The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire (2000) Movie Script

PETRIE: Long, long time ago,
when little blinky lights in
big darkness even more shiny,
when great light circle
real smooth,
not pockety like now,
when whole world
very different,
back then,
there no three-horn,
no longneck,
not even sharptooth!
No, only one type animal,
who fill sky with mighty
screech and big floppy sound.
This most smart, most brave,
most handsome creature
to ever rule world!
The flyers!
CERA: What?
Hold it right there!
That's not even close
to the way it happened.
Is too.
Says who?
My Uncle Pterano,
that who.
He tell me
all about it
when me just nesting.
Well, he
told you wrong.
I did not
know you had
an uncle.
Well, um...
That because
he go away when
we all babies.
Go away? Ha!
You mean
he was sent away.
My father once told me that
the grown-ups kicked your
uncle out of the herd.
Wow. What
did he do?
Uh, I forget
that part.
But I do
remember it was
pretty awful.
DUCKY: Who are they?
LITTLEFOOT: Far Walkers.
Grandpa said
we were coming into
the wandering time.
DUCKY: Where are they
wandering from?
Away from
the cold lands,
looking for food.
They know they can
rest here, and then
go on their way.
With a belly full of
our tree stars.
Only if you not
eat them all first.
What did
you say?
I say, "Oh, gee!
That sure be the worst."
GRANDMA: Littlefoot!
that is your
grandma calling.
Let us go home, Spike.
Time for bed.
We better go.
A world run
by flyers. Ha!
Was too!
Was not!
Was too!
Was not!
Was too.
Was not!
GRANDPA: Littlefoot!
GRANDPA: Littlefoot!
Um... Coming!
Grandpa! Grandma!
Did you see it?
Wasn't that
Wasn't what amazing,
The way that thing
flew across the sky!
And that light,
and that noise.
You didn't see
any of it?
we need to talk.
About what?
About what you saw
last night.
You see, dear,
word has gotten around.
And it's made
some of our guests
a bit, well, upset.
That's putting
it mildly.
There's no
reason to get
all huffy.
Bah, yourself!
why don't you
tell everyone exactly
what you saw.
Well, I saw
a flying rock.
There, you see?
Nothing unusual about
a flying rock. We've all
seen them.
Yeah, but this
one was different.
Well, it flew
real low,
and it shined
like the bright circle,
only blue.
And it made a
crackling sound,
like fire in the trees.
Look here. Nobody else
saw this thing.
How do you explain that?
I don't know.
I guess everybody
else was asleep.
You believe me,
don't you, Grandpa?
Of course
I believe you,
But what?
But perhaps you saw
a flying rock that only
seemed different.
Perhaps you were
still a little sleepy.
Or maybe it was
something you saw in a dream.
Isn't that also possible?
Well, I...
I guess so.
RAINBOW FACE 1: It's always
like this, isn't it?
Yes, if they don't see it
with their own eyes,
it doesn't exist.
What limited thinking.
I beg your pardon?
As well you should.
I mean, what if
the little longneck did
see something
Have you
really seen all
there is to see?
Are there
no mysteries
left for you?
Well... No.
Ah! Then why do you call
the Mysterious Beyond
Why not the
"Boring Beyond"?
Or the
"Ooh, Nothing Out Here Of Any
Interest To Us Beyond"?
Don't you ever wonder
what's out there?
Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
Out past the smallest light
that's twinkling
You cannot even have
an inkling
Of what is going on
For example, there's
this enormous black...
Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
Out where the darkness
is the scariest
Out where the wonders
are the rariest
Past the edge of dawn
There's so much more
to everything
Than anyone supposes
The answers lie
inside your dreams
And underneath your noses
Beyond this Mysterious
They act like they really
think they know it all
That I won't believe it
till they show it all
I trust what
my eyes can see
Not some dumb beyond
Friends of yours?
Uh, not really.
They joined up with us
some time ago.
Always asking questions,
talking in riddles.
Harmless, I think,
but, well,
they are a bit strange.
You're all
a bit strange,
if you ask me.
Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
Think of the things
that we could see there
Oh, how I wish that
we could be there
All of my friends and me
BOTH: If stars can fall
and rocks can fly
And mountains catch on fire
We can set our sights
beyond the sky
Or maybe even higher
Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
Trust in your
own imagination
You are a part of
the creation
Of all that lies beyond
The Mysterious Beyond
The Mysterious Beyond
I'm sorry,
but what are
you saying?
