That's good to know.
My Hakka-style Pork Belly
and Traditional Steamed Tofu.
You guys have to try them!
Let me know if they're any good.
It's great...
How does it taste?
It's... good...
I can tell from your faces
that they're no good!
That's not it.
They're a little
bland, but still tasty!
That's right!
My taste buds are shot to hell now.
Why don't you retire, Ping?
Siu Man's making good money now.
You deserve a break.
How can I just up and quit?
Siu Man's job pays
only 20 grand a month.
How's that enough?
She works at a health clinic,
not at a big hospital.
She only earns enough
to take care of herself
I've had enough.
It's fine. Keep eating.
Let's eat.
Have some chicken.
You guys enjoy.
I barely said anything
and off you ran!
Who asked you to wash dishes?!
Get back out there!
You better tell me the truth.
What the hell is going
on with you and Kuen?
We're doing just fine!
Just stop asking!
Just fine?
Then why would you
need this thing?!
This is shameful!
That's enough!
I got up at 6 this
morning for work!
I came straight from
work for your birthday!
Then you start blabbing
about my job and my salary!
Don't I give you money
every month already?
I've done as you asked all my life!
You wanted me out of the kitchen,
so I stayed out.
You wanted me to go to college,
so I went to college.
You wanted me to get married,
so I got married!
I've even bought a flat.
What more do you want from me?
Be careful!
How can you be so heavy?
I'll be heavier still.
The hotel did all this?
I arranged all of this.
You did?
This afternoon.
You're so beautiful.
You've said it plenty
of times today already.
Because you're that beautiful.
I need a shower first.
I'll join you!
Come on!
What are you doing here?
I've paid the management fee.
The electronics store says
the stereo you want is in stock.
Can we start over?
I'm ready for it...
I can do it now.
What is all this?
What are you doing?
Don't do this!
That's enough!
I've put the flat up for sale.
People will be coming
by to look at the place.
You need to move out.
We need to observe him some time
after the injection.
We'll arrange a C scan for Mr. Yuen ASAP.
The landlord's son asked us
to take down the restaurant's sign.
Your dad got into a
screaming match with him.
If the authorities have
no problem with it,
how is it dangerous?
We've had it up for 30 years,
how can it be dangerous?
Wing Kee Restaurant is the most
important thing to your dad.
He refused to take down the
sign even after the final notice.
Then he argued with them.
He got so worked up
that he passed out.
"Wing Kee Restaurant."
Put the boxes over there,
be careful with that.
That's the sign. Take care of it.
Hey... Sir!
Can't you wait until my boss is
back from the hospital
before you deal with it?
What's going on?
They want to take down the sign.
I'm in charge of
the restaurant now,
but I never received
any notice from you.
You have no right
to take down my sign.
We notified the restaurant
about the sign six months ago.
A sign came down on a pedestrian
near here last week.
We've received a complaint
about the danger your sign poses.
We have to act, ma'am.
Please cooperate.
I don't care.
I haven't seen a
single notification.
Please leave.
If you don't go right now,
I'm going to the media!
The government is
acting unreasonably.
Taking down my sign means
taking down my restaurant!
You want a notification?
Here you go.
The sign's been up for
decades, sir.
How can you just take
it down like that?
I told you the boss
is in the hospital.
Let's go to the pier
to watch the sunset.
Siu Man!
Don't run around!
Let's go and May!
Be careful.
Sure, let's go watch the sunset.
Are you feeling ill?
You're skipping breakfast, right?
Check, please
67 dollars.
I want one... I want one...
It stinks! I can smell medicine.
We're going now.
Sorry about that.
Hey, Siu Man!
I... saw these pretty
flowers on the way here.
So I thought I'd buy some.
A little red would
bring some life in here.
Your lilies... are nice, too.
Are you used to
living back at home?
I'll ask them for a vase
I'll get it.
You're awake?
Who are you?
Hi. You must be Siu Man
I'm Jiahao. I'm new here.
I'm making Wing Kee Restaurant's
signature chili oil.
Taste this.
I can't breathe!
I told you not to come in here!
Get out!
My Cantonese is not great...
When I used to come here...
the chili oil was
my favorite thing.
This is the flavor I love!
We stopped making chili
oil a long time ago.
We've been using outside
sources for 10 years.
You've made a mess of the kitchen.
Please clean it up before you go.
"Hakka-style Pork Belly, Traditional
Steamed Tofu - Not available."
The usual?
You have to pick pointy chillies.
They are the most fragrant.
You don't need to keep
me company all day.
