The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze (2001) Movie Script

The planet Earth.
A world of constant change
and unpredictable weather.
Our home.
Millions of years ago,
it was home... the dinosaurs.
Although these great
beasts seem so unlike us... some ways they
weren't so different at all.
Like people,
they came in all sizes...
...and shapes and colors.
Some could jump.
Some could climb trees.
Some could swim...
...and some couldn't.
Some could even whistle.
And just like all
of us sometimes...
...some had a hard
time getting to sleep.
Move over, Spike.
I do not have room.
You sure do take
up a lot of space.
Every sleepy time,
it is the same thing!
Spike? Spike!
Please, not tonight.
Do not make the sleep rumbles.
I am so tired.
Please, please, please!
Long, long ago...
...further back than
anyone can remember...
...great creatures
first crawled up...
...from the murky
ooze onto the dry land.
And thus began the Age of the...
Excuse me, Mr. Thicknose?
I beg your pardon?
Well, if it's too far back
for anyone to remember...
...then how do you
know it even happened?
Well, we know it happened.
Well, if it hadn't,
we wouldn't be here.
Yeah, but how do you know the first
ones came from the murky ooze?
Me flier! Family maybe
come down from high hills!
And Ducky's family are swimmers.
Maybe they swam right
up from the big water.
Wonder where
Spike's family come from?
Wherever it was, it
must've been a long walk...
...because he's awful tired.
Young ones, please!
Ducky, was your herd up all
night gathering tree stars?
Then please try to stay awake.
That is so not fair!
You were asleep, too.
Why does he pick on...
Could you please be
a little quieter, like Spike?
Now, where was I?
You were explaining
where we came from.
Oh, yes. Well...
I said, "How do you
know that?" And you said...
I remember. Perhaps we should
talk about something else.
Food gathering.
I have had the opportunity
to study the many methods...
...used by different herds... gain sustenance
from the green food...
...which surrounds us here
in our fertile Great Valley.
Spike tails and three horns...
...employ the
cranio-impactus method...
...ramming trees
with their heads... make tree stars fall.
Fliers use their wings to fly
to the tiptop branches...
I know how longnecks do it!
Yes, Littlefoot, so do I...
...but I am not talking
about longnecks at the moment.
Now, where was I?
Three horns,
longnecks, spike tails...
Oh, yes.
But perhaps the most...
No, no, no!
What is it now? Spike ate
my special tree stars.
My mom gave them just to me.
All these interruptions.
I can't think straight!
Here, you two move
away from each other.
Ducky, you go here.
Spike, over there.
And a perfect example of
what I was just relating.
Notice that some of
the spike tails graze...
...while others are using
the cranio-impactus method...
...I spoke of earlier.
These spike tails are wanderers.
They come to the Great Valley every
now and then on their travels...
...searching for food.
Luckily, we have
plenty here for all...
...and peaceful
visitors are welcome.
To continue. Food gathering.
Perhaps the most interesting
technique of all... that used
by hollow horns.
They bellow so loudly through
the horns on their heads...
...that tree stars
just fall all around them.
Of course, some trees will not give
up their green food so easily.
Perhaps the most reluctant is
this one here, just above me.
Its broad,
pointed, leafy greens...
succulent to the taste...
...often prove too
frustrating to the...
What do you know?
It works!
I don't know why Mr. Thicknose
even bothers to talk to us.
We just seem to upset him.
What do you mean, "we"?
You really think Mr.
Thicknose upset?
Well, how would you feel if someone dropped
a big old piece of fruit on your head?
Me don't know.
Me do now.
Come on, Littlefoot.
Forget it.
Pass the ball!
Over here!
What's wrong with you?
I do not know.
I feel funny.
Funny good or funny bad?
Funny bad. In here.
You think maybe you're sick?
I feel like there is
something inside my tummy...
...which is hot, hot, hot... the bubbling waters inside
the mountain that blows its top.
Oh, that!
You're not sick.
Oh, good.
Then what is wrong with me?
Nothing. You're just mad.
What do you know? I am mad.
Who am I mad at?
Don't you know?
Well, let me see.
There it goes!
Me got it!
Spike, no!
Over here!
Me get another one.
I know, all right.
I am mad at Spike.
What do I do now?
You came to the right place.
If there's one thing us three
horns know about, it's being mad!
Now remember,
Tippy, bolt your food.
That way, you can eat more.
Look, Mama! Friend!
Why, hello there.
I didn't know there were any spike
tails around here. How nice!
