The Ladybug (2018) Movie Script

[birds chirping]
[upbeat music playing]
[upbeat music continues playing]
All lined up!
Go time!
[slowly] I made it!
- Oh!
- [thuds]
[man on TV] It has been
described by scientists
as an insect paradise
with thousands of species
of insect calling it home.
In fact, it has the highest
concentration of insects
- [ladybug] Wow.
- [man on TV] in the entire world.
The insects are drawn
to this oasis
due to its warm weather
and abundance of plant
and flower life.
Golden Canyon is truly
a sight to behold.
It is considered one of
the Eight Wonders...
[gasping] Wow.
It's like a fantasy land!
[man on TV] If you do decide to visit,
don't forget to bring bug spray.
[laser scanning]
[struggling moan]
[gasping in surprise]
- [metallic clanking]
- Huh?
[insect gasping in panic]
[panicked gasping continues]
[snail] Wha...
[snail gasps in wonder]
[panicked gasping continues]
[squeaking on glass]
Who are you?
[muffled yelling]
[yelling continues]
[bee guard] The target is
somewhere in this building, sir.
[bee captain] That slippery
scum's done for!
[ladybug gasps] Holy moly!
[bee captain growling]
You're like,
all the way out there!
[bee guard] Sir, no sign
of the target.
Hey, you. Googly Eyes.
You seen a green dragonfly
come through here?
We need to have a talk with him.
[ladybug] Uh...
a green dragonfly, you say?
Yeah. I did see one...
Oh, where did he go?
[bee captain growling]
Oh, yeah, I remember.
He went thataway!
Is that so? Better be true.
If you're lying,
you're gonna meet
the business end of my backside.
[bee captain laughing ominously]
[evil snicker]
[ladybug gasping] Oh!
[bee captain growling]
[bee captain] Let's buzz out!
[bee guard] Yes, sir!
[sighing in relief]
That was a close call.
[stretching groan]
Thanks, mounted insect pose.
You too, Googly Eyes.
Would you look at that?
So cute, tiny homes!
Fiddler crab?
Roaring tiger worm?
- [loud roaring]
- [dragonfly] Ah!
Knockity-knock. Anybody home?
"Invisible slug."
And they were able to catch you?
Should've just
turned invisible, geez.
- [snail moaning in effort]
- [glass clinking]
So, Googly Eyes is
a sweet little ladybug, huh?
[growling and moaning]
Did I scare ya?
Oh, dear!
[ladybug laughing]
Hey! That is not a nice thing
to do to your elders.
Sorry. So what do
those guys want from you?
The ones that flew around
like this.
Oh, those guys?
They're just jealous
of my kung fu skills.
Lucky I didn't feel like fighting
or I would've kicked their heinies.
Master Dan never loses a fight.
Who's that?
That's me. I'm, like,
a super big deal.
Surely you've heard of me.
I'm not Shirley.
Don't know a Shirley.
My name's Ruby!
Seriously? You never heard
of me?
[exasperated moan]
I'm the one and only Master Dan.
We dragonflies are the greatest
of all flying insects.
We hold the record for
the furthest distance traveled.
And I am the greatest
of them all!
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Definitely the greatest.
Of all dragonflies.
Yep, for sure-sies.
Wow. That's way cool!
But if you're the greatest,
why did you have to hide
from those guys?
Well, I told you.
I didn't feel like it.
Moving on.
I'm a brilliant globetrotter.
Been everywhere.
Well, have you ever been
to the Golden Canyon?
Duh. Of course!
It was amazing!
Maybe the prettiest place I've
ever been in my entire life.
You wouldn't believe
how many ladybugs were there.
They're all over the place.
I have to go there!
You and everyone else.
Ah, those trees and flowers...
I can still smell them!
And springs
with the crispest water.
[sighing nostalgically]
It truly is an insect paradise!
[Master Dan laughing]
Let's go now!
Uh, well...
about that, uh...
Yeah, I can't do it.
I'd really love to but,
you see...
I'm supes busy right now.
Wait, I'm coming with you!
[groaning in struggle]
[yelling determinedly]
I don't think that's safe.
[fan blowing]
[groaning in struggle]
[alarm beeping]
[mechanical door opening]
[chuckling] Well done.
Googly Eyes got some skills.
- [beeping] -[Master Dan
gasping] Danger! Danger!
[mechanical whirring]
[Ruby yelling excitedly]
Whoa! Red alert! Open cage!
[man yelling and
gasping in relief]
That was close!
[Master Dan] Ah...
Poor little Googly Eyes!
Sure showed a lot of gumption.
- [gasping]
- [Ruby yelling]
Wait up! I'm coming, Master Dan!