We're saying,
what if this was no
ordinary flying rock?
What if it was,
for example,
a stone of cold fire?
What does the
Rainbow Face mean?
What is a stone
of cold fire?
Glad you asked.
Some say that these
stones can shine
light without heat.
Some believe they can
give powers far beyond
our comprehension,
heal the sick
and other miracles.
Then again, still
others believe
that such stones
are a message.
What kind of message?
A message
from beyond the
Mysterious Beyond.
You're not from
around here, are you?
You might say that.
Then let me tell you
how things work
in these parts.
Oh, please do!
This should
be fascinating.
First, a flying rock
is a flying rock.
Second, fire
can't be cold.
And third, there
is nothing beyond
the Mysterious Beyond.
You're sure?
Yes. And I'm also
sure I don't want any
raving Rainbow Faces
filling our young ones'
heads with rubbish.
Please? I know
where it fell.
We could go
find it and...
The Smoking Mountains
are far away in
the Mysterious Beyond.
Totally off-limits.
There are sharpteeth
and fire pits.
And that's that.
I'm sorry,
but until
the Far Walkers
leave the valley,
it might be better if we
didn't make any more fuss
about that flying rock.
All right?
Yes, Grandpa.
Of course, you
can always talk
to me about it.
I am curious
about such things,
you know.
I know, Grandpa.
So, what do
you think it was?
Well, that's
hard to say.
PETRIE: My turn! My turn!
How come
you not play?
Ah, I'm still
thinking about
this morning.
Except for
Grandma and Grandpa,
nobody believes me.
We believe you,
right, Spike?
Only, um, Littlefoot?
Well, I think
there can be
a stone in a fire
and a stone
that is cold,
but how can a stone
that is cold be on fire?
I do not
No, no, no.
I know it
doesn't make
much sense,
but I saw what I saw.
You believe me,
don't you?
Uh, Petrie not want
to think about it.
Story too spooky.
Uh, I don't know.
I mean, maybe if
I'd seen it myself.
That's it!
If we found that stone of
cold fire, everyone could
see it for themselves.
That would prove
I was telling the truth.
But you hear
Smoking Mountains
too dangerous.
Did I startle
you, Petrie?
Yes. No.
How do you
know my name?
I'm heartbroken.
Don't you recognize
your dear old uncle?
What are you
doing here?
Migrating, naturally,
like the others out
there in the field.
Boldly searching an
unforgiving wasteland
to find a more hospitable
place to call home.
Well, you won't
find it here.
Don't tell me.
You must be old
Three-Horn's daughter.
How'd you know?
Let's just say
there is a strong
family resemblance.
Oh. Thank you.
Ah, and you
must be...
Him my good friend.
Cera and Ducky
and Spike, too.
Yes, yes. But this
is the one who claims
he saw a stone
of cold fire.
I guess you don't
believe me either.
Oh, no, dear child,
I believe you
I know how stubborn
the other grown-ups
can be.
That's why
I had to leave
the herd, you know.
They simply
had no vision.
Oh, but me
believe Littlefoot.
You do?
So much for
"Story too spooky."
Grand, then
we all agree.
But the only way to
convince everyone
else is, as you say,
to go and find
that stone.
Uh, I wasn't
I was just
thinking out loud.
Anyway, we were
about to go home.
Uh, yeah, our
parents will be
worried about us.
Well, we don't
want nobody getting
worried, now do we?
Oh, no, no.
They might think
something awful has
happened to you.
Who are they?
Rinkus and Sierra?
Never mind them.
They're just tired
from our long journey
and not
thinking clearly.
Uh, yeah.
Well, we have to go.
Oh. That okay.
Me stay here
with Uncle Pterano.
it's time to go!
Maybe see you later?
Of course.
Now run along.
Oh, and if you
change your mind about
going after that stone,
I'd be happy to help.
Oh, you bet my beak.
The next time
keep it shut!
Why should we?
Them brats
weren't falling
for your little act.
I say we go find
that cold fire thingy
on our own.
I repeat, Mr. Sierra,
we don't know
where the stone landed!
Then why not simply
make the longneck
tell us where it is?
Or else...
Mr. Rinkus,
if you threaten
the young ones
it will put the
elders on alert.
They will watch
our every move
and our cause
will be lost!
Now, is that
what you want?
no, no, no. Of course not.
we must be
calm and patient.
Young Littlefoot will talk.
And when he does
the Stone of Cold Fire
will be mine!
