The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving (1995) Movie Script

Universal Cartoon Studios and
MCA Home Entertainment Present
The Land Before Time III
The Time of the Great Giving
A long time ago,
at least thirty-five hundred
million years ago,
the earliest form of life made
it's first appearance on earth.
These single-celled creatures
developed and grew,
and changed a million times over.
Until at last, there was a
creature able to leave the sea,
and to crawl out
into an unknown world.
From this long fish-like creature
came hundreds of other animals.
The mightiest of which was called
the Dinosaur.
For most of
the earth's dinosaurs,
life was filled with danger.
But for the fortunate
leaf-eating dinosaurs
of the Great Valley,
life was peaceful,
and food plentyful.
The Great Valley was
the perfect place for children
like Littlefoot, the longneck,
Cera, the threehorn,
Ducky, the swimmer,
Petrie, the flyer,
and Spike, the spiketail,
to grow and learn and play.
- I got it!
- No, me got it!
Go, Spike.
Did you did it, Spike?
Did you? Huh?
Yep, yep, yep. You got it.
I found an other one.
I found an other one.
Hy, Hyp. Do you hand
my rock back, please?
Your rock? Who said
it was your rock?
Yeah, who said
it was your rock, huh?
Who said? Who said?
Oh. Ah. Yeah!
Well, Gee, no-one, but we
were just playing with it.
So give it back, Hyp!
Well, I didn't hear you say:
That's, because I didn't.
Hey, maybe we can
all play, together.
Good idea, Littlefoot.
We all play.
Yep, yep, yep,
the more the better.
What do you thing guys?
Wanna play with these... babies?
Babies? Who's he calling babies?
- Us?
- Uh. Me no baby! Me big!
Yeah, big baby!
- Me no like them.
- Me neither.
I'll show 'em!
- Cera!
- I'm busy!
- Come, and get us!
- Yeah, try!
Whow. What's that?
- Its' a...
- Earthshake!
- Rocks flying?!
- Flying rocks!
- Daddy!
- Mama!
Grandma! Grandpa!
Fly children! Fly!
Look out!
- Littlefoot.
- I'm in here, Grandma.
Are you all right, little one?
Would you like to come out now?
Shee, that wasn't a regular
kind earthshake, was it?
No, Littlefoot, it wasn't.
- Than what kind was it?
- We don't know, Littlefoot.
Perhaps it had to do
with those great rocks,
falling from the sky.
Oh, yeah. I saw 'em.
And I saw that big one,
landing somewhere
in the mysterious beyond.
I sure wish
we could go find it.
Yes, that would be an
adventure now, wouldn't it?
Well, I think we've had enough
adventure for one day.
Come. It's time to settle
down for the night.
It's beautiful,
isn't it, Grandpa?
Oh, yes, Littlefoot.
And mysterious.
As is so much in our world.
Well, at least
that danger has passed.
- Huh, what? - Look, everyone!
Where did the water go?
- It stopped flowing.
- How can that be?
What will we do without water?
Grandpa? Why did the
Thundering Falls just stop?
I don't know, Littlefoot.
I don't know.
Littlefoot, go and play.
Grandpa and I must talk
with the other grown-ups.
Sure, Grandma.
- See you later, Grandpa.
- This's never happened before.
Hey guys!
Guess, what happened
to the Thundering Falls!
Sss! We are trying to find Cera.
She has hided from us.
- But...
- Me no find Cera anywhere.
- Guess, what, Petrie!
- What? You no find Cera either?
Cera is a very good hider.
She is.
I scared you!
I scared you! I did!
You no scared me, Cera.
Me unscareable!
Peatrie, you are rubbing my nose.
Oh, huhuh, sorry.
Me no know my own strength.
Now who is going to hide?
Okey, but first
I wanna tell you something.
Well, hurry it up!
We wanna play!
I saw a... hey!
Spike is taking your term
for you, Littlefoot.
My brother is not
a very good hider, oh no.
Now, just what were you
gonna say, Littlefoot?
It's the Thundering Falls!
It's not giving us any water!
You gotta come see!
Why don't you hatchlings
go run and see?
Yeah, run and see!
Run and see!
Oh! Aa... yeah!
- Try and make us!
- No, Cera, no!
Oh, don't worry!
I won't hurt them. Much.
Put those away!
How come all you ever
want to do is fight, Hyp?
Yeah, fight.