I thought you were a goner.
What's that?
Wow... Huh.
[birds chirping]
[cheering and laughing]
[butterflies] We're free!
Wow, I did it.
I finally made it out!
[laughing cheerfully]
Golden Canyon, I'm coming!
[Master Dan gasping in panic]
[Ruby] Master Dan!
[Master Dan] Googly Eyes!
Hold tight!
I'm coming for you!
[horn honking]
[Ruby yelling]
[truck driver humming happily]
[music on radio increases
in volume]
[upbeat pop music playing]
[Ruby yelling]
Help me! Help me!
[laughing goofily]
Please, help me!
Hey there!
[laughing] Woo!
Chill out.
What you worried about?
[whimpering nervously]
[laughing] Wow.
[truck driver humming]
[electricity crackling]
- [upbeat pop music continues]
- [whimpering nervously]
Whoa! Wah!
[stinkbug] Righteous!
- [Ruby yelling]
- [stinkbug laughing]
[stinkbug] I'm catching
some sick speed! Woohoo!
[horn honking]
[Master Dan] Googly Eyes!
What are you doing?
Flap those wings!
Flap 'em hard!
[Master Dan coughing]
Why do I have to be
such a nice guy?
Master Dan's coming
to the rescue!
[yelling in slow motion]
[continues yelling]
[horn honking]
Stop playing around in there,
Master Dan!
You have to concentrate
on the driving!
[Master Dan]
You're not helping!
[Ruby] Drive better!
No, that's worse!
[Ruby screaming]
[crickets chirping]
[car passing by]
[all chanting] Party, party!
[struggling groans]
Party, party!
[groaning in effort]
Please wake up.
I don't want to accidentally
pull off your legs.
- [stone hitting glass]
- [Ruby] Ah!
[stones hitting bike and light]
[stone hitting metal]
[stones breaking glass]
Master Dan!
What's going on? Where am I?
What happened?
[Ruby] Hi.
Hey, there.
You nearly got me splattered!
That's it! We're done!
You're on your own!
[angry groan]
I'm done being a nice guy!
[pained grunt]
[cries out in pain]
How will I get to Golden Canyon? You're
the only one that knows how to get there.
You're still talking
about Golden Canyon?
Well, guess what, Googly Eyes?
I was lying!
I've never been!
I just wanted
to sound cool, okay?
[groaning in pain]
That's okay.
You're still my friend.
Let's go together!
We're not friends, capiche?
Stop following me, right now!
Stop it!
[stomach growling]
I get cranky
when I'm hungry too.
[groaning angrily]
Get out of here!
I don't want you
anywhere near me!
Master Dan is a solo act!
Gimme that!
See ya.
Master Dan...
I don't know what to do.
I don't know how to get
to Golden Canyon.
I don't even know if it's real.
Golden Canyon is real.
It has to be.
I will find you,
Golden Canyon! Yeah!
If I were Golden Canyon,
where would I be?
- [cicadas] Party, party!
- Huh?
Party, party...
[struggling groans]
[Ruby] Excuse me. Hi.
[all] Huh?
You guys happen to know
where Golden Canyon is?
Party, party...
Hey, wait a second!
Where'd they run off to?
[indistinct chatter]
[bug through speakers] Ladies and
gentlebugs, get ready to get down!
Let's eat, drink, and buggy!
[upbeat pop music playing]
[grasshopper] Yeah!
[bug in band]
Fancy cake, big apple
Sweet pudding
Cocoa butter cream
You smiled at me
I danced with you
Joy will take over
Your heart on its beat
Now let's come together
Whoa, groovin' to the beat
Whoa, it's a celebration
Come on, come on, come on
Come on, join in the beat
Now let's come together
Whoa, groovin' to the beat
Whoa, it's a celebration
Shaking off your worries
With that funky twist
And join the feast
[both grunting]
[electric guitar solo playing]
Fancy cake, big apple
Sweet pudding
Cocoa butter cream
You smiled at me
I danced with you
Joy will take over
Your heart on its beat
This is my song!
Now let's come together
Whoa, groovin' to the beat
Whoa, it's a celebration
Come on, come on, come on
Come on, join in the beat
Now let's come together
Whoa, groovin' to the beat
Whoa, it's a celebration
Shaking off your worries
With that funky twist
And join the feast
Dave's at home taking care
of the larva,
so we can buggy all night long!
I might have had
a little bit of nectar.
Huh? Oh, hey there, party insect!
You want a little drinky-poo?
No, thanks.
I appreciate it, though.
[insect in crowd] We've got
company! Everyone, run for it!
[groaning angrily]
[whimpering in panic]
[large bug] Watch out, kid!
Hey, sir.