It's a little early
for your bath, dear.
Why the rush?
No rush.
Uh, I just...
I suddenly felt
kind of dirty.
Were you
splashing around in
the bubbling mud again?
No, we were just
sitting around talking
in the tall trees.
Oh, well,
that's perfectly...
Only then
we had a visitor.
Oh, and who was that?
Petrie's Uncle Pterano.
Oh, my goodness.
Here? In the Great Valley?
And he was with
some other flyers.
I know
he's Petrie's uncle
but there's something
about him that... (SIGHS)
Well, I just
don't like him.
Is that bad?
you have good instincts
and you should
pay attention to them.
Did Pterano tell you
why he left the herd?
Well, he said because
the other grown-ups
couldn't see very well.
What nerve!
We could see just fine.
As a matter of fact,
we saw right through him.
Now, Grandpa,
you haven't even
seen him yet
and he's already
made you upset.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It just sound like
Pterano is up to
his old tricks again.
What old tricks?
Oh, well,
let's just say
that if we had not
put a stop to Pterano
we might never
have made it to
the Great Valley.
That's awful!
(SIGHS) Yes, it was.
when you're older,
I'll tell you about it.
Oh, why do I have
to wait until...
In the meantime,
Pterano can sound
as if he knows everything,
even when
he knows nothing.
So be careful, will you?
Okay. I promise.
YOUNG FLYER: Tell me more!
I want to hear more!
Onward I flew!
Sharptooth gained on me,
its foul breath at my tail,
its jaws opened wide...
Teeth above me,
teeth below me...
It was about to
swallow me whole.
PETRIE'S MOM: Pterano.
It's time for
the young ones
to take their nap.
Of course.
Okay, bye!
Wasn't that neat?
Yeah, I want to
be like Pterano
when I grow up.
Me too!
I'm going to be
just like him!
Now, mind your mother
and let's all behave.
Yes, let's.
Come along, Petrie.
Oh, Petrie,
could I have
a word with you?
Oh, yes, Uncle.
Gee, you sure lead
exciting life.
High praise indeed,
coming from you.
I understand
that you are quite
the adventurer yourself.
Ooh, you right about that.
Me very brave!
Where are you?
Well, then,
as one adventurer
to another,
perhaps you could
do me one tiny,
harmless favor.
You're late.
Sorry, uh,
Petrie take big nap.
So, uh,
what me miss?
Littlefoot is
one pointy seed
ahead of Spike
and this is
Spike's last turn.
Oh, he got two!
Spike wins!
Oh, well.
Good game, Spike.
Oh, too bad you lose,
But that the way
the rock rolls.
And speaking of rock,
say, how about that
Stone of Cold Fire, huh?
ALL: What?
Me just thinking.
Sure wish
me see it, too.
Where you see it land,
Well, it went over
the top of Three-Horn Peak,
but kind of off to the side.
Oh, what does it matter?
We can't go there anyway.
Why do you ask, Petrie?
Uh... Oh, no reason.
Just, uh, want know.
Ha! It's more like
you uncle wants
to know. Right, Petrie?
No! Yes!
No! Well...
Maybe him, too,
but honest, me...
Me just not
cut out for this game.
Petrie, are you okay?
No, he's not okay,
because it's not okay
to tell a lie.
I'm sorry, Petrie,
but my grandparents
told me to be careful
around your uncle.
Sometimes he uses
his words to fool you.
No! You wrong!
He not do that!
I think Pterano
is trouble!
And so are those
other flyers he was with!
My dad says
that you can tell
a lot about somebody
by the quality
of his friends.
Oh, yeah?
Well... Well,
then me in trouble,
'cause my friends
acting like stink bugs!
Petrie, do not go.
No, no, no!
Ah, who cares!
Maybe he should
just go off
with the rest of
those stupid old flyers.
That's what worries me.
They so mean.
There, there, Petrie.
Come to dear old
Uncle Pterano.
Tell me everything.
Oh, Spike,
I cannot sleep.
No, I am not hungry.
I am worried
about Petrie.
Friends should not
make friends feel so bad.
No, no, no.
I am going
to find Petrie.
I am going to
make things all better.
PTERANO: Sierra!
Settle down, will you?
Why should I?
Anyway, what are
we waiting for?
We could be
halfway to the
Smoking Mountains by now.
Yes, with half
the Great Valley
right on our tails.
Why would they
come after us?
The young ones
have told their parents
that they've seen me.