We just arrived ourselves.
You and your family
must come over and see us.
Yes, he seemed very sweet.
That's not too bad.
Only make your mouth
go down more at the sides.
It does not go down any farther.
Look, if you're
going to feel mad... have to
look mad and act mad.
But I do not know how.
I can see we have to
start at the beginning.
"When your tummy
feels all sticky and hot
"Like it's
filled with bubbly goo
"And those fuzzy,
buzzy things inside your head
"Make you sad and blue
"Don't go around pretending
"That there's
nothing wrong with you
"When you feel that
prickly ick-ily thing
"Do what the three horns do"
What do you do?
"We get mad"
How do you do that?
"First, make your face
all squirmy and scary
"Don't raise up your head
"Hold your breath
until you're blue
"And make your eyes turn red
"Squint your face up,
wrinkle your beak
"Like you just
smelled something bad
"Turn your smiley
face upside down
"That's the way you look
"when you're mad
"Now, put your hands on
your hips Shoulders back
"Stomp your feet in the dirt
"Kick some rocks,
but not too hard
"'Cause that can really hurt
"Pretend that
you're a sharp tooth
"I could pretend I am your dad
"Grumble and mumble
and growl real loud
"That's the way you sound
"When you're mad
"When there's mad
inside you or sad inside you
"You've got to let
what's inside out
"Give a big old snort,
and stamp your feet
"Stick up your beak and shout
"Say, 'No!'
"Say, 'Grrr!'
"Say, 'No! Grrr!'
"No! Grrr!
"Now you're angry!"
And once you get mad, you've got
to stay mad. Don't give an inch.
But what if I start
to feel better? No!
You hold your grudge until they grovel.
Until they what?
Grovel! Oh. All right,
then, but I do not...
"And when you're really,
really, really, really mad
"And you've got to let off steam
"Take a deep breath
"Throw back your head
"Stand on your toes
"And scream"
She's mad at somebody.
I did not know being
mad was such hard work.
Hey, Grandpa, I...
Oh, no.
He seems quite bright,
but regrettably...
...I find that he has
a very negative attitude.
He doesn't seem
to realize that...
...I am the oldest and
wisest in the Great Valley.
He needs to learn some respect.
Littlefoot, is that you?
Yes, Grandpa.
Your grandmother was
beginning to worry.
I'm sorry.
Are you mad at me, Grandpa?
Why would I be mad
at you, Littlefoot?
I saw you talking to Mr.
Oh, Littlefoot, I know
you're not disrespectful.
But for some reason, you've gotten off
on the wrong foot with Mr. Thicknose.
I don't know why.
I try to listen and
ask good questions.
Sometimes I think he
just doesn't like kids.
Yet, Mr.
Thicknose volunteered... share his wisdom
with you young ones... give you the benefit
of all the knowledge...
...that he's gained
through the years.
I know.
You know, Littlefoot...
...Grandma and I have you...
...but Mr.
Thicknose has nobody.
Really, he has
nothing but his dignity.
Dignity? What's that?
It's the feeling
that you're appreciated.
That you have something to
offer, and others know it.
It's a very important feeling,
You should never do anything
to rob someone of it.
I won't, Grandpa.
And I won't say anything
to Grandma about this.
It'll be our little secret.
Thanks, Grandpa.
So beautiful.
What's that?
Frozen sky stars
falling on your head?
And when you touch them,
they turn to water.
Now, Littlefoot, really.
Such a thing is
not unheard of...
...but never in
the Great Valley.
Only in distant places that far
walkers come here to get away from.
But I saw it! I...
Okay. Sorry.
Very well.
Now, to return to our
previous discussion.
You believe me, don't you?
Oh, sure. Me believe you.
But then, me believe anything.
Look at me!
Roar! Roar! Roar!
I am a swimming sharp tooth.
I think Spike feels left out.
I cannot help it if I
can swim, but Spike cannot.
I am a swimmer, and he is not.
No, no, no.
Hiya! Hiya!
Well, hello there.
We meet again!
And where is your family, dear?
I'm his mother.
Really? How nice!
Well, you see,
Spike lost his parents and...
Spike! Is that his name?
Spike, Spike, Spike!
Yes. Anyway...
...there were no other spike
tails in the Valley, and...
Until now.
Well, yes.
And so you took him in?
That's right.
Oh, I think that's wonderful. Well, of
course, it hasn't always been easy.
Hey, look out, you two!
Move over! Watch it!
Mama! Mama!
Oh, Ducky, just swim, dear.