Check it out, it's Googly Eyes!
The kid from earlier!
Googly Eyes?
Yeah, the one who lied to us
about Master Dan.
- She's mine!
- [laughing sinisterly]
[bee guard] Not so fast,
Googly Eyes!
[Ruby crying out in fear]
[bee guard laughing]
Where do you think you're going?
[bee captain] So,
we meet again, Googly Eyes!
Thought you were real slick,
didn't ya?
You better start talking, kid.
Right now!
Where is that scummy,
no-good dragonfly?
[bee guard] Huh?
I'm not telling you anything!
You big, ugly bully!
Name calling hurts feelings!
[bee guard] Show 'em what
we do to name callers, sir.
[growling angrily]
I'd be scared, too!
[cries out in pain]
That's not cool.
I didn't do anything!
[confused grunting]
- Huh?
- Eh?
[suspenseful music playing]
What are you pea-brains
waiting for?
- Stop that bug!
- [bee guards] Yes, sir!
[groaning in effort]
[suspenseful music continues]
Get 'em, boys!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
[growling angrily]
- [suspenseful music continues]
- [bee guards laughing]
[bee guard] Freeze, kid!
[Ruby yells]
[struggling and groaning]
[bee guard cries out in pain]
I'm really not in the mood
for this today!
I'm going to get you,
Googly Eyes.
It's just a matter of time.
Little wings getting tired?
[bee guard] Come on!
[bee guard] Ah-ha!
Please help me, Googly Eyes!
I'm begging you!
[bee guard]
Don't leave me this way!
[breathing heavily]
Better not mess with me!
I'm the great Master Dan.
Master Dan!
[gasping in surprise]
I'm so happy to see you.
And by the way, those guys
are still looking for you.
Huh? Well, of course they are.
They're jealous
of my awesomeness.
Always somebody trying
to steal my...
- [grunts in surprise]
- [frog croaks]
What the heck...
Hold on!
[both groaning in effort]
[Master Dan] Help me!
Don't worry, I'll save you!
Help me!
[bee guard] So that's
over there.
Big giant hungry frog.
So, sir...
You wanna go first?
Don't be dense.
Our job is done here.
- [bee captain] Let's go.
- [bee guard] Yeah.
[groaning in effort]
[all straining]
[Master Dan yelling]
[Ruby gasps]
Are you okay?
[Ruby] You're alive!
Come on. Wake up!
Ha! I did it!
We're still alive! Yes!
[frog whimpers]
[groaning in effort]
Come on, Googly Eyes!
Let's skedaddle!
It's stuck. Oh, no!
Please help me, you guys.
I'm tongue-tied.
I shouldn't have tried
to eat you. I'm sorry.
I can give you a hand.
Have you gone bonkers?
What are you doing?
It's a trick!
He just wants to gobble you up!
We'll help you.
But you have
to promise not to eat us.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Don't do it!
You're gonna end up
being his lunch!
All done!
[sighing in relief]
Oh, great! We're done for now!
So much better.
Can't tell you how much
I appreciate this.
No problem. My name's Ruby!
[breathing heavily]
Thank you, Ruby.
My name's Ribbert.
Newsflash! He tried to eat me!
I am the king around here.
And I promise
I will not eat you.
Doesn't look like a king
if ya ask me.
You guys are from out of town,
aren't you?
Mm-hmm. Golden Canyon
is where we're going.
You're gonna love it
in Golden Canyon.
But you have a long journey
ahead, my friends.
So, you've been there before?
I have not.
But my father has told me
many stories about it!
Wanna come with us, then?
It's too far.
I can't go.
But it'll be easy for you guys.
Oh, really?
Just because we can fly, huh?
Did you not see
these tiny wings?
Do I look like a giant bird?
Cause I'm not.
You're actually
on the right track.
A giant bird can take you there.
And I know just
where to find one.
Oh? You have to show us the way.
You're insane!
Stop trying to make us food!
Don't you wanna get
to Golden Canyon?
I am not a scaredy-bug.
That was mean.
Um... My guards and I can safely
escort you to the giant birds.
What guards?
They invisible?
[low growling and
grumbling in throat]
[Ruby] Whoa!
I promise not to eat you, but
I can't say the same for them.
Careful with your words, flyboy.
[Ruby giggling]
Off we go!
[Ribbert] There they are!
You see?
These are the giant birds
I spoke of.
[Ruby] We made it!
- [Master Dan] Finally.
- [Ruby] Hello!
They can get you
to Golden Canyon
in no time at all.
But wait...
How do we catch a ride from one?
Don't worry.
This escort is full service.
[frogs moaning in slow motion]
[Ruby] Whoa!
- [Master Dan] Look out!