If we leave in a hurry,
they might think that
we are up to no good.
But we are
up to no good.
No! I work
for the greater good.
My purpose is noble!
They have never understood.
But soon,
I will prove
I am right.
Until then,
we must be careful.
We will leave with the
rest of the Far Walkers
once the
great night circle
starts to shrink.
And then we will
find the Stone
of Cold Fire, yes?
And I shall take
my rightful place
as leader of the herd.
And I will rule
over the most beautiful,
fertile land in the world,
the Great Valley.
Oh, no, no, no.
I must tell Littlefoot.
SIERRA: It's kind of late
for a stroll, isn't it?
Here, what was that?
We got us
a little spy.
Well, um,
that forces me
to make
a small change
in our flight plan.
Put me down!
(GASPS) Ducky!
I am not a flyer!
What's happening?
What's that?
DUCKY: Help!
What is that? What?
BOTH: Sharpteeth!
DUCKY: Help, help, help!
Where is she going?
Wherever your uncle
and the other flyers
are taking her.
You wrong!
Pterano never do...
No, Petrie, it's true.
It is Pterano.
Watch where
you're going.
You think this is easy?
Then how about
you carry her?
Uncle, you make
mean flyer let Ducky go.
listen to me.
Tell the others
not to follow
and no harm will come
to the swimmer.
I no understand
why you do this!
None of your business,
you little gnat!
Now, buzz off!
If there's one thing
I will not tolerate,
it's violence.
Then why are you
hitting me?
make that two things.
and stupid questions.
DUCKY: Help, help, help!
Look, those flyers
have taken my daughter
and I want her back
before... Before...
Don't worry.
My brother may be
many bad things,
but he would never let
those others harm her.
Bah! We couldn't
trust him before,
and we can't
trust him now.
And why didn't somebody
tell me Pterano was
talking to the young ones?
I... I thought
you would be angry.
Angry? Angry?
Oh, I'm not angry.
I'm furious!
You cannot blame
the children,
Mr. Three-Horn.
They didn't know
Pterano was so dangerous.
They weren't even with us
when it all happened.
When what all happened?
Nobody tells us anything.
Littlefoot is right.
I'm sorry
this will be
painful for you.
(SIGHS) It is time
they knew the truth.
Well, this all began
not long after
you little ones
were separated from us
in the great earthshake.
We, too,
set out to find
the Great Valley.
Then, as now,
we made our decisions
as a group,
no one opinion
outweighing the others.
But Pterano didn't like
being part of the herd.
He wanted to be
in charge of it.
For some reason,
he felt that
he always knew more
than the rest of us.
Maybe he know more
because he fly up high,
see stuff
others could not see.
As I was saying,
for some reason,
some of the herd
believed Pterano.
Soon he led them away
from the rest of us.
They were sure
he had all the answers.
They were sure
he would never
lead them astray.
They were wrong.
What is it?
Hurry, run!
Hurry, run!
DINOSAUR: Sharpteeth!
GRANDPA: He never told us
why it happened,
only that it
wasn't his fault,
and we never saw any
of the others again.
But he right. It not
his fault others not
know how to fly away.
Nevertheless, it was
his fault that they
got into such danger.
A real leader must be
willing to take the credit
when things are good
and the blame
when they go bad.
But not Pterano.
Oh, no!
He just kept changing
his story and lying
and scheming and...
Quiet! Quiet!
We all know what
happened before.
Right now, somebody
has got to go rescue
my little Ducky.
Uh, yes, my
point exactly.
Littlefoot, we need you
to tell us exactly where
to find that flying rock.
Oh, not that
nonsense again!
Whether or not I believe
there is such a thing as
a stone of cold fire,
that is where they
will go, am I right?
Go on,
Tell us.
I told them where
the flying rock is.
Why don't they go?
Oh, this all
my fault!
You can say
that again.
Why? If me say
again, only make
me feel worse.
That's the
basic idea.
We can't wait any
longer, we have to
save Ducky ourselves.
Aren't you forgetting? The
grown-ups said the Smoking
Mountains are off-limits.
Yeah. They'd
be real mad
if we gone.
By the time they're
through arguing, we could
go and be back again.
They won't
even notice.
Well, even if you
could catch up
to those flyers,
then what
will you do?
I don't know.
But Grandpa
told me to trust
my instincts,
and my instincts
tell me we've
gotta do something!
PETRIE: Oh, Ducky!
let's do it!
