The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island (1997) Movie Script

Millions of years ago,
the Earth
was a very different place.
The great land masses
were ever-moving and shifting.
And they were covered
with exotic plants
like nothing we've ever seen.
This mysterious alien world
was populated
by the mightiest animals
ever to walk the Earth.
The dinosaurs.
These awesome giants
lived together
in an unforgiving,
often violent circle of life.
Fighting for their share
of what food
the Earth had to offer.
And sometimes,
becoming a meal themselves.
But in one wonderful place,
dinosaurs of many kinds
had learned to live together
in harmony.
The Great Valley.
Where there was
plenty of food for all.
And peace reigned supreme.
Well, looks like
there's only one
tree star on the tree.
Yep, yep, yep.
The big question
is, who gets it?
What do you mean?
It's my turn
to get the first
tree star of the day.
It may be the first one
of the day,
but it's the last one
on the tree.
That changes the rules.
I think it should go to,
say, the oldest.
But that's you.
I know.
I think it should
go to the littlerest.
That is me.
Me no know about that.
Fair is fair.
The tree star is mine.
Right, Spike?
CERA: Spike! Stop it!
Nice try, Spike.
But Petrie get tree star first.
Oh! All of a sudden
me not feel so hungry.
Hey! There it goes.
I got it! It's mine.
DUCKY: Look out!
Me got it. Wait, me...
Spike! Cut it out.
Hey, that tickles.
Morning, kids.
Nice day for a tree star.
Morning, Mr. Clubtail.
Glad you liked it.
You greedy old...
I don't care!
That tree star
was ours.
You mean it was mine.
This never would have
happened if you...
Now, what's all the fuss about?
It's no fair.
Everybody knows
it was my turn to
get the first tree star.
And today, there was only one.
Thanks to these guys,
Mr. Clubtail got it.
Well, now, Littlefoot.
If there was only one
and not enough to go around,
perhaps it's best that
old Mr. Clubtail got it.
After all, he doesn't
often get to enjoy treats
from the top of the tree.
I imagine this was
a very special morning
for him.
I guess so.
And besides, there are
plenty of tree stars
to go around.
Thanks, Grandpa.
You're welcome, children.
There's really no need
to argue over food.
DUCKY: Spike!
Here in the Great Valley,
we have more than enough
green food for us all.
Looks like
we might be in
for some sky water.
Oh, well!
It just makes
things grow.
Oh, no! It can't be!
Swarming leaf-gobblers!
Swarming what?
CERA: Hey!
Let me out of here.
Ow! Cera!
Do not do this.
I do not like
swarming leaf-gobblers.
Oh! No, no, no.
the Bright Circle
rose today,
the Great Valley was a paradise.
And now, (SIGHING)
the Great Night Circle
looks down on a wasteland.
I'm afraid it could
be a long time
before there's enough
green food in our
beloved valley to sustain us.
Much as I hate to agree
with the long neck,
I must admit that he's right.
There's nothing left to eat.
Keep your voices down, please.
The children are sleeping.
GRANDPA: We are faced
with a difficult decision,
but one I think,
we'll all agree,
is necessary.
We must leave the Great Valley.
But where would we go?
Leave the Great Valley!
We are protected here.
Beyond the mountain walls
live sharpteeth.
Get hold of yourselves.
Show some backbone.
My friends,
we have lived
in our valley so long
that we forget,
all of us survived
in the outside world
before coming here.
And we can do it again,
if we must.
We can't leave the Great Valley.
Where would we go?
Where would we live?
Probably join herds
of our own kind somewhere.
I do not like this grownup idea.
Petrie no go.
They can't make me.
I don't want to live
with a bunch of Three-horns.
They're too bossy.
Where would I ever
find friends like you?
Then we're all agreed,
at first light,
we leave
the Great Valley.
ALL: Together!
Okay! Petrie go.
But first, Petrie need help.
NARRATOR: And so the herds
left the Great Valley,
and set out to find
another land of plenty.
But though they marched
day after day,
they could find
no such fertile paradise.
Everywhere the swarming
leaf-gobblers seemed
to have preceded them.
And each day they grew hungrier,
and more discouraged.
Grandma, I'm hungry.
I know, Littlefoot.
I am, too.
Don't look, dear.
Don't you see?
The duckbill
was heading this way
when it died.
There's obviously
no food in that direction.
So, we must change our course.
Everyone knows
how stupid duckbills are.