Aren't you tired?
Mr. and Mrs. Fong.
Whenever we're faced
with problems we can't solve,
we become emotionally troubled,
which complicates matters.
I suggest...
we use sandplay therapy to work
through your inner feelings.
So just relax.
Try taking in deep breaths.
Relax yourself.
When you're ready
put your hands in the sand.
Feel the sensation of
the sand on your hands.
Try and release your
feelings from inside.
You remember how it felt
to be held by your mom?
Does it feel like that?
Why did mom leave?
Is it because mom is sick?
Siu Man!
Yuen Siu Man!
Why haven't you called
me all these years?
We were in Australia...
14 years ago
14 years ago!
You could've contacted me.
How could I?
When we landed at the airport,
you ran off without a word.
Like you never wanted
to see me again.
See? I can tell you're mad now.
I still remember that
night I was out late
and you waited all night for me.
I know you were worried about me.
I know you've always
cared about me.
Here's the address
of my dance studio.
Stop by anytime!
Remember to come.
Siu Man!
It's just like our old chili
oil, isn't it?
You know I don't eat spicy food.
We hired a new cook, Jiahao.
You've already met him, right?
Uncle Keung.
Can you talk to me
before you hire someone next time?
He just came back from Europe.
He's a bargain,
even with room and board included.
Pang just quit out of the blue.
Might as well give him a try.
Let's try him out for now.
Come on, Siu Man.
You two will get along just fine.
Wait, Tat.
It'll look better with
some cilantro on top.
Come on, Jiahao.
Don't be so meticulous.
We're falling behind!
Come on... it'll taste
better if it looks better.
Don't just use your hands.
That's dirty!
Just go make me two
plates of fried rice!
Drinking in the
kitchen isn't allowed!
Drinking in the
kitchen isn't allowed!
What did you say?
I said, drinking in the
kitchen isn't allowed!
It's boiling in here!
Why can't I have a drink?
What are you doing?
Nicely played.
Get back to that fried rice, man!
Check, please
55 dollars.
Sorry, I only have a 50...
It's okay, pay the rest next time.
Thanks... I'll do that.
Time to eat!
That looks good!
Chicken Normandy.
Try this, Uncle Keung.
Siu Man.
You know a lot of dishes,
you must be a hit with the ladies.
Speaking of the ladies,
How many foreign girls
have you had? A dozen?
You guys think that highly of me?
A dozen is a lot?
Even I've had my share...
Damn, Uncle Keung.
Are the girls' boobs this big?
You'll have to ask him
I hear French girls like
to take the lead, is that true?
I never dated one.
You didn't?
Are you for real...?
Let's drink!
Do you usually keep your mouth
closed until a certain time of day?
Your mouth will stink
if you don't speak.
Uncle Keung said that
you used to be a chef in Europe?
That's right.
Why did you come to our restaurant?
Fancy restaurants won't hire you?
What's wrong with Wing Kee?
I like working with serious women.
Are you Bing?
Siu Man?
I've already spoken to Keung.
Here's everything you need.
Keung said you wanted
to check out the veggies first.
There's no need for that.
This is the best
place in the market.
Sorry, Bing.
We won't be ordering for now.
"We won't be ordering for now"
I'll take a rain check for now.
Let's go. Come on.
What's the matter.
His veggies are no good.
We'll buy these,
the veggies here are fresher.
Excuse me, ma'am.
This place is expensive.
We sell locally grown
organic veggies here.
Organic tastes much better.
The corn from the New Territories
is really sweet!
It'll be worth every cent.
Try it.
Sure, let me have some.
And these... Thanks, ma'am.
Do you know how much more
the veggies here cost?
And there's not enough
supplies of local veggies.
What if...
What are you afraid of?
If you go over budget, I'll pay.
Is this sweet?
Very sweet. Try it.
So sweet!
Why did you hit me?
Be careful out there!
Take your time.
You know your stuff.
Local organic ginger
is extra flavorful.
How much for a catty?
8 dollars.
I'll throw in delivery
if you order in bulk.
It was 6 dollars
at the other place.
It's fine. I like my ginger spicy,
let's buy from this pretty lady.
Ginger has to taste spicy!
Am I right?
Where are you going? Wait.
You're just like those
geezers at the market,
flirting with girls left and right.
Are you friends with
her or something?
It's normal to compliment girls in
France, it's part of the greeting.
See? Just a greeting.
It's totally normal.
How do you imagine
the world outside the castle?
Why don't we try doing it?
It hurts!
It's okay...
