The Land (2016) Movie Script

- Do you even care
about your future?
I... I mean..
35 days absent.
There is no way we can pass you.
No way.
Hey, Cisco, we are here for
the same thing every time.
What are you doing with your
- Yeah, I..
Babe, I'm on my way home now.
- Did you hear what I just said?
- Yeah, yeah, I heard you.
- Alright, then look at me
when I'm talkin' to you
and take your feet
down off my desk.
Now, look, I know you don't care
about your diploma
but you are close
to finishing your trade.
- To be a mechanic. Bullshit.
- Better than being a bum.
- So what did you say
were my choices, again?
- Automotive technology.
Auto repair.
Auto manufacturing.
- Fuck my life.
- What?
- Hmm?
- Huh?
- I didn't say anything.
- Nursing... Culinary.
- Fucking kid's
in front of the car.
- Finally passed
all your classes.
That's some big deal.
You got one more year and you
will be a certified welder.
- Yay.
- You have to do something
with your life, Cisco.
What are you good at?
- Hey! Yo! Go home!
Go the fuck home!
Get out of the street.
Yo, get the fuck out of..
- What are you doing?
Put your mask back on, bro.
- I can't breathe
with this shit.
- Get that motherfucker
out of there, bro.
Get that motherfucker
out of there. Let's go!
- Junior, what the fuck,
you can't drive.
- Shut the fuck up, Patty.
Shut the fuck up.
Get in the whip!
Get in the whip!
- Come on, come on, come on.
- You talking about gears?
It's a automatic, fool!
- Shut the fuck up, bro!
- This ain't no stick!
This ain't no stick!
That's a red light.
That's a red light.
- Stop touching
the steering wheel!
- You're about to
fucking kill us, man!
- Yo!
This camera's dope.
But we could record
our tricks on this.
- Yo, come on, bro,
I'm trying to get to the crib.
- Yo, Patty!
Bro, that's the ugliest shit
I've ever seen.
- Aw, hell no!
- Yo, junior, stop playin', man,
- you a hater.
- Yo, Cisco.
- Seventy-five bucks?
- Yo, take it or leave it, man.
- This car's a 95, mint shape.
You can get like
a stack for the body.
- Engine's full...
- Who is this fucking kid?
The car's old, it's busted.
- You playing us, abi-kadabi?
- Yo, Cisco, man,
who am I dealin' with?
You or your crew?
- Come on, Hassan.
- Yo, take it or leave it.
- That's fucked up, dude.
- Better car...
Better pay, boys.
- On the real, Cisco
we can't keep doin'
this shit for chump change.
- It's better than nothin'.
- But he smells funny.
- I don't care
if he smells funny.
Your job is to make
the customer happy.
Baby, just don't
do it on my bed.
- I mean, how are you
gonna be happy when..
- I know, I know.
I know, baby.
- What's up, grandma?
- You buy groceries?
- You miss daddy?
- Hmm.
- You miss daddy, hm?
- Really?
School lunches?
- What's up, pops?
- Hey.
What's up, boy?
- Mama left you
some food on the stove.
- And the welding masks,
they comin' in next week.
- Oh, shit, not here, come on.
Let's go this way. Alright.
Oh, shit. Oh!
- Hey, what's up, girl?
- Three dollars, you could take
her home and keep her, huh?
- What's up, slick?
- Whaddup?
- You're gonna get fired.
- Shit, I wish.
I hate this fucking job.
If I had young ones,
I would have dang quit.
You got pancakes and milk,
but no syrup?
How you gonna eat
these dry-ass pancakes..
With water?
Slide $7.50, man.
Want a bag?
- Aye, Cisco the kid.
What's up?
- Harry bush tits, whaddup?
- Shit, man.
Just trying to get
this bus fare.
Appreciate you, bro.
Appreciate you.
Brent! Yo, Brent!
- Yo!
- Wassup, Brent.
- Bush tits, wassup?
- Oh, my man, wassup?
- What the fuck is this?
- I got more though.
- A dollar?
- What's your name again?
- Aye, Cisco, get away
from the window, man.
Get the fuck away
from the window!
Every summer, they want
to while the fuck out, man.
Punk-ass bikers.
- Bro.
- I don't want to be a janitor.
- Man, you don't
got to do nothing.
Don't let anybody control you.
- What?
- My mom used to say that shit.