- [horn honking]
[Master Dan] Nice catch!
[Master Dan yelling]
What, now there's another one?
I did it! We're still alive!
[Ribbert] Voil! Safe and sound.
[Master Dan] It's...
bigger than I thought.
This is it!
Let's go!
[Ruby] Hurry up! Let's go!
Oh, why do you have to be
such a nice guy, Master Dan?
There you go!
I bid you both farewell!
Wait, King Ribbert...
Are you sure you can't come?
I am a king with frogs to lead.
And now I must teach them
to live in harmony with insects!
- [Ribbert gasps]
- [frog guard burps]
[fly buzzing]
[Ribbert laughing]
Thank you, guys!
We'll never forget you!
[plane engine starting]
Uh-oh! It's taking off!
Travel safely, my friends!
Bye-bye, my amphibious friends!
Goodbye, Ruby!
All right, Golden Canyon,
we're coming for you!
Wait a sec, did the bird's legs
just eat us?
[groans] My antennae!
They're gone forever! I'm done for!
Oh, there they are.
[voice] Attention, passengers,
welcome aboard.
Thank you for flying
with us today.
Now, sit back, relax,
and enjoy the flight.
Who... Who is that?
[voice] That would be me.
- [Master Dan gasps]
- Hi.
Sorry, it's been a while
since I've had any passengers.
- So, who are you?
- Yeah.
Oh, whoopsie!
Hold on. I've got
a whole little thing.
I was a small alley earwig.
But I knew I was meant
to travel the world.
Now, I'm Marty the artist!
- Huh?
- So you're...
Marty the artist?
Then are you going
to Golden Canyon, too?
Did you hear that?
That red thing called
me an artist!
Wait, why would I go to Golden Canyon?
That's not our destination.
[both] Huh?
[growling angrily]
You're kidding me!
That frog king is a lying snake!
I can't believe we came
all this way for nothing!
[Marty] That's so sad.
My best friends
have lost all hope!
Their quest seemingly
impossible now!
It's just heartbreaking!
I'm sorry I got us
into this mess.
We should probably just give up.
Why don't we just ask?
The giant bird will totally
help us.
People don't just help
each other for no reason.
That's not true.
I'd love to help
my best friends!
You can get us to Golden Canyon?
[Marty] I'm gonna try.
In order to do so, though,
I'll have to create
a masterpiece!
Ah... Eureka!
[Marty muttering to himself]
I finally did it!
I've painted my magnum opus!
Mwah! [laughing]
- Huh?
- [Master Dan sighs]
How does a painting help us?
It doesn't. He's an artist.
He's crazy.
[Marty] You mean,
crazy smart! Hmm?
The plane is flying over here.
But Golden Canyon
is way down here!
Which would then mean,
based on my calculations,
you get off here!
He did it!
I knew it! I knew King Ribbert
wouldn't lie to us!
[both laugh]
As soon as
this giant bird lands,
we'll eat till we can't move.
Then, we party!
No, no, no.
The plane's not landing.
[Master Dan] Huh?
We don't have much time.
Come on! Let's go!
Oh. I'm gonna need you
to turn off your antenna.
Don't wanna mess
with the plane's radar.
Wait a second, what about yours?
These bad boys are on the Wi-Fi.
So high-tech.
[Marty] I'm helping my best
friends chase their dreams!
This is so cool!
Just a little further.
[Marty laughing]
[Master Dan gasps in fear]
[Marty humming]
- [Ruby exclaims]
- [Master Dan gasps]
[Master Dan screams]
[machinery clanking]
Scary, huh?
I know!
[laughing] Watch your head!
[Marty laughs]
[panting] Tough part over!
Now a little drop
and you're there!
[gasps] Huh? "A little
drop"? Are you insane?
Wait, of course you are!
You know what? Let's go back
to the plan you had.
There's gotta be an easier way!
Huh? No. Wait.
It was a great idea! I'm sorry!
My bad! I never should have
made fun of it!
[Master Dan] No, no, no!
Bad idea!
Googly Eyes!
[Ruby] Hey, Golden Canyon!
Here I come!
Go! Go and get your destiny!
You need a hand.
Say what?
[Marty] Hi-ya!
[Master Dan yelling
and struggling]
Bye, best friends!
I love you!
Chase those dreams!
And never give up!
[yelling joyously]
[Master Dan and Ruby yelling]
[groaning in effort]
[sniffing] Gross!
What is that smell? Ugh!
[both groaning]
[Master Dan] Are we still alive?
Yep. Still alive.
[Ruby] Master Dan!
Don't pull my head off!
I'm trying!
[both yelling]
Oh, man, my thorax
is killing me!