Ouh. Fighting hurt.
Yeah. It does give you aue-s,
Hyp. Why do we do it?
Why? Why?
Because we are bigger!
And bigger's smarter!
Bigger is meaner,
and bigger is better!
When you're big, you can push
all the little ones around,
they're looking up,
while you are looking down.
You can snap a tree in two,
like it's just a twig.
Things are better,
when you're big.
When you're big, you can do
anything you wanna do.
All the rules the grown-ups make,
they don't apply to you.
Just smashing on the puddles,
gop and slurp and swig
the world is wider,
when you're big.
You can snort, you can grunt.
You can stock, you can haul.
You can bug someone smaller
on the head.
On the head.
You can take, what you want.
Lay all day in the swamp.
And you never ever
have to go to bed.
When you're big, you can step
on little peoples toes,
lunch on their lunch,
bump them in the nose.
Threehorns and longnecks,
and duckfeet too.
They all have to do
anything you want'em to.
And if they don't, you can
plumb them in the gue.
Don't you forget,
what you want you get.
Things are better,
when you're big.
When you're big.
When you're big.
When you're big.
But Hyp, when you're a grown-up,
you won't be very big at all.
Yeah! Your kind
never gets very big.
When we grow up,
we'll be much bigger.
Aha. Aha,
much-much-much-much bigger!
Oh, yeah? Well I'm gonna see
to it, that you never grow up.
- Oh, yeah!
- Never grow up, never.
How are we gonna do that, Hyp?
Shee, is he dumb.
Let me lay it out for you.
First we chase 'em,
second we catch 'em,
third we hurt 'em! See?
No Hyp. I don't see.
- Anybody. - Me neither.
- What?
Come on, haul 'em later.
As you can all see,
our valley is quickly drying up.
Yes. We see it,
and feel it as well.
There is less and less
water to drink.
And green food to eat.
I know. That is why our herds
must work together.
To save the little water
we have left.
From now on, we must drink only
what we need to survive.
And no more.
Hopefully soon the Thundering
Falls will bring us water again.
If not, we may have to
leave the Great Valley.
- Leave the Great Valley?
- Never! - It's our home!
Than, until the water returns,
we must not use the water
we have left unwisely.
Threehorns never use water
unwisely. But your herds do!
Our herds? What makes you think,
our herds would do such a thing?
You drink greedily
with no concern for others.
Can you believe
he is saying that?
- Well, I've seen threehorns
waste. - What?
You take long baths, even if
you are the least bit dirty.
And, I've seen
your kind waste, too.
Splashing water
needlessly, for shame.
I never did such a thing!
Hey! Let's play bullies!
I'll be Hyp!
- I'm gonna get you!
- Not, if I get you first!
Me wanna play bullies too!
Hey, hatchling,
you no eat my green-food!
Me go play bullies
someplace else.
Petrie! You're a flyer,
not a swimmer!
Me no bully either.
But I am!
- Not again!
- Oh, no-no-no-no-noooo!
It them!
That you hatchlings keep playing
in our swimming hole, huh?
They're beginning
to get on my nerves.
Can we teach'em a lesson, Hyp?
Huh? Can we, huh?
Be my guest, Nod!
- See ya!
- Wouldn't wanna be ya!
This is not funny!
Now someone splashed me,
and wasted precious water.
Littlefoot, are you all right?
Aha. But I think I'm in trouble.
Your Littlefoot is guilty
of wasting water.
What happened, Littlefoot?
It was an accident,
Grandpa! Honest!
I'm sure, it was, Littlefoot.
Our children don't understand
the water problem,
the Great Valley has always
given them everything they need.
What are those grown-ups
talking about?
What water problem? Isn't the
Thundering Falls coming back?
I don't know.
Well, it should!
Why wouldn't it?
Maybe it is tired
and needs to rest.
We need to
teach our children,
how to use
the remaining water wisely.
Speak for yourself, longneck!
My Cera would never waste!
Your Littlefoot
is a bad influence!
That's not true!
- What is influmance?
- Me no know.
Come, Cera!
You're not to play with the
little longneck any more.
But, Daddy!
My friend.
I think you're acting rushly.
Littlefoot is not to blame.
- I said, come Cera!
- No!
Cera, I'm your father.
And I know,
what's best for you.
- Petrie, it's time to go home!
- Bye-bye! Coming, Mama!