- That's 'cause
your mom was the shit.
- You know what we gotta do?
Get sponsored this summer.
Start skating for money.
- Dawg, that'd be sick.
- I'm fucking tired
of Cleveland.
I'm tired of these long winters
of skating in basements.
Man, I want to go somewhere
with no rules.
We can chill, shred all day..
Like Cali.
- Skate by the beach..
Design my own boards.
Get two bad bitches pregnant.
- What?
- Hello. Hello!
Dude, I can hear you laughin'.
Give me my car back!
I'm gonna come find you
fucking kids.
- Can't catch me. Oh, okay.
I see you! I see you!
- Oh, my god.
Be careful, this plate's hot.
Come on, guys, stop.
Sit down and eat.
Eat fast, alright.
You're running late.
And you.
Just because you bought food
doesn't mean you can
turn this into a hotel, alright?
Thank you.
Does your uncle
even know you're here?
- You know, he's not my uncle.
- Junior, come on,
you're gonna be late for school!
- You know,
it's the last day, right?
- So?
- Stacey, here,
go wake up your brother.
Why the shitty attitude?
- Place is a prison.
It's whack.
- Yeah, well, too bad, alright.
That's your school.
No, look at me.
I'm counting on you
to take care of junior, alright?
He looks up to you.
- Aye, Stacey!
- Sit down and eat.
Get dressed.
I gotta go.
Don't forget your snacks, okay.
Alright, I'm running late.
Bye, guys.
- Mom, I get no kiss?
- You just make sure
your sister goes to school.
- It's gonna be sunny today.
Oh, shit!
- Man, check this out.
- Shit. Yo!
I don't know if we're just allowed
to be walking through here, bro.
This has gotta be
private property.
- Boobie, stop being a bitch.
- Damn, bro, this shit is weird!
- Alright, let's go, pussies.
What you got, c?
Whoo! Whoo!
Fucking c, bro!
Cisco's killin' 'em
on the fuckin' low.
- This is suicide.
- Hey, you wanna
get sponsored, right?
- Cisco, bro! I'm rolling!
Cisco, you're insane, bro!
- Good!
- Guys, I totally got that...
- Oh, shit! Cops! Cops!
- Hey! Hey!
Hey, don't-don't move!
- Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Get off me!
Hey! What the fuck?
- Yo, is that Brent?
- Yeah.
- Thought he dropped out.
- What you want my
real name for?
Just call me Patty cake.
We gotta make some money.
- Well, you can help Hassan
with a better car.
- Man, fuck Hassan.
- You got a better idea?
- There's gotta be
something, you know.
- You can get
a job at McDonald's.
- But you can't get no bitches
smelling like French fries.
- Hmm, pull some fat bitches.
- I know where the cafeteria is.
I can walk me. Yo!
Hey, what's up? Thank you.
- Yo, his mom's gonna be
so pissed at you.
- That ain't my fault.
- What's going on, bro?
- It's good, bro.
- They didn't confiscate
that shit?
- Guys, they didn't
even frisk me.
But they gave me
a big ass ticket though.
My mom's gonna be pissed.
- She's a fine ass.
- Dawg, that's my mom.
- Yo, a list of all
the skate comps this summer.
- Yeah, I mean,
it's only a couple of 'em.
- Of course, we're in Cleveland.
- So what we're in Cleveland?
We show up and get buck
like we always do.
- Still gotta pay
those entry fees.
Decks. Trucks.
That shit ain't free.
Hi, welcome to McDonald's.
Uh, can I take you order?
- Oh, shit! No, no, no!
- No! Oh!
- Boys!
- Yo, don't get none in my apple sauce.
- Boys! Settle down!
- We're good.
- Bitches..
Little bitches.
You best get out of the way.
Get out of the way!
You want to die?
Hey, get out of the way.
You wanna play, motherfuckers.
You wanna play?
You trying to fuck with me?
You tryin' to fuck with me.
- Let's go, bro.
Let's go!
- Fuck, man! That is the last
time I'm doin' this shit, bro.
We almost died back there.
- Yeah, but you didn't.
- It doesn't matter, bro.
I could have.
- Yo, shut the fuck up, man.
Chill the fuck out!
Shut up, strip the car.
- Dumbass.
- Yo, shut the fuck up,
get the back seat.
- Yo, what's up, bro?
- What is that?