Master Dan! What's that?
Those are big balls of dung.
[grunting in effort]
Dung ball on the loose!
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
[exclaiming incoherently]
Hi, I'm Ruby.
Cool dung ball you got there.
Quick question.
Are we in Golden Canyon
right now?
This is not Golden Canyon.
Way too much dung!
Like way too much.
You're acting like
your dung doesn't stink too.
Well, it doesn't,
I don't think.
That looks heavy! We should help
him out, Master Dan!
Stay away from that dung!
Come on! Give us a hand!
[disgusted shudder]
No way!
Huh? Hey! Don't leave me!
I'm coming!
[Ruby] Whoa...
That's a lot of dung!
[all cheering]
[sighing in effort]
[all breathing heavily]
Thanks for helping.
So you guys are trying
to get to Golden Canyon, right?
Head that way
through the Gilded Forest.
You'll get to Golden Canyon
soon enough.
Let's go! We're almost
at the finish line!
What? So tired.
[exasperated moan]
[laughing] We should get
some grub in your tummy.
Please, eat.
It's our finest dung.
It's all right.
No time, sorry.
We really should be on our way.
Looks great, though.
I can take you if you want.
That'd be awesome!
Hey! This way.
[Ruby] Oh. Onward!
[dung beetle] Wow! That's crazy.
I can't believe you went
through all that to get here.
[Ruby] Yep! But it's all
gonna be worth it!
I'd do it all over again
if I had to.
I can't believe
we're almost there.
You're both so brave.
I've never left my home.
I'd like to, but I don't think
I could ever really do it.
All you have to do is believe!
Yeah, that's the truth.
Don't worry.
We've got your back.
Oh! Hey, we made it.
- [Master Dan gasps]
- [Ruby laughs excitedly]
Googly Eyes did it! My hero!
We actually did it!
My dream, my destiny...
Golden Canyon!
It smells glorious.
[inhales] Ah, the overwhelming
scent of diesel gas is intoxicating!
Must be back here.
No, this is it.
[Master Dan] Huh?
You said you were looking
for Golden Canyon.
It's not a canyon.
That's a construction site!
Very different.
I swear to you
this is Golden Canyon.
I wouldn't lie.
[Ruby] What happened?
It was supposed to be
a beautiful forest.
It was a beautiful forest
a long time ago.
With streams, flowers,
and insects.
But it's looked just like this
ever since I was born.
Googly Eyes!
Where are you going?
Ruby, hold on.
This can't be it.
Hey, at least we made it here.
Let's go grab a bite.
It's my treat.
I could use a nice massage, too.
I left my home to come to this.
It's really not that bad.
My tummy's grumbling.
Let's eat.
This was all
a big mistake.
I should have stayed
right where I was.
Now you're gonna say that?
I almost died a bunch of times.
A "big mistake"?
Yeah, you're not kidding.
This is your fault.
You told me you'd been
to Golden Canyon.
Huh? Are you really trying
to put the blame on me?
You have got to be kidding.
You were all, "Oh, my gosh!
I wanna go to Golden Canyon!"
It was your dumb idea.
Fine! Go then!
I don't need you anyway.
I'll go somewhere
else beautiful!
Well... good luck with that
because I am out of here!
For good this time!
I'm serious. I'm on my way.
[sighing angrily]
[panicked whimpering]
[wings fluttering]
You came back!
That's the one.
[bee guard] Quick! Grab her.
What are you doing?
Let go of me!
[bee guard] Let's head back.
[Ruby] Master Dan!
Help me!
This ain't too shabby.
No Golden Canyon but...
[sighing contently]
Life is not bad.
Not gonna lie, this place
could make for a pretty rad pad!
[yelling and screaming]
[insects in distance]
No! Fly away!
[indistinct yelling]
Hey! Where are you guys going?
[indistinct yelling]
What? The Squatty Giant?
[loud footsteps approaching]
[panicked yelling]
[Squatty Giant]
Whoa! A dragonfly!
Super cool!
Let me out of here!
[indistinct yelling]
[bugs] Where are we? Mommy!
[glass jars clinking]
How do you like that, you bully?
[bee guard] Hey, wait!
[Ruby] I'm taking you down!
[bee guard] She's tiny
but she's so strong.
It really hurts!
Get her to stop!
[bee guard 2] It's all right!
[bee guard] Bad ladybug!
Stop that! Please!
[Ruby] Buzzbrain!
[bee guard yelling in panic]
- [bee guard] Do something!
- [bee guard 2] Just chill! We made it.
[bee guard sighing]
[Bee Crier] Hear ye! Hear ye!
Queenie is arriving!
[crowd gasping and shushing]
[bee guard] Your Highness,
she was all we could find.