It just occurred to me...
Do you think Spike
would enjoy visiting my herd?
Yeah, yeah! Visit!
Why, I don't... Well, no. I mean,
just for the day. He could...
Well, he could see
how his own kind live.
Would you like that, Spike?
Goodie! Goodie!
Well, I'll have him back before
the great circle leaves the sky.
Come along, boys.
Visit! Fun!
And if you enjoy
your day today...
...perhaps you
could even stay longer.
Shall we go back
in the water, Ducky?
Maybe later.
That's right.
Spike lost his parents...
Mama, what is it?
Am I dreaming?
No, dear.
It's real.
It is all sparkly.
It's beautiful!
Do you think Spike can see it?
I'm sure he can, Ducky.
I told them! Wow!
Have you ever seen
this before, dear?
No, but I've heard of it.
This is what the wanderers come
to the Great Valley to escape.
And now it's come here, too.
We need to talk to Mr.
I've never known this to
happen in the Great Valley.
In all my years...
So why is it happening now?
This stuff is horrible!
It's everywhere!
I'll say. It's so slippery...
...I almost couldn't make it
up the hill from my nest.
Yeah! He slid
backwards right into my nose!
It was really funny.
See? White sparkles from the
sky, just like I told you!
What did you say?
Go ahead, Littlefoot.
I just...
...saw the white sparkles fall
the other night, and told...
Told who? Who did you tell?
My friends. And Mr. Thicknose.
You knew this stuff was falling?
The boy said something...
...but it seemed so unlikely...
We're really
disappointed in you.
We thought you knew everything.
So did I.
Here come the spike tails.
You folks are wanderers. You
must've seen this stuff before.
Oh, yes. When the frozen sky stars
fall, well, that's when we leave.
But that's just us. You know, we
pretty much eat all the time...
...and green stuff is a bit
harder to find under all this.
Oh, yeah. I think here
in the Great Valley...
...they will turn
to water very soon.
Cut it out, Spike!
I do not like that.
Hey, that look like fun!
Watch it, kid!
Me sorry.
I'll get you for that!
Keep them coming, guys!
Good shot, Mom!
Happy to help, dear.
Hey, longneck, here it comes!
Well, time to head for the nest.
Good night, Littlefoot.
Good night. See you.
Good night, Ducky.
Good night!
Good night, Spike.
This was a good day.
Come on, Spike.
Let us go home.
If you'd like to stay
another night, it's okay.
Yay! Yay!
Well, come on, boys.
Let's go home.
I like the white ground
sparkles, don't you, Grandpa?
Yes, Littlefoot, I do.
Do you still like the ground
sparkles, Littlefoot?
Maybe not as much as I thought.
Wait, Littlefoot.
I see something you will like.
Back off, Thicknose!
But I'm so hungry.
So what? Everyone's hungry.
There's almost no food left, and if
you ask me, it's all your fault!
Mine? But I...
Come, now. You can't blame Mr.
Thicknose for the weather.
Well, maybe not.
But if he's so smart,
why didn't he know...
...that the white ground
sparkles brought such cold...
...that it
killed all the food?
Why didn't he warn us to store away
some tree stars until warmer weather?
But I couldn't!
I mean, how could I...
This has never
happened in the Valley before.
Why would you expect him
to know what it would be like?
Well, everybody says he's been
everywhere and he knows everything.
If you ask me,
he doesn't know much at all.
I don't think he
should be allowed... confuse the young ones
with his crackpot ideas!
Really, Mr. Three Horn.
I think you're
being unreasonable.
Well, I can't help it.
I'm hungry!
That's why we've
decided to leave.
Now, don't get me wrong. Just
because I was yelling at him...
Nobody said you have to go.
I know, but there's
hardly enough food...
...for those who
live here all the time.
We spike tails eat more than
our fair share as it is.
we're used to moving around.
And we'll be gone tomorrow before the
great circle is high in the sky.
Good luck.
I hope you find food.
we can't do worse than here.
Hey, wake up. You hear the news?
The spike tails are
leaving the Great Valley.
Good luck to you all.
Do not worry, Spike.
I am sure they will
come back someday.
I'm sorry this happened.
Not all of us want you to go.
We'll be all right.
We're wanderers.
I don't know quite how to
ask this, but would he...
What? Why,
no, I'm sure he wouldn't.
I mean, we're his family.
I'll ask him.
Do you want to go
with them, Spike?
We'll understand if you do.
We just want
what's best for you.
If it is so hard to figure
out, I will do it for you.