It'll be quick.
It hurts. I can't do it.
I'm sorry...
Can you help me?
"Recipe: Hakka-style Pork Belly."
Sorry, did I wake you?
I'm making Wing Kee's
signature dishes.
Hakka-style Pork Belly
and Traditional Steamed Tofu.
We haven't served those in ages.
My mother and I,
used to come here
for them all the time.
I'm going to give
the pork some color.
Can you give me a hand?
It's easy. Come on.
Come here...
Massage the meat like this.
Massage it nicely.
It'll make it more
delicious and tasty-looking.
Don't stop now.
A little soy sauce will
make it look better.
Doesn't it look great?
Isn't it easy?
Give it a try.
The taste isn't the same.
It's missing something
I must've done something wrong.
Throw it away.
Throw it away.
No way.
My mentor told me,
cooking is akin to living.
It's like life.
Some people are more
fortunate than others.
If you have a tough life, it doesn't
matter as long as you don't give up.
You have to give it your best shot.
As long as you work hard,
there's a chance you
can make things better.
That's tacky.
It tastes much better now.
Hey! There you are!
Veggies look nice today.
It's heavy.
It's for you.
What is it?
It's from my mom.
She said it's in season.
This is great. Give her my thanks.
Don't mention it.
Gotta go.
Have this.
All the customers are gone?
You're free now?
Go get ready.
For what?
To eat something yummy.
Don't film me!
Take this.
Why are you filming me?
Look at me.
I said, stop filming.
Look at me.
You look pretty from the side.
and cut!
Candy and coconut
wrap sold by a granny
I loved this when I was a kid.
This is good, too.
Try it.
I don't want any.
Aren't you overdoing it a bit?
That's the stuff.
So delicious!
Try it I don't want it.
You're so weird.
Why do you keep
saying no to everyone?
It's time for dinner service.
Let's go!
You go ahead. I'm hanging around.
The light's going to be nice soon.
You'll miss it if you leave now.
Keep me company!
It's not like you're
really in a rush.
Hi, there!
My dad was a sailor.
My mother is from Taiwan.
She met my dad in Hong Kong.
I suppose you can say
I'm a mixture between the two.
When I was young, my dad was at
sea for long stretches of time.
My mom would bring me to the pier.
It made her feel closer to dad.
Doesn't my mom
sound like a simple-minded woman?
Don't move.
I won't film your
face, just your back.
Don't move.
You look better from
behind than from the front.
Isn't this pretty, Ping?
Red really is a nice, lively color.
You should chat with your dad
I'll take care of
these flowers for you.
Thanks, Lin.
Are you feeling better today?
Much better.
You probably feel
more comfortable here.
Tat, you lost this round.
That stir-fried curry
instant noodles of yours...
Don't ever make it again!
Is he really that good?
Let me try your cooking.
Dude, this is delicious!
Hi, Siu Man.
Have some midnight snacks.
I made some Indian curry.
Siu Man doesn't eat spicy food
I'll make you some noodles.
You don't need to.
Have some more, we've got plenty.
Look! There is a pole!
You're so over the top.
You do it, then.
You think I'm scared?
You are even more over the top.
There's another post here.
Do you want to learn from me?
I can't...
My bones are all stiff.
Forget about it.
You're here tonight.
Isn't that your body telling you
that you're ready to learn?
Take your time.
You sell ginger, don't you know
ginger water drives out the chills?
Of course I know, but there is
no one to give me a foot bath.
Morning! Going out?
Where are you headed this early?
Do some body rolls.
Then hip rolls.
Don't be so stiff. Look at how
relaxed the other girls are.
Everybody, repeat.
One. Two. Three.
How was it? You did fine.
I'm not used to this yet.
I was so stiff.
You have real potential.
You'll come to love
it with more practice.
What do you think of him?
I don't know if I'd like him.
Most of these guys
are "CMI" anyway.
"Cannot make it."
It means...
I won't feel a thing for them.
I don't find them attractive
I'll let you know
what happens tomorrow.
Gotta go.
"Do you like sex?
How old are you?"
Cup size?"
"How did Soseki's "Ten Nights
of Dreams" affect Japanese lit?"
"I don't know it."
"What's the craziest
thing you've ever done?"
I didn't always look this fit.
I used to be really scrawny,
All my girlfriends said that
I couldn't satisfy them.
I got dumped again and again.
But ever since I joined this gym,
my life's gone in a
whole new direction.
My name is Alex.
Hi, my name is Onion.
When I saw your profile picture,
I knew that you're my ideal type.