So you're Googly Eyes.
No, my name isn't Googly Eyes.
It's Ruby. What's your name?
Ruby, huh?
I need you to tell me
where the dragonfly is.
Are you talking
about Master Dan?
I don't know where he is.
Do not lie for that con bug.
He must pay for what he's done.
So, where is he?
Master Dan isn't a con bug.
There must be some
kind of mix-up!
What do you think he did to you?
He told us stories
of a faraway land.
One with an abundance
of resources.
We traveled to this
"Golden Canyon"
and found it
a desolate wasteland.
We gave up everything
to get here.
This "Master Dan"
must face judgment!
[bee guards grunting]
But... but wait!
This place was a paradise!
He wasn't lying!
You do not raise your voice
to a queen.
Now, tell me where he is!
[Bee Scout] A scout returns!
Your Highness...
I have tracked down
the dragonfly for you.
You have?
The Squatty Giant has him.
[crowd murmuring indistinctly]
[Queenie laughing]
[Ruby] Squatty Giant?
[Queenie] His misdeeds finally
caught up with him.
His punishment will be far
greater than one we could deliver.
Justice has been served.
You can let the ladybug go now.
The Squatty Giant's
reign of terror continues.
That beast has taken many
of our friends and family.
What does the giant do to them?
Not sure...
But he captures them
in these small glass jars.
[glass clanking]
[toy squeaking]
[metal rattling]
[panicked grunting]
[bottles clinking]
Let me outta here!
You're messing
with the wrong bug!
[caterpillar] Save your breath,
Don't fight the inevitable.
There is no escape from here.
I'm going to save him!
[crowd gasping and chattering]
[Queenie] I applaud
your courage.
But you really shouldn't risk your
life for that deceitful dragonfly.
Says you!
Master Dan is my friend.
I'd do anything for him!
I have to save him.
He'd do it for me!
[laughing] Yeah, well,
good luck with that.
Oh, it's gonna happen!
I guarantee it!
[spider] But you must be
very careful.
Saving your friend
will be extremely dangerous.
To this very day,
I still have nightmares!
The Squatty Giant's that bad?
The Squatty Giant
is the least of your worries.
There is a creature
in the Squatty Giant's lair
that lurks in the shadows,
patiently waiting
for the right time.
When the sun disappears
and the world is consumed
by the night,
he emerges from
his veil of darkness.
He makes his way
through the lair,
climbing with ease,
until he arrives at the jars,
ready to feast.
The beast's name?
The Mighty Rex!
[yelling in panic]
You're looking
No! So scary!
What? It's nighttime now.
We need to go!
- [spider] I'm sorry.
- [Ruby] Right away.
But you are on your own,
brave one.
The danger is far
too great for us.
Well, fine then!
My best friend's in danger!
And I'm going to go save him!
[spider] Then that is
your decision.
But don't forget,
I tried to warn you.
Another good bug lost...
Such a pity.
Such a pity...
What if I got caught?
Would you all come save me?
What if Rex found out
about this place?
No! I don't want to be eaten.
I'm never gonna be able
to sleep now.
If we work together,
we can defeat Rex for good!
No way. Don't drag us
into this mess.
This is your fight.
I don't want to fight a monster.
[bug in crowd] I'm leaving,
taking my family.
Gonna move some place safe.
[sighing defeatedly]
Fine then.
Can anyone show me where
the Squatty Giant's home is?
[bug groaning in effort]
Oh, sure. No problem.
This place doesn't look
that scary.
Come on,
what are we waiting for?
It is very scary.
We gotta go full stealth.
[panicked gasping]
Freaking out right now.
But the coast is clear.
Giddy up.
[yelling in panic]
Hey! Ruby? Ruby?
Where'd she go? Where'd she go?
Wait for me!
That didn't go as planned.
There's some kind of
force field.
[Frank groaning in effort]
[breathing heavily]
I bet there's
an opening somewhere.
Slow down, please!
[breathing heavily]
It's true.
I saw them enter
the Squatty Giant's lair.
I can't believe Ruby's
actually doing it.
I wish I had a friend
who would do that for me.
Wow, she's so brave.
She's out of her mind!
Her and Frank versus Rex?
[Queenie] Enough.
I don't want to hear
another word about that ladybug.
She decided to put her life
at risk for a liar.
That's her own fault.
I'm still worried.
I wonder if she'll make it.
Did none of you hear
what I just said?
Just drop it.
Your Highness,
please forgive me but...
I think Ruby was right.
I think we should help
her fight Rex.
If we don't do something,
our friends' and families' lives
will continue to be in danger.
I think...
it's finally time to stand up
to that monster!