Come Ducky, Spike, you too!
Do not worry, Littlefoot!
You're not an influmance,
whatever that is.
I don't understand, Grandpa. Why
does Cera's dad think I'm bad?
Oh, he is just confused,
Sometimes fear makes
grown-ups do strange things.
I don't understand, Daddy!
You need friends, who know
how to behave.
Especially in times like this.
Littlefoot is my friend!
He'll always be my friend!
- Cera, I'm your father!
I want, what's best for you!
No, you don't! You just
don't want me to have any fun!
Cera, please. I'm just
trying to... as a parent I...
Time to wake up, my little one.
Grandma! It's early.
I'm still sleepy.
You must get up, Littlefoot!
If you want to drink
the morning dew with us.
The morning dew?
Yes. It collects on the leeves
in the early morning.
If we hurry,
we can drink the dew,
before the bright circle gets
too high in the sky
and dries it all up.
All right.
Here, Littlefoot,
drink this.
I think,
you'll find it delicious.
Ups! It broke!
It's not your fault, Littlefoot.
The treestars are very dry now,
and crumble easily.
But when will everything be green
and wet again, Grandma?
I don't know.
I hope, soon.
But what's going to happen,
if it's not soon?
Water will get
harder and harder to find.
Soon, everything will be
as dry as that treestar.
- And it will be easier for fires
to start. - Fire?
Yes, Littlefoot. Which is why
you must remember the
escape paths, we've shown you.
Don't worry, Grandma.
I'll remember.
I think, we're in luck.
There is still quite a few
green treestars left here.
Come on, then! Let's eat!
Yeah, let's eat!
These don't look too good.
But I sure am hungry.
They taste terrible!
Here, Littlefoot. Try these!
They're still very green.
- Thanks, Grandpa!
- Go on, Littlefoot. Eat up!
But, but what about you?
Don't you want some?
Thank you, Littlefoot.
But Grandpa and I will be fine.
Yes. You're still growing,
you need the very best
green food, we can find.
Well, okey.
That was good!
But sure I am thirsty.
When is it our turn for water?
Our turn for water
is when the bright circle
touches the Smoking Mountain.
But if you're thirsty,
I think you can have a drink now.
After all, we never agreed
that the children should have
the same water restrictions
as the elders.
Oh, boy! Water!
It's not your time to drink,
What do you mean,
not our time?
We agreed, that all herds
must take terms
drinking at the watering hole.
Yes, we all agreed,
but I didn't think,
that it included the children.
It really isn't fair to them.
There is no fair,
when it comes to survival.
When life is tough,
you got to be tougher,
if you wanna stay alive!
When the trail gets rough,
you got to get rougher,
to help your family survive.
You can run around in circles,
wondering what to do.
Someone's got to be
the boys a reason,
is it you, or you, or you?
When things around us
are going bad,
we all better be strong.
We could loose
everything we've had,
if this goes on too long.
Don't stand around here talking!
I say, that's not enough!
No tears, no sighs,
don't close your eyes!
We got to stand tough!
I used to hear my father say:
Stand and fight, don't run away!
He made me, what I am today,
I'm here!
And I'm tough!
When times are hard,
you better be harder,
you don't know
what's in store.
You think, you're smart?
You got to be smarter,
than you ever were before.
You say, I'm mean,
you say, if I bother,
but I have a daughter
and I'm her father.
I'm gonna make sure,
we all have water enough.
That's why I'm tough!
I'm standing tough!
We got to stand tough!
You don't like it? Tough!
Littlefoot! Over here!
You judge us wrongly, threehorn.
I'm only doing,
what needs to be done.
But this is going too far!
What are we gonna do
about the grown-ups, Littlefoot?
- They're acting like babies!
- I know.
And it's all the
Thundering Falls's fault, too.
If we had more water,
this wouldn't be happening.
- That's it, Cera!
- What's it?
If we find some,
the grown-ups will stop
being mad.
Maybe. Except for my Dad.
He is always mad.
Yeah. He is kind'a grumpy.
But I'm sure it's just because
he is so worried about the water.
Yeah. Anyway, let's go get
Petrie, Ducky and Spike
and find some water.
- How about a compromise?
- No. We must be firm.
Can't we agree on anything?
- Are we all here?
- Yep-yep-yep. Here. All here.
Oh, no. We are not.
Where is Spike?
Well, don't ask me!