This poor fool
probably wandered
in circles for days.
And that's what
will happen to us
if we don't keep going
in a straight line.
Still, I think
this way would be...
Listen, long neck.
I, for one, am getting
fed up with this,
"I'm taller so that
makes me better than you,"
attitude of yours.
Your father can't
talk to my Grandpa
like that.
He can talk any way he wants.
Friends no fight.
Petrie not like.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Can't tell me what to do.
Show you a thing...
So that settles it.
We're splitting up.
From now on,
it's every herd
for itself.
Get some sleep, you two.
We leave when
the Bright Circle
rises in the sky.
I will miss
Cera and Petrie.
Yep, yep. Yep.
Me no miss Ducky.
Me no miss
Spike neither.
Then maybe I will not
miss you, either.
Nobody have to miss nobody.
Littlefoot have plan.
Come on.
Ducky! Spike!
Petrie! Petrie!
This is so stupid!
Why do we have to
walk like this?
We want them to follow us,
don't we?
So we gotta leave foot tracks.
Now, hurry up!
Or they'll find us
before we find green food.
Me just hope they find us
before something else does.
Something else?
Like what?
Like whatever made this.
Calm down, you babies.
Whatever it was,
it went that way.
Yes, but what if it come back?
Well, then it's gonna
have to deal with me.
That settles it.
I am going back.
No, guys, wait.
Don't you see?
We can't go back.
It's up to us now.
The only way
we can keep
the herds together
is to find
enough food
for us all.
I do not mind finding food.
I do not want to be food.
Me neither, but...
Spike? What is it?
You smell something?
Me, too.
Hey, I smell it, too.
Smells like...
Me smell it.
Yep, yep, yep.
Hey, you're right.
And where there's water,
there's probably...
ALL: Green food!
Must be right over this hill.
I told you
this would work.
We'll be heroes.
Me can just hear
the grownups now.
"My goodness!
"How in the world
have you childrens
finded so much..."
I've never seen
such big water
in my whole life.
I didn't know
there was
such big water.
Just looking at it
make me thirsty.
What are we waiting for?
Who wants a drink?
Hey! Wait for us.
This is the biggest water
in all of everything, I bet.
Ugh! Also the worst-tasting.
Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
No wonder nothing
grows around here.
Me wish it'd stop doing that.
I guess we've gone
as far as we can go.
Aw, cheer up, Littlefoot.
Our parents
will find us soon.
They will.
Ducky right.
We leave good trail.
Yeah. And then,
we'll be right back
where we were.
No food and our families
about to split up forever.
This is not good, huh, Spike?
Spike! Hey, Spike!
Pay attention!
You are supposed (GRUNTS)
to be sad
like the rest of us.
Green! There is green!
Spike finded it.
Wow! She's right!
Mmm! Looks delicious.
But, how do we
get there from here?
I am a swimmer.
So, I could swim.
Me could fly.
Oh, yeah?
And what are the rest
of us supposed to do?
You can walk.
It's a lot further away
than it looks.
This is like waiting
for your hatch day.
It never seems
to get any closer.
I am so hungry,
my tummy is rumbling.
Oh, Petrie hear it.
That is not my tummy.
That is a earthshake!
Oh, no! Big water!
Look, ground!
PETRIE: Spike!
Spike, grab my tail.
PETRIE: Hurry! Hurry!
Look, everybody.
What is all this stuff?
Doesn't look like
any green food
I've ever seen.
Smells icky.
Look funny.
Tastes rather strange.
I miss our regular food.
Me, too.
But this is all there is.
We might just well try it.
I'm not gonna try it.
Petrie, you try it.
Me no try it.
Let us ask Spike.
How is it?
Do you feel okay?
He likes it.
This is great.
When our folks find us,
there will be plenty
for everyone to eat.
(SPITTING) Oh, no!
The land path...
It's gone.
What were you
saying about
our folks finding us?
Poor Littlefoot.
This is all your fault,
long neck.
My daughter is gone
and I blame
that boy of yours.
Littlefoot? Why?
Well, because...
Because I have to blame
somebody, don't I?
GRANDMA: We mustn't
lose hope.
The moving waters
feel cool to the feet
after such a long journey.
The children must have
stayed in the shallow water
and walked on,
looking for something to eat.
Grandma is right.
We must keep looking.
ALL: Hello!
Can anybody hear us?
It's no use.