LITTLEFOOT: Wait up, Spike!
PETRIE: We coming, Ducky!
I told you that
the young ones
had potential.
Especially the
little longneck.
Think we should
help them out?
You know that
isn't allowed.
Oh, yes,
I know.
You are not very good
at landing, are you?
Pipe down or I'll...
PTERANO: Sierra!
Show a little
will you?
Self-control my tailbone!
I've been putting up
with that whiny little
voice since we took off.
No, no, no!
Yep, yep, yep!
It's driving me
nuts, nuts, nuts!
Look! No one is
coming after us.
Maybe we could leave
our guest here, and
be on our way, yes?
Oh, I would not
do that if I were
you, no, no, no.
Leave you behind?
No, stand on
that edge.
Told him.
Ah, Rinkus.
"Out of the mouths
of hatchlings,"
as they say.
Yes, well if you are so
smart, who is watching
the little babblebeak?
Oh, yes, this
is much nicer.
Only there's no
place to hide!
Gotcha now!
Ducky? Can
you hear me?
Come out now,
child, I promise
we won't hurt you.
Hurt you.
Hurt you.
Oh, yeah, it must've
been quite a drop.
I can't see
a thing. It's way
too dark in there.
Poor thing.
So young!
So full of life!
So what?
I was responsible for
that little swimmer.
And now
I've lost her.
Well, Pterano,
you should be
used to this kind
of thing by now.
Ooh, I'm
very high up!
I do not want
to fall, no, no...
Hello? Is
anybody there?
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
That is okay. When
it comes to dark
and scary places,
I like them better
when they are empty.
Oh, great! We'll never
catch those beakheads.
It'll take us all day
to climb down this side
and up the other one.
Maybe we
won't have to.
Those vines look
strong enough.
I'll bet we
could use them
to walk across.
Oh, no, not
this three-horn.
Cera scaredy-egg!
Hey! I'm not
a scaredy-egg!
But every time
we sneak off and
leave the Great Valley,
we end up having to crawl
across some giant ditch or
pointy rocks or something.
And somehow, the
only way to do it
is if we use some
big tipping boulder
or rotten old log.
And I always end up
at the back of the line,
falling off
or getting chased
by a sharptooth.
She do have a point.
So, what do
you want to
do about it?
Well, uh, this time
I'm going to be the
one who goes first.
So if there's trouble,
I'm not stuck behind,
screaming my head off.
No. This time,
I'm going to be safe.
Um, okay.
Woah! (GRUNTS)
How are you
doing, Cera?
Fine. I'm doing fine.
Yeah, just great.
Keep it up, everybody,
we're almost there.
Then can all relax.
Spike, no!
Hang on!
I told you!
ALL: Woah!
Don't ever do
that again!
Well, at least
we're all here!
I mean,
except for Ducky.
(SIGHS) Poor Ducky.
(SIGHS) Poor Ducky.
DUCKY: (SIGHS) Poor me.
ALL: Ducky?
You're okay!
Oh! Yes!
Yes, I am!
But how you
get here?
Well, the flyers chased me
and I ran and I fell through
the top of a big cave
into a big
cold water
and I walked down
this big crawl hole
and then I found you.
(CRYING) Me not
understand why
Pterano so mean!
Do not feel bad. Your
uncle was not as mean
as the other flyers.
He not?
Oh, no, he was
very sad when
they dropped me.
He was, he was.
Everybody has a lot
of good inside them
And everybody
has a little bad
Everyone is going to
make you happy sometimes
And everyone is
going to make you sad
They will trip on your tail
or tromp on your toes
Or knock you in a puddle
It is not that they
mean to be mean, no, no
They are only in
a bit of a muddle
Yeah, everybody want
to do the right thing only
Sometimes they
do it all wrong
When they think you think
they really weak and little
They act like they
awful big and strong
They stomp all around
and talk real loud
But it's just pretendly
They're sticking their
beaks all up in the air
When they might just
want to be friendly
No one's only
black or white
We're pink
And yellow
And green
Sometimes we're wrong
Sometimes we're right
But mostly we're
somewhere in between
Everybody's got
a little dark side to 'em
Everyone has got
a little light
Someone that you care about
can hurt your feelings
And then he can
make it all right
Maybe he's grumpy,
maybe he'll shout
Maybe he'll fill
your head full of doubt
But if you turn him
inside out
There is good inside
Yeah, my uncle
could be good inside
Everybody has
Good inside
Good inside
See? Uncle Pterano
act bad,
but he still good
someplace inside.