- They look like my Abuelita's heart pills.
- Heart pills
in the back of a trunk?
Oh, this is Molly.
- Shit.
- Yo, what the fuck, bro?
- Yo, you crazy?
- Yo, you guys done?
- Put that shit back.
- Bro, think about it.
We could sell these.
It's just like ecstasy.
- You're crazy, bro.
- We can't just leave it here.
- Bro...
- Knock it off, man.
- Yo, what the hell
is taking so long?
- Okay, okay, okay.
School called.
She ain't havin' it.
Man, what you gonna do
with that shit?
Patty cake's right,
that's Molly.
It's not a joke.
Hey, you heard?
- Whoa!
They're goin' crazy!
They're screamin' his name.
Oh, Cisco!
Cisco! Cisco!
Another one?
- I..
I've been meaning to call you.
- Is that so?
- Listen, momma.
I picked up the pills
from the car.
Then there were these skaters.
What's with the kid?
- His name's Elliot.
He's picking up your slack.
Now, look, I need you
to find out who took your car
and who the fuck has my pills.
- Magic wash.
- Hmm.
Open it.
It's pure mdma.
- So this what they stole?
- Basically.
I had it ground down
and put in capsules, but..
This is the last
shipment for a while.
- Who the connect?
- That's not any
of your concern.
- So, I see you trust
this nigga chino
but you don't trust me.
And he the one
who need to be handled.
- Oh, yeah, like you dealt
with that crew
on the West Side
the other night?
- Claimin' territory.
- Listen, baby.
You're just a dealer on a bike.
When chino finds his car
and traces down our pills..
We collect.
Until then,
try making less noise.
- Fuck that shit.
We need to send a message.
- Okay.
Look in the glove compartment.
- I don't see nothin' in here.
- This is how you send
a message.
I have some food for you
to take home for your mother.
Tell her if she needs anything
to come to my market stand
at 25th street.
This is for the wait.
- Ting.
Ting, ting, ting, ting, ting,
ting, ting, ting, ting, ting.
Look who decided to come home.
Cisco, welcome home.
No, no, no,
you're the fuckin' bank.
You guys can extend
for as long as you want.
I... I just need
one more month.
Right for as long..
Okay, thank you very much,
miss, thank you.
Fuck off! Fuck you!
Fuck sake! Fuck me.
Holy shit, Cisco, I forgot.
Look what I've invested in,
look at this.
Look what I invested in.
This is one of those signs
that you twirl on the corner.
- Ooh, that's like
those signs that they have
down at the, uh..
Tax places.
- Tax places!
You're right, t.
That's exactly right.
So, Cisco.
I was thinkin' maybe
you and junior can, you know
like, stand outside and you
know, they... they... they
twirl the..
- You paying?
- Yeah.
For the roof above your head.
This place here
is keepin' us alive.
- Keeping you alive.
- I'm all you got.
Don't forget that.
And I promised your mama
I would take care of you.
- Don't.
Don't talk about my mom.
- Yup.
- Fuck!
What the fuck
are you fuckin' doing?
- What?
- Where'd you get that shit?
- Out of my fuckin' purse!
- You're fuckin' aa.
- Oh, I'm not in aa.
- I can't see that shit.
Tryin' to stay fuckin' clean.
- Cisco!
- Fuck you and stop fuckin' spittin' on me.
- Fuckin' junkie.
- Cisco, let's go, bro.
- Junior, stop poundin' on the..
You're gonna fuckin' break it.
- What's up, t?
- They servin' 'em
nasty ass hotdogs?
- Why did you do that?
- Wipe this fuckin' down!
- Bro, this shit look live.
- Name and sponsor?
- Uh, Boobie.
But, umm, I'm not sponsored.
- You have the registration fee?
- Uh, yeah. How much?
- $150.
- Each? Fuck, dude.
We don't have $150 each.
- Sorry, guys.
- This is some bullshit.
- Name and sponsor?
- Hey, we got to skate.
There's a whole bunch of
sponsors just watching.
- I ain't skatin' outside
the comp like a bum.
- If you guys want, there's
an after-party at skatopia.
I have extra wristbands.
- Damn!
- Watch out, bro.
- Hey, what the fuck, Patty!
Oh, shit.
Bro, let's get in!
- Yo!
- Yo!
- Molly?
- You made all of this tonight?
- Yup!