Even if they did
follow us this far,
they'll never find us over here.
There's got to be a way to...
Hey! Petrie!
You could fly over
and tell them
where we are.
All by myself?
Big water!
Ducky, what about you?
You can swim over.
Oh, no, no, no.
I cannot do that.
The big water is deep and dark.
And, oh, no!
What's the matter
with you two?
What are you scared of?
BOTH: Big, big,
big, big water
It's very big,
big, big, big water
It's deep and dark
and dangerous
It's scary
and it's strangerous
And things could
In that big water
Big, big, big, big water
It's awfully
big, big, big, big water
It's nice on top,
but down below
What's hiding
in the undertow
You wonder,
but you just don't know
In that big water
Things could be
swimming around
under there
Way down deep
Very, very deep
Things with googly eyes
under there
And sharperly teeth
Oh, those sharperly teeth
Things that squish
And things that squirt
And squeeze you
around your belly
Things with
giant, jagged claws
And things made out of jelly
Things that bite
and things that never sleep
In that big, big,
big, big water
We hate that big,
big, big, big water
We wish the sun would fly up
PETRIE: And make
the water dry up
We'd like to say goodbye, yup
To that big water
Big water
Looks like we're all
sort of scared
of the big water.
Yup. Yup. Yup.
It's not fair to ask
one of us to try
to cross it alone.
If one of us goes, we all go.
(SIGHING) I just wish
I knew how.
Hey! I think I do.
Sure this thing
will stay on top
of the water?
Well, it works
with sticks
in the watering hole.
I guess it was too big a stick.
No! Wait! Look!
Oh, yeah!
I got to admit it, Cera.
This was a great idea.
Then why do I feel so horrible?
Maybe it was
that strange food we eaten.
What was that?
Petrie, why are you
way over there?
Me want to stay
far away from big water
as me can.
I'm dizzier than I thought.
Spike! Stop!
You're making the tree go round.
I do not like this.
What's your problem?
Sharptooth that swims.
Are you crazy?
Swimming sharptooth!
We made it!
(SIGHING) Back to
where we started.
Well, at least
we're safe from
the swimming sharptooth.
Yeah, I'd much
rather be eaten
by the kind that walks.
I'm afraid we'll never see
Littlefoot again.
Don't say that, dear.
Of course we will.
What that?
It's okay. It's just
a trick of the wind.
(GASPING) Look there!
It is no use.
I cannot get to sleep
without my mommy.
You miss her, huh?
When the sun went down
And everyone was sleeping
If I heard a sound
Like things around me creeping
She would wrap
her tail around me
And tell me don't be scared
And I knew that I was safe
She's always there
When the storms would come
And things would seem so bad
And I'd wanna cry, almost
I'd listen to my dad
He'd promised
that the rain
would pass
The day would soon be fair
And I never was afraid
He's always there
Always there
Someone you can count on
To comfort you
Always there
Like a green, green valley
You can come home to
I remember now
Like it was yesterday
She would hold me close
And then I'd hear her say
"You know I'll never leave you
"You can find me everywhere
"In the morning light,
the evening star
"I'm always there"
Always there
Someone you can count on
To comfort you
Always there
Like a green, green valley
You can come home to
Always there
Not yet, Daddy, just a few more.
Move it!
LITTLEFOOT: We're trapped.
Oh, me can't look.
Yup. It's me.
ALL: Chomper!
I wasn't scared, you know.
I know.
Me not see you,
since you just
barely hatched.
And now I'm all grown up.
You are a big
sharptooth, all right.
Yep, yep, yep.
It's nice to see
a familiar face.
You live here?
Yup, me, my mommy and my daddy.
His mommy and daddy?
Did not we meet them
once before?
Me remember them.
Well, anyway,
it's great to see you.
I miss you guys.
Hey, you wanna
look around?
You wanna? Come on!
What's the matter?
You coming? Come on!
It's great having
somebody here to talk to,
who doesn't roar back.
So, you like it here?
It's okay.
Not much to eat.
Till now.
Don't worry.
It's just my mommy.
ALL: Your mommy?
And my daddy.
ALL: Your daddy?
Come on, I want you to meet 'em.
No, Chomper, wait.
I, er... Don't think
that's such a great idea.
Oh, why not?
I know they'll like you.
Rare, medium or well-done?
Oh, I don't think they'd...
Oh, okay. Wait here.
What's with you?