To prove that I'm sincere, I drew
up a timeline for our relationship.
Take a look.
I have a dream
I've always wanted
to start a family
I'm 29 now, and my goal is
to get married before I'm 30.
We can date for three months
before getting engaged.
We will buy a flat and spend three
months to prepare our wedding
I'd like Hello Kitty
to be the wedding theme
because I just love it
I'm a dust mite vacuum
cleaner salesman.
My work hours are flexible, I can
stay home and take care of the kids
I want two boys and two girls.
Our eldest should be a girl because
big sis takes care of the family
I like basketball, so I want to have
a son that will play ball with me.
Do you like girls or boys more?
I pay close attention
to the American stock market.
It's a bear market at the moment.
If you're interested in investment,
it's a good time to buy in.
Buy low.
Sell high.
If you're interested,
I can recommend some stocks
for long-term investment
I don't know much about stocks.
That's fine. You've got me.
I have some friends
who know nothing about stocks,
but after I taught them about it,
they are even better at it than I am.
If you like, I have some books
about stocks that I can lend you.
Maybe I can bring
them on our next date.
Why don't we go to a hotel?
You want to do 69?
What did you used
to do with your ex?
What's wrong? Don't be afraid.
You can tell me anything
I've got plenty of skills
I've never done it before.
Don't tell me that you're a virgin.
I am.
I'm going to take a shower.
You're home early.
Have you had dinner?
Drink up!
Siu Man!
Let my friend sit okay!
Sit down, Siu Man.
You look great
I was worried you wouldn't wear
what I bought for you.
Down in one?
One, two, three!
I'm going to look around.
Your first time here?
You're so uptight.
May I?
You smell nice.
Did you ever love her?
I really like you.
What are you making?
The stove is up too high.
Turn it down.
What's wrong?
Leave me alone!
Don't take it out on the food.
What are you doing?
Leave me the hell alone!
It's dangerous!
I just want to make
what I want to eat!
Why are you stopping me?
It's okay...
Everything's fine.
My legs hurt.
My "Kees", too.
It's "knees".
What would you like to add?
Spam and egg sandwich
and iced lemon tea to go.
Check, please.
She's looking hot today.
Spam and egg on toast, tomato
fried rice, iced coffee-tea blend?
That's right.
Watch how I do it first.
Raise your right arm, push your
left arm back to your elbow.
Raise and point your left leg at the
window, swing forward to the right.
Once you're swinging,
raise both your knees.
Not bad.
Come here.
You're learning pole
dancing, right?
You do it. Come on.
My mom used to bring
me here all the time.
We always had Hakka-style Pork
Belly and Traditional Steamed Tofu.
They were my dad's favorite dishes.
He ate them here all the time.
My mom kept coming
after he left her.
She didn't say it,
but I knew what she was thinking.
Maybe she was hoping
to run into my dad again here.
Have you heard of
such a foolish woman?
Did you ever see your dad?
I moved to France
with my mom after that.
She died last year...
so she never got to eat
these two dishes again.
No wonder a chef from France
would work in a place like this.
I hear that Ping used to be
a chef at a 5-star hotel
before starting this restaurant.
Try this.
You know,
I think your dad's a great chef.
These two dishes are
really hard to make.
You must know the
taste really well.
Do you remember what they're
supposed to taste like?
Should they taste
saltier or sweeter?
Where did I go wrong?
I hate these dishes, actually.
All my life,
I've never appreciated
my dad's craft.
Yet you obsess over it.
After my mom died,
my dad and I hardly talked.
He was always working
in the kitchen.
Whenever I came in here,
he kicked me out.
We're actually quite alike.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Come with me.
Close your eyes.
Keep them closed.
Wait a moment.
I like this the best.
It's so sour!
What is it?
A flower.
A flower.
Yeah, flower.
This is also flower.
Open UP.
Have some water.
Was that good?
H's spicy!
This type of ginger
isn't always in stock.
Next week...
maybe it'll be back in stock.
Leave plenty for us.
Why haven't you come by lately?
I've been busy.
Is that so?
Well, so have I.
Come over when you're free.
You know, everyone at the market
are boring old folks.
Should I explain things to her?
You're just here for a delivery.
What's there to explain?
If you like her, tell her.
Jiahao, where's Siu Man?
I haven't seen her all day.
I don't know.
I haven't seen her, either.
Look at the time.
She won't even answer the phone.
Your business is booming!
Say, your lease is
up in six months.
Here's the new lease. Take a look.
We've been your tenant for decades.