- Oh, I don't know
how to deal but
I'm in, bro, man.
I mean, what?
I'm with this shit, no question.
- Come on, Boobie,
don't fuck us, man.
You know, it's all or nothing.
- What if these dudes come back
looking for this stuff, bro?
- Then we stop.
- And the police?
- Bro, they didn't even frisk
junior when he got caught.
Remember? Come on, man,
it's our dream.
- To skateboard, bro.
Not be drug dealers.
- Bro, we're already
working cars.
Everybody is doing something
to get ahead.
- That's true, bro.
- I don't know one person
who hasn't dealt
something shady to get
what they want.
- We can even help our families.
- We sell enough until we get
into these competitions.
And that's it, we stop?
- That's it.
- Come on, b.
- No?
- Fuck you, guys.
- What?
- Chino, chino, got it.
Come on, bro.
- I never tried Molly. Hey!
- What?
- I've never fucking
tried Molly.
If we traffic this shit,
let's take it.
- Hey, what are y'all
dealing now?
- We're not dealers, man.
- Come on, bro.
You came to see me.
At my crib, on my day off.
Don't keep secrets.
Now, that's good quality.
- How do you know?
- You see the powder
on the inside of the capsule?
That means it's pure.
And then this..
- What?
- Hey, yo!
- What?
- This is momma's shit.
- Your mom's?
- No, man. This pill.
Belongs to momma.
Crazy ass lady.
Been running game here
for years.
She's not a joke.
- Momma.
- Tell us more about the pill.
- Well, first of all, you can't
be dealing it out of your
dirty ass hands.
You need to find something
to package it in.
Something small, something you
can get rid of if you need to.
- I mean, I know y'all's
breath stink, but goddamn.
- Yo, this gonna take a minute.
There's at least 7000 pills
in that bitch.
- Then you gotta label the shit.
People gotta know it's yours.
So you need a signature.
You need a logo.
- I just cannot draw.
That one's garbage.
- We ain't gonna throw away pills
because they don't look right.
- Bro, this one is trash, bro.
You're not drawing
the Crescent right.
- Now it's a party drug.
Night clubs, raves, wherever
people are having a good time
you be there.
- Anybody seen my friend, Molly?
She's small, she's white,
she's very cute.
- Ah, that's the new pieces.
You see what's up?
- Oh, Lebron.
- Oh!
- Damn, uncle Steve. This
makes me wanna slap my momma.
- Patty cake, sit your ass
down, off the fucking counter.
Somebody's gotta fucking clean
this place up all the time.
- Sit down, fool.
- Leave the sign alone.
Put it down.
- What are we looking
at right now?
- Uh-huh. Hey, bird.
- Yo!
- Money, what's up?
- Money, bro.
- You gotta be kidding.
- Money, bro.
- Twenty..
- One. One.
- Twenty one.
- Twenty one, dollars.
- Yo, my man. We're about
to close. You gotta go.
- Where's the rest of it?
- I don't know, brother.
We get junk from everywhere.
- Where's my car, motherfucker?
Where is it?
- I don't know what
you're talking about, man.
- Chino!
- What's up, man? What's this?
You found your car?
- What the fuck you doing here?
- I was sent.
To check in on you, bro.
- Why would she send you
and your little bitch ass
tricycle crew?
Stay in line
before I fuck you up.
- Alright, chino.
Let's go.
- Here you go, enjoy!
Hey, hey, hey,
I got dogs on the grill.
How many you want?
Check this out.
Two years,
clean and sober, baby.
It's actually, uh, 382 days,
14 hours, 16 minutes
but who's counting, right?
I feel, I feel good.
You know, I... I feel better.
I do, I, uh...
It's a little win, I know
but lord knows I need it.
We, we need it.
You know, I've been thinking..
I think I know how to
improve our business.
- I told you, I don't wanna,
I don't wanna work here.
- No, no, I know, I know,
you've said it before.
And I.. Hurts a little bit,
but I get it.
It's a fucking diner,
and you're doing so good now
with your skating and stuff.
So I want in.
Team uncle Steve.
What, y... you, you're skating.
I was thinking, that, that,
my business can sponsor you.
You know, at those, uh,
those contests that you do.
And when you win an award,
well, we can split the money.
I mean, I need the money.
- There's no money.
You think I'm blind?
Come on,
we gotta help each other.