Oh, boy!
Good-bye, Spike.
We'll miss you.
We'll come back someday soon,
won't we, Spike?
When the white ground
sparkles are all gone.
Why, we'll see each
other before you know it.
I do not understand why Spike
would leave his own family.
I mean,
then what is a family anyway?
"Is it someone
who looks like us?
"Is it someone who acts like us?
"Is it someone
who sleeps beside us
"In a nest?
"Is it someone
who speaks like us?
"Has a tail or beak like us?
"Or is it someone
that we like the best?
"I think family, family
"Is more than being friends
"When you're family, family
"The loving never ends"
I can't believe
Spike is really leaving.
Maybe he wants to go with them.
After all, we're not his family.
"He doesn't look like us
"He doesn't eat like us
"Yes, but he still likes
to play The way we do
"He doesn't walk like us
"He doesn't talk at all
"But just think
of all the things
"That we've been through
"He's family, family
"Though he may go away
"He has always been our family
"And family he'll stay
"I guess someone that you like
"Can make you angry
"That's something that
we have to rise above
"Though families are different
"One thing stays the same
"At the heart of every family
"Is love
"And a family, a family
"Is something strong and fine
"You will always be
part of his family
"And he will always be
"A very, very big part
"of my
Ducky, it's for his own good.
Spike needs more
food than we do.
I know.
Besides, they'll be back.
You heard what Tippy's mom said.
I know.
He's never had a chance to spend
time with other spike tails.
He needs to be with his own kind.
I know!
And it's clear
that they love Spike.
They're patient and kind and...
I know, okay? I know!
I am sorry, Mama.
That's okay, dear.
I understand.
We told Mr. Thicknose...
...we would meet
with him one last time.
Is it all right for me to go?
Of course, dear.
Oh, me sure gonna miss Spike!
Yeah. Me, too.
Hey, if he found some friends he
liked better, that's his business.
I'll bet it won't be long before
we forget what he even looks like.
Well, maybe not.
Hi, kids.
Hello, Ducky Mom.
Where's Ducky?
Is Mr. Thicknose gone?
I was so glad when Ducky told me he
was meeting with you children today.
It's given her something
to think about besides Spike.
You miss him, too.
We sure do.
Yeah. So do I.
Well, I should go.
She's probably already waiting
for me back at the nest.
'Bye, kids. Stay warm.
Why would Ducky tell her mom we
were meeting with Thicknose?
That not true!
I don't know.
Maybe she didn't want her mom
to know where she was going.
Where was that?
I bet I know.
I did not think spike
tails could walk so fast.
No, no, no.
Careful. Slippery here.
Tippy, Spike, don't lag.
What is going on back...
Fun, fun, fun!
My back!
So, if Ducky's
gone after Spike...
...why don't we
just tell her mom?
I may be wrong, and there's no
point in getting her all worried.
What do you think you're doing?
Mr. Thicknose?
Oh. Hello, children.
What are you doing up
here all by yourself?
Please, Littlefoot.
No more questions.
Littlefoot, come on.
We have to find Ducky and get
back before the grownups miss us.
Yeah, okay.
'Bye, Mr.
Ducky come this way for sure.
Well, here we go.
Mr. Thicknose?
Am I correct in understanding...
...that you are going
into the Mysterious Beyond...
...without your parents'
permission? No.
Okay, yes, but we've got to.
Ducky's out there somewhere.
I absolutely cannot allow it.
If your families found out...
...that I let you leave
the Valley unsupervised...
...I could never show my
face around here again.
Therefore, I'm coming with you.
You are?
...wait up, please.
I'm not as young
as I used to be.
He's not as young as anybody used to be.
Don't be mean.
Why do we have to
let him come along?
Because if we don't,
he'll tell the grownups.
Besides, he's been everywhere
and seen everything.
He can help us find our way
through the Mysterious Beyond.
Me sure hope so.
There it is. Here are the
spike tails' tracks.
Looks like Ducky followed
them out of the Valley.
Then let us follow
those tracks as well.
The spike tails
can't be too far ahead.
They move
awfully slow, you know.
Yeah, unlike us.
Me got idea. Me fly up, look,
see if I spot Ducky up ahead.
I was just about
to suggest that.
No see nothing yet.
Fly higher!
Still no nothing.
Getting real cold up here.
What's the matter with Petrie?
He's sure flying funny.
Gracious. There's
frozen water on his wings.
Wings so heavy.
Can't move them.
I can't look!
He made it!