Uh, yeah, can
we go home now?
No, Cera, what
about the flyers?
And that Stone
of Cold Fire?
Ah, it's just
some dumb old rock.
We have Ducky back,
everything is fine.
Cera, what if the Stone
of Cold Fire really is
a magic thing?
Then it would be bad
if the flyers got it.
It would,
it would.
Oh, all right, fine.
But I still don't know
how we're supposed
to catch up with them.
Do not worry,
Cera, we will
find a way!
What they
doing back?
They must have heard
Cera scream when
we fell into the cave.
What are
you doing?
Let her go.
Make up your
mind, Pterano.
You're the one who said
the others won't stop us
so long as we got the brat.
Well, yes, I did
say that but...
You lummox!
You dropped her!
Of course I dropped
her, the little
big mouth bit me!
She's going
in the river.
Here she comes!
We need something
to help us pull her out!
Spike, those
vines might work!
Nobody takes
a bite out of me
and gets away with it.
Look, I said stop.
That is a direct order.
Don't let go!
Help! Help!
vine, Ducky. Grab it!
I grabbeded it!
We slipping!
Great, now hold on
to my tail!
Thank you!
They're safe!
But not for long!
Stop this at once!
Get a grip, will you?
Don't mind
if we do!
Let go of me!
How dare you!
They are going
to get us!
Not if we can keep them
distracted long enough.
Hey, flyers,
down here!
Littlefoot, what
are you doing?
(TAUNTINGLY) Can't catch us!
Can't catch us!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Don't bet on it,
you little...
Ha! Did you see
how those wingbrains
hit that rock?
Yeah, but you also
see how other flyers
grab Uncle Pterano?
Them make him
chase us!
Him not even
their leader!
I repeat,
I am the leader.
I give the orders,
you follow them.
Me no get it.
How come Pterano's
still with them?
Where they go?
Back up to the
Smoking Mountains.
Where else?
Uncle Pterano!
Not go!
I can't find the
little ones anywhere.
Oh, my, they must
have gone after
Ducky themselves!
Of course they did!
They saw us just standing
around arguing with
Mr. Three-Horn here.
What are you saying?
That this is my fault?
Oh, well,
what'll we do?
We could never
catch up to them
on land!
Find another flyer
to help you and hurry!
I can't see a thing!
Ah, quit
What, are you afraid
of a little sky water?
It's not the sky water
that worries me.
Okay, Pterano, you've
got all the answers.
What do we do?
Quickly, head for
the mountain!
Very impressive.
Well, I got us down,
didn't I?
Oh, dear.
I hope the
children were able
to find cover.
Who cares?
Once we take over,
first thing
I'm gonna do
is feed them
overgrown eggs
to the sharpteeth.
No, I won't
hear of it!
I'm sorry I ever
met either of you.
Go on, shoo!
I've never
needed anyone
I'll go my
way alone
I'll use my
own intelligence
To find that
magical stone
Oh, no. You ain't
cuttin' us out,
ya crazy...
Please, my friends, you should
not be fighting. We all want
the same thing, yes?
To gain the power of
the stone, which we still
must find, yes?
Yes. Sorry. Guess
I got a little
out of line.
After all,
you are the leader.
Yes I'm a very
important creature
brave and strong
I find that I am
frequently right when
others are often wrong
Instead of arguing blindly
They should open their eyes
and see
That the one who
will bring them paradise
Is the very
important me
He sure is
hard on himself,
ain't he?
I'm a fabulous
fearsome flyer
I handle life
with finesse
When others say,
"No, it can't be so!"
My answer is
always, "Yes."
I was born
to be their savior
That is
my destiny
Why do they despise,
not recognize
the truly
fantastic me?
Some of us
are born to lead
While the rest of you
must follow
I'd like to
knock him
off his perch
This is
getting hard
to swallow
Look at these wings,
look at this beak
I guess you
could say you're
quite unique
When I finish
with him, he won't
even squeak
What did
you say?
He said,
"Lead the way."
That's it, I've had it
with that blowhard.
I know, I know,
but be patient.
Let him lead us
to the stone.
Oh yeah, yeah,
I get ya.
Then it'll be time
to make a few changes
in the pecking order.
We've a very
important mission
Truly impressive
They think we mean
to do them harm
When we only want
what's best
And when we finally
find the stone
Then at last,
they'll see
How lucky
they are to know
RINKUS: As they
watch us from
down below
What a reverence
they will show
The very important
Very important
Very important
The very important we
Come on.