Okay, I'm... I'm, I want it to
be like it was before. I do...
- stop.
- What?
You were too young, that's it.
You were too young.
You're, you are, you were.
You don't remember what I did
for you. All the shit that I...
- you know, my mom
fucking od'd 'cause of you.
- Stop talking like that.
Can't talk that way to me.
- Oh..
It's okay.
What you makin' all
that noise for, huh?
It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Baby, it's okay, baby.
It's okay, baby.
- Hey, Cisco.
Oh, shit, are you okay?
Come inside, let me
clean that up for you.
- Ow! Ow, Stace.
- Stop being a big baby.
- What happened?
- No, no, no, no, no.
If I gotta eat it,
you gotta eat it.
- Ma, can we have some pizza?
- No.
- I'll buy it.
- Cisco, I'm not buying pizza.
- No, just take it.
- Where's this money
coming from?
- Hmm?
- I mean, I see
the skateboards, the clothes.
The food? I mean..
- We've got jobs.
- Jobs?
- Yeah, at the diner, you know.
Twirling the sign
on the corner and stuff.
- No trouble?
- No trouble.
- Junior, junior, junior!
Mommy, mommy. Junior.
- Boo!
- Aah!
- Junior, are you kidding me?
You stop or I beat your ass.
- Okay.
- Come here.
- I'm sorry, ma, okay, okay.
- Go apologize to her.
- Ma!
No, I don't.
You can't play that game.
- I got him.
- You can't play that game.
- Get him, Stacey. Get him!
- Here, oh, you're
gonna like these.
They are sweet.
Oh, he's getting so big,
Drey. Can I?
Oh, no, he's sleeping.
No, no, no, that's okay.
Oh, the sleepy face.
- You got any kids?
- I have many but none of my own.
- Hey. I found him.
- Speaking of the devil.
Uh, Karen, could you come in and
give them anything they want.
What are you doing here?
- Chino car.
I found it in the chop shop.
- Car? Can't you fucking
follow directions?
- Look, man, I got
the dealer out back.
You want to find
your pills or what?
Come on.
He didn't wanna talk.
- Did you let him talk?
He looks fucking dead.
And then you bring him
to my stand?
You've no idea
where the car... Came from?
- No.
Kids got it
before I put it on the lot.
- Who are these kids?
- I only know one of them.
Cisco. He rides a skateboard
with his crew.
- Cisco.
Any idea where I can find him?
- I don't know.
Fuckin' Google him.
Look, I told the other guy
I'll pay him back in full.
Whatever the cost.
- Other guy?
- Yeah.
You know, some Spanish dude.
He came to my lot too.
- So how'd you find this guy?
- I heard he was stripping
people for parts.
- Yeah. From who?
- People.
- Okay, well..
You can keep your eye
out for this kid, Cisco.
- Brought your stuff?
- Hell, no. It's no way.
- Come on, bro. Just do it.
- This runway
is way too bumpy, yo.
- See, you're being
a bitch, honestly.
- Yo, Cisco.
- Make sure you call him.
- What's up, you good?
- Where's he going?
- Business.
- Yo, we not goin'
to finish the tape?
Now, where is he going?
- Bro, honestly, I feel like
we should be finishing
our tape instead of shooting...
- bro, stop bitching.
We gonna get that shit.
Don't trip. We out here.
Look, we got a penthouse...
- hopefully, there are
some bitches in here.
- Dawg, don't be calling
bitches, bitches, dude.
That's just rude as hell.
- Alright, whatever, bro.
- Yeah?
Seriously, you're the one..
Wow, come in.
- Yeah, babykin.
I see you, darlin'.
Bad choice, red lights.
That thing.
Oh, we're about to get
fucked up.
No one's gonna lie.
What's up with y'all?
Okay, alright.
That's some classy shit.
- What's up?
Is that leather, that dress?
- Alright, I've got 150.
- 200.
- What? I'm not giving you
anything more than 150.
- Two hundred,
take it or leave it.
- Nice view, right?
Fucking better be.
I work my ass off for it.
- Bro, you can see my crib
from here, I'm not gonna lie.
This spot is crazy.
No one's gonna lie.
This spot is stupid,
these windows. What?
You ever got a chick
right here, like, naked?
You know what I'm saying,
and get complaints and like
"yeah, naked bitch is at the crib
or some shit like that, you know?"