This is Chomper,
We saved him from egg-eaters.
We hatched him.
We're like his family.
He'd never hurt us.
Grow up! Will ya?
He's a sharptooth!
We're not his family.
We're his diet.
I wonder what
they're saying.
CERA: Oh, yeah right.
Like they can talk.
What was that all about?
I don't think
you're safe
around my folks.
Big surprise.
And you've got
to be more careful.
My dad smelled you.
Us, smell bad?
No, they, uh,
think you smell good.
Oh! That even worser.
But I know a place,
that they would
never find you.
It's a good thing
my folks are the only
big sharpteeth around here.
Stay with me, okay,
so you don't get lost.
Don't worry.
Littlefoot, Cera, somebody!
Oh! Thank you.
Thank you, lots.
I think.
Come on! This way.
It's fun!
Some fun.
I... I won't look down.
I won't look down!
I won't look down!
Me make you look.
Ducky? Where'd she go?
You didn't have
a mid-morning snack,
while we weren't
looking, did you?
Cera, knock it off.
She's got to be here some place.
Thank you for the ride.
I think now, I ought to be go...
Cute babies.
I see they have
their growedup teeth.
Did you hear something?
Thank you.
Nice catch!
Sorry about what I said before.
Oh, it's okay.
So, what about
this hiding place?
We going there or not?
Sure! Come on!
DUCKY: I think I will
ride for a while.
Here it is.
Mmm, pretty!
But it no smell pretty.
I call this the stinky place.
You'll be safe here,
because nobody
will be able to smell you.
I think I'd rather be eaten.
I can change my mind, can't I?
This place smell like
herd of Clubtails
on hot day!
Yeah, but at least
we'll be safe here.
Unless Spike eats
the whole hide-out.
Stop it, Spike!
If you eat this stuff,
you will have
Clubtail breath,
that you can never
get rid-ed of,
you know.
If you guys are hungry,
I can bring you some food.
I like flowers,
yellow ones.
Me want berries.
Lots and lots
of berries!
I like the tall grass
with the big leaf.
Yep, yep, yep.
You... You think
you could find any
tree stars around here?
ALL: Tree stars!
I don't really know what
any of those things are.
But I'll bring you
something good.
Uh... Just bring us
you wouldn't eat.
Okay! This will be fun.
I just love having
friends for dinner.
Friends for dinner
I'm gonna have
friends for dinner
I'm gonna get
a couple of those
A couple of these
Things from the bushes
and things from the trees
I think they're yucky
But I know they'll please
my friends for dinner
ALL: Friends for dinner
He just wants to have
friends for dinner
He wants to have
Three-horn soup
And Littlefoot stew
You won't think
it's funny
when he chews on you
That's not
a very nice thing to do
ALL: To have
friends for dinner
He can't eat vegetables,
only meat
He'll munch
and he'll crunch
those little duck feet
If he just eats Spike,
wouldn't that be enough?
He'd spit out Cera
'cause she's too tough
ALL: Friends for dinner
Don't want to be
friends for dinner
We'd rather sink in the mud
Fall out of the tree
Roll like a rock
right into the sea
One thing we know
we don't want to be
Is friends for dinner
He'll gnaw your arm
and he'll nibble your leg
But we've known Chomper
since he was an egg
He'll bite off your beak
That would hurt
Petrie pot pie
And Ducky dessert
ALL: Friends for dinner
Don't want to be
friends for dinner
Don't wanna be Spike a la mode
Or Liver of Duck
I wonder if this tastes good.
ALL: Yuck!
You know
you've run out of luck
When you're friends for dinner
Friends for dinner
Just friends for dinner
Friends for dinner
Can I come in?
ALL: Yay!
Oh, boy!
You know,
this strange food
not bad.
Especially, with just
a dash of stinky on it.
So anyway,
that's how we got here.
I know our folks
are worried about us.
But we can't figure out
a way to get back.
I don't want you to go.
Stay here.
I'll take care of you
like you took care of me.
Thanks, Chomper.
But I don't think
we could get used to
living in a place that...
Uh... Smells like this.
Thanks for the food, though.
Sure you won't have a bite?
Well, I...
Littlefoot, watch out!
Uh... No, thanks.
I, uh...
I got to go.
What'd you say that for?
Because he's a sharptooth!
Get it through your head.
Cera right.
He cute now,
but some day...
He might decide
we're things to be eated.
Yeah, well, I don't think so.