It's not much
I don't care,
I'm too tired.
(SHIVERING) I'm so cold!
Me, too.
Too everything.
Over there!
get inside!
Where are we?
I'm not sure, but I think
we're in the base of
Three-Horn Peak.
That where
Stone of Cold Fire
A fat lot of good
that does us.
We need to be at the
top of the mountain,
not the bottom.
Petrie's uncle
and the other flyers
might be there already.
They might,
they might.
I don't think so.
The wind and
the sky water probably
stopped them, too.
That right!
dumb enough to
fly in all that.
Too rough!
just have to figure out
what to do.
Before they
take off again.
Oh, great. While you're at it,
figure out how to get us
some green food!
I'm hungry.
At least
we are safe.
We are, we are.
DUCKY: Spike! Where did
you get food?
Yay! It's not
a dream!
How you find food,
It wasn't me.
I did not do it.
No, no, no.
Don't look
at me.
PETRIE: If nobody
here bring food,
then who...
Maybe it
was him.
Wait, we won't
hurt you.
Oh, just once, Petrie
wish we find cave
with nobody in it!
LITTLEFOOT: Where did he go?
CERA: There!
LITTLEFOOT: Stop! Please!
CERA: It's a Rainbow Face.
We just want to
thank you for bringing us
all that green food.
You don't
have to be afraid.
You helped them,
didn't you?
Well, they
were hungry.
Hey, are you two
following us?
Yeah, and
how you get
in here?
Life is full of
little mysteries,
isn't it?
And we're giving away
far too many of them.
I was only trying to help.
Don't tell me
what you were
only trying to do.
Spike, I do not think
they are going to
answer our questions.
It's always
me, me, me.
Well, I...
Self, self, self
self, self.
Will you just...
I'm sick of it,
sick of it,
sick of it!
Keep your...
And, be quiet!
Look, sorry to interrupt,
but Petrie's uncle
and those other flyers
are gonna get to
the Stone of Cold Fire
if we don't stop them!
Yeah, we need to get
to the top of the mountain.
And fast!
So, you going
to help us
or not?
We might as well,
now that you
know we're here.
Now let us fly
to the top of the
Smoking Mountain
to claim the
Stone of Cold Fire
and our destiny!
Lead the way,
lead the way.
This is it.
PETRIE: What it?
A shortcut to the top
of the Smoking Mountain,
of course!
I don't see
Maybe your
eyes are getting
in the way.
Hey, I smell
Ew! Smells like
egg-stealer breath
in there!
Yuck. How come
it smell so bad?
Probably an underground river,
somewhere way down there.
Very perceptive.
And whenever
the Smoking Mountain
heats up,
the water bubbles
and shoots up the shaft...
Now, if there was
something solid between you
and the hot water...
It would push us
right to the top!
Tell us
what to do.
All right, everyone,
up you go.
We're on
a very tight schedule.
What do you
mean, "We"?
I don't see
you climbing in!
No room.
You'll be fine.
How do you know
all this stuff?
Well, that would
be telling,
wouldn't it?
Still, keep asking
questions, it sharpens
the mind.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
keep your paws and tails
away from the sides
of the shaft.
And I hope
you find what
you're looking for.
We both do.
Now what
We... Wait.
You saved me!
Yeah, so?
No big deal.
ALL: Huh?
That way!
DUCKY: The Smoking Mountain
sounds very angry.
It does, it does.
There is it.
Now that we find stone,
what we do with it?
You do nothing!
Because it's ours now!
You lied to me,
You lied to
believe me!
I'm doing this
for the good of
all flyers.
With the power of
the Stone of Cold Fire,
I will restore us to
our rightful place
in the world.
You already
got place
in world.
We got
place, too.
And we like it
just way it is!
No, you'll see...
You'll all see.
I was born
to lead the herd!
It is my right
and my duty!
Not yet.
Hear me, O Stone
of Cold Fire!
What was that?
Maybe the
Stone of Cold Fire
is magic!
Maybe the Smoking Mountain
is just getting ready
to blow up.
Me like
magic idea
O great
Stone of Cold Fire,
it is I, Pterano!
The chosen one.
You see,
I touched the stone,
yet I do not burn.
It is a sign.
Yes, yes.
Get on with it,
will ya?