Like these bamboo sticks.
Great interpretation of
what that shit would look like.
- Be careful with my bamboo, man.
- Who got..
Who got, who got shit
like this in their crib?
It's like only
baller motherfuckers.
You gotta fill their crib
with just stupid shit.
That's what it is, right?
- Yo, junior.
Bro, you gotta come try this
shit she just put me on to.
Molly water, nigga. Come on.
- I'm chattin' up my homeboy.
Eh, eh, eh, nigga,
what's up, wait.
I ain't gonna try that?
Let me get that
last little sip, fuck.
- Bro, I'm fucked up!
- Look at this joker
right here, bro.
You shouldn't have swigged
the entire thing.
I'm telling you right now,
although my shit..
- I'm fucking high, bro.
- Where's the bathroom in this piece
of junk? I gotta take a piss.
- Bro, what are you doing?
- What y'all doing?
- No, get off.
What's going on?
- We gotta go, bro.
- I'm out.
Yo, I'm done.
- I mean, the pills
are almost gone.
Let's, let's just
finish what we started.
- Hell yeah.
Making money.
I can't get enough of this shit.
We eating.
We're fucking bosses, yo.
- That back there was
not cool, bro.
- That's 100.
- Let's just sell it
all at once.
- How?
- Brent.
We'll sell it to Brent
and his crew.
- Y'all can do that shit.
Leave me out of it, bro.
I'm done.
- Bro, I'm doing this for you,
so that you could skate.
Matter of fact, you should be
thanking me for those shoes.
And that board.
- Cisco.
- Man, I'm just saying, man. We got
something here. It's our time.
We can, we can get out.
- And go where, Cisco?
You're really starting
to trip, man.
- I see it, you could too if you
stop acting like a little bitch.
- Yo!
- What?
- Chill, man.
What we really need right now
is a fucking car.
'Cause this bus is
not about to come, y'all.
- Oh, what a dick.
- What?
- He cut the service.
- Shit.
- Yo, let's be out.
- Oh.
- What's up, pops?
- What up, boy?
- So, mom wanted me
to come down?
- Yeah.
How y'all boys doin'?
- Chillin', old man.
- Alright.
Here. Give it to your mama for the rent.
- Alright.
- Tell her I'm gonna be home
late tonight.
Got some overtime.
- Alright.
- Boy, you ain't,
you ain't got no clothes.
- I'm representing Puerto Rico.
- What, what are you doing?
Oh, the festival.
- That's the one.
- Hey, here's $10.
Get yourself some pop.
- No, pops, I'm good.
- Go on, take it. Get some pop.
Buy that boy a shirt,
do something.
Take it. Go on.
- Catch you at home.
- Oh, I left it at the crib.
Well, come on.
- Bro, that's your fault.
- Oh, my god. I saw a 20
in there like..
- What?
- You had enough?
- Bro, come on, I saw a five.
- No. No.
- Where's your money?
- I only got about
three dollars. I need..
- Yo, I see Brent.
I'll be right back.
- You got a five?
You're just being a dick.
You got a five?
- See what you're doing, man.
Where the fuck my pills
at, nigga?
- Man, I told you I didn't take your pills.
Get the fuck off me.
- Why the fuck you lyin' to me?
He part of your crew?
You ain't gonna say shit, huh?
Where the fuck is Cisco, huh?
He in your crew, nigga?
- I ain't got your shit.
Get the fuck off me.
- You gotta keep moving, bro.
Yo, man.
I said, keep moving.
- You ain't shit
without your crew, pussy.
You gotta move, bro.
You gotta move.
You gotta move.
He's high.
- what would hurt you?
- Nothing. Stop asking.
- You good?
- Yo, what's up?
- What did Brent say?
- It wasn't him.
Come on, let's go.
- Where's he going anyway?
- See, I almost threw up
on the last ride.
Turquoise, what's up?
- What's up?
- Yo, what can I get
for a dollar?
- You can get the fuck
outta my face.
- Patty cake, get off the counter.
Get off the counter.
- You good?
What's up?
- Hey, dude, I ain't gonna,
lie, that shit is tight.
- Good shit, fellas.
Good shit, man.
Hey, man, uh, what's that little
spin thing you did at the end?
- Frontside 180?
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that shit was fly, man.
That was nice.
- I worked my ass off trying...