You're raising our rent by three
times! That's like kicking us out!
That's right! I wouldn't
stay either if I were you.
You're still a looker.
Why waste your life in this dump?
Please leave when you're done.
Don't hog the table.
Still worried about the rent?
Forget about that asshole.
You're newly single.
You should go out and have fun.
"Lady Ginger."
Where are you going?
Why don't you answer her call?
Here's 5 dollars
I'm a regular at your restaurant.
I know.
I'm Ah Him.
I saw you for the
first time on May 18th.
When I paid my check,
you said to me, "$67".
Then you said "$80"
the second time.
The third time, you said, "$90".
The fourth time, you said, "$55".
But I only had $50
so I am returning $5 to you today.
Later, you spotted a
popcorn on my shirt
and brushed it away.
By the fifth time, you knew that
I always order spam-egg on toast,
fried rice and ice coffee-tea
I've been to your
restaurant 17 times.
You've said 24 sentences to me,
and I've said 21 to you.
I remember every word.
I'm sorry.
Ah Him...
I'm returning $5 to you.
That day, I only had $50 on me.
Hi! How many?
Is Siu Man here?
Siu Man, he's here for you.
Need help, Cheong?
Your milk tea.
Here's your take-out.
Hi, Siu Man.
This is for you.
I'm still working.
Are you free tonight?
Wanna go to a movie?
The movie was pretty good.
The female lead was
amazing in that singing scene!
I was almost in tears.
You... didn't like the movie?
I did...
It was pretty good.
Do you want to watch
another movie tomorrow?
You're back early
I thought you wouldn't
be back tonight.
Were you hoping that I'd stay out?
"You haven't told me if you still
want to watch a movie tomorrow"
"I'm performing
at my dance class's final lesson."
"Do you want to come?"
Are you Siu Man's friend, Ah Him?
This way, there's a seat over here.
Have a seat.
This is the their
first performance,
so please encourage
them with your applause.
Thanks for coming.
This is good!
This is really good!
This is the old Wing Kee taste!
It was way too salty last time.
Inedible, man!
Do you know how much effort
it takes to make these?
The bones of the mud carp
have to be picked one at a time.
The Pork Belly takes at least
two, three hours to make, too.
Jiahao's really done it.
He accomplished his
mission before he left.
By the way, Siu Man...
Jiahao left a letter for you.
Do you know why your father
stopped making these dishes?
He talks tough
but he's a softie inside.
These two dishes
remind him of your mom.
With his wife gone
and you moving out,
he didn't see the reason
to make them anymore.
Ciao Bella!
I'm hereby returning
Wing Kee's kitchen to you.
I know you won't resent me
for leaving like this.
Consider the two dishes
as my parting gift to you.
I want you to know something.
You're the one who helped
me fulfill my dream.
I thought that I was making
these two dishes for my mom.
But later I realized that
it was to search for my dad.
I hated him all these years
for leaving my mom and I.
I left Europe and came to Hong Kong
because I wanted to rediscover
my passion for cooking.
Little did I know...
that Ping had already
understood this decades ago.
His reason for
opening the restaurant
was actually in line
with what I believe.
We both just want people
to enjoy simple, delicious food.
Meeting you was something special.
Remember when I said
that we're alike?
Perhaps we're both searching
for the right direction in life
I've found mine
I'm going to my mom's hometown and
open a restaurant there.
Come by when you have time.
Is it too salty?
It's good.
about the lease...
Let's give that a rest
I've always been
too strict with you.
But I'll let you
call the shots now.
Siu Man
I've been looking for you
I've been texting you.
Why won't you return my messages?
Ah Him.
Why don't we.
Let's get married.
I can take care of you.
Don't do this...
I'm not acting out of impulse
I've been thinking a lot.
I want to sleep next
to you every night...
and wake up with you every morning.
Don't work at the
restaurant anymore
I'll take care of you.
I don't see what's wrong
with working at a restaurant.
I'm sorry.
Siu Man!
"Wing Kee going out of business."
"See you again soon."
You'll have to make
your own chili oil from now on.
It's on the house.
Can I have a jar?
How are you, Ping?
Hey, Siu Man!
Hi, auntie. Hey!
How are you?
Here comes Wing Kee's
final batch of pineapple buns!
Boss, Siu Man, have some.
It's piping hot!
Does he work here?
Yeah, he's a real chatty one.
should we take a group photo?
Oh, yeah! Getting right on it!
Sit with your dad, Siu Man.
It's fine.
Here we go. Get closer, everyone