Oh, my. That was a close one.
Me okay!
What is that noise?
Don't look at me.
Look out!
Come on! This way!
Let's go!
Faster! Faster!
Are you all right, children?
Me, too.
Me, three.
Oh, my goodness.
The pass into the Valley.
It's gone.
We're trapped out here?
And so are Spike and Ducky.
I will just say, "That is all right, Spike.
I forgive you."
And he will come back with me.
But what if he
does not forgive me?
Oh, no, no, no.
At least spike tail foot
holes are easy to follow.
These are not
spike tail foot holes.
I hope whatever made these
foot holes just kept on going.
Yep, yep, yep.
It sure is lonesome out here.
Hey! That is funny.
A talk-back. Spike!
Even my walking
has a talk-back.
Look at those rock formations.
Can you imagine how long
they've been standing there?
Almost as if they've
been waiting for us.
I know just how they feel.
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
I've never seen
anything like it.
Why, no. I...
That is...
Mr. Thicknose,
I hate to ask this...
...but is this your first trip
to the Mysterious Beyond?
Why, I, well, I...
Oh, dear.
Petrie, Cera, help me!
Hey, ugly.
Want to play?
Mr. Thicknose!
Get out of the way!
I beg your pardon!
Oh, I see.
Well done!
I am so happy to see you.
Yep, yep, yep. Except you.
This is all your fault.
You told me to be angry,
and now look what happened.
Me? But I just told you
to express your feelings.
I know.
And my feelings were mad.
I am sorry. I do not want
to be mad at you either.
I do not like being mad.
No, no, no.
Well, did you find Spike?
Well, at least Mr. Thicknose is
here to help us find our way.
Yes, well, I'm afraid that...
That is...
I think the time has
come for me to confess.
You see...
How should I put this?
The actual extent
of my experiences...
the Great Valley is...
...somewhat less than
I've led you to believe.
You mean, you not been in Mysterious
Beyond as much as everyone think?
That is correct. How many
times have you been out here?
Counting this trip? Once.
How could things get any worse?
You had to ask, didn't you?
Why, no, dear. We
haven't seen Ducky anywhere.
I'm so worried.
It's getting late.
Would you like me
to help look for her?
No. You just rest
and try to keep warm.
She's probably with
Littlefoot and the others.
Oh, I hope they
haven't wandered far... weather like this.
I'm glad that's over.
Me cold.
And hungry.
And thirsty.
I would love some
water right now.
Me, too.
There is water.
That water is hard.
Hey. This like
what got on my wings.
Mr. Thicknose! Come back!
Wait for us!
No, no, no!
Stop, stop, stop!
That's not good.
My goodness.
This is quite warm.
And not deep.
I'm standing on the bottom.
Me, too! Well, sort of.
This feels so good.
Why is it all warm
like this, Mr. Thicknose?
Why, it appears to be some
sort of underground spring.
See? There's hot water
just bubbling up down there.
Even the rocks are warm.
Mr. Thicknose, have you
ever seen a place like...
No, I guess not.
I regret to say I haven't.
But I've heard of them from wandering
herds who've passed through the Valley...
...and I seem to recall...
...that where there
is warmth and water...
...there is likely to be...
Green food.
Not bad.
Mr. Thicknose?
Yes, Littlefoot?
How come you tell
all those fibs...
...about how you've been
everywhere and seen everything?
You know, Littlefoot, I never
intended to become such a fibber.
It just...
"When I was young,
I was very shy
"Never seen or heard
"But when wanderers
told of the Great Beyond
"I remembered every word
"As I grew older
"I told those stories as
if I had lived them, too
"In everyone's eyes
"I was good, I was wise
"To everyone
"But you"
That is why I had such a hard
time with you, Littlefoot.
You're so curious, so bright,
you asked such good questions.
I was afraid you would catch me
in a lie, discover my secret.
Rob you of your dignity?
Yes, I suppose so.
You see, "Everyone
wants to be important
"Everyone wants to be heard
"Everyone wants to be
the center of the circle
"Where friends are
hanging on your every word
"No matter how
close you are to an egg
"Or how old you grow to be
"Everybody needs
somebody to listen
"Even somebody like me
"Everyone wants to be respected
"Everyone wants to be liked
"Whether you've got
three horns on your head
"Or a beak that's sharp
"Or a tail that's spiked
"When you want to
be more fascinating
"You might say things
that aren't quite true
tempted to fib sometimes
"Even someone good like you
"We want folks to admire us
"We want someone to care
"We want to make a difference
"And to know that
others know we're there
"But everyone has
their own importance
"That's what I've come to see
"Everyone has
their own special place
"In the nest" In the herd
"In the family
"Respect's not a thing
"You can make someone give you
"It's something you have to earn
"Who would've thought
"After all this time
"There were more
things I had to learn"
And thank you all
for teaching me.