He is not my brother.
Oh, Spike! Where are you,
little brother?
What that?
It sound like monster.
Do not worry, Petrie!
That is not a monster!
That is Spike!
That is his sleeping sound.
Come on, I'll show you.
You are right, Ducky.
Get up, silly. This is not
nap-time. This is get up-time.
You wake up now, okey Spike?
Huh! Spike up!
Spike down.
Spike, no!
- Are you okey, Petrie?
- Aha. Spike sure heavy sleeper.
We gotta wake him up,
because it's gonna take
all of us to find more water.
Water? Yes!
Me help find water!
Spike, stop!
Me no find water yet.
Don't worry, Spike!
We find it, I just know we will.
We'd better!
Because if our parents
stay mad any longer,
I'm just gonna scream!
- Oh, I will scream too!
- Petrie good screamer!
What about you, Spike?
- How we find water, Littlefoot?
- We smell for it, silly.
Oh, yes! Smell for it,
with our noses.
I know how to do that.
No smell so hard,
okey, Spike?
- This is serious, Ducky.
- Oh, yes, Cera. I know. I know.
It's not your turn!
Go on!
My sniffer is
very-very sniffed out.
Well, I'm so thirsty,
I could drink a lake.
Me too,
if we could find one.
Funny. Me smell water,
but me no see water.
- Did you hear a...a splash?
- Aha. - Water!
That is so good!
Oh, yes. This is the
yummiest water ever. It is!
And we drink all we want,
no-one yelling us.
There they are. And would you
look, what they've found for us.
What is it?
Hi, ya, hatchlings.
Say bye-bye, water.
Is it going somewhere?
No, but you are!
- This is our water now!
- So give it back!
Give back?
But it already in my tummy.
But do you not want to share?
- We don't share with anybody.
Do we? - No, not. - Nobody.
So I'm warning you,
small fries,
if you tell anybody else
about this water,
you'll be very-very sorry!
We are telling. And you
better not try to stop us!
Hurry! Can't let them tell!
What am I running for?
I'm not afraid of those.
Hey! What's the big idea?
No time to fight bully, Cera.
We go tell grown-ups about water.
Where'd they go, Hyp, huh?
Where'd they go?
If I knew,
I wouldn't be looking for 'em.
- Yeah!
- Yeah, dummy!
Keep running!
Are they still after us?
Me no know.
Me too scared to look.
Spike, you're going
the wrong way!
Hurray! Now you're
on the right way!
Why are we going this way
anyway, Littlefoot?
We're tired,
and this way is hard!
Because this is the shortest
way back to the grown-ups.
And it will be harder
for the bullies to follow us.
It is the
mysterious beyond!
And it have water!
Whole bunches!
The flying rocks must have
caused slides
in the mysterious beyond too.
Yeah! And those dumb
slides blocked our barwater.
Come on! The grown-ups
will know what to do.
Bad weather for flying.
Not this way!
I know an other path.
That's enough. You've had
your share for today.
- The threehorn is getting
far too bossy. - I agree.
- Grandpa! Grandma!
- Daddy!
There's fire in the valley!
Are you sure,
Yes, Grandpa.
It's near to border pass.
Yes, we can see
the fire signs from here.
The border pass?
- That's close to here.
- We must run.
Calm yourselves.
We will lead you to safety.
No, I will. We will be
better off, following me.
This way!
But you're heading
where the fire
will surely spread.
We must go
up-wind of the fire.
Do as you will,
but Cera and I go
this way. Come, Cera.
But Daddy!
The others can do
what they want,
but you are my daughter,
and you'll do as I say.
I'm... 'm...
I'm going with my father.
I do not feel good about this.
Oh, no. I do not.
Grandma! Grandpa!
Can't you stop them?
I have to go after 'em!
Yes. Littlefoot,
you come with me.
We'll lead the others
to safety.
But what about everybody
else in the valley, Grandma?
What will happen
to them?
They'll use the escape routes
closest to them. Now come.
Everyone! Follow me!
Children first!
What's wrong?
The smoke is too thick.
You'll have to lead.
But I...
Follow me, everyone!
- Where is he?
- I can't see!
Littlefoot! The grown-ups cannot
see good. They cannot.
They can hear.
Follow my voice!
Stay close to the one
in front of you!
Keep you heads down,
it's not much further.
- Are you sure, this is right,
Daddy? - Of course I'm sure!