Well, I'll be.
I'm tired of being afraid
all the time!
- Let's do this!
- I'm in!
[indistinct chatter in crowd]
[spider] I'll take
that punk down myself!
Sorry. I got caught up
with the whole yelling things.
Don't really think
I could pull that off.
[laughing sheepishly]
Who knew a tiny ladybug could leave
such a strong impression on us?
Showing how brave even
the smallest bug can be.
Let us help!
For Ruby!
[crowd chattering indistinctly]
I'm not sure.
[glass squeaking]
[gasping] Hey, Master Dan!
[groaning in effort]
Hey! Master Dan!
Googly Eyes?
Great. You're hearing
things now.
[both screaming]
[giggling] Hi!
It's really you!
I'm still mad at you.
You hurt my feelings.
You were really mean!
Why did you come anyway?
I came because
you're my best friend!
Sorry I was all grouchy.
I forgive you.
Googly Eyes! Get outta here!
Quickly! Before the monster
gets here!
[Rex laughing ominously]
[Rex] No one's going anywhere!
How kind of you to bring me
a dessert, dragonfly.
I might just have to spoil
my dinner.
You'll have to catch me!
Oh, playing hard to get?
I like that.
[yelling in effort]
You want me?
Come and get me!
You dinosaur wannabe!
I'll kick your tail back to...
Googly Eyes!
[Rex] Get over here!
How do you like that?
[Rex crying out in pain]
[growling angrily]
I'm getting bored with this.
[Ruby yelling]
[groaning in effort]
[yelling in surprise]
[Rex growling]
[Rex laughing ominously]
Playtime's over.
Get in my belly!
[both yelling in slow motion]
[yelling in slow motion]
[Rex growling]
Your breath smells prehistoric!
- [Master Dan] Googly Eyes!
- [Rex] Wait until you smell my stomach!
[groaning in effort]
You put up a good fight,
but the Mighty Rex never loses!
[Rex laughing]
Good shot.
[both gasping in fear]
[Rex breathing heavily]
[Master Dan]
What's he dancing for?
[insects gasping]
[Master Dan] Huh?
[laughing] Master Dan
strikes again!
[Master Dan] Whoa!
[Ruby] Look at all those other
bugs still trapped in jars!
Master Dan, we can't just leave
them sitting in there.
Let's break them out!
What a great idea!
That's what I was gonna say.
[both groaning in effort]
How... how are we gonna open
all these things?
We can't even open one of them.
There's like a million of them.
Wait! I got it!
[Master Dan] Huh?
Come on! Give me a hand!
Uh... Okay.
[Ruby groaning in effort]
You're crazy!
You forget we're insects.
There's no way we can fly
these out of here!
We just gotta push them
off the ledge.
But Googly Eyes,
if we push them off the ledge,
the jars are gonna break!
Wait a second...
If we can break the jars,
then they'll be free to escape.
I'm a genius!
I figured out how to save them!
Great, Master Dan.
Now do you feel like helping?
Oh, yeah. Right. Sorry.
[both groaning in effort]
[glass shattering]
[laughing] I'm free!
[Master Dan] We did it!
We actually did it! Yeah!
[Ruby] We're not done yet.
We've still got a lot more
jars to break!
And push!
[both groaning in effort]
[glass shattering]
[laughing] Yay, thank you!
I can help.
- [glass shattering]
- Woo!
[glass shattering]
- [laughing]
- Woo!
[Ruby] That's it, guys!
[glass shattering]
Yeah! Keep it up!
Let freedom ring!
[glass shattering]
[indistinct chattering
and cheering]
[glass shattering]
This is wonderful!
[indistinct chatter]
Fresh air!
[laughter and
indistinct chatter]
I hate to dampen the mood but we
gotta figure a way out of here fast.
I'm coming, Ruby!
Hey, everyone! Sorry I'm late.
I had to go
through the front door.
Frank, you beautiful bug!
Come on, everyone!
Let's go!
[out of breath] Oh, wow.
A lot of you guys.
Okay! Come on!
Right through there!
[scared yelp]
[scared yelp]
[Master Dan] Ninja run!
[Frank] Keep coming!
We're almost there.
Just a little bit further...
Just up ahead,
there's an open window
we can use to get out.
[Frank] Go, go, go!
[Rex laughing]
Looks like I'll be having
a feast tonight.
[Rex slurping]
[frightened gasp]
We're not scared of you!
If we stand together,
we'll defeat you!
That's cute but I think you've
overestimated your friends' courage.
Ruby's right.
Let's show him
what we're made of!
How sweet. Thanks for making
this easier for me!
[Rex laughing]
[Rex] Foolish ladybug.
You thought I could be
defeated by insects...