"You're never
"too old
"to learn"
I wish the grownups could
be here and eat this food.
And Spike.
Yeah. And Spike.
I bet there's enough green food to last
us all until the ground sparkles go away.
But pass in the Valley closed.
The grownups are all trapped
inside, and we are stuck out here.
And lost.
No. Not lost.
I know that tall, rocky place.
That is, I've never
seen it, of course...
...but it's been described
to me by many a traveler.
The Valley is just
on the other side.
I know exactly where we are.
Not that it does us any good.
You're not thinking that...
But we can't!
I mean, our type of
creature doesn't...
We can't climb
something like that!
Can we?
It's no use. After that storm,
I'm completely lost.
And exhausted.
Oh, don't cry, Tippy. We'll find food.
Just you wait.
Oh, Spike.
You, too? I'm so sorry. I...
Do you smell something, Spike?
You smell food?
Do you think you can find it?
Spike knows where to go.
I say we follow him.
Follow him? He's just a kid.
What have we got to lose?
Okay, Spike, lead the way.
Spike, wait for me!
Oh, it's no good. Why don't
you just leave me here?
We can't do that.
I'm slowing you down.
And frankly, I don't
think I can go another step.
Of course, I could be wrong.
What going on down...
Cera, hurry. Let's go!
I'm hurrying, okay?
What am I doing? I should be
protecting these young ones...
...not running like a ninny.
That gotta hurt.
Mr. Thicknose?
I'm delighted to
have returned the favor.
We owe that sharp
tooth our thanks as well.
He provided just the boost I
needed to get to the top.
We made it!
Over there. The pass!
Through the mountains!
Why, yes. Just beyond that rock bridge.
We could walk to it.
So what? It's all
blocked up, thanks to Petrie.
No go there.
We are almost home.
But how do we get our
folks to the hot springs?
Grandma and Grandpa could
never climb this mountain.
If only there were
a way to clear the pass.
Oh, me no want to
hit mountain again.
Maybe you won't have to.
Mr. Thicknose?
Do you remember teaching us about the
way hollow horns make tree stars fall?
Any sign?
I can't find them anywhere.
That's funny.
Sounds just like Ducky.
And Littlefoot.
It not working.
We're not loud enough.
But you are.
Cera, get mad at
the white ground sparkles.
Get really mad.
Really, really mad.
Oh, yeah. Okay.
Up there!
You went where?
You did what?
It's okay. Mr. Thicknose was
with us the whole time.
Oh, yeah.
I'm sure he was a big help.
He was. After all, he's the
oldest and wisest of us all.
That's okay.
You've still got some
explaining to do, young lady.
I know, Daddy.
But wouldn't you
rather listen while you eat?
Did you say "eat"?
How are you feeling?
Better than I have in ages.
Thanks to
Littlefoot and his friends.
Yeah, you kids did okay.
You too, Thicknose.
How gracious of you.
Mr. Longneck, I take back all
that I said about Littlefoot.
He's quite
a remarkable young one.
You should be very proud.
We are.
Thanks, Mr. Thicknose.
You wish Spike
were here, don't you?
I would not even complain
when he hogs the nest.
If only he could...
You're back! All right!
My goodness!
Is there enough to share?
Now, you...
Of course. You're welcome.
I never thought I'd see them
playing together again.
It's a wonderful sight.
Spike! Be careful!
Oh, no, Spike!
The water is deeper there!
Spike cannot swim!
Somebody help him.
She got him! Yes!
That is my mama. My mama did that.
Yep, yep, yep.
Mama, you did it!
You saved him!
Of course I did. He's my boy.
It's obvious who
Spike's real family is.
We'll always be grateful
that you saved our herd.
And you can visit us anytime you like.
Right, Tippy?
Tippy loves Spike!
Ducky loves Spike, too.
From now on, you can make all
the sleep rumbles you want.
And I will never get
mad again. No, no, no.
The families
would be happy here...
...until the great circle began
to warm the land once more...
the white ground sparkles...
...and allowing new
life to spring up...
the Earth green again.
Then they could return
to the Great Valley...
...where they could all
get a good night's sleep.
Even Ducky.