- Daddy!
- This way, Cera!
We're trapped!
Threehorns! Over here!
Hurry, Cera!
- Are you all right, Cera?
- Yes, Daddy.
- They made it! I was so worried!
- I'm fine, dear, really.
How is everyone else?
Our group got here safely.
Thanks to Littlefoot.
Oh, yes.
Thanks to Littlefoot.
We are all very lucky.
Lucky? How can you say we are
lucky, when our valley burns?
We are without water,
and now we are without a home.
All is lost.
All is not lost, my friend.
You still have Cera.
And you are still here.
Able to care for her.
Well, you are right.
Thank you longneck.
But the threehorn
speaks the truth.
We don't.
We'll never be able to go back
to the Great Valley.
Never go back to the
Great Valley? Oh, no!
The water! We forgot
to tell them about the water!
Grandma! Grandpa!
We found water!
- Water?
- Where, Littlefoot?
- It's stuck!
- Behind the Thundering Falls.
- The flying rocks did it.
- They did.
Which means, the water is trapped
in the mysterious beyond.
The mysterious beyond.
- We can't go there!
- It's dangerous!
Of course it's dangerous!
But no place is safe now.
We must go and free the water!
But such a huge
gathering place of water
will attract other creatures
besides ourselves.
In the mysterious beyond,
there'll be sharp-teeth.
I do not like sharp-teeth.
Oh, no!
Their teeth are too sharp.
Still, we must do something!
We must come up with a plan
to free the water!
I have a plan!
I hope it's better than
your fire-escape plan.
This is no time to argue.
At least I had a plan!
You're acting like children!
We no act like that!
- I have a plan, too.
- Mine's better.
I sure would like to
get to that water first,
before the rest of those
dummies go slubbering in it.
But you heard the
grown-ups, Hyp.
- What about sharp-teeth?
- What about them?
You tell'm, Mutt!
Well, they're bad. Yeah!
And scary too.
Come on! You are
just as afraid as we are!
I'm not afraid of anything.
- Bet, you are!
- Bet, I'm not!
You were afraid of
those big flying rocks!
I was not! I just ran,
because you guys did.
I... I dind't want
you to feel stupid.
Well, than prove it!
All right, I will! I'll get me
some tasty water,
and you babies
can stay here!
- I'm not a baby!
- Me neither!
- Hyp! Wait!
- Ah, yeah. For us!
- We must act now!
- We must not act rushly.
They are so dumb!
Didn't they hear what the
grown-ups said about sharp-teeth?
I guess not.
Well if they get eaten,
it'll just serve them right.
- Cera! That is not nice!
- I don't care! They deserve it!
I don't know, you guys,
maybe we should do something.
Like what?
Like... tell their parents
where they went?
All of our parents 're
too busy arguing.
Your plan is too dangerous.
- Yours is no better!
- Then listen to mine!
Yours? Don't be silly!
Then... maybe
we should go stop them!
- Stop them?
- Us?
They hate us.
They will not listen.
- I know, they're bigger.
- But definitely not smarter!
- Still we have to try!
- But why?
They have feelings,
just like we do.
They have problems too.
We think, because they're big,
they don't. But they do.
They're louder
and they're stronger,
and they make a bigger foss.
But way down deep inside,
I think,
They're kids like us.
They have parents just like ours
who tell them what to do.
They have feet and tails and
horns and skins and noses too.
And when the earth is shaking,
they run and hide, because
even if the think they're tough,
they're still kids like us.
It's just too dangerous,
Yes, it is.
- And the're too mean.
- Very, very mean!
Maybe when you're bigger,
you think you should pretend,
you're not afraid
of scary things,
that you
don't need a friend.
But they're just kids in trouble.
They need some-one to trust.
If we can't bring them home,
show them they're not alone.
That they're just kids.
Kids like us.
I just have to try
and stop'em.
You guys do what you want.
Last one to go is a scary egg!
Me no scary egg!
Wait for us!
We're not scary eggs either!
Are you sure, this is the
right way to the water, Hyp?
Sure I'm sure!
I'm just taking us
this special way.
So we don't run into
any stupid sharp-teeth.
Wait for me!
Come on, guys! Wait!
Stop whining, Mutt!
This is easy!
Well, what do you know?
A little watering hole.
Just for me!
You guys can have some.
If I leave any.
Huh-uh! Water!