- Yeah, yeah.
Hey, man, hard work
pays off, bro.
- Do we know you?
- Nah.
But your mans do.
Yeah, I remember you.
From the festival.
Cisco, right?
Damn, Boobie.
It's like I've been sponsoring
you for a while, little nigga.
You see this nigga?
Fresh, ain't he?
What's with this nigga, bro.
Y'all motherfuckers
got somethin'
that don't belong to you.
Hand it over..
We ain't got no problem.
- We don't know
what y'all talking about.
- I think you do.
- Yo, get the fuck off, man.
- We out, we out, we out.
- Man, let's go, come on.
- Yeah.
- Let's get these motherfuckers.
- Yo, you knew about this
and didn't tell us?
- They're just trying
to scare us, alright?
- What the fuck you mean?
Those bikers ain't
playing around.
- They're not gonna do shit.
- What do you mean "do shit?"
They're insane! And I can't
believe you didn't tell us.
- This is it, Cisco. We in too deep.
You gotta give those pills back.
- They saw our face already,
bro, it's too late for that.
- No, it's not too late, 'cause we're
giving the fuckin' pills back.
- Give 'em the pills back
and the money we made?
Yeah, so fuckin' smart.
Let's do that.
- Cisco, chill, man.
- Man, this whole thing was
stupid from the beginning.
- No, bro, I'm done with y'all.
I thought we was
in this together.
- Together?
Look at you, nigga. This shit is
all going to your fuckin' head.
All you care about is yourself!
- Chill, bro.
- And? If I don't, who will?
Your miserable ass dad?
- Yo! Yo, yo, yo!
Back off, Boobie!
No, Cisco, Cisco,
we're fam, bro.
- Fam? Fuck fam!
- Hey, fuck you!
- Let's go.
Let's get off these streets.
- Shit.
- I see you see!
- Happy fourth of July,
Make sure you got
your swimsuit ready!
- Man, turn them grills on
'cause I wanna play.
- And most importantly..
A whole lot of parties
going down,
so make sure
you hit us up, you know...
- Oh, my fucking shit, ma.
- Hey, your language.
- Well, ma, how you
gonna come in like that?
- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing. Estoy Bien.
- Bueno. I got the day
off at work.
- So I wanna go see fireworks.
- Outside?
- Yeah. Outside.
- Cisco the kid.
- Bush tits.
I got some work for you.
- Nice. Nice and calm.
- How can I help you?
- By turning your
air conditioner on.
You're cooking up
your customers in here.
- Nothing wrong with
a little bit of heat.
Besides, the ac is sort of
out of commission right now.
What can I get you?
- Um..
I don't really see
anything I can eat.
Do you have any healthy options?
- Uh, why not just
define healthy?
- Oh, sorry, I didn't, I didn't
mean to be disrespectful.
- I have my own business too.
- Uh-oh, competition?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Not exactly. I don't think
we're even in the same race.
- What's that mean?
- Unless there's something
else you're selling
that's not on the menu.
- Like what?
- How about ice tea?
- Well, how about ice tea?
'Cause what's this is,
made it myself.
It's chamomile,
herbal essence, tofu.
- Bro... Where we at?
- This is where
it all goes down.
- You're sure he's gonna cop
the whole thing, right?
- Alright, Playa, hold off here.
Don't move.
- My old man said,
"no more stove for me."
- At least, he still
gave you the diner.
- Psst.
- Grandma's here.
- Okay.
- She's gonna take you
to see the fireworks.
You're going to have
so much fun.
Go on, now.
- Bye, honey.
- Cute kid.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- Do you have any kids?
- Me? No.
I mean, I know it's hard to
understand how a fine specimen
such as myself didn't
knock up a broad, but no.
- Uh, it's just that,
I know a kid.
I thought he was yours.
- What kind of business
did you say you are in?
- Hey, ray?
Guess he's not home.
- That's it?
- Yeah, he's not home.
- Are you serious?
You brought me out here
carrying this shit?
- Let's say you were robbed
you love kids and you definitely
wouldn't want to harm anybody
but... It's business.
- What, what, Cisco robbed you?
He stole from you?
- Unless you're somehow
tied to this mishap?
- No, no, I know,
I didn't steal anything.
But Cisco, yeah,
you what, what..
He, what did he do?
He was by.. He stole from you?