He's helped us a lot.
And we hurt his feelings.
He doesn't have feelings!
He's a sharptooth!
You think he wants
that last tree star?
Hey, Chomper! Wait up!
Chomper, wait. Please.
Look. Uh... About what
happened back there...
She really loves you.
What'd she say, anyway?
She told me
not to play with my food.
Aw, I'm sorry.
Don't worry, Littlefoot.
You are what you are.
And I am what I am.
We can't change it,
but we can
still be friends.
Can't we?
Of course we can.
I better get home.
See you later.
So long, buddy.
Oh, no! I bet somebody
ate my last tree star.
If that tree star
is gone, I'm going
to be really mad.
(GASPING) Oh, no!
That's right.
You better be scared.
Because if somebody ate it,
I'm gonna...
Ooh! Ooh!
Na-na-na, na, na!
The log is gone.
You cannot get across.
Me think you a stinker!
Just kidding.
I wonder who that is.
Not my daddy.
Hurry! Under here.
I don't think he can reach us.
Well, I do not agree.
Oh, no!
The big water.
And the swimming sharptooth!
Never mind that sharptooth.
Worry about this one!
ALL: Go, Chomper!
Hey, leave him alone,
you big bully.
Good work!
You can't do that to my mommy.
Hang on, Chomper!
Littlefoot, no!
You are not a swimmer.
Stay in the still water.
I got you, Chomper!
I got ya.
(GASPING) Oh, no!
The swimming sharptooth!
Littlefoot, I'm scared.
Hold on, Chomper!
Hey! What...
You children look tired.
Can I give you a ride?
Yeah! Way to...
Yeah! All right!
Last stop.
Everybody off.
Hello, dearie.
I'm Elsie.
Oop! Watch the eyes.
There. We're fine now.
Yeah! You guys made it!
She says you're safe with them.
What did he say?
He, uh...
He says, "Yeah,
same goes for him."
You're welcome.
You were right.
Chomper and his folks
may be different from us,
but they're family.
Just like our families.
Except our families not eat us.
Our families.
Not that we'll ever see
our families again.
ELSIE: What's that,
young long neck?
Got some long-lost relations
on the other side
of the pond, as we say?
Well, now, I might
just be able to do
something about that.
Step lightly now, kiddies.
Mustn't tarry.
The herds I saw last night
might have moved on by now.
And if you're going
to be sea sick,
let Aunt Elsie know,
so she can duck.
You sure you don't want to stay?
You'd be safe with us.
I think.
Thanks, Chomper.
But we live
in a whole different world.
And we miss it.
But we'll always
be your friends.
Yeah, Chomper. Always.
Yeah! Forever and ever.
Yep, yep, yep.
Bye now, Chomper.
We hope to see
you soon. Bye.
DUCKY: Bye, Chomper.
We'll miss you a lot.
See you soon.
Bye, Chomper.
Thanks for everything.
See you.
So long!
So, there I was,
just cruising along,
minding my business,
when I spotted
this very distinguished
old longneck on the beach.
Quite surprised I was.
That's my Grandpa!
ELSIE: Is he now?
So, that's where
you get your good looks.
Oh, I was right
taken with him, I was.
If only he had flippers,
we would make quite a pair,
swimming about in the sea.
Oh, I hate the sea.
Do you, dearie?
Now that's a shame.
Because it's quite
the loveliest place to live.
So what if we've
found enough food
to last us for years?
Who cares?
If we don't have our kids,
what's the point?
For once,
I have to agree with you.
We've got to have faith.
I know the children
will find us, somehow.
What do you expect
them to do?
Rise up out of the ocean?
That's... (CHUCKLES)
That's exactly
what they're going to do!
Cera? Cera!
Oh, I've missed you so much!
Well, we're here.
Thank goodness.
thank you so much!
Take care.
Thank you so much! Thank you.
Bye now!
Goodbye and thank you so much!
I'll stop by soon
for a chat, shall I?
Sorry for all
the trouble
we caused, Grandpa.
We just wanted to find
enough food so we could
all stay together.
And I think you succeeded.
Did you hear that?
We succeededed.
If we hadn't been
looking for you children,
we never would've found
this beautiful place.
There's enough food
here for everybody.
At least until
the Great Valley
is green again.
We not have to split up?
We sure don't.
Just as long
as we don't have to take
any more rides on Elsie.
Let's go play in the water!
It's great to be home.