I'm sinking! I'm sinking!
Don't you stand there,
pull me out!
- Oh, yeah!
- Right. What do we do?
I don't know.
What do you think we should do?
Somebody do something!
Help! Help!
That's Hyp!
Get me out!
Get me out!
- You pull him out!
- What if I get stuck?
- Then I'll pull you out, okey?
- What if you get stuck..
He's stuck in a tarpit.
Stop moving Hyp! It will
only make you sink faster.
We'll have to pull him out.
Everybody line up!
Okey. When me say pull.
- Hey! You're squitching me!
- I'm sorry.
Petrie! Pull!
Are you, are you okey, Hyp?
Are you?
Of course I'm okey.
I was never not okey.
He big fat fibber.
Yeah! We helped you
and you know it!
I don't need anybody's help!
Not now, not ever!
But everyone needs
help some time! They do.
There they are!
This is no time to go exploring.
Didn't you realise you wandered
into the mysterious beyond?
We weren't exploring, Grandpa!
We were trying to
stop the bullies...
I... I mean
Hyp and his friends,
or they might've got hurt.
Hyp. Here we are
chasing after you,
when we should be finding a way
to free the water.
I thought I told you
to stay where it was safe!
Don't look at me that way!
I'm your father and
I know what's best for you.
Yelling is no way to teach
your child what is right,
or to show that you care.
- How would you know?
- I know, because...
because I have a daughter,
and I yell at her too much.
Especially when
I'm worried for her safety.
You don't have to worry about me,
If you always react with anger,
that's all, your son will know.
And that's all, he'll be
able to express to others.
I know now, that we can't
live together that way.
With such anger
between us.
Our kids found water,
because they worked together.
Now we must
work together, too.
At last, we all agree.
What's the matter with you?
Except I think we're in trouble.
So what else is new?
And that!
Children! Stay behind me!
- And me!
- Gonna stay too.
Littlefoot! You and your friends,
run to safety!
Trough here, kids!
Follow me!
- Grandpa!
- Don't look back! Come on!
We can't let them pass!
They've gone
after the children!
Stay close!
We're going to get home!
Stop, where you are,
- They're leaving!
- Yes, but why?
Something bad is
happening up there.
Stop, you babies!
Me first!
- Oh, no! Daddy!
- Grandpa!
You kids get to the top
of that dam, where it's safer.
But what about
the grown-ups?
Just get out of here!
I'll handle this!
Come on!
Why's your dad
risking his neck.
- Yeah, what a dumb!
- He is not!
- Na-na! Can't get me!
- Son?
The grown-ups are all right!
I'm out of here!
That serve sharp-tooth right.
- He bigger bully than you.
- Hey, watch it!
Come on!
Let's get on'em more rocks!
Are you nuts?
By the time you punch that,
those sharp-teeth would be
picking the teeth with our toes.
We got to try.
Move over, hatchlings.
This isn't gonna work.
Forget him, Littlefoot!
He is a creep.
Who are you calling,
Get in there and help,
you creeps.
Okey, everybody!
Let's get them!
We did it!
Leave our children alone!
We've got to stop the fighting!
Then let's squash those
sharp-teeth once and for all.
Look! Water!
We've unlocked the water!
Looks like you and your friends
saved the day, Littlefoot.
I think, we all did,
Spike likes you now.
He does.
And so,
with the return of the water,
the Great Valley dinosaurs
were able to go home again.
But the home they returned to,
wasn't the same.
Fire had destroyed
much of their green food.
But instead of
giving into despair,
the dinosaurs divided into
groups, to find the spots,
where green food still grew.
Hey, everybody!
We found more!
Did you hear that?
More green food!
How wonderful!
I mean...Where, son?
Over the canyon.
Not far from here, Pap.
If we share, this should
be enough for everyone.
Are you feeling okey, Hyp?
You're talking about sharing.
Oh, yeah, sharing.
I know that.
Not sharing is for scary eggs.
Sharing is good.
Come on.
Everybody follow us!
And so, as it turned out,
the dinosaurs travelled
from green spot to green spot.
Eating their fill,
Each helping the others
to find what they needed.
Each learning
the special kind of joy,
which comes from
giving to others.
And in the years to come,
this story of sharing
was told over and over again.
Until it became known, as
The Time of the Great Giving
sub by Leonra Nmeth
Directed by
Roy Allen Smith