- Just... Tell Cisco
and his little friends..
I want what's mine.
Don't let your, your father
god rest his soul
regret leaving you this diner.
- Listen to me
you ever go near Cisco
or this diner again..
- Happy fourth of July.
- There go that nigga
right there.
- Shit.
- Come on, get him!
- Come here.
Come here, motherfucker.
Hold him up, hold him up.
- Ooh.
- Let me see this.
Let's go. We good, we good.
Come on, let's go.
Get the fuck outta here.
- Pops, I can...
I'm selling it to help us.
I just.. I don't want you to
have to take care of me, pops?
- You think this helps me?
I shouldn't have to explain
to you how dangerous this is.
You're a grown man now.
Grown man who can make
your own decisions.
But this, this leaves
my house tonight.
And you better decide
if you gonna go with them.
- You alright?
- I fucked up.
- Yeah, you did.
- Listen, bro, you're chillin'.
Your face fucked up,
but you're chillin'.
- Smile.
- Hey, y'all's want pizza?
- Yeah, yeah, let's go,
let's go have pizza.
- Hi.
- I want cheese, I want cheese.
- I want cheese, I want cheese.
- Ma?
- Can I get a cheese pizza,
- Good looks, okay.
- Stacey...
- Hey! Sorry.
- Careful.
- I got it.
- Come on, guys, be careful.
- Yep.
Thank you.
You care to grab the pop?
- I got it.
- Yep.
- Junior, junior, mommy!
- Junior?
- Junior, wake up. Junior.
- Junior, stop teasing
your sister.
Come on, get up.
Junior, get up.
- Junior!
- Junior?
Junior, get up!
What happened?
What happened? What happened?
- I don't know.
- Junior, come on, wake up.
No, no, no.
Oh, my god. What is it? What..
No! No!
No, please, junior,
wake up, please.
Junior, please!
Cisco! Cisco, please!
I'm gonna put Stacey to bed.
- I got it.
- I can do it.
- No, I got it, okay?
You can go home.
- Cisco, I said I got it.
- I... I... I can do it.
- Go, Cisco! Get the fuck
out of my house already!
I don't need your help, okay? I
don't need you next to my family.
I don't need you around me. I don't
your fucking help, Cisco. Now, get out!
- Mom.
- Where's my money?
Where's my money?
- You held out on me.
- Where's my money, Steve?
- You fucking stole it.
You brought us down, you did.
You brought us down.
The money is gone. It's gone.
- Aah!
- Here you go. Enjoy.
Hey, I'll be with you
in just a second.
Okay, how can I help...
I didn't know if uncle Steve
was gonna deliver my message.
- You killed my friend?
- Whoa.
I didn't kill anyone.
- Those bikers work for you?
- Shit.
Look, son, I didn't want
anyone to get hurt.
I just wanted my pills.
So now what?
You're gonna shoot me
in front of all these witnesses?
You're smarter than that, Cisco.
- You don't know me.
- But I do.
I'll tell you what.
You need to stop thinking
about your mistakes
and move on, hmm?
No regrets in life.
They're just... Lessons
that show you the way.
Aim that thing here.
Handle him before he comes
after everyone you know.
- Hey, yo.
- You know..
You and your buddies
still owe me money.
- Leave them out of this.
- Ride?
- Did you brush your teeth?
- Yes.
- Is that your final answer?
- Mm-hmm.
- I don't know.
Did you brush your teeth?
Go, brush your teeth. Go.
- Alright, is everybody up
there? Guys, I'm rollin'.
Alright. Hit it, Cisco.
Alright, so we out here.
We're deciding which... which
roller-coasters to go to.
Guys, which roller-coasters
are we going in?
We got that cool one over there.
We got this one over there
what y'all think?
Guys, what's up?
- That one.
- You want the big one.
Bro, this feel like
it would totally fuck you up
and I'm super down.
- Post up.
- Tell me what you feel.
- I don't wanna be on camera.
- Alright, I'll put it
down here.
I'm just tryin' to say what's up?
How you feelin'?
- No more cotton candy.
- Yeah, that tape is crazy bro.
That looks like my father.
- They're gonna kick us
out of here, bro.
They'll kick us out of here.
- PC, let's go with yours.
Let me see it. Okay,
yeah, I'll rock with it.
- Yo, genius.
- What's up?
You want knee pads? For what?
- For your mom.