In the name of
the noble flyers who ruled
the world so long ago,
I beseech you,
great stone,
bestow upon me
your gifts!
"Bestow upon me
your gifts."
You fool!
You rockhead, you!
Now, where's
your cold fire,
Where's your
magic powers?
What is the
meaning of this?
It means we're
taking over, see?
Now, scram!
I should be
the leader, me!
Come on, you stupid slab,
show me the power!
No, me!
Show it to me!
I knew it was just
a dumb old rock.
Oh, I wanted
to make everything
I was going to
create a paradise.
But we already
got paradise back
in Great Valley.
You no
need to fix.
Just got to
not break.
Speaking of break...
We have to run
away from here!
We do, we do!
How? We'll never
get off the mountain
in time!
Whoa! That is
one big flyer!
Oh, Petrie,
I was so worried.
And, Ducky!
As for you...
I never meant
to harm anyone.
Things simply
got out of control.
Oh, I'm so glad!
Petrie was right,
somewhere inside,
you are good.
Yeah, fine,
Now, can
we all get
out of here?
DUCKY: That is okay,
Petrie's uncle,
this is a
much nicer ride
than the last time.
(GIGGLES) It is! It is!
GRANDPA: Quite frankly,
Pterano, your behavior has
been inexcusable.
But, in light of the fact
that you helped save
the children,
your punishment
will be reduced.
It will?
We have decided that
you should be banished to
the Mysterious Beyond,
until five of
the cold times
have passed.
Five cold times?
That's so long!
Yes, and some of us
think it should be
a lot longer.
Oh, now, please.
None of the
Far Walkers want
anything to do with me.
I'll be alone
and defenseless in
the Mysterious Beyond.
Is that
really fair?
ALL: Yes!
Oh, let him stay,
he very sorry.
That may be,
but it doesn't
change what he did.
And he must
be responsible
for that.
PTERANO: Petrie.
She's right.
We must all
be accountable
for our actions.
I'll be fine.
I will miss you,
Perhaps someday
I shall return
to the herd
and prove that I can
be trustworthy.
I know there is much
I can contribute
if given the chance.
I shall miss you,
too, Petrie.
Now go on, you!
You, scoot!
Go on! Scoot!
Then again, (CHUCKLES)
there are others,
I shan't miss
at all!
(SIGHS) Do you think
there ever really was
a Stone of Cold Fire?
it was cold...
And there was
fire around it.
Oh, please.
Like I said,
that was
just a dumb old
flying rock.
There wasn't
anything magic
about it.
what we need
with magic,
when we got
each other?
The Far Walkers
are about to leave.
Let's watch them go.
Hey, how did you
get back here
so fast?
Quite a sight,
isn't it?
Uh, yeah.
Are you
leaving, too?
Anytime now.
That falling
rock I saw,
it never was the
Stone of Cold Fire,
was it?
But, you see,
the stone never
really mattered.
It's what you did to
discover the truth
about it.
That is what's
Wait! There's
so much I don't
Why was that
flying rock I saw
different from the rest?
Is there really
such a thing as the
Stone of Cold Fire?
Who are
you guys?
You have
a sharp mind,
Quite advanced
for your species.
I mean,
for someone
so young.
Oh, thanks.
Remember this,
There is much more
to what you call the
Great Circle of Life
than you can
possibly imagine.
Out in the
Mysterious Beyond?
No, as we said
to the three-horn,
beyond the
Mysterious Beyond.
For example,
when it's dark
at night,
all of those tiny lights
in the sky are
actually other...
Well, that
would be telling,
wouldn't it?
Life is
not a game,
my friend
For losing
or for winning
And when you
think you've
reached the end
It's only the beginning
Oh! Will you
look at that!
What? Look
at what?
Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
You know that nothing
ever ends there
And you might find that
you have friends there
Somewhere beyond
the Mysterious Beyond
The Mysterious Beyond
The Mysterious Beyond
The Mysterious Beyond
The Mysterious Beyond
Hi, Littlefoot.
What's going on?
That would
be telling,
wouldn't it?
Telling what,
Yeah, no fair!
What you know
we no know?
Oh, Petrie.
There's so much
we don't know.
But that's part
of the fun.
Thinking about
how much we still
have to learn.
Hey! I know lots.
PETRIE: Me, too!
Know more than
Uncle Pterano,
that for sure!
He not so
smart after all!
Oh, no, oh, no!
But we are plenty smart,
right, Spike?
SPIKE: Uh-huh.