[Queenie] Don't you dare touch that
ladybug, you stegosaurus reject!
Did you just threaten me, bug?
That's exactly what I did.
Finally! It's time to get it on.
Whoa! The Royal Guard?
They're here to help us!
Don't forget me!
I came too!
Great, guys!
[growling angrily]
Fight with bravery!
Tonight will be
remembered forever!
[Rex] Stop flying and fight me!
[grunting with effort]
[Rex growling angrily]
[indistinct yelling]
Thank you.
Queenie's kicking tail!
[laughing] The queen's sting
shows no mercy, lizard!
Neither does my tongue!
[Rex growling]
We're all lined up!
[Ruby] It's go time!
[crying out in pain]
You'll pay for that.
Sure. Send the bill to "Master
Dan's Super Fruit-a-pult!"
Time for our secret weapon.
Let's go!
We're coming for you!
[groaning in effort]
All right! That's it.
You guys want to fight dirty?
I'll fight dirty.
[confused gasping]
Hey, where'd he go?
That's not good!
He's camouflaged!
Don't let your guard down!
Man your positions!
Fire as soon as you see him!
[various insects] I'm freaking out!
Is that him? Maybe he left.
[Ruby] Huh?
[gasping] He's right behind you!
Behind who?
Behind you!
[all screaming]
Quick! Alpha team, charge!
Where is he?
[Rex laughing]
[Queenie] Bravo team! Go!
- He disappeared again!
- Anyone see him?
[Rex] You thought
you could defeat me?
[Rex laughing]
I knew insects had tiny brains,
but come on.
[Rex laughing]
He's right!
My brain is really tiny!
This tiny brain's got an idea!
What are you doing?
[groaning in effort]
You look like you could use
some extra muscle.
[both groaning in effort]
Thanks, Extra Muscle!
Yes. Of course!
Use it so he won't
be able to hide!
I've rescued us yet again!
[Rex grunting
and breathing heavily]
All right, guys.
Get him!
I don't need tricks
to defeat brainless bugs!
[Ruby] Yeah? Then bring it on!
[Rex growling]
You've been a real thorn
in my scales!
- [Rex] Huh?
- [Master Dan laughing]
Would you care for a dash
of pepper with your dinner?
Not pepper...
[sneezing and coughing]
Just a touch.
[coughing continues]
[Master Dan] Have some more.
[coughing continues]
[labored breathing and coughing]
[Rex yelling]
[gasping for air]
[dung beetle] Whoa...
[Frank] Cool. So, score one
for the brainless bugs.
[all cheering]
I can't believe it either, guys.
I gave him the one-two hyah!
We can celebrate at home.
We need to go.
Ready to get going?
[Ruby] That's everyone.
[Master Dan] Good!
Let's get out of here.
[bird chirping]
[Squatty Giant] Oh, no!
What happened?
Mom's gonna kill me!
Why would you do this, Rex?
You have been a bad lizard.
A very bad lizard!
You are grounded, Rex!
For at least a week!
[groaning in effort]
[bug laughing]
[Frank humming happily]
Wow! Pretty good!
[children laughing]
[Master Dan] ...and that's when
the hideous monster cornered me.
But Master Dan wasn't afraid.
You see, I'm a kung fu master!
So I karate chopped him,
like this.
- [Master Dan] I tell you, that lizard...
- [Queenie] May I have a word?
But of course.
[Master Dan] He was out
for the count.
Your Highness...
The bravest bug should bow
to no one.
I would like to thank you.
You showed me how
to be a true leader.
[Master Dan] This was nothing though.
I've been in way worse situations.
One time, I...
[child] Hey, finish the story!
[Master Dan] Go away!
Any way you could forgive
Master Dan?
I can.
I wish you would stay,
but I know your heart isn't here.
I have to keep looking
for Golden Canyon.
Hey, you wanna follow me
to Golden Canyon?
Together, we could find a way!
I mean, come on. It's me.
It's my mission!
You can be my sidekick!
But Ruby...
Golden Canyon no longer exists.
Yeah, well,
we'll see about that.
Goodbye, everyone! Take care!
I'll miss you!
[indistinct chatter]
Aw, look at that.
You got so excited
to be my sidekick,
you left without me.
Hold on, Ruby! I'm supposed
to be taking the lead on this!
You're just the sidekick!
Wait up!
[indistinct chatter]
[man] This is bad, real bad!
- [man 2] What's wrong?
- [man 1] I made a little oopsie!
[man 2] What? This is not
a little oopsie!
Oh, no!
- [man 1] This is a gigantic oopsie!
- [man 2] This is bad!
Maybe they're over here.
[bird chirping]
Ah, woo!